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Title: A Market Place
Post by: Angela on April 04, 2008, 04:11:57 AM
I was reading some threads and someone mentioned something about the boards not tackling the domestic part of life. And an idea popped into my head and just wanted to know if anyone would be interested.

Have you ever wanted to create a merchant? A baker? A fletcher? A jewel maker? A blacksmith? and actually sell any of those things? Well, the market place might be the place for you! What if there was a place where your characters can rest from the fighting and from the sorcery? Just wander down the streets and look for some nice artifacts that might be of value?

What if your character is broke and there are no logical explanation on how he got that continuos supply of money. Maybe you can apply for a job as a guard maybe? A shopkeeper? or even a spy on a competition?

Okay, I think you get the idea. The market place would be like the Thirsty herald where people communicates  and get together. You can be someone in the market place that you always dreamed of. Even thieves would be very much active since they have a lot to steal but be weary of the guards!

Was thinking of this one,where the players could be more than just a fighter or a mage. But the market place will not only be filled with merchants selling things but also stores that would be offering services. There can also be bookstores, a inn or two, a tavern where you can hire someone who can spy on your competition in the market. Or you can also hire a guard for your own area in the market if you sense trouble is coming or if there was a rumour of thieves running around.

But of course, once in a while there will be a short story in the market place. Such as finding a lost object like a detective, defending people from a bandit attack, or help someone put out a blazing building!

Yeah its a bit too long and I repeat myself most of the time  :grin: but I want to know your opinions on this matter. Will be waiting for your responses (can't sleep..... insomnia  :D )

Title: Re: A Market Place
Post by: Eek on April 04, 2008, 05:30:07 AM
I attempted to create a character like this but then i changed him to the dwarven Galein. I try to do things that are not common the board (merman dwarves and i plan to create a hobbit and gnome when i get the time) but it is not easy to find a place for them and this is the kind of place that some of them could fit into well. If this ends up being created i would hope people started to create more normal people to rp here.

Title: Re: A Market Place
Post by: Ta'lia of the Seven Jewels on April 04, 2008, 07:16:28 AM
A good idea, Angela, but aren't the city games exactly that? There is a marketplace in every town, don't know, if there are many shopkeepers though. Maybe your idea could be integrated there, if it doesn't yet exist. Similar to it is the Fair, I think. A lot of opportunities to play out not so common characters as well.

Title: Re: A Market Place
Post by: Mina on April 04, 2008, 09:36:44 AM
It's quite similar, I suppose, but at a smaller scale, since it's only a small part of a city.  Probably would be somewhat easier to manage too. 

Title: Re: A Market Place
Post by: Angela on April 04, 2008, 02:39:13 PM
Yes, it could be a small part of a city. But unlike the city games, players will be more active and NPCs will be lesser. A player might even become captain of the guards, keeping the peace in the market place.

And there are no general stories in the market place, only mini ones that comes and go.

Title: Re: A Market Place
Post by: Luca the Thief on April 04, 2008, 03:31:42 PM
If you were interested in modding this marketplace, perhaps you could talk to the mods of the city games and ask to be a kind of marketplace-specific mod for that? It could possibly serve a dual purpose: players in the city will be inclined to visit the market while people going to the market will breathe some extra oomph in the cities?

Title: Re: A Market Place
Post by: Angela on April 04, 2008, 05:04:32 PM
Was also thinking of introducing the concept of money(fixed) in the marketplace. I mean if someone has a certain amount of money but it could ran out so that they won't buy anything everything in the market  ;) They would be more inclined to take a job up too!

Title: Re: A Market Place
Post by: Rookie Brownbark on April 04, 2008, 06:18:04 PM
How do you plan to run this story Angela?  Would you be directing the action and trying to pull the people into storylines, or would you want to just allow people to freely run their stalls? What NPCs are you planning to use?

I actually really like this idea, I might even join in if you get it up and running, but I'm still a little unclear on how it's working if you understand :).  Also, I think it might work better as a part of a city story too - your shopkeepers would get the passing trade.

Title: Re: A Market Place
Post by: Angela on April 04, 2008, 06:58:24 PM
I think people would be freely running their stores. The market place will not be help liable for loss of sales or any of that  :grin: . There actually exists no general storyline that the player will follow but then there will be mini-stories. The market place isn't really a market place but more like a small village in a trading route. There are 1 or two inns and there will be a market place itself. The players will have a lot of things to do. They can choose to become merchants and sell things that they have gather in their travel. Or they can be shopkeepers or bakers or beauticians. But the fighters will also not be forgotten as they can be hired as guards by other players for their stalls (especially if there are thieves around  :evil:) or by the shop owners (inn owners too!) Thieves might also get active as there are a lot of things to steal in the market place :)

As for the NPCs, most of them will be shopowners looking for someone to man their stalls or inn keepers. Guards too, and merchants as well.

But there will be a registration office so that the merchants can be controlled. Taxes will also be paid. So in the market place, the players will have an honest living (expcet thieves and alike!)

As for being a part of the city, I'll let the admins decide on that!

Title: Re: A Market Place
Post by: Rookie Brownbark on April 04, 2008, 07:21:02 PM
But, how are we going to know what to charge people for things?  Also, would it be more realistic to charge the stallowner for renting the plot in the first place, rather than actually taxing them a percentage of the sales?  In the few exhibitions I've been to this is how they are run - and it's simpler too :).

Title: Re: A Market Place
Post by: Simonne Miller on April 04, 2008, 07:31:07 PM
It's not the admin's job to decide how you will solve a problem. You're going to have to decide for yourself whether to make this a story on its own or to make it part of a city game. If the latter, it's your job to contact the moderators of the city game of your choice and work out the details with them...

Title: Re: A Market Place
Post by: Capher on April 04, 2008, 11:18:17 PM
I for one, who runs probably the largest city game would gladly take a market place in mine, as long as there was a mod to watch over the place, as I and my other co-mods have enough to do as it is.  And the decision to have the market place is not mine and mine alone, but would have to be discussed and all details ironed out by my co-mods and the mod of the market place.

As far as pricing things; I have already discussed that in a different thread and many discussions on how that would not work were viable on a general scale, however I believe in a small setting like the market place, we could actually set up a pricing scale and decide how much things are worth...etc.

All of it would be based on what medevil wages would be.

Title: Re: A Market Place
Post by: Azhira Styralias on April 04, 2008, 11:21:03 PM
Not to discourage anyone about this idea...but after the initial excitement of getting a Market Place going, how assured is it that it will stay active? I mean, how much suspense and thrill can you expect out of a marketplace? You come, do your business, then leave. If I wanted to loiter, I would grab a table in the Hearth and chat. I'm am just wanting to understand this idea some more... :undecided:

Title: Re: A Market Place
Post by: Angela on April 04, 2008, 11:28:25 PM
Well this idea is still an idea and is still open for many many opinions and changes. Nothing as of yet is fixed. The general idea is still being developed. If this will become a part of the city then it will just go with the citie's flow but if this is a stand-alone then we can throw inns and stuff.

Well if a player runs a stall, they could be responsible for their own prices.

Title: Re: A Market Place
Post by: Rookie Brownbark on April 05, 2008, 12:23:26 AM
Well if a player runs a stall, they could be responsible for their own prices.

It's still going to be up to you and whoever else is modding the story to check those prices are accurate though ;)

Title: Re: A Market Place
Post by: Azhira Styralias on April 05, 2008, 12:32:53 AM
Then such an idea should be a part of an established city thread like Nyermersys or Voldar. That would make the city stories really come alive and provide several people to play. The main story mods wouldn't have to worry about puppeting minor tavern owners and shopkeepers.

However, should someone want into the main storyline, it could become a problem for the mods trying to integrate them.

Title: Re: A Market Place
Post by: Capher on April 05, 2008, 01:02:21 AM
That depends upon the mod's imagination... :grin:

Title: Re: A Market Place
Post by: Angela on April 05, 2008, 01:03:17 AM

Well yes but then it will be the players business. It will be thir own decision on how much they would like to sell their wares. The prices will affect the buyer's choice and will affect the business.

I got an idea on how to make the players decide on their prices but all of it will be based if every player have "fixed" money which means that all their money are counted and everything they spend would be calculated. Or if there was a quota fee for the rent of the day. They have to get x amount of money to be able to pay the rent for the stalls.

If the market place was to be added to a city then it would most likely be Voldar since I am quite familiar with the story and things that are happening in the city (well my other side is  :grin: don't know however if the mods will be interested)

Title: Re: A Market Place
Post by: Luca the Thief on April 06, 2008, 02:33:05 PM
I do not wish to be a naysayer about this idea because it is a nice, original one, but I fear this marketplace may have the same fate as the Home Threads which are an ultimate flop. I think a great risk is set up when making little mods out of each and every player in a story; not that I have no faith in our roleplaying community, I just think humanity in general is better suited to have a few people in charge than give everybody a little power. The home threads failed largely because of a lack of interest and activity from both the individual mods of the homes and the people that visited; what would make the marketplace different?

Title: Re: A Market Place
Post by: Nox Echiiscuan on April 06, 2008, 03:11:28 PM
Uhhmm....... a whore house?

Title: Re: A Market Place
Post by: Twn Arerwn on April 06, 2008, 03:12:56 PM
I am in somewhat of a disagreement with much that has been said about the "Home Thread" forums. The idea seemed quite sound in the general gist of things but poor planning is more the cause of the failure than anything else. The entire concept was left to a single moderator to handle and with an untimely departure of the solo mod, destroyed the thread more-so than anything else IMHO. I do not fault Kareesh for this, as we have all had RL issues that have drawn us away at various times. But I think the poor planning of having a solitary individual in charge broke the idea more than anything else. I know a couple players that were putting in extensive work to get their 'homes' up and running. Yet with no one to answer simple questions for them, their ideas ground to a halt.

In no way am I saying that the idea would have been a huge success, but I also do not think the idea was properly handled for all avenues to be explored. Hence using it as an example on why similar ideas would fail does not sound like an informed decision. Just my two sans.
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Title: Re: A Market Place
Post by: Torscha on April 06, 2008, 07:28:54 PM
I heartily second the idea of a whore hosue, and volunteer myself as one of the titular "whores". I predict that I will starve within the week.

Title: Re: A Market Place
Post by: Luca the Thief on April 17, 2008, 02:47:33 PM
Bahahah Torscha.  :lol:

That's really the only input I had. *skeedaddles*

Title: Re: A Market Place
Post by: Nox Echiiscuan on April 17, 2008, 03:05:56 PM
Well, for the whole Whore House idea...

Uhm. I was thinking of making it also a hiding place for... say... outlaws currently running from authority or something. It's already a Whore House and I think that if you add the outlaws-bit to the mix it'll spice things up a little bit- not that a whore-house needs spicing up. But, to be honest, simply whoring gets boring after a while.

The only real thing stopping me from starting up the Whore House at the moment is that I still have to write the characters required to start it up. They are, however, in the works at this point in time and I will hopefully finish them soon since I basically have the history already written- what, with them being Daelynn's siblings and all that.

Oh, that and the whole modding thing. It, frankly, scares the bajesus out of me. I don't know how to mod. I don't know how to direct a storyline or anything. I suppose it's something that I'm willing to learn how to do, but to just fly by the seat of my pants doesn't seem like a very appealing idea to me. Perhaps if I had someone willing to help me out with that? Of course, I wouldn't want to be the main mod of the story. I'd be willing to hand over the main lady, Sylvianna, to someone I trust to handle it for the modding. And then I'd be happy to co-mod while I learn how to do this whole modding thing. Though, there are three main ladies, so I wouldn't mind having another co-mod to play the third one.

Another thing that puts me off to the idea is that if it is just me and one other person modding the Whore House, I'll be playing two characters. Interacting with myself, in all honestly, is something that I find strange. Sure, I talk to myself sometimes, but I'd really rather not RP with myself.

Er, did any of that make sense?

Jesus, I'm rambling. I'm stopping now!   *bites her lip and flees*

Title: Re: A Market Place
Post by: Roslynn Chadwick on April 18, 2008, 11:47:11 AM
I love this idea, whether it be its own story or a thread within a story. I've wanted to create character, most likely an elf, who makes and sells her own perfume. So whether or not this idea becomes its own story, I'd love to be a part of it!!