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Title: The Tournament of heroes- (based on Necro's idea)
Post by: Xideon on April 04, 2005, 11:03:22 PM

All the thoughts of a strange previous live have changed in to blurry memories. With a severe headache you wake up not knowing what has happened. You seem to be alone in a small cell with stone walls surrounding you. Slowly you withdraw from the corner of the cold-cell where you drag your broken-body towards the steel bars; from where you are able to watch the hall before you. The halls seem to be made from rough stone and is slightly alighted by some candles, Also the hall is filled with other cells. The cells are to dark to see clearly,.. But as your eyes get acquainted to the light you slightly see the figure of another giant shaped humanoid in the cell before you. He seems to be unconscious.
Your headache grows as you try to memorise what it is that happened to you… How did I get here? Who exactly am I? However it has no use. Your vision stays blurred and you are unable to remember how and what it was  that brought you here. All you know is that you are trapped inside this dungeon as a prisoner from someone- or something…
When you focus yourself back on your cell,.. you see something that is greatly disturbing.
A skeleton lies there in the darkest corner of your cage which contradicts the idea of a normal prison…. In what kind of a godforsaken place am I? Is your first question, for you know now… that this isn’t a normal prison. The air circulation seems suppressed as if you where many Dashes (or maybe even strals) underneath the ground.  
Hours pass by while nothing happens. Your stomach turns with the thought of ending up like your cellmate and you start to panic. You hopelessly try to find a way out. You call for help but no response is given.
Your headache slowly fades away as you do not try to think about what it was that happened to you. Broken by the thought of ending up here for good you slide down the wall into the corner of your cell, slightly moaning in despair.

A Nightmare

You suddenly wake up from your slumber when you clearly hear the sudden sounds of voices and screams. It seems that you had fallen slightly asleep in your moment of despair but now fully awake you realize you are still in the same nightmare with the stonewalls of the cell surrounding you. Your skeleton cellmate still lies there in the other corner; staring diabolically in your direction. You stand up and stare back into the hallways where you see several other figures that have awakened in their cells. You see a mighty dwarf in one cell that is confusingly speaking in his mother-language. You don’t understand one word. In another cell there seems to be the dark figure of a human that eagerly screams to let him out. More movement in the other cells is also detected where you see strange figures from possible all-kind of tribes all locked in; screaming, moaning, crying or some trying to wildly bash the steel bars of their cell with no successful effect. Then your eyes focus on the cell in front of you where the dark figure on the floor is missing. As you watch harder in the dark cell you see something moving in the corner. Quietly you bend over with your head trough the steel bars…. Calling for the person who is inside. Hello? Anyone there? Do you know what it is that has happened to us? Why are we here? However you fail to communicate with the person opposite to you. He does not respond to any of your calls. You attempt one last time by repeating your last question while you intensely focus on the dark moving appearance in the corner of the other cell. Why are we here? Then all the sudden the figure moves in a quick reaction slamming against the steel bars. A huge monstrosity becomes visible by the dimmed lights of the hall’s candles. Frightened and shocked you topple backwards into your cell. The figure opposite to you growls fiercely pulling the bars of it’s cage, But does not succeed in his attempts to reach you. You then recognise the fierce beast as a troll. A insane mad troll or something alike. The beast bashes the bars until it starts to bleed and after a minute it seems to back off into it’s cell realising that also his attempts to break free are futile.
You slowly crawl back up keeping your eyes focussed on the beast in front of you. It would have shred you in pieces if it had managed to get to you. A shudder crawls your spine with the thought. You slowly walk back towards the steel bars trying to detect anything else in the dark surroundings.

The nightmare progresses

Then suddenly a giant steel door opens at the end of the hallway where 2 huge man-beasts become visible. A red cloth with a strange black symbol is wrapped around their huge body’s. They almost look like ogre’s or trolls physically only slightly bigger. From under their caps are glowing red eyes evilly staring at the prisoners. Slowly they walk by watching every cell one “by one” searching for something or someone……. One of them carry’s  a  steel prison-box on wheels forward with enormously sized chains attached to it’s back.
They stop in front of the mighty dwarfs cell. A huge key is inserted in the lock from the cell. The red-clothed man-beast opens the door and drags the dwarf out holding it’s strong long-nailed claws to the short “bearded one’s” throat; And tosses him into the prison-box as if he weighed a feather. The prison-box is locked and they then continue going on-wards passing your cell dragging the screaming and angered dwarf with them towards the end of the hallway….  What is it that is going to happen to him? Questions are raised but no reasonable explanation makes sense. You are wildly trying to figure it out, But you have no choice then to hopelessly give up asking and to await your faith like anyone else.
Hours crawl by and every now and then the monstrosities return with their cage to empty another cell. You can only do one thing and that is to await your turn……….

Leaving your prison….

Then the moment of truth finally occurs. The 2 monsters stop in front of your cell. One of the beasts puts a key in the lock of your door and opens it. A sudden fear overwhelms you as you try to avoid the grasp of the strange demonic creature. However the cell is simply not big enough to dodge the monster that has set it’s eyes on you. His huge nails sink deep into your flesh as he grabs you and; you are slammed to the back of the prison box with a mighty throw squeezing the breath out of your lungs for several seconds. The demonic man-beast locks the cage while the other starts to pull the chains,.. slowly moving “you; inside of your prison box”; forwards…. As you sit there you can see the long hallway surrounding you and have gained a clear vision on the other cells. Many cells seem to have emptied already however in some other cells are strange individuals like Coórhém elves, Orcs, human barbarians, more dwarfs, some strange lizard creatures and even a fierce full huge spider with a human upper-body. Some of the trapped creatures have frightening appearances,.. As if they where created purely for combat.
You are slowly dragged forwards separated further from your previous cell. The man-beasts then stop at the end of the hall where they re-open the huge steel doors. They drag you and your cage into the glooming darkness of the next room. You fail to see anything except for the slightly shining red eyes of the 2 demonic beasts…
A long trip trough endless hallways in eye-blending darkness; You realize you are in some kind of dungeon or maze. Strange sounds of cheers and excitement are vaguely recognizable.
In the far depths at the other end in the hallway is a bright light visible.

The tournament

As you enter the bright lights your eyes have to get back acquainted. Your vision sharpens and what you manage to see and experience is overwhelming. A giant arena lighted by many torches becomes visible. And there are hundreds of spectators surrounding the centre of the huge coliseum. Many steel bars higher then at least 8 or 9 peds end in sharp edges preventing the arena participant to get to the spectators. The arena is covered with a huge stone-roof that seems to be supported by enormous stone-pillars that are once again carved out in art. Strange powers circulate trough the dim air caused by this mysterious aura surrounding this strange kind of ancient forgotten empire. A enormous crowd becomes visible from behind the steel bars, Sheering, mumbling, talking and screaming of excitement at the centre of the arena, Where currently a battle is being fought. You recognise the mighty dwarf who was earlier in the cell next to you; facing a orc, Who both seem to battle towards the death. The crowd is also quite unusual; All of them seem to carry the same red cloth, cloaks and cape’s with the same black-symbol you saw earlier on the monstrosities that took you towards this point. The crowd seems to exist out of more of these demonic- ogre shaped monstrosities, but also slight appearances of humanoids and orcs are visible, And here and there an even stranger entity, Possibly not from the world of the living. Summonings,… Demons or something alike, You haven’t seen anything like it before and the red-cloaks of the creatures hides their true appearances.
Then your eye falls on one of the higher points at the crowd where some kind of throne is visible. Above the throne hangs a small Orb- The size of a human head. It’s seems to float on the air giving of strange red-coloured electrical charges. On the throne sits a huge monstrosity that is also covered by the red clothes hiding his appearance. He seems to be some kind of important individual….
Suddenly the crowds go crazy and your eyes are once again drawn towards the centre of the arena where it seems that the dwarf struck the orc with a devastating blow towards its breast bashing the angry beast towards the floor…. Blood colours the ground and the fights seems to be nearing it’s end. The dwarf does not hesitate and sinks its axe once again in the orc’s chest, Killing the creature…..
The dwarf then turns away from the corpse quietly walking back towards the exit of the arena. But the doors don’t open for the bearded man. All of the sudden strange shadows seem to meld from the darkness shaping into long cloaked humanoid figure’s. 7 of them become visible and they seem to surround the dead orc. They all start mumbling some kind of spell, And then one of the Dark-cloaked mage’s points a long staff in the air that suddenly fires a powerful lightning bolt in the air. The red orb above the throne starts to glow and it is like enormous powers are drawn from it. The Red lightning connects with the orb and circulates trough the staff-wielding caster’s body. Where he points his finger towards the orc. The other red-cloaked mages seem to speak louder and louder during their casting. And then after a minute of severe casting a silence occurs. A final word is spoken by the staff-wielder who is still connected with the orb high up above the throne. Then he fires a electrical surge trough the orcs body and the connection between the orb and staff is no longer visible. That is where the strange ritual ends and where the red-cloaked mages return back to disappear in the shadows. For a moment the crowd watches in pure tension of what it is that is about to happen next. Then suddenly the orc turns around and stands up. The crowd cheers, screams and applauds once again. Then a loud gong can be heard together with two strange words. You do not recognize the language but you suspect the words mean: Round two. The Dwarf is surprised and watches the orc in search for the wounds he caused upon the creature. But there are none. The orc has not one scratch on him and is once again fiercely jumping around to take revenge on the dwarf that slaughtered him one second ago…

Your Turn...

You do not get to see the fight any further. You; still inside the cage; are once again dragged forward into another hall. This hall ends in bars with a clear sight on the arena. Where the demonic beasts open your cage and release you….
Confused and afraid you walk towards the end of the hall. The 2 man-beasts are blocking the passage from where they came…. Your only choice is now to enter the Arena….

The bars are triggered by some kind of mechanism, Slowly sliding aside opening the gate towards the slaughter…. Your turn to fight has come….
Disturbed and confused you walk inside the arena where you notice some swords stuck in the ground. Another gate has opened too and a figure approaches from the darkness of the other hallway. You are overwhelmed by the many eyes that are pointed at you. The entire crowd expects a fight…. A fight to the death! You quickly grab your sword so that you have a chance at defending yourself… The figure on the opposite side becomes visible….

Your worst fears have come true,… The figure is inhuman. It is the troll that was only a few moments earlier in the opposite cell before you… With raging screams; Angered by everything and everyone it starts to rush towards you. The crow goes wild as he nears you….
You know now…. That only one of you is going to survive this battle,… And that there is no escape possible. For a moment fear takes a hold of you and as you turn back it seems the gate behind you has been locked. However your fear changes into Rage. This beast is not going to kill me! Nobody will kill me!
There is nothing else to do then to fight. Fight to stay alive! With a growling roar you run towards the storming beast with your sword ready to penetrate it’s flesh!

The end?

The story in short:

Basically you wake up in some kind of cell, Not knowing of how you got there.
You can see several other cells where “The players and some NPC’s” are imprisoned also.

Every once in a while 2 strange demonic creatures with red clothes bearing the dark bolt of Coór take someone away in their mobile cell-car. To let him participate in the tournament.

One thread is basically for the imprisoned ones.
One thread is for the Tournament- participants
One thread is for the mysterious dungeon if players do manage to escape

The moderator will control:
The resurrectors, Demonic man-beasts and the crowd ( and possible some npc’s that are also stuck inside the cells)

-A strange riddle has to be figured out in order to solve the diabolical nightmare where you have gotten yourself entangled in.
-The only way to keep in the story is to fight and defeat your opponents or to win the crowd. If you have fought well but die, You could be granted a second chance. The huge monstrosity on the throne seems to decide these occurrences.
-You will have to fight against each other and with each other. Sometimes other opponents are chosen like; Ogre’s or trolls. Maybe even demons or other apparitions….
-The power to resurrect is strengthened by the red-orb which seems to be some kind of strange artefact channelling it’s power trough the dark-mages.

<When you die or exit the story your character will wake up next to some kind of void apparition and still has the memory of the tournament. However as he regains his other memories; The previous ones about the tournament fade out of your memory like it never existed. And all you can do is journey away from the strange void appearance where you can write your own ending from the character> This void crack should be in the forbidden lands located next to the KR’UUL capital.

<This is Necro’s story however I rewrote it to have another shot at approval….>
<Necro deserves the credit, All I am doing is helping him fight the war :b   , And of course to eventually become Co-Mod myself. ;)   >

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Title: Re: The Tournament of heroes- (based on Necro's idea)
Post by: Kalína Dalá'isyrás on April 05, 2005, 12:40:22 AM
The resurrectors

Um....nope. This was the problem with had with Necro's and there are ways to work around it but as the mods and admins have explained, resurrecting isn't permissible.

An arena full of "demonic creatures"? Demons are considered myths in and of themselves yet someone can be evil without the demonic visage. I highly doubt that such a gathering could be assembled even for such an event. People here have created characters with some demonic blood yet approval from admins and an exceptionally good explanation had to been given.

Yet again though, the main problem is the resurrecting part mentioned.

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Title: Re: The Tournament of heroes- (based on Necro's idea)
Post by: Darien Gulath on April 05, 2005, 01:48:22 AM
But the story is nice right?? :p  

Title: Re: The Tournament of heroes- (based on Necro's idea)
Post by: Kalína Dalá'isyrás on April 05, 2005, 01:52:22 AM
Disturbing is more of the word I would use to describe it Darien ><

Title: Re: The Tournament of heroes- (based on Necro's idea)
Post by: Darien Gulath on April 05, 2005, 01:53:22 AM

Title: Re: The Tournament of heroes- (based on Necro's idea)
Post by: Kalína Dalá'isyrás on April 05, 2005, 01:55:22 AM
disturbing yet well written...

Title: Re: The Tournament of heroes- (based on Necro's idea)
Post by: Darien Gulath on April 05, 2005, 02:06:22 AM
thanks again.  ;)

Oh and not that it matters much;,.. But they do not nessicarely have to be demons,... They could be the creatures from the KR'UUL entry. I just imagined myself as a frightend girl that was stuck in the lower keeps of TAK'DINAL where this story could've be played also....
But i have no doubt that these creatures are kind of restricted too just like the demons (Who i have seen before in RP-story's, So i just tought that it might have been able to succeed....) :rollin  

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Title: Re: The Tournament of heroes- (based on Necro's idea)
Post by: Kalína Dalá'isyrás on April 05, 2005, 02:57:22 AM
It does not mention what kind of creatures are on the Peninsula of Kr'uul, only that the place is "forbidden" and all that have ventured have never been seen again. This might be something to bring up with Arti as a possible thought as to what happens beyond the forbidden line.

Title: Re: The Tournament of heroes- (based on Necro's idea)
Post by: Darien Gulath on April 05, 2005, 03:42:22 AM
It does explain a horrible mutation between orcs and humans- some sort of magical breed that is supposedly created by Eckra the cruél if i am not mistaken.

They are called: Dinali

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Title: Re: The Tournament of heroes- (based on Necro's idea)
Post by: Kalína Dalá'isyrás on April 05, 2005, 01:30:22 PM
Since it deals with such a high lvl of magic, that is again something you need to bring up with the people of the development board.

Title: Re: The Tournament of heroes- (based on Necro's idea)
Post by: Takashi Logan on April 15, 2005, 06:10:22 AM
Not resurectors, more like healing. But on a level so high it isnt funny.

That is why the orb is required, maybe some ancient magical artifact, that when used, erases your memory.

In death there is life, I bring death, to those who are deseving of it...

Title: Re: The Tournament of heroes- (based on Necro's idea)
Post by: RazorClaw BlackCrawl on May 01, 2005, 06:39:22 AM
This is an interesting idea, though disturbing. A pit where you are pitted (sorry for the pun) against other prisoners! This sounds fun. It is something like what i have in my CD. Except that is a tournament that you willfully participate in, and is not so dark and creepy. I hope I might get something like that put into santharia as well.

I'd like to help with this idea however, just let me think on it.

 RazorClaw BlackCrawl

Title: Re: The Tournament of heroes- (based on Necro's idea)
Post by: Darien Gulath on May 01, 2005, 08:51:22 PM
This topic has died. It has no serious chance of approval in santharia, to many issues. I am setting up a tournament game tough, Wich will also be dark and mysterious and creepy, I will post the rules-section of the story soon enough so you can all have a look at it.
Now... please let this topic die. Read it. But don't post here anymore,... It has not much to do with that on wich i am currently busy with.