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Author Topic: Story #16: Place Descriptions  (Read 926 times)
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« on: October 17, 2003, 03:51:22 AM »

Hidden Port De*****ion

At first glance, Hidden Port appears seedy and run-down.  At second glace the place doesn't look much better.  Buildings are unpainted, weathered and usually looking in dire need of repair.  The people are shifty and tend to stick to the shadows.  Very few children are seen- this is not the place to raise families- and the few on the streets are usually beggers or runaways, and most likely are thieves in training.  

Eight months out of the year, the place is covered in snow and ice, and there is only one short month in summer where one can walk about without a cloak to keep warm.  There is always a chill wind blowing off the sea, so people tend to dress rather warmly most of the year, with their money pouches hidden under layers of clothes and fur cloaks.  

The small town is traversed by foot so anyone riding is sure to be from out of town.  Husky, thick-furred dogs run the streets, seagulls plague the docks, and ravens reign inland (the only cat in town resides at the trinket shop).

Local Rumors

[To be added]

Place: Hidden Port

Location: Peninsula of Iol, Northern Sarvonia
Type: Town, port
Size: Small

Residential Population: 70
Visiting Population: 10-100 (varies)

Typical visiting races: Human (Kuglimz, and various other travelers from Southern Sarvonia), Dwarven (mostly Kurakim and the occasional Black Dwarf), Elves (mostly Injerin and Ice Elves, also the occasional Diorye’oleal), and even more rarely- Rhom-Oc orcs, Rat Brownies and the rarest of all- Trolls (only the very brave ones).

Typical classes: Pirates, smugglers, thieves, assassins, and all other manner of rogue.  Even the 'legitimate' businessmen have something illicit going on the side...

Government and law enforcement: The town is governed by a council of five local business owners (the control of which is currently being fought over by two powerful individuals, each the head of their own underground guilds).  There are three patrols that take an 8 hour watch each day, trying to keep the peace.  Troublemakers are dealt with swiftly and usually on a permanent basis, so not many crimes are committed openly in Hidden Port.

The buildings are found in this order, from the waterside:
Docks: Warehouses
Town: Governmental buildings/Shops/Inns/Taverns (mixed up, I supply a map)
Residential: All are scattered beyond the edge of town, yet still fairly close in.

The Sailor's Respite (Owner: Haxel the dwarf; waitress: Alinora; cook: Grumsh the orc)

Portsway Inn & Stables

Taverns: (aka the poormans' business offices)

The Ivory Wolf

Gretta's Grotto

The Wayward Wind


Warehouses:  (all are located near the docks)
Grimjaw Company

Felnor's Way

Icetide Inc.

The Storeman's House

Geraldi's (tailor/seamstress)

The Open Cache (general store)

Northern Artifacts (art & trinkets & other stuff)

The Tannery (leather goods)

The Black Anvil (blacksmith/armory/weaponry)

Ports' Books and More (bookstore/scribner)

Hidden Port Council Hall

Hidden Port Jailhouse

Small dwellings, located inland: 18
Apartment houses, The Hive & the other one, both located downtown)
Manors, located inland (to be named later if needed) 4

Other town information:

Independent contractors: Bounty hunters, escorts, bodyguards, carpenters, animal handlers, and just about any other professional not listed in the shops above can usually be found if one looks hard enough and has enough money to pay.

Fences: All businesses in this town will fence stolen goods, but most stick to only what they can sell.  There are independent fences in the town, as well as those just passing through.

Thievery and such: Nearly all locals belong to one of the two guilds.  Although each guild has its on forte, they have nearly every type of illicit activity covered.  Of course, neither guild takes kindly to independent thieves working in their territory and the guilds have been known to work together to keep a third organization from springing up in the small town.


Name: The Shadow League
Forte: assassination, prostitution, kidnapping, forgery, pickpocketing, burglary

Name: The Ice Union
Forte: robbery, racketeering, smuggling, piracy, forgery, fencing shipments


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