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Title: Aminah Jubair - Azhorhrian Mindsoother
Post by: Aminah on August 11, 2006, 11:39:23 PM
[On 8/12/06 I corrected in yellow

Aminah Jubair (Ami for short)





As a traveller Ami needs money and will do any job she can get paid/fed for.  Spiritual healing/guidance are most frequently asked for but she is more practiced at soothing the feelings of animals than humans as yet.  With her little herbal knowledge she can pass as a vet, helping cows through difficult labour or calming a vicious mare before breeding.

Muddled Mindsoother

Detailed Description
Overview (optional)

Even at first glace Aminah is obviously Azhorhrian - swathed in long silver cloth so that only her intense copper eyes show.  She carries a long dagger at her waist, just visible in a fold of material and seems small and very young, slightly nervous of you.

Physical Appearance
Ami has the strong, slim frame of someone who has to look after themselves.  She is smaller than average, roughly one ped two fores in height and one pygge two hebs in weight.  True to her childhood beliefs she hides most of her body from the eyes of others, leaving her naturally olive skin quite pale apart from her hands and the top half of her face.  Her dark, almost black hair is slightly wavy especially around the front and creates a large bulge at the back of her head when she ties it up.

Large eyes, the typical copper colour of her people and framed by thick lashes are her best feature and they give her an exotic, slightly vulnerable air. In a crowd she will do her best to be unnoticed as she dislikes being stared at, getting more confident and relaxed with a smaller group.  Her voice is smooth and friendly with a slight foreign accent, and when she uses her gift of mind soothing it becomes more solid, deeper.

Because of her religion and the traditions she was brought up to know, Ami covers her body from ankle to wrist, allowing only her eyes, hands and feet to show.  However, instead of traditional long flowing robes she sports a more practical long-sleeved shirt and loose-fitting trousers.  These allow her to ride and defend herself more easily, more important for a traveller that tradition.  The cloth is thin but opaque and unlike the stark black or white of her people hers are often silver-grey, a middle-shade between the two.  A scarf of the same material covers her hair and the lower part of her face.

Ami’s shoes are open-toed leather sandals, rather old and worn and well-fitting, and she wears three copper bangles, two on her left wrist and one on her ankle.  They are decorated with a simple ridge which twists uniformly around each one, and the colour matches the bright richness of her eyes.  

Kindness and sensitivity come with being an Eyashene, but Ami also is a little afraid of her power.  She is very young and inexperienced and the thought of coping with other people’s emotions when she has only recently started to understand her own scares her.  Her own worries and fears coupled with the various emotions she picks up from around her can make her reactions unpredictable.  Often Ami herself doesn't know how she will act.  When she becomes too bombarded she can seem confused and a little distant, not quite able to concentrate on the conversation she herself is having.

Aminah is friendly, if a little shy towards strangers but takes time to form real friendships and to really be able to trust people.  Her mood depends greatly on the people around her; she is relaxed when they are happy, often disturbed or distracted when they are not.  The only being she feels she understands is her horse, Jadwa, and when she is feeling particularly lost or alone she will sit or sleep in the stable with her.

Strengths and Weaknesses
a) Strengths

- Ami is an Eyashene, meaning she can sense and sometimes influence the feelings of others. (The article on Eyashene is in the magic section of the main site.  Click on the magic book icon, then scroll down to "Eyash. Moodsoothers". It's at the bottom of the "E"s)Peoples actions rarely surprise her, giving the young girl an edge in most conversations.  Though the majority of her experience is with her people’s horses so far, she has the potential to develop this skill further.

- Living in a desert has made Ami self-reliant and adaptable.  She can defend herself with a dagger reasonably well, hunt and trap game to provide for herself, though fishing is beyond her, and knows some basic medicines and first aid for both humans and horses.  She is pretty strong for a woman from having to deal with unruly horses and is lithe, well-muscled and fit

- Though in no way a stunning beauty, Ami’s gorgeous copper eyes and olive skin make her an attractive young woman and she is intelligent enough to use this to her advantage.

- The snatches of emotions she can pick up from an attacker gives Ami an advantage in a fight.  She might sense their triumph as they spot an opening in her defence, or their fear as she moves a certain way.  It can make her reactions slightly faster than normal, but is not always reliable, and the amount she can pick up depends a lot on the individual’s personality and race.

b) Weaknesses
- Although she is intelligent, Ami knows little or nothing about the world she has gone into, from religion and culture to what this new land looks like.  The people, dialect, plants, food and animals are all new and strange to her.  "Formal" magic is also something she has rarely come across, something she has little idea how to face.

- Ami can sense the emotions of others, but she cannot read minds or completely predict what a person will do.  She might feel the boiling anger of a warrior and fear him, not knowing he is struggling to contain it.  She finds it hard to distinguish between good and bad, as she can see the conflicting emotions within someone, but not know which side is winning.  This extends to battles and other conflicts.  She can’t really tell which side is right as they all just seem angry to her.  It can leave her confused and not really knowing which way to turn.

- She finds it hard to trust people, partly because she was brought up to look down on anyone not Azhorhrian, but also because of her gift.  Unless someone is completely honest about what they are thinking, Ami can often sense their worry that she will find out what they are hiding, especially if they know she is an Eyashene.  As she can’t tell what it is they’re hiding, she can’t trust them and finds it hard to turn simple acquaintances into friends.


Ami was born a to the Ash-sharia, one of the five Azhorhrian tribes living in the Ysthalinth Desert on the continent of Aeruillin.  Her father was a blacksmith, a relatively low-status job, but he was good at his work and though they were not well-respected they could afford nice clothes and several horses.  Unlike the rest of Aeruillin the Azhorhrian worship one single, nameless goddess and the child soon picked up their pitying scorn for other "unenlightened" people, thinking her people were somehow different, better.

Her mother practiced a little herbal medicine for both horses and humans and taught Ami from a young age, thinking that when she married her daughter would then be able to earn a little money of her own.  As a child she lapped up the knowledge, enjoying the feeling of knowing something others didn't, like most young people.  The rest of the time she spent playing with her two brothers, one older and one younger, or helping her parents with whatever needed doing.  Children, especially girls, were expected to help with every task in preparation for running their own homes and so she learnt to cook and clean, to make clothes and mend them, to care for the horses and to hunt the small desert animals.

She learnt to fight too, like her brothers, and to ride the Azhorhrian horses.  Sometimes Ami showed an almost uncanny ability to control them - frightened, barely tamed stock horses felt calmed and grew quiet under her touch.  They often followed her easier and struggled less in her hands, and sometimes she would hold them while her father shod them or they where treated by her mother.  However this skill was unreliable and varied from seeming almost magic to simply the skill of someone who knows horses very well.  The particular horse, Ami's mood, the weather and even the feelings of people around her could have an effect on it, and no-one else really considered it more than a natural talent with horses.

Throughout her early teens Ami's skill grew and the girl began to recognise it as something unusual that only she could do; a gift.  Her first attempts to consciously use it were private as she was unsure how to use the power or even if it really existed.  Stepping towards a frightened beast, she would try to exude an aura of calm, slowing her breathing and relaxing herself in a sort of meditation.  It was still unreliable and very dependant on her mood; sometimes she just couldn't calm herself enough, or the horse's fear would spread to her instead.  

Once, in the midst of a bubbling rage Ami ran out into the yard, only to be attacked by an old, extremely docile mare her mother used as a pack horse.  The animal swung around at her, full of Ami's own bubbling anger and kicked her shoulder so hard the girl was thrown against the wall unconscious.  Thankfully the mare was tied up, and could not reach Aminah, as she took several minutes to calm down enough for anyone to go near.  They were never really sure if it was Ami's influence or simply a startled horse.

When she was 16 Ami's father took her to the annual horse fair with him.  He took blacksmiths tools and set up a temporary stall there, taking advantage of the huge gathering to earn some extra money and catch up with men he hadn't seen for months.  Ami took her new mare, Jadwa, a present from her father for her 16th birthday.  She was excited about meeting these new people, wondering what they would look like and how differently they would act.  

To her surprise they weren't that different.  Their clothes were tunics and robes like hers, their faces tanned like hers, and their feelings, thoughts and desires, something she was beginning to pick up with more clarity, were similar too.  They smelt funny and ate some really disgusting-looking stuff, but other than that she could find no reason to look down on them, as the rest of her proud tribe seemed to.  Even her father seemed to pity them.  To her they seemed happy enough and perhaps more honest, less greedy than the hard-bargaining horse sellers.  Ami began to wonder whether her tribe were really so superior.

She said nothing to her family but began to turn her attention from horses to humans.  She watched her brothers as they practiced sword fighting, tuning herself into their emotions and studying them.  Ami found that when she fought with them she sometimes could tell when they were faking or striking for real, making her seem to react very quickly.  Her brothers were not happy with her new skills, like most of the Azhorhrians.  A practical, warrior tribe at heart they saw her as strange, uncanny, disliking the feeling that she could somehow see inside them, to a part which they felt should remain private.  They avoided her more and more.

Trying to escape from home life, Ami travelled to Shan’Zarathan again for the next horse fair, this time going further into the city on her own, wandering and exploring and watching the people.  It was in a tavern near the centre, almost as far away from the horse fair as she could get that she met the trader.  He was an older man, around 50, with a short stubbly beard and dark black eyes.  He had spent all his life travelling around, buying and selling precious jewels in all parts of Caelereth, speaking to every type of people and hearing all the stories they speak of.

Ami knew as soon as she entered the room that he was in pain.  It screamed out to her, burnt into her consciousness as if it was her body not his.  The reason was obvious; he carried a large oak crutch and sat awkwardly, stretching his right foot out as far as the tall-backed chair would let him.  Almost on automatic she fetched two stools from the fire and placed the first in front of him like a footstool before sitting down beside him.  She didn't talk but instead laid her hand on his and began the soothing, quietening routine she'd used on hundreds of her mothers equine patients.  As the girl finished and started to come out of the semi-trace he opened his eyes, fixing them onto hers.

"How long have you been an Eyashene?" he asked, his voice deep and slightly gruffled.

Ami had never thought there might be others who shared her gift and listened, half embarrassed, half intrigued, to what he told her.  There were others, he said, though not many and not that well known.  She should find one, learn more.  She was good, but would never get any better without help, training.  They talked a little longer and then she left, thoughtful and slightly afraid of the suggestions.  How could she leave her tribe?  Would they even allow her to come back if she did?

Over the next few months Ami tried to practice her skills on people, struggling to prove to herself that her help of the old trader had not been a one-off.  She grew more and more detached from the group as to them she became stranger and stranger.  The horses at least welcomed her presence, especially her own horse Jadwa.  Taking any excuse, collecting herbs for her mother or fetching something one of her brothers wanted from another herder she would ride out, and normally not return until nightfall.  Whenever her mother could she would urge Ami to give up the weird ways.  They were unnecessary she said, all Ami needed was to spend more time among the young people, stop messing around.  Then she would find a husband and settle down, become a mother herself.   If she carried on she would be left a sad old, lonely woman, nothing else.  She just had to stop.

Ami knew it wasn't that simple.  She wanted to learn more, become better, not give up the one thing that made her special.  The young girl didn't want to settle down either.  Her people were becoming stranger and stranger to her the more she watched them, and the more she looked the less she liked.  From a very young age boys and some girls too were taught to fight.  She herself could use a dagger pretty well herself, it was something normal, unremarkable, everyday.  Being able to kill someone, being skilled at it and proud of the fact was normal.  It was only when you thought about it that you realised how wrong it was.  Sure, hunting was necessary, but they didn't just learn hunting skills.  When two young men practiced together they were training themselves to kill people, men, others of their own species, their own language who had probably once been part of the same tribe.

It got to the stage where every time she saw a sparring couple she would feel sick, unable to stop herself from imagining them killing one another.  It added to her wish to get away from them
and the trader's suggestion became more and more attractive.  Deep down she knew she should go and find some way of using her gift but she terrified.  If she went Ami did not know if she would be allowed back into the tribe, or even to see her parents.  Everything she knew was in the desert - how would she cope?  But then if she didn't go would she always have to live among these warlike people?  Would her dislike of them grow greater?  Would she ever be able to find someone she could love and settle down, have children, raise them as fighters?  She didn't think so.  If Ami went could she find some way to help her people, increase her power enough to calm a nation?  Aminah didn't know.  She didn't even know how her gift worked or how much it could be trained.  The other people who had it, Eyashene the trader had called them, knew nothing about or even what they were like.  He had said they could help her though, and he had seemed pretty certain.  Surely somewhere there was someone who could.  She would never find them if she stayed.  But what if they never let her come back?  The arguments raced across her consciousness, but she could still not pluck up the courage to leave completely.

It came to her third horse fair and still Aminah hadn't left. The girl was eighteen as she and her father reached the city once more.  Trying to find some advice on what to do the teenager went to the tavern she had met the trader in, but he was not there.  Every evening before dinner she went back, attracting stares and comments from the locals, but he did not return.  On the last night of their stay Ami went dejectedly back to her father’s camp and found him waiting for her.  Passing her a plate of goat meat covered in a thick reddish sauce he said something she had never in three blue moons expected him to say.

"Go" he ordered gently "Here you are not happy.  You will never be content as a wife.  Go.  A bag is packed for you with food and money for the journey.  Take a boat and go to Sarvonia.  Many different people live there, maybe one will help you.  Go, just promise me one day you'll come back."

His voice was soft and ruffled with sadness plus a little hope and pride.  She flung her arms around him, sobbing into his black robes.  A mixture of relief and fear was overwhelmed by a rush of love for him, of his acceptance.

"Tell mother I’m sorry" she said simply, then saddled up Jadwa, hugged him again and left.

Ami carries a weapon left to her by her mother who was given it as a wedding present, a Kris - a beautifully crafted dagger.  The blade is about three quarters of a fore long and wavy, snaking its way from a carved ivory handle to a needle-sharp point.  It’s long enough to provide decent protection from a sword, yet small enough to go unnoticed beneath her robes, and more fitting for a woman than a sword.

A small horse-hide bag with the hair left on contains the rest of her belongings; some spare clothes; a food knife, which doubles as a second dagger; fire-lighting equipment; a frying pan; a water bottle (also hide); some dried fruit and a little money.

Aminah owns a six-year old Azhorhrian mare named Jadwa (meaning gift).  She was Ami’s favourite and fastest horse when she lived among her people and so when the young woman left, she took her with her.  The horse is black with a tiny patch of white in the centre of her muzzle and a stripe of white in her mane about one and a half palmspans from her withers.  Typical of her breed she is pretty intelligent but trusts only those she knows very well and anyone else is often bitten or kicked.  Ami and Jadwa share a special bond as they have been together for a number of years.  Ami's gift is more reliable when used on Jadwa as she knows the horse so well, but they can often calm each other down just by being together.  Ami normally finds the horse's uncomplicated emotions soothing and to Jadwa her owner is the source of food and safety.

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Title: Re: Aminah Jubair - Azhorhrian Mindsoother
Post by: Augustus the Wanderer on August 13, 2006, 01:23:23 AM
wow wow wow wow! great CD! I don't see any real problems, It is fairly well balenced, though I don't know about the senseing emotions, is it something you made up, or is it on the site, as i haven't looked yet. I personnally think that you shall be approved before the end of August.  

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Title: Re: Aminah Jubair - Azhorhrian Mindsoother
Post by: Mina on August 13, 2006, 01:29:23 AM
Hmm...I like your CD.  It's quite well written.  Choosing to make your character a Mindsoother could be problematic though.  From what I understand, they are a (loose) religious order, and judging from the alternative name 'Eyashenes', devoted to the goddess Eyasha.  This probably isn't going to mesh well with your character.  While I suppose it is quite possible that people from other cultures and religions might develop similar abilities, I'm not sure that this would cause them to seek out one of the Eyashenes, especially if they have to travel to another continent to do so.  I suppose, however, since that part is rather vague, that your character might not know of the order's religious affiliation, only their ability, which might explain why she is not so hesitant about looking for them.  

Also, you are essentially dealing with magic, though this is a borderline case.  We have a phenomenon, though not well documented on the site yet, known as the Gifted.  These are people who (as seen by the magi), when under great stress, might unconsciously produce magical effects, and have the potential to become powerful magi if properly trained.  The clergy will probably see such people as blessed by one of the gods, or cursed, depending on the effects that are manifest, and treat them as such.  The effects are probably quite random, and certainly uncontrolled, but should someone realise they are Gifted (and haven't been taken by the magi or clerics for training), they could train themselves to gain some control over the effects they produce, and when they are produced.  Since they are pretty much self-taught, they probably do not realise the full extent of what they are capable of, and are limited to a few 'simple' tricks.  Such as calming animals.  I think you see where I'm getting to with this.  What you've described is very close to what I understand as a Gifted who has managed to gain some control of her abilities.  Close enough that I could let this through, I think.  However, for the sake of making it even better, how about introducing some randomness into her use of the ability in her earlier years?  Perhaps the horses didn't always calm down when she was around, but there were occassions where particularly wild ones mysteriously became calm under her?  

In any case, I'm sure you'll get approved pretty soon, when one of the more active commenters find the time to take a close look at your CD.  It mostly looks okay to me.  

Title: Re: Aminah Jubair - Azhorhrian Mindsoother
Post by: Aminah on August 13, 2006, 01:57:23 AM
Gosh that was quick thanks guys!

Augustus - I didn't make up the Eyashene thing, you can read all about it on the main site.  Click on the magic book icon, then scroll down until you find "Eyash. Mindsoothers" - its the bottom one of the "E"s.  I found it during random clickingness and the character kind of developed slowly around it.  And thanks for the compliment :broadgrin  

Mina - I had a good read up on Eyashenes to make the character and this is what it says about being a religious sect.  "As may be guessed by their title, they tend to pay devotion to the Goddess of Peace and Tranquility, Eyasha, and sometimes wear her threelobed clover symbol as jewelry. However, there is an aversion on the part of Mindsoothers to be seen as a faith, sect, business, or even the most loosely organized guild association, so they avoid anything that smacks of uniformity."  So i don't think Eyashene is a group, more a title for people who have the same strange ability.  Plus they come from every kind of background, and i kind of wanted her to be out of her depth when she goes to Savonia.  It makes a good weakness and gives me an excuse to not know what is going on!  Maybe i'll convert her to worship Eyasha latter on, or decide to train her in magic but at the moment she has only just started out which is kind of why she sticks to her own religion.

Also, i see what you mean about her leaving her tribe - it is quite a hard thing to justify, but (again from the Eyashene article) it says they often do seek out others of their kind in late adolesance.  I think i will add in another reason for her leaving as well - her tribe are pretty warlike and Eyashenes are pacifists.  That would add some depth.

Lastly, i was trying to make her abilities seem unreliable, but obviously didn't do a good enough job!!  Will add more incidents where things go wrong into history as soon as i think of some good ones :broadgrin    

Thanks again for the help - it's great to know what other people think

Can't people have quieter mental breakdowns?

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Title: Re: Aminah Jubair - Azhorhrian Mindsoother
Post by: Aminah on August 13, 2006, 03:32:23 AM
I think thats better - reading it through after what you said i could see the bits that made it sound as if she could always calm the horses.  Thankyou.  Changed!

Can't people have quieter mental breakdowns?

Title: Re: Aminah Jubair - Azhorhrian Mindsoother
Post by: Augustus the Wanderer on August 17, 2006, 03:30:23 AM
Thanks for telling me. I found the page after i posted, and I think it would be a very cool ability. I think that maybe you should go into a bit more detail about Jadwa. Is she especially loyal? is she tempermental? Is it a he or a she, as i cant remember? That kind of thing.  

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Title: Re: Aminah Jubair - Azhorhrian Mindsoother
Post by: Aminah on August 17, 2006, 05:07:23 PM
Most of the details about Jadwa are in the familiars section i.e. "a six-year-old Azhorhrian mare" hehe.  I added a little more about the Ami-Jadwa relationship though because i hadn't really gone into much detail.

Can't people have quieter mental breakdowns?

Title: Re: Aminah Jubair - Azhorhrian Mindsoother
Post by: Garth Avery on August 17, 2006, 09:15:23 PM

I've read through your CD, and for the most part I don't really have that many comments. There are some spelling mistakes (exceptance instead of acceptance etc). Maybe you could run it through a spellcheck, although they're not very reliable. If you have already done that, I'd be happy to help by picking out the spellingmistakes. I love to nitpick *grins*

One thing I did notice has to do with her age. You say that the first time she goes to the fair, she is 'in her 16th year', but then you say she has already turned 16. If you have turned 16, you are in your 17th year. But this is something very minor, and only illustrates just how much I love to nitpick ;)

With kind regard, Garth

Title: Re: Aminah Jubair - Azhorhrian Mindsoother
Post by: Aminah on August 18, 2006, 03:10:23 AM
Ok i'm actually embarassed at how many spelling mistakes there were in that - I suppose i've changed it a lot since the first Word version.  Thanks for nit-picking :)  there are some things you just don't pick up when you're reading through your own work.  Especially the "16th year" thing, I never would've realised that.

Can't people have quieter mental breakdowns?

Title: Re: Aminah Jubair - Azhorhrian Mindsoother
Post by: Garth Avery on August 18, 2006, 03:49:23 AM
No problem, I'm here to help... And to nitpick to my heart's delight *grins*

Could you maybe return the favour and look over Garth's CD, see if maybe I missed some things in my own work? I don't normally ask this or anything, but I'd like him approved as quickly as possible (I'm sure you know the feeling ;) )

With kind regards,


Title: Re: Aminah Jubair - Azhorhrian Mindsoother
Post by: Mina on August 18, 2006, 08:00:23 AM
The others seem to be taking quite a long time to get to your CD.  Anyway, after looking over your CD, I couldn't find much to comment about, except that aside from your first weakness, the rest might not be valid weaknesses.  I'm not entirely sure about this though.  

Title: Re: Aminah Jubair - Azhorhrian Mindsoother
Post by: Aminah on August 18, 2006, 08:21:23 AM
Thanks for looking again - do you know why they might not be valid?

Can't people have quieter mental breakdowns?

Title: Re: Aminah Jubair - Azhorhrian Mindsoother
Post by: Mina on August 18, 2006, 08:34:23 AM
Like I said, I'm not entirely sure they aren't weaknesses.  However, the second one might be considered a limitation to her ability rather than a weakness, and the third might be a personality trait instead.  Supposedly anything can be a weakness if you can show how it hinders your character, but I'm not sure about the current standards.  

Title: Re: Aminah Jubair - Azhorhrian Mindsoother
Post by: Aminah on August 22, 2006, 05:29:23 PM
Ok, thanks i'm going to wait for one of the character mods to have an official go through this before i change anything so big, but I'll think of some extra things to put in just in case :)  

Can't people have quieter mental breakdowns?

Title: Re: Aminah Jubair - Azhorhrian Mindsoother
Post by: Mina on September 07, 2006, 03:25:23 AM
Wow, this CD has really been neglected.  You're still around, right?  I'll just go ahead and give my approval first, and hopefully it'll attract some attention.  I'm pretty much okay with the CD already anyway.  

Title: Re: Aminah Jubair - Azhorhrian Mindsoother
Post by: Kalína Dalá'isyrás on January 01, 1970, 09:00:00 AM
I found nothing outstanding other than I personally feel she might be too young for her amount of "power", but it all depends on how she is rped out in the long run as this is the first mindsoother I have really truely seen (at least in a long while).

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