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Author Topic: Atsuin REDO  (Read 1573 times)
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« on: April 17, 2005, 11:40:22 PM »

Name: Atsuin Yohilipon
Age: 33

Height: 2.5 peds

Weight: 2.3 pygges

Race: Psyrpent

Tribe: The Claws of Queprur

Guild: None, he is an outcast

Occupation: Does random jobs for people. Somewhat like a mercenary.

Title: Ranger of the Red Claw.

Eye color: Scarlet, also has a scar across his right eye. 3 scratch marks.

Skin: Black flaked with white here and there. scratched up on the body, scars everywhere, but the head is rather fine except for the 3 scratch marks on his eye.

Posture: has a slight hunch, and has a very, very, very, slight limp on his left leg.

Clothes: He wears leather armor underneath his black and white cloak. He also wears leather chaps. His cloak has a hood that he puts on rather often. He also has a red cape with black and white trim.

Equipment: When going head on into battle, he wears a short sleeved steel chain mail, and with a hard leather vest underneath it. for his legs, he wears hard leather pants. He also wears steel shin guards and steel gauntlets. the shin guards and gauntlets have a 'evil' look to them, for the edges of them are jagged. Wears the same red cape. He carries 4 weapons around with him in battle. (The reason he doesn't wear blessed armor is cause he doesn't believe in the Psyrpent gods. That's why he's an outcast.) He carries 4 weapons in battle, a sword, a spear, and two knives. His sword is a long sword made of steel. the handle is scarlet, the hilt is gold, and on both ends of the hilt, there are garnets. His spear is an ordinary double bladed spear. The handle is steel as well as the blade. His two daggers are very plain ones. They don't have hilts, and they are made of steel. He poisons them sometimes. He also has a nice little spot in his cloak where he can hide them.

Jewelry: He wears a golden amulet with a gold medallion at the end of the chain. in the medallion, there is a garnet. He also wears a golden ring with a garnet embedded in it.

Personality: Normally a "silent" person. Likes to have fun though. He often jokes with his friends.


Strength:Very handy when it comes to survival or brute strength. Even though his frame isn't the biggest of all psyrpents, he is still strong.

Resourceful: He knows how to do things, like smithing, deforesting, fishing, carving, cooking, mining, and many other useful skills.

Warrior: He is a very experienced sword, spear, and dagger fighter as well.

Smarts: Has an abundance of common sense and logic. Knows quite a bit of the outside world from his travels and missions.


Personality: He is lazy, not the nicest person in the world to strangers, impatient, often procrastinates, lies sometimes, and is pretty much a little bit shady. A bit of a show off too.

Darkness: For some reason, he's still afraid of the dark at times. This is a rather big and immature disadvantage.

Misc: He owns a female, black Turpin horse named Tasha, and has a dwarf friend named Frerin that owns a male, black Turpin horse named Seth.

His Story:

When Atsuin was born, he was the favorite of his parents. Because of this, his father spent much time with him, teaching him many skills such as carving and knife fighting (His father had a dirk as a weapon). His parents also let him wonder around the area. This is how he stumbled upon a human in the dungeons. At this time, he was 6, and had little knowledge of Queprur. He had also never seen a human before, and was very interested in him. He walked down the aisles, hands behinds his back, and head held high, and saw the human. He stared at him, eyes brimming with curiosity.

What do you want? snarled the human. Atsuin jumped at this, he never heard speech. He tried to say, Watch your mouth!, but found the human wasn't taking in the waves. He tried again, but it still didn't work. Now he was very interested. Ever since then, Atsuin spent most of his time in the dungeons. He would sit in a corner, and watch the queer thing snarl and yell at him. Sometimes the guards would come, poke the human with a trident, and tell Atsuin to go away. Day after day, week after week, the human became more used to Atsuin, and realized he was curious.

So every other day, Atsuin visited the human (It became a habit in a way) and every other day, he lived a normal Psyrpent life. One day, Atsuin gathered up all his courage, and got closer to the man. Yer probably wondering what I am eh? I'm a human, and you, are a Psyrpent. I am here because I am a human. Hardly seems fair.

So from then on, Atsuin not only visited the human, but he listened to him, and his ideas of the world. Such as,

Don't listen to any of their Queprur junk kid, it's all trash. Believe it or not kid, there is no god.


We humans are much more civilized than you Psyrpents, but you seem to be an okay fella.

He also told him stories of the outside world, this gave Atsuin his urge to see the outside world. One day he asked his teacher what was past the boundaries of his home. He told him, "Wilderness, and nothing else. You have no need to pay attention to such."

As Atsuin grew up, he never worked. All he did was sit around, and dream about the outside world. The other Psyrpents got extremely annoyed at this, and decided that if Atsuin wanted to see the outside world so badly, let him!

So they kicked him out, for his parent's pleas to keep him weren't enough. Before he left, his mother gave him her ring, and his father gave him his dirk and pendant.

In the wilderness, he taught himself some more useful skills, such as wood cutting, fishing, cooking etc. Everyday was a struggle to survive for him. So he lived his teen life in this tedious way. Until one day, he had his first battle. At this time, Atsuin was 13 years old. All he had with him was a tunic, gloves, boots,his mother's ring , and his father's pendant, dirk, and knife combat training. His opponent just happened to be a female moss bear with her cubs in a cave... Atsuin was tired, very tired. He needed a place to rest, and there was one. He was looking at a not so big cave entrance. Not knowing anything of the dangers of moss bears he went on in. Just when he was about to get his face clawed up by a very angry female bear, a 33 year old Kurakim Dwarf came rushing in, wielding 2 hand axes.

Name: Frerin

Age: 53

Height: 1.5 peds

Weight:1.5 pygges

Race: Dwarf

Tribe: Kurakim

Title: The Steel Blacksmith

Occupation: Blacksmith


Eye: Brown

Skin: Like any normal Kurakim dwarf.

Posture: Like that of a slightly old man.

Clothes: Wears baggy leather chaps, and a baggy and blue wool shirt. Both are long sleeved. He also has a blue cloak for cold days.

Equipment: Same as Atsuin, just instead of a sword, a spear, and 2 knives, he uses a double bladed axe (one handed) and carries two hatchets.

Jewelry: None

Personality: A nice old fellow. Willing to help anyone he believes deserves it. Almost never gets angry, but when he does, you want to stay out of the way.


Smithy: Skilled in the arts of mining, and smithing. He can smith practically anything, as long as it's steel. He works best with steel.

Warrior: His combat skills were enough to teach Atsuin the basics of fighting.

Friendly: Pretty much friendly to anybody, and everybody. Even animals.


Old Age: He's getting old, so his bones are frail, which means he can't be as active.

Temper: Hard to get peeved, but if it ever does happen, his old age doesn't get in the way of his rage. He normally wakes up the next day with a bad headache though.

Intellect: Being old, his brains just ain't what they use to be.

It wasn't a long battle. The mother bear only had a few seconds to attack before the 'ambushers' did. All she managed to do was give Atsuin a nice scar on the face however. Atsuin and Frerin, being pretty desperate at the time, cooked the poor bear cubs, and ate them.

After finally finding their way out of the forest, they found civilization. There, they rented two rooms in a tavern, and barely managed to pay the rent every month.

They got their money from going around town square, and looking for people that need things like floor scrubbing done.
One day, Frerin decided that their poor way of life just wouldn't cut it, and left to find the two friends a new home. He found a cave, and Atsuin moved in with him. Life there was not as comfortable, but affordable.

Within the cave, Frerin taught Atsuin how to sword fight using Frerins spare sword. When Frerin decided Atsuin was a good enough fighter, he instructed him in the ways of ore and mining. He told him that if one day, he had the materials and the equipment, he would forge them new weapons, and even new armor. So Atsuin set off in search of money, and ore.
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