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Title: Arintheos Gavalas / Helcrani / Sellsword-Brigand
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Arintheos Gavalas





Sleeping Beauty

Arintheos is a hard and brutal man, willing to do what it takes to live. Helping people one day for cash, and robbing them the next if jobs won’t come easy. His strange mental condition only further adds to his shadowy nature. Reclusive, reserved, and intelligent, most people are on edge when in his presence. When traveling with people, some are uneasy that he is doesn’t sleep for the duration of the contract, others find a feeling of security knowing he is always alert.


Height: 1 Ped, 2 Fores, 2 Palmspans, 1 Nailsbreadth, 1 Grain.
Weight: 1 Pygge, 7 Hebs, 1 Hafeb, 1 Od, 9 Mut.
Physical appearance:
Arin is a well built, and relatively tall. A hard life of fighting and constant travel have left their marks, through defined muscles, and gruesome scars. In one of the many fights he's been in, he lost half of his left forearm and hand as well. His stature lends to an oppressive aura that seems to follow him. He is also an intimidating figure to behold. A shaggy mane of red hair falls to his shoulders, he cuts it himself when it gets in the way. His eyes are a dark brown, and they almost appear black in any other light than sunlight.

Clothing: His clothing is simple, a wool tunic and undergarments. Since his pay comes from unreliable sources, usually his clothing is the cheapest rattiest thing he can afford. Some pants with holes in the knees, and a tattered wool rain cloak.  He also has a pair of rugged leather gloves and boots. For armor, he has a chain hauberk, steel greaves and vambraces that fit over top his boots and glove. He has a dented steel helm with a visor he has never been able to open.

Arin is reclusive, and tries not to get personal with people unless he is looking for a job, or someone to rob. He’s an intelligent man, capable of working his way out of situations that can’t be avoided.  Depending on how long he has gone without sleep, he develops problems speaking with people and loses his train of thought due to his constant state of exhaustion. He thinks through the jobs he takes on and tries to find a way to complete them as quickly as possible. Always looking ahead, to see if there are any complications that could cause a delay in his plans.  He’s a man of his word, and will do what it takes to complete a task given to him.  His dreams seem to stem from a feeling of guilt he has for killing his master, however he shows no mercy or remorse when faced with a dire situation, and will not hesitate to end confrontations as quickly as possible.

Berserk - A double-edged trait, though the downsides to it greatly outweigh its positives, while in a state of berserker rage Arintheos seems to exhibit excessive strength and seemingly limitless stamina. He will not stop fighting until he can no longer move on his own.

Swordsman - Has trained with a sword while he was a squire for Keegan.  He also has had several incidents in his life to test his ability with one.  He may not be the best around, but he can definitely hold his own in a fight.

Battle hardened – Pain is weakness leaving the body. In the heat of battle, minor wounds and injuries can be ignored until after it is over. He is also quite strong, and capable of cutting through mail and flesh alike.

Berserk – Sometimes while sleeping he becomes an enraged bloodthirsty killer, friend or foe hold no meaning in this state. Since learning what happens while he sleeps, he has even more reason not to sleep. This is one of the main reasons he tries to complete jobs as quickly as possible. He also usually locks himself in rooms when he does finally sleep so nothing could potentially provoke an outburst.

Night terrors – Arintheos is plagued by horrific visions of death and pain, which leave him disoriented upon waking from them. He desperately tries to avoid sleeping at all costs to keep from seeing these horrible things. However, constant lack of sleep has wracked his body and mind, leaving him horribly exhausted most of the time.

Sleep walking – When he finally does pass out from exhaustion he will sometimes randomly wander about, which leaves him dazed and confused when he comes to in an area he wasn’t in the night before.  These actions sometimes lead him into situations that aren’t very safe. However, there is a darker side to his actions when he sleeps.

Amputee - Lost half of his left forearm and hand to one of his opponents.  This makes doing everyday tasks much for difficult, and has forced Arin to find other ways to complete these simple tasks.

Poverty - Since Arin has no money to his name, he'll do basically anything, for a price of course.  This sometimes blinds him to his moral values and can make him do things he normally wouldn't do.

Wanted - Arin is a wanted man, and could be caught and turned in by anyone who recognizes him for a hefty sum.

Belongings: Hardly able to make a living, most of his belongings are the clothes on his back, and the armor he’s taken from fallen warriors.  He does however own one item that is precious to him: Crocea, the sword he received on his 15th birthday.  He also has a shield he has modified to be able to use even without his left hand.

Arintheos is the second born son of Julius and Cornelia Gavalas, living in the city of Milkengrad.  Five years after giving birth to Arintheos, his mother Cornelia died from disease. His father was never the same after her death, and tried to make life easier on his two boys by supporting them. His older brother Julius, named after their father, tried to be there for young Arin when their father was away. When Arin was seven, his father came home early from one of his travels and brought the boys gifts from distant towns he visited. Arin always looked forward to his father returning home. Events like this happened frequently throughout his early life. On Arin's fifteenth birthday his father returned home with a sword to give as a present. He named the sword Crocea. The next time his father left, his caravan was attacked by bandits and he was murdered. When the news reached the boys, there was great sadness in their hearts, and Arin swore to avenge his father and become a knight to protect people.

The opportunity presented itself to Arintheos shortly after his father's death to keep that promise, when he went to watch a joust. He was playing with some other orphans swinging wooden sticks around like swords, when a local knight named Keegan noticed how well young Arin was faring against the other boys. Seeing great potential in Arin, Keegan interrupted the skirmish and offered to make Arin his squire. Seizing the opprotunity to make good on his oath, he began to study under the knight to become a knight himself. During his training with Keegan, Arintheos ate raw eggs every morning to help build some size on his considerably lean frame. He respected his master for the most part, however, Keegan had several tendencies that Arintheos did not agree with. He would travel with his master to local inns and Keegan would force Arin to speak to the women there to meet him in the room Keegan rented for the night. However, it wasn't Arin they would be spending the night with, instead it was Keegan who was waiting in the room and he took advantage of the women that entered. Events like these eventually lead to Arintheos’ hatred of this man. When he was 18, the night before he was about to be recognized as a knight, he went into Keegan’s chamber and ran his sword through the body of the sleeping man repeatedly. After realizing what he just committed, he took several items from the knight’s estate and ran.  He was now a fugitive with no place to go.

For several years he traveled around, sleeping in the streets or out in the wilderness. He first began to have constant nightmares during this time. One night after Arintheos had gone to sleep, he found himself standing in the common area of the inn he was staying at. Looking around the dark and empty room, in a state of confusion, he searched for a reason for him to have been here. Then he noticed he wasn’t as alone as he thought.

A dark figure was sitting at the table next to him, and suddenly spoke, “You shouldn’t be here.”

As the figure lifted its head and looked Arin square in the face, the wooden room began to creak and groan as if it were going to collapse. Vivid images flashed through his mind, he saw Sir Keegan and looked down at his own hands to find they were dripping in blood. Arin jumped back in horror and went to draw his sword, but it was stuck in the scabbard. The groaning wood finally gave way, and the floor below him fell open. The walls collapsed around him and he fell into darkness. Suddenly Arintheos broke out of this awful ordeal and found himself in the room he rented for the night, his clothes drenched in cold sweat. 

He worked as a general mercenary for most of this time, trying to make a decent living doing jobs for those who need them. Taking little jobs like escorting traders from town to town, ensuring bandits won’t attack them.  These kinds of jobs have lead to many scuffles with them. However, on one occasion he was escorting a merchant to Milkengrad when a posse of city guards stopped them. They were searching all the wagons that entered the city for escaped criminals, when they asked Arin for his name.

Without thinking it through, he simply told the man, “Arintheos”. 

Then grins came across the guards’ faces, “Well what have we here?  Look who it is, Arintheos Gavalas - wanted for the murder of Sir Keegan. You’re coming with us!” yelled the guard. Before he realized what just happened he was seized by six men and bound with rope

Dragged off to the local prison and locked away in a cell, Arintheos found himself in quite a dilemma. There he sat in the cell thinking of a way for him to get out of this.

Hours turned to days, and the guard standing watch became quite irritated enough to start speaking with Arin, “I’ve been here standing watch until your execution for five days now and you haven’t gone to sleep once.”

Arin was quite startled by the sudden break in silence, and calmly turned to the guard and replied, “I don’t sleep.”

The guard’s confusion became apparent on his face. “What do you mean you don’t sleep? Everyone has to sleep, or they’ll go mad.”

A deranged smile curled from Arin’s mouth, “Then I must be mad.” He began to chuckle to himself. 

“Stop that!” that guard stated bluntly.

His chuckle slowly turned to a maniacal cackle. The guard was becoming uneasy and demanded Arintheos’ silence once more.

“That’s it! You asked for it!” the guard picked up a wooden rod and took the keys off his belt and began to unlock the door.

The guard stormed in and attempted to subdue him. Arin quickly leapt from the wooden plank of a bed and tackled the guard and wrestled him to the ground. The guard was surprised at how large Arin actually was, his slumped over position made him think otherwise. With his bound hands he began to strangle the life out of the guard, placing the large knot of the rope right into the guard’s neck. After a few seconds the guard’s body went limp. He then stood up and spat upon the fallen guard. 

He then seized the guard’s knife and cut himself loose, and took the keys with him. The adrenaline rush he got from performing this atrocious act seemed to invigorate him, no longer was he exhausted. He exchanged clothes with the guard and propped the guard against the corner of the cell hiding his face. He locked the cell behind him and looked out the small window in the door and noticed that the guards outside were changing shifts. He walked up the newly stationed guard and informed him that he was going to relieve himself.

Now wanted for another murder and escaping from prison, Arintheos decided to lay low for a while. Sticking to the shadier parts of towns to avoid suspicion, he met a bunch of rowdy men in a tavern. They were obviously having some bad luck on top of an already poor living standard and were boasting to the tavern they were going to start a marauding group of bandits in their drunken state. Arin took them quite seriously however, and decided to sit near them and listen in.  Apparently they were already minor thieves and small time crooks but they had a group about five of them ready to go. Arin came to the conclusion that he was already a criminal, and needed a source of income. So he offered to join them, and they accepted knowing that greater numbers will make things easier. He asked the lady behind the bar if there were any vacancies available and promptly got a room for the night.
In the room he put his heavy leather sack at the foot of the bed and sat down.  The bed was nothing more than straw covered in a wool sheet.

Arintheos jested to himself; “Guess I won’t be getting any sleep tonight.”
He didn’t plan on sleeping to begin with. As he sat in the quiet room he began to drift against his will and quickly found he was lying down. His eyes shut, and as soon as he realized he was about to go to sleep he opened his eyes again. Lying there in the darkness something began to catch his eye. Slowly a dark gash began to fall down before him, like a knife cutting through cloth the line suddenly stopped. Utterly startled by what was unfolding before him he sat up in the bed and leaned in to closer examine it.  Suddenly it opened, as if two hands had spread it apart and another pair seized him by his shoulders and hurdled him through the black void. He felt every muscle in his body contract as he tried to brace himself from this tremendous speed. There was nothing to see, the pitch black engulfed him tightening its grip on his body.  Where there was nothing to see, there were sounds to hear, screams of torment, groans of pain, and yet there was uneasy silence.

“This can’t be real!” Arin shouted in defiance.

He closed his eyes, hoping it would go away when he noticed breathing on his face only a few nailsbreadths away.

“I’m as real as you think I am.”  A voice said, as a sharp pain shot through Arin’s body. Arin yelled in pain, as the object inside him twisted. “I will never let you escape.” The voice stated again, and suddenly Arin’s body shook and he gasped for air as he found himself back in his room, now filled with concerned patrons that heard the commotion he was making.  After that night he gathered what little he had and started traveling with the men.

The group of marauders began to attack caravans passing between the cities, taking large profits from every victim. Arintheos was suffering from some night terrors that were getting worse and worse each time he eventually fell asleep. He couldn’t find out why these things were happening to him, which has been going on for almost as long as he can remember. The traveling bandits decided to stop and make camp one night after hearing reports from their scouts saying that there was a group of mercenaries out searching for them and would be nearing the camp tomorrow.  Knowing there would probably be a skirmish tomorrow, Arin felt he would need to have some rest so he wouldn’t be exhausted during the fight to come. In the middle of the night, one of the bandits keeping watch saw Arin walking around the camp and was quite concerned. As a bandit approached him, Arin suddenly turned around and drew his sword. The bandit yelled as he was cut down and woke the rest of the bandits from their sleep. After they put together what took place, they decided to attack Arin. One by one they fell before him until he was alone once again.

Arin awoke the next morning to see the massacre that took place in the night.

“Did the mercenaries launch a surprise attack during the night?” he thought to himself. He went to draw his blade as he thought they might still be around when he found his sword was stuck in its scabbard. After struggling with it for a moment he drew a bloodied Crocea. A look of horror came over him, “I did this…?” he thought as he stared at the blade covered in dried blood. At that moment the group of mercenaries entered the camp and cautiously approached Arin.

“You there! Are you responsible for this?” The leader of the mercenaries questioned.

Arin turned to him and responded after a pause, “Yes.”

The leader looked disappointed and then asked, "How about you join us then? You seem to be able to handle yourself well." 

Arin looked at the man and his comrades, "What's in it for me?"

"A portion of the bounty we were going to collect on those bandits."

Arin thought for a moment and looked at the men again, "You've got a deal."

With his new group, he traveled to the nearest town to collect their money.

With this group of mercenaries, life seemed to improve for Arin, even if the nightmares didn't. One day he was sitting at the table with the mercenaries, when they overheard a patron at the bar talk about the wanted posters on the wall behind the barkeeper.

"So Arintheos Gavalas still hasn't been captured?" The man asked.

The barkeeper responded, "Nope, no one knows a thing about his whereabouts either." 

The leader of the group walked up to the barkeeper, "How much is the bounty for him?" 

Arin looked concerned and began thinking of a way to get out quickly. 

"Ten silverbards." The barkeeper responded.

"Let me have a closer look at that poster." The leader demanded. Arin knew this wasn't going to end well, and got up from his seat and began to move toward the door. "Hold it right there, Arintheos Gavalas!" The leader yelled. The whole tavern went silent and the rest of the patrons scrambled to leave.

The leader drew his sword and pointed it toward Arin.  Arin drew his sword in response and assumed a defensive position. The three other mercenaries followed suit and approached Arin. When one got in range, he quickly thrusted his sword into his chest, and then parried the another's attack. Ducking under the second man's slash, he rose and stabbed the man in his throat then jumped back. The third man yelled and lashed out and his sword connected with Arin's chest, wounding him. Arin grabbed the man's sword arm and slashed his neck open.

The leader now approached Arin, "You'll pay for killing my men."

He cautiously walked over to the chair he was sitting in and grabbed his helm and put it on, as well as grabbing his shield. Armed only with his sword, Arin waited for the man to get closer. As the leader came in range, Arin lunged at him, but the leader blocked it with his shield and followed up by hacking through Arin's left forearm. Arin jumped back and screamed in pain, and brought his bloody stump close to his body. Arin then ran full speed at the man and rammed his shield with his shoulder. The back stumbled back, fell over and broke through the table they were at. Arin quickly seized the moment and jumped on the man, and slammed the pommel of his sword into the face of the man's helmet. The helmet crumpled on impact and Arin followed it up by driving his sword through his neck.

Arin collected himself, and ripped part of the leader's tunic off, picked up a large splinter from the table, and tied a crude tourniquet around his left arm using his only hand and mouth. He stood up and looked around the now empty tavern, then removed the man's helmet and took his shield and placed them with the rest of the leader's gear and took the bag with him as he escaped to the outskirts of the town. He made it to a remote area and decided to make camp.  After hours of struggling to make a fire with only one hand and his feet, he finally succeeded and put a small iron bowl on the fire and waited for the bottom to become red hot. After it did he cauterized his arm and began to get dizzy from blood loss and the pain. He collapsed next to the fire and passed out.

After a few years he made his way out of the Milkengrad area, and headed east. He made a quick stop in Cemphiria and bought some supplies for his journey ahead. Following the river to Jernais it took him several weeks to arrive. On his way to Carmalad he stopped in Doovens and in a tavern there and heard that a group was hiring escorts in Carmalad.  So he decided he would see what it was all about, after he saw how high the pay was. Finally he arrived in the port of Carmalad and found the man who was looking for help. The man was looking for a bodyguard to accompany him on a boat headed to Quios; he was clearly paranoid that someone would try to rob him of the goods he was taking with him, and it was also apparent he was quite wealthy when he handed Arin ten silver bards just for accepting the job.

That night he stayed in a nicer inn than he was used to, and as he lay there in his bed he thought to himself, "I hate sailing."

EDIT: Changed a sentence or two in his personality and how he was able to become a squire, though I couldn't seem to find where I might have said he had nightmares his whole life... but, anyways updated for now :D further comments appreciated.  Also added Swordsman as a strength while I noticed it wasn't listed, and 2 more weaknesses that will relate to an upcoming story.

Title: Re: Arintheos Gavalas / Helcrani / Sellsword-Brigand
Post by: Sir Ruil Mallister on January 31, 2008, 03:16:58 PM
Looks good to me, Arintheos.  I don't see any major problems, and your strengths and weaknesses seem balanced to me.  The only thing I might suggest is thinking more on your personality, and perhaps fleshing that out a wee bit more.  Other than that... I will give your CD another read through tomorrow just in case, but I think you're good to go.  A full mod should be around to say "hey" and either comment or commend and approve you.

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Post by: Simonne Miller on January 31, 2008, 04:32:57 PM
"Hey" ;)

I seem to see one or two inconsistencies in your history. One is that, so far as I can determine, when the mercenaries fight him when they discover his identity, they're in a bar. After a few paragraphs, they're suddenly fighting in a stable...
The other is that somewhere you say that he's had these nightmares almost as long as he can remember... But that's not true, is it? He didn't have these nightmares before he killed sir Keegan...
Also, did he give his real name to the mercenaries? If he did, why? Hasn't he learned yet that he's wanted? If he didn't, could you say it a bit more specifically, like which name he gave them? And then, 2000 silver pieces seems... Very much, even for someone who killed a knight. But it's possible that this is only my perception :)

There's also a typo here and there. When he gets the chance to become a knight, the second time you say 'opportunity' you wrote 'opprotunity' :) Also, it is not very easy to become a squire, certainly not for the son of what seems to be a merchant. So how did he get this opportunity?

A suggestion to add to your personality: he doesn't seem to be very attached to the people he works with/for. Like the bandits that he killed... As soon as a new job offers, five minutes after he discovers what he did, he joins the group that was chasing them, and he also doesn't seem to or feel much guilt, at killing either the bandits or the mercenaries.

Apart from these, I don't really see many problems... So you should be close to titling ^.^

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Post by: Arin Gavalas on January 31, 2008, 11:15:16 PM
Thank you for the input :D I'm at school currently, so I'll have to edit those issues when I get back to my computer at home.

Not bad for typos though, don't have word on my computer after I formatted it, so I had to write it in wordpad.  I'll get to fixing those today.

I'm kind of confused where you got fighting in stables from though >.>; unless I typoed "table" somewhere in there.

Thanks again for looking it through :)

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Post by: Simonne Miller on January 31, 2008, 11:43:22 PM
Oh... it does say 'table'... I must have misread that. Sorry, comment invalid! ;)

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Post by: Arin Gavalas on February 01, 2008, 01:06:55 AM
I'm not really sure what to do for a bounty though, so any suggestions for what a fair price for a person who murdered a knight,  a gaurd, and escaped from jail would be greatly helpful.

Updated for now, further comments welcome. :)

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Post by: Azhira Styralias on February 01, 2008, 01:18:38 AM
Those are some interesting weaknesses...something like night terrors or vivid dreams causing loss of sleep would have been something appropriate for my own character...wish I had thought of that! Anyway, I like your character. Perhaps Azhira and Arin could work together sometime?  :evil:

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Post by: Arin Gavalas on February 01, 2008, 05:14:43 AM
Thanks Azhira :)

He seems to have a lot going against him though xD

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Post by: Azhira Styralias on February 01, 2008, 06:32:54 AM
Hi me again...

As I read through your CD, I wondered a few things:

1. If Arin is sleep deprived, it would inhibit his fighting abilities as well as his social skills. A tired fighter would make mistakes and be slower than a well rested, alert fighter. That would be a weakness for sure.

2. I wouldn't view greed as a weakness. After all, no one is born rich and most adventurers would gladly take any kind of job for some money. You're trying to survive, not swindle every coin from everyone you meet.

3. Is Arin actively seeking a cure and/or therapy for his sleep deprivation? Has he visited healers or alchemists? For example, there is a plant called the Juk'lan, or "happy mouth", shrub ( that treats sleep disorders. I am sure there are others, but one goal might be for Arin to actively try to treat his symptoms of sleep disorders to actually help prevent his berserker rages, night terrors and sleep walking.

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Post by: Arin Gavalas on February 02, 2008, 02:40:05 AM
Hey Azhira,

Thanks for commenting again, and I'll answer the questions you have :)

1.) I didn't list it as a weakness, because it is mentioned in the other weaknesses that are the cause of his sleeping troubles.  So I didn't think it was necessary to repeat it >.>

2.) I'm working with someone who is creating a story soon, and his greed will be a weakness in that he'll do things that wouldn't be morally right for the money lol.

3.) Arin knows very little about medicines and other things, in fact his reading skills are very basic at best, and he is a wanted individual and doesn't really have the liberty to go research what types of things can help him.  Also, if he cured his problems, then they wouldn't be weaknesses :)

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Post by: Lursus Khrath on February 02, 2008, 03:15:42 AM
On point 3: Just thought I'd pop in and say that despite the apparent ease with which Santharian-born adventurers can hop on up to Remusiat on the northern edge of the world to participate in Frozen Darkness ( :P) - crossing from Southern Sarvonia into the north is not the simplest matter. With the Tandala highlands being more or less an impassable labyrinth of dragon-flavored death, the only viable method for a lone seeker of shrubbery to go beyond them would be by ship, which would likely be on the expensive side. The voyage the end of his history finds him going on is different, as he is apparently being paid to make the trip ... sweet deal sir. Very sweet deal.

For similar reasons, I doubt that such an herb would be easily available in the south, or if it is, expensive, for much the same reasons noted above. Gathering expeditions would be a risky and expensive undertaking, and even then I imagine only the wealthy would likely have access to it. And on that note, Arintheos, perhaps you should rename your "Greed" weakness "Poverty"? I think that better suits the idea that you're trying to get across.

Welcome to the board, by the way. :biggrin:

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Post by: Azhira Styralias on February 02, 2008, 03:30:15 AM
True Lursus, but I was simply trying to make a point that Arin doesn't necessarily have to live with such a condition. The way it is written, this sleeping problem is causing a huge issue in his life. While this is fine in and of itself, Arin doesn't have to choose to treat his issue, but I only mention that there are options out there. While such a specific herb is only found in the north, I am sure there are other types of herbs that are easier to obtain (I didn't bother looking through the entire herb section as I was only wishing to give Arin something to think about).

And, treating Arin's symptoms doesn't mean he has to cure them...only help control them somewhat so he isn't a loose, unpredictable man all the time. I mean, if Arin is out in the wilderness somewhere, he can't lock himself in a room. What if he sleepwalks right over a cliff? Or into a nasty cave filled with predators? Wouldn't Arin want to not do that? He would be pretty limited if he had to stay in a locked room every time he wanted to sleep.

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Post by: Sir Ruil Mallister on February 02, 2008, 04:01:48 AM
Hmm... I should hop into this discussion as well.  There are several points that I think are missing on all sides.

- Regardless of how tired one is, if their body enters a berserk rage, it is a very difficult thing to put said person down.  The entire fighting style changes, which makes them nearly impossible to predict and even when their attacks may be easily read, they are usually the kind that gives you very little chance of escaping alive and unmaimed.  Sure, he may be tired during a fight if he hasn't slept, but adrenaline will wake you up real quickly, and every time Arin does finally pass out, he will be well-rested when he finally does wake back up.  So this is a play-by-play evaluation, whether he's exhausted or not.

- Greed can be a weakness the same way most of the seven sins can be.  Being easily lured by money is a good way to be led into a trap.  Arin, I'd just make a couple sentences telling us exactly the extent to which Arin is greedy for money.

- The people who could give Arintheos any such herbs like you mention would probably be fairly well-known by the authorities nearby.  I would imagine that most places Arin could go in or around Milkengrad for these type of herbs would get him caught and arrested.  Being wanted would make Arin want to do things himself.  Plus, Arintheos has never gone far from Milkengrad most his life, so I don't see how he would know such herbs even existed, let alone where he might obtain them.

It takes a strong willpower to remain awake for days on end, but I think if you can play your character right, there shouldn't be any major issues, Arintheos.  Always try to keep in mind that your character, unless he sleeps the night before, will be often exhausted. Nonetheless, I hope you get approved soon, and I shall see you on the boards! :azn:

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Post by: Arin Gavalas on February 03, 2008, 07:05:48 AM
Your concerns have been taken into consideration, Greed has been changed to Poverty, as well as a sentence saying why it would be a weakness.

But no magic herbs for this sleepy fellow, he might start getting the munchies and he doesn't have the money to pay for munchies.

More comments welcome. :)

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Post by: Sir Ruil Mallister on February 04, 2008, 04:09:26 PM
I see no issues. Mods?

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Post by: Simonne Miller on February 04, 2008, 04:50:03 PM
Ok, I talked it over with some of the other CD mods and the admin, and we agreed that the price on his head would be 10 silverbards to 1 goldbard at most. 2000 silverbards really is too much, no place has that kind of money to hand out :)

I think, when you changed that, that you're ready for an approval ^.^

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Post by: Kalína Dalá'isyrás on February 04, 2008, 05:18:41 PM
We had actually been talking, and there are so many circumstances which go into setting a price on one's head. 1 Goldbard is almost the max I would really have any particular town below royalty, I was more thinking like 10-20 Nunes more likely

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Post by: Arin Gavalas on February 06, 2008, 01:14:16 AM
I've edited it to 10 silverbards, as per your suggestions.

Title: Re: Arintheos Gavalas / Helcrani / Sellsword-Brigand
Post by: Azhira Styralias on February 06, 2008, 03:06:12 AM
This is WAAAAY nitpicky..but...

I noticed that the word opportunity is misspelled a few times in your history as well as a few other words.

And, in your appearance, wouldn't it be quite rare for a red haired person to have brown eyes? Green or blue eyes would be more likely for someone with a red-headed gene. It just kind of threw me so I thought I'd mention it.

I have too much time on my hands (

And, I still don't understand the whole sleepwalking/fighting thing...but oh well.  :huh:

Otherwise, nice CD and congrats on a creating a very intimidating character.

Title: Re: Arintheos Gavalas / Helcrani / Sellsword-Brigand
Post by: Twén Aråerwén on February 06, 2008, 06:08:12 AM
~First Approval~  Exceptionally written character! Enjoy your time on the boards hun.

Title: Re: Arintheos Gavalas / Helcrani / Sellsword-Brigand
Post by: Arin Gavalas on February 06, 2008, 10:24:35 AM
Thanks Twén!

Azhira, I went ahead and ran it through spellcheck again - the only mispelled word it picked up was "bodyguard" - though I did find one example of opportunity that was wrong and not detected and fixed it. Strange.

As for the hair and eye color, I myself have red hair and brown eyes, so thanks for making me feel special :)

So close ...

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Post by: Kalína Dalá'isyrás on February 06, 2008, 02:09:07 PM
Second approval and title ^.^