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Title: Remusiat Town Square
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This open area sits near the center of the city.  To the north is the town hall, while to the south is the Wison's Breath Inn.  Ice sculptures line the pathways of cobblestone, and low ice walls create a magical feeling of being in a labyrinth.  It is a source of pride for the Remusian people, and has long been a place where young lovers go to stroll at night, when lanterns are hung alit on tall poles.  Stone benches are placed in key locations, where people can sit and watch the activities.  Sometimes, there are plays performed in the center of the plaza, or singers can be found entertaining the crowds.

Small merchant booths surround the plaza, where shrewd vendors hawk their wares shamelessly, intent on making a quick san.  For this reason, city guards often patrol this area, to keep the small time thieves away.

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Post by: Nyxthia Calfuray on December 04, 2007, 01:25:56 PM
As they started walking, Garret told her about how quickly he went through cloaks. She could relate, not even an hour here, and she's gone through two! "I'm from the south. You?" she heard Garret ask. "I'm from the south too, way, way, way south. If I were to tell you where I came from, you'd probably think I'm a nutcase," Nyxthia replied.

Her violet eyes widened in awe as they came in sight of the ice sculptures. The sun's beams shone through the scupltures, shining off their smooth surfaces, even making rainbows at certain points. "Woah..." Nyxthia whispered. Now this was a sight she had never seen! Her footsteps slowed as she gazed at them, Garret, her clothes, Glacier, all forgotten. Imagine, if I could bring these back to Avitus, imagine how beautiful his tent would be! she thought excitedly.

A rough poke from Glacier brought her back from dreamland to reality. She suddenly realised that for the past minute, she had been staring at the scupltures like a slack jawed idiot. "Ah.. I'm sorry," she said sheepishly. "I've never seen sculptures made of ice before."

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     "I'm from the south too, way, way, way south. If I were to tell you where I came from, you'd probably think I'm a nutcase," Nyxthia replied.

     Garret's grin grew wider, he wasn't so sure about that and was about to challenge it but then they came within sight of the sculptures. As usually Garret's attention was diverted from everything else for a moment. As many times as he had seen the town square since he had been here they still didn't lose anything. The square was the pride of the city and it was always a sight to behold. It was but a moment that his attention had been captured, his mind reaching for the familiar image that had placed itself in his head. He returned his attention to the woman he had been walking beside.

     Her gaze had fallen on the ice, captivated by the beautiful, finely crafted sculptures. She seemed to be lost and thought and Garret left her with her thoughts. He knelt next to Shadowfoot for a moment, giving the wolf some attention that he had been longing for today. The animals tongue lolled out over white teeth as he let his human scratch behind his ears and ruffled his fur. The great black bear poked his human in the back after a while and she slowly came back.

     "Ah . . . I'm sorry," she said. "I've never seen sculptures made of ice before."

     "They are rather wonderful. It had the same effect on me as well when I first laid eyes upon it." Garret replied, still kneeling in the snow next to his wolf. Then he offered, "When ever you're ready to move forward we can."

     He stood and brushed the snow from his leggings and readied himself to continue forward. His hand resting on Shadowfoot's head as he waited. 

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Post by: Nyxthia Calfuray on December 04, 2007, 10:48:13 PM
"Oh, no, we can move on now." Nyxthia assured Garret. She did want her cloak, after all. It was getting slightly chillier. As they walked between the sculptures, heading for the square, Nyxthia thoughts turned towards the man beside her. He... interested her. Most men who hit on her usually were drunk, and those who weren't, were usually dirty ol' men. And even those young, cute boys... well, all they wanted was one thing. Which she didn't want to give. Wait, wait, wait. Nyxthia caught herself. It's just a tour, not a hit on, nor a date, she told herself firmly. 

Suddenly, she spotted a display full of pretty jewlery, glittering in the sun. One in particular caught her eye. It was an unique necklace, a figure of a bear inlayed with an amethyst, its sides set with small pieces of opal. "Ooh, let's go there, Garret!" she cried, violet eyes lighting up in glee. Without thinking, she grabbed his hand and playfully dragged him to the booth. Dropping his hand, she gently picked up the necklace and held it up to her neck. "What do you think?" she asked Garret excitedly, her entire expression exactly like a child in a toy store.

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Post by: Garret Arroway on December 05, 2007, 12:13:01 AM
     "Oh, no, we can move on now," she said.

     He nodded and they were off again, walking along the cobblestone path between the sculptures. As they walked along Nyxthia seemed to be lost in thought for a moment, and Garret knew that feeling all to well so he left her with her thoughts. He walked along beside her, looking at the finely worked features of the art around him. They continued on in silence for a moment then something caught her eye.

     "Ooh, let's go there, Garret!" she said excitedly.

     Next thing he knew he was being pulled along to a jewelry booth. Luckily, long legs allowed him longer stride and he kept from being dragged in the snow. He couldn't help but chuckle a bit at her excitement as they made their way to the stall. She dropped his hand as they stopped next to the booth and picked up a necklace. It was pretty neat, they figure of a bear with stones that he couldn't name. He could see why it had caught her away as he felt the presence of the big bear behind them.

     "What do you think?" she asked.

     "It's beautiful . . . but not more so than you." Garret said softly, struggling with the last words a bit and cursing himself silently as they tumbled out.

     He shut his jaw a little too late and a little too sharply, he managed to stifle a yelp and soon he could taste the faint traces of blood. That didn't bother him much. He was very glad that his already wind reddened cheeks could hide the blush that crept into his face for a moment. Garret turned away a bit, wondering what had possessed him to release that poorly worked string of words or even say something like that. He worried about what she might think and turned toward her to apologize.

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Post by: Nyxthia Calfuray on December 05, 2007, 12:50:47 AM
Nyxthia's body stiffened as she heard his reply. Well, it wasn't more of a reply, per se. It was more like a... blurted out compliment that was never meant to be spoken. Suddenly, her heart started to thump. Hard.

Gak! Nyxthia mentally shook herself. How many times had she heard those words from other boys? How many times had someone tried to woo her by pretty words? Uncountable, right? So why was she so... nervous? How was this different? She had only met him! How was she to know if he had good intentions or not?

By this time, Garret had turned away. She placed the necklace down, giving a nod of thanks to the vendor. Her mind was still reeling, her heart still hammering. A movement caught her eye. Garret had turned back, and was opening his mouth to say something. A drop of blood was growing on his lip. Automatically, Nyxthia pulled out her handkerchief. "Wait," she said. Wrapping the tip around her finger, she dabbed at his cut, the motions nearly automatic, after all, how many times had she done this for her own brother?

Yes. He's like a brother to me, Nyxthia thought to herself. Really? The honesty in her asked, a quiet, truthful voice in the recesses of her mind. Truly? Honestly? Or are you in denial? it continued. Shut up! The much bigger side of her screamed back.

"That's better," she said quietly, after the cut was cleaned. She looked up into his oddly grey eyes. In the sunlight, it seemed much paler than it should have been.

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     He didn't know exactly what to say as he turned back toward her. In his mind he tried to think of something, but was unable to think of anything to say. He figured that he better apologize even if it wasn't worded well. As he opened his mouth to apologize a bead of blood formed on the split in his lower lip but he didn't notice. He could taste the stream a blood that trailed into his mouth, but was about to speak anyways. A movement from Nyxthia stopped him for a moment.

     "Wait," she said. With a handkerchief she reached up and dabbed at the blood welling from the split in his lip. He stood completely still, waiting as he cleaned up the split. The fact that he had split his lip like that trying to keep those words from falling out was fairly embarrassing. "That's better," she said quietly looking up at him.

     He couldn't help but running his tongue over the split. It stung a bit but would be fine. With that he looked down at her and tried to think of what to say. After a minute he tried to apologize but no words came out when he opened his mouth so he quickly shut it once more, trying again.

     "I'm sorry . . . I didn't mean . . . It was a . . . " Garret fumbled through the words then stopped short not wanting to say anything stupid. How was he supposed to explain that his mind took control at times without sounding stupid? Instead he said, "If you like we can get you that cloak or I could point you in the direction of a booth that should have cloaks."

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Point me? So you want to leave? Nyxthia thought. Did I do something wrong? Should I have helped him clean the cut? Crap, she swore mentally. Why am I thinking about this? No, more important question: why am I thinking LIKE this?

Shaking her head to clear her thoughts, she looked up at Garret. "Could we go get my cloak now? Then we can part if you so wish," she said quietly. Not that I would. The thought came unbidden, and once more, Nyxthia swore inwardly at herself. I'm confused. A small, nearly inaudible sigh escaped her. What should I do?

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     "Could we go get my cloak now? Then we can part if you so wish," she said quietly.

     "Of course," Garret said, "And I wasn't sure if were still interested in the tour."

     He walked silently toward the other stalls, watching for a merchant with cloaks. This woman was so confusing and he couldn't help but making a fool out of himself around him. She didn't seem to want him to leave and that confused him even more. He didn't know why he was so nervous around here and figured it would be best if he just kept his mouth shut. Up ahead he saw a merchant booth with clothing and angled in that direction.

     "They should have cloaks here," Garret announced.

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Nyxthia walked forwards. Trained eyes swept over the merchant's wares, looking for a cloak that would last. She picked up a white colored cloak, its trim black. The material was thick, and as she slipped into it, she could immediately tell it would be durable, yet light and warm at the same time. She gave it a few test steps, before taking it off. "Oh, yes, ma'am, good eye," the merchant said. "That is made of bear fur, that is!"

Her eyes widened. "Bears? This was made from a bear's fur?"

"Why, yes, darling. A bear's hide," the merchant continued. By Fae, this man must be mad! Does he not see Glacier behind me? Nyxthia's mouth fell open in an extremly unladylike manner. "Why do you look so... a BEAR!" he yelled suddenly, as he finally noticed Glacier hovering menacingly at Nyxthia's side. "Wait, wait, wait," Nyxthia hurried to reassure him. "He won't hurt you, honest!"

"A bear!" the vendor cried, wringing his hands, paying no heed to Nyxie's words. "You!" He pointed a trembling finger at Garret. "I know you're a scout, get rid of that bear! It's going to kill!"

"No, no, he's tame," Nyxthia said, panicking now. The vendor's shouts and gestures were starting to draw onlookers, and she wouldn't know what to do if they all started to rush and attack. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw guards. Lots of them. They encircled the stall with their weapons drawn. At the cold steel, Glacier's hackles started to rise. Oh, CRAP. Nyxthia's fingers found Glacier's fur and tugged on it lightly, stopping the growls, but it wouldn't stop the guards, she knew. "Garret, you're with the millitary, right? Please, reason with them! Tell them that Glacier's harmless," Nyxthia looked at him with desperation in her voice, violet eyes pleading.

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     Garret stood by as Nyxthia stepped forward and looked for a cloak. He figured he would pick a simple, warm one out when she was finished, since he seemed to be especially rough on his cloaks. No need to get something expensive when he ran through cloaks swiftly. He watched as she picked up a white cloak with black trim and tried it on and took a few steps before taking it off once more. Garret couldn't help but grin.

     "Oh, yes, ma'am, good eye," the merchant said. "That is made of bear fur, that is!"

     Garret's grin faded and his hand went to the sword at his side, in case there was trouble. He saw Nyxthia's eyes widen before his grey glaze moved back to the merchant who hadn't seen Glacier yet apparently.

     "Bears? This was made from a bear's fur?" She asked,

     "Why, yes, darling. A bear's hide," the merchant continued. "Why do you look so... a BEAR!" he yelled as he noticed the bear.

     "Wait, wait, wait," Nyxthia hurriedly said. "He won't hurt you, honest!"

     But the merchant wasn't listening he continued to cry out about the bear. And then he noticed Garret. "You!" He pointed at the young scout. "I know you're a scout, get rid of that bear! It's going to kill!"

     "No, no, he's tame," Nyxthia said.

     Dang it, Garret cursed silently. The merchant continued to cry out an unneeded warning. The shouts soon began to draw onlookers and Garret could see guards circling the stall. Dang, he muttered again under his breath. As weapons were drawn he could feel the tension coming from the animals at the sight of steel gleaming in the sunlight. Out of the corner of his eye he could see Nyxthia trying to calm the bear and the low growls from the bear stopped. At his side, Garret could hear Shadowfoot's growl and knew the wolf was near the ground and ready to spring.

     "Garret, you're with the military, right? Please, reason with them! Tell them that Glacier's harmless," Nyxthia said looking at him.

     "I've got it," Garret said, quietly, never taking his eyes off the guards. "Get Glacier down please."

     He didn't wait to see if she followed his directions, but he stepped forward slowly. His hand was still on the hilt of his weapon, but he relaxed a bit and Shadowfoot's growls stopped. The wolf still stalked by his human's side, watching the guards for any threatening movements. Garret hoped they would recognize him at least as a scout if not by name. Well it was too late to do anything different now.

     Garret took the last few steps forward and stopped a ped in front of the guards. His grey eyes traveled over the guards in front of him and he raised his voice to called out, "Who's in charge here?"

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A young pocked marked guard stepped forward, in his hand a short sword.  His eyes were narrowed as he observed the scene before him.  This was his first time in charge of his own three man patrol.  Someone was causing a disturbance in the town square, and this was his chance to show that he could handle any situation.

The situation here was that some young couple had brought a bear into the town square.  Now the bear was getting out of control and threatening a merchant.  This could not be allowed to happen.  He signaled for one of the other two guards to circle to the left, the other to the right.  He would approach from the front.  He had never killed a bear before, and the thought made his palms sweat, even with the freezing air.

Suddenly the young man stepped forward and called for the man in charge.  The guard frowned.  "I'm in charge.  Get away from that animal!"  He waved to the merchant to get away, which the man did hurriedly, abandoning his livelihood for the sake of his life.

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     "I'm in charge. Get away from that animal!"

     Garret's gaze swung to the man who had spoken. The guard waved to the merchant to get away and out of the corner of his eye Garret could see the man leaving behind his booth. He turned his full attention back to the guard, hoping that Nyxthia had gotten the bear to sit or lay down or something that would show the animal intended no harm. Without bothering to check he strode toward the man in charge. He desperately hoped this man would trust him, and they wouldn't have much trouble. In less than a minute he stood in front of the guard, the wolf beside Garret watching the short sword in the man' hand.

     "That bear is tame." Garret said simply. "There ain't any problem, the merchant was obviously startled by it bein' there. We'd appreciate if weapons were returned to sheaths and can figure out what to do without weapons as it unnerves both animals," he said, making a small gesture to Shadowfoot who was still watching the sword.

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The young pock marked man shook his head.  He found the young man to be familiar, but did not know who he was.  The girl was a complete stranger.  He looked to the two other guards, who in turn were looking to him for guidance.  Unsure, but unable to show weakness, he held his sword aloft.  "We will not sheathe our swords.  The wolf I know as yours, but the bear.... the bear must be taken care of."  His voice was not quite so sure with the last bit.

The young man felt a hand clasp his shoulder and a voice whispered into his ear.  "You three young whelps are going to take down that bear?  With swords?"

The young man whirled about, anger displayed on his face, at whoever would dare disrupt his commands.  His face quickly lost all malice and he jumped to attention.  "Sargeant!"

Malowart surveyed the scene.  This young pup had nearly gotten himself killed as well as his other two companions.  Hadn't there been enough death today?  He had just left the Zaggin's home, after finally consoling the boys mother until she fell asleep, exhausted from the grief.  His own guilt had then drove him here, to the town square, where he often walked to clear his head.  He had been looking forward to it, as he knew the ice sculptures would not be here much longer.   Though this summer had been a cold one, it would eventually warm up enough that they could not be kept up.  He had heard the commotion and had come to investigate.

The older man looked over to Garret and nodded his greeting.  "Master Garret."  His expression was grim.  The situation was grim, and could easily get out of hand.  Just what in the names of the gods was a bear doing in the town square?  "If your companion wishes for that bear to live, then you both better get it caged.  I don't know what fool errand you are on, boy, but you should know better."  

If they did not hurry, there would be more soldiers here soon.  Malowart knew he would not be able to hold them all at bay.  And to tell the truth, he did not wish to.  A bear was not a pet, it was a danger.  One that would not be tolerated in this city for long.  Of that, he was sure.

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Nyxthia's fingers were still entwined in Glacier's fur as Garret spoke to the young guard. "S'kay, boy," she murmurred, trying to calm Glacier before he did anything rash. "Just don't move, don't growl, don't do anything until I say so. I promise that I won't let anything happen to you, you walking carpet," she said, stroking Glacier's fur gently.

Heavy boots crunched on the icy cobblestone as an old, weathered man placed a hand on the young guard's shoulder. He started whispering something in the boy's ear that was too soft for Nyxthia to hear at such a distance. At his speech, the pimple infested guard snapped to attention with a "Sargeant!". Oh, no. Not another one of them guards, Nyxthia groaned inwardly.

At his command, however, Nyxthia's body stiffened. Cage it? CAGE it? CAGE IT? Her blood started to boil, spurred on by her hatred for commands. Glacier, sensing the change in his mistress's stance, started to growl once more. Realising that her mood was affecting Glacier too, Nyxthia made an effort to control her fury. It was bad enough that they called him an "it", worse so when it wasn't delivered politely. She hated self pompous guards who thought that they could ask anything from people, "because I'm a guard, brat".

Although her whole exterior was serene and calm, inside, Nyxthia was seething. Letting go of Glacier, she stalked towards the Sergant and Garret. "Let me ask you, guard," Nyxthia's violet eyes flashed with anger, the only sign that she was mad. "Would you cage your best friend?"

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     "We will not sheathe our swords. The wolf I know as yours, but the bear . . . the bear must be taken care of," the guard said.

     Blasted hard headed man, Garret grumbled the belatedly he reprimanded himself. Arg, I should have know that people in a city would make a big deal out of it even though the bear is tame. Then Garret's attention turned to the man walking up behind the young guards and he was glad to the old man. Sargeant Mallowart walked up behind the young guard and whispered something into his ear. There might be some hope in solving this quickly now. After dealing with the young guard Mallowart turned him Garret.

     "Master Garret," he said in greeting, his expression grim as he surveyed the situation. Then he said, "If your companion wishes for that bear to live, then you both better get it caged.  I don't know what fool errand you are on, boy, but you should know better."

     "The bear's tame and wasn't harming anyone, sir," Garret replied evenly, all hopes of getting this solved easily quickly dissolved. Behind him he could hear the bear start to growl again and wondered what was going on, but didn't dare turn.

     "Why must a tame bear be caged when a tame wolf walks beside me? If yall would throw this bear into a cage because it isn't a normal companion why didn't yall throw Shadowfoot into a cage when I first arrived?" Garret asked evenly. Yes, Shadowfoot was a smaller creature than a bear but he was still a large animal. Even a bit bigger than most wolves he had seen. But they were both animals not commonly seen. So if one was tame, was it so unbelievable that the other was as well? 

     Then Nyxthia appeared next to them. "Let me ask you, guard, would you cage your best friend?" She asked.

     Garret turned toward her and saw anger in her violet eyes and wondered if her anger had been the reason Glacier had growled again. He turned back toward the Sargeant and waited for a reply, wondering how he would react. He silently hoped they could figure something else out. If Glacier ended up in a cage because of him he would feel horrible. Not just because the bear was Nyxthia's companion, though that was a big part, but he really hated seeing animals in cages. It wasn't where they were meant to be, not that they should be in cities either but that was their choice. He wasn't holding Shadowfoot hostage, and doubted anyone could really force this bear anywhere he didn't want to go. With a small sigh he just waited, everything in the hands of the guards right now.

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Sargeant Malowart

Malowart felt his anger rise.  He had always given Garret credit for having a good head on his shoulders, but this was a side of the young man that the sargeant hated to see.  And because of a girl?  A non Remusian?  Malowart then had to remind himself that Garret was no Remusian himself.  It was not a check in the boy's favour.  "Master Garret, there is a large difference between a wolf, which ain't much different than a large dog, and a bear.  You would know that if you were thinking properly."  He shot a heated glance at the girl, whom he blamed for this entire mess.

"And you, child!  Do not presume to speak to me thus.  If my choice was caging my pet or seeing it killed, I know which choice I would make.  But then, I would have more sense that to sashaye into your home city with a bear on my heels and walk through your town square.  So, either you listen to what I'm telling you, or there will be ten more guards here shortly, and you'll be wearing your best friend as a cloak!"  Though Malowart had much love and respect for his men, he was at heart, an oldstyle Ice Tribesman.  Women knew their place! Or should!  In the wastes, if a woman dared talk to a man as she dared to, she would find herself cut nearly in two before the words had fully left her lips.  But, of course, this child of the south would not know that, nor how lucky she was.

He looked one last time at Garret.  "Master Garret, I implore you to consider how far you have gone as a foreigner in this city. Are you really willing to put your career in jeopardy over this girl's bear?  Think carefully on this, son.  You know that the bear is getting caged or killed.  That is up to the girl to decide.  How the rest of your career goes is up to you."

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Post by: Garret Arroway on December 12, 2007, 03:28:48 PM
     "Master Garret, there is a large difference between a wolf, which ain't much different than a large dog, and a bear.  You would know that if you were thinking properly," Sargeant Malowart said.

     Garret bit his tongue and started at the man for a moment, unable to say anything more. All this was his fault dang it, he should have thought this through before telling her she could bring the bear. But if it would have been him leaving Shadowfoot he wouldn't have liked it either. He knew his argument held little weight, and the man was right about the bear being larger, but he hadn't been causing any problems. He clenched and unclenched his fists at his side, trying to keep down his anger at himself before allowing it to spill over onto someone else. When Malowart turned to speak to Nyxthia he could only listen.

     "And you, child!  Do not presume to speak to me thus.  If my choice was caging my pet or seeing it killed, I know which choice I would make.  But then, I would have more sense that to sashay into your home city with a bear on my heels and walk through your town square.  So, either you listen to what I'm telling you, or there will be ten more guards here shortly, and you'll be wearing your best friend as a cloak!" Malowart said heatedly.

     Then he turned to Garret once more. "Master Garret, I implore you to consider how far you have gone as a foreigner in this city. Are you really willing to put your career in jeopardy over this girl's bear?  Think carefully on this, son.  You know that the bear is getting caged or killed.  That is up to the girl to decide.  How the rest of your career goes is up to you."

     Garret's anger faded and he suddenly felt helpless. He looked down and way from everyone, his jaw clenched shut. The young scout couldn't even think about meeting anyone's gaze right now. Shadowfoot appeared in his sight, golden eyes looking up at him. He turned away from the animal, too ashamed to even look at him. All he could think about was the fact that he was responsible for the bear being caged or killed. The great silver wolf whimpered and once more tried to move into Garret's field of vision, but his human turned away once more. Garret heard the wolf whimper once more before sitting down and leaning against his leg to let him know he was there. He fearfully waited Nyxthia's reply and kept his grey eyes trained on the ground in front of him. There was nothing he could say that would help now anyways.

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Post by: Nyxthia Calfuray on December 12, 2007, 09:49:59 PM
The blood was rushing around in her ears, fury increasing with every word the guard spoke. Inside her cloak, her fists were balled so tightly, she could swear that a little stronger, and she would bleed.

At his threaten for Garret's career, though, she could hold it no longer. "Bastard," she said, looking at the guard straight in the eye, every syllable trembling with anger. "You threaten Garret with a demotion, even firing, when it's my bear you have a problem with. You... you... coward," Nyxthia spat the word out. "Leave Garret out of this. It's Glacier you want caged anyway."

Glacier, sensing his mistress's emotion, lumbered over and placed a paw on Nyxthia's shoulder. Understanding the gesture, she patted it, before telling the guard, "I refuse to cage him. He'll make a bigger fuss. I will only allow you to shackle him, he'll go easier that way. Enough for you, guard?"

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Sargeant Mallowart

The sargeant glared at the woman.  It took all his self control not to go after all, but he held his ground as he felt the eyes of everyone on him.  Did this woman not know when to shut up?  Was she that dense?  With a word, that bear would be dead.... and her as well.  Only Garret prevented him from doing it.  Only the fact that he knew this boy; knew his value to the city, his friendship with Denrykmar, his kind and soft spoken demeanor.  This loud girl with him was nothing but trouble for the lad, and Mallowart hoped that it was only a tryst with her that Garret was after.  Bed her once boy, and be done with her, he thought to himself.

He sighed.  But that was not Garret's way.  Denrykmar, yes, but not Garret.  And because of that, the grizzled sargeant looked at the girl.  "I do not wish him caged, or shackled.  But this is a city, civilized as it comes here in the north.  This is Araman's city.  We will not allow a bear to just roam about, miss.  If you put him away, somewhere safe, then we shall have no more need to cage it." He took a deep breath, and he spoke again, this time his voice echoed with a hardened edge.  "Make no mistake, girl.  You are NOT in the south anymore.  Were Master Garret not your companion, this day, and you had spoken to anyone other than I, you might just find your tongue cut from that pretty little mouth of yours, and sewn onto your nose, so that you may see what pain it caused you."  His eyes flared with the seriousness of his words.  He was Remusian, but he was Ice Tribe.

He then placed his hardened gaze onto the young scout.  What to say to Garret?  He could tell that his words had already found their mark on the lad.  He was a good man.  In a day, what then?  Would Garret still be alive?  So very young to die, but death happened in war.  Zaggin's was proof of that.  "Master Garret, you may wish to fully explain how it is here in Remusiat, and how that tongue of hers is going to get her into more trouble than she could have imagined.  I can trust you to do that?"  He paused for a sign from the young scout.  "Then I shall entrust you to see to it that she complies.  There is a storm coming, Master Garret, and I dare say that you do not need this kind of distraction just prior to it.  Take heed, boy."

Mallowart looked to the pock marked guard in charge.  "Let them go in peace.  But, if you see this bear in another public area, kill it.  Do not engage it, just call archers.  You understand?"

The guard, both disappointed and relieved at how the situation resolved itself, nodded his ascent.

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     Nyxthia raged at Malowart, anger clear in every word. Garret's head shot up at this, a grimace crossing his face with every word, the expression hidden mostly by the brown hair that had fallen into his face. He knew Malowart was a good man but still could only be pushed so far. He had been angry before but now? Garret brushed aside the strands of light brown hair as he tried to show none of his inner thoughts on his face. His grey eyes darkened a bit as he listened to Nyxthia continue.   

     Garret's gaze swung to Malowart, wondering how far she had pushed him. The young scout cursed himself once more, this time for not speaking up before. He had been so preoccupied with his own guilt that he had failed to see the possible danger of the situation. The man glared at her and Garret stood completely still waiting for his reply, knowing that speaking up now would do no good.

     "I do not wish him caged, or shackled.  But this is a city, civilized as it comes here in the north. This is Araman's city. We will not allow a bear to just roam about, miss. If you put him away, somewhere safe, then we shall have no more need to cage it." Malowart said. Then his tone changed, "Make no mistake, girl. You are NOT in the south anymore. Were Master Garret not your companion, this day, and you had spoken to anyone other than I, you might just find your tongue cut from that pretty little mouth of yours, and sewn onto your nose, so that you may see what pain it caused you."

Garret was about to turn away, to try and avoid anymore heated discussion but the sargeant's gaze turned on him and he froze. 

     "Master Garret, you may wish to fully explain how it is here in Remusiat, and how that tongue of hers is going to get her into more trouble than she could have imagined. I can trust you to do that?" Garret nodded in reply. Then Malowart continued, "Then I shall entrust you to see to it that she complies. There is a storm coming, Master Garret, and I dare say that you do not need this kind of distraction just prior to it. Take heed, boy."

     His eyes darkened even more as he nodded once again. Garret knew what would be at their gates tomorrow or even this very night. He paused for a moment when thinking about that. 'Their' gates, not the cities gates. He shook his head a bit and made a gesture in the direction of the inn. He barely heard Malowart's orders to the guards as he left, storing that bit of information for later. His mind was preoccupied with another thing. That one word played over in his head and he knew what it meant. Sometimes he felt so at home here, but then was reminded of his southern up bringing. But no matter where he had been born and raised he was here now. And he cared more for this city than his own home. It was strange to finally confirm that to himself, it was something that was clear but never voiced or given thought to. His mind turned back to the issue at hand then, though a small smile played at his lips.

      He turned his attention to the great wolf walking along at his side, still whimpering now and then, worried about his human. Garret grinned down at the animal, ruffling the fur atop his head. With that gesture the wolf brightened a bit, taking that as a sign that Garret was alright. Next the scout turned toward the woman beside him, and the great black bear. This mess was mostly his fault, if he would have only thought this through a bit more.

     "I'm sorry," Garret said quietly, to both woman and bear. It didn't seem quite enough but he didn't know what else to say.

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Part of her wanted to spit out exactly what she thought of this guard, and erasing that high and mighty look on his pompous face. The smart part of her, though, held her back. It would do her no good to taunt him, heck, her life might be in danger, not just Glacier's.

As the guard left, she let out a small, relieved sigh. She leaned back against Glacier, enjoying the warmth of his big body. Closing her eyes, she let herself relax, spent from all the emotion she had shown in the past few minutes. "I'm sorry." A timid voice said quietly, through the increasing background noise of the Square. Opening her eyes, she gazed into Garret's grey ones.

Forcing a smile out at him, she said, "It wasn't your fault. I don't blame you. Lets go back to the inn." Yes, it was a pity, for she would have liked to spend more time here with all the elegant ice sculptures, and Garret. The mood had already been spoilt by the untimely arrival of the guards, and she doubted that she would enjoy the rest of the tour. She started to head in the direction of the inn. The ice crunched beneath her booted feet as she walked on the cobbled street, Glacier lumbering along beside her. A few steps more, however, she stopped and turned to Garret. "Garret? What did he mean by 'a storm is coming'?"

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     "It wasn't your fault. I don't blame you. Let's go back to the inn." She said.

     They walked on in silence, heading back towards the inn. Her words did little to settle his worry. He walked along in silence, his thoughts flying. He shook his head and darkness appeared at the edge of his vision and turned his attention to something else. Shadowfoot was jumping around in the snow like a large puppy and Garret watched him with a grin. The wolf had so many sides and always seemed to help Garret keep his head. The great animal trotted over to him and nudged his cold hands with a damp nose. Garret grinned and scratched his head.

     "Garret? What did he mean by 'a storm is coming'?" Nyxthia stopped and asked.

     His grin disappeared and he almost stopped, but he kept moving, hoping that Nyxthia would keep up. He wasn't sure how much he could tell her. The orc army would be at their gates soon and the information couldn't be concealed much longer. Garret knew they were concealing it from them, but more keeping the city from breaking out in panic. By now the news would already be spreading like wild fire, but it wasn't his place to spread it any more.

     "Difficult times are ahead," Garret said with a sigh. "Not sure how much I can tell you but just know trouble is coming."

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Nyxthia stopped completely. Curiosity shone in her eyes as she contemplated his statement. A few seconds later, she decided it wan't enough. "What do you mean? It isn't as if we're gonna go to a war, right?" Nyxthia noticed that Garret was still walking away. Picking up her pace, she ran in front of him and rounded on him, placing two hands on his shoulders to stop his movement. "Garret? There isn't gonna be a war, right?"

She was jumping to conclusions, she told herself. There ain't gonna be a war. Then why was there something in Garret's grey eyes that gave her an ominous feeling? Standing there, palms on his broad shoulders, Nyxthia waited for his answer.

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     Garret kept walking, leaving her standing there. He knew she had stopped but couldn't bring himself to stop. He continued going, rubbing his forehead with a large hand before running it back through his brown hair. It was suddenly a bit colder and he shivered a bit, knowing he would defiantly need to grab a cloak later. It wasn't the weather though; it was the knowledge that an army of orcs would be right outside the gates soon. He let out a small sigh when Nyxthia spoke up again.

     "What do you mean? It isn't as if we're gonna go to a war, right?" She asked him. He kept walking and she caught up with him, placing herself in his way and planting both palms firmly on his shoulders. He stopped and watched her for a moment before she spoke again. "Garret? There isn't gonna be a war, right?"

     He sighed and looked down with her for a moment, his grey eyes darker than usual. Then he looked up over her head, watching the movement of people around him, thinking for a moment. Once again he was at a loss for words, unable to decide whether or not he could tell her anything. He doubted that she would let him off with telling her anything less than the truth. The word would be flying by now since people were probably running around preparing for the attack. He highly doubted that she would spread the word further if it wasn't already known, and didn't see any harm in telling her.

     With another sigh he looked back down at her. "Yes there is war coming," Garret said quietly. Those few words hard to speak, fear and worry plain in his voice, but the fear wasn't for him. He care more about his friend's lives than his own like always, and wondered how many good people he knew would not survive the coming storm.

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Nyxthia's hands faltered in shock. War! Violet eyes widened, pink lips parted in horror. "By who? When? How did you know this?" Nyxthia asked frantically. She knew a few peole who had gone to war, and they all gave the same advice. Never enter one. Their mangled faces and battle hardended gazes flicked throught her mind, reminding her of the pure fear she had seen in their eyes.

No, NO! She shouted at herself. She took a few deep breaths to calm herself down. War wasn't even here, and she was panicking. It was embarrassing. "I'm calm, I'm calm," she muttered to herself. Suddenly, a thought struck her. She looked at Garret, and asked softly, "Will you need to fight?"

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     "By who? When? How did you know this?" she asked anxiously.

     Her grip on his shoulder loosed a bit and she seemed to be fighting with something. Garret left her to her thoughts for a moment wondering how much he should tell her. After a moment debating he decided he would tell her so she would be informed and know what to expect. Being caught by surprise wouldn't be the best thing for anyone here. Before he could reply she began to speak again. He realized then that she appeared to be speaking to herself for a moment, and he remained quiet. She was taking deep breaths and attempting to calm herself. Something suddenly changed and she looked up at him, seemingly forgetting any other problems.

     "Will you need to fight?" Nyxthia asked softly.

     He sighed and looked down into her violet eyes. It was a simple question and he hadn't realized how strongly he felt about this. Of course he would need to fight and even if he didn’t need to he would. He wasn't going to allow orcs to over run this place if he could help it.

     "Orcs, but not entirely sure when." Garret said quietly, a hint of anger in his voice. Then in a softer tone he answered her second question, "And yes I will need to fight."

     It was as simple as that, those seven words voicing a truth that he knew in his heart but hadn’t voiced till now. He sighed again and waited for her reply, wondering what she would do. Obviously the thought of war had scared her, but now she had seemed to regain a somewhat calm composure. A slight whimper to his left could be heard, but he ignored the animal for a moment. Shadowfoot always seemed to know when he needed him, even when Garret didn't know it himself. But the wolf's human's attention remained on the woman standing in front of him.

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Nyxthia's grip on Garret's shoulders increased as she listened to his answer. Orcs! They were ferocious, ruthless, and really dangerous. Even grown men who had years of training had difficulty taking one down, and Garret was just a lad! He was young! He could die on that field!

Her first instinct was to tell him not to go, to stay. He could go back to Southern Sarvonia, couldn't he? She would welcome some company on her travels. They could leave today, even now. Even as she thought that, she knew that he would never agree. She had only known him for a short time, but she could tell that he would much rather die fighting than run away with his tail between his legs. It had something to do with loyalty. Blasted honour, she thought angrily.

The second train that alighted at the station of her thoughts was - morbidly - death. Although she had only known him for a while, she honestly enjoyed his company. He may have been mostly silent, but she could tell that he was a listener and a gentleman, unlike some bastards she had met recently. If he went out, if he died... Nyxthia shook her head furiously. She would NOT think dark thoughts now. No. 

The shake brought her back to reality, away from the office of her train station. Realising that her grip was way too hard, she relaxed visibly, and her hands fell down to her side. Giving him a pull, she resumed the walk back to the inn with Garret by her. Presently, she spoke, her breath turning into mist right before her eyes. "If you didn't need to fight, would you? You would, wouldn't you?" Nyxthia answered herself, her dialogue more with her instead of Garret. Her next sentence, though, was directed at him. "Why? Who do you fight for? Who do you protect? You can't save everyone in a war, there will be casualities. So why will you fight?"

It was still cold. She shivered, briefly wishing that she had a cloak while waiting for Garret's response.

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     Her grip on his shoulder tightened as he spoke. His mind drifted to the odds they faced which she also seemed to be struggling with some inner thoughts. A small group of orcs was a handful. An army with siege engines and large vicious wolf like beast was not a force to be taken lightly. Did they even stand a chance? His eyes narrowed and he shook his heads almost violently, trying to shake loose the thought.

     He looked down at Nyxthia again and she seemed to be coming out of her thoughts, questions once more on her lips. He wondered how much more he could say. She released her grip on his shoulders and they once more started toward the inn.

     "If you didn't need to fight, would you? You would, wouldn't you?" She asked then answered her own question. Talking mostly to herself than him. When she spoke again her questions were aimed at him. "Why? Who do you fight for? Who do you protect? You can't save everyone in a war, there will be casualties. So why will you fight?”

     “Of course I would fight even if didn’t need too. This is not just some foreign city that I happen to wander to. It’s more of a home to me than where I was born and raised. I’d fight to protect the people here even if I wasn’t assigned to the walls. And I know I can’t save everyone, but at least I can attempt to spare a few. Yeah, one man doesn’t make a difference, but I can try.” Garret said fiercely but softly, his tone lowered so others couldn’t hear. The anger in his voice directed at the orc army that was approaching.

     He sighed and his anger seemed to drain. Garret continued forward, once more walking silently, keeping his other thoughts to himself. He had come close to losing his friend today. Had they not spotted him out on the wastes it might have turned out diffrently. He had seen the beginning and he would stay to see the end of this, even if the end meant death.     

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Nyxthia flinched at the anger in his voice. She didn't know he'd feel so strongly about it. But then, after all, he had honour, didn't he? The walk was silent, their own thoughts occupying themselves.

They were nearing the inn now, the creaky sign was already in sight somewhere up ahead. Nyxthia chanced a look up into the blue sky. It had a few poofy clouds dotted here and there, but otherwise, it was clear. The wind, the usual companion of clouds and sky, gusted around her and Garret, a gentle breeze tousling her hair, carassing her cheeks. Back on her homeland, the wind was often present when many things happened, and this particular kind of wind brought her back to the birth of Dalmis. A small smile grew on her face as the memories of her childhood chased away the black mood she had fallen into.

So engrossed in her thoughts she was, that she didn't realise that she was staring at the tall tower that seemed to touch the sky. Her gaze then travelled to the walls. "Which way to the Tower?" she asked Garret, her mind now on a completely different subject.

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     Out of the corner of his eye he saw her flinch a bit after he spoke. He hoped she didn't think his anger had been directed at her. With a sigh he kept silent, unable to find the words. Her questions had now filled his mind with doubts. The strength that kept him on his feet right now fled, and his youthful face looked a bit older. The events of the last few hours were catching up to him. His limbs ached from the sprint from the gates. He was pretty sure bruises were beginning to form on his shoulders and back from his collision with the warg then the ice, and he could already see the purple beginnings of one on his upper right arm, the mark partially hidden by his sleeve. With another sigh he attempted to tug the fabric of his shirt over it and succeeded a bit, but couldn't completely hide it. Mustta hit a rock, he thought viciously, and silently cursed wargs, blasted good for nuffin, dark creatures that should be wiped out.   

     Then his mind turned back to his first problem. He wondered why people had to make things so complicated. In no way was he mad at her for her questions, he just wondered why people had to make him double think things he was so sure about. His mind raced, he knew he was going to do the right thing but what if he didn't make a difference and only hindered other fighters. He shook his head slightly and knew they would need everyone they could muster on the walls, but he wasn't even sure if they would put him there or have another assignment for him. The sight of the inn up ahead made him forget his doubts and he once more knew he would do all in his power to help. It was his job and it was what he would do even if it wasn't his job, blast it all, he had many friends and people he knew in this city, and he wasn't going to let orcs overrun it. He straightened up a bit and stood as tall as he could, but the tiredness and signs of the occasional twinge of pain remained on his face.

     His thoughts had kept him preoccupied and silent for a while and he wonder with as his silence if she thought him dim, then dismissed the thought as she raised her voice to speak again. He was sure she would bring up the war again and didn't know if he wanted to speak of it anymore, but Garret was surprised with the sudden change of subject. He was glad for that change, he wanted to enjoy the rest of the afternoon without thoughts of war, but he knew they would catch up with him.

     "Which way to the Tower?" Nyxthia asked.

     The question puzzled him since the tower could easily be seen above the rest of the city. He was very good with directions, but he knew how to get around. His lifted his right arm and pointed in the direction of the tower. "It is right over there," Garret said simply, "just head out in that direction and you'd run into it."

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(OOC: Garret, I saw no sense in saying that we walked off so I"m just posting straight here. Hope you don't mind.)

Nyxthia nodded and they both started walking in the direction of the Square. As the magnificent ice sculptures came into view, she smiled appreciatively. They were beautiful pieces of art, with amazingly intricate designs. It would have taken weeks, even months, to carve such small details from what was previously a chunk of ice. Nyxthia had never really had a knack for sculpting, but she could acknowledge the amount of sheer effort put into the pieces.

Her mind was cast back into the first time she saw the statues. It was barely an hour ago, but what with all the excitement, it seemed like a day or two. Remembering the conversation that was cut short by the arrival of the guards, Nyxthia turned to Garret and asked, "Where were you originally from? I remember us talking about our homeland, although I think you'll call me crazy and pathetic if I told you where I was from."

A small grin grew on her face as she was reminded of times when she was called insane. At first, she had been hurt and angry, but now, it just amused her to see people laugh their heads off. They didn't know any better, after all, who would if they worshipped the wrong Gods?

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     They walked backed toward the Square, nearly walking in the same tacks they had made on their way toward the inn. It felt strangely wasteful to walk the same path for the second time, but then he turned his attention on something else. Once more the puppy side of Shadowfoot was coming out; the wolf seemed to be looking for attention from somewhere. He was bouncing around in the snow around Garret's feet, causing the young scout to shorten his stride to avoid tripping over the animal. Garret watched the wolf for a while with before Nyxthia began speaking again.

     "Where were you originally from? I remember us talking about our homeland, although I think you'll call me crazy and pathetic if I told you where I was from," she said, picking up the conversation from earlier.

     "Milkengrad," Garret replied quietly, trying to leave little room for more questions about that. He had left that city on bad terms and didn't wish to think of it just now. Trying to lighten his tone he changed the direction of the conversation, "Everyone comes from somewhere even if it is far or different. Where are you from, if ya don't mind me askin'?"

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Nyxthia watched Garret's wolf prance in the snow like an excited puppy. It was adorable to see such a large animal act as if it were a pup, with his tongue lolling out and his bouncing. A slender hand was raised to hide her giggle. The way Shadowfoot tried to gain attention from his master was an interesting thing to observe.

She looked up as he answered her question. With the way he said "Milkengrad", she could tell that he didn't want to elaborate on his times there. A small sigh escaped from Nyxthia. She really wanted to hear what happened, what made Garret look so angry and sad, but at the same time, she didn't want to probe too much. At his response, though, she brightened up slightly. "Promise you won't laugh, okay?" Nyxthia looked away and at Shadowfoot. "I come from..." Suddenly, Nyxthia stopped. Did she want to tell him? After all, how many times had she told people and in turn, how many of them took no notice of her when she spoke? Most of them! She didn't want Garret to treat her the way others did.

As she lifted her violet eyes up to his stormy grey ones, she made a descion. She trusted that Garret liked her for who she was, not where she came from. "... from the Hjoria tribe," she finished softly. "Now, how has your stay here been?" she asked cheerfully, quickly changing the subject. As soon as the words left her lips, though, she winced inwardly. I sound like a tour guide! Wait, why do I care how I sound? Nyxthia shook her head, clearing her mind before turning to Garret, smiling encouragingly at him.

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     After he had told her were he was from and asked his question he went back to watching the wolf frolic around in the snow, apparently trying to trip him and get some attention. He knew that she would want to know more that he had let known, but it wasn't something he wanted to talk about. Another couple months and it would be three years aog that he left and he still didn't like talking about it, he didn't know if he would ever be comfortable talking about his past. He chanced a look over in her direction and her curiosity about where he was from seemed to disappear for a time.

     "Promise you won't laugh okay?" She said. Garret nodded at that, wondering why she would think he would laugh because of where she was from. She looked away then before replying. "I come from . . ." She paused suddenly and Garret wondered what was wrong, but his usual silence held and he let her take her time in finishing. She finally seemed to decide upon something after a moment and she spoke very softly, ". . . from the Hjoria tribe."

     Garret's mind traveled back to the many maps on the walls of his father's study, while his feet kept themselves upon the track. He tried to remember where he had heard that name before. To the dismay of his father, Garret had never had much interest in knowledge. His limited knowledge included on the thing that really related to his job. Now he tried to remember that map that had been his father's prized possession, one bought at a high price from an old man who claimed to have been everywhere. The image came back to him and he remembered that name, scribbled in the smooth flowing handwriting of the old man, on an island below Southern Sarvonia. She had been right earlier about having lived very far to the south. He was so caught up in his thoughts that he nearly missed her next question.

     "Now, how has your stay here been?"

     "Good," Garret replied, "this city's been more of a home to me than where I was born and raised." After he said that he silently cured himself for bringing up the past again.

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His past again. Nyxthia could tell that he honestly didn't want to say anything about it, but somehow or other, it always popped up. Chuckling a little, she thought about how many times it had happened to her. She could relate.

Garret, on the other hand, looked sad at bringing up his homeland again. After pondering for a few moments, Nyxthia decided to try to make him feel better. "I... ran away. From my home. My father hated me you see. Always wanted a boy, he did. While I grew up, he would always beat me or he would lock me in the closet. The only thing that made it bearable was Avitus. It's a pity, really. In all truths, Father was a loving man, responsible, caring. To everyone except me." Nyxthia closed her eyes as she remembered him. All of the memories with her father were nightmares, even now.

"Did your parents treat you the same way?" The question slipped out before she had even thought of it. She looked at him, aghast. A part of her didn't want him to think her pushy, but another pat of her wanted to know. The best thing now is to keep quiet, she thought.

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     She told him of her past and he listened, wondering how she could have survived that. Wondering how she got through life, until she ran, living with someone who hated her just because she wasn't a boy. He suddenly felt bad about thinking himself wronged by his father those years ago, but everyone had their own demons. Garret could tell that it was painful for her to talk about, from the way she stood to the tone of her voice. At the end she closed her eyes for a moment before her violet gaze once more turn on him.

     The next words out of her mouth had been ones he had been expecting, a question about his past. As soon as the question tumbled out she seemed to be shocked by what she had just asked, but he could see the curiosity shining in her eyes. He sighed and turned away slightly, his eyes falling on anything other than her. The question bounced around in his head, taunting him for a time, tormenting him for a moment. Within the space of a few heartbeats he decided. He wasn't going to tell her just because she had told him, no, it just felt right. It suddenly seemed like the right thing to do, to reveal his past to this woman beside him, no matter how painful it might be.

     As that decision was made another part of him made a choice of its own. Darkness crowded on the edge of his vision and he could do nothing to stop it. His grey eyes looked afar and near at the same time, swirling, darkening, and clouding. A storm of emotion swelled within. His body stiffened and he stood uneasily on his feet, swaying slightly. For less than a moment and more than a lifetime he saw both. His past and present mingled and swirled before his vision, making him dizzy and he wobbled a bit more. For a moment he seemed to stare through time itself. The image his eyes took in faded before him as the image of the long forsaken city of Milkengrad grew stronger, blackness still dancing at the edge of his vision.

     Before the past had complete control over his mind he felt a force of pain and rage smash into him. The dizziness grew stronger and he dully wondered when the world would stop spinning. Images danced around him, circling him like a whirlpool, drawing them all toward the center. Drawing all the past and present to him. When the world stopped spinning he found himself in one time. The impression of being in two places at once replaced with the dreadful familiarity of the room he stood in. His body acted on it's own, acted as it had in the past. Large hands reached behind him and pulled off the shirt that rubbed against the new tattoo. The pain and rage from moments before continued to batter at Garret's defenses. His mind fought against it, but he knew what would happen next. From the dark shadows his father emerged, thin leather belt in hand. Garret couldn't turn swift enough, and he felt the belt find purchase. He could feel the pain all over again, as if the skin on his back was once more splitting. But the pain wasn't coming from the lash.

     The darkness grew and around him swiftly and the world swirled in front of his vision as the present came into view once more. As the image faded he saw his father's face, aged and worn, filled with sorrow. Then he returned to reality. The flesh of his back felt hot enough to burn through his shirt even though snow littered the ground and cold winds swept through the city. He then realized the pain in his right hand. It had been the lash across his back all those years ago, it had been his closest friend, bringing him back now. Shadowfoot nipped at his hand once more and he was back in one time. Garret steadied himself, loving the feeling of both feet on solid ground, both feet back in the present.

     He let out a sigh and looked down at the wolf beside him. Shadowfoot looked up at his human, golden eyes filled with what appeared to be worry, but Garret clear grey gaze calmed the creature. The great silver wolf licked the small trickle of blood that slowly made his way down his right hand. Numb fingers found purchase in the animal's fur, and he scratched the side of the wolf's head as he reflected on what had just happened. It took less than half a blink for him to remember Nyxthia beside him and her question. He had only been in the past for a minute or two, but it seemed like it had been hours.

     His jaw moved up and down for a moment, as if tasting the words he knew he would say before allowing them to tumble from his mouth. Finally he began. "No," Garret said suddenly, his voice barely above a whisper. "My parents weren’t like that at all. They did everything they could to please me when I was little. My father even made a deal, that diminished his wealth, so I could learn to fight because it was what I wanted to do. But that was the problem, I wanted to fight and my father wanted me to take up the family trade and become a merchant." Garret said the last sentence bitterly. All the words awkwardly falling from numb lips. "I could never settle for a life as a merchant. At sixteen I got a tattoo, separating myself from him and declaring my intent. Freedom. He took it as the highest form of treachery. He was mad and we had a 'disagreement' and then I ran, never looking back."

     The word disagreement was heavily laden with pain, and the scars on his back seemed to burn once again. His left hand reached behind him, tracing the scars on his back through the fabric of his shirt for a moment before he pulled away, his grey eyes darkening once more. He suddenly wondered if he should have told her, doubting the wisdom in his decision. When have I ever been wise? Garret bitterly asked himself. He sighed and then his mind bounced back to the sorrow-filled face of his father that had appeared as the past faded.

     "We were both wronged that day," Garret said. His voice had been less than a whisper, less than the near silent whistle of a light breeze, less than a thought. He even wondered if he had actually said those words or if it was just him talking to himself in his head again. If those words had been spoken had anyone heard them?

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Nyxthia watched as Garret seemed to sway briefly on his feet, before his grey eyes clouded over. "Garret?" the cry was barely more than a whisper. "Garret!" As Garret's body trembled, Nyxthia started to panic. What was happening? Her fingers rose to clutch his clothing as she shook him, desperately trying to shock him awake from his catatonic state. Shadowfoot, smart wolf he was, leapt up and nipped his master's hand. As Garret's eyes slowly cleared, Nyxthia hurriedly let go of his shirt. He didn't seem to know what she did while he was unresponsive, and for that, she was grateful.

As he spoke of his past, much like she did, she could tell he had been cut deep by his parents. His father. Her father. Fathers sired them, that much was true. But why bring a life into the world if you wouldn't care for it? Be it because for their gender, or a personal choice, fathers should protect their children, not hurt them! Her own pain that stemmed from her own parent's prejudice, her sympathy and understanding at Garret's suffering both caused her eyes to well up in tears.

Their histories, in a way, was the same. They both ran away because of their fathers. But as she looked deeper, she found herself questioning, was it as like as she thought? Garret was punished for choosing his own path. She was punished for being born. It was vastly different... yet... one thing was the same. Both fathers were blind. One was blind to a child, the other was blind against everything but his own thinking. It was the same.

She didn't know when her tears overflowed. She didn't know when her hands found Garret's strong arms. She didn't know when she buried her face into his shoulder and let go. All she knew was that right now, she was weeping softly, shedding previously unshed tears for both of them.

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     Garret quickly realized that being back in the present wasn't much better than the past. His flesh on his back seemed to burn and he wondered if the scars had split open again. The memory of the pain was almost worse than the pain itself and he clenched his jaw as he waited. The absence of the warm trickling of blood down his back assured him that they hadn't spilt open and shook his head, wondering how the feeling and pain seemed so real still. The pain slowly dimmed to a horrible throbbing that started in his back and spread throughout his whole body. It wasn't much better than the pain, but at least it was something.

     He led his mind away from the pain, be it physical or emotional, past or present. To occupy his mind he took stock of everything around him. Nyxthia stood beside him, silent for now, thinking most likely. His grey gaze swept over her as he surveyed the conditions around him, people when about their business and shop owners continued to sell their wares. Next he looked down at Shadowfoot, the wolf sitting at his feet, licking the trickle of blood that once more slowly rolled down the side of his hand. The blood came from a small puncture in Garret's skin where the wolf's tooth had sunk it, the sudden pain that had brought him back. He looked at it, noticing that the blood flow had nearly stopped now, and small red welts from the creature's teeth were beginning to stand out on his tanned skin. Garret patted the wolf on the head once more before turning to look at Nyxthia once more.

     He caught the glistening of tears welling in her violet eyes as he turned back toward her. Worry crossed his face as he watched her, noting her unusual quietness. He left her be, knowing she would speak when she was ready. Moments later she was crying softly into his shoulder. He hesitated for a second before he slowly wrapped his arms gently around her and held her as she cried. Garret stood there, sturdy as a wall, his strength returning with each moment. The physical and mental strength that had been temporarily robbed from him by the attack of memories seeped back into him. No tears fell this day. All of the wet drops had rolled down his cheeks a couple years ago when he awoke from a nightmare in a small farm house, bandages still covering the open wounds on his back. He sighed as the memory came into his head and shook loose its grip on him.

     His attention turned back to Nyxthia. He held her a little tighter and stood straight. He wanted to say something, anything to help but anything sounded stupid in his head so he kept his silence. They had only just met, but now he had yet another reason to help protect this city. As if he needed another reason, but there it was. His grey eyes darkened a bit with the thoughts of war once more in his head and he sighed wondering how things would be when this was all over. He looked down at the top of her head and waited for her, knowing she would speak when she was ready.

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As the sorrow faded away, or at least reduced to a manageable level, Nyxthia loosened her hold on Garret, although she didn't let go completely. Her face was still buried in his shoulder, her fingers were still clutching the fabric of his clothing. She could feel his arms around her, a comforting barrier from whatever's out there. She liked that feeling. The feeling that someone was there, something she hadn't felt in a long while. Not since she left.

Pulling back, Nyxthia looked into Garret's eyes, her own violet orbs still slightly red with tears. Unlacing her fingers, soft hands travelled from his back to cup Garret's face. As she gazed into those oddly grey eyes, she felt something in her, stirring. Something that she had never felt before. Her heart started to pound, harder and fiercer with every passing second. She felt... odd. What was it? What was it that made her feel this way? Was it his gaze? His smile? His laughter? No, she realised as her lips met his.

It was everything.

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     He was content to hold her silently, allowing her time to think and deal with the pain on her own. Briefly he wondered if he should in someway share her pain, help her make it easier to handle, but it wasn't his way. Garret had dealt with his own pain for so long, working through it on his own so he didn't pass on a burden to others. He needed no help from anyone when dealing with pain, and he figured others would deal with their own how they saw fit. That one brief thought was swept from his mind as he remembered all he had taught himself. He was jerked from his thoughts as she loosed her grip on him and he almost removed his arms from around her, but stopped short, still holding her in his gentle embrace.

    After another moment she pulled back and looked up at him. Her violet eyes were rimmed with red and glistening trails of moisture dampened her cheeks. She looked beautiful, even with her eyes red from crying. He realized that he had yet to voice this thought in his head, and until now it was a fact, something that went without saying really. But upon allowing this thought into his head he became more aware. Garret grinned down at her, a broad smile forming on his youthful face. He hoped he could convey with that smile what he was feeling. It was then that he realized how close she was, and noticed her hands releasing the fabric of his shirt.

     The next thing he knew her lips were on his and he stood stunned for a moment before reacting. The great, sturdy mountain began to bend awkwardly, giving into the sweetness of the kiss. Time seemed to stop and he closed his eyes as the world spun around him. The only person that mattered right now was this beautiful woman in his arms. Realizations flocked to him now, things he had noticed but set aside with thoughts of what was coming. He clung to these things, little things she had done since they had set out from the tavern together. He clung to the kiss, wanting this moment in time to go on forever.

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Slowly, almost reluctantly, Nyxthia's lips parted from Garret's. His kiss had left her heart beating at a thousand strals per minute, leaving her breathless. Standing so close, she could feel the rhythmic beathing of his heart, faster than what it should have been. She still felt tingly all over her, as if her nerves were on overdrive. It felt good.

With that thought came realisation. Oh, crap! Quickly, she sprang away from his embrace, her thoughts whirling around in her head. Crap, that could have been counted as harassment! Her face began to burn, a red shade creeping to her face. "I... I'm sorry, Garret. I didn't mean to... I mean, I like you.. No wait, I don't... No, I do.. I just shouldn't have.." Her words came tumbling out over each other. Her blush grew darker as she tried to express herself, although she was failing miserably. Finally, she gave up, and just went for it directly. "I'm sorry, Garret," she spoke the words softly. "I didn't mean to do... that. I'll understand completely if you wish to leave now."   

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     After what seemed like a lifetime they slowly and reluctantly parted. Garret kept his arms wrapped around her, refusing to release her just yet. He held her close and could feel the rapid beating of her heart. His heart was beating so furiously that he thought at any moment it might leap from his chest. His mind skipped though a warm, happy confused state for the moment, but that soon shattered.
     She suddenly leapt from his embrace. His blissful grin fell from his face as he looked down at her. His expression changed to one of worry, his mouth set in a flat line for a moment as his mind hurriedly attempted to figure out what had happened. Nyxthia’s cheeks reddened before words began tumbling from her mouth.

     “I … I’m sorry, Garret. I didn’t mean to … I mean, I like you … no wait, I don’t … no, I do … I just shouldn’t have …”

     With each spoken word his heart quivered on the edge. Garret wondered what he had done wrong as the words came out. Each uttered syllable leaving him on the edge of uncertainty. Her cheeks changed to a deeper shade of red as she realized how jumbled her words were. In a moment Nyxthia composed herself.
     “I’m sorry, Garret,” she said softly. “I didn’t mean to do … that. I’ll understand completely if you wish to leave now.”

     “Do you want me to leave?” Garret asked softly.   

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Nyxthia blinked. Want him to leave? No! He was, so far, the best thing that happened to her in her stay here, and she didn't want to spoil that. But... was he asking permission for him to leave? Was he already scared by her? Nyxthia's lips pressed into a thin line, despair growing every second. Her mind was buzzing with thoughts, feelings, emotions. Many questions popped up as she contemplated their relationship.

She liked him, but did she love him? And even if she did, did he feel the same way? The feelings she felt for him, was it in the romantic sense, or was it just a prelude to a sisterly love? He was in the military, a soldier, a fighter. She? She was a traveller, a wanderer. Would they fit? Did they even have a chance with a future together? There was a war coming. He needed to fight. Would he die? If she gave in, if she loved him now, and he died, she would break. How long would it take to recover? Would she even pick herself up after that? All these thoughts flashed through her mind in less than half a minute. Too many questions, answers to none. Nyxthia shook herself mentally, returning her thoughts to the present. Garret was still standing there, looking worried, awaiting her response.

"I..." The words came out quietly, but strong. "I don't want you to leave, Garret. Never. But that's the point, see?" Tears again started to well up, her violet eyes clouding over with the translucent film. Her legs suddenly felt weak, and she sat down heavily on a nearby bench. That's the point, she thought to herself, chancing a glance into his grey eyes, before turning away completely.

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     “I …” Nyxthia said quietly. “I don’t want you to leave, Garret. Never. But that’s the point, see?”

     Tears started to form in her eyes once more. Something in the way she stood, spoke, and looked at him kept him from taking her in his arms once more. It seemed he was the cause of her sorrow this time and he wondered what he had done or what he hadn’t done. She moved over to a near by bench and sat down, meeting his gaze once before turning away completely. He sighed and cautiously moved out and sat on the bench as well, not too close, but not too far at the same time. He recalled and had to admit to himself that he didn’t see the point. His brain had decided to quit on him for a time and he couldn’t figure out what she was talking about.

     “I don’t see,” Garret admitted. She had turned away from him so he couldn’t see her expression. He hesitantly set a hand on her shoulder as he asked, “Nyxthia? What’s wrong?”

     It was a stupid question, but at this point he didn’t understand her. He was so confused right now. Why can’t I do anything right? Garret wondered as he waited for some sort of reply from her.

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A warm hand gently grasped her shoulder. As his deep voice asked what was wrong, Nyxthia could think of no answer. In her lap, her petite hands balled into fists. The thought of death once more knocked on her mind's doorstep. She had seen widows driven mad with sorrow and grief, some even going so far as attempting suicide. Would she become that if Garret died? No, never. She would never be so broken as them. Yes, it was better to be hurt now than be doomed later.

Suddenly, she felt ashamed. Embarassed at showing so much emotion when she usually wouldn't. She was a strong woman, not some unstable teenager! Uncurling one of her hands, she firmly wiped away the tears that were threatening to spill. Taking a deep breath, she composed herself enough to feel nearly normal again.

Nyxthia turned and stared at Garret with her startling violet eyes, silently apologising for what she was about to do. "Nothing's wrong, Garret," she said calmly. "The kiss was a mistake. Something that shouldn't have happened." Her whole exterior was cold, her tone as icy as her surroundings. She looked away, the only thing betraying her emotions was the trembling of her hands. Suddenly standing up, she pointed at the clothing booth a little ways ahead. "I think I shall be fine on my own, Garret. You may leave. Thank you very much for your company." 

Her whole mind was screaming at her to just stop, stop and go back into his arms once more. Where she would be safe. Warm. Loved. A sudden, intense ache blossomed in her heart, hurting with every beat. Wow, she thought. And I thought Father did the best in hurting me. Turns out you're your worst enemy, huh?

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     "Nothing's wrong, Garret," she said. "The kiss was a mistake. Something that shouldn't have happened." She had turned back to him and now she seemed to be doing everything in her power to push him away. Her tone icy and unbending and he knew something was wrong even if she wouldn’t tell him.  After a moment she stood, pointing in the directions of a nearby stall that had clothing. "I think I shall be fine on my own, Garret. You may leave. Thank you very much for your company."

     “If that’s what you wish,” Garret said quietly.

     He cursed himself when his voice cracked a bit and tried to cover it up with a small cough. The bench was sturdy beneath him and didn’t know if his legs could support him just now. Anything that was forming between them, be it friendship or something more, was ending before it began as she dismissed him. A strange pain rose up in him as she had turned her back on him. He turned away as well, looking down at the trampled snow between his feet. The helpless feeling that swallowed him aggravated him. He wanted to go talk to her and try and figure out what was wrong, but something keep him on that bench. He suspected his stubbornness to be the source.

     Before he could over come that stubbornness Shadowfoot padded up to him. The great wolf pushed Garret’s hair out of his face with his shout, trying to get his human’s attention. Garret had slouched forward, his elbows on his knees as he looked down at the snow. Grey eyes looked up at the intelligent golden eyes of his friend. One large hand lifted to scratch the side of the wolf’s head, glad for the wolf’s company.

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Her heart broke at the sound of his voice; with it cracking, he was obviously upset. She hated herself for doing this, for hurting the person she had come to be fond of. But it had to be done. Better to be hurt now, and get it over with, instead of growing closer and leaving ultimately devestated by the loss of each other. Steeling herself, she stalked off, fighting against the urge to turn back.

Her footsteps took her to the clothing booth. There, her eyes scanned the seller's wares like she did before. Noticing the black trim from eariler, Nyxthia's slender hands immediately moved to pick it up. Her fingers gently carassed the fur, wondering if it was made from a bear like the other one was. "Excuse me." Nyxthia adressed the shopowner politely. "Could you tell me what this is made of, and if it's not from bear's fur, how much for it?"

As she waited for the seller's reply, Nyxthia's gaze drifted back to Garret, who had slumped forwards and was being comforted by Shadowfoot. He looked dejected, and Nyxthia once again cursed the coming war, and her own unwillingness to be hurt. I'm sorry, I really am, but this is best, she thought to herself.

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     Garret sat there with Shadowfoot for a moment more before standing. For a moment he felt unsteady on his feet, but that passed swiftly and with a sigh he looked around. He spotted Nyxthia by the clothing stall and knew any window in which he might still talk to her was gone. Maybe it wasn’t too late, but he couldn’t work up the courage to go talk to her and ask her the question on his mind.  Apparently she had turned back toward him and he tried to catch her violet eyes. He guessed she had seen him and with a forced show of bravery he threw a weak, friendly smile in her direction. With that he turned and headed toward a different stall. He didn’t want to appear weak, youthful pride getting the best of him.

     He walked off in the opposite direction, heading toward a clothing stall where he usually got his cloaks. The strange pain followed him. With a small sigh he turned his thoughts toward his destination in an attempt to hide from the pain. Soon the stall came into view and he hurriedly selected a thick grey cloak. He pulled the coins from his pouch and deposited them in the owners hand before walking off. As he headed back toward the tavern he swept the cloak over his shoulders as he went. He walked by the same bench he had been sitting on a few minutes ago and knew the other clothing stall was just a little ways away. Garret avoided looking toward that other stall as he went.

     Garret debated about where he was going next. He could go to the wall and check the surroundings and have some time to think, but seeing the shadow of the army wasn’t high on his list of things to do today. He turned back toward the inn, passing the bench and falling into his footsteps from earlier, figuring he should get something to eat, and getting out of the cold sounded like a good idea. The bench was only a few feet behind him when Garret turned around. He looked around, figuring she couldn’t have gotten far. He spotted her and headed in her direction. Garret had decided that he couldn’t continue to not know what had happened.

     “Nyxthia, I’d like to talk to ya? If that’s alright?” Garret asked softly, almost pleading.

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Nyxthia quickly averted her eyes when Garret stood up. She didn't want to see him, nor the look on his face. She didn't know if she could stand it. Nyxthia let out a breath. As always, the warm air condensed to a light mist, before it disappeared as quickly as it came. It seemed that it was getting chillier, and she wanted a cloak. Her mind started to wander while she was waiting for the seller's reply.

Subconsciously, she shunned any thoughts about Garret or the upcoming war, preferring to marvel at a ice sculpture situated near the stall. The sculputre depicted a bird in mid flight, clouds carved out of ice at its feet. Unconsiously, her hand moved towards her tattoo, fingers gripping the fabric that covered that certain part of her skin. She remembered when she got her tattoo - after she left her homeland. She recalled the reason too; the pheonix was freedom, which she had after she fled her father. Garret's tattoo was also a symbol of freedom. Again, Nyxthia was struck by the similarities between her and him.

Out of the blue, Garret's familiar voice interruped her thoughts. Oh, yes. Think of the devil, Nyxthia thought, turning her head. "Garret. You want a word? I suppose I could spare a second for you; what is it?" Nyxthia looked at him, unsmiling.

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     "Garret. You want a word? I suppose I could spare a second for you; what is it?" Nyxthia told him, looking toward him.

     Better than nothing, Garret thought. His question spun around his head until all the words were lost and he had to take a moment to regain his trail of thought. Right now he was having second thoughts, maybe he should have continued onto the inn, but his traitorous feet and mind had led him here.

     “I don’t know what happened, but I’d like to. Why that cold dismissal suddenly? What did I do wrong?” He asked her, his head titled sideway slightly without knowing it. At that moment he looked much like Shadowfoot when the wolf pondered something.

     His mind raced. He thought about what had happened and couldn’t think of anything he had done to anger or offend her. Right now he wondered if he should have even brought this up again, but he needed to know. If she didn’t answer his questions he would wonder what when wrong. There were tons of possibilities that he hadn’t thought of yet, but would most likely plague him if given more time to think about it.

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Nyxthia let out a sigh. Nodding at the seller, she placed the cloak down, before she turned to the eagle statue, silent for a moment. She didn't know how to say what she had to say, not that she wantd to say it. Gently taking Garret's arm, she guided him to a bench near the scuplture. As they sat down, Nyxthia took a deep breath. Inhaling the crisp air helped her clear her muddled thoughts. Everything looked better when you was thinking properly. Her intelligent mind started putting her thoughts into words, and a few seconds later, she started to speak.

"I like you, Garret. I really, sincerely do. I don't know, I might even have fallen for you." Nyxthia flicked a stray strand of hair back. "But the point is, however much I like you, I'm scared too. Call me a coward, but I'm scared. The war... you might die." Now, Nyxthia's violet hued orbs held a hint of her emotions; worry shone sadly out of her large eyes.

"I... can't. I thought I was a strong person, but I'm not. Not where you're concerned. I can't... love you, and be shattered by your death. It'll break me, and it'll hurt. Better safe than sorry, right?" A mirthful laugh escaped from her pink lips. "Already walking away then had been harder than I could have imagined. I can't do the same thing again."

At the end of her little speech, Nyxthia fell silent. She wanted to add more, but the words wouldn't come out. As she waited for Garret's answer, the already cold air around her seemed to decrease in temperature. Her skin started to erput in goosebumps, protesting the sudden change from freezing to frozen. Nyxthia blew on her hands before rubbing her arms. Like I need another reason to want him, Nyxthia thought bitterly as she remembered their embrace.

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     Garret waited as she returned the cloak she had been looking at then took his arm and led him to a nearby bench. They sat and Garret looked at the statue for a few seconds while Nyxthia gathered her thoughts. It was a rather neat statue, carved from ice into the shape of a great eagle. His eyes traveled over each small detail as he waited. After a few seconds he turned back to her.

     "I like you, Garret. I really, sincerely do. I don't know, I might even have fallen for you." Nyxthia said. "But the point is, however much I like you, I'm scared too. Call me a coward, but I'm scared. The war ... you might die." 

     "I ... can't. I thought I was a strong person, but I'm not. Not where you're concerned. I can't ... love you, and be shattered by your death. It'll break me, and it'll hurt. Better safe than sorry, right? Already walking away then had been harder than I could have imagined. I can't do the same thing again."

     Garret sat silently when she finished, unsure what to say or think for the moment. Even thought his grey eyes now traveled over the ice sculpture he was acutely aware of her sitting beside her. When he caught movement out of the corner of his eye he slowly turned toward her. She was rubbing her arms for warmth. Without a second thought he pulled his new cloak from his shoulders and draped it over her, hoping the thick garment would warm her. He regretted that his approach had been ill timed and had pulled her away as she had been looking for a cloak of her own. Now though, the absence of his cloak helped a bit. For some reason he was incredibly warm now and the cool wind felt good.

     His mind turned back to her words and he silently cursed wars. It felt strange since he had been chasing battles for the last two years, but war too close to home was never good. Garret sighed, he would do what he could during this war, it was his job and more. He didn’t know what to tell her. He liked her a lot and didn’t want her to worry, but there was nothing he could do about this. In war men died, but if they didn’t try to defend the city they would all die anyway more than likely. It was a couple minutes before he finally answered.

     “I know this probably isn’t helpin’. But men die in war. I’ve been fightin’ for the last two years and managed to survive. I guess I didn’t really think it would affect anyone if I was killed. I kinda live by my own rules. My friends always come first and I’ll be protectin’ them in days to come. I don’t even know what my part will be in this war yet. But one thing I do know, in a short time I’ve really come to care about you. I don’t want to see orcs over run this city, my home, and even more so now that your within the walls.” Garret said, knowing he sounded like a love-sick youth, but couldn’t help but say what was on his mind. “I’ve just always lived worryin’ about today and letting tomorrow come when it came. For a fighter, if spend all your time and energy worryin’ about what will come in a day, a week, or maybe a year, your minds not on what you need to do that day.”

     He stopped then, letting that jumbled thread of thoughts go and hoping she would understand what he said. It would do little to comfort her more than likely, but he had to speak his mind. In reality he couldn’t offer her any comfort against the possibility of his death. Death was inevitable for all and some came sooner than others, he had learned to live with that. His own life as he saw it was disposable and he would put it on the line for a friend. He sighed and turned toward Nyxthia, awaiting her reply. The breeze that swept through the Square and blew strands of hair into his face and with one large hand he swept them aside, only for them to fall into his face once more. After that he just left the strands alone, not caring at the moment.

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Post by: Nyxthia Calfuray on December 27, 2007, 04:57:13 PM
The cloak swished in the air, and for a second, Nyxthia thought that he would walk away. To the contary, however, it landed on her shoulders, a much appricieated shield from the biting wind. Nyxthia, startled, glanced sharply at Garret. He seemed to be lost in thought, and she remained silent, giving his own time and space.

Soon, he started to speak his mind, talking about what his role was, how he felt. As she listened to him, she realised that he was right. Yes, she was still worried about the future. It was right to say that she knew that she would most likely fall into a deep depression if anything untoward was to happen to him. And it was a fact that she cared for him deeper that she cared for herself. But all that was nothing if she couldn't express it while she had the chance.

Suddenly slipping a arm into his, she placed her head gently on his shoulder. Her hand moved on their own, entwining their fingers together. "Better to have loved and lost than never loved at all," Nyxthia quoted softly. She would love, yes she would, and if she lost, so be it.

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Post by: Garret Arroway on December 27, 2007, 09:15:19 PM
     When Nyxthia slipped her arm into his, he was slightly startled, but soon recovered. He had lost himself in thoughts for a moment after he had finished speaking and the sudden contact pulled him from that. His heart leapt when she laid her head on his shoulder and entangled their fingers together. The strange pain, that her attempt to leave had started, swiftly dulled and vanished and was replaced by an odd fluttering.

     “Better to have loved and lost than never loved at all,” she quoted softly.

     Garret barely heard her words over the pounding of his heart. Without a second thought he leaned toward her a placed a small kiss atop her head. His lips gently brushed her soft, dark hair. All thoughts of war were swept from his mind and he followed his own advice. It would come tomorrow, or the next day and there it was no use worrying over it now. Sometime in the endless stream of tomorrows war always came, and when it came he would be ready, but he need not think about that today. He sighed happily and a small smile formed on his face as he softly rested his head atop hers for a time.   

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Post by: Nyxthia Calfuray on January 01, 2008, 03:24:46 PM
Nyxthia felt Garret's soft lips brush across her forehead. Her nerves tingled where he touched her skin. She closed her eyes and relished his presence, his warmth, here in the cold frozen land. She would have never thought that she could find anything here, let alone someone to hold, to love.

After a few minutes, she untangled herself from him. Standing up straight, she tugged his cloak closer to her body. Her hand fell to rest on his again, and she tugged on it lightly. "Thanks for the cloak, but I think I should get my own. I wouldn't want you to freeze," Nyxthia grinned.

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     After a short while she stood up, tugging the grey cloak closer around her. He looked up at her for less than a second before he reluctantly stood when she pulled on his hand lightly. His knees groaned in protest and  he wryly exclaimed in his head that he wasn't an old man yet. No, he was far from it, but his style of life was tough on his joints and the cold seemed to be able to penetrate anything. He stretched lazily, trying to relieve the stiffness in his arms and legs from his earlier encounter.

     "Thanks for the cloak, but I think I should get my own. I wouldn't want you to freeze," Nyxthia announced with a grin on her face.

     Garret faked a shiver and rubbed his arms vigorously with his hands for a moment before grinning back at her. In truth he wasn't that cold yet, but could feel the cold seeping into his joints and making the stiffness worse by the moment. The scarred flesh on his back was still warm even though the cool breeze cut right through the fabric. The remaining heat sent a real shiver down his spine

     "I shant freeze, though you'd probably want somethin' better than that grey rag," Garret replied with a shrug. "I find no reason to get anythin' fancy when my cloaks turn into strips of cloth rapidly." Then he gestured toward the clothing stall she had just departed earlier, "After you."

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Post by: Nyxthia Calfuray on January 05, 2008, 05:48:40 PM
Nyxthia grinned as Garret motioned towards the clothing booth she had stopped by just a few minutes ago. She was glad that he was a gentleman, and not some of the more vulgar Remusiants. Taking a step forwards, she could feel Garret falling into a walk beside her. As the wind rose once more, Nyxthia could feel her spirits lifting with the gusts. Garret was hers now, as she was his, and nothing could change that.

As they weaved through the throng of human bodies, they finally arrived at said clothing booth. Bending down, Nyxthia retrieved the same cloak she picked up just now. Her hand ran over the soft fabric, wondering if it was made from Glacier's kin. The thick material was soft to her fingers, reminicent of Glacier's raven coloured fur, albeit this was a pure white. Shrugging off Garret's cloak, she handed it to Garret, before slipping on the new cloak. Like before, she took a few test steps, walking up and down.

The material was thick, and the inside was made of satin, the cool fabric sliding over her arms in a wave like fashion, gently carassing her skin. The cloak was of a good quality, she could tell, but she would hate to wear something made of her best friend's fur. Fingering the piece of clothing once more, Nyxthia turned to the seller. "Excuse me sir, what is this made of?"

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Post by: Garret Arroway on January 06, 2008, 05:05:37 PM
     Garret walked along beside Nyxthia as she headed toward the clothing stall once more. Booted feet followed an unknown path through the stable activity of the square. His body wandered freely through the bodies while his mind floundered through a vast sea of emotions. In the time span of a few hours, if that, he had dove into uncharted waters, unsure of what he should be feeling. Any single emotion was lost to him as uncountable feelings swept through him. One thing he was sure of though was that confusion was present in great amounts.
     His mind was pulled back to his body slightly after the form beside him stopped in front of the stall. The closeness of the vendor's booth didn’t register until he was all but treading on the fabric. As he connected with the side of the stall he stopped abruptly, attempting to step back too swiftly and losing his balance. The possibility of falling on his rump almost became a reality, but his body was fully in his possession again and he succeeded in avoiding that. Before he could even completely recover, he found Nyxthia returning his clock, numb fingers taking hold of the warm cloth. Garret allowed a peaceful minute to elapse before he tried to act, his mind still reeling with the whirlpool of emotions within him.

      He stepped back a few steps, hoping the vendor hadn't noticed how close he had come to a collision with his stand. With practiced ease, he swept the cloak over his shoulders once more, snapping the fabric a little too sharply this time and the ends flared out just enough to slide along the side of Shadowfoot's neck. The wolf turned sharply, his gaze going directly to the grey fabric before traveling upward to find his human attached to the 'attacker'. With a mock growl and a puppy-like grin he leapt forward, fumbling in the snow as Garret danced a few steps beyond the wolf's reach, nearly backing into someone. He turned quickly and attempted to apologize, but found himself being pulled back, as Shadowfoot playfully attacked the end of the cloak. Garret grinned and turned on the wolf, leaping at him and wrapping large hands around the animal's muzzle. Numb fingers scrambled for some purchase, trying to pry open the wolf's jaws. It was no easy task and he gained a few new red welts and a newly bleeding knuckle for his troubles, but he succeeded.

      Once his cloak was freed, he sat down heavily in the snow, laughing while attempting to catch his breath. He turned to find the wolf in mid-pounce, propelling himself at his human, with a laughing expression on his canine face. They rolled in the snow for a short time, Garret losing his cloak, without realizing it, shortly after they had begun to tussle like pups. Shadowfoot eventually won out, leaning heavily on his forepaws, which were planted on his human's chest. The animals tongue lolling over white teeth for a moment or two, and Garret intensely watched a bead of drool forming on the tip of that tongue. In the next second the wolf swooped down and licked a small red welt that was forming on the left side of Garret's face, before allowing him to get up. He lifted himself from the snow, rubbing the slobber coated left side of his face on the thick fur of the large wolf next to him. They leaned against each other for a moment, the human of the pair not caring that he probably had more than a few silvery grey hairs now attached to the left side of his face.

     With a sigh he pushed away from the animal, gathering up his cloak that was balled up a palmspan or so away. His attention turned toward the task before them once more and he looked back toward the clothing stall, which was also within reach, wondering if Nyxthia has acquired a cloak yet or was still in the process of doing so. He guessed that they had only been goofing off for a few minutes at most, but he could be wrong. Still somewhat reluctant to stand, he sat next to the wolf, looking for a sign or word that they were moving on. The young man's mind was comfortable now, all questions and confusion pushed aside as he just enjoyed the companionship of his best friend. His body was another story. He hoped that they would be heading somewhere warm next since he had unknowingly, until now, obtained an uncomfortable amount of melting snow recently. His cloak was fairly dry so he wrapped it around his shoulders; the warmth it provided was greatly appreciated.

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Rengor was arranging some of the clothes in his shop for better display, when he caught a movement in the corner of his eye. A young woman, obviously dressed too lightly for the kind of weather they were having, was fingering a cloak. A few steps back was standing an equally young man, who Rengor thought he'd seen passing, though he couldn't quite put a name to the face.

He turned his full attention on the woman, in case she needed to be helped, so when she asked what the cloak was made of he was ready to reply. "This cloak, miss, is made of the finest Wison fur, worked on with care to achieve this fine, soft and very warm result. Eh... perhaps you would care to try it on for a moment?" Without waiting for a reply, he took it from its place and held it open for her to hang it around her shoulders. This was standard practice - people were usually more likely to buy something when they'd tried it on.

Unfortunately, there was nothing in which she could see herself. Or maybe fortunately - more chance of him talking her into buying it. Women were usually too critical of how they looked in a garment anyway. If needed, he could always enlist the help of the young man, who was obviously waiting for her. He chanced a glance at him, but it seemed he'd gone on a little ways, because from the doorway he could no longer be seen. A glance out the window, however, showed him playing with his dog. With a polite smile, he turned back to the lady, waiting for her to step into the cloak.

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Post by: Nyxthia Calfuray on January 17, 2008, 11:50:31 PM
Nyxthia's startling purple eyes lit up in glee as the shopkeeper stated clearly that the soft cloak in her hands was not made of Glacier's kin. This meant that she could buy and use the cloak without guilt! Nyxthia smiled politely at him as he held out the cloak for her to slip into.

Lithe arms pulled off her old cloak, placing it on a nearby chair. Taking a small step forwards, Nyxthia turned her body so that her back was facing the cloak, and lifting her arms, she slipped into the soft, welcoming fabric.

Taking a few test steps as she were, she stalked up and down the store, admiring the way the cloak swished in a wave-like manner behind her. It made her feel elegant. Lifting her head up high, she twirled around a little more, enjoying the light, yet warm cloth over her thin clothes.

After a few moments, she looked down, and mentally constructed an image of her now. She liked the cloak, but would it match purple? Her eyes scanned the small store, searching for any reflective surfaces, yet she could find none. A tad disappointed, after all, she would have liked to see herself in the garment.

It didn't matter anywho, everyone knew that white matched with anything. Grinning at the shopowner, Nyxthia walked over to where she had draped her old cloak. She picked up the limp piece of clothing, and ruffled through the pockets, fingers searching for her purse.

A small crease line appeared on her forehead as the search continued, yet with no sign of the missing item. After a few more mintues of frantic searching, her movements became more agitated. She couldn't have lost her purse! All her savings were in it! Her head turned slowly to the shopkeeper. His eyes held a hint of anger, the look her shot her was one of distaste.

"I'm sorry, I must have misplaced my purse," Nyxthia said, "but will you reserve me this piece of clothing?" Already, with a sinking heart, she could tell that he wasn't so forgiving, nor that easygoing. Shooting a glance outside, she could see Garret playing with Shadowfoot, both mutt and master enjoying frolicking in the snow. Her attention was back to the shopower, as she awaited his answer.

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Rengor - Shop Owner

Rengor gave a wan smile as the woman put on the fur coat. Yes, he was one step closer to the sell. Looking outside again, he noticed the young man was still romping about with his mutt, and gave a small sigh at the thought he would not have affirmation on the compliments he was about to dish out. Watching the woman, she paced up and down, watching the movements of the cloak about her. Honestly, Rengor only needed to know that a garment was Wison fur to know it was warm and comfortable.. but this young woman was not from around here.

He definitely knew this judging by the thin nature of her old cloak. He almost felt dirty examining it where the lady draped it a moment before. It hung limply, obviously ragged from years of travel or even poor craftsmanship. Scanning the shop for other customers, Regnor saw none in dire need of assistance and turned to watch the woman again. She approached him and he flashed her a smile. Charm didn't hurt in a selling position, anyway. She smiled as well, but as she picked up her old cloak a worried look passed over her face.

If it wasn't for her striking look in the new cloak, Rengor would have definitely said no. She asked for him to hold it. Hardly ever did he do as much for a strange customer. However, she did want the item without any more pushing, nor without examining herself in it, and her eye for quality made the man more inclined to do her the favor. Not to mention, her dark appearance against the radiant Wison fur was magnificent. Nodding curtly Rengor said, "That cloak fits you without question, miss. Because of this, I will hold it shortly, please make haste in returning."

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Post by: Nyxthia Calfuray on January 24, 2008, 12:41:17 PM
A grateful grin broke out across her youthful face. Nodding lightly at the shopkeeper, she made her way past the racks of clothing and acessories to the door. The little bell on the top tinkled gaily as she pushed open the glass door and stepped out into the snowy street. Struck by the chill, Nyxthia realised that in her haste, she had forgotten to bring her cloak with her!

Curses were muttered under her breath as she tottered to the place where Garret was messing around with his wolf. Her hands were clutched tightly to her arms, rubbing them frantically in hopes that the friction would warm her already cold skin. Strands of hair whipped around her face as she raised her voice enough to be heard over Garret's fooling around.

"Garret, I shall need to go back to the Inn. I think I lost my purse, and the shopkeeper has kindly agreed to hold the cloak for me, so I need to earn some coin. The Inn is a good place to start, considering the number of its patrons and warmth."

Attempting to lean against the windowpane, Nyxthia gave a yelp as she cringed from the cold glass, cursing her lack on common sense again. She could feel Garret's eyes on her, and she turned back to him, grinning sheepishly, as she waited for his response.

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The bard and the dancer sauntered easily through the wan light of the winter morning. Torscha's boots clicked against the hard slate of the paving stones; thin as the soles were, he could feel the cold stone, hard and comforting. The dancer had left off questioning him as they had walked, but her queries still rang in his mind.

He gave her a lazy grin. "To be perfectly honest, that Gundioc's appearance reminded me that real food actually existed, and I was hoping this plaza would have something in the way of a snack to offer. I ask nothing more of the day than maybe a hot meat pie, a chance to stretch my legs, and while away delightful hours getting more intimately acquainted with my new partner." The man winked, hoping that she would ease up on her other inquiries.

Her arch silence, however, spurred him on, and he finally sighed, and said, "I learnt my craft on the road, dear lady. Necessity was my only teacher, Hunger my only study-mate. At first I sang the songs my mother sang me, and told the stories of my people. It was enough, for a while, but the further I drifted from Ximax, the more people wanted to hear stories of their own people, their own heroes. And so I had to learn. I learned their stories, their songs, and became passably good at repeating them, and at whatever else it took to get by. Trapping, poaching, hunting, gambling - it's not a romantic life, as I'm sure you're aware. More evenings spent shivering under damp hedges than being féted at a lord's manor.

"As for home? This wide continent is my home, although I've yet to see most of it." His grin became sharper, as the thought rekindled his thirst. "I have a lifetime to see and learn what I can, to find beauty wherever it can be had and spread it where it can't. And I must tell you, that's nowhere near long enough."

They paused for a moment, for Torscha to wrangle a hot pastry from a vendor for half what he'd asked and twice what it was worth. He took an appreciative bite, before asking, a little shamefaced at his crumb-speckled visage, "And what about you, mysterious lady? Where are you from, and what nymph or goddess taught you your art?"

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Céyehne curiously eyed her surroundings and delighted in the fact that Remusiat had such a lively plaza. Perhaps at a time like this--with a storm of sorts brewing outside their fortifications--many were making haste to gather supplies to last through the turmoil. Regardless of their intentions, Céyehne saw at least a few happy Remusian faces bobbing around in the crowd. She even glimpsed a young boy romping with his mutt. Or was it a wolf? Unsure and uncaring, the dancer thought the scene endearing to say the least. Shop owners and salesman seemed to be taking the turmoil for all it was worth, however, and haggling for prices seemed to be quite a hassle indeed.

Listening to the storyteller beside her, Céyehne marveled at his fluid, easy speech. With his voice and ability to compell the woman thought she could listen to him for ages. Perhaps that was a large piece of his success in his area of trade. Although he made a nomadic life out to be quite dull and dreary, Céyehne perked at his experiences with it. Many she met had no understanding; they lived in a home with a stability she could not comprehend. Torscha's smiles and animated talk showed a love for traveling and gathering stories and information Céyehne herself had. Something she could relate to this man with. This feeling allowed the woman to be more open. Although she did not want to reveal the secret of her gift from Korenjah (as great as it was), she had no problem speaking of her people.

"Mysterious? I b' no more mysterious than yerself Torsch', dear. I b' Kasumarii, from t' islan' o' Guldor, ye been tha' far north? 'Tis a lan' like this one, snowy an' cold. I miss it a lit'le, bu' not enough t' abandon me travels. I b' fon' o' livin' in t' bushes, too, as ye say. I live t' meager life an' I enjoy it." The Darkpriest patted her purse, not too noticeably, and said, "When people like me dancin' I coul' live like t' King o' Remusia, though." Giving him a toothy grin, Céyehne's mouth watered a little at the pastry in his weathered hand. She thought of buying her own, but instead decided to wait until a suitable dinner could be had. She would need energy, a full meal's worth, if she were to dance as vigorously as earlier.

When she opened full lips to proclaim the cause of her talents at dance, Céyehne hesitated for a moment. Would this wanderer understand? Would he be afraid, would he avert himself from her, threaten her? The Kar-ii had a feeling deep down that he would not, but she still wished to keep it a secret. If anyone else heard, it would be the end of her stay in Remusiat. The best route would be to tell the truth, of course, but in a very vague way. "Yer talen' wit' music exceeds mine wit' dance, me frien'. Bu', I learn'd t' dance when I liv'd on Guldor, wit me family, meanin' almos' me entire tribe, cause ye migh' know us t' b' assassins, bu' we b' righ' fine en'ertainers at t' same time." The lithe frame of the woman seemed to puff with pride when she spoke about her people.

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"I would imagine that your entertainment might give a whole new meaning to the idea of a 'last dance'," Torscha mumbled around a mouthful of hot spiced meat and flaky pastry. Then was instantly contrite. "Oh, Ava! That was tasteless, forgive me. Yes, I've heard of your folk, but never till now spoken of with warmth. I guess that just goes to show that there's still things an old dog like me can learn." He offered her a lopsided smile, in contrition.

"I would however care to dispute your assertion that I'm somehow a better musician than you are a dancer! Although I suspect it will just degenerate into another round of excuses for us to flatter each other." The storyteller looked at her, shrewdly: she seemed to be sincere, having been impressed by his performance, but perhaps that spoke more for lack of exposure than anything else. "I assure you, my hand at music might be enough to win me copper from a tavern crowd, and maybe some silver at a fair or a mayor's table, but there are easily dozens of better singers out there. Some of them come from that jumped-up college down in Bardavros, which is all the accreditation they need." His lips twisted sourly. "I've thought about applying before, but figured that it'd just be a waste of time. I could probably learn more in that time by staying on the road. As you've said, vagrancy isn't always comfortable but it's rarely dull.

"After this, if you have the chance, you should definitely consider shifting the venue of your performances from dives like the Beard to something more up-market." A thought occurred to him. "It wasn't that long ago that I had a certain engagement with a wealthy young lady down in Helente, further to the south. It's not the warmest of cities, or the cosiest, but the people there are good, honest folk, and they've been through a lot recently. After Remusiat... well, after what happens here happens, would you come south with me? I think the Lady Ember would be greatly delighted to see you dance, and her recommendation will be worth a great deal in the course of your career." Another wry smile, coupled with a sidelong glance. "It's probably significant that she employed me for a quite different kind of diversion. There are things I'm told I'm better at than music."

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Céyehne listened as they strolled together, her hands hanging limply at her side within her nor'sidion robes. It was easy to get lost in the sights and sounds, but even easier to keep her focus on the storyteller. That, of course, must be why he captured audiences so well. She thought it odd he'd never heard something good about the Kasumarii. Her people were indeed thieves and assassins, but just like any race they were much more than that. Ginger lips opened to protest, but as he continued the Darkpriest let it go. It was so far engraved in history to really be able to change now. Changing one man's opinion wouldn't really help anything in the long run, anyway. Between bites he spoke of his lack of skills in music.

Shaking her head slightly, Céyehne wasn't sure how the man could say he was horrible at the trade. Quite the contrary, rather than his mishap with a string she thought him quite good. She had to admit, she had not danced to music before. Having a musician in the room playing any notes at all inspired her all the more. She'd danced with more grace and passion than she ever had. And, surprisingly, without a mistake. Although she was practiced, she sometimes slipped up. With the music keeping time and setting a rhythm it was much easier. "Ye may not b' t' bes', bu' I b' dancin' bet'er wit ye keepin' time Torsch'. I needn't a master t' b' dancin' t' it." Smiling at him, she observed over his shoulder a shop filled with large fur and animal hide coats. Looking down at her black robes, Céyehne thought for a moment about a warmer replacement. If not warmer, at least more comfortable. Quickly she shook the thought away--these robes were a defining piece of her ancestry and history! She could only wear them with pride.

Torscha mentioned going South with him. And a Lady Ember he knew who would be interested in her dancing, and other services Torscha would have to offer her. Céyehne wondered if she would be interested in a private party of sorts. Of course, she loved dancing for the sake of dancing and using her gift; money was a simple perk. "Would I fit in t' place wit this.. Lady? I never ha' a lon' time employmen', woul' it b' fer lon'?" A worried expression crossed her pale face. She really enjoyed traveling, it did not bother her a bit and uncouth taverns like the Beard did not put her off at all. If anything the wanderer would understand that. "I love t' travel as much as I love t' dance, m'dear Torsch'. O' course I woul' travel an' perform wit ye, o' course. Woul' b' me honor." She thought for a moment about the situation, if indeed Torscha would be called upon for certain... unusual it might be rather uncomfortable for the dancer. Xazure eyes darkened a little, but she supposed one night of dance and to be on her way again could not hurt.

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     Nyxthia had still been in the shop when he had looked up. He could see her through the window, dealing with the merchant. With a lazy yawn and silly grin he leaned back on his elbows, taking deep breaths and watching the frost clouds in the air for a time. He laughed out loud as Shadowfoot snapped at one of the clouds, clamping down on air before making one of his own. With a large hand Garret softly pushed the wolf, causing him to fall over into the snow. Shadowfoot jumped back up and grinned before leaping at his human once more.

     Garret found himself in the snow once more with a rather large wolf resting his forepaws on his chest. He grinned up at the wolf, attempting to shove him off his chest. Side-aching laughter was mixed with grunts of exertion as he attempted to push the grinning wolf off. He was slightly startled when Nyxthia's voice drifted over his laughter and Shadowfoot's short, deep yips.

     "Garret, I shall need to go back to the Inn. I think I lost my purse, and the shopkeeper has kindly agreed to hold the cloak for me, so I need to earn some coin. The Inn is a good place to start, considering the number of its patrons and warmth."

     "Oh … Of course," Garret replied. He tried to stand, but was stopped when he realized that he was still being penned down by Shadowfoot. "Oh, get off boy," he exclaimed.

     He shoved the wolf aside with a bit of effort before climbing to his feet, patting his thigh to signal for Shadowfoot to follow him. He snorted with contempt for the gesture and nipped at his human's hand playfully. Garret rolled his eyes and grinned down at his 'brother' before he motioned in the direction of the inn he asked, "Shall we head off?"

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"Sweet lady," he said, gravely, "you have my word on it, the honour is mine."

The man's attention was momentarily stolen away by a burst of sound and light, as the door to one of the buildings to the south of the square swung open, disgorging laughing, ruddy-cheeked individuals. With them wafted the smell of roast meats and mulled ale. Another inn, then. Torscha noted the cut of the clothes of the people leaving: the material was fine linen, lined with suede and felt and fur in the manner he'd become accustomed to seeing in Remusiat, to stave off the winter cold. Burghers, and relatively wealthy ones.

He arched an eyebrow at the dancer to draw her attention, and nodded towards the group that had just left the inn. "it seems we've found Maryn's competition," he said wryly. "Little wonder the Boar is such a dump, then, if it has to compete with a place like this for business. I would have been much less surprised to find a woman of your talents performing in a place like that, dear Ceyehne: coin aplenty from approving men with refined tastes, not the leavings of sailors and worse." He shook his head. "It seems that, whatever our respective reasons for travelling, we're alike enough in that we don't seem to place salubrious conditions before excitement, which I suppose the Boar seldom has a shortage of."

Striding up to a bench which provided a fine view of the square and its elegant ice sculptures, Torscha stooped to sweep it clear of frost with his gloved hand, before removing his cloak and laying it across the cold stone, sitting and gesturing for his companion to join him. "What do you think then of the circumstances we've found ourselves in? With the young man and his recent tragedy, and his... colourful brothers? I caught a little of your conversation with him back in the Boar, but never got to ask you what you think about him, or his brothers." He grinned again, teeth flashing white against cheeks suddenly reddened, and not by frost or wind. "Or me."

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Céyehne looked in the direction Torscha indicated. Yes, so it seemed from the warm glow exiting the Inn with it’s jovial patrons that the Beard was more of a dive than the Kar-ii had first judged. Far from Torscha’s first thoughts, Céyehne almost preferred the Beard because of its lack of patrons in comparison. Sometimes it was a little more difficult to slip away unnoticed in an Inn full of wealthier people who believed themselves more important than they really were. In the same regard those who visited shabby taverns were sometimes much too vigorous in their needs than those dressed to the nines. Wiping dark memories from her thoughts, Céyehne smiled as the storyteller motioned for her to sit.

Lightly she perched on the bench beside the man, who asked of her opinions. It was slightly odd having a conversation like this one with him. He seemed to care about her as a person, not just a body or an act. It was strange, for many of her conversations were usually warnings, or filled with caution and fear. Her muscles relaxed as she leaned on the bench. This wintry land, thick walls or no, was proving to be enjoyable after all. The dancer laughed lightly at the man’s last inquiry, watching his cheeks darken a little more. ”Sir Ruil b’ a mighty fin' boy, methin’s. He b’ showin’ valor enough fer one so youn’..” She thought again on the poor lad’s misfortune this very night and her blue eyes saddened.

Remembering the approach of the two other men, his brothers, Céyehne wondered how the three could be related. The other two were hardened by some unseen force, something the newly knighted Ruil had not come into contact with. Or perhaps he was too young to remember. Thinking about the larger brothers’ eyes on her, the woman shuddered a little and looked at her partner again. ”T’ brothers… I fin’ ‘em interestin’… a bit frightenin’ t’ b’ honest. T’ gian’ one b’ eyein’ me a bit t’ much fer me likin’.” She patted her hip, concealed beneath the thin layer of clothing lay her armoured fan, with a wry grin, ”Bu’ I always been prepar’d. An’ I’ve enough experience in t’ way o’ protectin’ meself t’ know wha’ t’ do. T’ one.. Mathis? He b’ a sore fellow. I can’ tell wha’ t’ think o’ ‘im.”

Her voice trailed for a moment, thinking of those so offputting she couldn’t help but be interested and genuinely care for them. She wanted to understand the poor man on the horse, but he obviously wasn’t one to divulge any information he didn’t want known. Or at least didn’t deem necessary for their interaction. Ceyéhne thought it could be her own fault for delving too deep in the first place. ”If anythin’ , them three gotta hav’ a story or two t’ tell ye, dear Torsch’. An’ I b’ more than willin’ t’ listen. I b’ interest’d in them. D’ya know, I don’ think Ruil knew t’ two was ‘is brothers? I fin’ that in itself hard t’ believe an’ more interestin’ than makin’ more money at tha’ other tavern.”

Smiling brightly at the man’s last question, of her own thoughts on he himself, Céyehne reached out to grasp his gloved hand and give it a squeeze. ”T’ gods bless’d me t’ fin’ ye in Remusia’, Torsch’. No bet’er a man coul’ I fin’ in this place, an’ no bet’er a partner. Ye b’ a fin’ lad, an’ in truth, Ye make me feel much too old t’ b’ hangin’ ‘bout t’ likes o’ ye.” Giving him a small wink, Céyehne nervously reached a slender arm to pat down snowy locks of hair. The breeze has mussed them and they ruffled about her pale face as her hood once again feel from her head. Staring about the plaza; gazing down the road once more, the dancer asked, ”An’ wha’ b’ ye thinkin’ o’ these things? T’ b’ sure ye have many opin’ons ‘bout it all.”

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The grace with which the dancer reached up to pat her wind-blown locks back into place was heart-stopping; Torscha gave himself a long moment to gaze out across the ice-rimed plaza before answering.

"Remusiat is a very different city from what I was expecting. You'd think the constant sight of supply wagons and raiding parties moving in and out of those gates would dishearten everyone, but from what we've seen down at the docks, it doesn't seem anyone is in a hurry to be leaving. The people might be afraid but they aren't letting it show. There's something to be said for that; not many places inspire that kind of devotion on such a scale. Gods-blasted icy wasteland it might be, but somehow it's home for them, and they're willing to fight for it. That... will be interesting. And beautiful. And probably tragic." He smiled sadly at her. "I came here for stories, not to be a hero. I'm not looking forward to the time when I have to decide to leave.

"I don't know whether that's a decision young Ruil will make. He's young, and he's still a strong believer in duty and honour; his master died defending this place, and he might feel compelled to do the same. His brothers... I don't know. From what the impolite one said, he might be a mercenary – I suppose I can expect good judgement when it comes to self-preservation from that sort. They think of little else if not their own skin."

The man gave her a sidelong look; in the clear, cold light of winter, her profile was exquisite, poetry captured in oblique lines and angles. I don't blame the fat man, really.

"As for age, well, it's impolite to ask, and I shan't, but until you mentioned that, I could have sworn that I should have been the one feeling awkward at being too old for you." The petite woman's features had a kind of peculiar agelessness, an almost elfin look, a fey slant that made him remember another small-boned woman, somewhere else. The recollection made him shake his head. That's an unfair comparison, to both of them. They have nothing else in common except you; and that's a pretty unremarkable thing. "You are far too kind in you words, Céyehne. I don't know how long you intend to stay in this city, but I've no desire to be spitted on an orc spear or led away in chains. I hope you'll come with me when I go, but I can't guarantee that I'll stay if you choose to.

"I'm not a hero. I just tell their stories."

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Azhira wandered the streets for a time, looking around and taking in the sights. She began following a hurried group of women chatting excitedly. The group wound their way through the streets before coming upon an open area abuzz with people and merchant stalls.

Azhira paused and cast about looking for a possible vendor who sold food. She was famished and had a scant few coins left. She stepped to the right and followed a patch behind a pair of squabbling children arguing over a piece of candy.

She followed the scent of cooking meat until she came upon a squat vendor selling pieces of dark, oily meat on a stick. The vendor smiled and offered a free sample. Azhira gladly took one from his thick fingers and absently chewed on it. The meat was spicy and greasy but to Azhira's growling stomach it was the best thing she ever tasted.

A cool breeze blew over her threatening to blow back her cowl. She smiled and enjoyed the breeze. No matter how cold, Azhira felt at ease when the wind blew. She felt more in control. She could feel the wind blowing every which way and even helped it along. As a particularly stiff breeze blew a young child's hat off, the youngster broke into a run chasing it down. Azhira focused and a moved her arm in a slow motion towards her lap. The hat stopped moving as the breeze paused momentarily while the child caught it and ran off gleefully.

Azhira smiled and took another bite. A couple nearby could be heard speaking. The man spoke something about people leaving and how he was not a hero but a story teller. She was trying to convince the woman to come with him south. Something about orcs and spears and being led away in chains?

Azhira stared and tried to listen some more but a passing group of chatty men drowned out the rest of the conversation between the couple. Azhira thought of asking the man what he meant but decided to wait and see where they went.

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”Remusia’ b’ diff’rent t’ me in another way. I always knew t’ men o’ t’ north t’ b’ hard an’ as ye say, devot’d. I b’ in awe o’ t’ permanence o’ t’ home they hav’ ‘ere. Me tribe b’ nomadic… an’ these walls fright’n me.” The woman peered around her at the square, at the looming gate and the huge walls. Indeed they pressed upon her far more than she would have expected, being in so many other cities during her lifetime. ”I thin’ t’ men b’ doin’ wha’ they have t’. They b’ fightin’ if they b’ Remusian ‘er not. ‘Cause it b’ duty and honor they b’ speakin’ o’ like ye b’ now. I fin’ meself no reason t’ leave as ye do, Torsch’. I fin’ meself need’d ‘ere more than anywhere else righ’ now. ‘Cause they b’ fightin’ an’ I b’ tryin’ t’ cheer as bes’ I can, ye see?”

Céyehne didn’t know if the storyteller would see. As smooth and charming as she was she could imagine he got fairly scared in these situations. In the same way, Céyehne didn’t think too much about the situation other than what she could do to help. She wanted to use Korenjah’s gift to her to brighten the lives of other people. This torn city seemed to be perfect for her in that respect. At Torscha’s last remarks the dancer’s face turned grave. He was indeed frightened and he would get out at any cost. Would he be able to? Céyehne doubted even travel from the harbor would be safe during any sort of attack, let alone would any officers let the boy disengage from battle. These hardened warriors would not see another perfectly capable man flee.

Blue eyes narrowed in thought, Céyehne suddenly blushed deep karikrimson. She jerked her small hand back from Torscha’s own much too quickly to go unnoticed. Looking at him apologetically, the woman tried to lighten the mood a bit. ”Ye? Old? Hmph. I b’ less than worry’d ‘bout disclosin’ me age. I b’ goin’ on me thirty’th summer… ye can’t say ye b’ too old fer this ol’ hag.” Chuckling lightly, the Kar-ii still couldn’t help but notice the shadow forming over the already dreary wastes. The harsh light Torscha put on things fell upon her heart as a heavy burden. Surely he would not leave? She looked at him closely as her hands fidgeted in her lap. Ginger lips parted as if to say something, but her jaw snapped shut again.

It was hard to concentrate on anything else, and although he was daunting, the giant at the Beard was certainly the least of her worries. Céyehne managed to close out the plaza around her, the loudly playing children and groups of speaking adults. Nervously, almost without noticing, her will began to gather and she was dimly aware of the shadows around her. Subconsciously she gathered them protectively around her feet, the minute movements in her fingers and hands becoming a sort of rhythm they moved to. All this time she stared deeply at Torscha without realizing she was doing so. Perhaps he wasn’t the only one who was scared.

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The man had heard a few doozies in his time, but the one he'd just been told ranked quite near the top of the list. Thirty? Once again, he glanced at her, making sure he did so out of the corner of one eye. Nope, the knowledge did nothing to soften the instant ache that her beauty shot through him, nothing to ease the sudden constriction of his chest. She did not seem to be lying: a consummate liar himself, Torscha was fairly used to spotting the small telltale signs of deception, and none of them were visible, and anyway, she had no real reason for lying to him – the truth, if truth it was, didn't seem to be one she particularly shied away from.

I suppose I might have known it from her encounter earlier with that unpleasant character. She hardly carries herself like a girl, and the way she so off-handedly describes having lived a life on the road – that's hardly the attitude a girl would take. And the way she moves... that assurance speaks of maturity, even if she usually comports herself as someone much younger.

Back home, a woman her age would be married, and probably with a slew of bairns about her knee, tugging her skirts and calling her Ma.
Torscha allowed himself to imagine, for a moment, the image of Céyehne, shucked of her dancer's attire, in the simple homespun of a cottager's wife, kerchief round her fine hair, gracefully weaving her way through a kitchen inhabited by a pair of young children. The thought brought a smile to his lips, but it was not entirely one of mirth: the thought awoke in him a peculiar, unfelt-before sensation, and for a moment – just one, and no longer – he found himself contemplating the comforts of hearth and home and helpmeet.

Well, if at her supposed age she's still traipsing around dancing in front of strangers, I'm certainly too young to be thinking of settling down, he told himself. To tell the truth, he'd been confronted with the decision before, sometimes by young widows, at other times by tearful girls, and far too often at the end of a pitchfork wielded by an angry father, but had never been tempted.

The revelation might have been expected to settle his feelings, ambiguous as they were, regarding his newfound partner: they had the actual effect of further muddying them. Her self-deprecating tale of herself as another wanderer far from home was one that became more intriguing with the possibility of greater maturity. The things she must have seen and done! It might have been easy before to take her eagerness to please, her enthusiasm, and her forthcoming treatment of others as merely the complacency of a younger woman: with the possibility of maturity, what other nuances those things suggested!

Does she know, he wondered, what sort of effect she has on men? She must, if she's been around as long as all that. She did mention that other man, the one with the confection fetish. Now that I think about it, there was definitely something disturbing about the way he was looking at her. And not only him; there was the other one at the bar, the muscular swordsman. She must have gotten used to that sort of thing by now; men must throw themselves at her feet everywhere she goes. She must be no stranger to propositions. Accustomed, even. Impervious. Unassailable.

And, he had to admit to himself, he'd always been partial to a challenge.

Despite his flippancy, he knew that something had darkened between them when he'd mentioned the necessity of fleeing Remusiat. But what else is there? I've been at sieges before – I know full well that in the beginning it's all well and good, young men, stout of heart and limb; by the time the walls come down, they'll have been manned by youngsters too small to swing a sword and men too old to steady a spear. I'll not skulk in corners and wait for the sergeants of the watch to come press me into service. If I'd wanted the life of a soldier, I'd have stayed on the plains.

In an attempt at alleviating her sudden unease, he smiled and took the hand she had so hastily withdrawn. "You've convinced me; there is no way I could be too old for you. That hardly eases my mind, though! Now you've given me something new to worry about, and I find myself praying that you do not find me too young!" Before she had the opportunity to, he put his arm about her, their breaths raising one cloud of steam in the cool air. "I fear hearing that from you far more than I fear the worst those orcs can come up with."

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Blushing deeper than she had in a long while, the Darkpriest stared at Torscha’s gloved hand over her own. She knew the man polite, obviously better with words than any buffoon she’d met in seedy taverns throughout the years, but this was something she hadn’t experienced. He seemed genuine, although the woman knew he could surely weave a convincing lie for his own personal gain. Her thoughts strayed for a few minutes to her early days of travel. The scared, timid woman she was, with no backbone and no way to stand up for herself found her pale skin a deep karikrimson almost every night for months on end. The hoots and hollers of drunken men, groping hands reaching after her; hungry eyes taking her in. The first few months of travel were the most horrifying for her.

The turn her travels took when she encountered and used her gift against that one man, that strengthened her, if just a little bit. The knowledge that she could stand up for herself with enough provocation made her feel rather good about herself. Although it took quite a while before she was willing to do so. And even now her travels were rather lonely. Keeping to herself seemed to be the best way to avoid all the attention. Collecting her payment, enjoying her dance and enthusiastic applause, then retreating behind locked door suited her just fine on rowdy nights. Otherwise, she had no real companion in it all. It was quite a change and quite a sacrifice after leaving her tribe, which traveled as a family unit.

However, the blush faded and the dancer was able to stand tall and forget the reason for their bellowing as she moved about to her own rhythm. Because of this Céyehne sometimes counted looks like the one the giant gave her, and the action Torscha took now, a sort of blessing to remember she was a unique person. She was more than a dancer, although that was all she ever wanted to be. In the same way, the woman did not move from Torscha’s hold. Although she wasn’t cold to begin with, his touch warmed her down to her soft-shoed toes. It was a peculiar feeling, one she did not ever expect from a man met in a bar. His words even less so since she was so skeptical of them. He seemed nice enough, and she trusted him and his use of a sword to protect her… but this? It was a fine like to walk with Céyehne. ”Too youn’? Ye mus’ hav’ surpass’d yer tweny’th summer, hm?”

Trying to imagine what else she could say, the Darkpriest suddenly realized she had released the shadows beneath her. When Torscha stayed her fidgeting hands they had fleed once more into their proper resting place. Gazing about in a kind of daze, the woman felt her heart flutter for a moment. Of course he didn’t want her to know his age or he would have said so already. ”No mat’er yer age, dear… whatever it b’ I won’ b’ sayin’ anythin’ t’ disheart’n ye. I wouldn’ dream o’ it.” Giving him a smile, she moved her free hand to light brush his cheek. It was a simple action of endearment, but in this case it might have been taken for much more. Her face nailsbreadths from his own, Céyehne honestly did not want to move.  She had no desire. She was content.

Instead, she said quietly, ”Ye may hav’ another woman int’rest’d in ye already, though.” And she used her free hand to point naturally in the woman’s direction. She had a hood on, but Céyehne did not see any hair beneath it. She was odd, and some weird surge of… jealousy? Bubbled inside the Kar-ii as she watched the woman glance this way more than once. Giving a soft sigh and watching her breath rise with Torscha’s once more, the woman waited for her companion to make the first move.

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Still tingling from her touch, Torscha followed her pointing finger, noticing the woman who looked their way. She wasn't the only one cloaked and hooded against the cold; true, she was in the square with no apparent purpose, besides watching other people, but then again, neither did they. He shrugged. "If she's interested in anything, it's probably coin I haven't got," he said dismissively. The gleam of skin beneath the hood drew his eyes, though: it took him a moment to realise why. She either had an extremely high hairline, or was for some reason bald.

That's unusual. Her hair is a woman's glory. Why would she have shaven it off? I suppose there might have been a ritual or symbolic reason. Or hygiene, really: lice get into everything, even up here, in the cold.

Still, it's something to remember.

Turning his attention away from the woman Céyehne had pointed out, so as not to seem distracted – although to be honest he was, but by the curve of flank and hip that pressed against him, and not some passer-by – he answered, "As for my own age, I'd be hard put to give you an accurate answer. Not due to any evasiveness on my part, but Centoraurians are bad at sums as a rule, except where it applies to horses, and I honestly don't keep track." He appeared thoughtful for a moment. "But I'm quite sure I'm well past that point, so you don't have to worry about being accused of cradle-snatching any time soon."

She had not pulled away. Despite having shucked his cloak to cover the bench they sat on, he felt a warmth stir within him that had nothing to do with the climate. He glanced down for a moment; the well-worn hilt and guard of his rapier gleamed in the cold winter light.

Make her no promises, his instincts urged.

Perhaps not yet. But I'll make one to myself. For as long as this Ava-blessed partnership lasts, I'm going to keep her safe. Even if it does mean a little risk. Torscha stifled a smirk. After all, faint heart ne'er won fair lady.

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Azhira continued to watch the couple and listen in on their conversation. After a while, she had to stifle a yawn. This was getting her nowhere. The two weren't likely to move for sometime and Azhira was ready for some more food...after she had acquired some coin. And, by the looks of these two, they weren't worth it.

She stood and stretched her arms. The breeze caught her once again and she smiled and looked upwards. yes, the winds favored her this day. She felt a kinship with them here, a closeness that had become rare in recent days.

Azhira moved off away from the town square and down another side street. She followed and watched several kinds of people - drunkards, a group of men, and a wandering guard. No one gave her a moment's glance, save for some few sharp eyed folk who paused and stared at her face - probably the tattoo.

After a time, Azhira came upon another tavern. This one was called the Boar's Beard. Wandering around was getting her nowhere so she decided to try her luck in a tavern. However, the entrance was blocked by a large angry woman. Azhira moved in for a closer look...

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The dancer gave a light, melodic laugh at the man’s comment. ”Yer age don’ b’ worryin’ me, Torsch’. I see ye b’ a fine man already… I don’ guess yer too youn’ fer me.” She honestly didn’t know what else to say. She sat there beside him, wondering if it truly seemed to matter. She knew he had to be older than an adolescent, and there was something too alluring about making the man ageless. Their similarities in that way appealed to her. Both without age in their own ways, the two made not only an entertaining, but an oddly matched pair in many ways.

Watching the curious woman walk away in the direction of the Beard, Céyehne knew they’d have a chance to speak with her regardless of her intentions. With no desire to visit the other inn, at least not yet, the woman glanced again around the plaza. She watched people wander about, shopping idly and even enthusiastically. ”Frightenin’ news mus’ not have reach’d all t’ cit’zens jus’ yet… they b’ jus’ as happy as usual, I guess..” She mused more to herself than to her partner.The dancer thought it curious that this was so, especially so close to the Gate. She wanted to question those big men, those brothers who’d arrived at the tavern. Had they made each other’s acquaintance yet? Sighing a little, her breath blowing into Torscha’s face, the woman flushed again in apology.

Xazure eyes searched him for a moment. What did he want? His dark features made him mysterious to her, and because of his acting skills she could not read him at all. Ginger lips upturned in a smile as her small hand gave his a squeeze. Standing gracefully now, her body cold where his had rested against it, the breeze caught and mussed her snowy tresses again. She did not release, but rather pulled the man up with their locked hands. ”Let’s dance once abou’ t’ square an’ go back. I wan’ t’ know wha’s avail’ble here, an’ wha’ we can ge’ our hands on, ” Her eyes softened as she spoke, grasping Torscha’s cloak and holding it out for him.

His companionship pleased the Darkpriest. She wondered if she shouldn’t be honest with him about her own gift, secret as it was. Of course, she still had much to learn about the storyteller, including just how freely his mouth would open to inquiring minds. Looking at him closely, as if trying to read something unsaid behind his dark eyes, the Kar-ii quickly gave up. She would only have to learn in time. ”Ye said ye ain’t good wit’ t’ sword.. bu’ ye mus’ know somethin’. Where’d ye learn?” As if bargaining for his trust, the woman reached between her skintight clothing and her pale hip, drawing out her armoured fan. She did not open it, but said, ”This b’ me protection. Surely ye seen one o’ them.” Smiling, she offered it to him to look at as they walked.

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Jami the Harbour Guard

As Jami stepped towards the strange woman, he was now certain she was the one he was after. A slight tinge of fear froze him in place for a moment. In a brief spell of panic, he wondered if she was using her magic on him now! Perhaps she could freeze him. That would fit well into the Remusian climate, anyway. However, with a bit of resentment towards himself he realized it was his own weakness that caused this. Shaking it off, he watched her turn and fly south. Cursing under his breath, he took hasty steps in her direction, brushing past the big men outside the tavern. Why in all the wastes aren't they helping apprehend her!? Lazy oafs...

Down the street the guard weaved, not into a full-out sprint so as to catch too many people's attention. He was in a hurry, though, and he kept his eyes firmly locked on the woman's cowl. He was sure he had her in his sights, and pushed several people carelessly aside to get closer to her. This mage would pay for using magic within the city walls, there was no doubt about it. Jami wasn't a reclusive man. He wasn't normally judgemental or intolerant, but this was too much. To endanger the common people? To use magic in full view? And what was this he'd heard while roaming through the Tavern about a hurt barmaid? If this mage wounded someone, bigger measures would have to be taken. This was just not... not... right. The guard's mind reeled around what he'd before considered impossibilities. Not here in Remusiat would anything like this happen.

However, as his mind trailed and he ran into a larger gaggle of people, Jami stopped short. Glancing around, he was on the eastern end of the Plaza. He could see merchants happy and unafraid, selling goods and wares. Women laughing, children playing, men bartering. The Western Gate loomed over it all, casting an icy shadow over the town. In all of this, the guard knew he'd lost the woman. There were no signs of any accosted people, mussed goods, or anything of that sort. Nothing was spilled in her hasty retreat. In fact, thinking on it now, the guard knew he could have just as easily passed the woman as he though his eyes were locked on her, but now knew there were many robes and cloaks of similar color milling about the dreary and now endangered city. That's two deeds gone wrong in one day! Misery crept over Jami. If anything, he'd have to prove himself and catch this woman! As soon as possible. To gain back his honor and sense of self-worth at the very least, and maybe earn some respect from the other officers and guards. Sighing, the man took to prowling alleyways, trying to glance in all directions at once.

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Azhira peeked her head over the crate she was hiding behind and looked around. She was in a relatively uninhabited alley and thus was hidden in some shadow from the buildings on either side of her. Crowds of people milled about not more than 20 peds away and she assumed that she had fled towards the town square.

She ducked back down. Her spell wasn't going to last long. She could maintain her invisibility for a short time, depending on her concentration levels. Right now, in this alley undisturbed, she could hold out. But she felt her grip on the spell weakening.

She felt the crates and found them secure. She couldn't stay here forever so she decided to take a look in the crowd to see if she was followed.

Moving carefully, Azhira stuck close to the wall and approached the bustling crowds. They ignored her while she stood at the building corner and searched the people. She didn't see any sign of that guard. Perhaps he gave up? Not likely.

She couldn't very well go back to the Boar's Beard as that barkeep woman would turn her in again. Perhaps there was another inn she could find. The thought of sleeping in an alley made her wince, but she had done it before.

Then, she thought of that man and woman from the tavern. The handsome one with his pretty, if nervous, lady friend. They didn't seem anxious to call her to the guards' attention so maybe they could offer some assistance. Problem was that they were at the tavern she wasn't going back to anytime soon.

With a sigh, she pulled the cowl further over her head and slipped into the crowd. She moved with them until she found a small bench facing the square. It was out of the way and provided a means to watch the square in all directions. Maybe, if she was lucky, the man and woman would pass by here and she could ask them. And, it gave her a chance to see any guards that might be lurking.

It was open, but perhaps the guards wouldn't expect her to hide in plain sight. She wasn't an alley rat and wasn't going to cower in a filthy hole.

If the man and woman couldn't help her, then...she couldn't finish the thought.

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Once outside and in plain sigh of the guard’s path, the Kar-ii nodded slightly at Torscha’s comment. No, there certainly wasn’t a question as to which way he had gone in pursuit of the mage woman, but was it the right direction? She did not let go of Torscha’s hand; she really had no plan or reason to do so. Now, she set her mind to working, but one nagging thought she could not suppress. Why was she doing this? Her timidity; the entirety of her instincts told her to sit tight in the tavern until she could perform again, gain more coin, and move on. Or, at least until the war—if there was to be one—was over.  Her newfound dark-featured friend obviously already had a frightful amount of power of her emotions. Blue eyes narrowed and she couldn’t seem to tear her eyes from him. Why?

Trying to shake it off, Céyehne tried to set her frightened mind to the task at hand. An idea brightened her considerably, ”Torsch’, b’ watchin’ fer that big man from t’ tavern. He b’ worth a bit o’ coin, now.” Her voice, smooth as usual, was low and quiet, but she knew he heard her. Sweeping the southbound street, the issue of where to look in the first place struck her. No matter why they were doing it, but would they be successful? She wondered what measures they would take to sate this man’s curiosity. Snowy locks whipped about her face in the breeze, catching on her drying lips. Wetting them nonchalantly, the Darkpriest wished she could use her gift to guide them. In a dark alleyway, there was one easy way to uncover secrets: simply remove the shadow. It would be easy enough, at least in short bursts, but it would bring attention and put her in the same predicament as the other woman.

Watching their slow breath whirl around them in the icy wind, the two followed the guard’s trek until it mingled with the busy footsteps of Remusian citizens. Would the mage rush past the plaza to a more secluded area? Casting about, the woman did not see any signs of agitation or alarm amongst shoppers nor shop owners. Wondering what Torscha had up his sleeve for finding her, she slowed her graceful movements and glanced at him. ”She b’ hidin’. She mus’ see us t’ b’ foun’, methinks.” She was more thinking allowed than speaking to her companion directly, but the idea was novel. If the woman felt she could trust the pair, she would allow them to see her—if not, she’d stay hidden and running until she felt safe. Mulling this over, Céyehne moved closer to Torscha’s side as inquisitive blue eyes looked him over, ”Why’d ye want t’ fin’ someone ye b’ afraid o’? Why… why b’ ye afraid?” She knew it was assertive, and possibly rude, but she trusted him. Perhaps he could do the same.

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The man was silent for a time. Following Céyehne's advice, he took an obtrusive position, leaning against the slate wall of one of the larger, more prosperous-looking shophouses, and producing a pipe from one of the pockets of his voluminous coat. With the smoothness of habit, he went through the ritual motions of lightning a pipe.

When lit, he puffed away at it meditatively for a while, before finally speaking. "Lady, what is fear to you? What do you understand by fear? What do you think of its probable causes and cures?

"Me, I've lived with this for a long time. I don't trust magic. It's so... unreliable. Men think they master it with their minds, but it's a tenuous mastery at best. In the end, it is not the intellect but the will that guides the man, and while mages might purport to understand the mind I, I understand the will, the heart. And the heart is wilful, and will not be ruled by reason: what is there to say of the magic that is ruled by a reason that is in itself subordinate to whimsy?

"And people are whimsical. They can be cruel, they can be perverse, they can be downright evil. These things can be read in the lineament of their faces, in the sound of their voices, in the tenor of their touch." His hand drifted, seeking and finding hers, and closed tight about it. "But people can be sorcerers, and their temper crack mountains, their love shatter souls. And this cannot be read in them at all, until they choose it to be so.

"Perhaps it is not truly the magic that I fear," he said, with a kind of clarity that he had not felt in a long time, "but the frailty of the people who wield it. It is a force I cannot understand, but that is perhaps not as terrifying as the understanding I have of the hearts that guide it. Magic... it is like a hidden blade. One would not need to fear it if there was no one to plunge it into one's back.

"But there always is." He looked up into the gray skies, eyes dark and unfathomable. The cool stone of the wall against his back leached the heat from his scars. He guided her hand under his coat, hoping she would not think him forward, and made as if to push it under his shirt-hem, to touch his back and the raw, taut tissue that stretched across it, jagged and blistered.

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Xazure eyes widened as Torscha suddenly moved her hand to touch his bare back. The dancer's small hand felt the scarred, rough tissue of the storyteller. Hoping she wouldn't offend him, she ran her fingers along the scars, not looking, only touching and familiarizing. She wondered where they came from, but given the present subject matter she could only assume magic had caused this painful injury. It was long-healed, but obviously still there. Her touch was in no way seductive or sensual, but thoughtful and gentle. A slow nod and her snowy hair covered her face. The Kar-ii woman let her hand drop after a moment.

"Man b' subject t' t' strength o' his own will... an' wit' mind's changin' an' movin' so easy it b' hard t' grasp what t' will really wants. Or t' heart." Her voice was soft and thoughtful, as if she hadn't considered the idea that magic was only as safe as the wielder's will before. Although, she knew she had. She only trusted her own magic completely when she was dancing, and otherwise slipped up quite often. It was so ingrained in her that losing her temper could cause something unusual to happen. She'd been told while she was learning that she could easily become much more powerful... the thought of losing grip on that type of power scared her to her wits end. And that was her own magic, let alone someone else's.

Smoothing her hair thoughtfully, the dancer looked with concern at Torscha. Why was he so interested in this mage, then? Whatever had caused the scarring on his back was much more powerful then that woman seemed to be. However, when she'd taken his hand and left the Beard, she knew she didn't really care why he wanted to find her, just that he was curious and she would follow him. As the subject seemed as sore as his scars, the woman managed a small, worried smile. "I b' sorry, Torsch'. Bu' would ye trust t' most kin' o' heart wit' magic?" Her question, of course, was very open ended, but her fear apparent. If he were to react to her Shadowmancy the way he had to that woman, their partnership ended now. She lay a slender, pale hand upon his back again as if in reassurance that she could never do such harm to him.

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The man puffed meditatively on his pipe. The smoky flavour of the tobacco reassured him somewhat, anchored him, as his eyes scanned the square for any sign of unusual activity that would mark the position of their quarry.

"It's terribly hard to say. Even the best of people become tempted. I know I wouldn't trust myself with that kind of power. Too easy to use it to improve my dismal way with women." Teeth flashed in a playful grin, the first he'd felt capable of giving in a while. Her hand on his back had a warmth that leached some of the cramped heat from his scars. "I can only say that it would depend. I haven't yet met a mage who didn't at least unnerve me, but that could have been for all manner of reasons, really. Most of them are so in love with their arcane and mystical manner that they wouldn't deign to acknowledge the rest of us as human.

"I don't know. Is it possible to wield that kind of power and still think like a person? Once you know so intimately how everything works, will there never be the temptation to look at other people as mere functionings of some cosmic mechanism? After a whlie of thinking of everything as levers and pulleys that one's art manipulates, it must be difficult not to look upon people as mere cogs in the works, to manipulate at will.

"It's almost," he said thoughtfully, cradling the bowl of his pipe in a languid hand, "like working a crowd. After a while they just became faces in the firelight, and by them you have to gauge your next move. Everything becomes a game of ciphers."

He shook his head ruefully. "I honestly couldn't tell you, dear lady. You've given me a lot to think about. Maybe this mage we're hunting will help me clarify some of those thoughts."

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Azhira took a breath and focused. She was no longer invisible and had only her thick cloak and cowl to hide her. As she sat on the bench, watching the crowd, she thought of the man and woman back at the tavern.

They seemed kind enough...perhaps a bit jumpy. That was no reason to not trust them.

Azhira, in her line of work, didn't trust people as quickly. She had to maintain a distance. Of course, she could feint trust, nothing real, only to get what she wanted from someone. A thief had to be a good actor and a smooth talker, of which Azhira was. But now, in this unknown city, she was being hunted. Trust was something she had to find now. A real trust that someone could help her.

The mage stood up and blended in with the crowd again. With her cowl pulled low, her head was covered and her tattoo masked in shadow. She kept her head down, only allowing her to see the moving legs and feet of the crowd around her. She dared not look up lest she lock eyes with a guard.

She followed the crowd for some distance around the square and when the opportunity presented itself, she ducked into an alley. She peered up trying to gauge her whereabouts.

She was still near the square, with no guards in sight. She was about to keep moving when she saw the man from the tavern! He was with the woman, and he was smoking a pipe of some sort. They were several peds away, and coming from the direction of the tavern.

The opportunity would have to be now. She would ask for their help. It would probably be too much to ask for shelter, but perhaps a bit of direction.

Azhira moved again through the crowds towards the man and woman. She moved slowly, watching for any reaction from people and watching for guards. She weaved among the various food stands and wandering merchants.

When she finally came upon the couple, she was behind them. She reached over the tapped the man gently on the shoulder...

"We meet again," Azhira whispered. "I would ask for your help, if you are willing."

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Céyehne puffed with a little pride at the man's response. She'd made him think! This could mean his mind could be swayed with the right persuasion... ah, but she wouldn't reveal herself just yet. Just like this, out of the blue. Perhaps after another harmless dance or two. Her hand dropped from his back and she watched the smoke puff from his pipe. He seemed genuinely at ease speaking about this. There was something deeper, she saw it in his dark eyes, but he easily hid it and acted as commonplace as before.

"I won' b' pretendin' t' know what ye wan' from t' mage woman, bu' I hope ye fin' it, Torsch'. Ye deserve answers... reconciliatin' from whatever been done t' ye in t' past. I hope t' t' gods ye fin' it, dear." Her voice was smooth, melodious, and sincere. She looked at him with concern and wondered if something was raging within. She wanted to know exactly what happened to his back, but she refrained from revealing any more painful memories at the moment. He seemed to like her company enough.. they would have time enough later.

Leaning on the stone wall with Torscha, the cooless chilled her and bumps sprouted all over her pale arms, but the dancer did not mind. It kept her alert and awake, as if the chill wind wasn't enough. The smoothness of the rock was more of a soothing comfort than the biting chill of the breeze. It was only a moment before an approaching figure caught her eye. Indeed, they headed straight for the pair and tapped Torscha on the shoulder.  Céyehne suppressed a flare of jealousy, shaking her head lightly to clear her thoughts. Such a  fleeting feeling, yet so powerful and unexplained! The mage woman whispered, then but the Kar-ii heard clearly.

She wanted help. She seemed to have sought the couple out. Of course, it was only natural to search for a familiar face, and the Darkpriest envied this woman's luxury of doing so. Most of the time Céyehne only had brief acquaintances before she had to move on. Eyeing her, the woman's dark almond eyes looking at them intently, the dancer felt compassion for the woman. Although she was afraid of the harm magic could do, Céyehne also believed that the will of a kind heart could stay injustice. Ginger lips pressed into a line, she said softly, "T' discuss in an out o' t' way place woul' b' preferable." Although she didn't have a clue as to where that was, the dancer knew Torscha or this shrewed woman could certainly figure something out. The overwhelming urge to help her took over, her motherly instincts told her to take care of this hunted woman.

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Torscha tried to hide his surprise at the woman's sudden appearance. He had not even seen her approach. It took no small amount of discipline to smoothen his surprise beneath a veneer of suave confidence. "Well, I suppose that means we can help each other. I have some questions I'd like you to answer, the first of which would be: what sort of help do you think I can provide? But before we get to that, Céyehne's right. This isn't the place. Is the guard still after you?"

An idea occurred to him. "Listen, sorceress: why don't you lay low in the alley behind us for a while. I'll go find the nearest guardsman and cook him up some story that I saw a woman appear out of nowhere and blast someone. Céyehne, would you mind corroborating that story? I might need you to play victim."

His voice was grim as he ran through potential scenarios in his mind. His quick wits skimmed through them at breakneck speed. I'm afraid of magic, I won't deny that, but the Remusians, and most people in their right minds, are as well. And when people are afraid, they don't think too good. I can panic the guardsman such that he'll have to grab reinforcements and run wherever I point. Hell, maybe I could send them after the barbarian, tell them he was an accomplice.

I'll have to keep it low-key, though. Too much drama and word gets out, and soon I have a riot instead of a detour. I don't want to risk being separated from Céyehne and whoever this woman is. I worry about the former, and the latter, well, I don't want to lose her in a crowd. She's too good at hiding, and I might never get another chance at this.

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Before Azhira could thank the couple, she gripped the man's arm tightly as he spoke of his plan of a distraction. What he said disturbed her.

"Blasted someone?" the mage asked, her eyes wide. "No, not tell the guards that. I wouldn't hurt anyone unless I was attacked first. I mean no harm. I only do what I must to stay alive. Please, if you speak to a guard, tell them you saw me nearby the docks aboard a boat heading out. Make them think I fled the city. They wouldn't look for me then. However, I still must remain hidden..."

Azhira touched her forehead and ran a finger along the wani’toia on her face. The pale blue markings signified a special honor placed upon her by her Sand Sister family...a family who now disowned her and would never have her back. All because cruel fate had borne her a male child that she never wanted to part with. The wani’toia, plus her shorn head, also in memory of her lost son, would give her away easily among these pale skinned Remusians with their bushy beards and long hair.

I really picked a fine place to hide... she thought.

"I shall hide in this alley as you say," Azhira said, regaining her composure. "I have the means to keep me hidden. But please...return for me soon. I do not know what I did to deserve to be hunted. All I wanted was to be left alone by those ruffians in the tavern."

Without another word, Azhira stepped into the alley and seemingly vanished among the shadows. The words of a spell escaped from her lips as she went.

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Helping a fugitive for the answering of a few simple questions? The Kasumarii’s eyes widened as she looked at Torscha. She really didn’t understand him at all. Regardless, she was already here with him and taking part in this. A small sigh escaped her as she listened to his plans. Blast someone? Surely that would not help the situation. There would need to be more than a victim, witnesses would need to be questioned and, well.. no one in the plaza would have noticed something that big happening. If they had, the dancer suspected there would be a much more panicked crowd of people hereabouts. Thinking hard, the woman wished she was as clever as some of her friends and relatives. The Kasumarii were devious and clever, their sharp wit aided them just as much as a sharp dagger. Now, she must think.

She was a bit surprised when the mage lady spoke logically. She would hide here in this ally, and Céyehne turned to look down it. Shadows enough, she supposed. A small smile played at her lip as she thought of dragging just a few more, or shrouding the lady in darkness while she waited.. but she knew her willpower would not hold from such a distance or with distraction. It was no use, and she nearly horrified herself thinking of using magic on this woman. A shudder crept up her spine, why was she suddenly thinking to use her gift for something other than entertainment and the love of the dance?

Compassion overwhelmed her again at the woman’s last plea—that they return for her soon. Nodding slightly, her snowy hair blowing in the breeze funneled through the alleyway, Céyehne turned to Torscha again. ”T’ poin’ them in t’ wrong direction migh’ work, bu’ there woul’ b’ mighty panic in t’ plaza if she woul’ have blast’d someone, as ye say. Keep t’ story simple, me frien’. “ She pursed her full ginger lips for a moment, thinking and glancing down the alley. She did not even glimpse the woman… perhaps she had a gift of hiding of her own. The overwhelming urge to direct the shadows in the alley worried her some. Was she as uncontrollable as Torscha thought those with magic were? Despite her skepticism towards magic-users and her joy in Korenjah’s gift, perhaps she could snap as she had that night in Carmalad…

 ”Ye can point in t’ other direction, bu’ we still need t’ b’ in a seclud’d place.. another tavern, think ye?” Sheepishly she grinned. ”I b’ not t’ devious type like ye, Torsch’, bu’ I still got me wits abou’ me.” She grinned at him playfully and scanned the area for the guard and another place to hide. They couldn’t return to the Beard, but if they could quickly get to a private room somewhere warmer and more comfortable she would be a happy woman. And, of course, if they found another tavern she’d certainly have at least one other place to earn some coin during her stay in Remusiat. ”Somewhere warm woul’ b’ good…” She murmured softly. She did not want to press her preferences upon him, but she thought it might be more comfortable if they could be acquainted where they could take down their guard a little.

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Jami – Harbour Guard

Jami stomped around the plaza less methodically than those gifted in hunting or searching. He pushed through the crowd as if on official business, but not urgently enough to cause panic. If he caught her and could “dispose” of her without a riot or any fit of terror, he would be an accomplished guard. He felt his inadequacies building as he walked about, however, and wondered if he should not call on another for help. He wondered what that officer… Altario, his name was.. would want him to do. What would be the proper way to handle this situation, he thought bitterly.

Obviously helping a nice, beautiful, gracious lady to her lodgings wasn’t a good enough deed. Perhaps apprehending a magician loose in the city would suit his fancy. Jami could not help be bitter—his short time as a guard had been fairly unimpressive. Not much happened in the harbor. He stopped at a shop selling fairly nice fur wares. Asking the owner if he’d seen a bald, hooded woman, the guard held up a thick arm to describe her height.

“No sir,” he clamored to be more helpful, “I seen a woman walkin’ briskly that’a way, though. That’s all I seen, nothin’ unusual.” His eyes were bright with hope that he’d helped, but Jami turned away. A woman walking briskly? That led him to any woman shopping in the plaza. This was hopeless—whoever that mage woman was, she certainly knew not to make any more ruckus than she already had.

After circling the plaza once, the guard thought he spotted a couple people he’d noticed in the Boar’s Beard when that big bartender woman had led him through it. Walking purposely in their direction, he knew he’d spotted them. The woman with the white hair, her lithe frame hidden beneath a billowy black robe, was not easy to forget. If he could only approach them before they moved on, he could ask them the whereabouts or the general direction they’d seen the woman go; if they’d seen her at all. It was quite possible when he started after her outside the tavern she had fled the city, stowing away on some merchants’ boat. Mages could bribe, couldn’t they? This line of thought led him to a whole ‘nother mess of worries, he might be looking in the wrong place altogether!

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Trying to contain his shudder as the woman vanished from sight, Torscha turned to Céyehne. "Aye, you're right about the blasting bit, although we could say that she attacked you while we were in the alley – although that would raise questions as to what we were doing in such a place; questions that, if unsatisfactorily answered, might besmirch your good name, especially in the company of a scoundrel like myself." He pursed his lips pensively, taking a long drag on his pipe.

His eyes widened as he noticed the guard making his way purposefully towards them. Then something clicked in his mind. Talking rapidly, he turned to Céyehne and said, "I have it. Back me up on this: a good story isn't as important as a convincing delivery and an attractive accomplice.

"I'm going to tell him we followed the woman from the Beard because she asked about the man Maryn was looking for, who we believe to be connected with an attack on one of Maryn's girls. She lashed out when she realised that her cover had been blown, and left, possibly to seek out her partner. We plant the seed of suspicion that wherever that big barbarian is to be found, there will be found our elusive mage as well, and then we point him after that oaf. So our girl gets off the hook, and if the guard has any competence at all, Maryn gets her man!

"No point equivocating now. Let's see what he has to say. Back me up on this, Céyehne: I need you."

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Jami the Harbor Guard

Jami watched as the dark-haired man puffed idly on his pipe. He seemed calm enough, and the guard’s pace slowed. Perhaps he didn’t want to question him after all? Looking around for a moment, Jami realized he’d stopped altogether. Although the couple stood at the mouth of an alley, there were so many of those within the city it was rather commonplace. Nothing unusual other than their appearance at the crime scene would set them apart from any other civilian. Maybe he was overreacting.

However, fear and rage bubbled within him at the idea of magic, magic used on the common people of Remusiat and roaming free throughout it. Heaving a sigh, he marched right up to the couple. The man, with dark features, was not Remusian but not suspicious. He seemed as inconspicuous as anyone else. In fact, the air about him was more at ease than a lot of the other guards; even some of the shoppers out on this chilly afternoon. He shifted his gaze from the man to his companion.

He was surprised he hadn’t noticed her beauty before. She was pale, very pale, with snowy hair and full lips. He imagined beneath that robe was a body of youth he could not imagine. Clearing his mind, Jami knew he could not be lead astray by another woman today. Setting his face, he stood before them, spear and shield in hand and held aloft as if he were standing at his post.

Sharply he said, “You two were in the Boar’s Beard when I passed through not an hour ago. Tell me, did you see a woman, about yea high, “ he held up his hand to indicate her height, “and bald. I’m sure you’d remember her, and it’s most important you provide me with any information about her you can.” He was businesslike, not overly friendly, but not unappealing. Surely they’d answer truthfully.

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Céyehne watched Torscha’s reaction to the mage woman and was taken aback as he suddenly became businesslike. His mind worked quickly, and he cooked up a believable story even as the guard approached them. Righ’ on time. she thought smugly, watching the guard hesitate. He seemed serious enough, but not threatening. Was he as frightened and stern about this as the three of them were imagining? Did that even matter? Not really.

She really had to admit that Torscha’s plan was a good one. Connecting the mage woman with that man who’d harmed the barmaid? Brilliant. And to catch that man, one who would dare rough up a woman, was much more important to Céyehne then catching the woman who’d only defended herself—much as the Kar-ii would do herself if it meant assuring her own safety. When the guard asked for information about the mage, the dancer acted as nonchalant as if he’d asked them to spare a coat. Smiling at him, full lips in a wide grin, she said, ”Aye, we b’ seein’ her at t’ Beard. She b’ askin’ ‘bout that man… t’ big one, eh.. ye know his name?” She nudged Torscha gently, genuinely wondering if he did know the man’s name.

Instead of waiting for an immediate reply though, the Darkpriest thought she’d play up the story a little more. If Maryn wanted him caught, she was more than happy to help out. ”He b’ big an’ a bit frighten’n, a man ‘oo woul’ hurt a woman like that..” she shook her head a bit forlornly, her white locks waving across her face, ”If t’ woman want’d somethin’ from him, she can’t b’ doin’ no good..” Xazure eyes took on a worried expression. She looked to Torscha for elaboration and surely a show she could admire. Céyehne was a dancer, not a storyteller nor an actor. However, she was also a lovely victim.

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Torscha waves his pipe in an airy fashion, lips curling into an appreciative smile as his partner spun her part of the tale admirably. And now it's my turn. "I'm afraid I never found out that man's name, not being in the habit of associating with felons.

"As my companion was saying, we saw the woman you inquire after at the tavern while she was in turn inquiring after a man who had just left. A great big bear of a man, too, with a sword that could split you or I like logs for the fire! I believe the tavern-keeper, Maryn, was at the moment looking for that same man, as she suspected him of assaulting and seriously injuring one of her girls.

"When the landlady told this woman that the man she was looking for had committed such an act and was probably being hunted, the bald woman reacted badly, attacking two of the men in the taproom with some sort of magical force – God, that gives me the shivers!" At least, Torscha did not have to feign distaste: the memory of the sight of two men sprawled on the floor, felled by sorcery, was enough to make him shudder.

Mastering himself through a visible execise of effort, he continued, "A little worried and suspicious, we followed the woman here to the square, where she must have been asking a few others about the man's whereabouts. She was pointed to the south, probably to the gate, methinks, as her felonious comrade must surely be trying to leave the city as soon as possible.

"If I were you, and I wanted to apprehend said woman, I'd head south as quickly as I could with all the resources I could muster. A mage is bad enough ; a mage with a strong swordsman as her partner could prove tricky indeed. I'd apprehend both of them before they could link up and have them in chains before they got out of the city." He clapped the guardsman on the shoulder and shook his head. "I don't envy you your task, but admire that you're so committed to your duty! You'd probably best be going to get your watch captain so he can organise a chase, and quickly, too!"

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Jami the Harbor Guard

Jami listened intently. First the pretty woman spoke, her voice soft and seemingly concerned. So they knew who he was asking for! This could be the answer, he could have that disgusting mage locked away or worse to the approval and praise of the Remusian citizens and his commanding officer. He really hated to admit it, but Jami knew he was in this just as much for his own gain as to catch the mage woman. He would be doing the city a service, but more so earning respect--something he so rarely experienced from other guards and officers.

Another assailant? As he listened, the Remusian's head cocked a little to the side. The mage had a partner? And it sounded as if he was a swordsman. Could he be Remusian? Narrowing his eyes, brows knitted together, he listened more closely now. One who would injure a woman without second thought, yet had a woman as an accomplice.. this disturbed him as well. This dark man seemed to have quite a bit of information, a great memory! Not to mention, he seemed ready for action with a plan of his own. Jami puffed with pride at his ending comments. Int he same span, though, he wondered why this man was so forceful in his direction. This couple was so casual, although the man had shivered in distaste at one point, but they did not seem ruffled by what had happened.

Also, they were comfortable enough to follow her into the square. But.. perhaps they were good people who wanted justice just as much as he did. Brushing worry from his mind, he said in a businesslike tone "South, you say? Perhaps fleeing the city." He thought for a moment. If they had fled into the wastes, they'd surely be taken by the elements and were no longer of concern. On the other hand, a mage and swordsman partnership had to be accompanied by some brains. They would not go empty handed into the wastes. Glancing around, Jami opened his mouth to ask something more. Perhaps his suspicions of these two were rising, but he was so intent on his task and making some headway that all he uttered was "Thank you."

Jami headed West first. Towards the Western gate. From there he would circle the city South along the wall. If he did not catch any signs or additional clues to the criminal's whereabouts, he would stop in at the army headquarters and request help in the urgent matter. Now, though, he had another suspect to be looking after, and if that he was pleased. As he pressed through the crowds his eyes searched tirelessly.

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Torscha watched the guard go with narrowed eyes. The man had not swallowed the tale with the readiness the storyteller had expected. I must, he thought ruefully, be getting rusty.

Disguising the miniscule movements of his lips with his pipestem, which he raised, he murmured to Céyehne, sotto voce, "What do you think? Is it safe to get her out of hiding? We'll need somewhere to take her, somewhere she hasn't been seen yet. Definitely not the Beard, although I'm loath to leave my instrument behind. And those three brothers, as well – I'm sure once they get their heads out of their asses they'll be able to provide us with a colourful story or two, if not more. And I'm worried about young Ruil: he might think being knighted makes him invincible, but that older one'll eat him alive if he even looks at him funny.

"First things first, though." Torscha's eyes scan the square, lighting again on the tavern they had passed earlier. "I wonder," he mused, "if the three of us can take a room at that tavern. If it's just you and me, and she follows us unseen, I don't suppose anyone will remark on a couple taking a room at an inn. That is, if you don't find the idea too presumptuous on my part," he added hastily, colour rising to his cheeks. "I mean that only as part of a ruse. Your virtue is ever safe with me."

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She watched the guard go, shooting a worried glance at Torscha. It seemed too easy, yet he still seemed skeptical. He also hadn’t immediately marched south as she’d expected him to. The storyteller’s information had been flawless enough as far as she could tell. Small shoulders shrugged and blue eyes fixed on the dark orbs of her companion as he spoke again. His concern amused the woman; he wished to be everywhere at once. She did, however, think it would be good to get out of the biting wind as well as away from any eyes who would remember the three foreigners meeting together. She was still a bit skeptical of taking these chances simply to make acquaintances with this magess and ask her a few simple questions, but she would not voice her opinions in that matter.

Céyehne’s eyes lit up with amusement at Torscha’s last comment and she chuckled lightly, taking his hand again. ’’M’dear Torsch’, I b’ willin’ t’ put up any façade ye like.” She winked playfully at him then, enjoying the color that had arisen on his cheeks. It was good to see such a smooth, charming man flustered from time to time. She nodded then, turning to the alley. She had the urge to push the shadows away again, but she had the feeling that the mage woman had other means of hiding away.

Squeezing his hand and letting it drop, she placed a hand on his chest as if to say “stay put” and quickly stepped into the shadow of the alley. Her fingers twitched in constant movement and her lips moved in a silent formula as she called the shadows around her, covering her in darkness. She was, of course, still visible, but whoever sought her out would have to look very closely. The shadows clung to her tightly, dancing around her feet, and Céyehne moved further into the alley, hoping that Torscha had stayed behind and had not seen the sudden change in her coloration. There was no real reason for doing what she did, the buildings towering around her would have been enough cover to accomplish her goal. It was strange how the shadows seemed to call to her, however, and she yearned to use her will for even a moment.

It was a much simpler thing to call the darkness to her than to send it dancing about, and she only had to make a minimal effort to keep it around her. Hoping she’d moved far enough, the Darkpriest halted and murmured softly of their plans. She told the woman in low melodic tones which Inn to follow the couple to, and to wait a few minutes’ time before entering and following them to a room—they’d be sure she knew which one. She did not hesitate as she immediately let the shadows flee from her. They settled again back to their crevasses and corners within the alleyway.

A smug smile adorned her ginger lips as Céyehne exited the narrow passage and grabbed Torscha’s hand again. ”She b’ knowin’ t’ plan, an’ we better get t’ makin’ this act inconspicu’us, woul’ ye say? Torsch', I never b' worri'd 'bout me virtue.” Smiling at him, the dancer dragged the man southward towards the predestined Inn. She silently delighted in directing the man around—he most likely rarely had the experience. Although it was his idea, he probably hadn’t expected her to be the one to execute it. She let her snowy hair whip around her pale face as they jaunted away from the plaza, her hips swaying gracefully beneath her nor’sidion robe. The mage would follow; she had to have heard her there in the darkness.

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Indeed Azhira heard the white haired woman...but more than that, Azhira was astonished at the woman's magic? No, that was not quite right. Azhira herself was sheltered by the wind, as she was nigh invisible in the alley using her Hide spell. But this woman...

She was no wind mage. How did she manage to keep from being seen? Of course, to Azhira's trained eye, she could still see the woman blending into the shadows, but it was if the woman had become a shadow...her physical form was as the wind, yet instead of her wind oinia being affected, it was instead as if the shadows enveloped her, hiding her.

Azhira had never seen such power in all her years. Was the woman a mage of some power that she had never heard of? How could one call upon the shadows to hide? Azhira, in her experience as a thief, often relied upon the shadows for cover, but never to actually manipulate them as this woman seemingly did.

Upon hearing the woman's instructions, Azhira watched the two move away from the alley. The mage waited for a moment before breaking the spell hiding her. She felt the wind ounia shift and she saw her body once again reappear. The chill breeze gave her comfort and she kept her focus upon the air around her at all times. However, she was beginning to tire. After her trip and having used her magic three times today, she needed rest. She could not stand to hide herself again for much more than a few minutes. Hopefully, her time hiding in alleys was overwith...provided that her new allies had kept to their word and distracted the hunting guard.

Azhira stepped out of the alley and fell in line into more crowds of people. She kept her cowl low over her head as she walked. They were leading her to another inn...hopefully one where she could use a bed and a eat a good meal. Being on the run was tiring...although she should be very well used to it by now...

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Get away...far away...

Azhira weaved her way quickly through the crowds. Her eyes darted left and right, searching for a dark hole to hide in. The glances from the people she passed seemed angry to her, peering at her with disdain and hostility. She felt as if everyone she passed was going to draw a weapon and attack her.

But, she knew that was not true...but after hearing that man rant and rave about mages in the tavern, she knew she was a marked woman. Her powers were already known. Who knew how many witnesses saw her use her magic in the Boar's Beard. She was no longer a stranger in a strange land.

If only she could find a boat and quietly sneak out of the city...perhaps she could sail away from her troubles without getting too deep. Would these Remusians hunt her  down even if she left? Possibly, but she would rather take her chances anywhere but here.

For now, she had to find a place to hide and plan a strategy.

Ahead, she saw a locked and boarded building standing on the edge of the town square. From the looks of it, the building was half standing and half torn down. Some of the roof was caved in and the walls crumbled in places. A single door was on the west side of the building. Workers tools lay scattered about. From the looks of it, the building was either being built or torn down and the workers had gone home for the night. She would hide in there. It was dark now and getting colder.

She stepped to the building's west side where there was very little crowd. She walked around the building and found two windows, both of them boarded up. Azhira looked around to make sure no one was watching her and saw no passing by at that particular moment. She pushed a board and found it to be loose. She pushed it harder and it fell to the floor inside with a dull thud.

Azhira did the same with the other boards and opened the window enough for her to crawl inside. She hoisted herself up and over the window ledge and dropped inside the empty building.

It was dark inside, and a bit dusty, but it suited her fine. She was out of the cold and out of sight from curious passersby. But she couldn't shake the feeling that she was followed...

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Céyehne watched the light around her fade. Despite the danger she felt she was in, the comfort of the shadows and the armored fan in her hand steadied her nerves. A little. Something else that helped was the stealth of her people. The Kasumarii were the most excellent of assassins and knew how to be furtive and silent. Because of this the dancer was able to keep a firm eye on the woman and avoid losing her. After passing a few streets and going fairly deep into the residential area of the city, Céyehne saw her pause. Taking a sharp breath as the other woman looked around; she flattened herself against a cool stone wall and waited, watching quietly for her next move. If she disappeared like she had earlier that day she would be impossible to find.

Instead, she did exactly what Céyehne hoped. She watched her push out some boards in an abandoned building and climb easily through the newly made hole. A grin found her ginger lips: this was perfect. It would be easy to gain her trust in seclusion. Well, in theory. Soft-shoed feet found their way to the mouth of the hole she’d made, now recognizable as a boarded up window. Looking around, the Darkpriest was satisfied with the lack of citizens walking about in the gloom. Tiny snowflakes swirled around her and made her think of home. With brightened spirits, the tiny woman put away her weapon and slipped through the window and into the dusty interior of the abandoned building.

She had done this fairly quietly, but with the little bit light shining through the window the woman cursed herself silently. She should have covered it up. By now, the woman could have seen her and drawn a weapon or moved to another opening and escaped in fear. It was going to get annoying if she had to chase her anywhere else in the city. Céyehne had ceased to wonder why she was attempting to help this woman. She moved away from the dim light coming through the porthole and breathed easy. She wanted to gain this woman’s trust. She wanted to assure her she was not alone, and that she could be safe if she’d accept help.

Murmuring softly, the dancer began the pattern of the magic she wished to cast. Within the recesses of her mind a flame sparked to life and she rejoiced in her gift from Korenjah, thanking the god of shadows endlessly for his blessing to her. Once she found joy in her gift, the actual casting of her magic came much easier. The full force of her blessing rested on her now though, and she couldn’t hold back. Her small feet began to move in a beautiful, timed pattern. They were small steps, and she swayed to and fro as if lovely music filled the vacant structure. ”Please, listen.” She said softly, hoping the woman would stay.

At that, she raised her arms in a sort of crescendo, willing the shadows to move. Obediently, the darkness in the room fled. It was incredible, as if pulling a sheet suddenly from a myriad of hidden items. Although there was only a little light streaming through from various lamps and lights remaining outside, it was enough. Xazure eyes immediately took in not only the woman, but skeletons of dead rodents, balls of dust and little piles of dirt. The stench was fully explained as the mess within was revealed, but the room was fairly empty otherwise. The shadows seemed to stream out the open window, and an odd sensation blanketed the room. Céyehne herself was used to it, but any onlooker would be puzzled. It was only natural for an old, boarded up room to be.. well… dark. And the absence of the usual shadows cast by the enclosing walls, the roof and the boards was slightly disturbing. It was odd and out of place as if some weird phenomenon was taking place.

In the deficient shadows the dancer saw the woman. She must have looked odd to her, her feet moving restlessly, her lips murmuring some unknown language and her arms raised in some stance of triumph. She thought it safe to let her slender arms drop, but she did not break the string of words flowing from her lips. She did not let her mind stray from her thankfulness towards Korenjah or the shadows would return. In all actuality this was a harder bit of magic to perform than met the eye. It was difficult to order every shadow to flee. Calling them to her was easier, because they were still present, only rearranged, but ordering them away was taxing. Her strength was already waning after a few minutes' time as the dancer waited for the woman to say something. Silently she pled, Please let this be enough for her to understand. She is not alone.

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Azhira sensed rather than saw the woman enter the building with her. Azhira couldn't shake the feeling that she was followed and as she was trying to find a place to hide, she sensed a motion behind her. It was if the presence was a shadow itself and willed the room to grow dark.

Azhira spun around throwing her hands up to cast a spell of wind exile...but paused. It was that shadow woman, as Ahira had come to call her after the woman's display of shadow manipulation in the alley. Azhira hadn't much time to think about her companion's talent with the shadows, or if her power was any kind of talent at all...perhaps she was a mage of some sort. Azhira never remembered seeing anyone at Ximax who could manipulate shadows, so this shadow woman was no elemental mage.

Azhira watched the woman enter. The mage lowered her hands because she could not sense danger from the shadow woman. Instead, Azhira knelt down on one knee and watched the shadow woman's fascinating display of movement and sound. She couldn't will her body to do otherwise.

Azhira felt a tingle along her back as the shadows in the room seemed to move and coalesce. Their master was beckoning them. The room grew darker and seeming smaller, but Azhira was not afraid. Instead she watched and wondered what kind of power this woman had.

A pang of fear took hold of Azhira. This city hunted and killed mages...was this shadow woman also fleeing that dreadful man in the Wison's Breath? If so, then the two women had something in common. For once in a very long while, Azhira felt comfortable with the shadow woman and began to slowly trust that she was a friend, not a foe.

Another thought occured to Azhira...she couldn't go on thinking of this woman as a shadow woman. Surely she had a name.

"I don't know how it is you managed to follow me here," Azhira said quietly. "I am fairly good at evading pursuers. You, however, have a few talents that are not so dissimilar to my own. I would like to know more. I am Azhira and as you already must know, I am a mage of the wind element, among other things. Who are you and what kind of power do you possess that can call the very shadows to you?"

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Xazure eyes stared straight at the bald woman she’d been pursuing for several hours. She was knelt, on one knee, on the dusty floor of the empty building. Before Céyehne could say or do anything more, she spoke. She divulged herself as a wind mage, and her name as Azhira. Curiosity took her, and the Darkpriest loosed her grip on her shadowmancy as her mind flitted to the woman before her instead of Korenjah’s graciousness. The room suddenly darkened again as the shadows flew back into place much too fast. It was like damping a candle without warning. Only the shaft of thin light through the window’s opening remained. Sheepishly the woman smiled and murmured an apology, although she knew Azhira could probably not see her.

Kneeling to the ground beside her, the Kasumarii sat close next to the woman in the darkness. It was comfortable for her here, and it was an odd sensation to feel completely safe. Now, positioned to see out the window, Céyehne watched small flakes of snow falling to the ground. She did not hear much outside the building, only the shuffling of feet every now and again. ”Azhira, “ she breathed, the smile on her face apparent in her words, ”Me name b’ Céyehne . I hope not t’ have frighten’d ye. Me pow’r b’ not so great, an’ as ye can see, I can still lose control.” Her voice was melodious and as calm as always. She was relieved this woman had chosen to trust her and now she was speaking to her as a friend, not skeptically as a fearful acquaintance.

Was she fearful of this mage? It was confirmed, she was an elemental mage, she could manipulate the wind. Usually, the Kar-ii would be extremely scared, possibly shaking. But, although she feared the extreme power of most mages, this one seemed friendly enough. She would obviously rather flee than harm anyone, and it did not look as if she wanted to harm herself nor Torscha. Brushing her snowy hair from her face, she continued, ”Ye b’ much more pow’rful than me.. I jus’ move t’ shadows an’ they help me dance. Simple, ‘tis. Jus’ like I b’ a simple woman. ” She chuckled softly, because it really did seem simple in comparison to Azhira’s power.

She wanted to return to Torscha, but she waited. Silently she knelt beside the wind mage, feeling safe in the company of the shadows and the silence of the snowy city. She would allow her to ask questions and establish a little trust before moving on. Before she trusted her again with her life and making it to a secluded room in the Wison’s Breath. After what that stranger had yelled, and his display in the Inn, it might take some talking to bring Azhira back there.

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Azhira nodded as the woman calling herself Céyehne broke free the shadows around her and the room returned to its normal appearance. Although, Azhira thought she could still see wavering shadows here and there as if still under the woman's control. The mage knew that there was no sense hiding from her. Obviously, this shadowdancer was a skilled tracker and adept at trailing someone. And, curiously, this Céyehne had a power that was not typical of a Remusian.

"What do you want with me, shadowdancer?" Azhira asked. "Why help me? You heard that man in the inn. Mages and all like them are not welcomed here. By all measure, with what I just witnessed of your power, you should be hunted as well. So are you? By being with me, you will be hunted. If you think I need help, you needn't bother. I can take care of myself."

The mage turned to sit down on the creaking planks comprising the floor. A thick coat of dust covered every inch of the surface. Azhira waved a hand over the spot she chose to sit and the dust kicked up and disappeared as a small breeze wafted through. She stilled her hand and the breeze stopped leaving a clean spot to sit.

"So where is your companion?" Azhira asked. "Is he your lover? A city guard? Did he follow you? If you plan to turn me in, tell me now. At least give me a chance to go down fighting."

Azhira felt her eyelids drop and she quickly snapped them open again. Exhaustion was taking her over. Her use of magic over the past few hours had made her weary. The focus alone required to vanish in the alleys as she had was enough to start a headache building in her forehead. It was not often she used such a spell as it was draining on her mentally. But, she had better get used to it as she may need it again before the night is through.

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The dancer listened in silence to the woman. She was obviously shaken. How could she not have known of the hatred these northern warriors had for magic and its uses? Shaking her head a little, she wondered why she had cause to caution her. Wasn't it obvious the Darkpriest was fine in this city? She was the one walking free. Compassion filled her as she watched the woman sit, clearing herself a space on the floor with wave of her hand. She was certainly much more powerful than Céyehne.

A chuckle bubbled from her ginger lips as Azhira asked about Torscha. The woman was tired, that was obvious. Despite her wariness, she was able to remain alert and concerned. Céyehne reached a compassionate hand to the woman's shoulder, a delicate and comforting touch. "He b' far from a lover, jus' a good frien'.." She thought on that for a moment, chuckling again. Or was he? Smiling now, she continued, "Bu' ye need not b' afraid o' us, we wan' t' help ye. Hide in t' Wison with us. We'll let ye rest an' ye can talk t' me frien'...." She trailed, crossing her legs and sitting in the dust.

Torscha. He must not know of her magic as Azhira  now did. Looking at her, almost pleadingly with her bright blue eyes, Céyehne spoke again in her soft, melodious way, "He knows not o' me power. He b' afraid o' magic... I won' b' tellin' him yet." No one in Remusiat knew of her Shadowmancy, and she wanted it to stay that way. She decided to be blunt, although her slender hands were shaking with the telling of one of her darkest secrets. She had divulged her power rarely since she left her tribe--she believed secrecy kept her alive. "Shadowmancy.. it b' a part o' me t' keep secret from t' world. No one bu' ye knows, I hope ye trus' me, frien', cause I b' placin' trus' in ye." Her voice had lowered to a near whisper as she spoke. She was afraid.

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"I don't know who to trust anymore," Azhira whispered. "I've been betrayed before...hurt..."

The mage paused, lowered her head and took a breath. She finally stood and faced her new, mysterious ally. If this woman, Ceyehne, was who she said she was, then she was probably just as much in danger as Azhira. Of course, Azhira chided herself, this Ceyehne didn't blatantly display her powers for all to see.

Right now, there was no way out of this city. Azhira wondered how she was going to survive now, but there were ways. She was a thief and a mage of the wind element. She had survived before in the face of danger and she knew how to keep hidden. But, for the life of her, she wasn't going to hide forever in this dusty old building.

If this Cayehne could help, Azhira would let her. Trust. Azhira mulled the word over in her mind. What other alternatives did she have?

"Alright, shadowdancer," Azhira said, her voice more confident. "I'll trust you for now. Know I do not bestow trust easily, but I see little alternative. Do you have a plan? What does your companion say about this? Is he willing to risk his life to aid a wanted person such as myself?"

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As Eric wandered away from the harbour district, the bracing wind died down a little.  The stone buildings that lined the streets seemed to be protecting the city from the wild weather.  The soft snow silently fell from the soot black sky, gently blanketing everything with a pure white coat.

Eric felt suffocated.  The innocent snow seemed insidious in its unrelenting advance.  It seemed to Eric as though the gods were laying a funeral shroud over the city.

Continuing his journey onwards, Eric started to feel the unpleasant sensation of being away from his boat and the sea.  It was a creeping, prickly feeling that slowly crawled up his spine and over his brain.

The floor didn't feel right.  It didn't sway and pitch like it ought.  The air didn't smell right.  It was stagnant and lacking its usual salty tang.  And it was too quiet by far!

Eric licked his lips and started to sing the chantey that he had started on the Runner.  It made him feel better; more at ease.  A comforting connection to his crew and the sea.

"Now let ev'ry man drink off his full bum'er,
And let ev'ry man drink off his full glass;
We'll drink and be jolly and drown melancholy,
And 'ere's to the 'ealth of each true-'earted lass!"

Suddenly, the narrow streets widened into a large square.

Eric stopped in his tracks as he regarded it.  Smiling, he nodded his head in appreciation.  The whole square was filled with ghostly sculptures made from ice.  They sparkled all over as they bathed in a sea of light provided by lanterns hung atop poles.

Turning to take a closer look at one, Eric marvelled at the fine workmanship.  Maybe this place wasn't going to be so bad, after all!

It seemed as though this was the main square, or at least a very popular one.  There were a number of fresh tracks in the snow, and Eric could see a few people wandering around.

Deciding that he'd need a little help in locating the inn, Eric approached a man who was walking quickly past.  "Ahoy there, mate!"  he said in a jovial tone.  The man stopped walking and turned his head in Eric's direction.  "Does 'ee know where I can find The Wison's Breath Inn?"

"Of course," the man replied.  Then, after having a quick look around, he pointed in a southerly direction.  "It's that way.  Not much further."

Eric thanked the man and set off again, walking further south.

Soon enough, a building came into view that seemed to be busy.  The snow outside its door hadn't had a chance to settle properly, and warm light flooded out from its front windows.  Eric made his way over to have a closer look.

When he saw the sign hanging above its door, he smiled again.  So this be the Wison's, then, he thought to himself with pleasure.

It was just the kind of tavern that he was looking for; upmarket and obviously catering to the more well-heeled members of Remusiat society.  The kind of people that wouldn't mind spending a few more coins to purchase fine liquor.

After straightening his hat and stroking his beard into place, Eric slowly opened the door and made his entrance.

It was time to play the wealthy merchant game!

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Céyehne wanted so badly to assure the woman Azhira that she, too, had been hurt before. Instead, she kept her ginger lips tightly closed and simply listened. She reached up to smooth her snowy hair and calmly looked into the eyes of the mage woman as she seemed to assess her as well. When her questions came piling out, the Shadowmancer smiled. There was the inquisitive nature that would get them much farther on this little excursion.

The issue now was that she was not sure why Torscha wanted to do this. He seemed deathly.. well, near-to-deathly, of magic and its use. She wanted entirely sure why he wanted to speak with Azhira, let alone keep her alive and safe. Nevertheless, he waited in the Wison’s Breath Inn, she was sure of it. Although it had been only a few hours since their first meeting, she knew he was there, and she knew he would not abandon their search nor her.

Easily standing again, her movements as smooth and fluid as always, the Kar-ii looked down at Azhira. ”I b’ havin’ t’ prove me trust then? So b’ it..” She mulled that over in her mind. She was a small, timid woman, usually the one afraid and ready to run and hide. This was such a strange predicament to be in. ”T’ one guard has seen ye, bu’ if ye keep yer hood up, ye’ll make it t’ t’ Inn an’ we’ll fin’ me frien’ in a room. He b’ t’ one with somethin’ t’ say… “ She paused for a moment, her voice strengthening. ”Bu’ I b’ wantin’ t’ keep ye safe, an’ I will.”

Giving a firm nod and pulling the black hood of her cloak up, the dancer moved her small figure lithely out the open window. She stood in the snowy street, thinking of her home and how beautiful the weather was despite the bitter breeze. It did not bother her. She first checked for busyness in the street, and when it looked to be fairly clear she reached a slender arm back into the building and motioned for the woman to follow.

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Following the directions of the barkeeper had brought Toama and the old man to the city square. The unconscious woman in her arms was starting to weigh, but she was fine so long as she could keep moving. Entering the square no longer made her stop in the way that it had the very first time she'd seen it, but she still very much enjoyed the sight it offered, even when it was dark like now. Strategically placed torches reflected in the sculptures, so it was still rather a spectacle, despite the fact that you couldn't see most of the actual shapes.

Two people passed her, their cloaks drawn tightly around themselves and their hoods drawn up. They were headed towards the building next to Toama. She looked at it for a moment, before she realised that it was that other inn. Everything looked so different in the dark... Apart from these two, she didn't see very many people on the square. In fact, she saw none at all. And who could be blamed for staying inside in all this cold? There was even snow falling... She couldn't help it, she much preferred the heat of the desert, even if the nights there could become as cold as this weather.

Feeling the snow on her arms made her realise that she'd not only left her bow in her room, but also her cloak. She'd been so preoccupied with the woman that she hadn't thought about the coldness of the night air. It didn't really matter though. Carrying the woman was producing quite enough warmth that the snow couldn't do anything - it practically melted away before it touched her. She would still be glad to get inside that temple though.

She stopped for a moment, right next to the inn, and tried to orientate. She shifted the woman in her arms a bit for better grip, then looked at the elderly man. "You rememberink how woman say we go? Square is lookink different in night..." She'd find the right way eventually, she had no doubt, but she needed a little reminder of the words that the woman had used. Was it the street straight ahead, on the other side of the square? Or was it the one going to the right? She looked up at the man, hoping that he knew the answer. He was a bit taller than her, something like a palmspan. He was closing on two peds, she estimated. That made him almost like a giant among humans, but he didn't look the part - maybe because he stooped slightly.

Her eyes turned back to the other side of the square. She had to know, she'd passed that temple. But was it the one straight ahead or the one to the right... If she wasn't carrying a person, she would scratch her head. As it was, she just looked from one street to the other, then shifted her burden once more and prepared to cross the square - they had to be on the other side in any case, of that she was sure.

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Azhira followed the shadow dancer reluctantly at first, as she moved slowly and with care, but decided that she could be trusted after all, for now, and moved behind her. She kept pace with her newfound friend and never looked up for more than a few blinks as she wanted to keep her head low and her hood covering her bald head. The wind was becoming bitter cold and the snow was beginning to accumulate on her shoulders and hood.

Azhira managed to glance up and saw the shadow woman ahead of her. Her brow furrowed and her eyes narrowed at the sight of another woman in the street. Azhira paused, her steps slowing, as she continued to stare at the other woman.

Something about her...

The mage stopped and caught Ceyehne's arm. Azhira looked at the familiar woman. Not even thinking, she asked: "Do you need help?"

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Brem opened his eyes, turned and left the Wison Breath Inn.  He had no more stomach for what went on within its walls.  Those people were all dead, they just did not yet realize it.  He needed to get away from them; away from the stinking, rotting flesh that assailled his senses and threatened to make him nauseous.  The were animated corpses; vacant eyes staring out from rotting skulls, nothing more.

The cold wind soothed his mind, and he came to a stop, leaned against a stone wall, and panted heavily.  The world spun about, and wave after wave of nausea hit him until the contents of his stomach forced their way up and out.  He doubled over as spasm after spasm splashed bile onto the snow at his feet. 

When he was through, he rose straight once more, and wiped his mouth onto the sleeve of his coat.  He needed to get to the temple.  It was the one place in the city where he knew the old gods, the real gods, would be there to hear his pleas.  He needed to rest, to regain his senses.  The gods would show him the way.  They would show him the true path.

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Zann maintained his pace with that of the woman, following her until they should reach the temple. With each step he grew less interested. Why should he go all the way to a heathen temple? Thoughts of turning around and going back to the tavern crossed his mind many times. This is not his problem. If she want her to be healed by some fake priest then so be it.

A gaze at the barmaid and her pale features kept him from deserting the woman. She needed help, and if the barmaid can't take her to a temple, event if it isn't one of Nehtor, then it's u to him and his companion. Pagan temple or not, he'll bring the woman to the place, and he'll watch over her too.

"You rememberink how woman say we go? Square is lookink different in night..."

"Huh?" replied the puzzled priest. it took him some time before he was able to decipher the meaning of what she said. "Oh, the way to the temple," He said. "I'm sorry, I am but a foreigner in this strange land. perhaps we should ask one of the residents here?" It doesn't take a wise man to tell him that they should get to a shelter as soon as possible.

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The man assured her that he didn't know the way. Much use he was... she would almost wish that he'd go back to the inn and leave her to deal with it. But maybe she would need him later on, so she didn't tell him to go back. Instead, she made up her mind that it was the way straight ahead. She was just about to walk in that direction, when she was addressed by one of the persons that had been passing, who asked if she needed help. Glancing down at the woman in her arms for a moment, she shook her head. "No, not needink help, unless you know... way..." She fell silent, because just at that moment she'd looked up. The woman's hood had shifted just a little - enough for Toama's sharp eyes to see a tattoo on the woman's forehead.

She'd lost what she was saying. When she realised that she was staring, she quickly shut her mouth, though she immediately opened it again to say something else. This time it was not in Tharian. Seeing the Wani'toia had brought her own language back, so without thinking about it, she said in the language of the Sor'inyt: "Sister? You're a Sand Sister, are you not? How did you get here to this cold land?" She couldn't believe her eyes, but she was so sure that she recognised the tattoos. And there had been no hair near them, though it was possible that the hood covered that. It still looked as though this woman was bald.

Thinking that brought back more memories, as she had noticed memories tend to do. There had been a Sand Sister, who'd been really young when she'd gotten her Wani'toia. She had been so proud of it that she'd started shaving her head. And she'd left later on, for the same reason as Toama herself, only years earlier. She'd thought about her a few times since her own exile, wondering how one like herself had been doing. What had been her name again? Thinking hard, she fixed her brown eyes on the woman before her, trying to see under the hood again, though it was now firmly in place again. "... Azhira?" she asked hesitantly, uncertain if she was right, but getting more convinced by the second.

Discovering in so unlikely a place someone of her own tribe had made her quite forget the unconscious woman in her arms. The weight made her remember though. Shifting her arms again to keep the barmaid where she was, she quickly said to Azhira, still in their own language and not really awaiting her answer: "Look, I have to take care of this woman first. I will come to visit you as soon as I can. Are you staying at the inn here?" She was already moving towards the road she'd decided on as she said this, barely taking the time to see a nod - she assumed that the hood moving was indeed a nod that yes, she was staying in the inn. With a quick smile at Azhira's companion (whose face she couldn't see either, she too was hooded) she turned around and walked across the square, looking back a few times. If it hadn't been for the woman in her arms, she would have gone with the other woman right then and there; but she had a charge, and she had to honour that. First take care of the woman, then take some time to get some questions answered.

She found herself walking behind a man. Well, the town was busier than she'd expected with this weather... But then these people probably didn't care about the cold, much as she didn't care about the heat of the desert. Or rather, she cared about it, as the heat of her home - but when she still lived there, she rarely thought about it. She soon forgot the man in front of them though, when she saw a building that was obviously not just a place to live. Turning to the old man, she smiled and said "I think we found it." Then, realising that she'd fallen back into her own language, her tanned skin turned a deeper colour and she quickly corrected herself. "Oh... I think we find." she accompanied this sentence with a nod of her head that was directed at the building that could be nothing else than a temple.

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Zann paused for a while as Toama talked with another hooded woman in a language that he did not understood. He looked at them quizzically, as if searching for a hint as to what they are talking about. Maybe it was for some directions to the temple; that was of utmost importance at this time. Perhaps these two where residents of this land, but a quick glance at their situation ruled that guess out. She wouldn't need directions if she were a citizen of this frozen land.

The priest averted his gaze towards the direction the woman pointed. He strained his eyes to get a better look. Snow and the absence of light blurred his vision, but he saw what the woman was pointing at. A big stone building, different than the rest of the structures around the square, stood ahead of them. Without a doubt this must be the temple they are looking for.

Then the woman turned to him and spoke some words to him. The priest stared at the woman, not quite sure on how to react to her jibberish. The woman must have realized this, for she quickly spoke a sort of crude Tharian to him, the translation of what she had said earlier. Zann admired people who can speak many different types of languages and dialogues. Although she is obviously from another tribe, she can speak and understand it. Zann nodded at the woman in return, then promptly slowed his pace to let the woman lead the way.

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It was like the world halted and Azhira was thrown off into the deep chasms of the netherworld.

Another Sister! Here in Remusiat?

The mage gaped, her current situation and her shadow dancer companion all but  forgotten. All she could do was stare at her fellow Sister standing in front of her. She recognized the Wani’toia upon the woman's face. Sure enough, no such mark could possibly exist on anyone other than a true Sand Sister.

When the woman spoke her name, Azhira took a step back. Long ago in her past life, Azhira took great pains to flee her homeland and her people. The pain of losing her son and her family honor was too much to bear hence the reason for her departure more than a decade ago. She thought she'd never see a Sor'inyt again. She never wanted to see a Sor'inyt again. Yet, here one was, plain as the nightmares that haunted her night after night. Did her tribe find her? Could they have possibly tracked her so far north? Azhira shook her head. Her thoughts were muddled and her focus was lost. All she could do was nod to the woman and mutter incoherently.

"," Azhira replied. "I will...I will meet you. Yes."

The mage twisted and looked upon Cey as if she could save her from this painful memory. The sight of a Sand Sister again after so many years brought back a flood of memories that she'd rather forget. Nevertheless, there was a small, tiny comfort in now knowing that a fellow Sister was here in this strange land. A land that hated mages. Quite possibly, a place that could get her killed.

Azhira moved to follow Cey and watched longingly as her Sister disappeared into the crowd.