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Title: Diamnrya Ranrther - Erpheronian
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Name: Diamnrya Ranrther

Age: 21

Race: Human

Tribe: Erpheronian

Occupation: Courtesan

Title: Scarlet Woman

Height: 1 ped, 1 fore, 1 palmspan

Weight: 1 pygge and 2 hebs

Hair: Auburn

Eyes: Yellow-green

Orphaned at an impressionable age, she has found that life on her own is not as glorious as many would claim. Hunger pangs and cold nights still penetrate her willpower and emotional stability. Excitement and fear linger in her heart with the coming of her child, dreading the idea of not being able to properly care and provide for the helpless soul. Deep down, she is searching for someone to love and care both for her and her unborn child. To feel what true love really is and that is can be obtained...

Long auburn hair falls loosely down the length of her back in gentle waves. It is well kept and smooth, almost like touching silk when you run your fingers through its strands. Bright green eyes sparkle with life but hold a deep sadness and regret within their depths. Soft pink lips of velvet slip into a sly smile often, yet it never reaches her light viridian hues. Thick copper lashes flirt with any man who may pay attention to the woman who bears them, teasing with the utmost sincerity. Long limbs branch off from a slender yet curvy figure. Toned muscles, covered by a fair complexion, hide no fat on her body. The only protrusion is her belly, which bears the appearance of an expectant mother in about her fifth or sixth month, yet she remains small for such a stage. It is the result of one of the many relations she has entertained.

She is not proud of the fact she has become with child, and attempted to conceal it as best she can in what she attires. An emerald floor length skirt sits just below her breasts, flowing away from her form in shapeless folds. A white shirt is carefully tucked beneath the waistband of the skirt. Unlike the draping skirt, the shirt is form fitting and provocative in nature. Low cut and tight, it reveals a deep cleavage and sinewy arms in hopes they are enough to bring money to her pockets. Soft leather boots cover her small feet and a large brown cloak is hanging from her shoulders. 

- Clothing
- Rations
- Small knife
- Money pouch
- Perfume
- Face paints

Despite her occupation, she is a reserved woman who carries the guilt of her profession heavily on her heart. Never had she expected to reach such a point at which she would have to sell her body for male pleasures, just so her belly could be full. Also in contradiction to her life, she greatly fears men, as experience has proven to her their cruel and unrelenting nature where their groin is concerned. Having been violated numerous times by customers who refused to pay or random men on the street looking for easy prey, she has fallen victim to all their kinds at some point in time. Her heart longs for love and friendship, but only finds scorn and rejection. Though the attempts to hide her pregnancy, she is excited about the proposition of being a mother. To have someone who loves and needs her is something she craves and feels that this child will fulfill that hunger.

Charisma: She is an obviously gorgeous woman and knows how to use it to her advantage to gain what she needs or wants.

Pregnancy: It has greatly lifted her spirits and ideals in life, knowing she will have someone to love and who loves her.

Size: She is small in stature and lacking in physical strength, making her an easy target for predators.

Pregnancy: Not only does this make getting around difficult, but she has also taken a loss in clients because of this, so money is few and far between.

Dia sat on a small cot in a healing house, anxiously awaiting news from her annual check-up. Ever since she began her chosen profession, she did her best to make such visits a regular occurrence to make sure no filthy man had given her a hell's curse. The nurse had performed various tests then vanished from the room, leaving the young woman alone in a restless anticipation. Unfortunately, this visit was slightly unlike any others, as she had been sick for some time before arriving. Her thoughts were spinning in circles as she tried to think of all the worst possibilities, unfortunately, it quickly nauseated her and she barely grabbed the bedpan in time as her stomach released its contents. Just as she sheepishly placed the now filled bedpan on the floor beneath the cot, the nurse who had been attending to her stepped back into the room.

"Well dear, nuthin' are wron' wit ye. Ye are in pahfect health." The nursed recited comfortingly.

"But, that doesn't make sense! I have been sick the last several weeks." Dia exclaimed in protest.

"Indeed. An' I shall tell ye why if ye g've mah the chance."

Dia sat back in frustration, allowing the nurse to finish speaking.

"E'pect gradual weight gain over 'he ne't sever'l munths. An' be careful what ye eat and drin'." the nurse explained. "Ye are also to c'mere an' vis' me once a munth from 'ere on out."

Puzzlement spread across Dia's pale features before she realized what the nurse was saying. Her pale complexion quickly changed to a ghostly white and the nurse quickly reached for the full bedpan, afraid that the young woman would once again purge her last meal.

"Yes mah dear. In 'bout eight munths time, a wee babe will be restin' in yer arms." the nurse smiled genuinely.

The nursed explained to her everything she could and could not do, and gave her a warm hug before sending her out. Though she should have been more expectant that such a thing could happen, the shock and terror of what she had been told was still sinking in. Idly her hands ran gently over her abdomen, trying to understand everything. She didn't even know who the father could possibly be so she could contact him for financial support in some way. Her emotions jumped from fear to excitement quickly over and over, never really deciding how she truly felt about the situation.

She had been born into a large family within the walls of Voldar. Being neither the eldest nor the youngest, her life was fairly plain in how she was raised. The family had very little to their name, and though their father worked nearly non-stop, there never seemed to be enough food or clothing to go around. After the 16th child was born, their mother passed away from exhaustion and blood loss from a difficult delivery, leaving their father alone to attempt to successfully raise all of them.

Sadly, it did not take him long to follow his beloved, dying from both the sorrow of losing his wife, and the exhausted from constantly working to provide for his children. From then on, most of the children separated to make a life for their own. The younger ones staying together in hopes to find a family who would take pity on them and adopt them, while the older children went out alone to fend for themselves. She was about the age of eleven, when her father passed from this world.

Ever since then, she has sold her body to the world of men's pleasure. Since she had been told her beauty was her only true asset to society, she felt it best to use it for her own survival. Despite suffering from numerous forced intercourses and abusive encounters, she has come out strong and alive, ready to attack the world another time. Except now, she has another's life in her hands beside her own, her unborn child. No words can express the love and hatred she has towards this being within her. As it has made both her life difficult and wonderful at the same time. Many men find her distasteful now as her disposition has been obviously compromised. While others welcome her new found situation, but still dump her in the dirt when they have had their fill. She continues to move from house to house, city to city to satisfy the sexual desires of men for a price, despite being six months along.

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A very promising start! Can't wait to read the finish composition^.^

EDIT: Your Subject says one tribe, yet your CD says another..which is it?

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History coming shortly!

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Detected grammar mistake....

A rebellious child set upon traveling the world against her parents wishes, has felt the hardships which are brought by such a life. With no craft to bring in sans, she uses her beauty and personality to win and give favors to men. Yet a surprised lurked I think you meant surprise around the corner for this young woman in the form of a new life growing within...

I'm looking forward for the history ^^

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Ah! Thanks! Almost done ^.^

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Hey dear, you may wish to fix your overview in accordance to what you have written in your history, as they portray two different stories.

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