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Title: Gilith/ Gondolwenmith/ Mercenary/ Ranger
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Gilith Greenwood



Title:~Wandering Woodsmen





Height:~ 1 Ped, 2 Fores, 1 Palmspan, 6 Nailsbreadths, 1 Grain.

Weight:~ 1 Pygge, 9 Hebs, 1 Hafeb, 4 Ods, 6 Mut.



~Physical Appearance

Gilith is taller than average, and broad shouldered. Leading many to the correct assumption that he is quite strong. His hair is unkempt and let to grow in the back a bit. Though he does keep it trimmed so it does not stray in to his eyes, nor grow too long from his face so as to impede him. Being a woodsman by trade, more specifically one who takes shelter in the wood, he will never be without a cloak to match his surroundings if he can help it. Strengthened leather boots and a belt adorn his person as well, these are both black and considerably thick. Underneath a suit of leathers, is a gambeson, as well as a shirt and trousers. A few pouches decorate his belt next to his ensemble of weapons. The only other thing to be visibly apparent are the items strung to his back, which are just his archery equipment, namely his bow, quiver, and arrows.


Gilith is a calm man, little in this world can bother him as far as the day to day is concerned. Fewer things still, find they can strike fear into Gilith. Even those things which elude the mind’s understanding, those things that seem like they truly must have cheated their way in to reality and through some horrible twist of fate made their way here. However, paranoia is a different story entirely. Little does a moment go by when Gilith isn’t scanning his surroundings for potential threats, and potential profit. While it is true that Gilith lacks a certain social grace which most individuals possess, which can indeed turn a few people away. He can generally make up for this however with time, as underneath a cold exterior; Gilith is quite the agreeable man, being both kind and understanding towards others. So while he does not make many friends, the ones he does make are fairly loyal. If Gilith is somehow pushed to a breaking point, fear should enter the hearts of the men around him. For Gilith will likely loose control of himself, both verbally, and most likely physically. Luckily for most, this is not a problem, as actually pushing Gilith over the edge is a hard task indeed. Gilith is quite at home in rougher areas, like taverns and campsites. But finds himself indeed a little lost where a more graceful persona is called upon, and would rather avoid these things. As a mercenary Gilith works for money, and as this is really his only source of income he is a little dependent on potential employers. He is willing to do a lot of jobs, even those maybe considered demeaning, but only so long as he sees those as morally sound.


Strong:~Gilith has a considerable amount of strength especially in his arms, gained from forestry, sword fighting, and puling back his incredibly strong for longer than he can remember. His endurance and health are also significantly above the standard for humans. Though once in the past he was larger and stronger even too, however that time has passed.

Survival skills:~Gilith is an experienced woodsman, well versed in the ways of the forest and completely at home in them. Gilith has all the skills necessary for someone to survive in the woods effectively, like the ability to hunt, both animals and men. This entails hidden movement, the ability to remain unseen when the need arises, as well as unheard to, and the knowledge of how to skin and clean an animal, and then make use of every part of it that he can. Camping skills, how to make one, how to take one down how to start fires, build shelters, identify plants etc. They all fall under this category of expertise. Even swimming, was gained through Gilith's many experiences with streams and lakes as a child.

Bladed weapons:~ Gilith used to be an extremely dangerous and feared fighter with the long sword, his strength, dexterity, expertise and experience gained through his years of fighting all worked perfectly together to form an efficient and indeed masterful combatant. While Gilith may no longer have the ability to use his long sword, or any ones long sword. He was still able to maintain skill with smaller blades, like daggers, and even now axes. While much of the training and muscle memory that Gilith spent years perfecting with swordplay is gone, he still has the all of the knowledge, and the strength speed, dexterity, experience and even bladed know how to make an excellent fighter. Especially since he has taken to carrying a small buckler strapped to his arm, and holding a dagger in his off hand for parrying/attacking purposes.

Bows:~Gilith has had to fall back more and more on his bow as he lost his ability to wield the sword. Even before that however, Gilith had always survived this life through his ability to hunt. His archery is not perfect but he makes few flaws when shooting, and even bad weather and distance do little to deter him. At this point archery has become his bread and butter, and will try to solve his problems with the bow before the blade.

Healing:~Gilith is not a healer, but he can set the awful splint, and bind most wounds. He makes sure to carry on his person Yahrle and Miyu for the most basic treatments, and takes care of infections with alcohol. Crude, shrewd, maybe even rude, but alas, effective.  

Carpentry:~Gilith's father was a master wood worker and bowyer/fletcher. He passed on a lot of this knowledge to his son before he passed away, as such Gilith could function as a decent carpenter if need be. Knowing his way around the material, the tools, and having a general idea of what needs to be done in order to achieve this and that.

Wisened:~Gilith was once prone to overlooking small details in his youth, but this habbit was knocked out of him sense then. He is now a very wise, very crafty individual, with a good head on his shoulders, and a tendency to be hard to fool. This enables him to sniff out enemies like a bloodhound, and find trips that are almost imperceptible to the normal person.


Money:~Gilith doesn't have much care for the money that he owns, spending it on what he needs for the moment, and a little bit for the future. But he normally doesn't save any for an emergency, as such, there will be times when he is quite poor, after a mission it is safe to say this is not the case. But for the most part Gilith will not have a large quantity of sans on him at any time.

Anger:~This problem does not occur often for Gilith, but when it does it gets pretty severe. It was actually because of an insane rage that Gilith pushed himself to far, and lost his ability to use the sword. While obviously things can get bad for Gilith, they will probably be wore for the people around him, as he will most likely take quite a while to come back down, and during that time anyone unfortunate enough to stand in his way will probably be receiving a swift blow either with with a fist or weapon.

Fear of heights:~Gilith has an unexplainable fear of heights, it has always troubled and hindered him esecially as an archery. Solid structures like towers are completely fine. But something like a ladder or tree would give Gilith great difficulty. Causing him to move slowly feel dizzy, possibly even get sick and or frozen.  

Restless:~Gilith get's restless from time to time, not knowing what's where and especially who's where can bother him. It doesn't let him set still or rest, even if he ought to by this point. This can be a hinderance to his recuperation, to his resting time, and even to his dinning time. Gilith has also been known to get a little bored with certain lifestyles. Like woodcutting for one, being in the military for another. Sometimes this can make him change things up a bit, and just try something new, other times he gets labeled as a deserter and becomes a renegade from his country.

Deserter:~Gilith is a deserter of the Gondolwenmith military. He would be wanted if he were to ever come back. This stops him from returning to his home, at least legally, and if any part of the Sarvonian government were to find him, if they discovered his identity he would greatly doubt that they would just let him leave. In fact he imagines they would probably even try to put him to death.

Psychological damage; the loss of his sword:~Gilith once engaged in a final desperate attack with a group from the order of the fallen against the horde's invasion on Santharia. This was doomed to fail from minute one, but in order to protect his friends, and Drea, his best friend at the time. He pushed himself to the extreme expending every last bit of energy he had and nearly every last drop of blood. He killed many men that day, but they did not die without a fight, and because of this Gilith himself nearly perished from several things. Wounds, especially blood loss, and just plain pushing too hard, working himself literally near death. It was such a miracle that he recovered, his brain literally would not allow him to wield his sword afterwords for fear of his body going through that again. As such whenever Gilith holds a sword in his hands it begins to shake, and slowly, even if he puts very muscle in to it, the sword will sink to the ground and slip out of Gilith's numb fingers. Gilith will never be able to recover from this, as the damage is not something that can heal over time, it is in fact in Gilith's minds eye's the only way of protecting itself. Gilith has had to switch to using a smaller knife, axe, hybrid because of this, as well as a buckler and dagger in his offhand to make up for the lack of reach he now experiences.


Gilith's childhood was not as one would expect looking at his current self. His family was not war minded by any means and one could say that they would rarely even do things that people would call interesting. His father making a living as a standard woodcutter, and on the side a skilled craftsman of wood. His mother was a wise woman, and she was able to teach Gilith a lot about the plants and nature in general. For the most part, working with his father and learning from his mother took up the majority of his time.

Gilith started archery at a young age too, his father was decent at it and was able to show him the basics; but Gilith took those skills beyond just the basics of hunting and rigorously practiced in order to attain as great a level of skill in this as he could.

Gilith's family would visit towns and villages considerably when they were able to but for the msot part they lived alone in the forests, not really secluded but merely just distant. This would remain the norm until Gilith's mother Lily died when he was 14, from a terrible disease which they could do nothing to help or abate. This hit Gilith hard, but what could he do? His mother was dead and there was nothing that would bring her back. He merely devoted himself all the more to his daily activities and practices to take his mind off his sufferings.

His father decided to train Gilith how to use a sword at this time for that very reason. While his father was not a man for fighting he had served occasionally as a hired hand or soldier, he used the family sword for this at those times. Gilith eagerly took to the practice and in later years would make his living with the sword.  

Disaster struck Gilith again when his father was killed in an accident. A tree fell on him, and he was not able to escape it. Gilith was with him and tried to help him, but could do nothing for him. Saying goodbye to him, Gilith watched as another of his parents was taken away from him. This would event would light a fire in him, that would not let him rest any where for too long. For fear of once more loosing all that he knew, it is because of this that Gilith was determined to keep moving from place to place all his days. Having not seen the world, near as much as he would have liked Gilith did nothing to try and douse this desire, in fact, he stoked this flame and fed it fuel so as to turn it into an all consuming inferno that he would not be able to ignore!

~Military days~

Gilith wandered in to a military camp for the Gondolwenmith military. He wasn't really sure what he was doing but this was the only thing he could think to do to make some money, and to travel and se the world. He had a sword, a bow, a knife, and maybe he could pick up some armor somewhere. Looking around Gilith found a watchmen eyeing him curiously. Perhaps guessing his intent. He leaned on his spear and appeared disinterested in the world around him. Gilith walked up to him and asked him about joining this army. He looked him over and nodded his head bitting his lip in thought for a moment before pointing west with his spear towards a large green felt tent.

Gilith traveled over the grass field towards the tent avoiding whatever he could on the way there. Only stopping occasionally to pause and look at the men's training. It was mainly with spears it seemed, spears and club like weapons. Maces, flails, wooden clubs, and the like. None of this really interested Gilith, and if he couldn't find a place to hone his swordsmanship he hoped at least to be an archer. Finally having reached the tent however he opened it up and slowly entered, saying as he did.

"Hello? Is the commander here?" Gilith gazed at a man armored with chains and small plates of metal on these chains. Not quite like the plate mail of knights he'd heard about, but possibly something like banded mail; a term he'd only heard a handful of times, he wasn't even sure if he was correct in placing that name to this armor. He was studying a map intently on a table as he entered. His first thought of this man was that he seemed entirely too thoughtful for a warrior. This man was not the kind of general he had been expecting, he had always pictured generals to be the biggest and most fearsome of all their warriors, leading from the front lines of their armies. Perhaps the stories he'd heard of mighty warriors and leaders as a child had been a bit deceiving. Gilith certainly wasn't sure what to believe anymore. Looking up from the map he said to Gilith impatiently and coldly.

"What do you want?"

Gilith responded nervously and tensely, unaware of how to act in front of this man, or really now that he thought about soldiers in general. "I-I, want to join your band of figh- er, soldiers, long as you'll pay me ah course, or, at least, I'll be needing something in  return." Now sweating a little as Gilith stumbled over every word that he chocked out he began to wring his hands on his cloak, and try to stutter out his name. "My name's G-".

"Stop." This commander said suddenly. Visibly detesting this conversation and obviously considering it a waist of time. "I don't care what your name is. You'll be paid standard wages and receive what gear the armorer's think your worth. Go tell the drill sergeant Draich gave you this." Draich, Gilith assumed was his name. Handed him a slip of parchment that he scrawled his signature on to. Gilith read it over careful and nodded his head seeing that it was merely just permission for him to join as a standard soldier in their army.

Commander Draich looked at Gilith once again, turning his attention from his map, about to snap at him to get out already. But, as he saw him reading over his paper, a small amount of interest shown in his eyes. He raised an eye brow and cleared his throat to gain Gilith's attention. Gilith looked up and saw his new commander looking at him amusedly. Embarrassed he quickly tried to apologize, make a clumsy bow of some kind and leave, but before he could his commander started to laugh; saying to him with a slight smile. "So you can read son, who taught you that eh?"

Gilith wasn't sure what was happening, but that was a pretty simple question. He responded calmly for the first time, saying to him. "Aye, my ma, she taught me to read, and to write. Well as do some numbers. Not much to brag ah'course." Shaking his head Draich said to him. "I wish that were true round here. But here, take this form instead." Draich signed his name to a longer paper, this one he even gave his seal. "Give the drill sergeant this, and boy. Don't think your getting any special treatment. You'll be training with the rest of the soldiers. But if you'll get a chance to prove your worth. See if we can't find you useful for something more than the front lines. Like these farm boys gone from sickle tah sword to soon. It is often my experience that those with a little more in the mind put their body to a bit more use to. Guess we'll see if I'm right. Now boy, GET OUT and leave me be!"

Gilith had been smiling up until the point where the commander started shouting, which instantly caused him both confusion and fear, giving him only time to stumble out of the tent and run looking for the drill sergeant, whatever that was. Gilith wasn't sure but he thought he might have heard the commander and some soldiers laughing behind him. He didn't stick around long enough to find out however.

~From military to mercenary~

Gilith had found a place in his company by now, as both a scout and a behind the lines combatant. Gilith imagined that the more valuable soldiers received less dangerous jobs than the common soldier when he first arrived. How wrong he was, he was sent right under the enemies nose by himself some of the time; and if not that, then he was sent behind them to do what damage he could and try to escape when an opening appeared. If an opening even appeared at all. Gilith relied on his cunning and his ability to hide in order to survive this, his archery and swordsmanship became invaluable assets for him, and if ha hadn't gotten real good real fast he would certainly have been dead a long time ago.

Having gone through this for quite a few years, Gilith developed a certain sense of paranoia, and indeed this would stay with him when he wasn't on the field of battle. This brought both good and bad things for Gilith, one a near inhuman ability to sniff out an enemy and a trap. The bad, is that he can rarely rest easy, and finds it hard to recuperate from injures or exhaustion, being almost unable to sit still and ignore the world around him.

This day that kind of mentality was an advantage. Gilith smelled something on the wind, saw something in the shadows and he could not rest without knowing what it was that was out there. Gilith rounded up a few more men that were in the same scouting unit of similar skill a him and went out with to see if they couldn't find what was following. What they found did not settle their fears, only confirm them. A band of orcs, was camping out near their convoy, a raiding party that was probably already making plans to slit their throats and take their possessions before they even had a chance to cry out. Gilith and the few men he was with were unable to do much against numbers like these, they came back to camp and tried to set up a trap as best as they could. They had about five hours until sunrise, and the orcs they thought would attack in about two hours, judging how well prepared they were to march. With this time they attempted to wake the soldiers as quietly as they could, and get them to surround their own campsite as concealed as they could make themselves. Gilith was pained by these men's effort to remain hidden but nonetheless they had no better option.

The orcs fell down upon them not to long after they set up their positions, and luckily for the men their play was successful. The orcs came and started to hack at the tents bring them down and chop whatever they could find. Only to realize, that they were just hitting the bedding of these men. Gilith and the rest charged in to their campsite from all sounds and surrounded them, flanking them and hacking at them with all their strength. Gilith would have preferred to shoot arrows in to them but that wouldn't have worked with the charging men. So he was forced to engage in the brutal slashing and bashing of swordplay with everyone else.

Luckily for them, this trap not only worked, but worked perfectly, and they were able to overcome their enemies with little trouble, and loss. The orcs overcome, Gilith to thank for it, things were looking very bright for his military future. Few men wouldn't follow him and his bravery, and there were quite a few higher authorities who thought that he looked promising as well. But it was this thinking that scared Gilith, he was afraid that this lie wouldn't leave him. That he might never be able to escape it, he felt bound as if by iron chains and he sought for a way to make this feeling go away.

The only thing that came to his mind was of course, get out of sight, and get out of dodge. Which he did, and is still doing.

~The Journey to Santharia~

Gilith was able to make a living and keep out of the governments reach for a while by serving as a guard for a band of mercenaries that hired themselves out as ship guards for private vessels. Gilith had quite a few run ins with pirates as he went about this, but he was never far from his friend Bereth. Together they felt as if they could hack and slash their way through anything. Gilith first came in to his fear of heights when he found that he couldn't climb the ropes in order to get to the top of the sails or the lookout bucket. Gilith blames this on his eagerness to climb the ropes on his first week aboard a ship. Unfortunately he was sea sick this entire week, and as he attempted to climb the sails this would only get worse, and worse. From then on Gilith experienced similar feelings in unstable heights. But wether this was from before and only realized as Gilith started sailing, or was gained on the ship itself is unknown. But nonetheless, he now detests anything to do with unstable heights. His seasicknesses was only temporary however, and he soon got over that.

Gilith and Bereth came back from an intensive battle after being flanked by pirates. They speculated that the only reason why they were able to come out alive was because of the pirates desire to rob them, rather than sink them. Had they actively been trying to kill them he doubted they would have failed. These feelings didn't sit all that well with Gilith and his friend, so they decided to try and drown them in a drink or so. Which soon turned into quite a few more, as was common for Gilith and his friends.

Gilith and his friend Bereth joined a group of other members of their unit, and in the midst of their drinking bouts their captain, a man named Ahvaik came in to their tavern. Gilith looked up and sighed setting down his mug and waiting for his orders, something he called a "request" that you weren't allowed to refuse. He nodded in their direction and setting down his red cloak on a peg he stroked his well kept beard before beginning to speak. Gilith liked his captain, he was an exceedingly wise man, and he in his youth he was quite the bruiser, having done as much fighting as his men do now. Gilith liked this, he knew that it made him a better commander and a more reasonable one. He wouldn't ask them to do anything he wasn't himself able to. But nonetheless if the captain was coming to the tavern, it meant he had something for them to do and Gilith was not in the mood.

"Men." the captain begin to garner the attention of his troops. " I've been talking with a client of ours, say's he needs our help. Ship of his went down the other day, cost him a fortune. This time he tells me that he's gonna do things right and hire quality guards. No more of these ragtag cutthroats that'll take half the stores they're supposed to deliver so he tells me. Anyhow, his misfortune is our gain. He's going to be paying us a small fortune in itself to deliver this cargo safely, he's desperate to make up for his losses. I'm gonna need you all in two days. It should only be one, but your gonna need a day to get through your hang over. "

Gilith got up and followed his captain as he left the building, waiting until they were outside to begin speaking to him. He started with this.

"Captain, I'm out. I can't stay here. After this i'm done. You've my apologies."

Ahvaik looked at him and nodded his head. "I know Gilith. That's why I'm sending you on this. It's a ship for Sarvonia, an entirely new continent. You should be safe there. Friend of mine tells me that Draich is on his way here right now."

Gilith raised an eyebrow at him, and gave a half hearted attempt to look unconcerned. "Don't see why that should concern me. Just another general. Nothing special about him."

Ahvaik responded to Gilith sarcastically. "Oh yes, absolutely nothing wrong this right? Not like he'd have to string you up and watch you die if he found you eh?" Then genuine he said to him. "It won't matter Gilith. It'll take him at least a week's time to arrive. You'll be long gone by then and never coming back here."

Nodding his head Gilith relaxed his stance and leaned against the wall of the tavern. He had been hearing rumors about this himself and had been nervous ever since he stepped foot on land. The captain had confirmed it and this time he couldn't just leave for a new town, and a new place. This time he would need to go a world away to be safe. So, that is what he would do.

"Thanks Captain. I appreciate this." Were the only words that left Gilith's mouth before the captain gave him a curt nod a firm handshake, then left. Gilith would miss him, and he imagined that feeling was mutual, but they both knew what had to be done.  

Gilith's journey to Sarvonia was harshly interrupted by a hurricane. This hurricane tore their ship up and even threw Gilith overboard. All he remembers of that day was water, splinters, gusts of wind strong enough to steal your lungs away and then finally a splash, and there was darkness for a while. He woke up the next morning with his men attending him and their ship which had suffered quite some damage indeed. When he inquired as to where they were stranded he received the chilling answer "Somewhere in the Tandalas" From his friend Bereth. What would ensue in the next month would be one of the hardest most grueling episodes of Gilith's life. Which became a constant struggle to find sustenance, repair their ship, and fight off the increasing amount of Gob-Ocs, which refused to leave them alone.

It was here that Gilith and his friend Bereth would fight side by side now every day, and as one might expect you couldn't keep this up forever and come out on top. The third to the last day before they planned to set sail, Bereth was slain with an arrow from behind. Gilith watched his friend die in front of him and his other men rally to them to protect them both and see if anything could be done for Bereth. They had nothing to offer him, except their goodbyes. Now, a sudden thing rose up in Gilith, a sudden burst of rage and anger that would not let him even think. During this time he knew only kill them, kill them all. Picking up Bereth's axe Gilith joined his men and pushed himself and them in to the night hunting them down and killing everyone of them they could find. They were not bothered the next few days by a Gob-Oc attack. They set sail a day earlier than they planned.  

After entering Santharia and becoming familiar with it, Gilith would start to spend a lot of time in taverns looking for work, or in the forests just camping and relaxing when he could. He engaged in a few more epic battles however latter in this chapter of his life. A notable one was with the order of the fallen. Where he and a small band of men managed to survive the massive downfall of the knightly order against the horde's advances. His friend Drea was at his side during this time and would be later, as he would again be pitted against the horde. It was in that last desperate battle with the order of the fallen that Gilith would loose his ability to wield a sword.


Miscellaneous:~Gilith has 0-1,000 (if the quantity is this much it is converted to gems) sans depending on his current business, a 20 ford small twine rope, a tinder box, a whetstone. a skinning knife and scabbard. A scabbard for his knife/axe and long dagger, he has another dagger as well, but this is kept in his boot in a sheath. Plus a long bow, 24 arrows, and a quiver. Three days of food for travel Two water skins, changes of clothing, some boots, cloaks and studded leather armor. He wears many pouches on his belt,  of these pouches on his belt, one of them is more of a sack and it keeps his sans. The other carries a store of Yahrle and Miyu as well as a roll of bandages. The others carry his equipment, as he is loathe to use a backpack, for it hamper's his stealth to some degree.

Leather Armoring:~ Gilith owns a suit of hardened leathers held together by iron buttons and a thickly sown hems, as wells as the standard buckles and ties that one uses to don their armor. This armor is old-ish, old because he has been wearing it for many years. Ish, because anything obsolete on the amor or broken has been replaced. There are few original parts to this armor left. Underneath this armor and technically not a part of it, is a gambeson. Which is a thicker lair of clothing specifically designed to wear under armor to provide comfort and if the armor is rough enough, the very ability to wear this armor. A pair of gauntlets, leather and studded is included in this suit of armor.


Battle Axe:~Gilith carries an axe as a primary melee weapon now. The handle is made out of strong wood and the head is made of high carbon steel; sporting a sharpened edge and a broad head gifting it with the kind of weight one needs to make this kind of weapon effective. It's heft and Gilith's strength make this weapon truly a brutal instrument in combat, but it is also useful for chopping wood. Or for that matter breaking down a door, knocking over this and that, etc. This weapon functions well even against heavy armor like plate, mashing up the man inside and denting the armor if not breaking it a little. Making this weapon much more effective than a sword against such protections.

Battle axe

Long Dagger:~Gilith's dagger is wielded in his off hand most of the time, often accompanied by his small buckler. This blade has a significantly increased cross bar and knuckle guard for parrying purposes. The blade is a little thicker than normal too. Giving this dagger and unusual appearance. The intent behind the dagger's shape is once more for defensive purposes. It is namely to increase the strength of the strong of his blade. Since the length of this dagger has increased, it was given a schilt. Which is in short another crossbar with which to parry at the end of the strong of the blade. This can be extremely useful for blocking purposes, but even more so for maneuvering an opponents weapon. However, do not let this blade fool you. Though it is thicker and made especially for blocking it can pack quite the punch when it has too. For below the schilt the blade is indeed dull, but on the business end, it is razor sharp, and as the tip tapers down in to a fine hardened point, it becomes a piercing weapon of very acceptable capability. This long dagger is not meant for throwing the balance is too much in the hilt for the blade to stick in or be accurate when thrown.

Long dagger

Skinning knife:~Gilith's skinning knife is made of mediocre materials. It isn't made for fighting, only for skinning an animal and preparing it for consumption. However it could if it had to, serve as a combat knife. It is not made for throwing, or even parrying, so it could be significantly disadvantageous if used.

Skinning knife

Dagger:~Gilith has a standard dagger kept in his boot in a sheath. This dagger has no strange qualities about it. Notably it's make is very good, and the steel used was good as well. It is a newer piece of equipment and so it shows little signs of use.


Buckler:~ Gilith has taken to strapping a buckler to his left forearm, this helps him to overcome the reach of his opponents in a melee and get inside their guard, at which point he has a decent chance of doing some damage. This buckler straps on to Gilith's arm, thus allowing him the advantage of a small shield while still being able to use that hand for something else, like a dagger, or a bow. This buckler is made quite well out of wood, and is reinforced with some iron.

Buckler, front and back

Bow:~Gilith's bow is what allows him to make a living, and as such though he has had it for years it is in impeccable condition. Gilith's bow is actually an elven bow, possibly achieved through underhanded means but he has no way of knowing for sure. All that he knows is that he discovered it as cargo aboard a ship he was hired to protect, and that it cost him a lot of money to purchase before they got to shore and it went up for sale.


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Hello Ive just created some of my CD I hope you like it.

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Welcome to Santharia, Gilith, this looks like quite a fine start you've made on your CD here. I have taken the liberty of changing your icon to the pencil, as you are still working on your CD.

If I can make a suggestion ... in some of the paragraphs, you seem to be changing from first person (I, me, my) to third person (him, he, his) quite regularly. That can make it a bit confusing to follow. I would suggest that you choose either First Person or Third Person and stick to that, particularly within your individual situations. That might make it easier for people to follow, and might also make it easier for you to continue writing it.

One comment I would make ... given your age is 21, I would find it highly unlikely that he would have training in all of those weapons you have listed in your strengths. If I was you, I would consider losing either the longsword or the staff. Maybe even consider changing the longsword to the Centoraurian Shortsword ( Given it is a weapon that is named after your tribe, that might be a more likely weapon for you to have.

One last comment ... please double check the spelling of your tribe! You seem to have it spelled incorrectly throughout your CD ... it is meant to be  Centoraurian instead of Centaurorian.

Keep up the great work, Gilith, I look forward to seeing it completed.


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Thank you Deklitch Hardin For the ecouragement. I will try my best on this CD.

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I have just finished my character I hope its ok.

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Make sure you change the pencil icon to the exclamation point icon so people know you're ready for comments. ;)

Just a quick comments from me. Make sure you run through a grammar and spelling check. I noticed a few spelling errors. Also, I'm thinking you're a bit over powerful at the moment.

Well, that's all I have time for right now. The one thing I would do is run it all through a spell checker. ;)

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Post by: Gilith on January 07, 2011, 11:47:11 AM
Thank you for the advice I have tooken it and hope you like what ive done.

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Post by: Valan Nonesuch on January 07, 2011, 12:47:08 PM
Right then, Gilith I'll be making comments in gold and a few spelling corrections in red

Name: Gilith

Race: Human

Tribe: Centoraurian

Tittle: Shadow of the woodlands

Age: 24

Occupation: Adventurer/ Ranger

Overview: Gilith is mostly cheerfull at all times he has a slightly higher voice. His face is almost always masked in the shadows of his hood. Most people seem to be drawn to him as he is very charismatic.

Appearance: Gilith is of average height and weight. He is deeply tanned due to long spans of time spent in the out doors. He is always wearing a worn greenish brown camouflage cloa[k that if needed can conceal his entire body. As anyone will tell you, camouflage, such as I believe you are describing here, is largely dependant on your surroundings. If you wear bright orange in the forest people will see you (the basic idea behind safety vests for hunters). Now it could be that you mean that it covers his entire body but you could simply say it is a long cloak (and note the spelling, I'm only correcting it this once "cloak".) since concealing seems toimply that it will automatically hide him from sight.His face is almost always in the shadows of his clack. if you see past his clack you will notice he is wearing studded leather armor. He is also wearing a leather belt that carries his weapons and various pouches and sacks. His face is rather slender and clean with brown eyes and a slightly longer version of a military hair cut. A military haircut you say? That all depends on what military you're talking about. Western militaries adopted the short crew cut and a clean shaven face, but in other cultures it could be that short hair and a close shave makes you a boy, and not a warrior. Best to put some more description into this.

This section should ideally be merged into the physical description and clothing sections, where it wouldn't be redundant. "Appearance" is a heading for the entire section here, and its contents are everything from your height to your clothing.

height: 1 ped, 2 fores, 1 palmspan

Weight 2 pyge exactly

Hair: Brown

Eyes: brown

Physical description: He is quite strong and young looking. People also seem to like him on the first impression. And even want to be his friend right off the bat.Language like this is bad form, since its a little like playing someone else's character for them. We have rules against that. How other people percieve your character is up to their characters. Keep in mind that the Character Description is only going to cover your character. He is always wearing his clack which is allot of times shrouding his face. Doesn't he get hot? He is also almost always wearing his studded leather armor. You will at most of the time see him with a quiver of 2 score of arrows on his back(40).Again, he must get hot. What does this armour of his entail? does it just cover his chest? Does it include pauldrons for the shoulders? Bracers on the wrists? Does it cover his legs at all? Details are the lifeblood of any character description. And a long bow as well. And upon his leather belt there will be three pouches to his left and two sacks to the right. He will always be carrying his Centaraurian short sword at his hip on his right side Even when he's sleeping? Using absolutes (always, every and things like that) is a tricky business, so best to stay away from it. See the "playing other people's characters" bit earlier.between his sacks. On the left there is also a very large long knife What you're calling a large, long knife could very well be considered a sword, but we'll leave that to the weapons section. that if it has to may function as a missile weapon. In his right boot you will find a smaller knife very easily concealed. (all of the items he has are in great condition yet they look worn and used). He is clean shaven and at no times has a beard or mustache.

Most of what you have here, the description of the cloak and the belt and the carrying weapons, belongs down in the clothing section. Physical description covers how your character appears. If I strip out the misplaced bits, I know that your character has brown hair, brown eyes, no facial hair and looks young and strong. This covers all of two sentences and for the hair and eye colour, I'm grabbing from the earlier sections. We do like it when you mention it again. Remember what I said about details? This doesn't have enough. Other people should be able to see this character by reading the description.

Clothing: Upon himself he wears a green and brown camouflage clack & studded leather armor. He also wears leather boots for shoes and carries a backpack to hold my stuff. All of my things are worn very slightly and faded of color from use and age. He has Green leather gloves on at most times. In his back pack is a spare clack and three changes of a white T shirt and brown cotton pants. You're swapping back and forth from third person (he, his) to first person (me, my) here. Don't do that, pick a tense and stick with it.

Personality: Cheerfull and mischievous are the best words to describe Gilith. He normally likes just about anyone he meets unless they give me reason not to. That is not to say he is to trust worthy though. For example, say I am offering to buy some fellow a drink I would also be checking him up and down for concealed weapons and definitely not let him get near my food or drink lest I want to be poisoned to death. Personality is arguably one of the more important sections of your character description. Your start off well, but the third sentence onwards you're losing the point of the personality section. How does he get along with others? Is your character sociable? Condescending? Paranoid? Does he have a preference for strong drink? We're trying to understand what sort of person your character is here, and that's really important for story moderators. Some people won't want a roaring drunk or a homicidal sociopath in their games because it's a delicate and carefully paced play of politics, and this is what they could base their opinion of your character on. As always, more details.


Cunning: He is of average Intelligence but he is very smart street wise.

Dexterity: He is extremely dexterous and has great hand eye coordination. Which helps him with his archery and avoiding whatever dangerous things that might be headed his way, like a sword slash or a thrown spear.

Weapons and armour: Gilith is proficient with knives, short swords similar to/and the Centaraurian short sword, and long bows. He is pretty good with the sword and great with the bow. Gilith wears studded leather armour almost all of the time. It not as good as plate mail. But it is allot lighter and more maneuverable while still offering some protection. As we count things, each of these skills (knives, short swords and bows) is a separate and individual strength.

Woodland skills: He has abilities in the arts of tracking, hiding in places that are compatible with his clack or shadows. moving silent like, and hunting.( He the best at Moving silently and hiding in the shadows/ woodland surroundings)
These also should be broken up (hunting, tracking, hiding/sneaking). The section in brackets does not need to be in brackets.

Charisma: Gilith is quite charismatic when he needs to be so he can be very persuasive. Or even get out of situations with his charm instead of his weapons.

Chivalry: Gilith is very chivalrous. So when he finds that he believes a person is doing something unjust to anyone he will hardly ever keep his mouth shut about it no mater what might happen to him. We don't see this in the personality section! Menton it there as well!

Not able to grasp things: Normally do to his cheery attitude and easy going manner. He is slow to grasp the actually seriousness of a situation. By slow I mean you would have to explain things to him in great length before he fully understood something. Around the only time he will ever grasp something serious fast is when there is about to be a battle.

Over work. Gilith is stubborn to say the least. He will run himself into the ground unless stopped by. Either, 1 an other worldly force, 2 he dies, 3 he falls unconscious, 4 the rarest and least possible answer, his common sense.
Again, this stuborn quality should be mentioned in the Personality section.

Intelligence: Gilith is not dumb. Not by far, but if you want someone to solve mathematical equations or tough riddles. You definitely want someone else. For all I know the policy has changed, however, strengths and weaknesses are measured against the average peasant, who would not know what an equation is and might be able to count to twenty if they took off their boots. This is not a valid weakness under that system.

Heart: Gilith won't mind to knock you unconscious, but killing is a different matter. He has a really hard time doing so. So he most likely won't unless he has to which could turn against him one of these days. Again, try to mention this in the personality section. It is a Personality trait, as well as being a weakness.

As it is, your strengths and weaknesses don't balance out. The balance I'm talking about isn't numerical (4 strengths and 4 weaknesses is not automatically balanced). What we're balancing is a strong strength against an equally weakening weakness. You have quite a few weapon skills, I recommend dropping one of them as a start to balancing your character.


Gilith was raised all of his life by his father he lived 5 leagues from the nearing town. He was a very skilled woodsmen. He made his living by selling his intricate wood crafts, and furs that he collected. He was muscular tall man with the exact same attitude as Gilith.


The middle of Xarmax. A small log cabin in the middle of a forest.

                                 The Cabin:

 The cabin was fairly small with only two bedrooms a living room kitchen and a small wash house 5 ped from the west of the cabin.


Garth was Giliths father a great man by all standards. He taught Gilith the ways of the forest. And the ways of his weapons. He was also his history and math teacher (soon gave that up).

                                       Mother, Lli:

Garth would often mention the name of Giliths mother who died sadly after child birth in sad tones. There was not a bad thing ever said about his mother. Gilith would often ask his father questions about his mother and his father would tell him all that he knew about his mother.

                                       The time of departion:

At the age of 18 Garth came to his son and gave him the following.  A back pack, a leather belt with 2 sacks and 3 pouches, 1 large long knife, 1 smaller knife, a Centaraurion short sword, And scabbards for all of these, 3 weeks worth of rations, 150 sans, a camouflage clack, long bow quiver full of 40 arrows And said."My son You shan't live all of your life here. I know you're heart yearns to travel the world. Aye I know it by the way you speak with fondness of the other lands and the gleam in you're eyes as you look towards the northern lands you have yet to be". They embraced eachother and then he set out on his journey to where ever the wind was to lead him. He had promised his father that he would return in ten years and tell him of the lands outside and how they've changed. For he is now to old to travel them himself.

                                         Daily routine:

 every other day when possible he practices his sword and knife skills. Especially of all his bow. For it is both entertaining and a usefull skill while he travels the lands in search of adventure to bring back home. On the  other days he practices his woodland skills. He only practices these when it is okay to do so. If he were on themove and need to go some where fast then no he would not. But if he's staying in some place for a week then yes he would.


Over the years he's been forced to resort to his fists in rougher taverns and have become not a half bad street fighter. During 1 of his adventures he was forced to use his sword when he was being attacked by a wandering bandit trying to live off what he could steal. He wielded a banged up cudgel and Gilith his short sword. He threw a few strikes and Gilith parried easily. a kick to the chest winded him for a moment though he kept coming and swung wildly until Gilih had to bash the man with the pommel of his sword he didnt die then but kept coming so he was forced to stab the man with his blade. The blow killed him and Gilth was distraught for weeks after that before he began to forgive himself.

Possesions: Gilith owns A leather belt 3 large pouches, 2 large sacks, a large long knife and scabbard, a knife and scabbard, a Centaraurian short and scabbard, 2-3 weeks of rations at all times. a long bow with a quiver full of 40 arrows. 50-200 sans, depending on how much work I'm getting. A camouflage clack, a back pack, a suit of studded leather armour, a thicker camouflage clack, 3 torches, a 30 ford rope, 4 spikes and a couple of herbs of healing, whatever he can get his hands on, most of the time it depends on the land scape.

Familiar: I have no familiar though I am currently looking for a horse. Then you don't need this section!

Your biggest problems (I skiped over history section since I'm not fond of commenting on them) are the spelling and grammar, and the lack of detail. You've got a worthwhile start, but you need more meat here. You may know your character intimately, but we don't, so try to help the rest of us out here.

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Post by: Deklitch Hardin on January 07, 2011, 01:09:31 PM
And changing it back to the pencil icon for you so you can attend to Valan's comments.

Thanks for taking the time to comment on Gilith's CD, Valan.

Post by: Gilith on December 12, 2011, 07:20:40 AM
Sorry for the delay but I have rethought my character and hope that you like it.

Post by: Alýr (Rayne) on December 14, 2011, 10:20:57 AM
Hi Gilith! Welcome back! It has been a while since this CD was active, but hopefully we can get you fixed up and approved!

Before commentary, though, I have a request! If you could send your CD through a spell-checker and give it a good once-over (i.e. proof-reading), that would be great! I have a hard time reading through CDs when there's more than one word per paragraph misspelled. It makes reading through it so much more difficult for me! For my sake, perhaps you can try to fix these misspellings?

Post by: Gilith on December 16, 2011, 07:50:54 AM
Ah that was terrible I am surprized at how many mistakes I made oh well there fixed now.

Post by: Alýr (Rayne) on December 16, 2011, 02:30:29 PM
Very nice! Most of the misspellings I saw have been corrected! Thank you for doing that--it definitely helps with readability. The next stage is to go through and proof-read. Particularly look out for punctuation; I think there are points where you have a stop/period where you mean to have a comma, and the result is somewhat deleterious to comprehension of your meaning. Just for a few examples: "because of his long spans of time spent outdoors traveling away any body." and "He has boots high hard." I cannot figure out what these sentences mean!

See if you can go back through and clean up some of the grammar. There are also some lingering misspellings, usually word-switches. Be wary of there/their/they're and other similarly-spelled words. (Sometimes spell check will fix things the wrong way--I notice it corrected one misspelling to "allot" instead of "a lot"!).

Let me know if you have any questions--and thank you for going through this! Once we get these little spelling and grammar things fixed, it'll be easier for many commenters--myself included--to read through it and give you valuable corrections!

Post by: Gilith on December 18, 2011, 05:23:53 AM
I fixed up my CD I hope I got out all of the bugs.

Post by: Kalína Dalá'isyrás on December 18, 2011, 05:27:44 AM
One thing I noticed right off the bat, your eye color is just listed as "eyes", instead of the "brown" you had before.


Post by: Gilith on December 18, 2011, 05:30:33 AM
Woops how did I miss that.

Thank you.

Post by: Gilith on December 19, 2011, 08:38:57 AM
This post is simply to help get my CD back on the list. So that it may hopefuly be commented on fixed then hopefully approved

Post by: Alýr (Rayne) on December 19, 2011, 09:20:43 AM
Sorry for the delay, Gilith!

There are still a number of spelling mistakes in this CD! Please go through it and give it a once-over. See the paragraph below. I have marked the misspelled words--though there are also a number of grammatical mistakes that I can't marked. Please read it through!

Gilith as was said before is easy going he doesn't let allot get to him but that doesn't mean he can't get exited or mad it just takes a little to get him going. But if he does get mad for example that settles things he will stay that way until something is done.
While even though he is always calm whenever he is not mad or extremely happy he is always slightly happy though he looks very stoic. He is not as emotionless as one might think. He is not extremely loyal yet he sees no reason to go back on his word a lot. He would loose business was he reasoning. He is also not unkind so he might see someone in need and help them for free but if he thinks they owe him money or they offer it he will take it.
Also, make sure your quotes are in quotation marks, and please change paragraphs whenever there is a new speaker. As it is now, I can't tell who's saying what! Also, keep in mind that Gilith's tribe is Nybelmarian, so he is on the continent of Nybelmar. Many of our stories take place on the continent of Sarvonia, so you may need to find a way to sail across the ocean to get there.

I'm also not sure about a war... but let me brainstorm and see if we can find a solution for that...

Post by: Gilith on December 19, 2011, 09:29:40 AM
Thank you I will try to make those corrections right away.

Post by: Gilith on December 23, 2011, 11:18:27 AM
I did a little research and changed my history completly I beleive this makes a lot more sense as well as solving a few other problems.

Post by: Kalína Dalá'isyrás on December 23, 2011, 11:32:35 AM
I will have a look once I get home from work. :)

Post by: Gilith on December 23, 2011, 12:09:40 PM
Thanks that would be awesome.

Post by: Juliette Dante on December 24, 2011, 12:42:42 AM
Just a little tip for the use of commas. Try saying the sentence out loud and if it doesn't sound right, then it usually isn't. Anytime you feel that there should be a slight pause in the sentence then insert a comma and it's usually right. It just flows better and makes it easier to comprehend.

Gilith, as was said before, is easy going he and doesn't let a lot get to him but that doesn't mean he can't get exited or mad, it just takes a little to get him going.

Just some useful information.  :) Good luck!

Post by: Gilith on December 24, 2011, 01:05:05 AM
Thanks I'll do that.

Post by: Kalína Dalá'isyrás on December 24, 2011, 04:10:18 AM
Hey dear,

Sorry this is a little later than expected. I got off too late to really be able to focus on anything.

One thing I would suggest off the bat is a spellcheck. This is basic for everyone, as we don't always catch everything. Thankfully, we have a spellchecker built in, so just click on it and it will do the work for you. :) If you aren't sure about Santharian spellings, definitely look them up or ask. :)

Weight: 2 pygge  exactly

Woodcraft: Gilith learning the ways of the woods since he was young developed a few skills. Such as survival in the forest he does this quite well he can supply himself food and shelter if ever the need arise. He can track slink and hide quit well in the woods to having to do so many times before when hunting

This really isn't "woodcraft", at least as I thought it would be. This is more like Survival Skills. I was under the impression he was a carpenter with the title.

Bows: Gilith can use bows not masterfully but pretty good better than his dagger but worse than his sword.

You mention he is a ranger, and that usually means a good skill with a bow. I would explain this more as it isn't his weapon of choice and just be a straight mercenary rather than a ranger as well. Also, a little bit more detail on his skill would be appreciated.

Sailing: Gilith having spent a lot of time on many ships learned the basics of sailing.

You mention he is a woodsman, and it sounds like he has spent most of his time inland, so the knowledge of sailing seems a bit odd to me and a bit over the top. If you can provide a good description on how this really applies to him, then perhaps you can keep it, but at this point I would ditch it.

Calmness: Giliths calmness is nice to him but it sometimes doesn't let him see the big picture of things though he doesn't really care. In fact he has never had to care he has just listened to the strategist on what to do in battle and if he had no strategist he simply fought to live or aid others

I wouldn't exactly call this "calmness".

Speech: while he was not born with a speech problem he doesn't talk very much so he tends to not know what to say or if he does he will probably mispronounce a word or something like that.

Perhaps "quiet" instead of "Speech", as it seems to imply something else. 

I will have a look at the history later, but I think that will give you something to work on for the time being. :heart:

Post by: Gilith on December 24, 2011, 08:36:38 AM
Thank you Kalina. I will try to do all of these things. But as for Giliths archery skills I do not believe that Aragorn used a bow at all. Just Andural. But if Rangers in santharia use bows so masterfully I will change that so that Gilith may stay a ranger. :thumbup:

Post by: Gilith on December 27, 2011, 08:40:35 AM
I have finished my history and hope that it is acceptable.

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Post by: Gilith on January 07, 2012, 09:23:47 AM
I hope that Giliths history is acceptable.

Title: Re: Gilith/ Gondolwenmith/ Mercenary/ Carpenter
Post by: Alýr (Rayne) on January 07, 2012, 01:30:31 PM
Oh, Gilith, you have been so patient! Sorry no one came by to comment earlier, but your status seems to be "Work in Progress", not "Ready for Comments"!

My comments are these:

I find it hard to believe that he goes straight into being a mercenary. Can we say that he joins the Gondolwenmith military? I don't believe a military is mentioned, but I do know that the Chyrakisth orcs tend to go on raids through the continent, so perhaps you begin out as a soldier protecting caravans from these marauders?

Perhaps we might say that when some of the raiding (which, it should be noted, probably happens primarily at night/dusk) lulls, the military life gets a bit dull and you become a sword-for-hire (or bow-for-hire). Maybe all your troop decides to go this route, which would keep you all together.

I'm not sure about the Scepteres of Tarshiin attacking the Gondolwenmith at this point in history. Yes, there have been a number of wars--and dreadful rivalries--but they two trade at this point. I might recommend toning it down and opting for pirates instead, which is much more likely. I don't know how far the influence of the Crimson Blades pirates extends, but they might be an option. They're not likely to have ballistas, though.

Sailing to Sarvonia looks good to me--but keep in mind that the Tandalas are ON Sarvonia. You're there when you land. Sarvonia refers to the entire continent. Perhaps you meant Santharia? Santharia is the kingdom that occupied the southern half of Sarvonia.

I can't quite figure out why your character is averse to magic. He has a mage friend and there's nothing in his past that would seem to bias him against magic. Besides, the Gondolwenmith actually have "a proclivity for the arcane arts," as they are descendants from the Krean Empire, known for its extraordinary mages.

Last, but not least (in fact, most important), you need to give this CD a good proofing! I will let a lot of things go, but it's imperative that you communicate very clearly--after all, it's a play-by-post! Please make sure your spelling, grammar, etc. is close to perfect. Especially look at "quit", "quite", and "quiet", as these are often confused in this CD!

That's all from me for now. I won't change the icon on your CD, in case you want some time to integrate the changes.  :)

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Post by: Gilith on January 09, 2012, 01:32:00 AM
*slaps face* How did I miss that. Well thank you for the advice I will definently put that in. I will also change that icon.

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Post by: Gilith on January 10, 2012, 08:10:26 AM
I relize that there are a few spelling and grammer errors but so far how is Gilith's military history.

Title: Re: Gilith/ Gondolwenmith/ Mercenary/ Carpenter
Post by: Gilith on January 10, 2012, 10:15:53 AM
Just how unlickly is it to have a mithral sword?

Title: Re: Gilith/ Gondolwenmith/ Mercenary/ Carpenter
Post by: Kareesh Valendar on January 10, 2012, 10:20:19 AM
Very very unlikely, as the rough price for a shot glass of just mithrilan mineral is 3,000 sans. It's only found in one place in all of Caelereth,'s very rare.

Title: Re: Gilith/ Gondolwenmith/ Mercenary/ Carpenter
Post by: Gilith on January 10, 2012, 10:21:12 AM
Ah thank you very much.

Title: Re: Gilith/ Gondolwenmith/ Mercenary/ Ranger
Post by: Gilith on January 11, 2012, 06:59:03 AM
I added in a setion for Giliths military and earased the Septer of tarshin ships as well as went through a spell check how is it?

Title: Re: Gilith/ Gondolwenmith/ Mercenary/ Ranger
Post by: Azalahn on January 11, 2012, 07:46:25 AM
Nice history. I really love it.

Title: Re: Gilith/ Gondolwenmith/ Mercenary/ Ranger
Post by: Gilith on January 11, 2012, 08:38:09 AM
Thanks I really apreciate that. But are there any minor or major flaws in it.

Title: Re: Gilith/ Gondolwenmith/ Mercenary/ Ranger
Post by: Alýr (Rayne) on January 11, 2012, 09:04:34 AM
"Honorable Discharge" and "Commander" seem very, very modern to me. Keep in mind that the time in Santharia is equivalent to about 1671 in Europe. There are no commanders or honorable discharges. There are simple men with chain-mail armor and helms. The military structure is barely a structure--with knights and pages and simple footmen. Think less Saving Private Ryan and more King Arthur and the Round Table.

You may have a Captain of the Guard. Would that work? And there's probably no honorable discharge to be had. If you want to leave, you better count on being a deserter. But hey, you're leaving Nybelmar anyway, right?  :rolleyes:

Title: Re: Gilith/ Gondolwenmith/ Mercenary/ Ranger
Post by: Gilith on January 11, 2012, 09:17:52 AM
Lol truthfuly though I've never seen the movie. But I am a king arthur fanatic so sure sounds great. But what if Giliths time he enlisted for just expired would that work. It would just seem a little hard to be a mercenary in the same country your a deserter. Though that would be an interesting catch for why he wanted to leave.

Title: Re: Gilith/ Gondolwenmith/ Mercenary/ Ranger
Post by: Gilith on January 12, 2012, 10:24:46 PM
Hows this. I replaced the captain with a lord and replaced discharged with being released from his vow.

Title: Re: Gilith/ Gondolwenmith/ Mercenary/ Ranger
Post by: Alýr (Rayne) on January 13, 2012, 10:07:05 AM
Captain works for me! I don't know about the vow... A vow is generally policed by the one who gives it. A knight willingly gives his vow to his lord, pledging a life of dedication and service. A knight is responsible for cherishing the vow, for always doing what is in the best interest of his lord--for being valorous and brave in the face of dangers that may threaten him, for willingly sacrificing for that which may benefit him, and for leading a life of justice and humility.

I suppose, theoretically, a knight can rescind his service to a lord--particularly is that lord proves himself to be unworthy of a knight's loyalty. But without reason, a knight rescinding his vow, even if done with the consent of his lord, would most likely be viewed dishonorably. There's really no way around that, at least that I can see.

Title: Re: Gilith/ Gondolwenmith/ Mercenary/ Ranger
Post by: Cyradin Lawabel on January 13, 2012, 10:57:14 AM
If he's now saying he's released from the vow ... doesn't that mean his Lord is telling him his service is no longer needed, and he can do whatever he wants?

Title: Re: Gilith/ Gondolwenmith/ Mercenary/ Ranger
Post by: Gilith on January 13, 2012, 11:32:58 AM
Yes exactly. But I think I will make him a deserter and thats why hes leaving the continent.

Title: Re: Gilith/ Gondolwenmith/ Mercenary/ Ranger
Post by: Gilith on January 13, 2012, 11:55:36 AM
I hope thats better. I changed some stuff completly and put back in some other stuff. I also think that being a deserter would be a perfect reason for leaving the continent. Also Should I add that as a weakness?

Title: Re: Gilith/ Gondolwenmith/ Mercenary/ Ranger
Post by: Alýr (Rayne) on January 13, 2012, 01:16:11 PM
If a lord is telling you that your services are no longer needed, you probably did something you shouldn't have.  :rolleyes:

I think the history looks good! Some of your weaknesses aren't necessarily weaknesses, though. Kindness, Quiet, and Restless are more aspects of your personality than weaknesses, I think. Overlooking is kind of borderline... but I think it's OK to keep as a weakness for now.  ;)

I think this CD is close to done! Hopefully we can get you out RPing on the boards soon!

Title: Re: Gilith/ Gondolwenmith/ Mercenary/ Ranger
Post by: Cyradin Lawabel on January 13, 2012, 01:37:21 PM
Or maybe it is that you've reached a certain age and it is tradition for people reaching that age to leave the service. Or maybe you have received an injury which prevents them from doing the job. Or you have been given a different area of responsibility which means you can't do it any more. There could be other things than just simply because you've done something you should have.

Regarding the 'mental' weaknesses ...
I personally feel those things can be considered weaknesses as well as aspects of personality, much like things can and should be included in history as well as Strengths and Weaknesses (or weapons/magic/familiar/equipment) and strengths and weaknesses.

If you are kind, for example, it sort of means you are likely to behave or not behave in certain ways. That could have major impact on your ability to go through with your colleagues if you had to sneak in somewhere and steal something of importance, for example. From my way of thinking that would negatively impact on your character and force them to behave in a particular manner.

Quiet, well, from my point of view that could be a strength (for example trying to get past the enemy without them being aware of your presence) or a weakness (not being heard by your companions if something noisy is nearby). So it is impacting on your ability to do what you're trying to do.

Restless, is something that I consider is a weakness because I figure that a person who is restless would be unable to remain in the one place for too long, that they are always looking for somewhere else to go, something else to explore, and probably never really putting down roots or making permanent friends with people.

Overlooking ... well if your character overlooks the fact that the sword behind the sleeping guard is being protected by a dog/wolf/something I would consider that a weakness for your character.

I guess what I'm saying is that I don't fully understand why strengths/weaknesses seem to now be being considered only in terms of physical things, and not mental things.

But it isn't my job to worry about such things. I'm just thankful that my characters with their mentally based weaknesses aren't currently trying to get approved. :)

Title: Re: Gilith/ Gondolwenmith/ Mercenary/ Ranger
Post by: Alýr (Rayne) on January 13, 2012, 02:31:42 PM
Kindness could also win you the favor of people. Quietness could keep you from getting in trouble for saying too much. Restlessness means you get to travel more and see more of the world, helping you gain valuable knowledge about people and places. I consider those aspects of personality that could go either way to be of no relation to Strengths and Weaknesses. Anger is generally only negative, so I consider that a weaknesses.

And with those weaknesses removed, I still approve of the character, Cyradin. Having the weaknesses removed will not lessen the chance of the character being approved, but increase it.

Title: Re: Gilith/ Gondolwenmith/ Mercenary/ Ranger
Post by: Gilith on January 13, 2012, 09:36:05 PM
So then ill get rid of those weaknesses. All except Relentlessnes. Simply because thay was the sole reason for Gilith deserting which was a bad idea since he wanted to keep liveing in the same continent. I hope that's hope thats ok with you ad if it's not ill change that right away.

Title: Re: Gilith/ Gondolwenmith/ Mercenary/ Ranger
Post by: Alýr (Rayne) on January 14, 2012, 01:42:57 AM
That's fine with me. I'm good with this. I'll check in with the other Moderators to see if we can get you titled and onto the boards! Thanks, Gilith!

Title: Re: Gilith/ Gondolwenmith/ Mercenary/ Ranger
Post by: Gilith on January 14, 2012, 06:37:07 AM
Woo Hoo! Thanks a bunch this is great I would love to start roleplaying with you guys. :grin:

Title: Re: Gilith/ Gondolwenmith/ Mercenary/ Ranger
Post by: Alýr (Rayne) on January 14, 2012, 10:15:33 AM
Hey, Gilith--I just wanted to let you know that the CD Moderators discussed military ranks and have decided that traditional ranks are OK to use in CDs. I'm sorry to have made you do needless editing! If you wish to change "captain" back to "commander", or use any additional military ranks, you're more than welcome. I hope you'll accept my apologies and hopefully I can make it up to you by getting you approval.  ;)

Title: Re: Gilith/ Gondolwenmith/ Mercenary/ Ranger
Post by: Gilith on January 14, 2012, 10:21:38 AM
Ha! an approvel is worth far more than a few minutes of editing.

Title: Re: Gilith/ Gondolwenmith/ Mercenary/ Ranger
Post by: Gilith on January 14, 2012, 10:25:22 AM
I replaced Commander and captain and again thank you this means a lot to me. :)

Title: Re: Gilith/ Gondolwenmith/ Mercenary/ Ranger
Post by: Altario Shialt-eck-Gorrin on January 14, 2012, 10:32:34 AM
Second Approval. :D

I'll have you titled right away. Congrats, Gilith.  Enjoy.

Title: Re: Gilith/ Gondolwenmith/ Mercenary/ Ranger
Post by: Seh'nara Celebrindal on August 23, 2013, 02:38:35 PM
Brought up as requested. :D

Title: Re: Gilith/ Gondolwenmith/ Mercenary/ Ranger
Post by: Gilith on August 26, 2013, 06:02:16 AM
Thanks Seh!  :grin: I'm done with the edits now. I did a ton of sorely needed grammatical and spelling corrections all throughout the CD as well as a little something under neath of Gilith's blade strength. I'm pretty sure that someone needs to look at that but if they are ok with it then I am done.

Title: Re: Gilith/ Gondolwenmith/ Mercenary/ Ranger
Post by: Seh'nara Celebrindal on August 26, 2013, 06:10:47 AM
Highlight your major revisions and I'll look at it. :)

Title: Re: Gilith/ Gondolwenmith/ Mercenary/ Ranger
Post by: Gilith on August 26, 2013, 06:19:22 AM
Done. Thank you Seh  :grin:

Title: Re: Gilith/ Gondolwenmith/ Mercenary/ Ranger
Post by: Seh'nara Celebrindal on August 27, 2013, 09:53:19 PM
Bladed weapons: Gilith can use a few bladed weapons with good skill such as daggers and knives. Nothing to brag about of course but better than most. Though he still proves to be quite the foe with his daggers as he still manages to overpower or outsmart his opponent. What he really shines at is the sword. His nicely made Bastard sword gives him the advantage of being able to use a shield if he finds one. But since most of the time he doesn't have one he is able to use the extra handle on the bottom of the sword to wield it well with two hands and indeed he wields it well, masterfully in fact. This has taught him how to wield one handed straight blades and two handed straight blades.

Gilith has learned three different styles of sword play in his many years of fighting. The first kind was taught to him by his father. Which was a style that revolved around outsmarting your enemy with so called dirty tricks and using the basics of swordsmanship to finish them off. The second was the one taught to him by the swords master of the unit he had been apart of in the Gondolwenmith military. This style is was a very advanced style that revolves around outmaneuvering your enemy through skillful method's. Almost like a fencing style of sword play. Yet not as swift and utilizing the power of a larger sword. The third was a type of combat taught to him to fight on ships. Where the room was very scarce and friend and foe alike stood only a ford or two away from you. This has helped him to learn to fight with his sword while having little room to do so.

I think knowing three styles of swordfighting is pretty advanced and something to brag about. ;) With the new revisions I'd consider your character slightly overpowered. I'd suggest something like restricting the last style to daggers only, cause seeing your strength in daggers, using a sword in close combat seems very illogical.

Title: Re: Gilith/ Gondolwenmith/ Mercenary/ Ranger
Post by: Gilith on August 28, 2013, 04:51:13 AM
Oh, wait I think there is some confusion here. Gilith doesn't have anything other than a basic understanding of how to wield daggers, His real strength lies with his swordplay which is the only thing those three styles apply to. I suppose that I only mention him being able to outsmart his opponents and overpower them because of his sixteen years of combat experience and twenty of training.

Do you think that I should make that a bit clearer in my CD? and do you also think that I should leave out what styles he has been trained in? Or rather since that seems possibly over powered just list one?

Thank you for pointing this out by the way.

Title: Re: Gilith/ Gondolwenmith/ Mercenary/ Ranger
Post by: Seh'nara Celebrindal on August 28, 2013, 06:24:27 AM
Honestly, yeah. I was thrown cause of Though he still proves to be quite the foe with his daggers as he still manages to overpower or outsmart his opponent. I was under the assumption that he was really good with daggers, but better with swords. If it's just basic knowledge of daggers (which I would like more clarification on, to be honest) the sword styles are okay in my opinion.

Title: Re: Gilith/ Gondolwenmith/ Mercenary/ Ranger
Post by: Gilith on August 28, 2013, 07:44:19 AM
Ah, Thank you very much Seh. Sorry for the confusion.

Title: Re: Gilith/ Gondolwenmith/ Mercenary/ Ranger
Post by: Gilith on August 28, 2013, 07:47:05 AM
I hope that fixes things up. If you still some issues with it I'd be happy to change them.