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Title: Tulpje Sweetshade (greybark Brownie)
Post by: Tulpje Sweetshade on January 13, 2006, 06:02:23 PM
Hi! I had this character approved last year, but in the mean time something has gone majorly wrong and I couldn't access my account anymore, so I had to create it again. Now I don't have a title anymore, of course, so could I please receive it again? I believe (but I'm not sure anymore, it's so long ago) that it was Grey Bomber (female Brownie).

Name: Tulpje Sweetshade

Age: 31

Height: just about 1/7 of a ped, like most Brownies

Race: Brownie (greybark, from the LLaoihrr Brownies)

Appearance: Grey skin, of course matching hair and eyes. As many of her people, she wears mouseleather clothing, protecting her from the cold. She also possesses a coat made of woodowl feathers (with thanks to Nash, fabricated herself).

Character: Although already adult (she joined her parent's clan) she is still very mischievous. She enjoys playing tricks on others, preferably on big races. She might leave hobbits alone, them being small enough, were it not that she has never seen them before. Despite her tricks, she is a little too trusty and naive, though it'll take longer to trust an elf than to trust a human.

Magic: Nothing but the first level of lifemagic, which is simple enough to learn for any brownie. She can't do much with it, except make a plant grow a lot taller. Otherwise she doesn't know real magic.

History: Her youth has passed just like the youth of all the young LLaoihrr. Before her Age of Choosing she learned many things, like hunting, reading and writing, and so on. At 15, she chose the clan of her parents. She was accepted, and then sent to train as part of the flying militia. Always had her parents told her about Greybark Ferretmaster, the greatest brownie hero, after Keeko. She admired his adventures and courage very much, so she accepted this with pleasure.

As part of her training, she had to capture and tame an owl. This is not a simple task for a brownie, being smaller than the owls. She managed to capture Nash when he was still a very small owl. He got used to her, and now they're very good friends. He gave her the feathers for her coat. When flying, it was (and is) funny to see the grey of her skin against the brown of his feathers, but they are a good team.

Another part of her training was the knowledge of herbs, both healing and poisonous. Many Brownies know already the beginnings of this, but if ever the brownies were needed again in a war, this knowledge would come in useful on the battlefield. Of course she hoped there wouldn't be another war to fight in, she wasn't that fond of fighting and killing life, yet this was exactly what she was training for.

After she had concluded her training, she was accepted as full member of the flying militia. Triumphant with her acceptance, she was a little too sure of herself, with as a consequence that she was belligerent to a commander of the militia. It was only after knocking him unconscious that she came to her senses. Seeing the commander unconscious she fled, taking only what was most necessary to survive, and the weapons she had trained with for the past years. She didn't stay to find out what was to happen with her, so soon after she had been fully accepted into the militia. Together with Nash she then roamed Caelereth for about a year, picking up bits and pieces of the human language where she went.

Weapons: She wears two knives in her boots, after the fashion of her people. She also carries a bow and arrow, and being part of the flying militia also the blowpipe, because that's the easiest way to attack from on top of an owl. In her belt are pouches with herbs, which could also be described as a weapon, if mixed in the right way. Otherwise mixed, she can use them as healing herbs. One pouch contains poisoned tips for her blowpipe.

Strengths: Her biggest strength is of course her band with Nash, which has only bettered after they fled together. Also her knowledge of healing/killing herbs. She has taught herself to make the darts of the blowpipe, although that had not been her task back home. But this way she might be feared, she won't lack of ammunition. That is, if you see her. This brings us to the

Weaknesses: Due to an injury in her youth, involving a broken leg that never quite completely healed (Brownie healmasters had their hands in their hair because, inexplicably, it wouldn't heal as it should under the given treatment), her right leg remained very weak. This renders her less agile than most Brownies, although it is not a problem to fly on Nash with that leg.

The only language she is really good at is Browniin. In the fugitive year past, she has picked up some words of different human dialects, which makes her capable of somewhat making herself understandable to others, yet it's still lacking in grammar, verb use, you name it.

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Title: Re: Tulpje Sweetshade (greybark Brownie)
Post by: Tulpje Sweetshade on January 16, 2006, 10:09:23 PM
Please, can someone help me? I would really like my title back so that I can go roleplaying... Thank you!

Title: Re: Tulpje Sweetshade (greybark Brownie)
Post by: Marvin Cerambit on January 17, 2006, 08:59:23 AM
Is this a repost or a rewrite? If it's the first you just need an admin to title you.

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Title: Re: Tulpje Sweetshade (greybark Brownie)
Post by: Tulpje Sweetshade on January 18, 2006, 06:21:23 AM
just checking if it worked.

Title: Re: Tulpje Sweetshade (greybark Brownie)
Post by: Tulpje Sweetshade on January 18, 2006, 06:36:23 AM
And the picture?

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how about now?