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Author Topic: Nessi Willows - Mullog/Hobbit - Midget Macgyver  (Read 1022 times)
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Nessi Willows
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« on: March 10, 2008, 12:55:29 PM »

Basic Information
Name   Vanessi Willows
Goes By   Nessi
Gender   Female
Age   22

Race   Mullog / Hobbit
Tribe   Silvermarshes / Helmondsshire
Title   Midget Macgyver

Height   1 Ped
Weight   5 Hebs, 4 Ods, 4 Mut
Hair   A mixture of Adlemirene and Elken Brown
Eyes   Light Barsa Dusk

Occupation   Odd Jobber

"We were just kids. We didn't have time to be sorry for what we did."

Nessi is truly just a slip of a girl, even compared to her shortest half-sister, and stands only at a mere ped in height. Though she possesses the frame of a hobbit, with rather wide hips, she simply never acquired the weight that usually comes with it. Instead, she has the sinewy thinness of a mullog, and her body is covered with layers of compact, wiry muscles. Her hands are thin, with square palms and long fingers that some may describe as spindly. Her feet are rather small for the hobbit blood in her, and have cute pudgy toes.

Short, obviously. Very slight of frame. Wide hips. Narrow shoulders and waist. Small, taunt breasts. Long, muscled legs. Structure of a hobbit, sinewy thinness of a mullog. Perfect straight nose. Gently pointed chin. Softly triangle face. Very short, shabby/choppy hair with long, ear length bangs. Cute pointed ears. Thin, arched brows. Very large, light barsa dusk eyes. Very thick, dark brown eyelashes. Long, thin neck. Small hands with long palms and long, skinny fingers. Shapely peach lips. Pale complexion. Vague greenish-brown freckles and natural green "eyeshadow" from her mullog side.

Nessi is very careful with how she goes about dressing herself. She wears clothing that are more likely to keep her from getting cuts or scratches while romping through the wilderness, as she very much enjoys doing. But, due to being raised by her father in the shire, she has grown up loving dressing like a lady even though she doesn't get to indulge herself in such very often.

Her usual outfit is rather simple, but does its job very well. First to be noted is something that she wears all of the time, save for when she is bathing. Tight gloves made of soft, slightly thin leather clothe her hands up to her dainty wrists. They fit snugly to her fingers and are well broken-in, providing just as much flexibility and movement as she would have should she take them off. Why bother wearing gloves all of the time, especially when you sleep? Simple, protection. From what? Her nails and from receiving any cuts on her hands, since she enjoys fiddling with things so much. After all, no need to bleed to death just because you got a splinter when struggling to push a door open.

A leaf-green, sleeveless tunic with dark brown stitching clothes her torso and stops just above her mid-thigh. Her very sturdy, brown leather belt is snugly buckled about her waist with a few items hanging from it. Very thick and tight black leggings cling to her from hips to ankles, doing a good job of protecting her legs. Supple, ankle high leather boots are fitted to her rather cute little feet. Just below the top, they are buckled at the ankle so that they stay in place, the soft and slightly floppy top folded messily down over the buckled straps. The bottom of the boots, of course, are reinforced by much, much harder and more durable leather.

The dress that she loves to wear, but nearly never gets the chance to is stashed away in the beat up leather bag that she carries around with her. Dyed a light green color with light brown stitching, it is rather simple in design, having a low V-neck and completely lacking sleeves. The piece clings to her upper body, the fabric only falling loose from her waist down and ends at her knees. With the dress she usually wears a completely unremarkable brown, cloth bodice that ties down the front with a leather lace. The bodice cinches at her waist and exaggerates her already naturally exaggerated hips. Though she would forgo wearing shoes altogether, a pair of brown cloth slippers finish this ensemble.

sociable / friendly

fiercely loyal ~ Nessi loves all of her friends, no matter how little she actually knows about the person. Whether she's been friends with them for years or for a mere day, she will act the same. Because she finds it fairly easy to trust people and because she is so thoroughly committed to each person that she calls a friend, people find it easy to trust her. Of course, this can be quite a flaw when it comes to her personality. Blindly loyal to every person she gets buddy-buddy with leaves her wide open to being manipulated and used by any less savory characters that she might come in contact with. ~~???

horribly optimistic / naive / clueless
honest to a fault
hyper / child-like / playful
weakness for men she find attractive (no matter what the race, tribe, ect)

Well, Aren't You Just A Macgyver   If Nessi could be described using only one word, it would be 'resourceful'. She makes the best of any given situation and uses the things in her environment to her advantage whenever she can. Should this truly petite woman find herself in a sticky situation, she can effectively create something with the materials around her, almost regardless of what it may be. Seeing all of the many different makeshift items that she could piece together in a pile of things most people would assume to be useless scrap is a talent that she possesses.

Can't We All Just Get Along!?   Nothing makes this little mullog-halfling happier than to be surrounded by people that could potentially become a friend. Highly sociable, she is always kind and well-mannered, despite sometimes being oblivious to how harsh her pure-honesty can sound to others. Though, she tends to say things with such a sweet, unadulterated naivety that people usually don't take offense. Sometimes thought of as eccentric, she is an incredibly affable person. It is her genial nature and her quirkiness that many can't help but be drawn to, like a moth to a flame. To put it simply, Nessi is a real, honest-to-Ava people person.

The Things I'll Do For Friends   Nessi is one of the most abundantly and fiercely loyal people that anyone could ever have the pleasure to meet. Much less call a friend, should they be so lucky. Once she decides to dedicate herself to being someone's friend, then that person will have her friendship and loyalty until the moment that they betray her or they die, whichever happens first. The sheer amount of loyalty that she displays makes her a good companion an extraordinarily trustworthy friend.

I'm Bouncin' Off the Walls Again, Ah-whooa!   To put it rather simply, this little woman is inanely hyper. However, this plays out completely in her favor, as it supplies her with a seemingly endless stream of endurance. Long treks are no problem for her, as she has more than enough energy to match pace with a short human, though anything with a longer stride proves rather difficult for her to keep up with. Pent up full of raw energy, she almost always has to be moving. If she has to stay in one room or place for too long, she will explore the area enthusiastically. However, once that tiny tidbit of excitement is over, she will often pace the room or, if it is necessary to be sitting in a chair, she will fidget.

Not of the Cheese Variety   Hanging from the left hip of Nessi's sturdy brown leather belt is a small axe, a Spike Axe more specifically, that she appropriately named after a rather holey cheese, Moden. Snugly situated in a nice, hard leather sheath, she always keeps the weapon on her person in case a situation in which she would need to use it presents itself. Though she is completely untrained in using the weapon properly and she is strongly opposed to actually using it due to the fact that even a little cut could possibly spell her demise, she likes to keep it with her anyway. After all, you never know when something is going to pop out of the wood work to attack you.

Bleeding Disease   This little Mullog experiences prolonged bleeding from injuries, frequent nosebleeds that vary in degree, blood in her urine and very heavy monthly bleeding's. To put it simply, Nessi has what she calls 'the Bleeding Disease'. Even the smallest of knicks could bleed, though slowly, for hours on end. Any wounds larger than a small cut tends to leave her weary simply because of the seemingly constant bleeding that occurs throughout the duration of the healing process. Wary of fights, she tends to only draw her little hatchet should she deem it absolutely crucial. This little woman is very much aware of the fact that a large wound would surely bleed her to death.

Oh, How I've Fallen   Nessi has an undeniable weakness for attractive men, no matter what their race or tribe or, in some cases, age. Any man that she finds to be attractive- and there is a large variety of men that she does- could convince her to do pretty much anything with the right techniques. A small smile would be enough to set her aflutter and a polite please is enough to have her bite- bait, hook, sinker, and all. Of course, string her along for a day or two and she'll provide the man with her unwavering loyalty.

Watch out! Tiny Tyke!   Oh, poor little Nessi. A full twenty-two years of age and people still oft mistake her for a mere child at first glance. Of course, this is only if they notice her at all. Sometimes she is just completely overlooked, and it is not unusual for a person to trip over the poor girl. However, this is not nearly her biggest dilemma when it come to her stature. Being so small, one could not possibly hope to be all that strong. This little mullog has just enough strength to carefully flail her hatchet around with just a bit of force. Putting her in a position where she will need to move heavy objects is simply ridiculous, as even a heavy door sometimes poses a problem for her.

Cute Yet Clueless   Oh, it goes without saying that Nessi is simply one of the most amiable people that anyone could have the pleasure to meet. However, that simply does not make up for the fact that she is downright clueless at times. It is more often than not that this petite woman just can't seem to fully grasp the gravity of more dire situations. Her way of coping with some of the harsher realities of the world around her is by brushing it off as if the happening was no big deal. Of course, this often lands her in a rather bad position that she could have possibly avoided altogether if she had just dealt with what was going on in the first place, rather than shrugging it off.

The Things I'll Do For Friends   Periodically there is a large flaw in being completely loyal to people. Some people are just awful and will manipulate and use friends to their advantage. Not to mention that Nessi has a bad habit of trusting and befriending some of the wrong people. Because of her friends-no-matter-what attitude for every person that she decides is worthy of her loyalty, it is extraordinarily easy to convince her to do practically anything that they can think up- even if it is a very, very bad thing. Though she wouldn't go so far as to murder for a friend, she'll do absolutely anything but.

Inside of a beat up leather duffle bag:
  • Three days rations of meat jerky and dried fruit.
  • A large water skin.
  • A plain leather pouch containing an undisclosed amount of money.
  • A small wooden box containing flint and tinder.
  • A fork, a spoon, and a butter knife- all of which are sort of dull.
  • A rope about two peds in length.
  • Sweetsip scented soap.
  • A flask of Sweetsip oil, which she uses in baths.
  • Two very fluffy and very well taken care of green towels, a small one and a large one.
  • Her dress ensemble.
  • A change of clothing identical to the ones that she usually wears.

Hanging from the leather belt snugly buckled around her waist:
  • A spike axe that she appropriately named Moden.
  • A small, leather pouch with an undisclosed amount of money in it.
  • A small, leather canteen filled with water.

Name   Moden
Grade   Light Axe
Type   Modified Spike Axe

Overall Length   1 Fore, 6 Nailsbreadths
Length of Blade   2 Palmspans, 5 Nailsbreadths, 1 Grains
Length of Handle   1 Palmspan, 3 Nailsbreadths, 4 Grains

To be completely honest, this small axe is just like any other. Save for a few personal touches that the blacksmith who made it, it is a completely unoriginal piece of work. Down the spine of the blade are slightly sharpened, hooked spikes that would probably do a pretty good job of tearing skin. The holes down the middle of the blade, put there for show and not at all for any kind of functional use, are what earned the weapon it's name. Nessi bought this axe for a ridiculous price that left her broke for weeks and appropriately named it Moden, after the cheese. The axe's hilt is small and made, of course, of metal. It's handle, however, is made of wood and has shallow grooves in one side, providing a better grip. A strip of metal runs through the middle of the handle and the end is a piece of metal that looks almost identical to the hilt.

Place of Birth   Helmondsshire
Day of Birth   Second day of Molten Ice (Smól'evathón)

We fell in love to music
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