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Author Topic: City of Voldar Rebellion Update One!  (Read 1686 times)
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« on: September 26, 2005, 11:58:22 AM »

City of Voldar... Rebellion!

History- After a failed attempt to assassinate King Cedric the Fourth, the king orders all gates to be closed except the Main Gate.

Current Players:
1.Damien Scar: Commander of Voldar’s cities forces and secretly is the head of the Rebellion hoping to help Lord Voltigar overthrow King Cedric.
2.Takashi Logan- Mercenary.
3.Grunok- An Orc.
4.Haliy Anescences- A Maveverhim male elf, Adventurer.
5.Xanth The Dreamer- A human entertainer.
6.Ishmaelion- A human philosopher.
7.Mac the slayer- A retired assassin.
8.Ratdragon-A Quaelhoirhim male elf; Mercenary.
9.Tithle Fi Thea- A Quaelhoirhim male elf, Ranger.
10.Darien Gulath- A Helcrani half-elf, Assassin.
11.Norkin- A retired blacksmith.

Important NPC’s
1.Captain Norman Graaves- Captain of Voldar’s cities forces.
2.Thai- Owner and bartender of Arht’s Spot. Friend of Damien’s and secretly a member of the rebellion.
3.Tilath- Head of the Palace dungeon guards. He and several of his guards are loyal to Damien
4.Lycheus- Royal Attendant.
5.Rhuel- A disgraced and vengeful soldier.
6.King Cedric the Fourth- King that overthrew Lord Voltigar.
7.Lord Voltigar- Previous King, wanting the Throne back.
8.Trelor- Warden and vicious torturer of the Palace Dungeon.
9.Malgion- Leader of the “Thieves Den” Damien and he have an agreement between them to use the thieves, whores and assassins that are under Malgion’s control to help in the Rebellion.

Summary of game-:  Damien Scar gave his signet ring to Grunok in hopes of enlisting the Orc in the Rebellion.  However the plan backfired and now Grunok is in the Palace dungeon along with Norkin who tried to save him.  A long forgotten, unused law called; The Noble’s Law, was used by Damien’s enemies to strip him of his command.  

In the meantime Thai enlisted Haliy and Ratdragon to find out what really happened when Gruonk ran through the city and allegedly had killed someone.  Then Thai unknowingly asked Darien to help him carry Dreamer up to his room when Dreamer suddenly collapsed during his show.  Darien paid by an unknown person to kill Damien knocks out Thai hoping to get information from him to help him find Damien. Damien looking for Thai is knocking on doors of the inn Arth’s Spot calling his name.  Unknowingly, Damien is knocking on a door that Darien is behind.

Takashi an unknown assassin with his accomplice, Mies, has not yet decided what his plans are.  Ishmaelion, is walking around the city.  Mac, had a friend that needed him and decided to leave, but may come back in the future.  Tithle has just entered the city and has not been drawn into the challenges of the city…yet.

Warden Trelor has finally called for Grunok to be taken to his chamber of horrors for interrogation.  Tilath told Reif, another dungeon guard to find Damien to see if Damien could figure out a way to help Grunok, before it was too late for the orc.

Takashi, in disguise, runs into Damien outside in the upstairs hallway at Arth's. Damien tries to recruit Takashi to help him find Thai, as they both seemed to want to do the same thing.  Suddenly a dungeon guard comes yelling up down the hallway with his sword drawn. Damien thinking it is a plot to trap him, draws his axe and waits.

Ratdragon and Haily should be scouring the black market looking for clues to whomever Grunok had supposedly killed which will eventually lead them to Karashi, who know the truth.  But Marvin and Bert knows as well, but Bert has other plans for the person who Grunok supposedly had killed, but after jumping out of the second floor of Arth's had hurt his ankle and was heading toward a healer with Marvin before they could continue their dastardly deed and make sure that the person who Grunok supposedly killed, is really dead.  That person is an old woman whose name is Wilma.

Will be edited when new players are added or at the Mod's discretion.


Edited by: Capher at: 10/5/05 14:56
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« Reply #1 on: November 18, 2005, 01:49:22 AM »

Continuing on- Meantime Marvin is healed from his broken ankle and he and Bert begin their hunt for Wilma.  In the meantime Trelor the Warden orders Tilath to prepare Grunok to send him to his chambers.  Tilath orders Reif to go find Damien and tell him what is happening.  When Reif goes to find Damien at Arth's he is surprised to see Takashi, who he does not know, drawing a bow upon him with Damien in the middle.  After some conversation with Damien telling Rief that Takashi, in disguise, was not the enemy but he thought that his enemy was in room number six, he uses his Kyranian axe and busts into the room.

There Darien, confronts Damien.  He has Thai, tied and beaten to a chair.  When Damien entered the room, Darien put a knife to Thai's throat, there was a much heated discussion between the two.  Finally after Thai tells Damien that his life would be best forfiet so that Damien could kill Darien, Darien quickly and aggressively knocks out Thai, and pulls twins war swords out.  Damien advances upon him, but unknowingly Takashi who had drawn his arrow and was aiming at Darien's hand with the knife does not notice Damien had gotten in the way of his shot right before he let go and accidently shot Damien an almost lethat blow in his back, the arrow sticking out of Damien's upper left chest.

All the while Ratdragon who had been searching the city , finally finds Karshi, who agrees to follow Ratdragon back to Arth's. What Ratdragon finds is Damien with an arrow in his back, Takashi with another arrow drawn facing a man who was hiding behind an upturned table.  Ratdragon immediately draws his own bow but is confused as he hears conflicting stories coming from Takashi and Darien.  Finally, Rief who had been stunned when he saw Damien get shot and thought he was dead, told the truth.  And now Takashi and Ratdragon was confronting Darien, the Predator, with arrows as he cowered behind the table and many more armed men were coming up the stairs.

Meanwhile two things were happening: In the dungeon Tilath hatched a plan for Gruonk to escape, kill Trelor and then they were both going after the King.  However outside the city walls a ranger elf is admitted into the city, with strange scratches upon his body.  The scratches are determined to be made by a lesser demon.  Nichea, the head healer at Nehetor's temple begins the healing process of the elf, called Tythle.  He heads toward the Castle to tell the King.

Another elf, Terri, is asking for admittance into the city.


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