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Title: Ximax
Post by: Ta'lia of the Seven Jewels on October 15, 2009, 05:23:29 AM
It is past dawn, when Talia awakes. The soft, warm bed, the undisturbed silence and the relative darkness of the room compared to a night under trees have let her sleep much longer than she would normally. For some minutes she stays in bed, thinking about what all has happened in the past days, but then her unrest is too great and she rises from the bed.

Nobody is here, she is alone, and as she realises this, she sits down again on her bed. Terra, she assumes, is with Ta‘las, and while thinking at the two, a smile crosses her face. At least something which can lighten the heart. But there is no Terri either, and she misses her dearly. So many of their companions of their journey are now elsewhere. And she had thought always, they would stay with the group till the end, where ever that end would be, or when. Only Capher, the leader of their group and Terra are left from those who initially started out in the Herald. Later Ta'las was sent.. by the gods, to rescue her an she dearly hopes, he will not vanish as so many before. Capher. Her heart gets heavy again. Hopefully he is alright! Hopefully they can help him.

She is about to fall in a very dark mood again, sits on the edge of her bed and stares into the nothing,  but then her stomach rumbles, she shakes her head, being angry with herself. Finally she dresses to get down to look for a breakfast and possible Terra and Ta‘las.

And there, in the common room, she finds in a corner, on a stool, a red, curled up fox and close to his belly, protected by its legs, a tiny white little person. And Talia blushes. How could she have forgotten Roosje! Has she not already fought with them for their lives! Has she not slept near her heart to warm up.

She knees down to observe the two a bit closer. She wants to caress the Fox and the tiny white hair of the brownie, but her hand hovers over the fox and she dares not to touch one of them in their sleep. The fox finally opens an eye, but only looks shortly at Talia. It realises, that there is no danger and closes its eyes again. Talia stays a little while to look at both and promises herself, that in future she would not neglect that lovely little person anymore. That is not, what she deserves.

 Her stomach reminds her, that food is an essential for living  and so she leaves both, fox and brownie to order a breakfast for a human and a brownie. Terra and Ta‘las would have to do it themselves, the danger, that a hot breakfast might be cold when they arrived seems Talia to high. And again her heart gets lighter.

All will be well with Capher soon! And then we search with new power for the anvil!

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Post by: Talas Anthavin on October 29, 2009, 11:02:58 AM
Ta'las wakes the following morning, and smiles pleasantly as he looks over Terra's sleeping face.  And of course, he takes in the rest of her - he smiles again, this time recalling their night together, and hoping they will have more such opportunities.  The Shendar softly kisses her and then quietly rises, not wanting to disturb her sleep, and begins to dress himself.  Before he gets far, he catches a glimpse of himself in a small mirror sitting on a dresser next to their bed, and frowns.  He has neglected to shave himself - a pet-peeve, but something that bothers him enough that he takes the time to remove the stubble from his face and neck.

As he shaves, he contemplates what they will do today.  We must begin to look for the Sword of Fury - surely there must be someone in Ximax who can tell us of its last known resting place.  The library is the first place Ta'las had thought to look, and he is convinced that is at least the place to start.  However, there is one major flaw with the Shendar's plan - he cannot read.  He looks anxiously over at Terra, and wonders if he should confide in her.  But what will she think? he worries to himself.  But perhaps there is a way he can keep his secret.

When he is finishied shaving, Ta'las puts away his razor and washes his face.  Then, he sits next to Terra, and gently nudges her shoulder.  "Lady Terra, Injera already looks down upon us from the morning sky."  Ta'las kisses her again.  "Plus, my stomach must be filled."

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Post by: Terra Artemos on October 29, 2009, 11:37:45 PM
Terra wakes and smiles at Ta'las as his words slowly filter through her waking.

"Then let me dress my love, and we will fill our stomachs together."

Her voice is soft and carries with it the departure of sleep as she sits up at first covering herself in a silly gesture of modesty as she looks around trying to remember where she had left her pack. Her thoughts without full control of her waking mind keep slipping to memories of the previous night, returning to her a slight tingle of bliss. Finally as she lets the sheet slip from her she spots her pack in the corner. Raising from the bed she begins to search her back finally retrieving an oilskin wrapped parcel, laying it on the bed she hesitates shortly at opening it, as if opening it would ruin the dress within, but finally she opens it to see she had wrapped it well since last time she wore it and it had not suffered from the events at the ferry. Terra dresses herself in her white dress with a belt around her hips which would take up her sword, then smiles to Ta'las.

"Come my love, let us find our friends and start this day with a morning meal together.*

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Post by: Talas Anthavin on November 05, 2009, 12:04:15 PM
Ta'las smiles back at Terra, takes a moment to admire how she looks in the dress, and then opens the door which opens into the hall.  The sounds of several customers eating and talking in the common room mix with the clamour of the kitchen staff.  He winks at Terra.  "You'll definitely turn some heads, Lady Terra."  Then he grabs her hand and walks out into common room.  The room is full, so it takes a few moments for him to spot their travelling companions.

"Good morning my friends," he says quietly, and with a smile.  "I hope you haven't been waiting too long."

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Post by: Terra Artemos on November 07, 2009, 02:10:27 AM
Terra smiles a special smile meant only for Ta'las at his remark, her features softened with joy and contentment of the moment. Her eyes and baring, though in the swoon of love, betray that under the dress is a warrior and the Moonblade at her hip is no fancy trinket.

"Yet the only eyes that matter to me are yours my love, or those that look upon you, myself or are friends with the intent of malice or harm."

Terra walk close at Ta'las' side, happy, content, and yet with a warriors watchful eye. She feels at peace, finally at balance with herself. The warrior and the woman no longer at odds, but one with purpose. To love, and fight for and to protect those she loves and hold dear. Ta'las, the desert warrior she loves so dearly. Talia, a skilled adventurer from her loves homeland, a woman in which Tarra feels she can turn to for advice and guidance, like and older sister. Capher, an ancient and powerful dragon, and yet like a father to her. And companions past.

She is pulled from her thoughts when Ta'las takes her hand, she smiles all her love in her special smile to him and walks with him to their friends. Terra smiles radiantly to Talia as Ta'las announces them, takes the seat next to her and leaves the seat at her side for Ta'las.

"I hope you slept well."

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Post by: Ta'lia of the Seven Jewels on November 15, 2009, 07:15:47 PM
"I hope you slept well."

Terra and Ta‘las have come to join her, earlier than Talia has assumed. The breakfast has not arrived yet.

„Yes, I did! A soft, warm bed does wonders. And now, that Capher is hopefully in capable hands, the pressure about his well being is somewhat lifted. I didn‘t sleep for so long for quite some time. I think we all did! You two..“ and now Talia smiles gives her two friends a broad smile“ and look, Roosje and her fox are over there, they enjoy the dry place also! But I have ordered only breakfast for me and Roosje, we have to fix that! I‘ll go and order two more!“

She goes over to the bar and orders more breakfast portions for Terra and Ta‘las. A lot of people are here, as she only now recognises. There an extremely beautiful elf with long golden curls catches her eyes. It is unfair, Talia thinks, probably she is 900 years old and looks already in the morning fresh like a 15 years olds girl. Unaware of herself, she tries to flatten her braid. She should have given it more attention, but she has been hungry for food and company (not sure, in which order), that her appearance was no concern for her after she has woken up.

On her way back to the table, Talia‘s eyes meet a pair of large deep blue eyes watching her. The young woman to whom they belong is suddenly embarrassed as she realises, that Talia has noticed her. Colour rushes to her lovely face, which makes her even prettier. Such honey blond hair! She places both hands over her heart and gazes at Talia apologetically.  "I'm sorry," she mouths, before looking back to her own table.

Talia stops at her table, laughing at her. „Don‘t worry! I‘m used to be stared at, with my not so common outfit. But if you really want to meet somebody special, I‘ll show you my aj‘nuvic after breakfast! Just come over and join us later. Now I‘m hungry!“

Back at the table she takes her place next to Terra.

„Now, I won‘t ask you now, how the night was for you, I see, it was a good one!“ she says with a grin on her face. Teasing or even a tiny bit of embarrassing friends is one of her favourite hobbies, if she is in a merry mood.  Expectantly she waits, if any of the two will at least blush a little bit.

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Post by: Roosje Greenfields on November 16, 2009, 02:36:05 AM
When Roosje wakes up and stretches herself, she finds that Talia, Terra and Ta'las are already downstairs. She feels a little bit better than last night, her mood lightened by a good night's rest. For a while she just leans back against the still sleeping form of her mount, watching the morning activity in the common room.

As soon as she notices that Inuya has awoken (probably from the smell of food coming from the kitchen), she fixes her harness and climbs onto the fox's back. That was the thing with travelling with these tall folk - she was always on her fox, because without Inuya she could reach nowhere, unless she was carried by one of them. If she didn't want to feel like a doll all the time, she had no choice but to make use of Inuya all the time. She liked tallfolk, but not that much.

Jumping up on the table, she waves to her companions and calls out. "Good morning! Sleep well everyone?"

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Post by: Terra Artemos on November 20, 2009, 01:41:37 PM
Terra's eyes follow Talia as they alertly glance away from Ta'las for brief moments though she continues to smile her special smile only for him. She is quite aware they had the attention of some of the individuals in the Inn, she wanted to make sure it was not the wrong kind of attention. Most that caught her glances only smiled as if reminded of that special quality of new love, she return their smile. A few others that were without a doubt leering at her despite the fact the hand of the one being in hers simply looked away at her appraising glances as they remind them that she is not just a pretty maiden with a trinket sword, but a warrior and one for whom her honor and heart were spoken for.

Before long Talia returns taking her seat again, as she does so her comment makes Terra blush a shortly from being so caught off guard by the unspoken meaning of her words. As quickly as the blush of surprise had come and gone so to had her mind in a new way it had not for quite some time and replies.

"And like a good big sister you know just what I am doing."

Her lips take on a grin mirroring Talia's, and then spots Roosje's fox hopping up on the table as she waves from her mounts back and wave.

"Grand morning to you to Roosje. It has been a restful night, and I am glad to see it has rejuvenated you as well."

Terra's smile takes on a heir of gratitude as she looks to Roosje.

"Please forgive me for not thanking you earlier for your help on the ferry."

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Post by: Capher on November 21, 2009, 01:09:07 AM
The door to the academy opened and Capher blinked into the sunshine. He took his cane and with its help followed one of the guards that met him. "I will take you to the inn where your friends are," he said.

Capher nodded and silently followed the guard. His thoughts turned back to the previous night and what he had gone through and seen after being allowed to touch the Orb of Ximax. The orb was the most fascinating thing Capher had ever encountered. It was pure magic. Not even the elven magic of Xeua was that pure. Capher was certain the orb was part of, or had to have been part of Ava herself. He wondered if Talon knew of the orb or Seyella forbid, Eckra! If Eckra ever got a hold of the orb...

Capher could not even imagine the horrors.

Capher's guard led him to the inn's front door. "I will be waiting for you when the sun is almost down to take you back," he said, "In the meantime visit with your friends and enjoy the city." He opened the door and Capher walked in. "Thank you, " he said.

"Your most welcome, master," the guard replied.

Capher was no more draconian in sight but human, even his robe was plain as was his cane. The magical markings that had before been on them were gone. He walked into the common room and looked around. There! At that table were his friends. He walked over to them not noticing the glances, nor the whispers behind him, he just wanted to be with his friends.

Capher noticed that Ta'las and Terra seemed to sitting awfully close to one another and there was that certain glow around both of them. That glow that Capher had seen, but could never quite understand, since he was not human, the glow of love. It literally flowed from both of them, like a rainbow after a summer's rain.  Talia, was beaming as well and a glow surrounded her too, a glow of a different color, a soft hue of blue, the color of contentment and happiness. There was a color around Roosjie too, not quite the soft blue of Talia, but more of a purple, the color of happiness mixed with confusion, or doubt.

This power he had to see aura's was something Capher had not been able to do since way back when he first saw Talon's father. It would seem that the orb was renewing powers that he thought he had lost over the centuries.

Finally he stood at the front of the table. He looked down at Talia, "Is this seat taken?" He asked. "The food looks delicious and I am starving. He leaned his cane against the table, slightly bowed and looking each one in the eye said gratefully, "Hello my friends. It is good to see you all,"

It felt good to speak with a mouth.

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Post by: Ta'lia of the Seven Jewels on November 21, 2009, 05:27:28 AM
"And like a good big sister you know just what I am doing."

Terra answers to Talia‘s teasing about  how her night has been. And she grins back! That has been really a night they needed, now the morning looks much brighter than those before. Little Roosje jumps on the table, sitting on her fox.

"Good morning! Sleep well everyone?"

Her little voice is astonishingly good to hear, despite the noise in the room.

„Yes, Roosje, I slept so deeply, I didn‘t even miss your company. Why did you prefer to sleep downstairs, was that not a bit dangerous for a person so small as you are? Inuya could have been mistaken as... as.. don‘t know.  Do you want to come down from your fox and join us? Look, I asked the barkeeper for a tiny cup and plate. I think he has a little girl. Do you want to take something from my plate? I won‘t notice it.“

They have not really started with their breakfast, when the door opens an a cold draft announces a newcomer. Busy with her breakfast, Talia doesn‘t look up.

"Is this seat taken?"somebody asks. "The food looks delicious and I am starving.“ Talia is alerted and looks up. A well known face looks down on her.

"Hello my friends. It is good to see you all,"Capher says.

„Capher!“ Talia cries out and pushing her plate back towards Roosje, she jumps up and throws her arms around Capher, holding him tight for some time. But then she releases him out of her arms and  takes a step back, looking all over him.

„Capher, are you your old self again?“

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„Capher!“ Talia cries out and pushing her plate back towards Roosje, she jumps up and throws her arms around Capher, holding him tight for some time. But then she releases him out of her arms and  takes a step back, looking all over him.

Capher hugged Talia back, though not as tight as she held him, but it felt good. Finally she stepped back as if perhaps she was a bit embarrassed at her behavior especially in front of strangers. Those they traveled with would understand. Finally after looking him over she asks,

„Capher, are you your old self again?"

How do I answer that? he thought. He recalled once again all that he had gone through the previous night; the barriers of magic he had to pass, the puzzles he had to figure out to open some doorways and close others and then touching the orb itself for the first time. Am I my old self again? Capher thought once again.

He smiled cryptically at Talia and all of those at the table. "The answer is yes and no Talia. I have to go back to the academy tonight before the sun sets to continue my healing. But I have all day to be with you. I was thinking as I was walking here that perhaps the library of Ximax might hold some answers to some of our questions about our quest. Maybe a clue about where the Sword of Fury and Kurik's Anvil might be located. Also if they have any information about Tak'Dinal and Eckra. Though all are lost in the myths of time, if there is any place that might have old scrolls that may mention them and even the War of the Chosen, this would be the library."

He paused, licking his lips. His mouth was dry and his stomache rumbled. "Do you mind if I order something to eat?" he asked as a passing waitress walked by, he got her attention and ordered some mutton, potatoes, eggs and a large tankard of goats milk.

Capher turned his attention back to his friends. "I also think we should visit the dwarves here as well. Perhaps we could split up, it may make the tasks easier. Ta'las and Terra, you could go to the library and Talia, roosjie and I could go to the dwarves. Of course those are just ideas and thoughts of mine, perhaps you all have already decided what you were going to do today." 

The waitress soon came back with Capher's order and without much ado, Capher poured himself a large goblet of milk and began digging into his food, eating as if he had not eaten in a month, almost inhaling the food and washing it down with the milk.

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Post by: Talas Anthavin on November 23, 2009, 12:09:53 AM
Though Ta'las sits next to Terra, close enough to hear her conversation with Talia, the Shendar blushes and pretends not to notice the innuendo being bantered between the two of them.  He squeezes her hand briefly, and the he smiles at Roosje.  "I slept well, Roosje.  I noticed you waking from your rest down here - would you like us to find a room that might be more comfortable for a brownie?  I expect we will be spending some time in Ximax before we move on."

"Speaking of which, we may learn more on this now," he adds, just as Capher walks into the inn, and Talia rushes to embrace their friend.  Ta'las notices his friend leaning on his cane, and though his face appears human-like once again, the Shendar can tell from the odd shape of his cloak that their friend's 'transformation' is yet in progress.

Before Capher has a chance to disengage himself from Talia, Ta'las leans close to Roosje, and whispers, "We must watch our friend, closely, Roosje.  I'm not sure he is fully healed."  He holds the brownie's gaze for a moment to emphasize his point and then leans back as Capher rejoins them.

"It is good to see you again Capher," he says with a fascinated grin, watching his elderly friend eat like a young man again.  "They must not have fed you."

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Post by: Capher on November 23, 2009, 02:09:32 AM
"And to you my Shendar warrior" Capher mumbles, as he spears a slab of mutton and shoves it into his mouth. Capher continued between bites and drinking, "Ta'las my boy you would have loved one of the puzzles I had to figure out, you too Talia, for you had to something akin to your sword practice I see you do every once in awhile. The puzzle had me twirling like a dancer, several times I fell and failed and then when I did not fall, I still failed for the last step was looking at one direction but required to swing your leg completely around and hit the object you were looking at before you started. The trick is, and I think you and Talia, and most likely Terra as well, since you are all warriors, is to snap your head around first before you even begin to turn, am I right? Well I know I am right for that is what I did and passed that portion of my way to the orb."

Suddenly Capher gasped, he grabbed his head in pain. "I forgot, I forgot," he screamed. "I will not do it again. I promise, please release me!"

As fast as the pain had come the pain left but it left Capher dazed and silently embarrassed as he looked around at his friends, his eyes at last resting upon Ta'las. "I...I spoke of things I am not allowed to speak of, forgive me." he said softly.

Capher in his excitement had forgotten the warnings from the Orb and had revealed something that had been hidden for centuries. The punishment came swift. The Orb did not compromise. Capher also knew that that had been his first and last warning, if he would ever start to reveal anymore secrets he would not be healed. The Orb would refuse to see him.

Capher tried to change the subject, "Ta'las, you and Terra seem to be a bit more closer today. Anything you two would like to share with an old man?" Capher asked grinning.

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Post by: Ta'lia of the Seven Jewels on November 24, 2009, 12:55:40 AM
Talia is glad to have Capher back and to know, that something is done. But when he speaks of parting the group, she looks worried. How should this work out? The trip to the dwarves would take its time, should Ta‘las and Terra look around the library the whole time?  The library was big, but would they get access to it, not being  students of any kind, not to speak of magic.

But her worries are forgotten, as Capher tells them lively about what he has done in the last night. Suddenly though, he gasps, he grabs his head in pain and screams "I forgot, I forgot, I will not do it again. I promise, please release me!" Talia is terrified. But as fast as the pain has come it it seems has left Capher, who sits dazed and silently embarrassed, looking around at his friends, his eyes at last resting upon Ta'las. "I...I spoke of things I am not allowed to speak of, forgive me." he said softly.

Capher tries to change the subject, "Ta'las, you and Terra seem to be a bit more closer today. Anything you two would like to share with an old man?" but Talia interfers without respect.

„Don't change the subject Capher!

Who said you should not say, what you experienced? And who has the power to do such terrible things to you? “ Talia says angered. A bit calmer she adds.  „Have you been taken in the dome and seen the „orb“, that, that ..  gap in the fabric of Caelereth? Ot is that really forbidden for anybody except the archmages? You haven‘t been presented to the Orb of Bluestride ( by any chance? I heard strange things about it, about his weird behaviour, as if he would still be Xarl....“  She looks at Capher, her meal is forgotten.

„No, I don‘t think it is a good idea to part, that would only weaken us. Did you not tell Terra and me, that the dwarves near the vale - what were they called again - did send us to the Zirghurim to ask about the whereabout of the anvil? But as long as you are not healed and have to go back to the academy at night, we can visit the library. Let‘s see, if they allow us in.“

She puts her plate away, half full still.

„I‘m not hungry anymore, let us go and see, if thee is a backdoor into the library which is not guarded by sevenfold magic.  - No, I‘m joking! - We need information about more than the anvil only. Maybe there is somebody in the library who knows some old tomes where the sword is be mentioned.“

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„Don't change the subject Capher!" Talia said, then continued.

Who said you should not say, what you experienced? And who has the power to do such terrible things to you? “ Talia says angered. A bit calmer she adds. „Have you been taken in the dome and seen the „orb“, that, that ..  gap in the fabric of Caelereth? Ot is that really forbidden for anybody except the archmages? You haven‘t been presented to the Orb of Bluestride by any chance? I heard strange things about it, about his weird behaviour, as if he would still be Xarl....“ She looks at Capher, her meal is forgotten.

Capher stares at Talia, confused. How does she know so much?

Talia continued speaking, „No, I don‘t think it is a good idea to part, that would only weaken us. Did you not tell Terra and me, that the dwarves near the vale - what were they called again - did send us to the Zirghurim to ask about the whereabout of the anvil? But as long as you are not healed and have to go back to the academy at night, we can visit the library. Let‘s see, if they allow us in.“

"Oh I have no doubt they will let me in. And the library is for everyone's use, at least the public part of it, the other parts Ta'las and Terra would need persmission, so perhaps it would be best if we all go together." He says.

Talia puts her plate away, half full still.

„I‘m not hungry anymore, let us go and see, if thee is a backdoor into the library which is not guarded by sevenfold magic.  - No, I‘m joking! - We need information about more than the anvil only. Maybe there is somebody in the library who knows some old tomes where the sword is be mentioned."

Capher pulls her half eaten plate toward himself and finishes that as well, pats his stomache, belches..."Excuse me,"he says. "Well then to the library, if everyone is finished with their breakfast that is?" Capher asks looking at the others, especially Roosjie and Terra who had not spoken since he sat down.

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Post by: Roosje Greenfields on November 24, 2009, 04:58:20 AM
What was WITH these people? One night on her own and she's fine, one morning with them and she could already feel a headache coming on from the confusion.

The answers to her question were encouraging: everyone had slept well, everything fine and dandy. Ta'las had even offered to find her a room more suited to her needs, though she had declined that offer with a giggle, saying that she was just fine in the big common room, sleeping by the banked fire - where would they find a room her size? She didn't really want to live in a mouse hole if she had anything to say about it.

But then the Storyteller had come back, and now she was just confused. Why did Ta'las warn her to keep an eye on him, as if he didn't entirely trust him? What was that about not being completely healed? He had his face back, didn't he? But he answered that question himself by admitting that he had to go back at sunset. Alright, so not healed yet.

Was that why he cried out then, in the middle of his story? But that couldn't be it either, because after promising not to tell anything else he seemed completely normal again, if a little subdued. And then Talia started asking questions, as if she wanted him to get another of those attacks! If anything had the strength to hurt him like that, it wouldn't hesitate to attack again if it noticed another breach.

So here she is, utterly confused. She hasn't even remembered to eat in all the goings-on. And anyway, all those breakfast stuffs are Bigfolk-sized. She only realises Capher has asked a question when everybody falls silent.

"No, I did not have breakfast yet." she answers, even as Inuya snuffles over to Talia's half-eaten plate to pick off the bacon. "I'll just take some things from here and then we can go. Not that I'll be much help, but there you have it. I doubt there'll be much Brownie-sized scrolls in that library." she jokes, even though she is half serious about not being any help. She's afraid that is going to be more of an obstacle as time goes by, especially now that she has lost her bow and arrows in the ferry.

Grabbing some smaller chunks of bread and cheese, she gets back on Inuya, announcing that she is ready to go.

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Terra's smile beams at Capher as a daughter would beam at seeing her beloved father well and up from his sick bed, her cheeks still holding color from the innuendo she and Talia be passing back and forth. As Capher is confronted with Talia tight embrace, an embrace that she was also compelled to give but would gladly yield to Talia, she shared a look with Ta'las, one that echoed some wordless concern for Capher and reassured with a squeeze of there hands. Ta'las leans toward Roosje and whispers something to her, though she could not hear the word she could hear concern in them but the tone was not quite right. Terra again exchanges a look of concern with the man she now loves without fear or reservation as Capher takes a seat and orders his morning meal as the waitress that had delivered their meal passes. She eats trying to muster the word that accompany her join of seeing him well, if not completely, and can't help share the vibrance of joy she feels this morning.

She listens happily to his tale and is about to correct him on a point of fighting skill when he suddenly cries out, deep concern comes to her features as she lets her eating instrument fall to her plate should be fall more distraught and need her. As suddenly as it had it ends with him apologizing for speaking of something he should not have, and tried to quickly change the subject, Terra could not speak through her blush of the sudden subject he chose, but is thankful Talia did not let him continue, though she seemed quite upset. She could only bring herself to place a comforting hand on Talia's shoulder, feeling quite embarrassed as if she were just asked by her father, and worse yet wondering what he might think of her.

Though still hot with her blush she looks to Ta'las and squeezes his hand as her cheeks cool, her special smile for only him spreading on her lips as Talia and Capher discuss what should be done as cooler minds set in. She listens and take in their words, though she releases herself to the moment and to Ta'las even as he engages Roosje. She love him without reservation, to fight by him and protect him in all the battles to come for as long as they both draw breath. Terra's last fear falls away as she reminds herself of the paths they walk, what they had done should not be a shame or dishonor to them, for they are warriors and must live and love with each breath they take, for tomorrow they way die and once the last breath is gone there is no time left to them.

Finally as she calms from the whirlwind of emotion, she take to her meal again, between mouthfuls she speaks.

"I do not know how much aid I would be to you in the library. Though I know I was taught to read, this has been lost to me, it may return in time as the brownies healing allows my mind to mend, but for now the words hold not meaning to me. It is as if at the point of giving them meaning my mind has separated preventing the words for arriving at their meaning across the chasm in thought."

She looks Ta'las first for his reaction, then to the others, before returning her gaze to Ta'las.

"Perhaps now it is only a matter of learning again what the words do mean."

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The Shendar smirks to himself, realising that he has assumed much he shouldn't have.  He thought only to help in the library, that one of the others would be able to read, for he had never been taught to do so.  Or rather, his mother-sister had tried to teach him to read, but he found it so utterly boring that he did not learn.  "I think it may take some time for what has happened to heal.  I do not understand magic well, but I do know that certain things take longer.  I will help in what ways I can," he says and returns her smile.  "As for reading myself, I am sorry, Lady Terra, but I think you would find me of little help, except to get books from shelves beyond your reach, as I have never learned how to read.  I did not think it a skill worth learning as a child, much to my mother-sister's disappointment."

He nods and smiles at Terra when he notices her blush.  "But yes, let us go."  Despite their need to finish this task, he would really rather return to their room in the inn.

Ta'las looks to Capher and says,  "with you there to coordinate us, I'm sure we will make best use of our time."  He rises and shoulders his pack.  "Capher, you can direct us to what books you would like us to get - you will have to do most of the reading.  Talia, Roosje, Terra and I can fetch whatever we can on the Sword of Fury, the Anvil, Runemaster Tris and his family."

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They all left the inn and headed for the library. It was an odd assortment of characters that greeted the librarian; an old white bearded man with a staff, two very young and pretty women, but with very different clothes and appearances. One had dark, almost Nor'sidian, hair that hung in one braid down her back and eyes and facial features that told the librarian that she was a Shendar, but there was something else about her that did not match her heritage. The other woman had flaming red hair and even though she was wearing a white dress the librarian knew he was looking at a Sophronian warrioress. He wondered if she knew what kind of heritage she had? Her left hand was snuggled in the only young man of the group who definately was Shendar. His bearing and manner was almost regal in some respects. It was the red fox upon which rode a white Brownie which was the most curious of all to the libriarian and those who had watched the group enter the library's doors. The libriarian gave a small, curteous bow to the old man. "Welcome master and to your friends as well. I am Paolus. What service can I be of you?" he asked.

Capher was examining the librarian with as much interest as he had with them. The librarian was Elven, up in his years, perhaps close to three or four hundred years old, Capher guessed, though his eyes were bright blue and showed keen intelligence. He wore a simple dark green robe with one exception; a small band of gold encircled the cuffs and hem. Capher was not sure whether he should just ask, in case there were unfriendly ears, ever since the ferry Capher had become more and more suspicious of those around him.

"Master Paolus, I thank thee for thy willingness to help, but we just came in to browse," Capher replied.

Paolus nodded. "Paolus, please. I have not yet attained Master status. When you are browsing I suggest that you go down four rows, turn into it go down three more rows, turn left and there you will find tomes and books of histories as well as legends of the Shendar, Sophronian, and even the Brownin races. Perhaps they would be of interest to you. In the meantime, if I can be of service, I shall be sitting up front. Please do not hesitate to come and find me."

Capher nodded and their group went walking toward the direction Paolus had suggested.


The day went fast as Capher read some old tomes and books concerning the history of the Sophronian's and the Serpherlorian kingdom they had protected. Terra seemed very interested in the part of Sophronian women being the protectors of not only the kingdom, but the King herself and then when the throne passed onto men, the Sophronain women protected them. Capher knew that none of this was helping them find anything about the anvil, nor the Sword of Fury or the family tree of the Runemaster Tris, but it served its purpose as it helped speed up Terra's reading ability. Reading about something that interested you was always a plus, Capher knew. Talia had taken some tomes down to read about the Shendar and even Roosjie, with the help of Ta'las, found some tomes to read. Capher noticed that Ta'las was interested, but frustrated at the same time as he could not read, but he tried as Terra and Talia both tried to teach him.

They walked out of the library and already the shadows from the mountains were covering the streets. "My friends, I know that today we did not find anything that would help us in our quest, but I believe that by learning some of what your heritages are that it will make you all feel a bit better about yourselves, your peoples, traditions and history, that helped shape the world we live in now; even the Brownin had some very important contributions as well. I hope you all learned something today. Now that it is close to sunset I must leave you all. I will see you all tomorrow morning for breakfast," Capher said, just as a guard came toward them to escort Capher back to the Academy.

With hugs all around, including a very small one for Roosjie, Capher left and the rest returned to the inn for some supper and bed.

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The group returns to the Inn, the adventure of the day having done even more to lift their spirits though nothing was learned that would aid them directly in their current struggle. Still Terra heels a pit of sadness that Capher can't be with them to share it, for brief moments as they walk back to the in her thoughts drift to him, her memories of him guiding her, teaching her to once again hold meaning to words written, and in doing so teaching her about her people and where they came from. She finds herself understanding more her strong desire to protect Ta'las, having no king or kingdom to protect he is her world, the man she would share her life with, fight for and die for if she were called upon to do so.

Once all have arrived and settled at the Inn, ordering their evening meal, they speak of things they had learned. Terra draws herself close to Ta'las's side and tells him of the duties of the women from which she is descended. As their meals arrive they eat, talk and contemplate quietly, and slowly as the hour draws later they find themselves to their place of rest. Ta'las and Terra allowing the night to take them off to sleep as it may, waking by Injera as they had the previous morning, Terra looking back into the eyes of Ta'las and greeting his bidding for her to wake with her loving kiss.

"Good morning my love. I fear next we will have to leave the bed and find our friends."

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Dear Journal:  

Yesterday, I had the fortune of meeting someone here in Ximax.  Though, I do not know her name, she seems very nice.  She travels with another woman and two men; one old the other younger.  She caught me staring at her, letting my mind create stories again.  She invited me to meet Ahj Nivic.  I'm not entirely sure who that is.  It sounds like a man's name to me.  It must be her brother.  Or at least the man I thought was her brother.  He kind of looked like her.  Oh well, I'll find out soon enough.  I'll be heading down for breakfast soon.  Wish me luck!

Sondirra places the journal inside her bag, along with the rest of her writing materials.  She then plays with her hair, and smooths the material of her dress, trying to make herself look presentable.  She wants to make the right impression today, after that faux pas yesterday morning.  Taking the pewter water pitcher off her small night table, she uses it as an ad hoc mirror.  Satisfied, she puts down the pitcher and leaves the small room.

She makes her way downstairs only to find it as busy as it had been the day before.  Luckily, for her, there is a small table near the centre of the room that looks as though it had been abandoned.  She makes her way to it and sits down.  Making a face, she pushes to the other side of the table the plates of crumbs and dried egg.  Sweeping the last of the crumbs onto the floor, she swings her head about the room, searching for the exotic woman and Ahj Nivic.  A frown crosses her usually serene face as she sees none of the strangers that had caught her interest.

The waitress approaches, and Sondirra looks into her bag.  She bites her bottom lip, nervously.  Only a few coins left.  "I'll, uhm, just have a mug of water and a chunk of bread."  She really wasn't that hungry, anyway.

The waitress looks kindly on the young girl.  "Look, honey.  I talked to my husband about you, yesterday.  He says that if you can sew as good as you say, you can earn your keep by mending our clothes and other items around the inn."

Inside, Sondirra felt a wave of relief wash over her.  Writing wasn't garnering her any money, so maybe her family trade of tailoring might.  She had pleaded with this waitress yesterday.  Still, her pride would not let her admit to the woman just how close she had been to being sanless.  "Oh, that is great!  But, really, I'm not hungry this morning.  So, please, just water and bread.  If you bring your fabrics up to my room, I shall work on them this day.  I have needles, but may need extra thread, especially if you want the mending to match."

The waitress smiles.  "I'll bring you an egg, too, just in case."  She then leaves.

Inside, Sondirra breathes a slight sigh of relief as her stomach grumbles.

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Capher blinked as he stepped out of the Academy's front door into the bright early fall sunshine. Capher stretched and then realized he did not have his cane with him. He turned to knock on the door but noticed his balance and gait were much better. In reality, much better than he had in a few hundred years.

The spring in his step as he headed for the inn where his friends were undoubtedly awaiting his arrival was new and exciting. He passed a well with a bucket full of water sitting on its edge. He glanced into the water and was about to pass on when he suddenly stopped and looked again. His face was no longer wrinkled, but smooth as a dragon's eggshell. His eyes were large and bright and you could actually see the different colors in them. His eyebrows were a darker color and he was clean shaven: no beard!

He pulled back the cowl of his robe and he had a full head of dark reddish hair that flowed down to his shoulders. He looked at his hands and they too were unwrinkled, no age spots, and smooth. His fingers were very nimble as he did a simple exercise to touch each one to his thumb on each hand.

He continued on his way to the inn, almost skipping, tipping his head to ladies who passed him by as he went. He kind of felt like he did when he had taken that potion of Talia's in the desert after he had fooled Bium. He reached the inn's door, took ahold of the handle, pulled it open and then slowly shut it. How will his friends know him? He changed so much. Will they accept his new appearance? "I guess there is no time than the present to find out," he muttered as he pulled open the inn's door and entered in.

The inn was quite busy and all of the tables were filled except one with very pretty honey colored hair and sparkling blue eyes that seemed to inhale everything they looked at and at the moment she was just looking around the room with a quzzical look on her face as if she were looking for someone special. Probably her boyfriend, husband, or...someone else. Capher thought as he made his way to her table. He stopped next to her, pointed to a chair and asked politely. "Do you mind if I sit here? I am waiting for some friends and there just does not seem to be any room anywhere else."

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*rumble rumble*

Stop that!  I said I'm not hungry!  Still, the young woman from Onved cannot help but stare in the direction of the kitchen, as she waits for her bread (and egg!) to come.  It seemed to be taking so very long today, as her grumbling belly would attest to.  So intent is she on waiting for her breakfast, that when a man's voice comes from nearby, she is startled and jumps in her chair.  Her head whirls about to the stranger at her table.

"I-uh- I might be having guests," she says, trying to make an excuse, but telling lies was never one of her strong suits.  Still, it might not be a lie if the exotic woman, and Ahj Nivic, and their friends were to show up.  She can feel the colour rising to her cheeks, and the stranger's eyes seem to bore into hers, and she suspects that somehow he knows she is being less than honest.

"But, they probably won't show up, so sit down."  She knew she was going to regret this.  She could imagine his group showing up; a bunch of wild half-orc types with horrible manners and worse breath.

Still, he seemed harmless enough.  He looked normal.  Was he a mage?

A plate hitting the table in front of her causes her to jump again, letting out an excited "eep!" as a result.  Why was she so nervous today?  

"There ya go, Honey.  I dropped a bit of cheese there, too.  Mending is being put in your room right now by one of my kids.  When ya come down for supper, just bring what ya got."

The words "Thank you," barely have time to escape her lips before cheese is filling her mouth.  Oh, it tastes so good.

"Shombiwa."  She struggles hard to chew then swallow.  "Uhm, I mean Sondirra.  That's my name."  She sticks out a friendly, if not completely cheese free, hand.

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Talia opens her eyes and shuts them again. It is so nice to lie in a comfortable bed under a warm blanket. They have even taenish feathers in them, here in Ximax. What a treat! But then something else soft and warm comes to her mind and she jumps out of her bed. When has she looked after her Swing the last time? Yesterday morning? Oh, she will be upset, is all that Talia can think.

Quickly she sends a prayer to Baveras before washing her face . Putting on the clothes and braiding her hair takes only a few blinks. While running down the stairs to get to the stables to see her ai‘nuvic, she remembers a woman she has promised to show her animal partner. Maybe she is here again.

Yes, she is here, the large deep blue eyes are sitting in the middle of the room at a small table. But she has company, so Talia stops short before her swift steps carry her further. She does not want to disturb the breakfast of that woman nor her talk with that redhaired man.

She turns and hurries out of the room to see her ai‘nuvic. Swing is crotchety for Talia has not spent much time with her the last day.

„Come on, my dear, it was just a day,“ she murmurs in the dense fur of the beast while she caresses the area between the ears. „You don‘t know, when we will have again such a nice accommodation, be patient. Outside it will be cold, I tell you.“

While she spends some time with her animal, despite a grumbling stomach, the blue eyes come to her mind, and the man who was sitting  with her. There has been something familiar about him, but what?

Thoughtfully she goes back to the inn to have breakfast as well. Maybe the the love birds and Roosje will be there also already. Maybe the academy has released Capher again. Capher? On the doorsill to the main room she stops to look around. There is something trying to surface her mind, but she cannot grasp it. For a short moment she ponders, if she should go to Blue Eyes and her companion, but decides then against it, for the table would be too small for all of them anyway.

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Ta'las nods, still a little bleary eyed, and smiles at Terra.  "I suppose you are right, though I would much rather stay in with you than spend another day in the library."  The Shendar had never much cared for reading as a child, and he still found that as an adult it was a chore.  "However, if I am to spend another day among dusty old books and even more dusty old academics, I will need something to get me through the day."

He smiles and pulls Terra close, and then kisses her firmly on the lips. 

"There!  That will have to do until we are finished with today's work.  Then...."  He purposely doesn't finish what he had started to say, though he winks at Terra.  The Shendar jumps out of bed and dresses himself.  "I'm ready."  He holds out a hand to Terra.

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Terra swoons and presses to Ta'las' firm kiss, savouring the moment, and the exchange of their love. Perhaps their day will be filled with dusty books and dustier libraries, but in the back of her mind she is always mindful that even here there may yet be a battle. They may not live to spend the promised time together that was not put into words, and so she savours every moment together as if she knew it were their last. Smiling radiantly at the man she loves without reservation, giggling as he entertains her with his production of leaping to action as she slides gracefully from the bed. Taking every opportunity to steal a smooch or a kiss as they ready themselves for what may be. Once again she wears her white dress, encircled at the waist by her brown belt that holds her Moonblade firmly at her hip, and her brown boots. She gives him a deep kiss after his proclaimation that he is ready that make her giggle happily, and breaths against his lips.

"As am I my love."

Contently she slips her hand into his and waits the brief moment before Ta'las leads them to the common room where their friends should be.

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"I-uh- I might be having guests," she says.

Capher saw her blush and realized that perhaps she may or may not be telling the truth. Then after some after thought she says.

"But, they probably won't show up, so sit down."

Capher smiled at her and graciously took a seat. The more he looked at her the more he knew about her. She was young, much younger than he had first suspected and for some reason very nervous. Well wouldn't you be if some strange man asked to sit at your table? He asked himself.

A plate hitting the table in front of her causes her to jump again, letting out an excited "eep!" as a result.

Capher suppressed a smile.

"There ya go, Honey.  I dropped a bit of cheese there, too.  Mending is being put in your room right now by one of my kids.  When ya come down for supper, just bring what ya got," a waitress told her.

The young lady barely said thank you before a piece of cheese was almost being inhaled by her. She must be really hungry, Capher thought.

"Shombiwa."  She struggles hard to chew then swallow.  "Uhm, I mean Sondirra.  That's my name."  She sticks out a friendly, if not completely cheese free, hand.

Capher softly chuckled and took the outstretched hand. "Capher is my name. Pleased to meet you Sondirra." He caught the attention of the waitress who came back to the table. "An order of beef, plate of various fruits, dark bread and two large tankards of milk, one for myself and the other for the young lady, please," he ordered.

Capher looked at Sondirra. "I hope you do not mind me ordering the milk for you, but the way you are eating it would seem that you would have to have something to wash it down with besides water, besides milk tastes so much better. I do not mean to intrude but I heard the waitress say you were a seamstress. Is that right?" Capher asked.

While awaiting her reply Capher looked around the room and saw Talia come down the stairs, he was about to wave to have her come over but she disappeared outside. Probably taking care of Swing. She will be back soon, he thought as he turned his attention back to Sondirra. It was a very nice name, it rolled off the tongue eloquently. 

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Milk?  Oh, a cool tankard of milk would taste so good right now.  But, she couldn't.  She does not know this man across the table from her.  What does he want?  But, he does seem nice.  He doesn't look dangerous.  He actually looks friendly.

"Uhm... you don't, thank you."  Sondirra purses her lips, and her nose twitches.  Will he get offended if she turns his generous offer down?  Best not to take any chances.  Besides, she is safe here in the middle of a crowded room.  And it would taste so good.

She is surprised when the gentleman (funny how he suddenly went from strange man to gentleman) asks her about being a seamstress.  She almost laughs.  "Oh, my goodness!  No.  I'm a writer!"  She holds her head up high, her pride showing.  She then shrugs.  "But, it seems more people need clothes mended than books to read.  Not that I have written any books, because I haven't yet.  Or any important papers."  Her enthusiasm suddenly dims somewhat.  "Or anything," she admits, "except my journal."  She shrugs again, "But, one day that might get published, if I find something worthwhile to write in it."  

She decides to trust him with her new found friend.  "I was hoping I was going to meet someone here this morning.  Not really sure of her name, but her brother's name is Ahj Nivic.  I think they are adventurers.  I think," she leans in conspiratorially and whispers, "I think they are after evil mages!"

Sondirra leans back in her chair, puffed up with bravado.  Somehow, just telling this man about the group she had seen makes her part of the group.  She now is one of those dashing heroes.  The fact that they have no idea who she is makes no never-mind.

From the corner of her eye, Sondirra spots the woman from yesterday.  Before she can stop herself, her hand shoots up in a wave of greeting.  That is when reality comes crashing in on her and Sondirra lowers her hand slowly, like an air bladder with a slow leak, and her arm and her heart deflate and wilt.  She is simply making a fool of herself.

Worse, Ahj Nivic and his true love just enter the room as well.  All of them can now think her the fool.  Only one missing is their dog.  

Er, fox.

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Roosje has again spent the night in the common room, though this time it had not been as unnoticed as before. She had had to convince Talia that yes, she really would feel better in an open room with a banked fire than locked in a room where she could not open the door.

By the time the room starts to fill up in the morning, she is wide awake and ready for another day, even if she still has not figured out how much help she really is for the others. She is hopeful though, that today something might come to her. After a while, she wakes up Inuya and readies her for another day, expertly tying the ropes in such a way that the fox would not be hindered by them. With a quick hug for the animal, she mounts and looks around for her friends.

She is just in time to see Talia's long braid disappearing out the door. Where might she be going without actually having breakfast first? Probably not far, so she should be back soon enough. Then she looks to the stairs and sees Ta'las and Terra come down. She waits quietly in her corner to see where the two will sit down. Time enough to join them once they've chosen a seat - though that might prove a harder task than one would expect. Almost every seat in the common room is taken. This must be a very popular place, for travellers and locals alike.

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"Uhm... you don't, thank you." Sondirra finally says.

She almost laughs. Then continues on quite excitedly.  "Oh, my goodness!  No.  I'm a writer!"  She holds her head up high, her pride showing.  She then shrugs.  "But, it seems more people need clothes mended than books to read.  Not that I have written any books, because I haven't yet.  Or any important papers."  Her enthusiasm suddenly dims somewhat.  "Or anything," she admits, "except my journal."  She shrugs again, "But, one day that might get published, if I find something worthwhile to write in it."

Capher genuinely smiles at her. He likes her voice, so full of youthful enthuriasim and optimism; ready for life and adventure and writing about it, much like he started out over, what year is it, now a small voice asked in his head. He did not know. So many years had passed and gone that he had forgotten. He could ask Sondirra, but she might think him a bit ignorant for not knowing. He decided to ask Talia or one of the others in a more quiet place.

She speaks. "I was hoping I was going to meet someone here this morning.  Not really sure of her name, but her brother's name is Ahj Nivic.  I think they are adventurers.  I think," she leans in conspiratorially and whispers, "I think they are after evil mages!"

Capher's brows furrowed. Ahj Nivic? What an unusual name? A brother of a woman who are adventurers and Sondirra thinks they are after evil mages. Capher went silent as his brain sifted through a myriad of possibilites of who Sondirra might have met or...perhaps meant? They were too numerous. He realized he would have to have to have time to think.

Capher saw Terra and Ta'las come down the stairs. What do I do now? If I just leave Sondirra and go to them, and we leave then it would be rude, but it could save this young ladies life...perhaps. On the other hand, was there not something in the poem about "innocence or innocent" could Sondirra be whom the poem was speaking of? Too many questions and not enough time. Make up your mind quck, Capher!

Capher quickly decided. He stood and waved at Terra and Ta'las. He then noticed Roosjie on Inyua and waved at her too to come join them. Suddenly he saw Talia enter back into the inn. He waved to her as well.  He looked at the table and realized that the table would not fit them all. Far at the back of the room there were two tables that were becoming unoccupied as those who had been there had finished their breakfasts and were leaving.

"Sondirra some of my friends have arrived and unfortunately this table is much too small for all of us, so I see a couple of tables in the back that I am going to commandeer until they all come over. You are welcome to join us. I am sure my friends would be interested in meeting you and you them. No pressure, but I would be extremely pleased if you come and join us." Capher said, as he left and went to the tables waving to Terra and Ta'las, Roosjie and Talia to join him.

He stood near the tables awaiting his friends but thinking about Sondirra, who was her friend and brother's friend that were adventurer's? Were they really after evil mages, or after him? And a certain stanza, of a certain poem, given by a certain person, concerning a very special person.

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Talia looks around the room, but there is no table left big enough for all her friends. Oh, over there - a group of people seems to have finished their breakfast and are leaving. But before she can go over and occupy the table for her group, the red-haired man sitting with Blueeyes stands up, waves around with his arms as if he wants to invite the whole inn and then walks over to the now free tables.

Talia is not sure, if she is meant with the waving as well as she doesn‘t know this person. A short glance around shows her, that Terra and Ta‘las are coming as well. So, what to do? Well, the two tables are big enough for her friends, Blueeyes and Redhair, and she wants to talk to that nice girl anyway, so she goes over to great first the young woman, and then the man.

„Hello dear,“ she addresses the young woman.“We met already yesterday, didn‘t we? I promised you to introduce you to Swing. It would be nice, if you could join us. Your companion seems to wait for you anyway and as this is the only table left, I think we need to join him.“

With mixed feelings Talia walks to the redhaired, fairly young looking man. There is something about him she knows, but she cannot grasp it. There is something entirely wrong, but what? Should she be more cautious and wait till Capher arrives, maybe there is magic involved? Capher? Why does Capher‘s image occupy her mind? She puts it away, the here and now is important. With a small, attentive smile she goes over to the tables.

„Good morning, Sir! Would you mind, if my friends and me would join you? There are no other free tables big enough for all of us. And I had the impression, that you waved at me, though I don‘t know, why I have the honour to be invited by you. Oh, sorry, may I introduce me? I‘m Ta‘lia of the Seven Jewels. Nice to meet you.“

And she stretches out her hand to greet him.

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„Good morning, Sir! Would you mind, if my friends and me would join you? There are no other free tables big enough for all of us. And I had the impression, that you waved at me, though I don‘t know, why I have the honour to be invited by you. Oh, sorry, may I introduce me? I‘m Ta‘lia of the Seven Jewels. Nice to meet you" Talia said to Capher and stretches out her hand in greeting.

Capher forehead wrinkled in thought for a brief moment. She does not know me. Have I changed that much? He quickly recalled the image he had seen in the water bucket and realized that yes, he had changed and in more ways than just in appearance. He was full of energy, bursting with youthful excitement and mischieviousness. If this had occured during the latter part of what the Elves call Meh'avashin or "Changing Winds or the early part of the month of Ale'vevan or "Singing Bird" Capher would be in a mating mood, much like he was when he had taken too much of that rejuvenation liquid Talia had given him after his bout with Bium.

There were other things that had changed about him as well. His memory for one thing and his knowledge of just how powerful a wizard he really was. He was like no wizard of Ximax, for he was born with Car'all; the magic of Calereth. The magic that the mages of Ximax strive to master and have levels of that mastery and in a human's life span usually only one of the five elements does he or she attempt to master. An Elf, with their longer lifespan could probably master two, possibly three depending upon their talent, but Capher did not need to learn. He thought it and it became or was destroyed, depending upon which his will wanted.  It is this part that Capher was most thankful for to the Orb, that it did not take away the wisdom he had acquired. Oh, the messes he made when as a youth living among he would not care for those again. But back to Talia.

Capher smiled at Talia with a twinkle in his eye, he takes her hand and gently brushes his lips against her knuckles and murmurs, "The Seven Jewels could never compare to your beauty Lady Talia," He released her hand, "I am pleased to meet you as well, I waved you over because we were to meet today along with Lady Terra and young Master Ta'las and our little friend Roosjie and her ride Inuya. The young girl that I saw you talking to, her name is Sondirra and I have invited her to join us for breakfast and perhaps something else, if you all agree." Capher paused as he gazed into Talia's eyes. "Have I changed that much Talia? I am Capher," he said with a grin.

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Coincidence?  The stranger at her table sees that his friends arrive at the same time that Ahj Nivic and the rest of his group arrives.  There will be no way all of them can fit at this table.  She almost wishes she hadn't allowed him to sit with her.

That problem is instantly resolved when he excuses himself in favour of another table near the back of the room.  She gives him a pleasant smile, thankful that he is leaving.  Now, will Ahj and his sister and their friends join her?  The table will still be too small.  She sighs.

The sister approaches her, and Sondirra tries hard to control her breathing, lest it give away her excitement at having the strange woman join her.  The stranger speaks, her accent beautiful sounding; exotic!  She is inviting Sondirra to join her and the redheaded stranger that had been sharing her table just moments before.  She is with him?  Oh!  How exciting!

"Uhm... if you are sure it won't be an imposition...," her voice trails off as the woman walks toward the redhead man's table.  Sondirra stands quickly, not wanting to miss a single word; a single gesture.  Grabbing her milk, it splashes up around the rim of the mug and onto her fingers.  Stuffing her journal under her arm and holding the ink bottle in her mouth, she steps after the stranger, then reaches back and grabbing her bread; poking a hole into it so she can stuff the egg into it.  Wasting food isn't going to help anyone!

Satisfied she has everything, she scurries over to the new table.  What is it the woman said?  Promised to introduce her to Swing?  Was that a nickname?  For Ahj?  Perhaps for the way he wielded his weapon; slashing down his enemies with a mighty heart, bringing justice to the world!  Oh, this was so much fun!

Talia!  Talia of the Seven Jewels!  That was her name.  A princess maybe?  That would explain her exotic voice and her imperial being!  That was why her and Ahj had left their home!  Evil mages had taken over their palace, forcing them on the run with their small band of loyal subjects.

Oh!  She just knows she will forget most of this by the time she has a moment to write it all down.  Why can't one of those brownie folk invent a tool that can write the words if you spoke them?  The little folk seemed to invent everything else!  Not that she'd ever met a brownie.  What were they like?

It was then that she realizes that her imaginations are distracting her from the redhead man's words.  Apparently his name is Capher and he was telling the princess about her and how he had invited her to join them.

"Mmmphmm."  Oh, this isn't going to work!  She tries to set down her bread/egg, but her journal slips out from under her arm and hits the floor with a loud "thump".  She takes the ink bottle from her mouth and sets it down beside the mug of milk.  "Er, sorry."

She picks up her journal and puts it on the table.  "Nice to meet you Princess Talia." 

Something tastes bitter on her lips and she grimaces before wiping it with her finger.  She notices with horror the streak of ink that now covers her finger.  Oh, just great!

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Roosje had taken a wise decision to stay in her corner, she decides, when it isnot clear for a moment who will sit where. Two larger tables empty pretty close to where she is waiting, but before one of her friends can find them and claim them for the group, a red-headed man walks over, waving to someone.

It looks for a moment like the tables will be taken immediately, but then it turns out that Talia is the one who the man was waving to. That's... strange, to say the least. Perhaps she ought to go a bit closer and listen to their conversation, to find out how the man knows the desert woman. He is at least not someone that Roosje recognises. Just as she wants to carry out her decision, her attention is distracted by someone else joining the table. So who is that then? Again, not someone the white Brownie knows. She is torn for a moment whether or not she should go there. In the end she does decide to join Talia, at the very least she can ask what all this is about.

The woman is so busy paying attention to Talia and her companion, that she is oblivious to the ink that is leaking from the little bottle she is holding in her mouth. With a sudden mischievous urge, she decides to further confuse her a little. After all, how many people really knew Brownies? To most she had met on earlier travels, she was not much more than a doll, until she could convince them that yes, she really was alive.

The red fox she is seated on jumps up on a chair on her command, then up to the table itself. Casual as may be, the Brownie then directed her right past the woman, who has by now discovered the ink stain in her mouth. With a little wave, Roosje goes past her and stops next to Talia, who is standing close by. "Good morning!" she calls out. Then, try as she might, she cannot resist a small glance backwards to see what her entrance has done.

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Talia looks fascinated in the face of the man who is standing before her, smiling at her, to whom she has just introduced herself, stretched out her hand. There is something she knows, but she is not able to put her finger on it. These eyes, large and bright with different colours, she knows them. But the dark hair, with the promise of red in it is what strikes her most. Never before has she seen such captivating colour. How must it look, when the sun shines on it.

But the stranger does not allow her more contemplation about his appearance, he takes her hand, but instead of shaking it, he gently brushes his lips against her knuckles and murmurs, "The Seven Jewels could never compare to your beauty Lady Talia," and  releasing her hand he continues, "I am pleased to meet you as well, I waved you over because we were to meet today along with Lady Terra and young Master Ta'las and our little friend Roosje and her ride Inuya. The young girl that I saw you talking to, her name is Sondirra and I have invited her to join us for breakfast and perhaps something else, if you all agree."

Talia wonders for a short moment, why he knows Terra and Ta‘las, especially why he calls Ta‘las ,young Master Ta‘las‘, for he himself looks surely not much older than her Shendar brother. And he knows Roosje also, and the name of the Brownies mount! When he introduces Blueeyes to her as Sondirra, she feels a little more confident, for that seems more normal to her, though the ,something else‘ he has invited her puzzles her again. But Talia gets not much time granted before the true surprise hits her, to not say shock. The polite stranger with the manners of a gentleman looks into her eyes and says with a grin: "Have I changed that much Talia? I am Capher."

Time seems to stand still. Talia eyes widen, she stares in Capher‘s, the multicoloured ones, her mouth falls open. She looks at his smooth skin, traces the lines of his face, chin, mouth, nose and brows, and slowly Capher‘s old face emerges behind the youthful one and she recognises him.

„Capher!“ is the only thing she can say, otherwise words are fleeing her right now. And even that one word is hard to hear, so low is her voice. She still stares at him in wonder, but realising her  discourtesy, she lowers her eyes and takes his hands instead, soft hands, not those of an old man. Now she is aware of her faux pax - not to recognise a friend with whom she has traveled so far and with whom she has faced life threatening dangers. She blushes, and that thoroughly. Her cheeks are red and she lowers her eyes. She wants to embrace him, but somehow she doesn‘t dare, for here before her stands a stranger. This youthful attractive man is not the fatherly friend she has known before.

The situation is about to become even more embarrassing, but Baveras loves her daughters and send help when needed. This time in the form of a young, blond haired and blue-eyed woman - Sondirra. Her happy "Nice to meet you Princess Talia."  breaks the spell and Talia turns round to her, after giving Capher an excusing glance. She has a stripe of ink at her mouth, but Talia ignores this, she can‘t handle that now politely. 

„Nice to meet you again, Sondirra. Finally we are able to talk. Haven‘t I promised to to introduce you to Swing, my aj‘nuvic? We can visit her later. And please, don‘t call me princess, I‘m no noble woman at all!“

"Good morning!"a little voice can be heard.

„Good morning Roosje, good morning Inuya! How have you slept?“

Talia feels very nervous, she knows she needs to talk to Capher, but she is jittery as if she would have her very first date. So she introduces Roosje to Sondirra.

„Let‘s sit down!“

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Terra and Ta'las walk close together to the common room of the in where they expect Talia to already be waiting for them as she had been the morning before. When they finally arrive it is clear that the inn is busier than it had been the previous morning, and scanning the room Talia is not present either. She thinks perhaps Talia had slept in this morning or has gone to tend her mount Swing while she waited for a large enough table to become available for them all. As her thought concludes a young mage seems to wave for them to come over, Talia to as she returns, and some one else Terra could not see, perhaps Rooseje.

Giving Ta'las a look of worry despite the apparent enthusiasm of the mage, and is held in pause by her fears. The mage seems to see a table large enough for all of them become availabe, so he moves to secure it as Talia approach the young woman she had spoken to the morning before, and then proceeds after the mage. Perhaps the mage is her a sootier or betrothed. Still she feels a deep pang of worry for Capher and yet something is not right, something in almost too familiar, though Terra has trouble placing what detail is the cause her the bother.

The mages robes are eerily similar to Caphers she discovers as she moves closer with Ta'las at her side. Closer she draws and more familiar the robes appear right down to the inclusion of a cowl that seems hastily sewn. The similarities begin to worry her more than she does for Capher, enough for her to release Ta'las' hand to keep hers closer to the hilt of a blade. If it was a trick she may have only one chance to act. Stopping before the mage before he can take a seat, her face set in a cool mask as she asks,

"You have news about our companion Capher?"

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What to do?  What to do?  She has a hand covered with ink, not to mention her face and she can only hope the ink it isn't smeared across it; and she wearing a white dress.  Her fingers keep getting near the fabric, then backing away, unable is she to force herself to ruin her mother's gift to her.  Her hand then nears the back of the man's, Capher's, grey robe.  Maybe if some ink were wiped off on the back of his robe, he won't notice.  No!  If he did, he'll just know it was her.  In a panic, she looks about wildly.  Salvation!  Very near by is sitting a grubby looking man whose thick leather coat appears to have brought in more dirt than it left outside.  Surely there is no way he will ever notice a small ink stain.

"Excuse me fine sir, but the cook was a little sparse with the greenpfepp.  May I borrow yours?"  Sondirra places her hand on the middle of his back, using it to balance herself and leans across the table for the small crudely carved wooden shaker that sits in the centre of his table.  She snatches the shaker while innocently rubbing her fingers on his jacket, as if caressing him.  He eyes her suspiciously as she steps back and is forced to sprinkle some of the spice onto her bread/egg while stealing glances to her hand.  Disappointed, she notices that not all the ink is gone yet.  Grinning sheepishly, she sets the shaker back on his table, again placing her hand on his back and rubbing the last of the ink onto him.  "Thank you, kind sir."  She smiles politely, but he only grunts suspiciously in return, which makes her hurry back to her new table.  It will have to do until she can wash her hands someplace; provided she can find some soap.

She is aware of Talia speaking to her now, promising to introduce her to Swing.  Her Ahj Nivic?  Ahj is a title, not a name?  Ahj nivic must mean brother, then.  Remember to write that down.  That would have been embarrassing to call him that then.  Though, it did sound more exotic than Swing.  Eh, who ever got to pick their own name?

Suddenly their dog -fox- jumps up on the table.  How rude!  It must be after her bread/egg!  She moves to protect her breakfast, but stops mid-move as she notices a small figure riding the dog.  A sharp squeal startles her; more so because she realizes that it came from herself.  The small figure waves to her then strolls on by and speaks to Talia.

"Close your mouth, Sondirra, or flies will gather in there."  Isn't that what her mother always warned her about?  Still, Sondirra is sure her mouth is agape.  In the back of her mind, she hears Talia greet the... the... poppet?  She looks like a poppet.  Like a poppet Sondirra had as a child... what was her name?  Ruby?  Yes, that was it; Ruby.  Ruby the poppet!  And this poppet's name is Roosje?  How amazing!

"Are you a poppet?"  Sondirra knew she spoke the words, but they seem to come from somewhere else.

Another voice startles her out of her stupor, and her head snaps around to bring her into line with Ahj Nivic and his beautiful wife.  "Ahj!"  No, that isn't his name, fool.  "Swing!"

If there was ever a time in her life where she felt more out of place and ridiculous, she couldn't remember it.

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Capher saw the mesmerizing look in Talia's eyes. The hesitation, and then the deep red blush that rose from her neck to her cheeks making them bright red as Injera did when it set in the western sky. Her dark eyes demurely dipped downwards. Time seemed to stand still. Capher did not want it to start again. Talia was so beautiful at this moment, however time came crashing in breaking the moment in the guise of Sondirra.

"Nice to meet you, Princess Talia," She said.

Talia turned to answer and that was all it took to break the spell. Capher, at first, almost thought Sondirra out of existence, however common sense took over and he just smiled and packed away the moment into the recesses of his mind.

„Nice to meet you again, Sondirra. Finally we are able to talk. Haven‘t I promised to to introduce you to Swing, my aj‘nuvic? We can visit her later. And please, don‘t call me princess, I‘m no noble woman at all!“ Talia answered back.

Capher disagreed. He had met many who called themselves "Nobility" male and female alike and if there was anyone who deserved the title "Princess" it was Talia, but he kept that thought to himself. Capher tried not to chuckle as he watched Sondirra; she had ink on her lip, which she wiped off with her hand and now it was on her fingers and she was confused about what to do about that when Roosjie and Inuya apperared. Inuya jumped on the table, walked across it toward Talia and himself. Roosjie, waved at Sondirra as she passed. Sondirra squealed as her blue eyes widened in wonder. Capher was wondering if Roosjie was playing a bit mischievious, when he was confronted by Lady Terra with her hand on her weapon.

"You have news about our companion Capher?" She demanded.

Capher smiled a bit cryptically as he decided to have a bit of fun with Terra. "Yes and no," He answered. "Capher is alive. Capher has changed," he continued. Then with a laugh he went on. "I am Capher. You do not recognize me either, do you?" He asked. Capher noticed Ta'las was silent, studying him with suspicious eyes. "You do not recognize me either, do you Ta'las?" Capher turned to Roosjie to ask her if she recognized him when Sondirra asked Roosjie.

"Are you a poppet?" Sondirra asked.

Capher covered his mouth to hide the grin that spread throughout his face and made his eyes twinkle. Seyella, I never knew you had such a sense of humor. Bless you for sending Sondirra our way. He thought as he stood there...waiting.

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There is something playing between Talia and the stranger standing next to her, though before she can try to find out what exactly the desert woman has turned away and is introducing her to Sondirra. The young woman seems to be able to control her squeals better this time around, though the memory of the one she had uttered earlier makes the Brownie giggle a little.

She is distracted for a moment when Ta'las and Terra join them, mistrust speaking from their every move. When the man reveals himself as Capher, Roosje cannot help but frown. He doesn't *look* like the Storyteller... But then neither did he look like that when he went all reptile and stuff, so he might be telling the truth.

However, before she can think things through better, Sondirra claims her attention again. "Are you a poppet?" Turning Inuya to face the woman, Roosje looks her frankly in the eye. "I don't know." she answers. "Do I look like one? Or better yet, do I act like one?"

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Terra appraises Capher carefully as he speaks, her demand had not been one of non-recognition, but one to determine the one before her was indeed Capher as she considered possible, yet unlikely, or a trick. If it was a trick and some other mage made to resemble Capher enough to convince them that is was a younger form of his, that mage would have to hope he was powerful enough and fast enough to strike before she did. With only a second thought the cool mask falls away to reveal an expression of joy as Terra throws her arms around Capher as a daughter would at seeing her father well again and her worries for him end. Still Terras final doubt had to be satisfied, despite how overjoyed, she has to be absolutely sure, as their enemies are powerful and have proven they could even influence the mind. Softly while the young woman Talia had spoken to was distracted with Roosje, Terra whispers into Caphers ear as she holds him.

*I am so glad to see you well, and better than we have ever seen. But I have to be sure Capher. There is to much at stake. I must hear the words not of your lips, those of your mind. Please.*

The tone of her plea betrayed her fear of him failing in this, failing to prove he is as he claims and free of mind. As if a daughter making a plea to her father fearing if he failed she would loose him once again. This was a risk she could not, as much as she dearly wish she could just ignore that last little question in his mind and be happy to have him back.

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Sondirra is taken aback slightly when the tiny person turns the fox back around to face her and demands to know if she looks like a poppet.  Sondirra swallows hard, knowing that she has upset the little person, but wishing to explain that she meant no offence. 

"Well, yes, you do look like a poppet.  Or at least my poppet.  Her name was Ruby and she was my favourite poppet and my best friend when I was little.  My papa made her for me.  She was as small as you are, though she never talked.  Or rode a fox."  She screws up her nose.  "I guess then you don't act like a poppet.  Maybe a magic poppet.  Do they make magic poppets?  That would be amazing!  Can you imagine?"

Sondirra suddenly shuts her mouth, noticing the deadpan stare the tiny fox rider is giving her.  "Uhm, sorry, Ruby.  I didn't mean to insult you."

She looks back to Capher, who is greeting Swing's wife.  Then to Talia.  She hopes one of them can help her get out of the hole she has dug for herself.  She chews her bottom lip nervously, then smacks her lips at the bitter taste of ink.  Oh yeah, there is that.

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As the young woman chatters her answer to the questions posed by Roosje, the white Brownie crosses her arms and stares at her, though she has trouble maintaining a straight face. She never thought she would think such a thing about a human, but this one is just cute. There is no other word for it, really. it takes a moment for the stare to take effect, but then the woman falls silent.

"Uhm, sorry, Ruby.  I didn't mean to insult you."

For a moment Roosje wonders if she should correct Sondirra's slip of the tongue, but before she can do that she just starts giggling. Oops, no more straight face! It's... it's ok, Sondirra. Don't worry about it." she says - or at least tries to, inbetween the laughing. The poor woman, she was really afraid she'd offended in some way.

She does not know what has come over her, but a mischievousness plays up that she would sooner credit to an apprentice, a youngster not yet accepted fully into their clan though getting close to it, rather than a 40-year-old. Still, she decides to go with it. In any case, it is better than feeling as dejected as she has the last couple of days. With a small tug on the reins, she tells Inuya to jump - right onto the sitting woman's lap.

Once there, she lets her fox curl up and make herself comfortable, while she herself gets off and starts climbing the white dress, stopping only for a tick to admire the embroidered blue flowers. She doesn't stop climbing until she's standing on Sondirra's shoulder, where she makes herself as comfortable as her mount. I'm something much better than a poppet, Sondirra. I'm a Brownie."

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Capher looks intently into Terra's eyes. He smiles and whispers in her mind, It is I, Terra. It seems the stanza in the Elvish poem was literal, al least for me and I have no idea how long this youthful appearance will last. It is not me controlling my appearance, but the Orb's magic and I have one more night with it before I am through, so who knows what I may look like tomorrow. But let's keep that a secret between us, shall we? "Are you satisfied now, Terra?" Capher asks.

Out of the corner of his eye he sees Roosjie's fox jump into Sondirra's lap and then Roosjie herself climbing up Sondirra's dress and finally sitting on her shoulder. His ear caught the conversation and he smiled to himself and wondered what Sondirra was thinking and if she wanted to belong to such a strange and unusual group of people? He also noticed that her ink still stained Sondirra's lips and fingers; with a slight thought, as he pulled out Talia's chair for her to sit down upon, the ink disappeared with a slight tingle to her lips and fingers and that too disappeared.

Capher looked at the tables and realized that although everyone could sit, they could not sit together, so with another slight thought the tables slid a bit closer to each other and the edges melded until it was one large table. Satisfied, Capher sat down next to Talia. The waitress came to their table and asked for their orders, not even noticing or perhaps thinking that there had been such a large table in the rear of the inn. Capher and Talia and supposedly Roosjie and Inuya were sitting on the far side so that Capher could see the entire inn and Terra, Ta'las and Sondirra were sitting facing them. Capher ordered large platters of steamed beef and mutton, fruit, eggs, dark bread, tea, hot water and huge pot of milk along with cups. "I am starved and I need to do an introduction, but I will wait until Roosjie introduces herself to her first. In the meantime I would like to hear what everyone thought of the library? Though we found no tomes mentioning anything of the items we seek we did find tomes about Lady Terra's history and I believe some about the Shendar and Brownie's as well. I would love to hear what you thought when you learned some things, that perhaps you did not before," Capher said as the waitress came back with two more who helped her carry all of the food and drinks and placed them on the table.

Capher pressed a silver coin into each of the waitresses hands telling them thank you and to keep what he gave them between him and them. He had hoped that by doing that there would be no gasping or even shouting at the pieces, but he was wrong, for as soon as the waitresses saw what Capher had put into their hands, one gasped, "A piece of silver! Look," she said as she grabbed another of the waitresses, "He gave me a piece of silver." The other waitress looked into her hand and gasped as well as she saw the silver coin in her palm. The oldest and first waitress who had waited on them opened her palm, and then quickly went to the other two and told them "Shush!" but it was too late; the news spread fast between waitress and customer that there was a very wealthy man among them. They began to stare and that made Capher angry.

He stared back, finally he stood up. "I am a mage. Are you all that surprised that a mage has money? Here, if money is what you love, then have some," Capher shouted, he waved his hand and silver and gold and jewels, some as large as a man's fist appeared out of seemingly nowhere, hung in the air near the ceiling and then fell to the floor. Capher watched as people, even those who seemed refined, such as ladies, scrabbled on the wooden dirty floor grasping and grabbing all they could; even fighting over a coin or a jewel. Capher then said a bit more softly and with sadness in his voice. "When your money and jewels are all gone perhaps you will think then of what really matters the most and if you do not perhaps someone will tell you or you can ponder it for the rest of your lives."

Capher waved his hand once more and all of the coins turned to pieces of paper and the jewels to worthless pieces of glass. There were cries of dismay heard throughout the inn and even some stolen stares of hate at Capher but he ignored it and them as he sat down. The only one who still had a silver coin in her hand was the older waitress who had done what Capher had asked.

Capher looked at his friends and Sondirra. "I am sorry. I probably should have not done that. But, perhaps they will have learned something. Now, where were we?" he asked, hoping that his outburst and display of magic did not make his friends angry with him...especially Lady Talia.

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Feeling somewhat foolish, Sondirra sits down, under the stern scrutiny of the poppet.  She hadn't realized poppets were so sensitive about being poppets!  Suddenly the poppet laughs, and just as suddenly the fox jumps onto her lap.  "Eep!" Sondirra gasps.  Then, while the fox curls up on her lap, like her Rimmer used to when she was younger, the poppet climbs up onto her shoulder and sits down as pretty as you please.

When the poppet speaks, introducing herself as a brownie, Sondirra is incredulous.  "A brownie!  I've never met a brownie before before.  You're much smaller than I expected.  Are all brownies that small or are you a runt?  My dog was a runt.  I think runts are much cuter than the others in a litter."

Sondirra is suddenly distracted by the one known as Capher, who is suddenly growing angry at the people around them, though she has no idea why.  Listening, she is shocked when he claims to be a mage.  He is ranting about money, then suddenly it seams as though it is raining money and gems.  Without thinking, Sondirra makes a lunge for a pretty green looking gem that rolled near her foot, causing the fox to jump and the brownie to nearly fall off her shoulder.  "Oh my!  I'm sorry, Ruby!  I forgot you were there!"

Sondirra then stares dejectedly at the gem, wondering how many warm meals it would have bought her and how many nights she could have stayed here in this inn without having to mend a bunch of clothes for others.  She sighs.  Oh, well.  Then, suddenly, the gem changes into glass.  How?  She returns her attention to Capher.  What had caused him to get so angry? 

"Ruby?  Is Capher an evil mage?", she whispers to the tiny figure on her shoulder.  Oh, no.  What if Ahj and Talia weren't running from evil mages, but were the evil mages?

Her stomach sinks.

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Roosje has to stop herself from giggling so close to the human's ear, where it can easily be heard. Her effusions are plentiful, if hardly to the point. A litter indeed! She will learn soon enough that Brownies are no animals. "I assure you," she said, "I am no runt. In fact, I'm considered rather tall among my people. Where I come from, everything is made to our size, so you can imagine this whole place seems more like a giant's hideout to me.

As she is speaking, Roosje considers that there really is something charming about sitting on a person's shoulder - she does not have to raise her voice like usual, and what she says is usually heard only by the person next to whose ear she is sitting. However, it does have its downsides as well, as Sondirra proves when she suddenly lunges forward. It seems that Capher has conjured up some money, and out of thin air. Roosje has not heard half of what Capher has said to the people in the inn, but she can see the effect - not so much of his words, but of his money. She is not at all sure what has just happened, but whatever it is has made him very angry. In fact, she has not seen him this angry since she started travelling with the group.

Sondirra's sudden movement causes Roosje to grab for a strand of hair to keep herself from falling down. The tug seems to remind the young woman that she has to take a bit of care, because she apologises. Inuya, put out by the sudden interruption of her morning nap (lazy, lazy fox, Roosje thinks fondly), chooses to just curl up under Sondirra's chair, rather than on her lap, where she continues, blissfully unaware of the commotion the money is causing.

Roosje, from her vantage point, can see everyone crawling on the ground, trying to stuff as many coins into their pockets as they can. The glint of gold or jewels does not quite entice the little Brownie as it does many humans. The green of the gem in Sondirra's hand, for example, is pretty enough, but all those coins and jewels are too big for her anyway. She could not even carry one, and if she could she would not be able to do much with it. Instead she focuses on the Storyteller, who does not look anymore like the Storyteller who had come to the Vale to ask for a favour for his friends, but at the same time just like him in the sadness that he displays. She hears his words, mingled with the dismayed cries of guests who find that their gold has turned into worthless trinkets, and her heart goes out to him, and the sadness he tries to hide as he sits back down. It is this, more than anything, that convinces her he is the same Storyteller that is told about in the Vale.

She is distracted from her thoughts by Sondirra's question of Capher is an evil mage. The woman is playing with a bit of green glass, turning it over though not really looking at it. It makes Roosje realise that not everyone has seen the sadness, are too focused on the anger to look beneath it. Or on the display of magic, of course - not everyone can conjure up so much, and then take it all away. Angry glances are frequently cast in their direction, she can see, but it seems that his show has given people enough to think that he would be able to do much more than that, too. Perhaps the anger has given them reason to think he would not hesitate to use his power to hurt them - if she had not travelled with him, she would probably think the same thing.

"No..." she says thoughtfully. "No, I'm pretty sure he's not an evil mage. You might be surprised at what he really is, and I think that is not a subject to be discussed at an inn, but evil is not part of his being. Sondirra, my people have lived through many, many years of evil times, more than you could imagine. Before Keeko freed us, we were considered little more than animals to be kept as pets or worse. We do not forget these times, even if they are far behind us now. My point is, we as a people would not tolerate, at least not willingly, someone or something evil to come to our Vale as freely as does the Storyteller, as we call him. You have nothing to fear from him.  

She smiles, her natural optimism coming through again after the thoughtful little speech. Remind me to tell you some time about the time a real evil sorceress tried to capsize our ferry. I lost my bow that time. For a moment the white Brownie is silent. Then suddenly her mind makes the connection - a lost bow, coins that came out of nothing and then turned into something else... what else could he do? She decides to ask him now, before she forgets about the whole idea.

Sondirra, could you put me on the table? But careful, don't squeeze - I hurt just like you giants. When Sondirra complies, very carefully - for which Roosje is grateful - she runs over to the other side of the table, dodging between plates filled with food. She should really have some breakfast, but that can wait. This is more important. "Storyteller, I have a question. If you can make coins appear, can you also make a bow appear? One my size, preferably. I lost mine back on the ferry, remember, and I can't make one myself. It's just a question, really... if not, I understand."

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Post by: Capher on February 14, 2010, 01:04:42 PM
Capher was comtemplating his last outburst and with the others not saying anything made him wonder if perhaps he had done wrong: even if those people deserved it. All he did in his mind was relate to them the true value of things; such as money compared to true friends. His thoughts were interrupted by Roosjie who stood on the table next to his plate.

"Storyteller, I have a question. If you can make coins appear, can you also make a bow appear? One my size, preferably. I lost mine back on the ferry, remember, and I can't make one myself. It's just a question, really... if not, I understand."

Capher genuinely smiled at Roosjie. "One your size. Do you wish it to be a magical bow where all you have to do is put your finger on it and an arrow appears, or would you prefer a quiver that is never empty?"

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Post by: Terra Artemos on February 17, 2010, 03:55:10 PM
Terra watches Caphers outburst with increased worry, she wishes to speak but Capher wished what was told to her to remain between them. Does the orb really have so much power over him, can it really compel him to do such things out of his nature, or was this always in his nature only to be repressed by his weakened state? Terra puts her thoughts aside squeezing Ta'las' hand for reassurance but he to had been quiet all morning deepening her pangs of worry. Then Roosje asks Capher if he could use his power to make her a bow, to which Capher seemed most eager to entertain the request.

"Capher, perhaps if you are to use your power even for such a small thing as to help Roosje with her request, it is best to do so at a time and in a place more private. People often respect those with power, but they are also jealous and fearful of those with such power."

Terra turns to a man angerly approaching.

"It could cause men to go something foolish, like attacking without cause."

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Post by: Talas Anthavin on February 18, 2010, 12:04:47 PM
The Shendar hasn't felt this much unease in a long time, and he squeezes Terra's hand back.  Capher's lack of discretion, coupled with this stranger who seems to know of Talia, and now the angry patrons, leave too many unknowns for Ta'las to feel safe.  "I agree with Lady Terra, Capher," he says quietly to his friend.  "There will be a time and place for this, but as you can see, now and here are neither."

The rangy Shendar stands and faces the angry man who is approaching.  Unlike many who might posture with a hand on the pommel of a weapon, or raise their voice, Ta'las keeps his hand away from his Dou'kilij, and keeps his tone low enough for the man, and those sitting close to him, to hear. "Turn back now," he says to the man.  "You will gain nothing by acting in haste."

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Post by: Capher on February 23, 2010, 03:49:46 AM
"Capher, perhaps if you are to use your power even for such a small thing as to help Roosje with her request, it is best to do so at a time and in a place more private. People often respect those with power, but they are also jealous and fearful of those with such power." Terra said as a man who looks angry approaches them.

Before Capher has time to answer Terra Ta'las, who had been silent for so long speaks up as well. "I agree with Lady Terra, Capher," he says quietly.  "There will be a time and place for this, but as you can see, now and here are neither."

The man keeps on advancing staring at Capher who stares back he hears Ta'las's low warning to the man, who slowly stops his advance as he measures Ta'las.

"What is it that has made you so angry," Capher asked the man.

"You mages! You throw money around as if it grew on trees. One goldbard would feed my family for a year. I came to Ximax to find work, I pray to the gods to help me and then out of the sky comes a goldbard. I thank the gods for answering my prayers and what do I get in return, a mage, who thinks it's funny to play with people's emotions. I knew I should not have come here, but I wanted to talk to some mage and ask why they would burn my crops and then drown the rest of them? I am but a simple farmer. We had good crops this year, enough to feed my family and then some, perhaps to sell and make a profit, but now we have nothing and it's because of mages like you!" The man screamed, pointing an accusing finger at Capher. The man shrugged his shoulders and walked out of the inn.

Capher looked around at the stares he was receiving, sat down, head low in shame. A voice rang in his head; Remember my dear friend, every action has a consequence. You can blow the top off that mountain with a single thought, but what would the consequences be? Would it help or hurt? Even the best intentions can hurt, so be careful and wise when you use your powers, else you may regret it. You cannot fix everything in the world by use of your magic, nor can you destroy it either, be wise my friend, be wise. Talon's voice, once Capher was teacher then Talon became the one. He missed Talon so much. Tears formed in his eyes.

The accusation of the farmer rang in Capher's ears. Capher knew he was to blame for that farmer's misfortune. How many other farmer's crops had been destroyed? He had wanted to teach a lesson, but that lesson backfired. He was not ready.

He glanced back up at his friends, turned to Roosjie, "Roosjie, I believe that Lady Terra and Master Ta'las are correct. I need to leave and take care of something but first I want to introduce you all to a friend of mine; Lady Terra, Master Ta'las, Lady Talia and Roosjie this is Sondirra Moryveen, a writer and I would like you to all consider of having her along. To write our story, so that all future generations will come to know the deeds and peril that the world faced and how it was defeated." or lost Capher thought but did not say. "Now I must leave, but I shall be back in a few blinks. Please eat your breakfast and get to know each other. I shall be back before breakfast is done."

Capher snared a huge chunk of bread and cheese and then quickly made his way out of the inn. A few voices low and not so low were heard saying; "Good riddance."

Capher ran outside looking for the farmer and finally spied him walking outside the main gates of Ximax. Capher ran after him and just as soon as he reached the gates, he was thrown back by a wall of magical force. Capher stood up and again tried to cross the gates, he was once again thwarted. A voice inside his head spoke; not Talon's but a deep, emotionless one. "You may not leave. Your healing is not finished."

"But I need to help that man. I caused his misery. His family may die because of me!" Capher's mind screamed back.

"What is done is done and cannot be changed."

"Wrong! I can change it. I can give the man a goldbard, it would help him through the winter and buy seed for planting come next spring."

"Wilt thou fix all that thou hast done? Can thou make the forest alive again? Can thou make the animals, birds and the creeping things that crawleth on forest floor alive again? Though you had no control over thy powers at that time, thou acted foolishly, not wisely, just as thou did this morn, though thou thought to teach a lesson it was thou who became the fool. Wisdom, is what you lack. Go back to thy friends, learn all that the scrolls of the Ancients can teach you, then come back to me tonight and we will finish thy healing before thou continues thy quest."

The guards at the gates looked down upon the young man who had fallen to his knees...weeping.

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Post by: Talas Anthavin on February 23, 2010, 11:46:04 AM
Ta'las watches after Capher as their friend exits the inn, obviously upset by the bitterness expressed by the young farmer.  He nods to Sondirra.  "Good morning, Sondirra, and well met."  The Shendar stands up and looks at his companions.  "We will speak later, but I want to make sure Capher is all right - he should not be alone right now.  We will be back quickly."  He rises and smiles at Terra, and gives her hand another quick squeeze before leaving the inn.  He notices a few of the same patrons who'd been giving Capher glowering stares looking at him with wary glances, but none of them offers him any words.  Ta'las strides out of the inn, and he quickly follows Capher's receding form down the city street toward the gates.  The Shendar cannot see the farmer, who is now beyond the city gates, but he notices Capher stop abruptly once he reaches the entrance to the city and then slump to the ground.

Ta'las rushes to his friend's side, and motions away the one guard who is leaning over Capher.  "Its all right, my friend had too much to drink last night.  I'll get him back home and throw some cold water over him."  The Shendar kneels down on one knee next to his friend, and sees that he is weeping.

"Let's get back to the others," he whispers to Capher.  "You need friends right now."

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Capher knelt weeping, tears falling down his cheeks and chin. Someone kneels besides him and speaks. Capher recognizes Ta'las's voice. It is filled with compassion. Capher turned his head and through tear filmed eyes stares at Ta'las. Capher shakes Ta'las's shoulders. "I...I killed so many. I...I destroyed so many lives, and still want to be my friend?" Capher stuttered. "Why?" Capher asked. "You or Terra or Seyella forbid Talia, or Roosjie many come and gone...Koldar, sister killing brother," Capher's voice whispered, "Who will be next?"

Capher took his hands off of Ta'las, bowed his head once again. "Human emotions are hard to bear. Why do I even want to be human? I would be better off as I truly am and so would others. How do you bear them?" Capher asked turning to look at Ta'las.

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Terra watches Ta'las leave, her heart wanting to be at Capher side, deeper yet to be at his. She smiles to their guest and speaks warmly, though concern weighs on her voice.

"It is an honor Sondirra. Please excuse me, I am sure to return soon. In the mean time I believe you an Talia have met before, please enjoy her company."

Then raises from her seat and follows after Ta'las, a few of the angry patrons close to her path seemed a little more willing to take their frustration on her till their eyes fell on the blade at her hip and the cool mask. Leaving the in she followed as quickly as she could, the distance closed between her and the man she loves but not quickly enough to catch up before he found Capher at the gate, or to catch Ta'las' first words with him, but soon enough to hear his reply.


Her voice is soft and soothing despite the worry in her tone as the holds her dress in one hand crouching at Caphers side opposite Ta'las, the other hand coming to rest on his shoulder.

"How many more live would be lost if you had not come to us? If you had not lead us to this fight? Can you truthfully tell me that those we seek to defeat would not do the same out of malice as you have out of illness? I would think all our lands would eventually be set to flames should we stop now, don't you? We are by your side, and forgive your mistakes because we understand you are not well, nor do you do these things out of malice."

Terra takes a deep breath and looks to Ta'las, she smile her special smile only for him, though it is laced with worry over Capher. Regardless of Caphers form now, how he appears to them all, she knows he is much older in time and still feels deeply for him as a father to her. She looks back to Capher.

"You know who I am, you know where I come from and what my blood heritage means. You also know that I now have embraced in full that meaning. Ta'las my love, and I both except that any day we go into battle may be our last day of living, we do this because we believe the things we fight for are good and just, and that those we fight for need to be protected from those who are not."

She wraps her arm around Caphers shoulders.

"We bare our emotions as well as we can Capher and yet they some times drive us to make mistakes against all our better judgement. We simply much except what is, and the consequence of what we do. I think the true measure of our nobility is to turn our pain into a greater good, learn from our pain and not wallow in self destruction. It is good you feel pain for you mistakes, that means you are as we have always known you, just. Please do not allow your mistakes to strip you of your nobility as well."

Terra embraces Capher tightly for a long moment hoping anything she had said would help.

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Post by: Talas Anthavin on February 25, 2010, 11:25:49 AM
Ta'las claps a shoulder on his friend's back.  "Sometimes, we bear our emotions not so well, others times, we cherish them.  Emotions, like our actions, make us what we are." 

Then Terra arrives, for which the Shendar is glad, as she gives Capher much more encouragement than he could have.  Plus, she looks quite good out in the morning sun wearing her white dress.  "I've not heard it put any better than that Capher.  Perhaps Lady Terra can convince you of the benefits of continuing this inside the inn."  He also notes that the guards are looking curiously at the three of them.  Though they do not appear outwardly menacing, Ta'las does not want to attract any further attention.  "Your new friend, Sondirra, may be feeling uncomfortable in the company of so many strangers.  Besides," he adds with a smirk.  "My stomach is telling me it is time for it to be filled."

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Post by: Ta'lia of the Seven Jewels on March 03, 2010, 03:43:47 AM
That stranger, that good looking stranger is Capher. The old, wise Capher. He said so, and Talia does believe him in a way, but in another she cannot grasp it. She is confused, and the commotion with blue eyes   "Nice to meet you, Princess Talia,".."Are you a poppet?".. "Uhm, sorry, Ruby.  I didn't mean to insult you." does not help to make it better, gives her no rest to learn it piece by piece, no time to comprehend what is not really comprehendible.

So she sits quietly, nibbling at a loibl, not really hungry anymore. Instead of hassling Capher with questions, she wonders about herself, where is the outgoing woman who would have accepted that as if it would not be more than another clothes' change? Maybe back in the desert. The different appearance of Capher has shocked her much more as she admits to herself, it has shattered her own new grown picture of herself. Maybe they have left the vale too early.

And then Capher outs himself as a mage, throws around with silver and gems, and changes them to paper and stone, as the people act so greedily, throwing themselves after the money, that he is appalled. Why only, why is he doing  this? Where is the old, wise dragon hiding? In that thoughtless man? Is that really Capher? Panic arises in Talia.

A man approaches, rails at Capher, accuses him of having ruined the crop... Talia can only sit and stare. To her, it is as if the whole scene is happening elsewhere, as if she is only watching. Capher leaves the inn, going after that man, and Ta‘las and Terra are following him.

All is so wrong. She feels so sick.

„I‘m sorry, Sondirra, Roosje, I need to get some fresh air, please, excuse me, I feel not well. And watch over our food, please!“ she adds with a last effort. Oh, so food is still what I‘m worrying about, she thinks ironically.

She gets up slowly though, for her vision is not clear and she feels very lightheaded.

„I‘m outside, with Swing..“

Outside, near the stables, she throws up, but there is not much in her stomach, which she could get rid of. Finally she is with her bonded animal. She buries her head in her fur, sobbing:

„Swing, I don‘t know, what is the matter with me. I‘m afraid, but I dare not to say so. I want to be healthy and my old self again. What only can I do?“ But Swing does not answer. Only her warm breath is caressing Talia's wet face.

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Post by: Capher on March 05, 2010, 03:34:15 AM
Capher hears and listens to Ta'las and Terra's words of encouragement and he feels the comfort and compassion of Terra as she wraps her arms around his shoulder. Capher stands up, wiping the tears from his cheeks. "You are right my friends. To wallow in self-pity and could have and should have's will not get us any closer to our goal: which is to save humanity from a horror they could never imagine."

Capher began to walk toward the inn with Ta'las and Terra besides him. "I am hungry and I can now look others into their eyes with no shame. I hope that Roosjie, Sondirra and Ta..." Capher cuts his conversation short as he sees Talia rush out of the inn and head toward the stables. A frown creases his brow. She does not look right, he thought. Running toward her he turned back toward Ta'las and Terra, "Go on back into the inn and eat something. I need to talk to Talia. We will be there soon enough, just leave enough for us to eat Ta'las," Capher said, laughing.

Capher turned and rushed toward the stables. He opened the stable door, the sunlight behind him and he could see swirls of dust and hay in the air. The animals stirred some, but went back to eating their oats. Capher searched through the semi-darkness of the stable and saw Talia clutching to Swing, her Aj. Capher slowly walked toward her. Finally he stopped just a ped behind her. Capher could not see her face but her body language told him many things and the main thing was that she seemed to be going back to that mood she was in when he had burned the forest.

Capher stood there. Could I have caused this? he asked himself. Should I reach out and touch her? or would that be inappropriate? Should I just clear my throat and wait until she turns around and sees me and then speak. But what would I say? What could I say? She seems so...alone right now and all I want to do is hug her and tell her it is alright, like what Terra did just blinks ago. Capher stood there fighting within himself when he could no longer stand it.

"Talia," he said softly, not knowing what else to say or do.

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Post by: Roosje Greenfields on March 05, 2010, 05:10:51 AM
It seems that Roosje's question had not been the right one, or at least came at a very wrong time. One minute everyone is sitting or standing around the table, ready to take breakfast, the next all that are left are herself and Sondirra. First Capher runs out, followed by Ta'las and Terra, then after a second an obviously upset Talia. The small Brownie wants to make the desert woman feel better, since she seems to be the only one really upset with the display of magic. Unless it is for a different reason, but even so she looked sad enough that Roosje wants to run to her and hug her - except that is a really hard thing to do when you're the size of a Brownie.

Accepting that she can do nothing until someone comes back, and even then she will not be much use, the white Brownie instead goes around from plate to plate, taking from each her fancy and eating it. She eats so little that nobody would miss her portion anyway. Then when she's done, she takes some of the meatier treats and throws them down from the edge of the table to just beside Sondirra's chair. A red head suddenly appears, quickly snatches up the food, and then the fox goes back to her beauty sleep. Roosje watches the scene with a fond smile on her face.

"You're just taking advantage of this whole rest period, aren't you. Well, can't say I blame you."

Then she seems to realise that she's being rude, as she turns to the young woman who is the only one left.

"So... What are you..." then she notices something which completely drives her original question out of her mind. "hey! Where did the ink go? It was there before and I know ink does not go away so easily."

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Post by: Talas Anthavin on March 05, 2010, 11:36:56 AM
Ta'las looks to make sure Capher is over his 'episode', and though he is concerned for his friend, he can tell Capher would like to be alone with Talia.  "Very well friend."  He turns his attention back to Terra.  "We should join back up with the others.  Our guest will likely be feeling a little uneasy after we left so suddenly."  He waits for Terra and returns back to the tavern with her, simply enjoying being at her side. 

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Post by: Sondirra Moryveen on March 06, 2010, 02:49:47 AM
Things go from strange to completely strange in next to no time.  The man named Capher is a mage who angered many in the room, then rushes outside followed by Ahj and his woman and Talia.  What has happened exactly?  It leaves Sondirra feeling very confused.  Only Ruby and her fox are left.

Sondirra watches the diminutive brownie feed her fox from the table, while stealing bits of food from each plate.  Not that the brownie eats much, but Sondirra begins to quickly eat her own bread/egg before the brownie can get at it.  It fills her belly and things begin to look a bit better to her.

Sondirra is a bit rattled when the brownie suddenly starts railing about the ink on her.  She lifts her hands and sees that no ink is visible on her hand, then her fingers reflexively go to her mouth, as if she would be able to feel the ink on her lips, which was just silly.  "I- I don't know?  Was I magicked, Ruby?  Did Capher remove the ink?"  Suddenly a fear crept within her.  "Everything else is there right?"  She felt for her nose, and breathed a sigh of relief when she found it.  Imagine not having a nose!  How would you smell anything?  And your voice would change.  Not to mention, if you sneezed, it would blow your eyeballs straight out of your head!

"Should we go out after them?  I mean, you know them better than I do.  I don't want to appear snoopy.  Capher might magic my nose off my face if I stick it in to his business.  And I don't know about brownies, but I like my nose."

So much to consider when dealing with mages.

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Terra walks back to the Inn, close and hand in hand with Ta'las, her thoughts drifting between him and the woman who if she regards Capher as a father would be her sister. She can't help but wonder how Talia is taking Caphers youth, and begins to wonder how she would if she was not devoted in love with Ta'las. Maybe it was his display of magic that had upset her to. Either way Terra resigns to it being better Capher talk to her, her mind slipping back to Ta'las just enjoying every moment of their closeness.

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Post by: Gavril 'Whitebeard' Baird on March 09, 2010, 07:15:37 AM

The yelp of an obviously angry creature could be heard from the back of the inn, followed the smashing of crates as they toppled. Some of the occupants of the inn looked around curiously, noticing the owner of the inn step into the common room, pulling an elderly man in a long cream colored robe with silvery swirls and matching hat behind him. The regular patrons just went back to their breakfasts, recognizing Gavril.

The owner, who had an angry red mark on his forehead that was swiftly swelling into a very noticeable bump let go of the man who stumbled a few steps before catching his balance with the aid of his walking stick.

Straightening his robe, the old man glared at the owner, "You might be a little thankful. After all, I just saved your life and your inn. That creature would have ripped it to pieces."

The Innkeeper's face was now matching the color of the growing bump as his anger grew.

"That creature was just a cat," he mumbled, his jaw clenched, "that was just doing its job and hunting that mouse you call a pet."

Just then the dark grey head of the mouse, Ash, poked his head out of the 'spell pouch' at Gavril's hip that he had claimed as his own. It glanced curiously at the owner before climbing from its pouch to its human's shoulder, obviously to get a better view of the red man.

"A bat?" Garvil asked, misunderstanding the man. "No, good sir, that being was definitely not of the winged variety. And it wasn't a creature of this world. It must have been a demon of some sorts, though I must say, I've never meet one that angry. Or that orange for that matter.

"Why, look what it did to your head poor man," he exclaimed, as he leaned forward to prod at the massive bump which causes the Red Man to yelp. "You should see a healer. The creature must have injured your mind."

With that, Garvil turned away, unaware of the snickering of the nearby regular customers who received glares from the owner of the inn. As he started walking away, his walking stick swung back, hitting the innkeeper in the knee, which prompted another yelp from the man, but Gavril hadn't noticed.

Surveying the room, Gavril noticed an unusually large table in the back at which a young, blonde woman sits. The surrounding tables were filled with patrons that knew Gavril by now since he'd be in the city for a few weeks, entertaining them all with stories of his grand adventures. He couldn't recall having shared any of his adventures with his young woman yet, so with a broad grin on his face he walked across the room towards the table and helped himself to a seat next to her.

Typical of Gavril, he launched into his story, not bothering to introduce himself or caring whether or not she actually wanted his company, or even taking time to realize she was conversing with a small person on the table.

“Back in my prime … and of course that was many, many years ago … I helped defeat the last pack of vicious seawolves to plague the Darksea. I was stranded on my own in a slowly leaking rowboat after my ship had been sunk by pirates you know.

“Of course, cruel as they were, they thought it funny to leave me stranded like that. They'd figured I wouldn't last more than a day or two you know, but I proved them wrong … I even went back and found that ole pirate captain and took one of his ears, but that's a story for another time,” Gavril said with a wink before trying to get back on topic.

So caught up in his own story he didn't really take notice of whether or not she was listening, what she might be saying, or anything else going on around him.

“So, stranded in a leaking rowboat, with only a spiked trident that I'd claimed from a merman after fighting him deep beneath the sea in his palace of seaweed, I fought off the seawolves …”

Gavril continued to ramble, describing how one of the wolves had taken his arm off and he'd swam back to shore with his arm on his pack where he'd had it reattached by a shrunken elf. When he finished his story he feel silent, grinning from ear to ear and making him look much like a very proud child despite the lines of age and mass of silvery white hair that covered his face.

While Gav waited for some sort of praise, the ever curious rodent that lived in one of the spell pouches at his waist escaped from his 'next' and climbed onto the table, little nose twitching excitedly at the smell of food. It scurried over towards a platter of food only to have it's interest caught by the tiny person standing on the table. Ash sniffed the being curious for a moment before he was yanked into the air by his tail.

"Now, you'da think you'da learned you pesky pile of ash. No getting into other peoples food," Gavril said sternly before putting the creature back into the pouch at his waist.

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Drustai stretched her neck outward as her eyes peered downwards at her reflection in the mirror. With the exception of a v-shaped patch of skin ending just above her collarbones, her neck was wrapped in a blackish-purple band of cloth that reached up to her jaw line. She took a slow breath, and felt it almost restricted, as if the material was compressing her throat. She pursed her lips for a moment, and then lowered her head down to be level again. It would do.

It had been almost 30 years since she had last been in the City of Mages. They had removed her for practicing Necromancy, alongside her former master, Azthudan. Drustai tightened her jaw slightly as the name entered her mind, and then pushed it away. She had learned all she needed from him, and she no longer needed him. What she needed now was Ximax. Nybelmar had been a waste, arrogant human pigs and ancient ruins lying dead under the dirt had locked their secrets to her.

Drustai closed her eyes as she dipped a small brush into her pot of black eyeshadow. She lifted the brush to her eyes and wiped it slowly over the contours of her eyelids. She opened her eyes after a few moments and checked the smoothness of the shape.

She was crawling back to grovel before these humans that had cast her aside before. She doubted that they would readmit her. These human mages prided themselves on their limited control of magic, yet rejected anything that did not fit their frame of mind. Drustai was less interested in learning any more of their ‘techniques’, moreso that she needed what could be found in their archives. Maybe something could be in there that would help her. Something that these humans had discounted because of their poor grasp of the true nature of magic in favour of what they knew and could control.

Drustai pulled her black hair behind her ears as she patted a touch, almost sheer, shade of brownish-red over her cheeks. With her pale skin, only the very lightest tone looked natural. As if they would even notice or care about any of this, she mused. But it was a trait of human nature that she had learned over the years, and she knew that their reactions and decision making was easily influenced by the appearance of the person they were talking to. And Drustai could not deny the pleasure in feeling beautiful, even after all these centuries. The edges of her lips curled up in a brief smile as she leaned forwards and momentarily admired her visage, before leaning back and letting the smile fade.

She was wearing her finest robe for the hearing. The same black-purple material that encircled her neck hugged her body down from her shoulders to her hips, where it proceeded to loosen slightly in a dress and fall down to her feet. A silver brassiere in the center of the robe shaped her ample bosom, which peaked out from a split down the middle of the robe that began below the Bloodstone pendant around her neck down to her waist. Two teal-green toccon straps rimmed by silver flanked her chest on either side, and they ran down from her shoulders to just before the edge of the dress.

Drustai turned from the mirror and walked over to her bed, and picked up her usual steel-clawed gauntlets. She slipped them over each of her hands, and stretched the fingers out for a moment as she looked at them. Though the sharp metal claws at the tips of her fingers were perhaps disconcerting to others, they were more of a last-ditch weapon for her than an eccentric fashion statement.

To finish off the outfit, Drustai picked up her royal purple cloak and placed it over her shoulders. Though she traditionally wore a simple cloak around her shoulders, this time she wore a mantle. Two ornamented teal-green pauldrons stretched outward from her shoulders, causing the cloak to completely envelop her as if she were twice as wide. It was a regal and pompous outfit by any standards—the kind that made clear her status. And to further sharpen the point, she clasped her thick scrollbook to her belt and grabbed her staff from its place against the wall.

Drustai turned to take one last look at the mirror, before she spun on her heels and stepped out the door.

*     *     *

... and was met on her descent from the stairs by what appeared to be coins falling from the ceiling. She furrowed her brow and held up an arm protectively over her head as the silver and gold fell to the floor. Her eyes flashed around the room. This was no miracle--she herself was a mage and this was the City of Magic. Though whomever was casting this spell had more talent than most--to create gold and silver out of thin air?

Drustai struck an arm out and caught one, and examined it between her fingers. It was solid, and the etchings and embroidery upon its face were as real as the most authentic production coin. Somehow, someone in this room was creating money.

Elemental magic could not do this. It could not truly create, nor truly alter. It could hide, enhance, destroy certainly. But on an elemental level only. A coin was comprised of traces of all elements, and was comprised of an explicit Idea and the Structure necessary for that Idea to exist. Only Raw magic could truly create something from nothing, to alter one thing to another. And when the items changed even further to paper and glass, she was convinced.

Drustai's grey eyes flashed up, and she peered around the tavern for the source of this... this wild magic. She had come to Ximax in search of more powerful magic than the basic elemental processes she had learned at Ximax, magic beyond those of her people. And in all of her searches, she had at best come to the sites of long-dead arcane arts. She had come to Ximax seeking secrets in books, and yet, here, right in front of her, was a red-haired, young human man, who appeared to be the source of a magic that was supposed to be impossible. Her eyes narrowed, and for a moment, joy flashed in her breast, before she calmed her emotions. She had been let down before, and while this was certainly an opportunity, it was in no way guaranteed.

Drustai turned away from the stairs, turning to the wall as she eyed the group surrounding the man. Three women, one with a... moonblade? Those were not common weapons in these lands. There were two men, one of them the raw mage and the other looking to be from the south, along with one of the women, judging from his darkened skin and weapon. And last--a brownie, atop a fox. Drustai paid the small creature no mind.

She pressed the base of her staff to the ground, and held it to the side as she stood up firmly, observing only. It was certainly not time for her to approach, she knew. The crowd was angry at the sudden fulfillment and then abrupt removal of their desires. One of the more bold ones approached, and began talking angrily with the group. He argued over the raw mage's playing with their emotions, and to this, Drustai agreed. She pursed her lips and arched her head back, eying the red-haired man for his answer. But the mage didn't. Instead, he sat down, realizing his wrongness.

Drustai frowned, then tilted her head for a moment. If he was humble rather than arrogant, then he would certainly be easier to approach. But the scene was far too tense now for that. When the man left, Drustai looked down to the floor, then up to the exit. Her eyes turned to the group, then, after allowing a moment of quiet to pass, proceeded to silently weave her way through the crowd and follow.

Though she trailed the man from afar, keeping her presence hidden amongst the people of the city, she did not immediately approach him. He broke down into grief, and the others soon followed to comfort him. When they left him alone, he approached the stables, seeking the one southern woman, and spoke with her.

Drustai shook her head. It was no time to speak with him now. She turned and headed back to the inn, and glanced at the group's table. Perhaps they knew more. She took a breath, tilted her head up, pursed her lips, and strode up to their table. She ignored the young woman, who seemed to have been taken a fancy to by the fool, Gavril--a person Drustai had seen a few times in the inn already over the past several days. Instead, she looked to the southern man and the woman with a moonblade, both of whom had just re-entered, and, toning her voice down, she asked as politely as possible. "Your friend, the redhaired one... who is he?"

Drustai's expression was furrowed in one of some concern, and that laced itself in her voice as well. She was indeed somewhat concerned, though more important was that she appear that way so as to not look intruding.

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Post by: Ta'lia of the Seven Jewels on March 10, 2010, 12:48:05 AM
"Talia," she hears somebody softly saying. No, not somebody - Capher.

Talia‘s trembling fingers dig in Swings fur to hold her hands steady. Not wanting to show Capher, how disturbed she is she hesitates to turn round to him.  I don‘t want him to see my wet face and red eyes, no, I don‘t want him to be worried about me, he has his own problems... She doesn‘t know, what to say, or how to express how she is feeling, or what. She cannot pin it down for herself, even less for somebody else. I need  time to think all this through, to understand what has happened, to get used to.. to the new situation.

But Capher is waiting in her back, waiting , that she turns round and tells him, what‘s the matter.

She wipes all tears away, hoping she will not look too terrible, but knows, that her eyes will betray her. And then she turns round to face Capher, her old friend, her new acquaintance. As Swing decides in this moment, to lie down, Talia lowers herself also, sits on her haunches, her back being supported by Swings warm belly.

Don‘t worry, Capher, I will come in a few minutes. I just got sick and had to go outside and suddenly all was too much for me, your change in appearance, your...  rant with the money, your running away...   don‘t worry, I‘m having my days and you know, that we females are always a bit .. imbalanced.

How she hates this excuse, this lie. She never had accepted this false statement. It was unknown in the Shendar society. As soon as the pain which comes often with the moon cycle was over, these days were the best, regarding strength and endurance. Will that old-dragon-which-is-no-man accept it? Or has he turned human ba now, the way he has acted today?

I don‘t think I can eat much just now, nor that I can stand the commotion in the inn. Would you please keep some breakfast for me, maybe do a little package I can eat later on our way to the library?

She gives Capher a small smile, trying hard to find the features of her old friend behind the good looking face of that younger man. She shouldn‘t really give a damn thing to how somebody looked like. Was it not what was behind a face which was important? Of course it was, but to focus on the invisible being of somebody was not easy. One was so used to the „exterior“ and to link the „interior“ to it.

Again a wave of nausea comes over her and she gets up quickly to find a place where it did not bother, if she stained it.

Capher, could you please bring me some water from over there?

Exhausted she sits again, with her back to her animal.

I‘m afraid, you need to go to the library without me this morning.

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Post by: Talas Anthavin on March 11, 2010, 12:51:17 PM
Ta'las looks uneasily from Terra to this unknown woman.  Her appearance and the overall quality of her clothing indicated that she likely was not poor, and the tone of her voice indicated she was attempting to show concern for Capher rather than inquire about his ability to make money appear.  Still, the Shendar's guard is up.  "I'm sorry, but you and we are strangers here.  Our friend's name is his own to give away, if he so wishes.  If you wish to speak more, we could offer at least a token of hospitality and ask you to join us at our table," he says with a nod to where Roosje sits in the company of Sondirra and a man Ta'las doesn't know.

"My name is Ta'las," he adds quietly.

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Post by: Capher on March 12, 2010, 02:37:20 AM
Talia turns and faces Capher. Capher could see tiny spots of wetness on her cheeks and the redness in her eyes tells him that she had been crying. Swing, her Aj, lays down and Talia follows with her back to the animal sitting on her haunches.

"Don‘t worry, Capher, I will come in a few minutes. I just got sick and had to go outside and suddenly all was too much for me, your change in appearance, your...  rant with the money, your running away...   don‘t worry, I‘m having my days and you know, that we females are always a bit .. imbalanced."

Capher felt as if a dozen daggars were thrust through his heart as he looked down upon her. he had caused her this much pain! Capher listened more as Talia explained something about having her days. Capher's brow furrowed as he thought of the many times he had not only seen a woman go through this, but had heard men talking about this cycle that only females go through and when they do it is best to leave them alone. However, Capher was puzzled. Yes, females become irritable, even imbalanced, but Capher had never heard of them getting so sick that they vomited, at least as far as he knew. The only time Capher had ever seen a female this imbalanced and vomiting is when they were with...child.

[/i]By Seyella's forebearance! Could Talia be with child?[/i] Capher thought back to the attraction Talia had with Koldar. He began counting well could be. Perhaps, she knows and that is why her mood has been so up and down. She is afraid to tell us. Afraid of not being able to help us, but mostly afraid of her unborn child.

Capher's thoughts are interrupted.

"I don‘t think I can eat much just now, nor that I can stand the commotion in the inn. Would you please keep some breakfast for me, maybe do a little package I can eat later on our way to the library?"

"Certainly Talia," Capher answers, "I will be glad to do that."

Talia gives him quick smile. Capher warmly smiled back at her. Suddenly she raises, goes farther into Swing's stall and vomits again. She returns. "Capher, could you please bring me some water from over there?"

Capher rushes over to a bucket of water, finds a tin cup, dips into the water. A single thought goes out from his mind and the water becomes cold and sterile. He returns to Talia who has once again knelt down upon her haunches with her back to Swing. Capher could see she was exhausted. Capher knelt down and handed her the cup of water. Capher was very concerned and it showed on his face and especially in his eyes as he gazed at Talia.

"Talia...I...I am so sorry I caused you pain. I tried to teach something to those who value things instead of what is really important; such as true friendship and," his voice softer adds, "family."

"I‘m afraid, you need to go to the library without me this morning." Talia says.

"I agree, Talia. Here, let me help you up and I will help you to your room where you can lie down and be comfortable. I will give the others your apologies and bring up your food before we head to the library," Capher said extending his hand toward Talia. "Do you wish for me to ask for a healer to come to your room as well? It may be that she or he may have something to give to you help you, with, know," Capher said, tripping over his words.

Capher had never dealt with a woman with child before and thinking of Talia brought Ta'las and Terra to mind. By the gods could Terra also become with child? Certainly if Ta'las and her continue on like they are doing it was very conceivable. Perhaps a poor choice of word there, Capher, but possible. But how do you talk to them about something, personal?

Of course it never occured to Capher that what Talia had told him could have been the truth and that Terra, being a full grown woman would know how not to have a child.

Capher's brow furrowed, his eyes narrowed as his brain became overloaded. He needed time and a space to think, but it will have to wait. Now he had to get Talia to the inn and into her bed.

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Post by: Ta'lia of the Seven Jewels on March 17, 2010, 09:19:44 PM
Talia is glad to be in her bed, alone. Her stomach has settle down by now, Capher will bring up some food later, and hopefully she will be able to eat it. And even later she will try to get out of the city to an empty place, any place without so many people around her.

Why do the people bother me suddenly? I have been in crowded paces before without that dread of closed places and a lot of people around..  Could it be Ximax? Why Ximax? What is special here? The magic? I have magical items, my sword, my flute, none of them did trouble me so far. But it occurred when Capher used his magic, or shortly after. But he did that before, and it didn‘t affect me, or did it? ...  Oh, I didn‘t say, that it was not him, which caused me pain, when he apologised, or was it truly the case? Oh,  I don‘t know.

Though still puzzling about the world and herself, her troubled mind has settled down also. Capher‘s care in the stable had warmed her and reassured her, though she always had felt a tremble running through her, when she had glanced shortly at him, when he had touched her, taken her arm to guide her to her room. But that was not an unpleasant sensation, as she realised only later.  But now, lying in her bed and thinking all over, she preferred to visualise the old wizard. The old friend she had known so far. Sometimes, when her thoughts dared to imagine the new Capher, she  felt a little chilly.

Maybe I should not think of him as an old, wise man, but the dragon behind that mask? Is it a mask, is the new, unsettling Capher a mask as well? Am I about to fall in love with an ages old dragon? But why does he not act as such a wise age old dragon!!  Is he about to become a bit human, as he always wished? Darn, why does my body react to those red hairs and handsome face? One should love what is behind that, the soul.., whatever. Maybe I‘m only jealous... Terra, Ta‘las, but I‘m glad they found each other...  oh Baveras... maybe I should pray to Seyella instead? How can we fight such a great evil, if we have to deal with so many of our weaknesses? And Capher wants to take Blueeyes along, how crazy an idea.. though she is nice. Haha, we could beat the evil with surprise, because it is not realising, that such a person would want to fight it....such nice blond hairs.. 

And then Talia falls in a light sleep, dreaming of shapeshifting dragons, old wizards, blond, blue eyed women and a young, red haired man...

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Capher left Talia lying comfortably on her bed in her room and rushed downstairs to get her some food. As Capher reached the last landing and looked over at the table there were some people that he did not know thereabout.

The first one was an older man speaking to Sondirra, who seemed to be frightened, yet intrigued by the man. Capher wondered who he was and why he was talking to Sondirra.

The other person of interest was a woman, an elf actually, by the shape of her ears as they peeked out slightly from beneath her long dark hair. Capher could only see her from the back as she seemed to be talking to Ta'las and Terra. She wore a royal purple cloak. That usually signified someone of nobility, but the usual elf did not usually go around wearing such clothes; they thought of them as ostentatious. So why was this elf wearing such clothing?

Capher then remembered Talia and walked fast to the table. He quickly grabbed a plate, filled it with meat, an egg, some dark bread and plenty of fruit, Capher quickly spoke, "Talia, is in her room and I am bringing her some breakfast. I shall return quickly," he told Ta'las and Terra as he grabbed a large pitcher of milk and rushed away without acknowleding the woman or man.

Capher quickly went up to Talia's room, knocked on her door, opened it, and found Talia asleep. Capher placed the plate of food and pitcher of milk on the table next to her bed. Capher thought of waking her, but decided not to as he stared down at her face. It always made him curious as he looked at people when they slept compared to how they looked when they were awake. In sleep, the lines softened around the face while the face itself relaxed, as if thanking the gods it could throw off the mask it held when the person who had it was awake.

Talia's face had softened. She looked at peace and a glow seemed to emminate from her skin, making her look more beautiful than she already was. Capher gently smiled, as he pulled up her blanket to her chin. He kissed her softly on her forehead and then left her room.

Returning back to the main hall of the inn he walked back to the table where the elven woman was still standing and the older man was sitting next to Sondirra. Capher decided to introduce himself to the elven woman first as she was the closest. As Capher finally took a good look at the elven woman, he quickly realized she was a Kaýrrhem elf and that made Capher suspicous and curious.

She was exquisitely dressed, though the steel clawed gloves she wore seemed out of place with the rest of her royal outfit, and as most elves had soft features, however it was her dark shadowed eyes that caught Capher's attention most of all as he introduced himself.

"I apologize for not introducing myself earlier but I have a friend of ours who needed me urgently. Thankfully, she is now resting peacefully." Capher held out his hand, "I am Capher and you are...?" Capher asked the elfess.

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It appears as though the brownie is as ambivalent about following the others outside as Sondirra is.  So, she sits there, bored, chewing the inside of her cheek while staring at her fingers and rolling her hands over in her lap.  No ink at all.  Imagine if you could sell magic like a bar of soap!  So much less work than scrubbing and scrubbing.  And less painful by far.

There is movement and an old man sits at the table and begins telling the story of him fighting off seawolves.  Sondirra looks questioningly to Ruby, but the brownie simply shrugs.  Confused, she returns her attention back to the old man.  She raises an eyebrow when he describes losing an arm and having to get it reattached by a shrunken elf.  How small was this elf?  Ruby's size?

So engrossed is she, that Sondirra never notices a stranger approach the table until the stranger demands to know who the redheaded man is.  Sondirra gulps.  This stranger, an elf, and not a shrunken one, unsettles her.  The elf seems dark and dangerous.  Sondirra finds her mouth suddenly quite dry and she licks her lips unsuccessfully.  She notes with relief that the question had not been directed at her, but at Ahj and his woman, who had returned.  Sondirra feels better at the prospect of having them around.

Sondirra leans in conspiratorially to the old man and whispers.  "I hope you are as good with full grown elves as you are with seawolves."

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Terra remains silent as they are addressed by the rather regally dressed elf, though her face slides behind her cool mask, betraying none of her happiness, love, or worry. These are things for the future and thus set aside in her mind, what mattered now, what matters now is what the elf intends to do, and what she will do. Terra watches the elf's movements, especially her hands and claw tipped gauntlets. Something in the elf's baring though told Terra if this elf intended them harm she likely would not strike with the gauntlets first, but an unseen weapon, magic. She had learned from her last battle with the sorceress on the ferry, if this one raises her power against them Terra is prepared to strike without hesitation or restraint. It was hesitation to kill the sorceress that had nearly killed many of them, and so Terra would not repeat her mistake.

Capher approaches the table only briefly to tell them Talia is resting her room and he is taking her food, then returns a time later and addresses the elf. Though Capher greets the elf in a friendly manner he is also apparently cautious to say little till he knew who he was addressing, and so Terra chooses not to ease her guard just yet. This encounter may yet turn into a battle, and though she does not favour a battle in such a cluttered place with so many bystanders around, they may well not have a choice. The last sorceress that had been sent after them had not cared how many bystanders she killed or even if her own conjuring killed her as well as them. However this did not seem the same, the sorceress in there mist seemed to have true concern for Capher, but something Terra could tell was hidden beneath it, the truth of this sorceresses concern is meerly a convenient cover for another intent.

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"I'm sorry, but you and we are strangers here. Our friend's name is his own to give away, if he so wishes. If you wish to speak more, we could offer at least a token of hospitality and ask you to join us at our table. My name is Ta'las."

Drustai smiled politely, and bowed her head. She assumed she had come on too forward, and his response did not surprise her. She took a breath and straightened her posture some. "I thank you for the offer, Ta'las." She was about to introduce herself, when the very man she had been wanting to meet entered the room. Her gaze moved towards him for a moment, as he walked upstairs, helping one of the other woman up the stairs. Drustai turned back towards Ta'las.

"My name is Drustai, sir. A pleasure to meet you. I would be honored to be allowed a seat at your table." She kept her tone cool and businessman-like, and turned her body to the side, motioning a hand towards the table for Ta'las and the other woman to move towards the table ahead of her. She then followed them.

By the time they had arrived at the table, the other man had finally arrived. She glanced at him as he approached, though he seemed in a hurry, and he said, ""Talia, is in her room and I am bringing her some breakfast. I shall return quickly." Talia. So that was the other's name. Drustai mentally noted that, then looked back towards Ta'las and the woman. Drustai's gaze stopped to peer over her for a moment. This one was dangerous, she immediately noted. She had seen the way her eyes flickered--subtly--about her, watching her, her hands especially, and her cool expression and silence disturbed Drustai. Though she could not completely make it out beneath her clothing, the woman seemed tense. Drustai gave her the same professional smile, but her eyes did not carry the same politeness, before turning her gaze back to Ta'las.

Before she could speak, or take a seat at the table, the other man had finally returned, this time more permanently. He held out his hand and introduced himself as Capher--a name that immediately rang a bell. Something she had read in the Compendium? Most likely just someone who had taken the name, but with the magic he had performed before... Drustai held back a frown for a moment, then pursed her lips and reached out her own hand to shake his firmly.

"I am Drustai, of the Kaýrrhem, sir," she motioned for the three of them to sit, before taking a seat herself, "I apologize for disturbing your table, I had just been concerned about your sudden departure after your 'display' earlier." She held up a hand and shook her head. "I am no peddler, merely a mage, as you are." She was 'merely' a mage, certainly, though being from Nybelmar, and an elven mage at that, whom were few in this human academy, would most likely raise flags, she hoped her attire, and the staff that she had set leaning against the side of the table, would support her truthful claim.

"I hope what that other human said did not hit you so hard as it seemed to? And I apologize if I seem abrupt in asking." She furrowed her brow slightly with concern, and paused, giving Capher, or the others around him, a chance to speak. Though she was putting on a facade of politeness, she felt excessively vulnerable here, surrounded by this group of swordsmen and powerful wizards. Her eyes flickered between the group, especially watching the red-haired woman with the Moonblade--though she largely kept her in the corner of her eyes rather than looking directly at her so as to not arouse suspicion. Drustai's own guard was up now, and her muscles tensed slightly beneath her voluminous robes.

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He is definitely interested when she mentions that she is of the Kaýrrhem - one of the elusive wood-elves from the jungles of Nybelmar, if his information is correct.  Though Ta'las has never met a Kaýr before, he has heard of them, and he is curious why one of them would be looking for Capher so far away from home.  But then, we're all far from home, aren't we?

The tension in the room has increased, and though Ta'las is uncertain it can be easily diffused, he decides not to add any more to it.  Besides, he knows Terra and Capher can deal with Drustai better than he, if anything needs to be done.  However, judging by the uneasy look in Drustai's eyes, he guesses that she has no desire to initiate a fight of any sort in the tavern.  The Shendar takes a seat at the table and slides far enough over to let whomever wishes to sit next to him. 

Ta'las looks over at the Brownie, who has been joined by another stranger.  "Roosje, you seem to have a knack for meeting new people.  I trust you and Sondirra are enjoying your meal?"  Then, he nods to Gavril.  "Sir, I am Ta'las, son of An'thavin, of the Shen-Khasi.  And you?"

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"I am Drustai, of the Kaýrrhem, sir,"  She said after she took and firmly shook Capher's hand, as well as inviting them to sit down.

Capher sat down. Drustai's apperance, especially at this time and in Ximax, puzzled Capher. He slowly placed some food on his plate as he listened to her speak, wondering if she was another of Eckra's minions.

"I apologize for disturbing your table, I had just been concerned about your sudden departure after your 'display' earlier."  

Why would she be concerned? She does not know me? Ah, it was my display of magic that had attracted her. But in a city full of mages, again why center on me? Capher thought.

She held up a hand and shook her head. "I am no peddler, merely a mage, as you are."  

Capher's hand stopped in mid-air. He had already seen the suspicion in Terra and now after this declaration from Drustai, it was warranted, especially after whom they had battled. But, why would she announce herself? Capher thought, as he glanced at the staff Drustai rested against their table next to her. A Kayrrhem high elf and a mage. Capher's mind recalled he knew of the Kayrrhem.

The Kayrrhem were not Santharian elfs, they were from Nyblemar and had light elven blood flowing through their veins, which made their lifespans almost as long as his own. Capher knew that they usually kept to themselves, were exceptional smithers and created armour, weapons, and jewelry that most, if not all, especially Santharian's would pay dearly for, which explained the breastplate that covered Drustai's ample bosom. The Kayrrhem also fought Coor and the darkness He spread.

"I hope what that other human said did not hit you so hard as it seemed to? And I apologize if I seem abrupt in asking."  She said.

Capher put his hand down, turned slightly to look at Drustai in her eyes. He needed to see her face and reactions. He chose his words carefully. "Lady Drustai I know of the Kayrrhem. They are a noble race of elfs from the continent of Nyblemar, however I also know that they are few and keep to themselves. To meet one so far from home and to discover that one is also a mage is very rare, rare indeed."

He paused to pop a grape into his mouth, chewed thoughtfully, swallowed and then continued. "Your concern for me is appreciated but not necessary," Now let's see what her reaction is? "If you do not mind I am going to assume somethings and if I am wrong, please tell me. You have decided to travel far from home, to leave your tribe and family. I laud you for your independence. Since you have told us you are a mage, may I ask what type of magic or magics disciplines you have studied or are studying and at what level you are?"

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Post by: Ílarolén'yliás (Drustai) on March 31, 2010, 10:48:40 PM
"Lady Drustai I know of the Kayrrhem. They are a noble race of elfs from the continent of Nyblemar, however I also know that they are few and keep to themselves. To meet one so far from home and to discover that one is also a mage is very rare, rare indeed," Capher said.

His tone was diplomatic, and the words were clearly chosen carefully and with a delicate complexity of wording much like that of an Erpheronian dialect. Drustai knew the man was trying to win her over, just like she was trying to win him and his bodyguards over. His words were flattering, which meant they were not necessarily sincere, as few among humans would say such things so carefully. Diplomacy was a funny thing among humans, she had learned... for it often implied less sincerity, rather than more.

Of course, she was doing the same thing.

"Your concern for me is appreciated but not necessary. If you do not mind I am going to assume somethings and if I am wrong, please tell me. You have decided to travel far from home, to leave your tribe and family. I laud you for your independence. Since you have told us you are a mage, may I ask what type of magic or magics disciplines you have studied or are studying and at what level you are?"

Drustai sat back in her chair, resting her arms on the rests. She pursed her lips a moment, giving a slight pause before she answered his question. Her brow furrowed slightly, but she tempered herself. She had not left her tribe and family, they had been ripped from her. She had not chosen independence, it had been forced upon her.

She leaned forward slightly.

"I am trained in the magicks of my own people, but my more complete skills come in fact from this very institution," she sat back again, and flipped her hand to the side slightly. "I am a 7th Level Water Mage, with additional theoretical studies into Nybelmarian Blood and Krean Magicks and Thalambathian Arcanistry." By theoretical studies, she meant that she had some basic insight into those systems but lacked the practical means to utilize them--aside from the Thalambathian Scrolltome at her hip. She also, of course, had insight into Necromancy, at least as it applied to the Ximaxian principles, but that was certainly not something she was keen to mention.

The fact that he had asked her about her magical abilities showed her he knew exactly what she was after. She assumed the concern would be seen through, though she disliked speaking magic while surrounded by the man's bodyguards. She'd let him approach the topic of his own magic at his own pace, rather than rush itself. Her reply to his question would be enough, her own could come later.

She glanced sidelong at the various humans sitting around the man. Her body remained poised beneath her robes, though outwardly she smiled politely, and she brushed a few strands of norsidian hair behind her long ears.

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Post by: Roosje Greenfields on April 02, 2010, 12:08:20 AM
Roosje is not sure which way to turn first, so many things are happening at the same time. First there's this old man who comes and tells some tall tale, received on Roosje's end at least with quite a bit of scepticism. Seawolves and shrunken elves? A lot is possible in the world, of course, but she would have to see that to believe it.

But then there is also this elf woman asking after Capher, and Roosje is curious enough to want to follow that conversation as well. She walks back and forth on the table, dividing her attention between the old bearded man and the elfess - leading, of course, to her hearing only about half of both conversations. When Ta'las tells her she has a knack for meeting new people, she seizes the opportunity to focus on one thing only. She laughs at his assertion.

Nothing to do with me, honestly. He helped himself to his seat. But thanks for the compliment... I think. She answers with a wink.

She waits to hear what the bearded man will answer Ta'las, curious as well who they are actually dealing with. The elfess is forgotten - for now, anyway.

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Capher watched Drustai carefully and she did the same to himself, each one noting every little nuance of movement, of facial expression and eye movement. Capher saw her sit back, her arms resting on the arm rests of the chair. Then came the slight purse of her lips and the furrow of her brow, had he hit a nerve? in a blink they were gone and her face once more turned to its original state of calm composure. She leaned forward.

"I am trained in the magicks of my own people, but my more complete skills come in fact from this very institution," she sat back again, and flipped her hand to the side slightly. "I am a 7th Level Water Mage, with additional theoretical studies into Nybelmarian Blood and Krean Magicks and Thalambathian Arcanistry."

Capher's left eyebrow rose a little as he sat back. Her answer was straight forward with no sense of pride or arrogancy, as some would show if they had reached such a high level of magic. She had her own people's magic, as well as Ximanain training. She was highly intelligent by the words she used, Capher thought, but what was it that drew her to him? Certainly it could not have been his show of magic. She was a mage and a high level one at that. So what was it that drew her to him? Or was she drawn to whole group? Was her intentions for good or evil?

"Lady Drustai thank you for your honesty and forthrightness. May I introduce you to my friends? The handsome, young male sitting across from you is Ta'las, he is a Shendar guide. The redhaired woman dressed in white sitting next to him is Lady Terra, a Sophronian warrioress. The Brownie you see wandering around on top of our table is Roosjie, she speaks Tharian well and is a very fine linguist. The young blonde haired, blue eyed girl is Sondirra, a writer and the man who is sitting next to her I do not know and wonder why he is here," Capher stared at the man and catching Terra's attention, who was sitting closest to the stranger, with his eyes asked silently who this man was and why was he at their table?, "and," he continued, "There is one more in our party but she has retired to her room."

Capher waved at the table. "Please join us, there is plenty to go around, and while we eat we can each get to know one another," Capher said pleasantly.

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Post by: Sondirra Moryveen on April 07, 2010, 11:47:14 AM
Sondirra watches with interest the conversation between this stranger, Drustai, and Capher.  Her observances are broken only by Swing sitting at the table, and speaking to both her and Ruby, then to the old wizard at the table.

She feels her cheeks redden.  "My meal was fine, Swing."  

She stares at him.  In truth, she can't stop from staring, except for glances at the woman who always seems next to him; his woman, Swing's woman, Terra.  The more she stares, the more her curiosity is getting the best of her.  The more her curiosity grows, the harder it is not to ask questions.  And the more she restrains herself from asking questions, the more she begins to fidget.

"Girl, you got ants in your pants?"

Sondirra can hear her mother's voice in her head, just as clearly as if the woman were here now.  Her mother always knew when she had questions because she just couldn't sit still.  It was her little quirk.  Finally, she can no longer keep it inside, otherwise she just knows she'll burst.  Or worse, wear a hole in the seat of her dress as her bottom slides about on the wooden seat.

"Why does Talia call you Swing?  Is it a nickname?  Are you a Prince?  Does Ahj Nivic mean brother in your language?  What is your language?  Can you say something in it?  Are you and Terra married?  Are you hunting evil mages?  Are you evil mages?  Ruby doesn't think so, but I've never met one, so I don't know.  Unless this guy is one," she indicates Gavril, "but I don't know who he is either.  He just kind of helped himself to our table.  Not that it is 'our' table.  It's yours, but I was invited, I guess."  She looks at the old man.  "Not that you aren't invited, I guess.  I'm not trying to rude at all."

She suddenly stops as her chest hurts and she finds herself sucking in a large breath; maybe the largest in her life.  Chagrined, she smiles sheepishly.  "Sorry.  I tend to ask a lot of questions.  I'm a writer, you see.  Or at least, I'm going to be a great writer someday."

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Ta'las smiles at Sondirra.  "There is nothing wrong with asking questions - in this case, I think it will help clear some things up.  First," he says with a smirk, "I am not Swing, and I am definitely not an Aj'Nuvic.  My name is Ta'las, son of An'thavin, and though I am not Talia's brother by birth, we are both Shendar - a tribe from the south of Sarvonia.  Swing is Talia's bond-mate and mount - an aj'nuvic.  A large animal found in the deserts in our lands which we use for mounts, similar to horses, but with some differences.  Shendar are able to form a unique sort of attachment - partially emotional, but also spiritual with an Aj'Nuvic, and so they are more than just beasts of burden.  They become a life-time companion."

Then he turns a little more serious and lowers his voice.  "As for all of your other questions about us and what we are doing, some of that may be revealed in time, though I am unsure it is wise to do so in our present company."  He looks around the inn, and though no one appears to be eavesdropping on them, the Shendar is still wary.  "I am not a prince - I am a Shendar Warrior.  I was sent to help these people in their journey, and also to find my own spiritual path.   And none of us are evil mages."

He turns thoughtful as he looks at Sondirra, and he pauses to consider something.  There are certain things about their quest that have still not revealed themselves to the group, and though not absolutely crucial, would be useful to know.  Ta'las decides to give a little bit of information, without being too specific, to see if Sondirra can be of help.  "We are looking for some historical facts in the library here in Ximax.  Having someone else who can read, and presumably write, would be helpful.  Would you be willing to look for certain pieces of information for us?"

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Terra catches Capher's look about the other stranger, the old man who was at their table as well. As Capher seemed to have the elf mage in hand so Terra allowed her mask to slip from her features, she smiles a guarded smile at the young ladies flurry questions, and the innocent naivety behind them. As her love addressed Sondirra's questions she turns to the old man, she keeps her wariness from her features to not frighten the man. From they way he moves Terra comes be believe the old man's mind may not have aged well, and if he is not an enemy she does not wish to make him one.

"You would be sir?"

Terra asks keeping her voice smooth and level.

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Post by: Ílarolén'yliás (Drustai) on April 16, 2010, 05:49:51 PM
Drustai sat back in her seat as Capher spoke again. Her eyes watched him calmly, and she crossed her legs, resting her clasped hands on her knee. The heavy dress she wore weighed her down somewhat, but she ignored the ill comfort.

"Lady Drustai thank you for your honesty and forthrightness. May I introduce you to my friends? The handsome, young male sitting across from you is Ta'las, he is a Shendar guide. The redhaired woman dressed in white sitting next to him is Lady Terra, a Sophronian warrioress," Capher said.

Drustai nodded. The man was Shendar, as she had expected. But the woman a Sophronian? That was a Kasumarii blade she wielded, and from what Drustai had read, those kind of weapons did not frequently fall into the hands of Sarvonians. Her eyes trailed over to Terra a moment, watching as she and Ta'las spoke to the young woman next to the brownie and another man. A redhaired Sophronian warrioress with a Kasumarii moonblade. That white dress certainly did not fit that kind of person well, Drustai thought.

Capher continued. "The Brownie you see wandering around on top of our table is Roosjie, she speaks Tharian well and is a very fine linguist. The young blonde haired, blue eyed girl is Sondirra, a writer and the man who is sitting next to her I do not know and wonder why he is here, and, there is one more in our party but she has retired to her room."

Drustai glanced at the brownie for a moment as Capher spoke more, though took little notice of the miniature creature. She rarely encountered their kind, though she was aware of their penchant for poison. Otherwise they posed no threat to her. Neither did the young writer, who Drustai was able to tell was far too flighty to be dangerous--even with being distracted by Capher, her long ears were able to pick up the quick and high pitches of the confused little human girl. As for as the fool, Gavril, she had learned from spending more than a few days in this tavern to pay him little attention.

"Please, join us," Capher said, as he wave at the table, "there is plenty to go around, and while we eat we can each get to know one another."

Drustai smiled politely and bowed her head to the mage. "I appreciate your hospitality, Mr. Capher. I'm afraid I can only stay for a short while, however. I have an appointment with a Ximaxian Administrative Council early this morning." In truth, this Capher interested her more than the council of aging humans--not even the archmagi, just an administrative council comprised of several magi weaker than her--that only would by sheer luck be willing to get her expulsion from the Academy repealed. But delaying that would not be possible. She could always attempt to find Capher later. Afterall, what had their Shendar friend said? Drustai had overheard him saying something about the Ximaxian library, so perhaps their paths would continue to cross. She was curious as to what this band was seeking ...

She shook her head a moment after noticing that her thoughts had trailed off. She looked up and tilted her head towards the table, and nodded at Capher. "In any case, I would be happy to share breakfast with you if you will allow me. I will also, preferably, pay for my portion, as I don't want to intrude too much on your affairs."

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Sondirra listens intently as Swing-Talas  patiently explains to her everything she has gotten wrong.  Maybe not as extravagant as her imaginations, but equally exciting.  Shendar.  She has heard the name, though she has never met one.  Now she has met two at the very least.  She wonders if Terra is Shendar, but before she can ask (yes, it does sometimes happen that she can be beaten to speak) Talas lowers his voice and takes on a more somber tone.

He first reveals himself to not be a prince, but a warrior sent to protect these people.  And these people, he claims, are not evil mages.

Sondirra breathes a sigh of relief.  That is good to know.  She still hasn't quite got over the fright of having her nose magicked off her face.

Then Talas lowers his voice so much so that Sondirra must lean in toward him to hear above the din of the room.  He tells that they are needing someone who can both read and write.  Her heart begins to beat harder within her breast.  She can read, and she can write!  And then it comes; the one thing she has waited her whole life for.  Talas, this Shendar warrior, this protector of the group, asks her for help.

"Oh would I!"

Her face deepens a deep shade of red and both her hands come up to her mouth and cover it.  Her eyes widen as she stares apologetically at Talas.  Sondirra's hands open up like window shutters and she whispers.  "Would I?  Oh, yes, Talas.  I will help you.  All you need to do is tell me what to do and I'll do it.  Really."

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Breakfast went by fast with just some small talk between everyone. Capher spoke amiably, but his thoughts kept on returning to Drustai. She intriqued him. She kept her emotions and conversation well under control, howver Capher could sense that there was something about her and his companions and especially him that made her want to stay around them. The one thing Capher could not figure out was why.

The sun was shining brightly as he and the rest walked outside of the inn. There was a slight chill in the air; the months of harvest and then the icy rest of Caelereth would be soon upon them and Capher wanted his healing finished fast so that they could leave Ximax and continue their quest.

Capher glanced around and saw the people of Ximax staring at them curiously. Capher thought they must be an interesting group of people; On his right side strode Drustai, an elf, and with her clothing probably looked to the commoners like someone of Nobility. On his left side were Ta'las and Terra, Ta'las dressed and armed like a Shendar warrior, walking beside a red haired, white dressed, woman who carried about her waist a very wicked weapon; Roosjie riding her fox and Sondirra had fallen behind them and that crazy old coot, Gavril, Capher found out his name from Drustai was tagging along telling tall tales to Sondirra or anyone else who cared to listen.

There was not much conversation spoken, except from Gavril, as they walked the path toward the Academy. When they reached the gates, they all passed through. "Drustai I hope we meet each other again before I leave Ximax," Capher said politely, knowing that Drustai was parting from their company to meet with the Magi of Ximax, for what purpose Capher did not know for Drustai did not say why and that again caused Capher to be intriqued.

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Terra keeps watch on there new breakfast companions, though without the raised guard as she had earlier in the morning, while they all eat heartily. Of particular concern is the old man that seems to cling to Sondirra's attention with his fantastical stories, Terra wonders just how unsteady the man may be with new understanding of the concerns some of her Kar'ii peers had about her. There is no telling what this man was truly capable of if he felt he was provoked and no telling what may provoke him. The elf mage at least was a little more predicable, there is something she wants though she has not spoken of it, the only question is what.

As they continue on their day Terra walks close at Ta'las' side smiling with her lips curling in that special way only for him each time she looks at him. She also keeps an eye on the elf mage for any more clues of what brought her interest to them, and her ears on the old man behind them for the slightest sign of trouble from the old man or distress from Sondirra. No imminent danger comes from either, and so Terra merely enjoys the time close to Ta'las for these days in Ximax may be the last peaceful days they have to enjoy together, with no way to tell how soon the battles will begin again once they leave.

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Drustai walked in silence with the group as they journeyed towards the Academy of Ximax. She had learned from Capher that this group was apparently searching for something the library. Considering that none of them, with the exception of Capher, were magi, they would only be given access to the public section of the library. The attitude behind their search seemed to suggest they were looking for something more secret than what might be found in a public inquiry. Perhaps, assuming she was accepted back into the Academy's roster, she would be capable of accessing the interior private library and find what they were looking for for them. That would certainly ingratiate herself enough with them that she could ask Capher what she wished of his powers.

Drustai pursed her lips and looked off to the side a moment. Things weren't so easy though, and she did not trust this band. They appeared something like a traveling mercenary company, or possibly a band of halfwitted adventurers and fortune-seekers, though she was fairly sure the latter wasn't the case. She wanted to walk quietly at the back of the party, but she already knew she wouldn't have been allowed with the various cautious warriors of the group watching her. Each was jockeying in their own way for a position in which they could better observe the other. So she continued to stride forward at Capher's right, speaking when he asked things of her, but otherwise saying nothing. Her dress flowed eloquently around her legs as she all but glided forwards, her back and shoulders arched straight and her staff lightly tapping the ground deliberately. Every motion was controlled to present that image of regality.

As they reached the gates of the Academy, Capher spoke. "Drustai I hope we meet each other again before I leave Ximax."

She turned her body full-round to face him, stopping in her steps as he did, and nodded with a tilted bow of the head. She was certainly planning on meeting him again.

"Of course, Mr. Capher. I look forward to meeting with you and your companions again in the future." With that, she turned sharply towards the gates, her cloak twisting around her body behind her, and strode forwards, moving towards the door leading into the inner confines of the Guard Tower. She turned the handle downwards and then stepped inside.

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As the whole group walks through the town - apart from Talia, who is still at the inn - Roosje has to keep a tight rein on Inuya. The fox, well-rested and curious, is eager for exploration, and at the least whiff of something interesting would be off, if the white Brownie did not pay enough attention. She is riding at the back of the group, where she can keep an eye on all of them, mostly for her own sake: she does not know the way to the library, and if she keeps them all in her sight she has more chance of always finding them back, even if Inuya should stray. She can hardly lead the way, as the town is still as gigantically big as the first time she went through these streets yesterday. She does let Inuya wander a little bit, but she keeps a sharp eye on her companions to follow them where they lead.

She decides as she is riding that she does not really like Tallfolk towns. There are feet everywhere, and while her fox is quite big enough not to be stepped on, it is still disconcerting. She is glad when she seems to recognise the street they are in. Unless she is much mistaken, close to hear the wizard academy should be located, and in it is the library for which they are heading. Of course, this is the exact moment for fate to decide that things ought to go wrong. Roosje, growing tired from constantly directing the fox to follow the others, had been lost in thought for a little while. The animal, sensing her charge's preoccupation, seizes upon this moment to go and look for a scent that had been just out of reach for a while now.

As it turns out, the smell belongs to a street dog that had been following them in the hope of a bit of food. It had not counted on a fox coming towards it, but then it is hungry enough to take what it can get. And what it can get is, quite possibly, that tasty looking treat that is sitting on top of the fox.

It is only when the dog starts barking excitedly that Roosje notices how she has strayed from her friends. And the barking brings running some more dogs, curious about what is happening. If she does not take care, she might get hemmed in by all these animals, bigger than her own and possibly with revived hunting instincts. This is not something the little Brownie is particularly waiting for, so she looks around frantically to see where the others have gone. It is when she does not immediately see them that she almost starts to panic, until she reminds herself to be calm. She had strayed farther than she had imagined.

You've been in worse spots than this. Think quick, act even quicker, after that you can find the others.

With that she stops looking for her friends, and rather spies around for a way that does not involve stray dogs. At the same time she wheels around, back where she comes from, as there are no dogs there yet. On seeing a cart loaded with some crates, she steers Inuya in that direction, followed closely by the dogs. She hopes that the owner of the cart is both nearby and not fond of dogs. And possibly that he did not see her jump up. Perhaps if all three those things are true, the owner will drive away the dogs and she can hasten to... well, wherever her friends have gone to. She reconsiders her earlier decision - it is not so much that she 'does not really like' a Tallfolk town. It's more of a heartfelt hatred for the place, really. Give her the Vale any time, thankyouverymuch. So there are dangerous animals there as well, who consider Brownies no more than tasty treats. At least there is the community there. People her own size, rather than just lots and lots of feet.

It seems that she is lucky. A harsh voice yells at the dogs, and one even yelps - possibly the owner has a stick with which to fend off unwanted dogs, if the need arises. Roosje carefully lets Inuya creep back to the entrance of the cart, where she no longer hears barking, just people's voices. From here she has a slightly better view of the street. She has to find the others, otherwise she might as well whistle to the dogs to let them find her.

And that is about as far as her luck stretches. There is not a sign of her friends anywhere in the street, and they were not yet so close to the library that she can already see its entrance. When she has Inuya jump down from the cart, she is relieved to hear no more barking – the dogs seem to have given up their hunt, possibly in search of some easier food. At least that is something. But now where should she go to? Trotting in the direction she had been going before this chase began, she turns into a street that she thinks she recognises.

And goes on to find that there are no other side streets to take for a long time, and by the time she has gone through the whole street she has lost any recognition point she might have had when she started. This is not good, to say the least. Why is this whole place so big, anyway?

At the end of the road she takes a right turn, on a hunch. Then she goes left, and before she knows it she is well and truly lost. There is no way for her to find the others now, and on her own she might not get someone to notice her who can let her into the library. Her only other hope is to go back to the inn and trust that the others will know she has gone there when they cannot find her, rather than going traipsing all over the city in search of one of its smallest current inhabitants. Anyway, Talia had been left at the inn, so going there is probably her best bet now. The only remaining question is... where IS the inn?

If she is going to get there any time today, she had better ask an inhabitant of Ximax. What is it called again? Oh yes, 'the Laughing Cat'. Strange name for an inn, but then these were Tallfolk, and every Brownie knows those are strange anyway. Now to find someone who can direct her there.

She settles in the end for a lanky old man sitting on a street corner. He is already close to the ground, so she has a better chance of getting his attention. When she approaches the man, he turns his eyes to her. Then he suddenly starts to giggle, and before she has a chance to ask her question says: “Ain't you the strangest thing I ever seen. And I seen a few in my time, mind. Most of 'em were ha... hacu... hallucinations though. What can I do fer you, me little hacullination?”

A rather strange man then, but what else could one expect from Tallfolk? “Could you point me to the Laughing Cat inn, please?” she asked, which prompted another giggle-fit from the man. “A hallu... vision what wants to go a-drinkin'! Well, now I seen it all. But why not. You take this road here all th' way to th' end...” And then follow all the instructions, which Roosje tries as best she can to memorise.

When she has the way in her head, she waves goodbye at the strange man and sets off down the street. She manages to follow his explanations to the wall, but then fate steps in once more. The dogs that had quite a bit earlier been chased off by the cart's owner suddenly pick up their scent once more, and Roosje finds herself surrounded once more by a pack of hungry street dogs – and without a handy cart to hide in. So unfair! I know I'm close to the inn. And in sight of the town gate, too! I have to escape!

The chance she is looking for offers when one of the dogs wanders just a bit to the side, leaving a tiny gap in the circle advancing on her. Roosje spurs on Inuya to take the chance, and by some fortune they manage to escape the circle – which of course leaves her once more weaving her way between human legs, followed closely by a pack of baying hounds, causing a ruckus that she imagines can be heard two streets off. But still no cart close by, and Inuya will be tiring shortly. Something has to happen, and soon, or she might not survive her little adventure.

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A sequence of weird pictures fills Talia‘s dreams and when she awakes, she is not fully recovered from her nausea yet. But, strangely, the food next to her bed on a chair helps to get over it. So Capher has brought some up, as I have asked him. A smile comes to her face, when she thinks at her old friend, though it gets a bit doubtful, as she remembers his latest, drastic changes. Somehow she doesn‘t like the changes, they unsettle her, especially, that  he looks now so handsome..

The food has filled her stomach and she feels well enough to start her small adventure - to seek the fields, the empty space, the fresh air. She has not been aware so far, that she is somehow sensitive to magic - in an unpleasant way. Don‘t I possess a magical sword and a special flute? But maybe it is just because the magic is all around here, poors out of every stone. Are there not magic cats, even magic rats? No, I have to leave the city for today, I‘m sure, the others can find what we need without a nauseated desert plant.

Quickly she sprays some water from the washing bowl in her face to get rid of the sweaty feeling, grabs what she thinks she needs and is about to leave, when she hears  a familiar humming. Well, not this familiar. Talia stares for a moment  to her travel pack from where the humming comes until she realises, that it is her flute!  She nearly panics. The flute hums louder with every blink she is staring at her packsaddle. CAPHER, TERRA, TA‘LAS!  She knees before her stuff and searches for the flute. And then she is holding it in her hand, well wrapped up... and doesn‘t dare to unwrap it.

No, I can‘t do it, I  can‘t, I can‘t! Faerhorál will get me again! Capher, Terra, Ta‘las,Teri, Koldar...

Tears are streaming down Talia‘s face, horror has her in its grip, her hands holding the flute tremble, but the instrument does not cease to hum, the sound gets louder every blink. A friend is in danger, in severe danger! The louder the instriment's tone, the greater the danger is the friend is in....   Finally Talia drops the flute, and while it glides out of her hands in her lap, it unwraps itself, partly. And as if she has no free choice anymore, the Shendar woman touches the instrument slightly and images are filling her mind.

Dogs.... more dogs.. a red hue... No a fox.. ROOSJE! Where?? The gate, the inn....

The flute drops to the ground, uncovered, for Talia jumps up and turns towards the door to run out  to the road the flute has showed her so clearly. Luckily it is a place nearby she has seen yesterday and the day before, when they entered the town. Only a few blinks away she sees the wild chase. Roosje on her fox is running towards her, trying to get around some passengers without loosing time or giving up speed. And behind her dogs, more dogs. Not as many and as big as in the image she had seen in her mind, but enough to tear a little Brownie apart including fox.

The moment Roosje has passed, Talia's whip stops the first dog effectively, as well as the second and the third, the others stop short, being surprised and frightened enough to give up their chase also. Some bashes with the bane whip in the air, producing quite some noise are enough to convince the dogs, that they better turn around and flee.

Some passengers have stopped and look at the strange, barbaric woman with her unusual clothes and that uncommon bane whip. Talia only shrugs her shoulders and turns around to look out for Roosje. Hopefully she will be in the inn, but maybe Inuya had other ideas..

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Out of my way, out of my way, too many legs, get out of my way! The barking is getting closer, can't look for the inn now, lose the dogs first then go from there. Stupid human legs, will you decide where to go and not stay in my way?

Roosje does not lose any breath actually saying any of this out loud, but her mind is working quite as fast as Inuya's legs. There is just no time to see where she is going, all both she and her riding animal can think about is to get ahead of the barking. The small brownie has abandoned her usual relaxed pose, crosslegged on top of the fox, instead sitting on her knees and leaning forward. Her small hands keep a tight hold on the reins, though Inuya hardly needs the direction - she is quite capable of judging the obstacles in their way and swerving when necessary, while losing as little speed as possible.

And then, though it takes some time to process in Roosje's brain, it is over. Some sharp cracks sound in the air, and the barking behind her stops. She risks a quick glance backwards, and finds to her great joy that the dogs are quickly, very quickly, running the other way. And there, there is Talia, with a whip in her hands. Turning her attention back to her still running mount, she quickly slows the fox down, enough to go back to her comfortable cross-legged seat. She steers the fox in a half circle and trots back to where Talia is still standing, looking around. Roosje and Inuya must have passed right by her, though at the time she had not paid attention to anyone, the desert woman had just been another pair of legs.

As she nears the woman, Roosje takes a few deep breaths to calm her still raging heart. Thank the spirits this ordeal was over! But now she was not going to move one step from her rescuer. That whip was too handy a tool in chasing away anything big enough to hurt a small Brownie. When she reaches Talia, she calls up with all her might: "Thank you Talia!" Then she quickly dismounts and checks her mount for any obvious hurts, and on finding none proceeds to calm the animal (and herself along with it). For a while she just runs her fingers through the soft red fur and rubs her face against Inuya's. Then she realises she probably shouldn't lose sight of Talia now. She mounts again and calls up: "Can I stay with you? I don't want another pack chasing me if I can help it. I don't know what would have happened if you had not been here. That was some good fortune, that you just happened to be out here!

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Talia doesn‘t need to wait long for Roosje, for the Brownie is coming straight back to her, after she has realised, that she is not hunted anymore.

"Thank you Talia!" she shouts up to the tall woman in front of her. Amazing, what relatively loud sound such a tiny browny throat can produce, Talia wonders, but squats down to be closer by her travel companion. 

Roosje quickly dismounts and checks her mount for any obvious hurts, and on finding none proceeds to calm the animal. For a while she just runs her fingers through the soft red fur and rubs her face against Inuya's. Then she  mounts again and calls up: "Can I stay with you? I don't want another pack chasing me if I can help it. I don't know what would have happened if you had not been here. That was some good fortune, that you just happened to be out here!

„That was not just good fortune, that was my flute which showed me, that you were in danger. But you don‘t know about her, there was no need to use it for quite some time now.“ Talia smiles at Roosje. Though she can still see over fox and brownie, she has a much clearer view on that peculiar face of the little one.  So white, even the eyes are white and give a slight shiver, when you look too close at them. Talia‘s heart warms up to Roosje, it is a strange feeling to the present moment, they both standing in the middle of a busy street, but for Talia it is as if time has stopped and they are in a bubble of another time which shelters them from the present. Suddenly she is very aware of Roosje and the impression, that she is a kind of key to the success of their challenge flashes through her mind. Then it is over. Talia shakes her head as if she has to get rid of something. What has this been? An aftereffect of touching the flute? She concentrates on Roosje.

"Of course you can come with me, if you wish. I thought it might be not very agreeable for you amidst all those huge other races in this busy town. Let‘s go back to the tavern, I fear I have dropped a valuable possession right to the floor, when I hurried to help you," she says with a twinkle of her eyes. Then we should send a note to the library, that the others don‘t search for you. And afterwards I'll take you with your fox on Swing, so that nothing will happen to you until we are clear of the town!

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Roosje nods as a sign that she has understood everything Talia says. Together they return to the tavern, the white Brownie staying as close as possible to Talia, afraid of what might happen if she strays. Luckily, they reach the inn without further trouble. Talia goes upstairs to her room, where she takes something from the floor. Is that the flute that the desert woman had talked about? How did that make her find out that she had been in trouble? Well, might as well ask - if it was some kind of secret Talia wouldn't have mentioned it in the first place. "Is that what showed you I was in danger? How does it work?"

After Talia's explanation they both go downstairs, where Roosje leaves the sending of a message to Talia - She's far more capable of getting it to the library, since she is actually the right size for the surroundings here. Then they go to the stables. By this time Roosje's heart has calmed down to a more steady beating, instead of the frantic drumming it had gone through during the chase. Slowly the fright wears off a little, a process helped by having someone near who she knows will help if anything happens again. Until, that is, Talia lifts her and Inuya up and puts both of them on her Aj'nuvic. It is HIGH up there! Roosje is used to the height of her own riding animal. She does live in the Council tree at home, of course, but that is a tree, with lots of Brownie-made contraptions to make it safer. Most of the time it is not even necessary to look down there. That is something completely different to the sense of sitting on top of a two-ped living, breathing animal. Luckily Swing's back is at least broad enough for the brownie that she also does not have to look down, but from here she almost sees the world as would a Tallperson, or so she imagines. She decides that she much prefers her own height, even if it does mean getting chased by dogs.

It is obvious that Inuya is not at all comfortable up here, as well, but it is much too high for her to jump off. As they start walking - Talia leading Swing until they reach the town gate - Roosje stays close to the fox, calming her and in the process calming herself. If she has to take care of Inuya, at least she cannot think about how very far two peds is to fall. Once they are outside the town, Talia also mounts Swing. Roosje ceases her attentions to Inuya for a moment to turn around and ask: "So, where are we going? Just for a ride?"

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As they climb the few steps up to the library door, Capher is suddenly aware that his companions were very silent as was the air about them. It was a bit eerie, after saying goodbye to Lady Drustai and then hearing a pack of dogs barking their heads off, the silence was palatable.

Capher opened the door, allowing his companions to enter as as he watched it was then that he realized that Roosjie was not with them. He looked across the courtyard to see if he could see her and she was nowhere to be found, and that concerned him. concerned him enough to put his hand on Ta'las's shoulder and tell him, "Roosjie is missing. I am not sure where she is so I am going to go look for her, go on inside with Terra and Sondirra and I will..."

"Master, someone sent you a message and asked that it be given to you," the old librarian said, handing him a small piece of parchment, interrupting Capher's conversation.

Capher looked down on the librarian with a quzzical expression on his face. "How do you Know who I am?" He asked.

The librarian looked up at Capher and gave him a small smile. "Your appearance may have changed, but your aura remains the same, Master"

Capher nodded knowingly and then took the letter from the librarian's hand.

Capher frowned as he took the neatly folded letter, opened it and read it. It was in Talia's distinctive Shendar handwriting telling him that she and Roosjie were going to take Swing and go for a ride outside of Ximax. Capher, at first was concerned about them, then he gave a sigh of relief as he noticed the concern on Ta'las's face wondering what the letter had said, yet not wanting to invade Capher's privacy if it was meant just for him.

Capher smiled. "It seems Ta'las, that Roosjie and Talia are going for a ride outside of town and will be back later. Shall we go in and see if we can find what we are looking for?" Capher asked Tal'as.

"Master, if I may inquire, what are you looking for?" The librarian asked.

Capher paused as he thought about asking the librarian. It was not that he did not trust the librarian, it was the concern of how much danger he may put the librarian and Ximax for that matter in. He made up his mind. "We are looking for any tomes or books or even the smallest reference to Tristian's treasure, Kurik's Anvil and the Sword of Fury," Capher said in a low voice.

"Those are relics of myth master and only foolish treasure hunters seek that information." He paused a moment and then continued, "However I do not believe a master such as yourself would be a treasure hunter so all the advice I can give you is to tell you to go to the center of the library, on the floor will be the mark of the Orb. I believe that you will know what to do once you see it. Now I must attend to others," he said, shuffling away.

Capher turned, gave Tal'as a conspiratorial look, then grinned. "Let's find the others and go treasure hunting."

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Ta'las does not react with surprise when the librarian mentions that the relics they seek are myth - the Elders of the Elven Circle in the Quallian had indicated that few in the Santharia would know of them.  The Shendar is surprised when the librarian indicates they should seek their answers with the Orb.  Though somewhat relieved - Ta'las has no liking for books or libraries - he is a little uncertain what to expect.  On his travels, Ta'las had heard tales of the Orb of Ximax - some were fanciful claims that the Orb could grant great powers to anyone who came near it, others spoke of dark magic that corrupted one's soul.  Ta'las did recall one female traveller, who probably spoke more true than any other who'd metnioned the Orb - that its powers were nearly limitless, and should not be tampered with by any but the most magically astute.  It is that warning that the Shendar heeds the most.

"Very well, Capher.  As long as you are ready my friend," he says, clapping Capher on the shoulder.  "We will be here to help you however we can.  Terra, at least, has some familiarity with magic."  He steps forward with Capher into the dimly lit passage of the library.  "After you Capher - I only know the way to the dusty old tomes in the main section of this place."

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Capher walked slowly, but at a steady pace surprised at how many people were in the library searching and researching the huge volumes of tomes stored here. As they walked, once in a while they would hear an excited voice exclaim "I found it," and then those with that voice would rush over and look at whet they had found; mostly it was some sort of spell, for most of these people were mages in training and unlike any other library in a major city where students went to research their teachers assignments, these were no different, except these were researching magic.

To Capher it still amazed him that there were actually people, like Ta'las, who could not read. However to say that Ta'las could not read would be a mistake, for he could read nature, follow the trails of animals and men that very few could do, including these magical students. In all fairness Ta'las was probably more trained than most of these students who could read and write in the more important aspects of life; knowing how to live and survive in the real world, not just inside the walls of Ximax, where Capher had heard some come as a child and never leave the city again. What good is all that studying if you never put it into practical use?

The farther the group walked away from the entrance of the library and headed toward the center, the less and less people they came across; the ones they did were much older, at least they looked that way, and their interests were a bit more focused; some on history, some on older magic and others just perusing the older tomes. Here there were tomes and scrolls and not too many books, simply because the way to make a book had not been invented yet by humankind. These were writings of scribes, paid by their Landowners or if lucky enough by a lord or even a king to write down the parentage of certain lines so that if any claimed to be whom they came from, their parentage could be looked up, however most of those, especially those of noble blood, had been sent to the library of what will become the seat of power in all of Santharia, according to what Capher's master had told him, but that was many many decades from now.

Capher turned down one aisle, then another, and another, making left's and rights leading the group farther and farther away from the entrance. Ta'las was the first to notice, but Capher sensed that Terra had also noticed, Sondirra was like a child; wide eyed and awed at the sights. Gavril had found some younger people who actually wanted to hear his tall stories, besides Capher really did not know who nor why he allowed the man to follow them, so Capher was relieved.

Finally Ta.las spoke up. "Capher my friend I do not mean to tell you your way, however I must point out that we passed the center of the library some aisle's ago. If we go back this way I believe we can find the center."

Capher chuckled. "I was wondering how long it was going to take for you to speak up my friend, but you are wrong the center of the library is right...about here," Capher replied, taking two steps forward. Capher saw the puzzled look upon his companion's faces and smiled. "The Librarian told us to go to the center of the library, he did not mean the physical center, where my young friend you so aptly pointed out. What he was referring to was the center of power of the library which is right here."

Capher swiped the dust off of the stone on which he was standing with his foot, knelt down and blew onto it as well; as the dust was removed both by foot and breath an engraving in the stone block began to appear. Deeply etched into the stone was a carving of a man holding onto an orb. The man had an astonished look upon his face.

Capher motioned his companions to back up a little, then he placed one hand on the orb and the other on the man's feet. Suddenly the orb began to glow brighter and brighter until it lit the interior of the small space as if the sun were in the room, without the heat, nevertheless it was awfully bright. The man's feet glowed as well and then a flash from the orb streaked out and touched a certain place on a stone wall and then it all disappeared and they were all back in almost complete darkness. Capher did not know about the others but to him it was like complete darkness compared to how bright it had just been a few blinks ago.

Capher continued kneeling, waiting for his eyesight to adjust to the dim lighting of the library. Once he could reasonably see he rose up and turned toward the wall that the orb's light had touched. "I believe our search begins..." Capher paused as he walked to the wall and found a small barely lit indentation where the orb's light had burned into it. Capher turned to look at his companions, put his finger over the indentation, and without a sound the wall shimmered and then disappeared. "in there," he finished.

There was a round room lit by an unknown light source. "Quickly get through the portal before it closes," Capher urged his companions.

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Time is pressing but the path not straight
the hasty searcher will find no trait
be careful to look out or within an ace
you all might  miss the hidden place.

Ta'las smiles to himself as Capher uncovers the first two of what he expects will be several 'deviations' from a straight path in their search.  First, is the fact that the physical center of the library isn't the actual center they were searching for, but rather its center of power.  And then, the canny wizard finds the release mechanism that opens a magical portal hidden beneath a thick layer of dust on the stone floor.  After a brief moment of disorientation as bright light fills the room and then just as quickly is gone, he nods and claps Capher's back.  "This path is definitely not straight, but I see the Elven Circle's concerns about your magical prowess have been addressed."

He squeezes Terra's hand and then strides through the portal.  The Shendar does not normally take quickly to magic, but his trust in his friend has deepened immensely, so he enters the portal without trepidation.  His body shimmers and then disappears as he finds himself in a circular anteroom, lit dimly like the rest of the library.  However, the floor and walls appear much different - made of polished and symmetrical stones.  

Upon closer examination, the marble floor and walls are covered with strange symbols - markings that remind him of the ones that cover Capher's robes, and even other stranger looking ones.  The markings are all engraved into the marble and then painted with a strange paint that makes them shimmer - or least that is how the Shendar perceives them to look.  Everything looks exotic and unfamiliar to him, except for one - it is a marking that he has seen every day of his life - and matches the symbol on the amulet his mother, a priestess of Foiros, gave to him before her death.  He draws the amulet out from underneath his armour and for a reason unknown to him, he holds it close to the marking on the wall, which causes the symbols to glow just a little brighter.  The Shendar gasps and smiles in wonder, and then places the amulet back underneath his armour.

The he looks up at the arched ceiling and starts a little, as he looks up into the night sky!  Until he peers closer, and realises the ceiling too has been painted to look like stars in the sky, though the way some of them flicker gives them such a realistic appearance.  A feeling somewhat similar to the one he felt in the Vale washes through him - he is close to a place of magical power, and when he closes his eyes, he connects briefly with his Second Reality.  However, this is neither the place nor the time for him to continue with his training, and so he opens his eyes again and waits for the others to join him.

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Is this a dream?  Is this real?  Sondirra, wide eyed and somewhat intimidated follows her newfound companions to the library.  She was having an adventure!  Her!  The girl from Onved who had all her life dreamed of having adventures was actually now in the middle of one.

What was one supposed to do as part of an adventure?  She wasn't able to magick noses off faces like Capher was, or a great warrior like Talia and Talas were.  She couldn't even ride a fox like Ruby did.  Sondirra feels a little out of place.  Oh well, she'd get good at something.  I mean, how hard could it be to magick someone?  Capher didn't look that much smarter than anyone else; not on the outside.  Did peoples' insides look smarter from one to another?  Probably best not to ever need to find out.

Inside the library, she was in awe.  So many books!  She hadn't imagined this many book in the entirety of the world.  Some looked brand new, but the further they travelled the older these books looked.  Everything anyone had ever known or thought must be in here.  Was her name in here, somewhere?  Did someone already write about her?

Sondirra is aware of Talas and Capher talking to each other and she approaches as the mage kneels down and blows onto the floor.  Sondirra takes a step backward at Capher's insistence, and soon has to cover her eyes as the etching on the floor begins to glow ever so bright.  A moment later she is bathed in complete darkness, except for that big red ball that plays about even when she closes her eyes.  When the mirage fades, and her vision returns she hears Capher speaking.  He has found a secret portal.

Sondirra nearly jumps out of her skin when Capher touches the wall and the wall disappears.  She looks at the newly formed portal, then back to Capher, then back to the portal, then back to Capher then back to...

Sondirra watches as Talas bravely steps to the portal then through it, his body shimmering before disappearing.  Summoning up her courage, Sondirra takes a step to the portal, stopping a few fores from it.  Not as brave as Talas, Sondirra leans closer to it, her body bent over.  The portal doesn't make any noise; no heat or cold comes from it.  If there is something behind it, she can't make it out clearly.  She reaches up a hand and with a trembling finger, gingerly touches the shimmering surface of the portal.  She looks at her finger again.  It is all there, so that at least is encouraging.

She reaches out her finger again, but this time feels a pressure on her bottom.  A foot shaped pressure to be more exact, right on her posterior.  She is about to turn around to see what it is when the pressure increases dramatically and with a small "EEP!" Sondirra is hurtled through the portal.

This is a loud portal; the loudest portal Sondirra has ever, ever, been through.  Of course, this is the ONLY portal Sondirra has ever been through.   Were they all this loud?

Suddenly she feels Talas' finger on her lips, and the loudness abruptly stops when she realizes it has only been her screaming.  "Oh.  Sorry.  My first time with portals.   I promise that won't happen again."

She feels her cheeks burning.  Like they'd take her back now.  Probably gonna be left here forever.

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Terra follows as they make their way through the library. Close at Ta'las' side, her hand in his, she savors the closeness as for now they seem safe, and yet she considers the librarians words. His instructions were either a riddle few would understand, perhaps the center of the library was not meant as it seemed, or the symbol they seek was obscure and would only be known by those knowing what to look for. Terra is about to speak as they pass an intersection that would lead to the center of the library, yet she notices how resolutely he moved and knows he had not merely missed the turn but is moving toward another place, another center none but him could perceive. She only gives to Ta'las a special smile meant only for him when he finally speaks up, but by then Capher has found the spot he seeks. They all watch as Capher reveals the door to a hidden room, the light is blinding and Terra wonders and fears if anyone else had seen it from other parts of the library. At Caphers urging them though, Terra lays aside her thoughts and returns Ta'las' squeeze following him though her hand in his. Once her eyes were adjusted she scans the room drinking in all the details of the room, but for what they seek she would need Capher to lead her, and so waits for his instruction.

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Capher watched as Ta'las and then Terra, hand in hand, stepped through the portal; that just left Sondirra and himself, however Sondirra was a bit more hesitant, first she put her finger in the shimmering glow of the portal and pulled it back out, and seemed relieved that it was still there. Capher thought, Hurry up girl, the time is almost gone. Sondirra then begins to do the same thing. Capher muttered under his breath, "I usually do not do this but we have just a couple of blinks left, so excuse me Sondirra," Capher went behind her, raised his right leg and planting his foot on her butt gently, but firmly, pushed her through and then quickly followed as the portal closed and a pristine marble wall stood in its place on their side and a dusty old brick one in the library.

"Sorry about that Sondirra, but we only had a couple of blinks left before the portal closed," Capher explained blushing. Sometimes human emotions were...were...distracting, Capher thought.

The portal had led them to a oval room with pristine marble floors and walls all covered with strange archaic symbols. The ceiling looked liked the night sky with the constellations of the stars twinkling down giving the only light in the room, but it was enough that it was almost bright as a dusky evening. The one thing the room did not have were scrolls, or tomes or books, or even shelves. It was completely empty!

"Well, what do you think?" Capher asked with a mischievous smile spreading across his face.

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Ta'las raises his eyebrows at Sondirra, who screams as she crosses the portal.  He is happy to see that her shout hasn't drawn any attention, however they will need to speak to her further about this.  Other situations will require their group to be much less obtrusive, and she will need to learn quickly to control such an outburst.  Still, she is young, so the Shendar does nothing but set a finger on her lips.

He gives Terra a questioning look - he had thought they would find a room filled with books and scrolls, not strange markings and a ceiling covered with the constellations.  Hopefully Capher, who emerges soon after all of them, will have some knowledge of how next to proceed.  Ta'las wonders about the mischievous grin he offers them, and the wizard's query leads him to think that he knows the answer, but wishes to test them first.

The Shendar looks at the symbols on the wall, but aside from the sigil that represents Foiros, none of them is familiar.  Still, there is something about their pattern on the wall that strikes him.  In parts, the pattern repeats itself - not continuously - but in parts, here and there on the wall.  And the closer he looks at the stars, the more Ta'las sees similar patterns.  However, he cannot read them - he is neither a sorceror nor an astronomer.

"Capher, the symbols on the wall are not familiar to me, and I have not studied the stars enough to know how to the two might be connected.  But when I look closely, I can see patterns here," he points to a series of four symbols, " that all point to the same grouping of stars up here."  He finishes pointing to a small constellation that he recalls seeing low on the horizon during his travels in the early spring.  "Are the symbols and the stars a map of sorts?"

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Terra only nods at Ta'las' observation, here eyes fill with self disappointment of not being able to help as she had hoped when she looks to Capher.

"Unless my love is wrong and there are books and scrolls here that are hidden, I can't help. I don't understand the symbols in here, There is a pattern to them, but what it means is as much a mystery to me as words I have not learned the meaning for."

Terra seeks closeness with Ta'las to comfort her disappointment, and understands more how Ta'las must have felt while Capher was teaching her to regain her ability to read.

"We will need your guidance."

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Five of them, clad in white; an entourage from the elves, a decidedly rare occasion. They traveled warily, looking not only at the faces of their fellow travelers, but something else passed between them, a feeling that left most seeing themselves as eerily bare, not in the physical sense, but as though their emotions and desires had been displayed - a very disturbing feeling indeed. They were not ordinary travelers - the outriders wore long white robes with large green shoulder pads, trimmed in brilliant gold. Their collars were high, their long, light-brown hair falling generally inside it as it covered nearly the entire backs of their heads. Their backs were straight, they rode majestically, deliberately, five mid-size horses, each of pure white. Possibly a breed not native to their home, but Elves love parade, especially in an effort to impress and awe their human neighbors.

The woman who rode in the center was different, though not significantly to the passers-by. Her visible attire was not a robe, like the others, but a cloak enclosed about her entire body, running the full length from her shoulders to the bottom of her feet. It had no collar, and the pads on the shoulders were much smaller, and entirely of felt with a heavy gold inlay, until the pad itself appeared to be made of gold. Her eyes looked only straight ahead, and the look in them was distant, possibly a little hopeful - and very dead. Her animal sported a larger saddle, complete with bags, and was a little shorter than the others, much like herself, though it still carried itself as the others, willing and deliberate; a little wary, each footstep deliberate.

As they approach Ximax, and the type that traveled to and from the city of magic become more and more frequent, the elves grow more and more wary. Finally they approach the city gates proper, and one of the elves in the rear, obviously the only one who speaks Tharian, at least in public, is speaking condescendingly with the guards when the woman spots the aj'nuvic and its riders coming from the city. She has seen such a creature, the beast of the deserts, though it has been some time. Her gaze focuses on it and her brows crease slightly - and the lead riders spot the motion. Their reaction is instant and dramatic.

Immediately they draw their animals between the woman and the one who has drawn her attention, their hands no longer near their scimitars, but on them, drawing the blades only enough to show a small glint of steel. Their eyes are determined, hard and cold as they stare the warrior woman of the Shendar down, daring her to approach their charge.

The guard looks in a mild panic, and others approach. "There'll be no fighting here!", one of them shouts desperately, and the elves ignore him. Rather, on a sudden, the woman speaks, her tongue fluently Styrash. The lead elf on her left, apparently the one most superior in rank or age, it is difficult for most to tell, listens to her for a moment, and the protectors draw back slightly. The woman dismounts, and the front-right outrider takes the reins of her animal. The leader also dismounts, and meets her when she is yet ten peds from the aj'nuvic and its riders. For a moment they converse in the elven tongue, and finally embrace. He turns to the aj'nuvic's rider with a hopeful smile as the woman steps forward, nearly within reach of the creature's head, looks hopefully up at the Shendar, and within her eyes glowing a new light, she asks, brokenly, "T-Talia?

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"Capher, the symbols on the wall are not familiar to me, and I have not studied the stars enough to know how to the two might be connected.  But when I look closely, I can see patterns here," he points to a series of four symbols, " that all point to the same grouping of stars up here."  He finishes pointing to a small constellation that he recalls seeing low on the horizon during his travels in the early spring.  "Are the symbols and the stars a map of sorts?" Tal'as asks.

Capher's smile ceased for just a moment, but quickly returned to its mischievous state. "Your observation skills have not failed you Ta'las. Yes, they are a sort of map," Capher answered.

Terra, with a look of disappointment on her agreed with Ta'las and just commented,"We will need your guidance."

Capher slowly walked around the room and every once in a while his hand would touch a symbol. He finally stopped where only he knew was the opening of the portal. He turned, and faced the group, a nasty sneer crossed his face. "You are only too naive. All this time you thought I was Capher. Capher has been sealed since he entered into this vile place. I Eckra, will once again rule these lands as I once did long ago and you meddling fools will die with that knowledge as this room will lose its air soon."

The wall behind Capher shimmered, and Capher stepped through, and the portal closed immediately behind him sealing the three in for all eternity! Capher quickly walked out of the library, was met by the old librarian, who as they walked turned into an orc and Capher turned into a very much different type of man. A man who had dark black malevolent eyes, sporting a dark mustache'd goatee and his robes turned Nor'sidian black. He walked with a limp on his left side; the limp so debilitating that he used a wooden crutch to help him walk. He stopped long enough to turn back and look at the library, his heavy black brows knitted together until they looked liked one.

"That young Shendar has an intellect, that with the right kind of training would become a great sorcerer," The Sophronian warrior, since she has fallen in love with the Shendar, had lost her forcus, but she would have been a very strong opponent. The young writer had her adventure," He laughed an evil laugh. "It is a shame Ghun that the other two, the Shendar woman and that wretched brownie had not come along. Oh well, they are just two now, and when they cannot find their friends, will probably just go home."

Ghun grunted, "Brownie, would have been nice snack."

Eckra laughed again that evil laugh, turned again and looked toward the academy. His brows knit again and his face took on a look that would turn anything that looked at it to stone. "I am not sure about the elven magician, she seemed to be looking for something that this Capher seemed to have. What it is I do not know and I would like to stay and see if I could sway her to our side, but my time is up."

Eckra stood upright, threw his head into the air, and then just shimmered and disappeared.


Deep inside a dark chamber Capher sat; arms and legs crossed, motionless floating in air bathed by the light of the Orb. Suddenly a voice spoke in the chamber. "I must speak to him," it asked.

"He cannot be disturbed at this moment," the Orb responded.

The voice spoke again, this time with a bit more authority. "I am the Orb of Ximax and I demand that I speak to him. It is most urgent!"

The other Orb glowed a deep red, for a moment, then returned to it's normal neutral color. The light around Capher slowly faded and Capher slowly drifted to the cavern floor. "Very well, there he is, speak to him, but be quick about it, he needs more healing."

"Capher? Capher wake up and listen."

Deep inside of Capher's mind he hears a voice urging him to wake up, but his mind does not want to. It had been in a place of such peace and contentment that to his mind it was unreal, yet as real as it could get. The voice yelled louder in his mind, it had an urgency about it. Finally with a sigh, Capher's mind let go of the nirvana like state it had been and allowed Capher to wake up.

Capher slowly opened his eyes and saw the Orb in front of him, glowing softly with many different hues of color. "Did you speak to me?" Capher asked.

"No, I am the one speaking," a voice said.

Capher looked around the chamber and saw no one. "Where are you? I do not see you?" Capher asked.

"I am in another chamber. I am the Orb of Ximax," Capher noticed the Orb in front of him turned a much brighter red for a blink, then returned to its normal color. Obviously, the two orbs have a disagreement about who is the Orb of Ximax, Capher thought, smiling to himself.

"It is not something taken lightly," the Orb in front of him said, speaking directly to Capher's mind.

Capher blushed. "I apologize."

The Orb in front of him just turned to a neutral color, the hues of color that were swirling inside of it, now muted and covered.

"Capher?" The voice asked.

"What is it?" Capher responded, feeling a bit foolish speaking into the air.

"Your friends are in terrible danger. They are trapped in Ethan's Keep!"

Capher tried to rise, but his legs nor his arms would not move. He had been in that position for so long that they were numb. "By Seyella, did you say Ethan's Keep?" Capher asked as he willed his arms to move.

"Yes, that is what I said. Are you deaf?" The voice asked a bit sarcastically.

Capher gave the air a look of disdain. "No, I am not deaf. I am surprised at the news. There are, as far as I knew, only two people alive who knew how to get to Ethan's Keep; myself and my master, Talon, Ethan's son."

Capher got one arm to move and was slowly rubbing his other one, suddenly the implications became clear. "That room is air tight!" He shouted at the voice.

"Why do you think I asked to speak to you? Did you think I was lonely and needed someone to talk to?" The voice asked.

"No need to be so rude," Capher said as his arms moved his left leg off of his right and began rubbing them, to get the circulation going.

"Rude! I am never rude," the voice said indignantly.

The Orb in Capher's sight turned a red color for a blink.

"Well, perhaps...sometimes I am a bit," the voice said a bit apologetically. There was a blink of a pause and then the voice blurted out, "But to only those who ask stupid questions!"

Capher finally had both legs circulating, for he could feel the onset of the pain as blood rushed through his veins. He had to leave and get his friends out of the Keep. How they got there..."How did they get in the Keep," he asked.

"We, I mean you and your friends have a very powerful enemy. It seems he took your place and tricked your friends into following him to the Keep and then left them there."

Capher had lost all sense of time when he had been in the healing power of the Orb. He did not know what day it was, or even if it was day or night. His mind was fuzzy. Eckra? How could Eckra leave Tak'Dinal? He is symbolically chained to that place just as Talon was to the Wizards White Tower. Something was not right, but he could dwell on that problem later, first things first, he must leave and rescue his friends.

Finally his legs could move and he unsteadily stood up. "I need to get out of here. Where is the door?" He asked, looking around.

"You cannot leave just yet. Your healing is not finished," the Orb in the room spoke, its multi-hued glow filling the room.

"But I must! I am the only one who can free them! If they do not get free shortly, they will run out of air and die! I have to leave!"

"You are not complete," the Orb responded dispassionately.

"I do not care. I need to free my friends!" Capher said.

"I need to think on the matter," the Orb replied and then the colors went dark.

"Think on the matter! My friends are dying! What is there to think about?" Capher shouted.

The Orb gave no response.

Capher stumbled over to the Orb and pounded up it. "What is there to think about? My friends are slowly dying! You cannot keep me here! I came of my own free will and I want to leave...Now!" but its covering was like Uryant and soon Capher's fists were bloodied.

Capher shouted at the air. "Your supposed to be the Orb of Ximax! Free me!"

There was no answer.

Capher's anger boiled and with a single thought he turned into his original form: a dragon, and a very angry one. His body almost filled the chamber, his scaly, horned head scraped against the ceiling. He roared and pounded against the rock walled chamber, but not even a piece fell off. He roared again and belched out a stream of fire, but the wall was not even slightly scorched. Finally Capher belched fire at the Orb itself, again, nothing happened.

Capher returned to his human form and tried to use his magic, but it did not work against the chamber walls. He ran around the chamber looking for the door, but it was a hopeless task as there was none; exhausted, he leaned against the smooth wall and slowly fell until he was sitting on the chamber floor, hanging his head, tears flowed freely as images of his friends floated in front of his eyes.

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Eckra!  Here in Ximax!  Ta'las curses his stupidity - how could he have missed it?!?  The Elves' stanza resonates in his mind again, and he realises how badly he has misjudged everyone.  Deceived by simple trickery!!  The Shendar curses again, but this time out loud, and he punches a fist against the wall.  As he does so, light flashes out from beneath his hand, and at some point up on the ceiling, one of the constellations shifts.

Ta'las takes a step away from the wall and furrows his eyebrows, confused at what has happened.  "I thought only my mother's medallion caused that," he mutters.  The Shendar looks more carefully at the wall where he hit it and notices that it wasn't the symbol on his mother's amulet, but something else he does not recognise.  And unfortunately, he cannot pinpoint the exact location where the flash of light had emanated from the ceiling - in his anger, he had not been paying close enough attention.

"Terra, what do you make of this?" he asks as he touches the symbol of Foiros, and watches the set of stars that represent the sun-loving deity move to a different point on the ceiling.  Ta'las points at the stars that now sit high on the horizon.  "See that?  The stars move when you touch one of the symbols.  And I know that position too - that is when Foiros is his strongest, in the middle of summer."

"Eckra touched four different symbols to get out of here.  If we can just figure out the right pattern..."

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Time? What is time when you are in an inescapeble cavern? You cannot even know time? How much has passed; blinks, days, weeks, months, or even years?

Capher sat in total Nor'sidian darkness. The Orb had gone dark and without its light there was...nothing, but a cold hard rock floor to sit upon and a smooth granite wall upon which you can lean back on. He probably should not have attacked the Orb itself; that was probably not a good idea, but at the time he had been so enraged that that was all he could think of. He had no idea the Orb had so much power. Sure, he had heard of this Orb crashing into Caelereth, shortly after the Tree of Life had been split by Coor, the opposite of Ava, the dreameress, who created all of the lands, its forests, lakes, rivers, oceans and even the Gods themselves. She created the begininng of the Races, starting with the Elves, and ending with humankind. The Gods created most of the other things in Caelereth and then there was the War of the Chosen, were very powerful dark sorcerers conjured up beasts of unimaginable horror and power from Coor's domain but the best thing she created was magic.

Magic, called by the humans, there were other names for it, the elves called it...what did the elves call it? By the gods I am losing my mind! I need to get out of here. Perhaps... The germ of an idea began to spring into Capher's mind and he began to smile.

Capher awoke with the sun streaming through a small window far up in the tower where he had been led the first day he arrived. He blinked a few times and even shook his head. Where were the orbs? They were not there, neither was the cavern and then it dawned on him; he had imagined it all. Well, not all of it was imagined, for he did have to go to a cavern like room where an Orb was slowly healing his powers. He knew the orb could not speak, neither did Xarl's Bluesttide's orb speak, so why did his mind imagine it to be so? Was it in a very deep sub-conscious level trying to tell him something? He tried to recall the conversation, but already it was fading fast from his mind. Perhaps, when he goes back to the Orb he will remember. In the meantime, he would wait for breakfast.

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Terra's face slid easily into it's cool mask at Eckra reveals his deception, ready to strike at the first opportunity but is to far away for her MoonBlade, she knows she must risk one of her throwing knives. Perhaps the weapon of her ancestors could end the insanity. It was a slim hope, but if nothing more perhaps she could wound and weaken their enemy. With great determination she made her move as Eckra turns and steps through the portal, she handles the weapon with focus and it flies true, but to late as the portal seals it's self off a mere blink before her weapon can pass and the blade hits a solid wall before clattering to the floor.

Her disappointment in herself is so great when she turn to Ta'las, the one she loves, she can not bring herself to raise her head to look into his eyes. She had thought they were safe, that their enemy would not strike at them in a city, much less one of magic; they had always struck while they were isolated. Try as she might, she just could not find her calm center and forgive herself for letting her guard fall so completely, her only thought is how she can redeem herself to the others that motivates her. She had thought she was cautious, but she had let complacency and hope lead her to believe a lie, now she must save those she cares about even if they no longer return that caring. Finally her head raises as Ta'las asks her what she thought of his discovery, her face in a cool mask not betraying the shame beneath as she strides to a part of the wall.

"This is one of the symbols he used."

She states in a cool even voice.

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***deleted due to inconsistencies***

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Ta'las nods and smiles at Terra as she points out one of the symbols Eckra used to open the portal out of the room.  "Blessed Seyella, it will be a glorious day when you finally get to meet my mother-sister.  She will not believe I was able to woo a woman such as you."  The Shendar kisses her on the cheek, and rubs Terra's shoulder as he looks about the room for the next symbol.  "From here, he walked this way, around the room," Ta'las adds and walks around four paces, attempting to estimate the distance to the next symbol.  "And if I'm correct, this was the next symbol he touched."

This time, however, as the symbol lights up, a small opening in the wall appears, revealing a scroll hidden away in a tiny alcove-like space.  Surprised, the Shendar reaches for the scroll, but the moment he lays a hand on it, the scroll disappears, along with the small space in the wall.  He shakes his head and grimaces.  "No, it must have been just up above that.  This will take longer than I thought if we keep making mistakes without tracking them."  He looks over at Sondirra.   "We are fortunate you are with us.  Sondirra, could you write down the order of each symbol we touch, and the effect is has?"

He puts his hands on his hips.  "Now we will need to start over.  Terra, would you like to do the honours this time?"

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Sondirra watches in wonder as Capher claims to be someone else; someone named Eckra.  Then he steps quickly through another portal, even as Terra moves with a speed Sondirra can barely register and a throwing knife sails across the room.  But, as quick as Terra was, it wasn't quick enough, as the blade clatters harmlessly to the floor.

It takes a few moments for the enormity of the situation to hit Sondirra and she feels a sudden panic begin to feed on itself within her.  They are trapped here, wherever here is.  There are no doors, there are no windows.  There is no hope!  Her breathing is getting more laboured.  Her chest feels as though it is going to burst.

Sondirra's eyes dart from one of her companions to the other.  They have each other.  Will that be a comfort as they spend what little of their lives here together?  Sondirra has never had anyone, not like that.  Only Willem.  In truth, he had never been hers.  What would it have been like to have someone?  A quick look at Terra and Talas shows Sondirra that it does give each other comfort and strength, and in that she draws a small measure of strength herself, forcing her breathing to slow a bit.

They speak of symbols, the symbols on the wall, the ones that the Eckra touched to get out of here.   Oh, why hadn't she paid more attention to the symbols?  Why was she even here?  She was just a silly girl from Onved.  She doesn't belong here with these brave adventurers.  A silly dream.  And now she was going to die because of it.

Hearing her name, she forces her mind to focus on Talas.  What was he saying?  Fortunate to have her here?  Sondirra swallows hard and nods.  "Yes, I can write it down."  Her voice sounds so small and weak.

Sondirra sits cross legged on the floor and opens her journal and takes out the quill.  She opens the small bottle of ink, but shaky fingers spill some of it on the hem of her dress.  The dress her mother lovingly made for her.  All that hard work put into it and Sondirra nearly ruins it with her clumsiness.  She tries desperately and futilely to wipe the ink from the material but to no avail and tears of frustration come to her eyes.

"No, not my dress.  Not my dress."  She looks up at Talas with tear filled pleading eyes.  "I've ruined my dress.  My mom made this dress for me and I've ruined it."

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Talia is in a very good mood when she rides towards the city gates of Ximax. Finally away from that magic infested air she thinks though I never had such troubles before, should that be a late effect from my encounter with the demon lord? At first she had thought, that a day on her own would be good for her mental sanity, for she had been a more solitary living person due to her travels as a writer for the compendium until she met Capher and Terra back in the Thirsty Herald, where all had begun. Since then she had not been alone often. But now she is glad to have Roosje with her. Somehow having her close is not a burden as are the tall persons inhabiting Ximax. The brave fox is sitting behind her on the bags, Roosje in front of her,  in her own private little seat of leather ropes - her feet in contact with the aj‘nuvics fur as Talia‘s big ones.

They have just passed the gate when Talia sees a spectacular group of elves standing near the entrance to the city.  White horses, white cloaks, green shoulders, straight backs, an arrogant bearing. Talia is about to turn away to make room and to avoid any harm done to her passengers when the elves seem to mass before her,  hands on their weapons. Instinctively she reaches to her own sword only to realise, that she has left it in the inn, along with the flute. She had never thought she might need it here in this civilised area!

"There'll be no fighting here!" somebody shouts, more people are gathering, the situations seems nearly to get out of control. But suddenly the elves draw back and Talia sees a woman in their midst, smaller than the rest somehow, less glorious...

The woman dismounts, and the front-right outrider takes the reins of her animal. The leader also dismounts, and meets her when she is yet ten peds from Swing. For a moment they converse in the elven tongue, and finally embrace. He turns to Talia with a hopeful smile as the woman steps forward, nearly within reach of the creature's head, looks hopefully up at the Shendar, and within her eyes glowing a new light, she asks, brokenly, "T-Talia?

Talia looks down, surprised, puzzled, stunned. Though she has spent a lot of time with the elves of the Quallian, though she knows a couple of Maeverhim, elves are still a strange race for her. And out of their midst a woman steps forward to address her. But then she looks in the face and the eyes of that woman and a cry escapes her mouth: Teri! Aueniteri!

Recognising her old friend who had vanished so suddenly in the Vale and jumping down is one. Talia swings her leg over Roosje, slides down the side of her animal and falls more or less in Aueniteri‘s arms, embracing the half-elf heartily, not wanting to let her go.  Tears are in her eyes which she wipes away without noticing. Finally she releases the other woman, but only to whelm her with questions.

„Teri, where have you been, what has happened to you, are you well? Let‘s go a bit to the side, so that we are not in the way.. “ Talia looks questioning at the companions of Aueniteri, but leads then the aj‘nuvic to the side near the wall, but not without taking Teri by her arm, wanting to drag her over as well. 

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Tension increases in the brief moment that Aueniteri and Talia look into each other's eyes, and the lead elf shows steel as the Shendar woman flies from her mount - and then, it is gone. Half-elf and Shendar hold each other tightly for a tearful reunion, and the tension of the elves washes gradually away.

„Teri, where have you been, what has happened to you, are you well? Let‘s go a bit to the side, so that we are not in the way.. “

A tear on her own cheeks, 'Teri catches Talia's hand as she tries to lead her away, and motions with her head to the lead elf. "Wait, one moment," she states, finishing, "let me bid my grandfather farewell."

Quickly, she steps up to the lead elf, definitely not an old man, for an elf, but with a distinctly superior air, and kisses his cheek. The talk is brief, and he releases her with, "Pharán-cyrathén, cáo. Klýuán é merín."

With that, Aueniteri returned to Talia, and with an awkward pause, hugged her again briefly as the elves turned to leave. "I am well," she manages to offer. She looks briefly around, and up to the aj'nuvic. "I should love to ask you as many questions, my lovely friend, but the street doesn't seem to be the proper venue, does it?", Aueniteri adds patiently.

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Capher, realizing where he was and because of that hallucination, knew he had more healing to do. He also felt that his sub-conscious or perhaps Talon, his master, had been trying to tell him something. Could his friends really be in danger? Could Eckra have the power to escape the bonds of the underworld to be able to come to Ximax and impersonate him? The thought that Eckra, if Capher was correct in his thinking, did somehow have the power to overcome the bonds of death and the underworld, his power would be unimaginable! Capher, himself, doubted that even he had that kind of power, even at full health, and Talon was even more powerful than he, yet he was bound to the walls of the White Tower high in the craggy icy Tandala Mountains.

He had to make a decision: believe his mind, or believe what he saw and knew. He knew that his friends were in the outer city of Ximax, and were going to search the vast library of Ximax for any clues to the whereabouts of Tristian's treasure, however his mind told him something entirely different; what do I believe Capher thought, a sick mind, or his own personal knowledge?

The longer he thought about this, and if his mind was right, the shorter time his friends had before they died!

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"I should love to ask you as many questions, my lovely friend, but the street doesn't seem to be the proper venue, does it?", Aueniteri says.

„Oh, you are right! Let‘s go elsewhere.. but where to?“ Talia leads the ai‘nuvic some more peds out of the way, along the city wall and drags Teri with her, ignoring the looks from her company. „I wanted to leave the city for today, for that magical aura which seems here so strong made me ill. And Roosje joined my after some incident with nasty dogs.“ Talia smiles in the direction of Roosje, who still resides like a little white queen on Swing.

„Would you like to join us, then we can talk on the way and look out out for a nice place. I think the cook gave me enough food and drink for a whole party of people... But what about your companions, are you tired...? „

Talia looks questioningly at Teri..

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'Teri willingly follows her friend as the elves mount again and ride back in the direction they came from, moving in single file, rather than a block as they had been before. At the introduction, the half-elf gives a cheerful smile and nod to the brownie, then looks up at the city walls, closing her eyes for a moment. "No, I'm not tired; thank you, though. I told grandfather, after we settled my brother's business, that I wanted to rejoin you and Capher and the others, and he insisted that I allow them to escort me."

After a brief moment of concentration, she frowns. "It is pretty thick in there, isn't it? You'd almost think that with much more, it would suddenly vanish into nothingness, get sucked up into magic itself, or something."

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The party of elves who have brought Teri to the gates of Ximax have turned around and left as they came, royal in manner and attracting the views of the other travelers, but now they are gone, Teri, Talia and Roosje still standing just inside the great Ximaxian gates.

"It is pretty thick in there, isn't it? You'd almost think that with much more, it would suddenly vanish into nothingness, get sucked up into magic itself, or something."

Talia is not sure, what exactly Teri is speaking of, but she does not dare to admit that. Maybe she does feel the concentration of magic used at this place as well? After all, she is a half-elf.

Let‘s go outside and see some of the countryside, away from people and magic!

Talia gives Swing a sign to follow her and all three are soon outside the walls of Ximax. Inuya jumps from Swing as soon as a rock near the road allows it, obviously glad to have mastered this adventure of riding on an aj‘nuvic well. Roosje prefers her fox to the tall animal also and Talia has to hide a smile, as she sees, how relieved both are, fox and brownie, to be back on the ground again.

Wide fields now in late autumn bare of their crop give way to forested hills. The small group enters a world of colours, set apart so dramatically from the grey-brown-yellow landscape they just crossed. Dark green fir trees are standing in contrast to the dominating deciduous trees, like the oak, ashwude and baychtrees. Dark reds, bright yellows, deep oranges - the forest is afire.

Though the sun is still warm today and though her rays are penetrating the canopy, the three friends are glad, as they reach a sheltered clearing. It is an ideal place to rest. On one side the trees are standing less dense and allow the view over the valley with blue mountains lying in the distance. But there is also a little pond with calm, deep water and due to the sheltered place, the surrounding bushes are a greener than the rest of the forest, still untouched by the first frost. Fruits are hanging in the bushes and as the intruders sit still to enjoy the sun‘s warmth, the buzzing of insects  weave a melody with the rustling of dry leaves, turned around by harvesting mice.

Peace is filling Talia‘s heart and she wishes she could forget the tasks lying before them. She is nearly nodding off, but then curiosity overcomes her and she asks Teri finally.

Teri, where have you been? Is this something you want to share?


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With slender fingers, Aueniteri gently lifts a single blade of the natural sod from its home. There is the tiniest recognition in her action that for this study, that individual blade will die. Luckily, she is disturbed from this train of thought with a thoughtful, "'Teri, where have you been? Is this something you want to share?"

'Teri is thoughtful for a moment, and nods. "It really is, Talia. Part of it involves our last meeting with the dwarves. You remember Kenriil, while Terra and you were with the brownies, he... rather got into a fuss with them. I guess Garrek had convinced someone that he was possessed-" Rather suddenly, she interrupts herself with, "You know, my brother Garrek. We fought with him just before we entered the vale. I'm not sure exactly what he told the Brownies, but many of them hated the halfling rather bitterly. I believe there was some little blood shed between them, and he disappeared. When we went to speak to the dwarves..."

Slowly, her voice trails off, and she furrows her brows, struggling to recall. "Ta'las led us. Morcaanan was there, Capher also - perhaps it was he who led us, if he were there. My mind has been rather scattered lately, it has been hard to focus. Grandfather tried to teach me to think peacefully, simply - I hope I'm learning." Simply relating what she did remember came more easily, and she continued, "When we were there, we managed Kenriil's release - he had stumbled upon them somehow. Capher spoke with them, and somehow, Garrrek stole his way into their caverns, and caused a bit of distraction. He had hired a dwarf and a warrior - I met with him personally. It... did not go well, I think."

Aueniteri takes a long breath and looks to Talia to see if she should continue. Eventually, she does. "Garrek opted to fight with me, and M-Morcaanan, I... believe, came to my rescue. A warrior Garrek had hired delayed him just long enough for Garrek to have run a blade through my heart - I was only fortunate to have been wearing a breastplate." Slowly, 'Teri holds up her slightly quavering hands. "These are not the hands to shed blood, Talia. But... I did. My brother's blood. And perhaps I can think of a thousand justifications... It did not go well. We left shortly after that, and when we were leaving the Vale, I could not focus, I could think of nothing. I didn't feel I could help you much, when you and Terra had just healed so wonderfully, if I myself was broken. With Morcaanan having left with the halfling, I felt I had nothing to cling to at that moment, and I returned to the Zeiphyr, where I have been staying with my grandfather. With everything finished concerning Sean, my father's, business, I told him I wanted to return to you. They rode with me because of the chance that Garrek still had people looking to harass me, possibly even kill me, and possibly in revenge for Garrek's death. My grandfather... may have given his daughter to a half-human, but he still retains very... unsavory thoughts concerning humans. When they saw you..."

Here, 'Teri smiled lightly. "That was why they were so threatening toward you. When they saw I recognized you, they thought it was because you were an enemy. I had to convince him otherwise."

Aueniteri falls silent, smiling with distant amusement toward Talia, remembering the incident. Rather suddenly, she asks, "Where are the others? Ta'las and Terra? And Capher, how goes his recovery?"

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Capher shook off his dark brooding rose from his bed surprised he was dressed already and went climbed down the stairs of the fire tower in which he stayed while he healed. He reached the bottom floor where his usual guardian sitting at a desk looked up and gave him a strange look. "I did not see thee enter thy chamber master and I have been here all morning since you left, from whence did ye come from?" He asked.

Capher stood stock still. The old tongue that some of the teachers and sorcerer's here, though archaic, still had a welcome ring to it, however those who had never heard the speech before thought it strange. But, it was not the speech, but the meaning behind the words that stopped Capher in his tracks. "What do ye mean? I have just woken up," Capher said.

"Nay, master. The morn is way past, and thy servant guided thou out as I always do, when the suns rays do warm the land," He said.

The puzzle floated in Capher's mind as the guardian escorted him outside. Capher looked to the south and the guardian was right, it was past the early morning, more toward mid-morming! What had happened? How did he end up back in his room? His mind swirled with answers but none came. He tried to recall anything, but his mind was a blank. Where did the time go? What did I do during that time? And how did I end up back in my chamber without myself or the guardian knowing?

Capher, brows knitted, lost in thought, absentmindedly left the inner city into the outer one. When Capher arrived at a place in the road, he suddenly stopped for a reason he did not know and found himself near the Library tower. Capher took a glance at the Ximanian Library tower and wondered if he should go in there. Capher stood there as many people walked around him, some giving him looks of curiosity, most wondering why he just stood there. A kind gentle elderly woman came up to him, "It is a wonderful place, sonny. You should go in and have a look around," She paused a blink, and then added, "Unless you cannot read. Can you read sonny?" She asked.

Caphe's thoughs interrupted, looked into the womans face. Her skin wrinkled around the neck along with the deep crinkles around her eyes, the stooped posture and the holding of a cane to support her told her age, however as Capher looked into her fading blue eyes he saw intelligence, warmth, kindness and compassion twinkling forth. He smiled at her. "Yes, it is a magnificent structure and it contains many great books, tomes, scrolls, artifacts and ... even some secrets."

The woman gave him a quizzical look and then nodded her head, as if she knew what he meant.

"And to answer your question, yes, I do know how to read. I was heading for the inn to meet my friends and have a bite to eat; can I entreat you to come and join us?" Capher asked.

She chuckled and waved her free hand at him. "Now what would a bunch of youngsters like yourselves be wanting to be around an old lady like myself? No, you go and enjoy your youth and friends while you have the time." She turned and began to hobble away, "Time has a way of slipping away fast," Capher heard her say as she went on her way. Capher stared at her receding form for a few blinks, frowned, and thought, if you only knew...if I only knew? Only his friends would be able to tell him, to put the pieces of the puzzle that were missing in place. Capher began running toward the inn; running to find his friends and hoping beyond hope that his friends were safe and fine.

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Talia feels embarrassed and somehow guilty, when she hears Teri speak how badly she felt after all what happened during the time, when Terra and she had undergone their healing. As she said - while Terra and she were about to become whole again, her life got miserable. Though Talia has heard about the events from Capher and the others, she had not really realised, how all that must have affected her friend. So much had gone wrong during that time, Morcannan left, Teri lost her lover - after she had to kill her own brother. And Kenriil, the enjoyable Kenriil, had to leave, for he seemed to the Brownies as a threat. No wonder she went back to see her relatives.

All the good mood she has been in since they left the walls of the City behind them is about to vanish, but Talia knows, that may not happen, and the warm sunlight on her face, the calm, beautiful surrounding help her to suppress her melancholy.

When Teri speaks about the strange reaction of her grandfather towards her, she is ready again to smile. And with a light heart she tells Teri about the others, that they are in the library to search for old knowledge, that Capher‘s healing goes very well. When Talia speaks about Capher, she blushes slightly.

„Capher‘s healing is really special, Teri. Imagine, he looks now much younger. And so attractive. His face is so vivid now, and he has a full head of dark reddish hair that flows down to his shoulders. I acted very sheepishly, when I saw him the first time. Somehow it still disturbs me, I miss the old Capher, but I cannot get enough of looking at him. But well, you will see it soon enough!“

She looks at her old friend, with whom she has master many adventures already, and suddenly she feels as if she has to hold her tight, to not loose her again, and so she moves towards her and embraces her tightly.

„I‘m so glad you are back. I feel, that all will go much better when you are with us again!“ Her tears well up - she is far from being emotionally stable. She wipes them away with a broad smile on her face. „It feels so good to have you with me again!“

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"No one's looking for wanderers, fellow. It's just not a popular trade anymore. Everyone has their own well-armed guards if they're going anywhere; you can't even find a decent merchant to follow unless you're willing to work for free; dig your own roots and find your own pay. We need to find us a real trade."

The half-elf is a short, thin fellow, clad in simple, home-spun garments, long dark hair, green eyes watching the people come and go, regretting his time in Ximax; his companion a halfling, sporting a leather vest, nicely-kept white shirt, a green hat with a leaf propped in it for a feather, and a shortsword hung in a hook on his back. The halfling didn't notice the half-elf's complaining speech - he was too busy making one of his own, and indeed had been before his comrade had begun. It was something the half-elf had come to consider normal, this halfling's abnormality: he never stopped speaking. Not entirely, anyway, and yet somehow, he usually managed to hear. Having listened to it long enough, the half-elf found himself now forced to listen deliberately in order to understand the halfling's unending stream of Tharian, and just now he heard, "... would be why they lost the green stone. Lovely piece, really, and a shame, but we got it anyhow. Was good work, too; and food, but I don't remember any money. Never made honest money; never really tried. Stole for a bit once, but that went awry. Lost my finger, stealing. Cut it clean off with an old tooth - painful bit. Tell you about that one? Maybe I will later. She said they'd be coming up this way, but likely is they've already moved on. Evil doesn't wait, you know. Eckra's got to end the world up right quick. Turned into a lovely dragon. Prettiest thing - that was after the fire-demon and the ogre bit, though. Ogre was pretty exciting. Smashed in some evildoers, hammered them down right, made a quaint little mess of 'em. Should'a seen it. I didn't see a lot of it, the stone giant in the caverns, that was pretty shocking. Took out our bridge, but we'd got the stone priestess on that right quick, and she just built up a better one. Lovely times. Like an old grandpa, you know? Could keep you entertained for hours. Well, not Mr. Hasta-Have-Money the half-elf maybe, he'd want to be out hanging in trees, but I know I listened. If I could just distract somebody and ask 'em where he was, likely as not they'd look at me blankly. But if you get blank looks, you know you can't ask that one again, and you could count out a whole town that way, likely."

The halfling had left the elf's side, and made his way to the street, and now stood directly in front of a vaguely familiar red-haired man, looking up at him inquisitively while he still spoke. "Could ask you, likely, but you've never seen a real shapeshifting dragon, have you? Maybe you have, maybe you look like one I knew once. Of course, that's just looks. I once saw a big-person-"

His words were cut short as Capher collided into him, sending them both tumbling. Ken made no effort to catch his balance, scattering into the street, a leather pouch or two dislodging from his vest and scattering about. "Whoo!", the halflinf called out as soon as he'd stopped moving. "That was a blast of a crash! You alright, mister?"

Twice he tripped as he tried to stand and make his way toward the big person, not giving himself time to catch his balance fully. When he reached the man with whom he'd collided, he offered to help him up, only just having finished righting himself. "Stupid halfling," the half-elf murmured beneath his breath.

"...a rush, if a bit of a tragedy. Not bruised much, are you? Hate to have hurt you; probably sorry to have delayed you. Poor time for me to be about, smashing people up, but I guess it's as good a time as any. And it is a good time, I mean, not for rolling in the street, but just in general. I made it to Ximax alright, I think; well, I think this is Ximax. It certainly isn't Milkengrad or the shire, I would recognize those places I think. Recognizing's safer than guessing, I think; if I had recognized you were going so fast, probably we wouldn't have hit together so. It was fun, though, at least I think it was. Not everyone agrees with me, though, and maybe you don't, but that's alright because I do, and I don't want to make you upset but some people just get upset, and there's not much you can do. Usually, I don't much try then, it doesn't help, and besides..."

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When Talia and the elf sat down, Roosje joined them for a while, looking from the one to the other. She understood little of the conversation, not having known 'Teri really before she had disappeared. She did understand why they didn't really have much attention for the Brownie, who was in any case small enough to be overlooked easily, even by friends. This knowledge, however, did not do much to prevent her getting restless after a while.

In order to amuse herself, she started exploring the underbrush, going in wider and wider circles around the two, though she made sure to pass them every now and then, just to let Talia know that she was still ok. She had not forgotten the dogs, far from it. It was just that outside of a city, at least she knew how to survive - there were no millions of legs that were just as likely to crush you as to step next to you.

She was just on her way back after her widest circle yet, when she suddenly halted. A few short peds away from her, there was an animal that she had never seen before. An elongated beak, a long neck, wings, green skin... If she did not know any better she would think that this was a dragon. Except that it was no larger than Inuya, and dragons, as she had reason to know, were quite a lot bigger than Inuya generally.

The animal seemed to be looking at her, though it did not make any other move. Nevertheless she was reluctant to come nearer - until she suddenly remembered her training from years before. Ok, so this was a flying animal and she was a Ferretmaster, not a Skydiver, but she still knew how to handle animals. Wouldn't it be fun to take this animal back to Talia? She wasn't going to keep it, of course. It was just the challenge of it that appealed to her.

With a grin slowly spreading on her white features, she began to loosen some of the ropes that made up Inuya's riding gear. There were some ropes there that were not strictly necessary to keep her seat, but which she kept there because a bit of rope hd never hurt anyone, and you never knew when it might come in handy - such as now. When she had the rope in her hands, she made Inuya go one way, then the other. The creature followed her movement with its beady eyes, but still made no other move. As the Brownie went to the right, she could suddenly see why - one wing was stretched out next to the animal's body, but the other was lying uselessly to the side. The thrill she had felt earlier changed rapidly to pity - all the more reason to get the beast to Talia! She might know what to do. Roosje was too much of an animal friend to leave the poor thing suffering or dieing a cold, hungry death.

After going to the left again, she slid down from her fox's back, sending Inuya back again to the right but approaching the winged animal from the other side. As she had hoped, it focused on the larger of the two bodies, concentrating on what it likely thought to be the biggest threat. While she crept closer, she knotted her rope into a kind of lasso. Ideally she would have liked the help of a fellow Brownie to master this animal, but the sense of challenge was still there - she wanted to know if she could get the beast subdued on her own. She started turning the lasso, quicker and quicker, and then - just as the animal had seen the movement and looked her way - she released it. The sense of power that she had as it neatly slid over the animal's head quickly evaporated when it began to fight against the unfamiliar feel around its throat. While holding on to her rope with all her might, she shrilly whistled for Inuya.

The fox came bounding from the other side, and as she slid to a stop next to the heaving rope, Roosje yelled 'Bite! Inuya, Bite!' The red animal obeyed automatically, biting at the nearest thing - the rope. Quite suddenly it went slack in Roosje's hands as the pressure was taken over by the fox. Roosje took a moment to let her companion know that she had done a good job, then she considered what to do next. If she had a second rope, she would use it, but as it was she had used up all her rope for the first lasso. Inuya was strong enough to keep hold of the rope for now, and luckily the other animal did not seem to be focussing as much as it could on actually getting away, but the fox could not bite down forever.

In the end she took the bit of rope that was hanging out of Inuya's mouth on the other side and tied it to the rest of the fox's harness. It only just reached the harness, so she hoped from the bottom of her heart that the harness would hold. Then she led Inuya back the way they had come, going slowly enough that the fox would not get exhausted, but quickly enough that the animal didn't have much choice but to follow. She regretted the lasso now - she could see it tightening, but now she had no choice but to get it to Talia as quickly as possible. On her own she would never be able to get the rope off without getting hurt by the long beak.

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With emotions as strong, Aueniteri holds Talia close, wiping tears from her eyes as the embrace weakens. "It feels so good to have you with me again!", Talia confides, and Aueniteri nods, sniffing back her joyous tears. "It is so good to be back, sister Talia. I have never been so content as when traveling with you and Capher, regardless of the troubles we've had. I wish I could promise to be here forever, I honestly-"

Her oath of devotion was cut short by a series of sharp cries, and she moved to stand. "Is that... your brownie friend? Is she in trouble?"

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Ta'las looks at his two companions, wondering about their state of mind as Sondirra mourns a dress and Terra maintains her silence.  This most recent encounter seems to weigh heavily on her.  The Shendar smiles at her.  "We will figure our way out of this puzzle."  Then he looks at Sondirra, and says calmly,  "Sondirra, just write what I ask you - a dress can be mended.  Your mother would not want you to worry about it when your life is at stake."  Without waiting for a response, the Shendar methodically, moves from symbol to symbol until he finally finds the first one Eckra used to escape from the room.

"There, we have our first symbol.  There are only a few left."  The Shendar moves  to the area where Eckra touched the next symbol, and this time his first attempt opens a small recess in the wall holding a scroll.  The scroll, rather than disappearing this time, is of real substance.  Though he cannot read it, he carefully stows it away into his pack, and then resumes looking for their escape route.  Some time passes, but the Shendar reveals the second symbol that will deliver them from the room, and then shortly after the third.

"See?  We have almost finished.  Now if I remember correctly, the last place Eckra went was just over here..."

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Sharp, strange cries, the rustling of leaves, the noises of an unusual approach are shortcutting Teri‘s and Ta‘lia‘s closeness. Teri moves up to stand and Talia follows.

"Is that... your brownie friend? Is she in trouble?"

Talia stares towards the bushes and trees from where the cries originate and indeed, there is Inuya, the red fox and Roosje. But what is that?

Ropes are tied to Inuya‘s harness, which lead to a beast Talia has never seen before. The rope is around its neck and seems to strangle it slightly, but obviously there has been no other means to tow it to their place. But why in Arvin‘s name has Roosje done this?  

As Roosje and her prey enter the clearing, Teri and Talia are able to have a closer look at what Roosje has found. It seems to Talia as one of the ugliest beasts she has ever seen.

Somehow it resembles a small, malformed drake, with a bloated body, four short legs with obviously sharp claws and a pointed head with a face, which resembles a beak. It has a tail and - large bony wings.  The  leathery skin is raged and dry, the overall appearance  dull and dusty. Bouncing  and shimmying around it tries to attack Inuya, while it shrieks in the highest tones. It tries to lift of the ground, but not only is the rope around its neck forbidding this, its one wing is broken also.

„Roosje, what is this??“ Talia exclaims wide eyed.

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Roosje re-emerges from under the underbrush only to find that the sounds of her capture have reached the two friends - at least, both of them are on their feet and looking in the direction she is coming from. Talia needs a moment to consider the scene before her, but then she exclaims: „Roosje, what is this??“

The Brownie looks back ruefully at her catch. Looking at it now, she realises it is even uglier than she had first supposed. But ugly or not, it needs help. "I don't rightly know what it is, but it has a broken wing and needs help. I couldn't let it die out there, and if I had come back to get you I might not have found the way back to it." Perhaps best not to mention that she had planned on capturing it even before she had seen the wing - a girl needs her secrets. Plus she doesn't think Talia would really appreciate it, now that she actually thinks it through. She should really stop being so impulsive. But what is the fun in that? Anyway, it is a done thing now, and her motives beforehand don't change what needs to be done afterwards.

"Could you help? I'm too small to loosen the rope. I'm sorry the knot tightened in the first place, but it was the best I could do on short notice."

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"Could you help? I'm too small to loosen the rope. I'm sorry the knot tightened in the first place, but it was the best I could do on short notice."

Of course, Roosje! Let‘ see, what we can do. I don‘t know, what it is called and have never seen one, but it has wings, so let us pretend it is a big bird which needs our help  - I need my blanket. Teri, could you help me to bind its.... beak or whatever that is, so that it cannot bite me? But I catch it first. “

Talia rummages through her saddlebags and comes back with a cloth, kind of small blanket. Then she approaches the beast cautiously and throws the blanket over it. Catching it and securely holding it down to the ground is one thing, though a bit difficult due to the broken wing. After all, it is  not bigger than a sandbird. Quickly Talia tries to wrap the beast into the blanket, leaving the broken wing uncovered. But there is still the beak. Talia gets hold of it also, but now she is as immobile as the beast, her both arms and one knee pinning the ,whatever it is‘ down to the ground, the other arm holding the mouth.

„Teri, would you take that rope and tether that sharp beak please? Or let us cover the whole head with a cloth, there is something in my right saddlebag which may fit. And then I need you to hold our friend here, until I have mended its wing. Somehow it looks like a fat little baby drake, don‘t you think so? 

It takes a while till rope is removed and  the wing is mended. The beast struggles to come free, Teri struggles to hold it secure. But finally they are all three sitting around their new acquired companion, which looks accusingly from one to the next.

„And what now? We need to take it with us, otherwise it won‘t survive with its broken wing. Maybe we find somebody who can tell us what it is and will care for it, let ask our tavern owner. It looks like a far little dragon baby, don‘t you think?“

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Capher was rushing headlong toward the inn when suddenly he crashed into something that sent him sprawling into the street, rolling around and tangled up with a someone, not a something, as he had supposed earlier and that someone had a voice that Capher had not heard in quite awhile; "...a rush, if a bit of a tragedy. Not bruised much, are you? Hate to have hurt you; probably sorry to have delayed you. Poor time for me to be about, smashing people up, but I guess it's as good a time as any. And it is a good time, I mean, not for rolling in the street, but just in general. I made it to Ximax alright, I think; well, I think this is Ximax. It certainly isn't Milkengrad or the shire, I would recognize those places I think. Recognizing's safer than guessing, I think; if I had recognized you were going so fast, probably we wouldn't have hit together so. It was fun, though, at least I think it was. Not everyone agrees with me, though, and maybe you don't, but that's alright because I do, and I don't want to make you upset but some people just get upset, and there's not much you can do. Usually, I don't much try then, it doesn't help, and besides..."

Capher rose, dusted himself off and looked down at Seyella, it was Ken! What in the gods name was he doing here? "Ken...Ken is that you?" Capher asked. "What in the god's name are you doing here in Ximax?" Capher continued asking questions. Capher then noticed the elf that seemed to be Ken's companion. "Sorry, excuse my manners. My name is Capher and Ken and I are friends from a long time ago," Capher held out his hand in friendship.

Capher then remembered his other friends and quickly said, "I am sorry but you must excuse me. I am late in meeting some friends. Ken, do you remember Talia, and Ta'las and Terra? They are here with me in Ximax. They are the ones whom I am late meeting. I am sorry but I must go," Capher said, giving a short nod to Ken's companion, "It was nice meeting you."

Capher then turned and began to hasten his steps toward the inn hoping that he found all of his friends well...and that the dream or vision he had in his room had not been real, but just a dream...however there was a small nagging thought that kept on growing that told him that it had been no dream and that his friends were in terrible danger!

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To Aueniteri, the whole proceeding was a blur the instant the brownie and the odd creature was visible. She managed to stand, and tried uncertainly to respond at Talia's first request. Finally, as her friend struggles with the creature, she manages to comply with a request, tying its beak. Twice it nearly catches her with its beak, and with a quick motion, she avoids each time the creature's defense, though it costs her precious tension on the rope. When it is finally secured, she holds it down for a moment before stepping back, breathing heavily, though she is smiling, happy at having assisted.

"And what now? We need to take it with us, otherwise it won‘t survive with its broken wing. Maybe we find somebody who can tell us what it is and will care for it, let ask our tavern owner. It looks like a far little dragon baby, don‘t you think?"

Aueniteri nods in agreement, and looks about. "It looks like you'll have to put him on the aj. I'm afraid of trying to carry it the whole way. That was an excellent catch, brownie friend! You must be an expert huntress."

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The elf shook Capher's hand, and looked between him and Ken. "You know this runt? And I thought I was alone in my suffering."

Ken's voice lowers to a mumble as he watches Capher recover, grins and comments as he is recognized, and finally hurries after Capher as he hurries away, gesturing disimssively to the elf. "So what happened? I mean, I knew you guys were coming here; are the others here? Ta'las and Talia and Terra and- and... the others? They're going to meet you at an inn!"

The halfling sprang into action, hurrying after Capher. "Going to meet our friends, going to meet our friends..."

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Capher gave the elf a knowing look and smile and then after apologizing took off at a dead run toward the inn, Ken following afterward, he must have been short of breath for he did not talk as much as he usually did, but he kept on repeating; "Going to meet our friends, going to meet our friends..."  Capher just hoped he spoke the truth as they reached the entrance to the inn, Capher stopped, to catch his breath and allow Ken to catch up to him. Then they both walked into the inn. Capher checked the common room first and saw no one, but others, who saw him earlier in the morning, hissed at him and called him names and told him he was not welcome. Capher was perplexed. He did not know what to say as he had no idea what they were angry about or what he had done to make them that angry. He wished he could remember what had happened in the morning? Perhaps Talia can tell him.

He rushed up the stairs and to Talia's room. Capher knocked; there was no answer, but through the door Capher could hear the familiar hum of Talia's flute. Capher's eyes narrowed, his brows knit together. Talia's flute only hummed when there was danger. Should he or shouldn't he? Capher quickly made his decision and with just a fraction of his power he unlocked Talia's door, opened the door, and almost had to push Ken in the room, and then closed the door behind them.

Capher followed the hum of the flute and found it wrapped in a cloth inside one of Talia's travel bags. Hesitating for just a moment, Capher took hold of the wrapped flute, put it on the table and slowly unwrapped it. The hum was much louder and seemed more urgent now. His friends are in danger! It has to be. Capher thought, as he slowly grasped the flute.

A gasp escaped his lips as the flutes power flowed through him. It showed him many images, dark caverns, dwarfs; some in captivity by orcs, some not; images of burning villages and humans, elves and other races of Caelereth being tortured, or killed or captured and used as slaves. He saw a dark castle rise from the ground and its shadow cover the land it was upon and beyond. Then finally he saw the inside of a Keep and three of his friends; Ta'las, Terra and Sondirra. Ta'las seemed to be pushing on symbols engraved in the stones, Terra seemed frozen and Sondirra had her book open, but was staring at a tear in her dress. Suddenly as fast as the blinks that the images had appeared, they vanished and Capher put the flute down, its humming had stopped.

Capher stood frozen for a moment then turned to Ken. "Our friends, Ta'las and Terra and one you do not know, Sondirra are in terrible danger. I did not see Talia or Roosjie so I think that they are fine, but still we need to find them, but first we must go to the Library of Ximax and save our friends. Are you with me?" Capher asked, not really expecting a no from Ken as he quickly walked out of the room closing and locking the door behind them and then headed downstairs. Capher knew the Keep where he saw his friends. He also knew that his friends did not have much time left as the air would slowly leave. How much time had elapsed since they were sealed in the Keep? Capher wondered as he opened the inn's front door.

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Ta'las pushes on another series of symbols, concentrating on each as he goes and calling out their appearance for Sondirra to write into her book.  A soft blue glow emanates from them as he touches them in the correct order.  "This one, then this, this next, and..."  The Shendar furrows his brow as he looks between two symbols that he is sure were at the point that Eckra was when he escaped from the room.  "But I thought I'd already pushed that one."  He scratches his head, puzzled.  "And I know I've pushed that one," he adds when he looks at the next.  

Ta'las yawns, noticing that he is suddenly very tired, and his body feels like he has been across the Rahaz-Dath and back without any rest.  "It sure would be nice just to sit down for a minute and rest.  What do you think Lady Ter-"  He looks over at Terra, and notices that she is sitting up against the wall, and looks to be sleeping.  "Terra?  Why would you choose a time like this for sleep?  Sondirra?"  She too, does not respond.

The Shendar rushes over to check on his companions and checks their breathing.  Both are still breathing, but with very shallow, ragged breaths.  This cursed room has no source of air!  He nearly panics, but the Shendar knows it will not serve him any good.  His only recourse is to get them out of here.  With renewed resolve, he looks over what Sondirra has written on the paper, and pushes the last three symbols she'd written down.  He is back to the last two symbols - the same two that confused his earlier.  Ta'las shakes his head, furious with himself for making the same mistake.  

He takes a step back from the symbols and peers at them a little less closely.  Just to the left of the lower symbol is what looks like a tiny scratch on the surface of the stone covered by a film of grime.  Ta'las tilts his head and rubs at the grime to reveal a third symbol, hidden very carefully, and he smiles in triumph.  "I knew you were here somewhere," he whispers, and touches the symbol, waiting for the portal to open.

But to his dismay the portal does not open.  Instead, a small opening, only a few inches wide slides sideways to reveal a narrow opening containing a book.  The Shendar grabs the book and looks at it, but cannot read anything on its cover.  "Maybe if I could read, I could do something with this.  Perhaps cast a spell to get out of here."  The Shendar stuffs the book into his pack and looks over at Terra and Sondirra.  He can feel the air growing more stale, and exhaustion begin to settle in - he is not sure how much longer he can remain conscious.

The Shendar falls to one knee, and enters into a trance.  The room is difficult to gauge, but from somewhere in here, the Shendar senses a point of energy that he can use to see Second Reality.  When he opens his eyes, he is once again in a vast desert - it is nighttime however, and above him the stars shine in the sky.  His mother-sister stands before him, looking sad.  "Ta'las, will you never tire of looking for the answer that lies right before your eyes?"

"Perhaps.  Perhaps not.  I have definitely tired of your badly timed sense-of-humour."  That draws a little smile from his mother-sister.  "Had I learned to read, we might not be in this mess.  I just can't believe how easily we were fooled getting into it.  I fear I do not know my friends as well as I thought I did."

His mother-sister arches her eyebrow.  "A revelation, young Ta'las?"

He briefly laughs and shakes his head.  "Nothing more than truth.  I can never truly know my friends, even Lady Terra.  There will always be secrets and thoughts we will hold on to dearly, no matter how well we know one another."

"Perhaps.  You are fortunate to have her, you know," his mother-sister says, and nods to where Terra is sitting against the wall.

"How?"  The desert scene fades, and along with it, his mother-sister.  He is "back in" the closed room again.  Ta'las manages to stand, and returns to the symbols, but his vision is beginning to blur.  He tries pushing the symbols in order, but before he pushes the third one, the symbols turn red, indicating that he has pushed them in the incorrect order.  He shakes his head as he slips to the floor, struggling just to maintain consciousness.

Title: Re: Ximax
Post by: Aueniteri on December 21, 2010, 07:34:33 AM
"Is that him?" Aueniteri motions toward a man leaving an inn at a hurry, and Talia catches her gaze, looking to Capher and the halfling. "Capher!", she calls after him, but her voice is lost in the busy sounds of the streets. Aueniteri tries the same call, but with the same effect, and Ta'lia tries with a little more effort, "Ken! Kenriil!"

The two have heard nothing, and Ta'lia leads the trio into the tavern, the strange creature hidden in 'Teri's pack for the moment, a blanket drawn over its head. For now, it was quiet, though terribly heavy, Ta'lia and 'Teri sharing the weight between them. "Do you have a room?", Aueniteri asked hopefully, and they began the trek up the stairs.