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Author Topic: --DISREGARD--  (Read 1369 times)
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Aiyana Xanthe
New Santharian

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« on: July 25, 2003, 04:35:22 AM »

Here's a totally revamped Aiyana. I have changed: her age (I managed to figure out the conversion thing), her personality, her history, her strengths/weaknesses and her possessions. Thanks.

Name: Aiyana Xanthe

Gender: Female

Age: 75 {Target human age-20}

Race: Mélad'rhím Elf

Tribe: Mélad'rhím

Class/Title: Grey Ranger

Appearance: Aiyana stands 1.7526 peds, short for an elf. She weighs about 1 pygge and 3 hebs and has a light build. Because she has lived outside for so long, her skin is slightly tanned and she has sinewy muscles. She has shoulder-length, straight, blond hair and large, deep, grey eyes which turn flinty when she is angry or tense. She has an oval, chiseled face and high, pointy ears, distinctly showing her attractive elven heritage. She has the tattoo of an eagle on her calf, symbolizing her strength, independence and freedom. She is normally dressed in a pale grey leather jerkin, and similar pants. She also carries a vest made from the hide of a nul’tum and a bright green cloak she rarely wears.

Personality: Aiyana has a fiery, robust personality. Traveling alone for so long has not altered her outgoing personality, and she is usually friendly and warmhearted when it comes to others. She values friendship highly, and once a friend is made, he or she is a friend forever. Aiyana seeks companionship, of what race it does not matter; someone who will stay by her through all times, difficult or otherwise. When it comes to members of the opposite sex, she is quietly seductive and alluring. She wears her emotions on her sleeve, not afraid to speak her mind. Even though she will speak her mind, she is almost always calm, rarely getting upset. She is not naturally suspicious, and is trusting, unless an individual has done something to make her wary. In combat, Aiyana is precise and calculated, making measured attacks calmly.

History: Aiyana Xanthe’s life was filled with excitement from the day she was born. She was born during an intense storm. At the time, her tribe had been occupying a small plot of land within sight of the Prominent Mountains. There had been a storm, one that had brewed so quickly that many of the tribe’s members were caught in the torrential downpour that ensued. Lightning had filled the sky, and many were convinced the world would come to an end.
        For Aiyana, the world was just beginning. From the moment her eyes opened, she was entranced by the world she lived in. She was fascinated by the air, the ground, the water. She was captivated by fire, by her races developments since the beginning. She never grew out of her wide-eyed amazement, always looking at the world in a new way.
        Aiyana was more interested in hunting and trapping then she was in any other role within her tribe, and trained herself to be efficient in both categories. When food was plentiful and the tribe congregated together, she badgered older elves into teaching her sword fighting, archery and the art of knives. Soon she became proficient with a bow and knife, rising to become one of the best hunters in her community.
        She lived in a small tribe, a tribe that had changed over the years. Her tribe migrated often, more often then, she was told, others of her race. Over these travels, Aiyana encountered all types of individuals. She met humans and orcs (the latter of which was not always met on friendly terms), as well as other elves and the occasional dwarf. Through these interracial meetings, Aiyana acquired many items, some of which she still has during the present.
        One such item was a recurve bow. At one point in her tribe’s travels, they met with a small band of elves, each from a different tribe. The elves existed through traveling, selling items and telling stories to different people, whether they be wanderers or nobles. While they were visiting with Aiyana’s tribe, they initiated an archery contest (which was considered somewhat unnecessary and unwanted by many elders), the winner receiving a bow of their choice. Aiyana entered, and won, choosing a custom-tailored recurve bow which would eventually fit her build and body perfectly.
        At one point in her life, when Aiyana was 70, she decided that it was time she left the tribe. When she announced this, the tribe was understanding, each individual knowing Aiyana’s love for adventure. She was left alone at the Shaded Forest and under the unofficial protection of the Injerin.
        Aiyana embraced freedom wholeheartedly. As she watched her tribe disappear from view, a new sense of being flooded through her every vein, her every pore and into her heart. She felt new, like a person who had awoken from a deep sleep after too many years. Nothing could worry her, nothing could faze her happiness.
        Aiyana made camp that night early. By dusk, she had a blazing fire and an effective lean-to. She felt slightly alone, but was still under the exhilaration she had felt initially. The night was a dangerous time in northern Sarvonia. Aiyana was about to find out how dangerous it really was.
        About midnight, Aiyana heard a call. The call was definitely not human, and sounded like it had come from a great bird. She followed the noise, bow in hand until she saw the source of the noise. Three figures were circling an eagle, high above Aiyana on a rocky outcropping. The outcropping was jutting out from a cliff, and was about 10 peds up. Aiyana knew what she had to do.
        (Now is a good time to point out that though Aiyana never truly aligned or associated herself with good or evil, she always had somewhat noble tendencies. She did not appreciate the slaughter of innocents, nor did she partake in mindless killing.)
        Aiyana climbed up the rocky face without hesitation, arriving at the outcropping in less then a minute. One of the humans noticed her, turning and aiming a clumsy punch where her head would have been if she had not ducked. While she was crouched, she lashed out with her foot, catching the man just above the ankle, flipping him almost completely. His two comrades heard him hit the ground and turned on Aiyana, weapons bared. In the blink of an eye, Aiyana had drawn her bow, notched an arrow and fired. The arrow embedded itself in the closer man’s chest, and he toppled backward. The other charged, and lashed out with a crude and rusty short sword, the blade just catching Aiyana’s stomach. She retaliated on instinct and reflex alone, her conscious senses clouded by pain. There was a brief instant when she saw her opponent topple before she was plunged into darkness.
        She awoke the next morning, still on the outcropping. Her stomach had stopped bleeding, a small gash across her abdomen. She propped herself up, dazed, and looked around. There were three men lying, sprawled along the outcropping, two dead. The other was unconscious, but Aiyana quickly and quietly dispatched of him with his own sword. Anger bubbled inside her, and she attempted to rise, but was forced down by blinding pain.
        A gentle cooing noise broke through her anger, and returned her to reality. She looked at the large eagle, bleeding in many places, the eyes half glazed over. It cooed again, nudging forward a single large egg that had managed to escape the melee unharmed. It died there, the eyes void of life, and Aiyana cried.
        She cared for that egg for another week, keeping it warm under heated blankets and her own body heat. It hatched soon, and Aiyana fed and cared for it until it was big enough to hunt for itself. From the day it hatched, Aiyana felt a special bond to the eagle, whom she dubbed Talyn. As it grew, Aiyana developed a type of “bird-speak” which she learned from listening to other birds and Talyn. Soon, she could communicate intelligently with Talyn, and she took advantage of this new skill. She trained Talyn, using bird-speak and hand signals, until he responded to hundreds of commands flawlessly.
        After 8 months spent in the Shaded Forest, Aiyana felt it was time to move on. She and Talyn, who accompanied her everywhere she went. She moved north and east to the Prominent Mountains. She arrived at the base of one of the mountains without incident, where she encountered a mine inhabited by Kurakim dwarves. While she was there, there was a raid. Orcs attacked the city, and the dwarves, though outnumbered, managed to defend the city. During the fighting, Aiyana had single-handedly accounted for over 20 of the enemy, including a small troll the orcs had managed to force into fighting. For this, the master smith presented her with a specially weighted and tailored scimitar, one made of mithril.
        She left the dwarves on good terms, traveling west to Darooth. From there, she was taken aboard a ship purely because she was Mélad'rhím. She told stories for her payment, adding another to her list when a kraken was sighted. The passengers and crew flocked to the deck, weapons ready. There was no need for battle though, as the kraken did not attack.
        Besides the kraken, the voyage was uneventful, and Aiyana arrived at Ishmarin a week later. This new town fascinated her. She saw civilized humans and knights, all kinds of travelers from all races. She saw gnomes and even a centaur, and took in these new sights with glee.
        After a few weeks in Ishmarin, she left, and headed east towards Nyermersys. She had heard strange and wonderful tales of the place, and was eager to verify them with her own eyes. As she left Ishmarin, she looked back many times, imprinting the city and her adventures into her memory forever. Once the town was out of sight, she turned forward, eager to write a new chapter in her book.

Occupation: Aiyana has always been a ranger, and will always stay a ranger. In her mind, the outdoors are where she belongs, where she was destined to be. The indoors are only a disappointing necessity, and at times, Aiyana will concede and exist out of her natural habitat. Aiyana also has some tendencies to be a thief. If anything, her ranger skills help her, as she has trained to move silently and utilize all of her surroundings to her full advantage. Her thirst for excitement fuels both “careers”, and Aiyana embraces that thirst wholeheartedly.

Weaknesses: Aiyana is not trained in magic, and therefore cannot defend against it. She has no care for deities or gods, preferring to rely on herself. She is not trained using larger weapons, such as clubs, maces, great swords and axes. Aiyana also does not know or respect authority. Because she has lived alone, comfortably, she sees no need for one person to be higher up then another, and does not see why one has the power to make laws, etc.

Strengths: Aiyana is trained highly in lighter weapons, including slings, bows, daggers and scimitars. She is extremely accurate with bows and throwing knives, skills she has honed through many hours of hunting. Aiyana’s preferred close-quarters weapon is a scimitar, but is skilled with daggers as well. Physically, Aiyana is extremely fit, and she is a competent climber and swimmer/diver. Aiyana is extremely agile and quick, able to dodge many types of attacks with ease. Aiyana also knows many skills, such as fletching, fire making, carving, simple smithing, fishing, weaving, sewing and tanning to name a few.

Possessions: Over her travels, Aiyana has acquired many items. Her clothing includes a light grey, almost silver top which she wears most of the time, as well as dark grey pants. She also owns an emerald green hooded cape, which she wears in bad weather. Besides those clothes, she has a dark green top and two pairs of brown pants. For footwear, she either goes barefoot or wears tailored boots. Besides clothing, Aiyana has many weapons. For close quarters she carries a custom-made scimitar with a mithril blade which is slung across her back. She also carries four throwing knives, each fit into a certain place on her body, and each poisoned using a non-lethal substance. She also carries a recurve bow and a quiver of 30 arrows {Note-the arrows are thin, long and have an iron tip}. In equipment, Aiyana travels light, carrying only a small canteen and a small leather pouch.

Animals/Familiars: Aiyana is accompanied by an eagle, Talyn. The eagle’s wingspan is just over 2 peds. Talyn was trained by Aiyana using a combination of “bird-speak” and hand signals. The bird now understands over 400 commands, ranging from ‘perch’ to ‘attack’.  

Aiyana Xanthe-Female Elven Ranger

Edited by: Aiyana Xanthe  at: 8/24/03 23:44
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Elf, Ylfferhim

« Reply #1 on: July 25, 2003, 06:39:22 AM »

Why the revamp so soon?


Aiyana Xanthe
New Santharian

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« Reply #2 on: July 25, 2003, 08:05:22 AM »

Three reasons.  One: I didn't really like her personality.  I wanted to make it more defined.  Two: I wanted to emphasize the fact she loves traveling and adventure.  Three: I wanted her skills/weapons to be more rangerish and unique.  How's it look?

Aiyana Xanthe-Female Elven Ranger

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