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Title: Thalambaths Heart auditions.
Post by: Terra Artemos on June 04, 2005, 12:27:22 PM
Thalambaths Heart is still auditioning for interesting characters to join the story. Auditioners need to make an audition post for the character they wish to join with demonstrating his or her roleplaying ablity, and the skills, strengths and weaknesses of his or her character.In addition to this the player must also post a link to their characters CD, or if the link can not be provided to to dataloss, post the most recent version of the character CD that he or she may have, and an external means of contacting him or her should his or her character be selected.

Characters will be judged on how they are roleplayed, and may be excepted to declined based on the characters race, class and/or skills.

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