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Title: Ethyn Joran - Avennorian/Caltharian - Crazy Man
Post by: Ethyn Joran on June 03, 2011, 07:15:08 AM
Name: Ethyn Joran

Gender: Male

Age: 32

Race: Human

Tribe: Avennorian (Father) and Caltharian (Mother)

Title: Crazy Cleric

Overview: Ethyn was once a normal human, living a typical human life. That is, until he turned 15 years old. From then on, he acts very strange and has created a deity, whom he has claimed has called him to be her cleric, purging evil from the world. Wherever he goes, he makes sure he carries his "magical wand" with him, so if he sees any evil, he may rid the world of it.

--Height-- 1 ped, 2 fores, and 6 nailsbreadths
--Eye Colour-- Barsa dusk
--Hair Colour-- Strata yellow
--Physical Description-- Even though Ethyn has been dubbed "crazy", he does not appear as one would think he should Instead, he goes through great pains to take care of his personal appearance.

His strata yellow hair hangs to just below his shoulders, but most of the time he keeps it pulled back into a ponytail held together by a simple leather cord. A few wisps of shorter hair frames his face when he does this, which sometimes hides his barsa dusk-colored eyes. These eyes show a slight glimmer of intelligience so, as mentioned before, merely by looking at Ethyn, one wouldn't know he was mad.

The rest of his features are fairly normal as well, if not a bit on the handsome side. When he smiles, a dimple appears on his right side. It has been said that this alone has caused many a woman to swoon after him, only to be put off by his religious uptightness.  

--Clothing-- Ethyn's clothes are very simple, but yet, very clean. Upon his torso he wears a simple homespun tunic the color of urmarillion. Eophran brown pants resting just past his ankles adorn his legs while a worn leather belt holds the two together upon his waist. Cinnabrown-colored shoes lie upon his feet, completing his outfit. Even though this seems very poor and unpleasant, Ethyn believes that this is how Kryptena would want him to dress. Even so, he takes great care to make sure that they don’t fall into disrepair or become terribly dirty.

Personality: Ethyn has been described as "crazy", but in his mind he's the only sane one in Sarvonia. In his distorted view, he is a grand wizard or sorcerer who has been granted magical powers by the goddess Kryptena. With these great powers, he believes that he is sent into the world to rid it of evil.

For much of the day, Ethyn can be seen muttering to himself. People who listen in on these "conversations" find that, though they are the mutterings of a madman, he is having very complex conversations with his patron goddess. What's even more bizarre is that he responds as Kryptena, raising his voice to a higher pitch as to sound more feminine. If interrupted during one of these conversations, Ethyn will be agitated and perhaps a bit grumpy, but rarely rude.

After proclaiming his devotion to Kryptena, Ethyn took several oaths which affect how he lives. These are laid out in what he calls "The Code of Kryptena or How to Live a Kryptena-Fearing Life". They are as follows:

1) Kryptena demands your whole allegiance. You shall not consort with other religions. Kryptena will not be placed second in your life." Because of his firm belief in this first tenent, Ethyn will often get very upset and agitated when speaking about religion. It is best to avoid this topic around Ethyn at all costs.

2) If you devote yourself fully to Kryptena, then you shall not have sexual relations with anyone. Ethyn sticks to this one very closely as well. In fact, he seems almost repulsed at the idea of sex. If a woman attempts to lure him into bed, Ethyn will reply coolly and cease talking to her. This extends even to people touching him. A mere hand upon his shoulder will make him shrink back as if it were covered in poison. People from his hometown whisper that this may have stemmed from a tragic incident from his childhood.

3) You shall save the good from the evil. If Ethyn sees someone in trouble, or even if he perceives that something might be wrong, he feels that Kryptena has ordered him to save the innocent. This has caused many a ruckus and many a beating for Ethyn.

4) Life a life of simplicity. Because of this final tenent, Ethyn takes very few, if any, coins for doing good. He believes that it is his calling to not only wander Sarvonia ridding it from all the evil which enhabits it, but also to never become too rich or selfish. The items he keeps upon his person are the only items he needs, anything else he considers to be blasphemous to own or indulge in.

--Bouncing Back-- For someone who is a couple of straws short of a bushel, Ethyn has the amazing ability to physically heal fairly quickly. He attributes this to his devotion to Kryptena. Because of this natural ability, Ethyn isn't down for very long.

--Courageous Heart-- Whether this stems from actual courage or plain stupidity is anyone's guess. Ethyn will often rush headlong into a dangerous situation without a second thought or hesitation. His belief in his "magical powers" strengthens this courage.

--Touched in the Head-- Ever since he was 15 years old, he has been showing strange characteristics.  The most noticeable of these is the mutterings he often does to himself.  This has made it very difficult for Ethyn to incorporate well into normal society.

--Adamantly Celibate-- Because this is listed as one of the tenents of his faith, Ethyn holds to this very strictly. He is always on the watch for some harlot to come and try to seduce him. Yet, because he is so adamant against relationships, he finds it hard to tell when a woman is trying to seduce him or just merely talk to him. He has caused many fights, both verbal and otherwise, because of his inability to tell the difference.

--"Magical Powers"-- Ethyn believes that he has magical powers given to him by the goddess Kryptena. To use these powers, Ethyn wields a "magical wand" which, in reality, is a mere stick. This has gotten him in some very sticky and, to him, confusing situations where he believes he can do something, say freeze an oncoming enemy with a blast of ice, only to find said enemy punching him in the face moments later.  

Ethyn Joran came into the world just like any other normal baby. He was born in the small village of Courtford to an Avennorian father and a Caltharian mother. His father worked on the small docks, which received shipments from the Manthrian capital of Marcogg. His mother was a cloth dyer, making beautiful garments which she then sold at the market to locals or to the merchants who visit their village.

He had a seemingly perfect childhood. He was related to many of the children with whom he played with in the streets, for Courtford is a small village, one from who his father had also been born and raised in. For instance, his best friend, who lived just down the street from him, was also his cousin. This cousin's name was Rigvard. Rigvard was a few years older than Ethyn, but they were as thick as blood.

Ethyn and Rigvard would often go visit their fathers working at the docks. After the visit was done, they would go and wander the docks by themselves, marveling at the various sizes of the ships and people who worked there. There was a small, dirty tavern which lie right upon the river called "The Horseman's Daughter". Ethyn and Rigvard were warned by their fathers and mothers to never enter that place, but they were incuisitive boys and soon curiosity overcame them.

Ethyn was about 8 years old at this time. He and Rigvard were daring each other to go into the forbidden tavern. They finally agreed that they would both go in, but only for a minute, just enough to say that they had been in there. Rigvard was less concerned about it, as he was 11 years old, almost old enough to be considered a man by many. After coaxing Ethyn and assuring him that nothing would go wrong, Rigvard and Ethyn entered into the tavern.

It was dark and smoky, and Ethyn could barely make out the people slumped over at the various tables. His hands shook at his sides as he looked around. He could tell Rigvard was tense as well, but wasn't about to admit it to his younger cousin.

"Let's get something to drink," Rigvard suggested. Ethyn shook his head, but Rigvard insisted. It wouldn't take that long, he said. Ethyn followed Rigvard to the counter where Rigvard ordered Tumlion Grape Juice for the two of them. They were served by a busty older woman who had a severe hacking cough.

Rigvard seemed to be much more comfortable in this atmosphere than Ethyn. He was joking with the other customers at the bar, even going so far as to wink at some of the barmaids. Ethyn just wanted to finish his grape juice and leave.

After a few moments, a man approached Ethyn, saying there was something he wanted to show him. Ethyn didn't want to go with the man, but Rigvard said that he should. "Who knows," he said "he might want to give you something."

Ethyn was trembling as he followed the man back to his room. Without saying a word, the man closed the door behind them. What happened next one could only describe as vile and evil. As the man clothed himself once more, he threatened the young boy that if he should open his mouth about this to anyone, then a knife would find him in the dark. Ethyn nodded his head violently to show that he understood.

After that day, Ethyn was always scared to go back to the docks, scared that he would once again meet the man who had inflicted such pain and humiliation upon him. Rigvard noticed and even attempted to ask him about it, but Ethyn, fearing the man's retribution, refused to say anything about the incident.

Several years went by and Ethyn slowly became more of a recluse. His parents worried about him, but there was nothing they could do for him. Unbeknownst to them, their son's mind was slowly shattering. He began to mutter under his breath, speaking to no one in particular.

It wasn't until his 15th birthday when the shattering became complete and noticeable. Ethyn announced to his parents one day that he had been visited in his sleep by the great goddess Kryptena. His parents were confused as they had never heard of this goddess before. Over breakfast, Ethyn explained to them the great tenents which the goddess had passed onto him. They listened in silence as he explained that Kryptena wanted him to go out into the world and rid it of the evil which lurked in it. His mother protested, but Ethyn wouldn't hear of it.

His father, realizing that nothing would dissuade his son, gave him a few coins and his blessing. His mother was less happy about the arraingment, but she too gave her blessings to her only son. That very afternoon, Ethyn Joran left his hometown and traveled out into the world.

He went from town to town, looking for ways to protect the downtrodden. Along the way, he picked up a stick, which he claimed was his magical wand. He was constantly talking to himself, having elaborate conversations with the imaginary goddess. Often, he wished he could go back home, but his faithfulness to Kryptena did not allow it.

  • The clothes upon his back
  • His "magical wand" (A mere stick)
  • A small leather pouch to hold his meager coinage.

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Bumping so I can find him later.

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Bumping once again. Just gotta finish his history and appearance and he should be ready to go. Feel free to comment if you find something terribly wrong. :)

Title: Re: Ethyn Joran - Avennorian/Caltharian - Crazy Man
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What a delightfully eccentric character!  :lol: I love you portrayal of this crazy cleric!

I know you're still working on finishing this up, but I just wanted to let you know that, technically, your character really could have 'magical powers' deriving from his avid belief. I'm not sure how the other moderators would feel about a madman having clerical powers for his belief in a made-up deity, though.  :lol:

Wonderful work--I don't see any issues so far! I look forward to reading the rest.  :)

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All done. Comments are welcome and encouraged. :)

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Nothing stands out to me--This CD has my approval. Let me see what the other Moderators think and let's see if we can't get you titled and out the door.  ;)

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Hi Ethyn,

What a tragic history - and very well described. I like how you  evoke psychological depth with just a few paragraphs, and I look forward to seeing you play this character.

I have only one question of comprehension: is the "bouncing back" strength supposed to refer to physical healing, or to emotional recovery ('bouncing back from setbacks'), or both? Maybe you could make that clear?

And one note: In four or five places in your CD, you use the word "tenant", when I think what you mean is "tenet".

Other than that, I see no problems with this CD. Well done!

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Thanks for the comments.

Fu, the "bouncing back" strength is physical healing. I'll add a short phrase to make that more clear.

And thanks for the spelling correction. Those darn words that sound the same but are spelled differently. Boo....Those will be changed as well. Thanks!

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Titled and archived.  Congrats. :)