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Title: On the way to The Zirkumire Mountains.
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Night had fallen again. They quickly made camp, settled and fed their horses and Aj's, ate a meager supper consisting of dark brown bread, beans and water or tea depending upon their preference, and sat around the campfire; all except Capher.  He took first watch and walked a few peds away from the fire sitting upon a knoll where he could see anyone or thing coming near the camp.

Capher pulled a long stalk of Artho grass from the ground and chewed on the soft root slowly. After leaving Ximax they traveled straight North through the forest into the scrub land between Ximax and Diamond Lake, and then head West to a part of the Zurkumire mountain range called the "Wandering mountains" Capher argued that it would be the fastest way to get where they were going, however Ta'las argued that there was nothing between Ximax and the mountain range; no town or place to rest, however Capher's argument won, another wedge put between himself and Ta'las. He wondered if it was worth it all, after all what would a few more days travel matter if it would help Ta'las trust him a little bit more? In the forest they had protection from the bitter cold South-East wind coming off of the Bay of the Sky but now it whipped through the open field, folding the prairie grass as if a giant had stepped on it, but as much as the wind tore at it, throwing its fury and rage at it, they held steady and when the wind died down for a few blinks they would slowly rise up; defying, taunting the giant. Capher thought that is what they were; this small ragtag group facing a giant, called Eckra.

Eckra, a mage who had supposedly died thousands of years ago during the War of the Chosen had somehow risen from the ruins of the castle Tak'Dinal and this small group was sent to defeat him. Capher pulled his cloak tighter around his body as the wind bit at him; small pieces of grass flew into his face and eyes. He swiped at them sending them back into the raging wind. No root, he thought. If you have a strong root then the giant cannot defeat you. Capher looked over at the camp and contemplated those sitting around the fire: the Shendar Ta'las, who he had become very close to since he had met him, but now, after what had happened in Ximax, the trapping of Ta'las, his love Terra, the Sophronian warrior, and a young girl who had wanted adventure; Sondirra. They had almost died in the Keep if it had not been for him and Ken-the halfling talking a league a minute as he stood in the library- and watched Capher open the portal, disappeared and reappearing with Terra and a woman he did not know, place them on the library floor asking Ken to push on their chests and blow into their mouths to get breath into them. Capher had no idea what he was asking of Ken and had not the time to watch or explain as he reopened the portal and came back out with Ta'las and laying him on the floor pushed on his chest and breathing into his mouth until Ta'las coughed and began breathing on his own. When he opened his eyes he tried attacking Capher, but was too weak. Somehow Ken must have done what Capher had told him, or else the women had begun breathing on their own, either way, they were both breathing and alive. Later when they had all gone beck to the inn and met up with Terri and Talia Capher tried telling them all about his dream and that somehow Eckra had taken his place. However instead of thanks, he was looked upon by the three with suspicion! A man. A thing. A shapeshifter! He had trapped them. He had fooled them, pretending to be a friend and a champion against evil, was as evil as the one they called Eckra. Whatever feelings or thoughts Terri, Roosjie and Talia had they kept to themselves.

"Eckra!" Capher screamed in the darkness of his mind. I will get you! I will destroy you! With my last breath, I will fight you and send you back to Coor's underground where you belong. Capher swiped at more grass in his eyes, but the grass was wet as it flew away. Capher learned that somehow Eckra had changed places with him while he was secreted away in the temple of Ximax being healed, his powers restored by the Orb of Ximax; a piece of rock imbued with magical powers that rivaled the "Tree of Life" and the gods themselves; even Draconian magic, who Capher thought was the most powerful magic of all...all except the mages that the gods had given power to and gave rise to the worst war the lands of Sarvonia had ever been in. A war that tore apart the races and even the land itself as the geography of Sarvonia attested to. It was also a war that his closest friend, his compatriot in the battle of good versus evil, the son of Ethan Hawk, the Wizard of the White Tower; Talon. Talon who had discovered Eckra's rise from the underground, discovered the key to destroying him and had sent Capher out to find worthy souls to help him retrieve old talisman's of power hidden throughout Sarvonia, shrouded in myth, forgotten through the ages. And those who did search for them were laughed at and called fools, "Treasure hunters, seeking fools riches," they would say. But Capher and his friends had found one, Thalambath's Heart, a fist sized Emerald, imbued with the power of one of the Chosen. Now they were seeking another, and each step closer they come, the more Eckra attacks: usually by those under his control and now by himself. Something Capher thought was impossible to do.

The snorting of the horses arrested Capher's attention back to the camp. He saw a slim form move from the camp to the animals. Capher knew without seeing that that person was Talia. Another Shendar, a female one, and one that has been with him since the time their meeting in the "Thirsty Herald", a desert inn. She had a special place in Capher's heart. A place that Capher could not explain. A place farther deeper than love, for even a dragon, such as himself, could love. A female animal fought even the fiercest of beasts to protect her young. Was that not love? Perhaps not as how human poets and bards spoke of love between a man and a woman, but it was still love, was it not? If not love, then what was it? Another slimmer and taller form joined her; that would be Teri, a female Elven warrior who had become one of Talia's closest friends; though each one of the group Talia considered a friend...except, perhaps himself. He wondered what they were talking about. He wondered what Ta'las and Terra were talking about. And Sondirra? Did she still want adventure?

Capher shook his head from such philosophical thoughts; those were for other times he needed to have his head clear and his eyes peeled for any sort of danger. Movement! Capher smelled the fox before he saw it and the small rider who upon it; the smallest of their band, beside Ken who was near the fire.  Roosjie, a rare White Bark Brownie, she looked liked a piece of moonlight floating through the wind and grass. She stopped before him. Her face and eyes told him that there was something on her mind.

"Roosjie, what brings you out here?" Would it not be better if you were back at camp?"


Title: Re: On the way to The Zirkumire Mountains.
Post by: Roosje Greenfields on May 28, 2011, 02:30:27 AM
As they settled for the night, Roosje felt stiffled. Her own bed was made quickly enough, but that was the only thing she could really do to help set up camp. And then there was the mostly unspoken atmosphere of distrust pervading their group. Nobody was really talking to each other, except in low voices so that others were excluded. The whitebark Brownie felt like they had been divided into three groups - the ones who had been locked into that chamber (secretly Roosje was actually glad those dogs had chased her away, or she would have been part of that, and she could not imagine being unable to breath), then the three of them who had gone outside of the city and found the strange creature, and thirdly Capher, who seemed in everything to be alone now.

This Eckra person... thing... whatever, must be laughing quite loudly if he could see them now. Roosje felt this instinctively, but she had no idea how to change it, no matter how much she wanted to. For a little while she sat near the small fire they had built, leaning against her fox, but she knew that she would not sleep yet, even though she was quite tired from the day's ride. The atmosphere was too oppressing to sleep easily. Looking around, she saw what she had seen before since they'd left Ximax - Ta'las, Terra and the new girl, Sondirra, close by each other. Talia and the elf woman who had joined them again also together. The only one sitting apart - in more than just physical distance from the camp - Capher. He looked... sad, more than anything else. She didn't know if she trusted him, after what the others had told about what had happened in the library, but she wanted at least to give him the benefit of the doubt.

She decided right there to shift the current balance that she felt and join him. At least that way he would no longer be alone, even if it meant that Ta'las and the others would look at her with distrust as well. Rousing her mount from his slumber, she climbed up onto him and made her way over to the watcher. He seemed to be looking more in the direction of the camp than outside looking for intruders, because he saw her approaching quite soon, despite the darkness surrounding them. He exclaimed at her presence, asking if she would not be better off at the camp. When she was quite close to him, she shrugged her shoulders. "The camp is... stiffling. I came out here for a breath." She didn't raise her voice too much. Sounds carried in the night, she knew, so Capher should hear her just fine. She didn't mention that she also came to keep him company, as the decision had been mostly unconsciously made.

Suddenly she remembered something that had happened. They'd been in the inn, and Capher - the person they all believed to be Capher - had conjured up coins out of thin air. After seeing that, she had asked him for a new bow, seeing how she had lost her own on the ferry with the sorceress, where it had fallen into the water - at the time she had been more concerned to keep hold of her life rather than her bow. But anyway, the Capher-like person had promised her one that would always shoot true, or a quiver that was always full of arrows, or something really quite handy like that, she wasn't sure which it was anymore. If this Capher and that were the same, he must still know about it. If, on the other hand, this Capher had indeed been locked away in some chamber with some orb like he said, he could have no knowledge of that promise. Of course, there was always the possibility that he was lying to keep up his current story, but that was a risk she was going to have to take. She hoped that she had enough knowledge of Big Folk to know when they were lying to her.

"Now that I'm here though," she said after a short pause, "how about that promise? Will I get that any time soon?" After she had said this, she looked closely at his face, to see what not only his words would be, but mostly his unspoken reaction.

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Post by: Capher on June 11, 2011, 03:08:49 AM
 "The camp is... stiffling. I came out here for a breath." She replied.

Stifling. Yes, that would be one way to describe it, Capher thought.

"Now that I'm here though," she said after a short pause, "how about that promise? Will I get that any time soon? She asked.

Capher frowned. Promise? What kind of promise? He thought back. He could not recall any promise he had made to her in Ximax. Did he make one to her on the way there? Perhaps on the ferry? Or in the forest? He could not recall any promise. Could the healing process have erased some of his earlier memories. It did make him look and feel much younger, a look he was still trying to get used to, and he could recall spells and enchantments that he had forgotten as time had gone on. You forget things you do not use and those spells and enchantments he had stopped using a long long time ago. Still, she told him he promised her something, but wha...Wait!

Capher knelt down closer to Roosjie. "When did I make you that promise, Roosjie?" He asked.

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Post by: Kenriil on June 13, 2011, 04:07:10 PM
"...which I don't think would be a bad proposition, if it was all given at the right time. Or times. There's a lot to be considered. It's like a confusion. A bad answer to a good question. People give those; they give lots of things, to be honest, but bad answers to good questions are pretty popular. It's kindof like someone doesn't know the question, really, like they don't understand it all the way, or don't know the reasons behind maybe some of the words in the question, or even the question at all, and so they think it doesn't mean as much as it really does. They would just answer whatever came to mind, something simple. Something that wouldn't answer the question, see? And then everyone's confused, and someone's upset. I remember my elf-friend used to get upset. I never was sure why. It seemed he'd get upset during the day and calm down by morning. Maybe he was just stressing. Maybe he didn't like me to talk. I don't see why. Talking is fun; everybody does it, some more than others. It's like gambling. Some people only take simple gambles every now and then. Some people like to take all their money to gamble with, and so often they lose it all, and have to go get more, and gamble that. Lots of people get in trouble doing that, but people get in trouble for a lot of things. Like the time I got in trouble for trespassing with the dwarves. They locked me up for a day or two, but Capher got me out. He's good at that kind of thing. Then there was this elf-guy who hired this big human to attack 'Teri, but they must have got through that alright. I mean, it looks like she's alive, and the elf's throat was cut, so it must have all worked out. Things usually do, work out that is. Like a good soup that scorches on the bottom just a bit, but when you eat it the taenish is finished and nobody notices; and it works out. Like a fight where you get knocked down but the other man staggers on some piece of trash and while he's falling cuts your little finger off but he falls on your sword; so it works out. Or maybe kissing the princess who never saw your face but the next day she picks you out of a crowd and appoints you to carry the gemstones hidden in the note all the way across Milkengrad; that works out. Milkengrad's a big place, too. I think I got lost a lot of times, carrying that letter. The elf told me to cut it open a lot of times, but I never did. He did, though, but I was hanging onto it so tight he cut my little finger off. I forgave him, naturally; saw the gems and we decided to wrap them back up. Maybe he felt bad about my finger. I know I felt bad about my finger. It hurt for a long time, even after it was gone. It wasn't even there to hurt, but it did anyway. I guess that was kindof confusing, wasn't it? I mean, something that isn't there, it seems like you wouldn't feel, but I felt that. I've felt other things, too. I think the least I remember feeling was when I was scared during the family parties. I didn't like going out with the other boys. Dad and one of my big brothers took my arms, and pretty soon it was over to the tap with me, where I'd get my fill of ale whether I wanted to or otherwise. Then things get kindof fuzzy. And warm. And bouncy sometimes, which is confusing too. I'm not sure what was bouncy, but that's a memory I have a little bit of. I have little bits of a lot of things, though. Like string, leaves. coins, sugar, rags..."

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Post by: Ta'lia of the Seven Jewels on June 16, 2011, 11:59:51 PM
It is cold, even for the time of year. It is not snowing, as could be expected for the end of the month of Passing Clouds, not below freezing, but the wind is chilling, and the overall feeling unpleasant.

Talia is tending to that annoying, ugly little creature they picked up not too far from Ximax on this last, sunny day she spent with Teri and Roosje. Bone winged and leathery it rests in a kind of bag, its broken wing bandaged, waiting to be fed by Talia with some meat and dried fruit. Luckily it seems to be able to eat almost everything. Swing, Talia‘s ai‘nuvic snorts, not amused by the new guest it has to carry. Not that it is heavy, having only the size of a cat, but its screeches and other noises, its ramblings, its attempts to bite are  just something the big, peaceful animal does not need right now. The ai feels unwell in this weather, where it is cold not only in the night, but at daytime also, it is not dry enough for its taste, but as her human decides where to go, it follows.

Capher is sitting a bit away, taking the first watch, while the others are still sitting around the campfire, hoping to get a bit warmer until they slip in their bedrolls. When finished with feeding this little annoyance called Drakelet, Talia grooms Swing, always a good way to collect the thoughts. She looks over to Capher, or the man who claims to be Capher, Capher the shapeshifting dragon. With restless fingers she combs the ai‘s thick hair, trying to make up her mind, if she should go over to him and talk to him, about his change, this other Capher they have experienced, about everything. She would love to talk to him, speak about the problems as they did it before, but as she cannot tell, if he is what he says he is, she stays in the camp.

If there were only one problem, either his change to a much younger alter ego, or the treachery of the wrong Capher, it would be far easier to master the turmoil of feelings in her chest. Then she might cope with her attraction to that young, handsome man over there - though with that the loss of the older, more fatherlike figure she had learned to love and trust so deeply  was nothing which was easy to handle. Talia buried her head in Swings fur, just to look up the next minute to watch the old, now young dragon.

Was he really their old Capher, shapshifting to a ,what was it called again‘ - or demon ridden, but nevertheless their old friend? Her friend who brought her back from the cold, dusty lands?

Maybe it is good, that she is not sure about him, or she might go to that red-haired, good-looking man over there, not being sure about her feelings, mixing up old ones with new ones, forgetting, that he is a century old dragon who might not be able to have human feelings at all. No, no, better not to fall in love with him, a different one than she has had for him until now.  One romance within the group is enough. She does‘t want to end up as heartbroken as Teri.

She composes nudges Swing a last time, then sits down at the fire with the others, listening to the soothing rambling of Ken, a continuously flowing mass of words she has missed, somehow.

Then, as he needs one of is rarely occurring breathing gaps she asks:

Do you trust Capher, that he is the old one, with a young face though?

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"People can look all kinds of ways, but... I guess the trick is, when you cook rizjo, is it still the same stuff? You can put in all kinds of things. Ultimately, what you're eating isn't any one of those things, but all of them put together. Seems like if you made two stews, with all the same ingredients except one, something like salt, or maybe something poisonous in one, then you have two very different soups, even if they look exactly the same."

The halfling turns his gaze directly to Talia, pauses for a breath - and perhaps a thought - and continues. "We all trust and love Capher for our own reasons, but those people say that Capher betrayed them. If the soup we have is the soup that isn't poisoned, then it doesn't matter how much you eat, you won't get the poison that isn't in it. If it is the poisoned soup, unless you're somehow immune which isn't likely I think but that's different, then you'll get sick pretty soon after you taste it. Nobody wants to get hurt, but sometimes you can get hurt by trying not to get hurt. I can jump out of the way of the big monster in the pile of garbage, but my finger is still cut off by the sharp edge of the broken piece of metal I run into."

Kenriil's head gestures toward Capher, and his eyes divert back to the fire. "Sometimes, the only way to know if it's paper or a real leaf is to touch it. You don't know a gem merchant from a fancy glassmaker until you ask them about the colors. And sometimes the fancy glass makers will study gems to try and fool you, but if you know what a gem is, then by default you can tell what's glass, because it isn't a gemstone, even if it's pretty."

Again his eyes moved to meet Talia's, and after the briefest of pauses for effect, he continues, "If it is our Capher, we'll know in a few days. If it isn't our Capher, then we're safe for a few days, because he doesn't know that we know, and therefore assumes we don't, and whatever we want he wants for a different reason. But I do know one thing:" Ken raises a single digit of his left hand, and pointing upward makes several tight circles with it. "The sun always rises in the east, each and every morning."

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It is good to be out of the city. The halfling's voice becomes a droning, a part of the natural sounds of the wilds, an easy trade for clean air and no walls. Not that the elven woman minded walls, exactly; at times, they brought a sense of security. It was well known that mattress beds in enclosed houses were warmer than a leafy or grassy bed in the open, but there was a degree of comfort to the Quaelhoirhim in her, here with simple things, simple problems and simple solutions.

All of it vanished when she looked around her. Three of them, the girl Aueniteri has not quite been introduced to; Terra, whom she is familiar, but not close, and Ta'las, the noble Shendar warrior, all seem to be holding something in them, something that Aueniteri finds hard to fathom.

The matter of Capher confused Aueniteri slightly. He had been an old man, a father figure, and someone she easily attached to, missing the input of her own father. Now, he is young again, by nearly thirty years, as humans age, and frankly a handsome young man. With tightly closed eyes, she presses away the memories of him, and focuses again on the present.

Capher seemed the same. The vaguely warm sensation she'd always felt around Capher is present; identical, only a bit stronger. With no experience sensing life, as some of her people and other tribes have, she finds herself incapable of saying anything on the subject, the one thing that seems to be tearing a rift and laying a veil of silence and shadow over them. A veil, 'Teri slowly realizes, that someone like Eckra would be gloating over if he knew. Or perhaps he does know; perhaps somewhere, he is gloating over the silence and mistrust slowly creeping in among them.

No one has asked 'Teri, and quietly she feels it none of her business. With effort, she simply leans closer to the campfire, locks her hands together, closes her eyes and lets her mind wander. The greatest thing they have to fear, she decides, is each one themselves. Eckra or no, the trouble is in the heart. And just at this moment, her own feels hollow, a corner kept alive by and for Ta'lia and the others. Still, she finds herself feeling cold, regardless of the weather and the merry fire, and alone, in spite of those who would call themselves her friends.

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The cool mask comes to Terra's face when the topic of trusting Capher and his identity comes up. It was a mask she rarely wore any more after her healing, except in times of battle where it was worn easily as her feelings would tend to sink back from her consciousness to become more instinct than emotion. This time though, the mask was forced, an attempt to hide the deep pain and shame she felt and had only confided in Ta'las, her love. Her mask is easily betrayed by her need to be closer to Ta'las, to seek his comfort as she presses against him, and have it returned as his arms circle her to soothe the deep pain she attempts to keep hidden from the others.

"There is nothing wrong with Capher. The other, the impostor, made mistakes. Small things, things that seem of little consequence; inflections, mannerisms. Very little things, things I don't even think he was aware of, or did not think we would catch."

Despite her attempts to push away the pain and shame her voice began to crash from the smooth tone that accompanied her mask and soon all she could do was bury her face in her loves shoulder as the mask it's self cracked then broke.

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Post by: Ta'lia of the Seven Jewels on July 21, 2011, 03:42:55 PM
Talia is torn apart. She loves Capher, though in the moment she does not know, what kind of love hovers in her. But as much as she loves Capher, as much  is she afraid to spend her feelings to somebody... something  which is not Capher.

Are you knowing, when exactly this impostor took over, Terra? Already in the tavern, when he threw the gold around? Or earlier? How can we know, that over there it is Capher and not somebody else? How can you be so SURE ???

But it has been surely Capher who looked after her in the stables, when she felt ill. Hasn‘t he? Or did she feel ill in the presence of strange magic, magic performed by an evil being, back in the tavern? She never had problems before with Capher doing magic.... could that be an indicator? What had Ken  said?
If the soup we have is the soup that isn't poisoned, then it doesn't matter how much you eat, you won't get the poison that isn't in it. If it is the poisoned soup, unless you're somehow immune which isn't likely I think but that's different, then you'll get sick pretty soon after you taste it....If it is our Capher, we'll know in a few days.

 No, she can't wait some more days... she needs to know NOW.

 She spurts out of her sitting position, collects herself for a moment, then hurries over to Capher, interrupting his talk with Roosje:

Capher, my dear, could you please do some magic for me, nothing great, but not too small either. Well, just root up this tree over there, or something similar...

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Post by: Talas Anthavin on July 26, 2011, 11:51:19 AM
Ta'las sits quietly, listening first to the conversations around he and Terra, then Kenrill's ramblings and finally Terra herself attempt to convince them that Capher was definitely who he was.  The Shendar no longer knows what to think.  His role as guide is slowly being stolen away from him by the one person he no longer trusts.

Though that is not completely true - he's also unsure that he can trust himself.  The Elven Council's words still ring in his head:

Time is pressing but the path not straight
the hasty searcher will find no trait
be careful to look out or within an ace
you all might miss the hidden place.

How many times had he reminded himself of the passage, the passage that seemed most appropriately aimed at him, and yet he still was fooled by Eckra?  It was his own failure to see through the evil wizard's ploy that nearly got three of them killed - including the lady he loved.

Ta'las holds Terra for a few minutes longer and kisses her head before disengaging from her embrace.  "I'm sorry my love, I forgot something in my pack."  The Shendar walks over to his mount and stands with his back to the group as he pretends to rummages aimlessly through his belongings until he comes across the book he found in the library in Ximax.  Ta'las runs his hands over the sigils on the book's cover, wondering what they all mean.  But his curiosity is short lived, and he hides the book away.

He kicks at the dirt as he wonders about the battle that lies ahead of them.  I nearly killed three of us - what's to say I won't make a similar mistake again?

The Shendar returns, briefly casting a sullen glance at Capher before sitting down beside Terra. 

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Post by: Sondirra Moryveen on July 26, 2011, 02:09:31 PM
She shivers, but it is not from the brisk night air.  No, this cold comes from deep inside and has dwelt there since the day she died.  It is a cold she can not rid herself, even as she leans forward on the log she is on and holds her hands palm up towards the flames that lick at the darkened sky.  Still, the flames fail to provide warmth to that cold inside.

Sondirra looks around the group.  How did she get here?  She isn't an adventurer.  She is a girl who wants to write.  She wants to tell stories; other people's stories!  Yes, she wants to see the world, but at a safe distance.  This is crazy.

There is movement as people leave the fire, but Sondirra only half pays attention.  She is sitting near Talas and Terra, and as long as they stay near the fire, so will she.  They had shared her death experience, and it somehow brought her closer to them.  It was only them that she conversed with.  The three of them, the living dead.

Of course, they hadn't truly died.  They had been released from that room with no air, though she isn't sure of the details.  Her last memory was not being able to breath, her chest on fire, then falling to the floor.  Her next memory was of the halfling breathing life back into her, and Capher standing over her.  It brought back vivid memories of the time she nearly had drowned as a child.  Each night since, she had dreamed that she was drowning and woke up screaming more than once.

It is Talia who has moved away from the fire; her and the halfling, Kenrill, leaving her with Terra, Talas and the new woman, Teri.  She has kept her distance from both newcomers.  She can not force herself to talk to them.  She does not trust them.  The one she fears most, however, is Capher.  She will not let him within 10 peds of her, and the one time he tried, she had started to scream until he had backed off at Talia's insistence.

Talia.  She is one that Sondirra rarely takes her eyes off of now.  Though she stays close to Talas and Terra, her gaze is always on Talia.  There is something about her that makes her feel safe.  Perhaps it is the confidence Talia shows.  Maybe the beautiful weapon she carries, or maybe even the strange animal she rides.  In a small way, Sondirra wishes she were more like Talia.

Her body is racked by a deep yawn, and Sondirra settles herself down on the ground, facing the fire.  As she stares into the flames, she hears Talas get up and walk over to his mount.  A moment later he returns, holding a book that he tries to keep hidden.  Eyelids begin to droop, and before falling asleep, Sondirra wonders what is contained in the book the guide keeps near.

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"Miss? Could I...? Oh, I'm sorry." 'Teri steps back from Sondirra. clasping her hands together. She has intended to converse with someone, standing from her place around the fire and milling about, as everyone but herself and Ken had seemed to do; that is, herself, Ken, Terra, and the new girl. New girl. A smile crosses her lips gently, as she realizes this must be how the new girl looks at 'Teri herself. The curious elven girl who appeared from nowhere, making cheerful small-talk with Talia.

"I only realized we've never really met. I didn't want to interrupt your sleep. It has been a stressful day; forgive me." Slowly, 'Teri steps back and sits, not far from Sondirra, waiting for the end result, waiting for the conversation or silence. There is nothing else to do anyway, no Morcaanan- and she shoves the thought from her mind, her fists clenching, covering her eyes. Her fears and enemies are not what is present, but that which is absent; what she has lost. Her grandfather had been excellent, but she could not stay with the pureblooded elf. At least thinking about her grandfather has accomplished taking her out of the cold loneliness.

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There were not really emotions to be seen on Capher's face, but she could tell that he was thinking hard. There was a frown on his brow, not really an angry scowl, just a sign of concentration. It was funny really, how he could look so much like any other human, taking over their little habits and mannerisms, and still not be actually human himself. Whether he was the good Capher and so a dragon, or the bad one and so she knew not what exactly, human was not part of the list. Finally he asked her when he had made this promise. She decided then and there that this Capher was who he said he was. She might still be wrong, but she could not be indecisive about the matter for the rest of their journey. She might as well decide now to trust him, otherwise she could just give up the whole thing and return to the Valley. His promise was not so long ago that he could have forgotten it, and it had been quite a specific promise too.

Instead of answering, she shook her head. "It does not matter. However, I will make a deal with you. Every now and then, I will remind you of that same promise. As long as you don't know what the promise was, I'll trust you. If you, at any point, know which promise I am referring to, I will stop trusting you and keep a very sharp eye on you. Is this a deal?"

Before Capher could answer, however, Talia came storming up, asking for magic. Roosje looked at her for a moment, then at Capher to see what he would do. His answer to her deal could wait, though not too long. She did not want to run the risk that Eckra would come back before he had agreed. But for Talia it seemed urgent as well, though Roosje could not really see how his doing magic might answer the question whether this was Capher or Eckra. If it was Capher, he was a dragon, right? And they could do magic, right? Wasn't that why he had gone to the Orb in Ximax in the first place, to be able to do more magic again?

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 "It does not matter. However, I will make a deal with you. Every now and then, I will remind you of that same promise. As long as you don't know what the promise was, I'll trust you. If you, at any point, know which promise I am referring to, I will stop trusting you and keep a very sharp eye on you. Is this a deal?"

Now what in Seyella's name did that mean? As long as I do not remember a promise Roosjie will trust me but as soon as I do remember she won't!

Capher sat back to think about the strange request. It would seem that Eckra in my form had promised something to Roosjie; what? he had no clue, however it was a very clever way to find out if he was the true Capher or not without arousing Eckra's suspicions, should he somehow happen to take his form again. He was about to answer "Deal" when Talia strode up and asked him a question as well, a question that seemed quite odd considering who he was and his capabilities.

"Capher, my dear, could you please do some magic for me, nothing great, but not too small either. Well, just root up this tree over there, or something similar..."

Her voice sounded sweet, too sweet. Another way to check to see if he was the true Capher? If that was the case it was either a very unintelligent question, which he knew Talia was not, or there was something else behind the meaning of the question. But to root up a poor tree, to show he had magic, when she knew full well he could do, did not seem right; to him nor the tree.

"Talia that is a most strange request considering that you know who I am and what I am capable of, and I really do not think that rooting up a poor tree from it's place of birth would be fair to the tree, do you?" A smile crossed his face. "How about I do this?"

Suddenly the air became still, Capher's form began to shimmer and then slowly shrank, changing form until a dune mouse sat on the knoll, and then scurried up Talia's leg, to her chest, found a pocket, crawled into it, turned itself around and then popped it's head out. His dark eyes darting back and forth and his whiskers quivering; if you looked real close you could swear the little creature was smiling.

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Terra only reluctantly lets Ta'las go, tears in her eyes as she watches him go to where their animals were set for the night. She hurt and wants his comfort though she could feel his strength wane at the discussion, they both carry a terrible weight of guilt over what had happened. As she watches, her thoughts drift from that guilt  and to the nightmares she had been having more frequently since Ximax only not all of them were nightmares. She'd lied to the man she loves when he found her awake in the middle of the night breathing heavily and told him they were just more nightmares, how could she tell him that for a time she would kill without hesitation at a whim. Yes she had still been recovering, in the throws of her insanity, but it was still something terrible she did not want to know about herself. Worse yet as he returns a realization washes over her, she knows why these memories she tries to keep away are now haunting her sleep. The guilt that so hurts the man she loves was now threatening to destroy her.

"My love..." she says trying to keep her voice steady even as her body begins to tremble, "it's time we forgive ourselves. We must still be vigilant, but carrying guilt for the past is only hurting us, we have to let it go..."

Her voice falters and fades off, her body now trembling violently, worse than she had after any of her nightmares. Frantic fear starting to overcome her, fear that her insanity my take her again, that she may loose the man she loves, even worse that he would still love her, but loose the woman he loves to a darkness she may never escape again.

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Talia is stunned. That was not what she has expected. She takes the little furry ball carefully out of her pocket, forms a protecting hollow with her hands and lifts it to her face, looking in dark, shiny eyes. As her tears begin to stream down her cheeks and her sight blurs, she holds the small animal tight to her breast, striking the soft fur. Memories of a happy  Capher shapeshifting in green humanoid mix with the images of a special dunemouse, her pet she lost during their flight from the firedemon.

Only slowly she realises, that she doesn't feel any nausea, though the magic she has experienced right now was surely no small achievement. Does that mean, that she is right now holding the true Capher tight to her breast? She wipes away her tears, looks at the dunemouse still residing in her hand, which holds itself with tiny claws close to her tocconshirt.

Suddenly the image of the young looking Capher enters her mind, and she realises, that right now it is him she holds so tight to her breast. She blushes slightly, though in the relative darkness nobody will notice, and though she would like to hold that dunemouse forever, so it seems to her in the moment, she sets it down on the knoll, slowly, very slowly, taking a seat before it.

  „Capher, I' m sorry I have not trusted you, but I was so afraid that there might still be Eckra or one of his helpers with us. How could we know, that it was really you? Eckra might know about my dunemouse, but I doubt, that he would have chosen it to shapeshift in. Only you know me good enough to convince me this way of your identity. And I did not feel a nausea as I did in the inn."

And again the tears a coming, this time out of relief. A small part of her consciousness asks herself, where the strong Shendar woman has gone, but somehow that does not mater in the moment.

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Capher forgot that a dunemouse's eyesight is so much better in the dark and he saw much as he stared out of Talia's pocket. But what he saw was so much larger than normal; even Roosjie looked liked a giant sitting on her fox and the fox! Well there was no word to describe what the fox looked liked at this distance; except perhaps its teeth, one tooth looked as large as a dragon's.

As he contemplated that thought Talia's warm hands picked him up and brought him face to face with her eyes. Capher stared at them and saw tears flowing down her cheeks. He thought, I could probably take a bath in them then he thought of something else, why was she crying, but before he could figure that out he felt himself pressed close to Talia's breast and she was stroking him ever so gently. if I were a cat I would be purring so loudly right now instead he just reveled in the experience. He could hear Talia's heartbeat, steady and strong and then it dawned on him that he was lying on Talia's breast! If a dunemouse could blush, he would have turned a bright red, thankfully a dunemouse cannot blush, but he was not a real dunemouse and it took more will power to keep from turning a bright red than it would if he was trying to take the top off of a mountain!

Suddenly Capher heard Talia's heart skip a beat, then it began to beat a lot faster, a her breast heaved a bit more, he wondered what was happening, when Talia slowly removed him from her breast, Capher shouted at her, No! Do not take me away! I want to stay there close to you, to feel your warmth, hear your heart, feel your hand gently stroking me! But all she and Roosjie heard were loud squeaking noises coming from him as Talia placed him on the knoll he had just recently been sitting on: but it felt so much longer.

She speaks to him,  „Capher, I' m sorry I have not trusted you, but I was so afraid that there might still be Eckra or one of his helpers with us. How could we know, that it was really you? Eckra might know about my dunemouse, but I doubt, that he would have chosen it to shapeshift in. Only you know me good enough to convince me this way of your identity. And I did not feel a nausea as I did in the inn."

Suddenly the air went still again, the little dunemouse shimmered and when it stopped Capher was back in his human form looking a bit more lovingly at Talia and caught himself staring at her breasts...he quickly looked up into Talia's eyes and saw her still crying. He wondered if she was crying because she had to remove him from her breast, or was it because she had to remove a dunemouse from her breast?

It occurred to him that there was a pretty long pause before he answered her question. He wondered if Roosjie and Talia noticed.

"It is alright dear, I understand. After what had happened I would have a hard time trusting too." He so wanted to hug and hold her but that would not be appropriate and besides he did not really know how she felt about him. He knew she cared about him, but she cared about all of their party, that is just who she was. Then it dawned on him what she was really saying. He became a little excited.

"Roosjie asked me a question which I could not answer to prove who I am, and now you tell me that when my magic is performed you feel no nausea, which is another way to prove who I really am. I wonder if the others have ways of knowing if I am the true Capher or not?" He paused a moment to think, "If they do, then perhaps their fears can be relieved and this tension between us can be gone and we can be a team once more and finish our quest!"

Capher rose, "Come with me please and let's find out if my hypothesis is correct."  He reached for Talia's hand without thinking about it.

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She is tired.  Nearly asleep.  But, she dare not sleep, though she does not open her eyes.  Sleep will not come yet, for the voice of the new woman Teri speaks to her.  Trying to be friendly?  Why?

Another thought strikes Sondirra; why not?  After all, weren't they all part of this motley group now?  Unless she slips away in the middle of the night, she is not going to escape these people, now.  With the exception of Capher, none has hurt her.

Tentatively, Sondirra opens her eyes.  "I- I'm not asleep, yet."  She raises herself from her makeshift bed.

"No, we haven't really met."  She neglects to mention that it might be more Sondirra's fault for that.  "I know your name is Teri.  I think it's short for something, but I'm not sure what."

She looks deep into the orange and red embers.  "But, yes, it has been stressful.  More stressful than anything I've had to deal with before.  I do not think I will be able to continue.  I'm not sure how any of you can do so."

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'Teri relaxes slightly when she hears the girl start to talk, and lowers her hands, smiling gently, clasping them in her lap. At a distance, she sees but does not hear Roosje and Ta'lia's response to Capher. The result pulls a little of the weight off her heart, and she stares deliberately at her hands. "Aueniteri. My... father was half Quaelhoirhim. I think there was a day when all this, the..." she pauses, glances about and wipes absently at an eye, "terror, the battles, the threat of death and the suffering frightened me. And to be perfectly honest, it still does. I guess I resigned to it when my brother had our parents murdered, and I only... just survived."

One long quavering breath, and she turns her gaze to regard Sondirra. "I don't know how we do it. I would love to have lived the life my father wished for me, the life of music and dancing, of rich young men and marble halls..."

Her focus leaves Sondirra, and travels slowly into aether, unfocused, unseeing as her expression begins to turn to sadness and longing. A blink and a sniff, and she wipes at her eyes again, looking quickly away. She can't be crying, not now. It's all in the past. For several seconds 'Teri fights to be angry, to feel anything but the hollowness from losing... everything, before rather suddenly the vision, and not just the vision, but a reliving of Garrek's death burns itself into her. She feels again the vague tension of her blade passing through his throat, her hand twitches and she gasps, burying her face, trying her best to smother a sob that ultimately escapes when she hurries out with, "Sor- sorry. I don't mean to-"

And there is nothing more. No excuse, no explanation. Only hiding her face in her hands and holding her breath in an effort to avoid actually crying. She came to try and befriend Sondirra, and now, she feels, she's simply broken apart right in front of the poor girl.