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Title: Malgion's Hideout(Voldar)
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The little shack does not stand out at all from the rest of the houses, on the long winding road. It is a normal house in the main room, but a hidden doorway leads to the next. A dark room, no windows, one door, dust fills the room. The walls bare, a few chairs and a cot are the only furnishings. A dank musty smell is the only scent in the rundown building

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The dark windowless room was filled almost to bursting with men and women. Even though it was early many were already well into their cups, while little pickpockets stared with envy as a few plump whores stuffed their mouths with cakes. It was a rag-tag group, all familiar with each other if not all friends. Then again with a bunch of thieves, assassins and whores who are much more likely to stab you in the back only a fool would consider them friends.

That so called fooled lounged in his cot with his hands behind his head and his feet crossed his ankles. A hat covered half his eyes and sandy brown hair peaked out with an unkempt attitude. This slim man seemed completely at ease with the group.

"Don'tcha think ye should be gettin' out of bed sir," came a whisper from his right hand man, a quiet and learned fellow that had fallen into the habit of talking like the rest of the troop.

With the barest of shrugs Malgion sunk deeper into his cot. "Looks like their getting along fine," He mumbled.

"But the tourney-"

"Ah, yes!" Then in half a blink he was on his feet, doing a little jig. "The tourney, the tourney. All those fresh purses just begging to be released from the stuffy waists of those most fortunate ladies and gentlemen."

The troop laughed at Malgion antics, but just as quick he was serious. "So I don't want none of ya to be coming back with only a few sans in hand. Anyone who dares will be considered a cheat and no one goes about cheating the leaders of the MadCaps, ye hear?"

There was a resounding yes and nervous laughter. Malgion's sharp hazel eyes, more green than any other shade, seemed to pin down the entire assembly. There was something cold in them and maybe a bit mad. Then just as suddenly he was smiling and handing out bread to the waft like pickpockets.

"We can't have you too hungry. We want you at your best."

These constant shifts in personality have given their leader the rumor of being a bit on the insane side, but none of that tended to prevent him form filling out his duty. There was a shrewdness in him that gave the MadCaps no doubt he knew exactly what he was doing, though other outside his group would underestimate him and soon found themselves on their way to greet Avá the beautiful.

"It'll be grand, coins practically spilling into your capable hands. And not even the guards will blame you for making use of such an opportunity. Of course, they should be quite detained by our lovely ladies." He winked at the girls, which was followed by a laugh. "This is a day where everyone is to get their share, even the MadCaps!" He said in a loud shout, which the MadCaps responded with a rallying yell. Malgion grinned.

"And whose to blame us if we get a bit extra with our hard work," there were laughs and more shouts.

"Well then it's settled then. I want some guards on the girls. You'll  get a split of the profits so make sure she's as diligent just as much as you."

"Oh their diligent, always asking for a little something free." This brought some snickering.

"All those who find themselves slowing down in age should make sure to have their gauze and canes with a hat out for those people a bit generous for the tourney. Practice your moans of suffering and know your sad tale well."

"All the others, you know what ye need to do. And I want to hear no excuses. Now off with you and make sure that you have some fun out there."

A resounding 'Aye!' burst through the air as the MadCaps made their way out of the hideout and into the streets, each one eyes glimmering with the prospects of the day and not a bit of fear of what would happen if they failed to bring more than just a few sans.

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Malgion straddled a chair and a sudden silence filled the room. Avery, his right hand man, sat near by. In a corner a large figure also watched Maligon, not saying a word. It went on for some time until sudden Malgion was on his feet.
"Avery I'll think I'll go as a noble this time. Much more efficient." Avery nodded and began to air out one of the many outfits Malgion was fond of wearing. He had an entire closet full of different clothes to try to set off certain types of apperances.

"I really don't understand your fetish with costumes," Avery said as he pulled out the rich attire.

Malgion just laughed at him. "Every man has his masks I just have more than some."

"Really and I thought it was merely insanity."

Malgion gave Avery a pat on the back. "You've fallen for it too. I really am I great actor then."

Avery nodded. "Indeed, you have even fooled yourself."

Malgion ignored his words and plopped into his cot, sliding back into the comfortable position he had held before the MadCaps rallying. "I have a job for you Avery."

Avery paused, his hands shaking a little, but his voice stayed calm. "Yes?"

"I've noticed there have been a few outsiders playing in our turf. Now I don't mind this so much, especially the assassins, since ours had been overworked during King Cedric's reign. Now the thing is that none of them has given us our dues. Now that's just not good manners. If there is anything I can't stand is disrespect." He paused here and raised his hat a little. "I need you to keep an eye out on things today. You know the transactions I'm talking about. Find out about newcomers and if any of them are being disrespectful. We'll just need the usual information." He shrugged. "Maybe if we're lucky we'll find some new recruits for the MadCaps."

Avery nodded. "Of course." It was with some relief that this was all Malgion was asking. Lately Malgion had been asking for more risker business from Avery and his troop of 'scouts'.

"If I'm doing that Malgion then I guess Jarth will be with you."

"Of course, ain't that right Jarth?"
The large figure in the corner grunted.

"Nobles these day just can't be too careful." Malgion said with a sigh. "Have to make sure they have a guard with them."

Jarth grunted again.

"Well enough of that. I'm going to get some more shut eye until its around time for me to get ready," and with that Malgion was quiet, though whether he really slept was another question.

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"Now remember what I have said Avery."

"Of course, my Lord," Avery replied. The titled slipped out before Avery could hold it back. Malgion's whole manner had changed and it seemed completely natural to call him so.

Instead of Malgion laughing he took it as if it was his due. Without further comment he left the hideout with Jarth as his personal guard. The pair looked every bit the part and he found himself bothered by it.

For some time Avery had wondered about the origins of both Malgion and Jarth. Malgion was a good enough actor to make people believe he was a noble, but it was surprising that he could rub elbows with other nobles without them knowing the difference. It made Avery think there was much more to Malgion than the MadCaps knew.

"Could he really be nobility?" Avery whispered to himself. He shook his head firmly. It was impossible. Why would a noble decide to run the thieves guild? He brushed off the idea and a few moments later left the hideout as he went to give orders to his scouts and follow the orders Malgion had given him.

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Most of the thieves, whores and other rift raft were out doing buisness; all, except those who worked at night and those were lying fast asleep in nooks and crannies all over the hideout.

Malgion was fast asleep as well.  His belly full of food and his mind and senses dulled by wine.  Perhaps if it were not for the latter he would have sensed the intruders, his usually cat like reflexes would have saved his life.  The hand was over his mouth and the blade already slicing its way across his throat before his mind comprehended.  He struggled very little, his eyes wide open not in fright or terror but in confusion.  His last thought was Who are you? as he stared into the bleak face and hard diamond blue like eyes that stared back at him.

It had happend so fast that most of the those in the hideout were still asleep and did not even know what had happened until they were rudely awoken by the tapping of swords upon their arms or shoulders. Those that had been awake and were supposedly keeping watch had been quickly dispatched and cowled men had taken their bodies and dumped them uncerimonously in the middle of the floor. When a very large big man also cowled came forth from Malgion's bedchamber carring his body over his shoulder and dumped it upon the rest some of the whores let out a cry and wept.

The man stood in the middle of the room and spoke with a rich baritone voice. "I am Chykolis and I claim my right to be the leader of the MadCaps by deposing the former leader. Anyone who wishes to deny me that right may step up and try to do so."

The man turned around slowly, his charcoal grey robe swirled around him like chimney smoke, his eyes locking briefly on any who would even dare to look at him.  He seemed to carry no weapon but no one in the room took up the challenge. "Good, buisness will continue as usual except that there will be these men and possibly more, so for those of you who did have bedchambers you no longer have them."

There were some grumbles but the few who did have bedchambers or even beds took their belongings and put them into an unoccupied corners.  They all knew the rules of the society in which they lived and belonged to and even if some were saddened by the death of Malgion they accepted their new leader, though some wondered what kind of leader he was and what was expected of them.  Horace was one of them.

Horace was a thin faced old man with sparse grey hair that barely covered his head. He stood upon his one good leg and a wooden crutch in place of his missing leg and cleared his throat. "Good Master, what shall we call you and what shall be your price?"  He asked.

The man turned and stared at Horace and beckoned him closer.  Horace hobbled over to the man and looked up into the cowl into blue eyes that burned with intensity and Horace could have sworn could see right through him. "I told you my name was Chykolis and what do you mean by price?" The man's voice was rich and vibrant and it seemed to fill the room even though he spoke in a normal tone.

"I only asked good Ma...Chykolis because Malgion," he nodded at the dead man lying a top of the pile of other men," had told us to call him lord. He gave himself a title.  I just thought you would want a title as well."

"Weak men need titles. I do not need one. Now what is this about price?"

"Lord Malgion's take was 15 percent of whatever we earned for the day. I was just wondering what your price would be?" Horace asked.

The man stared at Horace and Horace stared right back, if he was going to die this day then so be it. He was crippled, old and the streets had not been kind to him, though Malgion and his tall dark scarred faced friend had been; especially the latter man.  Horace wondered what that man would say when he found out that Malgion was dead and Chykolis had taken his place?

"I admire your spirit old man. Out of all of the others only you had the courage to address me. What is your name?"

" Horace. And I know some of courage for I once was a soldier, but now I am old and not afraid to die." Horace said.

"You shall be my ambassador."

"Ambassador?" Horace asked curiously.

"Yes an ambassador. A person who speaks for the leader to the those of other countries."

"I know what an ambassador is Chykolis. What country are you speaking of?"

"Why yours of course.  I am not of this country or people. I need someone who speaks to them in their language."

Horace laughed and immediately regretted doing so when a huge hand quickly surrounded his throat with large strong fingers.  "I apologize Chykolis. I laughed because you need no one to speak for you.  We are nothing but thieves, beggars, whores, cut throats and murderers. Once you deposed our former leader we all understood." Horace choked out.

The fingers slowly loosened their vise like grip. The face leaned back and then Chykolis turned and walked up the dias toward Malgion's fake throne. "Never apologize Horace and you can tell my people that they can keep all that they earn all I ask for in return is their complete and unutterable obedience and loyalty. Any who is found not to be will face my wrath."

He paused as he looked at the throne. "Have men destroy this monstrosity and just have them steal twelve wooden chairs, upholstered with royal blue cloth. If none can be stolen then make them. I want them arranged upon this dias in a half circle around a large round table, my chair of course will be set a bit taller than the rest.  I and the ten who will be with me will sit at this table along with you Horace.  I want all of this to be done by the time I come back."

"As you wish Chykolis. When will you return?" Horace asked.

"In two days time." Chykolis answered and then he and his men left the room.

Horace stood watching the door for a moment and then turned around and looked at the faces staring at him. "Well, you heard the man. Get the word out. We have a new leader and we need those chairs and table all in two days."

Men, women and boys scattered like ratbrownies caught in the light.  Horace stood there wondering who this Chykolis was and what was all that talk of not being of this country and how was he to tell this all to Damien?

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Fallen trudged slowly through the icy air, his booted feet leaving trails in the snow. His head was bowed, the leather hood pulled up to avert the worst of the blizzard. Arms crossed across his chest, the elf was lost in thought. The cripple-winged tager walked silently besides his comrade, his scaly head scanning the dark, snow congealed alley.

Fallen thought back to just a couple hours ago, when he had conversed with Chykolis himself. The bulky man had taken interest in him immediately. He offered Fallen a place where he'd be accepted, a position of leadership. Fallen had whole-heartedly accepted the proposition, and was on his way to claim leadership of a group by name of the MadCaps. A ridiculous name to be sure, but what did it matter?

Looking up into the distance, he spotted his destination. A run-down, wretched place; one that fitted him perfectly. Arriving at the doorstep, Fallen signaled his bestial friend to remain outside. Grasping the door-handle with stiff fingers, the elf slowly pulled it open and stepped inside.

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When the door opened into the darkened hallway lit only by a small torch the two theives guarding the door quickly pulled their daggars, farther down the hallway an archer pulled his bowstring. Whoever walked through that door had better be someone they know, or the password or else they will meet their end...quickly.

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Fallen saw the glint of steel in the torchlight, heard the sound of a drawn bowstring. Impressive, he thought, For an underground organization, they sure know how to take care of their interests.

In a soft voice he said to the darkness, "Now now, Chykolis wouldn't want that, would he? I'll be sure to let him know you're doing a good job when I get around to it. Down to business, who's in charge here?" The elf finished with a laugh dancing in his eyes.

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The guards heard the name Chykolis and slowly sheathed their daggars.  The archer let loose his bowstring and placed the unused arrow back in its quiver.

"That would be Horace," One of the guards answered. "Just follow this hallway until you come to a T then turn left, do not go right, as there are traps set in the floor. There are several doors on either side of of the hallway, do not open any of them, or you will be killed instantly by more traps.  Walk all the way until you come to a wall.  Tap on the wall two times, pause, three times, pause and then once.  Then gather your balance as the floor beneath you will sink.

Once you are in the lower level walk forward until you reach another wall. A pair of scone's are set in the wall, Now listen carefully or else you will die; pull the left one twice, as soon as you hear a click, pull the right one once, you will hear another click, then pull the same one once again. The wall will open and you will be standing inside the foyer of the main hall of the MadCaps. Horace and several others will be there. I hope you were listening, I do not tell this twice," he scratched a lesion off his his nose with immediately began to leak blood. The man did not seem to notice, "Go now and remember you will have eyes on you all the way."

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Fallen listened to the guard's instructions intently, being careful not to miss a thing. Living among the Coorhem had taught him taught him to pay attention to every detail, or perish. The elf raised his eyebrows at the complex instructions. It seems they're much more sophisticated than I thought... this shall be interesting

Looking in distaste at the blood dripping down the guard's nose, Fallen nodded and set off down the hallway. Coming to the intersection, the elf carefully chose the left. Upon reaching the wall, he raised his gloved right hand; knocking twice, pausing, thrice, pausing, then once more. Even with forewarning, the elf was slightly startled as the floor sank, bringing him with it. As the ground became steady once more, he set off down the hallways, coming upon another wall. Grabbing the left sconce, he pulled twice; once hearing the click, he pulled the right one, click, then pulled it again.

As the wall gave way to reveal a populated room, Fallen stepped forward slowly, his iron-shod boots clanking loudly on the floor. Staring around at the misfits, he noticed one used crutches. Clearing his throat, he announced, "I've been sent by Chykolis with a message, for a man named Horace."

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Horace was watching the men set up the table and chairs as Chykolis had instructed when a stranger came into the main hall and announced, "I've been sent by Chykolis with a message, for a man named Horace."

Horace turned and looked at the stranger. "I be Horace, stranger. What message do you carry from our esteemed leader?" Horace asked.

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The elf was somewhat surprised to see the cripple claim leadership. Though, looks can be deceiving, as he had often learned. 'Never take someone for granted' was a rule you quickly learned living in Crystal Woods. Glancing around at the setting up of several upholstered chairs, Fallen gave a graceful bow and straightened, clearing his throat.

"Sir Horace, I have been granted permission from your leader, now mine as well, to assume control of the MadCaps in his stead. I have been instructed to come here and deliver this information to you, and inform all of you that you are to abide by me when Chykolis is absent." Taking notice of everyone's reactions, the elf concluded, "He saw in me the neccessary qualities to direct this group, and I only hope you'll agree with his decision."

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Horace's face grew darker as he listened to the speech from the stranger. Horace was just starting to like his new position and he knew that secretly in that position he would know everything that is going on and would be able to eventually inform Damien.  Damien would defiantely want to know about the new leadership of the MadCaps.

Horace hobbled over to one of the chairs and sat down. He poured himself a cup of wine, staring into the red color thinking...Should he challenge this stranger? If he did he probably would die. He thought he had seen elven features on Chykolis's men and figured that Chykolis himself was an elf, but now with the appearance of this elf; his suspicions had been founded.  The question was, why elves?  What is their purpose? The elven population usually did not associate with the underground; they felt it was beneath their dignity. So why now?

Horace decided that it would be best to live and hopefully report to Damien than challenge this stranger and die. "We know not your name stranger. Come, rest your feet, warm yourself by the fire. If you are hungry or thirsty we have plenty," he said motioning to the chair to the left of him.

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The elf noticed Horace's darkening face as the man hobbled to a chair and served himself. Tensing, he was prepared to meet opposition, but was somewhat relieved and surprised when none was forthcoming.

Raising his head so that his ithild eyes caught the light and displayed the markings under his eyes, he stated in a raspy, carrying voice, "You will know me as Fallen, no fancy titles or nonsense; just Fallen."

As Horace offered a seat beside him, the elf gladly accepted. Striding slowly over, he sat down next to the man. Pouring himself some red wine, Fallen topped it off quickly, and filled another, staring into the blood-colored liquid and thinking.

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"Fallen it shall be then," replied Horace, noticing how Fallen drank down his first cup of wine. "Wine warms the belly, not as much as dwarven ale mind you, but wine won't burn your insides out either," Horace said as he poured himself another cup. "So Fallen do you have any specific plans for us or is it buisness as usual?" Horace asked pleasantly.

Several whores came in out of the cold, shook themselves off and made their way to their beds.  A buxom brunette with a slight pockmarked face and large brown eyes made contact with the stranger and swished her way over to him, her hips swayed exaggerated in their movements.  She winked at Horace and then plopped herself down beside the stranger, smiled at him, bent low to show him her more than ample assets. "Hi friend, care for some company on this cold night?" She asked.

"Paula, now is not the time."

Paula gazed lustily at the man with the strange markings under his eyes and saw that he was elven. She had never had an elf before. "It is always time for this, Horace," She said.

"I am sorry Fallen, but Paula is one of the more aggressive women we have working for us,"  He glared at Paula. "Paula this is our new leader. His name is Fallen. And I am sure if he wanted female companionship right now he would search one out; right now we are just getting to know one another."

Paula traced a finger up Fallen's right arm, hungrily looking at Fallen. "Horace, that is all that I am trying to do; get to know him. And I bet I can get to know him better than you ever could." She said with a light silvery laugh.

She rose and bowed deeply, "Welcome Fallen. I am your most humble obiedient servant, Paula. Command me and I will make your every desire and wish come true."  She lifted her head, staring at Fallen's eyes.

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The elf nodded at Horace's remark about ales and wines. "Aye, personally I can't stand dwarven ales. Wine serves me well enough. And it still serves to numb my mental processes." Swishing the wine around in the cup, the elf listened to Horace's question. "Oh, we have big things in store for us, Horace, I promise you that. But for the meantime, your business will remain as it is. Keep everyone's spirits up."

Fallen quickly finished his second glass, filling up a third. He preferred to always have his mind sedated to some degree, it was easier to handle that way. His eyes widened slightly as he was approached by the pock-marked beauty. Hmm, I should've expected this, knowing what kind of company I'm to be dealing with. He thought as he watched her advances tolerantly.

He smiled as Horace and the girl argued. Sipping his wine, he listened to them with amusement. Looking sideways at Horace, he replied with a grin, "No need to apologize, Horace. I'm sure she's just doing her job to the best of her ability." Returning his eyes to the girl as she bowed, he reached out and grasped her hand. Leaning over he bestowed upon it a light kiss, the cold steel of his piercings brushing her fingers. His ithild eyes meeting her brown ones, he said softly, "A pleasure, Paula. I can see that you're an excellent asset to the MadCaps. However, at the moment, as Horace said we are getting to know one another. So I must decline your offer."

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"A gentleman he is. You should pay attention Horace and you too," she waved at the men in the room, "It would serve you well to know how to treat a lady."

"You...You Paula a lady??" A brown haired thief asked, "When?" And he laughed and others joined him.

Paula quick as a blink turned and a small little razor sharp knife went whistling through the air and landed with a thump a mere nailsbreath from the thief's ear. "I could have put it through your lauging throat." she said.

"Come on Paula, Jakal was just funnin, wasn't you jakal?"

Jakal was checking his ear to make sure it was not cut. "Yeah, Paula. I was just a funnin."

Paula turned back to Fallen. "A lady has to learn to protect herself these days. My bedchamber is just up know when you finish your business and wish to pursue other, more interesting pursuits." She invited Fallen with a bat of her lashes and another ample eyeful before she sauntered off.

"Vigorus girl, isn't she?" Horace asked Fallen with a chuckle.

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Fallen's eyes glinted as the blade whistled through the air. Such deadly accuracy in so little time... merely for a slight annoyance. Delightful.

Smirking, the elf turned to Horace. "Indeed she is. This place seems full of colorful characters. Which is well, for I get bored easily." Sipping on his wine, the elf surveyed the mangy occupants of the room. Spying the blade, the elf asked quietly, "Jakal, would you mind retrieving that dagger by your ear and giving it to me?"

Keeping his ithild eyes on the thief, in case he tried anymore 'funnin', Fallen said to Horace, So, how long have you been in the MadCaps, Horace? You have a good standing with the other members, I'm sure."

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Jakal nodded sullenly and pulled the little wicked knife out of the wood stud and went over and handed it to Fallen just in time to hear Fallen ask Horace a question. Jakal spoke up before Horace could speak. "Ole, "Orace. 'e been 'round longer 'an I kin 'member. Talk is 'e 'sed to be a 'aster thief, 'e was, til 'e lost 'is leg."

Horace frowned as he heard his life story summed up so brief and Jakal's speech did not do it any good either. "Fallen, Jakal may not know how to speak; nor has very good manners, but he is a very good thief. To answer your question, look around you. Most of the men are mere boys; some not even reaching the age of twenty. Jakal here is no older than sixteen, but his black hair, black eyes, dark skin, small framed body as well as a keen sense of balance makes him perfect for a thief."

"Yeah, see Fallen, if'n 'ou git to big, 'ard to climb and not 'ake noise. 'ou make noise, 'ou dead," interrupted Jakal.

" 'less it be 'our first time, 'hen 'ou lose a 'ouple of fingers, or a 'and, dependin 'ho 'ou was stealing from," said Jakal's friend as he sat down opposite of Fallen. Both boys were curious as to their new leader and they warmed up to him quickly. "My name is Roget," he said. Roget was built like Jakal but he had light brown hair and blue eyes, he was also had a caulifloured left ear.

"Fallen, if'n 'ou don't 'ind me askin, where 'ou come from. I mean I know 'ou are an elf, but from what tribe? We don't see many elves in 'our com'any," Jakal asked.

"They be too tall, slim enough but too tall, stand on roof and shadows fall," another of the men said as he too sat at the table wanting to take a look at their new leader; though his was of a different interest than the boys. "My name is Warren. Warren was older than the two boys and he had a grizzled look about his stubble of a beard, grey eyes and he carried several daggars; one with a bright red ruby in its handle. "I handle security around here. The guards that you met when you entered are my men. When you have the inkling to know more about the security of this place, my chamber is over there," he pointed to the side of him to a door with a strange looking symbol on it, "I will gladly show you around" he said interrupting Jakal.

Horace let the others ask the questions as he studied Fallen's reactions and movements.  He tried to memorize everything about the man and yet try not to stare at him or overtly gain his attention.  He knew that Damien would ask him for specific details when he finally talked to him.

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Fallen grasped the small blade and examined it, listening to Jakal speak. Horace once a master thief? Horace described what made the boy a good thief, obviously keen on changing the subject. Another, lighter haired, lighter eyed boy introduced himself, adding onto Jakal's testament.

The elf's face shifted slightly at the inquiry of his origins. Before he could answer, Jakal's question was interrupted by a grizzled man named Warren, introducing himself as head of security. "I must commend you, Warren, on your excellent security measures. I'll be sure to come to you for any questions I may have, though I'm sure you've got everything under control."

Tucking the blade into his sash, Fallen turned to the two boys and leaned back in his chair. "My origins aren't so different from your own. I hail from the continent of Nyblemar, in the CrystalWoods. A truly treacherous tribe inhabits the arid forests, the Coorhem. We're bred to kill, to expect anything at anytime. We spend our lives fighting for territory and prestige, fear and respect, rank and pride. Poison, faulty weapons, assassinations, ambushes, and skirmishes are all second nature to us." Taking a long draught of the wine, he closes his eyes. Family and friends duel each other to the death, altercations are always solved with a duel. Even marriage is a cause for bloodshed..."

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Horace's eyebrows rose at the mention of Nyblemar.  It was even more pronounced in the two boys, whose mouth's dropped open in awe as they listened to Fallen.

" 'ou not funnin with us Fallen, are 'ou?" Jakal asked. "Ny'bl'mr, is a myth, right Roget?" Jakal asked his friend.

Roget shook his head, "I thought so, but I 'ear tales," Jakal

Both Roget and Jakal starred at Fallen. " 'ou are really from Ny'bl'mr?" They both asked, awe and astonishment in their voices.

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Fallen smirked as the boys took fascination and disbelief on his origins. Staring up at the ceiling, the elf answered, "No, it is far from myth, I assure you. In fact, it's the third largest continent on Caelereth. It's mysterious, yes, but hardly non-existent. It's merely difficult to get to, with it's treacherous seas, and even darker denizens."

Finishing his glass of wine, Fallen lowered the chair and placed his cup on the table. Looking towards the two boys, he stated, [color=teal"]My stay in the CrystalWoods was trying, making me into the man I am today. But I had to find a reprieve... so I fled to the Zharkonian Mountains, which split Nybelmar nearly in two. So, did everyone here come from Voldar? Or are there any interesting origins?"[/color]

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Jakal and Roget sat there fascinated by Fallen's tale of Nyblemar.  Their thoughts were interrupted by Fallen's question.

"Nah, no one 'ere like that," Jakal answered.

"Yeah, all of us, we be born and die in Voldar," Roget concluded.

"Fallen, the previous leader of the MadCaps was, at least the story is told, a noble who did not like the way things were run by the old King.  The old King, Cedric was his name,"

"Mean bastard, 'e was," came Paula's voice drifting down from the rafters interrupting Horace.

"Anyway, he raised taxes so high that most could not pay them. He had those who could not pay put in the dungeon or killed. From what I hear of the dungeon and the old Warden I think I would have rather been killed outright."

"Yeah, the Warden, 'e drank blood, 'e did," Jakal said in a whisper shivering.

Horace sighed in exasperation, "anyway most of the MadCaps are the children of those parents he had killed or sent to the dungeons. Our previous leader gathered all of the orphans and created some sort of a family. He took in, what the ones who are called "civilized" would throw out," Horace said a bit bitterly.

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Fallen listened to Horace's tale with interest.  So the MadCaps are a family, ragged and uncivilized, but a family nonetheless. Fallen mused with a new outlook on the group.

"Seems like you're all grateful to have Cedric de-throned. A man who abuses his power is a man who will surely be brought down." Running a finger along his pointed ear, the elf continued, "So, shunned by society, the miscreants of the city flock here, to join this... family. In my opinion, you're better off here; society's nothing you want to be part of."

Turning his eyes to Horace, Fallen questioned, "How about you, Horace? What brought you to the MadCaps?"

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"Protection mainly. I liked working alone. I did not need to split my spoils with anyone that way. But when you steal from a Count, especially one called Run'ior, he does not give up until your dead. So I asked for asylum here and was granted it, but for a few years I had to give more than the usual ten percent, I had to give twenty, which I gladly paid; gradually I became very close friends to our leader, until Chykolis and his men murdered him.  I wonder why he did that? Our leader would have struck a bargain with Chykolis. Is Chykolis from Nyblemar as well? And why the change in leadership? Is there something going on?" Horace paused as he thought he was pushing things a bit much. "I think I may have asked that question already."

Most of what Horace said was true, but the one he went for help to was Damien, for he and Damien knew each other. It was Damien's idea to send him to the MadCaps with the appeal for asylm for several reasons, the main one was to keep an eye on the MadCaps and keep him abreast of their activities.  Damien knew that buisness was buisness and that there would always be an undergound society. He struck a bargain with the leader and status was quid pro quo, but now with Fallen as the new leader, under Chykolis, Horace wondered what Damien would do?

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Fallen listened to the man's tale intently. It all seemed plausible, but the elf frowned slightly. Horace was seeming anxious in his asking so many questions. Running a finger through his mass of purple hair, the Coor'hem replied, "To be honest, Horace, I don't know why Chykolis did what he did. He is a mysterious man with hidden intentions, and don't make the mistake of thinking he tells me half of what's going on in his mind."

Staring into space for several moments, the elf let his thoughts run. He himself wondered what Chykolis was up to, the man must have something planned. Why would he kill off an important man before attempting negotiation? Perhaps he was leaving no room for surprises and false allies... something common amongst the Coor'hem as well. Whatever his motives were, Fallen would just have to wait and watch impatiently.

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Horace nodded, "I see, our previous leader was also that way too, until it came time for action and then he would lay it all out, give us our instructions and away we went."

"I 'member, last time we swept through the city like a flock of Wynd Racers and returned with enough loot to keep us indoors if'n we wanted to for the whole winter." Jakal said, his speech becoming a bit clearer each time he spoke.

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The Coor'hem listened to Horace and Jakal's accounts of their former leader, playing absent-mindedly with one of his lip piercings."Your ex-leader seemed to know what he was doing... a shame he is gone now. But times change, power switches hands, and we must all adjust."

Jakal spoke noticeably better than he had at the outset, perhaps once he got comfortable he could speak around certain others? Waving it aside, Fallen fell silent as he stared at the wooden table. Drumming his fingers on its surface, he forgot about the others in the room as his poetic mind tried wrapping itself around a concept.

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Suddenly the room began to fill up as more and more urchins, thieves, whores and even murderers found their places; some went to sleep, others played some card games, and others just talked quietly amongst themselves. "No good being out there tonight," a small man with a gimp in his leg said as he sat down by Horace and openly stared at Fallen.

He poured himself some wine and speared a piece of meat, eating it and washing it down noisily. He wiped his mouth of with his sleeve. "Horace, who might this be?"

"His name is Fallen and he will be our new leader."

The man drank more wine and then belched. "So Chykolis got it too. Leadership in this place sure does change fast around here."

"Fallen works for Chykolis, Raleigh."

"Oh," He stared at Fallen for sometime then asked, "Not to be rude or nothing, but your purple hair, and all that metal your wearing makes you stick out like a sore thumb.  However since your the new leader and you do not need to go and make a living, your looks should be no bother."

Jakal, Roget gasped, and even Horace's eyebrows rose. The room suddenly became very quiet. You do not tell the leader that he is lazy or lives off of the spoils of others. Horace knew that Raleigh did not care much for authority and he even cared less that he had to give ten percent of his spoils to a man who, to Raleigh, just sat, and got rich and fat off of the sweat of others.  Horace wondered how Fallen would handle this situation.

Jakal and Roget were wondering the same as they stared both at Fallen then back at Raleigh and then back at Fallen.

Raleigh was drunk when he entered the room and his mind was a bit hazy but when the room became silent and all eyes went to him and then to Fallen, a piece of coherence entered and he thought he may have said or done something wrong, but for the life of him he could not say what.

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As the room filled with its occupants, a gimp-legged man sat down at  the table. The elf listened with a smile as Raleigh believed he had slain Chykolis. This smile quickly dissappeared at the man's next comment.

His cool, collected calm quickly vanished; and in a flurry of movement, Fallen unclasped his chain from around his wrist and let fly a vicious, metal whip from under his sleeve, aimed at the man's face. In the next breath Fallen was upon the table, scattering it's contents, reaching for Raleigh's throat, screaming in a gutteral growl.

"Insolent fool! Do you truly believe being a leader is all fun and games? You think it's fun to be in charge of miniscule little vermin like you? You'd best learn to hold your tongue before you let it fly!"

His eyes burning with rage and insanity, Fallen gazed straight into Raleigh's, daring him to make a false remark.

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Raleigh, bug-eyed and blubbering with fear, did not say a word as he stared into Fallen's eyes. He felt as if he were gazing into an abyss of maniacal terror.  He cringed and tried to back away from that awful sight, but he was held in Fallen's gaze as sure as if he was chained to it.  He stammered.

"I...I and wits... are thick with wine. Forgive?" He asked Fallen.

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Glaring at the blubbering Raleigh, Fallen placed his face within nailsbreadths of the thief's. "Second chances are rare, don't count on a third." Pulling away, the elf dropped nimbly off the table, the sound of metal on wood resounding throughout the room. Dropping lightly back into his chair, Fallen ran his eyes across the room.

"So what is the city up to today? I hope you all did well out on the streets, it's dreadfully cold." Fallen made conversation as if nothing had happened, resuming calm almost instantly.

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Raleigh nodded and after Fallen let him go, he slunk into a dark corner and stayed there.

"There was a special knighting at the Palace earlier," a young thief said, "There were so many nobles with their rich wives and jewlery and purses that it could have been a thieves paradise, if it were not that they were so close together that you could not get close enough to them, however because of the storm they are all staying at the Palace, might be an opportunity there?"

"Are you crazy? On the streets if a noble loses a purse now and then, that is one thing, but to try and break into the Palace? If your caught, it's your head. No trial, no jury, just execution." Horace reminded the youthful thief.

"Perhaps, Horace, but great riches means great risk; besides I have never been caught."

Jakal spoke. "Roget and me, we never be caught, but we would not risk our heads, Taloon"

The young thief jumped on the table, he was slight of form, he wore soft calfskin boots, leather breeches and shirt. His dark glittering eyes matched his black hair. "Have you all gone soft? I tell you there are more riches in the Palace now than there will be for a long time, and you do not even want to try? Have I fallen into a group of men who are afraid of their own shadows? Where are the thieves of old? Where are the theives of the MadCaps?" He demanded.

He whirled and faced Fallen. "Fallen, you are our new leader. Give the order and they will have to follow. Imagine how it could be, why it could be better night than the Thieves Harvest"; as the MadCaps had called the time when they swept out over the city in one night. Fallen, in one fell swoop you could be richer than any before you. Give the order," he pleaded.

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A man identified as Taloon was suddenly brought into the picture. Fallen took an instant liking to the man's enthusiasm and sensibility. Great riches come at great risk... He thought as Taloon made his speech. Quite true... this young thief has some intelligence.

As the dark-haired thief directed his voice at Fallen, the elf smirked. "Horace, you make a good point; but so does Taloon here. Why always be forced to live little by little, when you are all more talented than nearly anyone accepted by society?"

Standing up and pushing back his chair, Fallen announced even louder. "The palace is one giant, glittering purse waiting to be slit. Riches galore, and you'll all be rolling in the gold you deserve. Think of what you could do with all that coin! When was the last time you experienced a challenge so exciting?" Letting his ithild eyes rove over the gathered outlaws, he let his words sink in for a moment. Clearing his throat, he continued, "Now, I understand that some of you fear losing your head. I am not an unreasonable leader, and therefore I will not command those who don't have the spine for a challenge. But for those who will take the dare, go forth and roll in your riches! All who wish to, accompany Taloon to his glory!" Taking a deep breath, the elf watched intently to see who would volunteer.

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The challenge was sent. Many eyes turned toward one another and then as if on cue, there was one tremendous roar and then most of the thieves clothed themselves for the weather outside;not only for the cold but the color, as they all wore white, returned and massed around the table; Jakal, Roget, and even Raleigh was in the mix. "Well Taloon, it is your idea, so we will follow you."

Taloon's eyes glittered and his face split into a wide grin.  He jumped off of the table, went to the fireplace and took a stick with a burnt end on it and came back to the table and jumped on it again. Then he began to draw the Palace. "Here and there, and that place, and that parapet leading to that tower, those are the least watched, but the hardest to breach. However if we work as a team I believe we can overcome those obstacles."

The thieves observed and listened as Taloon explained the changes of the guard and drew places of entrance into the Palace. Finally he was finished. "Are there any questions?"

No one asked any. "Then let us go. May the god of Thieves and those who love excess, Etherus, guide us and bless us this night," Taloon said as he led them out of the hideout, into the streets they swept like the snow that fell so fast and furious around them, melded into its whiteness as to the Palace they went.

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Horace watched with trepidation and a little envy Taloon leading the theives out.  He poured himself another cup of wine. He gazed at Fallen. "If this night proves to be successful what do you plan on doing with your share of the riches?" He asked.

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Fallen watched with satisfaction as the thieves agreed to the challenge with enthusiasm, he was pleased that they were not all yellow-bellied cowards. Taloon, too, was definately something he was proud of. That one was intelligent as well as ambitious.

As Horace inquired as to his own use of the money, Fallen smiled and replied, "Ah, I have little need of money. I shall take very little; Besides, this is Taloon's idea, I'm barely involved. I'm not putting myself at risk, so why should I reap the benefits? This is for them, they need to be kept sharp, motivated, and in good spirits. I may put some towards funding for this establishment."

Fastening the chain to his wrist once again, the elf asked, "What of you, Horace? Any plans for your share of the loot?"

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Horace laughed a short laugh. "I doubt I'll be seeing much of the loot. I'm not leader anymore, now that  you're here. Nevertheless, some of the lads might spare me a trinket or two. I don't know what I'll be doing with them yet though. I usually don't know that from one day to the next."

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Fallen frowned at Horace's answer. Scrutinizing the elderly human, he remarked, "You seem to be a wise man, Horace. You can act as an advisor for me, and be paid well for that. I'm sure you've done your share of work for the MadCaps, now it's time for them to provide for you."

Filling up his fourth glass, he raised it and took a long drink. Placing it back upon the table, he leaned back in his chair and closed his eyes.

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Horace considered the offer. As adviser to this new leader, he'd be close to command. He'd still be in the power to inform Damien, but he wouldn't actually have to lead them - he saw them as family, riff-raff though they were, but they could be a handful for any man. "Sure, I'll do it. You'll need some people with a level head around you, in any case. Someone'll have to temper their enthusiasm. We can't do anything like this night for a few nights in a row, or the guards are sure to smoke us out within days."

He thought for a moment about how he was going to get news of this planned assault to Damien. If he left now, it would be conspicuous, to say the least. Oh well, that was something to worry about later. Mentally he shrugged his shoulders. He looked at their new leader. "So, anything I can advise you with in my new position?"

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Fallen nodded at Horace's statement. Obviously raids like this could not be too frequent, for people catch on quick. At Horace's question, the elf replied, "I suppose anything you need to fill me in about, any helpful information involving the MadCaps. Also, I'd like to know any background you have on this Taloon character."

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"Well, I think you know the basics about the MadCaps already through the previous conversation. Everything else is things you'll learn as you lead us, and I'm afraid there's not much to tell there.

I think I can tell you more about Taloon, though I don't know much about him. He used to work alone, and in another city - Nyermersis, I think it was. Things got too hot for him around there, so he changed territory, and came here. He joined us only a few months ago, after he'd tried to set up shop alone. The MadCaps quickly made it clear to him that things didn't work like that around here. He's been an asset, ever since he joined. He knows what he's doing, young as he is."

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Fallen listened to Horace's description of Taloon. A fairly basic background, shame he wasn't from around here, that way they'd know more about him. That could also be an asset however....

"He certainly knows how to stir up a crowd, doesn't he. Courageous and ambitious, he'll go far I've no doubt."

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"Oh yes, that certainly. I'd still keep an eye on him though. He might prove trouble if he isn't kept in line." Horace smirked. He knew the type. All for what they could get, which wasn't necessarily a problem, except that they usually coveted leadership of a group such as the MadCaps.

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Smirking darkly, Fallen took a sip of wine. "Oh, he won't get out of line. My tolerance is non-existant for those who get too cocky. As long as he is an asset, we'll allow his ambitious nature to thrive." The elf wondered how the thieves would be faring this cold night, picturing their assault in his mind.

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The blizzard proved even more of a block to the theives the previous night than would have the guards of the Palace; even Taloon was thwarted as the strong winds, blinding snow and blistering cold stopped him and the rest from assaulting the Palace and stealing from all of the rich Nobles who had stayed the night.

The morning brought the bitter taste of defeat in Taloon's and the other's mouth.  He lay upon his small net bed hung between two beams high up on the MadCap's ceiling.

Jakal climbed the wall up to Taloon's bed. "Hey, Roget and I was wondering if you wanted to go outside and see if we can lift some purses. Roget told me that there are a lot of people out in the market today. What do you think?" Jakal asked.

Taloon hesitated a moment and then nodded his head, "Yeah, lets go. besides laying here doing nothing is driving me nuts."

Soon they were all down at the main floor and ready to leave. Fallen, their new leader, had left and made Horace in charge until he returned. They told Horace what they were going to do. Horace thought that a good idea and sent them out along with others and even the whores to ply their trade.

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Horace was sitting on a thread bare barely cushioned chair next to the rather ornate and heavily cushioned throne in the middle of the MadCaps's hideout. Horace wanted to sit on the throne, but he did not know when Fallen would return and it would not bode well to be sitting in their new leaders chair when he did.

Horace absentmindly scratched at his wooden leg even though he could not feel anything.  His eyes were open and he seemed to be looking across the room but his mind was leagues away.  A new leader. Something was happening, but what? And how to get word to the Commander without compromising himself?

Suddenly the door across the room opened and in walked Taloon along with Jakal and Roget.  What caught Horace's attention to bring him out of his daydreaming were the two sacks that Roget had slung over his shoulders.  The three of them walked to a table near the center and Roget put the sacks down upon it. Horace could see a pair of legs sticking out of both of the sacks: one pair was covered with pants and were long, the other pair was bare, white and slender. Coor, they kidnapped some people! What in the world are they thinking? Horace thought.

He rose and hobbled over to them and looked down at the sacks. The pant legged figure was not moving, but the bare legged one was beginning to stir. Horace glared at Taloon. "What is this?" He asked.

Taloon glared back, not giving an inch. "These two were begging without permission. Remember what happened to me when I tried thieving without permission? I was given a choice, either join or have one of my hands cut off. I figured what was fair for me was fair for them, so I had Jakal and Roget pick them up."

Horace rubbed his chin thoughtfully. Taloon had a lot of anger built up inside. He was young, smart and dangerous. No wonder Fallen liked him.

"Ok, but did you forget Fallen's orders before he left? We could go on about our usual buisness, but we were not to bring any undue attention to ourselves."

He nodded at the sacks. "Who are they anyway?"

Jakal answered. "Just a boy and a girl. They seem to be sweet on each other."

"The girl is purty. I get to break her in. My job, right 'orace" Roget said grinning.

Horace did not care for this part of their buisness; making young girls into whores and Roget was the one who was given the job of breaking them in. After Roget was done with them, they gladly gave their bodies to others just so that they did not have to sleep with him anymore. He was not rough with the girls, in fact he was quite tender, but he hardly ever bathed and his breath stank like the city's sewers and he also was quite endowed, so much so that when a woman first saw that particular member of his body they would scream and when he entered them they would scream even louder.

"Yes, Roget. It is your job," Horace answered. "Well let's see them," he ordered.

Roget undid the rope around one and pulled the sack off the body. It was a young boy and Horace could see he sprouted quite a bump on the back of his head. He hoped the boy was still alive and breathed a sigh of relief when he saw the boy's chest rise up and down.

The other body was uncovered and Horace saw that it was a girl and as Roget had said she was very pretty. She was slowly stirring and Horace knew that at any moment she would awaken and then the trouble would begin; for them and her.

He looked at her and then back at the boy. His brows furrowed as he continued looking back and forth. There was a familial resemblance between the two. "A brother and sister," mused Horace. "Did you see any parents? Anyone looking for them?" Horace asked.

Taloon was splayed across chair a few peds away from the table, drinking. His job was done, for now. He would let Jakal and Roget talk to Horace.  When he heard Horace mutter "brother and sister" he rose and walked to the table, curious.  He looked at the two and then he too saw the resemblance.

"Yeah, guess so. We thought they were boyfriend and girfriend, never figured they were brother and sister." He turned and walked to the chair and splayed his body once again upon it, his left leg hanging over one of the arms.

Jakal and Roget were awfully quiet thought Horace as they stared at the boy and girl. Horace decided to ask again. "Did you see any parents?"

Jakal and Roget both looked up. "Uh, we don't think so. I think they are just street urchins," Jakal answered.

"You don't think so? Did you look? Did you even think to look? You could have kidnapped someone's children and right now they could be telling the authorities and then the authorities come looking for them and us! Last time the soldiers came looking for us, many of us were captured and killed and we had to find another hiding place! On top of all of that we had Commander Scar after us!" Horace was almost screaming by now.

Roget bowed his head, he looked liked he was about to cry and Jakal just stared down at the boy and girl. Horace turned on Taloon.

"Roget I can understand, even Jakal a little, but your supposed to be smart! What in Coor's name were you thinking?" He asked, yelling at Taloon. "Especially after Fallen's explicit orders," Horace added.

Taloon glared at Horace. He did not like the man and to have him accuse him of being stupid and bringing down the soldiers upon the MadCaps was the last straw. He threw his cup of wine across the room and quick as a blink crossed the open space between himself and Horace and had a knife to Horace's throat before Horace could react.

He snarled."Listen old man. These two have no parents. They are just a couple of street urchins. Beggars, without permission! There is no one looking for them. No parents, no soldiers and if you ever question my judgement again I will kill you!"

He took the knife away from Horace's throat.

Jakal and Roget were staring wild eyed at Taloon. You do not threaten Horace. He may be an old man, but he has many friends, besides he is the second in command.

"There is..." Roget was about to say, a stranger on a horse and the Commander, but Taloon glared at him and Jakal so he stopped in mid-sentence.

"There is what?" Horace asked a bit hoarsely.

"Uh, there is the girl? She is awake and staring at us. She probably has heard everything," Jakal answered for his friend.

Horace swivled around and there lying on the table the girl was wide awake staring at them all with wide eyes and fear written all over her pretty face. Horace was readying himself for the first scream.

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At first, consciousness was far away still. A feeling of being carried, voices from far away but too far to actually understand. She didn't want to understand, not really. Her body seemed to move of its own accord, her leg twitched but she couldn't stop it. The strain of trying to keep still made her wake up completely. She opened her eyes in shock, but it was dark. No, wait, not dark. Light was filtering through, but something held it back. Some kind of cloth. She tried to listen to what was being said. She heard a voice she recognized; the one who'd hit her. He said it was his job to 'break her in'. Tears almost threatened to spill again when she heard that, but she swallowed them. No use in crying now. She was not going to let it happen, and that was final. And what kind of monsters were they anyway, to want to do that to children? The same kind of monster has her father had been.

She suddenly felt someone pulling on the rope around her legs. She closed her eyes quickly, not wishing them to see that she was already awake. The sack was drawn over her head, the light that followed was almost blinding even through her closed eyelids, and despite them being somewhere underground, or so she thought from the way she heard the voices. They were in any case not outside anymore. She listened to the ensuing conversation, careful to keep her eyes closed but relaxed. Well, at least this new guy was smart, he used his eyes.

His voice sounded a little different suddenly. Jituska dared open one eye a tad bit and watch the proceedings through the crack. She was scared, she suddenly realised. She'd been too bent on not letting them know that she was awake, that she hadn't known before, but she was terrified of these people. Not for the hurt they would make her have. Well, not entirely. But because they were so tough, so... low, somehow.

When one of the men attacked the smart old one, her fear multiplied about tenfold. She completely forgot that she was supposed to be unconscious. Her eyes flew open and she watched, horrified, as the man was threatened. Before she could remember to close her eyes again, the friend of the one who'd hit her - Jakal, she had heard people call him, he was the one who'd scared her earlier with his knifework - had seen that she was looking at them. Now she was really afraid. Her hands started shaking, and the urge to cry was back, stronger than before. She bit her lip to stop the tears from spilling, but it didn't help. She didn't scream though. She would never scream, just as she had never screamed when father had hurt her. It was a form of power, in an otherwise helpless situation. She didn't know where she found the strength, but it was comforting to know that she did.

She realised that she was still lying down, looking up at the men, who were now quiet. She couldn't bear to see the grin on Roget's face, so she tried to ignore him. Instead, she locked her large brown eyes on the older man. Then she sat up. There was no point in staying down, was there? She grabbed the edge of the table with one hand to steady herself - or to stop it from shaking, she wasn't sure which. When she was sitting upright, her legs hanging over the side of the table, she scrubbed her cheeks with a grubby and shaking hand, trying to wipe away the tears even though they were still streaming. She wanted to look at Tojzek, see how he was doing, but she didn't dare. She kept her eyes locked with the old man's. Her heart was racing, she could feel it up in her throat. What was going to happen now? Was the hurt going to come now? It was becoming harder to keep from screaming, so she bit her lip again. That was a kind of hurt she could handle. On some level of subconsciousness, she knew that she'd drawn blood by biting so hard, but it didn't register. And besides, it was better than relinquishing what little control she had over herself.

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She did not scream. was Horace's first thought as he stared at the girl. Perhaps she is a mute? was his second thought as he saw her sit up holding onto the table with one hand; her eyes flicking back and forth between him and the others. Horace saw the fear but he also saw a resolve in her that made him admire her. He also noticed a drop of blood on her bottom lip.

Roget walked over to her and put his hand up to stroke her hair. "She is purty. 'sn't she 'orace," he asked.

Horace nodded and he knew what Roget had planned for the girl and his stomache flip-flopped. Why he had more concern for this one, than he had for the othes he did not know; perhaps it was the resolve he had seen, where the others had just wanted it to get over with so that they could go to work and make some coin: after all they had chosen their life's work, but this girl had not chosen to be a whore. She was going to be forced against her will to be ravaged, raped by Roget. Her innocence taken away violently and to replaced with a numbness that would carry her to her first few male callers until it became juat a way of life; knowing that above everything else is what turned Horace's stomache.

And it was at that moment that he sealed his fate.

Suddenly Jakal cursed and pulled out his cudgel. "I thought I hit that boy hard enough to knock him out for a week and here he is waking up."

"So what are you doing with your cudgel out? He is unarmed I assume. And his attention will be on his aching head. He is harmless." Horace said.

"Yeah, your probably right Horace," Jakal said slowly putting his cudgel in his belt.

Taloon who had been staring at the gril and wishing silently that he would be the one to break her in instead of Roget. It would be nice just once to not have to bed a whore, but a real girl, even if this one was a bit young. However he knew that most of the whores who made the most coin, were either young themselves, or made themselves look young. The younger for some of the Noble's who would secretly at night pick up a whore, the better.

Taloon, liked them young, not as young as others, and this one was young, but she was fresh and that is what made Taloon want her, but he would not break the rules of the MadCaps again, though he was awfully close when he threatened Horace and that was why he had drawn back.

When Jakal swore Taloon tore his eyes away from the girl and looked at slowly stirring boy. He knew that the boy, the brother of the girl was very protective of his sister and would not be harmless once he regained all of his faculties. He kept his daggar near his side instead of sheathing it, just in case he was right.

Horace turned back to the girl. "She has not screamed. She just stares at us. Perhaps she is a mute," He said voicing his thoughts.

Jakal shook his head no. "No, Horace. She can speak. I talked with her before we took her," He said.

Horace's eyes widenend. "Really? Then why has she not screamed?" he asked.

"I don't know," Jakal answered, "Perhaps because she has some spunk to her. I noticed that when she drew an old rusty knife on me."

"Really? She did that?" Horace asked. good for you girl, dangerous, but good for you he thought.

"Yeah, she no nothing about knives. She is just purty," Roget answered moving closer to the girl so that he could stroke her hair.

"Hmm...Where is the knife now?" Horace asked.

Jakal and Roget looked at one another and shrugged their shoulders. "Out in the street somewhere. Roget made her drop it," answered Jakal.

"Ok," Horace said and then turned and looked at the girl. "What is your name?" He asked. 

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She didn't answer immediately. She was looking at the approaching Roget and deciding if her hate-filled eyes would be enough to deter him, or if she would have to bite him in the hand that was coming closer. Nobody touched her hair, except Tojz! Certainly not some sweaty, smelly, practically toothless guy. He seemed not to notice though. Was he just so stupid? Could he not feel the radiation of the hatred?

She could feel it, in any case, washing through her in larger and larger waves which seemed to drown out any feeling of fear that she had moments ago. If he touched her... if he even came close to touching her, he would feel it. She didn't need a knife to get him where it hurt most. When the hand was only nailsbreadths from her hair, she jerked her head to the side and jumped off the table on the other side, effectively putting it between her and the brute. Her knees almost buckled, she felt weak because she hadn't eaten in too long. She only remained standing because she grabbed the edge of the table. Only then did she direct her eyes towards the older man, the hatred still too strong to let her feel fear. She spat out:

"My name is Jituska." There was no reason to hide it, really, so she didn't. "And I don't scream because I refuse to. Just like I refuse to do what you want me to do. I will kill myself before I let anyone do that to me again." She was gripping the table in front of her, hard. Her knuckles were white from gripping, but still it wasn't out of fear. That was all gone. All it had left was resolve, resolve and hatred. She didn't know how, but she would do as she promised.

As she was standing there, glaring at the men on the other side of the table, she felt a headache coming up, joining the sore throat that she still had, to which she hadn't paid attention since waking up. Great. Just wonderful. She found herself in one of the worst situations ever since Tojzek and she had run away, and now her body decided to make her ill? And Tojzek was still unconscious, she thought. She didn't dare look, though. She had to keep her attention on those men, in case they tried anything. Of course she knew that she wouldn't be able to withstand even two of them, if they were set on their little scheme. But if she couldn't fulfil her promise of killing herself, she would make them regret it. For the rest of their lives, if she could help it.

Her stomach growled loudly. The sound took her back to that morning, when she'd woken up. How much a human mood could change in so little time. How much time had passed since then? Tojz had said it was a little before noon. And now, what? Noon? Maybe not even that yet. In less than an hour she'd gone from hopeful to afraid to unconscious to afraid to full of hate.

They were idle thoughts, she knew. They came all at once, in the few seconds between talking and the men's reaction, which would come any moment now. She glared at them one after the other, putting most of her hatred in the look she directed at Roget. It almost felt like enough hatred to make him wither on the spot. It made her eyes hurt, although that could also be the headache troubling her.

An itch started in her throat just as she looked back at the old man. It was too powerful to fight against. Just moments after she'd talked, a cough made its way from the depth of her lungs to her mouth, wrecking her small frame. She wanted to curse the cold that had started, but couldn't, too busy coughing. It made some kind of slime come up. When the cough subsided, it left her weak in the knees and teary. This was the look she directed at the elderly man with the wooden leg, instead of the one filled with hatred that she meant.

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The first thing Tojzek felt was pain.  His whole head seemed to be throbbing too hard to allow himself to think.  One hand reached slowly up and passed through his hair, delicately checking for blood and was surprised when it found none, only a large, painful bruise.  Now, where the hell was he?  Trying to fight the pain and work out what had happened from his rather sluggish memory, Tojzek heard vague voices around him.  Men’s voices.  Remembering he had eyes as well as ears, the young boy opened them slowly and the room swam equally slowly into focus. 

His sister sat on a table, tense and pale, though seemingly unharmed.  Four men stood around in various states of leering, one touching her hair in a way Tojzek really did not like.  But the anger was not as powerful or pure as it had been before; smothered by a fug of confusion and headache.  Tojzek could feel the emotion brewing inside him, but his insides seemed further away now, as if he was watching the passion from a distance.  The dizziness remained, fizzing quietly away in his head, though apparently louder than the blurry voices around him.  Knife?  Did they mention his knife?  He’d had it hadn’t he?  The boy looked down at his hand as if expecting it to be there, then back to the men surrounding them.

Tojzek thought he recognised some of them, yes, he’d seen them before, in an alley?  Tojzek pushed his mind towards the memory.  Yes!  Everything had happened so quickly - one moment he had been standing there holding a knife and the apple bag, then nothing.  He supposed the man must have hit him.  And he must have dropped the knife.  Damn it. That rusty piece of metal had been the only smidgen of a plan he had had.  Even if it hadn’t been a very good or fully formed plan.  Tojzek scanned the room quickly, but saw nothing of interest.  It was plain and devoid of bars and cells, which probably ruled out any official arrest.  So who had they been caught by and why?  What could these men possibly want with them?  Considering their greedy glances at his sister, Tojz thought he might have some idea. He shuddered on her behalf.

Suddenly Jituska’s movement brought him back to full consciousness.  His sister jumped off the other side of her table, shielding herself from the largest man with its rough bulk.  As the little girl began to cough horribly, Tojzek tried to join her, quickly and unexpectedly swinging his legs across the surface and tumbling off the other side.  Unfortunately his legs were not quite ready to support him and buckled as he hit the floor.  The momentum kept his body going, and the boy landed sprawled out on the floor, winded and fighting the overwhelming dizziness which threatened to send him into unconsciousness once more.

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One thought screamed at Horace when the young girl spoke. "My name is Jituska.... And I don't scream because I refuse to. Just like I refuse to do what you want me to do. I will kill myself before I let anyone do that to me again."  She was not a virgin and whoever had taken this girl's innocence had done so in a manner that had caused her to rather take her own life than go through whatever pain had been inflicted upon her. Her voice told him that she meant it, even if her body was weak as he watched her grip the table using it as a barrier between herself and Roget.

Just as he was about to speak, the boy rolled over the table as well, probably trying to protect his sister, thought Horace, but he landed on wobbly legs and crashed unceremoniously upon the floor.

Taloon, quck as a blink, was at the boy's throat with daggar drawn. Jakal was smiling wickedly as he slowly made his way around the table on the other side toward the girl. Roget was the only one not moving; he looked at the girl, not comprehending that she could move that fast and that she did not want to be with him.

Horace stood there dumbfounded with the girl staring at him, with tears forming in her eyes and her brother laying a ped from him with Taloon's daggar at his throat. Where to start first?

"Jituska, very pretty name. You hurt Roget's feelings when you rolled away from him. I think you should apologize to him. Say that you are sorry," Jakal said, as he slowly advanced.

Horace suddenly regained his voice and courage. "Jakal stop right where you are. And Taloon, put your daggar away. The boy is not in any condition to be a problem for us. If you are concerned then just keep an eye on him and if he tries anything, and I hope he will not," He glanced down at the boy and tried to convey to him to not start anything and that he would try and protect him and his sister. "however if he does then just knock him out again."

Jakal was surprised at Horace's orders but stopped. "Why Horace? The girl needs a lesson in manners," he said.

"Did you not hear her. She is not a virgin, so that means that Roget does not need to break her in. She already is," Horace answered.

Taloon growled, "I told you before old man..."

"Go ahead and kill the boy then Taloon. But remember after you do so that you will have to face Fallen and tell him why you disobeyed my orders," Horace said, his voice strong but his insides shook.

Taloon glared up at Horace and then rose, took a few steps away from the fallen boy, sat upon the table and watched.

Jakal in the meantime was thinking about what Horace told him. "I suppose you're right Horace. If she is not a virgin then Roget does not have the right to break her in. But how do we know she is not a virgin? She could have just said that so that she would not have to be broken in." Jakal asked.

"Yeah, Jakal right," Roget said, speaking finally.

"If Roget does not mind I could bed her and find out right enough and if I find out she is lying then I will tell Roget and he can finish the job. Ok with you Roget?" Jakal asked.

Roget's heavy brows came together and then he smiled as he looked at Jakal. "Ok, Jakal is friend and would not lie to Roget."

Jakal turned to Horace. "Well, what do you say?" he asked.

Horace looked into Jituska's eyes and could see that she had told the truth but how does he convince Jakal and Roget.  "Her brother would know if she was a virgin or not. We will ask him," Horace said.

Taloon laughed as he picked his fingernails with his daggar. He drained a cup of wine and poured himself another.

"What is so funny Taloon?" Jakal asked.

"Horace is. Somehow I get the feeling that he is trying to protect the girl. Look at how she stares at him, as if he is her father or someone to rescue her from the bad boys who want to do dirty things to her," he drank from his cup, wiped his mouth with his sleeve, "Ask him why he is acting this way? Go ahead Jakal ask him. I bet a silver bard he cannot tell you a good answer," Taloon challenged.

Horace wanted to glare at Taloon but he was smart enough to know that if he did, that would be all that was needed to prove Taloon correct.

"Why you trying to protect the girl, Horace?" Jakal asked menancingly.

Horace looked at the girl and hoped she would understand his next words. "I am not trying to protect her. I want her for myself," Horace said.

"What? You? Your an old man, with a peg leg," Jakal said.

Taloon sat there silently staring at Horace.

"I may be old and my peg leg has nothing to do with me wanting to bed this girl. I am in command until Fallen returns which means, for those of you listening, that I get to have whatever I want and no one can stop me and I want the girl!" Horace said. 

It was the best he could do. He could not do anything for her brother, at least not right now, but at least he could save the girl from Roget and Jakal.

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Before she knew what was happening, Tojzek was lying on the floor next to her, sprawled out, Taloon bending over him with a knife in his hand. She wanted to go to him, but didn't know what the consequence would be. She couldn't get him killed just because she wanted to make sure he was alright! When she looked up again, she saw that Jakal had taken advantage of her distraction. He'd walked around the table, and was now altogether too close for her comfort. She slowly backed away, until she was stopped by another table, which effectively cut off her retreat. The only thing she'd put between her and the leering guy was a very small distance, which he could cross in two strides. Only the words of an old man stopped him from doing so.

Jituska's head swivelled from side to side, trying to see each man as he spoke. This motion stopped when Horace said those last words. She looked at him, tears pooling in her big brown eyes, then falling unheeded, drawing more lines in the dirt on her face. For just a little while, she'd let herself believe that he was taking her side, trying to help her. It had been a moment of hope, dashed in a second. He wanted her for himself. He had not been defending her, no. He wanted to do the same thing to her as the other two men, as her father. And she knew that she could not fulfil her promise. How was she to take her own life here, now? She didn't have any kind of weapon. Her brother, her protector was here but unable to help her - for the second time in her short life. If she'd had a dagger, she'd plant it in her heart. But she didn't.

The betrayal, by her brother even though he couldn't help it and by the old man, and the subsequent despair subdued her in a way that no threats of the other two had been able to do. The fire, the hatred... It was still there, somewhere. She could feel it. But they were cold, numbed by the grief that it was going to happen again. As she was standing there, looking at Horace, she steeled her resolve. Fine then. Let him have her body. It would serve no other purpose. When he was done doing what so many men seemed to deem absolutely necessary, she would find something sharp, a knife or a dagger. After that, he could live with the knowledge that his actions had killed her.

With a quick dash from her hand, she wiped the tears away. No more crying. The time for crying was past now. She'd miss Tojz, though. But he'd understand, she was sure he would. He knew what father had done to her. And he was always trying to get men away from her, wasn't he? Just so that they wouldn't do that to her again. So he had to understand that she couldn't live with it again.

She took one deep breath, and slowly let it out. With that she closed her mind, like she had done those last years when father was hurting her. She'd grown quite adept at that. She refused to feel the pain. To the others, she looked as if she was standing perfectly still, maybe even at ease. But her eyes... Her eyes were completely empty, devoid of any emotion. They blinked only when it was absolutely necessary, otherwise they were just standing open, looking at nothing in particular. After a moment of standing like that, she fell down, her body completely limp, though her eyes stayed open, staring. There was no fear anymore, no hatred, no concern for her brother. Nothing.

While her body waited to be ravaged again, her mind was in a different place. There was a little house there, with nice little playthings and warm clothes and a nice crackling fire. There was a very large key in the door, and she had turned it, and now she could play. Maybe she'd dress up first. It didn't really matter what she did; everything was nice, nothing bad could happen to her in this place. When it was over, she could turn the lock again and go out of the house and make her body move, make it look for something. When it was over.

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The dizziness faded gradually, and Tojz became aware that there was a knife pressed to his throat.  Again.  His chest hurt too now, and he struggled to slow his breathing.  He wanted to seem in control of the situation, or at least of himself. Bringing his hands in towards him, he rolled slowly onto his side so that he could see what was going on, glaring at Taloon with a deep, scornful hatred.  Tojzek might be the lowliest homeless rat in the whole of this damned city, but at least he did not revel in kidnap and rape.  These men were just like his father – dirty, lazy beasts incapable of making a living without harming anyone. How disgusting they were.  Just out of the corner of his eye Tojz could see Jakal advancing on his sister, and there was nothing he could do about it.  He hated this position, these men, the fear for Jituska which raged inside him, and yet he remained still. Recovering.

However, one of the men had yet to surprise him.  The leader, the one with the peg-leg, ordered both his and ‘tuska’s attackers to stop.  Although Tojz didn’t much like the suggestion that Taloon “kill the boy now”, there was something in the look the older man threw him which gave him hope.   Sitting up carefully as Taloon backed off, he watched the argument with slightly more interest than before.  Maybe he should not give up quite yet.  Jituska seemed to have done her usual worrying trick of latching onto older men for protection as well, and perhaps it was working in a good way for once.  Even as Horace told his men that he wanted Jituska for himself, Tojz was unsure.  The lust and greed of the others was obvious to a boy who was constantly on the look out for it, and yet it seemed to be missing from Horace.

Jituska however did not seem to see the difference.  Her eyes filled with water, and Tojz watched, his heart breaking as the tears of betrayal ran down her cheeks.  See what happens when you put your trust in strangers, a traitorous part of him thought.  Strangely the girl seemed to slow, relax, and then simply crumpled to the ground.   Not giving a single thought to the armed men around him, Tojzek half-crawled, half-threw himself across the short distance to her side.  His strong, scrawny arms wrapped around her and lifted her limp body towards him.  As the small delicate head flopped sadly, Tojzek let out a strangled sob. Could she really kill herself like she had promised? No, she wouldn’t do that to him would she?  He needed her.  They needed each other. That was how it worked - that was their life now.  He jumped visibly as her eyes blinked once.

She wasn’t dead?  No, her chest was rising a little too.  So what was happening?  Why was she like this?  The boy looked up, his face a mask of grief and confusion, and saw the men once more.  The sight of those evil worthless faces reminded him of where he was, of who had done this.  He might not know what was going on or how to bring her back, but he sure knew who do blame.  His body curled protectively around his limp sister as he let his anger take full rein, fierce and fearless now that the worst had almost happened.

“What have you done, you bastards,” he snarled, every word causing spit to fly from his mouth in his rage. “Are there not enough willing whores in this city that you have to go after her?”  He took a laboured breath, trying to calm himself down a little.  He needed her better, it was as simple as that, so he must make a deal with these vermin.  The boy turned towards Horace.  His voice was not quite as harsh as before but he was unable dull the accusing tone. “Make her better, leave her with me, and I will make myself far more useful to you than a little night-time entertainment, I promise you.”  As much as he despised the idea, if it saved Jituska, it would be worth it.  He continued to stare at Horace, his gaze somewhere between threatening and pleading.  His heart pumped furiously and his head seemed to throb in time with it, the pain beginning to come back to him now he was still.

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Jakal was furious. "You little brat! We shall take whoever we want! And your sister is wanted," he leered at her, hands itching to strangle the obstacle in the way of him and his prize.   

Horace was looking at the boy thoughtfully, his eyes boring into the boy's own. He could see detest in the boy's eyes, but also a little hope, a small plea for help. Horace didn't move, didn't give any indication that he was touched by the pathetic pair on the floor, nor the sacrifice the brother was willing to give for his sister. At Jakal's threat, however, he snapped into action. His gruff voice cut sharply through Jakal's lust.

"Enough, you! The boy's offer is valid. We can always use some new fingers."

Three pairs of eyes snapped to his face. "What?" The three cried in unision. "Horace, are you crazy? The first thing we do if we let them go is for them to run squealing to the guards," Taloon said, jumping off the table.

"Roget want the girl!" Roget yelled.

"Who will train them? They'll be caught without any training so quick it would be like they weren't there!" Jakal said.

"STOP!" Horace yelled, voice straining to be head over the protests. He turned to the boy. "Are you really willing to become a criminal for your sister?" he asked.

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Tojzek refused to even look at Jakal as he spouted something in return for the boy’s insolence.  He could hear the leer in the man’s voice and it only made him angrier, more determined to see this through.  Like the cat caught in the corner, Tojzek tensed, ready for a fight if it came.  And although the cat knows in its heart of hearts that it is too weak to defend itself against the oncoming attack, still it acts confident, dangerous, hoping to scare the attackers enough to give it a chance to get away.  Tojzek hoped the man in front of him was going to provide that chance.

For those few moments before his answer, Horace was unreadable. Tojz wondered if he had gone too far, if they would both now be slaughtered like the disposable creatures these people took them for.  He held onto Jituska’s limp form, taking a little comfort from its warm weight.  When would she wake up?  The possibility that she never would was quickly pushed to the back of his mind.  The young guardian had no idea what he would do then - his life would just become one long, meaningless search for food and shelter.  Of course it was one long search for food and shelter now, but protecting the little girl made it worth something.  What would he become without her?  Tojzek had seen men living on the streets, so lonely, screaming out for human contact, purposeless and useless.  When they died it was simply one less tramp on the streets; their death cleaned up the city, no more.  He didn’t want to become like that.

Fortunately for the two children, Horace came through, arguing with the three others on their behalf.  Tojz’s suspicious mind wondered why exactly, did he hope to gain something from the two of them?  Never mind, it didn’t matter now, he would have to just accept it.  His sister was still not going to be parted from his side around these men.  Not unless they physically dragged him away.  Unfortunately, pondered Tojz, this was well within their capabilities.

Suddenly Horace turned to the boy crouched on the floor, asking him a question.  Tojzek thought it a strange one – what other choice did he have?  He had nothing but skills to give them in return for their…what was it they were giving him again?  Oh yes, in return they would not rape his sister.  Bastards.  Tojzek felt the anger grow at this thought.  He hated the way they had forced him into this situation, how they had captured him and made him make this offer.  And now they were acting as if he had a choice?  The boy tried to keep his voice civil as he answered the question. 

“Yes, I am.” he stated simply, I would do anything for her. “And I don’t need your training” he answered Jakal’s previous comment. “We’ve survived on the streets all our lives, I’m sure we can dig up some skills from somewhere.”  An exaggeration, but no matter, these men had no way of knowing who he was anyway, and why would they care?  Together he and Jituska would find a way of doing whatever it was they wanted.  He wondered exactly how long it would be before they would be free again.  Still, in a world of bad options, this was the most promising.

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Horace smiled inwardly. The answer that the boy gave was a smart one. In retrospect, it was the only one. "Fine. So be it," Horace proclaimed. His announcement was again recieved with harsh glares and loud protests from the other three.

"You have no idea what you're getting into, old man," Jakal sneered. "Them brats will run to Damien and his dogs, and we'll be cooling our heels in the dungeon!"

"This" Jakal pointed a scrubby finger at the siblings, "will be the reason the MadCaps get captured. This will be our downfall, you fool!" Jakal cried.

Taloon raised his arm in the air. "I agree with Jakal," he said simply. Jakal looked at the man in delight. At last, someone who seems smart. Taloon noticed Jakal's hopeful grin and returned it with a grim smile. "Do not be too happy, Jakal. I actually agree with Horace as well."

Jakal's look of glee morphed into a face of disgust. "What are you saying?" Jakal said, distasteful tone.

"I'm saying that we allow them in. Of course, I agree with your scenario, and I agree with it. So, we keep the girl for as long as the boy is away on his little trips. If we're ratted out, she..." at this Taloon drew a finger across his neck, acompanying it with a sickening sound, making her fate obvious to all. A sick smile grew on his face.

Horace had looked on the arguments with a neutral look on his face. He disliked Jakal's assumptions, but neither did he like Taloon's prefered punishment. "Enough," he said, instantly quelling any arguments between Taloon and Jakal. "Jakal, it surprises me that you want to get rid of them so soon, when you're the one who brought them here," Horace said dryly. "What? You.. you... how dare you..." Jakal spluttered.

Horace turned to the boy, his face barely hiding a smile at Jakal's embarassment. "You heard the man. Anything, and your sister gets it." A wave of his hand later, and the children found themselves roughly grabbed and in one of the hideout's cages. "You'll stay there until we need you." Horace stood up shakily and threw an apple at both of them. "That's your food," he sneeered.

Taloon laughed outright at the cruelty Horace was showing. It sickened Horace to see them lying there, and it made him want to put back his lunch when Taloon laughed. "Alright, boy," Horace spat out the word. "You shall go on pickpocketing trips. Your sister will stay here. You rat her out, she dies. Any questions?"

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The four men quickly dissolved into arguments once more at Horace’s agreement.   Tojzek watched the discussion with minimal interest at first, wondering how the men ever got anything done.  The boy continued to huddle over his sister’s inert body, one hand tenderly stroking her hair.  His whole being seemed to be wishing her to wake up, to speak again, but there was no response.  Couldn’t she hear his call?  It was practically screaming out of him, even though he made no actual sound. Tozek’s ears pricked at the information the man Jakal unwittingly gave out.  These were the Madcaps?  The strange name meant nothing to him.  And who was this Damien they were so scared of?  Tojzek stored these possibly useful nuggets away for later examination.

At Taloon’s suggestion, with accompanying actions, Tojzek felt his anger rise again.  Had they not done enough!  He cursed himself for being so obvious about caring for her and the hatred was once more visible on his face.  How could he be so stupid - putting her in more danger?  Whatever she had wanted before she became so strangely limp, he would never forgive himself if his own actions got her killed.  For a few seconds he was unable to speak out against the absurdity, his throat constricted with passionate anger.

Suddenly Tojzek was being pulled roughly across the floor, his arms parted from his sister.  He struggled violently against the movement, but was quickly thrown down again - bars clanking around him.  Jituska was beside him, and he quickly straightened her limbs to make her look like she was simply sleeping.  An apple, thrown by Horace, hit him on the shoulder, and rolled to the side of the cage, gathering dust and dirt.  Tojzek looked up at him from his position on the floor.

“Any questions?” Horace snarled, now seeming more like the other vicious three.  Tojzek took no notice of the fearsome tone, replying finally to Taloon’s horrible idea. “I said I would work for you if you made her better and then left her with me. Sir”, he quickly added, accustomed to the unfelt show of respect.  “The two of us work better together, as a team.  Without her I would get caught.”  His tone was bitter and the anger from before was still noticeable, but there was now a hint of exhaustion, unwilling acceptance.  The boy turned to Jakal.  “And I don’t know this Damien you’re talking about, so I don’t know how I would run to him or why he should believe me if I did.  I have no money or weapon because you took them from me, so I can’t flee the city without both of us starving to death.”  His voice grew scarper. “And I can’t work for you when my mind is constantly thinking about what the rest of you might be doing to my sister.”  The boy halted his speech abruptly.  He had said his piece and he could only hope that they both believed and understood him.  His stomach churned once more at being forced to leave her behind.

Tojzek's own words brought back to him how very stuck the two siblings were.   The winter had been a hard one, and they had only really survived due to one lucky job from a kind-hearted farmer.  They were both thin and exhausted – he was not sure how much longer Jituska could keep on having these constant colds.  Where else did they have to go?  The city was supposed to be a rest for them, the coming summer a time of relaxation and recuperation.  He had hoped to get a more permanent job here, maybe one that would last them through next winter too.  But no, as Tojzek had always suspected deep down, it was not to be.

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Something was not right. It was not that her body was being used; it was precisely the fact that nothing was happening that alerted her. Something seemed to be tugging on her consciousness to return to her body. Something that had a strong feel of Tojzek to it. But could she trust this? Could her mind return to that thing that the men wanted to use?

A soft sigh escaped her lips, then another one that had a distinct sound of 'Tojz' in it. Then, from one moment to the next, she came back fully. She felt Tojzek close by, and her first reaction was to fly towards him and wrap her arms around him, seeking protection from the bad things. Soon he was rocking her, stroking her hair, calming her down. In the end, she dared let go of him to look around.

Something had happened while she'd been away; they were now in a cage, the four men looking in from outside. It confused her. Why did they not do what they'd said they would do? She looked from them to her brother, seeking clarification from him. "Tojz? What happened? Why are we in a cage? Are they still going to be monsters?" She talked as if they couldn't hear her, even though she was fully aware that they could. It was her way of showing the hatred that she felt for all four of them. She knew that she couldn't ignore them forever, but for now she could just pretend that she and her brother were the only ones present here.

She took the apple that she found lying near her, and without taking the time to properly clean it she bit into it. It wasn't enough, not by far. But it was something, at least. The downside of course was that her stomache remembered just how hungry it was, and the illness let her know that it was still there, by making her cough - not nearly as badly as before though. She quickly gobbled down the apple, down to the last bit, so that the only thing remaining was the stalk. She considered for a moment, but decided not to eat that after all. She eyed the other apple as well, but decided against it - after all, there seemed to be only two and Tojzek hadn't had one yet, she thought. She looked away from it and towards her brother, searching his face, looking to see if what he said was true. If it was... She could help him. She knew he didn't like it, but she could pickpocket. And she'd to anything not to have them come near her.

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Horace listened to the boy. The boy, young as he may be, spoke sense. If you cared about someone, they would be on your mind, especially if they might be in danger. It would constantly nag at you, hindering your ability to work and breaking your concentration. But without an incentive for them to behave, they might escape and bring the guards, Horace knew. "No, boy," Horace growled. "You are to go alone. Safety precaution, you understand."

Horace turned away from the defiant looks of the children. He started walking towards the door, his peg leg making a clipping sound as he stepped on the stone floor. Suddenly, Jakal snapped his fingers, halting Horace in his tracks. "How 'bout this, I go wit both of them, make sure they don't get into trouble or try to rat us out," Jakal suggested. Horace, Taloon, and Roget turned to him, all surprised at his offer.

Jakal looked at the kids with disgust in his eyes. "I am willing to go and keep an eye on them."

Taloon immediately spoke up. "Are you sure you're just going to keep an eye on them, Jakal?" he asked, malice in his tone. "You don't want to just kill the boy and take the girl, are you?"

Jakal narrowed his eyes at Taloon. "No, I swear to keep them safe, and to keep us safe," he vowed. He looked at Horace. It was his call.

Horace looked at the Jakal thoughtfully. It was a good suggestion, really. He could get Jakal away from Taloon, the siblings would perform better, and any unwanted behaviour could be punished by Jakal there without any need for Horace.

Horace hobbled back to where the other three were grouped. "Really, Jakal, I thought you hated them," he said, staring hard at Jakal. Jakal stared back, defiance in his gaze. After a long moment, Horace looked away, to the kids. "Fine. Both of you can go. Jakal will tag along to make sure no hanky panky is done. You start in an hour. The three of you, git. Leave them alone." Horace said.

At his order, a few grumbles were raised, but the three shuffled out. Horace slowly made his way to the food cupboard. Taking out a plate, he placed a loaf of bread and a pear. He filled up a pitcher of water, and with both in his hand, he limped to the cage. After placing the food in the cage, he walked out, leaving the children alone. Soon, the only sounds was the water dripping from the ceiling, and the children's breathing.

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Tojzek sat there, waiting for Horace’s reply.  And in those few moments when he took his eyes off the body of his sister, she began to stir.  The smallest sound was enough to alert him to the fact – a tiny breath of a sound which nevertheless managed to form itself into the word “Tojz”.  He sprang to her side as she sprang to him, his arms once more gathering her onto his lap.  The men outside were forgotten for a few moments, ignored in the presence of something far more important.  His heart leapt as she clung onto him as well - she was back. She was back.  It was ok.  He held her like a baby and rocked his whole body back and forth, the motion as much a comfort for him as it was for her.  A now-steady hand found her head and began smoothly stroking from her temple to behind her ear.

Just as Jituska was calm enough and pulled away from him, Horace decided to speak.  Tojz did understand, but he did not want to.  What would happen whilst he was away?  Would he even be able to find his way around in this city?  Lacking any knowledge of the city could cause him a few problems. And what would happen if he was late back?  Jituska’s own question enhanced the feeling of guilt brewing inside his breast.  How could he tell her that he had to go and work for these men; that he had to abandon her alone in this cage.  And without sending her back into that scary half-dead state.  As she reached for the dirty apple, he took one deep breath, ready to explain as carefully as possible, but Jakal got there before him.

The boy was just as suspicious as Horace when Jakal made his offer.  The disgust and loathing in the man’s eyes did not speak well for his good intentions.  A rush of protective anger coursed through his tired muscles and he glared back at the man with equal loathing.  But as ever, Tojzek had little say in the matter and could only watch as the three agreed with Jakal before being sent off by Horace.  The older man then went to a cupboard beside the cage, and came back with a full loaf of bread and a pear.  As soon as the man left, the boy pulled the plate towards him, ripping off a large chunk of loaf for both him and his sister.  He passed it to her and carefully began to explain their fate.

“No, ‘tuska, I don’t think they’re going to be monsters.”  The happy news was accompanied by a concerned frown.  “We have to work for them. The Jakal guy is taking us out for a pick pocketing trip I think.”  He sighed, his fearful worrying showing through now that the men had left.  He could not help feeling disturbed by the bars caging them in and the fact that they were completely at the whim of four unpredictable criminals.  Biting into his piece of bread, he chewed slowly.  Although he was desperately hungry, his throat didn’t seem to want to swallow and he reached for the pitcher of water to sooth it.

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Jituska looked at her brother. She wanted to reach out her hand and smooth that worried look from his face. Instead, she took the bread and began tearing chunks from it, putting them in her mouth and chewing fervently. Ooh, this was good! She was quite unable to share the worry that Tojz seemed to be feeling. The bread rapidly disappeared, the pear soon followed it. There was just enough to stop the hunger, as she kept half the bread for her brother, who was eating slower than her.

She knew that he wouldn't normally have said yes. He preferred getting food the honest way, and only stole when he didn't have a choice. But this was different, this was not stealing because they'd starve otherwise. This was stealing because there were some men who felt that they had a right to another man's purse. And if Tojz wouldn't have said yes normally, that meant there was a reason why he'd said yes now.

Her look became examining. "You said yes because of me, didn't you?" She was quite unaware that she was just continuing her own train of thought, and that her brother probably wasn't following her. However, her next words should make it clear what she was talking about. "You only agreed to steal for them so that they wouldn't hurt me." He didn't really have to answer her, she knew it from the way his face was creased into a worrying frown. Edging a little closer, she pressed both her thumbs to the middle of his forehead, then moved them away from each other. It was quite clear that she was trying to smooth the frown away. Then she placed the tops of her index fingers on the corners of his mouth and pressed up, telling him to smile. She had done this many times before, and it had worked often. She could only hope that it would work now again.

She laid down her head on Tojzek's shoulder, closing her eyes as she did so. "Don't worry, Tojz. Everything will be all right, you will see. So long as we're together, everything will be all right." She stayed in this position for a while, then shifted so that she could lean on her brother more completely. She felt herself slide down into sleep - a healthier sleep than what she'd just been through. When she was only half awake, half in the world of dreams, she murmured: "I would have done it, you know. When they were finished, I'd have killed myself. I'm glad you helped, I don't want to leave you. I'm glad you're my brother." After that, she slided even further down, so that soon she was immersed in a dream. A peaceful smile spread over her face, which looked relaxed and so very, very young.

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Tojzek went back to his bread and continued to brood worriedly as he chewed.  Mentally searching all possible methods of escape, he had to admit that being outside this cage would make it a lot easier.  Maybe they would get a chance to steal the key at some point?  He sighed visibly – these men would surely be on the look out for anything like that.  Their best bet was probably to gain a little trust by acting as if they wanted to do the tasks they were given.  But how far would they have to go?  The boy somehow doubted that pick pocketing was the limit of this group’s criminal activity.

Jituska had already gobbled down her bread and the pear whilst Tojzek had still only eaten a few bites of his bread.  Always aware of her movement, he turned to her as her look became more intense.  A questioning frown greeted her first sentence but she quickly elaborated.  Guilt made him pause a little; he had forgotten that she didn’t know the idea had actually been his.  Better that she should not know, he thought, or maybe it was just that he didn’t want her to loose faith in him.  She was the only person who thought he was worth anything and he selfishly wanted to protect that.  “So that they would help you, ‘tuska, as well as not slit my own throat.”  Bitter words once again.  As he went to stroke her hair again his sister reached towards his face, so he dropped his arms.  Trying jokingly to resist her smoothing fingers Tojzek failed and suddenly broke into laughter.  Some of his stress bubbled out in a series of short, amused sounds.   “What would I do without you, Jituska?” he asked softly, the clichéd question backed with a torrent of affection.

He settled himself more comfortably on the floor as she snuggled into him.  "Don't worry, Tojz. Everything will be all right, you will see. So long as we're together, everything will be all right."  For a moment Tojzek wished they could change places and he could be the happy, protected one for a change.  He wanted more than anything to believe the statement she had just made, but unfortunately he knew it to be wrong.  Could she really think that after what the men had tried to do?  The young man wondered if he protected her too much.  Today’s events had threatened her secure little world and look how she had reacted.  Or was that simply a reaction to that particular threat?  His heart warmed in pride as he remembered how she had stood up to them whilst he had still been dizzy from Jakal’s blow.  Finishing the bread he moved his legs around to a more comfortable position and closed his eyes.  There was little else he could do for the moment.

Jituska’s sleepy words broke his moment of relaxation.  Though he felt a rush of love for her at the expression of affection, it was tempered with worry.  The mere thought of loosing her caused so many horrible emotions to race through his body that for the moment he could not reply without fear of lashing out.  How could she think like that?  He needed her support just as must as she needed his protection.  Didn’t she realise that?  Quite a few minutes past in silence as Tojzek’s thoughts and paranoias whirled around his head.  He was loath to wake her now she was sleeping so happily, but he wanted to speak with her.  No, damn it, this was important!  He could not have the worry of her suicide on his mind as well as everything else. There just wasn’t enough space in his head for so much anxiety.

Taking her tiny bony shoulders in his hands, the young man shook her awake - slightly more violently than he would usually have done.  “Wake up Jituska, I have something important you need to listen to.”  As she stirred he stopped shaking and stroked her face once, tucking a piece of hair back behind her shoulder.  As soon as he judged her to be conscious enough he began.  Hi face turned serious. “’tuska, I love you, and I promise I will always do my best to be there for you, no matter how bad it gets.”  He paused for a second to allow this to sink in, but continued before she had time to verbally react.  “I need you too, so much.  I need you to cheer me up when I’m worrying too much, and to keep me out of trouble as well.  And I need you to make the same promise to me, if you can.”  His eyes were filled with love for her, but his face was sincere; firm.

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It seemed to her as if she had slept only a few moments before Tojz shook her awake. Her body, needing the sleep after the ordeal she had been through, was slow to react. 'Hmm? 's it time already?' she murmured. At her brother's words, however, she came fully awake. The intensity behind them scared her a little.

When he was done speaking, she knew that she had got it wrong. She'd thought he would have understood. But he wouldn't have. After she had gone, he would've done something stupid, of that she was sure now. He was right, he needed her as much as she needed him. The realisation made her eyes go wide. How could she have thought about taking her own life, when there was someone who needed her so much?

Now that the immediate threat was gone, the dread was rapidly fading, leaving her to wonder why things had seemed so urgent. She was quickly turning back into the optimistic girl that woke up this morning. It was much nicer to feel this way than the fear and despair of earlier, anyway. She took Tojzek's right hand in both her own, looking up into his eyes earnestly. 'I promise, Tojz. I won't leave you.' She searched his eyes, trying to see if he believed her. He just had to believe her! She might have meant what she'd said earlier, but she meant this just as much. And now that she had promised, she would not go back on that. If he really needed her as much as he said he did, she would live, even when things got as bad as they had threatened to become.

When she was sure he believed her, she let go of his hand, bringing one of her own up to tug at a braid. A smile spread over her face as her optimistic side took firm hold again. Deliberately ignoring the bars that caged them, she said: 'At least we're out of the snow, and more or less warm.' She laughed at Tojzek's scowl. She knew that she ought to be a little more worried after the events that had overtaken them, but found that she couldn't. Her heart felt too light to be oppressed by their environment, and they would soon be outside again, if under the surveillance of one of the thieves.

Besides - although this was not something she consciously put into a coherent thought - her mind was staying away from dwelling too much on what could have happened. It was not in her nature to think about 'what if' anyway, certainly not when the conjectured situation was as bad as this one would be. It did not happen, therefore there was no use in thinking about it. Also - and again happening unconsciously - the whole lightheartedness was a reaction against the tension of earlier.

The hand that was near her hair felt that her braids had let go again. No wonder really, though her mind shied away from the reason. She looked at Tojz through her lashes, smiling shyly. 'Braid me again?' she asked. It was as much the request that was worded, as an offer to calm him down in one of the best ways that she knew. Or maybe calm both of them down. It worked both ways, more often than not. She scooted closer, offering her blonde head of hair to his deft hands. As she waited for him to begin, she put her thin arms around her knees; one of her favourite positions to be in.

She wondered what it would be like to work for thieves. Would she have to help, or just tag along like she usually did? She knew that she was a better pickpocket than her brother, even though she had never let him see that. She'd used her skill only sparingly. If they let her help, she could become even better. She didn't have the same reservations about stealing as Tojzek: as far as she was concerned some people could well afford it to 'lose' a few coins. And if she happened to 'find' them (even if that meant looking for them in their purse) then so be it. The difference for herself was minimal - whether she stole for Tojzek or for the thieves, she wouldn't keep anything anyway. And what would she need with coins, even if she did get to keep some? Tojz took care of all that. But yes, she looked forward to helping out, if only to practice finding things.

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In the adjacent room, Horace, Jakal, Taloon and Rodget were discussing the children's situation around a table. "Are you certain that you want to go with them, Jakal?" Horace asked the man who was sitting across him. He didn't like the way the way Jakal looked when he volunteered for the job. On the other hand, though, he could not risk the children running off and alerting the guards. It was too big a risk to let them go without any supervision. But if he did let them go with Jakal, considering his current relationship with them, they could easily anger him, and undoubtedly Jakal would grab at the chance to punish them in his own way.

"Yes." Jakal's cold tone sent shivers down Horace's spine. His eyes gleamed with malice, and Horace could only imagine what he was thinking. It was no question that it had something to do with the kids. As every second passed, he was more and more unsure of his decision to let Jakal bring the children out. With the way Jakal's lips were upturned in a sinister smile, he was more concerned with their safety rather than the MadCaps alone.

Taloon had also caught on Jakal's intentions. He liked Jakal, don't get it wrong, but this was a side he hated to see. "I'll go instead, Horace." Taloon looked at Jakal, blue eyes glaring at him. "Jakal, I don't think any one of us here would trust a dog with you right now, let alone two children." Jakal clenched his hands into fists. "I resent that, Taloon," Jakal replied tersely. "It sounds like you don't trust me."

"I trust you, Jakal. Just not with two living things now."

"So you wish to take over?"

"I was already in charge, Jakal." By this time, both men were standing up, face to face, palms leaning against the table. A fight was clearly eminent, if not for the timely intervention of Horace.

"Shut your yapping, both of ya. I don't care if you don't like it Jakal. I agree wit Taloon. If he's so willing, he goes." Jakal glanced at Horace. "I dislike your meddling, old man," Jakal said, eyes boring into Horace's own. "Hold your tongue." A sharp voice cut through the red haze that both were covered in. Surprisingly, it was Taloon who spoke. "Have you forgotten, Jakal? Horace is in charge until Fallen comes back. You give Horace the same respect you would for Fallen."

Jakal eyes narrowed as he looked from Horace to Taloon, and back to Horace again. Suddenly, he sat down and put his feet up on the table. "I can see that I am outnumbered, so do it your way. I wash my hands of this matter." Horace nodded, Taloon grinned. His eyes flicked to the clock on the wall. "Smart move, Jakal. Horace, I think I'll start them now. It'll be better to break them in quicker." Horace nodded once more.

Taloon pushed back his chair and walked to the next room where the children were. He headed for the cage. On the way, he casually swiped the keys from the table in the centre of the room. The keys jangled in his hands as he unlocked the cage. "Well, children. My name is Taloon, and I'll be replacing Jakal. Don't worry. I don't waste my strength punishing people for nothing." He pulled open the cage's door and gestured outside with a smirk. "Shall we?"

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Tojzek let his arms fall as he finished his speech, running them slowly down her arms to the floor.  His eyes looked into her young, familiar face.  He suddenly noticed a smudge of dirt on the large defined jaw bone and wanted to wipe it off.  Should he have eased her into the idea a little more?  But no, that wasn’t really his way.  Words were things of weight, importance, and anyway he had never been good at making them fancy.  Jituska must be used to it by now he hoped.

Her warm little hands found one of his and she looked back at him with what he suspected was the same level of intensity his face had shown just a few seconds ago.  Maybe he should have toned it down a bit after all.  'I promise, Tojz. I won't leave you.'  Her eyes seemed to seek his belief and, unable to say it in words, he drew her skinny frame into a close hug.  Placing a light kiss on her cheek he released her, and a part of the worry lifted.  His sister was going to struggle through everything too.  It was more possible that they would get through this together.  More at least.  Unharmed?  He was not sure, but that wasn’t worth thinking about.  They could only try.

And as soon as Tojzek released his sister from the hug she seemed to be her normal happy self once more.  He nodded agreement at her observation, but the frown stayed on his face.  He would have felt a lot happier out in the snow to be honest, cold but free to look after themselves.  On the other hand the freedom included the freedom to starve as well.  But they hadn’t come so close to that yet.  He could work, and they had other ways of making money too.  The young man was aware that this would not be the first time Jituska had pick pocketed.  Or the first time he had attempted to either.  For some reason the thought of his sister stealing was so much worse than him doing it himself.  Did the fact that they were being forced to steal for a gang of thieves make it any better? He mused over the issue as he began to braid her hair once more. 

What if they got caught?  To be honest he was far more likely to than Jituska; her agile hands were far more practised than his.  Still, as he finished her hair for the second time that day, he could not resist saying “You will be careful ‘tuska, won’t you?  We have to steal for them, but somehow I don’t think the city guards will accept the excuse He told me to.”  For once a vain attempt at humour, perhaps to make up for his over-intensity before.  But just as he smiled at his sister, heavy footsteps rounded the corner to their cell.

But it wasn’t Jakal, it was the other one, the one who had held his knife to Tojzek’s throat in the street as well as when he had woken up here.  The boy remembered his speed with the weapon, and the brief smile faded from his face.  This man would not be easily tricked.  Damn it. "Well, children. My name is Taloon, and I'll be replacing Jakal. Don't worry. I don't waste my strength punishing people for nothing."  Tojzek wondered exactly what would be considered “something” by this man.  Probably anything.  The young man stood up as Taloon opened the door and offered a hand to Jituska as well.  He threw a mild glare at him, but prepared to follow wherever he saw fit to lead.

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Taloon glanced at the two scruffy kids that followed him. Briefly, his mind played with the option of taking the girl when they were out of sight, but he dismissed it almost immediately. The boy would never allow that to happen, that was for sure. Besides, he could always bed some other whore. Little girls were never really his thing.

As the trio headed out of the interrogation room and into the common room, Jakal's head rose, and a sneer grew on his sharp face. The smile held nothing but contempt; accompanied by his cold eyes, his whole demeanour sent chills down Taloon's spine. Bastard.

Horace stood up and held up a hand to stop the group's progress. "Taloon. You bring them back, don't get them killed," Horace said. Taloon grinned at the old man. Somehow, he could feel that Horace was concerned about them, hiding the fact that he maybe liked the two. Taloon nodded, the sides of his eyes crinkling with his grin.

Pushing the children forwards, Taloon pulled open the door, and ushered both out into the mild cold outside. It's time to put them to the test.

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After passing the security Taloon and Jit entered the main hall. Horace was sitting on his chair next to Fallen's, their present leader, who was absent at the moment. No one would sit in Fallen's chair, not even Horace, though he was the interim leader of the MadCaps in Fallen's absence.

Horace seemed to be deep in thought, or else drunk, thought Taloon, as they walked into the main room, and sat down. Roget was in corner but came forward when he saw them come in. He had a lecherous grin on his face and his fists were covered with dried blood.

"Well, how much she git?" Jakal asked, leering at Jit.

Taloon had begun to respect the girl and had even began to think of her as a little sister.

He gave Roget a withering glance. "Back off, Roget. You know Horace sees first and then divides up the spoils as the rules dictate. All I will tell you is that she did good, and you had better respect her for she did her "nobs" Taloon said evenly.

Roget rubbed the stubble of his beard as he looked first at the girl and then back at Taloon. "What she do, Taloon? Give you a little?" He asked.

Taloon's reaction was quick and decisive and Horace who was heading in thier direction could not have stopped it even if he could. Taloon's twin throwing knives came out of pratcially nowhere and went whistling through the air, both blades, keen and sharp found their marks.

Roget's face looked stupified as he looked down at his chest and saw the handles of Taloon's knives so close to one another that they looked liked one handle. His heart was so startled by the sudden appearance of steel penetrating it that it took a blink for it to register and send the message up to Roget's brain, but by the time the message reached Roget's brain, he had toppled over, and fell on the floor. His eyes wide open in surprise.

Horace stumped over, took one look at Roget and then turned on Taloon. "What in Coor's name are you doing? Trying to get yourself killed? Roget has many friends and when they find out you killed him because of her, they will kill you as sure as a cow headed for the slaughter bin."

Taloon took the coins that Jit had stolen and threw them on the table, some of them rolled off, landed on the floor and rolled a few peds away. "I don't think so, Horace. She made her nobs and she did it in style. Roget insulted me and little sis here. I think they will understand. If not, then I will make sure they do!" Taloon answered back.

Horace stared at the coins thrown on the table. There was enough money on that table to feed the MadCaps for a month or more. He glanced at the girl. was she that good? or was she very lucky? Did the boy and the girl lie to them and they actually were practiced thieves? So many questions crossed his mind.

Taloon saw Horace's face and chuckled. "Horace forget what you're thinking. She does not even know what she stole. She has no idea of the value of money."

"What? She does not know the difference between a san or a gold bard?" Horace asked incrediously.

Taloon shook his head, "Nope, none whatsoever and I think we should get our healer to take a look at her. Litte Sis seems to be coming down with something. I would hate for it to catching and worse, I would hate for her to be down when she could be stealing. She is a natural."

Horace turned back to Jit. "You're not lying? You have no clue whatsoever of the value of what lies here?" He asked.

Taloon had walked over and had retrieved his knives. "Horace, I told you. Are you doubting my word as well?"

"No, Taloon. Not yours, hers. Either she got very lucky, or she and her brother have been lying to us all along and that must be dealt with."

Taloon paused thinking and then replied, "I do not think Little Sis is lying, however if she is I promise to be the one to punish her and her brother. Is that a deal, Horace?" Taloon asked, wiping the blood off his blades and quickly sheathing them in his belt.

Horace nodded. "Acceptable, but I still would like to hear if from her, if you do not mind?"

Taloon chuckled. "She made her nobs. She can speak for herself," he said.

Horace turned back to Jit. "Well, answer the question," he demanded.

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Jituska had grown a few nailsbreadths with the praise she got from Taloon. All the way to the hideout, there was a certain spring in her step as she walked beside him. There was... something... in his manner that convinced her that his attention had shifted. She could never have put it into words, but she felt that she was no longer an object of interest to him, not the way she was to Roget. So, so long as Tojzek wasn't with them, she drew to him more or less naturally. So he wasn't one of those older men that Tojz was always protecting her from. He was... strong. Perhaps even stronger than her brother. And that was not meant purely physically, though it *was* rather probable.

When they entered the hideout, the first thing she noticed was Roget's ever-present leer. However, he asked about her theft, for which she was grateful. She was not at all prepared for what followed. His leer intensified with his words... and then turned off. For good. She looked with big brown eyes at the two knives sticking out of his chest, close to each other. For a moment, she thought about backing away from Taloon, but then she realised that she wouldn't have to fear Roget anymore. He wouldn't be waiting for his chance every time she turned her back to him. But she couldn't really get herself to move closer to him either - after all, he'd just killed someone. He'd really actually robbed a person of his life, even if she hated that person with all her heart... She wondered when Tojzek was going to come back. She wanted his comforting presence near her, telling her that somehow everything was going to be alright.

Thoughts about her brother were forced to the back of her mind when Horace approached her and asked about the money. Why was everyone so interested in the money? It was just a bunch of metal, wasn't it? Taloon tried to help her, but the old man pressed on. She looked at the coins for a moment, frowning just a bit, and shrugged her shoulders. "I'm not lying. I'm not a thief. Well, not really. I practiced a bit since Tojz and I went away, but he never allows me to steal, so I only did it a very few times. When we have some money, he's the one to take care of it, and if I somehow get some I just give it to him."

She looked once more at the pile, shrugged again, and turned her attention to Horace. Was this what he wanted to hear? She didn't want to be punished when she didn't think she'd done something wrong. Well, she didn't like to be punished anyway, but at least when she'd actually done something, there was some kind of logic to it. Now though... When Taloon had just praised her so, why would he turn against her? She tried to keep the worry down and just wait for what they would say, but she couldn't suppress a quick glance at her recently acquired friend, and a little fidgetting with her hands happened seemingly on its own as well. Looking from the one to the other, she wished again - and far more vehemently - that her brother would be here to help her.

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"I'm not lying. I'm not a thief. Well, not really. I practiced a bit since Tojz and I went away, but he never allows me to steal, so I only did it a very few times. When we have some money, he's the one to take care of it, and if I somehow get some I just give it to him." Jit said.

Taloon smiled at her and gave her a nod.

Horace stood there a bit dumbfounded. He had protected her and her brother because he had thought that eventually he could get word to Damien and get the two children out. However, it seemed, at least the girl, had gotten extremely lucky, or as Taloon said Roget had told him, she was a natural.

A natural thief was rare. Usually, most thieves were thieves because of necessity: to stay alive, for instance, and if you looked at them, most had at least one digit of a finger missing or more. But a natural thief was like the wind; you felt it, but could not tell where it came from or where it went, you only knew it had been there. And in the case of a natural, if you were their unfortunate victim, you did not notice anything missing until they were long gone and there was nothing you could do about it. Taloon, was one of those rare breeds, besides being a very good assassin as well. As Roget's lifeless body, that was being dragged out of the room testified.

Horace glanced at Taloon and saw that he had taken a shine to her. Whether it was because of her abilities or because of her beauty, Horace could not say, but he knew the look Taloon was giving her. She had made her nobs and as Taloon had said, "In Style."

Horace wondered if the girl's brother could be a natural as well?

"Jit," he finally said, "You have done well. Exceptionally well. The coins that lay upon this table will be able to feed and clothe us for the rest of the spring and summer as well. Since you do not know the value of what these coins are I suppose I..."

"If you do not mind, Horace. I think that should be my job, since I was the one who first saw and brought them into our little group," interrupted Taloon, "and I believe Little Sis, is sick, or becoming sick. I think we should call our healer to have a look at her.

Horace shrugged his shoulders. "That is the law of our order. She is yours to teach Taloon," Horace said, emphasizing the word teach. "and you," he pointed to a young boy, who was standing in the shadows watching everything, "go get Vika and tell her that she is needed.  The boy dashed off.

Taloon grinned. "It will be my pleasure," Taloon answered as he walked toward Jit, softly took her hand and then guided her to pick up a coin.  He could feel her apprehension, but also the heat that generated from her.

"Little Sis, this is your first lesson. This coin," Taloon picked up a small copper colored coin, "this coin is called a san. It is the smallest value of the coins I proudly say you brought our way. "Let's count them as a "One or Single coin,"

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The burnt wound stung and throbbed with each little movement as Tojz followed the man through a different entrance and into the hideout.  Now Jakal was in front of him he had dropped the stern, angry gaze, reverting to his usual blank visage instead.  It was becoming more and more difficult to keep up the scorn which the boy felt all these villains deserved – in truth the on-the-field healing had impressed him.  Confusion was welling inside his usually straight-forward thoughts as he struggled between the gratitude for this man’s treatment of him and contempt for the group in general.

At least with the other men there was no such doubt.  He stepped into the room where they were gathered, and the scene before him did little to calm his fears.  Blood stained the floor in the centre; fresh, wet, oozing blood. What had they done to her?! His heart skipped more than one beat and colour drained from his face.  The air seemed to suddenly become thin, as if the oxygen in it was not quite enough to sustain him.  The world was slightly darkened, blurry, and he made an effort to snap himself out of the confines of his shock.  Surely she hadn’t performed that badly? He dragged his eyes from the dark mess, looking around for the culprit.  Instead they hit the one person he was not expecting to find upright – his sister was standing over to one side, seemingly unharmed although talking to possibly the most dangerous man in the room – Taloon.  Without even thinking he ripped his feet from the floor and strode over to her, placing his hand on her arm with visible tenderness.  The shock and fear still showed a little in his eyes, along with a little pain from the darkened slit in his side.  Instead of greeting her verbally he turned to the men beside her.

“Who’s blood is that?”.  The words came out slightly more violently than they were meant, and, aware of his rudeness and slightly embarassed by its cheekiness, he dropped his eyes to the table they had gathered around.  Another shock awaited him there, for resting on the surface was the kind of money it would take him a year to earn.  Where had it come from?  The advantages of being part of this group were stacking up against his better judgement; the coins in front of him represented a long period of security and comfort.  Although they were also a prize someone, somewhere, would be quite eager to get back.  Whoever this wealth belonged to probably had the means to employ a great deal of well-armed people to punish the theif.  Did these people really have the resources to protect such treasure?  And was this a usual haul for them or the acumulation of several months of work?  Despite his usually consevative word output, and the fact that he had already burst in on the group rather rudely, his curiousity was peaked enough to ask.  "And where did this come from?"

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Taloon turned his head when he heard others enter the main room. The boy, Tojz came stumbling in and Jakal was somewhat a bit farther behind him. Taloon quickly noticed the boy's torn shirt and his keen eyes took in the slight oozing wound on the boys side.  His eyes swept up to Jakal in a silent question.

Jakal shook his head, no.

Taloon nodded and then the boy saw his sister and he half-ran, half- stumbled over to her, He touched her arm and his eyes swept the floor. Taloon could clearly see that the boy could see the blood that Roget had spilled after being pinned by his knives.

“Who’s blood is that?”. The boy asked.

Before Taloon or any other person in the room could answer the boy's eyes must have seen the coins on the table for he quickly asked. "And where did this come from?"

Taloon smiled and put his arm over Jit's shoulder. "Last question answered first, though you are in no place to demand anything, I am quite proud to tell you that Little Sis here, stole all of that coin. According to the late Roget, she is a natural and I agreed with him. Little Sis is one of those rare gifted people that have the natual talent to become great, no, even better than that, magnificent thieves," Taloon answered, smiling at Jit, "You should be proud of her, she made her nobs her first time out, most thieves do not make thier nobs until after many tries, and some still are working at it. Little Sis, is going to turn out to be one great thief after I teach her a few more things; as far as the blood on the floor, it is Roget's. He made accusation's against Little Sis and myself. Since Little Sis had no defender I did the defending and Roget, sadly," Taloon drew his throwing knives out of his belt, glanced at them, and then lovingingly put them back before he continued, "was no match for my twins."

He swept his eyes over the boy. "And what do you have? Does the natural gift run in the family?" Taloon asked, already guessing the answer.

Jakal had made his way to the table and was staring at the coins; listening to Taloon talking to the boy. Was the girl a natural, as Taloon was bragging, or did she get lucky? Jakal thought to himself as he mentally counted out the coins and how much was there. He let out a slow whistle when the final tally came to his head, Four thousand sans. A tidy sum.

Taloon's question shook Jakal out of his reviere. He chuckled, "No, at least not today. The boy stole a pot, but when he was almost caught and had to run, he jumped on a roof, the pot broke under him and a shard of it pierced him in the right side ribs. I had to do some emergency cutting to get the shard out to prevent infection but I think he should be looked at by Vika as soon as possible," Jakal answered.

The room burst out laughing when they heard what happened with the boy. Taloon had been so enamoured with Jit that knowing that thier were others all about the main room; whores, pickpockets, panderer's, thieves and even murderers were all in their own little nooks and crannies all around the main room. Taloon didn't laugh, he just smiled.

Another man that did not laugh was Horace; everything was turning upside down. He had thought that the boy and his sister would not be any good and eventually Taloon, Jakal and Roget would forget about them and eventually he would find a way to get a message to Damien or perhaps miraculously Damien would be in the square at the same time as one or the other of the children would be and rescue them.

However, now that of all people the girl, Jituska, had made her nobs and in a spectacular way, she was going to have Taloon's special attention and instruction, so she will be almost impossible to be able to escape, if she wanted to and looking at the glow on the girls face Horace was so sure now. As Horace looked at both of them he wondered if the boy had enough influence upon his sister to overcome the influence and attention of Taloon before it was too late? And could he get a message out to Damien to rescue these two before it was too late?

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Jituska glowed with pride at all the praise she was getting. She'd just grabbed a handful of coins, and look where it got her. She paid close attention to Taloon's instruction, even though it was hard to get her head around all the numbers she tried the best she could. Gradually, her distrust of Taloon - and the part he had played in the scene earlier - vanished from her mind. She focused on the coins until a disturbance at the entrance told her that her brother had arrived.

First he demanded whose the blood was. She'd forgotten about that already, in the excitement of getting to know all the different coins, and realising just how much it was that she'd stolen. Perhaps she ought to be sadder that someone had died because of her, but then she hadn't really gotten a good look at him dead, and he'd been rather beastly to her. Then Tojz asked about the coins. She positively beamed as Taloon explained that she had stolen all that treasure. When he was done speaking and talked with Jakal, she paid no more attention, but dashed from the side of the man who had adopted her as his 'Little Sis' to her actual brother, throwing her hands around his neck.

"Oh Tojz, isn't it wonderful? I saw this guy, he was so rich, dressed all fine, finer than we could ever wear, and his pouch of money was hanging almost on his back, instead of out front where he could see it, and I remembered him from earlier, you remember when we saw the guy who was dressed in black? Anyway, I'd run into this guy then and he was all high and mighty against me, and now he's standing there talking to someone, so I made sure that he couldn't see me and the merchant he was talking with neither, and then I took a handful of coins and now they're all saying how good I did."

She suddenly noticed the laughing people around them, and she glanced from them back to Tojzek. "Why are they laughing, Tojz?" Her babbling had drowned out any words that Jakal had spoken, but now she wished she could have heard what is was they were laughing about. She looked uncertainly from her brother to Taloon and back again, wondering what she had missed.

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Taloon seemed rather pleased about something Tojzek thought, and even answered the boy’s question with more tolerance than it probably deserved.   His sister had taken all that money!  The young boy was frozen in shock for a few moments, his eyes flicking up to Taloon to check the man’s seriousness.  And then down to the two throwing knifes as the man’s nimble fingers caressed the metal.  Tojz could not pretend to be sorry that Roget was out of the way, especially away from his sister, but he had certainly been right about Taloon; far too dangerous to cross.  And what was this murderer doing latching on to his sister?  The vibe didn’t seem quite sexual, but who was he to be “teaching” Tuska?  Why did he suddenly feel he needed to kill a man for her?  The only reason there could be for his interest was the money she had stolen.  And what if he encouraged her to steal even more?  Could he not see it was dangerous, if she had been spotted by anyone at all then the whole town would be after her, the merchant would make sure of it.  Was he really going to expect her to pull it off again?  And again and again and again?  And how much of this money would she see in payment for taking all the risk?  She was being used almost as badly as if she would have been forced into prostitution, but he had asked for this hadn’t he.  Tojzek felt sick with the thought, but unlike before he kept it to himself.  He could all too easily imagine Taloon seeing him as a threat to his sister’s progress, like Roget had been only a few minutes ago.

Tojzek’s face burned a little as the room burst into laughter at his failure, but by that time his sister had thrown herself into his arms and was jabbering away, pleased with herself.  He hugged her closer, even though it made him wince a little as the wound in his side compressed.  She was so happy, but did she not see the danger?  Her rambled description of the man only served to make him more nervous; the man could have seen her before, and sounded pretty powerful.  The type of man with enough influence to get a thief all the way to the gallows.  Tojz’s mind shyed away from that particular thought, and sort something in the room to prevent him from giving into the panic which wanted to wash over him.  Looking over his excitable sister’s shoulder took Tojzek’s eyes over towards Horace.  Strange, the man looked almost as uncomfortable as Tojz himself felt.  There was something there that could offer the meanest smidgen of help, although it could just be the mutual wariness of Taloon. 

“Why are they laughing Tojz” asked the precious little girl in his arms, and he swallowed the confused thoughts to answer.   “Because I didn’t do as well as my little sister, that’s why” he replied, smiling faintly in a way he knew she would probably see right through. But, there were more important things.  “Did anyone see you ‘tuska?  Anyone at all?”  His voice was low, just for her to hear, but he wasn’t quite sure what he’d do if she said yes. Tojzek wasn’t feeling particularly up to dealing with all these new complications.  He wanted time to think, possibly someone to ask for some information about the group, to talk to, but how much could he get from someone like Jakal or Horace?  Both of them had shown a little kindness, but he still needed to be extremely careful. His tired, worried mind longed for the simplicity of the streets again.  Or possibly just a bed, or something to stop his side from aching.  Someone had mentioned a healer hadn’t they?

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Vika walked in to the room at the sounds of laughter. She turned her face toward those laughing and wondered who they were laughing at. She knew it was not her.No one wanted Vika angry with them and though they had been laughing at someone else, if she thought they were laughing at her she could kill them and they would not even know it until death came knocking on their door.

Vika was an intimidating woman: not by stature, but by her knowledge of herbs and poisons. She was not a very pretty woman, she only stood a little over a ped tall, was on the heavy side, and her face was marred with burn scars; scars she had received from her former master who had the philosophy of teaching his students with pain if they got something wrong or had irritated him. It was probably why he did not have many students. but Vika endured and when she had learned all she could from him she used what he taught her to kill him and watched with a smile as he groaned in agony as the posion she gave him ate him from the inside out; then she took everything the man had, herbs, money, utensils and left; eventually she came to work for the MadCaps who paid her, gave her shelter, and she felt needed and at home.

Her white dress was not threadbare, unlike most of the other women in this place, though it was more grey than white. She had decided that if she was going to be a healer she may as well as look the part. It flowed about her, the hem almost touching the floor. Her brown hair was spun up into a severe bun and her eyes, the same color as her hair, was the only thing not cold about her; they were alive with inquisitive excitement.

She walked stately toward Horace and the group gathered around the main table in the hall. She noticed first, Taloon. How could you not notice the man? He was tall, lithe, handsome, in a cruel sort of way, and could charm the pants off of most women if he chose to do so. She also noticed that he seemed to have taken a liking to a young blonde haired girl who seemed half his age. She noticed the blood on the floor and saw the trail leading to a door on the far side of the room. She wondered who it had been.

Then she noticed Jakal and a young boy who seemed to look a bit like the young girl who had one of Taloon's arms draped around her shoulder. The boy seemed to be hurt, but he began to demand some things.

Vika grimmaced. She did not know who this boy was but you do not demand anything around here, unless you were Fallen, Horace and Taloon. Fallen was their new leader, after he and his men had killed their old one. He had left and gave Horace his authority until he returned from wherever he went and Taloon, well...though he had no outright authority, his temper and quickness with his knives kind of gave him the right by attrition; if you demanded something from him, and he did not like it, you usually went out that door trailing blood, just like someother unfortunate soul had just been.

"Am I needed?" She asked.

Horace torn from his thoughts turned. Vika's eyes lit up as she saw the pile of coins on the table. She wondered who had acquired such wealth? Probably Taloon, she thought as she glanced up at Taloon. But he gave her a sly nod of his head and then tilted it toward the girl who had by now was clinging to the boy and asking him questions. The laughter was drowning out her questions and the boy's answers. Vika slowly ganced around the room and the laughter slowly died out until it was so quiet all you could hear was the girl asking the boy, whom Vika now assumed was her brother, what everyone was laughing about?

Vika could see the boy was older and knew what they were laughing about but seemed embarrassed to tell his sister. She also noticed the torn shirt on the boy and the oozing wound upon the boy's right side.

She walked around the table, went up to the girl and the boy who was held up under one arm by Jakal, and spoke. "Girl, this boy needs healing attention. Jakal follow me and be gentle with the boy. I see your handiwork, and perhaps it was needed, but now he needs my care."

she turned and began walking toward the far left wall; never looking behind her knowing that Jakal would do as she asked, if he knew what was good for him, and Jakal knew what was good for him.

Jakal turned his head and looked at Tojz. "You heard the lady. Let's go. You can talk to "Little Sis" after Vika has you all healed." Jakal noticed that his sister was not about to let her brother go and was clinging to him.

"Lady Vika," Jakal called, "Could Little Sis come along with her brother? She does not seem to want to leave him."

Vika halted. She liked it when someone called her a "lady" and normally most would not unless they really wanted something from her, like Jakal did now. Also the thought ran through her head, that Taloon did not have as much control over the girl as she had first thought. "She may come," she said, and then continued on her way.

Jakal looked at both the boy and girl. "Let's go. You do not want to keep Lady Vika waiting; besides your brother does need a healer and Lady Vika is the best," he leaned closer and then whispered to the two of them, "and besides she is the only healer we have."

He propelled Tojz toward the direction Vika had taken, whether the girl came or not, he was not going to disobey Vika's request.

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Worried for her brother's health, she followed him and the healer. It made her kinda proud that she should be successful where he had failed, but something kept her from rubbing his nose in it - at the moment, probably the wound in his side. She quickly grabbed his hand, just to be sure that they wouldn't be seperated. As they walked behind the woman, she whispered the answer to his question. "I don't think anyone saw me, Tojz. The selling man and the haughty man were talking, and I walked away without hurrying, because you just know they'll notice you when you run, don't you? And I didn't really go all that far, though far enough away, and I didn't hear any outcry, so he must not have noticed that he has money missing." Shrugging, she dismissed him from his mind. "He had enough of it anyway."

With that, the rich man no longer figured in her thoughts. Instead she concentrated on her brother. "But how did you get wounded enough that a healer needs to look at it?" She still had a tight grip on his hand and wasn't planning on letting go. Being taught by Taloon was all fine and well, but her first concern lay with her brother, at least until he was taken care of. When the little group entered a different room, she sat to the side, close enough to him but out of the way of the healer woman, so that she could do her job. She drew up her sandaled feet on the chair and put her skinny arms around her legs. Perched on the chair like that, she watched with interest at the woman's actions. She should like to know a bit about healing. Maybe the woman knew something to help against those colds that she was always getting.

Just thinking about her colds made her remember that she'd just got one again. Soon enough, her throat was hurting again - she'd managed to forget the pain in all the excitement - and she sneezed a few times. Gods, how she hated those colds. She felt that she had to blow her nose, but she didn't have any kind of handkerchief, so she settled for sliding a grubby hand under it in an attempt to stop her nose from running. Otherwise, she sat quiet, just glad that she was near her brother. With one hand, she tugged her grey dress over her knees, then rested her chin on it, waiting until the woman was ready with her ministrations.

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Tojzek gratefully accepted Jakal’s help, not resting much of his weight on the arm the man slipped around him, but allowing the man to steady him and lead him in the right direction after the healer.  The woman herself was rather short, but her very attitude showed she had some sort of weight among the others.  Somewhat stern, yet she had effortlessly navigated her way through the power play of the room with an effortless politeness which had completely passed Tojzek by.  A small, slightly cold hand slipped into his as he followed the lady in white, and he squeezed it in greeting.  She began to whisper an answer to his question too, a comforting answer.  He was almost proud of her achievement, or at least proud of the care she had shown in executing it.  “Well done for being so careful ‘tuska.” A still-slightly-worried smile and another squeeze of her hand. “But, people who have a lot of money” he pulled her closer and lowered his voice, “they can make more of an effort to get it back again.  People don’t come after you for a loaf of bread, but, for so much….” Another squeeze of the smooth little paw.  This wasn’t really the place for a lesson on the difference between stealing enough to eat and taking a huge pile of money. Even if the merchant had enough to spare.

“I jumped onto a roof and landed on the pot I stole, which I’d already smashed somehow, ‘tuska.  The little shard was deeper than I thought and it had to be…taken out.  So the cut is a bit deep.”  It seemed like he had told the story over and over again today., it had been Jakal who had said it before.  The boy realised he hadn’t actually thanked the man for his help, and he found that despite the anger at the whole of the establishment, it was fading towards this particular criminal.  The man was helping a lot more than he needed to really, caring for Tojz.  Somehow the busy corridor was a bit too busy though, and the youngster too uncomfortable among these strangers to make this a good place to express his thanks. Tiredness was slipping over him slowly, and a feeling, not of relaxation, but defiantly of lessened tension. Calling a healer for him seemed like they would be safe for a little while at least.

The wounded boy stepped slightly stiffly into the healer’s room and submitted himself to her ministrations.  After all, there was no sense in extending his anger to the healer either right?  She hadn’t been involved in capturing them.  Tojzek’s thoughts seemed too exhausted to sustain the rage which had flowed through him before.  All the stress and fear of the day was ganging up on him fogging his thinking process somehow.  A small slightly squishy noise caught his attention – ‘tuska’s worrying cold was back again.  She didn’t have a handkerchief and the runny goo was being wiped onto her hand instead.  He looked down at his shirt: stained with blood, smut from the roof, ripped and quickly fraying around the tear.  The washed out blue really wasn’t standing up to it.  He shifted his weight slightly to protect his damaged side, and ripped off a small triangle of material from the already-torn side.  Tojz passed the improvised handkerchief to his sister.

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Vika's hand clamped over the boy's arm. "No! Your clothes are not fit to give to her. The scrap you are giving her is still dirty and will not help her. Lay down, I will take care of your sister," she ordered.

Vika pressed her hand against the girl's forehead. "Open your mouth and stick out your tongue," she ordered the girl.

Vika knew the girl had a fever and a runny nose but she wanted to know why? And it seemed the boy would not allow her to heal him until his sister was taken care of first. That tenderness and caring, touched a nerve in her that she thought had been buried or better thought of as burned away long time ago.

As she waited for the girl to do as she had ordered, she wondered how these two came to be in the employ of the MadCaps? They did not look the type. She also wondered how the girl felt about Taloon?

There was a knock on the door. Jakal opened it up and Horace stepped in and gave Vika a glance.

"Jakal you can leave now," Vika ordered.

"Why? I want to see how you take care of Tojz. How can I become a healer if I cannot watch?" Jakal asked.

"There is only one room for a healer in here and that is me. You have done well enough with what I taught you. Do you think I am going to teach you all of my secrets? Do you think me a fool?" Vika asked.

"No Vika. I never implied that. I will leave," Jakal said as he gave a quick glance at Horace and then closed the door behind him as he left.

Horace looked at the girl and the boy and then moved in closer to Vika he whispered, "These children need help."

Vika glared at him. "I know that. She has a fever, he has a wound that is probably infected..."

"No, I mean they need help," Horace whispered again.

Finally Vika understood and nodded her head. "I will do what I can, first the girl and then the boy," she said in her normal voice, then she whispered back to Horace, "What about Taloon?"

"I will think of something," he whispered and then said in a normal tone of voice, "Do what you can for them, they are wanted, besides the girl has to go through her "nobs" ceremony."

"When she is well enough and her brother can be with her, then she can have her ceremony," Vika replied.

"Good enough," Horace said and then looking at the girl and the boy who had been staring at them. "Do not worry, just follow Vika's instructions and she will take care of you."

He then walked out the door.

Vika looked at the girl. "Are you going to open your mouth or do I have to force it open:?" She asked.

Title: Re: Malgion's Hideout(Voldar)
Post by: Jituska Kouba on April 23, 2008, 03:29:34 AM
Jituska looked at the healer woman, a little suspiciously. Why would she want her to stick out her tongue? Nobody had ever asked that of her before. Then again, she'd never really been to any kind of healer. It hadn't been necessary when Tojz and her had still been living with their parents, and it really hadn't been possible to visit one after they'd gone and the sicknesses had started.

Vika getting distracted helped Jituska make up her mind. There was really no reason for her not to do what this woman wanted. She looked like the kind of person who was easiest to get along with if you did what she said. She glanced at her brother and decided that he'd come to the same conclusion. At least, he'd gone to lie back down as soon as Vika had told him to. So when she came back after chasing everyone else off, she obediently opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue.

Her nose picked just that moment to start running again. She felt it tickling on the inside, and she knew what was coming, though she tried to stop it. Right after opening her mouth, she closed it again. She just barely managed to blurt out "S...Sorry!" and then she sneezed hard again, which was followed by coughing. She slowly recovered from the coughing fit and looked at Vika, an apology in her brown eyes. "Sorry." she said again, and then opened her mouth and stuck her tongue out again, hoping that this time her nose would leave her alone for long enough for Vika to do what she wanted.

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Post by: Capher on April 24, 2008, 02:51:42 AM
When the girl stuck out her tongue Vika was close to looking into her mouth when the girl all of a sudden closed and her mouth and Vika knowing what was about to happen quickly stepped back as the girl let out a large sneeze. She at least apologized and then she opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue once again.

Vika took a very thin piece of wood and put in on the girls tongue pushing it down so she could look farther into the girls throat.  It was red as she thought. She quickly pulled the wood out of the girls mouth. "You may close your mouth now," She said.

She turned to a cabinet filled with pots and jars filled with all sorts of herbs, and plants: some of the plants were growing in water and they gave off all sorts of different aromas. "Now where are those leaves, ah here they are," she exclaimed as she removed a pot hidden far under a shelf. She pulled open the top of it and a bitter-sweet smell filled the room.  She took out several of the dried leaves placing them in a bowl, securely placed the cover on the pot and then took a pestle and began crushing the leaves up.

When they were well crushed she took a teapot of hot water and poured it over the leaves. "We wait a bit while the water and herbs mix well. In the meantime I will look after your brother," Vika said.

She turned to the boy, who had been lying down on the cot, but had been watching her with suspicion, but also curious eyes. Vika took a sharp knife and cut off the boys shirt. "Turn more on your left side so I can a better look at your wound, " She ordered.

Tojz did as she demanded. He looked at her face. It was frowning. "This may hurt some but I need to to do this," She said in a more softer tone of voice.

She could see that the wound was already showing signs of infection. Jakal had not done as good as a job as he should have or else he did not get all of the shard out of the boy's side. The skin around the wound had turned a yellow-green color and had begun to puff up and apread. Vika knew she had to get the posion out of the boy or else it could spread and possibly kill him.

She put her knife tip in the coals of her fire. "You can lay back down on your back," she told him, "while I take care of your sister," She said gently.

She went to the bowl of simmering leaves and hot water. She knelt and gave it a good sniff. Ah, it was ready. She gave the bowl to the girl. "You have a fever and a sickness in your throat and nose. This herb, called Arivin's Cedar, will help cure you of this ailment. Tell me, how long have you had this problem child?" she asked.

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Post by: Tojzek Kouba on April 27, 2008, 06:29:30 AM
The healer’s words hit Tojz as if he had been slapped in the face; not because of their tone, but the suggestion that he could have been doing something to harm ‘tuska.  Was it true, was it the dirtiness of their lives and clothes which gave her these colds?  To be honest the young boy thought her nose was far dirtier than his shirt, even if it was a little bloody.  Blood wasn’t harmful in itself was it?  He would have the sense to keep it away from his sister if the wound smelt funny or somthing, but fresh blood wasn’t bad.  At least, he didn’t think so.  Maybe he was wrong, this healer seemed to know far more than her did.   He lay back as he was told to, but turned slightly to watch the ministrations with interest.  He had not missed Jakal’s plea to stay and learn either – this woman obviously knew a lot about healing, and Tojzek wanted to know anything which might help his sister in the long run.

This healer and Horace talked together, and Tojzek noticed there were a couple of things said too low for him to hear.  Tiny things, said more with body language and understanding than with words themselves, but the boy was sure they were there.  Something was being planned, another twist or turn which he knew he should try and discover if he could find the energy.  His anger flared quickly and briefly once more, reddening his face for a few seconds.  He hated the complications which had been thrown into their already difficult lives, why couldn’t they just be left alone in peace.   Although he had to admit that they could do with the help right this minute, which was even more confusing to a boy who liked to keep his ideas about people straight and simple; good and bad.  Maybe he should keep a better eye on the healer after all.

However, there was not as much to learn as he had hoped.  The woman in white seemed to be able to tell what was wrong simply by looking down ‘tuska’s throat, and then went to fetch some unidentifiable herbs from a store of medical bottles and packages.  She came to him and he moved as she told him, silent and slightly suspicious but obedient.  “This may hurt but I have to do this”.  Tojz thought she was going to squeeze the wound itself to get rid of the puss which was starting to form and tensed himself for the throbbing.  However, she moved instead towards the fire across the room. He didn’t see that she had placed a knife there until she returned to Jituska.  The sight made him blanche at the thought, but only the tone of his face changed and he made no complaint or noise. His eyes kept swivelling back to the fireplace and the metal tip getting hotter and hotter.  Suddenly the boy really wished he had been far more careful today.

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Post by: Jituska Kouba on May 16, 2008, 11:20:08 PM
Jituska wrinkled her nose against the bitter aroma that came off the mixture, but she obediently took the cup and drank the liquid, assuming that Vika knew what she was doing. The sips that she took were small, so as not to burn her tongue, but even so she felt a warmth spreading through her body. Wrapping her small hands around the cup, she shrugged her shoulders at Vika's question.

"Oh, I don't really know. I didn't used to, but since we went away from home I've been having them more and more often. They were worst the past three... four... months. Something like that." She shrugged her shoulders again and repeated: "I don't really know." She took some more sips from the herbal tea. Despite the bitterness, she was starting to like the taste. With a glance, she looked up to see if Vika had any more questions.

Then she looked to her brother, and from him to the knife, and she bit her lip. She didn't know how much a red-hot knife could hurt, she'd never felt it of course, but she was fairly certain that it had to hurt a great deal. Getting up from her chair, she came nearer to Tojz and placed a small hand, which was warm from holding the cup, on his cheek, while carefully keeping the warm mug in her other hand, making sure that nothing spilled over. Then she stroked his hair away from his forehead. "You'll be ok, won't you Tojz?"

Before her brother could answer, she felt another coughing fit coming over her. She quickly put the cup down next to Tojzek's head, for fear of dropping it. Then she half turned away and let the coughing wash over her. She knew from experience that it was no use trying to keep a fit like this back, it would find its way out of her body one way or another. She felt her shoulders shock, but didn't try to temper them for the same reason. The more she let it happen, the sooner it would be over. After a few difficult moments, she struggled to take a breath. When she could stand normally again, she took the herbal mixture in her hands again. Then she turned back to the chair and sat into it again, feeling miserable. "My chest hurts." she told Vika.