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Author Topic: Lesson 2 - Introduction  (Read 2718 times)
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New Santharian

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« on: August 15, 2001, 04:01:22 PM »

When the first pupils enter the classroom this second day, Ormelor is already waiting for them.

Behind him now stands a huge basket with breathing holes in it. Ormelor rises from his chair and stands next to his desk.

“Ah… It's good to see all of you back again. Hand me over those papers please…
Thank you…
Sit down, class”

Ormelor rummages through the papers and skims through them.  He seems to be looking for something. Finally he takes one paper out of the lot, and holds it up in front of the class.

“Here we have a fine example of how not to create a character… I knew for sure that at leastone of you would be making this mistake…”

He starts reading out loud.

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New Santharian

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« Reply #1 on: August 15, 2001, 04:04:22 PM »

The theif Preewee.

Has a kloak for infisibility. Can't be herd by anyone. Nowan sees 'im. He can kil evreeone witout making a sount. Preewee also has some magiccal capabibilities. In fact, has alot off magiccal capabibilities. Can do offensif magic and defensif, and can reet thoughts. Wen he is been attackt, Preewee will kill all otters with his super swort. Dis swort allows him to breed under water and resist all heath as well as colt as well as wether as well as wounds.

PS: Preewee is immortel.

Let's face it, boys and girls. No one is able to do everything, no one foresees all, no one knows how to befriend whatever species you meet and you can't know what everyone thinks before they say it.

Remember what I said about realism? How you had to try to make up a persona in which the ones who read about it could believe?

If someone like this… ehm… Preewee enters any kind of thread, there is not much fun left for the others. When you are just enjoying a nice fight with a hoard of goblins, you don't wish for one superhero to spoil all your fun by killing all naughty people with one magic spell.
When you are fighting a duel, you want there to be some challenge in it. If the other one just refuses to get hit from time to time and is too powerful, what would you do? You'd run away… And our superhero, the God-character, can be immortal on his own.

When you do join a battle and you make it end with just a snap of your fingers, others will not appreciate it. You will be corrected gently the first time. But if you are a hard study, the next time you may have to cope with quite harsh comments, demanding you to "please drop the god-character". If you still don't learn, they might even drop the please…
The whole point of these RP threads is that you escape from the normal, boring life for a moment. If you go on a quest here, you hope to encounter exciting events. A troll to slaughter, a fair maiden who's guarding over a poor dragon, an evil liche-king that's looking for a book and threatens to kill your friends… These are what you encounter, these are the things you deal with.

If someone takes that away with just a flick of his wrist, all you're left with, is a rather dull ordinary world… Take out the quests, battles and duels, and what is left?
You can walk from one house to the other, the only ordeal you'll go through being a summer's drizzle… You can visit your local grocery story and gossip about boring every day things… You can safely make a dance on the graveyard for if any evil zombies, skeletons, ghouls, ghosts, liches or just angry priests would dare to show up, Mr. God (or Preewee…) will come and solve all your problems just like that.

Make your character at least a little bit vulnerable.

Everyone has a weak spot…

If shards of glass are flying through the air, it is very unlikely you won't get a scratch. If 15 goblins are surrounding you and poking you with their swords, you won't escape unharmed. Oh come on, even an Elven ranger can sprain his ankle once in a while…

Ormelor holds the paper between one finger and his thumb, with his arm outstretched in front of him. Without a word, he walks up to the author and places the paper on that person's table.

“Now try again?” he says with a smile.

As he turns his back, he has to shake off a shudder rushing through his spine because of the mere thought of the Preewee character breeding…
Returning to his chair, he checks his watch.

“It's been enough for today. Tomorrow I will be seeing a very important chapter. I expect all of you to be present then again. But it would take me too long to write all of that out now.”

“Class dismissed. See you all tomorrow.”

While the classroom empties quickly, Ormelor pulls a bag from under the desk. The basket behind him shudders as he approaches it.
He carefully removes the lock and peeks inside.

“Sit still you… Tomorrow you can come out.” Ormelor mumbles while he throws the contents of the bag in the basket; old cookies and a flask of kiwi-juice. Before what- or whoever can escape, Ormelor closes the lid again. He stares at the basket, from which now munching sounds resound, deep in thoughts for a while, then kicks it with a smile.

“See ya tomorrow…” he says cheerily while walking away from the front of the classroom. When he puts out the lights, a soft moaning roar resounds. Ormelor shakes his head, and closes the door.

Tomorrow promises to be a very interesting day…

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