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Thyrrinths-Fortress, or the Counts Castle as it was called in antiquity and is just now called: "The Palace" sits upon a hill overlooking the great city of Voldar.

When a visiting Monarch or Dignitary comes to call they are first greeted after they pass the palace gates by beautiful, well manicured gardens upon which stand two graceful statues of girls. The most famous one is the statue of Katya the Dragonslayer.  The other one is of a young girl who literally snatched a young boy out of the "Jaws of Death" by saving him from being eaten by a troll.

Once the visitor is awed by the gardens and statues he or she is then escorted to a set of double doors upon which they are greeted by the Court Functionaries, which there never seem to be enough of.  These men, serve the King, the Nobles and their ladies with all sorts of jobs; The common's call them; "Fops"  As they are always fawning over someone or themselves.  They are gaily dressed in various colored hose and tunics, wearing pompadour hair, and walking like; as the common women say, "Someone stuck a stick up their bums"

Once the visitor is sickened by these fops, they are escorted down a long hall way; door adorn each side, which are the offices and dormitories of the fops. Upon each side of the wall over the doors hang huge portraits of past and the present Monarch and their families.  

Once the visitors reach the end of the hallway they are greeted by two guards on either side of two large, heavily polished Eur'Oak doors. The guards are dressed in the colors of Voldar; they wear light blue hose with a green tunic over that. They also carry a rapier, but that is for show only.  The guards open the door and the visitor(s) is ushered into the Great Hall.

The Great Hall is immense in size it is round and the radius of it is a dash long, Long vertical stained glass windows surround the dome of the hall.  Several large Candleabra's hang from the ceiling and every ped or so there are iron braziers with small candleabras give all the light that the great hall needs. Several balconies rise above the main floor upon which in the musicians box fills the one right above the main floor, on the left as the visitor faces the dias that holds the Throne upon which the King sits. Above the throne hangs the Coat of Arms of Voldar; A huge black eagle upon a light blue diagonal green background. The eagle is surrounded by Injera, Caelereth's sun.  

On either side of the King are chairs, smaller is size, not height, upon which the Queen sits and any other person(s) the King deems worthy enough for them to sit with him.  It should be noted that the current King, King Cedric IV is without a queen.  (Rumors of the commons tell that no woman would want a man that huge or "'gly".)

The annual Kings Ball is held in the Great Hall.  Though most of the Fops and Nobles would like to eliminate this annual event and they have petitioned the King many times about it.  He finds it "refreshing to see his "subjects" from time to time and to put a smile upon their otherwise dreary lives."  The commons come to see and laugh over the fops fawning over some Noble, Lady or themselves, to hear the Court gossip and to have free food and drink for the evening; mostly for the free food and drink.

Behind the Throne are another set of doors that lead to the Kings chambers as well as some more guards, these are the real things; heavily armoured and well trained.  Within those chambers are doors, one which leads down to a secret chamber in the dungeon.  It is in the Kings bedroom and is always locked and He is the only one with a key.

There is also another door that leads into the Great Hall.  This door guarded, leads down into the dungeon as well.  It allows the Kings cousin the Warden of the dungeon; Trelor the less, to come and visit or if he sends someone up to tell the King of anyone the King may be interested in seeing or hearing about.   <p>Capher.</p>

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Rhuel climbed the steps to the palace slowly as he thought of his plan.  He needed the King's protection from Damien first of all and that could only be gotten by telling the King some well thought out lies; just showing the King Damien's ring would not be enough.  He needed to tie Damien with the Orc and the old man and with something else...the Rebellion?

Rhuel had heard of the Rebellion. Anyone in Voldar with ears had heard of certain rumors concerning this so called movement.  But, most, like himself, just phooed phooed it away, as some rhetoric by some townsfolk who were displeased with the way the King treated his subjects and thought the rumors would soon die; but the did not and even increased, especially among the more...underground element of society.

Rhuel had friends among the more seedy side of the city.  A very adventureous and yet informative young lady whom Rhuel had the pleasure of knowing; in the bedroom and out of it as well.  She was the one who first told him about the Rebellon and then just a few weeks ago told him she heard their had been an assissination attempt upon the King.  It failed, but the King was very nervous and was sending his spies out to find anything.  Rhuel had listened thoughtfully to the young lady's words as she lay in his arms sleeping blissfully after a rousing round of intimate relations; thinking that probably it was Malgion and his gang that could be behind the Rebellion.

Malgion was the head of the so called "Crime District" of the city. It was rumored that he once was a Noble's son and had disgraced himself and was banished from his home.  He took up residence in the city and soon he began to organize most, if not all, of the theives and whores in the city, eventually he supposedly controlled all of the underground of the city.  

The part of the city civilized people did not talk about, but knew.  For the whores still roamed the streets or had brothels within the city and there were many reports of people having their throats cut and purses taken as well as many other crimes.  It was about the only things that kept the guards of Voldar busy; trying to find the culprit and taking down reports.  

Once in awhile, they would catch a thief and give him his due punishment; for thievery you had your hands cut off.  If you murdered before you stole, well then it was a life for a life. About the only enterprise that the King, the people and even the Nobles did not complain about were the whores.  Rhuel smiled ruefully, I guess there have been whores since the beginning of time, and there always will be and probably since the King and the rest of the people know that, as well as indulge themselves now and then to their talents, they leave them alone.

Rhuel reached the top of the stairs and opened the door.  Immediately he was confronted by a guard, another one was also standing there a few peds away.  "Who goes there?" The first guard asked.

"I am Rhuel Niles. I wish to speak with the King."

The guard looked at Rhuel's face, his uniform and noticed the sergeant's stripes.  He stepped back and allowed Rhuel to enter the great hall. The other guard joined them, curious as to what this was all about.  He hoped it was interesting, as it would break the monotony of this place.  When he heard the request by what seemed to be the Sergeant of the city guards, he became quite curious.  He heard his partner say,  "I need to get Lycheus, he is the Royal attendant."

"Go on Miles, I will watch the sergeant until you come back."

Miles hesitated for a moment and then began walking toward the great halls door opened them and then closed them behind him as he went and fetched Lycheus.  In the meantime the other guard asked, "What is going on?  Why are you here?"

Rhuel looked at the stocky guard; small, beady looking brown eyes stared back at him under very bushy eyebrows.  The man's attire of blue hose and green tunic along with his rapier at his side almost made Rhuel laugh.  But he knew that was what the palace guards were supposed to wear.  "I cannot speak to anyone, but the King." Rhuel replied.

Soon the doors opened and the guard came back with a man, and Rhuel thought of that term loosely, came walking toward them. The Royal attendant was a thin pasty faced man, with a thin black beard.  He was wearing maroon hose, over which was belted at his waist, a tunic of a light gray and soft maroon colored leather shoes with a point to them.  These shoes were the rage now among the Court and especially among the Fops. He walked with small little steps and his arms flapped, like they were wings and his light brown hair was curled and coiffed, looking like a wave stuck in mid roll. They came to a stop a ped away and the guard said, "Sir Lycheus, this is the guard who wishes to speak with the King."

The man smiled after taking a look at Rhuel, he extended his small, well manicured hand. " I am Lycheus. The Royal Attendant. The KIng does not wish to be disturbed. Can I be of any service?" He asked with a thin reedy voice, as if he spoke through his nose instead of his mouth.

Rhuel almosr recoiled, like from a snake, when the man extended his hand, but he quickly shook the clammy hand and dropped it.  "No, I am afraid not, Lycheus.  What I have to say is for the Kings ears only."

Lycheus did not care for the way the sergeant shook his hand nor for the tone in his voice. His blue eyes flashed as he replied with a haughty tone. "Then I am afraid you have come here for nothing.  I have already told you the King does not wish to be disturbed. So therefore you tell me what is so urgent to the sergeant of the city guards or else you may leave the way you came. And it is Sir Lycheus. I hold the rank of knight."

Rhuel almost choked. you hold the rank of a knight? He stood there staring at the man for what seemed liked an eternity, finally, "I will tell you, but no one else." he said.

Lycheus smiled. "Fine, if you will follow me to my office we can discuss this in a more civilized manner."  Lycheus made a small bow and then turned and began to walk toward the doors.  Rhuel gritted his teeth, looked at the back of the man, thinking; they do walk like they have a stick up their bum, as he stiffly followed the fop.


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The two guards watching the dungeon door were talking quietly amongst themselves asking themselves what the Sergeant of the Guards would want with the King and even why he was in the dungeon in the first place. When the door suddenly burst open and in strode Commander Scar.

Both men knew the Commander and immediately came to attention.  Damien looked at them and asked, "Did Rhuel come up here?"

"Yes Commander." One of the guards answered.

"Where did he go?" Damien asked.

"He went that way.  He requested an audience with the King.  But no one sees the King unless Lycheus, the Royal attendant allows him to.  They both went to Lycheus office."

Damien did some quick thinking.  That means that Rhuel has not had time to speak to the King.  I may have time yet to stop this.

"You said they went that way?  Out of the hall?  Where is Lycheus's office located?"

"Yes Commander, out in the hallway.  Lycheus's office is the first door to the left as soon as you open the doors."

Damien nodded, "Thank you neighbors, carry on"  And then he strode very quickly across the hall.

"What do you make of that?  First the Sergeant and now the Commander, and the Commander is in his official garb."

"Who knows?" Shrugged the other guard.  It will make for some good gossip in our quarters once we get relieved, though."

"I suppose, but still it is mighty peculiar."
{b]Inside Lycheus's office[/b]

Lycheus opened his door to his office and his sleeping chambers which were just behind his office seperated by another door. His office was not overly large but it had one large candleabra hangind down from the ceiling and smaller ones, each connected to either wall on each side, giving enough light to be able to see clearly.  His floor was covered with a light blue carpet and he had pictures of himself and others hanging about the room.

He walked in, walked behind his desk and primly sat down watching the Sergeant walk in behind him. "Please take a seat Sergeant and then we can talk about why you need to speak with his Majesty.  Would you care for a cup of tea?"

Rhuel looked around, his eyes darted here and there, he felt like a caged animal.  He just wanted to get out of here and talk to the King.  He wondered if the Warden had to go through the same thing?  Finally Rhuel spoke, 'No thank you Lych..Sir Lycheus," Rhuel said remembering the man's rank, "I prefer to stand and no tea.  I really must see the King. It is of the most utmost importance."

"Really?  Well I am going to have a cup of tea.  I always find that it helps me calm my nerves.  Are you sure you do not want a cup?  It may calm yours?"

Rhuel stared at the man.  "I am sure.  Now can we get on with this?  I need to speak with the King."

Lycheus seemed to ignore Rhuel as he got up, poured himself a cup of tea and then sat back down again.  He slowly stirred his tea, sniffed the aroma, and sipped some of it.  "What is this all about?"

"I told you.  It is for the King's ears only."

"And, Sergeant, I told you the King does not want to be disturbed.  So unless you tell me what is so urgent that I would have to disturb him.  Then..."

Rhuel was pacing the floor, he stopped and stared at Lycheus again.  Lycheus, knowing his authority, just stared back at the angry man, sipping his tea. "Oh all right then," said Rhuel pulling the Commander's ring out of his pocket and handed it to Lycheus. "An Orc, ran rampant through the city this morning, I believe he killed one person and injured many others.  Also there was an old man with him that said he was a friend of the Orcs.  The Orc had this ring upon his finger.  If you look closely at its insignia you will notice that it has the Coat of Arms of Commander Damien Scar upon it."

lycheus took the ring and stared at the insignia weighing the heavy ring in his hand half listening to Rhuel's story. Commander Scar's signet ring? Lycheus knew that the King  did not like the Commander and he thought that the Commander did not have any good feelings about the King as well.  This could be the one thing that the King could use to strip the Commander of his rank and title and get rid of him forever.  He looked up at the Sergeant, Could this Sergeant be thinking the same thing?  But, there could be reasonable explanations for this Orc to have the Commander's ring.  "Wait Sergeant.  Did you say an Orc?"

"Yes, an Orc!"

"What is an Orc doing in Voldar?"

"I do not know Sir. All I do know is that the Orc was accused of killing one person and hurting many others during a rampage.  When I arrested him along with another guard.  An old man tried to rescue him and we arrested the old man as well.  A townsman tying up the Orc, upon my orders, discovered the Commander's ring upon the Orcs finger.  When I questioned the Orc..."

"You speak the Orcish language?" Lycheus asked in amazement.

"No Sir, I do not.  The Orc however does speak and understand ours though."

"He does?" Lycheus asked more amazed.  "How did he..."

"I do not know Sir.  If you will allow me to continue."

Lycheus felt slighted, but nodded his head for the sergeant to continue.

"As I was saying, when I questioned the Orc how he got the Commander's ring, since I and everyone there surmised the Orc had somehow stolen it, the Orc surprised me and everyone else there, by telling us that the Commander gave it to him."

"The Commander gave it to him." Lycheus smiled thinly. This is becoming better and better.

"Did he say why the Commander gave it to him?" Lycheus asked playing with the ring.

"From what I could gather, the Orc speaks not too clearly, Commander Scar gave it to him for protection."

"Protection? Protection from what. Or whom?"

Rheul shrugged his shoulders and then almost jumped out of his skin when the door banged open and Commander Scar barged in.  "Protection from idiots and liars such as yourself, Rhuel."  Damien answered.

Rhuel backed up against the far wall he tried not to look at the fury emanating from Damien's eyes as he stared at him.

Lycheus has almost fallen backwards, giving a high yelp of pain when his tea spilled upon his clothes, when his door suddenly burst open and the person whom he and sergeant were talking about strode into the room, in full regalia.  At first Lycheus sat there stunned then he stood up in rage.

"How dare you come in here like this!" He screamed shrilly.

Damien stared at him with his dark eyes. "Oh do sit down Lycheus. I will tell you why I came in here. I came in here to stop a tragic travesty and to arrest an imposter."

"Imposter?  Who?" Lycheus asked, sitting down trying to calm his nerves.

"Him," Damien said pointing his finger at Rhuel.

Lycheus looked at the sergeant cowering against the wall, almost knocking over one of his favorite portraits of himself.  "The sergeant is an imposter?  You must explain yourself."

Suddenly Lycheus's back door opened and in walked the King. "Yes, Commander. Explain yourself."


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Lycheus's heart jumped into his throat once again, first it had done it when Commander Scar busted in his office and now the King walks in!  He fell at his feet and squeaked out, "Your Majesty."

KIng Cedric the Fourth almost as wide as he was tall with short curly dirty blond hair and a blond goatee looked at Lycheus with small chocolate brown eyes under pencil thin eyebrows with slight disgust. "Raise yourself, Lycheus."

Lycheus nervously got up off the floor, sat back down upon his chair, fideting.

The King then looked again at Damien.  "Well Commander, explain yourself."

Damien bowed low, straightened up and paused a moment gathering his thoughts, He had hoped that he could have stopped this before the King even knew about it.  But now it seemed Damien's plans would go out the window...unless he just told the truth and hoped that his word would be good enough.  "Your Majesty, I was about to explain to Sir Lycheus that this man is an imposter and a liar."

Rhuel tried to strangle out "Your Majesty."

King Cedric pointed a meaty ring encrusted finger at Rhuel. "You will get your chance to speak. I wish to hear the Commander first."

"This man, Rhuel Gareth is wearing a Sergeants of the Guard uniform under false pretense.  He was stripped from his postition early this morning when he tried to take advantage of a young noble lady who had tried to enter the city.  I have the proof with me, Sire."

Rhuel cringed a bit more against the wall.  His eyes glaring at Damien.  The King noticing everything said, "Let us see the proof then that you carry, Commader."

Damien produced the papers that Norman gave him and laid them upon the table. "As you can see Sire, my Captain, Captain Norman Graaves, was the one who stripped him of his position and had ordered him to the barracks.  The Captain assured me that he ordered Rhuel to take his uniform off and to be confined to the barracks unitl he could talk to him.  Unfortunately, this morning was unusually busy and the Captain had not had time to take care to finish the buisness at hand. So therefore he did not have the authority to do what he did?"

The King looked at Rhuel, "Is this true?" He asked.

Rhuel stood up straight, "Yes Sire, but I had what I believed to be a good reason to put on the uniform once again.  The reason I was telling your Royal Attendant when the Commander burst into Sir Lycheus's office without asking permission."

"And what was this reason?" Asked the King curiously.

Rheul thinly smiled, He had the Damien now. "I had taken off my uniform and had left the barracks and was just walking around the city, feeling low because of how I disgraced myself. When I heard a guard arresting someone.  I rushed over and when I saw what was happening I figured it was my duty as a citizen of Voldar and a former sergeant to put on the uniform once again and take control of the situation."

"I feared there was going to be a riot and many people would have gotten hurt.  You see Sire, the people and this guard had chased down an Orc and was accusing him of killing one person and hurting many others as this Orc went on a rampage throughout the city."

"Go on." Said the King becoming more curious as he listened to this man's extrodinary story and wondering, why the Commander would be so incensed as to why a man, who he thought did his duty, though he should have not done it under the guise of being a sergeant, nevertheless if he saved people by arresting this Orc who had rampaged through his city and had killed one person and hurt many others.  This man should be commended, not called an imposter and liar.  What is bothering the Commander? And how or why is an Orc in my city in the first place?

Rhuel became more bold in his speech, "Well Sire, as we, the townsfolk and the guard, I do not know his name, Sire.  We discovered that the Orc had the Commander's signet ring upon one of his fingers.  Immediately, I thought the Orc had somehow stolen it. But this Orc, Sire tells us that that Damien, sorry the Commander gave it to him.  Well Sire you can imagine my shock. Not only does this Orc speak our language but he tells me that the Commander gives him his signet ring"  

"Anyway, we arrested this Orc and an old man who tried to rescue this Orc, claiming he was the Orc's friend. After securing the prisoners in the Royal dungeon.  I then proceeded to take this matter up with your Royal attendant when the Commander busts in and...well you know the rest Sire."  Rhuel looked at Damien triumphantly.


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"Here is the ring your Majesty." Lycheus said, handing it to the King and giving Damien a nasty look.  The King took the ring and looked at it.  He then looked up at Damien.  "Well Commander, though I do not approve of anyone impostering themselves, it would seem this man had a very good reason to do what he did.  I believe he should be commended, not condemend, as you seem to want him to be.  And there is the question of your ring."

Damien took in a deep breath, without looking at either Rhuel or Lycheus.  "Your Majesty, though it may seem on the outset that what has been told and conspired be true.  We do not know all of the facts.  Rhuel, may have averted a riot, I am not sure.  I need to speak to the people.  In any case he disobeyed orders by leaving the barracks in the first place."  

"His crime was grievious. He should have been placed under arrest immediately, but knowing Captain Graaves he probably wanted to give Rhuel here a chance to explain himself.  If you look at his crime, he was charged with attempted rape of a Noble lady!"

"That fact and that fact alone should be enough to question his character, so therefore anything he may have done or said, should be suspect until we find out the truth for ourselves.  Does not decorum warrant that? To question these facts would be to question the character of the Captain and the Noble lady in question.

The King glanced at the papers upon the table.  He looked up and nodded his head in agreement. "You are absolutely correct Commander.  I shall require Lycheus to look into this matter immediately. In the meantime this man will be placed into yours' and your Captain's capable hands.  Since he is one of the City's guards or was one of them.  That is your jurisdiction."

Rhuel grew wide-eyed at the thought of being placed into Damien's hands. "But...but what about the ring?" He sputtered.

The King raised Damien's ring between his forefinger and thumb upon his right hand.  "That still has not been answered Commander.  Why was this Orc wearing your ring?" The King asked.

Damien breathed a slow sigh of relief, He managed to at least get Rhuel out of the way, at least for awhile.  He hoped Grunok did not really kill someone. That would put his neck upon the chopping block for sure.  "Sire, I met Grunok, that is the Orc's name, this morning at Arth's spot.  He can apeak and understand our language, albiet though, he has his problems."

"t was then that I thought that since the people of Voldar, though as cosmopolitan a city as we think we are, some, still hold many prejudices.  It was my thinking that if I gave Grunok my ring that if anyone started any trouble with him, that if he showed my ring to them and told them that he was under my personal protection, that the trouble would be averted."

I truly believe and still do that Grunok is a friendly soul and would not hurt anyone, unless provoked.  I do not know what happened in the city.  But I do know what happened at Arth's.  I was talking with Thai the new owner of Arth's when Grunok noticed an elf with wings.  He was curious and tried to touch the wings.  Well I thought to avert trouble I yelled for Grunok to stop.  But for some reason he took it as a challenge, Norkin, the old armourer also got involved in it somehow as well.  Anyway, Grunok charged, I jumped in the way, got knocked down upon the floor and Grunok ran out of Arth's.  After that I do not know what happened."

Lycheus spoke up. "Sire, if we conclude that this Grunok did kill someone.  Then the Commander has just hung himself as well."

"What?" The King asked. "What are you talking about Lycheus?"

"Did your Majesty forget you passed that law when you first became King."

"What law?" The King asked puzzled and Damien was thinking the same thing. what

"Your Majesty it is called the 'Noble Law'.  It states; 'ny Noble who gives protection to any other is liable for that other's actions or deeds, including repayment of any damages and in the case of murder, that not only will the murderer himself be put to death, but the Noble shall also.'  It was passed after the first attempt upon your Majesties life and after finding the assassin, found out he was paid by Count Mither."

The King's eyes narrowed. "I forgot all about that law Lycheus," Trying not to smile he looked at Damien.  "Sadly, Commander I must concur with my Royal attendant.  So, until this matter has been fully investigated I am afraid I will temporarily of course, strip you of your command and title.  I will not put you in jail...yet,  But I rely upon your word as a gentleman that you will not leave the city.  So therefore I must ask you to hand over your badge of office.  


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Damien kept on clenching and unclenching his fists as he listened to the King.  He could feel Rheul's eyes upon him, but did not look his way.  He, however could see Lycheus's eyes and expression and he looked quite pleased with himself.  If Lycheus could have read Damien's thoughts, he would not be smiling, but would be cowering in fear and his lips would be trembling.  After the King ordered Damien to give him his badge of office.  Damien looked straight at the Kings' eyes, until the King looked away.

"I think that this "law" which, to my memory has never been enforced since that time with the Count, is unjustified..."

"But..." Lycheus started to say but was interrupted by Damien's voice.

"However, since it is still a law and your Majesty requires this of me.  I hand over my badge of office."  Damien reached up and slowly slipped the heavy gold chain with the Medalion that had the Coat of Arms engraved into the heavy golden Medalion over his neck and placed it into the Kings hands. Then he drew the heavy broadsword with the Ruby set in its pommel and placed that upon Lycyeus's desk.  The badge of office of the Commander of the City's Guards were no longer his.  He straightned his back, though inside he felt as if he were naked. "I know I shall be vindicated and those who have perpetrated these lies shall answer to my axe.  Can I have my ring back, Sire?"

The King started to hand Damien his ring when Lycheus spoke again. "Your Majesty, I do not think that a wise thing.  The Comm..Damien's ring is evidence against him."

"That is Lord Scar to you, Sir" Damien retorted to Lycheus. "Or have you forgotten your manners in your exhuberance to have my head!"  Damien did not mean to lose his temper, but he had kept in as long as he could. "Unless your Majesty is also taking my Nobility away as well.  In which case I would then invoke Seyella's Law, and cast my gauntlet at whoever I please and let the Goddess of Destiny choose who is right or wrong."

lycheus cringed and if he could would have melted into the wood of the chair, Rhuel lost all expression of triumph upon his face and even felt a bit sick to his stomach and even the King, took a step back. "No Baron Scar, that will not be necessary.  Here is your ring back.  But, I do not need..."

"No Sire, you do not need to remind me to stay with in the city, Damien replied putting his ring upon his finger, vowing to himself never to take it off again, "I will not even go to my estate outside of the city until this is cleared up.  I am assuming there will be a trial of my peers?"

Lycheus peeped up, "No,. Lord Scar.  This law is tried by the King and the King only.  The other Nobles are allowed to sit in on the proceedings. But unless they have some relevant testimony all they can do is sit and listen.  The KIng after hearing all of the testimony of those involved then makes the final judgment."

"I see. Thank you Sir Lycheus for the information. And what about this man? Damien asked nodding his head at Rhuel.

"Well since you are no longer the Commander and technically not a soldier anymore.  He is free." Lycheus replied.

"And I suppose you are going to tell that to the young ladies father, Sir Lychues?"

"Well...well it is the law.  Who was this young lady anyway?"

"Look upon the paper.  And I was not the one who charged him, it was Captain Graaves, and since he has not been charged unfairly and stripped of his command, I assume he would be the one to say whether or not Rhuel is a free man, would he not?"

Lycheus shrugged his shoulders. "Yes, Lord Scar.  You have interpreted the law correctly.  Rhuel will be arrested and put into the dungeon until his case has been investigated as well."

Rhuel looked liked a scared deer.  His eyes darted first to Damien who was blocking the door outside and the King was blocking the only other way of escape.  He shouted at Lycheus.  "But ...But you said implied.."

"I may have said somethings in haste and whatever I may have implied Rhuel was of your own imagination.  I did not know your character. I thought I was dealing with a man of good character and therefore gave you the same courtesies I would give anyone of good character.  I, we have found out different, at least you have been so charged, by an highly decorated and impeccable officer of the City Guards.  Until this matter has been concluded you are under arrest for attempted rape of a Noble lady.  Guards!" Lycheus shouted.

Immediately two heavily armed guards brushed past Damien. "Yes Sir."  And then they noticed the King and bowed very low. "Sorry your Majesty.  What is thy bidding?"  they both said in unison.  "This man has been duly charged and arrested for attempted rape of a Noble lady.  Take him to the dungeon guards and throw him into a cell."

The guards thought Rhuel would go with them quietly and they advanced upon him, but Rhuel turned into a crazed animal and pulled a dirk from his belt.  "I would rather die than go into that place! Take one more step and I throw this and kill the KIng.

Damien, half hidden behind the guards drew two small razor sharp throwing knives from inside his belt. Then as quick as a snake threw them right between the guards, one knife actually knicked the ear of one of the guards, but he did not know it until later when he felt blood run down his neck.  Both knives found their mark, each blade no longer than a joint of a man's finger apart, knifing deeply into Rhuel's throwing shoulder.  He yelped and his dirk fell to the floor.  The guards were upon him fast and they soon shackled him and began to lead him off to the dungeon, but not before Damien stopped them, took back his knives, and staring into Rhuel's eyes, slowly wiped the blood off upon Rhuel's tunic. Rhuel spit at him.  

Damien slowly wiped the spittle of of him and then with two quick blows sent Rhuel of into the land of darkness; onc blow was right below Rhuel's breastbone, which knocked the wind out of him, then when Rhuel's face was bent low, Damien leaned back and the gave the man an uppercut that sent Rhuels head crashing up against the guards chest, almost tearing Rhuels head off in the process.  Rhuel's eyes turned up and white and then his head dropped down like a felled tree.. "I do not think he will not be any trouble for you now neighbors."  

Damien bowed low to the King, whose jaw had dropped and had become like a statue frozen with fear when Rhuel threatned his life.  Lycheus looked liked one of those alabaster statues outside in the garden courtyard, with one exception, he was not quite as beautiful, especially with his mouth hung open. like a dead fish fighting for its last breath. "With your permission Sire, I take my leave."

The King just nodded, Damien turned and then turned back, "Oh, and you do not need to thank me for saving your Majesties life.  That is what the Commander, I forgot I am no longer the Commander, then lets just say put it on my account when you try me." He then turned upon his heel and left.

OOC Damien's next post will be in the Market place.


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Inside the castle pandemonium reigned.  Lycheus was surrounded by guards as he continuously vomited upon the Kings floor.  The scene of blood and mayhem was more than he could stand.  Finally he walked out after ordering the guards to search for the killers.  He stumbled to his room, lay down upon his bed and ordered some wine.

Shortly the wine was delivered and Lycheus drank heavily finally he passed out.

In the meantime the Royal Guards followed the bloody trail down into Trelor's chamber of horrors and found the King's cousin, more or less, being gnawed upon by thousands of rats.  That was enough to send them back up to the Kings room and rush to build a structure to hold off the swarm of rats that were beginning to follow the blood after they had finished their "master" off.

The guards called for the Royal builder and stood guard until he could come and make a stone wall to seal off the entrance to the chamber and make sure the rats could not get into the palace.

The Royal stonecutter, under the watchful eyes of the Guards quickly had his servants run to the small overflow of bricks in the back garden, gather them and then he placed them and molded a new wall.  The Guards sighed a sigh of relief and sent the stonecutter away and the captain went to go look for Lycheus.  When he was told that Lycheus was not to be disturbed, he sent the message out to the town criers to tell of the tragic news.  Secretly he was glad Cedric the Fourth was dead, but he did not know how or who killed him or his cousin.  He would have to investigate the matter, but it could wait until daytime.  In the meantime he will have some food and wine himself, he thought smiling as he headed for his quarters.  


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Tillath told most of his men to go back to the dungeon as he and the two crossbow men as well as a contingent of the palace guards would take the prisoner from here.  Tillath's men, saluted him and then as soon as they were out of sight made a mad dash for the dungeon and its realitive warmth.

Tillath led Kain through the manicured garden, past the two alabaster statues of two of the most famous women in Voldar's history.  He was never bored when walking through the gardens or looking at the statues.  He began talking mostly to himself, but he wanted Kain to understand a bit about Voldar as well.  "The statue you see on your right Kain, is the statue of Katya, the dragon slayer.  She was no more than just a girl when she slayed the last of the Adamant dragons, later she became our first queen.  On your left is a statue of a young woman who litteraly snatched a child out of the jaws of huge troll.  The gardens that we pass through and the statues are to remind those that visit the King of our long and lustrious history."

Suddenly Tillath thought, This man probably does not care and I sound like one of those fops that bore most to tears with their carrying on of Voldar, its heroines, and history.

Soon they were at the Palace door.  A functionary met them as they were passed through by more guards.  The functionary had to look at Tillath's papers too.  This one still walked liked he had "a stick up his bum" as he recalled how the townspeople talked about them.  But at least King Voltigar made them wear decent clothes and have decent hair cuts.  Instead of the garish colors they used to wear.  This one wore a simple purple tunic, with a white color over some grey hose, but Tillath saw they still insisted upon wearing those pointed shoes.  He just shook his head as the functionary went about his buisness.  

"Warden Tilltath it seems that your papers are in order.  But, please do something with yourselves. You all smell like...well like wet goats or sheep." He said in a voice that sounded like he had pinched his nose before he spoke.

"What is your name?" Tillath asked brusquely.

"Why, why it is Rudolph. Why do you ask?" Rudolph asked, stepping back a bit.

"Well, Rudy. How long would you like to keep your head."

Rudolph took a hard swallow then tried to show some bravado. "It is Rudolph, not Rudy, and I plan on keeping my head for a long while."

Tillath smiled and then faster than what you would think an old man could move he drew his short sword and had it against Rudolph's neck. "How long?" Tilltath asked.

Rudolph squealed like a stuck pig and pointed his finger toward the throne room. "Please Warden Tillath, go right on in."  Tillath sheathed his sword, "See Rudy, that was not too hard was it?"

Rudolph's face, whiter than the statues outside, just nodded no.

Tillath then led the way to the throne room.


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Kain notes the Warden's jumpy behavior, and almost smiles. He was an entertaining chap. The other gaurds seem fearful and quiet. As the rain continues to fall, the elf wonders what this meeting could be about. It was not often that kings brought before themselves such deadly beings as mages. His mind allowed the outside world to slide by, responding when prompted to, and leaving it alone when this could be done. He collects himself from his meadering thoughts as the gaurds change over, and they enter a pristine garden.

Kain keeps to himself as they walk through these gardens. As Tilath talks of the killing of adamant dragons, the ancient elf feels a deep sorrow. Humans cannot appreciate the artifacts of our world, he lamented inwardly. He was sure to give the statue an angry glare as they passed by its glistening maginifice. The warden rambles on, and Kain summarily ignores him, instead concentrating on the portal into the main palace.

The gaurd at the gate is blatantly arrogant, and recieves a glaring threat, followed by a bladed remark. Kain's respect for the human goes up annother notch as they enter to palace.


You have lived a life of cruelty and atrocity, you have bathed in the blood of the innocent, you have considered every act of depravity and your corruption knows no bounds. I am the angel of justice, I am the accumulation of all of your sins. Prepare for your redemption.

-Kain Cristar, Divine Aspect

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King Voltigar was inspecting the Throne and decided that the chair was too large for his smaller, yet compact frame and was telling the royal carpenters what he wanted done with it as well as changing the cushions and colors.  His predecessor was a bit more heavier and taller than he and besides he was a pig when he ate and there were food stains all over.

Voltigar was slightly a bit taller than a ped and and a half. He had almost silver-blond hair that fell straight, except for a small curl at the ends as they rested upon his shoulders.  Though small in stature he more than made up for an almost hypnotic, enigmatic personality.  He was very quick witted, had a wry humor and he was considered a very handsome man by many a woman who had tried to get him down the aisle.

He heard a door open on the left side of the throne room and turned his head; his grey-blue eyes spied his best friend enter the throne room; Damien Scar.  Damien was wearing all black as usual; black soft leather pants, a black silk shirt, over which he wore a black cape that hung almost down to his calves that was trimmed with gold.  He wore a large leather belt with a silver belt buckle. It was the only colors the man wore.  

Damien was a tall man standing at around two peds or taller.  His long jet black wavy hair hung around his shoulders, one lock hung in front of his face, as if it was trying to hide the scar that covered the left side of his face from the side of his eye, to the the middle of his cheek.  He was not as some would say handsome in the "classical sense" but he had a rugged look that some women liked.  He was loyal as loyal could get, and sometimes that was a weakness, but it was also something Voltigar could always depend upon.

"Hail Damien." Voltigar said as he watched his friend cross the room.

Damien walked up to the King and bowed, "Hail your Majesty." Damien replied.

"Damien in court and in high functions you can and should call me "Your Majesty" but we are not in court nor at a high function, you can call me by my name.  Our families have known each other for generations and we played together as boys."

"Yes, your Majesty." Damien replied with a smile, "But protocall dictates that I call you, 'your Majesty' no matter what situation we maybe in."

Voltigar just shrugged. "As you wish, Commander."

A knock came at the door.  A guard opened it up, briefly spoke to the guard on the other side, closed the door and brisquely walked to where the King and Damien stood.  "Excuse me your Majesty, but the prisoner Kain is here along with Warden Tillath."

"Ah, so they have finally arrived." Voltigar said.  He looked at the Throne chair and decided that that would not do.  So he motioned for Damien to follow him and they and the guard walked to the door.  He whispered to Damien, "This is the man or elf that tells us he was chasing after that Darien character that almost done you in.  They say he is a powerful mage.  I have a plan for him, just follow along."

Damien looked at his King suspiciously, but nodded, "As you wish your Majesty."

Voltigar glared at Damien for a moment, settled himself and then had the guard open the door.  The guard took a deep breath, opened the door with a flourish.

Warden Tillath

Warden Tillath was standing next to Kain who still had the crossbow men at his back.  Tillath was not prepared to see the King and the Commander standing there when the doors were opened.  He was caught off guard, but quickly made a hasty bow, pulling upon Kain's clothes as he whispered, "Bow."  The bowmen however were so startled that twin bolts of steel almost went into both Tillath's and Kain's back, except that Seyella must have been smiling on them that morning, for the triggers on both of the crossbows, somehow jammed.  The guard at the door shouted a bit too loud, "His Majesty King Voltigar."

"Please rise, I am not sitting upon my throne.  I wanted to get a look at the man who was chasing after what I hear a most dangerous adversary."

Tillath rose and hoped Kain did the same.  The bowmen also recovered from their misshap and rose as well.  "Your Majesty, I present to you Kain."

Voltigar peered at Kain for just a moment, making up his mind quickly. "Warden, you and your men can leave now.  Thank you for your quick response.  I wish to speak to this man alone."

"But," Voltigar looked at Tillath with look that said no arguments. "Very well your Majesty. I leave him in your capable hands."  Tillath said, turned and began to walk away.

"Oh Warden, before you leave the Castle, could you please send me Rudolph, I have a job for him to do."

Tillath turned on his heel, faced Voltigar, bowed slightly, "Yes, your Majesty. I shall do it forthwith."  He then turned again upon his heel and marched away.

Voltigar turned to Damien who was silently staring at Kain, measuring the man who had been chasing his assassin, unbeknowst to him, though.  If it had not been for the unfortunate accidental shooting of himself by Takashi, who knows what might have happened that night in the upper room at Arth's. "Damien, do you perhaps think that Tillath is angry with me?"

Damien answered without taking his eyes off of Kain. "No your Majesty. He is just trying to do his job and one of them is to protect you from dangerous men."

Voltigar looked at Kain and then back to Damien. "Oh you mean like him, perhaps. I think that as time goes on my friend that this man will perhaps become one of our best assets and maybe even your friend, Commander Scar."

Damien gave his liege a look as if he doubted it.  The King just shrugged his shoulders.  He looked at Kain "I would like to talk to you for a moment, man to man. First of all, have you eaten? Would you care for a drink? Please come with us, and let us sit and talk."

Damien took the rear as the King led them to a large polished table and sat down motioning for Kain and Damien to sit as well.  Pages, young boys ran here and there setting the table with tankards of ale and goblets of wine as well as platters of meats, cheeses and bread.  "Sit. Sit down and enjoy yourself Master Kain. You too, Commander."

Damien paused then sat down on the Kings right hand, his eyes never leaving Kain.


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As the throne room doors begin to swing open, Kain runs a careful check over his mind. By the time a gaurd has begun to yell about some king or other, the elf has assured himself that he is prepared for an intence mental encounter. He was sure that he was about to be used, he had only to make certain that he would be used to his advantage. He quickly scanned the three most appearant men in the room. On was a gaurd, and a nervous one. The other was Damien Scar, fully recovered and dressed in dark attire. The last was obviously King Voltigar, Kain's stormy eyes stayed upon the aged human, as if to drink him in. There is a pull on his ratty shirt, which he summarily ignores. He remains standing, and stares at this man, who carries such wanton power.

After a moment of formalities, his gaurd's are excused. Kain decideds that this man is far to proud for his own good. At this point, Kain felt fairly certain that he could kill Damein, Voltigar, and the gaurd, with maybe two quick spells. While this thought passed, the mage found himself being offered food and drink. "I would like to talk to you for a moment, man to man. First of all, have you eaten? Would you care for a drink? Please come with us, and let us sit and talk." Man to man? Strange words for a king.

Kain follows the others to a large table, which is quickly leaden with offerings of a base appeal by scurrying infants. He carefully sits, and begins the coversation. I have quenched by base lusts with enough of your meal, King Voltigar. I indeed would appreciate, instead,  a simple discourse onto the roles with which you are planning to use my abilities. Also, I request with the greatest humility that can be bared from such a proud soul as mine, for the safe return of the "evidence" that was withdrawn from my possession as I was aprehended. I believe that my magical paraphenalia would be usefull for the task you have set on my road. Kain himself finds it easy to ignore Darien's consistant staring. The man was a gnat in a spiders game.

You have lived a life of cruelty and atrocity, you have bathed in the blood of the innocent, you have considered every act of depravity and your corruption knows no bounds. I am the angel of justice, I am the accumulation of all of your sins. Prepare for your redemption.

-Kain Cristar, Divine Aspect

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OOC Kain, it is Damien not Darien.  And you need to watch your spelling a bit better, Ok?

"When you speak to his Majesty, speak with a civil tongue or else I will cut it out for you." Damien said softly, but with steel behind his voice. "Your Majesty, this man has nothing to offer, give him his things and let him be on his way.  He is an arrogant fool who just does not have enough sense to..."

Voltigar who had thought to try and make this man comfortable, who had even considered to apologize for his incarceration and offer him a job and high position in his kingdom, was first taken back by the man's attitude, then by his apparent knowledge. How did this man know that I was going to ask him to used? "Enough, Commander. I shall determine who will go and not go. I will determine who is a fool around here."

Damien had never been talked to by his liege, much less by his friend, it took all of his will power to sit there, quietly, but his eyes narrowed as he glared into his wine goblet.

Voltigar, still leaning back in his chair peered at Kain. "You turn down my hospitality. You ask, but your voice demands that I tell you not only why I have sent for you, but that your things be returned as well.  You state that you have a proud soul; that is good, as long as you realize that pride can be a weakness.  You see I too have pride and so does my friend here. It can be both a boon and disaster, if not controlled."

"I sent you here to ask you some questions and yes to offer you a position for which your unique abilities I believe will be a valuable asset to Voldar, its people and of course me; but mostly for Voldar and its people.  You see I believe in people, in my subjects. I believe if I respect them, then they will in turn respect me.  I also believe that in my commanders as well.  Sometimes as all those in leadership must do, they must remind those under them who is in command." Voltigar said that for Damien's benifit as well as Kain's information.

He continued speaking, "I am almost inclined to follow my Commander's advice and let you go. But I will tell you what I have in mind for you and then let you make your choice; that way there can be no blame assessed, to either you nor I."

Voltigar walked over to the far right wall upon which hung a map of Caelereth and its lands.  He pulled out a small knife and pointed to a dot upon the map.  "These are the lands of Caelereth, this dot represents my Kingdom, its people and lands; compared to the world, my Kingdom is very small."  He turned and looked at Kain.  My people and most humans, do not understand magic.  The kind that you and others possess, either by training, or by birth.  I have plans for my small part of the world, and one of those plans is make Voldar more cosmopolitan than most cities, especially here in the north.  One way is to allow all different type of races, such as our friend Grunok, who is an orc, to become part of our thriving community and even more."

He walked back to the table, sat down and took a drink. "Another way is to help my people understand the way of magic and magicians.  The only way I can think of that would benifit them and you; would be to offer you a command of mages.  From time to time, mages come into our city. I would like for you to evaluate them, see if they first are willing to join your command and then train them as a unit.  I understand most mages, live alone, like to work alone, etc etc.  But I want mages that can not only use their powers for good, but use them as a unit, under one command; yours."

Voltigar paused once again as he peered at Kain, guaging what the man's reaction was, but it seemed as if he was looking at stone.  When he looked over at Damien, Damien was no longer staring into his wine cup, but was frowning and looking at him as if he had lost his mind.  Voltigar ignored it and decided that once he talked to Damien, then things would be much clearer, he hoped.  He then turned his eyes back to Kain. "Another reason I want mages in my army, is that I am not as ignorant as you think I am. I need to be able to combat an army who decides to try and hurt my people, its lands or even me personally, by using mages and magic by those who know it best and can counter it with their own.  Another cosmopolitan idea, which I know will be a hard pill to swallow by some, if not by most of my people.  For you see, magic, true magic and those who wield it, are feared by my people.  That is probably the main reason why you were apprehended."

Voltigar paused again as if wondering if he should ask this question or not. "I am curious though, if you are as powerful as you think you are, then why did you allow yourself to be taken at all?  Anyway that is between you and your conscience. I would like for you to consider my proposal. Did I forget that if you do take me up on the offer, that a significant amount of money will be yours for your pay and for your budget to train and pay those whom you recruit for your command?"

He motioned for a guard to come over, the guard came quickly. "Go to the dungeon and tell the Warden that the King asks for Kain's belongings; and be quick about it."

"Yes, your Majesty." The guard replied and took off running.

"While we wait for your things to arrive, you can think about my proposal and when they do arrive you can give me your answer. If the answer is no, then I will give you my thanks and let you go on your way.  If however, the answer is yes, then I will still give you your things, but a command and a title fit for that command as well as a month's wages to start you off.  In the meantime, I have not eaten since last night, and I am starving."  He filled his plate and began to eat, completely ignoring both of the two men who sat at his table.


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I bespake only with the words of one who lusts not for the vices of gluttony. Kain mutters, even before Damien closes his lashing lips. He examines the king and his close confidant, as the warrior's expresion and demeanor so evidently shows. Damien obviously had not been informed as to what Voltigar was doing. There were bounderies being crossed here.

He also sees the glint of suprise in the king's eye. The man had not expected Kain to catch on so quickly to this plot. Why else would the man send for the mage, to personally visit him. There was no other explaination. A man does not live through the passage of two centuries without learning something about the nature of humans. They were a greedy lot.

You shall find that my pride is so bold as to bring me more than I can control. I am an old soul, you shall find, and have learned from my years. Kain responds to the kings warning. As if a man who had just killed the late king could lecture on pride and it's woes. The elf ponders which bloodlines would demand vengence as his spider-like fingers grasp the neck of a fine crystal glass. He stares into the weak reflections, which flicker and dance in the orange glow of the candle light.

As he studies the dead iris of his own eye, the king begins to say something relevent. Kain takes a small sip of the wine, which had a sweet flavor, and listens attentively. As the king speaks of how small his rule is, Kain wonder's just how large the man would have it be. He was starting to doubt the man's sanity when he began to ramble about his people, and how orcs should be greeted as part of the city, but the king found it prudent to cut to the chase. The command of a division of mages sounded interesting. They could set up a small tower in the palace. He could take back what Ximax had stolen. He would soon be far more powerful than any of those fools!

He grinned softly and looked back upon Voltigar. The king began to speak of what Kain saw as his real purpose. He would be use to make this metropolis, this wonderful future that Voltigar was feeding himself, more than a speck on the map. Kain had no problem with that, he would need to test out new spells and experiment on something. What better then the armies of this man's foes? As the mage begins to formulate his responce, Voltigar speaks again.

"I am curious though, if you are as powerful as you think you are, then why did you allow yourself to be taken at all? Anyway that is between you and your conscience. I would like for you to consider my proposal. Did I forget that if you do take me up on the offer, that a significant amount of money will be yours for your pay and for your budget to train and pay those whom you recruit for your command?"

He gives himself a moment to remember the night that he had been apprehended. The first thing that comes to mind was how soft his bed was. I had wasted much of my power attacking a dangerous man. You may know of him as The Preditor, his name is Darien Gulath. I had struck him twice, yet he fled into the night. Tired, and worn, I entered a local tavern and purchused a room for the night. Apperently the commotion of my assault on the human had alerted your gaurd. They had me surrouned with steel by the time I awoke. I am not invicible, simply deadly. A deadly force that agrees to your generous offer. I shall begin immediatly after you have returned to me what I require to most effeciently carry out your wishes. As he finishes speaking, the king begins to devour his dinner. Kain simply shifts his attention to Damien. Flighty your wishes and dreams seem to be, my friend. I am glad to see that you recovered from your wounds. Ava's twisted grace has certainly befallen your flesh.

You have lived a life of cruelty and atrocity, you have bathed in the blood of the innocent, you have considered every act of depravity and your corruption knows no bounds. I am the angel of justice, I am the accumulation of all of your sins. Prepare for your redemption.

-Kain Cristar, Divine Aspect

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"Flighty your wishes and dreams seem to be, my friend. I am glad to see that you recovered from your wounds. Ava's twisted grace has certainly befallen your flesh."

{b]Damien Scar[/b]

Damien turned his head slightly and tried to see Kain in a different light; Friend? He called me friend. He does not even know me and I know he feels my animosity toward him; yet he calls me friend and even says he is glad I have recovered from my wounds.  Have I misjudged him?  Or is he just trying to put up a good impression for Voltigar? Or is there something else...  Damien decided to be cautious, but give the man the benifit of the doubt.  "Perhaps Kain we have gotten off on the wrong foot. It is a human saying meaning that I may have misjudged you and I am willing to start anew, that is if you are?" Damien asked looking straight into Kain's eyes; eyes which seemed to try and emanate some warmth to them, but somehow could not do so.

King Voltigar

Voltigar smiled."It is good that you two make up your differences. Now as far as this Darien character, the one you call the predator, I believe," Voltigar took a sip of his wine, "no I had not heard of him until I was told about him by Thai, he is the bartender at Arth's where my friend here was attacked and I gather is where you attacked him, or found him;whatever the case may have been.  It is of course no consequence right now as the man seems to have fled the city.  I am pleased that you have decided to accept my offer. However, I must remind you that though you will be given command of your own unit, you are under Commander Scar's command and he of course is under mine.  I hope you two will find a way to get along.

"I am sure we will, your Majesty." Damien replied and nodded his head toward Kain.

" Good!  I have already sent a message to the 'Criers' that on the morrow there is going to be a grand celebration: first to celebrate the begining of the new month and my astrologers say that it will be a nice day, so I plan on giving my people something to cheer about; a jousting tournament and other games of strength and skill always seems to be a nice distraction.  Also during that time I plan on Knighting Grunok and I have someother surprises up my sleeve, which may include introducing you to my people so that they can get used to you," he briefly nodded at Kain, "Then in the evening will be a Royal ball, all of Voldar will be there, if they choose to come and most do come if not for the food and drink, at least to see and mingle with the Nobility."

"Sire, do you think that wise?  You will be exposed. Out in the open. There may be some who were sympathizers with Cedric and wish you harm?" Damien said genuinely.

Voltagar laughed. "Commander, what do I have to fear? I have the best axe man as me best friend and Commander and now I have a most powerful mage at my side as well."

They were interrupted when the door opened and a guard came in carrying Kain's belongings; his clothes, cape and weapon.  Damien saw the weapon and was thinking about asking to see it when the King asked first. "Master Kain, that is a most unusual weapon. What is it called and may I touch it." He asked.  


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The commander's apology came as a slight suprise to Kain, he had found the Damien too proud to make such a humble offering of guilt. Kain had simply used the word "Friend" as to mean person. He felt no kinship to Scar, but felt no need to tell the commander this. There has never been animosity betwixt our pride. I have suffered worse insult than the doubt of a friend and servant. The mage takes annother small sip of his sweet wine, and wonders if he could have a case delivered to wherever his quarters might be. This made him think of other details, such as who his commanding officer might be. The question was answered quickly, and Kain was glad that he had not bismirched the weak ties of kin that had slipped into the commander's mind. I foresee no problems with the chain of command. You're wishes shall be made to reality with the swift cut of the winter's cold. He gives his confidence in a soft voice, as the wind under a sparrows wings.

He was unimpressed by the talk of celebration and dance. He would probably be asked to give a demonstration of his powers, which he had no worries of. If they wanted to see lightning, they would see lightning. He would brew them a storm worth remembering. Not because he saught to impress feeble peasentry. He had a higher purpose in mind. What mage could resist the learning and power of his skill. His command would come to him in flocks. The thought brings a small smile to his lips.

A smile which widens when Damien vioces his fears of assassination. He was sure he could kill three men before they could get their blades from their sheaths. Anybody remainders would flee in fear. His clouded eyes almost twinkled with the delight of the thought.

"Master Kain, that is a most unusual weapon. What is it called and may I touch it."

The ancients called this sword the Midnight Blade. It is older than you and I by many many centuries. Perhaps older than your kingdom. I have dubbed it Moh'epher, a word from my tounge. You may touch it if you like, though I suggest against such action. The weapon is far more poweful than you can imagine, and it can taint the purest of souls. Kain's tone is as grim as the howling west wind. As he speaks, he takes his cloak and clothes into his arms. He quickly felt though some of the most important pockets and reassured himself that all of his things were there.

You have lived a life of cruelty and atrocity, you have bathed in the blood of the innocent, you have considered every act of depravity and your corruption knows no bounds. I am the angel of justice, I am the accumulation of all of your sins. Prepare for your redemption.

-Kain Cristar, Divine Aspect

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King Voltigar

"Well no one has ever said I had a pure soul." Voltigar said, as he pulled his hands back.  "Damien do you wish to take your chances?" The King asked, jokingly.

Damien thought, if I touch it and it does some harm to me, the I would be considered foolish. On the other hand if I do not, then would I be considered a coward by Kain; not worthy to command him?  Damien sat there for a few moments and then decided.  He picked up the weapon and waited.

OOC Kain what would I feel now that I have dared and touched your blade?  


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Damien Scar

Damien at first felt nothing then suddenly he felt a shiver run up his spine.  He felt as if someone or something went through him.  He jumped, cursed but did not let go of the blade.  He involuntarily wrapped his cloak around him, as if to ward of a chill; though the inside of the Palace was quite warm.  Memories of the dead began to float in front of his face; those he killed and those he had repressed so far deep into his memory that he had forgotten them.

He began to sweat; rivulets of the moisture ran down his face and dripped upon the carpeted floor: more ran down his spine, as he felt the blade's power slowly consuming him...first his memories, then his very own soul.  With great effort he released the blade.  He wavered, stumbled around cursing. "That blade, that thing is straight out of Coor's place of internment!  How can you carry such a thing?" He asked as he finally found his seat, sat down and began gulping down his wine; splashing it all over himself.  "That thing is cursed. Your Majesty are you sure you want"

King Voltigar had never seen Damien act this way in all the three plus decades he had known the man.  Damien was the epitomy of fearlessness, at least Voltigar had thought so, until he saw and heard his friend after touching Kain's weapon. Secretly he was glad he did not touch the blade; though it seemed to draw him to touch it as well.  "Master Kain, I suggest you put your weapon away.  Damien, I made an agreement, I will not go against my word.  Would you want me to go against my word, Damien?"

Damien still a bit shaken, but recovering quickly from his ordeal with Kain's blade shook his head no, but looking at Kain, as if to convey a hidden message. "No, your Majesty, I would not.  As it is only our word that seperates us from those with honor and those without; such as Cedric."  

He took another drink, "Master Kain, I should have heeded your warning. However I am a man that will try anything once, even if it kills me in the process.  I find that to know your enemy, you must be able to, at the very least, know his weapons.  Magic and the items true magicians, such as yourself use, is unknown to me. I had to find out. I know you understand.  I also know that if we face enemies that wield even a small bit of power of what I have just felt, then I am glad that you are on our side."  He stood up, held out his hand, "And I am man enough to admit when I am wrong, even in my judgements. I hold out my hand in friendship, I pray that you are willing to do the same?"


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Kain is suprised by Damien's reaction, it had taken he himself some time to realize the power of the blade. Yet he had been tainted long ago, and also was accustomed to the touch of magic and death by the time he found Mohepher. "How can you carry such a thing?" It is not a simple burden to carry. His responce is quick and quiet, as if he would rather not speak of the repurcusions of handling it's evil for so long. He listens to the other's quietly and nods when it seems appropraite, and takes Damien's hand when it is offered. I am sure you will find my servises worth while, and my powers at your side. There is no ill will between us, Darien. He then turns to Voltigar, his eys tired. I am weary from my stay in the dungeons. Could I be escorted to a reliable Inn so that I may spend my income on a fair bed? I am still new to this area, and unsure of the lay of the land. He takes the time to retrieve Moh'epher and gather his belongings in a neat pile.

You have lived a life of cruelty and atrocity, you have bathed in the blood of the innocent, you have considered every act of depravity and your corruption knows no bounds. I am the angel of justice, I am the accumulation of all of your sins. Prepare for your redemption.

-Kain Cristar, Divine Aspect

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OOC Kain it is Damien not Darien.  Next time Damien is called Darien he might not be so friendly. LOL

Voltigar smiled when he saw the two men shake hands. now my kingodm is protected from all. he thought.  "No, Kain. No commander, as Damien, not Darien, has learned lives in an inn.  You shall stay here in the Palace.  I have heard that those such as yourself need a place to be able to watch the stars and such.  Though during this time of the year I doubt you would be able to see much, with this much cloud cover.  But my astrologers, tell me that the weather is about to change as tomorrow is the first day of Changing Winds."

What I am saying is that there is a very large room, although a bit untidy and dusty, which resides atop the North West Tower of the Palace.  I shall have my servants dust and clean it for you; put in new lamps, clean off a large bookcase that I am told reaches from floor to ceiling, put in a new bed, with goose down filling along with a pillow filled with the same.  That will be it, until I can get the carpenters in there and then you can tell them whatelse you would like; a new dresser, or tables or whatever pleases you."

Voltigar motioned for a page, but Damien stopped him. "Your Majesty I was planning on going to my room, I need a bit of a rest, besides I need to make sure all security precautions are in order for tomorrow.  I will gladly show Kain his quarters."

Voltigar thought for a moment and then nodded. "As you wish Commander."

Damien motioned with his hand to Kain. "If you will follow me Commander Kain." He said with a grin as he led the way out of the Throne room.


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That would be most acceptable. Kain murmurs, then starts off behind Damien. His mind ponders the events that had lead to this strange twist in life. To be a commander so quickly, and a commander of a section of mages at that, suprised even an elf such as himself. A tower for his own purposes! He quietly looks forward to seeing his new home.  

You have lived a life of cruelty and atrocity, you have bathed in the blood of the innocent, you have considered every act of depravity and your corruption knows no bounds. I am the angel of justice, I am the accumulation of all of your sins. Prepare for your redemption.

-Kain Cristar, Divine Aspect

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Damien did not speak as he led Kain out of the Throne room, down the main hallway; which had portraits of the Kings of Voldar on either side of the wall, along with their wives and heirs if they had any.  He was too occupied with what he had felt when he had touched Kain's blade.

Damien knew instinctively that the blade was never to used as an ordinary blade; it was too heavy and very unbalanced.  He assumed that the blade was meant to either be touched so that what?  Damien pondered that question quietly.

He took a sharp left, through a door and down another hallway.  This one was quite long and Damien finally decided to break his silence. "Kain, I was wondering if you do not mind me asking, from what tribe do you hail from?  I have seen many elves, but none that quite match your description.  Most of the elves that venture here are either from the Quallorian or Yllerfrim, some are from the Thaelon, but they are few and inbetween."

Damien continued walking knowing Kain will answer him in his own time. He led Kain to the end of the hallway and then opened another door on his left.  This door led to a long winding stone staircase.  Damien began walking up it, passing a glass paned window every 3 peds or so.  Damien noticed that the rain had stopped and the clouds were slowly parting. On this side of the castle he could see the sun was begininng its trek down, soon it would be night.

After they climbed about 10 peds, another door had to be opened.  It led to a very wide circular room. As Voltigar had said, several maids were just finishing cleaning the room, putting sheets upon the bed and lighting the lamps.  When Damien and Kain walked in, they quickly curtsied, staring a bit at Kain, then walked out.  

Just as Voltigar described it, there was the floor to ceiling bookcase to put scrolls in; The King had forgot to mention a huge fireplace set in an alcove burning brightly; which warmed the room considerably, since it was made of all stone.  A winding wooden staircase almost dead center in the room led to a door in the ceiling.  Damien wondered what was up there as he had never been in this part of the castle.   There was also a huge tub in which to bathe in.  There were three windows set high in the stone and allowed whatever sun there was at the moment to filter through as well.  "Well Kain, I hope this meets your needs.  I prefer to be closer to the ground myself.  My quarters are directly below yours but on ground level.  I am not sure where those stairs lead to, as I have never been in this part of the castle before.  However since his Majesty said you could look at the stars from here I assume it is a room where you can do so, or it may even lead right outside to an upper parapett.  I will leave you to your own devices.  If you need anything, this long piece of bronze corded cloth is actually connected to a bell in the servants quarters; just pull it and eventually someone will come and ask you what you wish.  Since you are so far up, it may take a few moments.  Do you have any questions before I take my leave?" Damien asked Kain.


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Kain glances up at the Commander's question of his tribe. He contemplates his answer, and says with careful tones, I was born many years ago to a woman of the Kayrrhem tribe. They are a kind sort of people from Nybelmar. He follows in silence, paying enough attention so that he could find the room again, though he was sure that he would need a servent to show him the way for the next few days.

As he enters the room a thin smile turns his lips. It had been some time since he had slept in a bed of his own. Never had he been blessed with such luxury. His eyes slowly sweep the room, carefully drinking everything in, memorizing anything that catches his eye. Damien speaks again, and Kain responds No, not now Damien. Thank you. with an obviously distracted tone. With his eyes still wide, he drops his belongings on the bed, his sore and tired arms aching from the effort of carrying the load, and begins to pull off his damp shirt.

You have lived a life of cruelty and atrocity, you have bathed in the blood of the innocent, you have considered every act of depravity and your corruption knows no bounds. I am the angel of justice, I am the accumulation of all of your sins. Prepare for your redemption.

-Kain Cristar, Divine Aspect

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Damien Scar

Damien turned, "Very well Kain, have a good rest. I saw through the windows that the sun is will be setting in an hour or so. Supper will be served in the Great Hall about an hour after that. So you can rest for about two hours before then. The servants will waken you in plenty of time for you to get ready.  The King will be expecting you.  I expect a few heads of the Nobility will be there as well.  If you do not have the proper clothing, I am sure the servants can come up with something. Just call and tell them what you need.  If not, then I shall see you in a couple of hours."

Damien left, closing the door behind him.  He walked thoughtfully down the stairs to his room.  His mind was reeling at the revelation that Kain was from Nyblemar!  Nyblemar was a whole different continent.  What was Kain doing over here on the Santharian continent?  Could he be a wanted man over there?  I wonder if I tell this to Voltigar, if that would change his mind?  Is that where most mages come from, Nyblemar?  

Damien admitted to himself that he did not know much about magic and especially magicians.  His way was through strength and steel.  But, that blade that Kain carries...a shudder ran through Damien's body as he recalled what he felt when he touched Kain's blade.  He shook off the feeling and entered his own room.

He unclasped his cloak, laid it over his chair.  His room was similar to Kain's except he had square walls instead of round ones.  He stoked up the fire a bit, then laid down upon his bed.  He put his hands behind his head and winced as a sharp pain shot through his left shoulder.  Though the wound had healed nicely and Nehtor did wonders with him.  He still felt where the arrow had pierced him, especially when the weather changed.  He ignored the pain as he thought about what to do about their new guest, and his newest commander.

He fell asleep with a plan in his head...but too many questions to be answered as well.


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{b]Damien Scar[/b]

Damien heard the knock upon his door and quickly rose up and answered it.  A female servant stood there, glanced at his bared and scarred chest, then quickly curtsied and said, "Sir, supper will be served in the Great Hall shortly."

Damien smiled, "Thank you miss. I shall be ready. Has anyone gone and retrieved our newest guest, Master Kain?" Damien asked.

"Yes, Sir. I believe my sister, Iris has Sir."

"Fine. Now go run along and I shall be down as soon as I bathe and get dressed."

"As you wish Sir."  She curtsied one more time and then scurried down the hallway.


Iris tentatively knocked upon Master Kain's door.  She did not know what to expect.  The servants had been talking all afternoon about their mysterious guest and the gossip that he was a magic weilder.  Iris had never seen, much less known a magic weilder. In fact no one she has ever known ever knew one and now they have one living in the Palace.  What wonders will cease? She thought as she knocked harder upon the door and waited.


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Damien Scar

Damien dressed in his usual Nor'sidian colored pants, shirt and soft soled leather boots clasped his cloak to his shoulders, walked out of his door, down the hallway, turned right, walked down another hallway, turned left, walked down a shorter hallway and then was greeted by guards at the door leading to the dining hall.  He was ushered in and then the door was closed behind him.

The large oblong table was finely polished and sprouted many candleabra's in the middle of the table.  Several Noble's were already there; either drinking wine from silver goblets or ale from fine porcelin tankards.  They stopped talking when he entered then one of them a Sir Gir'old waved him over.

"Commander Scar come and join us." He said.

Damien did not see Voltigar so he thought he would amuse himself by accepting Sir Gir'old's invitation.  Besides he could also find out how the Nobles were leaning.  They were such a fickle bunch.

Sir Gir'old was a thin man in his late fifties early sixties of life, with graying hair and goatee.  He had large gray-blue eyes. Damien surmised that at one time they were probably blue-gray, but age dimmed them and now they were more gray than blue.  Damien walked over. "I would gladly tip a glass of ale with you Sir Gir'old."

"Why thank you, Commander, and call me just Gir'old.  You outrank me. In fact you outrank all of us, except the King himself." He said as he swept his hand over the other five Nobles who sat at the table.

"Just call me Damien or Commander if you wish. I do not hold to titles that much." Damien replied.

"Unless of course it is me, right Commander." King Voltgar had walked in and was striding across the crimson carpeted floor.

"Yes, your Majesty, unless it is you." Damien replied with a smile.

Voltigar looked around, "Where is our guest of honor, Commander?"

Damien shrugged, "He will be along soon, your Majesty."

"I hope so, the day is gone, night upon us and I am starving."

"Who is this guest of honor your Majesty?" Sir Gir'old asked curiously.

Voltigar sat down, took a goblet of wine in his fist, and sipped some wine, "You will see gentlemen, soon enough." He replied cryptically.


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After the commander had left, Kain had undressed and prepared for bed, he had stoked the cackling flames of the fireplace. Soon he found himself in his bath, laying in water he warmed with the now roaring fireplace. Finding solace in a moments relaxation, he drifts in and out of consiousness.

Kain sits on a finely polished stool, writing a verse of poetry with which he contemplated the time ahead and the time before. A robe he had found lain upon the four post bed upon which he would soon sleep, was wraped around his shoulders, though it left the vast majority of his flesh open to the warm, if musty, air. He scratches onto the thick vellum with a stromcrows feather, which dances out the tune of his cerebration. Drips of water flow through his hair, and fall onto the desk. For a moment, he pauses, and leans back. In that moment of silence, he hears footsteps carefully echoing towards his door. A small sinister grin wreaths the elves lips as he reaches for his short sword. Try to end my life so quickly, and thou shall find me a vicious game. Three knocks rap against the oaken door, and Kain's grim calms. With a quick grace, he crosses the circular room, and sides up against the door, so that his back rests across its warmth. He slowly wraps his nimble fingers around the latch to his door, and pulls the door open, keeping his back towards it, so that his attacker could not see him.  

You have lived a life of cruelty and atrocity, you have bathed in the blood of the innocent, you have considered every act of depravity and your corruption knows no bounds. I am the angel of justice, I am the accumulation of all of your sins. Prepare for your redemption.

-Kain Cristar, Divine Aspect

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Iris saw the door open but no one was there.  She had heard that this man was a "magician" and she became a bit frightened. Finally she spoke in a small voice, "Master Kain? Master Kain??  Are you there?" she asked, rubbing her hands together; wishing she were not there.


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With a slight sigh of relief, the mage slowly rotates left, pulling himself away from the door and into the woman's view. With a discrete smile, he slips the sword back into his scabbard.. I apologize for the strange circumstance of our meeting. I harbour certain precautions from ages past. Tell me, oh maiden fair, what calling hast thou forth? He tries to emulate the smooth soft caress of the midnight breeze, though finds he cannot disspell a certain cold distance to his tone.

You have lived a life of cruelty and atrocity, you have bathed in the blood of the innocent, you have considered every act of depravity and your corruption knows no bounds. I am the angel of justice, I am the accumulation of all of your sins. Prepare for your redemption.

-Kain Cristar, Divine Aspect

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When Kain came out from behind the door, Iris took a quick step backward.  Then she noticed that he smiled and told her something, she really did not pay much attention as she was staring at a chest that looked liked the person who had it had been sick for a very long time, that was partly covered by a robe he was wearing.

She blushed and giggled when she heard the archiac speech calling her maiden fair.  "Master Kain, you are asked to come to the dining hall for supper with his Majesty.  If you need a guide I will wait for you to get dressed and lead you.  This castle is awfully large."


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I shall not hinder thee long. Kain nods and slowly shuts the door on the servant. He turns and whips off the robe, quickly striding toward a large chest, atop which he had strewn most of his belongings. While his attire is complex, he is practiced in motion, and is dressed within a short time. Glad to be wearing his usual outfit, he grabs his cloak and wrap the garmet about his shoulders. Next he reaches for Moh'epher. Due to the sheer size of the blade, it takes some time for Kain to get the ccabbard over his shoulder and adjusted properly. None the less, the mage is able to fully dress and arm himself in under half an hour. Before reopening his door, he makes sure the cloak's masking flap is raised, so that half of his face is hidden to a wall of bursha grey. He pulls the door open and nods to the serf. Let us join the ranks of those who seek my presence so dearly.

You have lived a life of cruelty and atrocity, you have bathed in the blood of the innocent, you have considered every act of depravity and your corruption knows no bounds. I am the angel of justice, I am the accumulation of all of your sins. Prepare for your redemption.

-Kain Cristar, Divine Aspect

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Iris nodded silently and thought, he looks much better dressed, and led the stranger through the castle halls until they reached the dining hall, here the guards opened the door and let him in.

The King, Damien, Sir Gir'old and four other knights were sitting around the table, making jest, drinking wine and talking of the times and its people when Kain walked in.

Immediately the room became silent as each person stopped talking and stared at the stranger. Voltigar let the silence last for a few moments, and then got up with outstretched hand, "Master Kain I would like to introduce you to some of the Nobility of Voldar.  You have met Commander Scar, he carries the title of Baron.  The oldest gentlemen with the graying hair is Count Gir'old, and the portly one who is balding, next to his right, is Count Ru'neir, the tall, skinny one, with red hair next to him is Viscount. Loch, next to him, the brown haired, hawk nosed fellow, is Sir. Olaf and last but not least is the youngster of the group, this big blond haired, fair skinned knight, that looks like he could lift this table off the ground, is Sir. Mic'ael. Gentlemen I would like to introduce you to my newest Commander, Master Kain.  Master Kain is a very powerful magician."

"Magician?" Loch asked. "Do you mean a real one?"

"Yes, gentlemen. A real one, not just a charltan, or one who does tricks to amuse children, but a real magician."

"I believe they call themselves sorcerers your Majesty." Ru'neir said.  I had only once in my life time come across one, and he was bad.  He was the most vile man I ever knew, and I was very glad that he was killed.  But he took almost half a legion of good men before doing so.  And now you want this man to be your commander?  Commander of what, your Majesty?"

"Count Ru'neir, it is exactly your words that I wish to quell. I have come to know and understand that not all magicians, sorcerer's or whatever you call those who weild true magic are as the one you just described.  Some use their magic for good I am told."

"I have never known of one, have you Loch, or you Gir'old?" asked Ru'neir.

"Just because you had a bad run in with one, does not mean that all are that way, Ru'neir. I will reserve my judgement of this man until I see his character." Gir'old replied.

"What about you Loch and the rest of you?" Ru'neir asked.

"Ru'neir Gir'old has lived many years and he is a wise man. I will also reserve my judgement of Master Kain." Loch replied. "Besides, I think that you do diservice to his Majesty. I have never known the King to do anything without thinking it through.  If I were the King's champion, I would almost think your questioning the King's decisions as..."

"Enough gentlemen. Ru'neir has the right to voice his opinion. I think it is wrong, but he still has the right and maybe in time he will come to accept Master Kain as my newest Commander."

"You have not told us what he will Command, Sire." Sir. Mic'ael said.

Voltigar put his hand upon Kain's shoulder. "Commander of a group of magicians."

"A group? Do you mean more than one?" Ru'neir sputtered.

"Think about it, gentlemen.  There are those who wield magic. I have enemies and so does Voldar. Who says that those enemies will not use their own magicians against us.  Can we, mortal men with sword and steel defeat such ones?  You said yourself Ru'neir that it took half a legion of men to down just one.  What would Voldar do if we faced six?  Voldar's armies would be slaughtered as easily as pigs or cows to the butcher."

There were nods of agreement around the table, all except Ru'neir who moodily stared into his wine goblet and Damien who agreed with his Monarch, but was watching the faces of those around the table.  So far everyone seemed to understand his Majesty's reasoning, everyone except Count Ru'neir.  Damien wondered if he would become a problem, when the full court of Nobles convened.

"What you say your Majesty could very well come to pass. So I gather that Master Kain and the other magicians under him are to be like a counter to this threat if it should arrive?" Surmised Gir'old.

"Exactly. I plan on announcing and introducing Master Kain to the populous tomorrow during the tournament and after I have knighted Grunok."

Ru'neir angrily stood up. "First you throw your hat in with a sorcerer without even knowing the man and now you are going to knight an Orc!! Outrageous!  I will have no part of this your Majesty.  By your leave." Ru'neir stormed out of the dining hall.

Damien turned to go after him, but Voltigar nodded his head no. Damien did not understand.  Such outrage demanded satisfaction and since he was the Kings champion, he would gladly give that man the satisfaction he deserved.

"Let him cool off Commander.  Ru'neir is a practical man. Let him think about it for awhile.  I will go have a talk with him later.  In the meantime, let's eat, I am starved.  We waited to eat until you had come downstairs to join us Master Kain.  Please seat yourself and I am sure my knights are anxious to ask you all sorts of questions."

Voltigar went to the head of the table, sat down, waved to the servants to serve and without anymore conversation, began to eat and drink.

The others nodded in agreement, "Master Kain let me be the first of the knights of the Order of Voldar to welcome you and congratulate you on your promotion of Commader.  What do you plan on calling your group of magicians?" Sir Olaf asked.

"Where do plan on finding these other magicians?" Asked Sir. Loch.

Sir. Mic'ael seemed awestruck and he finally spoke, "What kind of magic do you wield?" He asked.  "And...and do all magicians wield the same or are their different kinds?"

Voltigar looked up at those questions. He looked at Master Kain as did the others.  Damien was curious too but something that the King announced made him think of something.  "Sire, if you plan on knighting Grunok, I think someone should tell him and tell him what to expect.  He may not understand and since I know him more than anyone else, I ask you to allow me to leave and find him." He whispered.

"Yes, Commander, go.  Bring him back to the Palace if you wish."

"Thank you Sire." Damien said as he quietly left the table.

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As Kain enters the grand dining hall, his eyes lock onto the King. I have come with the swiftest of intentions, Lord. His ancient voice intones airily. As Voltigar takes time to introduce the mage memorizes each man's name, rank, and appearance. Each, he realizes, wields a considerable amount of power in this court, and could influence the actions of his little group of mages.

As the human's discourse first into disbelief, and with the Count Ru'neir, outrage. He had expected at least as much, and is not insulted or suprised when the man dares to question his own purity. Instead, Kain takes time to remorse and reflect on the sins of his nature and existance. He damns his very blood to the furthest reaches of the darkest corners of Co'ors realm and questions the very concept of divinity. In such cerebration he remains, until a voice breaks into his mind.

"Master Kain let me be the first of the knights of the Order of Voldar to welcome you and congratulate you on your promotion of Commader. What do you plan on calling your group of magicians?"

Taking a moment to recall what he had been told of the querier, Kain speaks his answer. And let my greetings be extended to the, Sir. Olaf. I have not pondered what nomination I shall bestow upon my followers. I shall sleep on the issue.Be assured that once I have found the best reasonable solution to your problem, I shall send a servant with the answer on your way.

Even as he finishes speaking, more questions flood forward. Kain is slightly overwhelmed and uses the fourty blinks that it takes for him to assume a seat to sort out his mind.

As to your query, Sir. Loch, there are certain magics under my element of learning which allow a mage to "sence" the magical potential of those around him. It would be a simple, if taxing, task to search the likely areas for those of my kind. I shall also take note of those entering the ball, where there will be a large concentration of people with which I may search.

To the last question, Kain thinks not on the answer, for he knows fully well what a messenger would tell the man. Instead, Kain begins to fill his plate while wondering how much to tell the younger man.

There many differing practices of magic, some are merely speculative, others scientific and exact, and others driven simply by force of will. I myself learned first of my own curiosity. Mage's are rare in my tribes, and I could not gain formal training until I came upon Santharia more than two centuries ago. From that acadamy I learned thier own, unique, approach to magic. Specifically I wield the element of wind. By manipulating wind's influence on the other elements, I bring about magical change. Wind concentrates on the healing of the spiritual body, in many ways, though also allows the wielder direct control of lightning and other offencive forces. The ability to make objects unseen, or to allow people to float, or to enhance the celerity of an object or living thing, all fall under the influence of wind. I hope that covers the range of your question, Sir. Mic'ael

Kain concentrates on a platter of roasted poultry, and whispers a phrase in ancient Nybelmarian Styrash. To his command, the plate raises itself, and begins to float toward the elf.  

You have lived a life of cruelty and atrocity, you have bathed in the blood of the innocent, you have considered every act of depravity and your corruption knows no bounds. I am the angel of justice, I am the accumulation of all of your sins. Prepare for your redemption.

-Kain Cristar, Divine Aspect

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"No need to send a servant Master Kain. I am sure I will hear of it through the grapevine." Replied Olaf.

Loch's eyebrows raised, "So you can sense other magicians? Can they sense you as well?  If the ball is needed for you to find someone who wields magic, I am afraid you may be dissapointed, only townspeople and the Nobility of Voldar come to the ball and I know of no one who possess the magic you wield."

"Ah, but Sir. Loch, you forget we have many strangers in our city everyday.  They too are welcomed to the tournament and the ball.  It may be that one or two of those are what Master Kain is searching for." Voltigar added, chewing on a drumstick.

"So in a way you control the weather?" asked Mic'ael.

"If he can maybe he can assure us of a nice warm sunny day.  I for one, am tired of all this cold rain, it makes my bones ache." Sir Gir'old chimed in.

The men laughed.  

"Did you say you came here over two centuries ago? How..." Mic'ael's question ceased as he watched a plate of food begin to float in front of Kain and begin to float his way.  He watched in astonishment as it settled in front of him.  His eyes bugged out and he stared at the food as if waiting for something else, then he turned his gaze upon Kain.  "Master Kain, I do not think I need to ask anymore questions."

The other gentlemen including the King were silent, then they all laughed. "Master Kain if there is one thing I truly enjoy, is a way to keep youngsters mouths closed.  You seem to have the knack." chuckled Sir. Gir'old. "No offense, young Mic'ael."

"None taken, Sir. Gir'old. Besides, I have noticed that old men do not talk because besides losing their hair, they also lose their memory."

The men laughed again. "Well met, Sir. Mic'ael.  Your mother would be proud of you. You have as sharp of a tongue as she does," retorted Gir'old.  "Do not concern yourself Master Kain about our jesting, you see this youngster is my nephew and I could not be any prouder of him than if he were my own son."

Mic'ael blushed and dove into the plate of food that Master Kain had set in front of him.

After they had eaten, and had drank as much as they wanted, each knight, bid their farewells to the King and to Master Kain, until just the two of them were left.

"I think that went well. What do you think Master Kain?" asked Voltigar.


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I feel that you have appointed your trusts well, mylord. Kain whispers as he finishes the last of his dinner. After one last thoughtful chew, the mage turns to his new king, and nods. If you have no further need for me, tomorrow will be a trying day, and I need to rest on the situations ahead of me.

You have lived a life of cruelty and atrocity, you have bathed in the blood of the innocent, you have considered every act of depravity and your corruption knows no bounds. I am the angel of justice, I am the accumulation of all of your sins. Prepare for your redemption.

-Kain Cristar, Divine Aspect

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"Granted Master Kain.  I too need some sleep as well.  Goodnight."


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Damien Scar

Damien led Grunok through the darkend streets up to the walled and gated palace.  The guards there at first did not recognize Damien because of Grunok slightly behind him, but when they came closer to the lighted torch light, they were recognized and passed.

Damien walked through the gardens and noticed that now that the skies had cleared and the moon was bright it shone brillantly upon the two statues of the two most famous women in Voldar.  He was silent throughout this trip just admiring the beauty of the gardens.

Finally they reached the palace proper and Damien and Grunok passed more guards, and the palace doors were opened.  A servant girl met them. "M'lord, it is late." she said, then she noticed Grunok and took a tentative step back. Damien smiled. "Iris, this is Grunok, Grunok this is Iris, a young lady who serves in the palace."

Iris's eyes widened, and then she curtsied, "I am honored to meet such a warrior. Welcome Gunok." She said.

Damien laughed, "Grunok, I don't even get that type of treatment. You sure seem to make an impression,"  Damien clapped his hand upon Grunok's back, "Well friend we have awed this young lady long enough.  Time to get you to your room and then you can get your sleep, follow me."

Damien bowed to Iris, who curtsied back and then scurried back to her quarters.  He led Grunok through the halls of the palace, nodding at patrolling guards as they went, until they came to a room.  He opened it up and let Grunok walk in.

"This is your room Grunok.  The bed is over there, with nice soft down bedding and pillows.  There is a basin with cold water to wash your face. I will stoke up the fire in the fireplace. You can hang up that wet coat of yours over this rung near the fireplace and it will be dry in the morning," Damien talked as he took a poker and stirred up the embers and soon a fire was roaring as he added another log.  Damien looked around, satisfied.

"Take a seat, Grunok.  I am sure your leg must be hurting, I know my shoulder does, especially when the weather changes.  Anyway, I am sure you have heard about the tournament and ball tomorrow." Damien tries to think of how to describe the tournament. "The tournament takes place on the parade grounds it is a test between anyone of skill and strength; either with sword, jousting, wrestling, you would probably be good at that, then there is archery, and other things.  During the tournament the King, is going to announce something concerning you."  Damien looked at the clothes that Grunok was wearing and shook his head.  

"Grunok you do not have any other clothes do you?" He thought a bit, "I have an idea.  Tomorrow morning, I am going to have the Palace seamstress come here and make you some new clothes.  Do not be concerned I will be here all the time with you.  "Grunok, in your tribe, if an warrior was going to be promoted, no promoted is not the right word, honored, if a warrior was going to be honored by his King or tribal leader, what would that warrior wear?"

"You see at tournament you are going to be honored and presented to the people and Nobility of Voldar.  The honor is to knight you. A very great honor among my people. I would like for you to be wearing your own warrior clothes.  If you tell our seamstress what those would be, I am sure she could make them.  She is very talented.  Did you understand everything I told you?  I hope so. If not you can ask me tomorrow.  Right now just think about it, get some sleep and we will talk tomorrow.  I will be in the room right next door.  If you need something, just knock.  Goodnight my friend."  Damien said, as he walked out, closing the door behind him, and went into his room.

He hoped his friend liked his room and was not too frightend by all of this.  He quickly undressed, crawled into bed and was soon fast asleep.


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Grunok stumps quietly along behind Damien, watching as the palace lights on the hill grow closer.  Crossing the gardens to the door, Grunok feels comfortable in the silence he shares with the commander, his orcish night-vision making the plants and statues quite clearly visible, as they had not been – because of the throngs of people – when he had been here during the day.

As they reach the door and are greeted by Iris, Grunok just nods and grunts.  He is becoming now more able to tell male and female humans apart, and his long-ingrained disregard for females, as is normal for orcs and especiallly Losh-Oc, is asserting itself.  Damien’s interaction with Iris sends him a little off-balance then, as he seems to show the woman at least some respect.  Frowning, Grunok looks from him to her and back as they walk on, his increasingly flexible green brain trying to absorb this new information.

Reaching the room, Grunok growls appreciatively.  He does as Damien suggests with his coat, a sodden flapping sound and various muffled clankings accompanying the action.  As the commander mentions his leg, Grunok makes a face, it having not bothered him up until the human had mentioned it.  Mulishly he stays standing, to prove a point… although he is unsure what that point is.

The pain vanishes as quickly as it came as Damien begins to describe the tournament and what it entails, his mind too occupied with the thought of showing some humans some of his skill and strength first-hand.  The desire for competition was fostered in him from an early age by his parents, so Grunok’s large, tattered ears are pricked as he listens to Damien’s description of the next day’s events.

“During the tournament the King is going to announce something concerning you." Ahh, thinks Grunok.  Now we come to it. Then, frustratingly, the human changes the subject to talk about his clothes!  It takes Grunok a moment’s introspection to come up with a parallel to what Damien says.  When he does, his memories show him a scene of a Noruck-chmer who had killed many humans in a recent battle being made an Ashzuck by the warlord of the clan.  The orc had worn his own leather armor, but over this had been some still-whole pieces of the ornate plate armour which had been worn by one of the Chron-P’thok the honoured orc had killed, and a breastplate which had been given to him by the warlord from his own personal collection – the breastplate of the dead human was too badly damaged for use.  Objectively, much of the armor fit badly, most of it being designed by and for humans, but to Grunok the warrior had looked splendid.

Coming out of his reverie, Grunok nods and growls “Arrmorr.”  He wonders if Damien heard him – he had been talking at the time – but when Damien suggests bed he nods, finding himself tired despite, or perhaps because of, the quiet day.  As Damien leaves, Grunok quickly undresses and crosses the room to the bed, firelight glinting off his wounds – the pale slash at the back of his leg, and the small, round crossbow wound under his left arm.  Slipping between the sheets he only has time to notice how much softer and bigger this bed is than the one he had been assigned at the Temple before sleep claims him.

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Damien Scar

Damien heard the bells ring three times, rolled over in his bed, thinking he had two more hours of sleep left, but finally after tossing and turning he got up.  He quickly bathed, and got dressed.  He thought about what Grunok had told him the night before, 'armour' but what kind of armour?  Damien had asked himself.

He thought about his battles with orcs and he remembered that some of them wore human armour that was rusted and did not fit well; some of it was rent from axes and swords.  They were probably looted from a dead soldier or knight killed in battle, he thought, as he paced his floor.  He snapped his fingers and smiled.  "Grunok my friend, I think I have something that will make you proud and hopefully help you as well." he whispered.

He walked out of his room in search for Toriger, the master armourer of the King.  He walked through the castle, toward the back and found the armoury, inside was Toriger's quarters.  He pounded upon the door.  Toriger came out with sword in hand, still dressed in his night clothes.  He was a big, brawny, bald headed man. "What the Coor is going?" He blinked as he saw Damien standing there.

"Nothing, I just need your help and expertise, Toriger." Damien replied, "You can put your sword away."

Toriger grunted, put his sword away, turned and slammed his door shut.  Damien stood there for a moment a bit stunned.  Then he pounded upon the door again. "Can ye wait a moment Commander until I get dressed?"

Damien grinned, "Sorry Toriger, I forgot."

The door opened, "How can ye forget someone in their nightclothes?  Now what is it that I can do for you in this hour?" He asked.

"I need you to make some armour."

"Well that is no problem. You had to wake me up this early to ask me that?"

"Well," Damien grinned, "The armour is not for me it is for a friend of mine."

"So send him around, I will make the necessary measurements and have his armour ready in say a week.  Now can I go back to bed?" Toriger asked.

"My friend, Toriger is an orc, his name is Grunok and he is..."

"Is going to be knighted by the King today." Toriger finished Damien's sentence.

"Yes, how did you know?"

"Because the King is way ahead of you.  I have been making the armour now for about two weeks.  All I need now is Grunok himself to measure him so that I can put the finishing touches.  Want to see it?"

"Yes, I do." Damien said excitedly and shook his head at how Voltigar continues to amaze him, even after all the years he has known him.

Toriger led Damien back into the armoury, into a special room, he lit several torches and pointed to a rack.  Damien's eyes widened, and a soft whistle came from his lips.  It was a complete set of armour; with greaves, thigh plates, helmet, and the breastplate.  It shone brillantly in the torchlight.  Next to it was the shield.

The kite shaped shield was divided in three equal parts with one line straight down the center, and two shorter ones starting at the center of the shield and going downwards toward opposite corners.  The top part of the shield had a picture of an animal that looked liked an warg, but with an orcish head.  The right lower section had the colors of the city of Voldar in a striped pattern, and the lower left had the Royal colors in the same pattern.  "Is this all necessary?" Damien asked?

"What do you mean Commander?"

"I mean the Royal colors? Only the King should wear the Royal colors?"

"That is exactly what I told him, but he insisted. Besides they are only the colors, not the symbol." Toriger replied.  "What do ye think of my work though?"

"I...I think that many a knight will be jealous.  I hope whatever the King is thinking does not backfire upon him."

"You and I think alike, Commander. I told him the same thing, and he told me to let him worry about that.  So I do as I am told."

"Grunok is in the palace, probably still sleeping, though I suppose I could wake him." Damien said.

"That would be a help to me, Commander.  As I need his measurements so that I can fit his armour on like a second skin. Come to think of it, I polished your armour up as well and it is waiting for you."

"I do not wear my armour. I will get Grunok."

"If you say so, Commander, but the King will be expecting all of his knights and especially the "Captain of the Guards" to be wearing their armour today." Toriger replied.

Damien stood there looking at Toriger, "I suppose I should wear it. It is just not me, but for the King..."

Toriger grinned, "I will have it ready for you as well when you bring back Grunok."

Damien sighed and walked to Grunok's room and pounded on the door.  He did not know how deep of a sleeper Grunok was and he needed to make sure he heard him knocking.


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Grunok jerks awake at the pounding, flippping out of bed into what would have been a terrifying fighting stance, if it hadn't been for the blankets.  He grunts as he crashes heavily to the floor, the exquisite sheets wound around his legs and waist.  Rasing his head he looks at the door, wondering if he'll be able to untangle himself before it opens.

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The servants were already up working on the preparations and decorations for the ball that evening.  The kichen was a bustle of motion and overlapping voices as cooks shouted orders and corrected their assistants.  The palace was beginning to fill with the smell of cakes and pastries, as well as meat and bread.  Iris and her sister were amongst those who were just too exited to sleep any longer and went about first readying themselves for the day and then eating their breakfast.

As Iris made her way to check on the new guests in the castle, she heard what sounded to be someone trying to break down a door.  Quickly she picked up her skirts and made her way through the winding castle cooridoors until she neared the sound.  Causiously she made her way down the firelight hall.  She quickly realized that it was Commander Scar making such noise.  

Once she had made her presence known she curtsied to the Commander and greeted him good morning.

"Sir, could I be of any assistance?  I do not know how long you have been banging on sir Grunok's door, but he may very well not even have heard you yet."

About that time they both heard a loud thud coming from the inside of the room.

"I believe Sir, that he has awakened.  If I can be of serivice please let me know."  Iris said after she had curtisied again ready to leave.

"I believe breakfast is in order, Iris.  Please fetch some for Grunok and myself and deliver it to the armory.  We shall eat there while Grunok is getting fitted."  Damien was slightly amused with the thud that had come from inside the room, tho he hoped his friend had not injured or reinjured himself.

Iris was getting ready to leave to carry out the Commanders instructions when a thought quickly crossed her mind.  What did Grunok, being an orc, eat for breakfast.  She turned back to the Commander and asked.

"Sir, umm, what should I tell the cook the prepare for Sir Grunok?"

Damien smiled as the torchlight danced across his face.
"Raw meat.  A nice slap of raw beef should do well."

Iris blanched slightly at the thought of eating raw beef but only curtisied and hurried off to carry out her orders.

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Damien Scar

Damien watched Iris scamper back to the kitchen and his loins began to itch.  He shook his head, smiled, turned back around and tried to forget Iris and knocked on Grunok's door this time instead of pounding upon it.

King Voltigar

Voltigar woke up as he usually did, fully rested and wide awake.  He always had that knack even if he went to sleep late, or if he only took a short nap, that was all his body seemed to need to be able to take on the rigours that Voltigar demanded of it.

He threw off his covers, and the slight chill in his room invigorated him as he quickly rose out of bed, padded across the floor and stoked up the fireplace until it was nice and hot.  He stood there naked in front of the fire, warming up his bath. Kings, usually had their servants warm their baths, and even bathe them, Voltigar prefered to bathe himself, the servants had much more important things to do than bathe and dress him, though, there could be advantages when it came to some pretty servant girl...

Voltigar smiled at the thought as he poured his water into his bath. He quickly bathed, and dressed.  His mind was always thinking and his first thought was that his talk with Count Run'eir did not go well last night after he sought him out to try and explain things.  In fact the Count had not even stayed the night, he left after their talk.  Voltigar tried, but could not reason or stop him.

As soon as Voltigar walked out of his room, he was greeted by his guards.  He greeted them back, by name.  He never forgot his guards names and they seemed to liked it.  He even remembered if they were married, their wives names, and if they had children, their children's names as well.

He walked past the kitchen and could hear the cooks giving orders as well as smell all of the delicatable smells coming from it, which made his stomache grumble.  He saw Iris walking very quickly down the hallway that led to Commander Scar's and Grunok's rooms and headed toward the kitchen.  He stopped her, "Iris, do you know if Commander Scar or Grunok has risen yet?" He asked her.


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Grunok disentangles himself from the sheets and drops them where they lie on the floor.  Quickly pulling on and lacing his pants, he walks to the door just as Damien knocks again.  Grunok opens the door with a scowl for his rude awakening which lessens only slightly when he sees the commander.  "Gud morrning," he says in a low, somewhat threatening grumble, having learnt that the phrase is the appropriate early day greeting after his lengthy stay with the Nehtorians.

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"Good morning to you my friend," Damien replied. "Sorry for waking you up so early, but I have a surprise for you." Damien took a quick look at the sheets on the floor. "Now, I know you did not sleep on the floor, did you? That is what a bed is for?" Damien laughed heartily.  "Well, never mind, the servants will clean up your room. "If you want your surprise you have to come with me.  Come along big fella."  Damien said as he began to stride down the hallway.

"Oh, I have Iris getting you a large piece of raw beef for you for breakfast.  We will eat where we are going." Damien said as he continued walking.


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Grunok continues to scowl as Damien laughs, the suspicion that he may be being laughed at tugging on his brain.  Nevertheless, when Damien leads off down the hallway, Grunok follows - after quickly stumping back across his room to pick up his ripped and stained shirt for protection against the morning chill in the large hallways of the palace.

Grunok runs a few steps to catch up with the tall human, tugging his shirt over his scowling head.  The face that pops out, however, is not scowling; the prospect of breakfast brings a relaxed, pleased expression to the orc's face.  Besides, he thinks, it can't be too bad a surprise if we can eat there.

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Still thinking how unsettling it would be to eat raw beef for breakfast or anytime for that matter, Iris almost collided with the King.  She looked up quickly when she heard him speak and immediatly dropped into a low curtisey.  

"I am sorry your Highness.  I was not paying attention to where I was going." Iris kept her eyes downcast until the King addressed her directly.  

"Yes, Sire.  Both are awake.  It seems that Commander Scar had been awake for a while and last I seen him he was trying to coach Sir Grunok from sleep.  The Commander has requested that himself and Sir Grunok be served their breakfast in the Armory.  I was just on my way to the kitchen to tell cook.  Would you like for me to also have your breakfast served there?"

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Kain rises from his slumber early enough that he might still glance at the stars as they melt away into the dawn. He then begins to rummage through the various pockets of his cloak and place all of his books, reagents, and scrolls in the shelves and desks that he deems appropriate.

After he has finished this task, he rings the small servent bell. His hunger called for a well cooked meal. He quickly dresses himself, taking only enough time to make sure everything is in its proper place. After all the brass clasps are secure he pulls Moh'epher onto his back. With the welcome weight comes also the burden of responcibility. He would have to prepare for the ball today. Perhaps they could hold a competition for magic, as well as the more practical arts. This might draw in the mages he would require for the tasks ahead.

You have lived a life of cruelty and atrocity, you have bathed in the blood of the innocent, you have considered every act of depravity and your corruption knows no bounds. I am the angel of justice, I am the accumulation of all of your sins. Prepare for your redemption.

-Kain Cristar, Divine Aspect

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Damien Scar

Damien slowed down a bit until Grunok was walking by his side.  He led Grunok through the maze of passageways, outside through the outer court and then to the armoury.

Tregior was waiting for them.  "Well it took you long enough, Commander."  He peered at Grunok, "Blast it all to Coor, I had no idea he was that big around the legs and arms and those tusks, the helm will have to be refitted as well."

Damien glared at Tregior. "Tregior!"

Tregior glared back at Damien for a couple of blinks, "I apologize Commander."

"Forgiven Tregior. Now let us start anew, shall we," he turned to Grunok, "Grunok this is Tregior, master armourer of Voldar, Tregior this is Grunok, killer of Kings." Damien said smiling. "Now what was that tirade all about?" he asked.

"It is a pleasure to meet you Grunok, killer of Kings." Tregior said holding out his hand in friendship.  "Commander, I made that suit of armour for a man, a large man, but it will still be too small.  But, now that I have calmed down, I think I have the solution and it will not be that much trouble fixing it."

"What solution?" Damien asked.

"Sort of like armour plates, instead of one suit, it will be plates held together by brass and leather. The plates will lie upon one another forming like scales on a fish. Once all the plates are put on it will not only give Grunok solid protection, but will give him more mobility, much more than those who wear solid armour. I just need to take his measurements of his, feet, calves, thighs, waist, chest, arms, neck and head.  I also think I can alter the helm to accomodate those tusks."

"Sounds interesting." Damien looked at his friend, "This is your surprise a suit of armour and there is more. Tregior show him the shield."

Tregior led them over to a rack of shields, but one was covered with a cloth with colors and symbols upon it.  Tregior raised the cloth and beneath it was Grunok's shield.  It shone brilliantly as the torchlight and some glints of sunlight streamed through the cracks in the roof of the armoury.

"All of this, the armour, the shield and the cloth, which you wear over your armour when not in battle are yours. They are a gift from me and the King to you.  You will be expected to wear it when the King knights you this afternoon right at the beginning of the tournament.  That is when you will receive another gift, but that one the King wants to give to you personally after you are knighted.  Well what do say? Is it good enough for the 'killer of Kings'." Damien asked smiling at his friend.

King Voltigar

Voltigar smiled down at Iris. "No, I will not be joining them. I have other things to do, Iris.  You go about your buisness and bring Grunok his breakfast."

He turned to go but stopped, then quickly said, "Oh, in case you did not know, Damien, Commander Scar's usual breakfast consists of three eggs, two large thick pieces of bacon, a couple of pieces of dark brown bread slathered with butter and honey and a very large tankard of goats milk.  I would suggest you ask for some help, as capable as you are dear, I doubt you can carry it all in one trip."

He then gently reached out, took her head in his hands, and kissed her upon the forehead. "You are such a very beautiful girl. Ava blessed you and your sister. And I have been blessed to have you work for me.  I pray that your wages are adequate.  I will have breakfast in the small dining hall, same as the Commander's. You may tell the cook when you go. Thank you."  Voltigar said, briefly staring into Iris's eyes, before he turned and walked away.


Sach, a tall, gangly red-haired boy with bright blue eyes that held more than a hint of intelligence heard the bell in his room and quickly ran up the stairs to where the stranger, who called himself Kain, had slept.  Sach had heard many rumors about this stranger and had asked the butler specifically if he could be the strangers guide. He had never met a real mage.  The Butler, a good friend, gave his assent.

Sach reached the door, calmed his breathing down, and then respectively knocked upon it.


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Iris listened intently as the King spoke.  She greatly admired the man and was very proud to be in his service.  He paid very nice wages and he always made sure to make the extra effort to remember names of those who served closely to him.  She held much respect for this King before her as welll as affection.

Nodding her understanding as the King spoke about having other things to do this morning and what Commander Scar preferred for his breakfast, which she had not known before hand but assumed the cook did.  She smiled broadly as he mentioned her needing help with the food.  

As the King kissed her forehead and then complimented her and her sister's beauty, he heart began to quicken it's pace as the blood coursed quickly through her veins.  All she managed to get out while the King looked into the depths of her eyes before he turned and left was barely more than a breathless whisper, "Thank you Sire."  She wasn't sure he had even heard it.  And then he was walking away leaving her slightly blushed.  

Iris suddenly remembering her duties snapped into action and bustled her way into the kitchen.

The cook looked mildly surprised to see her and then noticed the blush and slightly irratic breathing.  

"Ya haven't been foolin' 'round wit dem der betters have ya?"  asked the cook eyeing Iris specutively.  The cook was an older woman, and heavy set with dark brown hair that had just begin showing signs of gray.  She was course around the edges, but had a heart of gold beneath her full and slightly dropping bossum, if ya could get past the thorns first.

Iris looked startled at the allegation that the cook was implying and then she narrowed her eyes.  "Do you have so much less to do that you grow bored in here and must make up fruitless fantacies?  I suggest you keep yourself in the role of suductress next time instead of me.  For your information I just came from Sir Grunok's door with a request by Commander Scar and almost ran the King over."  

The cooked gave Iris one last assessing look before she nodded her head and giving a soft grunt of approvement meaning she believed the girl.  She had heard and seen too many pretty young girls who had gotten involved with their betters only to end up with child and a broken heart.  She didn't want to see anything of the like with the one in front of her, or that sister of hers.  

"Well then spit it out child, what will they be havin' dis mornin?" She wiped the flour from her hands onto her apron and began grabbing bowls and slabs of bacon to cook.

Iris straightened her dress and recited what the King had told her about Commander Scar's breakfast and his own.  She then smiled, but only briefly before she hid it as she thought of the cooks face when she would tell her of the orc's choice.

"..And the Commander said that for Sir Grunok he would like a nice rack of beef."

The cook just nodded as she went to work cutting a rack of beef down to a more managable size.

"Raw" Iris added before the cook through it over the fire.

The cook looked up quickly and her skin had gone a shade paler.  "Did I hear ya right, child?  You said raw?!"

Iris could only giggle as she nodded her head and headed out the kitchen door to find her sister who would help her trasport the food.

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Kain had almost forgotten about the ringing of his bell, immersed as he was with a thick tome which consisted mostly on magical battle theory. He had been contemplating the various difficulties which were inherant to a competition of magical prowess. A mock battle, much like how knights joust, would be visually pleasing to say the most, but the king would dissprove if his citizens were put in danger. Also a dead mage was of no use to him. He needed a way to assure himself that no harm would be done yet a fair contest could be conducted. As of yet the problem had proved insurmountable. As he pages through a section which discoursed into the magical properties of lightning and its practical applications, a tentitive knocking came from the door.

With a decisive grunt, he shuts the book and stands. Half expecting annother preety girl, the elf glances down at himself and straightens some of the fittings which hold his outfit together. Somewhat satisfied, he approaches the heavy door and pulls it open with a flourish. His attempt at a charming grin falls as his eyes instead fall upon a human male, with red hair. Instead he takes a moment to look into the boys eyes. They attract his attention, because they, similair to his own eyes, are blue. It was not truely the color that attracts him, but the life within them. He takes almost half a minute to appraise the boy, who is thin and long, much like himself.

After judging the gawky human to be harmless, he gives a weak smile and a gesture that some social scientists may have concluded was a greeting, though the issue would meet hot debate and bitter controversy. My hunger calls for the sweet smells of a kitchen, yet my mind and feet yearn for the wandering halls. I doubt I have the capablity to reach a negotiable comprimise and find myself requiring a guide. Therefor, boy, you shall take me to the best dining quarters within reasonable distance to this room, and we shall quence our baser lusts. The thought of food regains his lost hope and rejuvinates the faltering smile upon his thin, elvish lips with a content grin. As if it were a second thought, Kain reaches back behind himself and grabs a small tome which lies on the desk near the thicker, more violent, spell book he had immersed himself in moments before.

You have lived a life of cruelty and atrocity, you have bathed in the blood of the innocent, you have considered every act of depravity and your corruption knows no bounds. I am the angel of justice, I am the accumulation of all of your sins. Prepare for your redemption.

-Kain Cristar, Divine Aspect

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The door opened and Sach saw the man behind it, at first he seemed liked he really wanted to smile, but it dropped, then the man stood there looking at him.  Sach took this time to also appraise the man before him.  He was about as tall as this man, and about as thin.  His clothes were about what Sach expected that a mage would wear, but it was the man's eyes that attracted Sach's attention more than anything else.

For one thing, they were blue, like his, which is not unusual, but it was what Sach saw behind the eyes; intelligence, beyond belief, but their was no light, it was intelligence without life and Sach wondered if that is what magic did to someone? Take away their life, maybe even their souls? He wanted to ask the man many questions, but he dared not, for fear of just the asking.

The man spoke of hunger and then asked to be directed to a place to eat. "Master Kain, the King is awaiting you in the small dining hall. I shall direct you to where it is. If you would please follow me." Sach turned, looked over his shoulder to see if Kain was following him.


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Grunok is silent for a time as the import of the gift stuns him.  He has seen scraps of human-made armour in the collections of his father, the warlord of his tribe and on the bodies of the highest of his generals but those had been old and often damaged, not shining like this.  Walking slowly toward the armour he reaches to pick up the shield, but before he touches it he jerks his hand away, remembering the last time he touched something uninvited.  

But, thinks Grunok, Damien said this is mine.  Stepping forward resolutely, he hefts the shield.  He stands proudly, holding the shield, his ragged clothes smoothed and gilded by the torchlight, a strange but compelling picture of knight and orc, a foreshadowing perhaps...

The moment is lost as Grunok grins at Damien and the armourer.  "It iss gud", he says.  He hasn't the command of Tharian yet to express what he feels about the gift, but the wide grin and shining eyes say it clearly enough.

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"It is good! Is that all he can say, it is good!" Sputtered Tregior. "Why I worked my hands to the bone, I..."

"Tregior calm down, Grunok does not speak our language very well, but can you not see in his face and his eyes that he really really likes it?" Asked Damien.

Tregior calmed down and peered at Grunok's expression, "If you say so Commander. I guess after looking at his expression it is one of happiness. He speaks to Grunok, "Yes, Grunok it is good." He smiles.

Damien is smiling too, then he frowns as he tries to think of how he is going to tell Grunok that he cannot wear the armour or the shield until after he is knighted.  "I suppose I just tell him." he muttered.

"Grunok, listen to me.  This armour and shield are yours but you can not wear them yet, after the King knights you in the beginning of the Tournament, then you can put on your armour and wear your shield.  They will be waiting for you in a tent on the grounds."

Damien hoped Grunok understood, as he gently took the shield away and put it back on the rack. "Breakfast will be here soon and we will eat as we talk about what will happen during your knighting ceremony."

"Commander, are those the clothes he is planning on wearing when he gets knighted?" Tregior asked dubiously.

Damien looked at the ragged clothes Grunok was wearing. "No, I know he will be wearing a white cloak over his clothes, but we should get him some decent clothing. I will think of something."  Maybe Wilma can sew him up something? he mused as they waited for breakfast to show up.

"Have a seat Grunok while we wait for breakfast. Oh, Tregior, what about you, have you eaten yet?" Damien asked.

"Long time ago, Commander. But I need to get Grunok's measurements and get to work on his armour.  It just rang six bells, I have six bells to get all this work done.  Do you think you could ask Grunok to stand back up again, just until I get his measurements?" Tregior asked. "I am not sure he would do it if I asked him."

Damien chuckled, "Sure he would Tregior just ask him. He is a really nice fellow, as long as you do not get him angry, that is?"

"Oh, funny person you are Commander." Tregior said as he grabbed a piece of twine. "Grunok would you mind standing up, I need to measure you for your armour. It will not take but a few blinks to do so." Tregior asked Grunok expectantly.


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Iris heard the toll of six bells and begun to run through the halls of the castle looking for Cadence, her sister.

Cadence was dreamily coming down a torch light hall  when Iris spotted her.

"Cadence!  There you are, where have you been?  We need to deliver the King's breafast as well as Commander Scar's and Sir Grunok's."  Iris spoke quickly and all in a rush as she approached her sister.

Cadence only vaguely aware of her presence only nodded her head and began to hum a romantic tune as she continued to lazily walk the hall.

Iris's patience snapped.  She grabbed hold of her younger sister's shoulders and shook her one good time.

"Cadence!  Cadence!  Look at me, focus!"

Cadence's eyes quickly cleared of the daydream she had been in and looked a bit startled at Iris.

"Why are you yelling at me?  I am not to go about my chores for until seven bells."

Cadence noticed the panic look in the depths of Iris' eyes, which she usually hid well from others.  Only Cadence had ever been able to see it, even since they were small children.

"What Iris?  Has something happened?  Is it the King?"  All traces of the daydream now gone Cadence was chasing after her sister who appeared to be heading towards the kitchen.

It was not like Cadence to be a feather brain thought Iris.  Her sister was level headed with mostly her only fault being that she hel on to the romantic notions of a young maid.  Innocence, Iris thought and only shook her head.

Once in the kitchen Iris, Cadence, and another servant girl all loaded up the food for those who were awaiting breakfast.  Iris took Grunok's because no one else would touch it.  Cadence had Commander Scar's and the young serving girl had the King's.  

Before hefting her own platter, Iris smacked the young girl on the rear as she said, "Now be quick with ya.  The King should not have to wait for his breakfast.  Serve him and whom ever else he may be dining with until they dismiss you.  Understand?"

The serving girl nodded her head meekly and quickly made her way to where the King was to dine.

Iris looked to Cadence and grinned.  Cadence knew that grin and quickly made her rear inaccessible to Iris.  "If you cause me to drop their food, Iris, the Commander will not be pleased." Cadence warned as she skirted her sister holding the Commander's breakfast between herself and her sister.

"Then get going." Iris said with a smile as she lifted the heavy platter of raw beef and tankard.  The two sister's made their way quickly to the armoury where one of the patroling guards helped open the door after he checked to make sure the orc was not standing there naked.

Iris came quickly into the room and sat the platter down on the table where close by Grunok was beging measured.

Cadence sat the Commander's breakfast and milk down infront of him as well as a set of silverware to eat before she curtsied first to the Commander and then to the orc named Grunok.  "Morning Commander Scar, morning Sir Grunok.  Good morning Tregior.  Forgive your breakfast being detained, it was my fault and not Iris', Sir." Cadence quickly raised her eyes to the Commander and then just as quickly lowered them as a slight blush crept up her throat and into her cheeks.

Iris came to stand before the Commander and curtsied to him as well as to Grunok and Tregior.

"That will be all Cadence, unless the Commander has need of something else from you." Iris straightened her skirt and smoothed out an unseen wrinkle before she raised her eyes to the Commander.

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Grunok stands up, not sure of what "measuring" requires but obedient nonetheless.  He is a little annoyed at the way this Tregior talks about him to Damien as if he were not even there, but his annoyance disappears as he sees yet another slab of raw beef brought in, obviously for him.

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Damien turned at the sound of the door opening. He stood up and faced them as Iris's sister Cadence walk in and placed his food and eating utensils upon the table, apologizing all the time, for being late and such.  Then Iris came in with Grunok's food.

He looked at both sisters, their face shone and he could even see some sweat trickle slowly and disappear between Cadence's heaving bosom when she curtsied and then Iris's when she did the same. thank you Ava for creating such creatures as these. he thought.

Their eyes were bright and alive. Cadence even showed the tell tale signs of a blush as she curtsied.  Damien smiled warmly at both of them. "Good morning ladies. Do not worry about the food, Grunok and I had some details to talk about and do so it is alright if you were a little late. Besides, your smiles and pretty faces, as well as your shining skin was well worth the wait." he said.

Turning he saw Grunok's face alight with delight when he saw the slab of beef placed that Iris carried and placed in front of Grunok. "Iris and Cadence Grunok should not be called 'Sir' until after he is knighted.  But I will not tell, and I am sure Grunok will not either." He said, smiling again warmly at the two girls.  There was a slight awkward moment as Damien just stared at the two, then Tregior broke it.

"Alright, you two have served the Commander and Grunok. Now stop gawking at each other and get a move on.  The Tournament is in six hours and you two had better go help the cook to prepare the food and such for it."

Damien took each girls hands; one each in each of his hands. Their hands seemed so small in his large ones and so soft, he put them up to his lips, staring into Iris's eyes, then Cadence's, then back to Iris's, "I look forward to seeing you both at the tournament." he muttered, and then released their hands. "Now you better go before Tregior has apopolxy at my behavior." He chuckled.

King Voltigar

Voltigar was sitting at the head of the table his head resting against the back of the chair when the door opened and a servant boy, walked in with Master Kain trailing behind him.  The King rose, and waited for the boy and Kain. What is that boy's name? Voltigar asked himself. He prided himself on his memory of knowing everyone, including all of the staff, it also helped when strangers were in the palace as well. I remember, "Sach, thank you for bringing Master Kain down for breakfast."

"Your welcome, Sire." Sach replied, as he bowed quickly and then left.

"Master Kain, I hope that you slept well? Breakfast should be served soon." A door opened and a young girl walked in, curtsied, and placed the King's food upon the table.  Other servants, pages and other servant girls also came in and began placing bread, cheeses and wine upon the table.

Voltigar motioned to a chair next to him to Kain and then sat down. "I prefer eggs as well as some bacon for breakfast. What would you like, Kain? Just tell the servants and they will get it for you. While we wait and eat I would like to hear and discuss your plans for your company of mages."

Sach's ears perked up just as he was about to close the dining hall door. a company of mages! Is Master Kain going to train mages? I wonder if he would be willing to train me? No, I am just a lowly servant's son, he will probably train some noble's son's. Sach thought to himself as he took a glance behind him at Master Kain and then slowly closed the door.


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Grunok watches, bemused, as the Commander lavishes attention on the two females who brought in the food.  He remembers how Damien has been to women before - that he has behaved in similar ways to other females - and comes to the conclusion that this must be the way that women are to be treated here.  In the Hills of Oro giving a female such attention would be considered unmanly, but Grunok is convinced of the commander's worth.

On impulse, Grunok steps foward just as Damien tells the girls to leave, reaching for one of each of their hands to bring them to his lips as the commander had done.  The difference is, however, that Grunok is a yellow-eyed, green-skinned orc with fangs quite visible between his darker green lips.

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Cadence's blush only deeped as the Commander mentioned the light sweat the two sister's had worked up.

Iris only grinned at Cadence's slight embarassment.  Iris listened as the Commander reminded them both that Grunok had not be knighted yet and thus should not be called "Sir" and shook her head in acknowledgement.  Six bells was not that far away and the hour, while it seemed to pass ever so slowly, was ticking away none the less.

Iris took note of the man before her in the brief silence.  He was a strong man, a man suited to leading others.  Iris knew that the Commander was fiercly loyal to the King just as she and her sister was.  There was nothing that they could ask of either herself or Cadence that they would not try to fulfill.

Then Tregrior spoke ruining the moment and both sisters glared in his direction.  

Damian had taken both of their hands in each of his own and kissed each in turn.  Cadence thought was going to swoon, but she locked her legs and stood her ground.  

Iris was lost in the Commander's eyes as he spoke, hearing him from a distance.  

Then a startling thing happened as the girls turned to leave.  Grunok reached out catching both girls' hands and kissed them in the same manner the Commander did.  The orc was obviously trying to familiarize himself with their customs and Iris could only pray that Cadence would not offend him in some way.

Iris graciously lowered her eyes and curtsied to Grunok as she had done with the Commander.  The big orc did not frighten her, tho his choice in meals left something to be desired.

Cadence was fasinated by the orc that the King would be knighting.  She tried hard not to stare for most people did not like to be stared at.  She had made her mind up earlier, when she heard that the King would be knighting Grunok, that she would treat him the same as the rest of the knights.  She did not cringe or stifen when he took her hand in his overly large green one.  Instead she smiled a big friendly smile and took in all his features as she curtsied to him.  

Cadence could only hope that she could get to know this soon to be knighted orc better as both sister's disappeared into the hall back towards the kitchen.

The servant girl almost ran into Sach coming out of the dining hall door.  She looked up suddenly glaring at him as she kept the King's milk from spilling.  Her rear still hurt alittle from where Iris had walloped her.

"Ya shoun't be listen' to ya betters, Sach.  Ya know dat."

"But their talkin' about a company of mages." Sach said his voice full of awe.

"No doubt somthin' you shouln't be hearin' " the servant girl remarked.

Slipping past Sach the servant girl entered the dining hall.  Her steps faultered for only a step as she saw who the King was entertaining for breakfast.  "He must be that mage they call Kain" she thought to herself.

"Sire, I brought yer breakfast." the servant girl said softly as she set the food down in front of the King along with his tankard of milk.  "Iris told me that I was to serve to and your guest this morning.  Is there anything else that I can get fer ya, Sire?"

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Voltigar looked up, when the young girl came in and served them; he dabbed his mouth with some cloth and poured himself some milk His grey eyes took in every feature of the young servant girl as he tried to remember who she was."No, I do not need anything else," he turned to Kain, "Master Kain, would you care for anything?" He asked as he frowned in thought. He could not remember the servant girl and it bothered him. "My dear child, forgive me, but I do not seem to recall who you are? Are you new to the staff?" He asked.


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Damien Scar

Tregior had finished measuring Grunok and then Grunok and Damien finished their breakfast.  Damien then asked Grunok to follow him to get new clothes.  Grunok agreed and off they went.

OOC rest of post on Cedric's Street.


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The servant girl nodded her head meekly.  

"Yes, Sire.  I am new to the staff.  My name is Callie, Sire."

Callie looked around a little unsure what to do next as she waited for the strange looking man named Master Cain to answer the King.

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"Callie. Welcome Callie. I pray that you are well served as you serve me."  Voltigar noticed that the young girl stood nervously eyeing Kain. "Oh, he does not say much, Callie, just bring him the same as I have. I think that will be satisfactory."


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Relief was evident on the young serving girl's face and she curtsied to both the King and to 'Master Kain'.

"Rite away, Sire." was the only thing Callie said before she left.

Once outside the door she felt as tho she would fall if she didn't lean on something.  There was an odd air about that Master Kain.  She shook her head and steadied her knees.  As she made her way to the kitchen, Callie wondered how Sach could be so stupified by someone like that.

The cook was busling around the kitchen giving stern orders to those who were supposidly "helping" her, when she noticied Callie standing in the doorway.

"Well git in here, child.  Did the King send ya back fer sumthin'?"

Callie came forward and stood near the cook.  "Yes m 'am.  He said to bring the same thang for Master Kain."
"Just call me Nana, everyone else does child.  I thought he might say that so I already have a plate here fer ya to take.  Be quick about it before the eggs and meat cool.  And don't forget the tankard of milk there on the end of the counter.

Nana shook her head as the meek servant girl headed back out of her kitchen with plate and milk in hand.  The poor little thing seemed so scared of everything.  She wasn't a women grown yet, somewhere between, thought Nana.  A woman-child.  She had a pretty face and Nana made a note to keep watch over her.  Nana quickly came out of her thoughts and went back to sending the girls helping in the kitchen about their tasks and sending idle boys about with platters of cakes and other sweets to set out for the ball tonight.

Callie made her way quickly back to the dining hall.  A guard there opened the door for her since she had her hands full and she nodded her thanks.

She gently laid the plate in front of Master Kain saying as she did.  "The cook said she thout ya might have the same thang as the King and already fixed ya a plate, Master Kain."

Callie straigtened and made a curtsey to the King once again and then to Master Kain.  "Anythang else, Sire?"

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"No, that shall be fine Callie. Tell Nana, that breakfast was up to her usual flair and very good.  Your service, Callie was welcomed as well. You may go now. If I know Nana, she will have you busier than a hive of bees on a summer's day."


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Callie hurried back into the Kitchen for she knew the King spoke the truth.  Callie was amazed at how much the cook had gotten accomplished this morning alone.  She listened as the cook gave orders and quickly went about tasks that she was given.

Iris and Cadence hurried toward the kitchen when Cadence suddenly stopped.

"Iris, you know I wouldn't normally ask, but could you cover for me for a while.  There is someone I am supposed to be meeting with soon."  Cadence looked shyly at her sister, who was inspected her sister suspiciously.

"Who is he Cadence?" Iris was always suspicious of men and her sister.  Cadence was too much of a dreamer sometimes to realize what men say and what men do and two different things.  Iris herself had been involved in only a couple of trysts, but no one would have known it.  The men Iris came involved with kept things quiet and usually never sought her out.

"Please Iris!  Please!!!  I will only be gone for a bell and nothing more.  I promise when I get back I will do whatever you want.  Please, I have never asked you for anything like this before.  I have always done as you have told me and always done my tasks.  Please Iris, just this once." Cadence was practically ready to cry and Iris knew that her sister told the truth.  Cadence was a good girl.  Iris had practically raised Cadence since their mother died and their father had ran out after he found out about having a second child.  Iris vaguely remembered what he even looked like.  She shook her head to clear the unwanted memory from her mind.

"On one condition, Cadence." Iris warned.

"Anything!  What Iris, just ask."  Cadence was so eager she was almost beside herself.  

"I want to meet him.  Now.  We will not be missed for a little bit"

Cadence's heart quickly flip flopped in her chest.  She didn't want to hear how the man she had fallen in love with was not good enough for her and that she was forbidden to see him.  But on the same hand, it was the only way Iris would cover for her and she wanted so badly to be with her love.

"Fine." Cadence said grudgingly.  "But I do not want to hear anything about it later.  I love him and he loves me and I will not tolerate you speaking against him, Iris.  Do you understand?  Nothing." Cadence knew better than to threaten her sister, but she felt defiant and went with it.  Quickly she led Iris down the halls and out into the servant entrance by the garden.

Iris had thought about the tone in Cadence's voice a few moments ago.  There was something different about this man that Cadence proclaimed to love.  Iris decided to keep her comments to herself for the time being until her sister felt less defensive.

Cadence began to pace under a tree out and away from most everything else except flowers, bushes and more trees.  Suddenly she went still and cocked her head to the side and a blissful and radiant smile lit her face.  

"It's okay, Clayton.  It's just Iris." Cadence half whispered to a shrub.

Then the shrub moved and from behind it stood a tall dark haired man.  He was human and Iris thought that perhaps she had seen him before but couldn't place where.  He as very handsome, but not Iris' type.  Something about his gray blue eyes.  They looked cold to her.  He stood a good ped above Cadence and herself, who were about the same height, and was well built.  His clothes were well made and overall appeared appealing.  

Clayton had watched as the two sisters approched where he and Cadence usually met.  He had heard how attractive Iris was, but had no idea until now.  He thought Cadence was beautiful as most men did, but Iris was untouchable.  Clayton grinned slyly as he thought just how much he wanted to change that.  His groin began to tighten with the thought.  Cadence hadn't let him into her bed yet, but he only smiled as he thought on how he might go about changing that and soon.  As Cadence and Iris drew closer and Cadence began to pace he snapped a small twig that was underfoot.  So far things were going as planned.

"Cadence, my beauty.  How I have missed you.  You are the sunshine in my life." Clayton grasped Cadence around her slender waist and gently pulled her towards him to brush a kiss across her knuckles with his lips.

He turned his attention to Iris and took one of her hands in his own and bowed over it as if she were royalty.  "And lovely Iris.  I have heard so much about you from Cadence.  I hope that we will have the oportunity to get to know each other better in the near future, for I am madly in love with your sister and have been for quiet some time."   Clayton turned his attention back to Cadence and extended his arm to her and then wrapped her slender hand with it.

"Please Iris, join us for a stroll around the garden.  I can not stay long.  But I know you have some questions you wish to ask me."

Iris thought Clayton's tone was too silkey for her liking but remembered what she had told herself about keeping all comments to herself for now.  Cadence was practically glowing and Iris did not wish to ruin that for her sister.

"I will but only for a moment.  I would like to know where you are from and what you do.  How serious are you about my sister and where you see this going."

Cadence faultered in her steps, but Clayton patted her hand reassuringly as they began their stroll around the out skirts of the garden keeping under the trees and behind the shrubbery.

"All very good questions that deserve an answer.  I am from Nyer and I worked for a while as a ranger, but decided to retire from it and now I am a small merchant with a small store of my own that allows me to live somewhat comfortably.  As far as how serious I am about your sister, I am very serious about her.  I feel as tho I have finally found the other half of myself.  I wish to wed with her, if we have your blessing."

Iris stopped dead in her tracks.  She couldn't have heard this man properly.  Did he just ask for her sister's hand in marriage?  Iris looked bewildered her eyes searching her sister for some form of explanation.

Cadence thought she would fall over her feet when Clayton asked Iris for her blessing.  They had discussed marriage, but only lightly.  Cadence loved Clayton and she knew Clayton loved her, but marriage was such a large step.  They had only known each other for a few months and only been seeing each other a few weeks.  She had fallen in love with Clayton almost from the start.  

Cadence made up her mind.  It only made sense to marry since they loved each other.  And there was no rush about having children.  She turned to Iris her face all aglow.  

"I know it is sudden, but we have plenty of time to plan the wedding Iris.  Please say we have your blessing."

Iris stood dumbfounded.  Her mouth was half open and she couldn't remember when the last time she blinked had been.  She tried to say something, anything, but nothing came out.  She tried again and her voice craoked from her throat.

"  I need to go tend to things in the kitchen." she turned quickly from the couple and walked quickly back to the palace.  Her mind was numb and the only thing she could think was putting one foot in front of the other without falling flat on her face.

Cadence watched her sister flee quickly from them.  Her face fell for a moment and then she turned questioning eyes to Clayton.  

"Why did you ask her that?  We haven't completely discussed marriage as it is.  You should have asked me first and I could have prepared her at least a little.  It was too soon!  She just met you!  Do you know how this appears to her?  She thinks we are strangers and now you want to marry me?" Cadence's voice began to rise slowly as she became more upset.  

Clayton turned Cadence to her and bent down cupping her face in his hands.  Placing a small kiss on the tip of her nose he looked deep into her eyes.  "Cadence, sweety, it will be alright.  We have discussed this on many occassions before if you will recall.  I know it is a big shock for Iris, but after some time she will calm down about it.  I was trying to do right by you and your sister.  She wanted to know where I wanted this relationship to go and I told her.  I love you and want you to be my wife.  I can only see you bearing my children." Clayton had always had a silver tounge when it came to what women wanted to hear.  He placed his hand on Cadene's flat stomach for good measure.  

"Imagine having our child growing here and feeling him kick and move about.  Don't you want that as much as I do?" Clayton noticed the hesitantcy in Cadence's eyes.  "We won't have children until we are both ready, but one day we will be.  You are the only woman I want.  Can't you see that?"

Cadence wanted so badly to believe Clayton and she had dreamed one day of carrying his children.  She wanted that life with him.  She quickly through her arms about Clayton's neck as tears of joy flowed down her face.  "Of course I do, and I want those things with you."

Clayton sighed and embraced Cadence his mouth finding her for a deep and probing kiss.  He felt her stiffen as his tounge slipped into her mouth but she quickly melted into his embrace.  

Slowly he ended the kiss.  He would enjoy taking her innocence, Clayton thought darkly.  His face hid all traces of his thoughts as he dug into his pocket and produced a ring that he placed on Cadence's finger.

Cadence looked at the gold ring with the sparkling stone set into the band.  Her eyes didn't quiet seem to focus giving her a disbelieving look to her eyes.  

"I know it is small, but it is well made.  When the store does better, I can get you a bigger one if you'd like." Clayton added.  He couldn't tell if Cadence was disappointed with his choice or not.  He had spent a good amount of money for the ring and expected that Cadence should be grateful to get a ring at all.

"No, no.  It is beautiful.  I just couldn't believe we are now truelly betrothed.  I love it.  I do not wish to have anything other." Cadence touched Clayton's face gently as if seeing him anew.  Her eyes held nothing but love for the man before her.    

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Iris ran blindly into the palace.  What in the world was her sister thinking, Iris screamed in her head.  Cadence wasn't.  That was the problem.  Iris continued to run blindly through the halls of the palace not really seeing where she was going and not really caring.  Tears of frustrasion streamed down her face.  Her mind raced of all the things she wanted to say to her sister, of all the things she wanted to do that creepy man who leered at her when he thought he had hid his intentions well.  Her mind raced on and on replaying the whole scene over in her mind as if it was some horrible nightmare.

Iris continued to run the halls of the palace as if to evade her thoughts and Clayton's lusty eyes.

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King Voltigar

Voltigar had finished his breakfast, Kain had asked to take leave and had gone, so Voltigar had decided to find Damien.  He went to his room but did not find him and had recalled that Iris had told him that Damien and Grunok were out at the armoury.  He smiled at the thought of Grunok seeing his armour for the first time and when he would knight the orc, some of them in his court, Count Run'ier, for example will have an absolute fit.

He almost laughed out loud at that thought when he turned the corner and almost ran right into Iris.  He stopped short, "Iris, excuse me. But you should not be running in the halls."  

His grey eyes swept over her; she seemed to be upset about something. probably Nana had her running some errand and knowing Nana she told her to do it fast. He surmised.

"Is Nana pushing you and your sister again?  She does have that tendency, especially during certain celebrations.  I have had her for a cook since I was a boy and I worked for her."

He laughed at her surprise in her eyes, "Yes, I scrubbed pots in her kitchen.  It was my father's way of disciplining me when I needed it and I think it was also a way of him teaching me how servants work for us so called 'upper class.'  It was a valuable lesson..." He said looking above her head seemingly to be in another place. "He died during Cedric's wrest of control of Voldar. I think he would be proud to see me back on the throne again."

Voltigar paused again..."I think mother would have to. She died shortly after him.  But enough of this...Is there something I can do for you, dear Iris?" He asked, lightly touching her left cheek with his right fingertips, slightly lifting her head so he could look directly into her eyes.


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Iris could have kicked herself for the second time today.  She had been too busy in her own thoughts again and for a second time had almost ran over the King.  The confrontation snapped Iris' mind clear of its madness.

She listened to the King and realized he must miss his parents very much.  They must have been loving and caring to have raised such a fine man.  She knew that his mother and father would have liked to see him on the throne.

She smiled at the thought of the man before her, her King, in Nana's kitchen scrouring pots.

"Nay, sire.  Nana has not over burdened Cadence and I."

At the touch of the King's hand, Iris closed her eyes for a brief moment and a small sign escaped her lips before she opened her eyes only to find the King staring into them.  

"I suppose you shall hear it soon enough, and I would prefer for you to hear it from my lips rather than others.  Cadence is engaged to be married.  I just found out myself a few moments before.  I would not be upset, but there is something about the man she is to wed.  I can not place what is wrong, but something is my liege."

Iris looked into the King's eyes and saw the kindness there and then remembered just who was before her.

"I am sorry my liege.  I do not mean to burden you with such trifle things such as this.  Please forget and forgive my loose tounge."

The Palace Grounds

Clayton took Cadence's hand and placed a chaste kiss upon it and then began to stroll about the grounds again.

Cadence smiled at the thoughts of the wedding goign through her head.

"I think a wedding about this time next year will be lovely don't you, Clayton.  That will give us plently of opportunity to know each other better and for me to meet your family."

Clayton patted her hand as they walked.  "Cadence, there is something I must tell you.  I feel this overwhelming need to protect you from all things.  Since you think a wedding around this time would be a good idea, then why should we wait.  Why not wed now?"

Cadence stopped dead in her tracks with a startled look very evident on her face.  Her mind began to work as warning bells were goin goff inside her head.  Her gut began to tell her something was wrong with this.  Why wouldn't he want to wed her properly?  What was the rush?

Cadence began to pull her hand from Clayton's arm only to have him close is hand about hers like a steel trap.  

"Clayton, stop.  Please, your hurting me." Cadence tried to fight down the panick that had suddenly risen in her.   She continued to try to free her hand from Clayton's but it only seemed to cause him to tighten his already hurtful grip.

Clayton thought briefly how sweet those words sounded to his ears and how he looked forward to hearing them more.  He suddenly let go and looked as suprised and apologetic as he could.  

"My sweet Cadence, I am so sorry.  Sometimes I forget my own strength.  You know I would never hurt you on purpose.  You are far more precious and delicate than a rose and I will always treat you as such.  I know this is sudden, but I fear there is a war coming and I wish only to protect you and your sister, since she is the only kin you have.  That is why I wish to wed so quickly, to keep you safe.  We can not live together before we are wed if your reputation is not to become tarnished and I do not wish that on you."

Clayton only could hope that Cadence believed his half truth.  There was a war coming, that much was true.

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Voltigar listened to Iris and surprise washed over his face when he heard about Cadence's engagement. She is barely a woman, and though she is pretty, as both of the girls were, though Voltigar preferred Iris, but would never take advantage of his postition with any of his servant girls, as other Kings and Lords did, even married ones.  Though they did provide much needed gossip during the ball.  As though women needed much to start gossiping, he thought.

He listened more and his eyes grew a bit cold when he heard about her suspicions about this man that had asked Cadence to marry him. Iris always seemed to be a level headed girl and he had patted himself on the back when he had decided to hire her and her sister, besides Iris's beauty he wanted behind 'his' walls.

Without thinking he wrapped his arms around her to comfort her. "Nonsense Iris. You and your sister are never a burden to me. The happiness of my people and especially my staff are most important to me. However I gather that you do not trust this man who has asked your sister to wed.  Is he a townsman?  Maybe I can gather some information about hiim, discreetly of course, that can either ease your concerns or make them correct. If your concerns turn out to be correct, then maybe I can help in that as well."

He then realized that he had been holding Iris against him and that his body had automatically reacted to being close to a woman, when it had not been for a long time.  He gently pushed her away and to cover his embarrasement and probably hers, he laughed and said. " After all, I am the King!!"


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Iris was surprisedby the King's embrace, but quickly melted into his arms.  About the time she remembered that this was no ordinary man giving her comfort the King was already setting her from him.  She could feel a flush creeping up from her breast and she suddenly became very warm.  

Iris nodded as the King spoke of finding out more information about this man.  

"I would greatly appreciate the help you are offering, my liege.  His name is Clayon Drake and he is from Nyer.  How him and Cadence met I do not yet know, but I am sure in time I will hear of it."

Iris straightened and smoothed an imiginary wrinkle from her dress.

"You are a most gracious King.  I know you must hear it all the time from others, but you truelly are.  We thank Ava everyday that you sit upon the throne that we are so blessed.  Thank you, my King for kindness and attentiveness.  If there isever anything I may do to repay this kindness, just ask it of me and it will be done."

Iris was intrigued by the King's eyes and held her gaze there a bit longer than she anticipated.

Palace Gardens

Cadence was stunned to hear Clayton speak of a war.  there had been peace for so long, with the exception of the prior King's death, that she didn't believe it.

"Clayton, you should have to come up with a better excuse than a fake war if you wish to wed me sooner."  Cadence half joked.  As she said the words her eyes seached his for the truth. She was not very good at reading people like Iris was, but something cold had settled in the pit of Cadence's stomach.

"Cadence, I asure you I do not jest.  I saw an army being trained with my own eyes.  A special group.  Not the run of the mill solider.  There has been whispers of Nyer attacking Voldar, and soon."

Clayton knew he was saying too much, but he needed Cadence to believe him in order for him to succeed in his task.

Cadence turned quickly from Clayton so that he would not see the fear in her eyes.  'A war.  A war here, in Voldar.  I must tell Iris, she will know wha to do.' was all Cadence could think.

"We will wed soon then.  I must go and prepare myself now.  We will wed Tomorrow.  Today is a festival for us and a ball tonight."

Clayton reached out and gently touched Cadence's arm and turned her around to face him.  "I know, why do yo think I came today.  I fear that Nyer knows of your festival and may try to attack Voldar tonight.  I have already arranged for a priest to marry us.  We are to meet him now."

Cadence's eyes widened as her brain screamed 'No!!  This is to soon, something is wrong!'  But with fear clouding her brain and Iris not there to help guide her, Cadence reluctantly nodded her head and followed Clayton from the Palace Gardens.

The Ceramony

Clayton and Cadence met a priest in a musty smelling shack not far from the Palace grounds.  Cadence stumbled through the vows and Clayton hurried through his with ease as if he had said them a thousand times.  He placed a solid gold band on her finger and she did the same for him.  Clayton had apparently given the rings to the priest before hand for safe keeping.  In only a few moments the ceramony had ended and Cadence looked to her now husband.

'Husband.'  The word seemed to echo throughout her brain.  She should feel happy and at ease wih him now, but she didn't feel either.  Tonight would be her wedding night and they would consumate the marriage.  Where were they to sleep?  Cadence had some money put back in a secret place that even Iris didn't know about.  Cadence didn't know whether or not the King would allow her to maintain her position in Palace or would turn her out.  She loved the King dearly for he was a good King and she did want to maintain her position in the palace.

Clayton seemed to not notice Cadence's silence as they made their way back to Palace.  The guards knowing Cadence of course were ready to let her enter, but Clayton they stopped.

"State your business."  One of the guards ordered a bit more roughly than usual.  

"I am accompanying my to tell her sister Iris the good news."  Clayton said in an overly pleasant tone of voice.  He made sure he stressed 'wife' so that the guard would get the picture.

The guards looked at each other in suprise and then addressed Cadence.  "Miss, is what this man says right?  You are wed with him?"

Cadence with downcasted eyes only nodded her head yes.  

The solider relunctly moved aside for Clayton to enter.  All the guards fancied Iris and her sister Cadence, but Cadence was more like a pretty little sister to them all.  She was barely out of her girlhood.  The guard made a mental note to remember every detail of this man who claimed to be her husband.  If anything happened to Cadence at all, this new husband would pay for it dearly.

Clayton sneered at the guards as he strolled inside.  He grabbed Cadence's arm a bit roughly causing Cadence to make a small whimpering sound of pain which only brought a cold smile to Clayton's mouth.  She was his now, and no man could change that.  With that thought in mind, Clayton marched her towards the palace.

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Voltigar's eyes and face went cold when he heard the name 'Nyer'  "Iris look at me," he said a bit more brisque than he meant to. "Did you say Nyer?" "This Clayton Drake is from Nyer and you have no idea how she met him?"  "Is he still on the grounds? I assume that he has snuck into the grounds somehow! I must meet this man...immediately!!" Voltigar's voice rose a little.  "Take me to him, now!"  Voltigar demanded.

He then noticed the frightened look in Iris's face and realized that he had raised his voice and was not acting his usual self.  He tried to explain, "Iris, I know you know about the former King, King Cedric.  But what you do not know is that Cedric had a man working for him, Lycheus, who I let go.  He disappeared that day after I let him go, though he had commited many crimes, one was stealing from the treasury.  Cedric, the old fool, did not even know that.  Anyway, Nyer's Earl, Christian, is or was a distant cousin of Cedric's.  If Lycheus went to Nyer...then I fear something.  That is why I must speak to this man."

Suddenly there was a clanking of iron shod feet upon the courtyard outside and a guard, who quite breathless, was asking another where the King was.  "Excuse me, Iris." Voltigar said as he went to the opened window, leaned out and shouted down, "I am here, what is so important?" He asked.

The guard was a bit startled, but looked up and shouted back. "My Liege, you know how you have told us guards to keep watch and protect you and your staff, especially the women."

"Yes, Yes man, what about it?"

"It has been reported that Cadence and her newly wed husband has been let through the palace gates and are coming through the garden heading this way.  We, the guards thought you would like to know before they reach here."

Voltigar pulled his head in and looked at Iris, "I thought you told me they were just engaged, not married."  He put his head back out the window, "Thank you. I shall meet the newly wed couple in the throne room, have them wait in the outer room until I call for them and do not let them leave. Is that understood!"

"Yes, my Liege, understood. Your orders will be obeyed to the letter."

"Good." Voltgar answered and then pulled his head back into the window and peered at Iris watching and waiting for her reply.  By the look on her face Voltigar could see that this was as much a shock as it was to him. I need Damien to check this Clayton Drake out. Blast where is that man when I need him?


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The towncriers voices came through the palace gates loud and clear announcing twelve bells.  Voltigar looked at Iris. "I have to be at the tournament. And I am sure so does your sister. Nana will not be happy if you are not there to help her.  I suppose we will have to wait to meet this Clayton Drake until after the tournament. Unless..."  A twinkle in his eye and sly smile came over Voltigar.  "I think I have a solution...of sorts.  I am going to invite your sister and her new betrothed to join me at the tournament.  Since you are her sister you will be invited as well.  Nana has plenty of help, besides she will get over it.  Now this is what I am going to do."  He leaned closer to Iris.

"I am going to order the guards to take Clayton Drake to the tournament grounds without telling him why.  I need to see his reaction to this.  In the meantime I will have your sister sent to you so that you can get dressed to be presentable at the tournament and to sit with the King.  I will hope that you can discuss things with Cadence and find out what is going on while the two of you get dressed.  Never mind about not having the correct clothing, I will have the Court's seamstress, bring up dresses for you and your sister to try on and wear."

He paused, his mind racing as he tried to cover all of the extigencies. "I know this is a bit rushed, but do as i say and do it quickly and then I will have a carriage waiting for you and your sister to take you to the tournament grounds.  I have to leave now and get ready myself, I will pass on my orders as I go."  He leaned over and impulsively kissed Iris. "Do not be concerned, all will be well. I promise."  Then he turned and walked away.

Palace Door

Clayton and Cadence were about to enter the doors leading into the palace proper when they were stopped by guards brandishing their highly polished pikes, one of them stepped forward,"Sir, you are to come with us, and you miss are to be escorted to your room where your sister awaits you.  It is the King's command."


Voltigar watched with interest high atop the palace at the scene unfolding down below.  He was most interested in what thia Clayton Drake would do.


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Kain left the dining hall and quietly as he had come. With long, strides he began to walk listlessly as his mind captured itself in thought. There had been little talk between him and the king, mostly because Kain had not yet fully planned his actions on the formation of this group of mages. The mage had eaten quickly and left most of the talk to the king. As he left he realized he would need a few questions answered as to the powers which would be granted to his mages? Would they be soldiers or gaurds or judges or what? With a quiet grunt he stops looks around him. What have I gotten myself into? His ancient lips plead the cold stones.

He needed someplace quite to think, someplace where he could plan and scheme. The gardens  had been appealing, and the dismal rain and abated to reveal a clear sky. He needed  to ask for directions only twice before finding himself near those two powerful women, humans still, but they carried a weight beyond their race. With a calm air he leans against the woman who had fought the troll, and ponders what to do with the hours before the tournament. First he says to himself. I must decide how I will judge as to whether a mage is of acceptable manners and morality to be of any governmental powers. Next, they should be of varied races, to diswade any descriminations which might be brought upon them for other such reasons. Somehow, the boy comes to mind. What if we were to train some few exceptional youth from the area? If he could gather enough like minded mages, the idea could be appealing.

As the cool morning air cleared his thoughts, yet annother youth came to mind, one of those servant girls, though he could not remember her name, something in the curve of her brown and the shape of her cheek as it met her lash, had caught his attention.

You have lived a life of cruelty and atrocity, you have bathed in the blood of the innocent, you have considered every act of depravity and your corruption knows no bounds. I am the angel of justice, I am the accumulation of all of your sins. Prepare for your redemption.

-Kain Cristar, Divine Aspect

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Iris only nodded in understanding and headed towards her room, her eyes appearing somewhat glazed.  Then her mind cleared itself as everything began to make sense.  Iris quickened her steps to her room and quickly began pulling out stockings for herself and then fetched Cadence's best pair.  Iris began to ready herself for the confrontation with her sister.

Clayton was beaming with a radiance or was it gloating until the Palace Guards stopped him and his bride.  Hearing the orders, Clayton tightened his hand upon Cadence's wrist until her heard her sharp intake of breath.  

He grinned through gritted teeth as he spoke to the guard, "Being newly wed I am sure you understand as to why I would like to help my bride to her room seeing how it is now mine as well."  Clayton loosened his grip on Cadence and looked appolgetically to her.  "I am so sorry my dear if I hurt you, I am just so reluctant to let you out of my sight for even a moment.  Whenever you are away it is like a cloud has covered the sun."

The Palace Guard took the oportunity to wedge himself between Cadence and Clayton.  "I must insist that you obey King Volitgar." The steeling glint in the guard's eye as he looked a Cadence's red and already bruising wrist settled back on Clayton.  "Seeing as you are a man of force, perhaps we shall have to force you to oblige."  

An icy smile spread across Clayton's lips.  He knew when he was out muscled, but he also knew that no one could seperate a man and his wife.  King or no King.  "Nonesense.  Today is my wedding day and is a joyous day for both of us.  Isn't it Cadence?  Sometimes I forget my own strength and how delicate she can be." Clayton said motioning to Cadence.  "I asure you, officer, it will never happen again.  I will go where ever the King has requested, no force necessary." Clayton gave Cadence one of his most radiant smiles.

Cadence's was becoming disturbed by her newly gained husband's dual persona.  At times her was gentle and so loving.  At others, he hurt her and seemed to take some sick pleasure in it.  He does apologize, Cadence kept telling herself.  Cadence lifted her head, her eyes troubled to meet those of her husband.  "Don't worry, we shall see each other soon enough.  These guards will take good care of you.  The King is a kind man.  I must go and see to Iris."

With that Cadence turned, unbidden and headed for her quarters that she shared with Iris.  Inside she found Iris busily trying on dresses as someone else tried to keep her hair straight.  The latter not having much success.

"Oh there you are dove." Cooed the seamstress.  "Hurry now, we must find one that looks stunning on you as well." Cadence stood there blinking for a moment before the seamstress was raising her arms and removing her current gown.  After a quick bath, which Iris had apparently took as well, Cadence and Iris both were dressed in the most magnificent gowns.  Iris had told Cadence about being invited to the tournament as a guest of the King's and all.  Iris did not mention anything else the King mentioned.  

After all the fuss the seamstress finally left and Iris stood brushing Cadence's hair.  The woman who was to style their hair finally gave up on trying to do any style and had left.  Something simple and elegant Iris thought and she began to twist and turn Cadence's hair into a beautiful look.  

"Cadence, why did you marry so quickly?  Was it because you were afraid I would not agree with your marriage." Iris asked after a long silence.

Cadence let out a long sigh.  She yearned to have the closeness of her sister.  Tonight was her wedding night and she needed comforting for what was coming.  Cadence had begun to fear what her new husband would ask of her.  Cadence stilled Iris's hand and gently pulled her around to face her.  Everything came out in a rush that Cadence hoped Iris could follow.

Everything from how Clayton had came upon her while she had been in the market one morning all the way up until now.  About the upcoming war, and why the marriage happened so fast.  Cadence relayed her fears to Iris about her wedding night and all Iris could think was how young her sister really was.  Iris listened closely to every detail so that she could relay it back to the King.  A fist settled in her stomach as she listened to the accidental episodes of Clayton hurting Cadence.  Iris knew of men like him and wondered how she could stop what was rightfully now his to claim.  Iris knew that Clayton would hurt her sister and enjoy every moment of it.  

A knock came at the door.  The two women were led to the coach downstairs and helped into it.  With a jerk of the coach they were being carried away from the palace and towards the tournament grounds.

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After finishing the sections of the tome that he had found most relivent, the mage realizes that it is far past time he was at the tournament. With a start he rose, and realized how high the sun had grown in the clear sky. He felt tired and weak.

Kain had decided that it would be best to leave Moh'epher in his room, so that it would not interfere with this days festivities, it took him some time to find the tower, and after he had he was sufficiently tired that a short rest was warranted. He was careful to leave it in a place that would stay out of the suns harmful reach and not be easily found by any would be theives. With that task taken care off, the mage quickly put away all of the tomes he had been researching and left the room, feeling refreshed. Before exiting the castle, Kain was sure to tell a gaurd that if anything was taken from his room, the retribution would not be pleasant. With such a grim air, he set off for the tournament grounds.

You have lived a life of cruelty and atrocity, you have bathed in the blood of the innocent, you have considered every act of depravity and your corruption knows no bounds. I am the angel of justice, I am the accumulation of all of your sins. Prepare for your redemption.

-Kain Cristar, Divine Aspect

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The guards guarding the palace knowingly grinned when they saw Captain Graaves return with the young lady he had before upon his arm once again.  They opened the gates and let the two in.

Norman had a hard time keeping his eyes off of Claudirea as they walked through the city, and now that they were in the gardens...alone. He wanted to just drink her in with his eyes.

It had been a very long time since he had felt about a woman like this before.  They walked slowly once again through the maze of flowers and flowering bushes.  They came to a stone bench sitting in front of a water fountain shaped liked a dragon with water pouring out of its mouth into a stone basin. "Would you care to sit down?" Norman asked. "I am sure the walk through the city and this part of the gardens without a rest must be a bit exhausting. I know, I am ready to rest, besides we can talk a bit as we rest." Norman said awaiting her reply as he felt drawn into her warm eyes once again.


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Once again, Claudirea found herself in the gardens, alone with Captain Graaves. She felt more at home in here then she did out in the city. Here, nature existed.

At first, she felt odd with Norman's hand upon her own, but slowly she eased up. It was....different. She'd never felt this way about a man before. It was....strange. The only person that she'd really let get close to her was Luna. Sure she was friendly to everyone and loved helping other people, but since she traveled so much, she never really wanted people to be sad when she left.

"I wonder what Luna would say if I told her that I thought I was falling in love," Claudirea thought. "Wait. Falling in love? Could I really be falling for Captain Graaves? Could my wandering days be over? But....what about Luna?"

When they came to the fountain, Claudirea could only gape at it for awhile, the scene was so beautiful. The dragon fountain was so wonderfully carved that she couldn't help but allow a small contented sigh escape her lips.

"Would you care to sit down? I am sure the walk through the city and this part of the gardens without a rest must be a bit exhausting. I know, I am ready to rest, besides we can talk a bit as we rest."

"Oh yes please, Claudirea replied thankfully. "For, not only the walk through the city and gardens, but I am also slightly weary from my travels earlier in the day."

She gladly took a seat upon the stone bench. It was slightly warm from the sun. She shook her head slightly, allowing her hair to fall across her shoulders like an ocean of black. A sigh of contentment escaped from her lips once again as she sat back, with her face up towards the sky, drinking in the warmth of the sun....

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Norman sat down besides Claudirea slightly turning his body toward hers; so he could see her face and those eyes.  When she tossed her black hair it looked so soft and inviting, he had to remind himself not to touch it, though the thought of caressing her hair, her face, and kissing her was strong in his thoughts.  He had to think of something else.  She mentioned her travels and that helped...somewhat.

"You mentioned travels. Where are you from? Do you have any brothers or sisters like you at home? If you have sisters and they visit Voldar than I fear all of Voldar would be in turmoil; for all of the men would be fighting for their attention and yours as I fear I may when it comes time for the ball." He said, the last part his voice dropped down to a mere whisper.

He paused as he waited for her to look at him; looking at her throat and the beating of her heart in the main vein in her neck. Such a beautiful neck; so soft, so inviting, so... He quickly reminded himself that he was not going to think of those thoughts, but it was so...hard not to with her sitting so close.

"No matter what I will be the proudest man there with you on my arm, even if I lose you to another...I will not lose you...will I, Claudirea?" He asked hesitantly.

He hated his insecurities about himself. On the battlefield there was no doubt about his prowess, or courage but when it came to the field of love his face was a constant reminder of the scars; not only on his face, but in his heart as well.  However as he looked at Claudirea one particular scar was slowly melting.


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"You mentioned travels. Where are you from? Do you have any brothers or sisters like you at home? If you have sisters and they visit Voldar than I fear all of Voldar would be in turmoil; for all of the men would be fighting for their attention and yours as I fear I may when it comes time for the ball."

"I am from a small villiage that barely anyone has heard of. It is part of the Jael'rhim clan, better known as the Bear Clan. And no, I don't have any other siblings unless my parents have been busy while I've been away." Claudirea gave a small laugh. Then, she grew quiet and sort of closed her eyes for a moment. Memories of her home rushed into her mind.

She opened her eyes again, flashing with laughter at Norman's statement. "Norman, I highly doubt that any of the men of Voldar will be fighting over me tonight. After all, what am I other then a mere traveler? There will be dozens of noblewomen there. I highly doubt you'll have to fight for my attention." Here she gave a small smile.

"No matter what I will be the proudest man there with you on my arm, even if I lose you to another...I will not lose you...will I, Claudirea?"

On the outside Claudirea seemed as calm as ever, yet on the inside, she stiffened suddenly. "I know he's talking about losing me to another man, but what about me being a traveling herbelist? What do I do? What would Luna think? I highly doubt she would be allowed to come and go in and out of the city. However, if Norman does ask me to stay....I.....I don't think I could refuse...."

"No, I don't think you will lose me," Claudirea said softly. She slightly bowed her head, suddenly becoming very unsure of herself. She also felt awkward. She could sense that Norman wanted something, and, in reality she wanted it too, it's just that she was too shy and nervous since it would be her first time kissing or anything else.

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"I am from a small villiage that barely anyone has heard of. It is part of the Jael'rhim clan, better known as the Bear Clan. And no, I don't have any other siblings unless my parents have been busy while I've been away."

"Norman, I highly doubt that any of the men of Voldar will be fighting over me tonight. After all, what am I other then a mere traveler? There will be dozens of noblewomen there. I highly doubt you'll have to fight for my attention."

Norman listenend and smiled when she smiled and laughed. He loved her laughter. "I am afraid I have never heard of the Jael'rhim clan, but the Bear Clan, I have heard least from my historical studies.  They were a fierce clan and though this war is now clouded in myth's and folklore your clan had a very powerful leader called Maa'sherom the Red, from what I have read he even gathered all of the tribes together; the Eagle, the Wolf and the Bear under one leadership, his own.  The war was called, 'The War of the Chosen.' He replied, pausing as he thought of what else to say.

"Mere traveller? Yes, a traveller, but not mere.  I doubt that the noblewomen of this city can have flowers and plants lean toward them as the flowers and plants here do to you. See, look how they seem lean toward you...just as I do."

He leaned toward her and though he knew he might get his face slapped her face, her lips, her eyes, her hair, just drew him to do it.  He could no longer keep the thoughts out of his head and the desires to do what he did from doing, than the sun could keep from rising each morning.

He gently touched her chin, turning it upward and looking into her eyes he leaned closer...breathlessly he whispered, "Claudirea you are beautiful. Your hair shines as if it were polished and your eyes...oh your eyes, they draw me to you as a deep pool of clear water would draw a thirsty man to it.  Your lips..."  He then kissed her, softly, tasting her, inhaling her sweet breath. He pulled back..."Your lips taste like a honeycomb."  He leaned toward her again, his hands gently caressing her face, and kissed her again, this time with a bit more passion.  He then pulled away and awaited his fate.  Would she slap him, or does she feel like he does?


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Claudirea listened intently to what Norman had to say about the histoyr of her clan. She didn't know aht much about it and everything that she knew she had learned from the tales and stories told in her village; which she figured weren't completly the truth. Another thing she found interesting was that the three clans had joined together in a great war. True, they weren't enemies of any kind, they were distant cousins of sorts, but now-a-days they usually minded their own business and didn't interfer with each other's ways.

"Mere traveller? Yes, a traveller, but not mere. I doubt that the noblewomen of this city can have flowers and plants lean toward them as the flowers and plants here do to you. See, look how they seem lean toward you...just as I do."

She glanced over to see if the plants and flowers were really leaning towards her, but she could not tell. When she turned back towards Norman, he was closer to her. Now she understood his last statement about him leaning towards her. She was startled at first about how close he was to her, but after a short while, she was use to it.

"Claudirea you are beautiful. Your hair shines as if it were polished and your eyes...oh your eyes, they draw me to you as a deep pool of clear water would draw a thirsty man to it. Your lips..."

Claudirea blushed at this but she didn't have time to do anything else for at that moment, he leaned in and kissed her. She didn't know what to do. This was her first time being kissed and she didn't have time even if she wanted to, for Norman pulled away from the kiss far sooner then she would have liked, for she had started to like it.

"Your lips taste like a honeycomb."

She began to blush ever more at this comment but, again, before she could respond, he began to caress her face with his hands. At first she stiffened slightly but slowly began to relax into his caresses. Then, he leaned in and began to kiss her more passionantly. She still didn't know what to do, so she just left it up to him.

Then he let up and leaned back. From the look in his eyes, Claudirea could tell that he was waiting to see her response to the whole thing.

"I've never had that done to me before," she said with a sheepish smile. "It was....enjoyable."

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Norman sat back a bit and his brows furrowed as his brain digested what she just said; she had never been kissed! He did not know what to say, he just kind of...looked over her shoulder as he thought of something.  She did say that it was enjoyable, at least that was something.  But he felt...ashamed that he might have somehow taken advantage of her.

"Claudirea...forgive me. I...I got caught up in the moment and...I...I did not know.  I had no intention of taking advantage of you and I hope you did not think I did, though it was...enjoyable for me as well.  I think you know that I am attracted to you and I had believed that you were attracted to me as well, so I just thought I would let nature take its course and see where it led.  I still think your lips taste like a honeycomb and I hope, with your permission this time, to be able to taste them again."  He smiled as he looked into her eyes trying to discern what she was thinking and where this attraction would lead?


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After she had spoken her piece, Claudirea noticed that Norman sat back a bit from her and seemed to be thinking to himself. In fact, it seemed like he wasn't even looking at her anymore.

"Did I say something wrong? Are you not suppose to compliment someone on kissing? Did I embarass him by confessing that I've never had that happened to me before?" Claudirea thought all these things in a hurry. She didn't want to push Norman away, yet she felt like she had already done so.

"Claudirea...forgive me. I...I got caught up in the moment and...I...I did not know. I had no intention of taking advantage of you and I hope you did not think I did, though it was...enjoyable for me as well. I think you know that I am attracted to you and I had believed that you were attracted to me as well, so I just thought I would let nature take its course and see where it led. I still think your lips taste like a honeycomb and I hope, with your permission this time, to be able to taste them again."

Outwardly, Claudirea gave a laugh while on the inside she gave a sigh of relief. "Of course I forgive you, Norman. It's quite alright that you didn't know. I guess that's not a thing one typically asks when you first get to know someone. And yes, you were right....I guess...."

Here, Claudirea began to falter in her words and she allowed her eyes to drop slightly. "I guess...I guess I am attracted to you....It's just that.....that I was taken by surprise more then anything. As I mentioned before, nothing like this has ever happened to me before. But, I think that there is something you should know, before I let you kiss me again

"Captain Graaves, Norman, I've never really let anyone very close to me before....well, besides Luna of course. But I've always tried to be really friendly towards people and all that. It's just...well, since I'm a traveller and all, I never wanted to get close 'cause I never wanted anyone to hurt when I had to leave. But now...."
She gave a heavy sigh.

"Now, what I suppose to do, Norman? I like you, I really do, but...." Her voice choked slightly as she looked up with tears in her eyes. Behind her eyes slight fear and doubt could be seen. She was at a loss. She didn't know what to do.

"I don't know what I should do... she whispered.

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Norman watched and listenend, his own eyes misting as she talked.  He knew what she was saying, they were both falling for each other but she was one person and he another.  He was commited to Voldar and she was a traveller. No, that would be the wrong word for her, she was a free spirit.  She was young and wanted to explore the world around her.  In a way he envied her and her youth, but he also feared for her; thinking of the dangers out there, and not necessarily beasts, but men who would take advantage of her innocence.

He wanted to wrap her in his arms and tell her everything would be ok, but he did not know it would be, but still in his arms he thought it would be. Then he heard a name he had not heard before. "Claudirea who is Luna?" He asked. "Not that I am jealous or anything, just curious." He added a bit hastily.  of course he was jealous, he wanted to know who this Luna person was that she allowed close to her.


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Claudirea wiped away her tears, slightly embarassed that she caused Norman to tear up. In fact, she was also embarassed that she had caused the conversation to change so drastically and also that she spilled her feelings to Norman.

"Claudirea who is Luna? Not that I am jealous or anything, just curious."

She was kinda glad that Norman brought up Luna again. It was an easier topic to talk about. Plus, she thought, it would cause things to calm down.

She gave a small giggle at Norman's reaction. "Norman, even I can see that you are jealous, though you have no need to be. Luna is just a friend. Well, more then that, more like a traveling companion."

Claudirea ended her statement and just sat there, holding it in as long as she could. When she could hold it in no longer, she burst out with laughter. "I'm sorry, Norman. I'm not laughing at you. It's just that, well, you don't need to be jealous. Norman, Luna's a wolf. Plus, she's a female."

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"Ah," Norman gave a big sigh of relief.  At first when she said travelling companion, his heart began to sink faster than a boulder thrown in a lake.

"A wolf?  Why is she not here with you now?  Where is she?" He asked curiously.  In a way he was glad the conversation turned to more a less emotional issues.  Though he did store in the back of his mind and heart her feelings for him.


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Claudirea gave a smile as Norman let out a sigh of relief. She was glad that her assumptions were correct that he was jealous at the mention of Luna.

"A wolf? Why is she not here with you now? Where is she?"

She smiled again at his questions. "Yes, a wolf. She's not with me because I thought it best not to have her inside the city. I did not know how people would react to a wolf freely roaming the city. For, you see, Luna is very free-spirited. She is not mine. She is...well...her own, I guess you could say. As for where she is right now, I could not tell you."

Claudirea paused for a bit, thinking of something to say. "What about you? You know so much about me, yet it seems like I barely even know you except for what I have seen myself. Please, tell me about yourself," she urged with a friendly smile, and with just the slightest hint of moving closer to him on the bench.

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"What about you? You know so much about me, yet it seems like I barely even know you except for what I have seen myself. Please, tell me about yourself,"

Norman smiled back at her smile. "Well, I am a third generation soldier.  My great great grandfather started out as a common soldier but rose to the rank of Captain. His oldest son followed suit and his oldest son, my father then followed suit. It was toward the end of his life that Voltigar became King and along with Voltigar came the Commander, Damien Scar.  He and my father became fast friends, and so when he died I guess it was just was just expected of me to follow suit when I became of age."

"Damien and I became fast friends as well. I learned so much from him, though we are only a few years apart from each other. I earned each scar upon my body and even the one upon my face, in battle." He said proudly, then continued on,  "I was married...once, but she and my son died in a fire."  He lifted his head looking over hers, his eyes misted, but he quickly took control of emotions, looked back down upon her with such compassion and continued.  

"That was during the worst years Voldar ever had in my opinon, for somehow Cedric wrested the throne away from King Voltigar and became King.  I pray that you never came during his brief reign...I shudder to think what would have happend to you if Cedric set his sights upon you or even worse! His cousin Trelor was the Warden of the dungeon and many people went in, but never came out.  Rumours circulated about a torture chamber, screams being heard in the deepest of night, and the sewer water turning a muddy red. I was glad in a way that she and my son never had to live through it.  I never remarried.  I guess you could say t buried myself in my work.  It was also during that time that the city guards and the palace guards were seperated.  The palace guards were cruel men and obeyed the orders of Cedric, his lackey, Lycheus, and his cousin, Trelor the less, who was the Warden of the dungeon." His eyes flashed as he remembered those days.  " I guess you could say my only good friend was the Commander and It was not until recently when I felt I could...what are the words?....When I felt I could actually go and meet others.  And then you came along...and I thank Ava and all the gods that you did. have stirred in me feelings I thought were long dead."

He leaned over and kissed her once again, his arms wrapping around her waist and back, drawing her closer to him, tasting once again her lips and breathing the sweet nectar of her breath in his nostrils.  He hoped that she wanted this kiss as much as he did.


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Claudirea listened to Norman as he told the story of his life. She wondered if he really wanted to be a soldier. It seemed that he was just following in his ancestor's footsteps, but she couldn't be quite sure.

"I wonder who this Commander Damien Scar is? He speaks of hiim as someone who is to be respected. Perhaps I'll ask him after his tale is done."

Then, he started talking about his wife and son. "How do I even respond to that? I have never had a person close to me die. I can't imagine what sort of pain he's gone through because of this. I don't think that a simple 'I'm sorry' will do anything to help it. Hm...I wonder how many years ago this happened.

Then, Norman began to tell her about the time when Cedric was king. She shuddered slightly as she imagined such things. She was glad that she did not come here during that time. The visions of such things that he spoke of popped into her head and she felt bile come into her mouth which she quickly swallowed again.

She felt sad for him, that he would allow himself to be separated from everyone he knew. In some way, she wanted to meet this Commander Damien to thank him for helping Norman through his troubled time. Also, in a small way, she was glad that he buried himself in his work. That way, no other woman would have had the chance to get to him before her. She shook her head at that thought.

”By the gods, what have I turned into?! I seem like those young maidens that I always use to scoff at for being so silly for men.”

Claudirea gave a small smile as she heard Norman praise the gods for her coming into her life. Even though she had promised herself that she wouldn’t allow herself to become attatched to anyone, let alone a man. But, here she is, falling for the Captain of the Guard in Voldar.

Then, quite suddenly, or so it seemed to her, Norman leaned over and kissed her. But, it was not as he did before, as he wrapped his arms around her and drew her close. Claudirea stiffened for a moment, caught by surprise, but she could not help it as her body betrayed her. She closed her eyes and wrapped her arms around Norman’s neck, enjoying the kiss. Even though she had never done this before, she proved to be a natural. She slightly deepened the kiss as she pushed her body closer to his.

Warning alarms started going off in her head, but she paid them no heed. Even when the slight growl of her guardian spirit was heard, Claudirea pushed them all aside. At this point in time, she did not care to listen to their warnings, she just wanted to be with Norman.

”Claudirea….Claudirea…You should not be doing this…you are not meant to be with him…”

”And why not? Is my destiny not my own? Please, I have to be with him. I…I…I love him.”

”Very well…chose as you think best. But Luna will be with you shortly…”

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The young guard ran to the palace gates, after telling the guards there why he was there they let him in.  Huffing and puffing he started to run through the garden maze.  He stopped gathering his breath. He looked around wondering where the Captain was.  He was told he was with a young lady and so the guard began thinking where he would take a young lady.  As he headed toward the statues a thought popped into his head; the Captain, alone, with a young lady!  He had been given the impression that the Captain, though fair to his men, was a career man and not interested in women.

Suddenly as he rounded a corner, he saw the Captain and he was kissing, not only kissing, but in a very romantic embrace with a young lady.  He did not know what to do.  He walked back the way he came, thinking of how to make his presence known without them knowing he had seen what he had seen.

He began pounding upon the brick walkway. With his steel shod boots that should warn anyone that someone was coming their way.

Captain Graaves

Norman was a bit surprised, but very pleased when at first Claudirea stiffened at his kiss and embrace, but then softened and her body melted into his.  She even parted her lips a bit more, which encouraged him even more as he put the tip of his tongue in her mouth, and licked her lips.  Then suddenly he heard the pounding of footsteps coming in their direction.

He parted from Claudirea as softly, but as quickly as he could and turned toward the direction of the sound.  Not too soon, a young guard who seemed to be running and out of breath stopped short, bent over, as if to catch his breath, and then walked over to him.  He saluted, as Norman rose. "Captain, Miss, I apologize for interrupting you but we have a problem at the gate that the Sarge thought you needed to know."

Norman put his hand out for Claudirea to take it, she did and rose. "I do not recall your name, mister."

"Sir, Private Claude, Derrik Claude"

"Private Claude, I have the pleasure of introducing you to Lady Claudirea; Lady Claudirea, Private Claude."

Claude, with is sandy brown hair matted to his head, from sweat and large brown eyes bowed slightly to Claudirea, "Pleased to meet you M'lady."

"Now what is this problem, private." Norman asked, a bit annoyed at being interrupted.

"Sir, there is a wolf outside of the gate and pacing the walls, as if it wanted in.  At first some of the guards were using it as a practice target, but they kept on missing.  Then the Sarge came along, told us to leave it alone and go fet...tell you and ask what he should do?"

Norman shook his head, "It is a wolf. Wolves come around the city all the time, it will go away in time.  Is it bothering anyone?"

"No Sir, but you would think that after being shot at, it would have left, but it keeps on trying to find its way into the city.

Norman was about to shout, when he remembered Claudirea's friend, Luna. Luna was a wolf.  He turned to her, "Claudirea, could this wolf be your friend, Luna?" He asked in alarm, thinking that if one of the guards had actually shot the wolf and it was Luna.


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Claudirea was enjoying the kiss. Norman had even begun to lick at her lips with his tongue. Then, suddenly, she heard a stomping noise coming from around a corner. She and Norman parted quickly but softly, even though she was quite reluctant to do so.

When the young man came around the corner, she was glad that they did, for she knew that if he had seen them, she would have been very embarassed indeed.

She rose when Norman gave her his hand and introductions were made. When the Private bowed to her, she bobbed her head slightly.

Then he started to report what had happened at the gate. Claudirea's eyes narrowed slightly as she listened. She did not mind when animals were killed for food or necessity, but killing animals for sport....simply unacceptable.

Then, Norman thought of something that Claudirea had forgotten in her anger...."Claudirea, could this wolf be your friend, Luna?"

Claudirea thought for a bit before replying. "Yes....yes it could. Nor...I mean, Captain Graaves, do you think it possible that we could go to the gate and see for ourselves?" Then, a horrible dread came into the pit of her stomach, what if Luna had been hit. What was she to do then?

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Norman held out his arm, Claudirea took it graciously and he led her out of the gardens.  Private Claude followed behind discreetly glad to be walking than running.

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Damien hurried Iris towards the Palace at a very brisk walk.  No matter how angery the King was with him he needed to be informed of the vital information this little Brownie was charged with delivering.  

Iris only glanced at the Commander and seemed to understand that there was a dire urgency.  

The guards at the Palace gates had already picked up pieces of information from the passerbys.  They immediately sprung into action when they saw the Commander coming at a very brisk pace with one of the servants in tow.  

"Commader Scar!" The guards stood at attention and saluted as the Commander and Iris came through the gates.  "At ease!" Damien said almost absently to the guards.  His minds was else where on other matters.  He needed to change and wash himself quickly and perhaps wash his teeth and chew a bit of cinnabark to help rid the smell of alcohol from himself.

Once inside the Palace Damien let Iris go with instructions.  "Change your clothes and meet me the in the Great Hall where the Dinner has been laid.  The King is bringing guests and will probable meet them there.  Try to speak to him Iris about what you hold in your hands.  It needs to be privately, and no exceptions except save myself.  I will meet you and the King as soon as I am presentable." Damien said the latter with distaste.  He briefly wondered how he could have allowed himself to over indulge himself in his drink.  Pushing that far from his mind, he hurried to his room yelling orders at the servants as he went.

Iris hurried to her quarters with the Brownie in her hands.  Placing the Brownie with care on the bed, Iris stepped quickly to her closet and pulled out a dress of pale blue and quickly changed from the elegant ball gown.  Freshning up her appearance, Iris was pleased with the reflection in the mirror and held out her hand to the little Brownie.  "Come please.  Now we wait for the King."

Iris quickly picked up the Brownie making sure she was careful with the small creature and quickly made her way to the Dining Hall just as Damien had ordered.  Once there Iris regained her composure as she organized and ordered the large table to be set for the appropriate number of people.  More than likely no one would be hungry, but it was always where the King liked to speak with guests.  There would be no ball and so the servants began to hurridly take down and away the unneeded items.  

Damien washed quickly in a small tub that he had called for, trying to rid himself of the alcohol smell which seemed to be permeated in his skin.  Quickly he dried, dressed, and washed his mouth with Tooth Cabbage.  After spitting the plant out Damien quickly appraised his reflection deeming it barely suitable and hurried from his room towards the Dining Hall.


The coaches seemed to take their time back to Palace which suited the King just fine.  He was still debating on which to deal with first Clayton or the squirming thing in the hankerchief.  If Iris had stayed, he would have had her in his coach and taken care of two things at once.  there feelings for each other were unspoken for to do so would be a grave mistake.  He was King and she was servant.  Nothing could ever come of any relationship said feelings would entail and he respected Iris more than to use her as his mistress.

As the coached passed by the main gate Voltigar signaled for the coach to stop.  The guards saluted and informed the King that the Commander and Iris had returned just a few moments before.  Voligar nodded and signaled for the coach to resume.  Once the coach stopped Voltigar quickly disembarked giving orders to the servant pertaining to the guests.  The guests were to be shown to their rooms where they may freshen themselves and when they were ready to meet him in the Dining Hall.  The servants all nodded and bowed and curtsied and hurried to the coaches to accept their charges.

Each guest was shown to a room in the same wing.  Each guest was asked the time old questions of what did they need, did they wish a bath, etc.

Meanwhile Voltigar made sure to stay from the sight of his guests.  Stopping a rather pretty servant girl with heaving breasts Voltigar sent for Damien. "Yes, Sire.  I will fetch him from the Dining Hall your Majesty.  Do you require help with you bath?" Voligar briefly imagined the girl leaning over his tub scrubbing every inch of him and as he caught his desire rising quickly quelched it by remembering his duties.  "No, just bring the Commander to my rooms." And then the King was off.  

As Voligar entered his rooms he began removing his clothes and made his way to the tub that was already waiting for him filled with warm water.  He would not be able to back in it's serinity for long for he knew Damien would be there shortly.

The servant came into the Dining Hall at an almost run and Damien couldn't keep his eyes from shifting to her bosom as she approched Iris and himself.  Nearly panting the girl managed, "The King wishes your presence in his rooms, Commander Scar.  He is taking his bath at the moment." Then she curtsied nearly coming out of her dress as she bent low in her curtsey and Damien made a mental note to possibly located this lass again if she was not married or betrothed.  Married or betrothed women were too much of a headache to deal with.  Much more than they were worth.  

Damien shook his head and gently took the Brownie from Iris saying, "I will give this doll back to the King.  I know it will mean much to him as it was a token from an adoring child and was their only prized possession." Iris nodded and gently handed the Brownie back to the Commander.  "I will entertain the guests when they come until the King and yourself are present."

Iris went back to her tasks at hand making sure that the Palace was running smoothly as Damien departed walking slowly towards the Kings rooms.

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Damien walked to Voltigar's private quarters. He stood there, a bit aprehensive, in front of the door wondering what kind of confrontation would occur. He spoke softly to the little bundle he had in his hands. "I feel guilty about Mitch. I hardly knew him, but he will never be forgotten and I promise to my dying breath and beyond that his family will be taken care of."

He straightened up, took a deep breath, let it out slowly and knocked on the door.

"Come" Voltigar's voice rang out.

Damien opened the door, proceeded in after he closed it.  Voltigar's quarters was quite spacious with a huge four posted bed in the center of the room.  Two fireplaces were set in deep alcoves on either side of the room.  An enormous tub of water sat near them, steam still rising from the water.  Voltigar was sitting on a chair next to the only desk near the left side of his bed writing out some document; a cup of tea and pastries were sitting next to him.

"Your Majesty." Damien said.

Voltigar looked up from his writing, "Sit down Commander. Do you wish for some tea or would you prefer the ale you were drinking?"

How in the world did he know he had been drinking? thought Damien, as he sat down. "Tea will be fine, Sire."

Voltigar grunted, and from out of a dark corner a servant quickly came, placed another cup in front of Damien, poured his tea and then left the same way she came, as Voltigar continued with his writing. Damien grinned, Now he knew what Voltigar did with Cedric's secret passageway.

Damien put the little bundle down upon the table and let the brownie out of the handkerchief. He looked down upon the small creature and said, "Go ahead, tell the King what you told me."

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Post by: Tulpje Sweetshade on August 07, 2006, 04:54:23 AM
Tulpje looked around, trying to determine her position. For the first time in what seemed an eternity - but that in fact had only started that morning - she wasn't being carried around, but standing on her own two feet on what seemed to be a desk. The Commander was standing next to her, as he had put her down, and beside the desk was sitting another man, that Damien had called 'King'. As this was the first time that the little woman had come in contact with a 'King', and as she had no clue about human ranks and the like, she had no idea what a 'King' did, or indeed the power that he had. She knew even less about the right way of address. She probably didn't even know the word 'Majesty'.

She turned fully to the sitting man and said: 'Have messazj.' Then she was silent again. She realised that she had forgotten what the message was exactly. The events of the day - especially the grief over Mitch - had driven it almost out of her mind. This was stupid! She had flown for more than a day straight, and now that she could tell her message (admittedly, for the second time), she had forgotten it!
She concentrated very hard, as was obvious from her miniature face, that had wrinkles in the brow because of the deep thought. Then her face brightened as the remembered words were back in her mind. 'Lycheus in Nyer... War'. She nodded, glad that she had, in the end, remembered the right words. She hoped her employer would be satisfied, but she couldn't fly back yet - Nash wasn't up to it yet. Her poor owl would have to rest for a few days, as owls weren't designed to fly so great a distance in so short a period.
She turned her gaze back to the sitting man, the King, to see what effect her words would have on him.

The language of friendship is not words but meanings.

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When Naya was shown to her room, she accepted a bath. It would be nice to wipe the grim of the day's events from her body. At first, she refused anything to eat, but then she changed her mind. She made a rather strange request to the servant-girl. "Could you possibly bring me a slap of beef, about this big" - she held her hands apart about a fore - "preferably raw. I'd be very grateful to you. And if that's not possible, could you bring a raw rabbit?" She saw the servantgirl looking at her strangely, so she looked at the wolf next to her with some emphasis. This seemed to be enough, as she quickly curtsied and hurried away.
Naya waited for her return, and received a skinned rabbit. She thanked the girl, who hurried away, obviously afraid of that wild animal inside the palace. She gave the rabbit to the wolf, but let him struggle for it a bit - he shouldn't think he'd always get his meals for free, without a fight! She explained to him that the hunt would have to wait until tomorrow. He understood, and took his rabbit to a corner of the room to eat it.
Now Naya could strip from her clothes and step into the tub that was waiting for her. With a contented smile she relaxed - for the first time since what had happened that afternoon, she realised. Her shortsword was standing against the wall. She looked at it for a while, contemplating the events. She was glad she hadn't had to use it for real, even if she hadn't used it in the tournament either. This thought brought back the death of the young soldier to mind, and the guilt returned with a bang. She kept telling herself that she couldn't have helped it, but it didn't help. Her stomach still churned with the thought that had she not wanted to participate, that young man would now still be alive, maybe working, or kissing his love. Enjoying life. That was now forever taken from him.

After a while, soaked through and feeling clean again, she stepped out of the water and put on her other set of clothes. The skirt was the same colour of Sognastheen as the previous one, and the shirt was Teki red. She might have worn something a little more formal for a meeting with the King of Voldar, but for that one (obvious) little problem - she didn't have anything more formal. He would have to take her the way she was, King or no King. She left the other set of clothes on the bed for the servants to wash, and stepped out of the door with the wolf, as always, besides her. She walked through a few hallways, searching for the Hall that she was supposed to go to, but soon lost her way. She was not used to houses bigger than four rooms, and even less to castles. She realised that she would have to ask a servant the way.

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Malavon thanked the kind servant that lead him to his room , and asked the servant where was he supose to go after he rest.

The servant explained that Malavon was to get to the dinning room and gave him some directions .

Malavon thanked and soon as the servant closed the door , Malavon took Zaroc his dark sword out and making some skillfull moves , he taught to himself with a smile :
You´re still sharp old friend ...
I will be needing you soon enough.

Finishing his though , he passed a finger in the blade , watching as a drop of blood fall, he had a bath and went to the dinning room .

By taking revenge, a man is but even with his enemy; but in passing over it, he is superior.
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Voltigar sat, looking amusedly at Damien as he slowly unwrapped the handkerchief that he held so gently in his hands.  To Voltigar's surprise a little creature no taller than the length of his middle finger came out and stood a bit unsteadily on its legs.  It seemed to look around and then stared at him.  He leaned closer to the edge of the table and looked at the unusual creature.  The creature was dressed, had a small mouth and nose and eyes and showed quite an intelligence.  Voltigar wondered what it was and what kind of message it could bring that would deem such secrecy by his Commander.

He glanced up at Damien, who just stood there, and then he looked back down at the little creature who suddenly had a brighter look upon its face and then spoke just four words, but those four words had enormous consequences. "Lycheus in Nyer...war!"

Voltigar sat up and glanced once again at Damien. "Where did you get this creature and how does it know this?" He asked, astonished.

Damien not knowing how he stood with Voltigar after this afternoon events addressed him, "Your Majesty..."

"Hold it right there, Commander, we have been friends and compatriots for a very long time, and though in front of others my proper title is needed, here in my private quarters I believe we can speak to each other as friends."

"Friends, your Voltigar.  I thought that with what had happened and then when I heard about what had happened to that young guard..."

"You somehow thought I was displeased with you? On the contrary Damien. You just do not know politics. And you sometimes rush into things without thinking them through. Run'ior was pushing things and I could see you were going to jump in with your usual flair so I needed you off the field."

Voltiagar leaned back in his chair, stroking his chin as he gazed at the little creature upon is desk.  Damien spoke.

"Voltigar, this is Tulpje and she is a brownie."

"So this is what a brownie looks like," Voltigar said, leaning down to look at Tulpje, "and her name is Tulpje. How do you know it is a her, Damien? Look up her skirt did you?"  He chuckled.

"No, your Majesty." Damien replied with a bit of a red face. "She told me."

"Ah, I see." He leaned down and put our his right index finger to Tulpje. "Pleased to meet you, Tulpje. I thank you for the message."  He then glanced up at Damien.

" Damien a plan is forming, but it still needs some more thinking about it.  I want you to take Tulpje and go back to your quarters...better yet go back to Arth's. I will keep our little friend, no, that would not be good either. You should probably keep her and keep her safe.  How many people know about her?"

"I am not sure, Voltigar. I believe that Norman knows."

"If Norman knows, then our little friend was probably brought to his attention by one or more of the guards and you know how they love to talk.  We need to keep this a secret.  I need you to find Norman, Captain Graaves, and find out what he knows and who else knows about Tulpje. As far as secrets Damien, Run'ior thinks that you and I are still on the outs. For the time being let him and his cronies continue to think so."

Voltigar's eyes lit up and he smiled. "In fact Commander, I have the best plan yet. Lean close and listen."


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After Damien and Voltigar spoke. Voltigar looked again at Tulpje. "Now, what shall I so with you?" He asked, not really expecting a reply.  

He rang for his servant and asked for a bird cage and some clean warm straw. The servant did as she was commanded without asking why and not seeing Tulpje.  One he recieved the bird cage, he lined the cage with the straw, cut a square of blue cloth to cover the square.  Put in a thimble of water and then placed Tulpje inside the cage. "This will be your home for now. I hope you like it. I wish I knew more about your kind to be able to make you feel more comfortable."

He stared at Tulpje through the bars, "Kind of seems like a prison, does it not?  I do not even know if you even know the meaning of the words I am speaking.  I will take care of you as best I can. You have probably saved my kingdom."

It then dawned on him that someone from Nyer must have sent her.  He hit his head several times. "How stupid can I be, and Damien, not to ask who sent you. Who did send you, tulpje?" He asked aloud, again not thinking he would receive a reply as he was more talking to himself than to Tulpje herself.

His mind went through a list of possible people who might have sent Tulpje to them, but what plagued his mind most of all was that that someone had to have known or known about Damien and knew if he got the message that I would receive it also.  He thought of these things and more as he paced the floor, until one of his servants reminded him that he had guests waiting in the dining hall.  He thanked her, hung Tulpje's cage high above one of his fireplaces, high enough so the cage would warmed by the fire and high enough so it would not be so noticible by others, unless they looked for it.  He put a tall tree like plant next to the cage to disguise it even more.  Satisfied, he left the room to greet his guests, locking his door behind him.


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Tulpje panicked and froze. He had thanked her, she had understood that much. When she had told her message, he had thanked her. And now he was preparing a cage for her! She knew that she should do something, but what? She could hardly think for panic, and she understood even less of what he was saying than she would normally. Besides, where could she go? She was standing on a table, jumping down would surely cause her death. She knew she shouldn't trust big folk, she knew it!

Still frozen by panick, she was taken up and put into the cage. By this time, she even stopped listening to what he was saying, stopped trying to understand. She didn't even hear the friendliness of his tone. All she knew was that he was locking her up. She wished she was back in Nyer, back in her own plant. That was her house there, this... This was a prison.

Before she knew what exactly he did, he had hung the cage up, so high that she couldn't escape. It was strange that he left the door open, but she was a prisoner none the less. How could she possibly get away from the cage at this height? Jumping would be even greater folly than it would have been on the table. Somehow she wished she could. She didn't want to be imprisoned. Ever. But she couldn't end it like that, her will to live was too strong. With a numb mind, too panicky to even consider screaming, she saw him go and heard the lock turn. She was alone.

There was no choice but to stay where she was. She saw the plant that he had put there, but it was too far away from the open door to reach. It made her feel even more helpless than had the door been closed. She crawled against the bars, as far away from the door as possible (indeed, too strong a will to live. She didn't even want to risk plummeting to her death.) Curled up there, she tried to overcome her panick and think of something else. She remembered Mitch, but let in just enough grief to drive away the panick. She would have to think of what to do. Right now, the only thing she could do was wait; wait for the mean man with the nice voice, who had locked her here, to come back. After that, her mind reached a blank. She had no idea how she could get back into the open, call Nash, and fly back home. He would have to put up with it, she thought. She didn't want to stay any longer with people who first thanked you and then locked you up in a cage.

The language of friendship is not words but meanings.

Tulpje Sweetshade

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Cherri stared in amazement at the lavishly decorated room.  A huge bed, in comparision to the one she had grown accustomed to at the school, stood in the middle of the room with it's back against a stone wall.  There was a desk and chair, a low blazing fire burning, and a couple of ceiling high bookcases filled with books.  Cherri found the armoire tucked between the two bookcases.  Taking her small bundle which she had tucked away when she left Arth's, she hung up her extra dress in the armoire.  She did not have many things for she had been traveling and thought it best to travel as light as possible.  She had seen the higher classes struggle with trunks filled with clothes and always thought it a blessing to not have that worry.  A servant knocked lightly at the door and Cherri told them to enter.  A young looking girl poked her head in a found Cherri standing near the bed.  The girl looked a bit nervous as she inched her way into the room with downcast eyes.  Cherri watched as the young girl first curtsied and then figited nervously with her hands as she spoke looking at the floor, "Do yahs wish me ta fetch yer bath, M'lady?" Her voice was that of one caught between womanhood and a child.  She was young indeed, perhaps 14 years of age in human terms.  Cherri thought, in a couple of years she could very well be married off for she was pretty in the face.  

Cherri advance softly towards the child and watched the suprise play across the child's features as she briefly looked up and then quickly back down.  Cherri placed a long slender finger under the child's chin and gently lifted her face up speaking softly in her slightly melodious voice.  "Please, do not be shy of me.  I like to see the eyes of those I talk with." The girl looked up and was met with a friendly smile on Cherri's face.  Cherri let her hand fall easily way and her smile only broadened as she saw the clear bright blue of the child's eyes.  "Ah, just as I suspected.  You have the bluest eyes, like the sky on a cloudless day.  Many elves I know would envy you for such a color."  The girl feeling a little more comfortable now smile broadly.  "My maw says the same 'bout my eyes too, except the elf part."  Cherri nodded and her smile was genuinely friendly.  "How rude of me, I have forgotten to introduce myself.  I am Cherri Rowandyn." Cherri held out her hand for the girl to shake, but instead the girl only curtsied again this time a little less formal.  "Toni, is my name, m'am.  My paw wanted only boys but got me instead." Toni said as a way to explain such a boy's name.  Usually she would have bothered, but she felt she could talk to this lady more easily than most.

"It is a good name." Cherri said as she walked back over towards the bed.  "If it would not be too much touble, Toni, I would like to take you up on that offer of a bath please." Cherri sat upon the bed and began to unlace her boots.  Toni curtsied, "As you like m'am."  Toni was halfway out the door when she stopped and turned saying, "The boys'll bring in the tub and water fer ya so I wuldnt go disrobing just yet." Cherri nodded her head and the girl disappered out the door shutting it softly as she left.

Cherri wandered over to the after removing her boots and placing them under the bed.  A quick inspection revealed a quill, ink, and several pieces of paper for writing.  A candle was placed nearby where the quill rested.  Toni hadn't been gone for what seemed a few blinks before a stronger knock on the door came and the girl poked her head in looking for her charge.  Spotting her near the desk and seeing she was decent she opened the door wide and ushered the boys in who carried the wash tub and several buckets of steaming water to fill it with.  There were several looks of curiosity in Cherri's direction as she stood listening to the womanchild giving orders easily enough.  In her hands she held a wash rag, a bar of soap, and a comb and brush.  Toni smiled as she watched the boys actually listen to her, her maw had told her cousins to be on good behavior in front of the guests and listen to her since she herself was tending to other guests and put Toni in charge of this one.

The boys quickly finished as Toni hurried them from the room.  One shoved at her and she swatted his hand with the brush.  "Git before I tell Maw." The boy looked sheepishly at Cherri and then a glare at Toni, but hurried out the door nonetheless.  Cherri noted there was a resemblance between the boys and Toni.  "Cousins on my maws side" Toni said as she placed the brush and comb on the desk.  "Very perseptive." was all Cherri said as she grinned broadley at the girl.

Toni placed the scented soap and wash cloth beside the tub with a towel, then quickly scurried to the door.  "I'll leave ya to it, m'am.  Unless you need assistance?" Cherri shook her head no and said her thanks and watched the door close behind the girl.  Quickly Cherri was out of her dress and stepping into the warm bath.  She picked up the soap and was immediately greeted with the smell of Asén'bejón.  Cherri smiled brightly and made a note that she would have to leave the girl a few coins for her trouble.  Quickly getting scrubbed and washing her hair she stepped out of the tub and dried herself quickly in front of the fire.  Her hair was still alittle damp when she slipped on her extra dress and boots.  Hair combed and herself as presentable as could be, Cherri stepped from her room to be greeted only by Toni.  "Dis way to the Dining Hall." Toni started down a hall with Cherri entow.  Cherri and Toni were met at an intersection of halls by a wondering guest.  Toni stopped and curtsied to the woman.  "If yer looking fer the Dining Hall, please follow me M'Lady."  Cherri smiled at the woman and held out her hand as she continued on her way following Toni.  "I do not believe we were properly introduced.  I am Cherri.  Cherri Rowandyn."


Cadence figited somewhat in the large room.  She was now behind closed doors with Clayton for the first time and she felt like a deer with its back against a wall knowing that the dogs were close by.  Clayton was acting the perfect gentleman not making any sudden moves and staying to his side of the room moving casually about looking at this and that in the room.  Cadence had cleaned this room herself several times and felt more uncomfortable in being a guest in it now.  Clayton smiled empathetically at her.  "You are nervous my love." Clayton sat in the chair at the desk and motioned Cadence to come to him.  Cadence came and Clayton brought her gently into his lap and wrapped his arms about her gently.  He would have to coax her slowly, at least at first or else she might run to that sister of hers or even the King and then all his plans and doings will be for not.  And that just simply wasn't happening.  "I know you are nervous about tonight, m'love." Clayton spoke softly into Cadence's hair.  "It will not be so bad for me to love you would it?" Cadence sat quietly with her eyes closed until she heard the last statement and then her eyes flew open.  How could he be thinking about their wedding night after witnessing such a crime.  Feeling very uncomfortable with the way Clayton seemed oblivous to much else other than this eve's events, Cadence slid out of his grasp quickly offering a weak smile.  "I should be helping Iris get things ready for the rest of the guests." Clayton's brow scowled at Cadence's retreat.  "You are a guest my dear." Clayton held out his hand again for Cadence to take.  Cadence backed away towards the door saying "I know, but I am still a servant of the King and should go and help my sister.  I will send someone to feth a bath for you and will be back to show you to the Dining Hall myself." Cadence quickly exited the room before Clayton could protest anything more.  Cadence rushed down the halls and to hers and Iris's room and slumped against the closed door once she was in the room.

Hearing voices outside her door she quickly opened it and asked if the servants would fetch Clayton a bath and told him which room he was in.  Closing the door again Cadence quickly changed herself into a rose colored satin dress and ran the brush through her hair quickly.  The dress she donned was her only formal dress and while it wasn't fancy it was of good quality and she felt comfortable in it.  Feeling presentable she dabbed a couple of drops of perfume behind her ears.  Iris kept it for rare occassions and Cadence didn't think Iris would object to her using it.  Opening the door a rather too quickly, Cadence jumped as it banged open and quickly grabbing it she closed it behind her and she hurried to the Dining Hall where she found Iris placing a couple of finishing touches on the Hall table.

Iris looked up as Cadence entered the room a little out of breath.  She was relieved that her sister was not behind closed doors with her so called husband.  Iris smiled and went to where Cadence hovered at one end of the table.  "You shouldn't figit so, Cadence.  The others will talk." Iris said quietly as she smoothed away a stray piece of hair in Cadence's face.  Cadence looked around and noticed that the other servants in deed were looking at her with interest.  "Let them talk then.  I don't go lifting my skirts for every stable hand with a strong back or a gently bred man for enough coin." Cadence looked directly at a few of the female servants who seemed overly interested in her conversation making her point clear and causing them to scurry far away to the other side of the room.  "What can I help you with.  I do not wish to dwell on the events of this evening that are to come."  

Iris looked around and found her thoughts on the little brownie she had met earlier.  She knew that Damien would have taken the little one to the King as was intended, but what would he then do with her.  At least Iris thought it was a female.  Then Iris's face brightened as she remembered possibly hearing about a book containing tales about the small people.  It was in one of the bookcases contained in one of the guests' rooms if she recalled correctly.  She could ask Cadence to fetch it for she would definately ask too many questions.  She would have to get it herself.  "Cadence welcome the guests as they come until the King arrives.  I have to fetch something and will be back soon." Cadence nodded and moved to the floral arrangement and began to pluck a dried leaf here and a shiveled flower there.

Iris hurried to the guest wing and tried to remember which room contained the book she sought.  After entering the wrong room and not finding the book, Iris entered the room she remembered seeing the book in.  Thinking it unoccupied Iris entered quickly and made her way to the bookcase when a familiar voice stopped her dead in her steps.  "Well well.  If the much desired Iris herself hasn't come to pay me a visit and convenient that her sister is away and I just finishing up my bath." Iris heard the splashing of water as Clayton emerged from the tub.  Keeping her eyes downcast, Iris tried to retrace her steps quickly to the door offering her apologies as she did so.  "I was unaware that this room was occupied.  I am sorry for the embarressment and will Cadence to fetch you to the hall." Clayton crossed the space to the door in a couple of long strides as he anticipated Iris's movements.  Leaning his wet body only clad in a towel against the door, he caused Iris to retreat back into the room.

"Now now Iris, now reason to play those games with me.  You came in here looking for something special and well here I am." Clayton loosed his towel as he stepped towards Iris.  Watching Iris's chest heave atop her low cut bodice aroused his desire for her again.  Iris knew there was no point in playing games with this man.  He clearly made his intention well known no matter that he was newly married to her own sister.  Iris looked at Clayton fully with distain in her eyes.  "I see my sister hasn't much of a suprise in store for her on her wedding night.  Pity, she deserves better."  Clayton's eyes flared with anger and he crossed the room to Iris in a couple of steps grabbing her by her slender well shaped throat. "Careful wench of what you say or else I just might make you sister remember this night for more reasons than just one." With Clayton's pride pricked he took even more pleasure in the whimpering and squirming that Iris was doing in his firm grip.  Just a little more pressure and he would completely cut off her air supply.  Iris froze with his threat as her heart thupped heavily and quickly in her chest.  If she angered him more then he could easily take it out on innocent Cadence making her shudder at a man's touch for the rest of her life and Iris knew Clayton could and would do just that.  Iris ceased her squirming and waited as she seemingly submitted to Clayton.  "Ah now that is better." Clayton breathed into Iris's ear.  His hot breath so close to Iris's face made her feel sick to her stomach.

"What is it you wish." Iris struggled to get out of her constricted throat.  She already knew the answer, but this was the game he wished to play and so she must ask.  Clayton slackened his grip a little making it more easy her Iris to breath and speak but not enough to get away.  "You of course." Iris felt him press his body close to hers and involuntarily shuddered.  This seemed to goad Clayton on more and he grabbed Iris's waist and shove her towards the desk chair.  "You can't possibly mean now?!" Iris said the thought outloud and wondered if she would regret it.  "I..I mean Cadence will be here in a few moments to get you and take you to the hall and I told her I was to return in a few moments.  She will come and look for me if the King has already joined the rest in the Dining Hall and I am not there and you wouldn't want her to find us like this now would you."

Iris spoke in such a rush she didn't know if Clayton had made sense of any of it until he halted in his steps and she felt the reasoning sink in.  "You make sense.  Better leave and quickly." Iris righted her skirts as Clayton strode to the bed to dress himself.  With his back turned to her, Iris momentarily toyed with the idea of stabbing him in the back with the dagger in her bodice, but quickly changed her mind.  Walking quickly to the door, she stopped with her hand on the door nob as she heard Clayton talking to her.  "And I wouldn't make the King aware of our little arrangement.  I mean you wouldn't want me to take Cadence back to Nyer with me and then receive word some tragic event has happened to her, now would you dear Iris." Iris thought that the tragic event wa marrying Clayton, but kept her tounge in her head.  "No I wouldn't want that." was all Iris said before she left the room.

Iris pushed the incident from her mind as she tried to recall what she had heard about Brownies since she was a child.  What they ate, where they slept, what they liked, etc.  Anything that would help make their special guest feel at home.  Iris debated only a blink about telling Voltair about Clayton's intentions.  Iris knew that no matter what she did, Clayton would hurt Cadence and no matter how angry Voltair was at her, he would not let anything or anyone hurt an innocent if it could be helped.  

Iris rounded the bend in the hallway and came face to face with Voltair.  Iris quickly curtsied low before the King and glanced around for servants who might wish to overhear a juicey piece of gossip.  Walls had a tendacy to have ears.  "M'Lord.  I am sorry to intrude upon you, but I wanted to make sure that our guest was comfortable." Iris glanced around and seeing the shadow of a servant on the far wall, and said a bit louder, "I came to make sure everything was in order before you met with the guests." Watching the servant's shadow disappear without their steps faultering Iris looked into Voltair's eyes and spoke quietly.  "Also, Cadence is in danger."

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Naya looked around searchingly. Gods, there were so many hallways to choose from! The king seemed like a good man, but did the palace really have to be so big? For the umpteenth time, she reached a crossing.She didn't even know if she was out of the guests' wing yet.
From her right, she heard footsteps approaching. Looking that way, she saw a servant girl curtsying and telling her to follow her to the Dining Hall. With a sigh of relief, she fell in step with the archeress, who introduced herself as Cherri Rowandyn. She took the hand offered and shook it. "I am called Naya More'ek. This is the wolf... He doesn't have a name, doesn't need one.

I believe you participated in the Archery Contest? Did you meet as much resistance as I did for being a woman? I'm sorry, I'm just curious..." She said, as a means of introducing a topic of conversation. While walking, she recognized a hallway that she had been to before, but apparently where she had taken a left turn instead of a right turn. Before long, they reached the Dining Hall.

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Cadence is in danger  Iris whispered to him.  He nodded imperceptibly. "Good girl Iris. Now follow me to the dining hall and then return to your duties." He said, giving her a quick, but warm smile.

He continued down the hall way to the dining room.  As he rounded a corner he almost bumped into several of his guests who were being led by a servant girl to the dining hall.  He stopped short. "Master Malavon and Lady Naya, I believe. I see that you are being well served, good.  Shall we continue to the dining hall. I am starved and quite thirsty." He said as he raised his arm to allow them to pass before him.


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Cherri shook Naya's extended hand and nodded her head.  "I was presented with some resistence, until my arrow proved I was good enough." Cherri's smile slid knowingly across her lips, "I believe the drunkard yelling obscene things wet himself" Cherri almost laughed and then turned solem, "but there were still some who would not have had me participate.  I believe there were some that lost some coin betting against me."

Suddenly there appeared someone around the corner and the small party almost collided.  Immediately their guide bent down to a low curtsey and said "All apologies your Majesty.  I did not see you 'round the corner there."  Straightning the servant girl watched Cherri curtsey as well.  "Good evening M'Lord."

The servant girl listened as the King spoke and dismissed herself after making a short bow.  

Iris walked a few steps behind the King giving him room as was standard, since Iris was not his personal servant.  Walking into the Dining Hall Iris made sure that everything was in order as the King spoke with the guests he had almost literally ran into.  Seeing everything was Iris noted that all guests, including Clayton, had found their way to Hall.

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Voltigar walked into the dining hall, stood still as the rest of the guests found places to sit down. The rest of the Lord's and Lady's and their knights that had not left with Run'ior were seating themselves as well.  

He surveyed the room noting where each person was, trying to remember all of their names, and who they were sitting next to.  Iris went about doing her duties doing her best that all of the servants were doing theirs.

He walked to the front of the long, highly polished wooden table, pulled out his own chair and before sitting down he raised his cup, waited until his guests had raised theirs and then spoke; "Welcome to Voldar, M'lords, M'lady's and Masters.  Before we begin I wish to make a toast. First, a toast to those who are loyal to myself and Voldar and to those who have died for myself and Voldar as well. To those who have fallen."  He looked somberly into his cup for a few moments before he took a small sip.

He then looked back up and smiled brightly; "Now, we were supposed to have a wedding ceremony after the tournament and that and the tournament were disrupted by politics and an unfortunate, but deadly, concourse between I and some of my cronies.  I apologize to all of the tournament players and to the prospective bride and bridegroom; Master Clayton and our own Cadence.  I hope to be able to rectify that situation, for I know how much you two desire to be together, but I think one more night without each other will not be disastrous. Would it be, Master Clayton? Cadence?"  Voltigar asked, knowing full well that in front of an audience that it would be very unseemly of him to disagree and give Iris and himself, possibly one more chance to try and dissuade Cadence from marrying him.  He awaited their replies.


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Clayton seated himself as directed by one of the servants to a chair next to Cadence.  He listened to King blab on about the days events.  Clayton had more interesting thoughts in mind.  He recalled how Iris's body had felt against his and how he had wallowed in the feeling of power as he had held her slender throat in his hand just mere breaths away from crushing her wind pipe.  Yes, he had enjoyed his little run in with Iris and would show his new 'beloved' bride just how much this eve when they finally finished the evening.  Then Clayton's mind heard the King's voice stop and Clayton looked blankly around for a brief moment, no more than a couple of blinks, before his quick mind latched upon what the King had just said and his composure was quickly recovered.

Clayton smiled lovingly at his bride and quickly gave her hand a slight squeeze, which he had been holding since seated.  "I am sorry M'Lord Voltigar.  You caught me in my own musings about my new bride." Clayton chuckles playfully as Cadence took his meaning and turned a becoming shade of pink.  Clayton leaned over and gave her a quick kiss on her cheek saying, "I meant no offense my love, and I apologize for the delay in my response, M'Lord.  Since Cadence and I are in deed already married, but you wish to bestow upon us the honor of having wed us yourself, I do not see what another night would hurt, if my bride agrees." Clayton smiled a Cadence and kissed her hand.  Cadence looked at her husband and smiled.  This was more like the Clayton she had fallen in love with.  Cadence squeezed Clayton's hand in return feeling the strength in his large masculine hand.  "No, M'Lord.  I do not see what delaying the nuptuals another day will hurt.  I have always dreamed of a proper wedding, and am honored and grateful for your generosity, my liege."  Cadence's eyes grew misty for she was sincere in her feelings.  She had always dreamed of having a proper wedding, which was above her rank.  Now her gracious King would do her the honor of giving her one.  How could she ever say no.  

Iris breathed a sigh of relief.  Voltigar was indeed a very strategic man.  Posing the question in front of so many others, Clayton would seem unloyal if he declined and would come off as insulting the King.  Iris bustles about in the background preparing the rest of the room and the ball room for the ball that would still commence that evening.  Or at least Iris supposed it would still commence.  The King would have told her otherwise if it wasn't still going to take place.  

Cherri watched as the man sitting in front of her seemed to be in a dream state until apparently the King's question penetrated his tiny brain.  Cherri wondered briefly why the King would marry these two people again after they were apparently already married, but human had strange ways in the first place and Cherri simply dismissed this as another.  Still something disturbed her about the man named Clayton.  She remembered his eyes upon her at the tournament and felt something akin to pity for the pretty human girl who was to marry and bed this man.  

Cherri turned her attention back to the King, studing his features.  Cherri wondered idly what the King would do if he found her to be a mage.  Most would have her thrown out or even killed.  Pushing thoughts of magic from her mind Cherri redirected her attention to the King.  Something about his eyes drew her attention.  He commanded all those at the table and carried himself differently than most humans did.  This intrigued her, something that humans usually did not do.  Cherri wondered briefly why the King was not married.  Certainly there would be many he could choose from, and yet he was not...and apparently had no heir, at least that she had heard or seen.  Again this puzzled Cherri, then her face cleared.  Yes, this King was unlike those she had read about or heard stories of, save for those heroric ones that were far too rare among the human race.  Yes, Cherri thought to herself, this King would be one to do great things in his life but how long that life was to be lived was the question.

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Voltigar watched Clayton carefully as he went through his speech. the man is like a chamelion, he can change himself into whatever he wishes. He deserves watching

He sat down after Clayton and then Cadence replied.  She too took him by surprise. He did not know what to make of it; one time she is scared of the man, the next blink she is happy, smiling and looking as if she really wants to be married to this man; each time he gives her a way out of the well she seems to jump in with both feet.  "Well met Master Clayton," he said tipping his cup toward him, "and you too Cadence."  He drained his cup. "Iris more wine, if you please."

When Iris came over he whispered, "Do not answer, just pour the wine, but what is happening with Cadence?"  Iris poured the wine, he took it up. "Lords and Ladies. The wedding will take place on the morrow and in the evening the ball that was to take place tonight will be given.  I will instruct the towncriers as to that fact.  In the meantime, eat, drink and be merry!"  He took some more wine.

The servants served succulent beef, poultry, different sorts of vegetables on steaming platters and placed them strategically on the table so that each patron could reach whatever food they wanted and place it upon their plates and eat.  The air was filled with conversation.  Voltigar pulling a leg of turkey from off a bird casually asked Clayton, "Master Clayton I am curious as to what buisness you are in?"

He pulled a chunk of meat off the drumstick and slowly chewed it awaiting Clayton's reply.

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Clayton was happily enjoying the feast, that is until he heard his name and yet another question directed at him by who else but the King.  Clayton wondered how much longer he was going to have to indure this 'play King' and his questioning but for the time being this was someone he couldn't pretend not to hear over the incessant chatter of the table.  With the King's question the table fell silent and all eyes seemed to have suddenly found their way to Clayton's face.  A few whispers were exchanged by a couple of the Ladíes at the table.  Clayton smiled a brillant smile and took a long drink of wine before answering.  

Placing his cup lightly back down upon the table Clayton lifted his bride's hand to his lips and turned his attention to the King.  "I am a merchant by trade.  I sell a great number of wares and have made quite a good life of it." Clayton again lifted Cadence's hand to his lips as he wondered what other questions the King would probe him with.  For now, it was best to keep things simple.  The less detailed the better, as far as Clayton was concerned.

Iris came as the King asked and was caught a bit off guard when the King whispered his concern.  Iris too was concerned.  She watched Cadence glowing with the love of youth and wondered what was going on in that pretty head of her sister.  Cadence had been clearly scared of Clayton earlier and now seemed just as happy and blissfully unaware of any danager that the man posed.  Perhaps that was his game, Iris thought as she refilled each of the guests cups around the table.  Perhaps Cadence could not see through the fascade that Clayton was so good at hiding behind.  Perhaps he knew Cadence's desires and hopes better than Iris first thought and made sure to draw Cadence in by appearing to be the very thing that she had always hoped and dreamed she would find.  This twisted thought scared Iris until her hand began to shake.  If this was in deed what had happened, then Cadence was in more danger than Iris had previously thought.  If Cadence thought of Clayton as some honorable, adoring, caring, loving man then she would defend him against anyone she had to.  Iris could not keep her hand from trembling as she neared Clayton and Cadence and abruptly dismissed herself by calling over another servant to pick up where she had left off with refilling the guests cups.  "I must return to the Kitchen and refill this pitcher." she told the servant girl as they passed each other.  As Iris hurried to the Kitchen another thought disturbed her already heavily burdened mind, why would Clayton do such a thing especially to a sweet innocent servant girl.  Cadence was not an important memeber of society, she was not wealthy.  Only Iris and perhaps the King really cared for her.  Iris's eyes grew wide.  There...there was something there in the mists of her mind that she just wasn't grasping.  Iris stomped her foot in aggrevation drawing the cook's attention.  Nana only shook her head and went back to checking on the numerous pots that allowed sensasonal aromas to escape them.  

Iris took a deep breath, and focused her mind blocking out all else.  Iris focused on what she knew so far.  Clayton had met Cadence in the market.  They hadn't known each other for very long and he suddenly fell madly in love with her and whisked her little sister off to be married because he wanted to protect her from the war that was to come.  That was what Cadence had told her was the reason for such a quick marriage.  But how did Clayton know about the war?  And why would Nyer let a person with that knowledge leave the City and come to all places Voldar.  Unless the powers at be wanted someone from Nyer here and in the palace.  Now the pieces fell into place in Iris's mind.  How better to gain entry into the palace than by marrying a servant who was most loyal to the King.  How better to gain information from an innocent girl then to pretend to be madly in love with her, be her dream come true.  A young unknowing woman in love did many foolish things.  Iris quickly filled the pitcher with wine and regained her composure.  Iris knew she had to tell the King this evening what her thoughts were.  She had no proof and no way to prove her theory, but Iris had that gut feeling that she had survived this long on that she was right about Clayton and his purpose in Voltar.  Cadence wasn't the only one in danger, her King was as well.

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Title: The Palace
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"I am a merchant by trade. I sell a great number of wares and have made quite a good life of it."

"Very good Master Clayton. At least her sister and I will not be concerned whether or not she will be well taken care of."  Voltigar chewed on some more meat, drank some wine and spoke again.

"Lady Cherri your archery skills are most remarkable, even for an elf.  Could you perhaps be willing to teach my archers some of your skills?  It would be most helpful, especially..." He then turned his eyes upon Clayton, " say if by chance Voldar was attacked.  But since the last city that attacked Voldar was Nyermersys and they lost badly, I doubt they would be ones to start a war," He then returned his gaze back to Lady Cherri, "but there are other kingdoms out there that might want what we have here and it is a prudent king to use all available resources to him, even during times of peace."

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Cherri raised her violet eyes to meet those the King as he spoke to her.  She had been toying with her cup of wine since it was filled and unlike most at the table who were in at least their second cup, she had barely done more than taste her own.  Not that the wine was bad, quite the contrary.  It was smooth and well bodied to her palette, but Cherri after seeing what too much wine could cause you to do, had decided to refrain from the temptation to over indulge in such things.  

Cherri had suprised her own self with the perfomance she gave at the tournament.  It had seemed so long ago that she had held a bow and heard the twang of the string snapping back into its place.  While she had tried to keep up her fighting skills her father had taught her since her earliest memory, she had far exceled in the teachings of magic.  While her marksmanship would have allowed her to become something other than a mage, perhaps a Ranger like her father had been long long ago, Cherri had always been more interested in the ways of magic.  

A smooth smile parted soft pink lips as the King's compliment took seed in her brain.  "My liege, to tell you the truth I suprised even myself at the tournament.  It has seemed so long ago that I have felt the solidity of the bow in my hands.  Archery is not my form of occupation, but I would be most honored to help your Kingdom in any way you see fit." Cherri inclined her head humbly to the King.  She would do what she could for this King, for he had earned her respect many times over.  Cherri knew that she had left the door open about her true occupation, but she did not want to lie to this King but she did not feel safe with so many guests of the Court to openly say anything more about it.  

Cherri's brow creased ever so slightly causing a slight wrinkle to form across her porcelin complected forehead.  She caught sight of who the King was directing the the latter part of the statement to, but was careful to not remove her eyes from the King's features.  Features that she was becoming familiar with.  

Clayton's gut rolled as the King offered the elfess the position to help train his archers.  The thought of a woman doing such was enough to make him vomit.  Then the last statement the King made did cause him to choke on his wine.  Coughing and gasping for breath, Clayton tried to set his cup down without spilling it.  Cadence was immediately caught off guard by the suddeness of Clayton's choking that the King's comment did not have time to fully digest itself in her brain.  After many moments of helping Clayton set down his cup without spilling it all over herself and then trying to whack Clayton on the back to help whatever was lodged in his throat to come loose, Clayton's sudden fit of coughing ceased although his face a a dark shade of red.  Clayton looked at the table as all eyes were now upon him and smiled saying to his bride, "Sorry love for worrying you.  I just swollowed the wine wrong I guess." Clayton's brain worked quickly.  So the King knew about Nyers coming attack, why else would he make such a comment.  But who...who would have spoken to him about it before he himself could have.  As far as he knew no one else knew...except Cadence.  

Collecting his senses, Clayton cleared his throat several times trying to rid it of the urge to go into another coughing fit.  He looked pointidly at the King and said, his voice sounding a bit hoarse, "There are many who covet what Voldar holds within her walls.  Some the land, others the waterways and trading.  I pray to the Gods that nothing and no one would ever give any of the surrounding Kingdoms a false sense of hope about winning a war against you, M'Lord, especially Nyer for if I recall correctly the last war it was bloody and many were lost on both sides." Clayton saw the look on Cadence's face and quickly added, "But such talk is not appropriate for a celebration!  We should be looking to the future and not to the past this evening, and during this time of peace what is there to worry of." Clayton's broad smile caused Cadence to think of happier things.  Still her eyes were troubled and her mind stormy.  Cadence wondered if Iris had spoken with the King about the upcoming war, but as she looked around for her sister her hand was caught up in Clayton's once again and her attention forced back at the table.

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Naya followed the conversation at the head of the table with interest. She was seated two chairs away from Cherri, and could hear well enough to follow what was being said, over the noise of eating people. She didn't feel very comfortable; she was used to a small dinner next to a campfire. This was... lavish, was the only word she could think of. There was just too much of everything. Too many people, in any case.

However, the conversation not far from her kept her from feeling too much of her discomfort. The King's words and looks made it quite obvious that he didn't trust that man. If she remembered clearly, he had been one of the men to protest her participating. She didn't really like the look of him, but didn't think him worth much more attention than that. His reaction to the king's words, however, was interesting. The king would undoubtedly know what to make of it, but she stored it in her memory none the less. It might come in handy some time.

Soon enough, she decided that she had had enough. Standing up, she made her way over to the king. "Your Majesty, if you will excuse me, I have had a long day and would like to get some sleep. I am sorry if I seem rude to say it like this, but I am not accustomed to a palace and the ways in which to address a King."

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Voltigar did not miss the couging fits of Clayton but rather tended to ignore them and spoke to Lady Cherri, besides his suspicions had now been proven. Clayton was somehow sent here by Nyer. But what was his purpose?

"Really M'lady? I would not have guessed. Your father would be proud of you then, to know that his teaching was not lost on someone who has not kept up her training. Nevertheless, if you would not mind I would still like you to teach my archers a few things" He then remembered another archer, one who had been locked up. He would have to talk to her as well.    

Clayton recovered quickly and gave a plausible excuse to Cadence and the others at the table who seemed to be staring at him. He spoke, but Voltigar ignored him once again and sat back thinking and eating calmly.  His mind was a whirl however...First there was the confirmed suspicion that Clayton was working with Nyer. But why he chose a poor servant girl like Cadence to marry was something he had to think about. Second, there was Lady Cherri, he had not caught on at first, but she alluded that she was more than just a ranger as Voltigar thought of her. Third, where was Kain? Fourth, what was Cadence thinking? and last but not least...

He was interrupted when a young woman approached him.  The guards stiffened, but he waved them back as he recognized her.  She came forward, "Lady Naya...I believe. What can I do for you?"

"Your Majesty, if you will excuse me, I have had a long day and would like to get some sleep. I am sorry if I seem rude to say it like this, but I am not accustomed to a palace and the ways in which to address a King."

"You addressed me just fine M'lady." He then addressed his guests." And speaking of a long day and sleep you have reminded me that we all have had a long day filled with surprises and revelations and tomorrow we have a wedding to attend to. I hope you will all attend. I know ladies it is a short notice and you are all wondering what in the world will I wear?"

There was much laughter from the men and much crimson tinged skin from the ladies.

"So, I suggest that like Lady Naya we all adjurn for the night."

He snapped his fingers. Iris, since Cadence will need help with her preperations I relieve you of all of your duties until after tomorrow to be with your sister. I will also put at your disposal the best seamstresses of the Palace to help you make Cadence a proper wedding gown."

Voltigar finally turned his attention to Clayton. "Master Clayton, it is tradition for the bridegroom of a royal wedding to be cloistered with his best man in the Palace's chapel to be in prayer for the god of his choice to bless his marriage. Do you have a best man?" He asked.


Norman walked through the palace halls until he came to the dining room.  He was admitted, and walked in just as he heard the King announce that his guests should adjourn for the evening.  He stood in the shadows until a servant went to the King and told him that he was waitng.

Voltigar looked around as he waited for Clayton's answer and saw Captain Graaves.  He whispered to the servant, the servant nodded and then walked to Norman. "Sir, his Majesty requests that you wait for him in his study.  If you will follow me."

Norman nodded and followed the servant.  He thought as they walked.  He had seen all of the nobles, their wives, their knights, and even noticed some people he had admitted to the city, but had forgotten their names, and wondered how they came to be at the King's table?  He hoped all would be revealed when he spoke with the King. As well as why the Commander was acting the way he was and why Count Run'ior and the other nobles with him were escorted out of the city?  So many questions and very little answers.

They reached the study, the servant let him in.  He walked in staring at amazement at the walls lined with shelves of books.  Norman could read, but it would take him a lifetime to read all of the books that were in the King's study.  He paced the floor, then began looking at the books.  The servant reappeared, with some wine, and cheese.  He placed them on a table and then left Norman alone.

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With the wolf by her side, Naya made her way out of the Hall. Many people did the same thing, but she took a few turns and soon enough left the majority behind. She didn't really watch where she was going, she just had to think a little. So much had happened in one day, she could hardly believe it. She had entered, thinking to participate in a contest. In stead of participating, she had killed a young man. Well, she hadn't, but he had still died because she had wanted to participate. Now, in the evening, she had been sitting at a King's table. She hadn't even seen a real king before!
Somehow, with more luck than anything else, she found her room again. The clothes she had left there were gone. She thought of the servants in this palace for a while. They were working hard all the year round. Would they ever get a thank you, a nice word from all the rich gentlemen and ladies she had seen at the King's table? She hoped they did.

Then she thought of the mentioned wedding and ball. Would she have to buy a dress? Or could she just go as she always went everywhere, in the skirt and sleeveless shirt. She had seen the ladies looking at her, this evening. On the other hand, she was not ashamed of what she looked like, nor of what she wore. Would she buy a dress only to fit in? Hardly. Plus, she didn't have enough money for it, which was maybe the most important argument.

She decided to leave all that for tomorrow. Right now, she was tired and she wanted to sleep. Most of all, she didn't want to remember the sight of the young man's body being carried away. With a sigh, she went to bed and soon fell asleep.

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Clayton yawed and rubbed the back of his neck wearily at the mention of retiring for the evening.  He shook his head from side to side as he spoke, "No, your Majesty I do not have a Best Man.  Perhaps your Commander Scar would do me the honor of standing in as my Best Man?"  Clayton knew that if the Commander had a choice he would choose to relieve Clayton of his head instead of standing in as a Best Man.  Still it would be better to know what the man was up to.  Clayton retreated to the recesses of his mind to ponder over a few things.  The King obviously knew that there was a war brewing, but how did this information come to him?  Friend or foe?  Clayton also knew that he was on the verge of being found out and must figure a way to at least stay in the semi-good graces of the King.  Clayton also knew that the King would not allow Cadence to follow through with this wedding, at least not if he could help it.  

At this thought Clayton's mood became darker.  He would not be allowed near Cadence until the marriage which meant he would not be able to bed the wench until then...but there was Iris on the other hand.  At this thought Clayton brightened a bit.  Yes, he would have Iris come late in the night when there would be no excuse of having to take care of her dear sister or make preparations.  While the entire castle slept, he would have his fingers around her throat again...Clayton's thoughts turned dark until the bustle of the room caught his attention.  Turning to Cadence who was shifting away from the table he said, "I shall miss your company my dear." Clayton lifted Cadence's hand to his mouth and kissed her knuckles each in turn.  "When I said 'I do' I did not think I would have to spend another night without you, but you deserve a beautiful wedding so I can wait a day longer if it will please my beautiful bride."  Clayton leaned down and placed a soft kiss on each of Cadence's temples.  

Holding out his arm, Clayton gently entwined Cadence's hand through so that he may escort her from the Dining Hall and to her room.

Cadence tingles with delight and some fear.  The King was giving them his blessing, so what had she to fear?  There was some hiddden meaning to both the King's and Clayton's conversation, but it eluded her.  She needed some time to just let the events of the day play out in a quiet and peaceful place, and perhaps some sleep would put things in a new light in the morning.  Cadence allowed Clayton's attention and even welcomed them.  There was something comforting in his rich smooth voice and soft touches.

Iris quickly came as the King called her and nodded her understanding.  "Yes, M'Lord and thank you."  Iris curtsied and lowered her eyes but not before catching the King's.  He had a way of making her heart beat faster for no apparent reason.  Iris raised herself and watched closely as Clayton and Cadence passed her on the way out of the Dining Hall.  There was so much to do, and not enough time it seemed.  Iris wondered if the King would call for her later to discuss the situation about Cadence, but Iris was doubtful.  He was the King and had more important things he had to trouble himself about, like the upcoming war.

Cherri rose as the King did and curtsied her silvery hair falling around her face, only her headpiece keeping in somewhat at bay.  Straightening to her full height and tucking some hair behind her right pointed ear she said, "I am in your service, my liege.  I will do the best that I can for your troops, you have but to call and my services are yours." Cherri nodded her head to those still around the table and bid all a good evening, then she walked to just outside the doorway looking for the servant girl who was acting as her guide.

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"No best man, Master Clayton? Then how could you be married?  You had to have had witnesses? I guess it is a good thing that I am going to wed you, otherwise what you had thought would have been wrong, and you two would not be really legally married..and we cannot have that, can we?" Voltigar smiled broadly, got you. now if we can only convince Cadence.

Voltigar watched Clayton go through the motions with Cadence and then he began to walk away with her. "Hold on Master Clayton. Since we have discovered that you two are not legally married, unless of course you can tell me the name of your witnessess, I have no other recourse but to ask you to release Cadence's hand and follow my guards to the chapel of your choice where you will stay the night...praying for success and happines in your marriage.  Since you have no best man and I am afraid Commander Scar is unavailable at the moment, I shall send a trusted man for you to have and stand watch over you as your best man.  This is after all the way things are done here in Voldar, especially when it is a wedding performed by myself, and then the prospective bridegroom, swears fealty and loyalty to myself and to the kingdom, then I knight him, give him and his bride some land as a wedding present.  I hope this little tidbit will be of some comfort as you pray in the chapel.  Do not worry, you do not need to be praying all...night, just most of it and there will be a cot put in, for when you are finally done, so that you can rest."

He waved at two of his guards who walked over and courteously waited for Clayton to release Cadence's hand and follow them.

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Clayton only smiled at the King's obvious delight in this triumph.  Cadence looked questioningly first at Clayton and then at the King.  Clayton only nodded his head and looked to Cadence saying "Until tomorrow then.  Sleep well and do not trouble your mind.  All will work itself out eventually." Places a kiss on Cadence's knuckles, Clayton handed her hand over the guards who had appeared rather too quickly for his comfort.  

Clayton bowed to the King.  As he straightened himself he said, "You are a most generous King, M'Lord.  And I would not dream of taking Cadence from her home here in Voltair.  I will open my store here, if it pleases you, so that I may continue my trade and support my soon to be wife as she deserves.  I will however, seek your permission after we are wed to travel back to Nyer so Cadence can meet my mother.  She is old and feeble and her doctors have not allowed her to travel, thus she did not accompany here and stand as a witness.  We would only spend a couple days.  I fear Mother will not make it much longer." Clayton saw the servant who would escort him to the chapel of his choice appear off to the side.  "Thank you M'Lord for your hospitality and graciousness.  I will bid you all a good night and get to my praying."

Clayton bowed again and began to follow the servant down the hall to the Palace Chapel.

Candence stood there looking dumbfounded for a moment before catching sight of Iris who looked more relieved than she had all evening.  Cadence's eyes grew narrow as she stared at Iris.  The realization that her sister had some part in making sure that Clayton and herself were not together fueled her clouded mind into blind anger.  She was partly relieved that she would not have to go to her wedding bed this eve, but to know that her sister had some part of keeping her from her love infuriated her.  Iris was always being overbearing and over protective of her.  Iris had probably whispered something to the King and that is why he chose to interfere and say that her and Clayton were not properly wed.

Somewhere in the back of Cadence's mind whispered a little voice that this was best.  That she deserved a nice wedding and should be grateful to her sister and King, but this voice was in conflict with another that hissed that her sister was meddling again and would not allow her to make decisions on her own because she didn't think Cadence was competent enough to do so.  

Cadence's face flushed red and then white as she tried to keep her temper in check.  Why did she feel so much anger when she should be happy and blissful?  

Shaking off the guards with a look to each Cadence stood her her full height.  She curtsied low before the King saying, "Thank you M'Lord for keeping my best interest in mind.  I would not have wished to go and sullen my reputation and bring shame to my sister since her reputation is so pure.  Please excuse me there are many things I must begin to address and in so little time."  Raising herself Cadence turned on her slender heel and walked briskly down the hall out of sight.

Iris's brow crinkled in puzzlement.  What had her sister meant by the things she spoke of.  Yes her tone was pleasant and sincere when she addressed the King, but there was something in her eyes that did not settle well with Iris.  Perhaps Clayton had already swayed her to his way of thinking.

Iris watched as all the servants seemed to disappear and as she stared after her sister she had forgotten that Voltigar was still present.  Iris sighed heavily and shook her head saying out loud, "I do not know my own sister anymore.  In such a short period of time she has turned from me when she used to look to me for comfort."  Iris turned and was startled by the King's presence.  "Things have changed so quickly." Iris dropped a curtsey before the King her face beautiful face showing signs of worry, then all traces were gone from her face as she stepped closer to the King.  "Thank you for all that you do for her, regardless if she sees it is for the best or not." Iris brushed past the King her skirts making a soft whisper as she passed him leaving only the smell of sweet sip behind.

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All of the lords and ladies had left including Master Clayton and the only ones left in the dining hall were the serving staff who were cleaning up, Cadence, her sister Iris and of course Voltigar.

Voltigar is confused by the look Cadence is giving her sister. He thought for sure she would be pleased, or at the very least, relieved. But her countenance suggested otherwise.  Iris swept passed him and whispered her thanks, she was close enough that he caught a whiff of her perfume which was very intoxicating. It is a shame that class should keep them apart, he thought. Of course he could still bed her and she would probably be more than willing, and no one would care, as the King was allowed to whatever he wanted. But that was not what he wanted, and he doubted that is what Iris wanted either. Damn, this class mentality

 He caught her arm, she turned toward him and he smiled down at her. "Your welcome, Iris. Now see if you can pound some sense into that sister of yours!  I have done all that I can do. And believe me I do not wish to knight Master Clayton, but I have given my word and if your sister decides to go through with this farce of a marriage then I will have to do it.  If you need my help in explaining things just call for me and I will come with maybe a bit more proof that Master Clayton is not whom he appears to be."  

Voltigar's eyes narrowed as he looked at the expression on Iris's face when he spoke that last statement. "Maybe you already know that...perhaps from personal experience?  What is it? Tell me. He demanded, perhaps a bit more forcefully than he intended.  But there was a growing suspicion in his mind that Iris was not telling him or her sister everything and he needed, wanted to know.

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Iris felt relief wash over her as Voltigar reached out for her and pulled her close.  She inhaled his scent and her head almost began to reel as her senses were drowned for moment.  Fighting her intoxication of the attraction she felt for the man before her, she nodded her head as she followed the conversation until the last statement, then she litteraly blanched at the mention of Clayton.  She tried to recover herself, but Voltigar had seen her expression before she could mask it.  

At his prodding Iris glanced around to make sure there was no one lurking about.  Sometimes the other servants were a bit too curious for their own good.

Her voice was low, but audible and her eyes were downcasted as she spoke.  "I know Clayton is not here for reasons as he states.  I know of the upcoming events and he has used this reasoning to scare Cadence into marrying him.  He is very good at deception and has led Cadence to think that he is all that she has always wanted." Iris raised eyes on the brim of tears to Voltigar's.  "He is using Cadence to get to you.  Either for information to send back to Nyer or worse.  He has also made it very clear that he will hurt Cadence if I do not do as he wishes." Iris shivered in disgust as the memory of her confrontation with Clayton flashed in her mind.  "He will ruin her for any other man.  Cadence is innocent and not aware of what men can do..."  Iris let the rest of the sentence fall into silence of the halls.  

She did not want to think on what Clayton could do if even the slightest reason.  "There have been rumors from the servants that he has tortured women before even until death and took joy in it, they will not mention such in my presence but when they think I do not hear them there is talk."  Usually Iris didn't listen to such gossip from the other servants, but sometimes there was some truth to it.

Iris sighed heavily, "He will probably send for me tonight in the early hours of the morning when he believes all others are sleeping.  He seemed very determined...earlier."


Cadence was readying herself for bed as the days events digested in her mind.  Something was not right.  Something was happening more than she was being told...and it had to come to light soon.  Cadence picked over the happenings of the day.  Clayton had seemed to change his personalities as easily noble men changed women.  

Yes, she was young, but she was not stupid.  She just needed some time to srt things out.  There were so many unaswered questions.  Why would Clayton marry her with no witnesses.  She had been in such a daze, she just hadn't noticed who was present and who wasn't.  Cadence looked at the ring on her finger.  It felt wrong.  The whole thing felt wrong.  Marriage shouldn't feel wrong.  

Remembering the tournament events Cadence couldn't forget the leering look Clayton had had on his face when the female archer had approached.  Cadence knew the look of lust and Clayton had it written all over his face.  He didn't think anyone was watching of course, but she had been.  At first she couldn't take her eyes off him because the excitement of him becoming her husband was new, then it had changed as she saw the different expressions that washed over his face telling exactly what he was thinking.  She also had seen how quickly he covered them.  

Cadence felt anger like she had never known wash over her.  Going further back in her mind Cadence began to pick up on subtleties that Clayton had tried to hide, such as the look he had in his eyes when he first saw Iris.  He lusted after her own sister!  How could she had been so blind.  Cadence was ready to scream.  She tore the brush through her hair rippin gout the snags and knots as she came to them without feeling.  Then one question seemed to loom in the fore front of her mind.  Why?  Why her?  Why go through all this pretense to marry her?  She was no one of stature, quite the opposite.  She was a servant..

Cadence stood up quickly and began to pace.  She thought better when she paced.  Things were falling into place now, except the why of it.  In the pit of her stomach Cadence felt sick as she thought of the way the Count and Clayton had gotten along.  There was something there...she just needed a little more time...


Clayton was shown to the Palace Chapel and a cot was brought in for him to sleep on.  Clayton studied it and then the man who was to be his 'Best Man'.  The man figited under Clayton's gaze.  

"I wish to pray alone, in solitude, so that I may speak openly to the Gods."

As the man bowed and turned to leave Clayton halted him with another request.  "I also wish to speak to my soon to be sister in law, privately.  There are a couple of matters that I want to clear up in preparation for tomorrow as to my bride's preferences and since I am not allowed to speak to my bride herself her sister will have to do."  This seemed to make sense to the servant and he turned to leave again.  

Almost as an after thought Clayton said, "and bring her when everyone else sleeps.  I do not wish to have either of our reputations soured by gossip and speculation, plus I do not want my bride to suspect anything.  I have a wonderful suprise in store for her and need her sister's advise to pull it off.  Now leave me."

The servant was most happy to oblige the last order.  He would be stationed close by, but was allowed to give the Groom the privacy he needed.  He closed the heavy doors to the santuary and listened from the other side briefly.  Once he heard Clayton beginning his prayers he set off in search of the King.

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Voltigar listened to Iris and with each word his anger kindled until it was a roaring flame, ready to consume anything and everything in its path.  He would make sure this Clayton would die a very slow and painful death.  He nodded to her, "Go to your sister and keep her safe. And whatever you do, do not go near Clayton again alone! I have other duties but I will make sure you and your sister are safe.  I am sending along guards to watch over your door."  

He snapped his fingers and two burly guards rushed over. "Yes, M'lord." They both said. "Take this woman to her and her sister's quarters. Guard the door and let no one pass in or out unless they have implicit instructions from me to do so. Make sure the room is safe and windows are locked before standing guard.  If you fail in this, you will lose your heads. Is that understood?"

The guards swallowed hard, put their fist to their chests and said in unison. "Yes M'lord."  They then turned and waited for Iris to go to her room.

Voltigar turned back to Iris, "Keep safe and do not worry.  I have some thinking to do. I shall see and talk with you in the morning."  He then gently took her head and was going to kiss her on the lips but knowing he was being watched, he tilted her head and kissed her on her crown.


Voltigar walked down the hallway toward the library.  He was deep in thought and his feet just automatically carried him to his destination.  He had many problems on his mind; the main one was what to do with Master Clayton?  He could expose the man, but what purpose would that serve?  Would it not be better to keep him close? Make him think he has suceeded?  But, then that would mean he would have to let him marry Cadence and get close to Iris. No!  I will not put either of those two in that kind of danger. There must be another way. He beat his hands against his thighs.  I was a fool to think that just because Cedric was gone, that there was no more danger.  I should have just killed Lycheus as Damien had wanted.

So, Nyermersys wants a war do they?  They have already sent in one spy. Are there others as well?  Some I do not know?  Maybe some even under my own roof?  The strangers from the tournament? Anyone of those could be a spy. He thought over the day's events and recalled the young knight, Mitch, handing something to Iris before he jumped down and tried to protect his king's honor.  That thing was a person. A brownie, named Tulpje, who had told him some very disturbing news. Who at this moment was, he hoped, very comfortable in her gilded cage. His eyes narrowed. Could one of those strangers somehow precipitated the argument that led to the young man's death?  Could they have known that Mitch had somehow been given Tulpje and maybe thought that she told them something and that he needed to die?

He stopped just short of the library door.  He paused a moment to calm himself down and then opened it and walked in, closing the door behind him.

Norman who had been studying one of the books upon the shelf turned as the door opened. He quickly walked over to Voltigar, knelt, and then rose again. "M'lord, I know it is late but I needed to talk with you."

"I too need to talk with you too Captain."

"You do? What about M'lord?" Norman asked.

"First you and then I will tell you what I need from you. Please sit. Are you thirsty?" Voltigar asked.

"No M'lord, thank you."

"Well I am." Voltigar said as he availed himself to a decantaur of wine and poured himself a cup of it.  He sat down upon a plush chair opposite of where Norman sat, trying not to fidgit. "What is it that you want to talk to me about Captain?" Voltigar asked as he took a drink.

Norman looked into his King's grey eyes and all of his questions seemed to fly right out of his mind, out of the window and into the night air. He desperately tried to gather them back again before he spoke.  He stammered, "Well M'lord there is a question about Count Run'ior and some other nobles that I was told was not allowed to come back into the city. I am..."

"A bit curious as to why?" Voltigar finished Norman's sentence.

"Yes. Yes, M'lord. I heard rumours, but I do not pay much attention to them. I prefer to hear them from the horses mouth, to speak of. Not that I am implying that you are a horse, M'lord. It is just a manner of speech." Norman quickly said.

Voltgar smiled. "Captain, I have known you for quite some time and I also know that you speak your mind, which I find very refreshing. You remind me of Commander Scar in many ways, but you both have your strengths and weaknesses. You think, before you react, where as Damien, acts before he thinks.  Anyway to answer your question. The Count and some of the other nobles and I had a disagreement during the tournament.  It was a silly one, but a very young knight, a very brave knight, was killed.  I do not think it was premeditated, but just so that I did not have a tourney ground full of bloodshed I banished the Count and those with him.  Do not worry yourself about him or them.  I plan on sending a representive to them to ask them to come to the table and talk about our differences."

"What was the disagreement, if you do not mind me asking?" Norman asked.

"It was really nothing in my eyes or in most of the tourney participants. I was allowing women to compete.  There was an archer, name of Lady Cheri, who was actually defeating our best archers.  Then when it came to the sword fighting competition, another woman came forward to compete. And...and that was when everything fell apart, Voltigar stood up and poured himself another cup of wine, " I tried so hard to help our city, our culture, to move forward, but there are those that want to keep us in the dark ages."  

He turned, downed the wine, and poured himself another cup. He fell silent as he stared at the red wine swirling in his cup. Norman sat there, silently, not knowing what to do or say.

"So, because of my vision a young man barely out of his teens is dead. How do I tell that young man's family that he died for a vision that most do not agree with?"

Norman did not know what to say.  He was one of those that thought that women should be married, stay home, raise children and be protected by their husbands.  But, he was not ignorant either of women who were skilled in the arts of combat. How they learned, or why they chose such a life was none of his buisness, unless they used those arts to kill someone on his watch: then it became his.  

Norman looked at his King and could see the pain and regret that his vision had caused upon Voltigar's face.  Norman felt for him as he too had sent many a young knight to their deaths in time of war.  But war was different, was it not?  You were defending property and lives not an idea or a vision?  People could understand losing lives over protecting their property or their families lives, but they had a difficult time with the concept of dying over an idea or vision.

His thoughts were interrupted, "Is there anything else Captain?" Voltigar asked.

"Yes Sire. It is about Commander Scar. I saw him this evening, actually it was right before I came here, and he was...shall we say a bit inebriated."

"You mean drunk." Voltigar added.

"Yes Sire. He was drunk and though I have seen the Commander drunk before, I had never seen belligerent and he almost seemed angry.  And I got the impression that he was angry with you Sire."

Voltigar paused looking back into his cup of wine, thinking, should I tell Norman about Damien's and mine plans. Or even that a war is about to happen?  No, his reaction to what happens tomorrow at the ball must be real or else the Count, if he is there, or someone who will tell him, will see right through a ruse.  As far as the war I think I can tell him somethings, but not all.  

He sighed and looked at Norman, "Again Captain it was a misunderstanding between the Commander and I and it happened during the tourney.  As I have stated before the Commander acts before he thinks. The Count was pressing me and Damien was acting before thinking, and I had to put him in his place.  He thought I was unfair and stalked off of the field. Politics was never the Commander's strong suit and I needed him to calm down or else there surely would have been more bloodshed than what had happened after he left.  I plan on talking to him as well.  Is there anything else?" Voltigar asked.

Norman nodded. He did not know all that had happened at the tourney, but he did know that some power struggle was happening between the Count and some of the Nobles and the King and the rest of the Nobles and Damien would be like putting lamp oil on a flame. "No Sire. I believe you have answered all of my questions. What did you want to tell me?"

"Well, first of all I want you to know that the ball will still commence so be ready for the flood of country folk coming into the city and also I plan on inviting the Count and his cronies as well.  Oh, and there may be a wedding tomorrow, though I am not sure whether the bride is going to go through with it.  And last but not least, I have heard rumours that Lycheus went to Nyermersys and that there may be a war between them and us."

Norman's eyes went wide. "A war? Between us and Nyermersys?"

"It is just a rumor, for now Captain.  But just in case this rumor turns out to be true, I would think it would be prudent that after the ball that you start shoring up our defenses. Not overtly, we do not want to start a panic with the civillians, but make it look as it was common place.  Also I think after I talke to the Commander, that I will ask him and you to look over the city and see if there is anything that could be done to us that we could perhaps change so we are not caught unaware."

Norman stood. "I can think of several things Sire. One, would be not to have the ball.  The first thing I would do would be to send spies into the city and allowing the city gates to open to all is opening the grain bins to the city rats."

"I thought of that Captain. However like I said before, it is only a rumor and I do not want the civillian population to panic. To not have the ball, after it has been promised would be paramount to many asking questions, and they may come up with the right answer, if this rumor turns out to be true."

Norman nodded again. "I see your point Sire. I shall endeavor to protect you and the citizens of Voldar as best as I can."

"I am sure you will, Captain. Now if there is nothing else I have other things to attend to before I retire."

Norman shook his head. "No Sire."

Voltigar walked over and held out his hand and shook Norman's. "Then thank you Captain and good night."

Norman was a bit shocked when the King held out his hand to shake his own, but he shook the King's hand and then bowing shortly, turned, opened the door and walked out.

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Iris was sure that Volitgar was going to his her, but she knew there were on-lookers and knew the King felt their eyes as well.  She settled with the kiss upon her crown and left with the guards towards her room.  

As Iris neared her room she heard something crash against the stone wall.  Fearing that Clayton had some how escaped from the Chapel and made his way to the room where Cadence and Iris stayed, Iris began to run crying our Cadence's name.  As she neared the door and flung it open she saw what had made the crashing sound.  "Cadence!  Cadence are you alright?!" Iris ran over to her younger sister and looked her over from head to toe.  

Cadence shoved at Iris and rolled her eyes at her sister's inspection of her person.  "Iris I am fine!   Please stop worrying." Cadence set Iris at arms length and saw the concern and hurt in her sister's eyes.  Her heart melted.  She moved towards Iris and embraced her in a strong hug.  "I am fine, Iris."  Cadence caught sight of the guards lingering in the doorway and gave Iris a curious look.  The guards looked uneasy glancing about not really sure of what to be looking for.  Cadence guessed they were waiting on the all clear and an explanation.  Cadence straighted as smiled at the guards.  "In my frustration I threw a bottle of perfume against the wall.  See it there?" Cadence gestured towards the wall besides the door and both guards looked at him and nodded, EzCode Parsing Error: color=gray]"Then Master Clayton has not been here?"] one guard ventured to say.  Iris looked at Cadence under close scrutiny to catch any traces of a lie that her sister would try to tell.  She saw none when Cadence answered, "No he hasn't and should he be seen this eve near here I will be sure to let to you.  Now please leave us for I am not properly dressed and my sister and I have much to discuss."

The guards nodded and closed the door securely behind them.

"Cadence why on earth would you break such a fine bottle of perfume?  Do you remember how long you saved for that?" Iris said as she began to pick up the broken pieces of glass.  Cadence walked over to wear Iris was knelt and caught her sister's eye.  "Iris there is much amis here and right now I could care less about the stupid bottle of perfume.  Put that down and help me figure this out."  Iris rose at the tone of her sister for it was thoughtful and frustrated.  Iris sat upon the bed motioned for Cadence to sit down with her.  

"And what makes you think something is amis, Cadence?"  Iris wanted to see just where Cadence's mind was at and what she had been mulling over since the time she left.

Cadence gave her sister a sidelong glance and then let out a big sigh, "I'll tell you what's amis as if you do not have a clue.  Why is Clayton trying to marry me if he does not truelly wish me to be his wife?  He has lied to me over and over again since we first met.  Everything he has done and said has been one lie after another.  He does not wish to marry me, why he even wishes to bed you!" Cadence was up and off the bed pacing the length of the room again. EzCode Parsing Error: col "What I do not understand is why?!  Why me?  Why Iris?!"[/font][/b]

Iris looked to Cadence and remained quiet for a moment.  "Cadence will you marry him tomorrow?  When you see him and he whispers in your ear will you listen?" Cadence stopped mid stride and looked at her sister as if she were one of the people in the street muttering to themselves and yelling at the shadows.  "Of course not!  Didn't you just hear what I said!  Why would I marry a man who has eyes for every woman that happens by?  Does my own sister think I am so daft?"  Cadence looked hurt for she truly did think Iris thought she would continue on with the marriage.  Iris grinned, "Good you have finally come to your damned senses.  Now you see what everyone else sees my dear romantic sister.  And as far as the why of it, the answer is very clear my dear Cadence.  He is from Nyer, right?" Cadence nodded her ascent.  "But the why is still not..." Iris cut her off with a motion of her hand, "Don't speak just think.  And Nyer is planning war with Voldar, right?" Again Cadence's nod indicated she was following along.  "And who are we in the service of..."  Iris looked to her sister leaving the sentence unfinshed.  Cadence's eyes clouded for moment as she answered Iris's question, "The King..." Cadence's mind finally caught the jist of what she just said.  "Oh Gods Iris!  He is after the King!  Oh what have I done, I let the wolf in with the sheep!  Oh Iris we have to tell the King!" Cadence made her way towards the door and only Iris's next statement stopped her from swinging it wide open. "He knows, Cadence.  The King already knows."

Candence's mind swam for a moment and then she turned to Iris.  "So what are we going to do about it?" Iris stepped to the past her sister and motioned to one of the guards.  "Inform the King my sister has seen the error of her ways and we need to speak with him first thing in the morning."

The guard nodded and spoke briefly with the other one and Iris closed the door and faced her sister.  "Well there is much we can do, tho it will be dangerous...."

The servant made his way through the dimly lit halls until he found a guard and requested the whereabouts of the King.  The guard told him the King was meeting in the library and the servant made his way there quickly.  He knocked quietly on the door as he saw the retreating shadow of someone who apparently just finished their meeting with the King.  "Sire, it is I.  I have news I wish to tell you."

The King opened the door and the servant bowed low before his King.  "I am sorry for disturbing you this late hour, but..." the servant looked around him to make sure there was no one about.  Seeing and hearing no one he lowered his voice and spoke so the King only could hear him, "My 'charge' has requested the presence of Iris.  I am to be fetching her this very hour when he thinks the Palace sleeps.  I will tell him it was not possible for you have posted guards and I could not do as he has requested.  I do not know what else to say that would deter him from attempting more.  I know it is late and I will not keep you, Sire.  This was my only opportunity to inform you of such so I took it." The servant quickly quieted himself as he heard boots steps approaching. "I must take my leave, my Lord."  With a quick bow the servant was gone again into the shadows of the Palace.

The Guard hurried quickly to the Library where he knew the King was last.  As he approached he saw the King in the doorway about the leave.  "Sire, I have a message from Iris.  She says.."  the guard stopped and looked about quickly and then waited for a nod to continue, "her sister has seen her error.  They both wish to meet with you first thing in the morning while all is still quiet."  The guard waited for an answer and hoped that the King would not be angry for him leaving his post.  He knew the message carried importance and did not trust another to carry it to the King.

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Voltigar was sitting in the library mulling over his discussion with Norman and what to with Clayton if Cadence decided to marry him.  Maybe it would be worth it, just to keep him close to me.  An enemy close to where I can keep an eye on him is better than one that is not so close, he thought.

He drank more wine, shook his head, No, I could never put Cadence in a position where she could get hurt. And Iris.

Iris was becoming a not a problem, more of a distraction than a problem.  He knew he wanted her and he also thought she wanted him. But he was a King and she was just a servant girl.  At least that is what the people would see.  They would not say a word if he would just bed her. But to marry her! To make her the Queen! There would be a riot and even his closest Nobility would probably turn upon him.  Not Damien, but the rest probably would. Damn

He stood when he heard the door knock, he went and opened it expecting Norman or maybe Damien.  He was greeted by the man he sent with Clayton to watch over him in the chapel.  The man told him what Clayton had wanted and then apologizing left. Voltigar hardly had time to digest that information when another guard came, one that was sent to guard the girl's door. He told him a message that made Voltigar's heart leap for joy.  He kept his face and emotions under control and nodded at the guard.  He spoke, "Thank you for the information. Tell the ladies that...never mind I will tell them myself.  You will go and request that Ulrath join Master Clayton in the chapel. Tell him that I am asking him to be Master Clayton's best man."

"Yes Sire." The guard replied. He bowed low and then went and looked for Sir Ulrath.

The guard went to Sir Ulrath's quarters, woke him up and told him what the King had said.  Sir Ulrath nodded sullenly and then shut his door to get dressed.  Ulrath quickly got dressed and followed the guard to the chapel.  The guard knocked on the door and then opened it, Ulrath stepped in and closed the door behind him, the sound of the door being locked was quite evident in the quiet chapel.

Ulrath was a huge man standing over two peds tall, with arms as large as most men's legs with long wavy red hair that fell to his shoulders. His bright green eyes surveyed the room looking for this Master Clayton. He carred a huge shield upon which lay a large sword.  He carried a similiar type of weapon upon his left hip.  He addressed Master Clayton politely, but with no emotion, though as soon as he saw the man he did not like him. "Master Clayton I am Sir Ulrath. The King has asked me to be your best man. This here is your shield and sword. You are meant to pray over it to the god or goddess of your choice to bless your marriage.  The shield and sword and when your are knighted, your spurs, will then be given to you by the King.  It is a great honor, only three men I know have ever been knighted by the King himself.  I am one of them.  I shall stand watch by the door all night so that you will not be disturbed. Now will you take your shield and sword."


Voltigar was smiling and there was a light step to his walk as he made his way to the girl's quarters.  Cadence it seemed had finally seen the light and with Sir Ulrath guarding Clayton then the night should go well.  He was still thinking about what to with him?  If Cadence tells him no marriage, then what will Clayton do?  Would that tip his hand?  Would Clayton then run off to Nyer and report that he knows that Nyer is preparing a war against him and Voldar?  That he could not allow.  He needed time.  But what to do?  He wished he could talk to Damien. But Damien had other plans.
So, the only other's he could talk to were Iris and Cadence.  They were women, but Iris had a good head upon her shoulders, and though Cadence was young, she too could think things through, if not clouded by romance.  He chuckled to himself.  What woman or man, as far as that is concerned, can think clearly when they are in love, or think they are?

He came to their door, both guards were standing outside their door and came to attention when they saw him coming toward them.  He quietly asked the one guard, "Did you find Sir Ulrath and ask him to do what I asked?"

"Yes Sire. Sir Ulrath is in the chapel as we speak."

"Good." Voltigar answered. "Now, I shall speak with the ladies. You two will guard the door."

"Yes Sire." They replied, keeping their faces stone cold.

Voltigar rapped sharply twice on Iris's and Cadence's door and waited.

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Iris and Cadence stopped talking as soon as they heard the wrapping on the door.

Iris went quietly to the door and opened it just enough to see out.  When she saw the King there she immediately opened the door wider to give him entrance into the room.  She curtsied in her nightgown of pale blue.  She did not wear a dressing gown as she was caught off guard by his visit.  Unknowing to her the candle situated on the table in front of which she stood silhouetted her body perfectly.  "It is late my Lord and we can only guess why you have come."

Iris closed the door and as Cadence saw the King enter she immediately grabbed her dressing gown from the bed and wrapped herself in it before dropping into a low curtsy.  

Iris opened her mouth to begin speaking, but Cadence began first.  "I am very sorry for the trouble I have caused you, my Liege.  I would never intentionally put you in harms way, this you must know.  After much thought and recalling things to memory that had bothered me though out the day I have come to realize why Clayon is truley here and it has nothing to do with love and marriage."

Iris nodded and studied the King's face for a long moment.  What she was about to offer as a solution may very well not agree with him.

"Cadence and I have been talking about what we should do now that she has come to her senses."  Iris began to pace back and forth as she spoke looking up occassionally to gauge Voltair's reaction.  "Clayton is here because he is a spy and the best place to keep a spy who has been discovered, but unaware of that fact, is closest to what it is he seeks.  If we kept him here, then we could feed him false information to send back to Nyer and we can also see who else has turned traitor within these walls.  And perhaps send in a spy of our own.  Clayton does not know much about our family or our history.  He hadn't the time to know.  We could use that to our advantage.  The only thing is that Cadence would have to go through with the marriage....or I in her place."  

Iris had dreaded saying the last, but she was not an innocent and felt that she could cope with Clayton better than Cadence.  "And when the time comes and he is no longer of use to us, he will find the end that he has escaped so often from so many others."

Iris waited to hear from the King.  Perhaps he knew of another way, but a far in as they were in this she didn't see another.


Clayton had heard the door open and quickly went to 'greet' Iris, the groin of his pants already becoming tight with the thought.  That sensation quickly faded as he almost ran into the big red headed man who sported a sword and shield.  Before Clayton could even open his mouth the man spoke his piece and held out the sword and shield for Clayton to take.  This one would not be easy to get rid of.  Clayton knew when to give something up and decided that getting Iris tonight was one of those things he was just not going to see happen tonight.  His blood began to boil as he took the offered shield and sword.  The weight of both took him by suprise but he carried them easily.  

Clayton did not like not getting what he wanted and right now he wanted to hurt someone until they begged for him to stop.  A sly grin spread across his face as he looked at the Knight before him and said "Yes, I see that it is a great honor."  There was a hint of sarcassim in his voice and Clayton turned and headed back to the cold and uncomfortable alter.  Placing the shield and sword before as was expected Clayton assumed the position of praying while he thought just how he would make both sisters pay for depriving him of his pleasure.

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When Iris opened the door Voltigar was greeted with a sight that made almost made his jaw drop. Iris was not wearing anything but her nightclothes, and the firelight behind her showed her shadowy form through the light clothes very clearly.  He had a hard time keeping his emotions and his loins under control.

He walked in and was glad when Cadence spoke first as his eyes could then concentrate upon Cadence who, when he entered, grabbed her nightgown and was more suitably dressed.  He listened intently to what Cadence said.

"I am very sorry for the trouble I have caused you, my Liege. I would never intentionally put you in harms way, this you must know. After much thought and recalling things to memory that had bothered me though out the day I have come to realize why Clayon is truley here and it has nothing to do with love and marriage."

He turned his eyes upon Iris, Did she tell her? he thought, and was greeted with Iris's almost naked form.  He noticed Iris's nightgown laying upon one of the beds.  He was about to speak when Iris began speaking and what she said made his eyes first widened in awe and then narrow in thought

"Cadence and I have been talking about what we should do now that she has come to her senses." Iris began to pace back and forth as she spoke looking up occassionally to gauge Voltair's reaction. "Clayton is here because he is a spy and the best place to keep a spy who has been discovered, but unaware of that fact, is closest to what it is he seeks. If we kept him here, then we could feed him false information to send back to Nyer and we can also see who else has turned traitor within these walls. And perhaps send in a spy of our own. Clayton does not know much about our family or our history. He hadn't the time to know. We could use that to our advantage. The only thing is that Cadence would have to go through with the marriage....or I in her place

He could not keep his eyes off of Iris: not only because of her form and beauty, but also because she and her sister had thought of the same thing he had, but had already dismissed it as being to dangerous to the two girls...women.  He casually walked over to Iris's bed, as if deep in thought, picked up Iris's nightgown, walked over to her and handed it to her. "It is hard enough for me to think about your propostion without having to avert my eyes whenever I wish to speak with you."

He turned and paced the floor for a moment, stopped, turned and looked at both of them, his face grave.

"Ladies, I appreciate your willingness to help but I had already thought of what you are thinking and I had already dismissed it as it would be far to dangerous.  No, I think I have another plan that will still keep our nemisis close, and yet keep your virtue's intact." He said suddenly with a wicked grin upon his face.  "Let us talk."

Through out the night, he discussed his plans with Cadence and Iris and coached them on what they should do and say.  Cadence really had nothing to do, it was Iris he was hoping was a great actress.  For to have his plan work, she would have to give the performance of a lifetime,

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Voltigar tossed and turned in his sleep. He could not get the image of Iris, dressed only in her nightgown and her feminine form silhouetted against the firelight.  He had sat up with the two girls all night discussing plans for Clayton and Cadence's wedding and how to stop it but without causing Clayton to be suspicious.  They could not, so finally he gave in to the girl's plan.  He hated the plan as it would mean he would marry Cadence to this monster and Iris would also be near him as well.

Finally with a grunt of dissatisfaction he threw off his covers and sat up.  He rubbed his tired eyes and looked at the dying embers on the fireplace nestled in an alcove across his room.  He did not want to, knew he could just call a servant to do it, but he was not that kind of man.

He stood up and rubbed his arms together. Blast it was cold he thought as he padded across the room in just a nightshirt. He took a iron poker from its stand and stirred the embers up. That started a small enough flame, he added more tinder and finally when the fire was large enough threw on a couple of large logs.  Soon the whole room was filled with light and...warmth.

He pulled on a night robe and looking around found his teapot, tea and a cup.  He filled the teapot with water and placed it above the fire.  He pulled a rocking chair and small table closer to the fire and waited for the water in the teapot to heat up.

He could hear the wind howl and rain beat against his window and guessed it was real early in the morning; probably around one or two bells.  On the table was a pile of parchments that needed his attention.  He picked one up and began to read it.  It was a drab and dull statement of the state of his/Voldar's resources.  Ordinarily he would have just signed the paper and go on to the next one. But with a war looming, it may be prudent to see exactly what he had; food, water, and sanitation were all important during war.  Also available space in case citizens outside of the city needed to come in and be protected.  He will have to convene a council and look into those matters.

The teapot whistled. Voltigar jumped up and without thinking grabbed the handle.  He yelped and hopped around as the hot metal handle made a nice red impression upon his hand. Fortunately for him he had not held onto it for very long.  Cursing, he pulled on a heavy mitt just as a very old, dishevled servant with iron-gray hair and deep set brown eyes rushed in.

"My Liege! Are you ok?  Is there anything wrong? What can I do?"

"You can stop babbling like an idiot for one thing," answered Voltigar.

"I apologize your Majesty," the servant replied, bowing his head.

Voltigar shook his head. "It is not your fault, but mine.  I was thinking and when the teapot went off it startled me and I forgot to put on the mitt before taking the teapot off of the fire.  I apologize for calling you an idiot. Forgive me...Rembrandt."

"Sire, you are never to apologize. But apology accepted anyway." Rembrandt said smiling. "But why did you not call me? I would have made you some tea if you so desired."

"I did not want to wake you.  I thought I was capable enough to make myself a cup of tea." Voltigar replied.

"I am sure you are Sire, but that is why I am here; to meet your needs.  Why do you not sit and I will pour you your cup of tea."

Voltigar nodded and pulled the mitt of his hand and handed it to Rembrandt.  Rembrandt saw the red mark upon his King's palm and asked. "Should I call the healer to see about that burn, your Majesty?"

Voltigar looked at his hand and shook it no. He then proceeded to sit down and wait for his tea.

Rembrandt quickly put some tea into the bottom of the cup and poured the hot water over it.  He then placed it on the table by Voltigar.  Voltigar nodded his thanks, as he picked up the cup, blew upon the hot liquid and took a small sip.  It was still a bit too hot.

Rembrandt then pulled up another chair, grabbed a cup and poured himself some tea.  Voltigar looked at him amusedly, "And what do you think you are doing?" He asked.

"Sire, I have been your man servant for longer than I can remember and when you are up before five bells, then something is troubling you.  I thought we could sip some tea and maybe you can tell me what is troubling you.  We used to do it all the time, even when you were a boy, remember?"

Voltigar relaxed and smiled at the thought of his boyhood. "It was much simpler back then."

"No my King. You just think so. It was much harder. Your father and mother, bless their souls, ruled a much more difficult kingdom than the one you rule now.  We were at war most of the years of their lives.  If it was not Milkengrad, then it was Nyermersys or the elves.  No, your Majesty. It was only simple because your father tried to shield you as best as he could from the horrors of war."

"Until it came upon my family by them being murdered in their own very beds." Voltigar responded.

"Yes Sire. And they would have murdered you too,"

"Except for the fact that you saved me, Rembrandt."

"I may have been the instrument, your Majesty, but it was your father you put everything into place.  Where and who you would go to.  Who would hide and train you until you were ready to claim your rightfull place and now here you are on the throne. Peace reigns."

"Not for long, I am afraid." Voltigar answered with a sigh.

"What do you mean?"

Voltigar turned his head and looked at the old man. "We will soon be at war once again."

"Who with?" Rembrandt asked.

"Nyermersys." Voltigar replied.

"Nyermersys?  But...But..Why?"

"Cedric. I should have never let Lycheus live.  I should have let Damien kill him as he wanted.  But I did not and now Lycheus has made his way to Nyermersys and told the Earl, Christian Liegramond about the demise of his cousin.  Probably lies.  But the Earl of Nyer and Cedric were family.  So I am assuming he thinks he has a debt to owe."

"I agree your Majesty, you should have let Dam...Commander Scar kill that little lying pasty faced weaseal of a man, what does Commander Scar call him?  A fop?  Yes, that is exactly what he is, a fop.  But, Nyer's army is so small compared to ours and the last time Nyer fought us they lost badly."

"True, Rembrandt. However that was many years ago and..."

Suddenly Voltigar stood up snapping his fingers. "Blast I almost forgot."

"Forgot what, your Majesty?" Rembrandt asked.


"Tulpje? What is a Tulpje"

"Not a what, but a who."

"Who?" Rembrandt asked curiously.

"Tulpje is a brownie who brought me the news, well actually brought Damien the news about the war."

"A brownie, Sire?" Rembrandt asked thinking that maybe Voltigar was not sane.

"Yes Rembrandt, a brownie.  She is right there in that golden cage above the fireplace."

Rembrandt looked at the cage and then peered in and to his amazement he saw a small little creature who stared right back at him and was pointing and shouting all at the same time.  Rembrandt could not figure out what the little creature was saying.  "Your Majesty, the creature seems to be awake and trying to say something."

"Really?" Voltigar asked surprised.  He went over to the cage, took it off its hook and placed the cage upon the table.  He peered in to the cage and asked. "What is it Tulpje?"

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Somehow, at some point during the long wait, she had fallen asleep. She must have, because suddenly she woke up. The room had grown cold during the night, but somebody was poking up the fire. She could only see his back, but she was convinced it was the one who had put her here, the mean man with the nice voice. She sat up as quitely as possible. Who knew what other torture he might have in store for her, if he remembered she was there. Though she could not quite imagine something worse than taking away her freedom. Being a Brownie meant being Free. To her, nothing was worse than imprisonment. Except her owl dying, maybe.
She watched him quietly as he made his tea and fumbled with the pot. Gradually, as the servant came in and they spoke, she edged closer to the open door. She wasn't trying to understand the two people, hardly so. It was more that she wanted to see what they were doing. Wondering when he would remember his small prisoner.
And then the moment was there. She heard her own name, said by the mean man. And then the other, the servant, stood up and came closer to her prison. She tried appealing to him. "I... Out". She pointed at herself, than to the window. "Please, I away!" But it seemed he didn't understand her. Big people, they were all so stupid! Why oh why had she come here. She immediately thought herself unfair. Not all of them were stupid. There had been Mitch, for a short time. Not anymore though. There had been the woman with the soft hands. She had given her to the mean man though, so maybe she wasn't as nice as she had seemed. And there was her master, who had been kind to her, who had given her a plant to live in. It was because of him that she was here now.
As if in slow-motion, she saw the servant turn to the mean man and tell him something. As a result, he got up and came closer. She hadn't wanted this, she had just wanted the servant to take her away from the mean man. But then, why had she thought he would? They were quite obviously friends. As the mean man approached, she stepped backwards, until her back was pressed against one of the far bars. She sat down and made herself as small as possible, whimpering just loud enough for the men to hear. It was quite obvious that she was scared to death of him. She heard him trying to soothe her, but she was too terrified to even look up. Her small hands covered her small grey face.

The language of friendship is not words but meanings.

Tulpje Sweetshade

Title: The Palace
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Iris tossed and turned fitfully before sitting up in the cold darkness of her and Cadence's room.  The fire had died and Iris could hear the wind whistling outside.  There seemed to be a dampness that clung in the air that usually indicated rain.  

Iris called out to her sister softly.  "Cadence....Cadence are you awake?"  There was no immediate response and Iris decided to lay awake in the cold darkness for a while.  Then she heard Cadence's voice soft yet with a hard edge to it, "What else would I be doing Iris.  I will not rest well now or this eve."  

Iris slipped from her bed and felt the cold stone beneath her feet.  The fire had gone out.

Iris made her way to the fireplace and stirred the dull orange embers back to life slowly coxing the fire back to life until the room was filled with flickering light and warmth.

Iris made her way back to her bed and crawled back underneath the now cold covers.  A grin spread across her face as she scooted over and made room for her sister saying, "Remember when we were children..." Iris held the covers up for her sister.

Cadence made a quick dash from her bed to that of her sister's. She shivered as she felt Iris's warmth.  Cadence finsihed the sentence her sister had started, "We would huddle together for warmth and talk about our dreams."

Iris nodded her head lost in her memories until Cadence's voice filled with the past broke into her thoughts.  "Iris?  Do you remember when we played make believe?"

Iris smiled at the thought, "Very well.  You were the most beautiful princess in all the lands and your prince would come and rescue you from a monster and then you two would like happily ever after making me an Aunt several times over."

Cadence turned to face her sister, her eyes filled with tears.  Her voice quivered as she spoke, "Iris?  When did the prince turn into a monster?  Was he always such and I never knew it?  Is that the way of things?"

Iris held her sister as she cried humming to her softly.  She used to hum to Cadence often when they were children.  It always seemed to help her to calm down and sleep more easily.  Iris spoke lifting her sisters face so that she could look into her eyes, "No my dear sister.  Not all men are monsters dressed as princes.  I am sorry that this burden has come to you to be bore, ut when have I ever left you to deal with something alone?"  

Cadence sniffled and wiped her eyes, "Never.  You have always taken care of me.  Always been there for me."  Iris nodded and smooth Cadence's hair back from her tear stained face, "And I always will be."

Cadence was quiet for a long while and Iris had thought that her sister had finally fallen asleep.  Iris relaxed her head and heard Cadence ask very quietly.  "You love him, don't you Iris?"  Iris was quiet and did not immediately answer.  "Love who?"  Iris felt her throat contract as she swallowed back tears.  

"The King.  Voltigar, you love him don't you?"  Iris took a deep steadying breath before answering.  "Of course.  He is our King and has been gracious to us.  Don't you?"

Cadence raised up on her elbow to look squarely at her sister.  "Iris, you know I love our King.  But he means more to you than that, doesn't he.  You love him, Iris, don't you?"  Iris averted her eyes as they filled with tears.  "Go to sleep Cadence, you know we don't talk about this."  

Cadence didn't move.  "Just answer the question, Iris.  Is it that so hard?"  

Iris sighed and then said, "Yes it is.  It is hard to know that the man you love, you are not allowed to love openly.  I will stand by and serve him and when the time comes and he needs an heir and takes a wife I will serve her as well.  All the while loving him.  Our love can never be so I prefer not to dwell upon it.  There is nothing that can be done about it.  Now please Cadence, go to sleep."

Cadence felt true sorrow about her sister's situation.  She had not meant to hurt her sister, she just wanted to be reminded that love really did exist and it could be good and pure.

Cadence layed her head down and soon after drifted off to sleep thinking of her prince and not a monster.

Iris layed silently crying.  Soon fatigue took over and she drifted in and out of dreams.

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Rembrandt and Voltigar both peered into the cage.  Voltigar was puzzled. Tulpje was talking to Rembrandt, or at least trying to, but as soon as he neared she backed up and hid her face as if she was scared of him.  But what did he do?  He put her in the finest cage...Blast, of course.  It was the cage.  How stupid could he be!  She was a brownie and probably felt like she was a prisoner instead of an honored guest.  But how do I get her to understand I did not mean any harm? He thought.

"Rembrandt do you know anything about brownies?" Voltigar asked.

"Who? Me? No, your Majesty. I have never seen one until now. I always thought they know...fairytales told to children."

Voltigar almost laughed, but this was serious.  He racked his brain and then snapped his fingers. "Stay here and try and talk to her. I will be right back."  He quickly exited the room.

Rembrandt stared at the door his King left and then back at the cage and then back at the door and then back at the cage and the little creature who seemed so alone and so afraid.  "Tulpje...Tujpje my lord will find help. Please do not be afraid. Are you hungry?" He asked  "Hungry?" He asked again rubbing his stomache.


Voltigar rushed down the hallway, his robe flailing behind him like a flag in the wind.  Soon he came to the library door, flung it open, lit some candles, found a oil lamp, lit it and then started searching the books in the many bookshelves that covered two wall; from floor to ceiling!  As he started he realized that it could take him several days to find what he was looking for.  The books were not in order. And he decided as he looked at one title after another that that was going to be his first order of the morning to his put these blasted books in order!!

Of course he was the one to blame, as he never put the books he read back where he got them. So it really was not his libriarian's fault.  But right now he needed to find that book!

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Post by: Capher on November 09, 2006, 05:03:23 AM
Voltigar finally found the small book that he was searching for.  He quickly scanned the few pages.  There was not much information about brownies but what he did find out made him feel foolish.

He put the book back and then rushed back to his room.  Rembrandt still seemed to trying to talk to Tujpje and she still sat as far as she could with her back to the cage covering her eyes.

Rembrandt turned when Voltigar entered the room. "Where did you go, your Majesty?" He asked.

"I went to the library. I remembered seeing a book about brownies there."

"Did you find it?"

"Yes, and I now know why Tulpje is acting the way she is."

"Why?" Rembrandt asked curiously.

"Because," Voltigar answered, taking a hanging vine plant from one side of his room and placing it next to the cage. "She feels like she is caged.  Brownies feel more comfortable around plants.  In fact they make their homes in plants or trees."

"Really?" Rembrandt asked.

"Yes, so I am hoping if I open the cage door, put the vine inside the cage that Tulpje will realize that she is free to climb out of the cage and hopefully we can somehow communicate with each other without her being afraid."

Voltigar did what he said he was going to do. "Here Tujpje, a plant for you to go to.  I am sorry I caged you.  I did not know. I thought I was being nice and trying to protect you.  I hope you will come out and not be afraid of me anymore.  I want to be your friend."  He said as softly and as gently as he could as he placed the vine into the cage, left the door open, and then walked away, dragging Rembrandt with him.  He sat down upon his bed...waiting and hoping.  Rembrandt began making more tea.


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Post by: Tulpje Sweetshade on November 10, 2006, 08:33:23 AM
Tulpje didn't really notice Voltigar going away. The fear had gotten her into a shock, and she just kept in the same position, too frightened to even expect something to happen to her. She did hear the other person trying to talk to her, but she just ignored him. They were in it together, anyway. Why did all those mean people have such nice voices? That made it hard to make a distinction.

However, she did hear the other man coming back. The two talked together for a while, and then she was left alone. At first, she kept in the same position, but it lasted too long. Her natural curiosity got the better of her fear, so she carefully took away her hands and looked if anything had changed. The plant immediately caught her attention and interest. Forgetting her fear for a while, she crept closer to it. It seemed clear to her that it was put there especially for her. So maybe they weren't so bad after all?
Well, she wasn't going to give them a chance to lock her up again, in any case. Quickly, she clambered out of the cage and onto the plant. Halfway down, she decided that the ground was altogether too much of a disadvantage, so she tightly gripped the vines somewhere in the middle of the plant. She decided to give the men another chance, even though she still didn't entirely trust them. She started looking around for them, because somehow she knew that they hadn't left the room, when something else caught her attention: not far below her she saw a leaf of the plant which looked strong enough to support her, so she climbed down to there. She'd been right, and it sat rather more comfortable than clinging. Now she could look around at leisure, as she was somewhere just below eyeheight for the humans. She quickly spotted them sitting some distance from her, the oldest one on a stool, the one who had locked her on a bed. She noticed that they were very carefully not looking at her. It almost made her laugh, if she hadn't decided to give them a hard time for what they had done. Ok, they gave her the plant to escape, but still. They'd also locked her up.
She stared to the eyepart that she could see of the man sitting on the bed. For some reason, she was convinced that this would draw his attention. Or maybe he'd been carefully following her every movement without actually seeming to look, that was also possible. And if he didn't notice this, she wasn't going to make a fool of herself by waving her arms. Coming here was his responsibility, not hers. He could be happy she was giving him a chance, she thought.

The language of friendship is not words but meanings.

Tulpje Sweetshade

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Post by: Voltigar on November 14, 2006, 12:40:23 AM
Voltigar sat upon his bed wondering if Tulpje would actually come out of the cage.  He tried not to stare at the cage so he kept looking all around the room.

Suddenly he saw movement out of the corner of his eye. Tulpje had finally moved and quicker than a squirrel darting from one place to another looking for nuts, she climbed out onto the vine and out of the cage.  Voltigar almost lost sight of her when she dropped to a leaf below his eyesight.  But then he saw her.  She was sitting there staring at him!

He thought, now would be a good time to try and talk to her.

He thought about putting his face closer to her, but then thought better of it, as it may scare her. So he just bent his head a bit lower until he was at her eye level and spoke slowly. "Tulpje, I am Voltigar. King of Voldar. I am sorry I put you in a cage. I did not know. I know now. This plant can be your home. I hope you like it."

Voltigar stopped speaking.  He was not sure if she understood? Or if he has spoken too long. So he waited for some kind of response from her.

Rembrandt, just sat there, his tea cup halfway to him mouth as he had first saw Tulpje move and then climb down the vine.  He really had assumed that Tulpje was not real. That it had been some kind of prank that the King was playing on him.  A doll he had put in a cage and then said was a brownie.  But when the doll...brownie...whatever, moved! Well, that was a horse...brownie...of a different color!  Thinking about all of this made poor Rembrandt's brain...mush.

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Voltigar did not know if Tulpje was angry or if she just did not understand him.  They stared at one another until Voltigar could not keep his eyes open anymore.  It was in the wee hours of the morning and he needed to be fresh; both physically and more importantly, mentally.  To deal with Clayton and to put his plan into action would require him to be very alert.

Rembrandt had already fallen asleep.  His head was gently nodding upon his chest and he was snoring.  Voltigar smiled as he went over to the old man, and gently picked him up and carried him to his room.  Voltigar was surprised at how light he was.  Rembrandt was very old and Voltigar knew that it was not going to be long before his dear friend would meet Queprur.  He prayed silently that she would treat him well.  If only he would eat something, Voltigar thought.

Rembrandt mumbled something in his sleep as Voltigar placed him in his bed, covered him and then stoked up Rembrandt's fire.  It was much too cold in here, he thought.  I think I will have a servant make sure Rembrandt's fire is going all the time and I will get the Palace seamstress to make him warmer clothes.  Voltigar went back to the old man, gently stroked Rembrandt's silver white hair and then left, closing the door behind him.

He went back to his room, crawled into his own bed, looked at the plant to see Tulpje. "Good night Tulpje." He said as he closed his eyes and was soon fast asleep.

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Kain awoke to the ringing of bells, and shook the wisps of sleep from himself. His dreams were harder to be free of, and they played wicked games in his mind while he dressed himself. Memories of past sins swirled in a mist of judgment across his brow, and he feared that there could be no atoning for his crimes. With a shudder he pulls his burdens onto his shoulder, in the form of an ancient sword. The mage felt the weight of his age pull him down to the earth below, and fought the forebodance which formed a pool of icy darkness at the pit of his belly. He adressed his desk, which was fraught with piles of tomes and scrolls, each more esoteric and intriguing than the last. There is a thin cord which is attached to a small bell in the servents quarters. Sach had become somthing of his personal servant and guide, and Kain relied on the boy to show him through the twisted corridors of the palace. Giving the cord a few quick pulls, the elf summons the boy. Sach had always been quick to call, perhaps even overeager, so Kain quickly gathers all that he will need for the day and waits for his guide.

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Voltigar wakes with a start, opening his eyes he stares at a spider weaving its web on the timber far above his head.  He rolls over and looks at the plant wondering if he will see Tulpje.

"She is still there Sire.  I think she fell asleep amongst the leaves," Rembrandt replied as he walked in with a pail of water which he poured into a huge tub. "Your bath is ready, I have laid out your clothes and have told the other servants to wake up our guests and if needed lead them to the dining hall to have breakfast together."

Rembrandt turned to leave, then turned back, "Oh, one more thing Sire. I ran into Sach and he said Master Kain rang his bell.  Curious after all this time. Do you not think so Sire?"

"Rembrandt, Master Kain has been a curiosity to me ever since he set foot upon my kingdom. But if he has finally decided to grace us with his presence then we shall not disappoint him."

"Yes Sire. However do not forget about the wedding."

"No, Rembrandt I have not forgotten about the wedding," Voltigar answered with a cryptic smile upon his face.  "I wonder how our Master Clayton liked our chapel?"

"Probably hated it. It is cold and drafty and for years now we have never had a groom sit up all night in the chapel, much less one you were going to knight.  That custom went out with your grandfather, I believe."

Voltigar chuckled, "Yes, but it served its purpose," Voltgar answered rising out of bed.
"Rembrandt, you knew my grandfather?"

"Sire it is much to early in the morning, however, yes I did know your grandfather. He died shortly after my twenty-first birthday, I believe.  Your father and I were on the battlefield when we heard the news.  It was one of those rare moments when I ever saw your father shed tears."

"Oh," was all that Voltigar could say.

"I shall leave you to your bath Sire. When you are finished, ring and I shall take care of the rest."

"Thank you Rembrandt." Voltigar answered.

"Your welcome Sire," Rembrandt replied as he closed the door behind him.

Voltigar undressed and sank into the hot water.  He closed his eyes and wondered about the days events.

Meanwhile in the chapel Master Clayton's guardian who had kept watch over him woke him up. "Master Clayton you may rise now. I will take you back to your quarters upon which you may bathe, get dressed and then I believe breakfast will be served in the dining hall.  I shall be accompanying you all day until you are wed, then my task shall be done."

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Post by: Tulpje Sweetshade on December 29, 2006, 06:01:35 AM
Tulpje's eyes fluttered open. Looking around, she was a little confused as to where she was, but as she sat up it came back to her. The fright she'd had in the cage, the plant afterwards, realising that the Bad Guy wasn't all that evil, he just didn't know any better. She hadn't really said anything yet to him though, apart from her important message. She would amend that this morning. She had to let him know she forgave him for being ignorant. She'd worry later about how exactly she was going to get that across, with her severe lack of vocabulary. When the moment was there.

During the night, she had broken off some of the leaves of her new plant and put them on the ground, as a sort of bed. It was comfortable enough in itself, but she'd seen some possibilities for the plant itself. There had been no time or material tonight, however, so she'd used this temporary solution.

As soon as she was standing up entirely, she noticed how hungry she was. She needed something to eat, and soon, and a bath wouldn't go amiss either. Again, she looked around, and doing so noticed the Big Man, taking a bath himself. Well, there wasn't much to be expected from that corner for a while, so she climbed back into the plant, pulling on a leaf here, pushing one away there. She seemed to be researching it. Then, on one leaf, she sat down and crossed her arms. She would wait here until someone remembered her.

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Naya stretched herself elegantly, then settled back into bed. She'd slept wonderfully, so now she felt refreshed. Still, in her dreams, or the bits of it she could remember, the guilt kept following her. She'd been the cause - or a cause - of a young man's death. No matter how often she told herself that there had been much more going on than she understood at the moment, it was still her request to join the sword fighting tournament that had set it all in motion.

She had seen death before, but it never ceased to amaze her how someone could be full of life and joy, full of emotion, one moment and then empty the next, nothing left of him but his outer shell. Maybe it was different when old people died, but she hadn't experienced that yet. The deaths she had seen had been young men in the bloom of their life. Most of them had been on the wrong place at the wrong time. Like yesterday.

As she heard a knock on the door, the last traces of her dreams flew out the window, leaving her as alert as the wolf next to her bed. She called out that whoever it was could enter. A servant opened the door, halted for a second when she saw the animal, but proceeded to say that she'd been sent to wake her and lead her to breakfast. Naya nodded, got out of bed and started to dress. She refused the servant's helping hands, saying that she was quite capable of dressing herself. After that, she told the wolf that they could go out of the city for a while later, when the time was right. Then, she let the girl lead her to breakfast, knowing that she'd still get lost if she wandered all the hallways on her own.

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Voltigar finished his bath, rose up out of the tub and briskly towled himself off with a rough cloth.  He wrapped it around his middle and then went and looked at the plant more carefully to see if he could see Tulpje.  He looked and looked and then he spotted her under a leaf. He waved at her. "Good morning Tulpje. I hope you slept well. I am going to get dressed and then go..."  He stopped in mid-sentence as he thought of something. "You are probably hungry and thirsty but I have no idea what brownies eat.  Do you eat and drink the same things as us? Probably so.  Hang on a minute I think I have an idea."

Voltigar began searching his room and soon he found what he was looking for he brought the items over to the plant. "I do not think this plant will hold some of these things but if I put them in the cage, the cage should hold them. I promise not to close the door."

Voltigar had no idea if Tulpje understood him or not but he slowly filled a small cup with clean water, heated it, tested the water with his finger, and then making sure Tulpje was watching him placed it into the cage.  "That is for you to take a bath if you want."  Then he broke off a small piece of leaf, poked some very small pieces of tinder in the corners and made a makeshift table.  He placed that in the cage as well.  Then he went and broke off as small as he could pieces of bread and beef that Rembrandt had brought in last night.  He tasted it to make sure they were still good and they were.  He placed the pieces upon the table.  Then he took a thimble, and melted it until it was small enough to used as a makeshift cup. He waited until it was cool and then put in some cold water and placed it next to the table as he was concerned that the weight of the thimble would collapse the table as it was straining all ready with just the weight of the food he had put upon it.  "That is all I can do. I guess it is up to you now Tulpje." He said.

He then quickly got dressed and walked out of the room telling Rembrandt to look in on Tulpje now and then.

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Sach is quick, as usual. In moments the boy is at his door, and once again Kain wonders what kinds of secret passages he must be using to travel the distance with such celerity. They exchange quick and quiet greetings, and the mage quickly follows his boy down a series of stairs, toward a most inviting smell. In moments he is prodding at a plate full of good food, and Sach is devouring his meal as if it were his last. The boy had learned to stay quiet, and learn with his eyes. He could read Kain's eyes, and he had slowly grown accustomed to the constant sorrow which seemed to follow the elf wherever he went. There was something more that a wretched man gifted with great powers. Under all the coldness, all the distance and wrath and death there was a man. Thoughts such as these would drift through the red head's mind as he chewed his food. Kain was busy with other thoughts. He would soon have to prove his usefulness, and so far had produced little to nothing for his new liege.

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Voltigar walked into the dining hall and his jaw dropped; for sitting next to a red haired servant eating breakfast was kain!.  He smiled broadly as he walked up to the unusual mage. "Master Kain, I see that even mage's get hungry every now and then. I pray that your quarters are to your liking? And I see that you seem to have an apprentice as well." Voltigar looked at Sach who looked liked a scared rabbit; not knowing where to run.

Voltigar put his hands upon the boy's shoulders. "Do not be afraid. You are welcome at my table if Master Kain wishes it to be."  The boy visably relaxed.

Voltigar held out his hand to Kain, "It is good to see you again my friend. There are many things I wish to discuss with you, but now is not the time. Shortly though, for time is fleeting.  But now I think I shall partake of this wonderful repast that my cooks have created for our nourishment.  I believe the rest of our guests should be arriving soon. At least I hope they do. They should have been awoken by the servants and led to this hall if they did not know how to get here.  Let's see, there should be Lady Naya, Lady Cheri, Master Clayton and...and, blast I hate becoming old. You forget names, places, things like that, even if they are on the tip of your tongue.  I suppose you do not have that problem do you Master Kain?"  Voltigar asked servants quickly rushed around serving their King.

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Kain is thoughtfully chewing a slice of bacon when the King arrived. He slowly lowers his head in a bow, swallowing the meat and replying with all the distant cold of a thunderhead. "Everything I require has been well provided for." The mage glances at the boy, and feels his apprehention, though the King makes it appearant that his presence is not looked down upon. "Sach has proven himself to be useful and knowledgeable. I would be lost without his aid." His voice carries no hit of companionship nor the warmth of emotion. Other men, who had been in courts all their lives, might have risen and waited on their King. Kain was not so knowledgeable in such things, and remained seated. The mage wondered what it might be that he would discuss. Perhaps it was time that he gathered what magi he could find and began to assault the criminal underworld of Voldar, or perhaps there were more ominous times ahead. Either way he would need to prepare himself. "Lady Cherri?" Indeed, Kain had no such difficulty when it came to memory. His mind was as sharp as it had ever been, and the name brough images of a woman who had studied beside him in the towers of Ximax. He wondered if it could be the same elf. I am sure that your mind has not lost it's sharpness, as far as you might have your foes think. A man does not remain King for long, if he is unfit to do so. Kain took annother bite of ham, and waited for the others.

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When Naya entered the dining hall behind the servant girl, there were too people sitting, the King and a man she'd never seen before. For some reason, looking at him made her shudder, so she made a short bow in their general direction, and seated herself rather far away from him. For one thing, she didn't think it her place to just barge into a conversation the King was having, and for another, she didn't want to be too close to someone who made her shudder even at that distance.

She was served some eggs and bread. It was rather good, so she enjoyed her breakfast well enough. She asked the servant if she could fetch some raw meat for the wolf, as it didn't look like they'd leave this place within a few minutes, and the poor animal was hungry. She'd prefer to go hunt with him outside, but right now she was in human society and she had to adapt to human rules again. Meanwhile she kept an eye out for someone she knew to enter, and another at the man, to see if he did anything. She knew he hadn't done anything to her, but still she didn't trust him, and neither did the wolf.

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Voltigar nodded his approval at Kain's words and then he looked up as someone entered the room. It was Lady Naya, and when she walked in with her wolf by her side, it was like a breath of fresh air.  He wished Kain were a bit more personable, but at least he was respectful.

Voltigar rose as Lady Naya entered the room. "Lady Naya, I pray that you slept well? Your quarters was to your satisfaction?" Voltigar asked.  He noticed that she sat farther away from Kain and kept on eyeing him.  "Lady Naya I do not think that you have met Master Kain. Master Kain, Lady Naya, Lady Naya, Master Kain.  He is a mage and has decided to grace me and my kingdom with his services," Voltigar said as he introduced the two.

A servant came in carrying a plate with a huge slab of raw meat upon it.  She gingerly placed it down on the floor next to the wolf. "I hope this meets your approval, M'lady?" the servant girl said as she stood up and back and waited.

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Loud knocks on his room awoke Malavon , as the servant outside explained that king required his presence on the breakfeast , replying , Malavon asked that the servant if he could a second as he out some clothes on.
Securing his sword , Malavon walked behing the servant to where breakfeast was to be served .
As he arrived , the king was near a man that Malavon keen intuition warned him that he was strange .
That man ... I don´t know what it is , there is something unusual about , like a sense of dread coming from him.
An interesting figure , i shall keep my eye on him
Bowing towards the king , Malavon spoke , Good morning my lords and lady, he added noticing that the girl who wanted to enter the swordmanship tournement was present .
It seems fate that we keep meeting like this my lady , not that  i complain, quite the contrary , it is a pleasure .
With a smile , reached for his seat and sat waiting   .

I do not fear magic , it should fear me !!!     <a href="" target="top">Malavon[/url]

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Kain watches intently as a woman enters the room. Seeing her fills him with no shortness of distaste. She keeps her eyes averted and seems to weary of his cold. His eyes see her pull away in disgust, his eyes see many things that may or may not be reality. His eyes have, perhaps, seen too much. Her mistrust was violent, in his eyes. The mage feels little but contempt for her, and fills his mind with shadowy images of desperate deeds carried on the winds soft feet. He fills himself with her false loathing and basks in his own. She makes a small bow and he feels it is an insult to all his darkness. He watches her sit, watches her place herself as far away as she can while still keeping some resemblence to this thing called manners. It was only then that he noticed that she had a wolf with her. He was busily examining the canine when Voltigar began speaking. Something told him that he might be expected to respond to whatever it was that his lord had said, but ignored it. Instead he spoke two words, "A wolf?" His voice is cold, quiet, and carried the softness of the wailing winds.

Only blinks after he had spoken, a man enters the room. He also seemed to have a certain apprehention. A chorus of screams floods his mind while the man begins to speak. They cry for mercy, they cry for death, they cry for their children and their mothers. He gives them the mercy of silence, the peace of death. He reunites them with their children and their mothers. He watches himself bring them to their deaths and clears his mind of his sins. Somewhere deep inside of him, a little bit of his sanity dies. "It seems fate that we keep meeting like this my lady, not that I complain, quite the contrary, it is a peasure." Kain smiles a sneering grin, and gives both the new commers a long cold stare. The kind of examinating, calculating, stare that a coroner gives a corpse.

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Voltigar looked up when another person entered the room.  He studied the man trying to remember his name when it came to him as the man gave his greetings to the others around the table; especially to Lady Naya.  Kain seemed to have an inordinate interest in Lady Naya's pet wolf.  Maybe he did not expect an animal would be allowed in the Palace.

"Welcome Master Malavon. I pray that you slept well?"

Servant girls quickly placed plate, forks and knives in front of Malavon along with a large tankard of ale.  The breads, slabs of beef and other food were already upon the table waiting for anyone to just pick and choose, including a variety of fruit.

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Post by: Naya More'ek on January 20, 2007, 04:48:30 AM
Ignoring a person when he is not speaking to you is one thing, maintaining the ignoring when you are being introduced is quite a different matter. With a nod, she acknowledges him. When she hears him speak, she even looks into his eyes, which a moment later she wished she hadn't done. With some difficulty, she suppressed another shudder. Still, she keeps on looking as she replies. "A wolf, indeed. Have you got a problem with that?" Without waiting for an answer, she tears her eyes away from his, and directs them at the King. "My lodgings were very satisfactory indeed, your Majesty. I thank you." When the girl brings the slab of beef, she smiles her gratitude. She must remember to ask the king later if there are plans for the day, or if she can have some time to let the wolf run, as he is not made for a life indoors.

First, however, she devotes herself to her breakfast, until yet another voice makes her look up. She smiles at the man, perhaps a little more kindly than yesterday. Any company away from that mage iswelcome to her. "Good morning, Master Malavon. Have a nice meal, I would say, but there is no need to wish it. The food is quite exquisite, I must say." As she says this, she reaches out her hand to take some Loriv berries, putting them in her mouth one by one.

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Kain turns his head, giving the girl a look of suprise. His eyes seemed to ask, "Who is it that you believe you are speaking to?" His lips tell a different tale. "A tame wolf could be seen in many lights." The grin that snaked its way onto his serpentine lips gave hint as to his own feelings on the matter. There was a murderer somewhere deep in his throat, yet glimmers of sanity pulled his tounge to silence. He swallowed his words and paid heed to his meal, which was fast dissappearing. Soon his plate was empty, and as the others still consumed their food, he gave his time to thought. Later, when he was alone, he would learn what he could of the two humans from Sach. Servents always had the best information.

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Voltigar sat back and chewed his food thoughtfully.  He watched his guests and could almost sense the tension in the air; you could cut it with a knife.  He knew that Kain's behavior and looks could be a problem, but if he wanted Kain as his mage then either two things must happen; either Kain must become more personable, which at this time seemed out of the question, or others will just have to give him more time.  Sach seems to get along with Kain and vice a versa, so why cannot others do the same?  It puzzled him and he chewed on the dilema.

He also wondered where his other guests were including one Clayton.  The girls he assumed were too busy preparing for the wedding to eat, and though the thought of the wedding made his stomache turn he could think of no other course without making Clayton suspicious.  He smiled inwardly as he thought that Kain could probably do something that would make Clayton wish he never thought of being a spy, but then there was the possibility that Clayton was not alone. How many other spies are out there just waiting for him to make a mistake so that they can strike and topple his kingdom down and allow Nyermersys to wrest control over it?

He did not know. 

He coughed to gather attention. "I am not sure what your plans are for the rest of the morning, but I hope you did not forget the wedding. The ceremony will start as promply as possible with women, at around thirteen bells. Then after the ceremony there will be a celebration upon which all of the townspeople will join in to wish the happy couple on their way. I hope to see you all.  If you think you need different clothes, there is a tailor and seamstress in the palace who will gladly help you.  Lady Naya, under the circumstances, I am afraid I will have to ask that your pet wolf stay in your quarters during that time.  However, before that time your wolf can have the run of the place, or if you want to weather this storm, you could take him outside.  Maybe the storm will have let up by the time you are ready to out if that is your desire?"  He looked at Malavon and smiled, "Perhaps Sir Malavon would be willing to accompany you if you choose to go outside. Of course that is between the two of you, I was just making a suggestion."

A pause. "Master Kain, I would like to talk with you in my library at your convienence. In the meantime ladies and gentlemen I will take my leave.  I will be in my library if anyone needs me."

Voltigar rose, bowed and then left.

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Good morning, Master Malavon. Have a nice meal, I would say, but there is no need to wish it. The food is quite exquisite, I must say..
Malavon smiled as Lady Naya spoke , and took a sip of the ale replying:
Ah yes , quite exquisite indeed , unfortunately being a simple man , i cannot say to be used to such luxury .

Looking towards the king as he sugested Naya to leave the wolf and go outside with Malavon , he just smilled with his eternal ironic smile that some loved and most hated .

You must have the gift of mind reading my lord !
That was exactly what i was thinking , and it will be my honor if Lady Naya wish and permit it .

That were galant words , but false nonetheless , for on his mind was the shadow figure of the man named Kain , a man that gave a cold down his spine as he looked towards him , and for that reason , Malavon althougt appeared relaxed , didn´t lose sight of the mage for a second .

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Naya shook her head, just slightly. Why was it that men thought women needed assistance when going out? She still had not forgotten Malavon's offence from the day before, even if events had driven it out of her mind. He was galant enough now, but not entirely present. His eyes wandered over to the mage from time to time. As for herself, after seeing the threat in his eyes concerning the wolf, she refused to look his way. She did not at all like being threatened, however, veiled, but she also knew that he was powerful. The safest course, she thought, was to refrain from answering. There was no use in angering anyone with as much power as she seemed to feel emitting from that man.

"I thank you for your galant words, master Malavon, yet I believe it is best if I go alone. The wolf and I are used to hunting together, and the presence of a third party would interrupt our cooperation, as you are not at all used to the ways of the wolf." With this, she got up, as her breakfast was done, and left the room after a courtesy to the king. She walked through the halls as quickly as her legs would carry her, as always with the wolf by her side. This was not very fast, as her legs were shorter than most humans', yet she made fairly good progress, and only got lost once before she reached the main entrance. She was glad to be out of the castle, there was too much stone here for her taste. Why would people want to live within so many walls? She was always fond of the wideness of nature, herself. It might be that the feelings of the wolf in this case played their part, but even without him she liked to have nothing more than one wall inbetween her and nature, instead of this whole expanse of houses.

She quickly made her way through the streets and towards the main gate. She looked forward to the hunting; it would clear her mind a little. At least she would not be playing the scenes from the previous day over and over in her head, and she would be rid of the guilt, at least for a little while. Hunting needed all her concentration, so thinking was out of the question. Soon enough, she saw the gates in front of her.

*Post continues in Main Gate*

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As soon as the girl began to make her leave, Kain's faded eyes locked onto Malavon. They stayed there long and hard, cold and severed from any concept of empathy or goodness. "Enjoy your meal." The words are a near whisper. Pulling his lanky self from the table, the magus makes his way for the door, motioning for Sach to follow along. The boy moved to his side, became his shadow. Kain turned to look over his shoulder, as his hand ran the length of the massive hilt towering over his shoulder. He looks over the human once more, searing into his soul with cold fire. "What have you done to atone for your sins?" The elf isn't sure if he spoke aloud or not. The thought swam through his mind. He promised himself the worst of deaths, he promised himself purity. "Take me to the library." Sach moves, and Kain becomes his shadow.

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Voltigar was sitting down upon a very large overstuffed purple'd cloth chair reading more about brownies; as much as he could find, and with a pot sitting upon a table and a cup of tea in his hand waited patiently for Kain.  He read through the little book about brownies and found nothing knew that another researcher had not found out.  He expected as much, but still hope rose eternal.  He had to find a way to communicate better with Tulpje.  Maybe Rembrandt was doing better than he could, she seemed to like him.

He put the book down. Sighed, and leaned back closing his eyes for a moment as he thought of what to do about Kain.  He knew at the begininng that the man would come across to some people like steel scraping against steel, but to everyone he meets?  Can he not somehow come across a bit more...friendly, if not friendly at least a bit more...sociable?  Well we can talk about that when he comes here as well some other thoughts I have.

The next agenda is Clayton. I wonder why he did not show up for breakfast? I suppose I should send a servant and find out where he is, though I have perfect confidence in Ulrath to keep an eye on him.  He pulled a rope beside his chair and within blinks a servant poked his head in.

"Yes Sire?"

"Please go find Master Clayton and ask him to join me here in an hour."  My talk with Kain should be done by then, or maybe... A devious thought entered into Voltigar's mind.

"Yes Sire." the servant said turning to walk out of the room.

"Wait." Voltigar said.

The servant turned, "Yes Sire."

"When you find Master Clayton, who should either be in the chapel or in his quarters have him join me here as soon as he can."

"Yes Sire."  The servant paused as if he was waiting for something else.

Voltigar raised his right eyebrow, "Well?" He asked.

"I was just waiting Sire in case there was something else you might have thought of."

Voltigar smiled briefly and then waved his hand. "No, nothing else."

"Thank you Sire. I shall do as you request forthwith."  The servant, a boy about the age of twelve, thick bodied and tall with dark brown hair and eyes wore a pages outfit; dark blue hose over which hung a lighter blue tunic with the symbol of Voldar embroidered upon the chest, which meant that he was being taught the social graces and then after that he will go to knight training. He turned and was about to leave when Voltigar spoke again, "Wait."

"The page turned, "Yes Sire?"

"What is your name?" Voltigar asked.

"Sire, it is Alan O'duell."

"Thank you Alan and I hope to see you in knights training soon."

Alan smiled, bowed respectfully, "I have already started my training, Sire, but thank you for your consideration. Is there anything else Sire?" Alan asked.

Voltigar smiled at him, "No, you may go. I promise this time."

"As you wish, Sire." Alan turned and left the room closing the door behind him.

"A very nice young man," Voltigar said to no one.

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As Sach drew them near the library, a stout youth ran past, Kain's eyes follwing the churing boy's path until he turned a corner and all that was left were faint echoes of footfalls to remind him that there had once been a boy. "He is life." The mage muttered to no one in particular. Sach nodded slowly, as he he hand drunk in the secret and would keep it to himself. "Tell me of the man. Who is he?" Kains voice is kept restrained in the reverberant corridors of the castle. Sach had told him that the walls had ears, and Kain was not about to have all the servents whispering about him. The child divulged the information quickly, and Kain stopped a moment to give pause to the information. The girl had a much less interesting story, it seemed, despite her unique form of company. By the time they came to the door, Kain had learned everything he needed to know. "Wait outside for me, I will need a guide to return me to my room, afterword." The boy nodded and Kain reached for the door's clasp. He felt a sharp pain in his shin, and looked down to see the boy motioning wildly. The mage shook his weary head and sighed, then rapped at the door three times. "Kain, at your service my liege." His tone carries respect and yet still held ferocious power. "May I enter?"

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Voltigar's thoughts vanished when he heard the rapping on the library door and then he heard the request to answer.  He knew it was Kain and he was amazed at the power behind the voice even though it was behind a very thick door.

He rose and walked to the door, opening it. "Come in Master Kain," he said, stepping aside to allow Kain into the room.  He saw Sach standing there beside Kain and said to him, "Sach, I believe that Master Kain has taking a liking to you but this conversation I am afraid is just for us."

"I know Sire. Master Kain already told me to just wait here until you two are through and then I am to guide him back to his room." Sach replied.

Voltigar thought a moment and then looked at Kain. "Master Kain, since Sach is already a bit more privy to you than anyone else would you mind if he comes into the library with us? It is just that I do not know how long our discussions will last and these hallways are drafty. I would not think that you would like Sach to catch a fever.  But it is your choice. I will defer to your judgement in this case." Voltigar asked.

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Kain nods his greeting and takes a few steps into the room. His eyes scan through the volumes of books, and he decides that he should come by here at night, when there isn't so much light. As the sun's rays flicker through the room, the mage feels a great burden pour onto his shoulders. He takes a few steps back into the shadows, then looks up at first his lord, and then the boy, giving pause to the king's wise words.

He had not even thought of the child's discomfort, such an emotion was not part of his mentality. His childhood had forced him to erase such notions from his mind. "You speak with your usual wisdom, lord." With articulate grace, he spreads his arm out toward the interior of the room, spaying his fingers in invitation. His cold eyes look onto the boy, as if trying to feel once more. Something akin to yearning presses against his chest, and, finding no purchase, slithers down into his bowels. It grows cold and hard and wicked and hides away in the shadows of his soul.

"I would not the boy to suffer." The mage ponders this word, and his mind is rife with dark thoughts as he turns to address his king. "What service might I bestow upon your graces, lord?"

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Voltigar closed the door behind them and as he walked to his chair motioned for Kain to sit, as Sach had already found a place to sit and was just watching and listening with interest.

Voltigar caught on that Kain preferred shadow compared to the warmth and light of the sun.  He wondered why?  Perhaps it had to with the magic. Since Kain was the first of his kind that Voltigar ever came across, he really did not know much about magic or magicians except for what he had read from his books in his library and the stories they told were to Voltigar's thinking at the time a bit far-fetched.  However as he looked at Kain he began to wonder if maybe he should not have discounted those books so readily.

Voltigar took up his cup of tea and took a sip as he considered Kain's question, he nodded toward the pot and empty glasses, "If you wish make pour yourself some. It is excellent tea. Sach, if you would like some please help yourself."

At first Sach kind of looked at Kain as if looking for approval, then deciding for himself that the King overuled Kain in this matter he poured himself a cup and then quickly found his seat and sat down, allowing the hot cup of tea to warm his cold hands.

"I think that we should probably get to know each other a bit more, Kain.  I would like to know where you come from?  How you learned the magic you possess, or were you born with it?  I also would like to talk about your appearence.  I notice that whenever anyone comes in contact with you they seem to shy away.  I admit being that way at first when I first met you, but I have come to know you a little just by watching you. For instance, I know that somehow you prefer the shadows compared to sunlight, as when you stepped into my library you stayed in the shadows even though the sun is quite blocked by heavy clouds and to me it is just a hazy light.  But for some reason it disturbs you.  That is something that interests me, why does sunlight bother you so much?

"I admit that your presence alone can make people shy away from you, but perhaps if you wore different clothing, or if that is not possible, perhaps at least smile at them when you talk.  I want you to represent my kingdom. To help my people understand magic and its ways and the people who weild such power but how can you do that if they are going to be so, how do I put this delicately?, so frightned of you that most would not come to meet you or they would just 'go along' because I have ordered it to be so.  I do not want that.  I want my people to understand and even embrace you and magic; at the very least not to be afraid of it or them that wield it."

Voltigar took several sips of tea before he continued, "I realize I probably threw a lot of questions at you all at once and that you will need time to gather your thoughts to be able to answer them. I want you to know that I am willing to wait and if there is something that is unconfortable for you to speak about know, perhaps we can talk about it later. It is your decision." Voltigar finished and leaned back in his chair.

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Kain shifts Moh'epher on his shoulders, and glances at the offered chair. This one has a cushioned backing and there are no holes for his massive blade to fit through while he sits. He quickly unfastens the blade from his back and lays it at the side of his chair before sitting. He glances at the offered tea, but makes no move toward it. That was a civilized drink, something he had not often touched his lips to, besides, he was eager to hear what the king had to say. As soon as the words, "get to know each other" passed his lord's lips, Kain's heart sank. This was not going to be good. Not one man, woman, or child had tried to get to know him since his days at the acadamy. He had been a happier being at that time. He had become something of a monster since being shuned from those gates. "I was born on the Continent of Nybelmar. It is to the west and south and is a very different land than this Santharia. I was not there long, however, and in my late twenties, which is but a child for an elf. I set harbour in Milkengrad and then moved south to Ximax, where I learned the ways of magic for many many years. I have always had some innate talent for magic, but it is not something that only a special few can obtain. Anyone with training can become a mage, but there is much training to be had." The rest of his history was for a later time, or better yet, to be kept silent. Drawing up the details of his childhood, or his years in the north, wouldn't be pleasent for either party.

"I am usually greeted without much warmth. In my line of work, it is a blessing to have others fear me. I have never been a sociable person, but I can see that you would rather not have me spread fear in your kingdom. I understand your purposes, and see that they are good ones to have." Kain wondered how his appearance couldn't be terrifying to behold. He liked it that way, nobody got in his way, and his enemies got a taste of what was to come before he even lifted a finger. One could not be blamed for not wishing to be near The Divine Aspect, with his lanky height, skeletal frame, pallid flesh, and dead eyes. The karikrimson tattoos around his eyes and adorning his body certainly weren't there to accentuate his good looks. He had a slave's body, hard and powerful yet weak from years with little or nothing to eat. Infact, one of the most surpising things that had happened in the castle had been when a woman servent had seen him without the full coverage of his normal attire, and had not run for her life. Rather, she had seemed to stare a moment, and not with fear.

He paused a moment and almost laughed when he considered what he was about to say. "I will try to be a more amiable man, in your courts. I promise you that it will be a difficult endeavor for one such as myself, who has not felt the warmth of affection for centuries for a long while." He wondered to himself whether he had ever felt affection. "I also promise you that I will not spread fear onto those not deserving it." He couldn't simply not be a scary person, but he could try and counter act his terrible appearance by controlling his behavior. Besides, he rather enjoyed the quaking horror of his foes before he slaughtered them. Evil men should be made afraid, and Kain was rather good at making them that way. Kain had seen the darkest depraivities of man, and he knew pain. The thoughts bring up the corner of his lip, and he amuses himself with the echoes of their screams.

Realizing his mistake, he clears the thought, and moves onto the King's next question. Sunlight and himself and become fast foes upon the gathering of The Midnight Blade. Kain wondered how much to say, for the full story would surely bring grim respite onto the Magus. Just enough to answer the question, then. "The sunlight makes me weary, lord, and weakens my powers. It is a side effect of the immense powers of Moh'epher. It has been good for me that the storm has covered the sky recently, for I have been able to move about freely at day. Without its coverage, going outdoors in the shining light would leave me burdened and weary beyond exhaustion."

Kain had a question of his own, and voiced it candidly. "About this marriage ceremony, will I be in attendance?" The elf wasn't even sure as to what happened in such a ceremony, as he had never been in attendance to any at all, be they elven or human. Gatherings of joy and celebration had never been common in Kain's earlier life, and he had avoided them in his later years, and recently they had avoided him.

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Voltigar listens intently as Kain speaks.  He speaks of a continent that to most is just a myth or a drunken sailor's story and yet he tells of being born there and then coming to Milkengrad. He did not even know there were ships that far back in history that could travel as far as where this continent was supposed to have been found. Was it a Nyblemar ship that carried him to Milkengrad?  And what city is Ximax?  He had never heard of it.  Where is it? Those and many other thoughts ran through Voltigar's mind as he continued to listen to Kain.

Yes, he nodded. He could understand the Kain's reasoning of how he wished his enemies to fear him. but would he want his allies to do the same?  Kain answered that with reasonable responses to his request.  Voltigar smiled as he realized that the man was doing all he could to please him and yet be true to his own character and upbringing. 

Voltigar could almost feel the pain the man before him carried. It was telltale in his voice. He wondered if the sword he carried; the Moh'epher, he calls it, causes him that pain or if it is something else?  Kain tells him of how the possession of the sword causes him to shun sunlight. Is that because it is evil? He thought without voicing it.

Finally Kain asked him a question.

"Yes, I was hoping that you would be there. There is a man, actually he is the groom, name of Clayton, I forget his last name at the moment. Anyway I think he is a spy for Nyermersys, or at the very least a man who likes to hurt women.  He is to marry one of my servant girls, who and her sister, have become close to me.  Actually I feel like all of my people are family and I do not wish harm to any of them, but there are those who are closer than others; these two are.

"I was wondering with your magic if you could discern if the man is a spy? Or at the very least will he treat his new bride with respect?  Also I thought since most of my people will be at this wedding, including the Nobles, that it would be a good time to introduce you.  However, since you seem to shun light, that may be a problem.  Perhaps we can seclude you in an alcove far above in the balcony and you can do whatever you do up there?  What do you think?  Also your tale has brought up other questions but I will wait until you tell me what you think about my plan for the wedding."  Voltigar said.

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Cherri bathed slowly after she woke and then after the servants left she paced around the room contemplating.  The King appeared to be a just and fair man and she ha ever heard whispers that he employed a mage.  A very powerful one.  Cherri continued to pace the floor her soft soled boots making not a whisper across the floor.  Her dress flowed her movements flowing this way then the next.  Thoughts of what she should do about revealing her true occupation swirled about her head.  Surely if he had one mage in his service, he did not need two.  It would be best for her to keep quiet about it for now.  Perhaps she should take him up on his offer about training his archers.  It would mean employment and something stable.  Couldn't ask for much more than that.  She continued to think it over.  She would need to retrieve her staff eventually from where she had hidden it if she was going to stay here.  Cherri decided she would speak with the King on the matter and gather his thoughts as to the permancy of her training his archers.

Opening the door, Cherri found the servant girl from the night before.  Not being able to recall her name at the moment Cherri asked if she knew the wearabouts of the King.  Following the servant girl through the twists and turns of the palace halls, she was finally brough before a guard standing beside a door.  The guard eyed Cherri as he moved to stand directly in front of the door barring any passage to it.  "State your business."  the guard said as he continued to eye Cherri. 

Under the guard's scrutiny Cherri smiled inwardly as she did not find any attraction to her in his eyes.  He was a good and loyal man to the King.  Most human men found her very beautiful, for what reason she did not know.  She supposed it was because she was elvish and nothing more.  She had never had a suitor before so she guessed that compared to others of her race she was common, though certain traits had set her apart.  "She's one of the guests so I say you bet'er watch er tone." the servant girl said as she came to stand almost between Cherri and the guard.  The guard smiled a familiar friendly smile to the servant girl noting her protectiveness of her new charge.  "Aye she is is she?"  The guard liked the youngster and decided to humor her.  The young girl felt that she had charge over someone of importance and he would let her enjoy that for a bit longer.  "Well then that does merit importance.  State your business please, M'lady."  Cherri noticed that his face and eyes had softened but that there was still a kernel of distrust in his eyes.  "I have come to request an audience with the King to discuss a matter of a position of employment that was offered."  Cherri's voice was soft and yet firm with the always present melodious accent that always made her stand out from other tribes.  Cherri turned her attention to the serving girl.  "Thank you for leading me here, but I will wait alone for the King."  Smiling at the elfess the servant girl dropped a small curtsy and eyed the guard in warning as she left.  Cherri smiled after the girl slightly shaking her head thinking to her herself.

Bring her attention back to the Guard Cherri was met with a reply, "The King is meeting with someone at this moment, you could wait in one of the near by rooms."  He motioned her towards  a room just a few steps from his post and Cherri decided to take the time to look over the books in the room.  She found a chair and opened a book about elves that she had found on the shelf.  A wry grin split her face as she delved into the elvish world through human eyes.


Clayton awoke earlier that morning and was in a much more sourer mood than when he first slept.  The King was toying with him, of that he was sure.  Perhaps the feeble minded play king thought to make him ill from the draftiness of the chapel so that he would not marry his precious servant wench.  Perhaps he had a fondness for both the serving girls and took them both to his bed and now did not want to release one.  As Clayton picked up the sword and shield he had been given he looked to watch dog the King had put in charge of him.  "A bath and then breakfast, that is if I am permitted, before I meet the tailor."  The knight smiled inwardly as he saw how ill tempered Clayton was this morning.  He had not liked to man from the beginning and did not question the King when asked to do something.  Something about the man before him gave him chills that he had to suppress.  Not saying a word the man turned and led Clayton from the Chapel and back towards the palace.


Both Iris and Cadence were up at the crack of dawn and everything seemed to happen in a whirlwind pace.  There were dresses to try on, since there was not time to make one from scratch, and then alterations to make to the one Cadence chose.  She had finally chosen a dress and now was standing on a block of wood while the seamstress were about making notations here and there and occasionally getting stuck with a pin.  Cadence's stomach gurgled and growled and Iris's answered.  Iris was also standing on another block of wood wearing a gown as well with the seamstress's assistant poking her with pins more times than not.  The hadn't even had time to bathe yet much less eat.  And it seemed that the seamstress had been saying that this would only take a few more moments for the past three hours, which was more than likely an exaggeration, Iris told herself.  Everyone was all a fuss over Cadence and Iris thought one of two things would happen while she watched her sister.  Either one Cadence would scream at them all or two, and the most probable, she would break down into the tears that threatened to overtake her.  But Cadence did neither.  She smiled and nodded and said all the appropriate things a bride would say, the whole while wishing to herself something would happened someone would come and save her, so that she didn't have to play this pretense any longer.

Meanwhile the Palace was bustling about preparing the appropriate places for the last minute wedding.  Servants were tripping over one another in their rush, flowers were being brought in as quickly as possible, music was being rehearsed, etc.  and everything seemed to being on schedule.

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Wilma bustled through the gate guards to the palace. They all knew the woman and knew why she was coming.  She quickly navigated the corridors of the palace and found the room where Iris and Cadence were staying.  A burly guard stood outside their room. He knew her and greeted her with a nod of his head.  He knocked on the door and then opened it and allowed Wilma to enter and then closed the door behind her.

Wilma stood watching other seamstresses pick and poke the two sisters as they were trying to fit their dresses.  The seamstresses did not even look up when the door opened. They looked up when Wilma screeched.

"What be wrong with ye? Ye make the bride and her maid a pin cushion! Look at that dress! Why it is awful.  The hem is wrong. If she breathes too much she will rip those weak stitches out of her bust line and then what would happen?  I will tell ye, her bosoms would spill out, she would be laughed at and then the King would have probably have you flogged!  Now, all I need is one good seamstress. The rest of you may leave."

The seamstresses looked at one another and then looked at Iris and Cadence.  They did not know what to do.

"I said git. Now git!" Wilma yelled.

The seamstresses jumped, one poking Cadence pretty hard in her calf.  She did not even say she was sorry as she packed up her stuff as did the rest in a huff and left the room.  The only one who did not leave was a woman Wilma knew only as Rozetta.

"Well Wilma it would seem that you have not lost your touch...nor your temper." Rozetta said.

"And it would seem that ye have lost yer mind, Rozetta. Having those women fitting these two."

"It was all I had to work with." Rozetta replied.

"Good thing the King knew then," Wilma replied and then noticed the two women looking at her, wondering what in Coor's name who she was and what she was doing ordering their seamstresses around.

"I be Wilma," she said to them as if that was all that was needed.  "Now take off those dresses and lets see if we can get them to be as pretty as ye two are."  She stared at them.

Rozetta smiling, walked over to Cadence and began helping her take off her dress. "That was not a request M'ladies, but an order.  Do not worry she is the best seamstress in all of Voldar."

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Ulrath knocked on Clayton's door. "Master Clayton the fitter is here to fit you with your wedding suit.  Do you wish for him to enter?  Also I have ordered breakfast for you and the servant is here to bring it in.  Shall she serve you as well?"

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While Voltigar waited for Kain's reply a guard knocked on the library's door and then walked in closing the door behind him.  He quickly walked toward Voltigar, knelt and whispered in his ear.

Voltigar nodded and then the guard left the room, closing the door behind him.

"Kain," Voltigar rose from his chair,"while you think about your answer I have something I must attend to. Sach will keep you company and if you need anything just ask the guard at the door."

Voltigar walked to the bookcase covering the south wall and pushed it open, walked through, and then closed it behind him.

He walked into the room and saw Lady Cheri perusing more of his books.  "Lady Cheri. The guard told me that you wished to speak to me. What can I do for you?" Voltgar asked.

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Iris and Cadence were seriously doubting the ability of the seamstresses when the door opened and in what seemed mere blinks the room was cleared.  Reaching down and rubbing her calf, Cadence wiped a small droplet of blood from the pin sized hole the seamstress had made as she had jabbed her with a pin.  Probably intentionally, Cadence mused silently.  The guard at the door knocked once and stated the bells for them in his gruff voice.  Cadence and Iris both resumed their stature to resume the fitting of the dresses.  Iris gave Cadence a reassuring glance.  She could tell her sister was growing more restless as the time for the wedding approached. 

Iris and Cadence both nodded their heads at Willma.  They would have offered a curtsy, but probably would have ripped the fabric they both wore.  Iris spoke first

"We consider it our privilege to have the best seamstress in all of Voldar working on our dresses.  I am Iris and my sister is Cadence." 

Cadence smiled a Wilma who was working on her dress.  "Yes, we are very honored to have your infamous skills at hand.  Those others were making us into their very own pincushions."  Cadence thought about her sore calf for a moment before her mind wandered to how she would be feeling this time tomorrow.  Perhaps Clayton would be gentle with her the first time, but then her common sense overrode her romantic notion.  No he would hurt her as much as he could, especially this her first time.  He would use her to appease his own distorted views of pleasure and would take out his frustrations on her.  Cadence's eyes were dim with the prospect.  Tears burned the back of her eyes.  She knew her station in life, knew that she was a servant and that she was not allowed many luxuries in least she wasn't supposed to be.  The King had been so kind to her and Iris.  They lived much better than so many others, but still...she wished for happiness and love.  She wanted a family and a large one at that.  Iris and herself had spoken quietly in the dark hours of the night about Clayton...Cadence could only pray that she was strong enough to endure him until he could be taken care of.

Iris watched her sister and saw that she had withdrawn inside herself once again.  She wished that she could protect her sister from the monster that she was about to marry, but alas there was naught that she could do to prevent it.  She would take pleasure in killing Clayton if he hurt her sister, and Iris knew that he would.  Iris had already given Cadence the herbs to help keep her from bearing the bastard's child if it were to happen.  There were herbs that women took to become sterile for a short time or to even help the body rid itself of an unwanted baby shortly after conception.  She had never taken such before, but had it on good authority that the herbs worked.  Cadence may have to take Clayton raping her, but she did not have to bear the bastard's heir.  Iris's eyes hardened at the thought.  Yes, she would enjoy killing him when the time came.


Clayton was more annoyed as he heard the time of the bells.  He would most enjoy making Cadence pay with her body for all of his discomfort.  And it was even better that she was untouched.  He had taken virgins before and the thought of their pain filled screams made his groin tighten with anticipation.  He heard the man talking about the tailor and his breakfast and quickly the bulge disappeared.

"Yes show them both in!  The wedding in to take place soon!!"


Cherri was looking through the book when a noise twitched her ear.  She had heard about palaces having secret entries, but had never witnessed one before.  Then a voice satisfied her thoughts.  Placing the book aside, Cherri rose to her full height, straightening out her skirt, curtsied before the King.  "Yes my Liege, I did indeed which to speak with you.  I hope I have not intruded at an improper time.  I know of the wedding, but I wanted to clarify a few things with you before your attentions were needed else where.  You offered that I train your archers.  I would like to know the length of time you perceive my presence here.  I will need to find proper lodging and settle myself if I am to stay a length of time.  I am most honored to be offered the opportunity to train such excellent men."  Cherri curtsied again.  She had never dealt with royalty before and did not know if she crossed the line in asking for clarification...he was human after all and humans were said to be fickle at times.

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The praises the two young ladies heaped upon her slid off of Wilma's pride, like water off a duck's back. "Bah, I be no better than Rozetta here. I be older, that all." 

She sat down, opened her sewing bag, grabbed Cadence's dress from Rozetta and began ripping the stitches out. She looked up at Rozetta, "You do same to Iris's dress."

"Yes Ma'am," Rozetta replied, taking Iris's dress and ripping out the stitches.

"I be Wilma." Wilma replied as her fingers flew with practiced speed. She would look up once in a whlie and glanced between the two sisters.  "I suppose ye are a bit nervous Cadence. Is your 'room a handsome fella?  I 'memeber me Walter. He stood tall as an tree and strong as one as well. We did not 'ave a fancy wedding, just me mother, and his and me best friend, Teri and  the cleric. I be fourteen, thought I would never marry. Walter and me, had good life. He be gone now goin' on thirty years."

She continued talking looking back and forth between the sisters her hands moving without sight to guide them. there be something wrong here she thought.  Soon she had Cadence's dress all tore up.  She took one large piece of the glistening white satin fabric and held it up to her eyes.  She scruitinized the material, nodded her head that it was to her approval and then motioned to Cadence to stand back upon the pedestal. "Please stand on pedestal Miss Cadence so I can see how this will fit you." she said.


The Tailor swished in carrying many different colors of cloth and in behind him came a pretty servant girl. She was blonde, blue-eyed, rosy cheeked and full busted which was obvious as when she bent down and placed Clayton's breakfast of dark bread, honey, butter, two fried eggs, ale or tea or milk on the table her bosoms almost fell out of her low square cut dress. She smiled sweetly at Clayton. "Is there anything else you would like M'lord?"

The tailor huffed. "M'lord has more things on his mind.  It is eleven bells and his wedding is in two bells.  I have a lot of work to do to make him presentable to his bride and the King," he said in a high pitched, nasal type voice.


Voltigar held out his hand. "There is no need for all of this curtsying, Lady Cheri.  We are not in the presence of anyone else.  I believe we can hold off on the formalities, besides, between you and me, I am not too fond of all of them, the formalities that is.  Would you care to take a seat?" He motioned to one of the cushioned chairs.

He sat down after she did. "Would you like something to drink? Perhaps some tea? Or something stronger if you wish?"

She declined the offer.

"Well, if your sure," Voltigar replied, stretching out in his own chair. "I would think that to bring up my archers to the abilities that I would be happy with I would say at least three months or longer.  As far as accomodations are concerned you are more than welcome to stay here in the Palace. I assume your room was adequate.  If however you would rather stay in town than the best place to stay would be at Arth's Spot.  Would three months or longer be a burden to you?" He asked.

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The Palace guards saw the contingent of armored knights heading toward them.  The immediately closed the gates and took a posture of defense.  They watched with curious eyes as the group of knights approached the gate.  Finally, the knight who had spoken with Grant rode a bit farther ahead of the rest and stopped by the gate.

Paulos, a burly, shaved-headed palace guard stood at arms and asked through the metal gate. "What is your buisness here?"

The knight lifted up his visor. He stared down at Paulos with steely gray eyes. "I am Sir Raif. I come on behalf of my benefactor Baron Thorigor to speak with the King. Will you allow us admittance?"

Paulos thought a moment. "I will send a messenger to tell the King of your request.  He is quite busy as he will be performing a wedding very soon, in the meantime you and your knights are welcome to come in."

"A wedding? Who's?" A man with cropped silver colored hair asked as he rode closer.

Paulos gazed at the man. He had the air of one who commanded authority.  Paulos saw the signet ring upon the mans right ring finger and guessed he must be the Baron.

"M'lord, I doubt if it is any consequence to your esteemed self. It is only a wedding between a shopkeeper and one of our servant girls."

Rief snorted, "Your King marries commoners?" he asked derisevly.

"If he has a mind to, yes. And it really is none of your buisness." Paulos retorted.

Rief's face reddened and he clamped down his visor.

Paulos and the rest of Palace guards immediately raised their pikes.

"Stop this nonsense!" Baron Thorigor demanded. "Reif, raise your visor now."

There was a slight pause but then Reif raised his visor, nodded curtly at Paulos and pulling back on the reins backed his horse away.

"I apologize for my knights behavior. We have travelled a very long way, with hardly no rest to speak with the King.  There will be no more trouble I assure you." Baron Thorigor stated.

Paulos nodded and his men lowered their pikes. "Thank you M'lord. We did not wish to engage in combat with you or your knights. I too apologize for my tongue. King Voltigar has admonished me many times for its use."

"Voltigar? I thought Cedric was King?" The Baron asked surprised.

"King Cedric died over a month ago." Paulos answered without going into detail.

"Oh, I see," replied the Baron.

"Why do you not get off your horses, some of my men will stable them and feed them. I will take you to the Palace so you can await the King."

Baron Thorigor nodded, swung off his horse and then his knights did the same.  Paulos waved his hand and several men ran forward, grabbed their horses reins and led the animals away.

"This way M'lord," Paulos said walking toward the garden maze that will bring them to the Palace doors. Baron Thorigor began walking behind Paulos and his knights followed.


The young guard ran breathlessly into the Palace and asked anyone he came into contact with if they knew where the King was?  He received many no's, but then a servant told him the King was in the library.

The guard thanked the servant and ran to the library where he was met by another guard who eyed the youngster suspiciously. "I...I need to speak with the King," the young guard said breathlessly.

"What for? He is entertaining a guest."

"There is a Baron Thorigor who wishes to have an audience with him. He and his knights are being led to the Palace as we speak."

The guard thought a moment then replied. "Go and meet the Baron and his knights and have them wait in the throne room. Have servants there to offer food and drink. I will tell his Majesty your request."

The young guard nodded and then took off back down the hallway.

The older guard smiled as he turned, opened the library door and looked in.  All he saw was Kain and Sach. The king was not there. "Where is his Majesty?" he asked.

Sach pointed to the bookcase. "He went through there." he answered.

The guard took a quick glance where Sach pointed and nodded. "Thank you," he replied as he shut the door.

He walked a few steps to his right and knocked on another door.

Voltigar awaiting Lady Cheri's answer was becoming annoyed at all of the interruptions. "Enter!" He demanded.

The guard came in. "I apologize your Majesty for the interruption, but this could not wait."

Voltigar wondered what was going on. "What cannot wait?"

"Sire, a Baron Thorigor and several of his knights are being escorted to the Palace as we speak. I have made arrangements for them to be taken to the throne room and that their needs be taken care of."

Voltigar had to think a moment and then remembered a Baron Thorigor. He ruled Cemphira far south of here, near Milkengrad. What would he want? Voltigar wondered.

He frowned and then replied. "You have done well. As soon as they are in the throne room, come and get me."

"Yes Sire," the guard replied closing the door after him.

Voltigar turned to Lady Cheri. " I apologize. Have you thought about my request?" He asked.

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Nodding her head as she silently mulled things over her head she opened her mouth just as the door opened and the Guard stuck in his head.  She waited until her was finished and the King had dismissed him. 

"Yes, M'lord I have thought about your proposal and have decided to take you up on the generous offer.  I am not needed any where in the upcoming months, but I will need to let m family know where I am at and that I have arrived safely.  I do not perceive them needing me anytime soon in the near future.  My room was more than adequate and I believe that I will stay here in the Palace.  I will be closer to my duties.  I will not take up any more of our time as I am aware you are needed else where and myself needing to prepare for the wedding.  Thank you for your time.  You are truly a different breed of King.  You have my respect and loyalty."

Cherri's amethyst eyes seemed to glow with something unknown in their depths as she addressed the King.


Clayton watched as the tailor and the servant girl entered.  He immediately regretted that his wedding was in two bells as he watched the servant girl place his tray upon the table, her breasts almost spilling forth.  He began to muse how he could clear the room without suspicion and quickly realizing that he couldn't he opening let his eyes roam over the girl's form.  Her warm smile was invitation plenty and he was still feeling the lust that Iris had stirred in him the previous night and that had gone unsatisfied.  Clayton made a mental note to seek out the servant wench after the wedding.  Then he dismissed her from his mind and back to the annoying tailor who sounded more nasal and feminine than any man had a right to.

"There is always time to admire beauty no matter what other pressing matters may be at hand."  Clayton said staring at the servant girl, his eyes ever holding a promise unspoken.  "But alas, I am anxious to meet my bride for a second time."

Clayton began to undress before the tailor, and the servant girl whose smile broadened at the perspective of seeing him disrobed.  The tailor began his measurements and began fitting Clayton with material looking pointedly at the servant girl and dismissing her.


Cadence smiled as she listened to Wilma talk about her beloved husband who had passed so long ago.  There was still so much love in her voice.  That was the type of love she longed for.  The lasting kind.

Looking down at Wilma she said softly, "There is still so much love in your voice for him.  He must have been a great man to have a woman love him in such a way."  Cadence quickly wiped a tear that had escaped her eye.  She would allow herself only one.  Only one tear for all that she would be giving up for who would want a woman after she had been with a man like Clayton...

Iris watched her sister and barely heard what she said to Wilma and her heart broke.  They had come too far now to turn back and for once Iris was unable to protect her little sister.  Cadence was young still and deserved all the love she could possibly fathom of having.  Iris was ready to step down and tell Cadence that they would figure something else out another way to do it...

Cadence came out of her musings and her back went rigid straight.  She would not allow herself to wallow in self pity.  She would do as asked and she would endure what she must.  If she was to have a true love, then nothing would stop it.  And the King would find a way to keep Clayton at bay for as long as he could.  She noticed the expression on Iris's face and saw the ever slight shift in her poise and shook her head ever so slightly but enough.  She and Iris were close and she knew her sister could read the message in her eyes.

Iris noticed Cadence's posture suddenly change even tho it was ever so slight.  Her back was straight and when her sister slightly shook her head and looked at her, she could read a renewed strength and resolve in them.  No Cadence was determined to go forth with what they had planned.  Iris quietly said more to herself than to anyone else,"Alright then.  May the Gods help us."

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Wilma's eyes did not miss the tear in the young girls eyes, or the longing in her her voice when she commented upon her Walter, nor did she miss the swift glances each of the sisters gave to one another.  "Walter be just a man, not great, just a man."

 She stopped her pinning of Cadences's hem and sighed. "Though as long as he lived we had food on table, roof over heads, and plenty of love."  She stared up into Cadence's eyes. "I be sometimes a meddlesome woman and if I am meddling now tell me and I shut me mouth.  I have feeling that you Miss Cadence are not happy. I see signs between you and your sister that tell me that neither of you are.  Wedding supposed to be happiest day of young girls life.  If not happy, then why marry?  You marry only once.  I be troubled not to speak my mind when I see what I see."


Ulrath saw the servant girl leave Clayton's room with a rosy blush upon her face down to her ample bosoms.  He took a hold of one of her arms, "I know thee, and from what I can see I can see that you are pleased with our guest. I warn you, he is not one to be so trifled with."

"What makes you so certain, Sir knight?" The servant girl asked haughtily.

"For one, he is going to be married very soon and for another he will be knighted by the King himself.  That should be more than enough reasons.

She smiled and then laughed, "Is that all?  I must needs to go. Please release my arm."

Ulrath shrugged, "Do as it pleases thee, but I have warned thee," he said releasing her arm.

The tailor watched the servant girl leave, sighed as he watched Clayton undress. "Silly girls. They only interrupt men's work.  Now lets have you stand upon this pedestal so I can measure you," he said smiling widely as he pulled out the string. "I brought some very different types of cloth, Master. They range from the soft silk to the more manly cotton.  The colors are also varied; as I did not have a chance to meet you before hand I did not know your eye color, which if you do not mind me saying is very striking, and your skin color.  I ask you to look at them and choose which colors you would like.  Shall we get started?" he asked.

Throne Room

The guard grandly threw open the throne room doors and led the Baron and his knights into the throne room.

The Baron walked in and stopped short as did his knights.  The throne room was a long rectangled shaped room with two tiers on either side, that looked down upon the main floor.  A very broad central pathway led down to the dias where upon sat the throne.  The floor itself was a brocaded marble covered with a deep lush wine colored carpet.

Servants were buisily arranging flowers, pinning up buntings of white on the tier's in a sort of wave pattern.  They all briefly looked up when the party entered the room, but quickly went back to the buisness at hand to prepare the throne room for the wedding.

One of the knights let out a slow whistle; "If this is for commoners. I wonder what he does for Nobility?" He muttered under his breath.

The guard turned, "Sir knight who told you this wedding is for commoners?"

"The other guard, why?"

"Well, he is partly correct. The groom I understand is a shopkeeper, but a very successful one from Nyermersys."

"And the bride?"

"Well she is what you would call a commoner. She is one of the King's maid servants.  But what makes this all so special is that the King is going to knight the groom, but not just knighted, but to be a "Knight of the Order of Voldar"

"What for? What has he done to deserve such an honor?" Reif wanted to know.

The guard shrugged his shoulders, "That I do not know. I expect the King to tell us all during the ceremony."

"Who is this girl that he is marrying?" Baron Thorigor asked.

"M'lord, I believe her name to be Cadence."

There was a strained silence as the Baron took a deep breath. "Cadence, you said?  Does she have a last name?" He asked.

The guard shrugged his shoulders once again. "In truth M'lord I do not know. I have never met the young lady personally.  Is there a problem?" The guard asked, wondering what was going on and why they were so interested.

Suddenly the group was surrounded by several servants carrying trays of drinks and food.  The guard let out his breath slowly and thanked the gods for the intervention. "M'lord, the King has asked that you and your knights refresh yourselves with food and drink.  We have good ale's and some excellent wines as well as any kind of food your heart desires."

The servants placed the food and drinks along with goblets, tankards, plates, and eating utensils
 upon a large cloth covered table situated along the back of the room and then left.

The Baron turned and nodded his head slightly.  His knights took of their helms and walked to the table and began to eat and drink.  Reif came over shortly and handed his lord a goblet of wine.  He was munching on a leg of lamb. "I must admit the King sets a very good table."

"Thank you for the compliment Sir knight." Voltigar answered as he walked into the room.  He had concluded his buisness with Lady Cheri, had walked into the library and Kain was still thinking about his offer so he left and decided to find out why the Baron of Cemphira was paying a visit, but he first dressed himself a bit better.  He was dressed in a gray hose, a white doublet over which a light blue surcoat with the brightly embroidered coat of arms of Voldar hung loosely over his shoulders.

Baron Thorigor and Reif turned at the sound of Voltigar's voice, and then bowed deeply. "Your Majesty."  The rest of the Barons knights put down their plates and cups and bowed as well. "Long live the King!" they shouted and then bowed down.

The servants all stopped in amazement looking at one another wondering what to do and they finally bowed down as well.

Voltigar smiled, "Well met Sir knights. You may raise up now."  He looked around and saw his servants bowing as well.  "Rise up all of you and continue your work."

The servants quickly rose and continued their preperations.

The knights and the Baron rose. "Continue eating and drinking my fellow knights," Voltigar said waving his hand toward the table.

Voltigar walked to the table as well pouring himself a goblet of wine then the Baron and himself took a seat with Rief standing behind his lord. Voltigar took a drink of his wine. "My guards told me that you wished to speak with me.  I dislike having to rush, but I have a wedding to prepare for."

"Yes we noticed your Majesty. Your guard told us that you are going to give a shopkeeper the honor of being knighted in the Order of Voldar. What has this commoner done to deserve such an honor?" Rief asked sarcastically.

"It seemeth Baron that you have not taught your knights respect.  I have a man, my champion, who takes care of those who insult me. His name is Commander Damien Scar. Do you by any chance happen to know him?"

"No, your Majesty. I have never met the man personally, but I have heard of his reputation and his prowess as a fighter. I would dislike the thought of my nephew's head upon one of your city's spires.  He is a bit brash and forward. He is young. He will come to know better when he matures."

"If he does not die before then, Baron."

Baron Thorigor turned his head and looked at Rief. "You are dismissed. I will speak to the King alone."

Rief's eyes were hard as granite as his jaw clenched and then unclenched. He bowed his head toward his lord and then to Voltigar. "I apologize your Majesty for my unseemly behavior."  He then turned on his heel and walked to his fellow knights.

Thorigor turned back to Voltigar. "I pray that will suffice, your Majesty.  He is a very proud knight."

"Pride is good, sometimes, but it can also kill," Baron, "nevertheless his apology is accepted. Now what is it that you wish to speak with me about?"

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The Baron took a moment to collect his thoughts. "Your Majesty I had a son; my only son. He was the joy of his mother and a delight to myself.  He grew up strong and was bright and I taught him all of the things he needed to know to one day rule my lands."

Voltigar immediately caught the word was "Was, Baron?"

Baron Throigor sighed, "Yes my Liege, was. He was riding a very spirited horse during his lancing practice and unfortunately a rabbit jumped out of the field and spooked the horse. It reared up and my son unprepared fell off, hit a hidden rock under the ground and broke his neck.  A rabbit was all it took to take my sons life, my wife's joy and my delight and only heir."

Voltigar felt for the man. "I am truly sorry Baron, but what can I do to help ease your pain?"

"This unfortunate accident happenend last summer.  Then I was told by a healer this winter that I have the disease that "eats its way from the inside out"

Voltigar had heard of the disease it was called by his healers; Remora. It was not a contagious disease, but once discovered it was uncurable and it slowly and painfully ate the body away until it was mostly skin and bones; fortunately most died before the pain became unbearable.

"Here is another story, quite familiar I am sure even among the Nobility of Voldar. I had a dalliance with a young maiden in my employ many years ago and that dalliance produced two daughters; one is two years younger than the other." he paused, taking a drink of his wine. "You may think me monsterous for what happend next but at the time I could see no other choice.  My wife understood the dalliance's, as she herself has had a few in her time, but she would not, could not, allow offspring of either mine or hers to live.  She took herbs to make sure she would not bear any children from her dalliances and I promised that I would make sure none of mine would ever see the light of day; either by making sure the woman took herbs the day after, or if she did bear the child to have it taken care of when it was born."

Taken care of? Don't you mean murdered? What kind of man would murder his own children? Do my own Nobles do the same?  Talk about being a monster! Voltigar thought as he listened, trying to keep a straight face and keep his temper under control.

The Baron continued, "I did as requested until first Iris came along and then two years later Cadence.  The woman who bore those children I had thought I had safely hidden away along with them. However my wife found out and ordered that I take care of them as I promised I even had to take care of their mother as well."

Voltigar's anger clouded his mind and he did not catch the names of the two girls right away. He exploded."You are a Baron and a man. Just because you made this promise did not mean you had to keep it. By Ava man, you are calmly sitting here telling me that you commit murder so that your and your murderous wife can keep face and your station in life! Monsterous indeed! I should throw you both to the executioner and cut off your heads!"

"Your Majesty. Are you telling me that you or your own Nobles do not do the same?" Thorigor asked, a bit shocked by the outrage he felt from Voltigar.

"No! Not to my knowledge I or they do not."

"I will not tell the King he is a liar, but I think perhaps you need to get out more often.  That is how the Nobility have done things for hundreds of years.  I would even venture your father did the same."

Voltigar had to keep a tight rein upon his anger. "I would not know Baron. My father was murdered as well as the rest of my family when I was but a child. I do know however that my father loved my mother very much."

" We just have this agreement," Thorigor responded softly.

"An agreement made in Coor." Voltigar spat out.

"No, your Majesty, an agreement meant to keep two families to stop a century year old feud. My wife and I married out of convienience and politics.  It was in our marriage arrangement that this agreement was put in. I had to abide by it and I did until I truly fell in love and had Iris and Cadence."

Suddenly the two names of the girls rang a bell in Voltigar's head. Iris? Cadence? Surely he does not mean them? He kills his offspring, but, what is he saying?

"Are you telling me that you could not go through with this agreement when it came to your daughters and this woman you loved. What is her name anyway?" Voltigar asked.

"Her name was Lydia and no, I could not go through with the agreement." Thorigor answered sadly.

"What happened?"

"As I told you my wife found out and ordered me to honor our agreement.  When I told her I did. She did not believe me and discovered where I had hidden my other family.  She sent men to to what I could not.  I found out and tried to save my family.  When I arrived, I was too late.  I found my beloved Lydia dead and my children gone." Thorigor put his face in his hands and cried like a baby.

Rief heard his lord crying and quickly came over. He glared at Voltigar and then shook the old man. "M'lord, it is unseemly for thee to act this way."

Thorigor raised his head, dashed away the tears, put his hand upon Rief's. "I thank thee for reminded me my son."

Voltigar sat back stunned.  This was supposed to be a time of renassiance, a time of civility, and yet, there were those who still wanted, still did, live in the "dark ages"  He shook his head at the absurdity of it all. "There is more is there not, Baron?  What is it? Why have you come here?" Voltigar asked, wanting this man and his knights to leave as soon as possible.

"The men that my wife hired were unsavory men. Since I did not find the bodies of my daughters I assumed they had taken them.  I sent men to find them and when they did they were to kill them and bring my daughters back to me.  They eventually found the men, in a whorehouse and they had plenty of money. When the last one was questioned after his cohorts throats were cut in front of him because they would not tell my men where my daughters were he finally confessed."

"And?" Voltigar asked, caught up in the grizzly tale.

"They had sold my daughters to slave merchants. I searched for them for years but never found them." Thorigor answered sadly.

The silence between the two was thick as Voltigar thought and Thorigor was lost in his memories.

"What if the young lady in my employ is your daughter Cadence? How does that help your situation with your only heir dead?" Voltigar asked.

"She would be my deliverance!"


"She could marry a Noble of my lands and hopefully bear a son who then could carry on my birthline." Thorigor answered. "Could I see her?" He asked hopefully.

"I do not understand. How can she do this?  She only carries half your bloodline and if she marries another, the offspring, whether it be boy or girl would even have less of your bloodline. How could, if it is a boy, be able to carry on your birthright? It would be tainted in your people's eyes."

"In a way you speak the truth, however because she carries in her my bloodline and if I marry her to one of my bloodline, then the bloodline from the boy offspring will not be only slightly tainted and there are many who have that in their family history.  So, can I see if Cadence is my daughter?" Thorigor asked once again.

Voltigar sat back in his chair his face like a rock but his insides were churning like a boiling pot of water.  If Cadence was Thorigor's daughter then that means Iris is too. Would he want both of the girls? What recourse do I have if I refuse to allow either of the girls to go with him?  The only good thing is that Cadence would not have to marry Clayton, but she would have to marry someone she does not love and even Iris would have to do the same.  I do not know if my heart could take it.  I need council. I need Damien.

Finally Voltigar spoke. "Baron I have a young lady in my employ with her sister; they are named as your two daughters were; Iris and Cadence..."

Thorigor gasped, "You have Iris as well?"

"I have two young ladies in my employ with the same names. I did not say they were your two daughters.  I suggest we adjurn to a more private room and then I will send for the two girls and you can see and talk with them."  Voltigar rose, "I think we should probably ask the groom to join us as well. I am sure that he will have an opinon about this as he was about to be wedded to Cadence and if she turns out to be your daughter you will have to explain to him why he cannot marry her."  Voltigar said. That should be interesting.Voltigar thought.

Baron Thorigor also rose. "As it pleases thee your Majesty."

Voltigar motioned for a guard, who quickly walked over. He orderd the guard to fetch Iris, Cadence, Clayton and to find Commander Scar and bring them to the Parlor room.  The guard nodded and took off.  Voltigar motioned with his hand, "Please follow me Baron and gentle knights."

The knights put down their goblets and plates and followed their lord who followed Voltigar who led them out of the throne room, turned right walked down a hallway, turned left walked a few doors down and then opened a door on the far wall and motioned the men in. "The Parlor." Voltigar said.   

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When she got back to the palace, she almost got lost again in all the corridors and hallways. Luckily, she spotted the servant girl who had earlier led her to the Great Hall, so she asked her to guide her to her room again. "I'm afraid I'm not very used to these great houses." she explained with a rueful smile. "Nature is more my kind of thing..."

Soon enough, they were standing in front of her door again, and she thanked the girl as she walked into her room. Someone had taken care of her bath, with two buckets standing warming next to the fire, to be poured into the tub when she needed it. Good. She'd taken a bath yesterday as well, but then she hadn't been running for a few hours, as she had now. She took her time to wash the dust off her, even though there hadn't been that much dust to begin with. Most of it still clung to the ground after the recent rain. She liked the smell of freshly washed nature, she realised. Something that she took for granted when she'd been in the wild for a few days, but also something that she actually missed while being within the confines of a city - it never was the same with buildings all around.

She lay soaking in the water until it had grown rather cool, then got up and dried herself thoroughly. After that, she put on her other skirt and shirt, which had been washed and dried at some point during the previous evening or morning. She was not ashamed of her body, but she didn't realize that at the wedding she would probably be causing some havoc with her choice - even her knees could be seen, and her arms were practically completely bare, except for the straps which held up her shirt. Oblivious of this, she prepared for the ceremony which would be held shortly.

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Iris's and Cadence's bedroom

A small young servant girl hardly the age of twelve walked quickly down the hallway, he golden curls bounced with each step, her wide dark brown eyes taking in each new sight she saw.  This was the first time she was actually out of the kitchen and it felt good.

She found the door upon which she was told to go to and give the message that the King had ordered given.  She felt thrilled to be of service to the King.  Then she stopped short as she saw a large burly guard standing next to the door.

she hesitated, chewing on her lower lip, as she watched the guard with his dark eyes staring down at her.  She stepped forward, her head barely reaching over his huge belt buckle.  She looked up into his dark eyes. "Sir, I have a message for Miss Iris and Miss Cadence from the King" she said in a small squeaky voice.

The guard stared at her for what seemed liked an eternity and then he smiled at her. "What is your name?" He asked.

"Mylodie," she replied, with a small curtsy.

The guard smiled broadly. "Let me announce you."  He knocked on the door.  The door opened and he grandly announced. "Miss Mylodie has a message for Miss Iris and Miss Cadence from the King. May she come in?" He asked.

Parlor Room

The Parlor room was a large square room with the exception of two deep alcoves that contained brick fireplaces that were aflame giving off generous amounts of heat and warmth.  The floor was covered in a checkered pattern of greens and blues.  There were several padded chairs; mostly by the fireplaces and a long highly polished wooden table in the center with wooden chairs all around it.

The Baron and his knights walked in followed by Voltigar.  "Gentlemen please have a seat. I can order more wine or ale while we wait for all to be assembled."  He pulled on a white cord near his seat at the head of the table and in a few moments a servant appeared. "More wine and ale and food for my guests."

"Yes Sire," the servant bowed and then left.

Voltigar settled back in his chair and tried not to smile as the knights tried to sit comfortably in full armor, which he knew was very difficult, if not impossible to do.  "Sir knights, perhaps you should remove your armor.  I can have my servants supply you with cloaks.  I do not know how long we will all be here, but I know from experience that heat and armor do not go well and it is awfully warm in the Parlor."

The knights looked at the Baron who nodded.  Reif spoke for them all. "We would be honored your Majesty."

"Good," he pulled the cord again and within moments the same servant appeared, "Bring these gentle knights cloaks to wear."

"Yes Sire," he said as he counted the knights. "Twenty cloaks. It should take me just a few moments to gather them Sir knights."  He left the room just as several servant girls entered carrying platters of different kinds of food, breads, flagons of wine and ale along with all of the cups, plates and forks and spoons needed.  They quickly and silently prepared the table and then left.

Voltigar took a cup, filled it with wine and handed it to the Baron.  The Baron nodded his thanks, and then Voltigar poured himself one.  "Eat, drink gentlemen."

"How long before I get to see Cadence?" Thorigor asked after taking a large gulp of wine.

"I am not sure. Soon, I assume since all of the parties involved are here in the Palace. all except Damien, who I really need right now. Voltigar thought, while giving the Baron a smile.

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Cadence's mouth opened to answer Wilma but then there was a knock on door and the guard annouced someone.

A young girl entered the room, the shyness of a child filling her face.  "I have a message from the King, for Miss Iris and Miss Cadence.  The King wishes your presence in the Parlor at this time."  The young girl seemed to shrink now that she had delivered her message and Iris catching up her dress stepped from the pedastool and towards the table upon which a small box sat.  She pulled a coin from the box and asked the girl to step forward. 

"What is your name?"  Iris asked kneeling down to look up at the girl.

"Mylodie, M'am."  The servant girl said still worrying her bottom lip.

"Well met Mylodie.  You have delivered your message very well and should be very proud of doing such a fine job.  I bet you are still on kitchen duty aren't you and happy to be out of the kitchen."  Iris smiled at the child as she watched the big brown eyes widen in suprise that she should have such insight.

"Yes'um.  Nana can be so bossy at times!"  Mylodie realizing what she had said clamped her hands immediately over her mouth as Iris and Cadence let out a laugh. 

"Right you are on that!"  Iris said laughing as she held out her hand to the girl.  "Open your hand please.  I wish to reward you for such a fine job done."

Mylodie shook her head and took a step back, "No m'am.  I can't take it!  My momma..."

Iris grabbed her hand gently and placed the coin in it.  "Your momma won't have to know and if she finds it she can come and talk to me.  It will be fine.  Now you better get back to the kitchen before Nana has our hides for delaying you so."

Iris watched the girl give the guard a radiant smile and skip down the hall back towards the kitchen.

Iris turned to Cadence as she began to carefully remove her dress in the making.  "I wonder what he wishes to speak with us about.  It must be urgent, we better hurry Cadence."

Cadence nodded thinking the same thing.  Quickly the girls changed clothes, dressing in their nicest dresses, at looked themselves over in the mirror before leaving.  Cadence's hair was worn down as was customary and Iris's hair was caught at the nape of her neck in a fashion of twists.  Both had their tresses adorned with sweep sip vine blooms and the vine woven throughout their hair.  Running a hand over her dress to smooth out some invisible wrinkle Iris turned to her sister.

"Okay, lets get going."

Both sisters walked quickly down the halls and manuvering through the corridor came to the Parlor door.  The guard placed outside knock upon the door and announced the sisters.

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Voltigar rose at the announcement as did the Baron and his knights.  Iirs came in first and then Cadence.  Voltigar's heart suddenly went up into his throat and he had to conciously push it back down when he saw Iris.  She was beautiful with her hair up intertwined with flowers.  Cadence looked lovlier than ever with her hair hanging down over her shoulders.  They both wore simple, yet elegant dresses.  How could I let them go? At least Cadence will not have to marry Clayton if they are the Baron's daughters, but then she will be pressed to marry someone else, she may not love.

Finally Voltigar got his emotions under control. "Baron Thorigor may I present Miss Cadence and Miss Iris"

"Your Majesty, you did not need to introduce me to my own daughters. I would have known them immediately." He then turned and accused, pointing a finger. "You did not say you had both of my daughters."

Voltigar had to control his temper once again. "Baron, may I remind you that you asked only about a girl named Cadence. I am not in the habit of divulging information I am not specifically asked about.  However since you asked about a girl named Cadence, I thought it prudent to have her sister come as well.  How do you know that Miss Iris and Miss Cadence are your daughters, since they were very young when..."

"Iris was four and Cadence was two," your Majesty, " I know my two daughters. They have thier mother's eyes, besides that, I have papers as well.

Voltigar noticed that Iris and Cadence did not say a word but had both sidled closer to him and their eyes were wide open as they stared at the Baron and then back at him and then back at the Baron.  His heart went out to both of them.  He wished Damien was here. Perhaps he will be found before Master Clayton arrives.  The thought of having Master Clayton told he was not going to be wedded to Cadence did allow Voltigar a small smile.

Rief's heart was smitten as soon as he saw Iris.  Cadence was pretty, but she was still a girl in his sight, it was Iris that caught his eye.  He started to go forward to offer the ladies a seat but then they moved closer to the King.  He did not care for that, nor for the look that Iris cast toward the King. With all of the King's posturing and his accusations against his lord, the King was doing the same thing to Iris and who knew probably Cadence as well. Rief thought, his eyes hard as he turned away, and took a cup of wine and downed it in one gulp.

"Ladies why do you not sit here on both sides of me while we wait for the rest so that the Baron will not have to repeat himself."  He pulled out two chairs, and waitied for them to sit down.

"The rest?" Asked the Baron.

"Yes, Cadence's betrothed, Master Clayton and my advisor, Commander Scar." Voltigar answered.

Rief was on his other cup of wine and almost choked on the liquid when he heard "Commander Scar" He glanced at the King. "Commander Scar is your advisor?" He coughed out.

Voltigar tried to hide the smile escaping from his lips. "Yes, Sir Rief. Commander Scar has been my advisor for as long as I can remember."

"I would think that this Commander would be a good advisor for military affairs, but not civil ones, your Majesty." Thorigor looked puzzled.

"He is both, Baron.  His knowledge of military tactics is close to none and he has a very firm grasp of civil law as well." all except that law that threw Grunok into the dungeon and had his title stripped from him by Cedric. It did not matter, Voltigar just felt better when Damien was around.

"I see, then we shall wait," he replied still gazing at both of his daughters in awe. They had both grown up to be lovely ladies.  He was sure now that his bloodline will continue. If one could not produce an heir, then the other one surely could.  He wondered who Reif would choose?  Rief's brother, Nathan, did not come along with them.  He was just a year younger than Rief, but the Baron was sure that Nathan would have no trouble taking the one that Rief did not want.

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Iris was not expecting a room full of men, Knights at that, when herself and Cadence were shown in.  The King had a wariness about his features as he introduced herself and Cadence.  Iris caught the King's eyes, but for a blink and something was there trying to tell her something but she couldn't seize upon in it before the ornately man before them starting speaking.  Something about his features were familiar, but she could not place him.  And that troubled her.

Cadence moved closer to her and she moved closer to Voltigar.  Several questions began to crowd Iris's mind and then one would penetrated her mind, "daughters".  Iris looked sharply at the man and caught on that he was a Barron.  Iris's full attention was now on the man and he was making no sense.  Something about Iris and Cadence being his daughters!  Iris's mind began to race as she suddenly was thrust back into the past...memories that she had long ago buried and forgotten were suddenly given new life.  Iris looked at the surrounding men, through almost a haze, and saw one particular Knight eyeing her and saw his eyes turn hard as he almost glared at the King and then back to her and then to her sister before retrieving a cup of wine and finishing it off in one gulp.  A man did not drink like that unless he was angered by something.  Iris thought stupidly, we haven't been here more than a few moments and already we have displeased him. 

Cadence stood stunned as she went from being surprised to utterly confused.  This man before them was apparently a Barron who claimed that Iris and herself were his daughters.  The man was elderly, somewhat, and while his age would permit such a thing Cadence clearly thought him senile for such an idea, but then he mentioned their mother's eyes and papers.  Walking with Iris to where the King offered them chairs, Cadence gladly accepted quietly.  She needed to sit, no she needed to talk to Iris.  Iris was older.  Iris would remember this man if he spoke the truth.  Cadence turned uncertain eyes to Iris who seemed lost in thought.  She was tempted to kick her sister to get her attention, but instead she half stood to carefully smooth out her dress and stepped quite intentionally upon Iris's slippered foot.

That got her sister's attention, Cadence smiled inwardly.  She would not allow Iris to leave her alone while Iris went and shut out everything escaping to some memory or another.

Iris looked sharply at Cadence and bit her tongue as she felt the sharp pain Cadence cause in her foot.  Looking at Cadence's features her cloudy memories evaporated instantly.  Confusion, fear and small traces of hope were readable in her younger sister's eyes.  If they were indeed daughters of this Barron, then Cadence would not have to marry Clayton.  She could be protected, but why ad the Barron come in search of them after all this time.  Iris gave Cadence a reassuring nod to help put her sister at ease.

Iris turned her attention back the Barron before them and her eyes flashed with suspicion.  Why would he come looking for them after all this time unless he wanted something.  And wanted it badly.  Iris's experience with men had taught her a man usually did not seek out a woman unless he wanted something from her and it was usually pretty easy to guess what.  But surely if this man who claimed to be their father was truly who he claimed to be then he would not want them in that way.

Iris dared only a brief glance at Voltigar.  It had seemed forever since she had last seen him and yet it had only been a few hours past.  Taking in his features her eyes gently caressed his face as she had only dreamed her fingers could.  Not daring more than a few blinks of a glance, Iris tore her eyes back to the men before her.

Cadence felt the reassurance from Iris that she needed to brave the room full of men.  Her eyes roamed openly looking at each Knight squarely on as if asking, who are you and why have you come.  Her eyes fell upon a particular man's features as he gulped down a cup of wine.  She like somewhat his features, but thought him too old for herself.  He was more suited to Iris's age. 

Cadence continued to look around the room at the men feeling somewhat more at ease, until she heard a knock at the door.


A servant boy was announced and met with Clayton's vengeful gaze as he barked out, "WHAT is it that you want!  Can you not see that I am in the middle of preparing for a wedding!" 

The servant boy shrank back from Clayton and stayed close to the door.  In a stammering voice he managed to say, "The King wishes your presence in the Parlor at this time."  The boy quickly spun around almost falling over his own feet and practically ran from the room.  Clayton chuckled to himself at the boys reaction.  He liked it when people feared him.  It made him feel powerful.  He had been known to take even boys to his bed before and make them scream and he enjoyed it as much if not more than raping a woman.  Women could escape within themselves and all you took was their bodies.  They also had other women to run to to sooth them, but not men or boys.  to have such a thing done to them would make them less than a man.  It broke something inside them and Clayton enjoyed it.  The course of his thought brought a proud grin to features that some may have mistaken for the honor it was to have an audience with the King.

"Quickly now, get this thing off me!"  Clayton said as he began to push a the tailor's hands.  "But sir, we have not picked out the material yet!"  The tailor almost whined.  "Fine that one there.  Yes that will be fine enough!" 

Clayton pointed to a black cloth that was sturdy yet had a silky feel to the right side of it.  Quickly dressing himself, Clayton stormed from the room and was escorted to the Parlor where he was announced.


Iris turned glareful eyes towards the King.  How could he put Cadence through this.  Not only having them brought before this man with no warning as if they were being auctioned off like cattle, but to now bring Clayton into the mix!  Cadence was already fearful of him, now knowing what kind of man he truly was, and now to go through this something delicant with fear added to it was about enough.

Cadence's stomach tightened and she thought she was going to be sick right there.  All over them all.  Cadence turned a pale face to Iris and her sister came immediately to her aid, "M'Lord, I believe it is tradition that the Bride and Groom not see each other until the ceremony.  There is for the time being the possibility of a ceremony still to be performed if this gentleman's claims turn out to be unfounded.  Perhaps we could settle first matter, of his claims to being our father, before we jump to the next?"  Iris's eyes went from glareful to pleadful. 

"Iris..." Cadence said through a watery mouth.  "Iris...please..."

Iris went to the wine pitcher and poured a cup not even a 1/4 full for Cadence.  Quickly giving the cup to her sister who was now white as the flowers in her hair Iris spoke quietly only for her to hear, "Cadence, you must pull yourself together and quickly.  Keep swallowing back the bile.  I am so sorry about this, but get yourself together.  We have appearances to keep up."  Iris's eyes were steading and Cadence drew strength from her sister. 

Clayton entered the room just as he heard Iris say something about their father and his gut tightened.  What had the King cooked up now to save his servant now.  Walking further into the room Clayton froze with a half cocky grin on hisface.  His eyes went instantly to the Knights that bore another crest than that of Voldar.  Taking in the scene with Cadence and Iris, Clayton quickly fastened his eyes upon the King.  "I have come at your request, M'lord."  Clayton said bowing before the King, his eyes never leaving Voltigar's face.

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Clayton's Quarters

The tailor looked in shock as he watched the good looking man stomp out of the room, slamming the door behind him. Why would a groom want to wear black I would think he would want to wear something more gay and colorful, If he wanted a darker color to offset the more colorful colors he could have chosen this wonderful gray, but if black is what he wants then black it will be. He sighed, then a crinkle of a smile came upon his face and he picked out a white Ermine and gold thread and began working on Master Clayton's clothes.  He hoped the nice young man liked his ideas.

Parlor Room

Voltigar heard the request by Iris and could see that Cadence was becoming very ill, but as much as it cut his heart open he could not offer any help or consolence's.  In the eyes of the Baron and his knights he was King and therefore he must act like one, even to the deference of those he held dear to his heart.

Then Clayton was shown in.  Voltigar nodded at him, "I shall be with you shortly Master Clayton, please partake of some wine and food if you wish." Then completely dismissing Clayton as if he were not there he addressed Iris.

"Iris, if Cadence feels ill and needs to lie down I am sure the Baron would not object to have her lie down there on that couch.  I will have a servant send for a pail of water and cloth to be wet and put upon her head."

"I have no objections your Majesty," Throrigor said, looking genuinely concerned at Cadence, being ill myself at times I understand."

Voltigar pulled the cord once again and in moments a servant appeared. "Have two pails of cool fresh water brought in along with some cloth. Miss Cadence is not feeling well."

The servant saw how pale the young lady was and quickly rushed out of the room without saying the perfuntuary 'Yes Sire'  Voltigar did not even seem to notice as he turned his attention to Thorigor. "You say you have papers. May I see them?" Voltigar asked buisness like.

The Baron reached into his doublet, and fished out a small leather case and handed it to Voltigar.

Voltigar took the case, unwound the string that held the cover, opened it and pulled out two folded pieces of parchment.  He opened one of them and read:

I declare upon death if this document or my words are not true and prove to be false.  I, Baron Reginald Thorigor do hereby declare that on the 6th day of the month of Changing winds, in the year of 57BS (Before Santhros) that my concubine, Lydia, gave birth to a baby girl which we named Cadence.

The declaration was signed by the Baron, a healer, Lydia, and the Earl of Milkengrad, whose name Voltigar did not recognize but he did recognize the seal of Milkengrad which was upon the letter.  Voltigar glanced over at Cadence who was now lying upon the couch, Iris hovering over her like a mother hen.  He wondered if Cadence even knew when her birthday was? Probably not.  He looked at the date again, Cadence had just turned eighteen no more than ten days ago.

Two servants quickly came in, set the pails of water near the couch and gave the clean white cloth to Iris. One turned and asked, "Sire, we could send for a healer if you think it wise?"

"No, I do not think this room can handle more people. I am sure Iris can take care of her sister."

"As you wish Sire," The servant replied and left.

Voltigar put down the first piece of parchment and opened the other piece, he noticed his hands were visably shaking. He willed them to stop and began reading:

I declare upon death if this document or my words are not true and prove to be false. I, Baron Reginald Thorigor do hearby declare that on the 22nd day of the month of Singing Bird, in the year 59BS (Before Santhros) that my concubine, Lydia, gave birth to a baby girl which we named Iris.

The parchement was signed by the Baron, the same healer, and the Earl of Milkengrad along with both of their seals.  Voltigar again briefly glanced at Iris. He wondered if she knew when her birthday was, probably not; much like her sister she is probably as confused about this man and the events going on around her, but she is much stronger-willed and is not showing it.  Her main concern is for Cadence.

Voltigar read both parchments again slowly.  He noticed that Lydia's last name was given, but in those times it did not matter anyway.  What surprised Voltigar was that the Baron had enough courage to even put these two illegitimate births upon parchment and that the Earl of Milkengrad had even consented to sign and givel his seal.  The Baron and the Earl must be very close.  Which meant that these documents were the real thing and that Iris and Cadence were the daughters of Baron Thorigor!

He slowly looked up into the Baron's waiting face. "These documents seem to be in order," he said a bit sadly as he folded them and started to put them back into the leather pouch, "I ask Baron that you allow my advisor to read these and also why we are waiting if you would not mind letting Iris and Cadence to read them as well?"

Rief sputtered, "They can read?" he asked astonished.

Voltigar smiled, "Yes Sir knight, they can both read.  I know that many in your station believe that only the Nobility and shopkeepers have the brains to read, but I have found out in my years that not only do the farmers and others that you consider beneath you, not only have the brains to read, but given the chance some prove to have excellent minds.  Miss Iris, for one, I have discovered has a very quick mind and wit as well as a sharp tongue.  Miss Cadence, also has the same, but is a bit more shy and reserved until she is pushed.  I encourage my people, all of my people to learn how to read. Now, if you do not mind, Sir knight, I was speaking with your lord, or do you have other questions with which you deem important enough to interrupt us?" 

Voltigar's normal grey eyes looked liked a storm at sea as he stared at the knight.

"No Sire, again my apo..."

Voltigar ignored his apologies and again asked, "Baron, may Miss Iris and Miss Cadence read these papers?"

Thorigor bowed his head and then raised it, his face graven. " I fear that they may hate me. But I see thy wisdom my Liege. Give it to them if it pleases thee and them."

"Is thy health bothering thee?" Voltigar asked in the Baron's archiac tongue.

"Nay, Sire. Tis my heart and concience." Thorigor anwered.

Voltigar nodded, rose with the parchements and walked over to where Iris sat next to her sister who lay upon the couch. "Would you two like to read these papers or wait until my advisor reads them?"  His words conveyed nothing, but his eyes tried to bore into Iris's, whom he noticed, was glaring at him in distrust and he could do nothing to sway that feeling now, he hoped his eyes could talk for him and give her and Cadence some kind of hope. Hope that he felt was slipping away unless Damien could come up with something.

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Iris bathed Cadence's face with a wet cloth and watched Clayton from the corner of her eye.  The color was returning to her sister's face as she drew upon her inner strength to get her through this.  Quietly she spoke to Cadence, "We must deal with this."  Her answer was a firm squeeze of her sister's hand.  Taking the cloth from Iris' hand, Cadence thanked the servant that waited nearby and handed the cloth and motioned to the buckets of water.  "I believe the spell has passed." Cadence said locking eyes with Clayton before ignoring him as the King had done.  She would not let that man get the best of her yet, nor would she be overtaken by her own fears.  They were hers and she owned them.

Seeing the resilience in her sister allowed Iris' mind to focus upon the matters at hand.  The King was asking about papers which the Baron produced.  Iris studied the mens' faces each in turn.  Something flashed against Voltigar's, yet it was gone before any who did not know this man could have ever seen it.

Iris stood as the King approached holding the documents in his hand.  Her glare had faded as her King came to stand before her, his eyes beseeching her to understand.  Her mind worked quickly at the pieces before her as she took the leather that held the documents which could, would change hers and Cadence's life.

Looking over the documents, Iris breathed her mother's name softly to herself and looked to the Baron with new eyes.  Iris did not know her true birthday only the general time she was supposed to have been birthed.  She vaguely remembered when Cadence was born, but it was as if it were a dream there at the fringe of her memory.  According to the papers Cadence had recently turned eighteen years of age. 

Not even glancing at the Knight who could not believe that no one other than those of privilege could ever achieve such a thing as reading she spoke to her father, "Not only can we read, but do so with great understanding.  Some simply read and it means nothing to them, just a bunch of words that truly have no meaning.  We on the other hand read and write, tho our penmanship needs some practice, with understanding.  You have sought us out after all this time and I can not but wonder at your gain.  No man of pedigree would even acknowledge bastards, such as we are, unless he had no other choice.  Tell me, since we are of your loins, to what purpose do you wish to use us?"  Iris handed the leather bound documents to Cadence.  Iris had read over the words and as it disturbed her to have it formally documented that her mother was a concubine, it disturbed her worse was what motive this man must have to make such a declaration.  Surely he had other children to carry on his legacy.  Women could not own land and could not inherit directly.  They had to be married or produce male heirs who could inherit.

Realization dawned upon Iris and her eyes turned icy cold.  "Tell me, father since I am the eldest and it is custom for me to marry first in order to produce a legitimate heir, who is the man you have arranged for me to wed?  He must be here with you to see what his future wife, the woman who is to bear his legitimate heir."  Iris searched the faces of the Knights before her and only one stood out flush from the rest.  The other Knights were taken back by her boldness and quick grasp of the situation before them, but only one looked as if his eyes were ready to bulge from his their sockets from anger.  She should have know the same arrogant, egotistical, pompous ass who had decided that all commoners were stupid and had not a thought of their own of be the man of choice.

Cadence kept her seat upon the couch as she took the documents into her hand.  She could not read as well or as quickly as Iris but read enough to understand that this man, this Baron, who claimed to be their father truly was.  Cadence's mind quickly began to work, if he was a Baron and they his children that would make them...would make them...Cadence searched her mind for the heirachy of titles but then Iris was speaking and disturbing her concentration.  She knew, however, that they were no longer just commoners.  And then the question began to seep into her mind just as it had done to Iris, why would a man bother to track down his bastard children?  Then a more important question pushed itself to the forefront of her mind...would she still have to marry Clayton?!

Cadence listened intently as Iris spoke of what she herself only dared to think.  It was not common practice for a woman to question a man's motives.  Mostly men went about what they pleased while the women kept house, birthed heirs, took care of them and cooked.  Most men did not even care if a woman had a thought in her head at all.  If what Iris was saying was true, then she would too be expected to strengthen the blood lines by producing heirs herself in case Iris could not have children or hers were sickly and died.  The Barron would not be here if he had another heir at deep inside Cadence did not care.  She had prayed fervently to the Gods that she not have to marry Clayton tho she would if it was decided that she must, but just perhaps this was her way out.  Just perhaps this was Iris's answer as well, only her anger and hurt was blinding her to it. 

Cadence's attention was quickly drawn by the sound of breaking glass.

Clayton was only beginning to seethe in his hatred of the King after his majesty's cold dismissal.  If he did not wish his presence then why send for him, Clayton was musing as he caught the formally dressed man's title.  He was a Barron and apparently he was making some preposterous claim of Iris and Cadence being his children.  No man in his right mind whohad a title and lands would make such a claim openly.  Clayton scoffed to himself and helped himself to the decanther of wine pouring himself a hearty amount into the thin glassed vessel that was used to drink such.  Then the mention of documents caught his interest and his gut tightened in a sickening way as he felt his invisible grasp begin to slip.  He heard the King state that the documents appeared to be in order.  What documents?  What did they say?  Clayton screamed within himself.  He had wormed his way thus far, too far, to the thwarted by some Baron seeking out his bastard because of a guilty conscious.  There had to be some mistake, Clayton tried to confort himself but Iris' reaction was more than enough proof that what the Baron spoke was the truth.  It no longer mattered what the documents said.  A sudden rush of anger coursed through his veins and without realizing it Clayton began to squeeze the glass which held his wine tighter and tighter thinking all the while how he would like to kill the Voltigar and the sisters for their quick minds, until at last the fragile piece of glass could take no more and shattered in his hand.

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Thorigor sat in his chair his hands still in his graven face. He did not even look up when Iris began speaking her mind. "Not only can we read, but do so with great understanding.  Some simply read and it means nothing to them, just a bunch of words that truly have no meaning.  We on the other hand read and write, tho our penmanship needs some practice, with understanding.  You have sought us out after all this time and I can not but wonder at your gain.  No man of pedigree would even acknowledge bastards, such as we are, unless he had no other choice.  Tell me, since we are of your loins, to what purpose do you wish to use us?"

"Watch thy tongue!" Rief exploded. "Or by the gods I will cut it from thee.  It is thy father whom ye speak to so recklessly and your lord."

Voltigar was not amazed at how quickly Iris caught onto the situation, however he was a bit surprised at her tongue and how she used it.  It was as sharp as any sword and as he watched the Baron he could see each word slice into him.  Reif must have seen it to or else he truly was as ignorant as his mouth claimed him to be.  Voltigar realized that he would have to step in or else Iris may say something that would force the issue even more.

"If there will be any tongue cutting, it will be by my own decision, not yours Sir knight.  And since it seems to be no doubt that Miss Iris and Miss Cadence are the Baron's daughters, illegitamate though they may be, he is recognizing them as his own, therefore they outrank you Sir knight and can say whatever they please. However, Miss Iris, I do ask you to please restrain yourself?"

Rief's eyes widened in shock as the realization of the two girls station in life had now been drastically changed.  He bowed toward Iris and Cadence, "I apologize for my behavior, M'ladies. I was concerned for thy fathers health as he is not well."

Unfortunately as Cadence read the letter Iris's mind was working over time and she came to another sudden realization. The real reason behind the Baron's visit.  Voltigar had to hide a smile of pride in her.  She would make a great queen. he thought.  Then she spoke again with venom dripping from her lips. "Tell me, father since I am the eldest and it is custom for me to marry first in order to produce a legitimate heir, who is the man you have arranged for me to wed?  He must be here with you to see what his future wife, the woman who is to bear his legitimate heir."

Thorigor finally raised his head and stared at Iris. His eyes were hard. "Iris, I had no idea that I would find you here. I had only heard that Cadence was in the employ of his Majesty.  Thy mind is quick as his Majesty has so stated. And your tongue does bite as the adder, but as your cousin has stated, watch your tongue."

He leaned back in his chair all signs of ill health or ill concience gone. So you have figured out why I have come. Yes, I need an heir. My only son died tragically a year ago this summer.  I need to have an heir for my lands and property to remain in my bloodline."

He turned at the sound of breaking glass and saw the man who was supposed to be marrying Cadence with a broken glass in his hands, the glass had cut him, and wine had spilled upon his clothes as well as the carpet. He glanced back at Iris and Cadence and Voltigar. 

He may be old and dying but he knew that there was something between Iris and the King and even between Cadence and this young shopkeeper. What? He did not know, but he did not like this King. A sly grin crossed his face as he turned back to Clayton.  "Young man, I know this may come at a shock to thee. I heard that your were to be knighted by his Majesty himself. A great honor indeed. I would be pleased to have thee as my son-in-law.  Since I only need one daughter to continue my bloodline and as Iris has pointed out so eloquently that she is the eldest and would be the first to marry I do not need Cadence. So if there are no objections your Majesty, could the wedding still commence?"

Voltigar was not prepared for such a revelation.  He turned and stared at Iris.  His face flushed as he realized that all saw him do so.  He felt as if his heart had been ripped open and lay beating upon the ground; his emotions and feelings for Iris lay bare for all to see.  He stumbled, but quickly righted himslef and found his way back to his chair and fell heavily into it. 

He poured himself a drink and drank it down to calm his nerves and to allow himself to think. Where was Damien?  He desperately needed him now.

He looked around and saw that all eyes were upon him, especially the Baron's, who had a wicked grin upon his face. "Your Majesty, thou hast not caught the same sickness as my daughter Cadence, hast thou?" He asked with a straight face but knew that the Baron was laughing at him.

Rief, however gazed at Iris, and though he was smiling, his cold eyes said something else as he spoke. "M'lord if it would please thee I would marry Lady Iris and Lady Cadence can certainly marry this young man whom his Majesty has placed such an honor upon."

"I thank thee, Rief for thou kind words," the Baron responded.

Voltigar kept on sweeping his eyes around the room until they settled upon Iris's and Cadence's. His eyes told them the whole story; he did not know what to do? The Baron had trapped him and sentenced Iris to marry Rief and Cadence to marry Clayton and he had to knight him with the highest of orders; Knight of the Order of Voldar.

There were only three knights of that order. One was Captain Norman Graaves, another was a knight, now retired, and the last one was Commander Scar.  To add Clayton to that group of men along with the knowledge of what he was and what he would do to Cadence made Voltigar ill. Where was Damien? He almost cried out loud.

A knock came upon the Parlor's door and a guard opened the door and in strode Damien along with him came a woman.  Damien's face was stone cold as he quickly surveyed the situation. "I apologize your Majesty for being late.  This young lady was asking me to give an introduction to you, but I can see that this was not a social call so," he turned to Tanari,"if you do not mind Lady Tanari the guard will show you to another room and will provide drink and food for you if you wish until we can come for you."

Tanari quickly nodded her assent, left the room and Damien closed the door behind her.  He stared at the door for a moment, turned around and slowly looked at everyone in the room.  His dark eyes black and as cold as Coor's domain. Twenty odd knights, with the crest of Cemphiria upon them, one, close to an older man with cropped white hair who was sitting next to an ashen faced Voltigar was staring at him with open curiosity as were the rest of the knights and the older gentleman.  Clayton was there too, but he was smiling as if he was a cat and had just ate a canary.  Iris and Cadence were on the couch near the far wall and their eyes told him a myriad of things; anger but mostly confusion and...fear.

Voltigar found his voice. "Commander Scar this is Baron Thorigor of Cemphira," Voltigar nodded toward the older man seated, "and his knights. You already know Master Clayton and Ladies, Iris and Cadence."

"Thorigor," Damien acknowledged, "welcome to Voldar."

"Rief sputtered enraged and began to draw his sword, Damien quick and fluid as a cat, caught the young knights wrist, slammed his elbow into the knights ribs which made Rief bellow out and bend down in pain. The stitches in Damien's shoulder ripped causing him pain, enraging him further, he pushed the knight away from him, brought up his knee and felt satisfaction as bone met the knights nose cascading blood upon the carpet.  The knights head jerked up from the force of the blow; his eyes glazed over and he fell heavily, sprawled upon the floor.

It had happend so quickly that everyone stared in shock, then as if in slow motion contiinuing on to real life speed, Damien heard swords drawn. He turned to face them.  He heard an older voice shriek, "Rief!"

Thorigor stumbled from his chair and knelt down by Rief.  He saw the blood and quickly felt the young man's neck, he felt no pulse. He turned and glared at Damien. "You shall pay for this! Cut him down!" He ordered his knights.

There was not much room to manouver in the room and Damien had no weapon.

Suddenly the door burst open and armed pike men rushed into the room.  "Cease and desist. Put your arms down Sir knights. That is an order from your King!" Voltigar commanded.

The knights hesitated as they looked back and forth from thier lord to the King, and to the pikemen who had come in.  The Parlor was now a very very small room and one wrong move and there would be bloodshed, bloodshed that Voltigar clearly did not want to happen.

"You," he pointed to a servant who had shrunk into a corner, his eyes wild with fright," go fetch my healer immediately."

The servant nodded numbly.

"Now!" Voltigar commanded.

The servant scrambled out of the servants entrance in search of the healer.

"Baron Thorigor I do not wish to shed any more blood this day. Please tell your knights to put down their arms."

Thorigor was cradling Rief's head, almost unconsolable. He raised his head and slowly nodded, his knights sheathed their swords and the pike men left the room, all, except three who stood at ease, but were watching the knights warily.

Damien went to the fallen knight and the Baron. "Baron, he came at me with sword drawn, I had no choice. If I may, I know about wounds. Let me check this young knight to make sure."

"To make sure he is dead, or alive? And if alive will you make sure he is dead then?" Thorigor accused.

"No, Baron. To see if the wound he has is fatal or if he will recover."

Thorigor paused, and then moved and stood up.  Damien quickly knelt down, and opened the knights eyelids; his dark brown eyes were large and black and unmoving.  Damien frowned, he lifted the knights head and felt the head lop over.  The knights neck was broken.  Damien slowly shook his head and stood up. " I am sorry Baron, but..."

"He is dead," Thorigor finished Damien's statement. Thorigor glared at Voltigar. "I demand that he," Thorigor pointed a shaky finger at Damien, "be charged with murder and put to death."

"I cannot, nor will I not do that, Thorigor.  We all saw it, your knight attacked first, all the Commander did was protect himself. It was self-defense."

"It was murder. Rief was protecting my honor! You knew all along that this man would disrespect me by calling me by my last name and that Rief would react.  You had this planned all the time, did you not?" Thorigor accused, his eyes wild with grief.

"No, I did no such thing Thorigor. Damien did not disrespect you. He holds the same rank as you as well as Commander of the Armies of Voldar.  He just addressed you as a peer.  It is not his nor my fault that Rief was a hot head and could not control his emotions or actions. If you recall, he had pulled his sword before because of a slight misunderstanding.  I am truly sorry for your loss, but Commander Scar did nothing wrong."

Thorigor did not say a word he turned his head and just stared at Rief.

The door opened and a healer came in. He looked at the body lying on the floor and then looked at the King for instructions. "Take care of him Ylath."

Ylath knelt down beside the body and expertly checked the body.  He raised his head, "There is nothing I can do for him I am afraid, his neck is broken." He said to the King.

Voltigar nodded. "Thank you Ylath. We expected such a thing, please make the necessary preperations." Voltigar said.

"As you wish Sire." Ylath motioned for other healers who had stood just outside the room and they quickly came in, picked up the body and left the room.

Thorigor slowly sat down in his chair.  He turned his eyes upon Iris and Cadence and he spoke with a wooden voice, "Iris, though Rief was my first choice to produce my heir with Cadence until you were found as well, I do have other nephews that I am sure would be willing to marry you and claim my birthright and continue the Thorigor bloodline.  As soon as we see your sister wed, we will leave."

Damien's eyebrows rose in surprise as he heard what the Baron said.  He looked questionally at Voltigar.

Voltigar shrugged, "Commander, you do not know yet," he spoke to the Baron, "Shall you tell him or shall I?" Voltigar asked.

OOC I leave it there, Lady Cheri awaiting Iris's and Cadence's and Clayton's reactions to the revelations: I trust you will read the entire passage and your characters will react accordingly to each new revelation. I expect, as usual, a great post from you when I return from the hospital.

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(OOC: You didn't forget me, did you? I'm sorry, my other characters are taking up so much of my time that I forgot to post as Tulpje. Planning on changing that again as of now :D I hope you don't mind my puppeting Rembrandt, Capher.)

Earlier, much earlier, she had watched curiously as the man had gone around placing things in the cage. Her feelings towards that thing had changed drastically during the night, now that she knew she was no longer prisoner. She understood something about 'bath' and 'eat' from the man, and wondered if he could read her mind. Hardly likely, as she was thinking in Browniin. When he had gone, she had quickly and nimbly climbed up all the way to the cage, and taken that longed-for bath. It took her some time to get clean. After all, she hadn't seen any water since she'd arrived here.

After a while, she had been ready and feeling clean again. Then she attacked the food that the man had put in the cage. It was more than enough, and quickly stilled her hunger. When she had done, she went to sit in the door of the cage for a while, and looked around. She watched the other man, the old one (at least, she thought he looked old, she never could tell with these big people) come into the room and come over to her. Stopping in front of the cage, he asked if she was all right, she understood that much. She nodded and smiled at him.

Then she asked: "Hand?" He seemed not too sure what she meant, but lifted his right hand to the height of his shoulder, looking at it. She smiled encouragement and beckoned it to her. When he held it in front of her, palm up, she climbed onto it. Then, tightly gripping the cloth of his sleeve, she made her way, first down to the elbow and then back up to the shoulder. She heard (and felt) the man laugh at what she was doing, and smiled a little, although at this angle he could not possibly see that.

When she was standing on his right shoulder, she looked down and saw a little pocket right below her. She knelt down and, again tightly gripping the cloth so that she wouldn't fall, she climbed into it. She felt rather proud of having done this by herself, without help from the man, who apparently was too interested in what she was doing to interfere. Looking up and a little sideways she could see the twinkle in his eyes as he smiled down at her. He said something, but she didn't really understand him and just grinned back.

Looking around, she noticed a loose thread in the side of the pocket in which she was now standing. Interesting, she thought. Taking it, she turned her eyes back to her new friend and asked. "What this?" Of course she knew the material, and the Browniin word. It was the Tharian word that she was interested in. The answer came promptly. "That is thread." She repeated the word a few times for herself: "Thread... Thread... Thread." Then she looked up again. "Have thread? For I?" The man nodded, but said: "I'll go and get it if you hide, so that people don't see you."

She looked at him with a puzzled look on her small grey face. "H...hide?" Then she realised she had heard this word before, that she even knew the meaning of it. She remembered her master using that word a few times when she'd just been living with him. A radiant smile, like the sun bursting from behind clouds, lit up her face. "Yes! Hide!" She grinned, then more or less sat down inside the pocket. When she was done with her wriggling, one would have thought that the pocket had no more in it than a badly folded handkerchief.

It did not take her friend long to get some thread for her. He even took the smallest needle he could find for her from his stock. He always stitched his own clothes and socks, having not much faith in the seamstresses in the palace. Well, except old Wilma, but she was not employed in the palace, she had her own store in town.

Back in the King's bed room, Tulpje did require his help to get back to her plant. Once there, she diligently went to work with the needle and thread that he had given her. There were a few places where the leaves of the plant came together at the same level. She took the ends of these leaves and tied them together, boring holes in them with the needle (which she handled with two hands) and putting the thread through the holes. Her friend helped her by breaking off the thread at the appropriate length. Having done this a few times, she had created three little rooms, with leaves still inbetween on which she could sit. With gestures and words, she made it clear to Rembrandt that he was supposed to pick up the table that Voltigar had fabricated and put it in the middle room. She left the cup in the cage, it was as good a place as any for a bath, and it was too heavy to be held up by her new home anyway.

Her activities had taken up a few hours, and she felt the need to eat again. It was probably close to twelve bells, she thought. She looked at Rembrandt, who had seated himself close to her plant. "Food?"

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"Food?" Rembrandt heard Tulpje say.  He thought a moment and then brightly smiled, held up a finger, "I will go get some." He said.

He left and within a few moments came back with a platter of different kinds of meat ranging from beef to poultry to lamb.  He also had a variety of vegetables and wine and ale.

He cut up the variety of all of the foods as small as he could, placed them upon the tin plate that Voltigar had fashioned for her and then put it in her cage. "I do not know what you eat, so I give you everything. You can eat what you want and do not worry about the rest."

He picked up the flagons of wine and ale, and brought it to the cage and showed them Tulpje, allowing her to see inside and smell the liquids. "What would you like to drink?" He asked.

Rembrandt did not even think about water as water was usually not the choice to drink; wine or ale was served with food.

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Iris was immediately sorry for her out burst.  She had forgotten herself and her station as she was overwhelmed with all that was happening around her. 

She heard Cadence gasp and knew that she had gone too far and she was soon reminded of this fact by those in the room.  The frailness of her father faded in an instant as he reprimanded her and what he said next shattered her heart.  She would leave with him to marry the man who saw it fit to put in her in place with every breath and Cadence would still be subjected to the hell as she was to be before their father had made himself known.  Hadn't she just moments before prayed for a way to save her sister and then the opportunity presented itself and all she could think of was herself. 

When Iris heard her father's decision her eyes fastened immediately upon Voltigar.  He almost fell into his chair, eyes locked onto hers.  At that moment she did not care if all the world knew that she loved him more than just as her King.  Iris wished more than anything else that she could take back the words she spoke but knew that was like talking into the wind.

Iris felt behind her unsteadily and found Cadence's hands which helped guide her to the couch and off of her unsteady legs.

Then the Commander entered and all hell broke loose.  Iris and Cadence could barely make sense of what was happening and then it was over.  Reif lay dead and their father in tears as if he had lost his son all over again.

Iris knew that it would be of no use to plead with her father.  She had humiliated him in front of others and had spoken too sharply to be able to change his mind about taking her with him and yet the thought still crossed her mind...what if she refused.  If she refused to go with him, he would disown her and she would not be able to have anything of a substantial relationship with Voltigar, but she would be able to remain at the palace and with Voltigar.  But she would be dishonored herself.  She would bring shame to him and could be nothing more than a concubine and Iris knew Voltigar would not want that for her.

Cadence rose slowly from her sister's side and walked demurely to her father where she knelt at his side gently taking his cold hand into her warm one.  Speaking softly, Cadence kept her eyes on her father's hand willing some of her warmth into them.  "Father, you must have loved our mother very much to have made the sacrifices for her and for us that you have.  I know that we have not appeared very grateful for that which you have done for us, but please believe me when I say that both Iris and myself are.  I know that my sister has upset you greatly, but I know her better than sometimes I know myself and she is mostly scared and overwhelmed.  Please forgive her of her rash remarks.  She just needs some time to process the events that have unfolded, as I believe we all do."

Iris sighed and knew that her sister spoke the truth.  Uncertainly Iris rose and neared her father and knelt by his other side.  Not sure whether the man would jerk away from her touch, Iris dropped her hand to the arm of the chair.  "My sister speaks the truth and I beg your forgiveness for I am the one who has caused your ire.  You have gained two daughters where you sought only one and have lost a man who may have seemed like a son to you.  I could tell that the two of you were very close and he must have been a good man to have your respect and love as he did.  He deserves a proper burial at home and I believe that we should begin preparing his body for that trip.  I know that I am unworthy in your eyes father, an ungrateful bastard child, but I wish to oversee these preparations as he was to be my husband.  I will understand if you deny me this, but I wish to begin to make amends with you, if you would but allow me this."

Iris was sincere in her words all the while her heart was breaking.  She knew she would have to leave Voltigar and marry another who she did not love and bear their children.  But at least she had truly loved and had been truly loved in return even if that love was never spoken of aloud.  Seeing Voltigar's reaction, Iris had known that he loved her.

Cadence turned and addressed the King and Clayton.  "Your majesty, my father has suffered a terrible loss this day and I can not in good conscious marry this day.  This is supposed to be a happy day and nothing will outshadow my father's loss.  I wish to accompany himself and Iris back to Cemphira to help Iris in the preparations if it would please our father."

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Damien was waiting for an explanation when Cadence and then Iris went to the Baron and spoke and pieces fell into place.  Somehow Iris and Cadence were more than just servant girls; that Damien suspected all along, ever since he had met them over two years ago.  They had been in the employ of Cedric and where he got them who knows, but he recalled clearly the day he ran into Iris.

He had been trying to find the secret entrance to the Warden's torture chamber that he was sure Cedric had built in his room, when he was discovered by Iris who had come in to make the bed and clean the room.  At first she was going to call the guards but she did not for some reason, he thought it was his charm, but in time he realized it was because she was far more intelligent than what others thought of scullery maids.  It became apparent that she hated Cedric more than he did.  He always wondered what Cedric had done to acquire such hatred from her, but was too much of a gentleman to ask.

After mutual trust was cemented between the two and they conspired together to find that secret door that he introduced her to Voltigar.  As soon as those two met Damien knew that it was more than just conspiratorial nights that kept Voltigar and her meeting; though as far as he knew they never went anything beyond than talking. 

When Cedric was finally deposed of, by the most unusual and friendly Orc that Damien had ever met, Voltigar became King and Iris and Cadence stayed on as kitchen maids, but they both had special places in Voltigar's heart, especially Iris.  Damien knew that as much as they seemed to love one another, they could never be together as man and wife as the classes would not allow it.  It seemed ironic to Damien, that the classes, namely the Nobles, do not mind if you sleep with a scullery maid, just do not marry one, especially if you were the King.

There were many a night when Voltigar and he would drink together and Voltigar thought about abdicating the throne so he could marry Iris; Voltigar was usually well past drunk by that time, intoxicated would be a better word.  Then Damien who was well into the same state had to remind his friend that even if he abdicated the throne he still held a title and he still could not marry Iris; at least not in the Noble's eyes.  She would be laughed at and still looked down upon by the Nobles and especially their wives as just a scullery maid and Voltigar as a fool for giving away the Crown just to marry a scullery maid when if he wanted her that bad why did he not just take and bed her like any other respectable Noble would do.

But Damien knew his friend and knew that Voltigar would never subject Iris to that type of treatment and would never treat her like a bed wench. He hated that practice among the Nobility.  He could not fathom this disrespect of a woman, especially one that you loved, no matter what the common practices of the day were.  It was one of the many changes that Damien knew that Voltigar was trying to change and why he decided to remain King even though he knew by doing so that he could never marry Iris and would probably never marry; which posed another problem, an heir to the throne, but Voltigar was determined that he could think of something before that became necessary.

Damien gazed over at Voltigar when Cadence and then Iris went and spoke to Thorigor. Voltigar's face was a bit gray and his hands shook as he slowly sipped some wine.  Their eyes locked and Damien gave him an impercitable slow nod, no.

Voltigar responded by straighting up in his chair; the tremors gone from his hands and color came back into his face.  Cadence asked a question and Voltigar answered with calm resolve.

"M'lady Cadence you are the soul of compassion. I agree that the wedding should be postponed until Sir Rief is buried among his other departed loved ones. Baron, what say you?" He asked.

Thorigor was surprised when Cadence came over and spoke of love and her mother.  He felt her hand upon his and turned his face toward hers, before he could reply Iris also came over and placed her hand upon his other and apologized and they both acknowledged that they were his daughters.  Tears came unbidden once again and trickled down his cheeks.  He barely heard what Voltigar had said and asked him.  He gazed lovingly into both of his girls eyes and faces and could see Lydia in both of them. Finally he turned his face toward Voltigar. "I thank thee Sire," he then turned toward the girls, "I thank thee also, Iris and Cadence but the trip back to Cemphira will take at least two to three weeks and then another two to three weeks back again. Even if we left right after the burial I am surmising that it would be almost two months before you returned.  I have a suggestion if it pleases thy Majesty.  Why do you not knight Master Clayton and then he can come along with us and then the Earl of Milkengrad could marry him and my daughter Cadence and then they and Iris's new husband can be together as family; as it should be."

There was a long pause, "Your words are wise Baron.  At least M'ladies Iris and Cadence will be together and I know that they will be a comfort to you and I pray that you will live long enough to see your heir born.  I only see two problems: the first one would be Master Clayton. He is from Nyermersys Baron and a very prosperous and respectable shopkeeper. I think we should get his opinion about this momentous decision and two, what is your wife going to say and do, especially since she tried to kill them when they were children?"

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Clayton could not believe what was happening before him.  First he finds that he is to marry a daughter of a Baron, then the sudden death of a Knight and now there was talk of moving to only the Gods knew where.  That was not his part to play.  He was to remain in Voldar and gather information.  Simple as that.  Now suddenly all became so complicated.  Why did this confounded man have to appear now of all times.  Clayton thought of his options quickly and then cleared his throat.

"As the King has pointed out I have a flourishing business already established in Nyblemar with the port and all.  I have worked very hard on establishing myself to be able to support a wife comfortably.  I have left my business unattended for a time already.  The man I left in charge, while capable of handling the day to day things, is not ready to assume full responsibility for my business.  I still have a few of my customers to speak with, but I was toying with the idea of moving to Voldar so that Iris and Cadence could still be close seeing as they are the other has, err had.  But I can not move any further away than that."

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Standing behind his Lord, Lance took in all that was happening. How quickly things ran sometimes, and from one moment to the next he was no longer a sibling, but an only child. Tears were close to spilling, but he kept them back, to be strong for the Baron. As his brother was taken away, he helped him sit back into his chair, then stepped back again. There was no point in swearing to avenge his brother's death - it had been Rief's own fault, the commander had been in the right. This did not take away from the grief, but Lance was not as rash as his brother. He knew that, though being not bad at swordfighting, he could never win from a man like the commander. And Rief should have known that a man like Damien, who led an entire army, would also be endowed with a high title. Everyone could have figured it out, and Rief had been clever enough. If only he had used his brains...

As the Baron's daughters knelt down beside him, Lance could not keep his eye off Cadence. He was one of the nephews that the Baron spoke of, so he could be chosen to marry Iris. But it was the younger sister that fascinated him. The elder was too outspoken for him, too independent somehow. But to have a wife like the young one, soft and tender and so lovable. Even now, unreachable as she was, he felt a wave of protection flood over him. She looked so frail, and yet somehow, she was not. There was something in her... She could bend with the wind, but she would never break, and still he wanted to be the one to shield her from that wind that would bend her. Like that Clayton guy, for example. Now there was an unpleasant fellow if ever there was one. He smiled at entirely the inappropriate times. No, Lance did not like him one bit. If only it had been him that had met with the commander, and not Rief.

But it was useless thinking of Cadence. For one, if he was to marry one of the daughters, it would be Iris who would become his wife. And two, with his looks, he could never hope to win over a girl like her, even if she had not already been engaged to be married. Since his birth he'd had a hare-lip, which already disfigured his face a good deal, but during a fight protecting his Lord, when some bandits attacked, a sword had lashed across his face. It had cost him an eye, the reason that he always had an eye-patch in front of it, and a scar ran from his forehead to his cheek. He could sympathize with this commander Scarface, despite him killing his brother. They'd had the same experience, although maybe under different circumstances.

Apart from this, he was a big fellow, rather muscled as a result of hard training (mostly to keep up with his brother, who was two years older and excelled in everything). It helped to impress (male) friends and enemies, but women usually found him boorish. They never cared to discover that those big hands of his could be tender. He would never do anything to hurt a woman. And oh, how he wished now to put a hand to Cadence's face... Or on her shoulder. Anything to comfort her. But he did not move from his place, unless his lord needed him.

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Damien's mind was a whirl.  There was just too much happening and way too fast.  He needed time to think and to confer with Voltigar.  Their plans were going astray and it seems that Clayton wanted desperately to stay in Voldar, which really confirmed their suspicions about him.  Voltigar it seemed was resolved to lose the only love he had had to a man who he nor Iris even knew and Cadence was still to marry Clayton and that man would still be knighted with the highest honor that Voldar and the King could give.

"M'lords and M'ladies and your Majesty I suggest that..."

A knock on the door interrupted Damien.  A pikeman opened the door and a stout looking servant walked in, bowed, "I am sorry for the intrusion your Majesty but I have a problem with which I am unprepared to handle." He said a bit nervously as he looked around the room.

Voltigar looked at the man, smiled to relax the man and asked, "What problem would that be?"

He fidgeted, standing on one foot and then on the other. "Well Sire, it has to do with seating arrangements."

"Seating arrangements?"

"Your Majesty! Does thou think that thy seating arrangements take precedence over our discussions?" Thorigor protested.

"Baron, I am not sure how you run your household, but please do not tell me how to run mine," he turned back to his servant, "you were saying something about seating arrangements."

Thorigor huffed and that made the poor servant more nervous, "Sire, perhaps it is not as necessary..."

"Nonsense, you thought it was a moment ago. Now tell me what it is so I can deal with it and then we can continue our discussions."

"Sire their are two Earls who are almost ready to throw down gauntlets because of where they are seated for the wedding."

Voltigar bolted upright. He had completely forgotten about the wedding guests. "I am afraid that there will be no wedding. On the other hand at least you will not have to worry about seating arrangements." Voltigar replied laughing lightly.

"No wedding, Sire. What do I do?" The squeaked out.

"Tell them that the wedding is off. Give them my apologies and send them on their way."

"As you desire your Majesty," the servant replied a bit wild eyed at the prospect of telling all those lords and ladies and their entourages that they came for nothing.  He turned to walk out, the pikeman opened the door.

"Wait!" Voltigar said.

The servant turned back around.

"Tell them there is no wedding but there will be a knighting of the Order of Voldar if they wish to stay and watch that." Voltigar kept his eyes on the servant, not wanting to see the reactions from his friends, but he did glance briefly at Clayton to see his reaction.

"Yes Sire. It shall be as you desire," the servant replied and then walked out the door the pikeman closing it behind him.  Voltigar finally turned to Damien. "What were you about to suggest?"

Damien thought he knew Voltigar but this Voltigar confused him.  He looked into Voltigar's blue-grey eyes and did not see the warmth and light that usually shone from them. They were dull; almost lifeless.

"I was going to suggest that we should all take a deep breath, and step back some."

Voltigar stood up. "I believe that to be an excellent suggestion.  Baron, you and your knights are my guests.  It will probably take at least an hour for Master Clayton to prepare for his knighting ceremony and then afterwards we can get together to talk some more.  The ladies can stay with you if you wish.  Ylath will probably take at least a day if not two to prepare Rief for burial and transport.  I offer you all of the Palace's conviences until you leave. I will now take my leave and prepare myself for the knighting ceremony.  Commander if you will please come with me."  Voltigar walked to the door, the pikeman opened it and Voltigar walked through, not waiting for Damien nor not even waiting a reply from the Baron and especially not looking at Iris or Cadence; he did not think he could control his emotions if he looked into Iris's eyes.

Damien quickly followed.  He needed to talk to Voltigar.


Thorigor patted each of the girls hands after Voltigar and Damien left. "I would like for you to stay, however if you need to go and freshen up I understand and we can talk more about your mother and your future's afterwards.  Oh, there is one more detail, and this concerns you Iris," he turned his head and looked around at his knights, "Lance, come forward and meet your new bride."

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Lance stepped forward, and taking Iris' hand, pressed a kiss on it. Her hand was rougher than those of most women he'd met, but he usually only met the ones that did not work. "Lady Iris, thy beauty is unsurpassed." It was really Cadence he was thinking of, and his one eye even flitted towards her for a second, but then turned back to his would-be bride, as he had imagined she'd become. His voice was low, but softer than anyone would have guessed behind such a big man, although it could gain volume in a moment if he so wanted. But he never made it loud around women.

His one brown eye looked at her with warmth. She was pretty, even handsome. But her heart would never be his, nor his ever hers. He had already lost it, in that short space of time, to her younger sister, and from what he could judge she had lost hers, in a longer space of time, to the King. And the king loved her back. Even a soldier such as he, Lance, could see this, so he wondered that his lord and uncle did not. Or maybe he did... But why would he marry off his oldest daughter to a nephew when he could have her marry a king? She could be a queen... What Baron did not dream of seeing his daughter queen? But he would not question his lord, however much he wished to, not out loud. He had sworn fealty to him, and would not disobey him. At least, not in front of him. He decided then and there that when he was alone with his future wife, he would confess to her his feelings. He would have her know that he, at least, did wish for her to marry the one she loved, even if his uncle did not.

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Clayton's eyes narrowed as the King advised that there would be no wedding performed.  There went his chance for making Cadence squirm, he thought darkly.  Oh and how he wanted to see her squirm...perhaps there was still time...then he caught that he was still to be knighted.  Perfect...that was truly why he was here in the first place, not for some doe eyed girl.  As Voltigar excused himself Clayton's mind wandered to the buxom serving woman he encountered earlier...yes that would do nicely.  Clearing his throat Clayton stood and came forward to Cadence who was still kneeling at her father's side.  With his most smooth smile in place, Clayton picked up Cadence's free hand and placed a chastise kiss upon the knuckles.  He had seen how the deformed knight's only eye had slid to her ever so briefly as he was introduced to Iris.  Why anyone would choose innocent Cadence, who was still somewhat a child to be indulged in her fantasies of love, over Iris who knew the pretenses and needed no goading or trickery confounded his brain for the briefest moment.  Well she wasn't his problem anymore.  Looking pointedly at the Knight as he lightly flecked his tongue over Cadence's knuckles, which he covered well so as not to raise the ire of the Baron.  Then allowing her hand to drop back to her side he spoke, "I pray I will see you at the knighting.  And perhaps this postponement will allow us to become more familiar with one another, something we have not had time in the past to do."  Bowing briefly before the Baron, Clayton took his leave.

Clayton waved off the servant who was attempting to assist him and sought out another that he had seen around.  The man had a look about him that Clayton knew all too well.  He lusted for something and could be bribed easily.  Catching the man as he rounded a corner Clayton quickly looked around making sure no one was about and grabbed the man and roughly threw him up against the wall, Clayton's hand over his mouth.  "I have a proposition for you my friend, I want you to find a certain maid for me and in return I will give you a hefty purse."  Pulling a bag of coins from his pocket, Clayton watched the man's eyes grow round with greed as he head bobbed emphatically yes.  Releasing the man, Clayton dropped the purse into the man's open palm.  "Good, first I want you to show me your quarters.  Second I want you to find a very attractive woman with full breast who served me breakfast this morning and bring her to your quarters where I will be waiting.  And if you do it quickly enough, I may just allow you to play with her when I am finished."  The man's grin showed a mouthful of rotten teeth as he thought about having his way with the woman Clayton mentioned.  There was only one who worked that morning that fit his description and he knew where she was at.  "C'mon, dis way."  The man hurried down the back halls almost at a run.  Clayton was slightly winded when he came to a small room that smelled of unwashed flesh with the slight hint of mold and feces.  Clayton opened the door and entered the dark room.  There was only room for a bed, small wash stand and small chest of drawers.  At least the linens were rather clean.

"Good, now hurry friend and I will keep my end of the bargain."  Clayton shut the door behind him and the man hurried away. 

Clayton had removed most of his clothes when a knock came to the door and the man's head popped in the room.  "She es here."  The man's teeth showed black and crooked as he smiled and his eyes were like a rat's who had found a mound of cheese with no cat nearby.  "Well, show her in.  And wait outside to keep watch."  Clayton said to the man as he rose from the bed and made his way to the door which he opened wider to allow in the maid. 

Entering in hauntingly, the maid came face to chest with Clayton.  Looking at him at length she appreciated ever firm inch of him.  Closing the door behind her she brought her body up against Clayton taking his self into her hand.  "Yous wanted to see me?"  She asked almost innocently.  Clayton ripped open her blouse with one single jerk downward of the fabric spilling forth what the thin fabric had struggled to contain for his eyes to feast upon.  "I'm not to be married now, but I am still to be knighted so lets get on with this."  The maid only tightened her grip and tugged Clayton towards the bed.  Anger began to stir in Clayton  "Who does she think she is to deny me!  Her and her sister!!"  Clayton gritted his teeth and the maid looked up at him, "Who are ye talkin' about?"  Clayton no longer saw the maid before but Cadence and lashed out at her, "Shut up you whore!"  Clayton began to beat the woman before him coving her mouth to stifle the screaming.  The more she screamed the more excited he became.  "You like that don't you!  Look at how you want me!!"  Clayton bit and beat the woman until her face was broken and bleeding.  The maid lay there whimpering for him to stop, but her begging only excited him all the more.  Finally she woman stopped bucking and layed quietly beneath him.  Clayton had satisfied himself, for the moment, and checked the woman's pulse which was barely fluttering beneath his fingers.  Her breathing was shallow as Clayton rose from the bed and went to the door.  "She is all yours, friend." 

The man outside turned and caught site of the woman and his eyes gleamed.  Now it was his turn to play with the pretty woman.  As he entered the room Clayton began to wash the blood from himself and redress.  "She likes it rough."  was all he said.  The man had already stripped himself of his pants and had made his way to the bed.  A wildness came over the man's features as they distorted into rage and he began beating her face again, not doing near as much damage as Clayton's fists had done.  She had slighted him before, but now he would have her.  The maid's body shivered once as the last breath of life exhaled from her and Clayton shut the door smiling and made his way to his room where he prepared for his knighting.


Iris kept her eyes from Voltigar's as he left.  She could not look into those eyes and keep her composure.  A flutter of relief made her heart skip a beat when he announced there would be no wedding and then confusion overcame her senses when he mentioned he would still knight Clayton.  Iris looked to Cadence, but her attention was else where.  Then their father was speaking and she was about to excuse herself and Cadence under the pretense of freshen up when he suddenly called on of his knights forward and introduced him as her betrothed.  Iris's head began to swim and she instinctfully reached out for the knight to balance herself.  Catching his arm she realized what she had done and quickly looked up to his face to apologize.  His steadying hand was strong yet tender.  He spoke to her and while his eye was soft, there was something unspoken there.  Almost sad, perhaps even empty.  There was no attraction between them like there had been with Voltigar when Iris had first met him.  She had lost her heart to him before she had even known him and over the years that love had only cemented itself more firmly in her heart.  But she would still try to be a good wife.  But she would know Voltigar's loving touch before that happened.  Tonight she would go to him.  Tonight she would know Voltigar as she had longed for so long to know him.

Iris took in the man before her.  He was firm and sturdy of frame.  His face was disfigured and she had the feeling that he did not find her as attractive as most men seemed to.  Lance was his name.  And he had a patch over his eye and an ugly ragged scar that ran from his forehead across his face.  His disfigurement did not alarm her,  Damien had a scar as well and she, as well as Cadence, both adored the Commander.  Iris had learned a long time ago that the most handsome men were often times the most ugly.  Iris watched as Lance's eye traveled to Cadence and then quickly back.  So quickly that Iris was not sure she had actually seen it.  Dropping a small curtsy before Lance, Iris spoke softly her voice barely wavering, "I am pleased to have such a man as you for my betrothed.  If you would but excuse my sister and myself, we are in need of freshening ourselves." 

Cadence was nothing but relieved to hear there would be no wedding that she barely heard there would still be a knighting.  This confused her, but then Clayton was there excusing himself and looking to the knight behind her father.  Cadence sat looking at the knight after Clayton left wondering why Clayton had made a show for him.  She had learned very quickly to pay close attention to Clayton's actions for the smallest of looks and details told much.  Did he perhaps know the man?  Then the Baron was introducing the knight as Iris's betrothed.  Cadence stared openly.  She knew Iris's husband would be chosen, but not this suddenly.  When the knight, Lance, stepped forward he did so with a grace that was uncommon to most men.  Cadence watched as he gently took her sister's hand in his rather large one.  His voice was soft and yet she could tell by the way he held himself that he was a man of strength.  As Cadence looked at his form her eyes traveled up a well muscled and shaped body to his face.  He was handsome.  The thought caught Cadence off guard and her heart began to flutter like a trapped bird.  His face had a scar that ran the length of his face and he donned an patch over one eye and yet he was beautiful to her.  Cadence felt her flesh becoming warm as she thought of how she would like to run her fingers over the scar and ask how it happened.  Whether it still pained him and how she could make him more comfortable.  So lost in thought was she, Cadence did not hear Iris making an excuse for them to leave and suddenly realized that all eyes were upon her.  Her skin blushed at her embarrassment and she hurriedly dropped a curtsy and followed Iris out of the room.

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Tanari's didn't mind being led away from the room - the sense of impending thunder in there had been rather stifling. She idly mentioned to the guard that had escorted her out that Commander Scar had brought her to see the library, and before long she had been left there to herself.

To say she was delighted was not quite accurate. Books and scrolls everywhere! She began browsing through shelves, looking for works on Katya. When she found one, she took it and curled up in a chair, feet tucked under her, and allowed herself to be absorbed for the time being.

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Damien tried to keep his anger under control as he walked by the side of Voltigar as they wound their way through the corridors of the palace to Voltigar's private quarters.  Finally Damien could not stand the silence any longer.

"Voltigar, what is wrong with you? I have known you for many years and I have never known you to quit!"

Voltigar suddenly turned and shoved Damien hard against the other wall.  Damien was a bit surprised by the strength in the man's hands and arms. "I am your King, Commander and I expect to be addressed as so," he said through gritted teeth, "and there is nothing wrong with me." He let Damien go and stepped back.

Damien's eyes looked hurt for a moment, but it was just a blink of time and then they turned hard and black as he returned Voltigar's stare. "Yes your Majesty. I had thought you had called me to aid you, however since you seem to have no need of me I ask your leave so I may prepare for this farce!"

There was a long strained silence as the two friends faced each other then Voltigar's face softned. "I do need you Damien. I...I am at a loss. My mind and my heart are waging a war that is tearing me apart and I do not know how to stop it," Voltigar finally said, tears forming in the corners of his eyes, which he briskly brushed away. "so to keep me from becoming a blubbering idiot, I focused on Clayton and how to keep him here."

"By knighting him?"


"But knighting him, especially giving him the Order of Voldar, was, I thought, just a ruse. I never thought you would do it for real? Besides, is there not a law about that special knighting? I seem to recall that one who was to given the Order of Voldar had to have done something heroic and in battle and needs witnesses to that effect and then it needs to be ratified by at least two thirds of the Nobles, if I recall the complete law."

"Yes. I forgot." Voltigar's features suddenly brightened.  He shook Damien's shoulders. "I knew you would find a way. Now my friend can you find a way to help me with my other problem?  We can talk about it in my quarters."

Damien smiled, "As you wish your Majesty."

Voltigar gave Damien a side-long glance, and then laughed.

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The throne room was filled to capacity and the two earls had somehow made up their differences when the servant walked up the dias and turned.  He trembled and tried to keep his knees from knocking.  The room which had been quite noisy with many conversations soon became quiet as everyone stopped and looked expectantly at the man upon the dias.

"Um...M'lords,M'ladies there has been a change of plans I am afraid.  The King wishes to convey his apologies, but there will be no wedding. It has been called off."

The whole room erupted into an uproar as many questions bombarded the poor man. "Why has the wedding been called off?  Can we take back the wedding presents?" That question received laughter from the men and gasps from the women.

The man held up his hands. " I do not know anything except what I was told.  Please do not ask me anymore questions.  If it pleases you all, instead of a wedding there will be a knighting, a knighting of the Order of Voldar!"

Count Ru'nior and his friends were in the audience and when he heard that he stood up. "Who is to be knighted?  I have not heard of any such person who is worthy of such an honor."  He turned and looked at some of the Nobles in attendance. "Have any of you heard of this man?" He asked.

They shook their heads no. Count Ru'nior left his place and walked up to the dias.  The servant trembled even more, he tried not to leak into his pants.  The Count walked up the few steps, glared at the servant and waved him off, who was more than glad to leave.  The Count then turned and addressed those assembled.  Though he was just a Count and there were many earls in the assembly, they all gave him creedence as they knew just how powerful he was, for he also had many friends, earls, and even a duke or two who did his bidding.

Ru'nior waited until it was all quiet again as he just looked out at those assembled.  Finally he spoke. "I speak to M'lords. We have all seen and some of us have even been subjected to our King's so called progressive way of thinking."

There were some sly smiles throughout the room, hidden quickly, as most knew that the Count was speaking of himself and his closest friends who had been thrown out of the city just a few days ago.

"Now he is going to subject us to have someone knighted in the Order of Voldar without consulting us and going against the law! This I tell you is a slap in the face, a gauntlet, if you will, to all who have earned that knighthood.  I speak of only two men who have earned that right. One who is sitting amongst us, Baron Aldale and the other is Commander Scar.  We all know that the Commander is the puppet of the King, and would probably do anything for him, including allowing this knighting to take place. But dear friends it would demean our dear friend the Baron, who gave one of his legs and one eye and many of his sons and friends to the cause of defending our city during the war with Nyermersys so many years ago." He paused to let the memories of that war play across the Noble's minds.

He continued, "I plead with you. I beg you. Combine your forces with mine and let us force this preposter out of the Throne and put in one that will fight for our way of life, not destroy it as this King is doing. Whoever heard of a woman participating in the tournaments?  M'ladies, I ask you, are you prepared to do a man's work or would you rather do what Ava created you to do and be; to be ladies, bear our young, and teach our daughters to do as you as we teach our sons to be men?"

A man stood up. "Ru'nior, this is not the time nor the place for your soapbox tirades. We have heard enough in council chambers. I would say that this speech is even a bit more far fetched than usual, I would even call it treasonous!"

A hushed silence filled the room. Ru'nior glared at the man who dared to stand up to him. "I know you, Earl of Weston. You are a puppet of the King just as the Commander!"

"And I know you Count," the earl said, as he stepped out from his place and stepped out into the main walkway, "I also outrank you. I also know that the King and his Commander are standing behind you." he said with a grin upon his face.

Ru'nior turned around quickly and there standing behind him was Voltigar with a slightly amused grin on his face and Commander Scar who had a very different expression upon his; it was as dark and forboding as the black leather pants held up by a wide leather belt with a large gold buckle that held the scabbord of a very large ornamental sword.  Damien's royal outfit also included his black, gold trimmed cape that hung from his shoulders; pinned by two large ornamental gold pins, and though there was no wind the cape seemed to swirl around the Commander. But what made Ru'nior's eyes bulge was seeing the Kyranian axe in the Commander's hands as he slowly swung it around in lazy circles.

"Please continue Ru'nior. I wish to hear some more of your thoughts on my so called progressive thinking and how each word you speak digs your grave, or should I say, puts your head upon the highest spire of our fair city.  I am sure my puppet, as you claim, Commander Scar will gladly take your head." Voltigar said calmly.

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Ru'nior swallowed hard, his adam's apple clearly seen, his eyes bulging as he stared at the grim faced Commander. "You would not dare," he accused Voltigar, " I have many friends..."

"Yes you do Ru'nior and most of them are sitting right here and heard and will testify of your treasonous words." Voltigar calmly replied.


Damien stepped menancingly toward the Count, who froze in terror, his eyes mesmerized by the slowly swinging axe. 

"Oh, go sit down, Ru'nior," Voltigar said in disgust, "there are more important things to discuss right now."

Ru'nior hesitated, Damien took another step and Ru'nior bolted for his seat amidst much laughter. His face red with embarrassement he folded his hands over his chest and glared at Voltigar and Damien; you will regret that, both of you. he promised to himself.

Voltigar wearing deep dark royal blue hose and tunic belted around the waist with the gold and jewel encrusted crown of Voldar upon his head looked around the throne room, eventually all talking and laughter ceased. "M'ladies, my personal guards will escort you to the another room where refreshments will be served. I am afraid this is meant for the men."

There were some grumbles of discontent but eventually all of the ladies were ushered out, the doors closed and guarded.

"Now, I am thinking that most of you are curious as to what is happening. I had thought I had more time and wished for this discussion to be done in a more informal setting. However since most of all of the Noble houses of Voldar are represented here now is better than later.

"Let us start with the marriage. A man, whom you met on the tourney grounds and seemed to like by the way Count, asked for a woman in my employ by the name of Cadence for her hand in marriage.  I decided to marry them."

"What? Why would you decide to marry a kitchen strumpet to a man who I believe is not even of Noble birth?" Ru'nior asked demandingly.

Voltigar gave Ru'nior a look that made the Count tremble. "Who I decide to marry is none of your buisness Ru'nior..."

"Actually your Majesty it is. Well the Royal houses have to approve of marriages performed by the King." Damien whispered into Voltigar's ear.

Voltigar ignored Damien and continued, "It came to the attention of Commander Scar that this man, Master Clayton, is a spy for Nyermersys."

"A spy?" Several men asked.

Ru'nior jumped up from his seat. "What would a spy for Nyermersys be doing in Voldar. I think this is just some..."

"Speak one more time Ru'nior and your head will be mine," Damien told the man.

Ru'nior sat down, his eyes bulging in terror once again.

"Yes a spy," Voltigar continued, trying to keep a straight face. "It is even worse than that, M'lords. War is brewing."

"Between us and Nyermersys?" A voice asked.


"But that is preposterous! Did not the last war between us teach Nyermersys that they are not match for our army and its revered Commander?" Another voice asked.

"Apparently not." Voltigar answered. "I believe that the Earl is being coerced."

"How?" The same voice asked.

"Lycheus." Voltigar answered.

"Lycheus? What kind of influence would a popinjay like him have over the Earl of Nyermersys?" The Earl of Weston asked.

Voltigar shrugged his shoulders. "Your guess is as good as mine. The only thing I could think of would be to avenge family and honor.  Cedric, it seems, who I did not know, is a third or fourth cousin of the Earl's of Nyermersys."

The men nodded. They all could relate to family honor, but...

"Cedric was a monster and so was his cousin the Warden. That orc did us all a favor when he so kindly deposed of him.  Even you Commander owe your title and lands to him." The Earl of Weston said.

Damien thought of Grunok and smiled. "I agree Earl of Weston. He was the one that was to be originally knighted the Order of Voldar."

"Now there was one I would have assented to." The Earl said, with many others agreeing.

Ru'nior jumped up. His face red. "You would give your assent to an Orc?" He blustered.

"Ru'nior." Damien's voice carried over the din of men shouting.

Ru'nior turned, and quickly sat down.

"Yes, Count. I would." The Earl of Weston said.

"And I...And I...And I..." As most of the lords of Voldar stood up, all except the loyal friends of the Count.

"Well, gentlemen he is not here. My plan, along with the Commander's was to keep this Clayton fellow as close to me as possible, so that is why I decided to marry him and Cadence and even knight him with the Order of Voldar.  However I was just recently reminded by our revered Commander, who knows the laws of Voldar, that I could not do so unless I have the consent of at least two thirds of the Noble houses of Voldar.  I ask for your consent." Voltigar said.

The Earl of Weston stood. He was a silver haired, strong jawed, handsome man in his sixties.  His body straight and tall, his bright blue eyes full of life belied his age. "Your Majesty. I understand your plan, however I am confused about this woman, Cadence. How does she play in all of this?"

"I believe that Clayton seduced her into believing that he loved her and wanted to marry her. He was under the impression that since she worked for me that he could somehow become close to me.  And though Cadence and her older sister Iris are closer to me than most servants of my employ, I doubt his plan would have worked, until the Commander told me what he had discovered."

Voltigar decided not to try and explain about Tulpje. Most of them would not believe the story anyway because they do not believe in brownies and there was no need to open that discussion. Voltigar was pleased that most of the Noble houses were listening and understanding, all except those in Ru'nior pocket.

A man stood up. "Why was the wedding called off then?" He asked.

Voltigar's face saddened for a moment, then he steeled himself and answered. "Because their father came to claim her. The Baron of Cemphira. Therefore Ru'nior, this should really make your day, that kitchen strumpet is in reality a Baroness as is her older sister Iris. Which makes them both a bit more Noble than yourself," he then whispered to himself, "though I knew that even without the title."

Ru'nior slowly stood raised his hand like a school boy. "May I ask a question without fear of having my head handed to me by the Commander?" He asked.

Voltigar nodded.

"If these two ladies are the Baron's daughters, and I am not saying they are not," he added quickly, "how come they were in your employ as servants?" He asked, a bit smugly; as if he already knew the answer.

Silence permeated the room as the men in the room came to realize the answer to that question before Voltigar replied.  Some, had bastard children, but they were never recognized. Why this Baron, who was from a place so far south of Voldar, would claim to have bastard children, especially female, was something unheard of.  They all looked up at Voltigar for the answer.

"It is a long story M'lords, and though most of you know the answer, or at least think you know, the Baron has declared his parentage and proven it.  However, we are not discussing the two ladies, but about Clayton and his knighting.  Do I still have your assent to knight him?" He asked, peering around the room.

"Why the Order of Voldar? Why not just knight him? Would that not suit your purposes?" A man asked.

"I thought of that. But I wanted this man's ego to be pumped up so much that he could not even have the slightest hint that I knew that he was a spy. The Order of Voldar would do such a thing. I then could have hm close to me, so that I could keep an eye on him.  Once the war started and his true colors come to light, then it would be a simple thing to strip him of the knighthood, if not his life."

The men all nodded their heads as the King's plan became clear. "It is a brilliant plan your Majesty. I give my assent." The Earl of Weston said.

"Aye, I too," said another.  More began to agree and soon the whole room was filled with aye's.

What about you and your friends Ru'nior?" The Earl of Weston asked. "Your lands are in jeopardy as well if there is a war and this man Clayton is working for the ones who will take them from you if they can."

Ru'nior nodded. As much as he hated Voltigar he had to admit that the King's plan was brilliant. Besides he did not know this Clayton fellow, except that he liked the man's views; but if he was a spy for Nyermersys as Voltigar claimed and a war was imminent, then he would be foolish to allow such a travesty, besides he dearly loved his lands.  "Aye," he said looking around at his friends.  "Aye," they all replied, looking relieved, as they too loved their lands.

"Good. Then it is settled.  We can bring back in the ladies and I will have a guard fetch our man." Voltigar said with a smile upon his face.

He turned, sat down upon his Throne and looked regal.  Damien followed, standing by his side. "That went well." He said.

"Yes, better than I expected, Damien. However there is still..." Voltigar broke off his thought as he could not bear to speak about Iris or Cadence. He did not know if he could control his emotions and he needed all of his concentration on what was about to transpire.

"I know Voltigar. I know." Damien said softly, putting his hand upon his friends shoulder in comfort.

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Throne Room

As the ladies were being ushered in to go and sit with thier husbands and fathers Damien remembered Tanari.  He leaned toward Voltigar who seemed to be in a world of his own. "Sire, the lady I wished to introduce you is waiting for me in the library.  I will be right back."

Voltigar did not say a word he just nodded his head.

Damien left out of the back of the throne room and headed for the library.


Damien opened the library door and there curled up in a chair, like a sleek cat, was Tanari absorbed in some scroll.  He stood there looking at her and then closed the door. " I apologize Tanari. But I have come to invite you to see a spectacle that is very rare; a knighting of the Order of Voldar.  Perhaps you could paint the knights portrait or a scene that strikes you.  I am sure the King will pay you handsomely for it and afterwards I will introduce you to him.  What do you say?" Damien asked.

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Tulpje did not reply with words, but pointed to the one that Rembrandt kept open with the red liquid in it. Well, she knew it was wine, she just didn't know the Tharian name for it. He then poured it into the smallest cup he could find, namely his thimble (also an integral part of mending his own clothes). It was perhaps a tad bit on the small side for Tulpje, but anything bigger would be too big. At least she could drink now.

She ate a little of everything that Rembrandt had put on her table. Picking then one thing, then another, she thought she liked the poultry best, although the beef she found very tasty as well. She ate quite a lot of the food, but it was too much to eat it all. After that, she climbed down her plant, which now formed a nice little kind of house, with the leaves folded into small chambers, and from there jumped down to the ground. She started exploring the room, to keep busy. Every now and then she made a noise to attract Rembrandt's attention, when she found something interesting. Very often she had to ask him what something meant in Tharian, almost just as often she forgot it promptly. It was not easy, learning another language.

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Tanari jumped inwardly at the sound of Damien's voice, but managed to hide her surprise when she turned to look at him. He offered to let her see a knighting - into the Order of Voldar, no less; but she flinched inwardly, thinking of her appearance, doubting she would be presentable amongst so many lords and ladies. And she realized with a second pang that she had brought nothing with her...

She floundered for a moment, suddenly feeling very much "on the spot", and cringed inwardly.

"Commander, I am flattered, however..." She frowned. "Not to seem rude, but I don't think I am presentable for such an event - and I am sure the king has more important things on his mind. Perhaps I should come back another day?" It pained her to have to leave the library, and she felt like she had put the commander through a lot of trouble for nothing...but things had been hurried: if she had been a little wiser she probably should have waited before coming to the palace, and now she was looking for a way to extricate herself as smoothly as possible - but what will Damien think of me? she thought in trepidation.

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Damien smiled broadly, winked and stepped closer to her, bent down so that his face was mere handsbreath's away from hers and whispered into her ear, "You can present yourself like that to me anytime."

Then he stepped back, with a wicked grin on his face as he gazed lustily at her.  Why she did that to him he did not know.  He had at first thought it was just because he had not been with a woman for quite awhile, but as he gazed at her his thought turned to maybe it was something about her; the way she looked, her eyes, her hair, the way she smelled, or smiled.  There was something about her that just drove his hormones into overdrive and he needed to all of his will power to contol them.

"However I would not want to make you feel unconformtable and the King would not mind how you are dressed because you are a guest of mine, I assure you of that. So if you would rather just stay here and read books until the ceremony is over that is fine with me.  I will leave a guard outside the door.  If you get hungry, or want something to drink, just ask him and he will have a servant fetch it for you.  It is your choice, what do you wish to do?"  Damien asked her, thanking the gods that he seemed to have gotten himself under control. With all that is happening he needed his wits about him....still she looks so inviting curled up like that, he thought.

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Something about Damien's proximity made Tanny's insides coil tightly and set her senses to a level of alertness that was both frightening and exhilarating: the hair on her neck stood suddenly on end as he drew near, the sound of his voice was low, inviting, and she caught a wiff of his husky, male scent. She could see the scars on his face, and she was suddenly overwhelmed with a desire to trace them with her finger and ask how they got there, and she also could see the hard muscle along his body - he was very much a man, very near, and she didn't need her imagination to know that she had stirred him, at least a little.
As he pulled away from her she was disappointed - and relieved. In fact, more relieved than anything else. It occurred to her again that Damien could have his pick of women - and if he was interested in her, how long would that last?

She collected herself as best she could: she knew that she needed some time alone - away from Commander Scar, and his inviting, roving eyes, so that she could think straight. And since he was offering her a way out of being put on the spot before the king, she decided she would take it this time, but made a note that she was going to find a dress shop or a tailor within the next day or two.

"I'll stay here." She almost squeaked it as her voice threatened to catch, and she realized that she was still breathing hard and her heart was still racing from Damien's near touch. "I, I just think it would be wiser for now."

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Damien grinned. "As you wish Tanari.  The ceremony should only last an hour, two at the most and then I will come back and we can get to know each other a bit better...perhaps over dinner? In the meantime relax, and if you need anything just ask the guard at the door."

Damien opened the door, gave the guard some orders, which were acknowledged by a nod of the guards head, Damien turned and smiled once more at Tanari and then closed the door behind him.

The Throne Room

Damien entered through the back way; the same way he left, and proceeded to Voltigar's side.  He placed his hand upon his friends shoulder.  His dark eyes scanned the room and he did not see Iris or Cadence or the Baron, but he did see empty seats near the front of the dias that he assumed were reserved for them.  The rest of the room was almost filled to capacity, including the second and third tier floors that half surrounded the throne room.

"So where is your next conquest?" Voltigar asked coldly, still staring straight ahead.

conquest? Damien frowned.  He did not think of Tanari as a conquest.  Yes, she certainly made his blood boil, but he did not think of her as a conquest.  That was in his youth, besides most of what people thought they knew about his womanizing was more reputation, than fact.  Voltigar knew that, so that meant only one thing, Voltigar was still trying to control his own emotions concerning Iris and would take out his anger and frustration on anyone who happend to be around; and for now that was Damien.

"She decided to stay and read in your library. She thought herself not properly dressed for such an auspicious occasion. And she is not a conquest," he added.

"No? I thought all women were conquests to you Damien? You like the chase, but once you have won the prize you move on."

Damien's face darkened. He knew that this was just anger talking but it still hurt coming from his friend. "Sire, you know me better than any man alive and I will agree that in my youth I did treat women that way. However I have not done so in many years.  Has it occured to you Sire that I may want to settle down and raise a family? Much like you so desire to do." 

Damien regretted that last statement, for he knew it cut deep into Voltigar and that was not what he intended, but Voltigar had struck first, he tried to rationalize his own comments, as he watched Voltigars hands squeeze hard the armchairs his hands rested upon.

"I am sorry, Sire. was uncalled for," Damien whispered.

Voltigar twisted his head and lifted his eyes to Damien. Damien's heart fell when he saw his friend's face.  The normal twinkle that was mostly apparent, except when Voltigar was angry, was gone in the eyes. Voltigar's face looked worn and haggard. His expression was one of extreme sadness, the kind of sadness that one sees on one who has lost a loved one or a very dear friend. Yet, it also had a steely resolve that rippled throughout Voltigar's jaw.  "I want you to personally escort Baroness's Iris and Cadence to their father and then bring them all here," Voltigar ordered and then twisted his head forward.

Damien paused, saddened and then turned and went to do as his King and friend, hopefully still his friend, had asked him to do.

He walked slowly through the halls of the Palace heading toward the girls bedchambers.  There must be someway, something that can help. He thought of a way for Clayton. Why cannot he think of a way for Iris and Cadence?  He must find a way! He thought, as he absently slammed the side of his fist against the Palace's stone wall.  He did not even notice the pain or blood that dripped from the torn skin as he rapped hard on the girls door.

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Iris and Cadence had made their way quickly from their father and to their room.  Cadence was still thinking about Iris's supposed betrothed.  They seemed so ill suited.  Cadence chastised herself.  She didn't even know this man their father had chosen for Iris.  But regardless, anyone less the King would only bring Iris's heart death. 

Once behind the closed door of their room Cadence addressed this very issue.

"Iris, what about Vol..."

Iris cut off her sister with a look and a shake of her head.  "Cadence, do not speak his name.  I can not bear to think of him just now.  To know that now I have the station and yet can not still be with the man I love because my father had betrothed me to another.  I can not do it...I can not dwell upon such and remain as I am."  Iris's voice caught on a sob which she fought very hard to keep in her throat.  But the tears she held back since the moment her father announced his plans for her erupted forth unable to be help captive any longer.  Iris fell to the cold stone of the floor in a heap of fabric and wailed her sorrow and her pain.

Cadence watched her sister and felt her pain and sorrow.  To have loved for so long and then be given a glimpse of happiness only to have it snuffed out by a stranger.  The pain filled her sisters face and Cadence wished she had never mentioned it.  It had been too much for her sister to sustain the mirage of indifference and she fell to a heap in the floor sobbing and keening as Cadence had heard newly widowed women do when they had lost their love.  Dropping to the floor and cradling her sister's head like Iris had done so many times for her when they were but children, Cadence tried to soothe her sister.  "Shh, hush now.  You will alert the guard outside and then our father shall be alerted.  Sssshhh, Iris.  All will be alright.  You will see.  You must have faith.  There has to be something we can do."  Cadence rocked her sister to and fro like a child. 

Iris did not care who would hear her wailing.  She was to have everything taken from her, her very heart, and she would give over to her grief now.  There would be no other time for it in the future.  She would have to bury all her feelings and do her duties as a wife.  Iris shuddered at the thought of sharing another man's bed.  She never thought that she would.  She always thought, no matter how unrealistic it had been, that Voltigar...that Voltigar would what?  Not ever wed?  Not ever bear an heir?  Her dreams seemed more childish now than the games she and Cadence once played. 

Iris's sobs faded into hiccups and Cadence left her to fetch a glass of water and a napkin to wipe Iris's tear stained face.  "Oh Cadence, what I am to do?  Be forever hollow?  I love him Cadence, more than I thought I could ever love anyone."  Fresh tears began to prick the backs her eyes and she quickly wiped away the ones that managed to fall.

"What if I married him, Iris?  What if I stepped up and married your betrothed?  What if we told father how you felt about the King, perhaps he would indeed heed your request.  I would be willing to take your place and marry his choice for you."  Cadence did not know where those feelings had come from.  She did not know the man Iris was betrothed to.  What if he was a man like Clayton?  No, Cadence thought to herself.  There was something very different about her Father's knight who was to marry Iris.  Perhaps if she spoke to him?  Told him how her sister was in love with another.  Surely he would understand?  But what if he didn't.  What if he favored Iris and wanted her for himself.  There were too many what ifs, Cadence thought sourly.  She would just have to talk to this knight and determine if he could be trusted.

Iris was picking herself up from the floor when a loud knocking came causing her to jump.  Not thinking about her present state, Iris walked to the door and opened it only to reveal the Commander.

Lowering her eyes, suddenly aware of her reddened nose and eyes Iris opened the door wider in invitation and turned back into the room.  Farther into the room Iris turned to Commander Scar eyes void of all but pain and despair.  "He has sent you then to collect us Commander?"  Iris's voice was trembling with raw emotion and she raised her eyes to meet those of the Commander's.  Iris looked as tho death itself had taken her very soul and all that was left was a shell of a person once so full of life.


Clayton hummed to himself and he finished reading himself for his knighting.  Things were going better than planned.  Then there was a knock upon his door interupting his happy thoughts of acts performed only a short time before.

When Clayton opened the door, his eyes became cold as ice and hard as steel.  "What are you doing here?!"  he whispered to the servant he had met up with earlier.  Pulling the man quickly into his room, Clayton looked around to make sure no other saw before quickly closing the door and whirling to face the pathetic excuse of a man.

"Ye killed that maid.  Ye killed her and she lies in me room!!"  The man's eyes bulged from their sockets and he began to become frantic.

"I have no idea what you are talking about."  Clayton said coldly.

The man quickly caught on to the game and his composure became more at ease.  "That is not what the King will hear..."

Clayton advance upon the man in two steps had his large hand around the oily smelly neck of the servant's.  "Just what is it do you want?"  Clayton squeezed hard for good measure which caused the man to go into a coughing fit before Clayton released his throat.

"What everone wants."  The man wheezed between coughs which he didn't bother to cover to keep his spit from flying all over the place.

"Money."  Clayton sneered.  He should have killed the man when he had the chance, but he needed him to be the last with the maid just in case.

"Aye, money and alot of it.  Enough to get me far far from here and start me a nice new life somewhere."  The man straightened himself and his beady little eyes glistened with greed. 

"Fine, I will see to it later.  For now you have to leave and not be seen.  I have a knighting to prepare for."

"Knighting?!"  The man's voice held a tone of in-credulousness to it.  "They would knight you?"  The man began to laugh again until Clayton fixed him with an icy stare which caused the man to choke on his mirth.

"Fine then.  If I do not hear from you soon, then we both know what will happen."  The man was out the door before Clayton could threaten his very life again.

Clayton tried to refocus his mind on his pleasant events and couldn't seem to achieve the same gladness he had before.

As he finished dressing, a knock came to the door.  "Master Clayton, I have come to escort you to the ceremony."  Clayton's smile brightened once again and he opened the door and followed the servant to the throne room.

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Damien Scar

Damien saw Iris as she opened the door.  Her eyes and nose were red and Damien knew she had been crying.  She turned and walked away and he entered the room, closing the door behind him.  He cast his eyes toward Cadence and could see desperation in them.  Both of the girls's eyes mirrored his own emotions.

Iris turned and looked at him. The sight of her wrenched at Damien's heart. She looked exactly liked Voltigar; void of life, of spirit and of hopes and dreams, only duty remained.

She spoke,
He has sent you then to collect us Commander?"

Damien wanted so badly to tell her that there was a way to turn this around.  That something could be done. But as much as he had racked his brain, he could find no answer to ease the pain he had seen in Voltigar's eyes and now in Iris's.

He nodded sadly. "Yes, I have come to escort you to the knighting of Clayton.  If you need some time to freshen up, then do so. But you do not have much time.  Your father and his knights are also being escorted to their places for the knighting as we speak. You, Baroness Iris and Baroness Cadence will sit on either side of your father."

He became silent and his brow furrowed and his eyes darkened; for the first time in his life he did not know what to do or say.

Clayton's quarters

The tailor saw the page boy knock on Master Clayton's door.  He had rushed out to gather different material when he was almost run over by a oily, smelly manservant. Brute the tailor thought as he continued his way.  Then he saw Master Clayton come out of his room and he was dressed in black!  He rushed to Master Clayton waving his hands, "Master Clayton, you are to be wearing white ermine, not black! A man who is be knighted with the Order of Voldar is to be presented to the King in white to symbolize the pureness of his heart and purpose to always serve Voldar and its King.  Wearing black will definately not do, though I admit you look dashing in that color," the tailor added.  "I have your clothes right here," the tailor said showing Clayton the pristine white hose, doublet and cape.  I had to go and retrieve some more Ermine to sew on your cape and the gold clasps that will hold your cape to your shoulders.  I will sew it on as you dress, besides I see that you do not carry your sword or shield, did you forget them in your room?" The tailor asked.

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Naya answered when a knock came on her door. A servant girl hastily curtsied - Naya was still not used to people curtsying to her - and told her that there was to be no wedding, but there were festivities because of a knighting, and if she would please follow to the throne room. Calling the wolf, she followed the girl.

The throne room was already quite full when Naya entered. She found herself a small space from where she could watch the proceedings, the wolf unobtrusively by her side. It seemed that the main object of the ceremony was not yet present, although by the whisperings around her she could conclude that it would not last long. She did see the king sitting on the dias, and more people that she hadn't seen yet. There were still some empty seats there, contrary to the rest of the throne room, every inch of which seemed taken. Together with the rest of the crowd, she watched to see if she could spot the soon to be knight, or maybe the people that were still expected in the dias.

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A young very well dressed pageboy was allowed entrance into the Parlor room where Baron Thorigor and his knights were.

Baron Thorigor turned his head as the young boy entered the room, and bowed slightly toward him. "His Majesty has sent me to escort you and your knights M'lord to your seats in the throne room to watch the knighting. Your daughters will join you before the ceremony begins."

"Thank you young master. Lead the way."

The pageboy nodded and said, "This way Sir's and M'lord."

Baron Thorigor stood up and followed the boy, his knights behind him, with Lance now in place where Reif would have been.

Throne Room

The walk to the throne room was quite brief as the pageboy led the Baron and his knights to it.  It was a silent walk as each was in thought.  Finally they arrived at the open doors of the throne room.  A guard stood on either side of the door and bowed slightly as the Baron and his entorauge followed.

When the began their slow decent down to the dias the Baron could hear whispers of questions and speculations and even some gasps as those in attendance noticed that the Baron and his knights wore the colors of Cemphira and Milkengrad.  The pageboy escorted them down to the front left row and stood by as the knights entered first and then Lance and the Baron sitting down with two seats open on either side of the Baron, Lance taking the outside seat.

Count Ru'nior was seated two rows behind him and had watched very carefully the Baron and his knights.  He had not forgotten the embarrassment that he had suffered at the hands of the King nor his puppet, Commander Scar.  His shrewed mind ran over the myriad of possibilities of how he and his friends could somehow use the Baron and this unexpected revelation to their advantage.  He glanced at the King and though Voltigar seemed to be looking out at everyone, his eyes were dim; he did not even seem to acknowledge the Baron and his knights when they entered and were seated. Was Voltigar acting this way because of this spy, or because of those two kitchen strumpets? Ru'nior thought.

He had to remind himself that those strumpets were Baronesses now, but he was positive that they were illigetimate, and therefore in the Count's eyes, they were still kitchen strumpets. He wondered why the Baron was willing to acknowledge them as his own?  Was Voltigar acting this way because he knew he would probably never see those two strumpets? Never be able to bed them? As Ru'nior was sure he had been doing, either to one or both. But why be so bothered? Ru'nior was sure there were other strumpets the King could bed running around the Palace. So what was so special about these two?  He chewed upon his lower lip as he tried to find an answer.

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Soon after Garth had left Arth's spot, he reached the palace. He left Pepik near the palace stables, after a nice guard had pointed him to them. The stables themselves were already full, but there was a nice little stroke of grass next to it, where there were a few other donkeys as well. On his own, he made his way (this time with the help of a kind of nice servant girl who, however, couldn't contain her giggling as she watched him) to the Throne Room.

Once there, he thanked the servant girl and soon enough was clambering up, just as Thai had advised him, to the beams. He needn't be afraid of a guard shooting him, he saw - there were already one or two agile urchins of the city who had found the same spot from whence to observe the passings. From afar, he would look nothing different to them, even though he was quite a few years their senior.

He was just in time to see an important looking man and his entourage enter the throne room and sit down on the dias. He never did remember colours - except the ones from his own performing costumes, one of which he was still wearing - but one of the urchins, with good enough ears to hear what everyone on the ground and in the tiers were saying, whispered it to him: A Baron from Cemphiria in Milkengrad. Mouse nodded his acknowledgement at the lad. He'd been born near Milkengrad. However, it had been quite some years since last he was there, which was probably why he hadn't recognized the colours. Not that he had particularly fond memories of the place, except for his older brother.

He quickly turned back to the proceedings.

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Iris sniffed as she tried to dry her tears.  She felt empty inside as if she were hollow.  Nodding at the Commander's suggestion at refreshing herself, Iris turned to the closet and pulled the best dress she had.  It no longer suited her station of course, but she really didn't care. 

Cadence had used the brief moments to freshen herself and change clothes.  Seeing the Commander standing uncomfortably in the middle of the room she came quietly to his side while Iris pulled a dress from the closet.  She disappeared behind a the large changing screen located in the small adjoining room and began to undress.

Cadence nudged the Commander softly her eyes asking that he make no acknowledgement.  She motioned for him to follow her to the back part of the room, the farthest from Iris as they could get.  In a hushed voice Cadence began to speak to the Commander while keeping her eyes where Iris was changing clothes.

"Commander, we can not allow this to take place.  Do you see her?  She will mourn herself to death before she is wed to another.  I do not know what to do.  I thought that perhaps I could offer myself to Iris's betrothed in her stead.  I do not know the man, but he seems gentler than most of his station.  I believe he would make a good husband, but not for Iris.  She has the station now to involve herself with the King, but for the betrothal."  Cadence glanced at the Commander for a moment before continuing.  She knew that the Commander was aware of how things were between her sister and King.  Always present, never spoken or even acted upon were there feelings for each other.

Cadence moved closer to the Commander as her thoughts began to rush together, "We need to know whether or father would allow Iris out of her betrothal.  I don't see why not if I offer myself in her stead.  But this betrothed of hers would have to agree too.  If we had him in agreeance with us and I offer myself in Iris's place, and Iris was positioned with the King, I do not see why our father would say no to letting her out of the arrangement.  This is a delicate topic and not one we can address to him."

Iris had just about finished and wondered why she did not hear anything from the larger adjoining room.  "Cadence?  Are you still there?"

"Yes, Iris.  We have not left.  Take your time, but keep in mind our father is probably waiting for us and we must not dishonor him again."

Cadence looked back at Commander Scar.  "Damien, please.  I can not talk to Iris about Voltigar as you see what happens.  I surprised you did not hear her keening down the hall.  It is still much too fresh for me to speak to her of this." 

Iris's shadow began to move.  Cadence in a hurry shoved the Commander back into the middle of the room to his previous place.  In a hushed tone she added, "I have told you all I know to."  With that she moved to where Iris was coming about the changing screen.  Cadence placed a few stray hairs away from Iris's face and turned to the Commander. 

"I believe we are as ready as we are going to be.  We shall follow you Commander Scar."


Clayton was clearly startled when the annoying gnat that was the tailor met him within blinks of opening the door.  He was saying something about the color he himself was wearing was all wrong.  Clayton rolled his eyes and stepped back inside his room.  He didn't care what he wore as long as the silly play king knighted him!  Clayton hastily stripped himself of his clothing and donned the ones the tailor proffered.  Looking to the table where his shield and sword lay, Clayton walked over to it and strapped on his sword and took up his shield.  Looking annoyed at the tailor he asked in a sarcastic tone, "Now may we get on with this.  I do have other things to tend to this day."

Seeing the confused look on the tailor's face only caused Clayton to shake his head at the stupidity of the staff the King had surrounded himself with. 

Flinging open the door, Clayton headed into the hall where the servant waited to lead him to the throne room.

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Damien Scar

Damien was a bit surprised when Cadence pulled him closer to her as she then went behind a screen and changed out of her wedding gown into something else.  She then surprised him even more when she offered to wed Iris's bethrothed so that Iris could marry Voltigar.

He mused upon her idea. Ideally, if all that Cadence had come up with would pass it would take care of everything: Voltigar and Iris would be happily married and eventually an heir would come along. Damien grinned, probably within twelve to thirteen months after the wedding, no doubt. Cadence would not have to worry about Clayton, but is this other as bad? Cadence did not think so. 

Damien knew that there was nothing that he would not do for Voltigar if it was in his power to do it; he not only admired the man, but loved him as a brother.  He just did not know that a sister would be willing, like Cadence was offering to marry a man she did not know, just so her sister would have happiness.  Cadence may well be offering her life, just for Iris.  That sort of love and devotion Damien admired and he looked at Cadence in a different light.

But what about Clayton?  What would he say? And would Iris's father and betrothed be willing with the switch?  Clayton would object, as he wanted Cadence, not only for pleasure, but he thought it would bring him closer to the King.  But once Clayton is knighted he really does not need Cadence. He snapped his fingers as a thought came to him. "Cadence," he whispered, "if your plan would work out it would be sent from the gods themselves. There are details as you have mentioned that need to be ironed out, but I think your plan has merit and more than that, I admire and hold up those in the highest esteem those who willing sacrifice themselves for others. You must truly love your sister to offer yourself to a man you do not even know."

He wanted to say more but then Iris started to come out, and Cadence pushed him away. He was more in the center of the room when Iris appeared and announced that they were ready.

He looked at Cadence, gave her a sly wink, and putting comforting arms around both girls, hugged them. He stood back, nodded briefly to both of them, "The sky always seems the darkest before the dawn," he said before he turned, opened the door and led the ladies to the throne room.

Throne Room

The throne room had returned to its incessant buzzing of voices; like bees in their nests after the Baron and his knights had entered and sat down.  Suddenly the room became hushed once more as Damien, in his full costume, with his black cape swirling around his body led two ladies down to the Dias.

Lance turned and saw the Commander with Iris and then Cadence behind him.  He rose as they came closer.  Damien saw the man rise when they came closer.  He had been around Nobility enough to understand the seating arrangements and realized that the man that stood was in most probability Iris's betrothed.

The man was a big man; not of girth, but of height and bone structure, much like Damien was.  He had a disfigurment upon his face but as Damien looked into the man's eyes, he saw kindness and gentleness in them. It was probably what Cadence had seen as well and was probably one of the reasons why she was willing to wed him. Damien thought, at least Cadence would be treated with respect and not hurt. If the plan that she thought up worked...If Damien thought and that was a big if.  He smiled and nodded at the big man.

Lance did not return the smile from the Commander he scowled as he was a bit confused by the gentility of the man. Did he not just less then an hour ago, kill his brother! And now this man was smling at him! Lance wanted to put a daggar in the man's cold heart.  Then Iris approached and before she could pass Lance stopped her and looked into her eyes which seemed deviod of life. He felt for her. She did not want to marry him. She was doing her duty. The man she wanted to marry was sitting upon the dias, upon his Throne, with eyes and an expression like hers. "Baroness, Baroness Cadence should go first as she will sit on M'lord's left hand. You, will sit on his right and I as your betrothed will sit upon your left." he said softly.

Iris mechanically stepped aside and Cadence came forward. Lance's eyes locked with Cadence's for a blink and then she was past him, nodded to her father and sat down besides him.  Lance had watched her all the way.  Then he turned and held out his hand toward Iris, who mechanically took it and he led her to her seat, where she sat down and then he sat down besides her.

Baron Thorigor had watched the whole proceeding. He smiled at Cadence and lovingly put his hand upon hers when she had seated herself by him.  He turned and smiled at Iris as well, and put his other hand upon hers as she seated herself.  But he frowned at Lance as Lance finally took his seat and he glared at the Commander who was overseeing the whole spectacle.

Damien nodded briefly at the Baron before he proceeded up the dias stairs.The other knight of the Order of Voldar standing on Voltigar's left side acknowledged Damien with a firm handshake and a smile. "How are you Sir" Damien asked.

"Fine, a bit older, a bit greyer, and you Sir?" The other knight asked.

"I am fine as well. A bit older and greyer as well. It is good to see you." Damien added.

"And you as well. It is a shame that we have to dishonor the Order by knighting this cur." The older knight spat out.

"Agreed, but once he has been declared and proven to be a spy his head will be upon the highest spire of our city and his name will be wiped off the books of heraldry and our Order will once again be clean."

"Do you think his Majesty would allow me to be the one to take the cur's head off?" The older knight asked with a cruel grin.

Damien grinned back, "I do not see why not, my friend."

"Good. Then I will look forward to that day."

"I too my friend. I too." Damien replied and then he took his place at Voltigar's right side. He placed his hand upon his King's shoulder, leaned down and whispered; "Someone you know has come up with a plan. Have friend."

Clayton's Quarters

The tailor ran after Clayton. No, you are doing it wrong. You do not belt on your sword yet, that is the King's duty after he knights you. You carry your sword upon your shield. I suppose you can wear it like that until you get to the throne room, but before you walk in, you must be prepared.  I would have thought that someone would have told you, prepared you for this honor."

Clayton rounded the corner he was moving as fast as he could to rid himself of this screaming idiot and had passed the young page who was leading him to the throne room when he ran smack dab into the huge barrel of the chest of Ulath.  The man who had guarded him and supposedly was to be his best man at his wedding.

Ulath grunted when Clayton ran into him, but he stood his ground, whereas Clayton was pushed into the tailor as the young page nimbly jumped aside and they both ended up in a heap of tangled legs and arms.

"Oh, my goodness," squeaked the tailor, as he tried to untangle himself. He tried to stand and stood upon Clayton's hand, who yelped in pain as he pulled his hand out from under the tailor's foot. "Watch it you idiot!" Clayton yelled, shaking his hand.

"Oh, I am so sorry Master Clayton," the tailor replied.  He bent over and picked up Clayton's shield and turned to give it to him but did not realize that Clayton had his back to him and the tailor in his haste to get the shield to Clayton did not figure out how close they were and he hit Clayton in the back, sending Clayton crashing head first into the wall.

The young page had to turn his head and cover his mouth to stop from laughing, but then he heard the sound of steel being drawn. He turned back just in time to see Clayton draw his sword and swing at the poor tailor, who yelped and cowered in fear.  There was a clang as metal met metal as Ulath's sword intervened.

"Put down thy sword, Master Clayton or I will have no choice but to cleave thee in half."

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Throne Room

The throne room became awfully warm with all of the bodies crowded into it. Everyone was watching the closed doors wondering when the guest of honor would appear.

Outside of the doors Ulath was instructing Clayton how to hold his shield and sword. "No, you put hold your shield with both hands and the sword lays on top of it.  You must walk and balance the sword upon the shield. Do not let that sword slide off of the shield.  You will walk to the playing of trumpets in a stately manner to the front of the dias, then you place the shield and sword down upon the dias.

"The King then arises, tells those who are there your exploits and why you are being knighted. Then he will take your sword, ask you to kneel and as you repeat after him the oath of fealty to the King, people and lands of the Vardynn province he will touch your shoulders with the tip of your blade, first on the right, then the left, then the right once more.  He will then ask you to rise, when you do Commander Scar and the other knight, whose name escapes me at the moment, will then come forward with your spurs. Each one will buckle one upon your feet.

"Then the King will pin upon your chest the Order of Voldar. It is a medal about the size of a good sized stone. It has the emblem and colors of Voldar upon it. It is a very rare and special medal and it is required you wear it anytime you have to wear your "Knightly clothes" things like special occasions and other ceremonies.  You will come to know them and have your clothes made for you in time."

Then the King asks you to turn around and you are greeted with applause as you are now fully initiated and knighted.  After that you turn to the King and he gives you your first order as a knight.  Do you have all of that?" Ulath asked Clayton.

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Clayton nodded yes. "Yes I have it all. Lets get on with this, this shield is heavy."

Ulath shook his head wondering what was the King thinking; knighting a man such as this and even more giving him the Order of Voldar! What did this man do to receive such an honor? Ulath grumbled under his breath, "Ours is not to question why, but to do and die."  He grasped both handles of the Throne room door and majestically threw them open.

As soon as the lead trumpeter saw the doors open he began to play a stately tune, then one after another the other trumpeters followed until the whole chorus of twenty one trumpeters were playing the tune.

Ulath gave Clayton a gentle shove forward, which almost made Clayton loose his grip on the shield and the sword slid around on the shields face.  Clayton, red faced, with exertion as he tried to keep his sword on the shield walked stiff legged down the main walkway. Ulath grimmacing and walking behind him, whispered, "Stately, you oaf, not like a wooden puppet!"

Clayton recovered and his walk became better as he neared the dias.

Voltigar rose as did Damien and the other knight.  The audience turned their heads and watched Clayton come down the walkway. Clayton kept most of his vision on his sword but from the corner's of his eyes he could see many nobles staring at him and their stares were not friendly; even from the man he knew as Count Run'ior, whom he thought was sympethitic to at least his ideas of the "old" ways.  A part of his brain wondered why, but when he saw Voltigar rise his ego pushed the thought out his mind.

Lance turned as did Baron Thorigor and even Iris and Cadence turned their heads toward him.

Clayton's skin almost glowed with extreme pride and he beamed a wide smile.

Voltigar walked forward until he came to end of dias facing Clayton.

"Kneel you fool," Clayton heard Ulath whisper behind him.

Clayton knelt and then Voltigar began to speak.

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When first a single trumpet sound, followed by others, peeled through the air, a hush of expectancy landed over the crowd. Lance turned his eyes to that crowd first, assessing the mood. It seemed to him that most of the nobles of this city showed some degree of animosity towards this man. He was not entirely familiar with the knighting procedures of this particular town, but usually you needed to have done some feat. He also gathered that Knight of the Order of Voldar was about as high an honour as a knight could receive. As he watched the faces of the nobles, there seemed to be a universal feeling of superiority, as if he had NOT done such a feat. Lance might be misreading it, though he thought not. He amused himself in his spare time by studying people and emotions, though he was careful not to let people know this.

The faces of the townspeople were mostly a study in impassiveness. They looked, but that was all. If they had a feeling about this, they kept it to themselves. This man was about to become a knight, so it wouldn't hurt to keep on his good side. Still, there were a number of people with some (guarded) expressions of jealousy written on their faces. Nobody had known this man, and he'd managed to reach knighthood, so why couldn't they?

As the man approached the dias, Lance turned to look at him. He felt ready to wring that smug expression off of his face. The closer he got to the dais, the higher his ego seemed to rise - and expand proportionately. He managed to look as though he thought he was on equal footing with the king himself. A knight's first obligation was to his lord, as Lance had cause to know. He was, after all, a knight himself. The man, who was now standing in front of the dias, didn't seem to grasp this concept entirely, though. He even had to be reminded by his attendant to kneel. How much fuller could a man be of himself? Lance was disgusted. Above all, he was desperate that Cadence, who was sitting two seats away from him - Iris and his lord sitting between them - would be married to him, and he really wanted to find a way to prevent it. For now, however, he could not but follow the proceedings. He turned his attention to Voltigar, who was about to speak.

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Jake was glad for the warmth as he stood inside the Palace foyer waiting for one of the guards to find Tanari, the owner of the drake in their stables.  He could hear the distant sound of trumpets and then remembered that someone was to be knighted.  Jake knew he would never be a knight, but he could be an armourer, which is what he wanted to be all his life. He just needed to find one who would take him on as an apprentice; in the meantime he kept himself and his mother fed and clothed by watching the garrison stables.  He wondered how much help he would get when it came to fixing the damage that the drake had done and if the owner of that drake had the money to pay for it?


The Library

The guard knocked on the library's door and then entered. He saw only one person, curled up like a cat in a chair reading some scrolls. He assumed this was Tanari as she was the only female in the Kings library and that was where he was told he would find her.  He envied that person, as he could hardly read or write. "M'lady, it seems that your," how should he put it? he thought briefly, "Your ride has caused some disturbance at the garrison stables and your presence is requested. A young man will take you to the stables, but I recommend you find more suitable clothes as a blizzard has blown up and swallowed the city."

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Tanari looked up when the guardsman came in and began talking about her "ride". Her "ride"...?

She went suddenly pale. Talon?! Oh no...She stood shakily, laying her reading aside.
"I recommend you find more suitable clothes as a blizzard has blown up and swallowed the city."
She shook her head. " clothing is at Arth's." She frowned. "I...umm, please, can you get a message to Commander Scar when he is free? Tell him I had to leave, I am terribly sorry. It's not urgent or anything, I just want to make sure he understands..." She trailed off and allowed herself to be led to the foyer.

"I'll be fine" she insisted, referring to the weather, placing her hands under her arms. She turned her face away from Jake and whispered "Aía fér" - the formula was not really needed, but the news had shaken her a little, and she wanted to be sure. A warmth began to blossom under the skin of her arms after several long blinks, and then she nodded confidently. "Take me to Arth's first - I'll get my cloak and we'll go from there."

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Jake looked at her dubiously. She was hardly dressed to go out in this storm. He took off his heavy outer cloak and handed it to her. "Here, I still have my uniform and inner cloak to keep me warm enough. And acutally we are closer to the garrison and the stables than trekking all the back to Arth's. Your ride has really caused much commotion and damage. We really need to get to the stables before my Sgt. orders your ride to be killed.  As it is all of our horses are out in this storm and good portion of the stables are going to need a lot of work to be able to be used again. So can we go?" Jake askied.

The guard that was guarding the door nodded, "Yes miss, I will get your message to the Commander. I recommend that you follow this lad as quickly as you can."


Throne Room

Voltigar spoke with an unemotional, detached voice, not bearing to look down at Iris, but keeping his eyes focused straight ahead. After the short speech he looked down at Clayton.

He knelt and took up Clayton's sword, "Repeat after me," he intoned.

"I, state your name, promise my fealty, my honor, and sword to the King of Voldar and its people and lands even to the point of my death," Voltigar gently laid the tip of the sword upon Clayton's right shoulder. A quick thought ran through his mind, that he could just cut off the man's head right now and be done with this charade, and at least Cadence would not have to marry the bastard! Even if he was going to lose Iris, at least Cadence would not be lost to such a man as this; but he stayed his arm and waited for Clayton to repeat the oath.

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Cherri had been roaming around the palace, taking note of the King's herbal gardens and the variety of herbs that were available there, when a busy looking servant spotted her.  The servant rushed over and informed her that there would be no wedding, but a knighting in its place.  Cherri had been studying the sky watching as the approaching storm seemed to be ready to explode.  She nodded to the servant and followed them quickly inside as big fat cold rain drops began to splatter to the ground.  Shaking the water from her dress, Cherri was shown her room where she promptly readied herself.  She changed her dress into the clean one that was layed out for her and ran a comb through her hair until it glistened.  Washing her face and dabbing on a few drops of the sweet sip essence she carried she looked herself over in the mirror.  She was as good as she was going to get.  With her long silvery hair hanging loosely down her back, Cherri doned her jeweled headpiece, which she used to hold her hair from her face.  Usually she did not wear her jewelry as it was not wise when traveling, but now she replaced her golden necklace.  She admired it in the mirror for a moment thinking how beautiful it was.  It looked so delicate, yet was strong and sturdy.  The multi colored stones that were encrusted throughout the sheerness of the necklace glittered in an array of colors when the light refracted.  Cherri studied her golden headpiece and smiled as the purple gem stones that flanked the dark blue center one glittered like her eyes.  They were the same shade as her violet eyes and seemed to trap the light making it sparkle and glitter all the more.

Satisfied with her appearance, Cherri stepped into the hall.  There was a servant there waiting for her.  She was shown to the Throne Room.  The place was full of chattering people and Cherri took a seat in the rear.  Several people who were close to her stopped their conversations and openly stared at her.  They looked at her with curious eyes.  Cherri wondered if it was because she was an elfess or whether it was because she had participated in the tournament.  Straighting to her full height, Cherri returned their stares.  Humans always seemed curious of other races.  When they saw that she would not relent under their eyes, they slowly one by one turned their eyes away from her and back to their conversations.

Cherri scanned the dais and found the King.  He was dressed in ceremonial garb.  She could see his features as if she were sitting in the front row.  He was very upset about something, his eyes appeared hollow.  This was not the King that she had come to know in the short period of time she had been in Voldar.  He was usually so full of life.  She thought back to what she had learned about human knighting and remembered that usually it was a joyous event.  Keen ears pricking at a nearby conversation Cherri kept her eyes forward.  She tried not to listen in on the men's conversation.  It was quiet and low.  Most would not have heard it, but her elven hearing like her sight was much better than most other races.

"Tis not right, I say.  Knight a traitor?!"  the other man quickly looked about to see if anyone had overheard his friend.  "The man is a spy not a traitor and the King already told us the purpose.  If this is the only way to get one up on Nyer, why shouldn't he proceed?"  the first man snorted in disgust.  "Voldar had never lost a war to Nyer!  I don't see the point!"  The two men fell into a strained silence as they looked at one another in an unspoken communication.  Apparently they agreed this was not the place to discuss the matter.

Suddenly room fell to a hushed silence and the blaring of trumpets reverberated off the walls amplifying the sound.  Cherri grimaced at the noise, but became accustomed to it quickly.  Then she saw the man who had openly devoured her with his eyes and then seemed ready to spit on her when she was allowed to participate in the tournament.  Cherri looked quickly from the man to the King.  This wasn't right.  The whole thing was wrong.  Cherri sat quietly in her confusion as she sorted through what she had been taught about human customs and the new information she had overheard.

Iris sat pensively beside her betrothed and her father.  She wanted to scream and to run to the dais and beg Voltigar to do something.  Her hands began to tremble at her want that she attempted to hide them in her dress.  Her face remained just as it had been, polite and devoid of all emotion.  Her insides felts as if they had gone through the grinder that the cook used for the meat.  She felt she could vomit at any moment.  Daring a look at Voltigar, Iris immediately wished she hadn't.  Her eyes seemed to to no longer be at her command.  They drank in Voltigar like a dying man in the desert would water.  He was still so handsome even tho his own eyes avoided her and mirrored her own pain. 

Cadence watched Lance and Iris from the corner of her eye.  Then her father was making conversation with her.  She nodded at the appropriate times, but her attention was on that of the King.  Again Cadence felt her heart ache for him and her sister.  They loved each other so.  Anyone could see.  Suddenly a thought came to Cadence and in the pause of her father she asked quietly, only for him to hear.  Her voice was wistful and full of pure innocent curiosity.  "Father, if things had been different all the circumstances favorable, would you have wed our mother?  If she had been of proper station and you two had met before you were married, would you have wed her when you realized you loved her and you must have loved her dearly for that love is still mirrored in your eyes when you speak of her."

The Barron was caught off guard by his youngest daughter's openly asked question.  For a moment he was angered for her audacity to ask such a thing, but the look of pure innocence on her face quelched his anger.  He thought for a moment and concluded that most children, who were in the same circumstance, wondered that question at one point in time but were never given the opportunity to ask it openly.  The Barron opened his mouth to speak when the room was suddenly hushed and the blare of the trumpets sounded.  All eyes turned toward the man who was to be knighted.

A cold chill ran up Cadence's spine and she shivered noticeably.  Her father tightened his grip on her hand in a reassuring squeeze.  He was not sure why he did such a thing, but felt it the right thing to do.

Repulsion rippled across Cadence's face.  When Iris took in the sight of the pompous, ignorant bastard of a man, she thought surely her eyes were going to pierce his body.  She felt Lance shift beside her and wondered if he was comfortable with the situation or if he some how could sense the anomisty towards Clayton.

Clayton bit back the retort he was about to say when the oaf of a man told him to kneel.  Knowing when to keep his mouth shut Clayton went about his duties repeating diligently what the King had instructed.

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Tanari followed Jake out of the palace after shrugging on his cloak. Her heart sank when she heard of all the damage Talon had done.

What am I going to do? They'll probably have me arrested! What am I going to do...? The woeful thoughts continued to plague her all the way to the stables.

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As Clayton repeated the oath Voltigar mechanically touched the mans shoulders with the tip of the sword and ended at the same time Clayton ended his fealty speech.  "Rise Sir Clayton and receive your spurs."

Clayton rose and Damien and the other old knight came forward with a spur in each hand. The spur was made of pure gold with a pure silver starred wheel attached to it.  Damien knelt down and strapped the spur to Clayton's left ankle and the other knight did the same to Clayton's right ankle.  When they were finished they stood up side by side by the King.

Voltigar took a small black velvet box out of his robes, opened it up, took out the medal and pinned it upon Clayton's left breast. "This medal is the Order of Voldar. Wear it proudly! Do not dishonor it, for in doing so you will lose the lands and title which will be given you. Your name will be stricken forever from the books of heraldry and then you will lose your head."

Voltigar paused as waited for that statement to sink in Clayton's brain then he continued, "Now please turn around?" He asked.

Clayton turned around and the Nobles, raising slowly began to clap. "I present to you Sir Clayton."Voltigar intoned

Clayton caught Cadence's and Iris's eyes and gave them the look of triumph. .  After a suitable amount of time for the Nobles to acknowledge the newest knight Voltigar said, "Sir Clayton, please turn around."

Clayton turned around, his face was beaming, his smile wide, he stood straight and tall. "Sir Clayton I bestow upon you twenty acres of land upon the Peninsula of Parasonsi. Your first assignment will be to be my bodyguard. You will be by my side and be at my whim for no longer than a period of one year beginning today," Voltigar said, smiling for the first time since the ceremony began, but even that smile did not last long as he finally glanced over and looked at Iris.

He had done it! He and Damien had found a way to keep Clayton close to them so that they could keep an eye on him and perhaps find others who may have been sent and were working with him, but more importantly in Voltigar's eye, was that he saved Cadence. As long as Clayton was his bodyguard he could not marry Cadence.  Iris was another matter that he did not care to think about, for if he did, he would go mad."

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Clayton was biligerent in his easily won triumpth until the weight of Voltigar's words penetrated his thick skull leaving his emotions somewhere between surprise and smug satisfaction which made him appear as a slack witted individual grinning stupidly.

Clayton's features became dark and stormy as the position, that most other's would have reveled in, and the duties of such position sunk into Clayton's mind.  He would be bound to Voligar, be by his side day and night.  He glared between his new liege and Commander Scar.  His teeth clamped tightly together he ground out in a voice filled with hatred and contempt, "As you wish my lord."  Clayton bowed low before the King before turning a smiling face to the crowd.  Immediately his eyes caught Cadence's form.  She was for the moment out of his grasp...'But only for the moment', Clayton thought darkly to himself.

As the King presented Clayton to the crowd Iris waited with bated breath to see exactly what Voltigar had been planning.  When the King announced Clayton would become his body guard, Iris's sharp intake of breath was only noticed by her betrothed as Cadence was occupying their father's attention.  Iris's mind was working overtime until she came to the most logical reason why the King would have the man kept close to him.  He would not be able to wed Cadence.  She was free from him.  Iris quickly looked to her sister to see if the news had penetrated her mind yet.

Cadence was on pins and needles waiting to hear what position the King would bestow upon Clayton.  She trusted and loved her King, but she also knew there was only so much one man could do.  When Clayton's position as the King's personal body guard was revealed Cadence was immediately confused.  She almost spoke out loud what she was thinking. 'What?!  Why?!"  Instead in a confused voice she asked her father, "Father what does this position mean?  I know he is to stay with the King..."  Cadence didn't know whether or not to be scared or releaved at first.

The Barron took a moment before he answered his daughter's question.  He was confused by why the King would make this man who was to wed his youngest daughter his personal body guard, which would make him illegible for marriage for at least a year.  Something was not right about it...about the whole thing.  The Barron silently mulled the thought in his head and began to actually take note of the people around him.  Most of the other Nobility did not share the same sign of confusion only a look of uncontinment.  As if they were not pleased by this knighting.  The Barron realized he did not know for what deed this man had been knighted, didn't know anything about the man in fact.  He thought the King capable enough to discern a man for his daughter but began to have his doubts.  He would ask Lance to check into this for him.  Gather information about this man.  If he was a good match then he would have Cadence wait the year and not allow her to be courted, which would be hard since she was so young and beautiful.  But if the man was to be found unsuitable, then he would marry Cadence off to another relative and reinforce his blood line. 

Turning to Cadence his eyes in turmoil he decided that the second question she asks was more easily answered than her first.  The Barron leaned in close to her his voice held just a hint of disappoint for he knew his daughter would be upset to learn her own wedding would have to wait a year.  "It means that he is not able to marry for at least a year, my dear.  Your betrothal will be postponed for the time being." 

Cadence's eyes became wide when her father finally answered her.  She turned to stare at Iris who was already looking to see if she understood what the King had done for her.  Cadence couldn't help the tears and smile that the news brought to her features.  Her face lost its pinched and stressed look.  She felt liberated and free and her face glowed for it.  Cadence's smile broadened and she wanted to stand and shout her joy.  She wanted to run to King and throw her arms around him thanking him profusely. 

Iris heard Cadence ask a question softly and after a moment their father deined to answer her.  Iris had hoped that Cadence would hide the fact of what this news meant, but knew the moment Cadence looked at her that she would not be able to restrain herself.  Iris saw Cadence for the first time as a young woman, instead of a child, and realized just how beautiful she was and how much of a toll the who deal with Clayton had taken on her.  Iris returned her smile, briefly, before returning her eyes to her love and whatever happiness she felt was fleeting.  Her love would be in more danger now than ever before. 

Cadence saw Iris's features fall as she returned her eyes back to Voltigar and it finally dawned upon Cadence what a sacrifice the King had made for her.  He would have this man at his side night and day.  A man that wanted him dead.  He was not only risking a life with Iris, but his own life as well.  The thought suddenly sobered Cadence.  Then with a hard won determination she made an unspoken vow to the man who had freed her from the hateful looking man who was at this very moment, assaulting her his his eyes and mind.  Cadence would do whatever possible for Voltigar so that he could be happy with Iris.  Cadence looked past Clayton to the King and then found Commander Scar's face.  She needed an ally and right now he was it.

The Barron was shocked by how his youngest daughter responded and he wondered briefly if she had taken leave of her senses.  That was until he saw the look her supposed betrothed was opening giving her.  The Barron could feel the hatred radiating from the new Knight and wondered it he had ever seen such hatred from another in his lifetime.  No matter how the Barron felt about the King, he had to protect his daughters for they were his only salvation.  And what is Iris was found to be barron.  It happened to some women for whatever reason.  Suddenly feeling overwhelmed, the Barron went into a coughing fit.  He needed to speak to Lance without the meddling of his daughters.  Wheezing the Barron looked to Lance, "I have need of your strength, my son.  I am afraid my daughters are too fragile for the task.  We must excuse ourselves."  The Barron went into another coughing fit, this one more violent than the previous.  If he wasn't careful he really would go into a coughing fit that would end with him barely able to breath and spitting up blood.

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Bodyguard? A little weasel like this Clayton character would become a king's bodyguard? Somehow Lance was convinced that Voltigar would be in greater danger with the guy next to him night and day then when he sent him far away. Then again, there was some wisdom in the choice as well. It was better to keep enemies as close as possible, rather than away where they could plan mischief. He remembered an old saying: Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer. This was certainly one way of doing that. The implications concerning Cadence were also not lost upon him, and apparently not on his intended bride either. The intake of breath that he heard next to him clearly told him that she had seen and understood everything in the few moments after Voltigar had said it. She was a smart one, this Iris.

The turmoil of Cadence's thoughts was clear on her face. Lance longed to put his arms around her. Somewhere, he felt glad for her reaction. It could not have been made clearer how she felt about not being able to marry this man, no matter how she had felt when she'd said yes to him. Not that it gave him much hope for himself, though. Perhaps she did not want to marry at all, now, and he still had an intended bride sitting next to him. He'd have to convince his Lord to let her marry the King somehow. She deserved no less. Even if Cadence should not want to marry him, though perhaps she could be wooed, despite his own appearance. He was conscious of the fact that he was not a pretty boy. He never had been, really, and the years had not been so kind as on some. He was a soldier, and he looked the part. Briefly, he touched the black patch covering his one eye, or what was left of it. He'd never before thought of his looks, but then he'd never before thought about wooing a woman as fine as Cadence. Maybe, just maybe he could persuade her to look behind the patch and the hare-lip to the real him.

When the Baron started coughing and applied to him for his strength, Lance jumped up without a second thought. Excusing himself to Iris, he passed her to support his Lord and lead him down from the dais and towards a small door nearby, that was probably mostly used by servants. The Baron leaned on his arm - perhaps a trifle more than he usually did when he had coughing fits. Did he really have more trouble now than usual, or was he acting for the benefit of others? Lance didn't know, but he would let his Lord speak first - whether it was to instruct him to get something to relieve the coughing, or for something else.

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The Barron smiled inwardly at the speed at which Lance was at his side.  He could not have chosen a better Knight and man to wed his daughter.  He was a fine man, tho his disfigurement was not lost upon anyone, the Barron knew the man had a good heart and knew he could rest at ease about one daughter's marriage. 

Once they cleared the door, the Barron looked around inconspiciously to make sure none were about.  "Let us find a sitting room so I may rest for a moment."  The Barron pointed to a room slight ways down the hall.  A servant passed by paying the Barron and his knight no more attention than was necessary for no disrespect to be made.

Once inside the room the Barron no longer leaned upon Lance's arm as heavily and instructed that the door be closed.  Once that was done the Barron settled into a chair and motioned for Lance to take the seat next to him.

"Lance, I have a matter I want your personal attention to.  While Cadence's reaction confuses me, most of the things a woman does has over the years, it does not change the fact that this man Clayton may wish to still wed Cadence after his mandatory of one year sevice has concluded.  I know nothing about this man and I do not trust the King's judgment, about this matter.  I did not care for the way that the man was staring at my daughter, honestly.  Keep an eye on her and Iris as well and make sure no harm comes to them.  You are my most trusted knight now and my future is in your capable hands now.  Also, I want you to gather information as discretely as possible about this Clayton fellow.  When need be, I can have a couple of the other knights look after Iris and Cadence's well fare." 

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Voltigar watched out of the corner of his eye the Baron and Lance leave the throne room. It seemed to have been the start of an exodus as others also began leaving, suddenly a guard came into the Throne room.

"Sire, there is a blizzard raging outside."

Moans and groans went all the way up to the rafters. "M'lord and M'ladies, the Palace is large enough to accomadate you all.  Please stay here until my servants come and get you and take you to your rooms. We will go by rank." Voltigar said.

Voltigar looked at Clayton. "Sir Clayton please come up on the dias and sit by my side. I am sure there are questions you wish to ask me, now is the time to do so as I do not plan on leaving this room until all of my guests are taken care of."

Damien bent over and whispered into Voltigar's ear. Voltigar nodded and Damien left.

Damien was stopped by a guard as he headed for the library. "Commander, Miss Tanari had to go to the stables; something about her ride causing problems there."

Damien frowned and then his face lit up. her drake!! he thought.  He thanked the guard and rushed to get his heavy cloak and then left the palace heading for the stables.

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The servants finally had escorted all of the guests to their rooms, all except Baron Thorigor, Iris, Cadence and the Baron's knights.  Voltigar who had sat down, staring straight ahead as those proceedings went ahead finally turned his attention to Iris, Cadence and the rest of the Baron's knights. "Baroness's Thorigor I do not know what has happened to your father, but I think it wise if you should go and find out.  If he is unwell, perhaps I should call a healer for him, if he is over his fit, then you should tell him that everyone is gone and that the servants are awaiting his presence so that they can escort him, and his knights to their rooms for the night."

Clayton had to stand next to Voltigar. He could not disguise the contempt he had for Voltigar nor for Iris and Cadence being called a Baroness.  That made Cadence, though a woman, of much higher rank than he and he had no control over any of it.  His quick mind, though not quick enough, finally realized what Voltigar had done to him and he vowed someday that Voltigar and Commander Scar, for he was sure that man had something to with this, will pay and pay well as Cadence and iris.

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Lance nodded his hand in agreement as his lord spoke. "If I am not mistaken, this Clayton man doth indeed mean ill to thy daughter, mayhap even both of them, my Lord. I shall do my utmost to find in which way. If I may be so bold, however, my Lord, I could mayhap shed some light on the confusing reaction of thy youngest daughter. She is yet young of years, and hath been swayed by this knave into marrying him. Being of an astute mind, however, she hath since seen through his guise, thus regretting her troth to him. I may be wrong in this, but hath it come to pass thus, it doth explain the range of emotions visible in her whilst the King gaveth the assignment to Clayton.
I will do that, which thou hast commanded of me: protect thy daughters and seek information about the new knight."

He came no further in his rather elaborate speech, as the door started to open. There was no time to try and talk to him about letting Iris marry the King. There would be time for that later, though, and he now had the opportunity to speak more both with his future wife and her sister. Perhaps there would be a chance to gauge Cadence's reaction if he should propose to her. Well, propose might not be the best word, as he was now already betrothed, but she might still be persuaded to think favourably of a marriage with him, if he could convince her to look past the patch and the lip.

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Baron Thorigar could only nod his head before Iris pushed open the door.  She knew instictually that Lance and her father had been discussing something but was not sure what.  There was an air to room and Iris lingered in the door a moment longer than she anticipated causing Cadence to bump into her back.  Iris had seen the coldness in the King and when he had suggested that they check upon their father she had quickly gathered her skirts and swept out of the room, her head held high and her heart breaking.  A single tear had rolled down her face and she hurridly swiped in away with a brush of her hand upon her cheek as if a bothersome bug had landed there.

She had heard Lance's voice from the hallway, though it was distorted by the walls, and had quickly found the room.

Stepping further Iris had to catch herself before she curtsied to her father.  Was that appropriate, should she have knocked?  She had no idea what the protocol was for being a barroness.  Inclining her head to her father and then to Lance she came to stand on one side of the Barron while Cadence keeping her eyes, which seemed to develop a mind of their own suddenly, tried to keep from looking directly at her sister's betrothed.  She wanted to know more about him, but knew that it would appear inappropriate.  Cadence took to the other side of Barron.

"Are you well father?  The King has asked that we advise you that the room has been cleared and that there are servants waiting to escort you and your men to your rooms.  Also, he has suggested that if you need his healer all you have to is send for him." 

Iris went through the motions of being a dutiful daughter while Cadence stood, holding the old man's hand.

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Lance looked at the Baron with a knowing look in his one good eye, but it was the old man himself who answered. "No, I think not that a healer shall be a necessity. I thank thee, daughters mine, for thine concern, but a spell of sleep shall do more good than herbs and salves. Lance, my faithful knight, pray escort the Baronesses to their rooms. I shall find my own way back to the Hall."

He left the small room, leaving Lance, his intended bride and her sister looking at each other. He moved inbetween them and offered them both an arm, Iris on his right side and Cadence on his left. It was his left side that tintled all the way from his toes to the tip of his head, as soon as the girl laid her hand on his arm. "My ladies, though I escort thee with greatest pleasure, I do fear me that the leading shall be thine part, for I do not know the way."

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Cadence and Iris stepped forward and laid their hands upon Lance's offered arms.  Cadence felt almost as if lightning had struck her as she laid her hand upon Lance's arm.  A small blush crept up from her chest and she glanced to her sister to see if she had had the same reaction.  Iris as it seemed was no different as she had been before.  Cadence chanced a brief glance at Lance to see if he had felt the current that seemed to run through Cadence's entire being.  She had never felt that way when Clayton had touched her. 

Cadence watched Lance's face, fondness evident in her expression, when he had admitted that he needed to be led himself to their quarters.

Iris nodded her head reluctantly not saying a word.  Cadence on the other hand seemed to brighten at the prospect of being able to put the knight at ease.

"Of course, Sir Knight.  It is this way.  These halls can be ever so tricky if you are not familiar with them and sometimes even when you are."   Cadence was not sure of the proper way to address her soon to be brother-in-law and fell into the old habit that she had used before.  Being a Baroness had not changed much for her in her own mind only that now she could know her father and that he would probably arrange a marriage for her himself.  If her father chose a knight like Lance...Cadence's thoughts lingered there for a moment as she had set the party in motion towards the room her and her sister shared. 

Making several twists and turns slowly the party made their way through the halls of the castle.  Iris seemed to be anxious to reach the comfort of their room and her pace was a few steps faster than the one Cadence tried to set which was a slow leisurely pace.  Cadence knew that her sister had forfeited her own happiness so that Cadence would not have to marry Clayton, but at the same time Cadence wanted desperately to spend time with Lance.  There was something about the way her carried himself that made her feel so secure and safe.  Cadence allowed her eyes to roam over Lance's profile.  She was not blind to his imperfections, but perhaps some had them on the outside and not on the inside like Clayton.  Clayton was handsome but he was a vile man on the inside.  Perhaps Lance was just the opposite.  Most would consider him vile to look at, but the more Cadence looked at his features the less she saw the imperfections.  Her fingers twitched as she thought about tracing the outline of his strong jaw.  Cadence knew she should not have such thoughts about her future brother-in-law,  but she just couldn't help it.  Her pulse quickened at the thought of Lance touching her hair softly or her face. 

Before Cadence could allow her imagination to venture any further the trio were standing at their door.  Cadence reached out to open it, but Iris was much quicker.  With a monotone voice Iris turned to face Lance and said, "Thank you for the escort to our room, but I wish to lie down for a while.  I may not see you until the morrow."  and with that Iris turned and fled into the depths of the darkened room.

Cadence moved reluctantly allowing a small sigh to escape from between her lush lips.  "I apologize for my sister's behavior.  This has been a very day for her, indeed."

Cadence glanced into the depths of the room to make sure Iris had gone into another compartment of the room and was out of hearing range.

Taking a step closer to Lance so that she was near enough to smell his mascline scent, Cadence lowered her voice and her eyes searched the corridors around them for signs of any eavedroppers, "I know this is not a proper request and please do not think badly of me, but I need to talk with you privately about a matter of great importance.  If you shall agree, please come by before breakfast in the morning.  I shall show you the grounds as my sister will be ill and unable to do so."

Cadence faltered in her step backwards.  She could feel Lance's heat and she uncontrollably yearned to stay close to him.

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Lance's lips curved into a smile, which would have been sweet, had not his hare-lip turned it so grim. The real sweetness of his smile lay in his one brown eye, although most people didn't care to look into it. "I shall be honoured, my lady, to be shown the grounds by you. I hope this storm will have let up by then." Before she completely disappeared into the room, he took her dainty little hand in his own and, bowing down, pressed a light kiss on it. He hoped with all his heart that she wouldn't revolt from the touch of his lip. What he most wanted to do now was to take her hand and press it against his cheeck, but with an iron will he only righted himself and let her hand go. "Untill tomorrow, lady."

With that, he strode down the hall, a soldier in all his bearing. Two lines of thought warred inside his head, though they were related to each other. One had to do with his own betrothed, and how he would get the baron to let her marry the king, the other concerned the betrothed of the woman he was falling in love with, and how he might learn as much of him as possible. He didn't pay much attention to his surroundings, other than what he instinctively followed - the positions of other people that he passed, among other things. Somehow he found himself in front of the large palace kitchen. It was as good a place to start as any - servants knew more than anyone, and most servants ended up in the kitchen for one errand or another. He went in and, immediately identifying the head cook, went over to her and asked: "Hello, mistress. I was wondering if you could spare a pot of ale for a thirsty soldier?"

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When Naya woke up, she noticed that she had tears in her eyes. She didn't remember her dream, only that it was sad, so sad. Her heart seemed to wrench inside her chest. She slowly got up out of bed and walked to the window, which looked out on the palace. It was early morning yet, the sun had only just peaked over the horizon. It lightly kissed her tanned limbs and naked skin. She put her right hand over her left breast, where her heart was beating, but the wrenching feeling did not go away. Naya bowed her head, let the tears that had been standing in her eyes fall down. She turned away from the window and slowly got dressed, her short skirt and top not nearly enough to keep out the morning cold. She shivered.

She sank down on the ground beside the wolf, who had been sleeping as well but woke up when she started moving. He was now sitting on his haunches, looking at her intelligently. There seemed to be pity in his golden eyes, as if he understood why she felt the way she did. She buried first her hands, and then her tear-stained face in his soft fur. He didn't usually allow people to stroke him, but this was not stroking. This was a cry for comfort. He sat still, being hugged by the small woman who he had come to see as his leader. He gave her arm, which was closest to his face, a few licks. Aroused by the feeling of his warm tongue, Naya sat up again and put up a brave smile.

Of course she knew why her heart was wrenching so, why her dream had been so sad and why the tears had started falling. She was feeling guilty. It was the second day now after the events at the Tournament, when her wish to enter a sword-fighting competition had resulted in the death of a brave young man, who should have had his whole life in front of him. Oh, the guilt would abate in time, as every other hurt did. Didn't they say that time heals all wounds? But she would need more time than two days, much more. Nevertheless, she forced a smile on her lips, though her eyes showed the opposite feeling; they showed her heart. She refused to let the world see how this feeling bore her down. She was proud; she was Eyelian. Her guardian spirit was the Wolf, who was also a proud animal. The world would not see them weak now; it never would. With the smile still in its place, Naya opened the door of her room and in purposeful strides walked to the Dining hall, where she now knew breakfast would be served.

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Nana the head cook

Nana brushed back from her face a lock of her gray hair as opened the clay oven and pulled out another large pan of baked loaves of dark bread, placed them on a cooling rack and then replaced them with unbaked ones and put them in the oven. She had risen way before the sun and began her duities. She was short two experienced kitchen helpers; Iris and Cadence. Her spine creaked as she stood up and looked around. The two girls who had taken Iris and Cadence's place were inexperienced and dreadfully lazy.

Rose and Verna were sitting around a huge wooden tub, a tower of potato's was on one side. The girls were laughing and whispering to one another as they peeled the potato's and placed some of the peeled ones in a large pot of boiling water and others on a pan to be baked in another clay oven.

Rose had sandy-blonde hair that fell almost to the top of her hips. It was tied back into a long pony tail.  Her large round blue eyes twinkled mischieviously, a round face, with small features and an infectious and quite loud laugh. She wore the standard drab brown dress of a maidservant.

Verna was quite the opposite. She had short dark purplish black hair that barely reached her shoulders, small beady black eyes, an oblong face with a nose that seemed to large for her face and eyes, and a sour disposition. The only time she seemed to laugh or smile was when she was around Rose.

"Rose, Verna! You two should be done with those potatoes by now! Iris and Cadence would have had those potato's done long ago and would have been setting up the table in the great hall.

Verna grumbled under her breath. "Iris and Cadence. Iris and Cadence did this and did that. Is that all you can talk about you old nag?"

Rose looked at Verna in horror. "Shush Verna!" She whispered, "she will hear you."

Nana strode heavily over to where the two girls were. "I heard that Verna." She sighed, "I guess I will have to split you two up. Verna you stay here and Rose you will come with me. Verna I expect those potato's to be finished by the time we return."  She turned her back on Verna and her and Rose went to another part of the huge kitchen.

Verna glared at Nana's back as she hefted the knife in her hand. "One day, you old hag, one day." She continued with her work. Soon another younger girl plopped down besides her and began to help her. "Nana sent me to help you. I am Heather," she said.

Verna glared at the young girl, she resented that Nana thought she could not do the job, but then as she glanced at the tower of potato's was a bit thankful. "Verna," was all she sad in reply.

Nana took Rose out into the Dining Hall. Rose had never been in the hall and was mesmerized by the huge chandielers that hung from the ceiling and all of the golden candleabra's that were placed on a white silk covered table cloth that seemed to stretch for ever as the table was almost as long as the room. Many servants were placlng plates, cups and silverware upon the table by each gleaming dark wooden chair, others were throwing logs on the three large ebony stoned fireplaces set in alcoves along the walls.

"Chester, come here," Nana ordered.

A tall, skinny gray haired man walked elegantly over to Nana. "Yes ma'am. What can I do for you?" He asked pleasantly.

"This is Rose. I want you to put her on your staff. Teach her how to serve the King and his guests."

Chester looked down at Rose. "Yes, ma'am. I shall endeavor to turn this waif into a civilized person."

Nana nodded, "Then I leave her in your capable hands." She turned to Rose. "Follow and obey all of Chester's instructions or you will find yourself back in the kitchen peeling potato's."

Rose nodded demurely. "Yes, ma'am," she said.

Nana turned and left.

Rose turned and looked expectantly at Chester who was looking at her as if he were looking at a piece of meat he wanted to buy. "Open your mouth," he ordered.

Rose frowned and wondered why, but she did as she was told.

Chester took a cursory look. "Good, at least you have all of your teeth and they seem to be straight." He continued his inspection, walking around her, straightning up her shoulders; talking all the while. "You are expected to follow my orders to the letter. When the King and his guests arrive, you are not to speak to them, unless you are spoken to first and then you keep your conversations short and simple. You are here to serve his Majesty and hs guests, not to be twittering like a bird, as you would with your friends."

He finished his inspection. "You are young, well made, not too heavy in the bosom, which can be distracting. However you must change out of this dreadful dress."

Rose did not know how to feel. She had never had a man, much less anyone speak to her like that and the way he inspectied her, she felt, at first, degraded. Then she saw the praise in his words as well. perhaps if he taught Iris and Cadence this way, I too could become a baroness She giggled at the thought.

"Do you think changing your dress is funny, young lady?" Chester asked.

"No sir," Rose said softly. "I do not have another dress. This is the only one I have."

Chester nodded. "We shall change that."  He looked around until he saw who he was searching for. "Gladys come here," he ordered.

A stout, older lady with brown hair up in a bun that seemed to stretch her face walked quickly from the table to Chester. "Yes sir. What can I do?" She asked.

"I want you to take Rose here and see if she can be fitted for a dress fit for our purposes."

Gladys nodded, took Rose's hand, "Follow me," She said.

Rose nodded and then quickly followed Gladys.

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Voltigar's sleep was restless; broken up with dreams unrealized, love unrequited and morose thoughts of how fate had given him the chance to be with Iris as man and wife and then snatch the prize away, much like you would tease a kitten with feathers on a wand and dangle it over him and then when he thinks he has it, pull it away and laugh at his frustration.

Having Clayton Drake as his personal bodyguard, a man who was a spy, and would probably want to kill him given the chance and opportunity, would also keep a man awake; at least he got her away from Cadence and even Iris; that at least was one good thing that happened.

He rose from his bed and looked where the little brownie Tulpje was sleeping. She had made herself a very comfortable home. He thought, I wonder who sent this little one to Damien to warn us?
He did not want to awaken her to ask and probably she would not be able to understand his question anyway, so he bathed, dressed, and walked out of his room.

He walked past Clayton's room and was surprised when the door opened and Clayton, bathed and dressed met him. "I was waiting for your Majesty."

'How did you know I was awake?" Voltigar asked, as they walked down the hallway.

"I am to know everything. I am your bodyguard, after all." Clayton replied.

"Yes, but how do you know?" Voltigar asked.

"That, your Majesty is my secret."

"You do not keep secrets from me. I am your King," Voltigar replied a bit perturbed.

"If you must know, I bribed the servants to keep an eye on you and then tell me so I can do my duty. Without information, it is hard to one's job. Do you not agree, your Majesty?"

Voltigar eyed Clayton from the side and saw that Clayton's features were mirrorless and that he was staring striaight ahead. He was dressed all in black. Votigar did not know if he wore all black to emualate Damien, or to mock him; either way he supposed, it would be up to Damien to decide, not him.

They entered the Dining Hall. A man with gray hair quickly rushed up to them. "Your Majesty, you are early. Your guests have not arrived yet and the table preperations are not quite finished."

"Never mind, Chester. I will just have a cup of tea and talk with my new bodyguard until the rest of my guests arrive."

"As you wish, your Majesty," Chester said with a slight bow.  He waved Rose over. Rose, who was still a bit mesmerized by the Dining Hall , her new white dress with a black apron tied around it, rushed forward, eager to be of service. Voltigar had his back to her, but Clayton saw her and he approved at what he saw. He stared at her as she came forward.

Rose almost stopped in mid-stride as she noticed the dark haired man staring at her. She had never had a man stare at her the way he was. She felt somehow like she had not clothes on, and it made her blush and very nervous.  When Voltigar turned, she almost died on the spot. His Majesty!

She quickly came forward, and curtsied low and then stood up, her eyes a bit down cast.

"Your Majesty and Sir Clayton this is Rose. She is new here, but she is eager. Rose, his Majesty would like a cup of tea and for you Sir Clayton?" Chester asked.

"Tea will be fine with me as well," Clayton answered.  "I must compliment your Majesty on his taste in maidservants; first Iris and Cadence and now this pretty young thing."

Voltigar did not miss the meaning behind Clayton's seemingly complimentary words. The man had a way with words, he could say one thing and have them mean something entirely different. If one did not have a quick wit about themselves, they would find themselves lost within his words and then when they least expected it, would find out the true meaning, usually with undersirable results.

Voltigar gently lifted Rose's head until he was looking at her eyes. At first she did not want to look at him, but finally she stared at him. Her bright blue eyes were enchanting, but there was intelligence behind those eyes.  He smiled at her. "Welcome Rose. I hope your service will be a happy one. Now go and do your duty."

After Rose left Voltigar sat down, Clayton did the same, then Voltigar turned on Clayton. "Sir Clayton, I thank you for the compliment, but I do not choose my staff. I have others who do so and I expect you to treat all of the staff with respect. Do you understand me?"

"As your Majesty decrees. I shall keep my thoughts to myself so as not to anger his Majesty," Clayton spit out.

"Sir Clayton, you are walking a dangerous line. Keep a civil tongue, and I want to know your thoughts, just not about the staff, especaily the female staff, unless it is information dire to my well being."

"Does your Majesty wish to release me from my service? I shall gladly give up my duties and continue on with my life with the Baroness Cadence."

Voltigar realized that Clayton had figured out he was tricked and was doing everything in his power to tell him that he knew without coming right out and accusing him; which would mean that he would have to prove his accusation and if he could not then he would have to face Damien in combat and Clayton was no fool. He was not going to go that far, but he would push the line, just to see how much he could get away with and to test his patience.

Voltigar gave no reaction. "Your service to me is for one year, then, after that you may pursue whatever you wish. Until that time I expect you to behave like a knight."

"As you wish your Majesty." Clayton replied.

Rose came back and served the tea. The two men then began talking about more civil things, but Voltigar's mind was thinking about Iris and wondering when she, her sister,her father and Iris's intended as well as the rest of his knights, and the rest of his guest would arrive for breakfast.

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Garth woke up in a rather good mood, though he couldn't really say why. He hadn't been able to perform yesterday, but that wasn't too bad, since he'd earned quite enough from the performance in the inn earlier. The show he had seen here had been interesting as well. The man who had been knighted - Mouse hadn't been able to see much more than his back - had been surprised, he thought. And not pleasantly surprised, if Mouse had read his body language rightly. His shoulders had visibly tensed up the moment he heard he'd have to serve the King for a year.

He climbed out of the bed that a servant had shown him the previous night and tried to decide what to wear today. He'd left Pepik in the stables, but brought his pack which usually hung on her back with him to the room. Now he took out his nicest performing suit, and lay it next to his brown and dull travelling attire. Consideringly, he looked at first the one, then the other, then back again. The suit was really meant for performances, not for just wandering around. On the other hand, the travelling clothes, with their patches and rips and faded colour, were really not the right clothes for this environment at all. Well, who could have guessed he'd sleep in a palace tonight! After looking at the two sets of clothes once more, he opted for the performing suit. It was really the best kept of his suits, the yellow and violet shining as if new.

Dressed thus, he stepped out of his room and looked left, and right, through the hallway. Well, he thought. Let's walk left and see where that takes me. It wasn't really a difficult choice, as the right was only a dead end with a window. He glanced through it cursorily, noting that the snow had fallen quite heavily and that there were still a few flakes falling, though less by the minute. Then he did as he'd thought, and walked left. The servant had said something about breakfast being served in the Dinner Hall. This was a good thing, if only he could figure out where the Dinner Hall was. He took a few turns and twists, and walked through many doorways. How big was this castle? The final doorway that Mouse went through led to a big hall where two men were seated by a very long table, deep in conversation.

Mouse stopped dead in his tracks, then coughed once. "Excuse me," he said, looking at the two gentlemen. "Is this the Dining Hall, please?"

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Voltigar turned his head as he heard someone speak. He looked and saw no one at first, and then he spied the little fellow standing by the door. He was dressed in a very bright and colorful costume of gold and violet colors.

Chester was rushing forward, his face aghast.

"Hold Master Chester. This is a guest," Voltigar ordered.

Chester skidded to a stop, looking back and forth at Voltigar and the garish dressed looking little man by the door, at least that is what Chester thought. "Are you sure your Majesty? I...I do not recall seeing that man on the guest list."

He turned to the little man. "What is your name?" he asked.

Voltigar sighed. How long? How long before prejudices finally come to an end? He kept his tongue until the little man would tell Chester his name and then he would invite whoever he was to the table and then quietly and discreetly talk to Chester. It would do no good to berate the man in front of his guests and especially in front of his staff.

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Mouse blushed under the servant's scrutiny. He was used to this kind of reaction to his size, but it was never nice to be so openly confronted with it. "Please sir," he said with a small bow, nervous from all the looks that were directed at him. "My name is Mouse. I... I was not officially invited, but the barkeeper at the inn I was staying said that there was a grand feast here and that everyone was invited, the town's people as well as nobility. And then after the knighting the blizzard was raging, and it was impossible to go back to the inn, so the King had kindly decreed that the people who could not get home would be given a room in the palace, and then the servant who led me to my room said something about breakfast in the Dining Hall..."

He said this to the servant, not realising that one of the gentlemen was indeed the King himself. The knighted man had been with his back to him most of the time, and the King on the dais had been too far away to see much more of him than the colour of his hair, and there were enough people with the same colour.

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"Mouse? Unusual name. I had forgotten about that decree. I shall introduce you to your benfactor, his Majesty." Chester turned, and with a loud voice yelled, "Master Mouse, your Majesty!"

Voltigar winced. "Thank you Chester, but it is a bit early to be speaking so loudly, you may scare the mice," he said as he chuckled.

Chester sniffed. "There are no mice in the Palace," he replied and then stalked off to his other duties.

Voltigar waved invitingly to Mouse. "Welcome Mouse and have a seat. The man to my left here is Sir Clayton. Breakfast should be served soon, but in the meantime will you have a cup of tea and tell me a bit about yourself? I am most curious about the clothes you are wearing?" He asked with a warm kind voice.

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Mouse blushed even more deeply when he realised that the King himself was talking to him. He made another bow - deeper this time- and took a seat opposite the two men. He looked down when the king mentioned his clothes, then up again. "I'm s...sorry if my clothes offended your Majesty." he stuttered. "They're the best ones I have, but they're normally used when I perform." The king's friendly face encouraged him to explain a little more. "I'm an acrobat, you see, Your Majesty. I had come here yesterday to see if I could be allowed to entertain some... some of your guests."

He realised he sounded almost presumptious, or at least he thought he did. His voice died away as he looked at the king. He resulotely ignored the other man. He could feel the disapproval off this person, almost as physical heat. He was rather sensitive when it came to other people's opinion of him, when he wasn't performing. This one was even worse than what Mouse usually met with. He looked down at his hands resting on the table, wishing that other people would arrive, saving him from the scrutiny of a king and a hostile knight.

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Rose came and placed a cup of tea in front of Mouse and placed a platter of fresh fruit, cheeses, and dark bread also on the table.

Voltigar could see that Mouse was nervous and decided to put him at ease. "Ah, some fruit. I always liked grapes," he said as he took a bunch and put them on his plate. He popped one of the grapes into his mouth. "Take something and eat Mouse," he offered and then continued speaking. "Nonsense Mouse, your clothes did not offend me. Did I say they offended me?" He asked Clayton, turning his head toward him.

Clayton looked down at the little fellow, and then back to Voltigar. "No, your Majesty. I do not recall you saying that. Perhaps the little fellow..."

"Mouse," Voltigar corrected him.

"Perhaps Mouse, just thought you said that when you stated you were curious about his clothing," Clayton answered with an edge to his voice. King or no King. He should not have done what he did in front of this...this freak! Why did not his mother, just kill him at birth, and then kill herself. It would have saved the world a bunch of misery and me from having to look at him and have him interrupt us. Clayton thought.

Voltigar turned back to Mouse and Mouse began explaining more. Voltigar sat back, listened, smiled and nodded when Mouse was done explaining. "Ah, I like a good performance. But, please do not be offended if I ask you this. But I thought acrobats were thin and very flexible, you do not look thin or flexible, but sometimes you cannot judge a person from just the outside, can you?  Take for instance Chester there, you would think him to be a bit fastidious, and possibly prudish, but I happen to know better," he leaned closer to Mouse, "I hear he is a slob at home," he confided to Mouse with a grin oh his face.

He leaned back, "Or Sir Clayton here. He has a handsome face, cultured manners, but what lies beneath the polished exterior?"

Clayton turned his eyes on Voltigar; narrowing them, his jaw twitching. What are you implying? Clayton thought.

Voltigar did not seem to notice and continued, "What even of myself? I have a somewhat cultured appearance. I dress well, but am I slob in my own quarters? I think of my myself, perhanps not handsome, but at least not ugly and I speak well. But what am I like underneath?  Now, lets take you for our last example; most would see a disfigured little man, in a funny colorful costume and pass him off as a nights entertainment and never see what is underneath the rough exterior and funny costume, but I have a very good friend who taught me how not to jump to conclusions and to take a 'watch and see' type of attitude and see if your first impressions about a person were correct or not.  Eventually, you kind of 'hone' your evaluations of people. This friend of mine, has honed his to the point that he can almost certainly tell what lies 'beneath a man's exterior' almost one hundred percent of the time. On occassion he is mistaken, but more than not, he is usually correct."

Sadness clouded Voltigar's eyes for a moment as if he was remembering something and then he chuckled. "You did notice I said men. Women are totally different. I do not think there is a man on this continent or world perhaps who can truly know a woman. They are the most elusive creatures put upon this world. They can be enchanting, loving, beautiful, mesmerizing, even down right ugly, but they can also be backbitters, gossipers, witches, impossible, wild, ill-tempered and even murderous, and though men can also be like that as well, we cannot, or at least I believe men cannot, do both at the same time and never show it. But I would not change them one iota."

Voltigar suddenly stopped talking, picked up his tea cup, and stared into it with a melancholy face.  Suddenly, after a few awkward blank moments he brightened. "Forgive me, I guess I kind of became carried away."

"Perhaps his Majesty likes the sound of his voice more than he cares to admit. Another 'what lies beneath tell'" Clayton said, smiling.

Voltigar smiled himself after a moment. "Perhaps, Sir Clayton, perhaps."

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Cadence rose as the first glimmers of the mornings light became to touch the dark sky.  She bathed and dressed in one of the new dresses that had been provided by her father.  The dresses needed some minor alterations, but over all fit her curves ever so nicely.  In a light pink gown which dipped low at the square neckline to show off the creamy white tops of her breasts, the corset of course helping to accentuate her curves in her favor.  The bodice clung to Cadence's slender form and flowed gently soft rounded hips.  The underskirts which occasionally peeked through were a soft shade of lilac.  The gown was a bit too long for Cadence.  She found several pins left over from the fitting of her now retired wedding gown and carefully pinned the skirts up hiding the pins in the folds of fabric.  Upon her dainty slender feet were slippers of the softest material she had ever felt.  The soles were solid and made a softly whispered of her passing across the stone floor.  For an odd reason Cadence had decided to pin her hair up leaving soft wisps of her hair to frame her face.  Carefully weaving a piece of pink ribbon throughout her locks she stood back and studied her reflection in the dimly lit mirror.  With her hair up, her long soft neck gently gave way to her defined collar bone.  The broad neckline gently hinted at her softly well rounded shoulders.  Making sure Iris was still asleep and well covered, Cadence stepped quietly into the hall and looked about the emptiness around her.  Would Lance remember that they were to meet this morning?  Soft butterflies fluttered in her stomach and Cadence placed her hands over it in an attempt to cease its fluttering.

Perhaps some breakfast would ease her nervousness.  She wondered briefly if Lance would like her hair up and the dress she had specifically picked out.  Her steps faltering, Cadence chastised herself for such a thought.  Lance was to be her brother-in-law!  Iris's husband and such thoughts should never pass through her daft head!  Shaking her head slightly as she lectured herself inwardly Cadence made her way to the dining hall for a light breakfast before taking a 'stroll' in the garden where she hoped to meet Lance. 

Stopping a servant as she entered the already busy dining hall Cadence asked that her sister not be disturbed until noises were heard from her room.  And only then was a tray of meat, bread, cheese, sweat meat and milk be taken in to her.  She explained that Iris was not feeling very well and that she would probably not like to be disturbed until later.  The servant nodded her head and with a "Very well Baroness Cadence, I shall see to it." the servant was gone leaving Cadence to stand with a blank look upon her face at the girl's use of her newly given title.  It was going to take some getting used to.


Cherri arose early and stretched out her limbs in the coolness of the morning.  Her mind was already moving past the events of the last couple of days.  She was eager to begin her duties pertaining to the training of the King's archers.  Since the witnesses had been released after Clayton's knighting Cherri had taken the time to to fetch her staff.  She had left it hidden in the forest before she had entered the city.  She knew that most mages carried staffs and to openly flaunt such a thing could be dangerous when in a city one was not accustomed to.  Still she had purchased some fabric before leaving the city and had returned with her staff hidden in the fabric and attached her back using slender pieces of leather. 

Thankfully Cherri had reentered after the changing of the guard so no one really questioned her about the stick she had wrapped and attached her to back.  She told the guard that she had been in the forest getting to know the surrounding lands and had some across a very nice and well sharpen stick that she wished to have whittled to a nice walking stick.  The guard seemed satisfied after she had opened only a small part of the fabric and had shown him a bit of the rough wood.  If he had wanted to see more it would have become obvious very quickly that she did not have an ordinary piece of unfinished wood.  Her staff was simple enough, but the particular wood that the staff was forged from was not ordinary in the least.  Made from precious wood from the Bolder Forest, the gift from Cherri's grandmother held special meaning for her.

Violet eyes sought the staff now leaning upon the wall opposite of her bed.  Her things, such as her extra pouches, small jars, her book of spells, etc., had all been neatly tucked away in their own places.  She needed to go into town today and purchase a couple more dresses.  She only traveled with one spare dress and since she was apparently going to be staying awhile she figured why not be comfortable. 

Rising with a purpose Cherri unraveled the tiny braids that she kept throughout her hair.  Asking a passing servant about a bath, her room was soon filled with servants bringing in a tub and filling it with hot water.  Upon their leaving Cherri found her bottle of sweetsip oil and added a few drops to the bath water which quickly filled the room with its intoxicating scent.  Bathing leisurely Cherri scrubbed her hair until it glistened in the candle light of her room and then moved on to her pale flesh scrubbing it until it shone and glistened as well.  Her paleness had a healthy glow about it that made her skin appear vibrant and not sallow. 

Replacing her delicately spun necklace, Cherri checked her appearance as she brushed her hair dry.  She brushed her hair until it glimmered in the candlelight and then she rebraided several small braids within different sections of her hair.  Removing her head piece from its place she positioned it upon her head tucking her hair behind it so that her well shaped pointed ears were clearly visible to all.  She was proud of her heritage, mixed as it was, and studied her reflection intently.  Resting in the hollow of her seemingly delicate neck rested the necklace made of such sheer gold it seems to have been spun from the mists themselves.  Incrusted in the necklace were a multitude of sparkling gemstones from the Quallian Forest.  Around her head she sat the gold headpiece inscribed with knotwork.  In the center front of there sat a dark blue gemstone flanked on each side by two violet ones the same color as her eyes.

Her belt was clasped about her narrow middle and she had placed some of the more commonly used pouches within the hidden pockets of dress.  Her silver dagger gleamed at her hip the intwining dragons clearly visible above its sheath.

Satisfied with her appearance she made her way to the dining hall with little trouble.  She had become familiar with the most commonly traveled halls when she had been left to her own devices.  And the smell of delectable food was extremely helpful as well.  Meeting another in the doorway of the dining hall Cherri smiled brightly as she seemed to catch the woman off guard.  She instantly recognized the woman from the previous days events.  She was not sure how she should address the young woman clad in a soft pink that did well for her skin, hair and eyes so she stood their awkwardly.

Cadence was startled as she felt, not heard, someone come up behind her.  For a moment her heart thudded in her breast causing the beat to jump visibly at her neck.  She spun around and looked up.  There before stood the elfess who she had cheered for in the archery tournament before things had gone horribly wrong.  The elfess was more beautiful up close then at a distance and Cadence stood in awe for moment.  She had heard of elves but had never before met one in person.  There was an air about this woman that made Cadence feel as tho she were a child and that she should curtsy to her, but Cadence was still unaware of what was expected of her or what was proper for her and she did not wish to embarrass herself in front of this almost majestic creature.  Her tongue moving faster than her brain, Cadence caught herself speaking before she thought.  "You are the elfess that participated in the archery contest.  My sister and I were cheering for you.  As I am unsure about how I am supposed to address you, Cherri Rowandyn, I will simply say that it is my utmost pleasure in meeting you.  My name is Cadence, now Baroness Cadence I suppose."  A small smile touched her pink lips as the title rolled off her tongue.  She was beginning to get used to saying it as she had been practicing it privately, even away from Iris's ears, seeing if she could say it easily. 

Cherri listened to the human as she spoke and could tell that the girl was nervous about her new station.  A soft smile of understanding spread over Cherri's features.  There were very few things that escaped her elven ears and she knew that this woman had gone from servant to a high position within a day.  What exactly a Baroness was she was not sure as such a thing did not exist in her culture, but apparently this very young woman was now a woman of importance.  Cherri dropped into a curtsy before the Baroness only to hear a gasp of disbelief from the young woman followed by a quick "No, no...please do not do that....I feel it is I who should curtsy to you.  I did not mention such a thing because I expected....what I mean to say is there is no need to be so formal...." 

Cherri's violet eyes found Cadence's as a soft slender hand came to rest lightly on Cherri's shoulder.  Cherri was confused as she was not sure if she had done something wrong or if she had been correct in her assumption.  "Honestly I am unsure as how to act accordingly to your human customs."  Cherri's voice was melodic as usual and friendly as she expressed a very real concern of hers.  She like Cadence wished to learn from her as to how to fit in with the humans around her.

Cadence seemed to relax and she giggled a little.  "Well one thing I know is that we have both found our way her with our stomachs.  Join me for a bit to eat, please.  Although I am afraid I will not be company for long as I have made other plans this morning."

Cherri nodded her head sending a cascade of silver hair tumbling over her right ear.  "I am hungry this morning.  I as well have other things to tend to early this morning and I am happy to break fast with you."

The two women entered the dining hall and were quickly guided to seats beside one another as Cadence requested.  Her spine had stiffened as she caught site of Clayton dressed in solid black.  For a moment she had thought Commander Scar was present but could feel that stare of Clayton's boring into her.  She suddenly felt as tho she needed to bathe again and scrub until her skin was red and raw.  Cherri sat blocking his view of her as if she had instinctively picked up on Cadence's uncomfortableness.

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Lance woke up fully rested and ready for the day. His interrogations the previous day hadn't brought much to light - except a whispered rumour of a missing girl, linked with Clayton. That was promising, he would need to investigate that. Of course he knew that rumours were often no more than whispers in a corner. 'They say' was surely one of the worst kind of lies. But still, it wouldn't hurt to get to the bottom of it. Even if it wasn't related at all to Clayton, there was still a missing girl. Had no one bothered to look for her yet?

He got dressed in a blue doublet and grey hose, and was on his way to the dining hall when he decided he was too nervous to eat. Cadence would show him the grounds, she'd said. There must be something that she wanted to ask him, or to tell him. Of course, nobody could find fault with him walking with his soon to be sister-in-law (although some people would think it strange he was not walking with his soon to be wife), but the way she'd said it had hinted at something more urgent. He changed directions long before he reached the Dining Hall. He wanted to go to the grounds, be there when Cadence came.

Reaching a door that lead to the grounds, he stepped outside for a moment, then turned back inside. The sun was shining, but there was still quite some snow lying on the ground. He couldn't subject Cadence to that, he wouldn't want her to catch a cold. Still, if he waited here, he might see her come out. Or, if he was very lucky, she'd come the same way as he had. He paced up and down a few times, then settled himself near the doorway, gazing out on the snow-covered grounds with his one brown eye.

He couldn't really see how big they were, losing his eye had caused him also to lose his sense of depth, but they were in any case very extensive. Not many people had walked about yet, so that the snow glistened pristinely in the rays of the sun. It was beautiful. People often thought that with his disfiguration, he could not appreciate beauty when he saw it. In fact, the opposite was true. His own face being so ugly, he had come to love and honour anything of beauty. He enjoyed the serenity of the snow-covered landscape, he loved to watch the feminine prettiness of Cadence. He wanted to protect her. He looked back into the hallway for a second, hoping that she would soon come. Then he turned back to gaze on the whiteness in front of him.

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Naya found herself entering the Dining Hall behind two women. She recognised Cherri's silvery hair and elegant way of walking. The other was a pretty young woman with a swan's neck such as Naya could only dream of, with her own small stature. She didn't see the servant approaching her to guide her to her table, not being used to such things, so she chose her own place, opposite the two women. She deliberately left a seat between her and Clayton, who she remembered from the tournament, and the knighting yesterday of course. Thus, she was looking straight at the pretty young woman. To see Cherri, she needed to turn her head just a little. Then next to Cherri was sitting a boy.

She looked a bit closer. A boy? No, he wasn't a boy, she realised. He was small, certainly, but not young. He was in conversation with the King, she saw. She left him to it and turned to the women, ignoring the man to the right of her. He probably didn't want to talk to her anyway. He'd made sufficiently clear what he'd thought of her during the tournament. With a tilt of her head, she smiled at the young woman.

She didn't realise that she was sitting opposite a baroness. Not that it'd have made much difference if she had known. Spending most of her days in the wild, she had no idea how she was supposed to act in a grand place such as this palace. She was quite sure people who had grown up in this place would think her a country bumpkin, certainly if they compared her with the unconscious grace of the elfess, but she didn't really care what others thought of her. She knew that, unlike them, she could survive a day out in the woods. More days than one, too, but she didn't think those fine lords and ladies here could even hold on for a day without losing their minds, without their silly little comforts and servants surrounding them. Not that she saw many of them here, yet, and she didn't count the young woman opposite her among the fine ladies, even if she probably couldn't live outside either.

The wolf sat on his haunches beside her chair, between her and Clayton. He was looking alert, and Naya knew that nobody would mistake him for a dog. At least, she didn't think so. But then, she'd grown up knowing the differences between animals. If all you ever knew growing up were dogs that came bounding at your slightest word, and wagged their tails just for a nice word or a pat on the head, maybe you couldn't see that a wolf was so much fiercer, wilder and so much more proud than that. Oh well, let them think, she thought. So long as they don't try to pet him, they could think whatever they felt like thinking.

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Mouse nodded at the King's question. "Most acrobats are tall and flexible. I worked long and hard to achieve what I can do, but I still pay for it in pain. But it is what I love to do, so I happily pay the price." Then followed a long speech about not knowing what lay underneath. The undercurrent did not entirely escape his notice. Was there some woman trouble with this King? Or was he in love? Well, both amounted to the same thing, as far as Mouse was concerned. Then, he'd never felt the pangs of love himself, so he didn't really know what he was talking about.

He looked around when close after each other three women entered. Two of them were seated next to him, the other on the other side, the same side as the King and Clayton. It seemed he was not the only one who didn't like the man. Trying not to think too much about how many more people there would come, he turned back to the King. "Women are themselves, always." he said softly. He took one of the grapes and put it in his mouth, chewing it thoughtfully. Then he took a piece of cheese, which followed the way of the grape. He wasn't really hungry, but he was losing his nervousness. Some of it, at least. The King was nice enough, but Clayton's stare was disconcerting. As if he couldn't wait for Mouse to go as far away as possible, preferably to the other side of Caelereth.

At least his attention seemed to be divided now. He was trying to look at one of the women. Mouse kept his attention on the King. He didn't think the man had talked so much because he liked the sound of his own voice. There was something on his mind, yes. Clayton seemed like a person who didn't look beyond the exterior. He'd heard what the King said, but he hadn't really heard it. He didn't do anything with it, because he was convinced of his own right. He was too full of himself to have room to think much of other people. Or at least, that was how Mouse saw it, from the little he'd seen of the man. In any case, he might be handsome, but he was not likeable. Too smooth and, well, cold for Mouse to be able to warm to him.

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Voltigar nodded at Garth's simple, yet profound statement. Then he saw the women enter the room. He saw Cherri, she walked as if she owned the room, then came Cadence...she was breathtaking, dressed in a gown that only accentuated her features in the best light. Voltigar glanced at Clayton and saw Clayton's eyes widen and then narrow. Oh, this should be good. I hope she rubs it into his face. Voltigar thought, Perhaps I can help her a bit, in a little different way; her title. He looked for Iris, but she was not with her sister.  His face fell a moment, but he forced a smile upon it; the last to enter was Naya along with her wolf.  Voltigar rose as the ladies were seated. He smiled at them all.

"Lady Cherri, Baroness Cadence, and Lady Naya. May I introduce you to Mouse; an acrobat who was going to perform for us last night, but after the knighting ceremony and with your father becoming the way how is he Baroness? Will he and his knights be joinng us? And what about your sister, Baroness Iris, will she be along shortly?" His last question had a hint of longing in his voice.  He wanted to talk with her.  There were somethings he needed to say. He could not let Iris leave without saying them.  He had behaved poorly last night; but the revelations of yesterday took a toll, not only on him, but on Iris, Cadence and their father as well.

Rose came out of the kitchen trying to balance a huge platter of steaming bacon, breads and other meats when she saw the wolf. She screamed in fright and dropped the platter, its contents spilling all over on the floor.  She pointed at the wolf. "A wolf"

Voltigar turned his head at the scream and as if time stopped saw the platter drop. Suddenly time rushed forward as first Chester came running from the other side of the room, Nana, came bustling out of the kitchen, the other staff were looking at Rose, aghast, some with amused looks upon their faces, as they knew of the wolf. Some of the women staff members laughed and sighed inwardly, as they did not like this newcomer with her young, bright, cheerful look and attitude. They were certain she would be a scullery maid soon enough.

Rose froze, then began to stammer as she apologized fervently. "I...I am so sorry your Majesty...I just ...I was the wolf. Please forgive me," she continued on as she bent down and fervently began picking up the food.  Naya's wolf was very well trained, for he did not move, even with meat that had slid across the floor almost in front of his very nose. Voltigar felt for the young lady and it almost brought tears to his eyes as he recalled the first time he met Iris and she was just as nervous.

Chester stopped beside the kneeling girl, peering down at her. He looked at Voltigar. "Accept my apologies your Majesty. Once this girl cleans up her mess you shall not have to look at her again."

Voltigar rose, walked over to a piece of meat and threw it toward Naya's wolf. "He can eat all the meat, he wants Miss Naya. It would only be thrown away and it will help Rose here with the clean up."

He knelt down beside Rose who was in tears, cying out apology after apology to him. He began to help her pick up some of the breads. "Rose, Rose look at me," he said softly.

Rose turned her tear staned face up and with downcast eyes began to apologize again. "I..I.."

Voltigar nodded no. "No more apologies, Rose. Accidents happen. How were you to know that a wolf would be allowed into the Palace, and sitting down to eat with us? You would not. So your reaction is quite normal. Chester will not be sending you back to be scullery maid. Are you Chester?" Voltigar asked, looking up at Chester.

Chester hesitated for a moment, but then answered. "No, your Majesty. As you say it was an accident."

"Good. Now Rose after you and I finishe cleaning up the rest, why do you not go and freshen up a bit, and then come and continue your duties."

Rose looked at Voltigar with amazement on her face. She had been expecting much worse. Her last employer would have had her flogged, before sending her out in the streets to fend for herself, for such an act.  She nodded silently and quickly, along with Voltigar's help, picked up what Naya's wolf did not eat and then she left.  It took only a few moments, but is seemed liked an eternity to Rose.

Voltigar returned to his guests, looking each in the eye, guaging what they were thinking as to how he handled the situation. He could see in Clayotn's eyes, that the poor Rose would have met with a much more disagreeable punishment, the ladie's thoughts behind their varied eye colors were not so visible. "Well I suppose we will have to satisfy ourselves with what we have, until more meat is prepared. Accidents will happen. Perhaps we can amuse ourselves with some conversation? Miss Cherri, even with the snow, are you ready to teach me archers the fine art of actually hitting what they are supposed to be shooting at?" He laughed.

"What is so funny, your Majesty?" A strong baritoned sonorous voice asked from the far doorway.

Voltigar tilted his head up and smiled. "Commander, welcome. I was just asking Lady Cherri here if she was ready to teach your archers to actually hit what they are aiming at?"

"I wish her the best of luck. I too need to work on my archery skills."

Damien, dressed in his formal attire of black leather pants, with a wide belt and large square ahaped gold belt buckle. His white pearled shirt was black silk, that billowed slightly at the sleeves; a pair of shiny soft leather boots and his cape, same color but with gold trim around the edges set his rugged, handsome face along with his naturally wavy jet black hair nicely.

He strode with confidence to the table.  He went to Cherri, took her hand, and gently pressed it to his lips. "Lady Cherri, pleasure to see you again," he walked over to the other side of the table and did the same to Lady Naya and then with a huge smile upon his face as he walked over to the other side, he did the same, but made the pont of saying. "Baroness Cadence."

He then walked back over to where Voltigar sat, who was watching his performance with an amused look on his face, and sat down.  He looked over at Mouse, smiled at him and asked, "And who might this colorful little fellow be, your Majesty?"

"Ah, Mouse, I would like you to meet Commander Damien Scar. Baron Scar is my right hand man and the one that I alluded to during our conversation."

"Mouse, my pleasure to meet you neighbor," Damien said with a warm smile. "I hope you did not believe the lies his Majesty told you?"

"What lies have you been telling, your Majesty?"

"Lies?" Voltigar asked mockingly. "I do not speak lies. I am the King."

"Yes, and the Priestess's of the temple are virgins," Damien bantered back.

Voltigar looked at Damien with a look of righteous indignation and then they both broke out in laughter.

"Sorry for the interruption Lady Cherri, shall we continue?" Voltaigar asked as Damien began to serve himself.  He noticed that Iris was not at the table. He wondered what had happened?  The Baron and his knights were not here either, perhaps they would be joining later? Damien thought as he causually glanced at all of the faces at the table.  The only face he did not look at, in fact even ignored, was Clayton's.

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Cherri was ready to greet Naya, whom she had met briefly before, when several things happened.  First the King had roused himself from his conversation with Mouse, as he has introduced him, and Cherri smiled a friendly smile and slightly nodded her greeting to the entertainer.  Much like her elven ears, her eyes did not miss much.  Especially the way Clayton continued to stare at Cadence.  She did not think his attention was wanted and so she continued to do her best to block any view of the woman from the disdainful man's eyes. 

The King inquired about the other Baroness, Baroness Iris, and Cherri recalled that Cadence had mentioned her sister.  Cherri could feel not only the tension in the room but also heard something else in the King's voice when he said the other woman's name.  Cherri's eyes revealed nothing, as elves were prone to do at such times, and she listened as the King continued to greet his guests.

Cadence inclined her head smiling genuinely at the King.  She yearned to sit with him privately, if only for a few moments, and tell him of what she was trying to do.  But there was no use at the moment.  She knew that she had to meet Lance.  He was the key, or at least she hoped.

Taking a handful of grapes onto her plate along with a thin slice of cheese, Cadence preened as the King used her title for she knew it was like rubbing salt into a wound for Clayton.  Cadence felt no different about her self, except she knew that now she had more freedom in her speech and her actions, but only if she were careful.

Suddenly there was a scream which was followed by the sound of metal hitting stone.  Cherri turned casually and placed her hand upon Cadence's arm when the young woman jumped at the sound.  Cherri smiled reassurance to Cadence.  Unthinking Cherri's other hand had found one of her pouches hidden in her dress and had loosened the strings before her had realized what she was doing.  Now she nimbly tightened the ties and slid her hand easily from the fold of her dress. 

A servant girl fell upon her knees crying her apologies to the King.  Cherri wondered how Voltigar would handle the situation.  The poor girl had been startled by the wolf that accompanied Naya.  Cherri had to remind herself some had never seen a wolf before, much less up close.  The creatures could be warm and gentle, as well as ferocious killers. 

To Cherri's amazement the King actually left the table to help clean the girl's accidental mess.  Cherri could tell that the child like woman was fearful of her punishment and Cherri admired the King all the more for putting the woman at ease.  Cherri again was reassured that this King was a good man and she would try all that she was able to do to protect him and not fail in his requests of her.

Then Commander scar entered and kissed each of the lady's hands in turn.  Cherri smiled brightly as she was not used to such attention.  She had been a student for so long it was really all she knew.  Her grin broadened as the King asked if she were ready to train his archers.  She was very ready to begin their training.

"My liege, your archers can not be all that bad.  I have seen that you surround yourself with only the best, even if they need a little work in order to achieve their fullest potential.  I am at your service.  Rain or snow does not hinder my abilities.  I would like to begin training your archers as soon as possible."

Cherri knew there would be other times and days to go into town and pick up her personal items.  She was indeed eager to begin putting some of her skills to work.  As for her other skills, she would wait and see.  She wanted to keep her magic skills honed and so she would need to practice them daily on top of training the archers.  She wondered where the best place to do so would be and finally settled on the fact that when the time came she would find a suitable place.

Turning her violet eyes across the table to Lady Naya, Cherri spoke her melodic voice carrying softly across the way.

"Lady Naya, it is indeed a pleasure to see you once more.  I do not know how long you are planning to stay, but since you are versed in that of sword play I was wondering if there might be a chance that you could show me a couple of things.  I trained during my youth with a short sword, but my skills are far lacking.  If you wouldn't mind, that is."  Cherri's eyes were bright with enthusiasm and then danced as a thought occurred to her.  "But then again if the King's archers need as much work as he indicates I am not sure I will find much spare time in my day."  Cherri's smooth features gave way to a large smile that showed the hint of her white teeth.

Cherri had watched the woman fighter and knew that she could learn a few things from the human.  She was sincere in her wanting to spar with Naya.  She would feel better sparring with a woman indeed.  A man did not possess the same grace and style as a woman did.

Cadence took a drink of her juice that was before her and smiled almost sadly at the King.  "My King, my sister Baroness Iris was not feeling very well last night and I have asked that she not be disturbed till later.  As for my father, he suggested rest was all that he needed.  If he was still ill this morning I am sure I would have heard of it.  He and his knights should be joining you shortly.  I myself have several things that need tending to this morning and while I have enjoyed your company, however brief, I must set about my tasks.  I would really like to discuss a few matters with you in the near future.  Now if you all will excuse me."

Cadence nodded her head to Lady Naya and Lady Cherri as well as the Commander and the entertainer now known as Mouse.  Taking a small bushel of grapes Cadence walked confidently from the room allowing her shoulders sag only after she had turned the corner and was out of sight of the dining hall.

Clearing her thoughts from her mind, Cadence made her way to the entrance of the gardens.  There was no way that they could walk the grounds with the snow on the ground, but there was a covered walkway that surrounded the grounds that they could stroll.  It was used whenever it rained or snowed, like today, to view the grounds which were always beautifully kept.  No one traveled the walkway unless they were touring the grounds as it was still cold and open somewhat to the elements.

Hurrying along her way, Cadence's slippers whispered softly against the stone of the floor, she hoped that she would find Lance soon.

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Naya looked up at the cry and clatter, and brought a hand up to her mouth. Her eyes went a little wider than they had been. What was wrong with her these days? She seemed to be able to do nothing right. Wanting to fight had led to the death of a young man, bringing her friend with her almost caused a young girl to lose her job. She blinked once; twice. It was only thanks to Voltigar's kindness that the girl could stay on. It confirmed her feelings: she didn't belong in a great city like this, not really, and certainly not in a palace. She preferred the woods and wildlands, where she could roam as free as her companion, where there were no men to tell her not to, where there were no people to get scared from seeing a wolf.

She watched the wolf eating for a moment, then looked at the King as he returned to his seat. "Thank you", she mouthed - for some reason she wanted only him to know. It was not only thanks for giving her wolf meat, appreciated though it was. It was also for not sending the wolf away. If he had, she would have left as well. Not that she would mind overly much. Somewhere she was beginning to wonder why she was even here. She smiled at the King as he sat down, then looked over to Cherri. In the process she sweeped her eyes right over Clayton, as if he was no more than air. Creep, she thought.

Cherri's request for a spar took her by surprise, though she was not disinclined to accept. She smiled her appreciation. "Thank you for the invitation, lady Cherri." she answered. "I should be delighted to spar with you. My own skills are also in some need of training, as I have spent the past few weeks travelling. And I'd like to come watch your work with the archers, if you don't mind. I couldn't draw a bow for my life, but it's an art I would like to learn some day."

Commander Scar interrupted the conversation, kissing each of the ladies' hands in turn. He was an imposing man, with a fierce look due to his scar. Naya rather liked him. The banter between the King and his right hand brought a smile to her lips, though it did not completely reach her eyes. "They seem to be great friends, the Commander and the King, are they not?" she remarked to Cherri. "Sometimes I find myself wishing I could have a friend like that."

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Cadence made the excuse she had duties to perform and left the table. Damien wondered if it was because she could no longer stand the sight of Clayton, or if there was some other reason? Suddenly he remembered Tanari.  Making his apolgies to the ladies and to Voltigar he also left.

On his way out he almost stepped aside as Baron Thorigor and his knights, dressed in gray doublets and black hose walked into the Dining Hall. Damien met Thorigor's eyes and he felt like he should apologize to the elder Baron, but then the Baron surprised him. "Baron Scar, I do not blame you for the death of my nephew. He was rash and acted too impulsively. I blame myself for not training him correctly."

"He was young, Baron. And young people do such things, especially if they are trying to impress or protect someone they love. I used to have the same tendicies, fortunately I only ended up with wounds that could be healed until I grew up and learned," Damien answered softly.

"I understand completely Baron Scar. I too carry some of my youthful wounds still. Are you leaving?" Thorigor asked.

"Yes, Baron. I have an appointment," Damien answered.

"An appointment, this early in the morn?" Thorigor asked. "Must be a woman," he chuckled.

Damien grinned, "You are wise Baron."

"Then I shall keep you no longer," Thorigor dismissed Damien.

Damien gave a slight bow with his head and then left.

Chester who stood discreetly some distance from the two waited until they were done and then came forward and escorted the Baron and his knights to the table.

Voltigar was watching Damien leave when he noticed the Baron enter. He held his breath a bit when he noticed the two talking. The two parted and it seemed liked it was in amiable terms, which was good, as far as Voltigar was concerned, however seeing the Baron and his knights also brought back the thought that Cadence and especially Iris would be leaving soon. He needed to speak with Iris before she left...alone.

Chester in his booming voice announced, "His Majesty I present Baron Thorigor of Cemphira and his entourage."

Voltigar rose, and waved to the chair that was just vacated by Damien. "Baron, why do you not sit here and your knights can find a place along the table.  Baron Thorigor sat down as well as his knights. "I hope you slept well Baron?" Voltigar asked.

"It was most comfortable. Your Majesty should be commended on his training of his staff. They are quite competent," Thorigor answered, looking at Cherri and then looking around Clayton at Naya, his eyes did not miss the wolf either. "Your Majesty has beauty as well as danger," Thorigor remarked.

Voltigar looked a bit puzzled and then realized what Thorigor was saying. "Forgive me Baron, Baron Thorigor may I introduce you to Lady Cherri Rowandyn and Lady Naya More'ek and ths little fellow's name is Mouse. I am afraid that you just missed one of your daughters, Baroness Cadence. She said she had duties to attend to. I assume she went to her sister, Baroness Iris, whom I was told was feeling ill this morning," Voltigar looked at the knights and did not see the Baron's older nephew, Lance. He decided not to mention it though.

Baron Thorigor nodded. "Lady Cherri, Lady Naya, your beauty graces this table as well these eyes," he said in greeting. He then looked at Mouse. "Master Mouse, I assume you were to be the now postponed wedding's entertainment. May I ask what sort of entertainment you were going to provide?" Thorigor asked cordially.


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Mouse became increasingly uncomfortable as more and more people came in for breakfast. The amusement at the banter between the King and the Commander didn't stop his palms from going sweaty, while the rest of his body felt cold. Still, he put up a brave face; he'd known there would be a lot of people here. And he got some comfort out of his clothes, didn't he? They were normally a source of confidence. But then normally, he performed in them, and that was the biggest comfort, a wall behind which to hide himself. The wall only came to about the height of his knees when he only wore the clothes, without the performance.

He nodded his head at the Baron. "I had indeed hoped to perform last night. I am an acrobat. As the King said, most acrobats are... well, taller than me, but I worked hard for it." He looked shyly up into the Baron's face for a moment, then turned his gaze back to his plate. He quickly, and hopefully unnoticed, wiped his hands on his pants and then took another grape. He wondered if he should stay or if he should go back to Arth's spot. But then, there were bound to be people there as well, and it was too early to perform. He voted in favour of staying, for now at least.

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"An acrobat? A very strenous profession. And as his Majesty has already told you, most people think of acrobats as being very skinny, tall and flexible, however" The Baron paused as he took a long look at Garth, "I would say by your build, especially your arms, that you must be quite strong and with your diminutive stature can probably do things that a normal acrobat would have a very hard time doing. I would be pleased to have you perform for my daughters wedding, however it would mean coming to Cempheria. If his Majesty would allow and you are willing, I would make the trip for you as comfortable as I could and pay you well. Then if it is your desire to come back here, I will send an escort along with you so that you need not concern yourself about your safety. You think about it Master Garth and give me your answer. Do not think long as I will be leaving on the morrow," Baron Thorigor said warmly.

"On the morrow, Baron?" Voltigar asked.

"Yes, your Majesty. I believe the roads should be passable by then. Still it will take a better part of a month before we reach home."

"Yes, I suppose so," Voltigar answered softly, suddenly in deep thought.

Rose came in and served the Baron and his knights. One of the knights gave her a real nice smile as he looked her over. "Your Majesty should be commended on his eye for his women, as well,"

Voltigar broke out of his thoughts and saw the knight eyeing Rose. "Sir knight, I thank you for your compliment, however if she is my woman, as you have stated, then perhaps your eyes would be best placed upon your plate then upon her heaving bosom."

Voltigar did not mean for his words to come out so harsh, but he was just imagining Rose as Iris and it brought his ire to surface. Perhaps the knight was really just complimenting him and Rose, and not leering at her as if she were a whore.

The knight huffed. "M'lord, perhaps the morrow would be too late. I yearn for our own lands and people."

"Perhaps, Nathan. On the other hand, wisdom is its own teacher and it is wisdom that cometh from his Majesty's tongue. You should learn from it and heed it. It will help you from many a challenge,"

Baron Thorigor answered. He put some grapes, bread, butter, honey, a rather large sized piece of cooked beef, a couple of eggs and placed them all on his plate. He buttered the bread along with slapping some honey on it as well, picked up his knife and fork, cut into the beef and ate it. He washed it all down with some tea. "My compliments to the chef," he said, forgetting all about Nathan, as if what he had said was enough.

Voltigar's opinon of the man rose a notch when he heard the Baron speak. When he first heard of the man and what he had done to Iris and Cadence, he had thought of him as being some kind of monster. Who would sell their offspring? Even if they were illegitimate? But, as Thorigor had explained, it was not his decision, but his wifes. Voltigar wondered how the Baron's wife would react to Iris and Cadence now? The thought of Iris leaving began to darken Voltigar's mood, but he tried to put on a brave face and talked to the knight.

"Sir Nathan, perhaps my words came out a bit harsh and perhaps your eyes were lingering a bit too long on Rose, either way, this is not the way to make friends and it is always nice to have friends, especially when some unforseen disaster may strike. It has been a long journey for you and being a man, and Rose is definately a pretty lass, I can understand your thoughts, however as a knight, you took an oath to protect and honor, especially womenfolk, did you not?" Voltigar asked.

Sir Nathan looked up from his plate, his face a bit chagrined. "Yes your Majesty, I did. I forgot myself."  He turned to Rose, "Miss, forgive this humble knight for the words and thoughts that arose from him."

Rose, was all flabbergasted, and quite nervous, that all of this attention was directed at her. She nodded demurely, "I could do no more than what our Liege has already done, Sir knight," she said and then she quickly made her way to the kitchen.

Voltigar tried to break the silence that had overcome the table when Rose left. "I wonder if there is enough snow outside for a good snowball fight? Ever been in a snowball fight, Lady Cherri? With your aim, you would probably make a very good ally in such a fight. What do you think Baron?" Voltigar asked.

The Baron chuckled. "If you say so your Majesty. I have not seen the young lady's skills, so I could not say. But I am a bit old to go frolicking in the snow, however your mentioning it brought back many a cherished childhood memory."

"Exactly," Voltigar answered.

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More food, especially meat was served and the table became quiet as the King and his guests ate in silence. Finally Voltigar finished his meal with a last swallow of tea. "Lady Cherri, I am sure that my archers are up by now. Sir Clayton and myself would gladly escort you to the archery range and then you can begin your work.  Master Garth, after you eat, your welcome to stay and ponder the Baron's request. Lady Naya, would you and your wolf mind being on your own? The Palace is all yours, well most of it anyway.  Baron, what plans do you have?" Voltigar asked.

"If it pleases thee, your Majesty, I was thinking about calling upon my daughters. Our meeting yesterday, was a shock to them and I am sure they have many questions I need to address." Thorigor answered.

"Hopefully, a nights rest has cooled Baroness's Iris's temper," Voltigar added.

"Only one can hope, your Majesty," Thorigor answered softly.

"Well, if that is all then I suggest we meet back here say around 13 bells for lunch," Voltigar said as he rose, "Ladies?" He asked. "Are you ready?"

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Cadence came upon the large open doorway that led to the covered walkway. Lance had his back to her and she could envision walking quietly up behind him and sliding her arms around his waist resting her head on his firm solid back.  The act seemed so natural that she almost did just that only to catch herself as she reached out to him.  Instead her hand reached to thetop of his shoulder.  She heard him take a sharp intake of breath and wondered what he had been pondering so. 

"I hope I did not startle you or offend you with my touch..."  Cadence was unsure why she felt so nervous in Lance's presence.  Her stomach flipped flopped and her palms became slick with perspiration.  For a moment all she could hear was the deafening sound of her heart in her ears.  As she began to lower her hand Lance turned quickly and caught her hand.  "You have not offended me Baroness Cadence, I only did not hear your slippers upon the stone."  Bringing Cadence's hand to his lips, he softly kissed her knuckles as he bowed slightly before her.

Cadence felt Lance's warm breath upon her knuckles and while it was not an intimate touch, Cadence's body began to tingle all over.  Never before had she felt such a sensation.  A small blush crept over her features and her lowered eyes raised to meet Lance's good eye.  Her smile was genuine and her voice was soft.  "Cadence, please just Cadence."

Lance straitened and tucked Cadence's arm within his own.  With his other arm he gestured towards the covered walkway.  "Shall the tour begin?"  Cadence nodded and with Lance in tow they began their walk.  Remembering the grapes in her hand Cadence offered them to Lance.  "I don't know if you had breakfast earlier, but I brought you some grapes in case you were hungry."  Cadence removed several grapes from the bushel and handed them to Lance.  He took them in his unoccupied hand and popped them into his mouth.

Beginning tentatively Cadence began what she had been rehearsing in her head.  "I know that you do not know my sister Iris, but she is actually a very warm and caring woman.  She practically raised me.  I don't know how much or how little to tell you so I will just tell you.  Iris will not come to love you.  She is in love with the King and he is very fond of her.  While nothing has ever happened between them because of circumstances being what they were, there was always something unspoken and not acted upon between them."

Cadence's voice was low and she leaned in unconsciously so that only Lance would hear what she had to say.  Stopping abruptly Cadence turned to face Lance.  "Lance you seem like a good man...a man deserving of a good wife and mother for your children.  Someone to love you as much as you are capable of loving them.  You and Iris will not have that I am afraid."

Cadence's eyes were sad and she began her walking once more, Lance falling in step without pause.  "You both deserve to be happy and that is what I wished to speak to you about.  I am indebted to the King for he has saved me a lifetime of pain and cruelty and a short lifetime at that.  Clayton appeared to be everything I could ever have wanted in a husband, but looks are deceiving at times.  While I have known you but a short time and I fear misjudging to trust the wrong person again, I have seen the way you take care of my father.  You have forgone your own happiness to fulfill your duty.  Clayton does not possess those qualities.  He is one to manipulate and use force harming and possibly killing to get his way.  The King saved me from Clayton for I could not see him for the monster he really is until it was too late."

Cadence shivered involuntarily as thoughts of what a life with Clayton would have entailed.

"Now Iris must forfeit her happiness as well to please our father's demand for an heir.  I would gladly trade places with her if it meant that she and the King could have the chance they deserve.  Iris and the King have not even had a chance to speak to each other since all this has happened.  I do not wish our father to be displeased with either of us, quite the opposite, I want to make's just that we don't know him very well.  We don't know how he would react to learning that Iris has no wish to marry you and is in love with the King."  Cadence plucked several more grapes from the bushel, popped one in her mouth and handed the others to Lance.


Cherri listened to all the things around her.  The dining hall was becoming crowded and she yeared for the outdoors.  "Lady Naya I would be honored to help you improve your bow arm.  Perhaps you could train with the King's archers?"

Damien made his exit and as he did so the Baron made his entrance will all his knights in tow.

Cherri picked at the meat and cheese on her plate as she listened to the exchange between the others at the table.  When she was  addressed she inclined her head as a sign of respect to the Baron.  She smiled easily as she listened to the Baron and the King's discussions.  One of the Baron's knights lost control of his tongue and the King was quick to remind the knight of his oath and duty.  The Baron agreed and things became pleasant at the table again. 

A smile crept across Cherri's face at the mention of playing in the snow.  She had spent most of her life studying at the Twin Towers and did not play much like other children had.  She had played levitation games and conjuring games.  Not idle games in the snow.  Plus it never snowed in Elving. 

A servant came and motioned to her plate and she nodded for them to take it.  She was full and ready to begin training. 

Voltigar advised that his archers would be up and ready to get about their training.  As he stood, Cherri followed suit eager to begin her day.  "Your highness I would be most pleased for your company."  Her violet eyes never moved towards Clayton's direction.


Inwardly Clayton seethed his hatred and the mask he wore about his face showed nothing of his thoughts.  Only his eyes spewing hatred towards the King belied any of his emotion.  When he had a free moment, he would find that fool of a servant again and see if he could scrounge up another young lady for him to take his pleasure in.  Surely the King did not expect him to be celibate for the entire year!  Yes, he probably did.  For the next year he was supposed to be the King's lap dog and the thought caused great displeasure to Clayton.  But on the same note perhaps he would learn something of important to Nyer...

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Lance was quiet as Cadence spoke to him. Very, very quiet. At first they were walking side by side, but the more she talked, the slower he walked, until finally he was standing completely still when she was finished. He looked at the grapes in his hand thoughtfully. The very thing he'd wanted to talk to her about, and here it was coming out of her mouth! He directed his gaze at the girl - no, the young woman - next to him.

"I know about Iris and the King, Cadence. The Baron might be too preoccupied with getting an heir to notice anything else, but I used my eye, and I saw her reaction. And his, as well. I would do much to allow them their happiness together, because she deserves it. But more importantly, I want to be able to keep you from harm. I..." Suddenly the full impact of what she'd said registered in his brain. "You'd trade places with her? My... the way I look, it's not repulsive to you?" He was suddenly nervous at the impulsive decision he took. He knelt down on one knee on the stones next to her, the grapes falling forgotten from his hand. He took her hands in his.

"Cadence, if you really mean what you said... if you would trade places with your sister, so that she can be happy.... then will you let me try and make you happy? I want to protect you from harm, in any way that I can. I will talk to the Baron, don't worry about that. Will you be my wife, Cadence?"

He looked up at her imploringly, the intensity of his feeling obvious in his brown eye. He wanted to communicate the force he felt in the small, dainty hands he was holding, but he held them carefully, making sure not to frighten her in any way. If only she would say yes... But she'd already said she would trade places, hadn't she? So she wouldn't say no now, would she?

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Cadence had not realized they had stopped until she finished talking.  So focused on not losing her nerve to speak to Lance she had not ventured to see his reaction until now.  She was half afraid that he would laugh at her proving that once more she was inept and naive about judging the character of men.

Lances features were thoughtful for a moment and then suddenly her fixed his eye upon her.  For a blink Cadence thought that she had been mistaken to trust Lance but the most unexpected suprise dispelled any doubts.

He confided that he knew about the feelings between Iris and Voltigar and Cadence almost smirked at the thought that it was hidden from anyone.  Everyone who paid any attention at all could see the two had deep feelings for each other.  A weight seemed to be lifted from her shoulders and Cadence breathed a sigh of relief.  So far so good. 

Cadence had been unsure as to how the knight would react to her bluntness.  She was deeply attracted to Lance and did not know why...and tho he was betrothed to Iris, Cadence felt it natural to be with Lance; in his presence, on his arm.  the thought of her sister being with him, of sharing his bed and not loving him as he deserved stirred something primal in her and she knew if need be she would fight to show him that she could make him happy.  But what is she displeased him?  What is he wanted Iris and not her?  She knew she would not try to force her attentions on him if they were unwanted.  She wanted Lance to be happy, even if it meant not being with her.

Feeling dejected Cadence's attention was brought back to Lance as he was talking.  Her eyes were casted down as she knew that he would reject her.  He was leading up to it.  She could feel it.  Yes he wanted to keep her from harm.  Why wouldn't he since she was Iris's sister after all and if something happened to her then Iris would be unhappy thus making Lance unhappy.  She was ready to finish his sentence with '..just do not care for you in that way' yet those words did not come from his lips.

Cadence looked up into his features, looking beyond the misshapen face, seeing only the handsome man he truly was.  His voice was one of astonishment as he thought outloud.  It had finally registered what she had been trying to say to him.  He appeared nervous and then suddenly dropped down on one knee before him.  He had questioned whether she found him repulsive and tears began to form in her eyes.

Cadence watched the remaining grapes roll away from where Lance had dropped them, the remaining of the bushel in her own hand absently discarded as well.  Her stomach clenched and for a moment she thought she would be ill.  Was he really doing what she had been fantasizing about since she had met him?  He couldn't be.  And yet here he was kneeling down before her taking her hands into his own telling her that if she meant what she had said he would do all that was within his power to make her happy.

The stone beneath her feet seemed as if it had suddenly began to moving causing her to feel as if she were about to fall.  Catching at Lance's hands for stability, Cadence felt the strength in his hands and the gentleness in his eyes and her legs melted.  She sank before him as he asked her to become his wife.  Tears spilled happily down her cheeks unheedingly. 

She freed one of her hands from Lance's and gently caressed the side of his face.  Her eyes held his one good eye.  She wanted to make sure he knew one thing for certain.  "I have never found you repulsive nor could I ever.  I see the handsome man you truly are and I would be honored to be your wife.  I have never wanted anything more in my life than to be with you as your wife and bear your children."

Tears tumbled down her face as the intensity of his feelings radiated from his brown eye.  Cadence was captivated that someone could care for her with such emotion.

Taking Lance's large hand in her own she brought his palm to her lips and kissed it softly before lowering his hand and cupping his face within her own callased ones.  Raising so that she was level with his own face Cadence tentatively brought her body close to his and kissed his lips softly.

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Voltigar put out an arm on each side; one for Lady Cherri and the other for Lady Naya. They both graciously took the proferred arms and he began to lead them out into the outer hallway away from the dining hall. He turned and looked at Clayton. "Sir Clayton, I am sure that nothing will happen to me with these two lovely, yet superbly athletic warrioress's at my side. You are dismissed, unless of course you wish to test yourself against either?" Voltigar taunted.


Baron Thorigor stood up and his knights with him. "Master Garth I hope to hear from thee before the sun sets this day; until then I wish thee well."

He left with his knights in tow. He asked a servant where the Baroness's quarters were and was led to their door. He turned and looked at his knights. "I think I should do this alone. You are dismissed, and when you see Lance, tell him I am displeased with him and will wish to see him as soon as I retrun."

"Yes M'lord," they all replied and then left.

Thorigor faced the door, hesitantly raised his fist and then lowered it. What would he say? How could he ever explain to them? What hardships they must have faced? How could he ever face Iris's eyes again. The venom, the hate that was in them when they first met was enough to turn a man to stone.

He sighed, straightend his wizend shoulders and then rapped upon the door and waited...

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Mouse wandered around the palace that day, opening doors at random to see what lay behind. In the meantime, he thought about the Baron's offer. Maybe he should do it, go with him. He didn't really care where he was at any given moment, so the choice was basically between staying here on the off chance of getting a performance, or going with the Baron with a sure chance of performing. His mind was made up pretty quickly, actually, but he'd only have the chance to give the Baron his positive answer later.

He went over to the stables, where he saw that Pepik was well taken care of, even though she was the only donkey there. All the other steeds in the stable were of noble mien, proudly arching their necks and pawing the ground. They intimated Mouse a little, who felt vulnerable with his small posture which never reached higher than the horses' withers. No, then he felt much more comfortable with his own animal, who was a sweet-tempered and especially smaller animal. He also made friendship with a young mother cat who had a litter of kittens in the straw of Pepik's box, in a corner where the animals were safe from all hooves.

After that, he returned to his inspection of the palace. One time he opened a door, only to close it quickly, blushing furiously. He didn't think the two servants on the other side of the door had seen him, busy as they'd been with... activities... After that, he was a little bit more careful in which doors he opened, and which he left closed. Eventually he found himself in the library, where he wandered around between all the bookshelves. He found himself wishing he could read. It seemed to him that a whole new world was waiting for him, if only he could decipher those mysterious signs. But still, he liked the feel of this place, so in the end he curled up in a corner and just breathed in the atmosphere. He'd spend a while here, and after that maybe he'd see if he could find the baron to give him his answer.

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Naya took Voltigar's offered arm and walked beside him. The wolf walked behind her, not obedient in the way of a dog, but always his own master, though always loyal to her. She wouldn't thank him for this - the wolf language she had mastered did not have a concept of gratitude. Anything the wolf did was perfectly logical to him, and it was in his nature to be loyal to the leader of the pack - even of such a small pack as theirs. Gratitude would have seemed strange to him.

Naya, on Voltigar's arm, was thinking how strange this was. Well, there was a first time for everything, she supposed, but she'd never walked on the arm of a King before. Come to think of it, she hadn't often walked on the arm of any man. Most men weren't really interested in her, and vice versa the same applied. Mostly she had spent her time out in the wildernis, or at least in the lands between towns and villages, in forests where all the sound you heard were birds singing and leaves rustling. That life was quite opposite to a large town like this, where you almost didn't hear yourself thinking for all the noises. People liked to hear themselves too much, she thought. Animals were quite different. When they made a sound, it was for a purpose. The human sounds, however, seemed to have the sole purpose of making noise.

She turned to Voltigar. "Your majesty, if I'm to train together with your archers, do you have a bow for me to use? Empty air is a bit hard to practice with, though my imagination would make me hit the bull's eye more often than I would with an actual bow in my hand." she laughed.

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Voltigar watched Clayton leave the room, as if he was as glad as Voltigar was in having him leave.  Lady Cherri and Lady Naya were both upon his arms; one on each. Voltigar led them with ease through the Palace toward the rear. The Archery range was outside he then remembered and after looking at the ladies and himself he decided that they should probably change. He would just need an outer cloak, but Lady Naya would definately need warmer clothes and Lady Cherri probably the same. Besides, if they were doing that, that would give him time to see Iris...hopefully alone.  Before he could suggest it to the ladies Naya spoke.

Naya turned to Voltigar. "Your majesty, if I'm to train together with your archers, do you have a bow for me to use? Empty air is a bit hard to practice with, though my imagination would make me hit the bull's eye more often than I would with an actual bow in my hand." she laughed.

Voltigar laughed. A big booming laugh. "Lady Naya, the way some of my archers shoot, I think that sometimes they are using empty air, but they have no imagination, as they mostly miss the target. Perhaps it would be better for them if I could just help them to imagine that they actually hit the target," He laughed again and then grew serious. "I am sure Lady Naya that a bow will be found to your liking, and if not then I will have one made for especially for you," Voltigar answered.

He spoke to Lady Cherri, "Perhaps this imagining hitting the bullseye each time you drew an arrow would be a help. Is that how you shoot, M'lady Cherri? You imagine the arrow hitting the bullseye and then magically it just does?" Voltigar asked.

There was a slight pause as Voltigar waited for Lady Cherri to answer him. "Magic," he said thoughtfully. "Now that would be a boon, if someone could magically make his arrows hit the target all the time," He said thinking of his wayward magican. He wondered if there really were others who wielded such power. "Forgive me ladies, I was just...imagining," he said chuckling.


Baron Thorigor knocked on Baroness's Iris and Cadence's door again, this time a bit more forceful.

"Perhaps M'lord they have left," a knight offered.

"Perhaps, Sir George, but we will wait just a while longer. It maybe that they are bathing and did not hear the first knock or if they did they are changing into clothes," the Baron answered.

"Yes, M'lord. That is a reasonable explanation," Sir George replied.

The Baron looked around at his knights, he really did not need them and they may intimidate the girls.

"You are all dismissed. Go to your rooms or roam the palace. I will stay here until one of my daughters open the door or show up," Thorigor ordered.

The knights bowed their heads and left Thorigor alone. He turned and faced the closed door. Somehow the image brought to mind how Iris's mind was closed like that door. She would not even let him explain. He hoped that she was in a better frame of mind and would allow him to do so this time.

Sir George, a slight builded, dark haired and eyed man in his late twenties did not want to go the room so he wandered the halls of the Palace; looking at the many and varied paintings on the walls and the colorful scheme of tiles on certain parts of the floor.  He opened a door and saw that it was the library.  He stepped in and saw in a chair in the corner the performer, Garth; that the Baron had asked to perform at his daughter's wedding.  The man was just sitting there, breathing. He did not have a book in his hand. Sir George coughed to catch Garth's attention. "Master Garth, do you sit staring at all of these books because you are having a hard time deciding which one to read or have you just come in here for some silent contmeplation? If that is the case then I am sorry I have interrupted you and I will leave. However if there is some other reason perhaps I could help?" George answered, suddenly thinking that perhaps Garth did not know how to read. Many peasants did not.

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It was bliss. One moment of pure, neverending bliss as Cadence's lips found his own and they were locked within each other for ever. He didn't know where his own body ended and hers began. It seemed to last forever, but in the end he had to let go, a little breathlessly. The happiness that he felt radiated as much from his brown eye as the nervousness had done previously. "I guess this means yes..." He grinned. The intensity of it all was just too much, he had to laugh, or shout, or both at the same time, to keep his heart from bursting with happiness. In a fluid movement he stood on his feet again, pulling Cadence with him.

He put a hand on her cheek, rubbing away the tears with his thumb. "Oh Cadence." he whispered. "Dearest, my love. I'm going to make you so happy." He started laughing again, and hugged her tightly. Then, on impulse, he picked her bodily up and turned around. He put her down again carefully and hugged her again.

Stepping away, he looked at her again. He would be grateful every day for the rest of his life that she had said yes. But at this moment, a problem lay ahead. They would have to tell the Baron. Or he would, as he'd promised her. "Will you help me look for your father, love? We had better clear this situation up before we leave, and I believe we will be leaving soon."

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Cadence laughed out in joy as Lance picked her up and twirled her around. It felt so good to have someone other than her sister love her for who she was; this love that Lance was offering was the stuff her dreams were made of, this pure and simple love, with the promise of a good future that she would be happy in. When Lance proposed for them to find her father, she hesitated, her smile faltering slightly. "I'm not sure he'll approve. He wants Iris to be wed first, after all," she said. "But I'll help you find him. We have to hope for the best." So saying, Cadence took his hand in hers and led the way to the Palace.


Iris awoke with a start, her subconscious shaking her awake from the nightmares that had plagued her sleep. Her night wasn't as restful as it should have been. Her dreams were all about war, and everyone around her dying, cut down by faceless figures, their silhouette looking eerily like Clayton's. She sat up and shook her head, trying to clear her mind. The memory of her nightmare still clung to her, like a spider's web would cling on to a fly. This won't do. Standing up, she threw open the curtains, letting the weak sun warm her cold form. The sunlight felt good, and she felt better already.

She walked over to the basin and started washing up. As she wiped her face with a towel, a knock came from her door. "Come in," Iris called out. A servant came in, hands full with an overflowing tray of food. She placed the tray on the table, bowed, and said in a timid voice, "Baroness Cadence asked me not to disturb you. Her instructions was to bring in your breakfast when I heard some noises coming from your room. Do you wish for anything else, Baroness Iris?"

Iris nodded at the servant. A little shiver ran through her at the title. The title felt odd, alien, somehow. "No, it's fine," Iris said. The servant gave her a small smile and exited the room, leaving Iris alone. Iris sat down at the table and eyed the food. It certainly smelt good. Nana's cooking, no doubt. Pushing her worries to the back of her mind, Iris started to eat.

Halfway through her delicious meal, someone rapped sharply at the door. Twice. Who can that be? Iris wondered as she wiped her mouth. Maybe the King? Straightening up, she brushed away the bread crumbs from her skirt and padded to the door. Opening it slightly, her hopes were dashed as she realised that it was the Baron. No, my father. The welcoming smile that graced her elegant face faded away, replaced by a neutral expression; eyes that had held warmth, now unreadable.

"It is you, Father," Iris murmured as she curtsied politely. "What brings you here?"   

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Thorigor began to smile when Iris first opened the door and he could see a slight smile upon Iris's face and there was some life to her eyes but as soon as she saw that it was him; it all faded away, like a dried leaf in the autumn season.

"It is you, Father," Iris murmured as she curtsied politely. "What brings you here?"   

"I had hoped to speak with you and Cadence alone. To try and explain. To tell you what happened with your mother and how I felt about her and you and Cadence and why...why I had to do what I did," Thorigor said softly, his voice low and begining to quiver with emotion.

He felt tears welling up in his eyes, but his pride would not allow him to cry, at least not in front of anyone; in private, he found tears came more easily the older he became. Regrets and decisions weighed a man down, but a man carried those to his grave.  "May I come in? Is Cadence here?" He asked with more command of his voice and emotions.

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Mouse looked confused for a moment when someone started talking to him, but he quickly regained his composure. "No no, sir knight, you did not interrupt me. I was just enjoying the atmosphere of the library, even if I can't read." He shrugged. It was not something he pondered too often, he'd just never had the chance to learn. He was not an exception by far, he knew that much. He wondered briefly if the knight would think him stupid, but decided it was an irrelevant question. Instead he looked curiously at him.

"Please, call me Mouse. Can I ask you a question?" Without really waiting for an answer he plunged on. "You are in the Baron's retinue, are you not? What kind of a man is he?" Mouse might already have decided to go with him, he still would like to know a bit more about the man he'd be travelling with. Besides, this way he wouldn't have to talk about himself. Always the best strategy to draw away attention from oneself - ask questions. He waited politely for the knight's answer.

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The Baron's voice shook slightly with emotion as he explained that he wanted to tell her his reason for doing what he did. His eyes shone with unshed tears, sadness clearly showing deep in his eyes. Iris's heart softened. She opened the door a little wider and with a wave of her hand, invited him in. "No. Cadence isn't here. She was gone by the time I woke up. Did you not see her at breakfast?" Iris asked as she started to clear away the remains of her breakfast.

Her father stepped in and took a seat near the fireplace, which was currently unlit. After cleaning up, Iris popped a head out into the hallway and stopped a young girl. "Hey, you, lass," Iris called. The girl turned her head at the call and walked to Iris, green eyes questioning. "What do you want?" the girl asked. As soon as she spoke those words, she coloured and hastily added, "M'lady." Iris smiled at the girl to put her at ease and said, "I would like for you to find my sister, wherever she may be. Please be quick, it's urgent. Tell her that our father wishes to speak to us about certain things." The girl nodded and sped off.

Iris withdrew her head and spoke to her father. "I asked a girl to fetch Cadence. Be patient, Father. She'll be here soon."


Becky, a 9 year old girl, ran off. At the end of the corridor, she stopped in her tracks, thinking hard. If I was Cadence, where would I go? So absorbed in her thoughts Becky was she didn't realise that a coarse voice was heralding a maid. A maid whose arms was piled high with clean laundry and Becky was right in her path.

"Ah, Becky, ye little lass!" the maid cried as her laundry spilled all over the floor, Becky and the maid following a second later, a mess of tangled limbs and not a little bit of swearing on the maid's part. Becky untangled herself as quickly as possible. "Sorry, Fiona," Becky squeaked. The maid's scolding followed her down the hall as she fled the scene. Promises of a severe punishment echoed around her, Fiona's shrill voice reverberating off the stone walls. Frightened, she ran out of the Palace and into the garden in an endeavour to postpone her punishment. As she reached the main steps, Becky slowed down. She leaned against one of the cold stone pillars and slowly retrieved the train of thought that went off track when Fiona crashed into her.

"Right. I have to find the Baroness," she muttered to herself. A guard looked up. "Child, are you looking for Baroness Cadence?" Becky's head whipped around. "Yes, sir," she replied. "If you are in the possession of the knowledge of her location, could you be so kind as to tell me? I'm in slight hurry, you see. The other Baroness wishes for me to quickly fetch Baroness Cadence. And apparently, this matter is important." The guard grinned at the "big words" coming from such a small girl. "Polite and eloquent is a way to go through life, child. She and Sir Lance is down by that path. They've been there for a while now."

Becky thanked the guard and started on the path. As she turned the corner, she bumped into a laughing Baroness Cadence. Both fell to the hard ground, Becky banging her shin hard on a outlying rock. Irritated now, Becky jumped up and stamped her foot. "Oh, the second time today. Can't I be lucky for one second?" she lamented. Belatedly, she realised what she had said. And in front of a Baroness too! "Oh, a thousand apologies, Baroness! I have no idea what I was thinking, causing you to fall down like that," Becky cried. Tears threatened to spill down her rosy cheeks. Will I be fired? Sir Lance had already picked up the Baroness, and both noticed the young girl's discomfort. Cadence smiled at the girl. "It's alright, no harm done. Now run along."

"But Baroness, I have a message."

Cadence turned. "A message? From whom, child?"

"The other Baroness, Baroness. That is, your sister. Baroness Iris. She says to go to your room now, because the Baron wants to speak to you."

Cadence's brow furrowed. She turned to her lover. "Lance, do you think he already knows?" Cadence asked worriedly. "Please, Baroness. It's urgent," Becky pulled lightly on Cadence's sleeve. Cadence nodded at the girl. "Lead the way," she said.


After they stood outside the room, Cadence withdrew a coin from her pocket and pressed it into the girl's hand. "Thank you very much," Cadence said, smiling, although her smile didn't quite reach her eyes. She pushed open the door and stepped into her bedroom. "Iris? Father? Both of you wanted to see me?" Cadence asked hesitantly. Iris looked up and smiled welcomingly. "Sit here, Cadence. Father wishes to tell us something," Iris said, patting the space next to her. Cadence walked over and sat down. Alternating her gaze from her sister to her father, Cadence finally rested her eyes on her father. "What is it?" she asked, somehow fearing the answer.

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They were just on their way to find Cadence's father when a small girl bumped into the Baroness, causing her to fall down. Lance quickly picked her up and then helped the girl to stand. She had a message, saying that the Baron wanted to speak to her. For a moment, Lance shared Cadence's anxiety that he already knew about them, but then how could that be? They'd been alone in the passage, and too far from corners for anyone to have overheard or seen what had happened. And so quickly? No, it must be for something else.

As they moved through the corridors - not quite running, but not slowly either - the knight casually lay a hand on the small of Cadence's back. It wasn't a conscious move, not really. It just felt so natural to do. He looked to the side for a moment, to the woman's anxious face, and just wanted to hug her to smooth all her troubles away. As they neared the room, he whispered 'Don't worry, everything'll be fine'. Then she entered. Lance stood outside the open door, not really wanting to leave his love here, but not sure if he could enter either.

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Sir George

George gave the little man an amused smile. "Mouse, it is then," he said. He walked around the room looking at all of the books that lined the shelves reading their titles. There were some books with titles and languages he did not even know or understand. He spoke outloud. "Mouse do not be ashamed if you do not know how to read or write. There are books here that I can not even read for I do not know what language they are written in."

He sat down upon a chair opposite of Mouse. "I think everyone should know how to read and write, at least the basics and not just the gentry. M'lord, would not approve of my thoughts, nor would most of the gentry I expect, but I think everyone should have the opportunity to learn to read and write."

Mouse then asked about the Baron. George leaned forward a little, staring at Mouse as if he were deciding whether Mouse should know or not?

Finally he leaned back and settled himself in the chair. "Baron Thoigor is a man of great honor and pride. He rules the city Cemphiria and the lands surrounding it. I have found him to be a man of integrity and honesty.  He is a hard man. He expects much from us, his knights, as well as his servants, but only because he expects more from himself. However, that was when he was young and virile and had not married yet.

His marriage was arranged by his parents to another very wealthy family and the Baroness Esmerelda, though beautiful in her youth on the outside, was not so on the inside. I was just a page when she married the Baron. She took over immediately and it was not too soon before the servants hated her and even us pages. We could not wait until that part of our knightly training was over.  She was a shrew and the only good thing about her was she gave the Baron a son."

His face saddend and he looked around. "I sure could use a nice cup of tea. How about yourself Mouse?" He asked.  He got up, went to the door and found a maid and ordered a pot of tea, closed the door and sat back down. "Where was I? The Baron's son," he said.

Baron Thorigor

Thorigor sat down by the unlit fireplace and stirred the embers with an iron rod as Iris sat down opposite him; both waiting for Cadence to be found. "Yes, Cadence was at breakfast but excused herself saying she had an errand or something like that to do. I had thought she was coming here to keep you company as she had stated that you were not feeling well. I should see if I can get this fire going," he said looking around for the tinder box.

He found the box and busied himself making the fire; soon he had a roaring fire going and he sat back down staring at the flames as they licked their way along the dry logs he had put on. There was so much he wanted to say. So much to atone for, but he did not know where to start and besides they were waiting for Cadence.

The door opened and Cadence walked in. Thorigor looked at her and could see her face was flushed and her cheeks were rosy as if she had been outside, but she wore no cloak.  She sat down besides her sister glancing at both of them with a look of guilt upon her face, thought Thorigor. Then she finally turned to him and asked.  "What is it?"

Thorigor sighed. The time had come and then he noticed that Cadence had not shut the door and Lance was standing there; fidgeting. He too looked liked he had been outside. Lance was Iris's betrothed yet it seemed that he and Cadence were both outside, Thorigor thought.

His brows furrowed as he thought and looked at Cadence and then at Lance and then finally at Iris. A sly smile creased his old face. "Sir Lance, perhaps you should come in as well. As you are to be soon my son-in-law you should know about your wifes history," he said beckoning Lance into the room. "And please close the door after you," Thorigor added.

Lance hesitated but for a moment and then entered and began to close the door when a voice called out and a hand held onto the door. "Do you mind if I enter?"

Lance turned and saw the King. He opened the door wider. "I do not your Majesty, however M'lord and his daughters may," Lance said.

Thorigor rose. "Your Majesty. Is there something I or my knights can do for you?" asked Thorigor, curious as to why the King was here.

Voltigar glanced quickly at Iris. "Actually Baron I came to speak to Baroness Iris...alone, if possible?"

Thorigor glanced at Iris and that sly smile creased his face again and then disappeared as quickly. "I do not mind, however her betrothed might. You will have to ask him," he said.

Voltigar looked at Lance. "I know this may seem improper, but I guarantee you it is not. I just need to speak with Baroness Iris for just a small while, if you and her permit."

Voltigar waited for Lance's and Iris's reply. He thought he knew what Lance's reply would be, as he would not deny his King, but Iris was probably still angry and he did not know if she really wanted to talk to him or not. He waited...wondering.


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Lance looked from one person to the other, from the King to the baron to his arranged betrothed to the betrothed of his choice, but it seemed that all eyes were fixed on him. Oh, he hated being the center of attention. He was tempted to say 'yes' and get it over with; however, this was the opportune moment to talk to the baron. And to everyone else involved, at the same time.

He cleared his throat once, then plunged into his revelation head first, trying to get everything out in the open before anyone interrupted him. "Actually, Your Majesty, I would like to say something to all who are present here first. I hope you do not mind. Mostly, though, I would like to talk to the Baron, but what I have to say concerns all who are in this room."

He turned to the Baron and took a deep breath. "Uncle, I know you wish me to marry Iris, because she is your firstborn and thus you wish to see her married first. However, in the short time that we were here, I was able to observe that her heart no longer belongs to herself. She had given it to another, and she would never have been able to give it to me. Now, she is dear to me already, and I want to see her happy. Therefore I ask you, uncle, to give her hand in marriage to the King." Lance raised his hand when he saw the baron was about to say something.

"I have one more thing to ask. I know you wish your daughter to marry so that you will have an heir. I have talked with Cadence, and with your permission, Uncle, she has agreed to be my wife." He fell silent. There was really nothing more to be said on his part. Now it was up to the Baron to decide whether or not things would progress in this fashion. If he said no, things would stay as they were. Lance could only hope. He felt his cheeks slowly redden as he waited for the Baron's answer.

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The room was silent after Lance's announcement. The Baron hadn't spoke. No one spoke. No one dared to. The only audible sound there was was the crackling of the roaring fire. Iris and Cadence sat there, each alone with their thoughts.

Iris was very shocked. The first thought that came into her head at his request was: He wants Cadence to be his wife? Automatically, her sister complex caused her to involuntarily put an arm around Cadence, who was also looking shocked. The second thought that pierced the surprise was: I may marry the King. Realisation washed over her and her arm dropped. The small hope in her chest started to grow and grow and grow, until it kept out everything, except that small voice in her that kept repeating the phrase. I may marry the King. She suddenly realised how her expression might have looked to the others. Quickly stamping down on the emotion that had suddenly risen, she schooled her expression to one of neutrality, and waited for her father's response. I may marry the King.

Cadence, on the other hand, was more worried than shocked. Oh, she was shocked at first, but it soon grew to worry. Lance, for all his merits, was not subtle. At all. She had wanted to ease her father into the proposition, not blurt it out! Only the presence of the rest stopped her from tearing her hair out. Lance! Subtlety! she wanted to scream at him. She stole a sidewards glance at Iris. She seemed supremely unconcerned by the sudden announcement. Her neutral expression prompted Cadence to do the same. Smoothing out the lines that appeared after Lance's speech, Cadence sat there, and she too, waited for her father's answer. 

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Thorigor was somewhat surprised when the King suddenly appeared and asked to speak to Iris alone. That seemingly innocent request by his Majesty confirmed what Thorigor thought he knew; what Lance said next he did not know.

"Uncle, I know you wish me to marry Iris, because she is your firstborn and thus you wish to see her married first. However, in the short time that we were here, I was able to observe that her heart no longer belongs to herself. She had given it to another, and she would never have been able to give it to me. Now, she is dear to me already, and I want to see her happy. Therefore I ask you, uncle, to give her hand in marriage to the King."

Thorigor sat back in his chair. He could see that Lance's cheeks were turning a bit red. Thorigor sat there silently making Lance even more nervous. He glanced at his daughters and could see a myriad of emotions running rampid over both of their faces: first was shock, then glimmers of hope in Iris's eyes, that were quickly diminished, but not fast enough and from Cadence the look she gave Lance was abject horror! Thorigor almost smiled. It seemed that Cadence and Lance had been awfully busy in just twenty four hours, give or take an hour or so.

Then Lance followed up with his next revelation. "I have one more thing to ask. I know you wish your daughter to marry so that you will have an heir. I have talked with Cadence, and with your permission, Uncle, she has agreed to be my wife."

Thorigor looked over at his Majesty. His face was almost like stone; except a slight twitching and clenching of his jaw. Voltigar returned Thorigor's look and was about to speak when Thorigor held up his hand, stood up, and walked to the fire, staring into it.  If what Lance had said was true, it would seem that he, his daughters, Lance and his Majesty would all get what they wanted out of life. He would get an heir, not only from Cadence and Lance, but also in a round about way from Iris and that boy would be a Prince! But,

He turned and looked at Cadence.

But could he actually let Cadence throw her life away. Was she not betrothed to Sir Clayton? Certainly she would have to wait a year until his service to his Majesty was over, but then she would be happy. She was making a tremendous sacrifice just so her sister could be happy. He admired and was extremely pleased to know that Cadence loved her sister that much. Both of his daughters had turned out well, even if they had to have been sold into slavery. It was much better than what the alternative would have been.

And then another thought came into his mind and he turned back toward the fire so that no one could see the smile that crept across his face; his wife's family were powerful indeed, and she would have tried to stop the marriage at all costs, so that he would have no legitimate heir and when he died she would have control of his estate. However having his Majesty as his son-in-law would definately put a damper on those plans. He almost laughed out loud thinking about his wife's expression as he told her. Perhaps she would leave him. Oh, that would be the best deathbed present any man could have.

He turned back to them all, thoughtfully scratched his chin and then spoke. "I have thought about this carefully and as much as I would like to honor your request Lance, I cannot. I am truely sorry."

He walked to Cadence and looked down at her and at Iris. "I have taken away your happiness once and I will not do it again. I admire you wanting to give your sister some happiness, but what about your own? And how do you know if his Majesty wants to marry Iris?"

He spun and stared at Lance, "Come to think of it, how do you know, for sure? You may have observed something that is not there and now you have embarressed me in front of his Majesty."

He then turned to Voltigar. "Please accept my apologies your Majesty. It seems that my family has conspired against you."

Voltigar had stepped into the room and had closed the door behind him when he heard Lance say that what he wanted to say concerned them all. Voltigar was curious, besides he was still hoping to talk to Iris before she left and then when Lance stated his intentions, his heart almost stopped.

He had kept silent as Thorigor went to the fire and was doing some thinking on his own. Voltigar's own mind was racing as he thought of the many implications of Lance's and Cadence's intentions. Perhaps Cadence decided that it would be better to marry Lance than Clayton, but she did not have to worry about that anymore. He had fixed that by the faux knighting ceremony and once Clayton was publicly exposed as a spy, he would be stripped of his title and the lands that had been given him. So, the only motivation for her to marry Lance would be to give Iris a chance to marry him. Or...

He looked thoughtfully at Lance and then more at Cadence; afraid to look at Iris for fear he would lose all train of thought as it would be consumed with her and her only. Perhaps there was another motivation, could they actually have feelings toward one another? He had a hard time thiniking that it was so, for they had only met. He had to know one way or another and he would not just come right out and ask the question that was burning in his heart. He would not want to embarress Cadence or Lance if the case were not true. He would try another tactic and see where it led.

"Baron, no apologies needed," Voltigar said to put the Baron at ease, but Voltigar somehow had a sneaky suspicion that the Baron was doing exactly what he was planning. The Baron had to know as well.

Voltigar walked over to Cadence, the Baron stepped back toward the fire. Voltigar glanced briefly at Iris who gave him a quick glance and then quickly looked away and down; her hands folded tightly in her lap. Voltigar wondered briefly what she was thinking. He hoped it was the same as he, but he was not certain. He gave his full attention to Cadence.

"Baro...Cadence," he said softly and warmly looking into her eyes, "I am truely touched by you and Sir Lance to decide to wed just so that I could marry Iris. However, I must agree with your father. I will not be one to take away your happiness for my own selfish reasons. You are free from Clayton and now you can marry whoever you wish..."

He could see that Cadence was going to say something and could hear Lance behind him about to speak but he interrupted them both with a soft finger touched to Cadence's lips and then turned his head behind him, looking at Lance and continued. "This is nothing against you Sir. I am sure you had and have honorable intentions and I admire you for them," He turned back to Cadence.

"Unless Cadence you truly are in love with Sir Lance and not just making a pretense so that Iris would be free to marry me, if she still wants to and if her father allows, I cannot allow you to marry Sir Lance for me. I am sorry, but I must reiterate what I said before, I will not be the one to take away your happiness for my own selfish reasons."

He took in a deep breath and slowly let it out as he stood up and backed away looking at all of them. "I stopped you both from speaking before," he said to Iris and Lance, "You may say now what you wish, ladies first," he nodded at Cadence, a warm genuine smile creasing his face.

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"I have thought about this carefully and as much as I would like to honor your request Lance, I cannot. I am truly sorry."

With that simple sentence, Cadence's world came crashing down. She sat, frozen, hands gripping her arms tightly. She was technically betrothed to Clayton. If she really had to marry him, who knows what he would do to her! In the dead of the night, no one could hear her scream, and if they did, they couldn't do a thing about it, for by that time, she would be his.

"I have taken away your happiness once and I will not do it again. I admire you wanting to give your sister some happiness, but what about your own? And how do you know if his Majesty wants to marry Iris?"

Hearing that, Cadence's heart stopped. A spark of realization ignited in her mind. He thinks that I'm in love with Clayton! Her blood that had just become a frozen river started to run warm once again. Cadence slowly let out a breath that she didn't know she was holding. I can easily convince Father that I am in love with Lance, not Clayton.

All of a sudden, the King was in front of her, his eyes looking deep into hers. "Baro...Cadence. I am truly touched by you and Sir Lance to decide to wed just so that I could marry Iris. However, I must agree with your father. I will not be one to take away your happiness for my own selfish reasons. You are free from Clayton and now you can marry whoever you wish..." Cadence opened her mouth to speak her mind, but a soft finger gently stopped her lips. A few seconds later, the King invited Cadence to speak.

Taking a deep breath, Cadence started to speak. "Dearest Father, I assure you, my love for Lance is true. If you are thinking that my heart lies with Clayton, you are wrong. I have found out that in his eyes, I am nothing but a tool, an object to climb higher on the political ladder. He has also made.... indecent advances towards others, and I will never forgive him for that." Her gaze left the Baron and alighted on the King. "M'lord, I can tell you, our request was hardly self-sacrificing, indeed, it is for ourselves, our selfish selves. The fact that my sister will have bliss is a bonus." Cadence stopped. Have I said too much? Briefly closing her eyes, she turned to Iris, and waited for her to speak.

Iris had heard everything said with a mask on, a mask of neutrality. She knew that Cadence's last statement wasn't true; it was just a way of saying that she thought that Iris would be happy with the King. Her eyes swept the room, deliberately avoiding the King. If she looked at the King, she was afraid that she would lose all control. She looked at her father, his back still towards her.

"I have only known Lance for a few hours, but as soon as I saw him, I could tell that his heart was lost, and I can also tell that my sister has also lost hers. I have no wish of disrupting his happiness, nor do I wish for my sister to be wed to that... filth," Iris spat the word out, clearly detesting Clayton. She composed herself, and continued, "If I may be honest..." At this, Iris hesitated. A few seconds passed as she gathered herself. I'm digging my own grave.  "To be completely frank, Father, my heart also belongs someone else," Iris confessed quietly. Let me lie down in it. She lifted her eyes, and finally gazed deep into the King's surprised ones.

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Thorigor listened as Cadence spoke and could not help but smile at the fire. His suspicions had been correct; somehow Cadence and Sir Lance had actually fallen in love! Yes, they had not known each other more than a day or so and yet as if fate had already planned that these two hearts would meet and be knitted to each other as soon as the right time had come.

He glanced over at Lance and could see the truth of it all in his one good eye, that was loving Cadence from afar and his face told the story.

Well, those suspicions were put at rest, all, except the revelation of Sir Clayton. Perhaps his Majesty did not know about this man's true character before he knighted him and with the highest honors a knight could receive in the kingdom. His answer came shortly thereafter when his Majesty spoke. The knighting of Sir Clayton was some sort of ruse so that Cadence would not have to marry Sir Clayton. What was it about this man? A man should want to climb the politcal ladder, as his daughter put it, but how would marrying a maidservant do that? No one knew his daughter's true stations in life until he showed up; so that did not make sense. As for his indiscretions, how many single men did not have any, though he had to admit that once you became betrothed, you should be willing to curb those appetites, at least until you have been married awhile.

So, what was it about this man that caused such animostiy toward him?

He then heard Iris speak and her disdain for Sir Clayton was even more evident than Cadence's. Was she the one that this Sir Clayton had made advances upon after his betrothal to Cadence? If so, the man's character was definately in question, if not his judgement. But Cadence said "other" so Thorigor wondered who else had been in the eye of this man?

He cleared his throat and looked into Voltigar's eyes. "Many revelations have come to light this morn. Some of which I had suspicions about, others I did not. I will not pry into his Majesties affairs, even if one of them would concern my daughter. After all you did not know her true station in life and treated her as any in power and Nobility would treat a maidservant. It would seem that you must have been kind to her for her to give your heart to you and for that I thank you."

"Excuse me Baron, but are you implying that I...I had bed Iris?" Voltigar asked.

"I was trying to be delicate your Majesty, but since you put it that way, yes, that is what I was saying." Thorigor answered testily. He had hoped to phrase his statement in a way not to embarress his daughter.

Voltigar had been returning Iris's gaze with a slight shock of his own, wondering is she had meant him or someone else? However the longer he gazed into her eyes the more he knew, as he had known the first time he had met her, or as he thought lovingly, bumped into her, that he had fallen for her and she for him.

"There was no need for you to be delicate Baron. I assure you that I have never touched your daughter, and that my intentions and actions toward her have been and always will be, honorable," Voltigar said as he returned his gaze toward Iris. "I would be honored if she would consent to be my wife."

He walked over, knelt down on one knee if front of Iris, took off his signet ring, gently picked up Iris's left hand and looking into her eyes softly asked, "Iris, since the first time we bumped into each other my heart belonged to you. Each day I would awake, anticipating seeing your face and hearing your voice. I knew, as your father had alluded, that I could have taken you if I had wanted, but I would not mar the love I have for you by doing that. I also knew that as long as you were a maidservant and I was King that we could never marry and I was willing to live and love afar. Willing to even die without an heir, for I could never love another as I love you. Fate, it seems, had different plans for both you and your sister,"

He gave a quick glance over at Cadence who's eyes were shifting back forth between him and Iris and Lance. She blushed.

"I and Sir Lance who I believe thought he would probably never find love, or would have to love afar, as I had thought I would be condemmed to do. But now fate has given us our hearts desire."

He slowly began placing his ring upon her left ring finger. "Iris, will you marry me? Will you become my Queen and make me the happiest man on Caelereth?"

Thorigor was not prepared for this event. He had not even given his blessings to Cadence and Lance and here his Majesty was kneeling in front of Iris and everyone else in the room, proposing to Iris! This was a bit much for him and he wanted to sit down, had to sit down or else he felt he was going to fall, but he held his resolve and remained standing, though his hand reached out and he steadied himself against the hearth's wall.

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Iris sat there, frozen, as the King gently placed his ring on her finger. The thumping of her heart increased a hundredfold as he spoke about how he had loved her from the begining. Her mind was whirling with emotions, happiness, joy, relief, hope. Each filled her heart with nothing but pure joy, filled it until it nearly burst.

"Iris, will you marry me? Will you become my Queen and make me the happiest man on Caelereth?" Her heart, already full to bursting, now overflowed and rushed out of her from the only outlet she had. Sudden, sparkling tears streaked down her soft cheeks, her happiness clear to all. "Yes," she said simply. With trembling hands, she cupped the King's face gently, and kissed him with all the passion she had.

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After such a passionate kiss, they slowly parted and Voltigar gazed lovingly into Iris's tear covered eyes. She had said yes! He heard a cough and looked up and noticed the Baron staring at him and Iris.

He could feel himself begin to blush and he quickly rose and faced the Baron. "I apologize. I should have asked you first Baron for the hand of your daughter before I proposed. I assume our proposal meets your approval and gains your blessing?" Voltigar asked.

Thorigor's stern face split wide open as he smiled from ear to ear. "Approval? Blessing? Your Majesty,it would be a fool to turn down the King as his son-in-law. Besides, it would seem that my daughters have chosen without my approval or blessings anyway. I am pleased to see that they both have good heads upon their shoulders."

Thorigor walked over to the table and began to fill up glasses with wine. He finished and waved at the glasses. "Please take one and let us toast to the happiness of Cadence and Lance and to Iris and his Majesty."

Voltigar went over to the table took two glasses, and handed one to Iris. "You can call me Voltigar, Baron, but only in private and I will call you..."

"You will call me Baron, and I will call you your Majesty or Highness," Thorigor said.

Voltigar tipped his glass towards the Baron, "As you wish, Baron Thorigor." 

Voltigar glanced back a shocked looking Lance. "Well Sir knight. Are you not going to go get some wine for yourself and your bride to be so that we can toast our good fortunes?" he asked, grinning broadly.

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Garth was fascinated by the story. Yes, he would like to travel with these people... When sir George asked about himself, he shrugged his shoulders. "Not much to tell, I'm afraid. My parents didn't like me because of my height. My brother did. So he helped me get away from them, by asking the leader of a travelling band of artists to let me join. They weren't black butterfly rovers, but they came close. I learned my profession from them. Later, I travelled alone, performing on markets and in inns." He shook his head once, then looked up at the knight. "That's all. But you were telling me about the Baron's son. I'm intrigued by the story, please do continue."

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Sir George

"Yes, I was at the Baron's son, was I not?" George took a deep breath before continuing. "He died after an unfortunate accident while hunting. He tried to bite off too much, you see."

A maid came in with a pot of tea and two teacups on a tray. She placed them on the table between both men. Silently, she poured the tea into the cups, and curtsied before leaving. "Ah, I like the staff here. They are polite," George said as he took up his teacup.

"I am sorry, I sometimes digress. Back to the accident. He had gone after an elfcat. The sly thing lead him to a rocky area, where his horse lost balance and it tripped. He fell off and broke his neck." George took a small sip of tea. "His poor mother lost her sanity, and the Baron was now without a heir. Thankfully the two Baroness came along, or rather, were discovered. Messy business, is it not?" George chuckled.   

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Mouse listened to the tale with interest. He curled his hands around the cup of tea, warming them on the hot liquid, even though they were not really cold to begin with. While sipping it, careful not to burn his tongue, he thought about what sir George had told him. It was a sad tale, really. He couldn't imagine what it would be like to lose a child. For that matter, he couldn't imagine even what it would be like to have a child. Would it have a normal length, or would it be deformed like him? Well, not much use wondering, the chance he would ever get married was small enough, let alone have a child.

From the baron, Mouse's mind went to the place they were going. Cemphira... That was near Milkengrad, wasn't it? Perhaps he would have some time to visit his brother. That would be nice, it had been a while since they'd last met. In any case, after this wedding was over, chances were big he could go see him. His eyes lit up at the thought. But he might as well ask, just to be sure there would be time. "So... after this wedding, and baroness Iris and Lance are settled, what will happen then? Are there often parties where my presence would be required?"

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Lance felt his face reddening at the display of affection that was shown by Iris and Voltigar. If anyone had any doubt left that his observations had been correct... At least Cadence and he had shared their kiss in private! However, as the king addressed him, a grin spread over his face. He couldn't help it, even though he knew how it disfigured his lip even more, stretching the harelip wide.

At the King's words, he took two goblets, and passed one to Cadence. He gently placed his big hand on his bethroted's slender shoulder. With a small squeeze, he whispered in her ear: "I told you everything would be fine, didn't I?" Winking once with his good eye, he raised his goblet to the king. "To our good fortune!"

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After much drinking and hugging and jubilation Voltigar announced. "I think it is time we announced the betrothal's."

With that said he opened the girls room and found Clayton there. Clayton had been told to leave and attend to his own buisness and at first Voltigar was angry then a sly smile creased his face. "Sir Clayton, come on in and have some wine and celebrate my betrothal."

Clayton had been curious about what had happened to the King and after much skulking around discovered that he was in Iris's and Cadence's bedchambers.  He had stood outside the door, furtively looking around as he pressed his ear to the door to try and hear what was being said, but the door was too thick and all he could get was muffled voices and then laughter at the end.

Clayton bowed. "I would be glad to join in your good fortune Sire. May I ask who the lucky bride is to be?"

Voltigar peered at Clayton, trying to decide if he was really that ignorant or just being polite; he chose polite. "Why it is Baroness Iris, of course. And there is other news as well," Voltigar answered, pouring a cup of wine and handing it to Clayton.

Clayton took the wine but he could not miss the beam in Cadence's face nor the large protective hand upon her shoulder. He glared at the big one-eyed, hair lisped man and wondered.

"I think that Sir Lance should announce that news," Voltigar answered, suddenly realizing that the atmosphere in the room had become very cold.

Clayton did not even nod acknowledgement toward Sir Lance. "Before you tell me of your good news Sir knight I would kindly ask you to remove your hand from my betrothed."

The Baron was about to object but saw Voltigar behind Clayton nod his head ever so slowly. Suddenly the Baron understood. The King was determining whether Lance was worthy of Cadence. The Baron did not know this Sir Clayton, but sensed he was not liked, and had complete confidence in Lance: on the battlefield and off.

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Lance narrowed his one eye at Clayton at his request - or demand, rather. No, he hadn't liked this man the first time they lay eyes on each other, and every subsequent meeting only hardened this impression. With a very purposeful gesture, he moved behind Cadence and, instead of having his one right hand on her left shoulder, he placed both his hands on both her shoulders. He was very careful not to hurt her, instead keeping his touch as light as possible, trying to communicate to her that he would protect her.

"I believe, sir, that my news should be heard before you make any such demands as has just crossed your lips. No more than an hour since, Cadence has graciously accepted my hand in marriage. This makes her my betrothed. You are not in a position at this moment to make any demand."

While saying this, his brown eye blazed. It was fixed on Clayton's face, challenging him to defy him. The knight might be uncertain of himself when it came to his looks, and how women looked at him, but he had no such qualms when a man was concerned. He had fought many men, and he did not doubt more than this Clayton, who looked more than likely to stab a man in the back than to approach him openly. More than that, he had fought men that he regarded as ten times the worth of the snivelling coward in front of him.

He would have no problem with challenging this man to a duel, and there was no doubt in that blazing brown eye of his who would be the winner. For if they fought, he would fight with the knowledge of Cadence's love, and the cowardice of this man. He had not forgotten the girl that disappeared, although he would not say anything about her now; he had not proof enough of that. All his eye said was 'Dare it. Just dare challenge me, and it will be your downfall.' It could only be hoped that Clayton could read the message.

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"I believe, sir, that my news should be heard before you make any such demands as has just crossed your lips. No more than an hour since, Cadence has graciously accepted my hand in marriage. This makes her my betrothed. You are not in a position at this moment to make any demand."

Clayton could not believe his ears. Did he hear correctly? That Cadence accepted this disfigured, ugly, mishappen man in marriage? Over him! Such outrage!

His jaw tightened and the muscles rippled down his cheeks into his lower jaw. His eyes narrowed and he sensed the man was goading him into a fight. But Clayton was not about to fight a man who looked liked he had a good half stone of weight advantage and a good half head taller than he was; besides he did not mind knocking women around but men? Well, he had other ways to dispose of them.

His eyes swept down to Cadence and he glared at her. You shall not escape me so easily, neither you nor your sister. When Voldar falls, I shall demand that Christian give me to you.

Suddenly he lifted his eyes toward Lance and gave him a thin smile. "I congratulate you, Sir knight. However fleeting it may be," He held up his hand in protest, "Do not draw your sword as I am not challenging you for her hand. What I meant was that I believe that a woman who is already betrothed to one man cannot accept the hand of another unless of course she wishes to labled a...whore!"

Clayton briefly swept his eyes down to Cadence's and then back again up to Lance's and keeping a close eye on him and the Baron who looked liked he was about to have an apoplexy. "Is that not right your Majesty?" Clayton asked.

Voltigar who had been amusing himself with the encounter between Clayton and Lance suddenly felt like an idiot. Cadence was still betrothed to Clayton! Even if she had to wait a year until Clayton's service to him was finished, she was still legally betrothed to him and worse, he promised to marry them. Of course Voltigar knew that was not going to happen after Clayton was exposed as a spy, but now he was not only a spy, but a Knight of the Order of Voldar. The most prestigious position given to a man and only two other's had ever held that title and one was Damien.  Oh how he wished Damien was here now. Damien knew the law better than any man alive and he would know what to do or say, but Damien was not here and so he had to say something.

He cleared his throat and sadly looked at Lance, the Baron and especially at Cadence. "I am afraid Sir Clayton is correct. According to the law, if the lady in question has been asked and she accepted she cannot accept another's unless the first man who asked her relinquinshes his proposal. Even as King, I am not above the law," He said sadly.

Voltigar turned his eyes upon Clayton and asked, though he knew in his heart what the man would say, but he at least had to try. "Sir Clayton will you release this woman to be with the one she loves?"

Clayton paused as if thinking over the question; toying with Cadence as he saw her look up at him with hope in her eyes. "No, she told me that she loved me. She told me that she wanted to be my wife. We actually married, until your Majesty annulled it, and then promised he would marry us when my service to him was over in a year's time. I love her. I want her to be my wife. How does she know that she loves this man? She has just met him. Has her father concocted this scheme? I do not know, so my answer is, No, I do not release her from her vows."

Clayton would have laughed outloud if he could have as he saw the hope die in Cadence's eyes and then he stared at Lance and gave him just the slightest smile, as if to say, the better man won.

Baron Thorigor suddenly grasped his chest and collapsed.

As the others rushed forward to help him, Clayton stepped back and watched...silently.

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Cadence sighed in relief as Lance voiced her own thoughts as he passed her a goblet filled with red wine.A hand snaked out from the folds of her dress to rest gently on Lances free arm as he toasted their future. Everything was going along perfect, and Cadence's heart was full of happiness. She could hardly wait to be married to her love, and to bear his child.

After the many hugs, the King directed them to celebrate outside, and opened the door. Cadence stopped in shock as Clayton stood outside, looking momentarily like a deer caught in the line of a hungry wolf. Her hand unconsciously clutched Lance's a little harder, a small wriggle of worry worming itself into her mind. Releasing her grip on Lance, she felt his hand move to grasp her shoulders before his deep voice filled the room.

It was like a nightmare. The dialogue that passed between Lance and Clayton was nothing less than a death sentence, and the final line from Clayton threatened to send her spilling her eyes out. She wanted to scream at Clayton, Lies! All lies! You never loved me! before she could react, however, her father grabbed his chest and crumpled to the ground. "Father!" Cadence ran to his side, unsure of what to do.

Iris, on the other hand, wasn't worried at Clayton's arrival and subsequent announcement, she was angry. Mad and furious at that... scumbag who dared infringe on her sister's bliss. If not for her status at the King's fiancé, she would have slapped him right there and then. She hated the despair Cadence had in her eyes, and the helplessness she felt at the inability to do anything for her baby sister.

Hidden behind her skirt, her hands were balled into fists that simply itched to hit that sneer off Clayton's face, and she would have too, she had no doubt, if not for her father. Her cry of surprise mingled with Cadence's as she hurried to her father's side.

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Voltigar opened the door and yelled for a servant. A young girl quickly appeared. "Yes, your Majesty?" She inquired.

"Get my personal healer here now and then," he lowered his head toward the girl's and whispered, "have the towncriers call for Commander Scar to the Palace."

The littl girl's bright blue eyes widened even more when the King leaned close to her and whispered the last instruction. "I will do as you say your Majesty," she said with a smiel and a curtsy and then dashed off down the hallway.

Voltigar came back into the room, noticing that Clayton had done nothing but step back and with a slight grin on his face. If the war with Nyermersys was not so damn important I would expose you now as a spy and when your head is on the chopping block and Damien is about deliver the final blow that should take that smirk of your face you piece of cows dung!!

Voltigar's thoughts shouted inside his head and it took much willpower to keep them there.

He noticed Lance had opened Thorigor's shirt and had his ear pressed to his chest.

"Is his heart still beating?" Voltigar asked.

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Lance wanted to answer, he almost... almost opened his mouth to retort something. Anything. The only reason he didn't, was that he had no idea what to say. He'd been so caught up in the whole proposal thing, and trying to find a way to make things work for the four of them, that he'd completely lost sight of the legal matters. And he was not at home here, there were customs here that he did not know. Oh, if he could only meet this little... little weasel in a duel...

But this was not to be. The sound of a heavy weight falling chased any thought of challenging Clayton from his mind. His head whipped around, and in the same movement his body seemed to follow, turning first his upper body to face the fallen baron, then his feet took one long stride to where his body lay. He got down on his knees next to his lord - his uncle - and slapped his face once, twice, trying to wake him up. Unable to do so, he opened the baron's shirt, or ripped it open more like, and listened. He could not suppress the sigh of relief when he heard the heart still beating, if a little faintly. The healer should be here soon, but for the moment he survived.

The knight glanced up at the king, nodding his head to the question. He knew that the baron had a weak heart, of course he did. There was some kind of medicine, that the healer back in Cemphiria had given him to try to help, but he had no idea what it was, or where the baron kept it. He could mention it when Voltigar's healer came. On his knees by the baron, Lance was acutely aware of where Clayton - rapidly becoming his nemesis - stood watching the proceedings. It was a measure of this man's worth that someone could lay dieing and all he would do was to step back. Still, now was not the time for the challenge that was burning in his chest. His first attention should go to his lord. This was the reason that he utterly and completely ignored the 'knight' of Voldar. But his time would come, and in that time Clayton should be really careful about what he was doing.

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The guards at the Palace were surprised by two things: one was the sudden appearance of Commander Scar with a lady in tow and they both seemed very much in a hurry. Then a horse with a man who looked liked a healer came galloping at the gates in full speed. They could hear the shouted orders to open the gate by order of the King by the man. They barely had time to open the gates when the horse and man, who they now recognized as Nichea, the King's personal healer, riding the heavily sweating horse.

Nichea rode through the gardens right up to the Palace entrance, jumped off the horse, grabbed his bag and rushed up the stairs into the Palace where he was met by a guard and a Palace servant. They were waiting for him and quickly escorted him to where the King was.


Several moments before Nichea arrived Damien strode purposefully down the hallway, his black cloak flying and flitting around him. Tanny had to run to keep up with Damien's long legs. Damien walked into the open doorway and quickly surveyed the room: Voltigar was waiting for someone and turned when he heard Damien's footsteps. He just nodded at Damien and then turned his attention to the Baron.

The Baron was lying on the floor, his shirt was tore open and the knight he knew as Lance was leaning over him. Cadence was crying as she cradled her father's head in her lap and Iris was sitting on a chair, her eyes were on fire, and Damien could see that her fists were clenched under her skirt.

Damien was wondering what had happened as he stepped farther into the room and then noticed Clayton behind the door. He was just standing there but he seemed to have a smirk on his face. The smirk quickly left when he saw Damien.What did you do Clayton? Why is the Baron on the floor? And why is Iris looking like she could kill you if she could? He thought.

Damien glared at the man for a moment and then turned his attention back to Voltigar. "You needed me Sire," he asked.

Voltigar turned his attention back to Damien for a moment. "I will talk with you later. I need you here until then."

"Is there anything I can do to help the Baron?" Damien asked looking down at the Baron.

"No, I think the only person that can help him is Nichea," Voltigar answered.

"You called,Sire," Nichea said as he rushed through the door, almost running into Damien.

Damien stepped aside.

"The Baron, I think it is his heart," Voltigar said excitedly.

Nichea nodded and looked at Lance who relunctanctly rose away from is leige and his uncle and let Nichea near the Baron.

Nichea quickly pressed his ear to the Baron's heart and heard a slight, faint heartbeat. He quickly opened his bag and took out a bowl, pestle and a strong pungent herb. "I need hot water, quickly," Nichea ordered as he began to grind the herb into a powder.  The scent of the herb grew stronger as it was pounded into the powder.

Fortunately a kettle of water was already over the fire for those who drank tea. Lance carefully grabbed the handle of the kettle with cloth covered hands and stood over Nichea. "I have the water," he said.

Nichea nodded, "Just a few blinks more and then I want you to pour a little of the water into the bowl,"

Lance nodded and waited.

Nichea worked quickly and then nodded for Lance to pour the water. Lance began pouring and then quickly stopped when Nichea held up his hand. Nichea stirred the water in the herb and soon the mixture became a soft pill type of shape. Nichea then took the pill, opened the man's mouth and put the pill under the man's tongue and then closed the Baron's mouth.  He sat back, looked up into the anxious faces of those around him. "The pill I gave him should dissolve and the herb should strengthen the man's heart."

Nichea looked around. "Does anyone know if this man has ahd a prior heart problem? It would help me tremendously if I knew more about this man's health history."

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Lance looked on worriedly as Nichea worked. He helped as best he could, and nodded when the healer asked his question. "Yes, he has had heart problems for some time. Back in Cemphiria, his healer had him take some kind of medicine, but I'm afraid I don't know what it was, or where he keeps it. I do think he brought it with him though." He hoped that it helped. For his faults, the baron was still a good man. A better man than someone like Clayton could ever be. The knight glanced in that direction for a moment, but the man was not worth that much attention, so he turned back to hear what Nichea had to say immediately. He was still aware of the weasel in the background though...

He felt helpless, he realised suddenly. On the battlefield, or in a duel with a weasly coward like Clayton, he knew what to do. Even with Cadence, though his experience with women was limited, he could do something about the situation, even if that action was just to challenge Clayton. But the baron, his uncle, lying there on the floor, prostrate and with a failling heart... He did not know what to do. At all. All he could think of was to stand there and wait for someone to tell him he could help. He hated the feeling. There must have been something he could do, but he couldn't think what. Helplessly, he made a fist, but he didn't do anything else. He just stood there, waiting perhaps for someone to tell him what he could do.

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Damien watched Nichea work on the Baron and heard Lance tell of the Baron's heart problem. What Damien wanted to know was what caused the Baron to have another heart attack? He glanced again at Clayton. Clayton avoided his glance, but just briefly and then glared back at Damien as if to say, What? What are you going to do?

Damien just could not stand there and wait and watch, he had to do something and that something was now! "Ok, I want to know who or what caused this? And I want to know now!" Damien demanded.

Volltigar inwardly smiled. "Commander, I am still the King around here and I ask that you tone down your voice, after all we have a very sick man being attended to."

"I apologize your Majesty, however I still want to know what happened?"

Voltigar nodded toward Sir Lance. "Sir Lance and the rest of us were celebrating our prenuptials when Sir Clayton was asked to join in the festivities he reminded us, especially Sir Lance and Baroness Cadence, of something that put a damper upon the festivities and I believe the Baron did not care for what he said and with a bad heart and all, he fell ill," voltigar answered, "Is that about what happened, Sir Clayton?" Voltigar asked, with a straight face.

Damien's mind went into a frenzy as he tried to comprehend what Voltigar just told him. They were celebrating their prenuptials. Whose? Sir Lance's and Baroness Cadence or were there more? Did Voltigar mean his prenuptial's as well?  And what in Coor's name did Clayton say that could have caused the Baron to have a heart attack? 

Damien then recalled how Voltigar had pointededly made Sir Lance's name very clear in his answer. So Damien reasoned whatever Clayton had said had to have been something about Sir Lance and Baroness Cadence's wedding, but what? And whatever it was how come Sir Lance did nothing about it?

Damien gave Sir Lance a cursory glance over and again reasoned that Sir Lance could easily defeat Clayton in a duel. So whatever was said, either could not be answered with a gauntlet or Sir Lance did not know he had that option? Whatever the case may be, Damien wanted to know and his temper was rising each blink of time.

Damien turned to Sir Clayton. "Out with it Sir. What did you say?"

Clayton turned his baleful eyes upon Damien; hatred flaring in them. How dare this man demand anything from him! He walks and talks like he is the King! Someday Scar your comeuppance will come, and it will be sooner than you think. 

Then like the chamelion he was Clayton gave Damien a thin smile and a shrug of his shoulders. "Sir Scar, though I do not think you are in the position to demand me of anything, for the sake of peace I shall tell you. I would have done so anyway if you would have just asked. I do not take kindly to have anything demanded of me unless of course it is by you your Majesty," Clayton nodded his deference to Voltigar, "I just reminded Sir Lance and the Baroness that she was already betrothed to me and therefore could not accept Sir Lance's betrothal," Clayton slowly scratched at the stubble on his chin, "If Sir Lance had not been a stranger I would have taken offense to his advances toward my future wife and would have challenged him. However I figured he did not know and that Baroness Cadence had not told him."

Damien's temper was rising and the snide remark by Clayton to him that if he would have just asked
only made it rise faster. The not so subtle and snipe at Baroness Cadence also made Damien's temper rise and it took every effort of self-control not to smack that smug smile off of the man's face; the way he did not use Cadence's title, and then the implication that Cadence had lied to Sir Lance. And that preposterous remark about challenging Sir Lance for making advances upon the Baroness almost made Damien laugh, if it were not for the seriousness of the matter.

Damien swept his eyes toward Voltigar and Voltigar slowly nodded his head to Damien's silent question. Damien then looked down at Sir Lance. The big man was worried about his Baron, but he had not been worried enough to not listen to what Clayton had said, and Damien could see that the man, like him, was having a hard time controlling his temper; the man's fists were clenched so tight, that the knuckles were turning white.

Then Damien turned his eyes toward Cadence and his heart almost fell out of his chest as he met her tear filled eyes that pleaded with him to do something. Baroness Iris, Damien noted, had her fists clenched deep inside the folds of her dress as she looked back and forth from her sister, and then back to her father. She did not even recognize Clayton. Damien also noted the ring on Iris's hand; it was Voltigar's signet ring and though it was many times larger than Iris's dainty ring finger, she held onto it for all it was worth. Well that answered a question, Damien thought.

Then he turned his eyes back upon Clayton who had folded his hands in front of him and was looking down at the Baron and Damien had to admire him for he actually looked liked he genuinely was concerned for the man. But then Damien thought of Cadence and he knew he had to think of something. The problem is, what?

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The Baron's eyes began to flutter as the medicine Nichea had given him began to work. He opened his eyes after a few blinks and looked into a face that was unfamiliar, then he saw Lance looking down at him, a worried expression on his face. The Baron gave him a weak grin. He tried to rise, but was gently pushed down by the stranger. He tried to speak, but found his tongue was stuck to the roof of his mouth.

"Do not move M'lord. You are still very weak. The medicine I gave you has helped your ailing heart, but your body is still in a state of shock and weakness" the stranger told him.

The Baron shakily pointed to his mouth and tried to open it, but he could not.

At first Nichea did not understand and then understanding came to him. He nodded his head in understanding. "You cannot speak. That is common with the medication I gave you, it will wear off in time. In the meantime I think we should get you off this drafty floor and into bed," he glanced over to Lance and the Commander, "Gentlemen, would please be so kind?" He asked.

When Damien heard Nichea speak, he took his eyes off of Clayton and when he saw who Nichea was speaking to and that the Baron had his eyes open, Damien gave a small sigh of relief. He turned his eyes back upon Clayton. He wanted to know something, but he was interrupted once again when Nichea asked for help to pick up the Baron and put him into bed. Damien doubted that they were going to carry the Baron all the way to his room, so that meant one of the girl's beds.

"Which bed, Baroness's Iris and Cadence?" he asked, as he moved forward to grasp the Baron's legs.

"Never mind Commander. I will help move my future father-in-law," Voltigar said as he walked in front of Damien and bent down to grasp the Baron's legs. He gave both of the girls a reassuing smile and waited for Lance to take the old man's shoulders and to see what bed the Baron would be laid upon.

Damien stepped back and could not have been more proud of his King than he was now. It once again reaffirmed in his mind what kind of man Voltigar was. However, he thought, as his eyes swept once again toward Clayton, who he noticed had not offered to help, this man was going to answer some questions, but it could wait until the Baron was resting comfortably.

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Sir George and Mouse were just sitting in the library talking when the door burst open. Sir George, turned at the sound and saw another knight standing there; it was Sir Tyronne, another of his friends.

"Sir George come quick! The Baron is ill"

George, jumped out of his seat, "Excuse me Master Mouse but I must needs to see after my leige."

He quickly made his way to Tyronne. "What happened? He asked as they walked out of the library."

Suddenly he turned before Tyronne could answer. "Master Mouse, if you wish to come with us you may. Or you can stay here and I will come and fetch you when the time is right."

Mouse thought, what can I do to help? On the other hand I am curious as to what happened? What do I do, stay or go with them? I need to answer quickly as they are in a hurry.

Mouse stood. "I will come. I doubt if there is anything I can do, but since I was invited by your liege to his daughters wedding I should come and find out what happened at least and perhaps there might be something I could do to help."

George grinned. He was beginning to like this little man who called himself Mouse more and more. "Then come Master Mouse. We must be on our way," Sir George said.

The Baronesse's room

"You can put him in my bed," Cadence quickly added, as she brushed the tears quickly away. "It is closer than Iris's, " she added as she rose to open the inner chamber where the women's bedchambers were.

Iris rose, turned hateful eyes upon Clayton, her lips trembled as she tried to speak, but she could not so she turned away, but not before lookiing at Damien, pleading with her eyes for him to do something.

Damien felt so helpless as he looked into her eyes. His mind was working overtime on the problem but he could find no solution. Clayton had a full grasp of the law it seemed and for a stranger that would seem unusual, but for a spy, Damien thought, yes, he would know our laws and it seems he is using them against us and there is not a Coor's thing we can do about it.

He slowly shook his head and shrugged his shoulders. Iris just turned and followed the group carrying her father onto Cadence's bed.

Nichea was putting his things away, when they all heard a ruckus outside of the door. Suddenly it burst open, and it would have knocked Clayton unconcious if he had not nimbly gotten out of the way at the right time. too bad, thought Damien as he saw two of the Baron's knights barge into the room.

"Where is our liege?" One demanded.

"What happened to him," the other asked.

They were both imposing men and they were both glaring at Damien.

Nichea answered before Damien could say a word. "Your liege has a heart problem, probably for sometime now from what the other knight told me. I gave him some herbs which should relieve the problem, but he should rest for at least until tomorrow. He was brought to one of his daughter's bed in there," he pointed to the open bedchamber door, "What caused the problem, I do not know."

Sir George finally recognized Damien and before Tyronne could tear into the man, which he was about to do he put a restraining hand on his friends arm. "Tyronne, this man is Commander Scar...the King's right hand man and the most skilled warrior in Voldar if not in the whole kingdom."

Tyronne halted, turned his head toward George, who nodded his head, to Tyronne's silent question. Tyronne stepped back.

"Commander Scar, forgive my friend Sir Tyronne for his behavior. He is quite protective of our liege," George said.

Damien nodded his head. "I understand and Sir Tyronne if I were in your shoes I would have done the exact thing. However what caused the Baron's heart problem is a personal problem and I believe since he will recover that if he wants you to know, he will tell you himself. Right now, I suggest that you inform the rest of the Baron's entourage what has happened and not to do what you two have just done. A room full of angry knights would not be condusive to the Baron's health or to theirs if they happen to attack me."

Both Tyronne and George gave a slight bow of their heads toward Damien. "Your words are wise Commander. I will send Sir Tyronne to tell the others of our liege's condition and warning. However I ask that you allow me and Master Mouse to stay. Master Mouse does not know what he can do to help, but I believe that his performance could cheer up my leige as he lays recovering. If that is all right with him and you of course?" Sir George asked.

Damien thought it over and then gave his assent. "You and Master Mouse may stay. Perhaps as you have said his performance may cheer up the Baron."

George sent Tyronne away and he and Master Mouse entered the room. It wqs then that he noticed Clayton who was slighly hidden by the door. His immediate thought was who was he? but then he recalled seeing the man being honored the previous night. He was given the title of the Order of Voldar; a very prestigious title, though as he watched the ceremony, there was something amiss about the whole affair which puzzled him, but he did not know what.

"Sir Clayton. I apologize Sir I did not know that you were here. I only just now noticed you," Sir George said.

Damien put his hand to his face to hide the smile that crept on his face.

Clayton at first was offended but then when this knight called him Sir and meant it, it stroked his pride and he forgave the man, though he looked down at the little man who had followed this knight inside. Master Mouse. He recalled the little man at the breakfast table and that he had been invited to perform at Iris's wedding. That turned out to be Cadence's wedding. Well he put a stop to that. So this freak of a man will not be needed. So why did Damien let him in? Just to cheer the Baron up? Or was there something else?

Clayton was a spy and his mind always thought there was a conspiracy around every corner and with every person; even a little man called Mouse.  He finally realized that the knight was awariting his reply.

"No need to apologize Sir knight. I perfectly understand. If it were the King I would have done the same and more," Clayton replied smoothly and charmingly.

Damien almost choked on his tongue as he kept his mouth shut. The knight did not know Clayton and now was not the time to bring it up; later perhaps, but not now.

"I thank thee for your kindness Sir Clayton and forgive me for not introducing myself to you nor to you Commander Scar. I am Sir George, and in case you did not know this man is Master Mouse. He is to perform at Baroness's Iris's wedding." Sir George said.

Nichea finished packing his things. "It may not be this knights right to know what caused the Baron's heart to act the way it did, but I have the right as the King's healer and the healer of the Baron to know. So who is going to tell me what caused all of this?" Nichea asked, looking first at Sir Clayton and then resing his eyes upon Damien.

Damien almost told the man to mind his own buisness but then he thought, If I tell Nichea what he wants to know then Sir George will know and perhaps figure out what kind of a man Clayton really is, and at the same time I cannot be accused of slander.

Damien opened his mouth to speak. "Nichea the reason..."

"The reason healer is none of your buisness. You are a healer. That is what you are paid to do. You are not paid to meddle into things that are none of your concern! Now if you are finished, leave!" Clayton ordered, his voice rising with each sentence that came out of his mouth.

Nichea glared at him. "I believe Sir Clayton, that I was speaking to Commander Scar and he was speaking to me. But aside that, as the King's healer I have not only the right but the authority to ask such questions of those in my care. And since you are not a healer I will straighten you out. To heal someone of a wound is easy, it is on the outside of the body, however to heal someone on the inside, such as the heart, it takes herbs and a lot of knowledge, knowledge which I do not believe you possess. That knowledge of a person being healed for the inside, especially the heart, must include why so that the healer can understand and perhaps stop it from happening again. Now do you want to say anything else to me you pompus donkey?"

Clayton's face turned a bright red. He clamped his mouth shut. Then turned and glared at Damien before he stormed out of the room.

Damien looked at Nichea and grinned widely. Nichea had spoken to Clayton like no one had and how Damien had wanted too so badly.

Nichea, at first was not smiling, then when he saw Damien he smiled as well. "Did I say something?"

Damien could not hold it back any longer...he burst out laughing.

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Sir George was listening intently to the reply of the healers question to the Commander when suddenly the Commander was rudely interrupted by Sir Clayton. Sir George was surprised that Commander Scar did not throw down his gauntlet at that moment. It was considered rude and crude behavior for a knight to act and speak that way, especially to one who is your superior.

The next surprise was the riposte from the healer to Sir Clayton. Touche!, thought Sir George as he listened to the healer rip him apart with words as easily as if he had a sword in his hand. Each sentence, each inflection of the healers words and voice was like an experienced swordsman slicing into Sir Clayton's flesh; giving him a hundred wounds, none fatal by itself, but combined would cause a man to bleed to death: Sir Clayton was being filleted.

Finally Sir Clayton had enough and stormed out of the room. Sir George was puzzled, Sir Clayton should have thrown his gauntlet, and then there was the sudden burst of laughter from the Commander and the seemingly innocent question by the healer.

Sir George shook his head...very confused.

Damien began laughing again, walked over to Nichea and clapped him on the shoulder so hard that the healer went to his knees. Damien picked him up. "That my friend I would have paid money to see."

Nichea looked a bit startled and he rubbed his shoulder as he stared back at Damien. "I will take it Commander that you do not like Sir Clayton?"

"You may, Nichea," Damien answered with a grin.

"Excuse me, may I ask a question?" Sir George spoke.

Damien turned to him, "What is it friend?"

"Well, it may be more than one. How come you do not like Sir Clayton and will you please tell Nichea what caused my liege's heart problem?"

"Sir George there are things about Sir Clayton that I cannot reveal at the moment, however you can take my word; he is not a man to be friends with and if you will listen to what I tell Nichea you may figure that out for yourself," Damien answered.

Damien walked to the table and poured himself a glass of wine, and drank heavily from the goblet, wiped his mouth with his sleeve and grinned again. He was quite enjoying himself. "Please help yourself," he said, waving toward the flagon of wine on the table.

"I do not drink Commander," Nichea said, "But I am waiting to hear your story. I am a very busy man."

Sir George declined but for some reason Mouse did not and with a quick movement was up on the table and pouring himself a glass of wine. He sat there, his eyes glued to Damien waiting as well. He too was as puzzled as Sir George, and wanted to hear the tale.

Damien related to Nichea what had happened between Cadence and Sir Lance, the King and Iris and then how Sir Clayton with a few chosen words had destroyed the joy that was in the room and had caused the Baron to have his attack.

Sir George could not believe his ears! Sir Lance was to marry Baroness Iris, but instead fell in love with Baroness Cadence, and his Majesty had proposed to Baroness Iris and all of this was not only approved, but joyfullly so by his liege.

He sat down with a thump on a chair, "I think Commander that I will have a glass of wine," he said wearily as he poured. He thought about it and it did make sense, after awhile. After the Commander had killed, by accident, the Baron's oldest living cousin it would have fallen for Iris to marry Sir Lance. However as fate put her hand in she had other plans and to Sir George, he would not have been any happier for his liege. He would acquire the King as his son-in-law and an heir for his own from Baroness Cadence who seemed to be in love with Sir Lance.

Certainly, the affairs of the heart were strange, but Sir Lance was not the handsomest man, though he would never say it to his face as Sir Lance was also a fierce knight, on the other hand this Sir Clayton, seemed to have it all: looks, charm and he was just awarded the kingdom's highest honor: The Order of Voldar. But there seemed to be something amiss with this man and when Sir George heard the tale he thought he knew why.

But would he not fight for Baroness Cadence if he were in Sir Clayton's boots? Sure he would, so why such dislike for the man by the Commander and it seems by everyone else he has come into contact with? Again, Sir George did like the manner of the man, but should his manners dictate such dislike? Perhaps the man acts that way because he feels such animosity toward him? On the other hand the man's words did cause his liege to have an attack. Why could not the man see that Sir Lance and Baroness Cadence were in love and step aside? That is what a gentleman and a knight of honor would do? But as the Commander said, Baroness Cadence and Sir Clayton were married. So it should have been Sir Lance and Baroness Cadence that should have stopped the affair. That would have been the honorable thing to do.

He drained the glass and poured himself another: gathering courage. "Commander, from what you have told me it would seem that Sir Lance and Baroness Cadence are at fault here. Sir Lance should have known better than to court a married woman," Sir George said.

Damien turned his black eyes upon Sir George. "Surely you jest? Did you not hear what I said?"

"Yes Commander, and again I say that the honorable thing for a knight to do would have been to cut short the advances of Baroness Cadence no matter how Sir Lance may have felt toward her. Besides, a night and a day is hardly enough time for a real courtship, is it not?" He asked.

Damien so much wanted to tell the man about Clayton but could not for fear that if Clayton heard then all of his and the King's plans for him would be destroyed, so he kept his thoughts about Clayton to himself. However he did have to answer the knight. "Sir George, I am no stranger to the affairs of the heart and I can attest that sometimes people do fall in love as quickly as first sight...."

"Commander, before you go on I should like to say something," Nichea interrupted. "I have heard your story, and I have listened to Sir George's side of things as well and normally I do not involve myself in castle politics you both seem to have missed something. If Baroness Cadence were truely married I would side with Sir George, however the Baronesses's and Sir Clayton's marriage was annulled by the King himself. Therefore as I see it the Baroness was free to give her heart to anyone she pleased after that annullment, whether his Majesty promised her to Sir Clayton after his year of service was over or not, according to our laws, as long as the lady is not officially attached, she can do as she pleases. If she did fall in love with Sir Lance, as it seemed she has, then it should be Sir Clayton who should step down, though he does have a natural right to be angry with his Majesty for allowing and even approving such an affair to occur; but who is going to argue with his Majesty? Surely not I. Nor should Sir Clayton."

Niche picked up his bag and walked toward the door, shaking his head...."Palace politics," he murmurred as he opened the door, went through it, and closed it behind him: leaving a speechless Damien and Sir George.

Mouse just sat there looking from face to face. He was slowly thinking things over in his mind, not betraying his thoughts but interested by all the different emotions that were being displayed on the faces of those in power.

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Mouse had been listening quietly to all the things being discussed. He seemed forgotten by the others, and though he usually preferred to remain more or less unobserved - unless he was performing, of course - he decided to speak his thought on this matter. Love stories always touched a chord deep within him - maybe because he knew that love was not meant for him. Not the love between a man and a woman. Women usually saw a freak or a monster in him, and he'd already accepted that. But maybe this story between Cadence and Lance could play out for the better, if the bad influence of this Clayton character could be withdrawn somehow.

So, while sir George and Damien were still recovering from Nichea's sudden departure, he piped up. "Excuse me for interrupting, gentlemen, but I can't help wondering... Why does sir Lance not challenge sir Clayton to a duel? Is it not custom in cases such as these? The duel isn't usually to the death, I would not wish death upon anyone, but perhaps until first blood is drawn? That way, the winner has proven that he is the one in the right. If it is not done like this, how else are disputes settled around here?"

Then he sipped from his wine and looked earnestly at Damien, awaiting the answer. He was genuinely interested, because just about anywhere he had been - and he'd travelled quite a bit in his life already - disputes were settled with a duel. And perhaps the form of the challenge was a bit different here then in Cemphiria, and nobody had told this Lance character how he should challenge Clayton? Or maybe they'd been interrupted before Lance had the chance to issue the challenge? There could have been any number of reasons why the baron's knight hadn't thrown down his gauntlet, so Mouse just wanted to know that.

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Damien slowly walked over to the table and poured himself a goblet of wine. He stared into the dark red pool as he slowly swished it around thinking about Master Mouse's question.  If Clayton were any other, the answer to Mouse's question would be an easy yes. Yes Sir Lance could throw down his gauntlet and challenge Clayton, however Clayton was not like any other, he was a spy and though most everyone knew he was a spy, Clayton did not know he had been found out.

He paced the floor as he continued to weigh the all of the consequences of Mouse's question. What seemed to Mouse as a reasonable way to settle this dispute was far more difficult than it seemed on the surface...or was it?

He stopped in his tracks, turned around with a huge grin on his face as he faced Mouse and Sir George. "You know Master Mouse, sometimes as Nichea pointed out just a few blinks ago, the answers to our problems stare us right in the face and it takes someone who is out of the picture to see it. In other words, " he drained his goblet, walked over to Mouse, hugged him tightly, quickly, releasing him, "I think that Sir Lance should challenge Clayton. What do you say, Sir George?" Damien asked.

Sir George was still trying to recover from the revelation of the healer and then when Master Mouse spoke up and asked his question he was pondering that as well when he saw the Commander grin, hug Master Mouse and then ask him if he thought it was ok for Sir Lance to challenge Sir Clayton.

Sir George, gave a quizzical, and confused stare at the Commander and then shrugged his shoulders. "I...I suppose. After all it is, as Master Mouse has stated so simply, the way to settle disputes, especially romantic ones. At least in Cemphiria it is."

"Good, then it is set..." Damien began to say.

"However there is one problem," Sir George continued.

"What is that?" Damien asked.

"All challenges are between those of the same rank, unless it is a challenge to his Majesty and then his second takes on the challenge. I believe, because of Sir Clayton's bestowment of the Order of Voldar, that that gives him a higher rank than Sir Lance. Therefore if I am correct then Sir Clayton would have to be the one to challenge Sir Lance. It could not be the other way around," Sir George answered, but then seeing the scowl on the Commander's face quickly added, "Of course it could be different here in Voldar."

Damien slowly shook his head. "No Sir George, it is not different and your assessment of the situation is correct. Clayton would have to challenge Sir Lance."

A dead silence filled the room until suddenly Damien chuckled. "It does not matter...It does not matter," he kept on saying as he drank more and more.

Finally Sir George could not stand it any longer. "Why does it not matter, Commander?" He asked a bit testy.

Damien went over and clapped Sir George on his left shoulder with enough force to make him grimmace. "Because Clayton will never challenge Sir Lance to a duel. He is a coward! Oh, against those weaker than him, especially women, he would beat upon, but a real duel, never! So, if Clayton does not challenge Sir Lance then..."

"Then," Sir George's eyes lit up with understanding, "Sir Lance and Baroness Cadence can get married with no opposition." Sir George said, finishing Damien's sentence.

"Correct." Damien said, taking another gulp of wine.

Clayton's Quarters

Clayton stormed through the Palace. His pride was damaged and his anger knew no bounds. How dare a peasant of a healer tell him what he can or cannot do? He will regret it, I promise that! They all will! When I receive the orders from Christian that the war has begun then it will be my time. In the meantime...

He noticed a young servant girl scurrying along the wall carrying a bundle of laundry.  He quickly looked around, saw no one and when she stopped to give him a small curtsy, he hit her behind the neck knocking her unconcious. The   He quickly scooped her up and carried her to his room. There he stripped her, gagged and tied her up, drinking wine as he waited for her to awake.

When it was all over and he slowly covered her bright blue eyes with his hand, closing her eye lids for the last time, hey lay back spent. His anger gone. It had been brutal. The girl, who was probably only about thirteen years of age or younger had struggled but it was of no use as he pummeled her not only with his fists but with his other member as well: taking satisfaction with each tear, each groan and the fear in her eyes as she stared up at him as he ravaged her until after one last punch their was no more fear, no more tears, no life.

Finally he rolled over, got dressed and looked down at the blonde haired little girl. His first thought was, how do I get rid of the body? He then recalled the old servant who had first given him a servant girl. Clayton did not know who the man's name was, but he was certain he could find him.

He quickly tided up his room; covering the girl with his bloody sheets and then locking his door behind him he went to look for the man.

Nana was walking through the Palace when she noticed the bundle of laundry on the floor. She knew that she had sent Becky to fetch it and had wondered what had become of her? Lately her mind was wandering and it was hard to keep the little girl from doing her chores, even with the punishments given to her.  Nana picked up the clean laundry and then carried them off. Becky, wait until I see you. You will be peeling potatoes until your old and gray! she thought. As she gave the clean laundry to another girl and told her to fold and iron them, she wondered where Becky had gone off to?  Soon, however other matters became more pressing, such as preparing the evening's meal, and she forgot about her.

Clayton found the man in the stables. They went back to Clayton's room where the man quietly and professionally looked at the girl laying on the sheets. He grinned at Clayton with missing, yellowed teeth and his breath reeked as he spoke almost making Clayton vomit.

"Eh, I see ye like em young. Dis one not even ten years."

Clayton almost choked on the vomit rising up his stomache. Not even ten years old? How did he know that? She looked much older. Is he sure or is he just trying to get more money out of me? Clayton thought.

"How do you know how old she is?" He demanded.

"I know dis girl. She one of Nana's girls. Her name is Becky, I think.  She be hard to miss."

"You mean it is going to cost me more for you to get rid of her?" Clayton asked.

"She be hard to miss. Nana's favorite," the man said, scratching his stubble.

"Fine, how much?" Clayton asked.

"Last one, easy. Only cost a silver. Dis one, three, perhaps four?" The man answered.

Clayton reached into his purse, took out four silver bards and tossed them at the man. "Here you greedy bastard. But it had better be done right and nothing comes back to me, understood?"

The man scrambled like crab picking up the silver. "Eh lord. I understand. I do a good job," he said as he reached into his pack and took out a large crude knife, and a saw.

Clayton nodded, and then left his room letting the man do his job. The girl completely forgotten as he walked toward Cadence's room. 

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Iris followed the two men into her and Cadence’s inner chamber, her countenance silent, quiet.  She had never felt so strained before, so torn. How could this be the happiest day of her life and yet the worst?  How could she celebrate the pinnacle of her dreams when he sister still belonged to the nightmare?  Her free hand caressed the signet ring upon her finger; its solid form making her heart soar to her throat in unrestrainable glee.  The next moment her eyes caught the sight of her beautiful young sister leading the way in the angelic pink dress, hair lifted in a new, baroness style.  The heart stuck in her throat, choking her with worry and guilt.  Iris did not know how she could be so happy when her sibling was still in such danger.

The older girl wanted nothing but the best for her sister, a loving home, gorgeous children a long peaceful life.  Yesterday, when she thought she would never have her dream, she had even been willing to give up her own life for that happiness.  Would she now that she could have the dream?  The ring was heavy on her finger, not only physically, but in meaning too.  It represented her wildest, most impossible hope, the desire she had been hiding ever since she met the King.  Would she give it up if that would help Cadence?  The woman steeled herself.  Yes.  If there was no other way, and it would help her sister, then Iris would, even though the thought almost made her break down once again.  The momentary flutter of indecision and hopelessness was gone though, and the determination to get them both through was back.

As the others arranged her father on Cadence’s bed and made sure he was comfortable, Iris slipped down onto her own, perching on the edge of the hard wooden frame.  Tension showed in her figure, shoulders hunched and heels pulled off the floor.  What if he died now, before everyone knew them to be his daughters?  Would that make her no longer a baroness?  Iris baulked at the idea, at everything changing once again, but there was nothing she could do about that now.  The healer was the only one who could help and he had done his work.  She pushed it to one side to worry about when there was the luxury of doing so.

She took a deep breath and addressed her sister.  Her voice, so long restrained from yelling out in anger, was hushed, weary.  “Cadence, I apologise for asking you what I am about to say so directly, but do you truly love this man?”  Sightly lower – “If you are able to marry him, will he make you as happy as I will be?”  She lifted her worried face to her younger sister’s face, half smiling, hoping her sister would be able to interpret the unspoken question there.  Cadence had thought herself in love with Clayton, was it real this time?  Iris knew at least that he was a better man by far, and certainly a better solution than Clayton.  The assurance of her sister’s happiness would turn the solution into a success.


Cadence herself stepped lightly towards her sleeping quarters, breathing light and fast as if she had just run around the entire castle.  She could still feel the two burning spots where Lance had laid his hands, and the sensation of protection lingered hopefully.  But, Clayton.  The thought made her shudder, made her shiver in panic.  The young woman rearranged the blankets as the two men settled her father, the movement of her hands giving her something else to concentrate on, however minor.  She couldn’t look at Lance for fear of bursting into fits of tears and frustration.  Just as Cadence thought she had found a solution for them all, Clayton had returned and declared it void.  The man she had thought she loved had all but claimed her as his own possession, a claim she herself had given him and no-one else.  A small sob escaped Cadence’s lips, shaking her slim frame as she slipped the blankets over her father.  She hadn’t even begun to get to know him yet, but the thought of him dieing, of her being denied that opportunity, that was not one she wanted to dwell on either.  She hoped the healer’s work would help him.

Eyes kept low to avoid catching the other’s gaze and prevent her from loosing her already wavering grip on her emotions, Cadence didn’t realise her sister was addressing her until she spoke.  Did she truly love this man?  The young woman looked up into her sibling’s anxious face, not missing the joy Iris was holding back.  Could she be as happy as that with Lance?  She considered for a moment the act giving herself to the man, allowing herself to imagine living with him, bearing his children, sharing his bed.  As before, her body responded with a light flush of colour, and a smile lightened her previously grievous expression.  “Yes, I think so”, she answered, although the reaction itself had been enough for her sister.  Cadence turned her head towards Lance, lifting her face shyly to his.  The slight, tentative smile still rested upon it; hopeful, but still nervous.


Iris turned to Voltigar, her face showing more of the joy now dancing within, but her shoulders still tense, worried.  One signet-ringed hand reached out across the confined space and sort out his, her fingers slipping between his larger, rougher digits. The thrill of finally being able to do such a thing made her want to reach for his lips once more, press herself against him and throw the rest of the day to the wind. She restrained herself.  Now was not the time.  “What do we do now?  There must be a way, anyway.  Surely Clayton does not own Cadence for the rest of her life?  Is there any way she can break off the engagement?”  Iris wished she knew the law of Voldar slightly better, that she could be of some help in finding a way around it.

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Voltigar put the Baron's legs on the bed and watched with interest as Lance compassionately laid the Baron's shoulders and then put a pillow under his head. The Baron's color to his face was slowly returning from the ash gray it had been before Nichea had given him the herbs he had made and gave it to the Baron.

He stood back as the girls took over covering the Baron with a blanket. Voltigar's face was stone-like as he watched the proceedings. He saw Iris sit down on her bed, her face a menagrie of emotions; from joy, to sadness, to anger, to frustration, and then finally to determination. Voltigar's heart broke as he saw his intended go through such gripping and powerful emotions, so much so that it made him wonder if all of the subterfuge he and Damien had planned for this spy was really worth it?

Then he remembered he was not just a man, but a King and thousands of people depended upon him; not only in the Capitol itself, but throughout the whole Kingdom. Why Nyermersys had to do this was beyond his comprehension. Did they not learn their last lesson from the last war with Voldar? Was not the resulting casualties on their side enough? Or the disease and famine that follows every war? What was it that the Earl of Nyermersys wanted? To be King? There were days, like this one, that Voltigar almost wished he could just give the Earl what he wanted. But Voltigar knew in his heart that that could never be. The throne was his and his alone, and the responsiblities that go along with it: including having to play with Clayton giving him false information so that Nyermersys's armies would not know the strength, nor the plan of attack that Damien and he had already begun to put into action.

Even if that meant hurting the one he loved the most...

“What do we do now?  There must be a way, anyway.  Surely Clayton does not own Cadence for the rest of her life?  Is there any way she can break off the engagement?” Iris asked him. Her eyes pleading that he had an answer.

What can he tell her? He had no answer, none that he could think of at least, except to expose Clayton for what he was and then have him executed. But he had already had that discussion in his head and as much as he would like to give an answer that would make the love of his life happy, he had none.

His only hope was perhaps Damien, who knew more about the law than anyone would be able to come up with an answer or at the very least a plan of action.

"Iris, I am sorry. I do not have an answer for you, nor for you Cadence or for you Sir Lance. Sir Clayton seems to have us stymied with our own laws and even though I am King, I am not above the law! I promised that to myself and to my people. Our only hope lies in Commander Scar. He knows the law better than any man I know alive. My suggestion is that we all adjurn to the outer chamber and let your father get some rest, perhaps the Commander already has the answer to our problem and our worries and concerns are for naught."

He opened the door and waited for the ladies to leave first, and then Lance and then he would leave last.

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After putting the Baron in bed, Lance stepped back and let the girls take over. His thoughts were dark, mostly occupied with very unpleasant things that would make Clayton wish he'd never been born, and it probably showed from his one good eye. At least, he knew that he was frowning, though he couldn't make it go away. He started walking up and down the room, his hands clenched behind his back. Oh, if only he could get Clayton between his fingers...

When he saw Cadence glance at him though, the frown seemed to melt away. Her shy smile chased away all dark thoughts, instead turning them to the light that was the baroness. He went over to her where she was sitting on the bed and knelt down beside her, much as he had done but an hour before - he couldn't believe that he had only proposed to her such a short while ago. Taking her hand in his own, he pressed it against his cheek. "We'll find a way out, my love. Have faith." Then he stood back up, smiling at her. Somehow he was no longer conscious of his disfigurations. All he could think of was Cadence, and keeping her safe from that monster.

When the king suggested they go to the other room, he nodded, moving in the direction of the door - slowly, so that the ladies could go first. He was slowly but surely putting all his hope on Damien, on the fact that the Commander could have thought of a solution to their problem. Placing a hand very lightly on the pommel of his sword - a quite natural position for a soldier like him - he waited until he could go out and hear what this Damien had to say. He didn't know what he was gonna do if it was anything bad.

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As Iris looked up into the King’s face, she saw the resolve and determination she herself had felt.  His expression was drawn out, strained with worry, and she felt the joy of there engagement fade from her own visage too.  The woman wished they could shut out the world, forget all these problems, or simply make them go away.  A childish part of her was angry at him for tip-toeing around his own court like he was, but she overruled it. The real Iris knew that he was right to act as he was.  The laws should apply to him, to both of them, the same as they did for everyone else.  The respect she felt for him grew as her mind overruled her heart, drowning out its scream of frustration and despair.  Her shoulders shook once with a suppressed sob as she rose daintily from her seat and lead the way out of the room.  As soon as she rounded the frame of the door the woman held her head high, forcing the worry away from her face a little and attempting to make herself look in control.


Cadence felt the force of Lance’s smile as it hit back at her across the room.  For a second the fears were banished, everything was simple once more.  He took her limp and willing hand in his own, and pressed it up against his cheek.  The girl felt the strength of him, and the rumble of his voice as he spoke seemed to course down her arm, a rush of warmth from palm to chest.  It was not only his words which steadied her, but the feel of his body, so powerful and so close.  The smell lingered in the air around her and for a brief, beautiful moment she was safe.  The king’s words washed over her, a rumble in the background against the roaring of all that was passing between her and Lance.

 Sadly, the threat of Clayton was too large and foreboding to be forever warded off, and as soon as Lance allowed her pale paw to drop, they began to nibble at her once more.  Her sister's shudder did not go unmissed, and somehow this was worse than if she had spoken out loud.  The young woman felt a familiar pang of frustration at the fact that things were so close to being perfect, and yet so close to being completely the opposite.  And it was all her fault: she was the one who had invited Clayton in, the one who was responsible for all the things which were going wrong.  As they moved into the room Candence saw the change in her sister, the attempt to look the part of the barroness. The younger sibling tried her best to follow the example, but although her baring spoke of her new status, her hands would not keep still.  She fidgeted in her nervousness.

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Damien, Sir George and Mouse were sitting drinking wine and Damien was smiling when Voltigar opened the door from the inner chamber and the ladies and Sir Lance walked out. Voltigar saw the smile on Damien's face and immediately hope sprang into his heart.

"Commander, tell me that you have solved our problem,"

"No, your Majesty I did not," Damien answered.

Voltigar's heart sank and then he became angry. If Damien did not solve their problem then why was he sitting there with a smile on his face and drinking wine like it was a celebration or something.

"Then Commander I would like to know what the jesting is all about? My fiance, her sister, Sir Lance and the Baron would like to know what so amuses you at this time?" Voltigar's voice was very low and very quiet; anyone who knew Voltigar knew that when his voice was low and quiet was when Voltigar was extremely angry and very dangerous. His prowess with sword could be matched with Damien's and there was no betting man who would take odds on who would win.

It seemed to Voltigar that Damien did not seem to care for he continued to smile he even offered the other's to join him in a glass of wine. Voltigar was having a very difficult time holding his anger back.

Damien finally seemed to notice and still smiling and drinking wine, "Your Majesty i said I did not come up with a solution to our problem, however that does not mean that there has not been a solution found," Damien said.

Voltigar's head whirrled. "What solution and who found it?" he finally asked.

"Nichea and Master Mouse here!" Damien answered, slapping Mouse on the shoulders heartily.

Voltigar heard, but he did not understand. How could have Nichea and this circus performer come up with a solution that he and even Damien could not think of? "Ok, Damien. I give up. How did Nichea and Master Mouse come up with a solution that even I, nor you, could think of?" Voltigar asked, a bit icily, a bit tired of playing games.

"Nichea pointed out that you had annulled Clayton's and Cadence's marriage. Therefore she was free to give her heart to anyone she chose, no matter what your Majesty promised him. The answer was staring us right in the face but we were too close to the problem to see it. Nichea looked at it from afar and saw our fallacy and more importantly Clayton's!." Damien answered.

He walked over to the table and poured himself more wine. "Are you sure you would not like some wine now your Majesty? Or you Sir Lance or you Baroness's."

Voltigar thought about what Damien said and could have kicked himself. Nichea had seen what they could not.  He smiled, "I think I will take you up on that goblet of wine, Commander," Voltigar said.

He waited as Damien poured the wine and handed him the goblet of wine. "Thank you Commander," he said. He took a drink and then glanced over at Mouse. "I have heard how Nichea solved part of our problem, but how Master Mouse did you solve the other part?" He asked.

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Damien's reaction was... rather unexpected, to say the least. It was not often that the small acrobat found himself hugged by a huge man like the Commander - or by anyone, really. After that, the mood shifted a bit though. It became more pensive, then lighter again as Damien found his solution. After that, they talked quietly for a little while as they waited for the others to arrive.

When the door opened and Voltigar, Lance and the ladies came out, he gave each in turn a serious and respectful nod. He sat back and sipped his wine as he listened to the conversation between Damien and Voltigar. He wished Damien wouldn't put so much stress on the whole thing. Why didn't he want to take credit for this, like most men he had met would? Now he, Mouse, was being placed in the center of attention. There was only one moment when he liked being the center of attention, and that was during his performances. He was most definitely not performing now, so all the eyes directed towards him were making him nervous.

When the king asked him a question, he played with his goblet for a moment before answering. "I... uhm..." He could just feel the blush creeping up into his face. Why didn't they just talk over his head like normal people? "I asked why this was not settled with a duel. As far as I know, romantic disputes are fought out in a duel. They are in stories, anyway." He shrugged.

"Sir Lance is a competent fighter, if I am any kind of judge," with this he bowed in the direction of the knight, who was standing looking at him with a smile on his disfigured face, and a glint of hope in his brown eye. "so he should be able to win, I reasoned. Sir George pointed out that since Clayton was higher in rank, he would have to initiate the duel, and that brought the Commander to the realisation that if Clayton didn't initiate, nothing stood in the way of sir Lance and my lady Cadence marrying. So it... it wasn't really all... I mean, we kinda worked together." His explanation stammered to a close. He probably could have told that heaps better if he'd put himself in his performer's mood, but he didn't really feel like now was the time to be performing. Oh well, they got the story anyway, whether told in a good manner or not.



The knight filed into the room after the ladies. He poured himself a goblet of wine when the Commander offered it, feeling that whatever the news, he would need it. He found himself torn between hope and anger, which gradually leaned more and more towards hope as the conversation continued. He looked intently at Mouse - strange name, that - when the acrobat told his tale, and he acknowledged the man's compliment with a nod of his head. He rather liked this little man, though he couldn't really put his finger on the 'why' of it. He just put it down to his gut feeling. Or maybe it had something to do with the fact that neither of them were really the prettiest of people, for various reasons, and he felt some kind of connection to Mouse because of that.

His one brown eye shone as the guy finished his tale. "Thank you!" he said, from the bottom of his heart. "Thank you, all three of you. Or all four, remind me to thank the healer when we see him again." Then he looked at Cadence, although his heart felt like it would break. He reached out his hand and took hers, and he smiled. "You see, my love." he whispered, words meant only for her ears. "I told you things would work out." If only his uncle would now get better, then nothing could break this joy that he was feeling. He leaned forward and placed a light kiss on the crown of Cadence's head.

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Voltigar felt for the acrobat as he stammered his way through his explanation of how he had helped out.
Clayton was not higher in rank, thought Voltigar, then he remembered that those who were knighted the Order of Voldar, no matter what their parentage, was an honorary Baron, so therefore Clayton was higher in rank, technically. But as Mouse pointed out and Damien realized Clayton would have to initiate the duel by throwing down his gauntlet and Damien was sure as was he that Clayton would not do such a thing as in his heart he was a coward. He only beat on those weaker than himself; especially women.

"Master Mouse thank you for your kind explanation. You do not have to be afraid of me," Voltigar said and then he paused as he took a drink. "Perhaps afraid is not the correct word, nervous would be better. You do not have to be nervous my friend. You are among friends and I am sure Sir Lance and the Baroness's will have their own special way of thanking you.  As for myself, ask me of anything you desire and if it is in my power to grant it, I will. Do you wish a knghthood? Land? Weatlth? What can I do to repay the debt I owe you?" Voltigar asked.

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Cadence kept her head down as she stepped lightly in to the next room.  She shook gently, not visibly but just enough to make her feel even worse.  Her young, trusting heart was confident that everything would turn out well in the end, but her head was ruling against it.  Unfortunately her head seemed to be in possession of more of the facts.  The nagging doubts it was sending were niggling at her inner confidence.  She pushed the useless worries to one side and brought something happier to mind.  The memory of Lance’s lips on hers seemed to work very well, and within a few moments she was steady enough to carry on.  With the colour returning to the height of her cheekbones she began to take in the new scene.

However, as soon as she looked up and took in the room around her, all previous thoughts were rushed from her head.  The commander was there, with someone Cadence vaguely recognised as the palace tailor and a small, strange-looking man she did not.  She returned his nod of welcome however, openly staring at the obvious celebration.  Did these folk not care about all that was happening?  Cadence scalded herself for being so self-involved.  These were strangers, and as such there could be no reason for them to care the slightest bit about the troubles of her small party.  Damien was obviously just entertaining guests and they had walked into the middle bringing all their problems with them.  The King’s anger did not go unmissed either.  Cadence thought Damien must want very much for these visitors to be relaxed and happy for him to test it so much.  But then why would the visitors be brought here to their chambers of all places, at this time.  The young woman knew there was something she wasn’t quite understanding, but couldn’t see what it was.

She almost felt like hitting Damien as she realised he had been playing with Voltigar.  Or wanted the King to hit him for her.  The word “Damien!” slipped from her lips, a cry of unrestrainable irritation. If he understood the strains and stresses they had all been going through in the room before, he would let them all stew in worry whilst he held the answer.  She shot a venomous glare at the man, before the realisation of what it actually meant hit her.  Her delicately arched brows lifted from her frown, and a smile of utter joy completely lit up her face.  Lance took her hand and she moved towards him, looking up into his face with sparkling, delighted eyes.  He touched his lips to her forehead and she moved closer still, placing her head on his shoulder briefly before turning back to give her thanks to the little man.

Just as she was about to stammer out a reply of heartfelt gratitude, the King began to speak instead.  She held her twitching tongue until he had finished, fully agreeing with everything the man was saying.  Instead of politely waiting for Mouse’s answer, the young woman burst into her own rendition of thanks.  “Yes, thankyou Mouse, thankyou so much.”  Her words were breathless, full of emotion, and she squeezed Lance’s hand which still lay in her’s. She beamed at Mouse.


As Iris rounded the door, her quickly complied composure fluttered in shock.  The change from the tension in the room before to the easy merriment here almost was startling.  She seemed to feel a change in temperature from one to the next, although the King still seemed to carry a fog of cold with him.  His anger was obvious to her, and it must be to Damien too.  Despite the advisor’s words her hope blossomed as she saw that he was the centre of all the happiness.  Iris did not feel the same anger as Voltigar herself, she was too wound up with worry and fear and disappointment, and so she saw through the advisor’s playful teasing where the King did not.  There was simply no chance that Damien would test his friend’s anger like this without knowing that it would soon be gone.  Her heart fluttered, not for the first time this morning, but in now hope rather than worry.  The young woman prayed that she was right.

Her suspicions were confirmed, not only by Damien, but by the little, comic fellow she had barely even noticed.  “Master Mouse” Voltigar had called him.  It was a strange name, but right now Iris could not care less.  She ran his reasoning through her brain once more, and the tension visibly drained from her body.  Where before she had been holding herself up to try and present a reasonable image to the outside world, now she began to radiate her usual air of competence and contentment.  Tears of relief pricked at the corner of her eyes, and she moved over to pick up the bottle of wine, quietly refilling those whose glasses were running low.  The movement helped her cover the loss of control, and also allowed her to pick up a glass for her and her sister.  The warmth running down her throat was comforting, steadying. 

Iris remained quiet as the others gave their thanks, and so it was that she was the last to present her own to the little man.  “I would like to thank you too Mouse.  For being able to see through what we could not.  To Mouse.”  She raised her glass in a toast.

Title: Re: The Palace(Voldar)
Post by: Garth Avery on May 16, 2008, 11:44:25 PM
Mouse almost laughed at the king's words. Almost. He realised that the signs of his nervousness could be taken as fear, and it was probably natural for a king to assume people were afraid of him - the small acrobat really didn't know, since this was the first king he'd ever come into contact with. Before he could answer, all the people in the room started thanking him. It actually made him feel a bit better about being the center of attention. He nodded his acknowledgement - seriously, as usual. Despite what people might think because of his profession, he was no joker when he wasn't performing.

Turning back to answer the king, he said: "I... I thank you, your majesty, but all I did was ask a question. I am a simple acrobat, and find most joy in travelling and showing my art. I do not know what I should do with lands or power. And without meaning any offense, I have seen the last man to rise to knighthood... To be sure, I would much rather stay a simple acrobat than to have to juggle the responsibilities you are offering."

For a moment, the small blond-haired man was silent, thinking things over. Then he talked again, a thoughtful look in his eyes. "Excuse me, but... Could I perhaps look in on the Baron? I think that perhaps someone should be with him, and since he hired me... Perhaps I might do something to cheer him up, once he wakes up." For the first time, a very light smile tugged on the corner of his mouth. "I promise I won't overexcite him with too many acrobatic tricks."