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Title: Finally in the valley of the Brownies
Post by: Ta'lia of the Seven Jewels on February 13, 2007, 02:17:07 AM
The Vale (

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Post by: Talas Anthavin on February 15, 2007, 01:31:26 PM
As Ta’las exits the Gorge through the area known as ‘The Gate’, he holds his one free hand above his eyes until they adjust to Injera’s light, and his mouth opens as he gazes upon the Vale of the Brownies.  To the north and just immediately to the south and east he sees two snow-capped mountains that rise abruptly and enclose a dense forest.  The Shendar notes that the forest canopy to the south of the river is particularly thick, and looks impassable.  Beside them, the river winds its way noisily over a stony riverbed through the forest valley far to the north and east.  The gravel-strewn passage out of the Gorge follows along the river for a time, but in the distance it is difficult for Ta’las to see whether it continues along the river, or works its way into the forest.  The air here is clear, the sky blue and free of clouds.  Above them, an eagle flies from an aerie nestled in a large rock outcrop in the face of the mountain behind them, and soars out over the treetops in pursuit of its prey.

“It is beautiful,” he murmurs to himself as takes a few steps forward, far enough to allow the others to exit the Gorge, and then he stops.  He glances over at Lady Terra, and sadly notes the innocent look in her eyes.  Then, for some unknown reason, he finds himself recalling their meeting with the elves in the Quallian, in the candlelit room where Siroled addressed them all.  Almost as if he were there in the room, Ta’las remembers the following stanza that had been directed at Lady Terra:

A scattered soul will only heal
if light falls in the dark
and only if you dare to feel
past sorrow as if new
No fear though needs to chase your soul
for friends will guard your path
and evil will be writhering
where your blade meets its wrath.

He shakes his head as the memory recedes, but the words are still in his mind.  He tucks that thought away and decides to think more on it later.  “If it is alright," he says, looking at the others, "I would like to stop as soon as we find a suitable place to rest.  Kenrill is heavier than he looks.”

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Post by: Ta'lia of the Seven Jewels on February 17, 2007, 07:27:42 AM
It doesn‘t take long, till they find a suitable place to sit down and rest. Soft green grass invites them to lay down and relax. On the other side of the path the river gurgles in his bed, hurrying towards the gorge, but not knowing yet about the turbulence its waters will meet.
A few boulders are guarding their back, tall fir trees are to the left and right, but the sight on one of the most prominent mountains around, the Mount of Chieftain is undisturbed.

Talia wishes swing, her aj‘nuvic, could be with her now. Swing would love this soft grass, though she was always a bit cautious as if she would not believe, that such plenitude was possible. But there is no Swing. Talia puts her rucksack onto the ground and just plumps down  on the green carpet, a sigh escaping her throat as she meets the hard ground.

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Post by: Terra Artemos on February 17, 2007, 03:26:09 PM
Terra walked close beside Ta'las the whole way to where the group begins to take a rest, her cheeks reddening and a shy smile coming to her lips whenever she looked at him. It's quite clear she has a chrush on Ta'las long before they reach the resting place. Terra watches Talia settle in for a rest then looks at Ta'las.

"Lets go sit by my mommy!"

Without waiting for an answer rushing over to Talia taking off her pack almost carelessly throwing it on the ground before flopping herself down beside her. Terra looks over seeing the wishing and longing in Talia and cuddles up close.

"You miss your big riding animal, don't you mommy? I miss my horsie to. I'm sure they will be okay. That nice man will take care of them."

Terra tries to reasure Talia then suddenly switches topics excitedly.

"Mommy, I found a boy I like! He's cute and strong and calls me lady! When we camp at night can I play swords with him?"

Terra looks up at Talia and waits for an answer excitedly.

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Post by: Morcaanan on February 18, 2007, 04:08:37 AM
"I think, Old Wolf, the answer to that should wait for a little while, so as to avoid repeating myself without need."

He followed the others into the sunshine; he felt that they should keep going on into the Vale...but already the party seemed pretty intent on resting. Perhaps they were right.
He set 'Teri down gently on the green grass and took a knee beside her - his attention for now focused solely on her. "How do you feel?" he asked.

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Post by: Eden Blunter on February 18, 2007, 05:13:07 AM
When they come to the resting spot, Eden is glad to rest her sore legs. She was not used to such short bursts of energy and exertion. The dwarf finds her spot by the gurgling waters, sitting down on a clean, dry rock. Looking down, the cleric spot something most atrocious.

"Could this day get any worse!" she whines quietly, picking up the hem of her robes and examining with disdain the large muddy tear she had put into it. Smacking her lips, the dwarf sets to work rummaging through her workpack for a needle in thread, but in the process glances up at the rest of her party. Injury, possession, mutation... she was of no place to complain. Ashamed of her moment of materialistic weakness, Eden glances down at her robes. It is now she also realizes that she has maybe pulled her robes up too high and was revealing too much of her short, yet very shapely, legs fit for a woman of the rock. She blinks twice and looks up sharply, her face red with blush behind her beard, and quickly smooths down her robes hopefully before any sort of treacherous man caught a glimpse of her incredibly hairy legs.

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Post by: Talas Anthavin on February 18, 2007, 11:49:56 AM
"Yes, we will rest here next to Talia, Lady Terra," the Shendar says with a smile.  He finds a soft piece of grass-covered ground free of tree roots and rocks, and then grunts as he carefully eases Kenrill to the ground.  He removes his cloak and rolls it up to place it beneath the halfling's head.   Looking at the size of Kenrill, who is actually thin for a halfling, he guesses he is tiring because of the battle in the Gorge.  This should not be, he thinks to himself, remembering the many times he travelled through the Rahaz-Dath and needed only a few hours rest to recover his strength.

He sits down next to the Talia and Terra, with Kenrill in between himself and the two ladies, as he catches his breath.  He also notices Eden stop to rest, and he nods to her.  "You did well in there, Eden, both with your magic and battling the strange creature that tried to drown 'Teri.  We are fortunate to have you with us."

Laying back on the soft grass, Ta'las closes his eyes and ponders what has happened - the fight that nearly cost them their lives, Morcaanan's return, Capher's transformation, Terra's condition, and his failed gambit.  It angers him that they needed luck to succeed where vigilance and preparedness should have been sufficient.  What an utterly foolish thing to do, he thinks again.  My actions almost killed 'Teri and Kenrill.  A Shendar should know better than -

His self-indulgence is interrupted when he realizes he is feeling sorry for himself.  Ta'las imagines the words his mother-sister would have for him.

He rests only a few moments longer before rising.  He checks Kenrill's bandages to be sure they are still secure, and then collects some dry wood - mostly broken branches to make a small fire, and then refills the pot.  As he does, he listens to Terra and Talia speak, and wonders how to treat Terra.  He crushes a few tea leaves into a small mug and adds some boiling water - it is not truly medicinal, but just something refreshing that he has always found eases his mind.  Then he sets the kettle on his blanket to warm it up - not too much - but just enough that it will slowly heat the halfling's chest, as Eden had mentioned in the Gorge.

When he is satisfied he has done what he can for Kenrill, he approaches Capher, his eyes still revealing his uneasiness around the old man.  He quietly asks, "Capher, is it best to speak to Lady Terra as a young girl, or should we treat her no differently than we normally do?"

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Post by: Kenriil on February 18, 2007, 09:51:58 PM
"Sunlight," Ken comments, even before he opens his eyes. He mutters on, going from sunlight to grass and trees to birds to shortbows and stone-tipped arrows to blades to death, mentioning his brush with it, to thinking aloud about his past and future, which is a jumbled mix of his own fantasies and some mildly amusing incident. Finally again on the ground, he opens his eyes and begins groping about, looking for something.

Slowly, carefully the halfling stands, and begins to look about, while it can be obviously seen that the blade is in its sheath across his back, still Ken hunts about for it. Finally, he approaches Ta'las, asking, "Have you seen my sword? I picked it up right after I whopped on you - sorry about that - but then- I just passed out. I don't remember what I did with it, although I usually put it right here... Oh! There it is! (drawing it out and examining it) Why, the poor thing looks so neglected, it's probably been days or weeks since I've taken proper care of it. Say, you wouldn't happen to have a stone handy, would you? A stone and a rag, I think, and I'd be happy. I think there'll be plenty of water on the trail, so I could probably use my canteen for that without trouble - I need to wash my canteen out anyway. The water's been in there for a week now. It isn't good to keep it in there for too long. It turns..."

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Post by: Aueniteri on February 18, 2007, 10:31:02 PM
"Morcanaan? Let's not go near the fire..."

She finds herself blushing deeply even at the suggestion, but it truly is what she wants - just to be alone with him. Eventually, she decides to answer his question. "I feel alright, I guess. I don't know why we're stopping - but maybe... you're probably
tired from carrying me. I'm sorry."

She looks up into his eyes again, and smiles. "I wish I could have gotten out of these wet things... but I don't think any of my clothes are dry anymore..."

Shifting, she removes her pack and sets it beside her, pulling things out and laying them in the sun. Her paper and charcoal are ruined, her fiddle, wrapped in a leather case, still mostly dry, but even it has suffered some damage. Her clothing, it turns out, is in somewhat better condition - the only dress that is not completely soaked turns out to be one of a dual-toned blue. For the most part, the single piece dress is a darker royal blue, with an open V in the front, which would run almost down to the navel. This V is filled with a lighter tone of blue, and tightened with a white lacing across the V.

Carefully, she lays her dresses out on the grass - one blue, one green, one a simple brown, one a soft pink-and white, and one simply white. "I'm going to have to change, I guess. I can't keep wearing this. I... think I can stand, a little, now. If only I had some place to change."

With a steady, deliberate motion, she turns her attention back to him. "Morcanaan..."

There are no more words. 'Teri, then, resorts to wrapping her arms around him and drawing herself as close to him as she can.

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Post by: Morcaanan on February 19, 2007, 09:26:07 AM
Her worry about making him tired almost caused him to laugh; when she smiled at him, he felt as if could have carried her to Nybelmar and back without tiring.

He settled next to her as she pulled out her belongings for inspection, his eyes studying her face as she went over every item. Again, he felt the shame of leaving; such a fool he'd been, such a fool.

When she said she would need to change he began to suggest that she return to the tunnel entrance, as it might offer a semblance of privacy: and then her arms are around him and he doesn't say a word; he merely pulls her in and holds her.

"Aueniteri" he whispered. He wanted to apologize again, for leaving, for hurting her, for not being there...instead the words just never seem to come.
He pulled away a little to look her in the face. When they made it to their destination, he determined that they would have time together, hours, away from everyone else. He reached up and lightly stroked her cheek. After a few minutes, he reluctantly released her and said "You should see about changing if you can stand." He glanced over at the others. "Rest or not, we'll probably be moving again soon enough."

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Post by: Aueniteri on February 19, 2007, 11:10:43 AM
"Alright," she says, putting a hand on his shoulder, "help me up."

She fails in her first attempt to stand, however, giving a tiny squeal as she tries to put weight on her legs. Sitting again, she looks hopelessly down at them, and then up to Morcanaan, smiling a little. "When I woke up this morning, I felt like a caged animal." 'Teri turns her gaze back to her legs and kicks them up and down a little. "Now I feel like a broken marionette. They're all... swollen and tingling. I guess- if they leave us, we'll have to catch up later."

This is said with a smile, and she leans forward and begins to gently rub her legs, trying to improve blood flow.

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Post by: Capher on February 20, 2007, 01:36:24 AM
Capher whispered back to Morcaanan before he went and tenderly laid Teri down upon the grass, "Same goes for me to, I guess."

Injera felt good upon his face and he turned it toward it.  Capher could never figure out why his family loved caves so much.  Of course in the winter and high up in the mountains to be secluded deep inside a mountain where its lifeblood flowed, that could be the reason.

He smiled at Injera and then continued on his way out into the vale.  Capher took a quick glance to the east of the cavern entrance to see if he could see Garrek or his minions about and with his eyes he could see nothing but deep dark green lush forest. Capher thought about sending a tendril of magic to see if he could sense anything, however he shook that thought away quickly.

Magic was going to be something he would only use if and only if it was a dire emergency until he came face to face with this "rock" or "stone of Ximax"  It was purported to be here in the world long before he was, even the elves and that Capher found to a bit incredible; for the elves were the first children and his kind was born from the Tree of Life when Coor cracked it in down the middle.

Capher stood apart from the group surveying them and their surroundings. He watched Ta'las approach him and could see their was a bit of wariness toward him in his eyes; Capher did not fault him for it.  He smiled as Ta'las came up to him and asked,"Capher, is it best to speak to Lady Terra as a young girl, or should we treat her no differently than we normally do?"

Capher flicked his eyes toward Terra and Talia as he mused upon the question.  It was a valid one and one that Capher had not considered. To talk to Terra as a child would only support her view as one, yet it was also necessary, for he had seen inside her mind and knew that she had to go back as a child to finally confront the "blackness, the barrier, that held her back from being totally whole.

The barrier was of her own making, Capher knew, it must have been something so tragic and traumatic that as Terra grew up she just shut it away far down into the recesses of her mind, but now, for some reason Capher had not figured out yet, it had surfaced.

But, for us to continue the illusion, was it bad or good?  Capher did not know.  On the other hand to talk to her and expect her to act like the woman she was could only confuse the little girl that has manifested itself. Only the life magic of the brownies was her only hope now, as Capher did not trust his magic anymore.

He looked into Ta'las's questioning eyes. "Ta'las, I am not sure. I have two trains of thought on the matter, either one is valid, but either one could be wrong as well. My best guess would be to treat her as you would treat any other young lady you may come across until either two things happen; one, her mind finally comes to the point of the "barrier" she herself has built and will need to confront it and it will either destroy her or she it; which will take time, depending upon what age she thinks she is and what age she built the barrier or we find the brownies and with their life magic they can help her go right to the root of the problem and then help her confront and hopefully win over the "barrier" in her mind.  Myself, I plan on treating her as she treats me until something else comes along."

Capher shrugged his shoulders. "I am afraid my friend that that may have not been what you wanted to hear, but it is the best I can do. I do not trust my magic, therefore I cannot help Terra like I could nor Talia."

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It shocks him to see Capher so unsure about himself.  He places his hand on his friend's shoulder.  "My friend, as I have said once before, you are more human than you think.  I understand that you are reluctant to use your magic right now, and perhaps that is for the best.  But also remember the many times you have given aid to Lady Terra."  He glances at Terra and Talia, and then back to Capher.

"Even without your magic, you can still help Lady Terra."  He lets his hand drop and smiles.  "You just need to learn to trust yourself again."  Ta'las nods eastward, toward the Vale.  "For starters, I suspect you will have some part to play in finding the Brownies, who will be key to healing Lady Terra and Talia."  Then quietly he adds, "Whether it is your magic or your wisdom, your friends still need you.  All of us."

Ta'las claps Capher on the shoulder.

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"Mommy, I found a boy I like! He's cute and strong and calls me lady! When we camp at night can I play swords with him?"

Talia puts her arms around the woman with the mind of a child and answers as honestly as possible.

“Could well be, but let‘s wait for the evening, yes? We don‘t know yet, where we will sleep and how the circumstances are by then. I like Ta‘las as well. He is of the Shendar tribe I‘m part of as well. It is nice to have someone familiar around when the gods send tryouts to test our strength an our belief!“

Though somehow it is sad to see Terra in this juvenile state, it is refreshing to see her undisturbed enthusiasm as well. it is as if a little sunbeam has found the way in Talia‘s heart and she smiles, not especially to Terra, but more to herself - or to all the others as well.

Ta‘las sits down, with furrowed forehead - what does he ponder about? He looks after Kenriil whose mouth regains its consciousness before his eyes - as was to expect. The little man seems to be ok, despite his head wound.

Morcaanan puts Teri gently in the grass. She is all wet and Talia feels the urge to get up and offer her second set of dry clothes, but then she decides otherwise -  and Teri unravels her package and reveals several dresses - one of them is nearly dry. To Talia‘s surprise she doesn‘t go to change behind the next tree or boulder, but wraps her arms around Jeheraid. Talia has to look twice, before she can believe her eyes - Teri has been always so shy and contained. If that was the reaction of her nearly drowning or alternatively freezing to death in the river? Many of the group seemed to walk on the edge of their sanity.

Capher neither seems  to be his old self - what is not surprising either. Talia wonders about Morcaanan, Ta‘las and Eden. What is it, that has brought Jeheraid back? What drives Ta‘las to help them - just the word of his mother-sister? And Eden, who has arrived like a present of the gods?

Talia wonders, what lies before them, in the Vale of the Brownies, if the brownies would be able to help..

“Capher, Morcaanan, have you been here already, do you know if we reach a brownie settlement tonight? And do they have any accommodation for big people or do we have to camp under the trees?“

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Capher smiled at Ta'las's suggestion. "Perhaps, my friend. Perhaps."

Talia then asks Capher or Morcaanan where the brownie settlement was and if they had accomodations for big people.

Capher looked at Morcaanan who was trying to help Teri up. Capher assumed that Teri was going to change clothes by the way she spread out her clothes from her pack, but that she was having trouble standing up.  It was then that Capher wondered how Morcaanan got into the vale and into the cave as he was far behind them the last time they had seen him.

Capher's eyes narrowed as he chewed on that bit of information and then recalled that Morcaanan told him he would tell all when they were all together.

Capher walked closer to Talia and Terra for he did not want to yell. When he became close enough to talk normally to Talia he answered. "The last time I was here Talia, you and the rest were not even born.  The brownies at that time did not live in what we would call settlements. They lived in the trees; their houses were made of leaves, twigs, wisps of fur and feathers from the animals they killed.  I recall at the time that there was one central place where all of the different tribes of brownies met under a huge towering Eur'Oak tree in the middle of the forest but I do not know if they still meet there and if even I can find it again."

He shrugged his shoulders, "Perhaps Morcaanan can find a trail or if we are blessed by Seyella we will come across a band of them."

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Eden is close enough to Capher and Talia to overhear their conversation. The dwarf watched Capher's face closely as she spoke, and felt that he spoke the truth... he did not even know where they were going! The cleric thought on it for a moment's time and then picked up her robes and stood, walking towards them.

"When I was a wee lass," she began, standing between the two and brushing a strand of golden hair from her eyes, " My mother lost one of her earrings. She searched for days and days and days, but could not find it. But when I was playing on the floor, it was no trouble at all for me to pick it up from some dust." The dwarf pauses, running a hand through her beard and then looks at Capher with a quirked brow. "Small things are hard to find without small people, Old One. Especially if they, perhaps, do not wish to be found."

The dwarf pointedly turns her gaze to Kenril who was standing out of earshot. "He is small, but maybe not small enough. I do not know what god has blessed you, but you would be able to... disguise your wee friend as a friend of theirs? It would do well to quicken your search and my opportunity to have a night's comfortable rest."

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With Talia's arm around her, Terra tries to cuddle up all the more, like with Capher it was a warm safe place and the troubles in her mind don't seem so bad.

Inside the Terra they knew still struggled for her life, her lungs burning with need and realization of the sensation of drowing, but it was not a torrent of water that was drowning her. Still she struggled and seems to make headway toward the shore of the torrent, she could feel the death of mind press on her and knew that if she could not save herself she would spend the rest of her life in torment, insane. If there was ever something that terrifies her more than the pain of the darkness in her mind it was loosing the one thing that she values more than her life, her very sanity. Somehow she knows her sanity is no longer in her grasp, but at least she has hope that its still within her reach.

Finally as if by pure mirical she make it to the shore in her mind, with every fiber of her remaining mentle strength she pulls herself up out of the torrent waters, even muddy the solidity of the ground was comforting in a way, but did little to easy the suffering she felt, feeling as if she was an instant from drowning, from the death of her mind. Terra could only lay on the bank within her mind lungs burning with every needed breath, her body burning no less and feeling as if a great weight had be placed upon her preventing her from moving. She knew in time she would recover her strenth, but yet another thing came to torment her conciousness, she could not feel, she could feel the world within her mind, but not what was without, she was lost and did not know how she could find her way back. Could she find her way back? The outside was a totally different plane, she could not siimply walk there, the connection was invisible from her mental place to that of the real world outside.

Eden the Dwarf moves closer to Capher, speaking with him. Terra looks to Capher smiling happly from Talia's arms, then looks to Eden, her eyes taking her in with a look of innocent wonder for a long moment before looking up at Talia a questioning look on her face.

"Mommy is that a girl?"

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"My magic dear lady fails me, besides I can not disguise anyone except myself" Capher spoke to Eden. "But you have given me an idea."

Terra looks at Eden and asks, "Is that a girl, mommy?"

Capher had to hide a smile and coughed to cover the laugh that wanted to escape from his lungs.  Capher decided to answer for Talia.

"No Terra. This is Lady Eden, she is a dwarf and a woman." He explained.

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"Mommy is that a girl?"

Eden's face lights up bright with rage and embarassment and her flowing beard quivers with her as she tries to contain herself from exploding. Eden is drained and frustrated over the day's events and in her moment of anxiety, the dwarf forgets the mental illness that has stricken this poor woman's soul and receives her comment as though it had been a sarcastic jab.

Before the dwarf can reply, or rather, explode, Capher answers the question that the woman had directed towards Talia.

"Aye, he is right" she adds after Capher has spoken, her tone dripping with bitterness, "I am a female dwarf and, pray save me, lady, your ignorance will be the death of us all! Urtengor deliver you." In a huff, the cleric turns on her heel and begins strutting over to her bag.

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Terra looks back to the dwarf in open innocent wonder but then the dwarf seems to get mad. She looks back to Capher then up to Talia confusion on her features and as if to say wordlessly that she is sorry for doing something bad.

"Mommy? Daddy? I never seen a dwarf before. Did I say something bad to dwarves?"

She cuddles tightly against to Talia and whines.

"I didn't mean to be bad."

Talia's arms encircle Terra more tightly trying to comfort her, this task being difficult as Terra's distress reveals a sliver of her own. Both women needed the brownies help, one could only wonder where such help would lead Terra or if she would forever have the mind of a small child.

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Seeing the distress in Terra's eyes, Ta'las realizes how far back she has travelled in her mind.  The Shendar prepares some more of the tea he has been drinking.  It is both mild and sweet, and growing up it was something his mother-sister had always made for him when he was upset.

When he finishes, he kneels down on one knee next to Terra.  "Here, Lady Terra, this may help you feel better."  He holds out the mug handle-first to her, as it is quite hot, and so he adds, "blow on it and be careful.  It will burn your mouth if you drink it fast."

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Morcaanan smiled at the suggestion of letting the others go on without them; all things considered he liked it better...and the others saw fit to busy themselves with whether or not to continue, so he would let them.

"Waiting may be wise. If they force the issue, I can carry you, but for now..." He shrugged and kept half an eye on the others as they deliberated.

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Post by: Ta'lia of the Seven Jewels on February 28, 2007, 07:06:05 PM
"Mommy is that a girl?"

Talia has to hide a smile when Terra asks this question, for Eden is not pleased to be mistaken for a child - a bearded child.  Capher, earnest and solemn, gives the answer in a quiet way, as if it would have been a normal thing to ask and as Talia can see, just managed to avoid that a certain female dwarf exploded. However, not all of Eden‘s anger is gone and so she mutters about Terra‘s ignorance and that this might well be the cause for their death. In this moment Talia is very annoyed about Eden, shouldn‘t she have noticed by now, that something is wrong with Terra? Well, maybe not. Terra is nearly crying and cuddles nearer to her. Talia chooses to say nothing but only whispers in Terra‘s ear“ It is all right, Terra, don‘t worry!“

And then Ta‘las comes and offers a cup of desert grown tea, this soothing mild one Talia preferred always to the sharper Mil‘no tea which is served more regularly. she takes the cup from ta‘las hands to give it to Terra.

“That is a great idea, Ta‘las, thank you!“

She now smiles openly to him.

“I‘m so glad to have you with us!“

 After blowing for a little while over the surface she gives the cup to Terra.

“Terra, here, drink, that will make you feel better!“

Talia is worried. How long will Terra‘s be in this childlike state? And is this dangerous? What happens  inside her? Is there a need to hurry? she looks over to Teri, wondering if she would be able to walk herself soon. If she only would have all her medicine bag with her, the mil‘no paste applied on her legs would surely help to recover quickly. But most of her stuff stayed back with Swing. Well, she should have a look at Teri‘s legs nevertheless. but Talia is reluctant to leave Terra alone as well. whom could she ask to takes her place? Well - daddy - Capher.

“Capher, could you please come and sit a moment with Terra? I would like to have a look at Teri.“

she gets up but waits for Capher to take her place before leaving.

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Capher nodded after hearing Talia's request, "Go on ahead Talia and see if you can help Teri," and sat down next to Terra putting his arm around her as he watched her sip her tea that Ta'las had given her.  The smell of the tea was very soothing.  "Ta'las would you mind making me a cup of that tea. It smells very good."

Capher kept his eyes always roving from one person to another and then all around their surroundings. He did not want to be caught unaware again.  Besides he was hoping he might catch a glimpse of a brownie for he was sure they knew that he and his party were in there vale and were watching them.

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Terra seem set more at ease by Talia's whispered words of comfort, yet still troubled by the reaction to her question unable to grasp what she did wrong. She listens intently to the exchange between Talia and Ta'las, him being near seeming to make her feel just a little better to, finally recieving the mug Talia had cooled for her. When Talia raises to her feet a forlorn expression draws across her face and is only slightly soothed by her request that Capher sit with her, and only extinguished by him doing so wrapping a comforting arm around her. Only then does Terra take careful sips as a child would while Capher watches over her and asks for a cup of tea for himself.

"Daddy? Are you going to have tea with me to? How about the nice boy Ta'las? Is he going to have tea with us to?"

Her voice is still strained, clearly still feeling confused and guilty over whatever was sead to upset Eden.

"Daddy? Why is Eden the dwarf woman mad at me?"

She looks down at the mug, still a little upset, slowly sipping the tea in child sips appearing to try and figure out the answer herself.

"Daddy, I should say sorry right?"

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Capher smiled down at Terra. "Yes, Terra I am going to have some tea. I am not sure about Ta'las though, he probably will have some."

Terra's condition was it worsening or becoming better? Capher did not know.  But the child within her was trying to grasp concepts that any other child her age would try to.  She thought she had done something wrong when she asked if Eden was a girl.  She thought she should say she was sorry. 

Which were all good signs as far as a child learning proper ettiquette and right from wrong.  However the problem is that when you look at Terra, you do not see a little girl, you see a woman; and most people expect a woman to talk and act like a woman, not like a child.  This what concerned Capher most; those in the party looked at Terra and saw a woman not a child and if she continued acting and talking like a child would they want her to still be with them?  Especially Eden, who was having the most difficult time with Terra and Capher did not blame her.

Perhaps relations would be better if Terra apologized. "Terra, I think that what you suggested about saying your sorry to Lady Eden is a very good idea."

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Ta'las nods to Capher and sets about making enough tea in the pot for each of the others.  He carries the makeshift kettle - just a plain pot - to each of the others and pours a cupful for those who accept his offer.  When he is done, he pours himself another mug and sets himself down next to Capher and Terra.

He looks up at Capher.  "Do you suppose the brownies will already have sent word to their leaders of our arrival, or will it take some time before they make contact?"

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Terra looks up from her tea as Capher agrees that she should apologize and see's that he is concerned.

"Really? But daddy, I don't know what I did bad."

Terra lays on the river bank in her mind try as she might she could not bring strength back to herself, aside from this something else begins to trouble her, something that had been out of place. She thinks hard on what had happened within the landscape of her mind. Finally that minute detail comes to her, before she had fallen into the river and swept up in to torrent she had come across a young girl that seemed disturbingly femillure and yet Terra could not place her. Who was the young girl, and why is she so ingrained in her mind to be manifest so clearly? At the time the girl had been terrified, the dark specters and demons of Terra's mind were attacking her. Terra thought little of who and why, she had little time to consider such questions, but now she does and with the recolection of the girl comes another question what happened to the girl after she fell into the torrents of the river in her mind?

Terra seem to sip her tea deliberately more slowly as she looks back at Eden, obviously scared and nervous about approaching the dwarf to say she is sorry. She had never seen a dwarf before, she does not know what she did wrong, and is scared to do something else bad. Ta'las coming to sit next to them only help to add to Terra's hesitation as she liked having him near. With each sip she took her opportunities to delay saying sorry to the scary dwarf dwindle until finally the tea was gone, and yet she could not bring herself to approach the Eden.

"Daddy, my tea is all gone."

The words come as a whine, not for the tea being gone, but for her excuse to not go apologize to Eden being gone with it.

"Daddy I should go say sorry now right? Will you come with me? I don't want miss Eden to get mad at me again. I don't know what I did bad. Please?

She pleads obviously her fear and nervousness getting the better of her.

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As soon as Capher sits with Terra, Talia gets up and joins Morcaanan and Teri. She sits down, crossed leg, facing Teri so that she can get a better glimpse of how she feels.

 „Teri, how are you? Are your legs working again? Are you able already to walk on your own, or should we still wait? We could make up our camp here as well and wait till tomorrow. „

And as if she has heard part of the conversation between Morcaanan and Teri or just out of the knowledge about human nature she adds:

 „No, we won‘t leave you back with Jeheraid if you intended to propose that. I think it is more important to keep the group together, just a feeling. What about trying to walk around a bit? Then you will find out if we can go on or have still to wait. I‘m going back to Terra for now.“

Talia goes over to Terra, Capher and Ta‘las. Just in time to hear Terra‘s   „But daddy, I don't know what I did bad.“ and her complaint about her empty tea-cup - which seems to be a complaint not alone about the empty tea cup, but about a general ill - feeling. It is high time to get some help! Talia pats Ta‘las on his shoulder, asking him:

 „Brother, is there another cup for Terra and maybe for me as well? A big one? And I think Teri needs another one as well - and Jeheraid.. don‘t worry, I have enough left in Swing‘s bags!„

Then she sits down next to Terra, taking up her question which she had interrupted with her request for a tea.

 „Terra, you didn‘t do anything bad. But Eden was a bit hurt in the moment, for she didn‘t know either, that you never have seen a dwarf before. See, the dwarves are often looked down upon them because they are shorter than humans and elves. They are a bit sensible in this respect. You can nevertheless say, that you are sorry, that she was angered. It makes life a lot easier if you apologise if you see that someone was hurt even if it was not your fault. It could well be, that she likes you better afterwards.“

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"Tal'as, I am not sure. I do have the feeling that they know we are here and that we are being watched, but I just cannot see them.  Perhaps you can catch a glimpse of them?  Though they blend into the forest like a chamelion and is nearly impossible to see unless they want to be seen.  I guess as long as Teri is having a hard time moving, we will just have to wait and see if we are contacted or not.  A half day and night will not hurt us out here in the open.  We have fresh water, with plenty of fish in it for food.  If we are not contacted in a couple of hours I suggest that we prepare to make camp and wait until the following morning.  Then if nothing happens, we move out on our own. Hopefully we will be contacted soon or we find their 'tree'" Capher answered.

Talia came back after talking with Teri. She answered Terra's question before Capher could.

Capher agreed. "Terra, Talia is wise and right. I will go along with you, if you wish."  He did not call Talia "mommy" nor did he call himself "daddy" To perpetuate the illusion in Terra's mind that much was not wise. He gave Talia a quick glance and wondered how her healing was coming along?  Her focus on Terra and the others helped her take away her focus from her own problems, he guessed.  But was that good or bad?  Was it just covering Talia's problem until a crisis came along and then she would not be able to react as quickly.  Capher considered that as he drank his tea.

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Terra listens intently to Talia and Capher as a good child would listen to their parents while being instructed. As much comfort and reassurance they give her though Terra is till scared and nervious about apologizing, her mind trying to formulate the apology with a child's grasp of words, agonizing over it not wanting to say anything to make Eden mad. Finally after some time a memory arose of her real mother, something she had told Terra when she was young and learning how to swim, "Terra, just try your best. Worrying about getting it wrong won't accomplish anything, you have to try if you want to learn. I will be here.". With this memory the young mind of Terra resolves itself to the task.

"Daddy I should go say sorry now."

Terra puts the mug she was given aside in a care free manner, gets up and walks over to Eden, then clasps her hands together before her sanding wordlessly and twisting nervously till Capher joins her.

"Miss Eden..."

She pauses looking to Capher for a long moment for support, trembling slightly in fear.

"I... I'm sorry I mad you mad. I didn't mean to, honest. I never saw a dwarf before, not even a girl dwarf."

Terra seems to cheer up a little with the apology and loose her nervousness, then even before Eden can accept it Terra's curiosity runs away with her.

"Miss Eden, what's it like to be a dwarf? If girl dwafs look like boys, does that mean boy dwarfs look like girl dwarfs? Where do dwarfs live? Why do people pick on dwarfs? It's mean! I saw boy being picked on bigger boys once. I guess boys pick on smaller boys."

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Eden stands by the river, watching the water's liveliness with idle interest. She can't help but continue to feel troubled about being so out of place... these people are nice enough, but do they truly even care about her presence? The dwarf looks up at the stone faces for comfort, reveling in her closeness with Urtengor in such a place. The winding paths are sure and solid, the looming boulders embracing her thoughts like a gentle father's arms. Her mind was filled only with the consciousness of her god and the soothing sounds of the river until her solace is broken.

"Miss Eden..."

The tensions eased return and the dwarf turns slowly, cocking her head to the side as to look up to Terra with a quizzical brow.

"I... I'm sorry I mad you mad. I didn't mean to, honest. I never saw a dwarf before, not even a girl dwarf."

Eden looks closely at the woman, to Capher, and then back to her, looking into Terra's eyes. There she saw something odd, slightly disturbing, and most of all, saddening. They were the eyes of a woman not living the same life they were all. She straddled a torn existence. The dwarf has seen it before, many years before, when she met an old woman. She suffered a disease that tore at the mind and knew not her children, her husband or her friends. She was happy, satisfied and cheerfully oblivious to the pain she caused her loved ones, and they tried to soothe the pain by reminding themselves of her happiness.

But the honesty of such a statement could never be known. To be lost of all her cherished memories and the significance of her beloved would cause Eden to break.

Shaking back to the present, the dwarf sighs and touches her hand to Terra's elbow. "It's okay, girl, you meant nary any harm."

"Miss Eden, what's it like to be a dwarf? If girl dwafs look like boys, does that mean boy dwarfs look like girl dwarfs? Where do dwarfs live? Why do people pick on dwarfs? It's mean! I saw boy being picked on bigger boys once. I guess boys pick on smaller boys."

The dwarf thinks for a moment and smiles a warm smile. "My darling, you cannot tell if a horse is a girl or a boy when you first look at it. And I'm sure a horse cannot tell any of you apart samely. But know you, horses know. So just because you do not see or understand something, do not be so quick to think that everybody sees and understands the same. It is not fair to treat different people differently."

After a moment, Eden points to the stone around them "Dwarves live in a place not much different than this. But less sky and more stone..."

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Aueniteri is a little surprised when she and Morcaanan are rather suddenly approached by Talia, who, in a friendly yet curt manner reminds 'Teri of her attachment to the group, then returns to where most of the party is gathered. With a long sigh, she looks up to Jeharaid.

"Just long enough to reprimand, but not quite long enough to help."

She shakes her head slightly, and corrects herself. "Talia is very busy, I think. She's almost the heart and soul of us anymore; the only one who's still the same, and even she's weakened from the demon. I- .... Morcaanan... wh-"

Unable for a moment to speak, 'Teri consoles herself by simply taking his hand. "When I needed you, you were there. That's what matters to me."

Briefly, she embraces him again, hoping to get herself back under control. Succeeding for the moment, she withdraws from the hug and takes his hands. "Alright, I need to stand, and change. I don't think we'll be fighting much with the brownies, so I should be alright wearing a dress. If it isn't too much to ask, help me stand? If you stood, and held me up until I was able... it shouldn't be long..."

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Ta'las nods to Talia.  "Yes, I'll make some more."  He looks around at the forest as he fills the pot with water a second time, and begins to think that Capher is right, though he cannot see any brownies hidden in the foliage.  Once the water boils, he adds some more of the tea leaves to it, and soon has enough for everyone in the group.

The Shendar goes to each person in the group, asking if the would like tea, and pours a cup for all who accept.  As he pours Capher a cup of tea, he glances at a thicket at the base of a large oak tree.  He stares at the thicket for a time, but still cannot see anything.  He shakes his head and sits back down.  He keeps a careful watch on the trees around them, as he takes another mouthful of tea.

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Capher standing next to Terra and listening to her apology, and then her questions, winced as he did not know how Lady Eden would react.  But she surprised him with her warmth, understanding and wisdom as she explained to Terra in simple, yet straightforward terms, the answer to her questions.

It was then that something in Capher's mind opened. It was what Lady Eden had said. So just because you do not see or understand something, do not be so quick to think that everybody sees and understands the same.

That was the Key! Now that he knew the key, he now needed to know how to use it; and that will take time, patience, thought and healing; for all of them to be able to go on and finally defeat Eckra.

Eckra was a sorcerer that wielded power such as never been seen since the War of the Chosen.  He was, like all of the Chosen ones were, a master of illusion and of misdirection.  While he had you chasing something that was of importance to you; he was heading toward what was really important.  That was the Key that Lady Eden, unassumingly, trying to explain to a little girl what the difference was between a girl dwarf and a boy dwarf. Capher believed that Urtengor put that thought into her mind on the behest of Seyella, or maybe perhaps of all of the Gods; for Capher did not think that any of the gods would want a 'Chosen' one walking Caelereth again.

It was the Key to finding the brownies as well was in that statement.  Humans misunderstood the Brownies. Only a rare few had ever seen one and briefly at that.  Human mothers would use the brownies as a way to frighten children into obeying them or using brownies as an excuse when something came up missing in their household; their sayings were ingrained into the human mind and passed down from generation to generation so that no one really knew the truth.

He gazed thoughtfully at Eden. He supposed it was the same way with dwarves.  They too were a race that most humans knew nothing about, but dwarves were more readily seen as they were larger. Capher turned his head and glanced at Ken before turning back, even Ken, humans knew little about his race, but because they could see him and talk with him, they could accept him, but brownies were more like 'ghost stories, or fairies or myth' and therefore humans think they are not real, therefore they were not, at least in their minds, and if was not real in their minds, then it was not real.

But he was not human, he was a dragon, born from the leaves of the Tree of Life as the brownies were.  The reason he could not see the brownies was because he was thinking like a human; he needed to think like a dragon!

He walked a few paces away from the crowd and faced the Northern part of the forest.  He closed his eyes and speaking under his breath in Draconian he rearranged his thinking.  Then he opened his eyes and looked.

His eyes widened in shock and awe as he saw close to fifty of brown bark brownies clinging to the limbs of trees, in the underbrush and even high a top of the trees staring down at them.  He smiled at them and spoke to them in their language.

"We friends. We seek help. We sent by," Capher could not think of a brownie word for the Elven queen that sent them. "Ava" He finally said, thinking of nothing else to say.

There was no response and Capher thought that he had probably should not have told them Ava had sent them, as Ava was the Dreameress, and Ava spoke to no one.

Suddenly the underbrush parted and a Redbark brownie stepped out followed by and surrounded by perhaps ten of Brownbark brownies and deliberately made their way to him.

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Terra listens to Eden in wide eyed wonder and excitement to have a Dwarf teaching her things. A Dwarf! It may have been only a small wonder to most people, but to the Terra who is conscious having only a few scattered childhood memories, most of them generic and devoid of any details that would shatter the delusion, it was something she had never imagined would happen and thusly a grand wonder beyond imagining.

"I know, Miss Eden, I had to ask if my horsie was a he or she. I didn't know till I asked and the nice man told me and said how to tell. What he said made me uncomfortable a little, things about boy and girl horsie parts."

In fact the horse in her memory and the one she now rides where not one in the same, but to her delusion this detail is glazed over by the vaguery and uncertainty of a child's memory. Details forgotten, remembered incorrectly or exagurated by a child's mind were all safety nets for Terra's current conscious self. None the less she continues to listen to Eden's lesson in open awe.

When Ta'las moves towards them offering tea, Terra holds her hands out eagerly, her cheeks blushing slightly indecating that even in her childlike state of mind Terra still felt and attraction to him.

"Me please!"

She calls out gleefully seeming as much to draw Ta'las's attention to her as to ask for the tea he offers. Taking the mug pored and offered to her carefully, her cheeks grow a shade redder and offers an innocent child's "I like you lots!" smile in return. She then turns away shyly, holding the mug carefully and blowing on it for a while like Talia had done for her.

Before Terra's inquisitive nature could ask more about where dwarves live, she looks over to Capher, who had left her side without her knowing at first. She watches him for a moment before turning back to Eden questioningly.

"Miss Eden, What is daddy doing?"

As she asks her question she is unaware of the brownies appearing out of the brush, and remains blissfully unaware of Capher's true nature. This remains something only the grown Terra is aware of, but the two still remain separated by many years and many events some happy, others painful and had been left to fester over the intervening years to contribute to her current state. These painful events will have to be met and faced for the shattered Terra to become whole.

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Morcaanan didn't say much in reply to Talia, and helped 'Teri slowly up, giving the blood time to flow back into her legs. He felt suddenly distracted, even when 'Teri spoke to him. He frowned and shook himself. He needed to focus. As 'Teri gained her legs Ta'las offered him some tea. He nodded his acceptance and asked the Shendar to set it aside for the moment until he was certain that 'Teri could support herself. He guided her gently to the cave where she could have some privacy, then returned to his tea.

He picked it up and made his way over to Capher, mind filled with some questions. He walked up behind the old man and spoke to him quietly - completely unaware of the hundreds of eyes on them.

"Old Wolf" he murmured. "What can you tell me about the little folk you call the Brownies? The elves didn't tell me much, beyond the message they gave me before I left, and even that didn't actually tell me anything about them."

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Ta'las' attention is drawn from his probing search of the forest to Capher, who is standing with a look of surprise on his face.  The old man is standing still, as if in shock, and mutters some words in a language that is uncomprehensible to him.  What shocks him is that he can still see nothing - or no one - though Ta'las swears by the look on Capher's face, someone is actually there!  He peers more closely into the forest and then notices an almost imperceptable parting of a small portion of the undergrowth.

The Shendar blinks his eyes, but still cannot see anything in the clearing.  He glances at Lady Terra when she asks her question, and wonders the same thing.  "He senses something is near," Ta'las murmurs and again looks around the forest where Capher is staring, peering intently at where the foliage has just been disturbed.

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'Teri never did support herself, merely pretended to walk as she leaned against Morcaanan. She watches him go until he is nearer the group, and then moves back into the makeshift cavern - really only a tight spot in the rocks, and begins to undress. In a moment, she is free of her shirt, and working on clearing her lower half of the still-damp clothing that clings to her swollen legs, when she is suddenly aware of something - or perhaps someone.

Quickly, she does her best to secrete herself, and looks out toward the group. No one there is even looking in her direction, and she looks up the other way, seeing still nothing but stone. She shoves the suspicion out of her mind and finishes undressing. Finally clear of those things, she reaches for the dress. Then, she sees it.

A most curious beast flutters onto a ledge above, and turns a hawk-like head to look suspiciously at her. Frozen in fear, 'Teri watches its every motion, hoping it will just leave, that this odd beast is soon going away. It is not, however, and then she discovers why.

Perched atop the creature, sighting at her down an arrow, stands the strangest little man she's ever seen. While he doesn't seem eager to release his - she assumed, by the muscular, if tiny, figure that it was male - arrow, he is regarding her nearly naked figure with a very disturbing smirk. It is this smirk that finally presses her into action, although the action isn't much. Quickly, she sits straight again, and draws the dress into her bosom, holding it as if in an embrace. While it certainly isn't as comfortable or modest as wearing it properly, she feels just a little safer like this, and maybe the tiny man atop the beast will find better game to hunt.

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Terra only glances back to Ta'las beginning to tremble slightly at a secret fear.


As soon as her question is asked Terra's attention wander to Talia a short ways away, but still Eden was closer and the young mind of Terra feared to test her legs to seek the comfort of her mommy. Her eyes lock onto Eden, terror raising in them.

"Miss Eden, they're not pain demons are they? Some times I can't see them but I can feel them hurting me inside, making me sad. I don't want to hurt anymore. I want them all to go way!"

Terra's terror brings her to the edge of tears, and a moment from trying to curl herself up against Eden for protection.

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Ken isn't afraid; quite the opposite. He's heard of Brownies, of their closeness to life, and in all honesty, regardless of the curious terror stories told, he is fascinated by them. As they begin to move in the trees, and two or three atop gryphons fly overhead, he points and laughs, calling out, "They've come! They've come to meet us! I thought we'd have to go hunting all over for their little houses. They're not pain, they're littler people!"

He claps in joy and points again, running up to take Terra's hand, never realizing that the natural camouflage of those Brownies on the land might make them nigh invisible to the human eye. The gryphon riders, he pointed out, proved it was the Brownies, because after all, what Eyelian could have tamed so many Gryphons in so short a time? None! It could only be the Brownies, tiny masters of nature; gardeners greater than the hobbits, nature-masters and wizards greater than even the elves. He soon left Terra's side, and ran to Talia, taking her hand and repeating the rush of words pointing out what must now be the obvious. When he has finished with that, he stands by himself repeating his complete amazement at the Brownies' presence.

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Ta'las frowns furiously at Kenrill as the little halfling shouts and claps and hollers.  Partially because he has just given away their position to any enemies nearby, but mostly because Kenrill's outburst startles him.  The Shendar takes a few steps in the halfling's direction, but as he glances up, he notices the gryphons and the diminutive forms seated atop them and stops in amazement.

"Blessed Seyella," he mutters, and without realizing it, he touches Terra's arm, whom for some reason unknown to him, he is now standing next to.  "Do you see them, Lady Terra?" he asks with a smile, still watching the gryphon riders as they circle the group and then begin to descend.  He was unsure what to expect when he first heard they would be travelling to the Vale to visit the Brownies, but he had not expected them to be so small!

He looks at Terra and notices the trepidation on her face.  "There is no need to fear these folk, Lady Terra."  The Shendar nods to where Capher is standing.  "Let's see what Capher is saying to them."

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An un expected hand touches Terra's arm as she again waits for Edens response causing her to start, then realizing it was Ta'las's hand. Ta'las's smile of open wonder pushes away most of her fear, though she still tremples slightly.

"They're scary a little."

She admits softly to Ta'las while stepping a little closer to him, be it for comfort, protection, or just to be nearer is unclear but her trembling seems to ease away as Ta'las tells her not to be afraid and suggests going over to her daddy.


She exclaims seeming almost as excited as Kenrill, though for a totally different reason. Her innocent mind reals at the meaning, "Does Ta'las like me lots to?", she blushes innocently as the question fills her mind. She is sure he likes her lots to, but is to shy to tell him she likes him lots, she wants to say it but the words are lost and she can only manage an "I like you lots." smile when she looks at him. For the time she skips along side him as they approach Capher.

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Talia suddenly feels again uneasy. She enjoys the rest after the troubles of the gorge, but Terra‘s state of mind troubles her more than she admits to herself and Teri‘s weakness bothers her as well. And Capher not being able to control him and his demons. The uncertainty how to contact the Brownies, not knowing if they really will be able to help them, Garrek probably somewhere in the bushes - all adds to a burden she is just barely able to carry. If she only would be her old self! Then this wouldn‘t be a problem! Well, Ta‘las and now Morcaanan are here, both healthy in mind and body. That is at least something. And Eden, a still unknown factor, but hopefully a helpful as well.

And suddenly they are here, without great announcement. Capher had stepped toward the bushes and talked in a foreign tongue - and following this „speech“ they are everywhere - coming out of the bushes - maybe ten or so - and up in the air upon gryphons. Ken, the little brave hobbit,  is very exited and greets them vividly and that is infectious. Talia‘s mood lifts as well and her hope rises. She doesn‘t know, how these little folks will be able to help them, but if the elves believe so, they surely will.

The party on the ground comes towards Capher - they are so tiny, Talia has forgotten how tiny, though they met a few already in the sewers of Strata. But here in the open air their size in relation to the surrounding - the tall trees and huge rocks (and big gryphons) lets them appear even tinier than in close quarters.

 „Quickly, let us all sit down so that we are not this tall!“ she shouts to her friends, sits down and tries to pull Terra to whom she is standing next down as well. Then she looks out for Teri and can‘t see her. Wasn‘t she behind one of these rocks there to put on some dry clothes?

But her attention goes quickly back to Capher. Who has the recommendation letter of the elves -  she is not sure f she is supposed to have it or Capher - or if they have left it back with the horses. So she whispers to Capher in front of her:

 „Capher, where is our recommendation letter of the quallian elves?“

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Morcaanan was one of the last to notice the Brownies. The gryphon's were no small wonder - however small their riders may have been. No one seemed unduly disturbed by the appearance of the little folk, and when Talia suggests sitting down, he decides to take her advice, slowly going down to one knee.

He followed Talia's glance to where 'Teri had been and frowned. Was something wrong...?

"Capher, where is our recommendation letter of the Quallian elves?"

Reflexively, Morcaanan's hand strayed inside his eben where his own letter from the elves was tucked away. He prepared to produce it, in case Talia might need it - or if their letter did not have his name on it, in which case he would have to explain himself, something he had briefly hoped he had gotten out of doing already.

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Capher smiled as he turned at the sound of the laughter coming from Ken.  He looked up into the air where Ken was pointing and saw the Gryphons with their tiny riders perched on top.

He felt or rather sensed Terra and Ta'las standing near him as well as Talia and then he heard Talia say we should sit and then she asked excitedly if he had the papers of introduction.

He turned, nodded and produced the papers as he slowly knelt upon the ground, facing the direction upon which the Redbark brownie was approaching them. "I have them Talia," he responded.

He then gazed around and noticed that Morcaanan had knelt as well but his gaze was where Teri was.  Capher looked that way as well and noticed that Teri was not there.  A worried frown creased his brow. Where was Teri?  Did she go farther into the cave for more privacy?

He stared at Morcaanan. "Where is Teri?" he asked.

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Post by: Terra Artemos on March 22, 2007, 01:46:12 PM
Terra complies easily to her mommies suggestion that they all sit, coming to rest right beside Talia and proceeds to cuddle close, trembling slightly as she looks up to the gryphons in the sky circling down towards them. Terra's eyes move to Ta'las, then to Capher, neither seem afraid at all, finally they come to rest on the small brownies approaching. Terra's trembling becomes worse as she becomes distant.

"Mommy, I'm scared and hurt. I think pain demons are hiding from me. Don't let them hurt the little brownies, okay?"

Terra laying exhausted and unable to move from the river bank in her mind catches a glimps of something moving out of the corner of her eye. With great effort she repositions her head to get a better look at the terror that comes to finish her off, relieve her of all sanity. To her shock it is the young girl she had tried to protect, wandering looking alone and frightened. Terra tries to call out, but does not have the strength, the girl is so distant, so far away, it's almost like the girl exists in another life. Terra considers this for a moment, perhaps the girl is from the life she forgotten, a memory of some one she knew. She wishes to call out to the girl, let her know she is not alone, call out for the girls help, maybe the girl could tell her who she is, but she can't call out. Terra resigns herself to watching the girl while trying to must her strength.

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Ta'las looks at the others and decides to kneel on one knee rather than sit.  He is still certain that Garrek and his cronies are watching them from nearby, and sitting will slow his ability to respond to an attack.  "Capher, my friend, 'Teri just went to change in privacy.  I suspect Morcanaan will make sure she is all right."

He nods toward the redbark brownie who now stands before Capher and says, "I think it is best you treat with our hosts, as you know their ways better than any of us."

Then he leans a little closer to Capher and whispers.  "Please hurry.  I worry for Talia and Lady Terra.  I think they will both need the brownies' healing magic very soon if we are to help them."  The Shendar glances back at both women, though his eyes, as has happened often as of late, come to rest on Terra.  He looks back and pats Capher on the back.  "I am with you, my friend, if you have need."

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The grasses parted and soon Capher and his friends were surrounded by Brownbark brownies some of the archers stood back aways; their bows and arrows pointed at the strangers in their lands.  Some of the brownies riding the Gryphon's landed, while others continued to circle the skies above; the Gryphons floating on the air currents as graceful as any eagle or hawk that Capher had ever seen.

Then the Redbark brownie emerged from the grasses.  As he neared Capher, Capher realized that the brownie was a she not a he as he had assumed.  She was wearing a loose flowing blouse and skirt.  She walked up to him and spoke in his own language. "Why does the one who speaks the language of dragons look like a man?"  She asked.

Capher paused as he formed a reply. "This dragon prefers the shape of a man."

Capher saw the brownies little face frown and then brighten into a smile. "You must be the one our ancestors called "He who thunders, speaks softly."

Capher had not heard that saying in eons but he remembered and smiled. " I am he." he responded. "I have a paper for you," he gently it down and the Redbark brownie advanced, walked on top of it until she was at the top and then she began to read; stepping down the page as she finished one line then the other until she was finished.

She looked at Capher again, "Welcome to the land of the Brownin, Capher." She spoke now in the Tharian language. "She turned to the others who had either sat or knelt, "My name is Primrose. I am what you would call a Priestess."

She walked over to where Talia and Terra sat and peered up at them. "You," she pointed at Talia, are one called Talia, Mistress of the land where Injera burns the sands and the one who holds the Sword of Fury.  And you," she pointed at Terra, "are one called Terra, Warrior from the tribe who defeated Saban."

Suddenly all of the brownies gathered closer to Talia and Terra to look at both of them and then the males respectfully bowed and two walked up to both of them, bowed and one put his bow besides Talia's bent leg, the other by Terra's  " Talia and Terra, it is a sign of respect. Please pick them up, smile and say thank you." Capher said.

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As events unfold Terra clings tighter to Talia, it's not the brownies frightening her, in fact it's she worries that the pain demons will get the little brownies to. Tears now rolling from her eyes, her trembling on the verge of becoming silent sobs at a hidden fear and pain. She could feel her mommy but it was of little comfort to her, she still felt all alone as if her mommy weren't real, this terrifies Terra's young mind.


She calls out in a meek distant whine wanting nothing more but to hear the voice of the boy she likes lots, and to know he was really there. Waiting for a response, even a word seems like forever, and every moment she starts to question if he was just make believe like her mommy. Terra hears her daddy speaking in a strange language, she starts to wonder if her daddy was make believe to, this upsets her even more.

Terra does not really respond when she is addressed by the brownie, her attempt at testing her voice comes out as a short cut off whine, and when her daddy instructed her to take the little brownies bow then smile and say thank you, Terra simply buries her face in Talia's side like a child would to avoid doing or saying something when they are hurt. She thinks to herself, "I can't! I'm too  hurt. I can't make my voice make words, and I don't feel like smiling.", silently worrying that the little brownies would get mad at her.

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Ta'las listens to the exchange between Capher and Primrose, transfixed by the tiny priestess.  Though the conversation does not seem strained, he is a little anxious about the archers and gryphon riders, though the Shendar wonders how much damage their little weapons could actually do.

He nods to the priestess, and then watches as the two guards approach Talia and Terra.  Ta'las begins to smile, thinking it fortunate that their first encounter with the brownies has gone so well, but then Terra panics.  He wants to rush to her side when she fearfully calls for him, but he maintains his reserve.  Instead, the Shendar carefully moves next to Terra and respectfully nods to the brownie in front of her.

Ta'las gives Terra a hug, holding her until he feels the tension in her muscles release, and whispers to her.  "I am here, Lady Terra.  Please do not be afraid."  Then he gives her a little room, but remains close enough to hold her hand, and gives her a reassuring smile.  "Lady Terra, these folk do not wish to do us any harm.  In fact, we have sought out the brownies to ask for their help."

Then to the brownies, particularly the two in front of Terra and Talia, but also to Primrose.  "Thank you for your welcome, Brownies of the Vale.  I am Ta'las, son of An'thavin, of the Shen'Khasi tribe, and I am honoured to be in your presence."

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Through her fearful and pained tears Terra could not see who was hugging her but hearing Ta'las's voice comforting her is put more at ease, unburing her face and responding in a small uncertain voice.

"Really? You're not make believe?"

Terra's muscles relax releasing her desperate grip on Talia as Ta'las gives her room, though still holding her hand and giving her a reassuring smile. She looks around through the vail of ceasing tears to Talia and Capher, her mommy and daddy, still shaken and upset.

"I know. My pain demons were hiding and gave me a scary day dream. I dreamed I was all alone and that mommy and daddy were just make believe. I was soo scared you were make believe to!"

She seems to have totally forgotten about the brownies as she recounts the terrifying day dream to Ta'las, her full attention now on him. She holds his hand in hers as if letting go would make the day dream real and she would be left all alone and scared somewhere. Then looks down shyly, her cheeks grow red.

"Ta'las,... I like you lots! Can we play when mommy and daddy make camp?"

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"I think we could do that," Ta'las replies, blushing a little.  He briefly wonders if Lady Terra - the adult who seems lost to them at the moment - also feels this way, but he shakes the thought away.  There are more pressing matters.  "But we should remember our hosts here, who have come to greet us."  He is frustrated at Terra's current state, but he knows he must be patient if they are to help her.  The Shendar pauses, considering what he should say next. 

"See," he says motioning to the brownie standing before her.  "They have come to visit us - you and Talia in particular.  I think there is something they would like to say to you."

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Morcaanan, feeling forgotten for the moment, looked again to the cave. Where was 'Teri? Had her legs given out on her, or something?

Ever so slowly, keeping his hands where they could be easily seen by the little folk, Jeharaid regained his feet and began moving in the direction of the cave.

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"Welcome to the Vale, Ta'las, Wolf of the Desert, protector of she who holds the Sword and mate of she who holds the moon," Primrose acknowledged Ta'las.

The Brownbark brownie frowned as he watched Terra hide herself from him and looked back at his priestess. "She disrespects us," he said, in his own language.

Primrose shook her head, "No, Lightleaf, she does not. She has gone backwards."

Lightleaf stepped back, looking at Terra with some trepidation. "Backwards?  She does not look backwards?" He asked confused.

Primrose laughed lightly. "Lightleaf, her mind, not her body."

Lightleaf paused and then nodded. "I will give her my bow when her mind and body are forward then."  He bent down, picked up his bow and then stepped back.

Capher understood Brownin, but the others did not. "Primrose may I make a suggestion?"

"Please do."

"My friends do not speak Brownin and though I know what you say to one another, they do not and may not understand some of things you do.  I suggest that we all speak Tharian so that there will not be any misunderstandings."

"I am speaking Tharian, Capher," she said thoughtfully, then she nodded her head as if understanding came to her. "Oh, I see. You must mean the conversation I had with Lightleaf.  As your friends do not understand nor speak Brownin, neither do some of my people speak Tharian."

Capher felt chagrined. "My apologies Primrose. I guess I will have to be interpreter for my friends and you will have to the same for yours."

"Agreed. Now I will make a suggestion. I suggest that we leave this place and go to the Tree of Life, where I will use all of my powers at my command to help Talia and Terra. Unfortunately, Capher your magic is much too strong for me to break to help mend again, but you have discovered that already, have you not?"

Capher nodded. "Wait, you have not met the rest of our party Primrose. There is Ken, Lady Eden, Morcaanan and Lady Teri, who went behind that boulder to change out of some wet clothes.  We met with some unsavory people in the cave and they tried to drown her."

Primrose walked stately to Ken. "Welcome Ken, he who talks much, but is wise beyond years."

Then before Ken could talk her ear off she went to Lady Eden. "Welcome Eden, Priestess of Urtengor, guide and spirit of Kurik."

She then went to Morcaanan. "Welcome Morcaanan."  She frowned as she stared at him. "Your purpose is cloudy, it is hidden to me as is the one who is closest to your heart, but is torn."

She stared at him for a bit more than walked back to Capher. "I have met and greeted all of your friends. We should leave now, before Injera bows down to the stars."

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Terra looks back up at Ta'las curiousity coming to her once strained face, streaks still staining her face where tears once flow.


She looks around at all the little brownies open awe coming to her face, then she watches the two before her talk words she does not understand. She looks from Talia to Capher and then to Ta'las and asks worriedly.

"Did I make a brownie mad now?"

Terra listens intently to her daddy intoducing the rest of the group they travel with, then the little brownie girl she guesses say they should move on before it gets dark.

"Ta'las, are they going to help me make the pain demons go away?"

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Ta'las nods and blushes at Primrose when she refers to him as mate of she who holds the moon.  He watches and listens to the exchange between the Brownbark brownie and Primrose, and then turns to Terra.

"Lady Terra," he says quietly to her.  "I do not think they are angry with you, just curious about your pain demons.  They do want to help you.  I think you will need to get to know them well - especially this brownie called Primrose and the little Brownbark brownie who spoke with you - and you will need to trust them.  This is why we are here, Lady Terra."

The Shendar then overhears Primrose tell Capher that the group should leave.  He looks around at the rocky ridge behind them, wondering where Garrek has gone, and agrees that they should leave as soon as possible.  "We will go with these folk to their Tree of Life - I think that is where the brownies will help you."  He gently squeezes Terra's hand.  "Are you ready?" 

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As the brownies appear, Eden kneels gracefully and sits with a stately, respectful air as she observes the goings on. Her eyes fall on Terra, observing her reactions and trepidations with a tinge of concern. Her confused mind still made the dwarf uneasy but seeing her eyes, so empty and lost, made Eden feel pity and sorrow for the girl.

After some formality, Eden is greeted by Primrose and nods, smiling. "A pleasure, for it is nice to see a sister of the cloth, even if the weave may be different."

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Talia  does not know how to react, what to do first - to take the bow and focus on Primrose or to turn to Terra to take her into her arms. She hesitates for a moment and is relieved, when Ta‘las takes care of Terra.

She takes the little bow carefully and bows to its giver, but when she wants to thank him, her voice betrays her, she is suddenly so full of emotions, that she can‘t speak a word , she is about to cry and doesn‘t know why. Where it Primrose's words, that she, Talia,  holds the sword of fury? Her sword surely doesn‘t carry this terrible name nor does it have the properties Capher told them once. That can‘t be!

 Ta‘las words, his introduction, help her out of an embarrassing situation and she gets the time to recover a bit while he is talking to Terra and the Brownies. How she wishes that all would be over and she and Terra would be whole again!

Then Primrose suggests to leave to be at the Council Tree before nightfall. It is then when Talia regains her voice and answers Primrose.

 „Thank you so much for all your kindness. We will try to get there as quickly as possible, for my friend Terra needs help very soon. But we have a friend here, Teri, who is still behind this boulder changing clothes, who may not be able to walk yet, so we might take some time. If you could give us a guide though, that wold help!“

Primrose smiles at Talia as if she has something special to tell, and indeed she has:

 „Don‘t worry, desert girl, I thought that some of you might have troubles when we heard of your arrival - for what for other reason than healing do you big people visit us! We have a means of transportation for you which will bring you to the Council tree quickly! Look over there, to the river, there they are already, ready to take to upstream to our homes.“

Talia is looking in the direction where Primrose points - out on the river. And then her mouth falls open. Though she has seen rivermaids already before -she has never seen some pulling a raft! Rivermaids are not known to be of any use at all! But here - how have the brownies mastered the task to convince the rivermaids to actually WORK for them!

Primrose gets a bit impatient, when the big people don‘t react, don‘t get up and go over to the waterline, but still stand or sit, not believing their eyes.

 Go on, big folks, I don‘t know how long our maids are willing to pull you up the stream - you might have to do it for yourself and it is not an easy task on this river, it can be treacherous if you don‘t know it!.“

Talia looks at the rivermaids which are by now waiting just a few peds afar, then to Primrose and then to her friends. finally she takes Terra‘s hand and says.

 „Then let‘s go, quickly! - where is Teri?.“

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"I asked that question already, Talia. I think Morcaanan is going to see if she is alright," Capher said, as he nodded toward Morcaanan who was walking slowly, but steadily toward the boulder in which Teri had gone behind to change her clothes.

Capher had thought they were going to the Council Tree, not the Tree of Life; as he had thought and said. He kicked himself mentally for that error.  The Tree of Life was being protected by the light elves and was in a different forest, by land, but Primrose surprised him and everyone else by showing them something he did not expect.

A raft, towed by Rivermaids!  Capher gave Primrose a quizzical look as he heard her answer Talia.  She thinks only big people come here to be healed.  Do they not come here just to see and visit with the brownin? He thought.

Primrose made a curt suggestion that they get on the raft quickly as she did not know how long the Rivermaids would be willing to tow the raft up the river. Capher shrugged, and walked down to the river bank and stepped onto and than sat down near the rear of the raft waiting for the others.

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Terra grasps Talia's hand in her free hand as a small child would so as not to get lost in busy streets as they move one. She still holds Ta'las's hand as she gets up but looks over at the raft pulled by rivermaids, a look of awe and excitement coming to her face. Finally she releases Ta'las's hand as she sees her daddy take a spot on the raft giving Tal'las her special childhood crush smile before starting out tugging Talia towards the raft.

"Come on mommy!"

She giggles in excitement, the mind of the small child seeming to be experiencing many new and exciting things, one might think the child that inhabits the Terra body lead an extremely sheltered life before coming alive in Terra. Coming to the edge of the shore just before boarding the raft, Terra suddenly stops and looks over her shoulder questioningly at Ta'las.

"Ta'las? Are you coming to?"

She look to Talia with the same questioning look.

"Mommy, what about the others? They are all coming to, right?"

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It seems to quickly become a contest of who might look away first. The tiny man atop the great gryphon continues to smile in his disturbing way down at 'Teri, who dares not take her eyes off him, nor move for fear of being struck. It isn't really the bow she fears, although it could make itself uncomfortable rather quickly. Her greatest fear is the gryphon.

Suddenly, something is heard from the other direction. 'Teri steals a glance, while the brownie is obviously able to see Morcaanan approaching from his vantage point. 'Teri, seeing the brownie's gaze shift, scoots carefully about, the dress still clutch to her in a mostly failing attempt to hide her nakedness.

Eventually, she can just catch sight of Morcaanan, but dares not speak, only hoping that he has seen her. Then, with luck, he will be able to send this brownie away, and she can finish putting on her dress to at least be modestly clad.

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Morcaanan was a little...disturbed by the words and glances of Primrose. It caused him to be introspective for a moment - what was his purpose here? He knew why he was here, but as to the overall purpose to the group...that was not clear.
He shook the thoughts away and moved to where he remembered to have last seen 'Teri; he was concerned that perhaps her legs were paining her again, and was not the least bit prepared for what he saw.
He looked skyward, muttering something to Inthadin - which was what caused him to see the gryphon perched over their heads. Oh; so that's why she than decent.

He wasn't sure that the little man could speak Tharian, but feeling slightly at a loss, he attempted to communicate to the Brownie what was going on. "We're supposed to go to the rafts as quickly as we can" he said, accompanying his words with appropriate gestures between the party and the rafts. "I've come to see if Lady Aueniteri is alright."
As he spoke, he smoothly placed himself between the gryphon rider and 'Teri, his back to her, partially because he felt protective, partially because he didn't want her to see his face, which was trying to twist itself into an amused look while blushing at the same time. He schooled his expression firmly and eyed the Brownie for some moments.

The rider looked down at Morcaanan, then back towards the group and other Brownies, then back at Morcaanan. After a few blinks, he seemed to shrug and relaxed his bow, then turned the his mount away and took off.
Morcaanan merely stood where he was, his back to the elf - not that he wasn't tempted to look around - and said quietly "I think you had best hurry, they seemed a little impatient."

(OOC: My connection is acting squirrely; we had some nasty weather out here, and ever since things have not behaved normally, so if I don't show up for a bit, my most humble apologies...and 'Teri, if I wasn't supposed to puppet the gryphon, my mistake.)

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Not wanting the group to split up as it has before, Ta'las nods to Terra and says, "I am coming, but I must first gather up our belongings."  He returns her smile, and prays silently to Baveras that the brownies are able to help her.  Then he looks to Kenrill and Eden.  "Come both of you, let's not get separated."

The Shendar glances over at Morcaanan who has stopped near what looks like a recess in the rocks and notices him speaking to someone and then gesturing at the group and then the rafts.  Guessing that Morcannan has found 'Teri, Ta'las nods to himself and collects the mugs and small pot he used to heat up his tea.  He gives the mugs and pot a quick rinse with water from the river, and stows them away in his pack.  Finally, he smothers the small fire with some dirt.

He lets Ken and Eden get on to the raft first, and then stands a few paces from the water's edge.  He briefly looks over at Morcaanan to see if they are coming, and then turns to Primrose.  "I thank you again for your hospitality and goodwill.  'Teri was sorely wounded during our encounter in the cave and nearly drowned, but she will be with us as soon as she is able."

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With Morcaanan's back to her, 'Teri quickly slips the dress over her head and begins to fasten it while she tries to stand - to no avail, again. "Jeharaid," she cries out feebly, feeling so much like a helpless child, her voice little more than a whimper.

"I'm so sorry to put you through this. Really, I am. I wish I could just get up and go, but... I can't. They- I-..."

Her voice catches in her throat, and she can speak no more, holding a hand out, reaching toward him desperately. She has had enough exposure to this brownie, and wants terribly bad to get away from him.

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"A-hey! And into the bo- or, onto the raft, I guess. Come on, Eden. It's sturdy enough; they wouldn't let it tip over. Here, hold on, I'll help you. See? It isn't bad. Sometimes I'll walk about on a raft to watch the edges go in, and back to the middle so they come back out, but I won't, because we have so many people here. It's fun, really. Maybe if we have some time I'll show you. I guess we're going to wait for them to help Talia and Terra. Terra has a problem, I know. She's... acting like she doesn't know who she is, or how old she is, or something. It's strange to see someone like that - but maybe it isn't strange to her. She doesn't seem to be noticing, it must be normal. That's got to be pretty bad off when you can be sick and not know it. I've been sick before, and I knew it; I knew it well. I could hardly stand up, I was so sick. My stomach..."

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As the chatty halfling and the laconic dwarf board the raft, the Shendar nods to them.  He smiles to himself until Kenrill mentions walking to the edge of the raft in order to test the limits of its buoyancy.  When the halfling is close enough, Ta'las leans toward him.  "You will be sure to be careful while we are on the raft, won't you Kenrill?" he asks pleasantly.  Pleasant enough, he hopes, to hide his growing impatience.

The Shendar does not wait for an answer, but looks toward where Morcaanan is standing.  The warrior's stance suggests to Ta'las that perhaps Morcaanan is a little tense about something, but he has not yet drawn his weapon.  He looks back at the group on the raft and decides to stay with them, but he keeps a careful watch on Morcaanan.

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Morcaanan quickly knelt and caught 'Teri up in his arms again. "It will be alright" he said, trying to be reassuring, but not sure whether or not he was doing any real good.

He carried her to the raft and gently set her down, then gingerly settled himself on as well, wondering how far they had to go. He nodded to Talas briefly, who was eying him again. He wondered if something was wrong with the man. Had something changed? Was it merely his sudden return, and the fact that he had beaten them here to the Vale?
He looked away to hide his thoughts, unsure, but silently telling himself that something may not be right with the Shendar. He liked him well enough - but what did he know about him, really, except that he was related to Talia?
In fact, that got him thinking about the group in general: Capher he trusted, Talia he trusted, and Auenteri...but the dwarf and the halfling were complete strangers, and Terra was always somewhat odd in his opinion - or maybe that was just colored by her unusual behavior at the moment.

Yes, either Talas was just very tense - or something was wrong. He would keep his eyes peeled.

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Eden waiting with some apprehension for Teri to get safely onto the raft. She eyed the wobbly thing with scrutiny, and the depths below it.

Eden did not hate, or fear, water. She just preferred solid things to wet ones. Something about being suspended, but not standing; falling, but moving sideways; and most of all, not being able to breathe, made her feel very unsettled about the whole thing.

And Eden had not been swimming for a score of years.

With a deep breath, she noticed that the other waited on her. Not wanting to be left behind in the strange place, the dwarf picked up her belongings and the hem of her dress and made a dainty little hop onto the raft followed by the customary clang of her cooking pots.

The dwarf tried to settle herself as near to the center of the raft as possible and whispered a prayer of protection to herself.

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As Morcaanan settles down onto the raft, the Shendar returns his nod and relaxes a little once everyone is on board.  It has been only a short time since their encounter with Garrek, and with 'Teri's injury and the general fatigue that is beginning to settle over the group, Ta'las considers them to be vulnerable.  So, he maintains his vigilance as the raft slowly works its way up the Snake River. 

A stand of tall trees lines either bank of the stream, at first thin where they had exited the gorge, but thickening as they move upstream.  As the Snake River turns northeast, Ta’las looks back at the narrow entrance into the gorge one last time before it slips out of sight, now hidden by the thick forest to the south.  Occasionally he glances up at the two mountains that rise upward to the north and south, their peaks tall enough to be visible above the canopy of the massive forest that now surrounds them.

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Capher sat silently in the rear of the raft. He was deep in thought and his eyes were closed as he felt the rhythmn of the water as the Rivermaids pulled the raft upstream.  Slowly, faces, one by one, drifted across Capher's mind. Some faces brought a smile to his face, others a frown and some brought sadness.  Each face had a particular significance to Capher's life and each had their purpose as well. 

As the past faded away back in his memory, the present began to appear.  There was Talia's face. He smiled as he recalled when he first met her in that desert oasis and inn called "The Thristy Hearld" how timid she was back then, yet Capher could sense her strength and that was one of the reasons he had chose her to come with him. Of course he now knew that Seyella had made the choice a long time before he ever did.  He recalled Bium and how he lured the giant away from their little group, and laughed outloud as he recalled the drink that Talia had given to him to restore his strength afterwards and his own words which had embarrassed him. She had grown in so many ways. To face a demon lord and defeat him was testimony of her growth, though she had been scarred in that battle and now she too needed help from the brownies.  He prayed that she would soon be healed and be back to herself.

A face of strength, intelligence, courage and deep sorrow crossed and he looked into the eyes of Koldar; a Knight of the Moonlight. A man who Capher had also called that had been a leader and a friend in so many ways. A man who he knew Talia was attracted to and Capher believed Koldar returned the same affection; too bad it did not turn out the way that he and they had expected. A man who had helped find a way to retrieve the first artifact that was needed to defeat Eckra; Thalambath's Heart.  Capher hoped that where ever the knight may be that his travels were easy and his heart light.

A face of a young, innocent green skinned elf girl crossed his face as well. He smiled as he recalled the way she looked at things; though she was innocent as far as the world was concerned, she was wise beyond her years in the things she did know.

Then the face of a very cool, determined redheaded warrior woman crossed across his mind. Terra. She had been an enigma to Capher.  She had the blood of the most precious humans Capher ever knew flowing through her veins; Sophronian blood. The same blood that ran through his Master, Talon Hawke, and ran through his father, Ethan Hawke, who was the son of a Sophronian Princess and the leader of the Dark Elves at the time; Saban.  The blood of warriors! The blood of women who protected an entire kingdom. She carried the blood of the tribe that protected the leader of Sophronia!

But Terra had a dark secret hidden deep within her mind and now it was slowly killing her.  If the brownies could not help her face, confront and finally defeat that wall she would slowly lose her mind and become permantly the little girl she thought she was now. Capher hoped that soon he would be able to tell her, her true heritage. Who's bloodline she comes from?  He prayed for her as well.

A sudden lurch and a stop of raft quickly ceased Capher's thoughts as he opened his eyes and saw that the raft had stopped and they were at another beach but this time this beach was lined with different types of brownies and brownies riding Gryphons circled overhead.

Primrose rose and lighted quickly upon the beach. "Follow me," she said to those upon the raft, "we go to the Council Tree and there you may eat and refresh yourselves before we begin the process of healing the ones called Talia and Terra.  If you desire we can also heal the one called Teri as well, though I think rest and companionship will do just as well."

She waited for everyone to depart from the raft.

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'Teri watches as one by one, the group steps off the raft, remaining near to Morcaanan until he begins to stir. She, too, has been lost in thought, but it is thought of a different kind. It is not the past that occupies her mind, but the future. "Go on, Jeharaid," she urged, but then took his hand to get his attention, wanting him to wait one moment longer.

"Morcaanan, I... Please, listen to me for a moment. I have been a fool. I thought that because you were brave, and willing to care for me, I thought that truly I loved you. Although I cannot dispute that we have a bond... Jeharaid, I don't know if it's the same. I've thought about it now... I have a confession to make. My foolishness, my emotions have always got the better of me, and when you came... I could do no different. I cannot help but be struck in awe and admiration, I feel like a helpless child near you, but... if you are not comfortable, if... there are... reasons, I won't ask you to explain yourself. If I truly do feel this way; Morcaanan, if you truly feel completely fulfilled beside me, I could ask for nothing more. The birds would sing for me, I think - and yet, if you do not... Then please, don't let me be a burden, as I am afraid I would soon become."

Gently, she brings his hand up to her cheek, affectionately resting her head on it for but an instant before she releases him. "Go on; catch up with the others. It may be hours before I can walk steadily, but I will find my own way. I think we should see if really, truly, we mean what I, at least, have been but pretending since first we met."

Aueniteri pulls herself to her feet, effectively climbing Morcaanan until she can wrap her arms around his neck and softly kiss his lips. Then, it is back down she sits, waiting for him to walk away.

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Talia is glad when the raft stops after a while and they are able to get firm ground under their feet. She is fascinated by the natural beauty and elegance of the rivermaids, the effortlessness with which they obviously pull the raft. But though she can swim and does enjoy to take a bath in the Jewels, she doesn‘t feel too comfortable on this river and with their inhabitants. She had followed Terra on the raft and is still holding her hand, but now she needs the hand of the warrior-woman-child for her reassurance as well.

All are on the riverbank and the rivermaids leave, chattering and laughing.
Primrose asks to follow her and promises food , refreshment - and help with their troubles, healing. Talia is about to follow Primrose‘s lead, but then she sees Teri, who is still very week on her feet, talking to Jeheraid, hugging him and - kissing him. She hadn‘t know, that Teri had missed him so and is a little surprised, because she thought Teri would be much shyer. Fascinated by this display of emotion (as she always is) she nearly forgets the others, but Terra‘s slightly pulling hand reminds her of Primrose‘s wish. And their needs. She looks at the others, with questioning eyes, not knowing what to do - to wait or leave when Primrose demands to go on.

Finally she turns around to follow her, their destination is not far away, it is surely safe to leave the two here - they are in the hands of the Brownies anyway.
Not far from their present place, maybe half a stral, the „capital“ of the Brownies is reaching high in the sky. It is an enormous Cinnabark Pine. Not just tall, but broad as well. And brownies are everywhere. Even from this distance the coming and going can be easily observed. Around the tree is a cleared place, maybe 100 peds in diameter. Outside this circle the greenery starts again. To her surprise she sees a hut there - surrounded by a few trees, tall grass and a well. The hut is bigger as it had looked from the distance, it is a little house, big enough for huge people like them to live in.

Primrose waves with their hands at the door and tells them:

“ Please go in and make you comfortable. I will send some of my people to bring you food and drinks. You can use the well here to refresh yourself, mugs and what you may need are inside. Tonight we will meet again in another place  where you can tell us some of your stories. Tomorrow Softhands will try to help your women. Till then . The spirits may be with you!“

And then this remarkable woman is gone.

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Like Talia, Ta'las notices 'Teri and Morcaanan embrace, and thinks it best to let the two of them have some privacy.  The Shendar follows a short distance behind Talia and Terra, and beside Capher.  He is entranced by the different flora that grows here in the Vale, and for a short time puts the events in the cave out of his mind.  The focal point of the Brownie demesne is a massive Cinnabark tree that captures his attention.  "I have only ever heard rumours The Council Tree," he murmurs.  "I did not think it was possible for something to grow so tall," he says to himself, though Capher is close enough to hear.  But it isn't just the height of the tree that amazes him, but also its magnificence.

Once they reach a house built for 'human-sized' visitors, Primrose offers them hospitability befitting even a Shendar, but he only has time to acknowledge Primrose with a nod and a quick word of thanks before she is gone. 

Ta'las opens the door and enters first, again suddenly wary of their surroundings.  He enters into a single-roomed hut, with a fair amount of space considering the brownies' small size.  The only furniture he notices are some rustic-looking beds.  He raises his eyebrows and looks at the others.  "Let us settle in then.  Tomorrow is not far away."

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"Morcaanan, I... Please, listen to me for a moment. I have been a fool..."

As 'Teri spills forth her thoughts and emotions, Morcaanan is a little taken aback. Her words seem at variance with one another: as if both thankful and ungrateful; like an invitation and a dismissal handed to him at the same time. It caused him to reel inwardly.

"...what I, at least, have been but pretending since first we met."

The shock of her last words almost cause his knees to buckle, despite some of the things she had said before. Pretending? Had he been wrong about her? Should he have even bothered to try and find her again?
And then she kissed him. It is so unexpected - and something that he had not experienced in so long - that he is not quite sure how to respond at first.
Then she settles and waits for him to leave. He stands, undecided, not sure whether to feel betrayed or hopeful.
But after a long moment, he kneels in front of her, wordlessly tilts her chin up, and kisses her back. When he draws away, he places a kiss on the tip of her nose, not trusting his voice. He is tempted to carry her along with the others...but if she needed some time alone, then he understood. He turned and followed the others to the hut.
After Primrose leaves, he begins to inspect the place, as much out of a need to keep himself occupied as out of concern for safety. None of them, as far as he knows, have been here before. He looks under a couple of the beds, in the cupboards, and after a space he grunts in satisfaction.

"Well, it looks safe enough" he says to no one in particular. "I wonder how folk their size managed to build a structure this size. Perhaps they've had help?"

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Ken doesn't seem to notice the little display on the raft, intent instead on following the general group with Primrose, chattering happily about the brownies and whatever else that might lead him into.

A small group of brownies watches him carefully from a respectable distance - but Ken is definitely the one they are watching. When it is determined that the house is definitely ready for occupation, and that they will be staying at least the night, Ken cheerily walks into a corner and begins to unload his pockets.

Scores of rocks tumble out of his pockets, pretty, colorful rocks, mostly. The bulk of these he will, he decides, simply leave here; they have no value, really, only their colors. Then, out come his pouches, and a pile is made on the floor of these. Some of them are full, most of them empty, and a rare few with a little in them. Two pouches he pays careful attention to, one containing his sugar, and the other his meager amount of coin. They are set behind the pile, and the pile is then pressed up against them.

Thus unburdened, Ken boldly strides out into the land of the Brownies, breathing deeply the smells of this inhabited forest.

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Capher was walking silently next to Ta'las with his hands folded inside his cloak, his cowl covering most of his face.  He heard Ta'las mutter something about the Council Tree.  "Cinnabark Pines grow tall and live a long life.  The Council Tree, my friend, is the oldest of them all, that is why it is so tall and round.  If it could talk it would tell you of a world when the elves ruled from a magnificent city and empire they called Fa'av'a'clar and humans had not even begin to settle the lands."

Primrose showed them a place to rest. It was a large hut, with root walls from the trees surrounding it. The brownies had sewed animal skins together such as rabbit and other smaller rodents as well as bird skins and covered up the empty spaces between the roots to make up the walls of the one room hut.  The roof was mainly constructed of intertwining branches with more animal skins stretched out filling up the spaces.

The opening to the hut was barely large enough for a man to enter in; though Ken would probably have no problem, thought Capher as he watched Ta'las first enter and then Talia and Terra and then Ken.  Primrose came out shortly and Capher watched her disappear in the foilage.

He sighed and then squeezed his way into the hut.  He was surprised to find out that the hut was quite large and he could stand up in it.  Ken had found a corner, had poured out some of his things and then walked back out of the hut.  Capher looked around seeking for a place for himself.  He found a root backed corner, took of his pack, and sat down.

Morcaanan entered and searched the place. He ended by saying it looked safe enough. Capher lightly smiled. Morcaanan did not look very comfortable in this place and he was pacing, like a tiger. Capher wondered what had happened between him and Teri.  The last time he had seen the two they were in a very close embrace.  Why Morcaanan had left Teri behind was a curiosity to Capher but he did not say anything.

He waited for the food and drink.

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Dispite her excitement for the trip up the river, it is evident Terra is not fully comfortable on the raft. She huddle close and holds Talia's hand for the entire trip, even clinging tightly when the raft feels less sturdy, though generally she giggles gleefully pointing out things with an exclaimation that she wants her mommy and daddy to look at. Terra seems just as happy when the ride was over and they were on steady ground again.

She starts to follow the others as Primrose asked not wanting to make the nice little brownie girl mad at her to, but she stops when she feels the slight tention on her hand. Watching where her mommy was looking she saw the big boy and girl holding each other like grown-ups do. Terra looks to Talia then back to the two, the girl seems to be happy, but sick and worried to, she wants to ask if the big girl was sick to but fear of the answer holds the her toungue still. Instead she follows Talia to the hut, still holding her hand, it was not till everyone is settled that she gathers the courage to to ask her question.

"Mommy, is she sick?", she asks with innocent worry in her voice obviously refering to 'Teri, "Does she have pain demons to? They make me hurt lots and have bad dream and make me sad. That's why we went camping? So the brownies can make my pain demons go away? I want them to go away...". Terra's voice begins to drift off like a tired child who is about to fall asleep.

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There is a pause as Ta'las considers what he knows of Fa'av'a'clar.  He crouches down next to Capher.  "That is the home of the Shadow elves.  I know little of it except that it is rumoured to be a place of darkness and evil, but from your words it sounds like it was not always so."  His eyes glitter in the dimly lit cabin.  "Can you tell me of it?"

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Morcaanan catches himself pacing around the little room and pulls up short. Hang it, what is wrong with me? The room suddenly feels cramped, and he notices the little halfling wandering.

Curious about the newcomers - and since the dwarf didn't seem quite so friendly - he slips out of the hut and catches up with the halfling.
"I say, um - Ken, was it? - how did you manage to get wound up in this little adventure?"

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Ken turns, and his monologue makes a brief pause as he looks up to Morcaanan, and then laughs aloud. "How, yes, how! Ho, you see, it's an old story, really, and if I were to guess I'd say it has little to do with these people themselves. See, I'm lost - not that I mind being lost. There's nothing really wrong with it, 'cept I don't know where I am from where I was. But that's the way with being lost. Sometimes I get lost on purpose, just 'cause, you know, it's fun to go wandering about. I don't carry much with me, 'cause in the northlands there's always places to stay, and in the southlands it's never cold enough to warrant needing a roof. So, here I am, wandering about, and wouldn't you know it, I smell a campfire and cooking. I like to think myself a good hand with the food, although that's probably bragging me up a little taller than I really stand, you know, figuratively; I went and made myself right at home with the campfire, and before they could draw steel and chase me off, I'd made them breakfast. Good thing, too, 'cause losing one finger's bad enough, I don't know what I'd do if my head got sliced off. I'd probably just roll over and die, but there can be so much associated with that... it's just not a comfortable thought. I don't know of anybody - well, at least not many, who're eager to find themselves roasted on the end of somebody's steel. My father never had a sword, but I think I've got it in my blood. Not the steel, of course; the sword-skill. I've kept myself alive more than once with this thing; but you know, the sword really isn't the number one tool for survival. The way to really survive is to know what you can eat and what you can't. And, of course, where good water is and where it's bad. In the mountains like this, it's usually pretty good, the rocks and stuff... seem to keep it good. But the little slow desert streams... well, I've never seen them, myself, never having been to the southlands, but I would thing a stream like that would be more of a perpetual mudslide than a body of water. Can't be good to drink, I think. I like the water like this best straight out of the stream, rather than in the pouch. It just tastes better that way. You still have to move it to something for making tea with, though..."

By now, Ken's mind has wandered a bit from Morcaanan, looking round about as some brownies begin to congregate a safe distance away. A single gryphon rider watches from his perch, a tiny spear clutched tightly in his hand, waiting for the moment.

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Capher sat back, his eyes seemed to stare at the root walls, but they were seeing something else. "Fa'av'a'clar, the empire and its capitol, Fa'av'darim was glorious; not only in size, but in structure.  It was built when the world was very young and elves, the first children of Ava, were more prolific in number than were any race that roamed the lands after the splitting of the Tree of Life by Coor the shadow." Pain and sorrow creased across Capher's face for a brief moment.

"Ava The Beautiful, as the elves call her, or the Dreameress, did not anticipate what Coor would do. When the Tree of Life was split many leaves fell off of it; some became my ancestors and kin and the others became the Brownin.  She hid the Tree of Life and left the world and the races she created; scared, scarred and unknowing, scattered.  It was the elves and their empire Fa'av'a'clar that the races were brought back to.  Under elven leadership, by a wise elf named Saban, the city grew and so did an empire. It was glorious to behold my friend," Capher said turning to face Ta'las.

"What happened to her and the empire is clouded under myth and history long long forgotten. The place where Fa'av'a'clar once spread out pristine and proud is as you say a place of evil, and its capitol Fa'av'darim is now the home of where the shadow elves and their queen live.  It is a shame and a tragedy of what happened to the first Saban, his wife and how the attack upon that family shaped his son and future generations of Saban's as well as a beautiful but vain woman that we call the 'Bone queen' who now rules over the Silver Marshes."

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It takes the Shendar a moment to digest everything Capher tells him - some of it sounds like myth and stories.  Yet, Capher was there! Ta'las thinks to himself in awe.  He spends another moment considering the consequences of Coor splitting the Tree of Life.

He scratches his chin and furrows his brow, and finally speaks.  "Is it possible that though Coor split the Tree of Life, that perhaps some good has come from that action?"  Before Capher can react, Ta'las continues with his thought.  "I am not proposing that Coor's intentions were good, nor that he wasn't inherently evil, for that we know.  Yet, I cannot help but think that perhaps the splitting of the Tree of Life may have actually helped it serve its purpose.  As you've said, the leaves of the tree became dragonkind and brownies.  Also, the scattering of the races - which caused great upheaval and strife - may have been necessary to allow the races to 'grow' and develop different perspectives on the world."

Ta'las shrugs and looks down.  "I hope I have not offended you with my thoughts, Capher, for I am often prone to looking for a purpose in everything."  He looks up and grins at his friend.  "I think it is the real reason my mother-sister sent me to find Talia."

Then, his face becomes serious again.  "Can you tell me more of Saban and the Bone Queen?  Do you think our quest will bring us to the Silver Marshes?"

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They all settle in this fabulous hut, made out of growing trees - or their roots, using branches and twigs, alive and dead and skins of every colour and size. She has never seen something like this before. These brownies are so different from those they met in the sewers of Strata!

Talia looks for some space where she and Terra could put down her stuff and do a makeshift bed. She chooses a place opposite to the door - with a root wall in the back , but nevertheless being able to look out through the entrance.

She has realised, that Terra is about to ask something since they have seen Teri hugging Jeheraid. When they have made themselves comfortable, she finally takes a heart to ask:

"Mommy, is she sick?  Does she have pain demons too? They make me hurt lots and have bad dream and make me sad. That's why we went camping? So the brownies can make my pain demons go away? I want them to go away...".

Talia takes Terra into her arms, lying her head on her shoulder and caressies her beautiful red hair. It is still a bit strange to hold this fully grownup woman in her arms like a child, a woman who is very capable to fight with a sword, much than than Talia ever was or will be, but it is the small girl who needs reassurance and only this small girl can find and save the great woman Terra could be in the future.

 „ Terra, I cannot promise anything, for I don‘t know the Brownies and what they are able to do. But these elves in the Quallian I found very trustworthy and if they believe, that the Brownies can help us, than I hope and believe as well, that we will be healed, when we go away, or that we at least are on the way to recover. So, to make it short: yes, I think the Brownies are able to fight your demons and that they will ban them and drive them away. Great power lies often in those who are small in size.
And I think you asked, if Terri is sick? Well, she is not sick in the same way as we are, but there might well be a demon which haunts she as well. But in her case only she is able to fight it and destroy it. We can help her only in one way - be her friends and show her, that we love her. that will make her strong enough to fight her demons. Maybe Jeheraid can help her as well, I hope so.“

Then Talia falls silent. Capher and Ta‘las are sitting on the other side of the hut, talking about history and philosophy and Talia wonders about the interests of her Shendar-brother which she had not expected from a traveller and fighter. Eden has made herself comfortable as well. Morcaanan and Kenriil are outside, only Teri is still missing and Talia starts to worry.

After some time a group of Brownies is coming straight from the Council tree, one by one in a row, carrying a lot of food, fruits, tiny breads and small pieces of meat. They put their tiny loads next to the door and though every brownie has only a small load, it adds to quite an amount. Nobody of the big people has to go hungry to bed today. Some look with laughing faces through the door  at the big people, some wave and try to use their limited Tharian.

One of the lasts steps in the hut and announces:

 „Primrose comes later, talks to big people about tomorrow. Good eating!“

And gone he is. Obviously he feels safer not so close to these big feet.

Talia is hungry , but she doesn‘t want to get up just now, so she asks Terra instead. “Are you hungry, Terra, shall we pick us some food?“

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From a tree standing a little bit away from the hut, a greybark brownie is watching the big people. She is not at all afraid of them, not like the rest of her race. She has had more experience with big people than most of the others, having been away for quite some time, in the lands of the humans. She knows that some others speak Tharian better than she does, but that will not stop her from entering the hut soon. She wants to see them all from up close.

She is sitting on a branch, next to her her loyal owl, Nash. Her back leaning against the bark of the tree, one leg dangling down. She has not been back here, in the Valley, for what seems like an eternity, although in reality it could not have been more than one or two years. She didn't count the days while she was away. The exile had been self-imposed, born from a fear that she had killed a superior officer. She had wandered the lands of the humans, together with Nash, and met quite a few people. Some were good, some bad, some just were. They were actually quite like Brownies, except freakishly big. It was because she knew this that she was not at all afraid of them. Their big feet were also not really a problem for her - she knew how to avoid them.

She was not sure if she was glad she'd come back. She had felt guilty, all through her exile, for abandoning the officer that she'd hit. That was really the only reason she'd come back: to ask for forgiveness. She couldn't go on living with the guilt. For that she was glad, because the officer was far from killed. He'd only been knocked unconscious. It was her panic that had led her to flee. She knew that she'd be forgiven once she had lived through her punishment. Brownies were not at all grudging, but there needed to be consequences for certain actions. The greybark was quite sure that she would not feel the guilt anymore after her punishment. Until then, she would be no part of the militia.

On the other hand, she had only been back for about a week, and already she missed the freedom of the past year. This was the reason why she wasn't sure that she was glad to be back. Part of her was; the other part wasn't. Still, part of her punishment was to go to the big people, maybe help them a little where possible. She thought they had given her this task partly because she'd been away for so long, and partly to keep her busy. The rest of the punishment, she would hear later. First thing first, now. She got up, and limped over the branch towards Nash. She quickly climbed up, then waited for a second. She observed the two people who were outside. They were in conversation, and didn't seem to pay attention to her.

She gave Nash the order to fly over to the hut, or rather to a branch that was above the intertwining twigs that formed the roof. From there, she nimbly (though slowly, because of her leg) climbed down and found a way through the twigs, lying on a rabbit pelt, to observe the people who were inside. She'd go completely inside soon enough, but maybe there was a chance to play a trick on them. Her mischievousness hadn't abandoned her in her time away from the Valley. Tulpje grinned, and looked down at the big people.

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Terra is more at ease in Talia's arms though the trip including the fight in the cave seems just now to have taken a lot out of her. It seems that with her childish mind Terra also has the childish stubbornness when it comes to sleep, trying to fight it off not just because of the "pain demons" but because she wants to stay up longer with "mommy" and "daddy". Terra simply nods against Talia yawning sightly yet her stomach also grumbling lightly, perhaps this to helps Terra cling to her waking state, though only just. Her slight movements against Talia seem heavy and her eye lids drooped a little, sleep seems close to taking her but it's clear Terra will not let it take her easily, especially on an empty stomach.

Terra listens drowsily to her "daddy" talk to the "boy" she likes lots, not really sure what they are talking about or why, but it is more something to do while "mommy" gets her something to make her tummy not grumble. She looks to Ta'las with a drowsy longing, she had wanted to play with him and now finds herself too tired to do so, but the longing look caries now a hint of a grow woman as Terra straddles the cusp between being awake and asleep, but waits for the food that will quite her stomach and put her to sleep.

Some how Terra has found the strength to begin crawling up the river bank in her mind, making it to a stand of trees she collapses on her back, soo tired she just wants to sleep, and is afraid to let sleep take her for fear that is all it would take to allow the darkeness of insanity to claim her mind till the end of her days. Suddenly a bush russles not far away, Terra fears the worse, some dark thing coming to claim her and yet has no strength to do anything about it. To her surprise it is the little girl she had tried to protect that emerges and kneeles down beside her. "Are you okay?", the small familiar voice asks, so familiar it is almost as if her lips formed the words but they came from elsewhere. Terra manages only, "I am tired.", to which the girl replies in a tired hush as she lays down against Terra "I'm tired to.". As the small girl she finds so familiar, yet can not recognize the face or voice, lays down against her as if seeking her for warmth and comfort Terra feels something else familiar, a ghostly feeling not of the plain she is conscious of. A feeling of the real world where her real body resides, but it's to weak to distinguish, none the less, feeling one of her bonds to the real world restored is a great comfort allowing Terra to finally laps into the dreaming sleep she needs and being sure the small girl against her will not be long behind her.

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The stream of Kenriil's babble is enough to be nearly overwhelming. Morcaanan wonders if the halfling has somehow overcome the necessity to breathe - but pointedly decides against asking, a little afraid what that might lead to: probably a recounting of the abilities of fish to not need to breathe normal air, and where the best place to catch them would be, and what sort of flies would be useful...

Morcaanan shakes himself from that train of thought and looks to what has drawn Ken's attention. His mind strays just as quickly though, and he looks over his shoulder for 'Teri, wondering if she is still on the raft.

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Post by: Ta'lia of the Seven Jewels on April 19, 2007, 04:27:59 AM
Talia doesn‘t get an answer from Terra, just a murmur, for she is nearly asleep, obviously fighting sleep, but too tired to win. But her stomach tells her a different story. So she gently let Terra slip on her bed and gets up to fetch some food.

The food is delicious. Served on huge leaves (how have the brownies carried them?) meldar apples, vinterberries and other fruits, fresh baked tiny loafs of bread and meat pieces. Talia is slightly taken aback when she recognises, that there are stuffed mice. Well, why not. They might be a bit difficult to eat with all the little bones, but it was to be expected. Mice are the right size for a Brownie feast. They must go and hunt their food for themselves.  Big game!

Back in the hut she offers Terra a leaf-plate of food, but as she is asleep, she just puts it next to her. Some water would be nice. She picks up her water flask and goes to look out for some and she hasn‘t to go far. The brownies are really thoughtful. Next to the hut on the other side of one of the trees whose roots form part of the hut is a well,  a circle of stones build a basin where the water emerges from the ground. A small rivulet is leaving the basin. Talia fills her bottle and on her way back she looks out for Teri. Where is she? Still at the riverbank near the raft? That can‘t be, at least an hour has passed till they came to this place. Talia starts worrying and looks out for Teri.

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There is a small sound at the door, and Ta'las looks up as the brownies begin carrying in small plates of food - well, small for a human.  He glances at Capher sheepishly when his stomach rumbles.  "I apologise for giving you so much to consider, my friend.  I will get us some food to give you some time to think."

The Shendar watches Talia also get up and then gives her a nod and a smile as she leaves the small hut.  He gathers enough of the fruit, bread and the stuffed mice, for himself and Capher.  As he turns to head back to sit with his friend, he catches sight of Terra who has fallen asleep.  The Shendar stops for a moment, happy to see that she is sleeping peacefully.  He wonders what the Brownies will do to help her regain herself, and then he walks back to Capher and sits down, setting the leaf 'plates' down on the floor between them.

"The brownies are a most hospitable people, my friend."  He takes a bite out of one of the mice, careful not to swallow any bones, and savours the taste - spicy and gamey, but not unlike some food he has eaten in the Rahaz-Dath.  "Have you thought more on my question?"

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Capher gazed down upon the food that Ta'las brought back.  He picked up some fruit and bread and thoughtfully munched on them. "I agree, they are most hospitable," my friend, "and yes I have been considering your theories. Though I, must admit, I have never looked at the splitting of the Tree of LIfe or of Coor at the way that you have suggested, the theory does have merit."

Capher picked up one of the mice delicacies and popped it into his mouth, he chased it down with some bread, then he grabbed his water gourd and drank heavily from it; the sweet taste of the river water was cool upon his tongue. "Those mice are a bit heavily spiced for my taste, but they are good." He said.

He sat back, gathering his thoughts. "I suppose if Coor would not have split the Tree of Life then my kind and the brownin would never have been created, if we follow your theory. However I believe that if we were destined to be created then Ava would have found a way to create us without Coor splitting the Tree of Life.  All that Ava dreamed and created in the beginning was beautiful. It was Coor who marred that beauty and that is why Ava chose to leave the world she created; she could not bear to see the ugliness that Coor descended upon her dream."

He drank more water. "The Bone Queen, as most call her now, real name is Avash'aelia. Her birth is lost in antiquity, some say she is the sister to Saban the Second, who founded the Eophyrhim tribe of elves, while others say she was the daughter of Kash'av'tayla, the Empress and priestess of Fa'av'a'clar and watched silently when Queprur decapitated her for preaching against the gods."

"Whatever her birthright, she was a great leader and showed unparelled cunning in battle tactics and a warrior that few, if any, could match at the time.  I believe she became mad though as time and the battles she fought increased and she had victory over.  She reclaimed the capitol of Fa'av'adrim and held it many months against the repeated assaults of human and Orcish armies.  She received her name when she came back from a very bloody skirmish, with a bag full of her enemies carved up bodies.  She stripped the skin off of each body and using magic she reinforced and molded those bones into armour that was near impossible to penetrate.  It was the wearing of that armor that caused people to call her the "Bone Queen"

"She fought a four day long single combat with an Orcish General, Us'gar Lock'um'rak, who had planned the surprise attack upon Saban the First and killed him, and defeated him.  She came back and for a while went south with Saban the Second, then parted company and went back to the now ghost city of Fa'av'adrim and gathered the small pockets of elves that had stayed behind and became their Queen. These elves worshipped Coor alone and over time they became the Shadow Elves.  They are shadows of their original selves never to die always to serve their Queen and worship Coor," Capher frowned, "I am not sure if our travels will take us close to the Silver Marshes. I, for one, hope not, my friend." Capher sighed.

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After considering Capher's answer a moment, Ta'las nods in response.  He does not understand the reasons for the gods' actions, but Capher has given him much to think about.  The Shendar eats some of the bread and fruit, as he ponders his friend's words some more.  "There is much you know of this world, Capher.  Much that is forgotten by our race, I think."

Then he looks over at Terra.  "Capher, what can you tell me of the Sophronians?  You've told us something of them, ealier, before we entered the Gorge.  Yet, I felt there was more you would have liked to have said."

He looks back and Capher and leans closer.  "My friend, I'm sure you realise there is more to my question than just a passing interest."  He pauses a moment and looks back at Terra.  "I know they are a proud tribe of warriors, but I would like to understand more."

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Reluctantly, 'Teri lets herself back down. Her legs have only begun to support her weight, albeit very weakly, and by now, she doesn't even know what the rest of the group is doing. Since Morcaanan left, she willed herself off the raft, and dragged herself away from the stream to rest by a tree with lower-hanging branches. These, she has been using to help herself stand, until she can, somewhat unsteadily, walk. From here, now standing, she should be able to recover more quickly with increased blood flow through her legs - by walking, which she tries. Surely enough, after several stumbling strides, her footing becomes more stable, and she is almost walking normally when she approaches the hut. A little ways off she sees Morcaanan, under assault by some pointless knowledge dispensed freely from the halfling, and she finds herself mildly amused at the man's slightly uncomfortable look - and yet, carefully dodges his gaze, slipping into the hut where Capher and Ta'las sit talking about something.

Quietly, although not exactly stealthily, she leaves her pack and takes some of the food offered, berries, and only a few of them, eating them one at a time as she steps back out, again steps quickly away before most any of the others might have time to recognize her, and around behind the house. Finishing the berries, she places her hands on a limb and gives a little hop to begin climbing into a tree. Normally, she would have swung easily atop, but now something goes wrong, and she slips, her feet losing their position entirely. She stifles a startled cry, and drags herself up onto the limb, kneeling on one knee and breathing heavily, trying to calm herself. After a short rest, she climbs a little higher, and is now above the hut, looking into the trees on the other side of the building, where stands, curiously inspecting its surroundings, the most curious owl...

Curiosity overcomes her, and her eyes travel downwards until they rest on what may - or may not - be a brownie, looking into the house. She waits silently, watching for what she believes is a small gray figure to move, to prove itself either real, or simply a good illusion.

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The distance between the hut and the river is just about a stral, so Talia wonders, where Teri could be. With a quick step - though very cautious to not to stumble over a Brownie she walks to the near river, but there is ot sign of Teri, nor can she find one on her way back. Teri isn‘t surely at the other side of the Council Tree. She tries to question a Brownie, but gets only a friendly smile and a shrugging of the tiny shoulders as an answer. Tharian isn‘t very common here. Even more worried she looks out for Jeheraid and Ken who are still outside the hut and joins them.

 „Morcaanan, I can‘t find Teri. Any idea, where she could be?“

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Jeharaid had also begun looking for 'Teri. When Talia caught up with him and asked if he might know where she was, he shook his head.

"No; I've started wondering..." He gave Talia a worried look. "You don't suppose anything could, umm...happen to her in a place like this, do you?" The worse thing that Jeharaid could think of was 'Teri falling into the water with her weak legs, but it seemed that someone would have noticed if that had happened. The Brownies didn't seem hostile.

"Maybe she went to the hut and we missed her" he said as lightly as he could, starting in that direction.

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After studying the big people inside the hut, Tulpje didn't see an immediate chance of playing a trick on them. She listened for a while, but Tharian was hard to follow if they didn't talk to her directly and - more importantly - slowly. Still there was always the element of surprise. She'd seen her fellow brownies go near the hut, and sometimes a (very small) distance inside on foot, but the birds of the militia were kept at a distance, though close by. She thought Nash was the closest bird at the moment, and he couldn't really be seen, sitting only just above the hut as he was.

With this purpose in mind, she moved and stood up, ready to go to Nash. Her intention was arrested, however, by the sight of a woman next to her bird, looking straight at her. So, she was discovered before she could even swoop in there with Nash... Oh well, maybe some other time. If she was going to get close to these people and help them if she could, she might as well start making acquiantances. She smiled at the woman, and moved closer to her, her limb not very obvious as she is not walking in a straight line, though a close observer might see that she is sparing her right leg, so that she is not as fast as other brownies would be.

When she is closer to the woman, she puts up a hand in a gesture of greeting. "Hello!" she says. "I Tulpje. What your name?"

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"Ta'las my friend, I promised Terra to tell her more about her heritage when she was healed. It would be unfair for me to tell you first. You will just have to be patient...sorry.

Capher muched on another piece of bread, washed it down with water. "Ta'las I must ask you to promise me something. When I was answering your questions I let slip a secret that has been kept by me for, let's just say, for a very very long time and your quick mind picked it up and you discovered my true identity.  No one knows. I believe and I try to help their belief think that I am just a powerful shapeshifter, but because of my slip, you know that I am really a shapeshifting dragon.  It has been my wish for decades and longer to be human, but that desire has not come to pass.  I do not want the others to know...yet.  So promise me that you will keep my secret, please," Capher pleaded.

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'Teri takes a moment to overcome the start of seeing this little thing she thought might have been someone - prove to be someone! After only a slight jump, she looks a little closer and smiles - the Brownies have a way with disappearing, an uncanny way, especially a greybark into a leafy roof, where the gray and green meld closely together. "I am... 'Teri," she replies slowly, deciding to drop the first two complex syllables of her name. "It is good to meet you, Tulpje," 'Teri finishes, speaking each word deliberately.

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When Capher mentions it would be unfair to speak more of Terra's past, Ta'las is a little disappointed, though he understands his friend's reasons.  However, as Capher reiterates his desire to be human, the Shendar recalls one of the stanzas spoken to the group by the Leias during their meeting with the Elven Circle.

A mortal being can not support
where but eternal might succeeds
though aching old can be refreshing new
where joy and sorrow meets

The Shendar looks at Capher and his eyes widen, and he gasps in shock and fear.  Grief sears through him, but he suppresses it.  "As you wish, I will not speak to the others of this, my friend," he replies in a low, steady voice.  He finishes eating what is on his plate and then leans back against the wall and closes his eyes. 

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Terra stirs from her peaceful slumber, obviously her grumbling tummy getting the better of her. Her eyes ease open as she mutters "Mommy?", before anyone could answer for Talia's absence, Terra's eyes were open and though drowsy could see she was not in the little hut. She is not panniced though as her daddy and Ta'las where there with her. It does not take her long to find the plate of food that was left for her and which her stomach had been much desiring, it takes even less time for her to start picking at the fruits and little breads. She eats with increasing eagerness but as some of the fuits shift to reveal a stuffed mouse Terra leaps back with a squeel of fright "Daddy! There's a mousy in my food!". Terra's eyes remain locked on the plate her back scooted flat against the root walls of the hut as she begins to tremble a little.

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Ta'las promised and then he looked at Capher with a myriad of emotions crossing his face. Capher waited for a question or something but Ta'las just sat back and closed his eyes.  Capher was a bit curious about this when he heard Terra squeal and say there was a mousy on her plate.

Capher, bent over, scuttled over to Terra and put his arm around her. She was shaking. "It is ok, Terra. The mouse is dead. You are supposed to eat it. It is food...see?" Capher said as he picked up the mouse, ate it and rubbed his stomache. "Umm, good."  He picked out another mouse, placed it on his palm and held it in front of Terra. "Now it is Terra's turn," he said smiling at her.

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 „She wasn‘t in the hut when I left. I don‘t think she slipped in while I was searching for her outside, but let‘s see. Or have you seen her, Kenriil? Jeheraid, you look in the hut, I go around. Ken, could you ask the brownies, you are smaller and they might like it better if you address them.“

Talia hurries back to the hut - it is only a few peds away - and hears Terra cry out. She understands „mouse“ and realises, that it must be the food. But before she enters goes around the house to see, if Teri might have walked in the other direction, but there is no sign of her.

 „Teri is gone!“ she announces to the others in the hut.

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Morcaanan had made his way to the hut, and thought, for one very brief moment that he had heard 'Teri's voice. But when he walked around the structure, there was no one to be seen - it didn't occur to him to look up.

He came into the hut at almost the same moment Talia did.

"'Teri's gone!" she blurted without preamble.

Morccaanan glares at the woman for not thinking through what that statement might do to everyone in their stressed-out condition, but he bites his tongue and says nothing. Instead he stepped outside again, feeling suddenly helpless.

Why am I here? This is hardly the time to be thinking about himself, but oddly, he can't fathom that something bad has happened to 'Teri. Maybe she just needed some time alone, and he was willing to let her have it, after what she had said on the raft.

Why am I here? The question repeats itself, gnawing at his mind like a disease. He had come back for 'Teri. But suddenly...suddenly, it felt as if she didn't really want him.

She doesn't want you the doubt whispers to his mind. You placed everything on the line for nothing.

Is that true? This party of travelers...whatever understanding of them he had begun to develop before had been washed away in his absence. And now, they seem barely interested in his presence. Except for Aueniteri. But she had all but told him off, at least, that's how it is beginning to feel.

His lips still burn with the fire that her kiss had left, and felt in some ways like a goodbye.

Accept the inevitable, Jeharaid the doubts whisper again. You are alone. You have always been alone. And even here, you will remain...alone.

He slumps to the ground by the door of the hut, lost in his self-pitying thoughts for the time being.

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Terra's squeal shakes him from his thoughts, and then Talia rushes in and shouts that 'Teri is missing.  He sees that Capher has seen to Terra, so Ta'las goes to see if he can find the elf.  Before exiting, he looks back at Capher and Terra, and then at Talia.   He smiles and quietly asks,"Talia, will you please stay with Capher and Terra?  I will find 'Teri - I do not expect she has gone far."

With that, Ta'las exits the hut and glances down at Morcaanan.  He is about to berate the man for laying about, but then notices the despondent look on the warrior's face.  Ta'las considers for a moment that Morcaanan is here among near-strangers, including the group he has been travelling with and just saved.  The Shendar also remembers the regret in the man's eyes for not leaving the Quallian with the group.  He puts his hand on Morcaanan's shoulder.  "Come, Morcaanan.  Let's find 'Teri."

As Ta'las waits for Morcaanan, he walks a few paces to where the ground is a little softer and reveals footprints well.  It is difficult to discern, as there are many sets of prints here - he recognizes Morcaanan's and Eden's heavy-booted prints, and is able to distinguish after a few moments the lighter, smaller prints of Kenrill.

The Shendar kneels and bends down so his nose is only inches from the ground, and traces the five sets of prints that belong to the remainder of the group.  All five of the sets of prints start toward the hut, but are then lost as the ground becomes more firm in front of their shelter and reveals little about the people he is tracking.  He smiles however, as he notes that one set of prints in the soft earth is a little lighter, and unevenly spaced.

"She has come this way, my friend," he says as he rises.  He nods at Morcaanan and holds out a hand to help the warrior to his feet.

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Tulpje nodded her head at the introduction. "Nice meet you", she says. She was just about to ask whether 'Teri did not want to go to the other Big People, when she heard the commotion in the hut - she was, after all, standing just on top of it. She listened for a moment, and though she could only understand part of it, she got the drift.

"People look you. Not go down?" she asks. To be honest, she is now rather curious to meet all the other people. If she can't play a trick on them, she can at least go down to them as well, though she is just a bit nervous about all the Tharian she was going to hear and have to speak.

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Morcaanan takes the Shendar's hand and comes to his feet. He seemed to be making an effort to be kind, and for that Morcaanan was grateful, but at the moment it seemed of little import.
He followed Ta'las around the hut, a little impressed with the man's tracking skills - far superior to his own.

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Around the back of the hut, Ta'las catches sight of a few faint tracks that wind toward a large tree.  The footprints are again unevenly spaced and one slightly deeper than the other, indicating that whomever has made them is limping.  He finally catches sight of a few impressions in the ground beneath the limb of a large tree.  What is noticable is that the front of the impression is deeper than the back, as if someone has hopped into the air from the balls of their feet.  The Shendar is about to exclaim that he knows where 'Teri can be found, and even sees a slight movement up in the tree, but he stops himself.

As they walk, Ta'las notices that Morcaanan is lost in thought.  Why is 'Teri up in the tree, and why does Morcaanan seem preoccupied? he wonders, though he begins to formulate a possible reason.  The Shendar stops by the trunk of the tree and raises his voice loud enough for 'Teri to hear.  "When we finally find 'Teri, I expect that Talia will want to have words with her about splitting up.  I doubt Garrek will attempt to confront us here, but we can never be certain."

"We should continue on this way," he says, pointing up another path that skirts around a small sunlit glen.  The glen is filled with tall grass that rustles as it bends in the wind, and reminds him very much of ar'pun, but with coarser leaves.  "By the way, my friend," he says quietly, once they are well away from the hut.  "'Teri is safe up in the branches of the tree back there.  I am guessing she is being evasive, though it is not my business," he adds with a grin.

He loses the grin and his face is a little more serious when he thinks of what the next few days might bring for Talia nd Terra.  "I have never met a brownie before.  What do you think might happen during our meeting with the brownies tomorrow?"

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"Yes, Tulpje, I should go down."

She hears Ta'las walking past, along with someone - Morcaanan. Quickly, 'Teri looks away from the brownie to hide the pain in her eyes, resituating herself until he legs hung out over the edge where she'd come from. Getting down, she is suddenly beginning to realize, is not going to be as easy as getting up was. Carefully, she eases herself over the edge, and begins to use her arms to lift herself down to the branch below. This works relatively well, and she is standing on the lower branch, her eyes just visible above the one where Tulpje stands. Cheerily, she asks, "Tulpje, you want to come down, too? We would like you to."

Her words are each spoken deliberately, and with a little thought as she cuts somethings out of each sentence, in an attempt to speak at the same level of skill with the language as the brownie. With the invitation extended, 'Teri gets another grip on the upper branch as she tries to kneel solidly on the one below to help herself down to the surface.

'Teri doesn't realize her left hand lets go a little early, before she is properly situated, and suddenly the branch is slipping out from under her feet, a startled cry is cut short by the branch catching her directly in the chest and knocking the air out of her lungs before letting her fall completely to lie on her back on the ground.

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They were now out of earshot of the hut, and Ta'las questions mercifully forced brought Morcaanan out of his reverie.

"I have never encountered their kind before" he admitted. "Until today, I had never met a Brownie or a halfling. Though I do wonder at what we may see. If the elves could not help your people in the forest, what could these little folk possibly have that they do not? After all, I have always been told that elves are the oldest and most powerful of peoples like us." He meant mainly, those who go on two legs. "And while I do not wish to sound pessimistic, if they have such great powers of healing, they must certainly have other powers as well."

He let his last sentence hang in the air uncertainly.

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Teri missing? Capher thought. He stared at the opening of the hut. He wanted to go look for Teri but Terra needed him as well. He was torn, but then Ta'las came to the rescue and walked out; Capher could see the determination upon the young Shendar's face. "Talia, I think that Ta'las, along with Morcaanan will find her. I will stay with Terra if you want to go search for her yourself as well."

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Terra takes the mouse from Capher with her finger tips as if not wanting to touch it and looks at it a long moment, but looks up when Talia enters and says 'Teri is missing. She watches as Capher starts to leave, but her attention turns to the mousy he wanted her to try and eat. Terra takes a small nibble not sure if she likes eating mousyand does not want to disappoint her daddy by showing she does not like mousy. It is spicy but doen't taste bad so she tentitively takes half in her next bite, chews it a little and then wrickles her nose in disgust when her teeth start crunching on little bones. Terra is about to spit out the half chewed mousy when a faint memory of her mommy telling her not to spit out food, "Don't spit out food Terra. It's rude. Just chew it quickly and swallow. If you still don't like it you don't have to eat the rest.", the voice is smooth and the expression smiles encouragingly, but Terra can never seem to see her mommies face in her memories. She chew the mouthful quickly and forces herself to swallow not wanting to be rude, the puts the rest of the mousy back on the plate retracting her hand quickly as if it may bite.

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He nods his agreement to Morcaanan.  "I think like you, though Capher believes they have magic that can heal such wounds.  I am uncertain that they are more powerful than the elves, just that their magic is of a different type."  He shrugs and looks around the glen and then stops.

"I know of no one who has travelled to the Vale - and guessing by the state of things here it likely has been some time."  Then he shrugs.  "But I do not feel in danger here, just out-of-place."  He looks down at his clothing then, and smiles.  "I suspect I look out-of-place anywhere but the Rahaz-Dath, so that is not saying much."

"I suspect that we have gone far enough that 'Teri will have come down from her 'roost' if she is ready.  Shall we head back to the hut and tell the others we've found her?"

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"But I do not feel in danger here, just out-of-place. I suspect I look out-of-place anywhere but the Rahaz-Dath, so that is not saying much."

Morcaanan couldn't help but think that Ta'las was at least on his own continent - Morcaanan could not even claim that much.

"I suspect that we have gone far enough that 'Teri will have come down from her 'roost' if she is ready.  Shall we head back to the hut and tell the others we've found her?"

"We might as well" the mercenary replies half-heartedly, following Ta'las lead back to the hut.

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Talia is torn between the choices, to stay here with Capher and Terra as Ta‘las said or to search herself as Capher proposed. She is again on the verge of a mental breakdown and would prefer that someone would actually say, how she could help. But before she comes to any decision, she hears a strange sound behind the hut followed by a dump one as if something heavy has fallen down.  She sallies out and runs around the corner - and there lies Teri motionless on the ground. On an instant she knees next to her, talking softly to her, calling out her name, jolting carefully at her shoulders and when that not helps, she caresses her pale face.

But Teri is not moving and Talia can‘t think straight anymore. A thought invades her mind - ‚Teri is dead‘ - and any reasonable behaviour is lost. She just sits and sobs „Teri“ and the tears are streaming down her face so that her vision is blurred.

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Tulpje wants to follow 'Teri down, but before she can do so, her face disappears, quite suddenly. The small grey brownie hobbles to the side of the hut and looks down to see 'Teri lying on the ground, not moving. With a small cry, easily suppressed, she turns and walks to Nash as quickly as she can. She climbs up onto his back nimbly, and orders him to fly down. By the time she gets there, another of the Big folk as kneeling by 'Teri, sobbing her name.

Quickly Tulpje descends again, sending Nash up into a tree to watch, and walks over to the two women, her right leg dragging just a little bit. She climbs up onto one of 'Teri's shoulders, her small feet placed carefully so that she will not hurt the unconscious woman. She carefully reaches out and manages to put a small hand over 'Teri's mouth, the other one resting on her chin. Her tiny hand feels the movement of air above it. When she straightens, she can feel herself go up and down, even if it is just a little bit. She quickly goes over to the other woman, who is still sobbing, and climbs off the other shoulder. Patting one knee with her small hand, to draw attention, she says: "Please, no cry? Has life." She says, pointing at the woman who is lying next to them. "Still is breath." she sounds quite certain of herself, and she hopes that the woman will stop sobbing. She couldn't really watch people cry without trying to comfort them - even if they were Big People.

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Talia sobs and doesn't realise, that a little voice is trying to comfort her until she is pinched hard in her arm by somebody. Her eyes still full of tears Talia can‘t see properly, but she hears a determined voice saying:

 „Don‘t be stupid, your friend is not dead nor dying, just unconscious with some bruises maybe. So stop wailing but help to bring her into the hut. I want to talk to you soon and tell you what will await you and this other woman tomorrow. Go and fetch somebody to carry her in!“

Talia is so surprised that she indeed stops crying and looks at the little Brownie - Primrose, but without reacting to her.

 „Tulpje, you could be of some use as well ,   go and get some of the big people to help. This one she points at Talia seems to have grown roots!“

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Up ahead of them, Ta'las hears the sounds of a commotion as Talia, 'Teri and a couple of the brownies come into view.  He feels a sick sensation in his stomach.  "Morcaanan!  'Teri is injured."  He rushes to them and asks Talia what has happened, but his Shendar-sister is too distraught to reply.

One of the brownies - the one called Primrose - however says, "she is well, but she must be taken inside."  She looks icily at Ta'las and firmly adds, "Now."

The Shendar nods and looks to Morcaanan.  "My friend, can you please see to Lady 'Teri?  I must help Talia back inside."

He gently puts a hand on Talia's shoulder and beckons her to rise.  "Lord Morcaanan will see to 'Teri.  Please, Talia, there is nothing that can be gained by staying out here."

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'Teri is not knocked unconscious from the blow, but breathless, watching with fading vision everything happen around her - as Talia approaches, her breath returns, although breathing is still hard. Then, a crowd gathers, and slowly begins to disperse as her senses begin to return completely, and as Ta'las is trying to comfort Talia, she is left with Morcaanan. In shame, 'Teri rolls onto her side, wanting to hide her face from him. He could - maybe, he still might, although it is unlikely, simply turn and walk away. After all, she has told him that they shouldn't be together. And yet now seems one of those moments when really, she wants him the most. Her stomach and lower chest hurt terribly bad, forming a large bruise where she was hit by the limb - and the more she lays there, the worse she feels, not only physically, for that, she supposes, is destined to hurt for some time before going away, but her mind also, to know that Morcaanan is there, and even willing to help after she knows she hurt him.

The tears that formed in her eyes as she struggles to arise, making slow, steady headway, are not only those of pain, but as much, and possibly even more of a hurt inside, knowing that she has hurt him - and he is still there.

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As Talia sees Teri moving again she is relieved, but the emotional strain of the last time takes its toll. Ta‘las hand on her shoulder gives her comfort though and she gets up, looking nevertheless lost.  She is so glad that Ta‘las is here, as a brother of the desert he gives her strength. On the other side he knows, that she doesn‘t behave like a Shendar woman, who are strong, strong enough to stand up against the hardness of a hostile environment.

Talia looks at him and wants to thank him for being him and here, but then she takes his arm and hides her faces on his shoulder, whispering, so that only he can hear it:

“Ta‘las, will I ever be strong again and  worth to be called a Shendar woman? I feel I have betrayed their trust in me when they made me one of them. The killing of the Estar was pure luck and I‘m not at all a good fighter. How can I ever return to them and look openly in their faces? But I long so much for the desert that my heart aches.“

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He whispers, "there is more to being a Shendar warrior than swinging a sword, Talia.  It takes much inner strength and courage to face one's limits."  Ta'las pats Talia's arm and smiles wistfully.  "There is no doubt in my mind, however, that it was by neither luck nor accident that you slew the ráhaz'estár.  You will always be Shendar, Talia, and you always will bring the Ráhaz-Dáth with you.  Otherwise, you would not have responded to my tales of Baveras' trials to bring water to the desert.  Speak no more of betrayal, instead you must prepare yourself for your healing."

He steps away from Talia, though he keeps his eyes on her.  "There is strength in you Talia Sturmwind, that has just been misplaced.  I think that it is the brownies who will help you to find it again."

Ta'las then looks down at the little brownie with the wounded leg, who looked to have been trying to console 'Teri and Talia.  "Speaking of brownies."  He bends down and smiles at Tulpje.  "Greetings little one.  I am Ta'las, son of An'thavin, of the Shen-Kha'si.  Thank you for looking after my friends."

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Capher heard the cry of Ta'las and wanted so much to go outside and help but he could not leave Terra. Soon, he hoped they would all come into the hut and he could find out what happened.

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Morcaanan knelt next to 'Teri as the two Shendar made their way back to the hut - Primrose remained behind.

"Don't move" the mercenary orders firmly as 'Teri rolls onto her side and tries to rise. His voice is cool and controlled as he tries to determine how badly she is hurt. He gently presses a hand to her chest and then stomach and feels the swelling.

"Are you a healer?" asks the Brownie.

"No. But I've inflicted enough wounds in my time to recognize some things." Morcaanan is not sure what to make of her icy stare - or maybe she is always that way.

"I am going to lift you" he warns 'Teri. Without waiting for a response, he slips his arms around her shoulders and under her legs, and gently raises her up.
He carries her to the hut in silence not quite sure whether he should speak, and if he should, what could he say? He could see tears in her eyes from the pain, and wants very badly to say something comforting, but remains mute. It's a moment of awkwardness, and one he does not feel well prepared to handle.

He takes her inside and lays her she could prop herself up against a root. He turns hastily to Capher. "She fell" he said rather bluntly. "There does not seem to be any serious injury, but I am not a healer." He turns to 'Teri, opens his mouth as if about to say something...then shuts it with a snap and walks out of the hut, which was beginning to feel very crowded and stifling.

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Talia wants to believe Ta‘las words, but when he steps back to greet this little brownie who is suddenly with them, she feels again alone. She misses her Shendar-sisters, the laughter and the little secrets exchanged while sitting around the fire, the closeness and mutual understanding only women can share.

She goes back inside the hut, Morcaanan is here to help Teri in, though there is something between the two which is not in order at all, and that depresses Talia as well. Does Teri need the Brownies as well to find to herself? It seems, as if all who are here are seeking something - maybe except Ta‘las who stands solid as a rock. Kenriil is surely trying to forget something as well behind his talking without a break. It is impossible that all hobbits are like him!

Inside the hut Talia informs Capher at once about Teri‘s mishap and that she has probably some severe bruises, but nothing is broken. She places herself again next to Terra who seems to have finished her meal.

Morcaanan brings in Teri, but leaves again, with an unhappy expression on his face. Primrose enters as well.

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Primrose ordered Tulpje to go get help for 'Teri, but then there suddenly were other people. One of them helped the crying woman, Talia she thought someone had called her, and the other stayed with 'Teri. Uncertainly, she limped behind the man and the woman, not sure if the other man could carry 'Teri or if she should go on inside the hut and get one of the other people. Before she has time to come to a decision, the man who is helping Talia kneels beside her, introducing himself, although she really only understand the beginning and the end of his introduction.

"I Tulpje." She says. She has the feeling she will have to repeat that a few times before everybody knows her. "Not help. I not big, very small, no heal. Only there, not save 'Teri fall." She is not sure if Ta'las understood what she was trying to say, that she had only been there and could do nothing more. Every time that she comes into contact with the big people, she feels this frustration. She could explain it all very well in Browniin, but then they wouldn't understand her, and in Tharian she is never sure if she is using the right words, if the people understand her meaning. Brownies like Primrose seemed to have no problem learning other languages, but Tulpje was not like Primrose. Even after that time among the Big people, she still had trouble expressing herself.

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Capher thanks Talia for the update and watches with curiosity and sorrow the silent exchange between Teri and Morcaanan. The sublties, ebbs and tides of the heart was still a mystery to him even though he has seen and lived many more lifetimes than those around him.  It was a mystery that someday he hoped to unravel or at least have the chance to.

Talia comforted Terra on one side while he was on the other.  He heard the distinctive sound of Primrose's voice outside of the hut. She was giving orders to someone he could not see.  He took his arm off of Terra, made a quick examination of Teri with his eyes, and then poked his head out of the hut. 

A brownbark brownie was speaking to a kneeling Ta'las. Capher caught the name; Tulpje and he understood her. She was no healer and could not save Teri. Capher wondered how Tulpje knew Teri's name.  He just looked at the two and then he walked out of the hut, pass the two, and found Morcaanan.

Morcaanan had his back to him and Capher gently touched his left shoulder. "Friend, something troubles you. If you want to talk about it I have a wiling ear. Teri will be fine, she is bruised but nothing broken and I can see healing brownies already heading to the hut.  They will have her back on her feet in no time.  I have seen them do wonders beyond belief, sometimes with their lifemagic."

Capher paused to let Morcaanan say something if he so desired, but Morcaanan stayed silent. Capher continued, "Friend, I do not know what you are thinking or feeling but I want to say this; whatever happens from here forward I want to give you my thanks and gratitude for following us and saving us back in caves. If it were not for your intervention, who knows what would have happened?  All of us here owe you their lives. If your only purpose in our quest was just that event then be proud that you fulfilled it, however I truly believe it was just the beginning of your purpose and aid in our quest."

Capher gently squeezed the big man's shoulder in comfort and in thankfulness.

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'Teri wants to cling to him, to hold tightly to Morcaanan as she is carried into the hut, but somehow, she does not, and is finally lain on some kind of bed. Then, Morcaanan looks at her briefly, and now, as he turns to leave, she does reach for him - but he is already gone. With effort, she turns about to hide her face as she cries, not wanting the others to see.

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"Friend, something troubles you. If you want to talk about it I have a wiling ear. Teri will be fine, she is bruised but nothing broken and I can see healing brownies already heading to the hut.  They will have her back on her feet in no time.  I have seen them do wonders beyond belief, sometimes with their lifemagic."

Jeharaid shifted but didn't reply.

"Friend, I do not know what you are thinking or feeling but I want to say this; whatever happens from here forward I want to give you my thanks and gratitude for following us and saving us back in caves. If it were not for your intervention, who knows what would have happened?  All of us here owe you their lives. If your only purpose in our quest was just that event then be proud that you fulfilled it, however I truly believe it was just the beginning of your purpose and aid in our quest."

For a moment, he was tempted to shrug the old Wolf away. But something compelled him to speak. Perhaps it was a desire to relieve the burden he carried, to share it with someone. Or perhaps he was just seeking out his own feelings and trying to sort them.

"Was it worth it, Old Wolf? He shrugged. "I wonder that I am so selfish. I did not return for a truly noble cause, if that's what you think. There are times I wish I could be free of the feelings Thiotís within me."

He sat down and leaned against a tree, staring at nothing in particular. "I have always striven to follow the example of Ghal, to seek justice as a higher ideal to reach Helón." His frown deepened. "I left in selfishness. And I returned out of selfishness. And now, on the one hand I may have lost that which is eternal in exchange for something that is temporal, and I am now denied it." There was a thick vein of bitterness in his voice as he spoke.
"You speak of this 'quest' as if I am fated to do something great or important." He shook his head. "If I am fated to do anything, and fate is not something I hold to, it would seem I am fated to wound - or be wounded. It has been my life. I see no reason why it should change now."

As he spoke this last sentence his eyes turned towards the hut, feeling as if the last pieces of his heart were being slowly torn apart in there and he could not stop it. Then he turned away again and fell silent.

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"Greetings, Tulpje," Ta'las replies with a smile.  "It is a pleasure to meet you."  The Shendar looks up as Morcaanan and then Capher exit the hut and move off to a tree where they speak in hushed tones.  The look on the warrior's face worries Ta'las, and he is relieved to see Capher speaking with him.

He looks back at Tulpje.  "My friends and I will be meeting with Primrose soon.  Would you like to meet some of the others?"

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Terra cuddles close to Talia, as if knowing she is upset, and watches 'Teri who is obviously upset as well. She begins to tremble ever so slightly trying not to get upset herself. Everyone seems upset and Terra begins to blame herself and her pain demons for hurting them. Burying her head slightly into Talia, she looks towards Primrose as she enters, Terra seeming about to cry but instead addresses primrose with a question, "Can you really make pain demons go away?" her voice comes small and sad before burying her face fully trying to hide her tears.

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Talia isn't the only one that thinks there could be something hiding behind Ken's talkative nature, but in reality, it is only his nature. He is still chatting merrily as he wanders past Capher and Morcaanan, greeting them with a wave, and yet, even he is starting to feel a little lonely - or maybe haunted. Brownies have been everywhere around him as he has wandered their valley, always watching him, but never close, never daring, it seems, to come out and talk to him.

One must realize that Ken is no empath, yet the weight he feels when he enters the little hut knocks the breath out of him. His eyes travel slowly around as he stands stunned in the doorway, not a word coming from his mouth for quite some time. Then, silently, he wanders over to his stuff, and sits, looking around. There it is, just what he wants, a sturdy stick. He picks it up, flops it about, then ratches through his things until he comes across a length of string. He ties the string to both ends, pulling it taut, and then plucks it.

The resulting sound is dull, almost tuneless, but with his left hand he bends the stick, and plucks it again - and the tone changes. Satisfied, he begins plucking out a cheery rhythm, bending and relaxing the stick quite at random, and once he thinks he has the timing down, begins to sing aloud. The song's tune wanders, as does its meaning, simple rhymes slapped together as they come to his mind, but always, it is sung cheerily.

"Pluck an old string willow lute
Pluck the tune and sing the tune
Sing the heart that's in the roots
Sing t'the roots and sing t'the moon.

"Fear an old string willow lute
Fear it's got my man the boot
b'Fear isn't letting old owls fly
And th'fear of breaking's why.

"Jump an old string willow lute
Jump, I say, and jump!
Sitting down you're all a lump
Sitting grows you roots."

He keeps plucking out the rhythm, but has run out of rhymes. So, tapping the rhythm with his foot, he grins, tosses the stick to Talia, and shifts to clapping as well as tapping his foot to keep the rhythm going.

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Capher listened to the despair and bitterness in Morcaanan's voice.  Some of Morcaanan's thoughts mirrored his own. But then he remembered what Talon had told him a long time ago when he began to despair and become bitter. "Morcaanan, I cannot, nor will I demean what you are feeling or what you must be going through, for I am not you. However I have been to the point of despair and bitterness many times and the one thing that helps me get through is something my friend Talon told me once a long time ago. He said, 'the trials and tribulations of our bodies and our hearts are meant to used to mold us, shape us, sharpen us and teach us. So, when those things come our way, be thankful, for in due time we will be better for it."

At the time I had no idea what he meant and even disagreed with him...quite vehemently, if I recall correctly, but as time went on and I went through more trials and tribulations and came through them a little bit wiser, a liitle bit stronger; not only physically but mentally as well, a little more of my rough edges worn off; I saw myself as a diamond in the rough being slowly shaped into the precious gem I am supposed to be."

"I know that you do not believe in destiny, so be it. However I do think you believe yourself to be condemned by something or someone. Let me tell you a bit of wisdom I have learned through these ages; No one controls your destiny or fate or whatever you wish to call it; you control it. It is the one gift given to all of the Children of Ava, as the elves believe, that not even the gods have; free will.  How you use that free will, for good or ill, is up to you and you alone.  If you feel like it was not worth it coming after us, then why did you? that is a rhetorical answer, I do not expect you to answer it except in your own mind." 

"If you think that coming after us, or perhaps I should say Teri, for she truly is what is weighing heavy upon your heart. It weighs heavy upon hers as well, I can see it in both of your eyes, so do not go and deny it.  If it as you say was a selfish thing to pursue someone you care about, even love, then I dare say that we all will at some time be that selfish.  It is the one constant in this world that those we love or care for the most are the one's we will hurt the most and yet the hope is that between all of this love and hurt; we grow as beings."

Capher paused as he thought he heard singing. "I do not expect you to understand all that I have just said now Morcaanan. I just hope you will think upon it and perhaps see the wisdom in it."

Capher could swear he could hear singing. "Do you hear singing, Morcaanan?"

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Several Redbark brownies entered the hut and spoke briefly with Primrose in their own language. They had seen Tulpje talking with one of the big persons outside of the hut but paid her no mind.  They walked over to where Teri lay. Primrose walked up to Teri's face, "These are healers, they will use their lifemagic to help your bruises and wounds to heal. Just lay still and allow them to do their work."

The brownies then came forward and placed themselves in precise locations on and around Teri's body.  They began to chant in their own tongue.  Teri, somewhat confused, tried to lay back and be still, but it was difficult for her.  The chanting continued and then several leaves from the roof fell, they were no longer green, but brown and whithered.

Teri could feel the soreness around her ribs go away and her breathing was better and without pain. She lifted her shirt and looked at her side and saw that the bruises that had been there; purple and dark, were slowly fading away.  She looked a bit astonished.

"You must lay still. They are not done yet," Primrose scolded.

Teri lay back down.

The brownies took up their chants once again and more leaves fell, a small root, curled up and died and then it was all over.  The brownies looked old, exhausted and seemed to have more wrinkles upon them then when they first did.  They slowly walked out of the hut, not saying a word.

"You had an internal injury that took more life than we had first figured to heal you. But all is well now," Primrose said, then turned when one of the last of the brownies spoke to her, Primrose's face frowned and then nodded and the brownie turned and walked away.

Primrose faced Teri once again. "The healers say you have a wound in your heart that they cannot heal. They felt it and are sorrowful for not being able to heal it. I hope whatever this wound is, that you will find a way to heal it," Primrose explained. "Excuse me now as I speak to Talia and Terra." Primrose added.

She turned and walked to where Terra was being held in the arms of Talia.  She could see the wide expression of awe in their eyes as they had watched what had been done to Teri.

"Your healing's will be much more difficult and will require many more healers as well as life to die, to be reborn again." Primrose said to Talia, knowing that Terra would not understand.

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Tulpje nods at Ta'las' offer. She'd love to meet the other Big folk, despite her having to talk Tharian all the time. She smiles at the man, saying: "Yes, like to. But you help I?" She looks down at her knee ruefully, than back up at the man. "Quicker if helping." she says. She'd never be able to keep up with him if he just walks to the hut. The best thing would be if he put her on his shoulder. She had experienced a long time before that that was actually a vantage point. He'd have to handle her carefully though, but she wasn't sure how to explain this to him. Oh well, if he took her hint partially and only took her in his hand, she'd be able to climb up to his shoulder, that wasn't really the problem. Just so long as she didn't have to hobble around to the entrance by herself.

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Talia hopes the time will come soon where the Brownies will use their powers to heal her and Terra . She is trembling inside when Terra cuddles close to her. She so dearly wants to comfort her friend, but it is hard if oneself is at the brink of snapping. She can‘t understand why she feels this way, but she has to accept, that the demon has done greater harm to her as she had thought.

Suddenly music fills the room. Ken had entered unnoticed and starts to sing , accompanied by a quickly made - string instrument. it is not very musical, neither the instrument nor the song, but it fills her with joy and she feels better than for quite some time now. When he has ended he tosses his „instrument“ towards her as if she should try it as well, but  several other redbark brownies are entering and start to heal Teri. All are watching carefully - is this what they will do with Talia and Terra as well? Though it takes some time it is quickly over and Teri seems to have lost her bruises - but Primerose talks about a wound in the heart as well which they cannot heal. Talia sighs. Why is the relation between Teri and Jeheraid a problem, why can‘t it be a happy affair?

Then, suddenly, Primrose is addressing her.

!"Your healing will be much more difficult and will require many more healers as well as life to die, to be reborn again."“ and after a short silence she adds, looking at Terra:

!"Yes, I think we can do that, your pain demons will go away, but you have to help us chasing them away, you need to trust us, will you?"“

"It requires that other life will die?“
Talia asks.!"I don‘t know, if I want to be responsible for that - what kind of life will die?“

Primrose looks at her with an expression which nobody can interpret, but after a short moment she answers:

!"Well, you do eat green things and even meat, do you? These things have to die as well to sustain you. But we can try to approach it in a soft way, it is better for you as well, but it takes its time and it won‘t be necessarily a good time for you. That depends a bit on your character.

Again she pauses, but nobody says anything to not interrupt her.Then she continues:

!The life force of both of you is greatly disarranged. As I have heard, you met a demon, Lady Talia and visited the  grey land. Not many return from there and you needed mighty friends to bring you back.“

With a knowing expression on her face she looks at Capher.

!Lady Terra has imprisoned herself. You both need close contact to the life-forces which drive this world. The main life-forces are the known elements, fire, water, earth and wind. you need to be exposed to all four and the contact with them , with the life-force in those four will help to balance your own again. It is like if something is bend inside you, in a disorder so to say. the contact with the elements will bring again the order you need to be whole and sane. It will not be an easy task.“

Again she falls silent, but finally she gets up from the ground where she was sitting .

“Go to sleep now, tomorrow we will come to get you an hour before sunrise to prepare your bodies to meet the element of fire, for it will be the first you will be exposed to. I have other duties, but Softhands and others will look over you. Sleep well and don‘t fear the tomorrow.“

That said she nods to the whole group and goes out of the hut.


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The Korweynite was not sure what to make of all that Capher had said, but he had no chance to question it, for he called Morcaanan's attention to a somewhat musical sound. He cocked an ear in interest, but it stopped short and did not continue.

"Sounded like the halfling" Morcaanan said after a moment. He stood and slowly followed Capher to the hut, just as several Redbarks came out, followed by Primrose. She gave him a cryptic look before walking away. In curiosity, he stepped into the hut.

'Teri looked better - in some ways at least. He noticed the dead the leaves and the curled root around her and wondered what had happened. But she still looked pained in some way.
Capher's words from outside floated back to him. He wondered what he should do. He looked away and gave the slightest shake of his head before stepping outside again. He unbelted his sword, sat and laid it across his knees, leaned against the hut near the door then shut his eyes and began to drowse.

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The music was fun, but now it has died. Ken steps outside, his normal cheerfulness drawn down greatly by the sobriety of those around him. Wishing to be a little distance from it, he steps outside after Morcanaan, and simply watches the warrior.

Ken is silent as he does this. The heaviness has closed his mouth, and that alone is a strangling feeling to him. He wants to talk, wants to babble on about whatever comes to his mind - and yet it feels as though to do so is breaking sacred ground. He seats himself a little ways off from Morcanaan, facing him, and after a long silence, begins, "Mind if I? Why is everybody so glum? Not my business I guess, but...

He falls silent for a brief moment, and then continues, "You didn't really like listening to me talk earlier, and that's just fine. I don't expect people to listen much after I've responded to them. But if you don't mind, I'd like to take an initiative here. Ever heard of Ebheron? It's a poem I heard once - parts of it. Just an old tale... really not much to it. I mean, it's kindof long, but... it goes like this...

"It began with a man who was too weak to stand
It began with a man who was ill.
Took from strife to his wife for the rest of his life
And his sons all a score set to till.

"Twenty men, and twenty again
And twenty the ages thereafter
'Til begotten forgotten the bones that were rotten
That brought them their lands and their laughter.

"But Ebheron split, all of it, shy no bit
And became lands free and enslaved
Some were the builders and some the destroyers
Some the weak-hearted, some brave.

"The heart, from the start, 'fore 't all fell apart
Bore the sweet-sounding name Ebheron
The east became Tuyn, with all kinds of doin'
To build 'til the mountains were gone.

"In the west were the best kind of places to test
A man of his metal and valor
In Aidellos they grew the wheat, not a few
And all the smart men in their tower;

"The sands, the lands, the westernmost stands
Brought Milmin of honor and blood
Who chased and disgraced and destroyed and replaced
Never stopping to ponder on love.

"The mouth of Gauth fed from the south
The wharfies by the sea
And that's about the bulk giv'n out
From Ebheron to ye."

Ken stops for a moment, and takes a breath. He has been reciting rhythmically, but now stops and looks up to Morcanaan. "That's about where it tells the story. It's a long story... it goes until there isn't any more Ebheron. I heard the whole thing once - and I don't think I'm filling in many places by my own. Maybe a few, but... not yet. Or maybe where I forget, I think."

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Post by: Talas Anthavin on May 10, 2007, 11:16:01 AM
There was a time - many years ago - that Ta'las lived in the city of Uderza.  "I remember my mother's husband used to lift me up onto his shoulders so that I could see things better in the market place."  So, the Shendar gently lifts Tulpje up - being careful to hold her gently but firmly so she does not feel like she will fall, and sets her on his shoulder.

"Let us go see the others, little Tulpje.  I can hear Kenrill - he is the smallest of our group - singing to everyone.  Perhaps we can save them?" he asks with a smirk.  The Shendar strides to the hut, just after Primrose has left after healing 'Teri.  He notices both Morcaanan and Kenrill outside, and the sober looks on both of their faces, and immediately wonders what has happened.

Ta'las enters the hut and glances around.  Capher seems well and 'Teri appears to be up and looking healthier, though her expression is still glum.  Though he notices the others, his gaze is drawn to Lady Terra, who is sitting quietly with Talia.  The Shendar approaches the two women and kneels down - Terra looks frightened and even Talia does not seem well.

He senses he has been too distant with Talia - Shendar are a tough, durable tribe, but they also understand compassion.  Ta'las smiles at them both and asks, "may I sit with you ladies?  I have brought a new friend - her name is Tulpje."

Then he glances at Tulpje and adds, "Tulpje - this is Talia, my Shendar-sister, and Lady Terra Artemos."  When Ta'las introduces Terra, his smile broadens, and he finds himself unable to take his eyes from her.

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Post by: Ta'lia of the Seven Jewels on May 14, 2007, 05:57:50 AM
Ta‘las enters the hut and walks up to where Terra, Talia and Capher are sitting. To Talia‘s surprise  he has a Brownie sitting on his shoulder whom he introduces as Tulpje. „What a nice name!“ Talia thinks immediately. She is not aware, that Tulpje was outside when Aueniteri lay on the ground and that she has seen her already.

“Welcome Tulpje! Nice to meet you.“

She doesn‘t know what to say to the little person who seems to sit quite comfortably on Ta‘las shoulder. For a moment she wished she would be as small so that it wold be possible to carry her away as well like this. but then she puts this idea mentally away. Nonsense, she surely preferred to be tall!

When Ta‘las introduces Terra, his voice is getting soft and Talia nearly can‘t hide a smile. It is time that the morning comes and the healing can start and will be successful . Otherwise there will be another unhappy person around.

Terra says not much more to Tulpje as Talia did. But she looks intensively from Tulpje to Ta‘las. Talia can‘t really interpret her expression, but it looks like she is a bit envious of Tulpje. Well, Tulpje can do what Terra can‘t and Terra is very fond of Ta‘las. In an attempt to distract her Talia says to Terra.

“Terra let us sleep now. Then the morning will be here earlier and our healing will start. - And after we are well again  I want to see you in a sword play with Ta‘las!

Excuse us, Ta‘las, Tulpje, we need to go to sleep. “

And she starts with the last preparations to lay down.

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Capher grinned, "Well Tal'as I knew that you made friends easily and now you have a brownie as a friend as well."

He leaned closer to Tal'as's shoulder and peered at the little brownie, then he leaned back a little, smiled at the brownie, "Welcome Tulpje," he pointed to himself, "Capher," he said.

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Ta'las smiles at Talia and Lady Terra, and wishes them goodnight.  "Sleep well."  He pats Terra's arm, and then he rises and grins at Capher.  "Yes, we met outside.  Tulpje was helping 'Teri after she fell out of the tree."

He begins to suggest that they sit and talk quietly where he and Capher had been sitting before Ta'las had left, but that just reminds him of how that conversation had ended.  Once again, he is filled with fear for his friend, but he knows he must not let that consume his thoughts any longer. 

"Capher, should we sit down over here?" he asks, nodding to the spot they'd been sitting before.  "I think the others will need their sleep for the morning."