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Title: Tinholt's Gate
Post by: Kalína Dalá'isyrás on January 07, 2012, 05:47:24 AM
As you approach the famed city of Bardavos from the East, you see a tall wall surrounding the city, a gate towers in front of you. On one side of the gate stands a young soldier, his eyes following you as you approach the gate. There isn't much out of the ordinary with this young man, but his flaming red hair is definitely an eye-catcher.

If you lift your eyes to the top of the wall, you will notice several other men moving atop of the wall. The sun reflecting off their armour gives away the fact that they are also guards. When you approach the massive doors, the young man steps forward and stands in front of you, blocking your path.

"State your name and buisness in Bardavos.
You shall not pass until you do so."

Title: Re: Tinholt's Gate
Post by: Ethyn Joran on January 24, 2012, 04:10:50 AM
Ethyn was on his way to Bardavos. Indeed, his goddess, Kryptena, had ordered for him to come to this city. At first he wondered why she would send him there. After all, there were much more depraved cities in the kingdom of Santharia than Bardavos. He was almost certain that his next city to be in would be Nyermersys. Much more stories of depravity oozed from that city. But, who was he to argue with a goddess?

He walked confidently down the road, the walls of the city looming up before him. The glinting of sunlight off the armor of the guards atop the wall flash into his eyes for a brief second. A hand instinctively goes to his right thigh where there is attached a stick. Ethyn knows these men mean him no harm, but why take the chance?

"State your name and business in Bardavos. You shall not pass until you do so."

Ethyn was snapped back into reality by a bright red-headed young man standing directly in his path. His armor and demeanor show that he was, in fact, one of the guards.

"Ah, well, my name is Ethyn Joran, cleric of the great goddess Kryptena. I wouldn't be surprised if you haven't already heard of me," Ethyn said with a short bow. He jerked his head slightly to get a few stray hairs out of his eyes. "With that being said, my business should be fairly clear. Now, is there anything else you'll be needing?"

Title: Re: Tinholt's Gate
Post by: Aueniteri on January 24, 2012, 04:18:14 AM
"No," the guard replies slowly, frowning. He looks Ethyn over suspiciously, and after a pause continues, "It's not clear. Great men have come to Bardavos for petty things, and the fact that you're a cleric of what-all matters only slightly. So, we've done the name thing, now set to the bit about your business and we'll see to your case all proper."