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Title: Mrrdr Payne
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This report contains information obtained by the Island Of Denilou and the Empire of Toll Brok'Baroll to be used in the trial of the following:

Name: Mrrdr “Murder” Payne
Gender: Male
Age: 44
Race: Human
Tribe: ½ Ordion, ½ Avennorian
Occupation: Marauder of the High Seas/Swashbuckler/Buckler of Swashes

The aforementioned party is being indicted for his callous acts of piracy, wanton disregard for the value of other’s lives and destruction and/or theft of other’s property in a most malicious manner.

Physical Appearance, as told by Second Mate Russo

“Ahh, what can I say ‘bout ole Mrrdr? He was a giant of a man, standin over two peds and weighin a good three pygges. He was always bigger ‘an anyone I ever seen. When he would wander ‘round the deck ye could almos’ feel the ship movin’ with him.

“His skin was a good bit lighter in color than the rest’a his people, seeing as how he was part Aven… Avennar… well, somethin. His hair was black as a stormcrow -- with the occasional gray hair -- scraggly and a bit longer than shoulder length. His beard was mostly gray, and pretty close to his face.

“His eye was a dark green. Yeah, tha’s righ, his eye. He had no left eye; he usually didn’t wear a patch o’er it either. Just a hole in his face, all scarred up aroun’ it, he used to stick things in it… He had also los’ his right-hand and put a big metal hook where it was. And he done lost ‘is left leg from tha knee down, too. He gone and put a stick where that used ta be. Ah, that Mrrdr, he was jus a big mess. We used ta joke that everythin he was s’posed to have two of, he only had one.

“That old man was a’covered in scars too, from head ta toe. And he be missin a few teeth also. When ya get in as many fights as Mrrdr did you can ‘spect to get a little ruffed up, but you’da swear on Ava that someone could never get that beat up and live ta tell ‘bout it.

Collected Attire, chronicled by Doombur Slatstone of Denilou

- One: large faded-black hat, covered in dirt
- One: large dark brown ankle-length over-coat, tattered and covered in dirt
- One: large faded dark-red vest, covered in dirt
- One: large dark brown glove, tattered and covered in dirt
- One: large faded dark red sash/belt, tattered and covered in dirt
- One: large dark brown button-up shirt, tattered and covered in dirt
- One: pair of large faded black pants, tattered and covered in dirt
- One: large faded black boot, tattered and covered in dirt
- Five: assorted scabbards of various sizes and conditions
- One: golden earring

Personality, as told by Captain Henry Longshanks (A notable pirate with quite long shanks, and longtime rival of the indicted)

“Mrrdr… I always doubted that was his real name. He is a drunkard, a gambler and a swashbuckler. In addition, he is insane. He is an absolute loon. I’ve heard tell that he sticks live rats in that eye-hole of his. I’m sure this is merely a rumor as I’ve never seen it done, but I wouldn’t put it past him to have done it at least once. Much of the time he acts as if he were a large man-child, running – well, hobbling – around the deck of his ship.

“Many a time has he gotten in a bit of hot water due to gambling debts and issues, but it seems he usually manages to best his opponents when they lash out for his hide. So, it may be he never pays his debts, but it’s hard to pay a dead man.

“Mrrdr is very expressive with his emotions. If he likes you, you know it. If he doesn’t, you also know it. But, trust me, it’s best if he likes you. The man is an excellent judge of character, however, don’t get me wrong. He can tell if you’re worthy from the first sentence out of your mouth, however skewed his definition of ‘worthy’ is.

“Be his many faults, it does seem that Mrrdr is a good ‘people-person’ as they say. His crew likes him immensely, something I dare not say for my own crew. He can be very jovial with those he likes, but anger him and he’ll turn on you at the drop of a hat.

“He’s a very crude and occasionally cruel man, not afraid to get his hands dirty to get things done. That’s one of the reasons I ‘left’ his crew, his way of ‘captaining’ clashed with my views of how a Captain should act, and I figured I could do a better job -- especially with my far superior oratory skills. He gets right in there with his crew, hacking and slashing and swashbuckling.

Strengths, as told by First Mate Sparkfire

“Oh yes, oh yes, Mrrdr is a very strong man indeed. He can lift nearly his body weight straight over his head without thinking about it or even breaking a sweat, he can. He once saved a small child from a huge boulder that fell on him, he did. He just picked up the rock and tossed it away like it was a pebble. The boulder landed on another man, it did, and it took three men to get it off of him!

“Mrrdr may not be the brightest spark in the fire (that’s an old family joke, it is) but he sure is a clever one. Why, he can think of things right on the spot, he can! I may be smart and intelligent, but it takes me weeks to think of anything worthwhile, it does. You put any situation in front of Mrrdr and he can think of a solution in three blinks of an eye! What he lacks in intelligence he more than makes up for in agility of the mind, he does.

“Why, Mrrdr was born on the sea, he was. Never have I seen a man so at home on the sea. I think he could live the rest of his life on a boat if he had to, I do! He would never have to touch land again. And boy does he have his sea legs! You could take the best swordsman in all the land, the youngest, fittest, brightest start in the land, but you put him on a boat with Mrrdr and that young man is surely beaten, he is!

“Not only did Mrrdr train in swordcraft, but he trained in other forms of fighting as well, he did. He’s very skilled in knife fighting, in which the parties tie their left hands/hooks together (even though he’s right-handed, he is!) and fight with daggers to the death. Obviously he has never lost a fight! Also, he trained long and hard with the crossbow, and can pluck a bird right out of the sky at 50 peds!

“Mrrdr can be a very friendly man if he needs to be, and can easily have most people laughing right along with him in the pub. He’s like a weed, you may look at him and he’s not the most beautiful thing, but he grows on you, he does! People from all walks of life can get along with Mrrdr!

Weaknesses, as told by First Mate Shorttoes (Formerly on Mrrdr’s crew, but currently Longshank’s First Mate)

“Mrrdr be a beast. He was ugly and he smelled funny, too. He sometimes ain’t nice, and he’s not afraid ta bodily voice his displeasure wit ya. He would many a time just walk up and smack ya across the back o’ tha head wit the hilt o’ his sword fer no reasons.

“That old man ain’t no spring Taenish, neither. Mrrdr just hobbles about on that ole leg o’ his. He might get a burst o' energy every once in a while and jump ‘round, but that ain’t all too common. He may be able to best anyone at sea-fightin’, but take him on land and he be slow as an ox. If you get hit it’s still gonna hurt, but the way he swings you shouldn’ be getting hit in the firs’ place!

“Mrrdr is a big gambler, and has lost a number o’ hands to me. Luckily, I escaped tha fate of most o’ those that he owes money to -- death. Yeah, tha’s right, if he owes money to you, you can expect to not see that money while ye be breathin’! One o’ these days he’s gonna have to pay up! And that’s gonna be a grand day indeed!

“Numbers were never his thing, somethin’ every cap’n should know about. It just seemed it weren’t in his nature to know ‘bout money. So, he always ‘ad to assign different shipmates to do it, like that thievin’ little gnome Sparkfire. This was one o’ tha main things that done cause tha mutiny, his inability to be splittin’ the loot effectively.

“Mrrdr is very headstrong, you’re not gonna be getting him to do anything. He’ll jus’ charge right into a ship full o’ men, slashin’ about with no regard for life -- even his own. One o’ these days his luck is gonna run out, though.”

“Gettin’ around on foot is no longer an easy task fer Mrrdr. While he may ‘ave grown used to walking with tha peg he’ll never be able to move as well as a man with two feet. On a ship the peg ain’t so bad, Mrrdr can move aroun’ just as good – if not better – as mosta his men. But when he’s on dry land it’s a real problem. He ain’t got no land-legs, or land-pegs as tha case may be.”

History, as told by Thorl the Eld (an old dwarf of about 220, long time associate of the Payne’s)

“Belius Perius Payne, or Captain Bel as his crew called him, was always seen as a jolly man. They would generally only loot and plunder other marauder’s vessels, so they were seen as somewhat of a crew of ‘avenging’ angels, as if to solidify the name of the ship: The Avenger. As the years went on, and Captain Bel started to reach middle-age, the Avennorian underwent a sort of transformation. He began to grow bored of this avenging life-style. He wanted more violence, more bloodshed. More money.

“At first, Belius just raided small ports and towns, getting a feel for what raiding was like. He only had a small crew at they time anyway – 15 eager scalawags. But, as he raided more towns, the crew grew. Soon he was up to nearly 40 men, and several women, and he was ready to take on anything. He ventured further south, to the Land of Aeruillin.

“While he was raiding one of the smaller villages near Dion, working his way up to Shan’Thai, he fell in love with a Ordion woman. Well, not so much love as lust. He kidnapped her and brought her aboard the ship, where she stayed for over a year. Soon, he got bored with her and dropped her at port he was raiding. She gave him one son, however, whom he gave to me to raise, because he was much too busy. I stayed behind on the raids anyway, he wanted to keep me alive to document his exploits, because he was a very vain man. I named the child Mrrdr, to commemorate and lampoon the world in which he was brought up in. Little did I know that the boy would live up to that name.

“Right from the start it could be told that Mrrdr would take after his mother in at least one way -- her height. By the age of five Mrrdr was already the size of a normal eight year old human boy, and probably much strong than one. By the time he was ten I began training him in the arts and literature, but he was much more interested in what his father was doing. He didn’t concentrate on his intellectual studies, but could always be found sparring on the deck with his father or one of the other men. He wasn’t the quickest learner, but he was a strong lad. He was nearly as strong as his father by age 15, and he was already the same height.

“When he turned 18 his father took him on a raid. It was the first raid he took the lad on, as I urged Belius to wait until the boy was at least 18. Unfortunately for Mrrdr, that was also a very harsh raid. The crew was 50 men strong at the beginning of the raid, but by the time it was over they were down about 30 men and a captain. Nobody knew Belius had died until the vessel anchored-up and began its trip back to the open waters.

“The First Mate, Nathaniel Clemens, argued that he should be the new captain. However, he was not well liked by the crew as a whole. The only argument that the rest of the crew could make against him, however, was that Mrrdr should be captain – because Clemens did have the right to the Captain’s chair. Soon, the ship split into two factions, roughly half the men for Clemens and half for Mrrdr. Even though I strongly urged against it, they decided that the best way to decide would be a knife fight to the death.

“They tied Mrrdr’s left hand to Clemens’ left and put a fore long double-bladed dagger in each of their right hands. The idea was that the winner would be the last one left alive. These fights usually didn’t last long and the winner was usually in pretty bad condition himself. So, the face-off began. It was over in 10 seconds and left Mrrdr with a long scar going down from his left eye, several scars on his right-arm, and a dead body attached to his left-arm.

“With Mrrdr firmly established as Captain now there was little the ones that had backed Clemens could do. They groveled at Mrrdr’s feet to spare their lives for their mutinous ways, and he accepted. Mrrdr instated Henry Longshanks as his First Mate and Gerinmo Sparkfire as his Second. Longshanks usually handled the delegation and Sparkfire handled the loot. I always suspected that the little weasel was skimming from the top, but Mrrdr had a soft-spot for the little gnome, so I never said anything.

“The gnome also had his uses. He was very ingenious when it came to inventing things (apparently he came from a long line of inventors). One of the most useful things was a little mini-catapult that fired these things he vainly called Sparkfires, which, when set aflame, can create a small explosion that sets things on fire. This was very useful for taking other ships down. Especially when he got around to making several of the catapults and spent most of his free time making Sparkfires. While all the other ships were futilely firing arrows at us, we were taking them down in one or two hits.

“On one particular looting of what seemed to be a pirate vessel we got a surprise. Its hold was full of pine cones and acorns. I still haven’t figured out, to this day, why someone would be shipping these. There was another drawback to this too; apparently, a whole bunch of Treejumpers, Quirrls, Kuatus, what-have-you, came along with the shipment. We were infested with the little vermin for weeks before we could rid ourselves of them completely. (Note: See Pets.)

“When Mrrdr turned 25 he decided to have a party for himself. Nearly the whole crew drank just about the entire ships supply of ale and somehow ended up in the Yanthian Gulf. Nearly the whole crew. First Mate Longshanks, however, had been anticipating this raucous display; and so had his followers. With the rest of the crew blind-drunk Longshanks and his band of mutineers figured they could take the ship without a struggle. But, what Longshanks didn’t count on was the fact that drunk seafarers aren’t necessarily the push-overs he expected them to be. The still-loyal majority of the crew managed to thwart the attempted mutiny. During the tussle, however, a few of the men went overboard.

“Luckily, I had fallen into the Gulf right before Mrrdr. Now, I don’t consume alcoholic beverages, so I was completely sober. I grabbed onto the captain’s arm and began pulling him to the ship, but changed to the shore when I saw our path obstructed by what appeared to be the some Kaimun having dinner – the main course being a couple mutineers. I saw the bright lights of a city very near and began shouting in between my strokes. After not too awful long I heard some replies from unfamiliar voices and some splashing coming from the direction of the shore. Just a minute or so later two men were there helping me pull Mrrdr to shore. Once we hit dry land I collapsed from exhaustion.

“From what I heard when I awoke, just before Mrrdr was pulled from the water a Kaimun grabbed hold of his left leg. One of the men managed to get the beast off of the captain’s leg – but it was too late. A Ciosan surgeon removed the leg with a piping hot knife to cauterize the wound. When Mrrdr was back on the ship the crew worked up a little rig for the leg. They used some old scrap wood, fashioned it into a peg and strapped the thing to Mrrdr’s leg. It took him a good few years to get used to new appendage.

"After the mutiny Mrrdr had to change the crew up a bit, seeing as how the lead mutineer had been his First Mate. The captain moved the gnome Sparkfire up to First Mate and made Seymour Russo, a hard-headed and dull witted lookout, his Second Mate.

“Just four years after he’d lost his leg, Mrrdr lost both his eye and his hand in the same fight. It started out a routine pillaging of a small coastal village, but before long it started getting dicey. As it turned out, the village was quite well prepared to fend off invaders. The villagers quickly drove many of the men back to the boat. Mrrdr, however, could not be driven off so easily. With the other marauders out of the way more of the villagers could deal with the captain. He couldn’t fend off so many and soon succumbed to their numbers. When he awoke, he was back on his ship, his right hand was covered by a metal bowl bent around to protect the stub and a metal hook stuck into that. A scalding poker had been used to carefully seal the left eye socket. Mrrdr had to stay in bed for many a week to recuperate from the life-altering injuries.

“Many of the scars on Mrrdr’s face are self inflicted, yet unintentional. A hook’s a hard thing to get used to, especially when you need to scratch your nose. For the longest time Mrrdr would inadvertently reach up to scratch an itch with his hook and end up with yet another scar. After a good few years he finally managed to get the hang of using the hook and can do most anything with it that he can do with his other hand.

“Now, we reach the climax of Mrrdr’s life, and possibly my own as well. I originated on the beautiful Island of Denilou, in the great Empire of Toll Brok'Baroll. I had often told Mrrdr tales of my home, about how it was the greatest dwarven city ever built and how it spilled with riches. Well, Mrrdr got the idea into that thick skull of his that he could steal some of these overflowing riches. So, we set sail for Denilou.

“As we neared my island home a gale broke out and begin to toss our boat around like a rag doll. Men were whipped overboard by the powerful gusts of wind and below deck much of the ship was in disarray. We braved through the storm, however and by the end of the squall we had lost a good fifteen or sixteen men. Although most of our lives were intact we had lost our bearings. With no idea where we were, we continued sailing on towards land. Our rations ran low and our stomachs rumbled. We lost about six or seven men to starvation as we attempted to preserve our foodstuffs. But, as our provisions all but disappeared, we reached land.

“Our welcome was all but pleasant. The elves of the area where we landed were everything but kind to us, and more or less took us into their custody as soon as we landed. Unbeknownst to us, our exploits had traversed the globe and the elves were some of those that had heard of ‘Murder’s Merry Marauders.’

“Not too long after being detained by the elves a group of dwarves came to the camp. They had a discussion with the leader of the elves and soon came over to me. They pulled me to the side and asked if I had been a prisoner of the pirates and several other questions, which I answered in all honesty. Soon after, they escorted the whole lot of us to Toll Brok'Baroll, where they officially took Mrrdr into custody and executed most of the crew.

“The dwarves left me alone for the most part, since I was completely open and honest with them, and also since Toll Brok'Baroll was my birthplace. I was then asked to recount the tale of Mrrdr the pirate, and this is what this has been.”

Collected Weapons, chronicled by Doombur Slatstone of Denilou
- One: ped-long (including the hilt) cutlasses, numerous nicks and chips on blade, otherwise in good condition (in scabbard on belt on right-side)
- One: fore-long double-bladed dagger (upside-down on chest, presumed for east access)
- Three: small single-bladed daggers (two in right boot, one on left leg -- above peg)
- One: half-ped-long boarding axe, small but sturdy blade, opposite side flat -- can be used as a hammer (on back, hilt sticking up, towards his head)
- One: R'unorian Cavalry Crossbow, good condition, modified for quicker reload time, but less drawweight, and the ability to be drawn with a hook -- at long ranges the bow is far less accurate, but at 40 peds or less, accuracy is not affected by the modification (carried inside right-side of overcoat, easy to draw quickly)
- One: sharpened hook on right hand (could not be removed)

Pets, as told by Thorl the Eld
“Ever since the shipment of pinecones we stumbled upon, there has been one particularly pesky Kuatu. This Treejumper is so full of temerity that try as he might, Mrrdr just can’t get rid of the thing. It follows him where ever he goes, although I am unsure if this is due to affection or purely for the need to be mischievous. It can often be seen climbing all over the large man, occasionally poking its head out from Mrrdr’s cloths. As much as he hates it, I can’t help but think there’s a part of Mrrdr that loves the little critter. I can only imagine that the little fellow is in the cell with Mrrdr right now.”


The dwarf known as THORL THE ELD has been executed for the heinous act of assisting the aforementioned MRRDR PAYNE in his escape from the custody of Toll Brok’Baroll.

MRRDR PAYNE is henceforth a fugitive of the Island of Denilou and all proceedings regarding him are postponed until further notice.

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It is right. It is a dialogue, thus the quotations need to be there.

And not everyone gets the entire CD filled out the first time posting it, please be patient.

Mrrdr is fine. It is their own name and we are not overly picky with names. I am assuming it sounds like you are saying "murder" only without the vowels. See? not difficult.

And yes, the Ordion tribe DOES exist. It is human. Do a search on the main site Taka and you will find it.

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*Sniff sniff*

Of course my tribe exists! My lovely Ordions! My wonderful continent!

*Descends into melacholnic meanderings*

Its very cool that you have chosen to use them Mrrdr.

:pet  :pet  :pet  

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::.prods Mrrdr::

Who's behind him there? This can't be a true newbie.

Wonderfully written IMHO. :)

Though what happens after he gets captured. I'm guessing he escapes - but how?

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I just have to say that this is one of the most creative CDs I've read through in a while - particularly the presentation.

And I'd like Mrrdr's prrmission to use/collate the prverrb he coined for the Development Board's records ...

"He ain't no spring Taenish"...

Well done, and remarkably thorough (if somewhat more Renaissance than Medieval!)  :clap

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Yar Ehlix, ye be knowin' me.

And to the Bard: it'd be an honor fer me own words to be used in such a prestigous manner.

Oh, and by the way, fer me "title" as ye call it... I believe I'd best be known as a Fugitive Swashbuckler.

Ah, and another thin'... I just done realized there be somethin' ole Thorl forgot to tell ye about. I'll get righ' on that, so if ye see any changes that's what it be. I'm going to go ahead and correct some minor grammatical and spelling errors, as well... I mean... yar, avast ye matey.

The update ended up being a wee bit more substantial than I had originally planned, but the only things changed besides the history were a few minor spelling errors. If you already read the history you  don't have to go through the whole thing again as the only thing that was changed was around the middle, at the part where he lost his leg.

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You've done a great job with this CD, and I cannot find anything to comment on. You have your first approval.:thumbup  

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Oh that was hard to read!

Second approval though :p  

I titled you "Marauder", if you want  something else, just tell us!

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Oh, and by the way, fer me "title" as ye call it... I believe I'd best be known as a Fugitive Swashbuckler.
I'd say that he wants something else.;)  

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I went ahead and changed it Talia.

Go ahead and post here to make sure it works ^.^ and you are all set

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Yar, I be much obliged.

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Well, even after having had my coffee I can't find, where Bahran  said that this is his desired title - do I need new glasses?

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It is just a few posts up...but not in bold my dear

Look for his "Posts: 2"