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Title: Kaldez'Yadra Kasumarii Assassin
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Gender: Male

Age: 29

Race: Human

Tribe: Kasumarii

Occupation: Assassin

Title: Searcher

Height: 1.8 ped

Weight: 1 pygge 3.5 hebs

Eye color: Vontromarine colored eyes

Hair color: Cyhalloian snow colored hair

Overview: Kaldez is a man of powerful emotion, though it does not seem this way to those who have seen him. Kaldez keeps his reputation hidden so as to not have his identity known to all, those who tell who he is to others without his permission often never awaken the next morning. Those who know who he is however respect and fear him do to his deadly skill.

Appearance/Physical: He is clean shaven with short cropped hair. Kaldez's skin is of a pale yellow tone due to the weather of the northern continent. Kaldez is Kaldez is considered tall by his people. He has a red K tattooed on the back of his left hand and a black Y on the back of his right hand, each letter representing part of his name (those who know of him have spread rumors that he did these tattoos himself using the blood of the first person he killed).

Clothing: Kaldez wears close fitting Cyhalloian snow colored clothing while hunting in the wilderness and snow. Accompanying this outfit is a purposefully shredded hooded cape that, when flapping in the wind, looks like snow blowing through the air (this Camouflage make him appear to be part of the environment) and gloves of the same color. When in combat Kaldez will often wear a leather jerkin and leggings, both dyed Cyhalloian snow colored to match the rest of his outfit. When in town, however, Kaldez wears jet black shirt and pants with a crimson scarf and cape (he wears these as a symbol of his job and goal, the crimson color represents blood, and the scarf hides his features, the cape just looks cool).

Personality:  Kaldez is determined and calm; he is not easily angered or provoked into fighting.  Kaldez is Stoic with little emotion showing through his grim features, he is actually a storm of emotion within. Most prominent of these are hatred and anger, for he still has not sated his want for revenge of the deaths of his parents. He feels a great need to help all those who cannot help themselves or need help. Though he seems like a rock with no feelings or concern.  When spoken to Kaldez always meets the speaker's eyes with a steely look. Kaldez does not like the prctice of drinking alchohal, specificaly ale and brandy, though he may enjoy a mug of mulled wine on occasion.

1) Calm: Because of experiences of his youth, he is hard to anger do to the fact that he does not want to se anymore pointless violence unless he cannot avoid it or it is part of his job.

2)Wilderness Stealth: Living the life of a hunter, and also being the son of a skilled Kasumarii warrior who was trained in the art of assassination, Kaldez has learned to use the environment to his advantage being very stealthy, making little noise in the wilderness much like a hunting wolf or fox.

3Assassin skills: Kaldez was taught the way of the Assassin by his Uncle Kaldez, Kaldez learned of blending into a crowd and hiding in a metropolitan/urban environment, also to walk silently on the paved roads(anything from just gravel to true actual laid out slabs) and unpaved(you can tell they are road, no modification) roads.

4)Weapon Proficiency: Kaldez has become very proficient in the art of wielding a Falchion and moonblade together, for he spent many years of his youth focusing on training with these two weapons only.

5) Weapon Proficiency: Do to extensive training from an old man met on his journey's Kaldez has also become proficient with his 5 point seastars.

1) Aiding the Helpless: Though hard to provoke, the suffering of the helpless causes him to act no matter what his instincts tell him. This can lead to him rushing someone with no thought or use of his skills, making him very vulnerable.

2) Antisocial: He has a hard time speaking to people do to his lack of contact with people on a regular basis. Also many find talking to him unnerving. These facts make gathering information very hard for him.

3) Ribs: When Kaldez was young and learning stealth from his father (Kaldez was trying to avoid his fathers detection), he fell from a tree. The fall broke 3 of his ribs, and the pain from this injury still lingers for one of the ribs never truly mended, making Kaldez's chest extremely sensitive. This injury also causes Kaldez to be subjected to occasional pains on the right side of his chest.

4) Reputation: Though he attempts to keep it hidden this is hard, and those who do know of him highly dislike even the sight of him.

5) Family: His family has a ruff history of being condemned by false accusation though none truly know of the falseness of these condemnments (such as his uncles). Causing him to be taunted by those who know of his lineage.

6) Dream: Kaldez’s dreams are constantly haunted by one or many faceless strangers overpowering him like they had his parents while ridiculing and taunting him. These horrid nightmares often lead to lack of sleep and violent thrashing while asleep.

Background/History: Background/History: Kaldez’Yadra is the son of an experienced solitary Kasumarii warrior and his wife. Kaldez once asked his father Hulfnor when he was young, "Why don't we live in the city like the rest of our people, Papa?”  His father told him this story: Kaldez's father moved his wife and himself away from the cities and the government of the Kasumarii because of the hanging of his brother.

(Hulfnor’s Story: His brother was hung for supposed mutiny on the battle field and for the death of a few Kasumarii warriors fighting beside him; his accuser was kept anonymous, thus Kaldez's father couldn't seek out and kill the man for revenge.  The government believed the accuser and hung Hulfnor's brother. Hulfnor however knew that this accusation was false for he had fought alongside his brother for many years; however, he could not persuade the representatives to adjudicate otherwise. So his brother was hung, Hulfnor lost all faith in other Kasumarii besides his wife and other family, and he and his wife moved away from Kasumarii civilization to live alone in peace.)

            Kaldez's father began teaching him how to wield the moonblade with 2 hands and with an additional weapon at the age of 6.  His father also taught him how to effectively use stealth to kill.  Kaldez's mother taught him the art of wielding a Falchion singly or with the moonblade.

When Kaldez reached the age of 10 his father decided his son was old enough to begin his training as an assassin, not only in the lands of Cyhalloi and the tent cities of its people, but in other lands, for Hulfnor had ambitions for his son to leave the frozen land of the northern continent. He began by teaching Kaldez first in the art of hiding oneself in the wild, concealment in sparse brush, trees, or simply snow (which is similar to hiding in long grass), and how to track/recognize someone doing the same. About 5 months into this training, Kaldez was hidden in a tree when he slipped and fell, the fall broke three of his ribs on the right side of his chest, luckily none of the fractured bones pierced his lung or any other vital organs, this injury still causes him pain from time to time. After this injury Kaldez was not able to continue his training for half a year (is this sufficient, insufficient, or overkill?). Once Kaldez’s wilderness training was complete, his mother asked her brother, who she loved dearly enough to name her son after, a trained Korenjaan assassin, who lived with the group of Kasumarii that Kaldez’s family had been staying close too, to allow Kaldez to live with and learn from him for as long as it took to train him. Uncle Kaldez excepted his sister’s request and took Kaldez in to train him in the way of an assassin. So Kaldez lived with his uncle traveling with the Kasumarii and learning how to conceal himself in a crowd or urban environment, and how to find someone attempting to hide themselves in such a way, what signs to look for, such as the way they may carry themselves in a hunched down sort of way for example, also he taught Kaldez of how to hide in a city though this teaching was all verbal do to lack of permanent settlements besides the towers of Ice Elves. After years of training his uncle Kaldez was deemed ready to learn and improve his skills on his own and was sent back to his parents with A necklace resembling the one his father wore except this one bore the crest of Korenjaan, this necklace was not only a symbol of the completion of his training but of his uncles belief that he was worthy and proud.

When Kaldez, now 19, returned to his parents he continued his training with the swords under there guidance. When Kaldez reached the age of 20 his Father gave to Kaldez his moonblade which had been past from father to eldest son for 10 generations, Kaldez being the 11th, and his necklace which had been passed down the family for as many if not more generations. And his mother gave to him her Falchion, which had been given to her by her mother who had won it off a foreign merchant, how she won it she did not tell. Kaldez’s life after this went fine for 2 years at least…

           One day when returning from hunting, Kaldez, now 22, found the house in shambles and his father's mangled and lifeless corpse, along with many humanoid tracks and bloody trails where bodies were surely dragged away. While mourning his father’s death and burying the body he realized the absence of his mother or any sign of her. He searched around the rubble and found her tracks; he knew they were hers because of their size and how often he had tried to sneak up on her in his youth. His mothers tracks were not the only ones their were also the other unidentifiable tracks pursuing hers, she had obviously tried to flee after Hulfnor’s death or at his command. The tracks lead to a secluded cave. In this cave he found his mother, she was barely hanging onto life, her last breath was given to tell her son how proud she was of him and that she loved him. Kaldez’s mother had been beaten to the cusp of death while the assailants had had their “fun”. After that day Kaldez vowed to search for the murderers who had ruined his happy life.

   Before Kaldez’s career as an assassin began he tried seeking help to steady his nightmares and relieve himself of all the pent up rage from the murder. He found a woman who told him that he should try to keep a journal and vent his feelings into it and that it had helped her amongst many others. Kaldez tried and failed at this only remembering to leave two entries and they were of his first job.

Journal of Kaldez’Yadra-
Entry1: I have finally secured a job from a wealthy merchant who gave his name as Galf, an obvious cover up but I truly do not care. I am to assassinate a young merchant who is attempting to cut into Galf’s business.

Entry2: I awaited the young nameless merchant in an alleyway through which he usually traversed to his favorite pub, though I did not have his name his description was given, his face looked young and still boyish, he would be approximately a head shorter then myself with shoulder length blonde hair and grey eyes. I spotted him after about 30 minutes of waiting, once he reached me I quickly unraveled my scarf and used it to stifle him so he could not scream, I then dragged him deeper into the alley where I strangled him so as to avoid the spilling of blood, after he was dead I took his purse of money and dagger which was ornate with a dragon on the side, when I returned I gave the dagger to Galf as proof of a mission succeeded and he paid me 2 Hak and 1 odd, in the purse I found 30 san.
-End of Journal of Kaldez’Yadra

           Kaldez's life afterwards was ruff, he needed to find some sort of occupation he could do while traveling. So he came to the conclusion that do to his skills and the many hours of learning from his parents, he decided to take up assassination. Kaldez has caused the deaths of few (his reputation speaks of more) merchants/businessmen, because of the trouble they were causing for others. He also had made some small change doing odds and ends for those who could not do these things themselves, though often unrewarded he would rather have not excepted the things he was given by those he had helped, for helping them was part of his being after the slaughter of his family in their nigh defenseless state. One such event was helping an old man whose house had collapsed the day before, under the mans careful instruction Kaldez helped the man rebuild allowing the man to continue his life, before Kaldez could leave however the man insisted that he reward Kaldez in someway, but lacking anything of material worth the man offered to teach Kaldez the way of using seastars, so over the next few months Kaldez continued to help the old man while learning to use the deadly weapons, when it came time for Kaldez to continue on the old man gave him 10 seastars and told him to keep them in remembrance of his life and how valuable memories could be. And so his life was pretty well off, considering, he was hated by others for his family’s actions, and the reputation he had brought with him to some areas.
             After years of searching for the unknown murderers, Kaldez found that a group of men that had traveled through much of Cyhalloi, and were well known as unlawful men had left for Sarvonia, so seeing as this was the only lead he had been able to find over the years Kaldez decided to leave for the Main land of Sarvonia.

Kaldez’s first birthday after arriving in Sarvonia was his 27th which he celebrated alone in Saeroth, though celebrate would probably not be the proper term, as Kaldez chose to use his birthday as a day to mourn the death’s of his family and those who he had killed, praying for there souls and begging forgiveness, it is upon this day that he always remakes his tattoos by recarving the indentation in his skin and going over them in crimson ink, this causes him pain but it helps him remember who he is and what he has set out to do.

Kaldez continued to follow the trail of the group of men which he refers to as “Them” in conversation and alone. The group slowly traveled inland keeping to human and dwarven lands as much as possible, while following them Kaldez helped those who had been ravaged by these evil men, and he buried those who had not survived, these people who died, were added to the list of people he would pray for on his next birthday.

Upon his 28th birthday Kaldez found himself outside of the city of Nyermersys, he stayed outside of the city while he mourned, prayed, and etched his skin once again. After which he entered the outskirts of the city and asked about “Them”, he found they were in the city. However a few months later found them once again traveling south through the continent.

Kaldez continued to follow Them, but he found that they had had a ship waiting for them on the coast near the city of Thyslan. Near where they had left Kaldez found the captain of the ship, he had not known of this meeting with the Them would happen, he only knew  that his first mate had suggested they land there so as to restock on certain supplies, the captain was dying and told Kaldez that ship was now heading to Cape Strata. Kaldez decided that he could not just leave the man to die there and so he brought the captain to Thyslan where he left him in the care of the townspeople, he then asked some of the towns people where he could find a ship to take him to Cape Strata, and they told him that he could find a ship Milkengrad, which he would find to the north.

Once Kaldez reached Milkengrad he used what was left of his money to gain passage on a boat, but his money was not enough to bring him all the way to Strata, so he and the captain came to an agreement, the captain would drop Kaldez off in Vorcopas. The journey was not ruff and the see was calm for the most part with little incident.

As soon as the ship landed in Vorcopas Kaldez continued his trek south, on the way he encountered a group of two bandits who thought a lone traveler would be an easy target. The bandits set up there ambush, however Kaldez already knew where they were, being trained in the ways of stealth he knew they were not, they had made a very feeble attempt at hiding. When the appointed time came for the ambush the bandits realized there target was gone. The first bandit fell without a single noise, Kaldez’s carefully aimed stab with his moonblade through the back of the mans windpipe cut off any possible noise. The second fell with a seastar buried in between his eyes the third seeing his comrades fall ran, but he foolishly ran out onto the road, where he took a seastar at the base of his neck severing his spinal cord. Kaldez wiped his moonblade one the disabled bandits clothing, along with retrieving and cleaning his seastars in the same way and taking the money pouches from all three bandits, the money amounted to a total of 36 sans. Kaldez then kneeled where the disabled bandit could see him and told the man this “You will never again hurt anyone, when night falls the scavengers will come to feed on you, if not sooner, I hope you die slowly and feel every bite, for surely it will not be half of the pain you have cause people through the years.”, and the Kaldez continued his trek southward.

Kaldez arrived in Strata upon his 29th birthday, after his rituals, he went into the town, and discovered the bandits to have gone into the surrounding wilderness where they’re hideout was. Kaldez still remains in Strata looking for the bandit’s hideout.

Weapons: a Falchion given to him by his mother, an ice blue crystal is inlaid in the pommel and the moonblade that belonged to his father. (10) 5 point seastar's given to him by an old man

Special Belongings: Fathers Necklace, white gold chain, with The Echiilianni crest, and His uncles necklace, white gold chain, with the Korenjaan crest

Familiar: none

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Comments and cd checks would be well appreciated  :)

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Can someone with better knowledge of the landscape and maps help me with my blank space where i need a port city or somewher to find a boat. then my Cd will be complete and ready for mod inspection. Thankyou :grin:

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Can someone with better knowledge of the landscape and maps help me with my blank space where i need a port city or somewher to find a boat. then my Cd will be complete and ready for mod inspection. Thankyou :grin:

Near Thyslan? Milkengrad is nearby, and it is a very large port. I'm not sure if there's anything closer than that.

Thyslan itself might be a port city, though, the map shows it quite close to the water.

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Thanks, i wasnt sure if Thysalan was a port city, it is close but im not sure if its close enough, thank you again, il wait for someone else to confirm this just so im sure

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I am going to have to agree with Joe/Dasson on this one. Milkengrad would be the closest port city you could easily get to.

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Thank you, both of you

Any comments and CD checks would be graciously welcomed now.

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1. I think you're a bit off with his weight, maybe you meant to say hebs instead of ods. As it is now he weighs about 103 lbs.

2. In the history you say his mother taught him how to wield a scimitar yet in the strengths it is a falchion. Which is it?

3. The strengths say his mother taught him to wield the seastars, yet later on in the history it is an old man. Again, which is it?

4. You say that he's of the Echiilianni, yet the history never mentions him joining that order, he just took up assassination one day. First, the Echiilianni is an order, one that has to be joined, he wouldn't be born into it. And there are ranks within the order, look at the entry on the Kar-ii fighting styles for more information. Second, it doesn't seem feasible that he just decided one day to be an assassin. Yes he was already skilled as a warrior, but there's more to assassination than fighting. He has to be trained by someone to be an assassin.

5. This is more a minor note than anything else, but the one paragraph about orcs in Santharia won't work since there aren't any hostile orcs in Santharia. The paragraph really isn't that important to your history, so removing it should be fine. Or you could always change orcs to something like outlaws or bandits.

Good job so far. :)

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Thank you for pointing everything out, i made the changes, including removing that paragraph, and the falchion thing, thx :)

His father taught him of the ways of stealth, which he uses to sneak upon his targets as he did in the journal.
Or should i have another strenght labled assassination, and add a little about his training in my history?

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I'd like to see assassination listed as a strength. I'd even suggest working his stealth in cities into it as surely stealth will be important. And then you'd just have to describe his training as an assassin a little in the history. While I'm on the strengths, I forgot to mention something before. He's a bit young to mention the word "mastered" with his weapons skill in addition to the other weapons he has. Just leave it at very proficient and it'll be fine.

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il get right on that and thankyou for the help

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There i hope that is complete to total satisfaction :)
any more comments or suggestion would be kindly accepted
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Go ahead and remove the color from your CD and I will move this CD to the archives

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Done, and thank you :grin: