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Author Topic: Your Character Descriptions/Your Contact Info  (Read 36375 times)
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Elf, Eophyrhim

« Reply #45 on: April 25, 2007, 11:48:30 PM »

Contact me at:


    *Weivóc'Neán(destiny end)



    Approximately 2 peds and a palmspan.

    1 pygge, 5 hebs, 8 ods.

Eye Color:

Hair Color:


    Eophyrhim Elf.

    Assassin, Bounty Hunter.

    The Forsaken.

    From the looks of him, one would not guess this mans gruesome past. He has grown into a expert assassin. If asked, this man would say "I enjoy what I do for a living". He moves in the night very swiftly and silently. He always sticks to the shadows and never reveals himself at night while on a mission.   

Physical Appearance:
    Overall Body- He is a tall and slender elf. Even though he is actually strong, his body structure deceives the eye and gives him a different appearance. He has some tattoos that are just the drawings and not colored in.

    Head- He has three piercing on his right ear and two piercing on his left ear. Two of the piercing on his right ear, and a piercing on his left ear are dangling diamonds, which he believes brings good luck to him on his missions. The other two, one on each ear, are studs, which he believes keeps bad omens from entering his dreams. His hair falls down to his shoulder blades in the back, gradually shortening while heading to his face where it only goes down just below his, almond shaped, crystal blue eyes. Even though his hair is sort of long, it has never given him away.

    Arms- He has a tattoo of a hawk soaring on each of his upper arms. This is over tight sinewy rippling muscles. These are from long periods of working out and strengthening these muscles in different ways.

    Upper Body- He has a tattoo of a lone mithral wolf on his back. Also, on his chest, there is a tattoo of a frost dragon curling around staring straight out with spine chilling eyes. This is over a tight well worked out chest and abs that show no trace of fat.

    Legs- There is a tattoo of the Eophyrhim hunting hound on each one. Even though his legs don't look like they have much muscle, they can actually carry him and his belongings quite a distance relatively fast without tiring. This is due to endurance and speed training.

    He is always wearing a black cloak with a hood. Under his cloak, he is wearing a black ether-flake shirt and leather pants. He wears black dyed animal hide shoes. He also wears a black silk scarf that is very long but just short enough that when standing its just barely above the ground.

    He has always been different including his personality. Some even say his outlook on life is twisted, but he says that he doesn't have a strange outlook. He says we are destined to become very strong and show that you are more superior compared to others. Also, you need to have some compassion for someone or something in someway. He thinks this because this is what he has always thought, since he has been an outcast. He has always been afraid of being in a giant crowd. When in one, he get nervous and can easily lose control and start attacking people. Even though he doesn't use weapons when he does this, it does usually have one or two people need medical treatment. He does not mind openly telling people the truth, because he thinks people who lie are just weak people who deserve to die.

    Though no one knows it but him, he has a soft spot for wolves and foxes and will not abandon one in danger or that is injured. This is because he understands their pain and how they are outcasts for no reason. He also think that with power there comes responsibility. His responsibility is to work for people and do their work for them which is killing and murdering people. This is due to the thrill he finds in killing people and the fact that he believes he should give the privilege of death to those who deserve it. Otherwise when making idle chat, he is actually seems quite normal and knows much about what's happening in the world. Also if one asks, he can have the knowledge on anything that is happening around the world.

    *Stealth Skills- Ability to stealthily kill and to conceal himself in the shadows.
    *Strength- Able to swing a blade even of considerable weight very fast.
    *Endurance- Able to run long distances and able to last long through fights.
    *Adaptable- He has always been able to learn and adapt very easily to anything including weapon skills or harsh weather.
    *Customized Scimitar- he can use it quite well and has a very unique in fighting style.
    *Salén Pins- he can use these with pretty good accuracy.
    *Coorán'Lóh Blades- he can use these very well, but can't use in combination with his scimitar. Only used for if he loses his weapon, whether it be by it breaking or knocked out of his hands.

    *Agoraphobia(Fear of Big Crowds)- He has always been afraid of being in a giant crowd, and when in one, he get nervous and can easily lose control and start attacking people.
    *Slow Healing- He heals relatively slowly. No one knows the cause of this.
    *Persistent- Due to always being persistent, he has almost killed himself several times and has lost many deals on items and merchandise.
    *Weak Immune- Due to an ingrown immune system, he is susceptible to poisons, toxins, and diseases more than the usual elf. He has not grown immune to poison like a normal Eophyrhim elf, because he has never used poison on an enemy except for missions, and not to catch animals. It is ingrown due to the fact that he had recieved a good poison immnue when he was a kid and then he got older, he didn't eat anything with the usual poisons used by his tribe to hunt. Due to this, it became worse then if he never had it when born.
    *Bad Left Shoulder- Due to a badly healed injury to his shoulder during a mission, it sometimes causes him pain making him unable to use that arm.
    *Wolves/Foxes- Due to an unusual compassion for wolves and foxes, he will help them no matter what. This has put him in dangerous and unnecessary situations and also has caused him to be bit time to time.
    *Oneirophobia(Fear of Dreams)- For some odd reason, he grew up with a fear of his dreams and nightmares. No matter what they were, it always meant something bad happening depending on the dream. Sometimes he dreamt of people just dieing in front of him and the next day he would get hurt some way. Whenever he has a dream, he is always seen at a hand-made shack in the woods just out of the town he is staying at, or his home until he moves to a new town. Even though this doesn't stop what was going to happen from happening he feels like it makes it less painful. The only time he isn't at home, is when he is on a mission, but somewhere in town that day.
    *Heliophobia(Fear of Sun)- Due to a fear of the sun since birth, he has never looked at the sun, studied about the sun, or ventured into sunlight with out his entire body being covered by clothing. Due to this, he has been hindered from traveling at some points where there were rips or tears in his clothing, being afraid something would happen to him if the sun touched his skin. This has also caused his skin to become intolerant to the sun. If he were to venture into the sun with a part of his body exposed to it, it would burn very easily and could even scar.

    He was born to a pretty rich family that worked as assassins. Ever since his birth he has had 3 majors fears he couldn't conquer. These were fear of the sun, big crowds, and his dreams. Due to the fear of the sun, he has always wore a full body cloak, and tilting his head down to shade his head, to protect his skin from the sun and thought of himself tainted if he were ever touched by the sunlight. Also, when being taught, he never listened to the studies about the sun since he feared it. He naturally wanted to follow in his parent's footsteps, so they started training him at the age of 16. As he grew up he started wondering why he was on this earth and what was his purpose. He also decided that when he grew up, he was going to kill people for a living. He decided this, because he enjoyed the thrill of the hunt and success. When he turned 19, he started to work out everyday in the woods to work out. At the age of 26, his parents bought him a customized scimitar because they were starting to train him to fight with swords. It was customized how he wanted by making it longer and less curved but still kinda thin. He asked for it this way, because he liked long two handed swords, but did not like them to be excessively heavy which is how most are. He learned to use this well and fast. After he was through training with them, he became a hunter and started developing very good stealth and learn to kill quickly.

    At the age of 89, he killed many of the people in the Arvins Festival. It is a festival held every 25 years in which there is a great feast honoring 25-40 random humans. That night after the feast, the humans are released, and the Eophyrhim chase after and kill them once the sun rises. It usually lasts 2-8 days. This scared everyone because it had never been done before by one person alone so fast. They were also scared because they thought that he might give the privilege of death to fellow clan members. Even though others see him as twisted, he thinks he is just misunderstood. Before this happened, he had a dream about two wolves running across a empty field in the middle of the night when a full moon was in the sky. He believes this to symbolize him being exiled from the clan since it was a full moon that night and he was thus exiled. He then ran far away across an empty field all throughout the night.

    After he killed most of the people in the festival by himself, he was exiled from the tribe, because they felt he might betray them for some reason, and was never seen there from then on. He became a hired assassin with a scary past. He went to the nearest city to work in his new life. He worked for 8 years before he bought some coorán'lóh blades to fit his shoes. He noticed these when he saw a kaierian warrior using them. He asked what they were and if he could get some and the kaierian warrior happily helped him. He trained himself to use these, to be able to use without making major mistake, for the next 5 years, while living off money he acquired in the last 8 years. After he resumed killing for awhile, he met a stranger that introduced him into salén pins. After learning some about them he learned to use them better on his own in a small training course he built himself off in the woods.

    After that he resumed being an assassin until he was 198, then a bartender that knew what he did for a living, and that always asked him questions, asked this question, while serving him a drink, "Are your parents proud of what you do?"
    "Yes, but they don't know how good I am at my job," he replied.
    "Why haven't you told them what you do?" The bartender asked.
    Taking a drink from his glass, he then replied "Because I can't tell them how good I am on account of something I did causing me to get exiled from the tribe."
    "What was that?" The bartender inquired with a wondering voice.
    He drank the rest of his drink and set his glass down. He then replied, "I enjoy killing so much that I started to scare them all, including my own parents."

    After this, everyone that learned of his past started calling him "The Forsaken" because he did not seem normal. They thought this because it was not normal for a elf, even a Eophyrhim, to have a love for killing as much as he did. He then left the town he was in and started moving from town to town never staying longer than 10 years anywhere. He sometimes did end up in a town he had visited before but no one recognized him, because it had been at least 75 years before he went back to the same town. While in town he would find a bar after about a week of looking. When he found it he would go to the bar and order the same drink he always did. He would then let everyone know he was a bounty hunter and to leave a note on the board or to tell him personally right then of requests. He would then leave and go off into the crowd of people and disappear. He would come back later and check the board and complete the requests in less than a week, except certain ones that required much travel that would take longer.

    *Salén Pin- Was showed to him by a stranger when he was 134 and he choose to use them while this stranger taught him somewhat how to use them. He got better on his own with his own training course for them he built.
    *Coorán'Lóh Blades- He bought these himself, after seeing a Kaierian Warrior use some, at the age of 98 and learned to use them on his own.
    *Modified Scimitar- Given to him as his 26th birthday present. It's modified by making the blade longer and a little less curved. This was made at his request.

    *His weapons.
    *His clothes.
    *A sack for all his money.

RP'ing: Speech Thoughts
A link to my CD: Weivóc'Neán

May this bless all who read it with what it holds:

Sé ilian thelduin onr líf un mor'ranr thelduin onr freohr.
Altario Shialt-eck-Gorrin
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Human, Remusian

« Reply #46 on: May 09, 2007, 01:10:33 AM »

Please PM me as this is the best way to get a hold of me.

Name: Altario Shialt-eck-Gorrin (Altario Golden Shield in the ancient tongue)

Gender: Male

Age: 35

Race: Human

Tribe: Remusian

Occupation: Land Holder

Title: Adventurer

Appearance: Having been adventuring for the last few months, and not wanting to draw attention to himself, Altario has taken to wearing common, everyday clothing.  These include; tanned leather breeches, a baggy cloth shirt, hardened leather boots, and a tanned leather jacket.  Most of his clothing has been patched, rather poorly, by himself

Height: 1 Ped, 2 Fores, 1 Palmspan

Weight: 1 Pygges, 7 Hebs

Hair Colour: Black with hints of grey at the ears

Eye Colour: Grey

Physical Appearance: Altario is an impressive man, tall with a large chest, though not muscular.  In fact, he appears a little gaunt, though he is quite healthy, mostly due to his privileged upbringing.  What mostly catches other's attention is that he exudes a strength and confidence, and will always look you in the eye. He has that innate aura of someone who has always been in control of his environment, though the lines around his eyes and the little areas of grey hair at his ears betray the fact that this is no longer the case. 

Altario has cold grey eyes that are quite piercing.  He is handsome, but in a mature, weathered way.  When he smiles, somewhat more uncommon than in days previous, dimples appear on both sides of his mouth.  He has a wide scar on his left forearm, a souvenir of a battle long ago.  His black hair falls to his shoulders, longer than he would normally wear it, but the rigors of the road have forestalled any attempt to cut it.  It is kept neat, though, as is the two day growth of beard that adorns his face. Altario sometimes walks with a limp, mostly on cold early mornings, depending on how his right knee feels, as old age is beginning to creep up behind him.

Personality: The cliche “strong silent type” was invented for people like Altario.  He is not one for small talk and prefers to only voice an opinion when it matters most.  Although not officially belonging to any group of knights, he has a strong sense of honour that he adheres to.  It is this honour that keeps him going when his mind and body beg for rest.  Though a born leader, he now prefers to keep a low profile, and tends to act as adviser.  He remembers what it is like to laugh and be happy, though he has found no reason to in many months.  Sullen would be too strong a word, whereas distant would be more appropriate.

------ Altario is an educated, intelligent man.  He can read and write, though he speaks no languages other than his native Ice Tribe language and Tharian.

----- Altario is very competent with sword and shield, as well as a lance.  He can also handle a bow, though only somewhat better than average.

---- Altario is the son of a wealthy landowner in his homeland, thus he has access to funds by producing promissory notes to elites almost anywhere within the lands of the Ice Tribes.  His reputation is beyond reproach and his need for money is minimal, so he usually has no trouble getting money if he needs it, as well as food and a roof over his head.  He is extremely careful not to over use this advantage, and in fact, prefers to keep his wealth to himself.

--- Altario was raised around horses, and is an excellent horseman.

----Altario, being from a wealthy home, fits in well with the elite society, and is quite at home there.

----- Altario is on a quest to find his 14 year old daughter, Nayriss.  This is what drives him.  However, it makes him somewhat noncommittal in his dealings with others.  This can germinate into a trust issue, as his priority is now, and always will be, his search for Nayriss.

---- Altario is haunted by the memory of his wife, Riztalyana, who died 8 years ago.  She appears to him in dreams; sometimes offering confusing portents to the future. This makes him agitated, due to the insomnia and vagueness of the dreams, and is a strain on his sanity, leading to bouts of depression.

--- Altario's personal tragedies have caused him to leave his estate, and have expressed themselves in bouts of depression, manifesting itself in drinking binges and gambling, providing he has the money earned from adventuring.

-- His quiet nature, coupled with his commanding presence is often mistaken for haughtiness.  This often puts people ill at ease around him who do not know him.

- Altario does not make close relationships.  He tends to be an outsider, with no real enemies, but no one that would call him “friend”.

---Because he was raised as a landowner, Altario sometimes finds it difficult, if not downright annoying, to deal with "peasants".  Likewise, he finds it difficult to treat other races as equals to him, as he has battled with most of them at some point or another.

----Altario distrusts all temples and clerics because of the secrets that Sebastian kept from him.  As well, he distrusts all types of magic, as where he came from they had been laid waste to for many years by magic.  These are types of racist feelings that he has found difficult to overcome.

---Altario has begun to feel the effects of age, and his right knee is beginning to stiffen on him, especially in the mornings, or after riding for long periods of time.  Cold weather also brings on the stiffness.

History:  Altario Shialt-eck-Gorrin, Altario Golden Shield in the ancient tongue, is the older of two boys born to Johkbar Shialt-eck-Gorrin, a wealthy landowner in Remusiat, at the northern edge of the Heath of Wilderon.  Their estate was known as Urimpaar, and they raised horses that were often sold to the army.  This estate had been in their family for countless generations, from the first patriarch, Teletar, of whom legends recount tales of him fighting with a Golden Shield. Being heir, Altario had a childhood that was spent learning to rule.  He was tutored 8 hours a day by a score of scholars, and trainers.  As a child, Altario was a quick study, and excelled at his lessons, making his tutors, and his father, very proud.

Though close to his younger brother, the wild and impetuous Denrykmar, Altario was secretly jealous of his younger sibling's freedom.  While he was given little freedom between his lessons, Denrykmar was allowed considerable latitude.  When their parents died from plague when he was only 16, Altario became head of the household, and his responsibilities lent him limited time for himself, which drove him and Denrykmar apart. 

At age 18, Altario met the beautiful Riztalyana, and the two fell instantly in love.  She was a young cleric, a healer that was being trained in a temple not far from Urimpaar.  A year later, Altario’s daughter, Nayriss, was born in a tough birth that nearly cost both mother and daughter their lives.   

Immediately after Nayriss’ birth, Altario served his country during the Fifth Orcish War.  Serving with distinction, he proved a capable leader, and a fine strategist.  When the war ended, Altario returned to Urimpaar, which had miraculously escaped the carnage unscathed.

For the next few years they led an uneventful but very happy life together, and when Nayriss turned 6, Sebastian, the cleric who had been most responsible for training Riz, insisted that Nayriss enter schooling at the temple.  Though hesitant, Altario could not dissuade Riz, who had sided with Sebastian, and the young girl went to train to become a cleric.  Shortly after, Riz died while giving birth to their son, who died days later as well.  Altario was devastated.  Following Riztalyana’s wishes, Nayriss continued her education at the temple. 

It was then that Denrykmar left Urimpaar, the family home, preferring the solitude that life as a ranger granted.  Altario has not seen him since, and only knew that Denrykmar was alive from the occasional promissory note that would come in for petty amounts of money.

The years passed without incident until 8 months ago.  After coming home for a visit, Nayriss was kidnapped while on her return trip to the temple.  There was no ransom demand, however, and it was then that Altario garnered the truth from Sebastian.  Nayriss was becoming a healer of substantial talent, able to call forth the power of the gods.  Altario learned that Riztalyana had also had exceptional skills.  It was in Sebastian's opinion that dark forces had taken Nayriss, though he had no answer for why. 

In the intervening months, Altario had been in search of Nayriss, following any clues to her whereabouts though, for the most part, the clues all led nowhere.  The last clue, given to him from a former ranger he had known in the war, had mentioned that she was in Santharia, in a province called Vardynn.  More precisely, in a town called Jernais.  So it is there that Altario now travels in his search.

Altario’s despair has begun to manifest itself in drinking and gambling.  As well, in his dreams, Riztalyana has begun to visit him, urging him in his quest.  He will never give up looking for her, and will scour the world over until he finds her.  He sometimes joins with others in quests to earn his keep.  He prefers to keep his identity known to only a few, as he does not want Nayriss’ captors to learn of his whereabouts.

Weapons: Altario keeps a dagger with him, once encrusted with gems, though long since pried out and used for money when his drinking and gambling had been excessive and unlucky.   His only other piece of equipment that is worth anything is the longsword he keeps always strapped to his hip.  It is the symbol of Urimpaar; his fathers elegant weapon, exquisitely crafted and etched, perfectly balanced for killing.  For hunting, he carries a rather nondescript bow and a quiver full of arrows. 

Belongings: In his saddlebags, he carries his equipment; a flint and steel, a sewing needle and thread, dried meat, a sharpening stone, and a change of clothes, finer than those he currently wears.  His horse has a worn but fine quality saddle, saddle blanket, bit, bridle and reins.  He carries a rope tied to the saddle, and a large cloth sack that holds his shield with family crest; a silver lightning strike across a black background.  He keeps it hidden except when a show of importance is required, but has a battle worn shield strapped to the horse that he uses when needed.  A waterskin hangs from the saddle.

Familiars: Altario rides a strong chestnut gelding, which he has taken to calling Horse, as he has gone through five horses so far in his quest.  It is a good horse, but in no way special.

Favorite Cartoon Quotes
"It was a dark and stormy night."  - Snoopy
"Ack!" - Bill the Cat
"I did not have sex with that woman, Monica Lewinski." - President Bill Clinton

My Character can be viewed @Angelina Jolie's house.  But knock first, in case I'm in my underwear.
Délmiés Avádrié
Wandering Enchantress
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Elf, Quaelhoirhim/ Ylfferhim

« Reply #47 on: May 10, 2007, 12:13:56 AM »

Contact Info: MidnightMaiden258@gmail.com

And my CD is right here:

Name: Délmiés Avádrié
Gender: Female
Age: 89 (looks around 22)
Race: Elf
Tribe: Quaelhoirhim/ Ylfferhim mix
Occupation: Mage
Title:Wandering Enchantress
Hair Color: Light brown
Eye Color: Light Blue
Height: Delmies is 2 peds
Weight: Delmies is about 1 Pygge and 1 heb.
Character Portrait:


Physical Appearance:
Hair: Delmies' hair is a light brown with soft curls and falls down to her upper thigh. She usually wears it open, with a wreath of flowers, or up in a high ponytail.
Face: Delmies has a small, heartshaped face that's always brightened with a smile. It's rare that you see her without a smile. Delmies has high cheek bones and pointed ears (being an elf), and her cheeks are always flushed light pink.
Eyes: Delmies' eyes are large and expressive, they are a crisp, baby blue with small purple specks. They are bright with laughter whenever she, well, laughs, and sparkle when she is happy. Though they seem to dull when she's sad.
Nose: Delmies' nose is... normal and uplifted, but not so pointed and angled like some of the elves.
Mouth: Delmies' mouth or lips are small, cherry red, and soft. Though she does purse them when she is thinking, or the color will drain out of them when she is scared.

Body: Delmies has a very slender, yet curved figure. But her curves are more gentle. Her skin is pale, creamy, and seemed to glow faintly white in the dark. You can't really say that Delmies glides when she is walking, but it's not really walking either, more like somewhere in between. Delmies has petite waist and hands.  All together, it's quite graceful, but she can be playful when she wants to.

Clothes: Delmies doesn't like to wear bright flashy stuff, so she just sticks to either a simple white dress with white shoes, or white loose fit pants and shirt.
Jewelry: Delmies has simple jewelry in the form of a plain silver necklace with a purple gem between the ends of a crescent moon.

Raised in the higher levels of the elven kingdom, Delmies was taught to be polite, kind, and dignified. And she is all those things, though she is also very stubborn and determined. Once she decides that she is going to do something, you'll have a very hard time trying to convince her otherwise.

Delmies is also a very open person, who loves to laugh, and make new friends.  It's very easy to make Delmies laugh, because she basically cracks up at any joke, just as long as it's not that lame. Delmies also loves animals and is very soft hearted. She can't bear to see anyone in pain, other than her enemies, and even then, she tries her best not to kill them, just injure them.

-She can stand pain. Delmies is not easily tortured into telling something or giving something.
- Light and fast, making it easier for Delmies to ... say climb a tree. Nimble in other words
- Smart as in book smart. Delmies can read and write, and can do math and the like.
- Delmies can also use the fan but she's not awesome at it. She just learned it as an extra precaution.
- Delmies can also use magic, as she is a mage. Her element is water.

-First of all, Delmies likes to live in her own little universe, so she is always in a sort of dreamy state. She's not the sort of person who is super aware of her surroundings. Making it very easy to sneak up on her.
- Delmies is very curious. She likes to nose into things that she could do better to stay out of.
- She's not very careful. People say that curiosity should be exercised with caution, well, that's just something that Delmies doesn't have.
- Delmies also has a soft heart. She can't bear to see anyone in pain. She'd rather be in pain herself than see other people in pain. So, she just has to go an help people who need help, or seem like they need help.
- Delmies is always very optimistic. She can always find a bright side to a situation. And sometimes, that's not a good thing. For example, if she is stuck in a difficult situation, she'll just look on the positive side and that will make her not try as hard to get out of the difficult situation.
- She's also very stubborn. Once she decides something, you'll be wasting your time trying to convince her otherwise. Even if she makes the wrong decisions, she'll stick with them. Some people might call it determination, but others just call it plain stubbornness.

History: Mimi (nickname for Délmiés) was born into one of the higher ranks of the Quaelhoirhim Elves. But not so high that she was a royal. She was brought up to be dignified, polite, and kind to all other species. Her mother was of the Ylfferhim tribe. Her father was of the Quaelhoirhim tribe. During her childhood, she had been envied by most of the other young female Quaelhoirhim elves because of her beauty.

Mimi was trained with highly skilled teachers on magic as a result that she is quite good at this. She also learned how to fight with an armored fan, though she learned it later in her life on her travels. Mimi met a fan master and thought it was useful to have some fighting skills so she asked to train with him. He agreed and gave her the white fan she she has and trained her for some while, though it's not as long as many of his other students since she was traveling.

Mimi has been in quite a few battles, and her father was killed in one of that battles. Mimi shut herself out for a while after his death. She wandered and made friends with the animals as a result that she loves animals and can't see one in pain without helping. She came across Aurora (see Familiars) on a stormy day, and found her trapped between the gnarled roots of a tree. Delmies' mother still stays with her own tribe, but gave Mimi her greatest blessing when Mimi left to travel on her 70th birthday. Mimi decided to travel partly because she was curious as to what the rest of the land was like and partly because she felt that she needed to get away from the memories of her father.

Weapons: Delmies has 2 weapons, if you can count magic as a weapon. She also has a white armored fan, just in case.

Belongings:  She has in it the necessaries for survival, such as water, and a pouch to put them in. She also has a few coins.

Familiars: Delmies never goes anywhere without her white horse (Snowflake), and her black cat (Aurora). Both are very loyal and protective of Mimi. Aurora is usually seen riding on Mimi's shoulder, being such a small cat.

Magic: Mimi is a level 3 elemental mage, she attended various magic schools and was privately taught for a part of her life. As a result that she is only a level 3 mage. Delmies attended different magic schools because she wanted to experience the different teaching methods. Her Element is Water, some spells that she can cast are: Calm, Distract, Ice Touch, and Area of Frost. Mimi is still practicing magic though she practices them during her travels.

*Looks like a Quaelhoirhim Elf by appearance, but has the voice of the Ylfferhim Elves.
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Practice makes perfect. No one's perfect. So why practice??
Leonie d'Ambert
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Human, Helcrani

« Reply #48 on: May 16, 2007, 06:41:14 AM »

Sorry for the delay in posting my CD. I didn't notice the thread, please be patient with me ^_^; I'm not doing this on purpose, but it might take me a little while to aquaint myself with everything.

My contact info is - fuji_uji_cakes@yahoo.com
Or my AIM - iipuu iipuu

Name- Leonie d'Ambert

Gender- Female

Age- 22

Height- 1 Ped, 1 Fore, 2 Palmspans

Weight- 9 Hebs, 1 Hafeb, 1 Od

Eye Color- Silver Gray

Hair Color- Pale Blonde

Race- Human

Tribe- Helcrani

Occupation- Botanist

Title- Healer

Physical Appearance-
     She has fair skin, delicate rosy lips, a straight little nose, and a sweetly oval chin.  Not the blushing cheeks of a maid or the dark beauty of a seductress, but ivory skin, pearllike, without a blemish to disturb its smooth surface. Long silvery lashes frame soft gray eyes and long blonde hair cascades down her back in thick full waves that reaches down passed her thighs.  She stands not much taller than a child, the top of her head barely reaching the chest of an averaged size Helcrani man.  Despite her small stature, there is nothing childlike about her curves.  With firm young breasts, slightly more than a handful, soft round hips and a tiny trim waist, Leonie was put together quite nicely.

     She is dressed in a well-worn bliaut of soft white silk over a light blue chemise.  The girdle she wears with it is her most prized possession, and a gift from her mother.  It is 1.5 Peds of interlocking gold disks, each with a tiny flower engraved on its shiny round surface. She wears an intricate silver headdress with matching silver baubles, and on her feet a pair of soft leather slippers, padded with light blue velvet.

     She is good, kind, quick to mend any ill, ease any burden.  Although at times she may seem timid or shy, she is merely softspoken, gentle and calm.  Her temper is almost nonexistent, showing only when thoughts of her father come to mind, and even then she is more disgusted with him than angry.  A love of helping others and an extensive knowledge of plants and herbs were inherited from her mother before she passed away.  In her freetime she can be found tending her garden or exploring the woods in search of certain herbs.
     Even though her vassal, Sir Guibert Fitzalan, and her aunt Beatrix would have it other wise, Leonie's adventurous spirit could not be reined.  She enjoys going on long journeys across the land, taking with her only her two maids, Wilda and Mildred, and 10 men-at-arms, including Sir Guibert.

Botanist- Extensive knowledge of herbs and plants handed down to her by her mother. Medicinal herbs are her specialty.
Protection- She has 10 men-at-arms and one knight accompaning her when she travels, and enough men to occupy three keeps while she is at Pershwick.
Literate- The ability to read and write, used mainly so she can be her own steward, taking accounts of the money spent and earned.
Wealth- Her mother ensured that upon her death, Leonie would inherit three keeps that had belonged to her.  These keeps bring in enough profit to provide for herself, and her servants, knights, men-at-arms and villagers.

Strength- She possesses no extensive physical strength and relies on others to assist her when it comes to manual labor.
Combat- Posesses no knowledge of any type of hand-to-hand fighting, making her catious about the kind of people she comes near.
Curiosity- When her interest is piqued, she will attempt to learn as much as she can about the subject in question. This often gets her in trouble, for she persues this knowledge no matter the danger involved.
Nyctophobia- She has a fear that something catastrophic will happen to her at night. When left alone in the dark she gets a feeling that something sinister is just out of sight and at arms reach, waiting for its moment to strike.

     Pershwick was an old keep located in Milken Grad, designed neither for comfort nor to accommodate guests.  The hall was large, but hadn't been altered since it was built a hundred years ago.  Leonie's chamber was partitioned off the dais end of the hall with wooden boards.  She shared the room with her Aunt Beatrix, more board dividing the room in half to give each lady a little privacy.  There were no women's quarters, and no other chambers off the hall or above it, as there were in some of the new keeps.  The servants slept in the hall, and the men-at-arms in the tower, where Sir Guibert also slept.

     Rough though it was, Pershwick was home to Leonie, and had been for the last six years.  Since coming here she had not returned once to Montwyn, her birthplace.  Nor had she seen her father. Yet Montwyn Castle was only five miles away.  In that castle lived her father, Sir William, and his new wife, Lady Judith, who had married him the year after Leonie's mother, Elisabeth, died. Unknown to Leonie, or anyone else, was that Sir William was overwhelmed with such grief after losing his wife that seeing his daughter only reminded him that his sweet Elisabeth was gone.  He sent her away to Pershwick only for a short time until he he began consuming strong spirits constantly, rarely sober and oblivious to the time that was passing and to his daughters needs. 

     If Leonie could no longer summon a kind though for her father, no one blamed her.  From having a happy childhood and two loving parents to losing both parents in one stroke was a cruel fate, and wholly undeserved.

     She had once loved her father will all her heart.  Now she felt very little for him.  At times she cursed him.  Those times occurred when he sent his servants to raid her stores for lavish entertainments - and not only was Pershwick involved, but Rethel and Marhill keeps as well.  They, too, were hers. A gift from her mother.  He never sent a word to his daughter, but he reaped the benefits of her hard work, taking her profits and rents.

     However, he'd had far less success in the last few years as Leonie learned how to outfox the Montwyn steward.  When he came calling with his list, her storerooms were nearly empty, her hoards hidden throughout the keep in unlikely places.  So also she hid her spices and cloth bought from the merchants of Rethel, for Lady Judith sometimes arrived with the steward, and Lady Judith felt she could make free with anything she found at Pershwick.

     Leonie's cunning sometimes went awry when she couldn't remember all of her hiding places. But rather than give up her plan or confide her deceit to the Pershiwck clerk and ask his help, she convinced him to teach her to read and write. That way, she was able to keep records of her maze of hiding places.  Now her villagers no longer faced starvation, and her own table was full. No thanks due her father for any of that.

     The oldest of Elisabeth's sisters, Beatrix had long been a widow.  She had lost her dower lands to her husband's relatives when he died, and hadn't married again.  She insisted she liked it that way.  She had lived with her brother, the earl of Shefford, until Elisabeth's death.  Soon after, Leonie was cast on her vassal, Guibert Fitzalan, and Aunt Beatrix felt it her duty to stay and take care of her niece.

     More likely it was Leonie who did the care-taking, for Beatrix was a timid woman.  Even the isolation of Pershwick keep hadn't made her bolder.  Being one of the first children born to the late earl of Shefford, she had known the earl at his stormiest, whereas Elisabeth, the youngest, knew the earl as a mellow man and doting father.

     Leonie did not know the present earl, whose holding was in the north, far from the midlands.  When she's reached a marriageable age and begun to hope for a husband, she had wanted to contact her uncle.  Aunt Beatrix had explained, kindly, that with eight brothers and sisters and dozens of nieces and nephews besides his own children and their children, the earl would surely not concern himself with the daughter of a sister who had not married well and was now dead.

     Leonie, fifteen then and closed away from the world, began to think she would never marry.  But pride soon asserted itself, pride that didn't permit her to ask for help from relatives who neither knew her nor ever inquired after her.

     After a time she began to think she might be better off without a husband.  The only threat was being branded a spinster, and she was lady of her own keep, independent, answerable to only her father who never approached her and seemed unlikely to show any further interest in her.

     It was a unique and enviable position, she told herself after those first longings for romance had been stifled.  Most brides did not even know their husbands before they were wed, and were likely to find themselves the property of an old man, a cruel man, or an indifferent man. It was doubtful that she'd be able to married for love.

     So Leonie came to believe she was fortunate.  The only thing she wanted to change was her isolation, and that was what caused her to venture to places she had never seen before.  Her adventures took her from the Rahaz-Dath Desert all the way north to the Ashmarian lands.  Then further north to the Lands of Kuglimz, the Peninsula of Iol and then finally to Caaehl'heroth. 

     Travelling allowed her to research and collect herbs and plants that she couldn't find by being confined to Milken Grad.  Her collection of herbs filled, and some of her need for adventure quelled, she returned home, only to plan her next exciting journey, though not quite sure where it would take her.

Weapons- A small silver dagger, saved from being nondescript by an intricate dove finely chisled into the blade. The hilt is 1 palmspan long and inlaided with mother-of-pearl, while the blade itself is 1 Palmspan, 7 Nailsbreadths, and 3 Grains long. While she is away from home she keeps it on her person at all times, usually concealed in a small leather sheath attacthed to her midthigh.

Familiars- When she travels, Leonie brings along her two maids, Wilda and Mildred, as well as her vassal and knight Sir Guibert and 10 men-at-arms for her protection.

-And assortment of clothes and a couple baubles and broaches
-A medicine box containing herbs and other medicines
-Two cloaks, one black and one cream colored
-Pouch for money
-One old, worn out book on herbs

It is precisely when you have given up hope that a good man will become a hero.  It is why they are worth all the trouble.

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Human, Eyelian

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Name: Khel
Gender: Female
Age: 23
Race: Human
Tribe: Eyelian, of the Eagle Clan.
Occupation: Rogue/Merchant
Title: Rogue

Height: 1.6 ped
Weight: 1 Pygge, 3 Hebs
Hair Colour: Raven
Eye Colour: Almost completely black, with a tint of purple.

Physical Appearance
  Khel is short, fairly slender, and agile. She has long, raven hair, a round face, and very unfriendly, faintly purple eyes. Rough hands show a lifetime of exploring and hard work. Nimble fingers serve to craft arrows and other tools.
  Khel likes to be comfortable and able to move in whatever clothing she is wearing.  Uncharacteristic of women in her tribe, Khel wears no jewelry. Her clothes are simple and easy to move in, ranging in tans, greens, and other earth tone colors. Also uncharacteristic, Khel wears soft leather boots and a leather jerkin she obtained in her wanderings. A hooded cloak serves to warm her, and in chilly mornings, soft leather gloves warm her hands.

     Khel has a ranging personality. She is irritable, she finds being around noise, unrest, and immaturity irritating to her. Along with irritability, Khel is flighty in her decision making, neither making tough decisions on her own, or choosing a decision at all. Hard-headed due to solitude and total independence, Khel  is hard to work with and difficult to befriend.

  Although, pushing past the stubborn young lady is easy if you know the trick. Underneath, Khel is overly-giving, if you want something, Khel will probably give it to you. She has no backbone once you gain her trust. Once you reveal something about yourself, Khel will probably respond with her life's story. She seems to feed off of other people's openness.  Due to witty, sarcastic remarks, Khel finds herself with few close friends, but is able to laugh and joke about almost anything with those few-revealing her good nature underneath all the solitude.

  Khel is very concerned with respect. She's always respected and been at one with the creatures around her, and she demands the same from all other species. Khel is also a woman of deep faith. Life and all its creatures have value to her.

Strengths and Weaknesses
Sneaking/light of foot/agile: Khel is good in close combat.
Good with small knives/daggers: Although skilled with hands and feet, Khel can fight well with a dagger on her person.
Good with bow and arrow, as well as hunting: Khel can find food for herself sufficiently.
Khel also loves to sing, and she can do so somewhat well.
Khel is loyal and trustworthy. Once you gain her trust, she'll return it in full force. She understands and values friendship to no end.
Khel is intelligent and learns at a quick pace. Solitude gifted her with keen eyes to take in her surroundings and learn quickly the ways of her current environment.
Solitude: Khel can be very, very hard to cooperate with, working with other humans is difficult for her.
Irritable and flighty: It’s hard for Khel to make serious decisions, causing distress in pressing situations. This flightiness caused Khel to lose her background, her own lineage and identity.
Slow to think: Khel may be good with words, or at least somewhat sarcastic/witty remarks, but in battle or a confusing situation, she can stumble over her words or lose blance.
Clumsy. In thought and action... her wittiness is a major cover-up.

     Khel spent a lot of her childhood alone. This wasn't forced, it was by choice. A very solitary child, she spent her time contemplating things like... say, the meaning of life. She always appreciated nature even from a young age, and due to this Khel was not in touch with friends her age while growing up. A lot of time was spent in the marketplace area, befriending the old blacksmith or the old woman barely scraping by. Due to time spent in the smithy, or befriending the elderly fighter on the outskirts town, Khel developed skills most young girls wouldn't have dreamed of learning. Khel took an outward look at things, not focusing on home and family, but overly-curious at the world outside of what she knew and on the creatures around her. Since she spent a lot of time in the forest, learning the arts of hunting and archery, Khel's greatest teacher and parental figure as she got older was a huntsman. She lost touch of this huntsman in her wanderings, straying far from her village while hunting.

     Odd jobs for the huntsman and as a young girl for citizens of her villiage near the Vale of the Brownies in Southern Sarvonia provided Khel with means to clothe herself, fill a small purse, and carry a small sack which serves for her to carry some small tools and morsels. Khel also owns a small cart and a pony, Bristol.

     As life passed her by and she roamed farther and farther from home, Khel forgot family. She forgot those at home and found herself completely at peace with nature and immersed in the life of the creatures around her. Over time, she realized she was entirely lost. Her identity, her origin, her self-worth. Now, on a path to recover herself and discover what she missed as a child, Khel finds herself far from home, knowing only that she must travel home and rediscover herself. Her only hesitation in the matter is that she may be refused by her kin due to her differences from them. As she travels, Khel poses as a merchant, but has very little possessions as her supply and demand runs dry. From her wanderings, though, Khel has learned and taken on much of others, especially races other than her own, and possesses many characteristics not of Eyelian origin.

Khel has in her possession a bow and arrows she crafted herself, as well as a small dagger tucked in her boot --given to her as a child.

Khel carries only a small amount of items. She has some food in a small pack and a waterskin. Khel also acquired a small cart to carry items, as well as a horse to pull said cart.

Khel has a small pony, Bristol, purchased with the cart.

My contact email is: sammimurphy@gmail.com
or sammimurphy@hotmail.com for IM

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Elf, Aellenrhim

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Name: Petros Greenvale


Gender: Male

Height: 2 peds,2 handspans

Weight:1 Pygge, 1 Hafeb, 2 Ods

Hair Color: Ginger

Eye Color: Green

Race: Elf



Title: Musical Mage

Physical Appearance:

Although Petros is 34 years old he has the appearance of a 17 year old human. Petros is extremely tall for his age and tribe ,because of this and his low weight he is incredibly thin and lanky, in fact many people around the school have nicknamed him “beanpole”. Despite his lankiness he is in no way gaunt. His face is relatively pale because of his hours of study, but he has a slight rosiness around the cheeks, and his striking green eyes are framed by thin but bushy ginger eyebrows. His cheekbones are slightly protruding and his chin ends in a slight cleft. His arms and legs are just as narrow as the rest of his body and as a result he is not very physically strong . His hands are large  and calloused (because of his harp playing) and his long and slender fingers end with shoddy and bitten nails. Petros has ginger hair, it is shaggy and unkempt and ends just about four fingers up from the shoulder and you can just see the ends of his long ears pointing through. The ginger of his hair and the emerald green of his eyes make quite an interesting contrast. In general Petros is quite an attractive individual.

Petros just looks like your stereotypical wizard from afar but as you look more closely you can see that he differs from his fellow mages by the fact that his robes are coloured on the shades of the forest. His whole outfit comprises of three parts: A white inner tunic which can be removed or added depending on the weather, A green velvet upper robe with gold embroidery around the hem which is fastened by artistic circular gold buttons. A lower robe that matches the upper one except from the fact that it has no buttons. This strange but interesting attire is topped off with a green mages hat which is made from a rougher material and has gold embroidery all the way round the edge. This gold decor is a saying his mother used to use, it is in styrash but in tharian it reads "magic is the voice of nature, but music is the voice of the soul". Despite his drastic career change he has not changed his outfit because he is...shall we say not the richest of men, also he just likes the colour!. It is one of Petros's philosophies that shoes are restricting, so he is often found wandering around bare foot.


Petros is a timid but jolly person who is very mature for his age. His timidity results in him being very antisocial and he finds it difficult to make friends. If you do happen to befriend Petros however, you will find him to be an incredibly nice and kind guy. He will always go out of his to help someone and is often found giving extra help to his fellow students at the school of tunes in Bardavos, who are struggling with the complicated Santharian musical notation.

He is very hardworking and is usually found swamped in books on musical theory in the library or practicing his Harp ability in an empty class room or lecture theatre. He always puts his musical studies in front of socializing. For instance when the other students try to intice him to join them in sampling the ale available in the local tavern, he will always decline and return to his conversations with his professors or continue his studies. Whenever there is an assignment put forward by his professors he will complete it under the allocated time span and with extended content.

Petros is a neat and tidy person who cant stand clutter and everything in his little house is where it should be. He will often tidy his other house mates mess up whether they like it or not.

Because of his attractive appearance he receives quite a lot of attention from the ladies (and some of the gentlemen as well!!) but because he is (relatively) innocent and timid he just doesn’t know how to act in those kind of situations. So instead of taking advantage of the flirting  he is often seen running away like a scared puppy with his tail between his legs, usually followed by the laughter of his friends.

Even when you find a time when Petros is not practicing you'll find him indulging in his compositional abilities and you'll see him frantically jotting down all the notes that come into his head. Petros is a very talented musician who is good at all the instruments he tries but he is exceptionally talented at the harp. Not many people have heard him play because of his shyness and lack of confidence but his music has been commented as being “candy for the ears” by one of his professors.


. Petros is highly intelligent, which allows him to absorb extensive amounts of knowledge and use it  later on. It also allows him to achieve very good grades in school.

.He has basic knowledge in wind magic and  has achieved level 2. this allows him to cast simple spells to protect himself in the rare occasions that he has to. apart from this he has no means of defending himself.

.He is a  highly skilled musician and he uses this to his advantage by giving harp lessons  to students around the school. This has been very successful because there has been a sudden explosion in the number of people playing wind instruments at the school, and string players are becoming a dying breed.


.Petros is very shy and timid. This drastically effects his social skills and makes him rubbish at bartering ,haggling and making friends.

.He is not robust and can be knocked out cold by a single blow, this also results in plenty broken bones and the fact that he bruises like a banana.

.Although Petros has a mind of steel he is very weak physically which means that he cant lift very heavy objects and it also makes him useless at hand to hand combat.

.Petros cant cope well under pressure and gets very nervous at times. because he is so used to taking things at his own pace. This results in him freezing on the spot when havig to do oral assignments in front of his peers e.t.c, although when he is playing his harp however this nervousness vanishes.


Petros was born on the 6th day of the month of Dál'injerá (Rising sun). His mother and father had a great shock when Petros was born with ginger hair, which came as a bit of a suprise because they were both blonds. They took it as a gift instead of a burden and it just made them love him even more.

One day when Petros was only two years old his parents went out into the surrounding forest to forage for berries and nuts but neither of them ever returned. Petros's parents were respected members of the Aellenrhim community and many went out to search for them, but no traces were ever found. Many rumours circulated about the circumstances but no one ever found out the real cause of their disappearence. His parents aren't a subject that Petros will usually talk about.

Now an orphan and having no living relatives Petros was left all by himself in the world. He eventually became the responsability of his parents closest friends, a redbark brownie couple. They knew each other since back when both couples were in their prime and they would often go on adventures to find rare plants together in the warnaka mountains,were they would find their fair share of foes to fight.

The Woman was a renowned life mage, and her companion was a master Tailor and botanist. The couple were not capable of having their own children and thus, treated Petros like their very own kin. They moved into the now empty Seeánfeárn and brought up their new giant of a son with the utmost care.

By the age of four Petros was already triple the size of his brownie parents, and he started to receive an education with other members of his clan who were the same age as him. From his very first day Petros was teased and bullied and acquired the nickname freaky greenvale because of his great height and red hair. Just to add to his uniqueness Petros failed the archery course, which was supposed to easiest course because of his clans natural talent with a bow. Despite this Petros excelled at every academical course and always achieved the top grades in his class.

Petros did not have a very happy childhood and was described by his teacher as being:"too reserved and solemn for his own good". One day petros's mother was watching him from a window, being harassed by some other children as he was walking home from school one day. He noticed that the more he got agitated the more the  surrounding wind speed increased. Because of her expertise on the matter she knew that Petros had natural ability in the magical arts, and it would be a crime to let it go to waste. So the next day his mother withdrew him from school (he had already outranked all his peers academically by now anyway), and started to share her vast knowledge of Brownie magic and life magic with him.

Although his brownie mother insisted on teaching him life magic, Petros did not believe in draining another life form to further your own needs. Petros declined any further magical education from his mother and started to further his own dream, which was to become a talented musician. His mother was not at all pleased with Petros's choice but she had to respect it. His brownie father (although now rather rusty) was once a talented Black birch batonist and was more than happy to oblige when his son asked him to teach him how to play. But first he had to find himself an instrument for his brownie fathers Black Birch baton was about the size of his pinky.

 He inquired around the locals and discovered that his former teacher had one in her possesion. She was happy to give him it, but on one condition. That he come round to her Seeánfeárn and tend to her garden every once in a while. Petros agreed and received his very first Black Birch Baton. And so he began his practice and garden tending. As he tended his ex-teachers garden every once in a while, he began to become quite knowledgeable in the ways of a botanist. His life now revolved around studying musical theory and practicing his Black Birch Baton, but alas he was stopped in his tracks when his brownie mother said that no musical practice would be aloud in the household
(probably because she was jealous that Petros chose her spouses areas of expertise over her own), so Petros and his father defiantly took their practice to a nearby woodland clearing

By the age of 17 Petros had become an aspiring young musician(academically and practically). Petros's brownie mother was sure that his kind of hardworking , his nonstop practice and his anti socialness was unhealthy, so she urged him to go outside and mingle with elves his same age but he would always stay put and continue his studies.

One day while he was rumaging for a book on the principal of Ahm in a storage house Petros stumbled upon a dusty but beautiful harp. It was made of shiny rosewood and stood about 1.2 peds high, along the soundpost were exquisite elven carvings of trees and animals and on the top of the support post was a little gold inlay which read in styrash "Magic is the voice of nature but music is the voice of the soul". He hadn't heard her play but he had stories about his mothers masterful harp playing and the fact that she was known for her jolly, uplifting music santharia over. So he automatically assumed that it belonged to her, so he dusted it down with the sleeve of his tunic and strugglingly carried it back to the Seeánfeárn and inquired about its origin with his brownie mother. It was indeed his mothers and it was crafted for her by his father as a romantic gift when they first got married. Petros carefully gave it a proper clean then returned to the storage house to retrieve the book on the principle of Ahm so that he could continue his studies.

A few days later Petros decided to take his mother up on the advice she gave him and he took a break from his Black Birch Baton and plodded out of his home at 6 in the morning with his mothers harp and went into the nearby forest to see if he could get a tune out of it. And a tune he could definetly get out of it, within a few hours Petros could already get a few jolly jigs out of the thing, and it was then that he realised for the first time that he was good at something non academical.

From then on in Petros kept a steady balance between his harp practice and Black Birch Baton(but he did find some time for some extra harp!! )

By the age of 24 he had became quite an expert at both the harp and Black Birch Baton. on His 24th birthday  he was awoken by the not so delightfull news that he was being sent to Ximax to study at the academy of magic, although he really didn't want to go he didnt want to upset his mother further. It was at that point that Petros knew that he would have to balance the creative and academic aspects of his personality. It was not the only great surprise of that day however, his mother had a little something for him to (probably because she felt bad for being "antimusic"). She gave him a large green package tied tightly shut by an ivy vine. The minute Petros saw the package he knew exactly what it was (its like when you get a book or a pair of socks at Christmas) it was a new Black Birch Baton ,it wasn't until he opened the package that he realised what a beautiful instrument it was. it was made of a highly polished rich black birch wood with Aurium keys and it even had a top quality reed as well. And to top that off it even came with its own carrying case and a set of extra reeds. Petros has always wondered how his brownie mother could come across such a masterpiece,but didn't think it appropriate to inquire.

The next morning Petros lay on the floor to kiss his mother goodbye (because of his great height and her liliputionism) and set off on the long road to ximax with his satchel on his back and and his harp tied to his shoulder by some ivy. Before this Petros had never set foot outside the bolder and he found the exotic new world more interesting than he thought. It is on his journey that he notices that his brownie mother has embroidered the phrase that was on the harp onto his.

Because of his mothers extensive knowledge of magic (and friends in high places), he was given a small room in the tower of wind magic at the academy.

When he arrived at the academy and had settled in, he found it to be nothing like he imagined...it was worse!!! all it was was a bunch of stuck of mages wandering from place to place muttering magical theorem to themselves ( although he did not think this of all the new attenders of the academy however because some of the most nicest and brilliant people he had ever met, were introduced to him in the academy ).

One day Petros was sitting alone in the gloomy wasted wizard tavern reading a book on wind magic. When he first met (his soon to be best friend) Morgana Elwood.

Petros was sitting alone at the bar engrossed in a book about wind magic and sipping on a glass of water. When the door swung open and in strolled a tom boyish, raven haired human woman (around his own physical age). She walked across the creaky wooden floor and sat down at the stool next to him, and waved the bartender over.

" Can i have an ale please good sir... and one for my good friend here to" *she gives Petros a slight nudge*. (He begins to go red with nervousness). and looks up slightly from his book and replies.
"emm...No thankyou i don't drink"

" Well you do now!" shes says with a grin. she gives the bartender a wink and he goes to fetch the beverages.

"So while were on a drinks buying basis, I'm Morgana , but every one just calls me Morgy" she holds out a small bony hand, which hangs awkwardly in the air as Petros analyses the situation. And after a few second he obliges, shaking her hand.

"I'm Petros...pleased to meet you"

Morgana just brushes off what Petros has just said and says snidely

" ha! call that a handshake? what are you...A woman?" she looks him over just to make sure that he isn't actually a woman and comes across his long ears poking through his shaggy hair.

"oh no wait, your just an elf, that explains it" she comments with a smile. A couple of dwarves who were sitting in the corner obviously found her comment amusing for they spat out the ale they were drinking and broke out into a fit of laughter. The bartender however (when he returns with the drinks) is not amused and shoots looks that could turn milk sour at the dwarves for giving him yet another job to do. Petros instantly turns the colour of beetroot and trys to ignore the laughter of the dwarves.

" Oh look our ales have arrived...wanna see who can finish theirs first" she says playfully

" eh... i really shouldn't..." but before Petros could finish Morgana  has already started to shout the countdown. on 1 Petros just thinks "oh what the hell",and on "go!!!" he has already started to down his tankard of ale. But alas when he is just about half way through his beverage, morgana has already slammed her tankard on the bar in triumph. And after a good thirty blinks Petros repeats this action. The ale has left him all warm inside and pleased that he is actually joining in the fun for once.

" About time!!" she yells

"best out of three?" he asks playfully

"Bring it on elf boy!!"

They order more ales and Petros is defeated each time.  After the third round Petros is starting to feel a little giddy and starts to tell Morgana about himself (whether she likes it or not).  He tells her about his parents and his brownie parents, he tells her about how he was sent to the academy, and he tells her about his musical aspirations. It is this that triggers her to tell him about her own life. He finds out that she to is an orphan although she was left to fend for herself with no brownie guardians to fall back on, that she is from the fair city of Bardavos, and most importantly she is currently studying at the school of tunes and she plays the flute.

" i may not look like it but i am a talented musician you know" she says with a slight hint of arrogance

"join the club!" Petros says through a smile

The converstion continues in this matter for a few minutes, until Morgy blurts out...

"oh by the way Petros i know that we've just met and all but i was wondering...would you like to come back to bardavos with me? I'm leaving tomorrow morning and Ive got a house and everything, you can stay with me! also I'm sure they would let you into the school of tunes and everything i know its sudden but.."

Petros is a little shocked by this question and absolutely joyous that he finally has a chance to leave this wretched city and follow his one true dream.  But then he sees images of his brownie father in his head and thought of how disappointed he'd be.

" i don't know morgana..." Petros mumbles reluctantly

" Tell you what you can sleep on it, i will have a horse and cart ready by tomorrow morning, and i will wait outside this tavern. If your not here by first light ill assume that you've decided to stay" she says this as shes getting up from her stool.

"i have to go and prepare now... ill see you tomorrow" shes says ruffling his hair. she leaves some coins on the table to pay for the ales and walks out the swing door.

" be there or be square" she shout's playfully from the street.

After he tipped the bartender he returned back to his little room in the academy. and drapes himself over his small bed. As he lies there thinking about what Morgana said,  he realises that tonight was by far the most fun he'd ever had in his life, and for once someone has showed him kindness. Within minutes his mind has been made up.

He Will go to bardavos!!

By early morning he has already gathered his things and leaves a note telling his professors of his departure pinned to his door and makes his way through the maze of corridors towards the Wasted wizard. When he arrives ,Morgana is exactly where she said he would be and her face lights up when she sees him.

"i thought you werent coming...boy you proved me wrong!!!"

Petros just grinned at her and jumped into the back of the cart. It took 3 weeks and numerous stops but Petros and Morgana eventually reach bardavos. Morgana shares a small cottage just out of town with a few of her fellow students of the school of tunes.

After some persuasion and an audition Petros and his talents were accepted into the school of tunes ,where he still happilly attends.



 42 string rosewood harp standing 1.2 peds high, constructed by his father for his mother as a romantic gift. It has forest carvings on the sound post. There are also 42 brass levers on top of the strings which are attached to a blade and when the blade comes in contact with the string it raises it up a semitone. It is too big to be constantly carried around, so he only takes it with him when necessary nd he usually just leaves his little house.

Brown satchel with two straps which make it capable to be hung around the back. it has two inner pockets capable of holding quills and ink and a larger main area for books.

Various books: The principle of Ahm
                    Brownie magic and its practitioners
                    the diary of a life mage
                    life magic principles
                     A documentary on the divine Arvins
                     A documentary on the divine Eyasha
                     Elemental magic for dummies
                    Musician's guide to Music
                     Aellenrhim anthems
                     A book containing blank manuscript paper

 Excuisite, single piece Black Birch baton, with Aurium keys. it has its own carrying case and set of strength 7 reeds.


Everywhere this Aellenrhim mage goes, a family of chickens accompanies him on his journey. This troupe of fowl friends comprises of a cocky yet loving mother hen, originally named "Feathers" and 7 jolly little chicks named... Chubbles, Fluffles, Fuzzles, Puffles, Buffles, Muffles and Ingrid. Although their mother has plain white plumage, these joly little chicks are gifted with "eggstravagant" yellow down that make them easy to spot, whether it be by by Petros or their mother. Although theve grown an unbreakable bond between their new found Aellenrhim friend, they are still the ones calling all the shots. And always insist in hitch hiking in Petros's satchel, which they have also grown quite attched to.

Petros crossed fates with these feathered friends when he was visiting a rather nice festival up in Salsair...

 Also, occasionally his best friend Morgana Elwood tags along with him on his journeys (although more commonly its the other way around!). And on these common occasions his feathered friends are spoilt like nothing else, and recieve treat after treat from his animal loving human friend.


Level 1-This level was very easy for Petros to achieve thanks to his fathers extensive knowledge and his natural ability. He paid attention in all lessons and handed in all homework in on time, and this obviously paid off as he achieved level one.
 Although Petros did not want to spend the rest of his life a mage he put as much effort into his magical training as his musical practice. Although fizzling spells were common he would always practice them until he got them right. A steady balance of nights in the library at study and full days practicing his spells in the tower of wind allowed him to achieve

 level 2- Although Petros has abandoned his magical education for his music, he still makes frequent visits to the academy. And has made a compromise with his father that he will continue his studies whenever he is in town, so as a result Petros's magical career is far from over.

___________"In the pursuit of happiness,___________
 the difficulty lies in knowing when you have caught up."

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Human, Kasumarii

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There you are, it's in sig also you can contact me by pm or my hotmail/email which is: Clypher@hotmail.com

Name: Kaldez'Yadra

Gender: Male

Age: 29

Race: Human

Tribe: Kasumarii

Occupation: Assassin

Title: Searcher

Height: 1.8 ped

Weight: 1 pygge 3.5 hebs

Eye color: Vontromarine colored eyes

Hair color: Cyhalloian snow colored hair

Overview: Kaldez is a man of powerful emotion, though it does not seem this way to those who have seen him. Kaldez keeps his reputation hidden so as to not have his identity known to all, those who tell who he is to others without his permission often never awaken the next morning. Those who know who he is however respect and fear him do to his deadly skill.

Appearance/Physical: He is clean shaven with short cropped hair. Kaldez's skin is of a pale yellow tone due to the weather of the northern continent. Kaldez is Kaldez is considered tall by his people. He has a red K tattooed on the back of his left hand and a black Y on the back of his right hand, each letter representing part of his name (those who know of him have spread rumors that he did these tattoos himself using the blood of the first person he killed).

Clothing: Kaldez wears close fitting Cyhalloian snow colored clothing while hunting in the wilderness and snow. Accompanying this outfit is a purposefully shredded hooded cape that, when flapping in the wind, looks like snow blowing through the air (this Camouflage make him appear to be part of the environment) and gloves of the same color. When in combat Kaldez will often wear a leather jerkin and leggings, both dyed Cyhalloian snow colored to match the rest of his outfit. When in town, however, Kaldez wears jet black shirt and pants with a crimson scarf and cape (he wears these as a symbol of his job and goal, the crimson color represents blood, and the scarf hides his features, the cape just looks cool).

Personality:  Kaldez is determined and calm; he is not easily angered or provoked into fighting.  Kaldez is Stoic with little emotion showing through his grim features, he is actually a storm of emotion within. Most prominent of these are hatred and anger, for he still has not sated his want for revenge of the deaths of his parents. He feels a great need to help all those who cannot help themselves or need help. Though he seems like a rock with no feelings or concern.  When spoken to Kaldez always meets the speaker's eyes with a steely look. Kaldez does not like the prctice of drinking alchohal, specificaly ale and brandy, though he may enjoy a mug of mulled wine on occasion.

1) Calm: Because of experiences of his youth, he is hard to anger do to the fact that he does not want to se anymore pointless violence unless he cannot avoid it or it is part of his job.

2)Wilderness Stealth: Living the life of a hunter, and also being the son of a skilled Kasumarii warrior who was trained in the art of assassination, Kaldez has learned to use the environment to his advantage being very stealthy, making little noise in the wilderness much like a hunting wolf or fox.

3Assassin skills: Kaldez was taught the way of the Assassin by his Uncle Kaldez, Kaldez learned of blending into a crowd and hiding in a metropolitan/urban environment, also to walk silently on the paved roads(anything from just gravel to true actual laid out slabs) and unpaved(you can tell they are road, no modification) roads.

4)Weapon Proficiency: Kaldez has become very proficient in the art of wielding a Falchion and moonblade together, for he spent many years of his youth focusing on training with these two weapons only.

5) Weapon Proficiency: Do to extensive training from an old man met on his journey's Kaldez has also become proficient with his 5 point seastars.

1) Aiding the Helpless: Though hard to provoke, the suffering of the helpless causes him to act no matter what his instincts tell him. This can lead to him rushing someone with no thought or use of his skills, making him very vulnerable.

2) Antisocial: He has a hard time speaking to people do to his lack of contact with people on a regular basis. Also many find talking to him unnerving. These facts make gathering information very hard for him.

3) Ribs: When Kaldez was young and learning stealth from his father (Kaldez was trying to avoid his fathers detection), he fell from a tree. The fall broke 3 of his ribs, and the pain from this injury still lingers for one of the ribs never truly mended, making Kaldez's chest extremely sensitive. This injury also causes Kaldez to be subjected to occasional pains on the right side of his chest.

4) Reputation: Though he attempts to keep it hidden this is hard, and those who do know of him highly dislike even the sight of him.

5) Family: His family has a ruff history of being condemned by false accusation though none truly know of the falseness of these condemnments (such as his uncles). Causing him to be taunted by those who know of his lineage.

6) Dream: Kaldez’s dreams are constantly haunted by one or many faceless strangers overpowering him like they had his parents while ridiculing and taunting him. These horrid nightmares often lead to lack of sleep and violent thrashing while asleep.

Background/History: Background/History: Kaldez’Yadra is the son of an experienced solitary Kasumarii warrior and his wife. Kaldez once asked his father Hulfnor when he was young, "Why don't we live in the city like the rest of our people, Papa?”  His father told him this story: Kaldez's father moved his wife and himself away from the cities and the government of the Kasumarii because of the hanging of his brother.

(Hulfnor’s Story: His brother was hung for supposed mutiny on the battle field and for the death of a few Kasumarii warriors fighting beside him; his accuser was kept anonymous, thus Kaldez's father couldn't seek out and kill the man for revenge.  The government believed the accuser and hung Hulfnor's brother. Hulfnor however knew that this accusation was false for he had fought alongside his brother for many years; however, he could not persuade the representatives to adjudicate otherwise. So his brother was hung, Hulfnor lost all faith in other Kasumarii besides his wife and other family, and he and his wife moved away from Kasumarii civilization to live alone in peace.)

            Kaldez's father began teaching him how to wield the moonblade with 2 hands and with an additional weapon at the age of 6.  His father also taught him how to effectively use stealth to kill.  Kaldez's mother taught him the art of wielding a Falchion singly or with the moonblade.

When Kaldez reached the age of 10 his father decided his son was old enough to begin his training as an assassin, not only in the lands of Cyhalloi and the tent cities of its people, but in other lands, for Hulfnor had ambitions for his son to leave the frozen land of the northern continent. He began by teaching Kaldez first in the art of hiding oneself in the wild, concealment in sparse brush, trees, or simply snow (which is similar to hiding in long grass), and how to track/recognize someone doing the same. About 5 months into this training, Kaldez was hidden in a tree when he slipped and fell, the fall broke three of his ribs on the right side of his chest, luckily none of the fractured bones pierced his lung or any other vital organs, this injury still causes him pain from time to time. After this injury Kaldez was not able to continue his training for half a year (is this sufficient, insufficient, or overkill?). Once Kaldez’s wilderness training was complete, his mother asked her brother, who she loved dearly enough to name her son after, a trained Korenjaan assassin, who lived with the group of Kasumarii that Kaldez’s family had been staying close too, to allow Kaldez to live with and learn from him for as long as it took to train him. Uncle Kaldez excepted his sister’s request and took Kaldez in to train him in the way of an assassin. So Kaldez lived with his uncle traveling with the Kasumarii and learning how to conceal himself in a crowd or urban environment, and how to find someone attempting to hide themselves in such a way, what signs to look for, such as the way they may carry themselves in a hunched down sort of way for example, also he taught Kaldez of how to hide in a city though this teaching was all verbal do to lack of permanent settlements besides the towers of Ice Elves. After years of training his uncle Kaldez was deemed ready to learn and improve his skills on his own and was sent back to his parents with A necklace resembling the one his father wore except this one bore the crest of Korenjaan, this necklace was not only a symbol of the completion of his training but of his uncles belief that he was worthy and proud.

When Kaldez, now 19, returned to his parents he continued his training with the swords under there guidance. When Kaldez reached the age of 20 his Father gave to Kaldez his moonblade which had been past from father to eldest son for 10 generations, Kaldez being the 11th, and his necklace which had been passed down the family for as many if not more generations. And his mother gave to him her Falchion, which had been given to her by her mother who had won it off a foreign merchant, how she won it she did not tell. Kaldez’s life after this went fine for 2 years at least…

           One day when returning from hunting, Kaldez, now 22, found the house in shambles and his father's mangled and lifeless corpse, along with many humanoid tracks and bloody trails where bodies were surely dragged away. While mourning his father’s death and burying the body he realized the absence of his mother or any sign of her. He searched around the rubble and found her tracks; he knew they were hers because of their size and how often he had tried to sneak up on her in his youth. His mothers tracks were not the only ones their were also the other unidentifiable tracks pursuing hers, she had obviously tried to flee after Hulfnor’s death or at his command. The tracks lead to a secluded cave. In this cave he found his mother, she was barely hanging onto life, her last breath was given to tell her son how proud she was of him and that she loved him. Kaldez’s mother had been beaten to the cusp of death while the assailants had had their “fun”. After that day Kaldez vowed to search for the murderers who had ruined his happy life.

   Before Kaldez’s career as an assassin began he tried seeking help to steady his nightmares and relieve himself of all the pent up rage from the murder. He found a woman who told him that he should try to keep a journal and vent his feelings into it and that it had helped her amongst many others. Kaldez tried and failed at this only remembering to leave two entries and they were of his first job.

Journal of Kaldez’Yadra-
Entry1: I have finally secured a job from a wealthy merchant who gave his name as Galf, an obvious cover up but I truly do not care. I am to assassinate a young merchant who is attempting to cut into Galf’s business.

Entry2: I awaited the young nameless merchant in an alleyway through which he usually traversed to his favorite pub, though I did not have his name his description was given, his face looked young and still boyish, he would be approximately a head shorter then myself with shoulder length blonde hair and grey eyes. I spotted him after about 30 minutes of waiting, once he reached me I quickly unraveled my scarf and used it to stifle him so he could not scream, I then dragged him deeper into the alley where I strangled him so as to avoid the spilling of blood, after he was dead I took his purse of money and dagger which was ornate with a dragon on the side, when I returned I gave the dagger to Galf as proof of a mission succeeded and he paid me 2 Hak and 1 odd, in the purse I found 30 san.
-End of Journal of Kaldez’Yadra

           Kaldez's life afterwards was ruff, he needed to find some sort of occupation he could do while traveling. So he came to the conclusion that do to his skills and the many hours of learning from his parents, he decided to take up assassination. Kaldez has caused the deaths of few (his reputation speaks of more) merchants/businessmen, because of the trouble they were causing for others. He also had made some small change doing odds and ends for those who could not do these things themselves, though often unrewarded he would rather have not excepted the things he was given by those he had helped, for helping them was part of his being after the slaughter of his family in their nigh defenseless state. One such event was helping an old man whose house had collapsed the day before, under the mans careful instruction Kaldez helped the man rebuild allowing the man to continue his life, before Kaldez could leave however the man insisted that he reward Kaldez in someway, but lacking anything of material worth the man offered to teach Kaldez the way of using seastars, so over the next few months Kaldez continued to help the old man while learning to use the deadly weapons, when it came time for Kaldez to continue on the old man gave him 10 seastars and told him to keep them in remembrance of his life and how valuable memories could be. And so his life was pretty well off, considering, he was hated by others for his family’s actions, and the reputation he had brought with him to some areas.
             After years of searching for the unknown murderers, Kaldez found that a group of men that had traveled through much of Cyhalloi, and were well known as unlawful men had left for Sarvonia, so seeing as this was the only lead he had been able to find over the years Kaldez decided to leave for the Main land of Sarvonia.

Kaldez’s first birthday after arriving in Sarvonia was his 27th which he celebrated alone in Saeroth, though celebrate would probably not be the proper term, as Kaldez chose to use his birthday as a day to mourn the death’s of his family and those who he had killed, praying for there souls and begging forgiveness, it is upon this day that he always remakes his tattoos by recarving the indentation in his skin and going over them in crimson ink, this causes him pain but it helps him remember who he is and what he has set out to do.

Kaldez continued to follow the trail of the group of men which he refers to as “Them” in conversation and alone. The group slowly traveled inland keeping to human and dwarven lands as much as possible, while following them Kaldez helped those who had been ravaged by these evil men, and he buried those who had not survived, these people who died, were added to the list of people he would pray for on his next birthday.

Upon his 28th birthday Kaldez found himself outside of the city of Nyermersys, he stayed outside of the city while he mourned, prayed, and etched his skin once again. After which he entered the outskirts of the city and asked about “Them”, he found they were in the city. However a few months later found them once again traveling south through the continent.

Kaldez continued to follow Them, but he found that they had had a ship waiting for them on the coast near the city of Thyslan. Near where they had left Kaldez found the captain of the ship, he had not known of this meeting with the Them would happen, he only knew  that his first mate had suggested they land there so as to restock on certain supplies, the captain was dying and told Kaldez that ship was now heading to Cape Strata. Kaldez decided that he could not just leave the man to die there and so he brought the captain to Thyslan where he left him in the care of the townspeople, he then asked some of the towns people where he could find a ship to take him to Cape Strata, and they told him that he could find a ship Milkengrad, which he would find to the north.

Once Kaldez reached Milkengrad he used what was left of his money to gain passage on a boat, but his money was not enough to bring him all the way to Strata, so he and the captain came to an agreement, the captain would drop Kaldez off in Vorcopas. The journey was not ruff and the see was calm for the most part with little incident.

As soon as the ship landed in Vorcopas Kaldez continued his trek south, on the way he encountered a group of two bandits who thought a lone traveler would be an easy target. The bandits set up there ambush, however Kaldez already knew where they were, being trained in the ways of stealth he knew they were not, they had made a very feeble attempt at hiding. When the appointed time came for the ambush the bandits realized there target was gone. The first bandit fell without a single noise, Kaldez’s carefully aimed stab with his moonblade through the back of the mans windpipe cut off any possible noise. The second fell with a seastar buried in between his eyes the third seeing his comrades fall ran, but he foolishly ran out onto the road, where he took a seastar at the base of his neck severing his spinal cord. Kaldez wiped his moonblade one the disabled bandits clothing, along with retrieving and cleaning his seastars in the same way and taking the money pouches from all three bandits, the money amounted to a total of 36 sans. Kaldez then kneeled where the disabled bandit could see him and told the man this “You will never again hurt anyone, when night falls the scavengers will come to feed on you, if not sooner, I hope you die slowly and feel every bite, for surely it will not be half of the pain you have cause people through the years.”, and the Kaldez continued his trek southward.

Kaldez arrived in Strata upon his 29th birthday, after his rituals, he went into the town, and discovered the bandits to have gone into the surrounding wilderness where they’re hideout was. Kaldez still remains in Strata looking for the bandit’s hideout.

Weapons: a Falchion given to him by his mother, an ice blue crystal is inlaid in the pommel and the moonblade that belonged to his father. (10) 5 point seastar's given to him by an old man

Special Belongings: Fathers Necklace, white gold chain, with The Echiilianni crest, and His uncles necklace, white gold chain, with the Korenjaan crest

Familiar: none

Nothing is impossible for impossibility is impossible- Kaldez'Yadra
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(sorry if this is in the wrong place. If it is please tell me where to put it)

Name:  Collin Murray
Gender:  Male
Race:  Centaur
Age:  79
Weight:  11 Pygges, 6 Hebs, 3 Muts.
Height:  2 Peds, 2 Palmspands, and 4 Grains

History:  Collin Murray was raised by a family of humans.  The Humans where of the Centoraurian tribe.  He got along with the human kids very well especially the daughter named Celsie. She would ride her horse with him all over.  Since he had to sleep out in the stable he became very close to the three horses the human family had.  He lived with these humans until he was 23 when he left to find his own kind.  On his long journey searching all of santharia he met may people of all races but he didn’t find any centaurs until he was 29.  When he did find the other centaur he was so enthusiastic he almost scared her away.  The other Centaur was 25 and her name was Celsie.  He was so happy he knew it was his destiny to find her because she had the same name as his best friend. She led her to her tribe where he Married her and had two children.  His children’s names were Ally and Benjamin because those were the other two kids names that he had grown up with.

Appearance:   Collin Murray is a Centaur so he has a human torso on a horse’s body.  His horse skin is covered in creamy white fur.  His human skin is very pale even though he is obviously outside all the time.  He has long brown hair with brown eyes and he is clean shaven.   Unlike most centaurs he wears a leather vest that Celsie the human made for him before he left.

Possessions:  Collin Murray has a cycle he took with him when he left the humans.  Also he Wears a leather bracelet with orange yarn entwined into it.

   1)He is obviously a fast runner because he has the legs of a horse
   2)He is very strong
   1)Because he is a centaur he does not fit in most doors and other entrences
   2)He is very fragile, and like a horse a broken leg could be fatal

(this is my first atempt so it will probably need a lot of work)
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In the Character Description Forum which is clearly labeled with you view the full site.

You need to be approved by the administrators and titled before you apply to a story.

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Thank you very much this game looks very fun but im having a hard time getting started
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  Hope this the right place ....

  Email: jordy_3491@yahoo.com
  Yahoo Messenger: jordy_3491

Name: Garret Arroway

Gender: Male

Age: 18

Race: Human

Tribe: Helcrani

Occupation: Mercenary

Title: The Wolfling

   Height: 2 peds

   Weight: 1 pygge and about 6 hebs

   Eye Color: Dark Grey

   Hair Color: Light Brown Hair With Blond Streaks

   Physical Appearance: Garret is taller than his father, at two peds, and weights about one pygge and a half a dozen or so hebs, with less than a mut of fat on him. He is well muscled, broad shoulders and chest. His arms are corded with untapped power, his waist slim, and his legs sturdy but slender. The over all look of this handsome youth is slightly intimidating. His skin is tanned to a deep bronze and slightly weathered from almost constant exposure to the elements for the last two years.

         His light brown hair is streaked with sun bleached blond, and a strip of old leather tied around his head kept his jaw length hair at bay. Soft, youthful eyes of dark grey peered from beneath thick brows. Eyes almost black filled with uncountable emotions. Pain and sorrow stands clearly forth among them. His face has a boyish cast to it, soft features still prominent against the inevitable battle hardened look. A slight brownish stubble coats his strong jaw. His back bearing long white scars where a leather whip had tore the soft skin multiple times. At the nape of his neck a small wolf tattoo inked in black, the reason for his troubles.

   Clothing: A pair of travel stained, soft leather leggings covering his lower body, and a worn, old leather swordbelt was buckled around his waist. Worn leather boots near the point of hopelessness graced his large feet. A large grey shirt stretched across his broad chest covered by a large grey cloak tattered and nearly useless. A small sack dangling from one shoulder held a soft leather shirt, chainmail hauberk, food rations, and a small pouch of coins. Lastly a strip of old leather tied around Garret's head held back his unruly hair.

Personality: Garret is always grinning from ear to ear, ready for almost anything. He is easy going and always the first to laugh or joke with friends. At first he his slightly timid around strangers but in no time at all he is at easy around almost everyone. He's very boastful and can rival the best at tall tales. His stubbornness has gotten him into more than one tavern brawl and will get him in many more, his pride causing him equal trouble. He also has a quick temper and big mouth, and a problem knowing when to shut up. He is very bold and always looking for the next grand adventure.

            Garret cares very little for his own life, willing to give it up for one great quest. Even thought he is easy going he is always watchful, not wanting to be caught off guard. While he cares little for his own life, he is very protective of his friends and would allow no harm to come to them if he could help it. But beneath his jolly facade he is slightly troubled. Only those that know him best can see the troubled youth beneath the boastful and happy-go-lucky young man. And there are very few that get to know him that well.

             Blade - He has gained some skill with a sword, having trained since he was seven among the higher class of his tribe and living as a mercenary for the last two years. It is his strong point and the blade has been his passion for years. He still has along way to go in his training, but when he travels with a mercenary group he learns more from older warriors.
             Archery - He has a little skill with a bow. While traveling with his first mercenary group he was trained with the bow a bit. Garret isn't the best bowman but he can get off a few good shots every now and then. After leaving that group he abandoned the bow for a while. He hopes to eventually have enough coin to purchase one of his own.
             Trading - He is very good at bargaining and haggling. His father was a merchant so he learned much when the old man tried to force his trade on the adventurous youth. He is also he is very outspoken and that helps.
             Loyalty - Garret has an air of important around him and his need to keep other safe draws loyal friends to him, and he is loyal to others. This inspires the people around him.
             Shadowfoot - His Mirthral Wolf and guardian Shadowfoot is almost always near by. This great silver beast is his protector and greatest weapon. Well others see the wolf that way. Garret sees Shadowfoot as his closest friend. The wolf is well trained somehow seems to know when to stay out of things and when to get involved.

                Impatience - Garret is very impatient. Youth gives way to rash decisions and can get him in trouble. In battle he will jump in at the first opening without seeing that it could set him up for disaster. And when speaking with others he will quickly lose patience with the person if the conversation doesn't seem to be getting anywhere.
                Anger - Garret has a quick-temper that is easily set off and varies in seriousness. Sometimes it is moderately bad or sometimes worse. This causes problems when dealing with merchants, citizen, enemies, and people in general.
               Opinionated - His big mouth more than once will get him into plenty of trouble. He has problems with knowing when to shut up or if offending someone. And his pride and stubbornness never allows him to be wrong.
               Past - The past is probably his greatest weakness. Memories are always attacking him, images of his parents, his fathers rage, the men he has killed, and more. They take control of him at times. When it happens only immense pain or the release of memories can pull him from it. During these times he is completely vulnerable.
             Scars - The angry scars across his back had never seemed to affect him until one day. During a small battle he had over extended or something. His back burned like it was on fire and it felt like the leather belt was ripping open the skin once more. His was helpless for a period of time. Shadowfoot being the only reason he was still alive. Garret didn't know the extent of the injury or his own limits since it had only happened once. He hopes that it will never plague him again but something tells him it will. And each time he goes into battle he must watch his every move and hope he doesn't trigger it again.

History: His father was a merchant in Milkengrad, and close friends with many of the noble men of the city. He always had the best goods for the nobles and quickly became one of the only merchants they trade with for jewels, gems, and other valuable items. Garret's father was one of the richest men in the city, only a step below the nobles. Garret's mother was the youngest daughter of a large and lowly noble family. His mother's father talked her into agreeing to marry the young merchant that was valuable to the nobles of the tribe. Reluctantly she went into this relationship, feigning willingness so her father would not be disappointed. She thought she would never love the man but after a few years together she had changed her mind. For almost ten years they lived together happily. Then Garret was born.
                  At first Garrets father was happy to have a son. His father and mother spoiled him with lavish gifts as a child. But it wasn't long before they noticed something was odd about him. Until he turned seven years old he was happy in the large two story house. Content with exploring his surroundings, but he never paid any attention to the gifts his parents bestowed upon him. At seven years of age, he had long grown bored of the house, having explored every bit of the place. During the days he would look out one of the windows, watching the daily events out in the street below, or would sneak onto the roof and watch the young nobles fight with swords in the castle courtyard on the other side of a tall stone wall.
                    During the days he was allowed outside, he would find wooden sticks and fight invisible creatures, mimicking the moves he saw the other young boys doing. One day his father had caught him at this, a weird look upon his sires face. Garret waited in fear but no punishment was forthcoming. One day thought, his father had returned home from a meeting with the nobles at the castle, his hands clasped behind his back, hiding something from the youth.
                    Garret bounced around eager to see what it was and then his father presented him with a gleaming sword. One the young nobles had been using. Shrunk to fit the hand and straight of a seven year old boy, the edges dulled and point pounded down so they could do little damage. But to Garret it was like holding the world in his hand, the shiny sword felt as if it had belonged there all along. The next day his father took him to the castle, and he was suited up onto a suit of padding and hustled off to the courtyard. And at seven years old he began to study the art of combat.
                      His father had spoken with his noble friends and a deal had been made. The nobles got a steep discount on the merchants good, and the man's son was taught to wield a blade along side the other sons of nobility. Even with the discount the merchants business prospered and so did his spirit as he laid eyes on the happy face of his little boy each night.
                      Garret studied with the Noble's sons for ten years. During those years they studied out in the field on how to use the weapon and they studied books on warfare and chivalry. Garret was at the head of his group, top of all his classes and he was the best with the sword in the group. He had learned so much in the years he had trained. But knew it would take a lifetime with the blade in hand to completely master it. And he was determined to master it.
                      When they had reached sixteen years of age, the other boys returned to their parents, learning about the nobility, and some of the younger sons training to become knights or soldiers. Garret had nothing left to do but return home. The training was done and he knew all the trainers were able to teach him but his thirst wasn't quenched. He wanted more. He wanted to go out into the world and learn more, to fight with the weapon he had trained with, and to master the blade.
                      This was where father and son parted. His father wanted Garret to run the business after him, but Garret didn't want to spend the rest of his days as a merchant. He wanted to be free, to roam the world with the wind in his face, his past to his back. One day he went into the city and found a tattooist. He thought for a long while what he would do and it suddenly came to him. The wolf, the great embodiment of freedom, and the ability to run through the wild and go wherever he wanted to whenever. And on that day, Garret had a small wolf tattooed at the nape of his neck.
                      When he returned him that day he grinned to himself, knowing that soon he would leave. And that thought drove him forward, freedom beckoning him. The tattoo on his back itched fiercely and knowing he couldn't scratch it a mild anger consumed him. Without thought he ripped off his shirt, exposing the tattoo. Free of the itchy cotton and with the fresh air on it, the itching died, replaced by a cool sense of relief. His father chose at that moment to walk to the room. With wide eyes he stared at the abomination, inked into his sons back. He too understood what the wolf meant to his son. And anger flared through him at the deliberate disobedience of the son he had given everything to.
                      He pulled of the thin leather belt from his waist and slashed at the boy with it before Garret knew of his father presence. White hot pain flared through him as the leather ripped open his back. Time and time again his father brought the belt down, slicing open his skin with each blow. Garret stood there frozen with panic and pain. Then without thought as the fourth blow fell he ran from the house, his ever-present sword at his side, his shirt in hand and his back sliced open with blood pouring down it.
         Garret didn't know exactly where to go, and with blood running down his back, and four burning sliced down his back he couldn't get far. He slowly put his shirt back on, grimacing as he did so, but knowing that the wound would have people asking questions. Right then any questions were the last thing he needed. He traveled as far as he could before he collapsed at the edge of a little farm. The farmer had luckily been working out in the field and had seen the tall youth collapse. Even luckier for Garret the man and his family were very giving and kindhearted.

                      Garret woke three days later in a small room. His torso covered in stiff bandages. He looked around and discovered his still bloody shirt lying over the back of a chair near by. He tried to stand, and soon the room was spinning. He placed a sturdy hand against a near by wall and waited for it to pass. He slowly stumbled over to his shirt and pulled the stiff fabric over his head. He slowly headed toward the door to the room and found himself in a small cottage. The farmers wife standing near the fire, hurried to the injured youth's side once she saw him.

        Garret stayed one more day to gather what little strength he could but refused to impose of them any longer than he had too. Before he left they supplied him with a small sack, food, and extra bandages. He thanked them for all they had done and was extremely grateful to the farmer and his wife that had saved his life. Since then though, life had seemed to grow dull. It didn't matter to him whether he lived or died anymore since everything is dying.             

                     Since the incident Garret hasn't returned home. He traveled on his own for a while, as the wounds healed, living off the scarce nourishment that the plants around him provided. He traveled south, and soon caught up with a mercenary band. He joined up with them, traveling south, fighting for pay where they found work. For about a year he worked with that group. Traipsing across the land and heading down toward the Yanthian Gulf. After almost a year he left them, seeking out another group. During the time with the second group he learned how to ride a horse. Not well, but well enough so he wouldn't fall off. Yet Garret still preferred the ground.

                Finding some work here and there along the way, working with a group of rugged mercenaries for a while before going his own way. Now he travels around, heading wherever it pleases him at that moment, maybe looking for another group or a new adventure. The youth working as a caravan guard when he could to earn some coins. He still bore the cost of his freedom.
Weapons: His sword, a wondrous piece of gleaming steel given to him and the rest of the group when they ended their training.

Belongings: Garret always carries with him his long sword and a sack. His leather shirt, chainmail hauberk, food rations, and a small coin pouch in the sack. The pouch of coins was heavier than usual now. The last job he had was for a wealthy merchant who was overjoyed to survive a bandit raid with his life. That and the clothes on his back is all that Garret carries with him.

Familiar: Mithral Wolf. While traveling in the north with a mercenary company, he stumbled upon a wolf den. The mother lay dead in the red snow some five feet away, multiple stab wounds covering her. If he would have searched more around the den he would have found the rest of the small pack had met the same unfortunate fate. He also found four dead pups in a shallow stone cave that passed as a den, their necks broke. As he turned to leave he heard a small yip and turned back toward the den. Searching the area he found another pup, hidden beneath dead grasses and his dead littermates. The living pup was the largest of the group. It grew to about 2 fores and 2 palmspans high, very muscular, with solid sliver fur.       
                   While living with his parents he spent much time roaming the city, befriending the mangy curs that walked the back alleyways. After obtaining many bites and scratched he finally managed to gain their respect. Garret had always easily befriended most animals he met. When he found the pup, its eyes were still closed and he was unsure how it had surviving but that was good enough for him. Slowly he nursed the pup through childhood and having been the first creature it saw they bonded quickly. The pup was rebellious at first, and Garret got many a small scar from trying to train him, but in time they grew close. They had been together for a little over a year now. The bond between boy and wolf grew with each passing day.

Before you kill him, think of what you take from him. Remember what it is to be alive.
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Okay, I've given Yurie some winter clothes for this story.  To be specific, a long, sheepskin coat, a sheepskin hat with flaps that fold down, sheepskin gloves and boots made from, well, sheepskin!

I hope that this is fine with everybody...I didn't want him to freeze to death up in those cold northern parts!



Name  -  Yurie Yileen

Gender  -  Male

Age  -  30

Race  -  Human

Tribe  -  Eyelian

Job  -

Yurie is currently exploring the world as a part of his “dreaming”.  He has little need of money as he is capable of hunting and / or foraging wild food.  He is skilled at finding and making basic shelter and is thus quite independent.  When he does need to make some money he has a range of talents that he can draw from.  His usual methods are playing music or telling peoples’ fortunes.

Title  -  Walker of Dreams

Overview   -

Yurie is following a unique path with the help of his spirit guides and the Great Spirits Themselves.  He was born into an Eyelian family in the shadow of the Rimmerins Ring mountains.  He grew up in a very traditional Eyelian society, yet made close friendships with elves and hobbits alike.  He later felt a calling to travel and joined the Black Butterfly Rovers to further this aim.  After traveling with them for some time, he again felt a calling from the Spirits.  This led to his separation from the Rovers, and his present situation as you encounter him today.

Appearance -

Let me introduce you to a good friend of mine, Yurie Yileen.  What’s that?  He’s pretty short, huh?  1.5 peds to be precise.  But don’t you feel it?  The self confidence that just oozes out of him?  And it’s not surprising, either.  Sure, he’s pretty slim, but take a look at those muscles!  Make no mistake, Yurie can pack a punch if he wants to, and he knows it!  Not that he's an aggressive man.  You can see that in his face.  Go on, have a look.

Yeah, you're right, he has been out in the sun quite a lot; that's why he’s as brown as a nut!  Got the peace of nature in him, too.  I can see that, can’t you?  Such a kind, serene face.  And have you ever seen such bright eyes before?  Sparkling like the stars on a clear, Elverground night.  When I look into those deep, dark brown eyes, I see the mountains and the grasslands; the forests and the sky.  How about you, what can you see?  Some people say that his eyes look intelligent; maybe too intelligent, kind of mischievous, even!

There you go!  What a smile.  It lights up the room, don't you think?  Makes your troubles seem lighter somehow.  He often smiles like that.  Take a closer look at his eyes and you can see the smile lines already forming.

And can you see that?  Just there, on the back of his neck; looks like a small, black butterfly has just landed on him.  No?  Oh, well, don’t worry, sometimes he grows his hair a bit longer just to cover it up…some people treat him unkindly because of that little thing.  But he never covers up those other two tattoos, the ones on his upper arms.  Eagle talons ready to catch their prey.  Pretty fierce looking, right?  I like the way those claws follow the contours of his muscles; whoever tattooed him sure had some skill.

And take a look at his hands.  Do you like the rings?  Which one do you prefer, that soft silver one on his left hand, or the glowing gold one on his right?  What's that?  They look pretty similar?  Take a closer look.  Can you read the writing engraved into the silver?  And aren’t there more butterflies engraved into the gold?

You like his pants?  They look pretty comfortable.  I wouldn't wear them quite as loose as that, but I like the colour.  Black hides the dirt better when you're out on the road!  Pretty practical, too.  All those pockets are there for a reason.  He likes to keep a lot of his personal possessions close by.  Bit of a nightmare if you've got a bad memory, though...where did that pipe get to?

You prefer the cinnabrown shirt?  Me too.  Cinnabrown is such a rich colour...shame that Yurie's is so faded now!  Not that it matters.  Clothes aren't all that important to an Eyelian.  To be honest, I reckon Yurie'd be a lot happier running around natural, like.  Did you notice that he’s bare foot?  I’ve seen him wear sandals sometimes, deer skin I think.  But he prefers to keep in close contact with the earth.

Do you see that spear he's carrying?  Hard to miss, right?  I wouldn't want to get onto the wrong end of it!  The head is double edged and sharp as an old woman’s tongue!  That shaft is made from good old oak.  I reckon it'll last forever; not many woods more sturdy than that.

And what do you think of that bow?  Nice, right.  Nothing fancy, but it does what it needs to!  Birch wood and sheep horn.  There’s even a bit of sheep bone in there.  Sure, some of those compound bows are more powerful, but this one’s strength comes from its simplicity.  No kidding.  Can you imagine trying to restring one of those compound monsters out in the wilds?

Do you know much about arrows?  Well, Yurie does.  He makes them himself, usually.  Pretty simple for the most part.  He only uses stone heads on them, but they do what they need to!  He also has some metal headed ones that his father gave to him.  There are even some armour piercers in his quiver that really look the business!  It just goes to prove a point; armour really is over rated!  Yurie doesn’t wear any.  He was taught that a truly proficient fighter evades the blows rather than being lazy and relying on a chunk of dead cow to absorb them.  And anyway, it’s a pretty rare thing for Yurie to get into deadly combat.  Like myself, he believes that it’s best to end disputes verbally.

Oh, did you say “hello” to Barega yet?  He’ll be upset if you don’t; crows can be quite sensitive, you know.  He’s usually happy enough perching on Yurie’s left shoulder like that, but he likes to spread his wings from time to time.  Personally I think that Yurie’s hair looks a bit like Barega’s feathers, both are blacker than midnight.  What’s that, Yurie?  Your dad hates your hair?  Too, short, right?  Still, I like it; seems the curls are tighter when it’s short like that.  Easier to look after, as well.  Just consider yourself lucky that you don’t have much body hair, nothing worse than having to shave all of the damn time!

Well, that’s Yurie for you.  Now that you’ve met him, I’m sure you’ll be seeing each other around.  But don’t go yet!  It’s kind of traditional for us to mark an important moment like this one, you know, meeting a new friend for the first time.  Maybe you’d like to join us for a smoke?  I'm sure that Yurie has got some fine hobbit weed on him somewhere...

Personality -

Yurie has an optimistic outlook on life and takes great pleasure in living.  He has a deep serenity about him, which comes from his belief in the guidance and protection of the Great Spirits.  He is confident and self assured without being arrogant or overbearing.

He tends to be quite laid back.  Yurie doesn’t believe in rushing life, which is probably a personality trait that he picked up whilst spending lazy afternoons watching the clouds drift over the Elverground with his hobbit friends.  It was probably these same friends who introduced him to hobbit weed.  He can often be seen smoking this weed; sometimes with a look of deep contemplation on his face and sometimes with a look of devilry!  Yurie has a tendency to be a little forgetful and blames this on his smoking habit.

Yurie has a great respect for the natural balance of life.  He is happiest when surrounded by the natural world, and can become uncomfortable and restless when confined in a city for too long.

Yurie is a peaceful person who would prefer to maintain harmony with those around him through conversation and reason.  However, it has become clear to him over the years that sometimes these methods don’t work, and a harsher method has to be employed.  As such, Yurie has no qualms with using threats and / or physical force to end disputes.  If he ever gets angry it’s when he sees people exploiting, bullying or otherwise abusing others.  In these situations Yurie tends to respond quickly; perhaps acting first and thinking later.

On a lighter note, Yurie loves to have fun and is quite an outgoing person.  He will talk to pretty much anybody and extend his hospitality to them.  Of course, he isn’t always like this, and he too has times when he feels the need to withdraw into himself and reflect on life.  It’s not uncommon for Yurie to suddenly split away from a lively group and find a place of solitude somewhere.  He sometimes also enters into trances and meditation.

Strengths -

Yurie can communicate with a variety of different animals and has an especially strong bond with crows.  This is due to his Eyelian upbringing and training as a Beast Master.  The crow is his spirit guide.  More specificaly, Yurie can communicate with cats, rats, crows and gryphs.

Yurie is skilled at flying his gryph, Pindari.  He can also use his bow whilst flying.

Yurie is an expert bowman; he has been using bows since the age of six.  He can also make good quality bows and arrows with stone heads.

Yurie can use a spear for hunting and self defence.

Yurie is experienced at hunting and foraging for food.

He is a musician who can play the flute and frame drum.

A good fortune teller who can enter into trance.  He has a highly developed intuition and believes that he has a close connection with the spirit world.

Weaknesses -

Yurie can be quite forgetful.

He will sometimes act before thinking and this has placed him in dangerous situations in the past.

Yurie has a weakness for women…especially beautiful women.

Some people have noted that Yurie is irresponsible.  This is because of his laid back approach to life.

Yurie doesn’t care much for money, and as such, he is often broke.  Yurie doesn’t see this as a weakness, but others in society might.

Due to his appearnace some people consider Yurie to be somewhat of a “lowlife” and will treat him as such.  This is made worse if they realize that he is a Black Butterfly.

His love of smoking the weed has left his lungs in poor shape.  This means that he gets out of breath during intense physical activity.

Oh, and he’s also quite forgetful.

Magic -

No real magical ability, but his understanding of animals and his ability to communicate with them can appear to be magical to others.  His close connection with the world of the spirits and his skill in fortune telling have led a few people to believe that he has some kind of magical ability.

History -

When I came to this world, I was without a name or identity.  It was the responsibility of my father to enter the “Lodge of Purification” to discover how I was to be known in this life.  As I am the youngest child of seven, my father had already had plenty of experience in this duty!

He told me that it was about midnight when the Great Eagle Spirit came to tell him the name of his latest child.  The Eagle whispered into my father’s ear, “your son is to be called Yurie Yileen.”  My father bowed his head in understanding, before repeating the name back to the Eagle.  In our language, Yurie means “to hear” and Yileen means “a dream”.  After thanking the Spirit, and making a small sacrifice, my father returned home to let the rest of my family know the name of their newest member.

After my “naming” I was cared for by my mother and elder siblings.  Under their care I learnt how to walk and talk.  I don’t hold memories of this time, but my family told me that I was always trying to escape from the confines of our house.  My mother especially remembers how quiet and peaceful I used to be during the terrific thunderstorms that come crashing around the Rimmerins Ring mountains.  She took it as a sign that I was to be close to the Great Father.

My earliest childhood memories come in patches, with no distinct time order.  I remember those times with fondness, for I was secure and surrounded by love.  I would spend most of my time playing with my sister, Akala, who is 2 years older than me.  We would dig into the Earth around my family's kaouje plants, and play games of our own making.  I can still remember the strong smell of pine that permeated our house, and whenever I smell pine wood I’m overcome by feelings of safety and contentment.

One very significant event in my childhood came when I was about five years old.  It was a fine day in midsummer when I went with my mother to visit one of my elder sisters.  She's a member of the Order of the Wings.  I remember that my mother left me with some of the Order members whilst she went to talk with my sister alone.  There were several girls there and a few big birds as well.  The birds fascinated me!  They were much bigger than any other birds that I had seen, and they seemed dignified, somehow.

Being a small and very curious child, I made my way over to them, leaving the girls talking and playing.  There were two larger birds, and one smaller one.  The larger two ignored me, but the smaller one lowered its head close to me.  It seemed to be just as curious as I was!  Well, I had a piece of dried meat in my pocket that my mother had given me earlier.  I took it out of my pocket and held it, (nervously), infront of the bird.  Without any hesitation, it took the meat from me and gobbled it down!

It was about thiis time that my mother returned.  After briefly scolding the girls for allowing me to wander off, she came and told me that I should go inside and say "hello" to my sister.  As I followed my mother, the bird followed me.  It seemed as though I had made a new friend!

After a while it became clear that this small gryph, who was called Pindari, didn't want to leave me.  I didn't understand much at the time...I was just playing with my new friend!  As I grew older and learnt more about gryphs, I understood what had really happened.

Pindari had been one of the "surplus" gryphs that the Order gets sometimes when there are more birds than new members.  He had been ready to chose a partner, and because he hadn't chosen any of the other gryphs, he was going to be released into the wild to find one.  Well, that's when I arrived and met him.  Seems that for some reason he took a liking to me.  Instead of flying off into the wilderness that day, he stayed with me.

The Order members of course understood what had happened, and they arranged a ceremony to mark the occassion.  That was one of the most important days in my life, because from that point on, Pindari has almost always been at my side.

I also began my ‘formal’ schooling around this time.  To be honest, it was just a small group of children from surrounding homesteads who came together to learn under the tutoring of a few dedicated teachers.  I enjoyed my time at school, mostly because of the companionship and opportunities to play!  I found the academic subjects boring and would always look forwards to the time when we would be dismissed for the day and I could practice my riding skills with Pindari!

My father also felt that it was important for me to learn how to use a bow from a young age.  As such, he gave me my first bow and arrow set on my sixth birthday.  I was so excited!  I had often seen my elder brothers and sisters practicing with their bows and had been fascinated by them.  My father became my first bow teacher.  He taught me not only how to use the bow, but how to make and string them as well.  My first attempts were far from perfect, but over the years I learnt how to make very strong and effective pieces.  I also learnt how to craft arrows.  The arrows that I make are fairly simple, using only stone heads, but they have served me well in hunting.

So, for a large proportion of my childhood days, I was engaged in flying and shooting lessons.  When not studying directly under my teachers or siblings, I would be out practicing by myself or with friends from the surrounding areas.  Having Pindari gave me so much freedom to explore the Elverground.  As I grew older I would often sleep out under the stars, eating food that I had hunted or foraged for myself.  Wild rabbit was always a favourite of mine.

Of course, during my time exploring the Elverground, I came upon the wonderful hobbits of Elvenveran.  These folk impressed me with their hospitality and laid back approach to life.  I made many good friends in Elvenveran and would often spend time there.  It was from my hobbit friends that I acquired the habit of smoking and the skill of pipe making.  I also learnt from them how to play the flute, how to sing and how to have a good time!

I would have to say that I had a productive and free childhood.  Maybe I didn’t learn much academically; but at least I grasped the basics.

This was my lifestyle until my thirteenth year.

In my thirteenth year, the local Elders, and my family, decided that I should take my vision quest to find my spirit guide and to enter my manhood.  I was both excited and nervous when I heard this news.  I was excited because I knew that every Eyelian must undertake this trial, and nervous because I was worried that maybe I wouldn’t be able to receive a guide!

Before I left my home for the lodge, my mother gave me a small cotton pouch to hang around my neck.  She said that there was a powerful medicine inside that would give me courage.

I was very nervous as I approached the lodge, and even though my hand was clenched tightly around the small pouch, I didn’t feel very courageous!  Once I was there, however, and the ritual chants had begun, I felt a great sense of peace steal over me, gradually washing away my fear and tension…maybe my mother’s medicine was working after all.  I could feel my muscles relaxing and my mind becoming freer as the ritual continued.  When it came time for me to leave the lodge and enter the wilderness, I was already experiencing visions.

From the point that I left the lodge, time lost all meaning for me.  I was in a familiar yet strange world, surrounded by spirits and beings that I didn’t recognize.  I could see colours that I had never seen before, and my awareness was heightened.

A constant feeling that I had was one of restlessness, as though I had been dug up from my roots and tossed into an ever changing wind.  During my journey I met with many different spirits; spirits of animals, spirits of places and spirits from different times.  I learnt all that I could from them; and felt as though my learning would never end.

Gradually it dawned on me that I still hadn’t encountered my spirit guide.  Or had I?  Maybe it had been one of the many spirits that I had already encountered?  Could it be that I just hadn’t recognized it?  Could it be that I was doomed to forever wander in this strange world?  Maybe my spirit guide had been the wily fox?  The ingenious tortoise?  Or maybe even the devious spider?  And yet I hadn’t felt a real connection with any of these beings.

I remember that I stopped walking and fell to my knees on a rocky outcrop.  The stars were clear above me, the land silent and dark before me.  I pressed my palms together and prayed.  I prayed all of the prayers that I knew and many that I didn’t.  I prayed in my own language and languages long forgotten.  I called to the Great Father and the Great Mother; I beseeched my ancestors, I pleaded with the spirits…but still none would come.

It was at this point, when my tongue stuck in my parched mouth and no more prayers would come, that I closed my eyes and fell backwards into myself.  I fell in somersaults backwards, into the darkness of my own mind, closer to the center of my being.

When I stopped falling, I opened my eyes; but still, all was black.  The stars were no longer visible, and the wind no longer brushed my skin.  I felt a cold fear begin to rise from the depths of my heart.  Had I gone blind?  Had I even died?  My fingers reached for my pouch; but instead of finding a cotton bag, I found my own heart.  It was warm and beating steadily.  As I listened to the beating, I began to feel calm again; and then, in the silence between the beats, I heard it’s voice.

The language was unknown to me; and yet it felt closer to me than my own breath.  I instantly understood, and listened with rapt attention.  The voice said, “I have been with you since before you were dreamed.  We played together and learnt together in the world before this one.”  The voice paused, and I had the feeling that I already knew what it was about to tell me.

It continued, “When you were born to this world, you began to see and hear and experience in different ways.  You were captivated by the new; and you forgot the old.”  Yes, I already knew this.  It had been buried within me all of this time.  “But now you have searched for what you had forgotten.  And you have found me again.”

As the voice continued, I began to speak at the same time as it; two voices speaking in unison, “And our pathway is before us again.  And we shall continue our journey together again.  And we shall play as before.  And we shall learn as before.”  At this point I began to speak slightly before the other voice, which now became an echo, “And I know who you are; and you know who I am; open the door, and we shall be as one.”

I already knew which door I needed to open.  And when it opened, I saw a great shape gracefully gliding towards me from out of the darkness.  An impossible shape; blacker than the blackness that surrounded me; perfectly visible in its invisibility.

The doorway to my mind was open.  The pathway to my thoughts was clear. The shape came closer.  The door opened wider.  The colossal bird sailed through.  And as the door slammed shut, my consciousness flared for a moment of infinity; before extinguishing itself into nothingness.

When I resurfaced into consciousness, I was lying on my back.  I could hear hushed voices talking, and smell a faint trace of smoke in the air.  Slowly, I opened my eyes.  The light was very low, but still the faint glow hurt my eyes.  My body was exhausted.  I struggled to lift my head from the straw pillow on which it had been placed, but it felt like somebody had replaced it with a giant rock!  Then I heard a very familiar voice say, “Look, he’s back.  Give him something to drink.”  My father came into view, and he held a cup of some kind of a bitter tasting tea to my lips and helped me drink.

When I had finished the first cup, the familiar voice, which I now recognized as that of our local Elder, Mityan, said, “Congratulations, you have found your guide.”  My father returned with some more tea, and helped me to sit upright, slumped against one of the wooden walls.  I could see Mityan now.  He was sitting cross legged opposite me, and smoking a pipe.  Apart from us three, I could see nobody else present in the small room.

“How long was I away?”  I asked.  “It is of no importance,”  he replied.  “But, how can you know that I was successful in my quest?”  Mityan took a long drag on the pipe, held the smoke for a while, exhaled, and then smiled.  “The man that sits before us today is not the boy that sat before us in the Lodge.  When I look into your eyes, I can see that you have changed.”  My father smiled also, as though they were sharing a joke.  He continued, “you now have your spirit guide.  It is your choice whether you want to share with others what form your guide takes.  You can tell everybody you meet; or you can never tell another soul.”

He paused, and his face started to betray the mirth that he was feeling inside.  He continued, “But I believe that most will be able to work it out for themselves.”  As he said this, my father’s smile widened, and I had a burning to desire to know what that weren’t telling me.  Just then, before I could ask them what I wanted to know, a shadow detached itself from the wall and flew towards me.  It landed lightly on my lap, and as I looked into its pitch black eyes, I felt as though I was looking into my own soul.

“He came to us early this morning.”  Mityan said.  “He had a lock of your hair in his beak.  Understanding that he wanted us to follow him, we set out.  He led us straight to where we found you, lying unconscious on a rocky outcrop.”

I had hardly heard his words, the storm crow that sat before me was taking up almost all of my attention.  I said “thank you”, and it seemed as though he understood me.  He nodded his head and perched on my left shoulder.  At that moment the name 'Barega' came into my head, and I said it aloud.  The crow cawed in response and we took it as a sign that he was to be known by this name.  "Welcome, Barega."  Mityan and my father said in unison.

From that day on, Barega has been a constant companion of mine.  He is a physical manifestation of my spirit guide, which in this world takes the form of a crow.

Also from that day, my training began in earnest.  Since my family already had a secure future, with two of my elder sisters and one of my elder brothers working on our kao-kao farm; and because I had shown a love of the bow, my future career was determined to be the same as my father’s, and so I began my training as a Beast Master.

For ten years I studied and trained in the ways of a Beast Master.  I learnt many things, including how to communicate with animals and how to survive in the wilderness.  I began by learning how to communicate with Barega.  Because of my close connection with him, it didn't take me long to learn.  I would also practice communicating with other crows.  After my vision quest, it seemed as though more crows settled around our house!

My father thought that I should learn how to communicate with smaller animals first, so he set about teaching me how to communicate with common cats and rats.  There were always rats around our farm, and they seemed to attract stray cats.

I became quite proficient at communicating with the cats, rats and crows.  I always found it easiest to communicate with Barega, though.

And of course, as my relationship with Pindari grew, I also learnt lots about how to communicate with gryphs.

My proficiency with the bow, particularly shooting from the back of Pindari, continued to improve.  My father also saw to it that I was trained in how to use a spear.

During this period I would often train with other young men of my age.  We started out with staffs.  Some of the other boys would use straw or leather to protect themselves from the bruises and welts that the staffs would cause, but I never did.  My father always told me that if you used armour then you would get lazy and end up taking shots that you could have avoided; “once smitten, twice shy!”

After training with a staff for a while, my father allowed me to use a practice spear.  This was basically a staff that had a sharpened end.  Eventually, when he thought that I was ready, my father presented me with a real spear.  It was made of oak wood and had a single, straight, and wickedly sharp head.

It was when I was about 22 years of age that I began having the visions.  I would detach from this world and enter into the world of spirits.  At first it was believed that I was maybe being chosen to become a leader; but when I explained the content of my visions to the Elders, it became clear that this was not the case.  It seemed to them that this was a continuation of my dream and my destiny; the spirits were trying to communicate something to me.

The message seemed unclear.  I had strange visions, of far away places and people I didn’t know; yet they seemed as good friends.  I once again began to feel the sense of restlessness that I had felt so strongly in my vision quest all those years before.  For one year it continued like this.  The visions and feeling of being blown by the wind increased gradually.  Still, I seemed no closer to understanding.   Then, in the summer of my 23rd year, it all became clear.

That summer was the summer when the Black Butterfly Rovers crossed my path.  A good friend of mine told me that there was a group of travelers and entertainers crossing the Elverground; and I knew deep inside that I had to meet them.

When I first encountered the group, I felt a recognition.  It seemed to me that I was coming closer to the resolution of my strange visions.  As the day wore on, and as I met and talked and played with different people from the group, I felt the sense of restlessness leaving me, as though I was discovering a new home.  That night I stayed with the group, and as I slept I had a series of dreams and visions.  At the height of them, my spirit guide, the crow, told me that I should join the Butterflies and begin the next part of my journey.  For me, he explained, the way of wisdom lay on the road.  When I awoke in the morning, I knew what had to be done.

I asked the Rovers where they were heading, and if I would be allowed to join them on their travels.  They said that they would gladly accept me, and they told me in which direction they were traveling.

Of course, I couldn’t leave my home, my friends and my family just like that!  So I went home that same day to discuss my decision with my family.  When I told them of my idea, I was surprised by their response.  I had expected some resistance to the idea, but it seemed as though they had been expecting this to happen.

Later that evening, my mother asked me if I had definitely decided to leave, to which I replied that I had.  She didn’t try to stop me or argue with me.  Instead, she simply gave me a small wooden box.  Inside there was a silver ring which glowed softly and serenely in the candle light.  When I looked closer I could see that it had been engraved with my family and clan names.

“So that you won’t forget us,”  she said softly.  I was surprised, and she must have seen my expression, for she said, “I have long known that your path would lead you away from us.  It was written into your destiny before you were even born.”  She smiled at me, and said, “So I had this ring made for you.  I must admit, I dreaded the day when I would have to give it to you, and right now, I don’t think you can imagine the sorrow that I feel.”  Her eyes were becoming moist as she continued, “But this life is full of farewells and greetings.  I know that in our parting lies the seed of our reunion.  I give you this ring with my blessings."

"You must listen to your dream, Yurie.  You must travel and see and learn.  You must experience all that the world has to offer, and you must grow.  But never forget that you will always have a home and a family here.”  She reached out and took my hand; and then she slipped the ring onto my finger; a perfect fit; and then she cried.

The next day I traveled all over the Elverground, telling my friends that I would be leaving a week later.  A few were surprised, but most seemed to know that such a leaving was inevitable for me.  And so a huge party was to be held on the night before my departure.  All were invited, for a night of fun, festivities, remembrances and blessings.

The night went well, and will certainly be remembered fondly for many years to come.

The morning after, I left as quickly as I could.  I had already said my goodbyes and didn’t want to prolong the moment.  With my belongings gathered together, Barega on my shoulder, myself on Pindari, I flew away from my home of 23 years.  I left whilst the others were sleeping, and I did not look back.  Pindari carried me east towards the rising sun; towards the Black Butterfly camp; towards my future dream.

I found their camp easily; and I found acceptance among them easier!  I received a tattoo of a butterfly on the back of my neck; marking my new beginning.

At first I was involved in a variety of different activities, trying to find to which I was most suited.  It soon became apparent that I had no interest in the shadier side of the group.  As such, I spent a lot of my time playing with the other musicians.

Another group of people that interested me was the fortune tellers.  I found that I had a natural talent for this; a well developed intuition, I guess.  I was taught how to read peoples’ fortunes using a variety of techniques, but I found that cards and coins yielded the best results.  As such, I focused my efforts on mastering these techniques, learning their mysteries by heart.

In turn I also shared the skills that I had.  I helped the fortune tellers enter into trance and taught the fighters among the group how to use a spear.  I shared my knowledge of bow making and hunting.  And of course, I shared my knowledge of pipe making!  I found lots of other smokers in that roving group!

And so my voyage continued.  I grew in experience and wisdom as well as age.  We traveled to many different places, and I made lots of new friends.  Sometimes I would think of my home and family back on the Elverground, but usually I was too busy to be sad.  In my seven years of travel with the Rovers, I went back to my home to see my friends and family four times.  It was always a great joy to see them again, though a little upsetting to see how my parents had visibly aged since I had left.

After seven years of traveling with the Rovers, in my thirtieth year, I once again felt a pulling in my heart.  The same feeling that I had felt seven years before.  The feeling that it was time to move on.  This time, when the visions came, I was better able to understand them.  It seemed as though my path was becoming even less distinct.  This time, I would need to head out into the world by myself.  Well, not exactly by myself, for Pindari, Barega, the Great Spirits and my ancestors would always be with me!  But I felt as though it was time for me to split away from the hospitality of the Black Butterflies.

Once again I had to tell those I loved that I would be leaving them; and once again they seemed to have expected it.  Erland, my best friend amongst the group, had a gold ring made for me; similar to the silver one that my mother had given me.  This one was engraved with a line of interlinked butterflies, and I would wear it on my right hand.

Once again I arranged a leaving party; and once again it was one to remember!  When I finally parted from the group, I knew that I would also always have a home amongst them…if I could ever find them again!

And so began a new chapter in my life.

Weapons -

A composite bow made from birch wood and mountain sheep horn / bone.  A quiver of arrows with slightly different heads.  Most of the heads are made from stone, but Yurie also keeps some metal “armour piercers” and "incendiary" arrows.

A simple spear made from oak.  It is two peds high and has a single, straight, double edged metal head that is one fore long.

Belongings -

Yurie has several pipes.  He tends to keep his favourite one about his person, along with a pouch or two of hobbitweed.  He likes to keep a few different kinds of the weed with him to suit different moods.  For idle times, Yurie keeps a few blocks of wood and a small knife for whittling and making pipes.

Yurie likes to keep a wooden flute close by for musical moments.
He also has a small frame drum and a two headed hand drum.  The frame drum is used for providing percussion, and the two headed drum is used to help him enter trance and as an aid to meditation.

He also keeps a pack of divining cards wrapped in black silk.  He made the cards himself, under the guidance of an experienced fortune teller.  He has added details to them, under the guidance of his spirit guide.

Familiars -

One male gryph called Pindari.  Pindari is relatively small for a gryph.  His body is covered in dark brown feathers.  The feathers on his head are of a lighter brown.

One stormcrow called Barega.  Barega is large and completely black.  His feathers are shiny but always scruffy.

Best way to contact me is by private msg.

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I think the best way to contact me is PM.

Name: Jituska Kouba
Gender: Female
Age: 12
Race: Human
Tribe: Caltharian
Occupation: /
Title: Hungry Nymphet

Height: 1 ped, 1 fore, 5 palmspans
Weight: 1 pygge 2 ods
Eye colour: Brown
Hair colour: Blonde

Physical Appearance: With her 1 ped and not quite two fores, Jituska is a small girl for her age. She's quite skinny, with an underfed and unhealthy look to her. Her large brown eyes seem too big for her face, which is screened by dirty blonde hair bound together in two braids, both usually in some state of looseness. As soon as they don't resemble braids anymore, Jituska's brother Tojzek braids them again for her.
Her skin is pale, with freckles around her nose that disappear only in the deep of winter. The nose itself is small, in contrast with her large expressive mouth. The overall result is more cute than it is pretty. Her arms and legs are pretty skinny, as well as her body. When naked, her ribs can be seen, and she there's not yet a sign of breasts, leaving her chest flat and boy-like.
Her fingers are long and nimble, though the nails are bitten down almost to the flesh. Her hands look just a little too big for her, though that has more to do with the rest of her body than with the limbs themselves.

Clothes: A green dress hangs down from Jituska's shoulders. It was once sognastheen, and of a good quality, but the colour has all but gone from it. Constant wear has left it faded and shapeless like a sack. She also has a spare red dress which looks a little better, which she tries to keep for special occasions. Over this, she has a grey cloak which is also suffering from constantly being worn. It was given to her by her brother, though she's never inquired as to where he got it. Her feet are shod in sandals, which only really give protection to the soles of her feet. Any kind of weather can reach her feet, making it especially uncomfortable to walk in rain or in cold weather.

Personality: For the most part, Jituska is a very quiet-spoken little girl. Though not exactly shy, she won't easily voice her opinion about anything in public, though she will usually tell it to Tojzek quietly. Despite her usual hunger, she has an easy smile that makes one forget the dirt on her face and see the girl underneath it. Without really thinking about it, she tries to win people over, thinking it a way to help her brother get them a meal. Her large, innocent brown eyes are a great asset in getting people's pity, and hopefully a bit of their money to buy some food.

She is very dependant on her brother, letting him take the decisions or running to him when she is faced with one. Rarely will she decide something on her own. Whenever she feels a negative emotion, she will go to sit very close to him so that he can protect her, either from her fears or from a real threat.

She always tries to be optimistic about everything that's happening, though she doesn't usually give a thought to the future. Especially when she notices Tojzek being a little depressed she will put up a bright face to try and cheer him up. For his sake, she tries not to complain too much when she's hungry (because she's still growing, this is almost continually) or tired (only slightly less so).

When it comes to relationships with other people, Jituska is rather physical. She is very fond of hugging her brother in particular, but really any person they happen to meet. She doesn't usually stop to think that some people might not like hugging. When there is an older man present, she feels like the 6-year-old who played secret games with her father again, like the time when it was still quite innocent and fun. She more or less gravitates to them, but Tojzek is always there to stop history from repeating itself. It is quite likely that when a man approaches her again in the same way as her father, certainly like her father in those last few years, that all the hurt and fear and shame will come back, but so long as it doesn't go farther, she is instinctively drawn to them. She knows what is happening, but she can't seem to stop herself, and she needs her brother to put a stop to it.

When she is alone – which happens sometimes when Tojzek leaves her alone for a while – she is easily scared; by unexpected noises, small creeping animals, the dark. When she is with her brother, however, though she is still afraid of these things she feels safer because she knows he will protect her. Lying close to Tojzek at night is not only a matter of getting warmth for her, she needs him to feel safe.


Jituska is an optimistic girl. She always tries to see the good in things that happen, even if it's bad on first sight. Every time Tojzek is in one of his depressed moods, she tries to cheer him. It might take a while, but it always works.
Her open and innocent gaze can be a useful instrument in getting people's pity and from there a meal or some coins. She has no problem with using her dirty and poor looks to beg, if it helps her and Tojzek to eat. It also helps when Tojzek's hostility against someone he felt had come too close to her lands them into trouble. Guards usually have a soft spot for her doe-eyed gaze, letting her brother go out of pity for her.
With her long, nimble digits, she is a good pickpocket, though she will only use this skill when there's a real need for it. It's not that she's morally against stealing – so long as they need it, and the person stolen from doesn't, why should she care? It's mostly that Tojzek won't allow her to steal, being afraid she'd take too big a risk, and so she only steals when she can add to their few coins without him noticing.
Another strength for which she can thank her long fingers is her ability to sew. Though the two of them never have enough money to buy enough cloth for new clothes, she does have a small needle and thread in their backpack, with which she can mend tears in Tojzek's shirts and trousers, and in her own dresses. This has saved their clothes many a time from having to be thrown away.
Though she usually doesn't have the right materials, she is a decent cook, having done some of the cooking back home. Unfortunately, they don't have a pot when they're travelling, so she can't make them anything.


Often hungry and underfed, Jituska is a small and weak girl. For anything that requires strength, she usually has to turn to her brother or anyone else that happens to be close by.
She has a tendency to get ill, which has the same cause but combined with being often tired when they are travelling from one place to another. Most often it's just a cold, but sometimes it'll force her to lie down for a day or two.
Although her innocent look has gotten the both of them out of trouble, it has gotten them into it as well, when she let a man closer than Tojzek would like, causing him to fight. She doesn't stop letting them close to her, though. There's always the conflict between her 12-year-old self who remembers her father, and the 6-year-old she used to be, who played secret games with her father. Certainly when she meets an older man for the first, the smaller girl wins the fight.
Though she has travelled for a year now, together with her brother, she is still quite naieve in the ways of the world. Without Tojzek, she would quickly fall in with the wrong people, who could take advantage of her in many different ways, getting her to do what they want for their own gain without getting much in return.

One cold day in late winter, in the Caltharian city of Carmalad, a small girl called Jituska was born to two less than loving parents. In the household of four in which she saw the light of day, only her brother Tojzek loved her and played with her. Her mother could dye a cloth in such a colour white that it almost sparkled, but more often than not she could not be bothered to make the dye. Her father... he was really good at sitting around the house and making others feel inferior to him.

Though she didn't know it in her first years of living, her mother didn't like either of her children, although she felt more dislike against her eldest son than against her young daughter. She saw both as nuisances that should keep out of the way, and Jituska learned soon enough to avoid her. Her father at first was just a big entity with a loud voice, but not otherwise noteworthy. Any time something major happened in her life – when she found a colourful stone, or she'd fallen and her knee bled, or she just felt happy or sad for some reason, she would run to Tojzek, with whom she shared all her joys and pains.

This changed when she was about six years old. Tojzek had started to go out of the house more and more often, which left her with her lazy father and bad-tempered mother. Mother remained an object to be avoided rather than run to, but one day as she was quietly playing in the small room that she shared with her brother, her father came in to play with her. He tried to make up games the way Tojzek would, and although his were not as much fun, she was glad that she now had someone to play with while her brother was away. The games involved a lot of physical contact. He never played them when Tojzek was there, but when they were alone, he would come over without fail. At first it was innocent enough, tickling each other and laughing, but gradually things became more and more intimate, and she let it happen, not knowing that this was not normal. She thought that every girl's father asked them to take off their dress, or to touch this thing that was somehow part of their body but not her own. She wanted to tell Tojzek about what he did, but for some reason she never did, perhaps keeping in mind all the times her father had said that it was their little secret, that she shouldn't tell anybody. For anything else that happened, she still turned to her brother, whenever he was there and not out in the city.

After two years, when she was 8 years old, things with her father changed again. Before, he'd been careful of her, trying to make what they did nice for her, but now he came more and more often, and was less and less nice, so that he often hurt her. It made her ashamed of herself, partly because he still talked about 'their own fun little secret' while she didn't find any of it fun anymore, partly because she was becoming very afraid of him, and partly because she started hating him. None of it was right to her feelings, but she didn't know how to stop him from doing it. For one thing, she still thought that it was normal for fathers to do this, and the one time she had tried to get him to stop, he'd taken her arms and proven that he was the powerful one, and still he did the thing that hurt her so much, only now it was worse because he held her pinned down and refused to see the tears that streamed down her cheeks. After that, she never had the guts to say no to him again, but she never trusted him the way she had when they'd first started playing their games. Since that day, she hated him with all her heart, and her mother too for allowing him to do this.

Two different emotions warred within her from that day on. One was a longing to tell Tojzek everything that happened, and let him make things right again the way he had when she'd fallen down. The other was a shame so deep that she thought she could never tell anyone what had happened and what was still happening. In the end however, the hate and longing won it from her shame and she told Tojzek everything, with tears in her eyes, fearing that he'd be mad at her. But he wasn't; he was mad at the old man. She had never seen him quite so mad. He told her that he'd wanted to run away from home for a while, but that she had kept him there because she 'needed looking after', as he said it. For the smallest moment the thought crossed her mind that he hadn't done very well looking after her, but it was immediately abandoned. Of course she knew what Mother had been like, and why he'd spent so much time away. And Father had been cunning enough never to let him notice anything. So she let him dry her tears and they decided to run away.

They started from home early one morning in the spring when she was 11 years old. She depended on Tojzek to survive, though she helped in any way that she could. She taught herself a little pickpocketing, though she knew he would never approve of her doing so. Whenever she could, she begged for a little food, which she of course shared with him, however little it was. She tried to keep him from landing in too much trouble, if she possibly could, or to get him out of trouble if he was in a tight spot.

When they were around other people, especially around older men, she suddenly felt like a young girl again who played secret games with her father, and she more or less gravitated towards them. It was always a strange feeling for her, because she did remember her hatred of her father, and the hurt and shame, but she couldn't stop herself. Luckily Tojzek is always there to start trouble for her, challenging those men before they have the chance to do the same thing with her that Father did.

In this way they have travelled for a little over a year now, the older brother protecting the younger girl; the girl looking after the brother in any way she can.

In Tojzek's backpack, Jituska keeps her spare dress and the needle and thread with which she mends their clothes.

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And here's Tojzek's CD (I post it for him because I happen to be online anyway ;))

Tojzek Kouba





Usually some sort of heavy manual work, but whatever people will pay him for really.

Young Sentinel

Tojzek is an independent young man: relying solely on his sister (Jituska) for moral support; just as she relies on him to provide what money they can earn.  He has a certain ruthlessness and determination born from desperation and this often means he puts their own wellfare high above anything else.


A little under 1 ped, 2 fores and 2 palmspans

1 Pygge, 1 Heb and 5 ods

Hair Colour
Dirty blonde dreadlocks, though even without the grime the shade would be darker than his sister's.

Eye Colour
A pale brown.

Physical Appearance
Tojzek’s stocky Caltharian build has been limited by his poor diet as a child.  Maybe he will fill out as he gets older, but for now he is a little shorter than usual for his age and possesses a figure best described as wiry.  The flesh on his arms seems to almost twist as it wraps itself around his skeleton-like frame, and his chest is rippled with indents from both ribs and abs - giving him a slightly ugly, unnatural appearance.  His face has a somewhat hollowed look to it, often becoming more pronounced in winter or when food is scarce for other reasons.  At these times the muscle becomes less too, especially when he has been without a job and not had to use them.

His face itself is unremarkable; a rather square jaw, a stubby nose dotted with a couple of lonely freckles and nondescript brownish eyes, all surrounded by his grimy dreadlocks.   These tangled locks fall to the nape of his neck and are rather tatty at the ends because when they get too long Tojzek will simply hack an inch or so off each one in turn.  Unfortunately he rarely has a mirror handy when the time comes so the overall effect is rather dishevelled.

Tojzek’s movements have the confidence of someone practiced at looking confident even when he isn’t; his face is rather inexpressive and you can often catch him scanning the area around him not-so-subtly.  Though he does not appear openly hostile, his body language does not welcome strangers either; he can seem rather tense and protective of Jituska when he first meets someone.  However as (or if) the conversation flows smoothly he tends to loosen up; his voice becomes less strained and he can sit without fidgeting.

The cloth of Tojzek's trousers and shirt are faded with age and torn in places.  His shirt is a non-descript pale grey and his once-bright turquoise trousers are now closer to the colour of the sea on a cloudy morning.  The trousers are rather baggy and held up by a length of string which sits inside the waistband.  The cloth has then been folded over the top and stitched with the string inside the fold, preventing them slipping from their already-low position on his hips.  His shirt is slightly too large and thus doesn’t quite sit on his shoulders correctly, gaping a bit at the front where one of the buttons is missing.  The sleeves are supposed to be short, but instead cover about two thirds of his upper arms, and the greying material falls a bit further than it should, almost hiding his bottom from view.

Tojzek’s other shirt is one which he tries to keep clean, or at least cleaner, and doesn’t often wear it for travelling.  This way he has one for when he wants to look smarter.  It is a leafy-green colour - surprisingly rich compared to the rest of his wardrobe - and still has all its buttons securely fastened.

He also possesses a cheap, undyed woollen cloak, fastened with a wooden toggle, which he can wrap around himself as a blanket at night as well as using it for extra warmth in the daytime.  Like his other attire, the cloak is rather old and the surface of the fabric is covered in little pulls and snags where the fibres have caught on various things.  However it is warm and rather large which means he can get both him and his petite sister under it at night if they cuddle close.

Tojzek’s feet are covered by a pair of very old, battered dark leather shoes, which one of his brief employers gave to him instead of throwing them out.  One of the soles is coming away at the front and Tojzek often wraps a piece of string or rope around it to prevent mud and slush from getting scooped up and seeping onto his toes.

After having to scavenge off the streets for most of his life to supplement the meagre amount of food his parents gave him, Tojzek’s thoughts often revolve around his next meal.  Morals come in second place; he has no qualms about stealing or fighting if it provides him and his sister with some money, and would accept almost any form of employment if it led to large rewards.  However Tojzek does not go seeking violence; he sees it as an often necessary part of his world but doesn't want to fight any more than he has to.  He hardly ever fights in anger, more to protect what he sees as his i.e. his sister and their few possessions. 

Tojzek's outlook on life is rather depressing as his luck rarely extends beyond a good meal and warm bed.  So lives for the moment; only thinking about those small hopes and trusting his on-the-moment decisions to get him out of trouble. He believes that in a tight situation any decision is often better than none, which is often true, but can also make him rather reckless.  Jituska’s optimism can often cheer him up, but deep down he doesn’t believe there is anything better for him and if he was left alone he would go back to his brooding ways. 

Whilst not being easily described as “calm” Tojzek rarely looses control of his emotions.  This is partly due to the fact that not many things anger him; the only opinion he really cares for is his sister’s so insults from others can be ignored.  The young man also simply prefers to keep his feelings out of sight.

Due to his need to protect Jituska, Tojzek is unhappy and wary around people he doesn’t know.  He is neither friendly nor openly hostile but his lack of enthusiasm in answering the usual “Tell us a little about yourself” questions can often put people off chatting to him, as can his inability to buy a round of drinks.

Strengths and Weaknesses


~ Dirty Fighter ~ Tojzek has learnt to fight on the streets with the other street kids, so whilst he may not have any type of finesse, he is quick-thinking, practiced and not afraid of combat.  He is quite willing to use anything as a weapon if need be; a tree branch or a kitchen knife if they are close to hand, his fists, knees and teeth if nothing else presents itself.  This rough style would be no match for someone properly trained with a formal weapon, but it might be enough to persuade them to look for an easier target instead.

~ Hair Braider ~ After plaiting his sisters hair every so often for the last few years, Tojzek has become quite good at it.  He finds the contact both relaxing and intimate, and would be unlikely to do this for anyone else.

~Wiry Strength ~ Although there is not a lot of it, most of the flesh that clings to Tojzek’s bones is muscle.  This strength is an advantage in the laborious jobs he sometimes manages to get, as well as in a fight.

~Sister~ Without his sister, Jituska, Tojzek would have become a much darker person a long time ago.  He trusts her immensely and would do pretty much anything for her as he feels protecting her is the only thing that gives his life meaning.  She helps him when they get into trouble, as well as in everyday, practical tasks.


~ Dishevelled Image ~ Unlike a lot of the Caltharian people, Tojzek does not take good care of his personal image and thus is often dirty and smelly.  This does not encourage people to come near him or employ him.

~Poverty~ Lack of money and needing to support both him and his sister can mean that Tojzek often doesn’t get enough to eat or anywhere warm to stay, and the hunger saps his usual strength as well as making him listless and moody.

~Pessimist~ His life of bare survival has made it hard for Tojzek to have an optimistic view of the future; he reacts to events as they happen rather than trying to plan ahead. This in turn means he is often forced to act quickly and take his chances, sometimes leaving him in extremely tight spots.

~Overprotective~ After what their father did to Jituska, Tojzek dislikes any man going near her.  He is aware of the problem and tries to contain himself, but if he thought the man was becoming too close he would quickly intervene whatever the consequences.  Part of his mind is always on where she is and what she is doing, and such a responsibility is hard for so young a man.  The shield he provides between her and the rest of the world often puts off strangers from entering into conversation with him too.

Tojzek’s family live in a house on the outskirts of the port Calamad the main town in Caltharia.  Even though his mother was known for her skill in creating spectacularly white cloth, neither of his parents worked on a regular basis so they often lacked proper clothing or enough to eat.  His parents always got first pick of the food that was on offer, even if that meant he got very little or was forced to eat leftovers.  They failed to see him as their child and someone they should provide for; he did not contribute and was therefore barely better than the rats that stole from them.  The fact that his father did nothing but laze around all day did not seem to rock this solid belief.

When he was four, Jituska was born, so presumably his father must be doing something around the house, if not anything profitable in the usual sense of the word.  To his parents the tiny baby was just another mouth to feed and another thing to look after, but Tojzek was rather fascinated by the tiny child.  He found it almost miraculous that she could be contented so easily; a smile or a strip of bright material waved in front of her would make her gurgle and smile in happiness.  In fact she seemed the only happy thing in the poverty of the house.

As soon as he could be taught to do them, Tojzek’s mother set him tasks around the house, tidying, cleaning, mending and running errands to clients whenever she could be bothered to produce anything.  However, he could never please her and perhaps she never wanted him to, because that would deprive her of the outlet for her frustrations over her husband’s lack of work. His favourite task by far was watching his new sister; she at least seemed pleased to see him, pleased that he was alive.  Trying to make up games that she could understand and enjoy was a challenge for him too and prevented him from dwelling on his otherwise dismal life.

Unfortunately as he got older Tojzek’s mother began laying even more tasks on his young shoulders, thinking up chores when she had none left and punishing him when he couldn’t complete them in time.  Often denied dinner or given more endless jobs, the boy began to spend longer and longer away from the house on the streets of the town.  He scavenged or begged from strangers to supplement his diet, or held the rich men’s horses in return for a few coins.  Soon he learnt to fight too, as there was always another boy ready to steal his earnings from him as soon as he had them.  Although he was himself thin and fairly weak, he at least had a dry place to sleep and a little other food, and therefore some advantages over the street-orphans he regularly fought.  However, they were already skilled and he mainly learnt their way of fighting with their fists or anything else that came to hand from getting beaten by them.

His first real job came along when he was around thirteen; helping to lift luggage and crates onto the boats that frequented the harbour.  It was sheer luck which got him this postition.  He just happened to be standing near the boat, idly watching the team and delaying going home for a few minutes longer.  It was cold and the ground was slippy with ice.  Even when they were taking care their feet skidded every so often on the floor and it was vaguely amusing to wonder which one was going to fall first.  However is was not a person, but one of the boxes which fell as a man stumbled only a ped or so from where the boy was standing.  The hastily-made crate crunched on impact, and all the men jumped back, obviously not willing to get close to what was in there. A few moments later and the crate seemed to explode with barking as the creature inside recovered from the impact, throwing itself against its cage.  The battered box gave in, and a small, white and really quite angry little dog bounded out, yapping its little head off.  In that moment of hesitation, whilst the men transporting stuff to the boat waited for each other to react, the little canine would of got away, but Tojzek was close and he jumped for it.  He grabbed the leather strap around its neck and wrapped his other arm around its wriggling backside, preventing it from escaping or biting him as it was now trying to do.  As Tojzek heard whilst he was waiting for them to bring another crate, this animal was the prize possession of a very rich merchant just about to set sail.  The harbour master ( being extremely glad of the boy’s quick reactions which had probably saved him a lot of business) thanked him by always choosing him to take messages or hold horses instead of any other boys.  Later, when they needed an extra hand, he gave him the job as a porter.

After that Tojzek had a series of temporary jobs around the harbour.  The boy would do pretty much anything; cleaning, sweeping, lifting or running errands, as long as he got a few sans for his efforts.  It was known that the harbour master trusted him, so he was not chased off like the other street children who hung around.  His mother often tried to take the money off him, claiming it was “rent” but the wily kid still managed to keep bits of it, normally spending it on food before he came home, or simply avoiding going back for as long as possible.  In fact there was only really one thing that kept him from running away; his sister.  She was no longer the happy little girl who had once been such a comfort to him.  Although they were still close, he knew there was something that she wasn't telling him.  Not knowing what the problem was, he only worried about her and tried to smuggle a few edible treats back for her once in a while.

However eventually Jituska did tell him what was bothering her; what his father had been doing to her.  As her story unfolded Tojzek felt his anger grow, uncontrollable, sickening, boiling and screaming at his insides.  The father he had always regarded as stupid and useless, suddenly became a figure of hatred to rival his mother.  Never in all his fights had he felt this need for action, the desire to rip and maim, the call to release it upon the lazy evil man.  How could he do this to her, spoil something so pure and happy?  The anger danced in his eyes and his body trembled under his passion’s uncontrollable demands.

He turned back to Jituska, took one look at her scared face and it faded.  She thought he was angry at her? The hatred melted, but didn’t leave.  It remained, though softened, growling from somewhere deep inside him. He took his sister in his arms and reassured her, spilling all his own thoughts and frustrations, how he had wanted to leave for so long and had only stayed because she needed looking after.  He felt a pang of guilt at these words.  What a good job he had done of that.  Why hadn’t he prevented this?  How come he hadn’t known?  He trembled further as he held her, convincing her to run away with him as he dried her tears.  The young man vowed to himself never to let anything happen to her again, to protect her from now onwards and make up for his failure before.

Tojzek did not revenge himself upon his parents; doing nothing but steal a few essential objects before he and Jituska left.  Anything more would have upset his sister, and too much had happened to her already.  They could be left to themselves, and let them rot for all he cared.  However his anger and guilt went with him, held inside him. and he often feels these emotions rise again if the girl is threatened.  There have also been a few times when the responsibility of looking after them both has grown too much, and, in rare cases, caused him to abandon her for short periods of time.  However he always returns and deep down he knows he always will.   They have now spent a little over a year travelling together, going from place to place in search of work.

One old, dirty kitchen knife he stole from his mother when they left.  Unfortunately he possesses no scabbard and so must keep it wrapped in his bag until he needs it, leaving him somewhat vulnerable to surprise attacks.

A bag, which carries both his and Jituska's possessions
A knife described above
An old waterskin
A spare shirt

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Name: Helvíl Ypherén

Gender: Male

Age: 64 years old but with the appearance of a 40 years old human (Approximate Lifespan: 390 years)

Birthday: 23rd of Burning Heavens, 1603 A.S.

Race: Half Elven; Human Father, Elf mother

Tribe: Korweynite is the tribe of his father and Kaýrrhem is the tribe of his elven mother

Title: The Cold Pilgrim

Occupation: He makes money by trading what he finds during his travels like fruits, animal skins, medicinal plants and other things that has value in the market.

       Helvíl who is known as Ohen in Nybelmar, is a son of a man named Karkal and a Kayr elf named Lyth. In the lands of Dolion Meriath, he grew up away from his father but he grew up as a child filled with joy and happiness. When he went to the village of his father, he suffered toil, sorrow, and great pain. He killed his father and lost his home. He was hunted by men in Nybelmar and a great prize was set upon his head. With nowhere to go, he sailed across the sea and found the land of Sarvonia, where his curiosity was again awakened for there were many things that is in Sarvonia that did not exist in Nybelmar. He enjoys knowledge and seldom does he let go of an opportunity to go to an adventure.
      Helvíl's heart grew apart from men and elves and he made a wall between him and them. To them he appears cold and heartless but truly his not. He still judge them fairly not letting his anger cloud his judgement. He also helpes them when they need it the most.   

Height:  Two peds

Weight: 1 Pygge, 7 Hebs.

Build: Slender

Hair color: Deep black

Eye Color: Dark Brown

Physical Appearance:
      He is a little bit shorter than normal Kayr elves, maybe because of his human blood. In his face, one can see kindness and gentleness. If someone actually sees him, they think that he came from a royal family because of his elegant look.
       His eyes are dark brown that is almost black if not inspected closely. His kind believes that his eyes sparkled like the eyes of the Light Elves. He keeps his dark hair shorter than normal elves. His skin was smooth and white.
       After leaving the protection of his kind, he lost the sparkles in his eyes and they became restless. His skin darkened to almost brown. And his face that once shine the faint light of his kind became cold and uncaring in appearance. His hair grew long and became uncut.

        He is usually seen wearing a brown robe fixed by a brown belt. Underneath he wears a tunic which is also brown but lighter in shade. His pants are also light brown. He also wears the same type of clothing in dark blue or in dark green.

       He also wears a ring of gold with a diamond set on it. It was a jewel left behind by his father.

       Before leaving the comfort of his kind, he was usually happy even though he grew up without a father. He has the wisdom of his elven kin and the curiosity of the race of men.
       His face neither shows sorrow, despair, nor toil. Before he left Dolion Meriath, before he desired to go outside the walls of Dolion Meriath, he sees the world as perfect, that the world is the way it should be. He always cheers people up in times of war and despair and gave them wise counsel. In his presence one was given a temporary relief from their suffering.
      He is also very eager to learn magic that concentrates on the element of wind because he believes that the wind is the nearest element to Ava's dream.
      He is very curious about the ways of men and the outside world since his mother never let him to go outside Dolion Meriath.
      He feared the emotions he suffered in the Korwynite village and from then on, he tried his best to control his emotions for he believes that these emotions are his greatest weakness that he will only feel, sorrow, despair, and pain when he let these inside them him. Whenever he sees happiness, he seldom feels the same. He envies them, so those who laugh and feel love, he envies the most or if he is the cause of the joy or hope that the people are feeling, he pretends that he is irritated and uncomfortable and tries everything to avoid the situation or stop it but deep inside he is happy. He tries to avoid such things because he tries to forget about Ohen, his past in Nybelmar.     

      He is also very prideful and will seldom accept his own mistakes. He will make up lies to cover the mistakes that he made or blame it on someone else. He is slow to anger but also slow to forgive but when his is angry, his wrath is nearly absolute.

      After reaching Sarvonia, his curiosity of things was awakened again. He seldom rejects adventures for he knew that he will be wiser and stronger in both body and mind after the adventure. He made a wall too between him and the elves and men for he cannot forgive them for the pain and sorrow that they brought to him was great but never did a small seed of hatred grew in his heart.

       During a situation where positive outcomes are rare, he can usually keep his emotion under control to keep himself from panicking.         
       His is strong-willed but he knows when to give up unless his pride gets in the way.

      He is also very good when it comes to speaking with other people. His words bring comfort to his allies and fear to his enemies.

       He is an average healer and knows a little bit about medicinal plants which might come in handy from time to time. He can also create some weak poisons because of this.
      He can use level 3 wind magic
      He is a very good liar. He can quickly create reasons to get out of troubles.

       His pride is his greatest weakness. Example is that he will not retreat from a duel that he has accepted even though his chances of winning are very low.
       When he is angry, he frequently loses control of his spells. When he casts a spell in this state, the spell backfire.           

      After being rejected by his father, he's view of the world became somewhat negative and because of this, he usually emphasizes the negative outcomes of situations which usually discourage his company and annoy them as well. 

      Also he frequently fails to understand the feelings of other people. When this happens, his words of comfort sounds like insults to the one he is helping.

     He is frequently misunderstood by many people. Most people think that he is heartless and uncaring because of his cold appearance. So when he tries to comfort anyone, it seems very strange.

       His mother chose to send him to a family friend who is a master of wind magic because she did not want to send Helvíl to the Academy of Ximax. She is trying to protect him from the things he might suffer outside the walls of Dolion Meriath.
       Even though his training was not formal, he advanced quickly in his study as a wind magi but not as quick as the students of a school like Ximax. However his study was stopped when he was overwhelmed with his desires to travel. He still wants to learn many spells but he desires more to improve his proficiency when casting spells he already know. At least he reached the 3rd level of a magi.

      His study of being a wind mage proved to be beneficial to both himself and to his allies. He can use his winds of exile to keep himself at a safe distance. Even though his current level as a wind mage knows only one offensive spell, "The Clap of Thunder" he still can attack using other spells that are not considered offensive. Like the conjure wind. He frequently uses this spell to blow dusts to the eyes of his enemies to blind them for a while giving him some time to escape. But still, he practices the Clap of Thunder a lot so that he could cast the spell with a little bit of ease and so that he could cast the spell quickly, especially during battle.

      He can also use his spells to cool off during the hot days of summer. He can use the conjure wind spell to bring some cool air to relieve himself from the heat of summer. Being a wind mage has been great for him because he can both protect and attack (but mostly protect) his allies or himself.

       He was born on the year 1603 A.S. in the lands of Dolion Meriath. His father, a great warrior of the Korweynites named him Ohén Ypherén. Ohén means light in the elvish tongue.
       His human father was named Karkal and his mother, an elf named Lyth. His father was allowed to stay there by the Lord of Dolion Meriath because of Helvíl. The Lord agreed to let Karkal stay there because he believes that a child should never grow up away from his father or his mother.
       His father was called upon by his brethren to help them defeat the orcs that has set a camp nearby and has been attacking the villagers in that area. Karkal told Lyth to wait for him. He told her that he will be back before Helvíl celebrates his day of birth. Lyth waited for him which seems to be ages and Helvíl celebrated many of his birthdays but her husband has not yet returned.
      At the age of 17 he was sent by his mother to train as a wind magi. His master taught him the art of Ximaxian magic. His master learned Ximaxian magic during his travels in Sarvonia. His master being a family friend gave him some reagents needed for casting spells and more attention was given to him than the other apprentices. This made the other apprentices jealous and this caused them to frequently tease him but Helvíl just ignored them and concentrated on his studies.
      He quickly learned the basic principles of magic and when he reached the age of 33 he reached the 1st level of a magi.
      His teacher praised him for his success. He taught him even after classes for he saw much potential in him. He walked with him in the forest and taught him many things, not only magic but also about animals, plants and their uses for healing, history, and of course about the outside world. His master also taught him the art of playing the flute because it is Helvíl's favorite musical instrument. 

       After hearing the great stories of the outside wonders, he desired to go outside the walls of Dolion Meriath. He wanted to learn more about the beasts that walk the other realms, he wanted to learn more about the beauty of the plants, the songs and poetry of distant lands, and most of all, he wanted to learn the history of men, the race of his father.
       When he reached the the age of 44 he reached the 2nd level of being a magi and at that time he asked his mother if she would allow him to go out of Dolion Meriath and seek for his father although this is not only his only purpose. His mother said no because of the dangers and many things that he might suffer along the way but she did not tell the reason to Helvíl.
       His mother stopped him from seeing his teacher, thinking that his teacher is the one arousing Helvíl's desire to travel. The more he was being stopped by his mother, the more he desired the outside world. He felt that Dolion Meriath was now his prison, not his home. His teacher still secretly teaches him and at the age of 60 he reached the 3rd level of a magi and at that time he was overwhelmed with his desires to travel and to see his father. He asked for his master's help but his master was hesitant at first but Helvíl pursuaded him to cover his escape. His master summoned a storm to cover his escape.

      Before the summoning of the storm his master gave him one of his steel swords, the one that has an emerald on its hilt and he gave too a staff that was made from an oak tree that his master recieved as a gift during his travels and some coins to spend. While everyone was in chaos and panic, he silently slips out of the sight of his mother.
      He was able to escape the place he once called home but his master was caught and was imprisoned for summoning the storm. He dared not to go back for he do not want the deed of his master to be in vain. It gave him much sorrow but he turned around and started his journey.
       His mother told him about the Korwynite village across the mountain of Sohon when he was still young and that village was his father's home. He passed over that mountain and there he practiced his spells to protect himself if he was ever attacked by a wild beast in the mountains.

       When he reached the village, he was filled with delight and joy because he wanted for so long to see his father. When he entered the village, the villagers there stared at him for the sight of an elf across the mountain was not a usual sight. He walked with his hood covering his face.
       There he was welcomed by their leader. He asked for his father, Karkal. The leader was shocked by the truth that one of his people had an elven child. Regardless of that, he was more willing to direct Helvíl to his father.
       For the first time he saw his father's face but Karkal was ill that time. Helvíl used all his skills at healing to heal his disease and to his delight, the toil he suffered healing his father was not in vain. His father regained much of his strength through his aid and after a year, in the day of his 61st birthday, Karkal's strength and health returned. Helvíl introduced himself to be his elven son with Lyth but Karkal with rage denied his tale. For the first time, Helvíl cried and felt pain. All these he knew not before. He wondered if the man he healed was his father or not.
      The truth is that after the battle with the orcs, his father went home wounded. A woman by the name of Alada tended to his needs. There Karkal forgot about Helvíl and Lyth. Alada bore him a daughter whose name Helvíl would not utter for the grief and anger is too much.
      Now, he has nowhere to go. Now he knows why his mother wont let him go. There are things that he should have never seen or felt but because he left the safety and comfort of his kind he suffered those things. He dwelt in the streets of his new home, cold, restless, and filled with much sorrow. Again, he saw his father and he ran to him with tears flowing from his eyes. He said to Karkal, "Father, why do you deny me as your son! I am the son of Karkal the man and Lyth the elf. I tell no lie for this is the truth. I will not journey over the mountain of Sohon to seek a stranger. I am your son!" Karkal replied with anger in his eyes, "I know nothing about elves specially an elf maiden named Lyth. Look! This is my child! Leave us be! Go back to your elven kin!"   
       His words are with anger but Helvîl saw in his eyes that he was lying. With rage burning in his heart, he uttered a curse that summoned three lightnings and that killed his father. The people that saw his murder chased him until he passed the mountain of Sohon. He spent weeks in the mountain of Sohon hiding and seeking the comfort of his kind.
        When he reached the Gates of Dolion Meriath his passage was denied. News about his deed reached their ears and they do not desire to interfere with human affairs nor do they wish to harbor and protect a murderer. They did not let him enter no matter how much he pleads. He again turned his back from his home. "Twice now that I have turned my back, there will be no third" he said to himself. Now he can go nowhere in Nybelmar for people are hunting him for Karkal's death. He used the "Hide Spell" to make himself invisible and entered a ship going to Sarvonia and he stayed hidden by hiding in the dark places of the ship.           
     Along the way he still remember his father, his mother, his murder, his master, Alada and her daughter, and Dolion Meriath. Despair and agony was his only companion during that journey. During the travel he fed on the food that he caught in the sea or the food that he found in the ship and drank from what water he could get for he did not wish to be seen by anyone in that ship.
       At last he saw land. The land they called Sarvonia. He traveled Sarvonia and met many creatures he knew not before and these awakened his desire to explore. He met many elves that did not know his crime and many men that feared him. He helped those who need his help but only a few would accept his help because of his cold appearance. He is now cold in appearance for his heart has nearly been turned to stone by all he suffered in Nybelmar and during his travel across the sea.
       He changed his name when he reached the Sarvonia at the age of 63. He believes that now he is an outcast of the Kayr, he does not need the name that was given to him. He changed his name to Helvíl which means wanderer in the elvish tongue but he kept his last name because he still loves his elven kin even though his sorrow is greater than his love. He also adopted the title that was given to him by the people who saw him during his travels, "The Cold Pilgrim" because of his cold appearance and because he never stayed long in one place. And with it, he created a new person that is cold and silent although deep inside he is Ohen the child that once held the fading light of the Light Elves.

"Now he is Helvíl Ypherén The Cold Pilgrim"

     His master gave him a steel sword that is 1 Ped, 1 Nailsbreadth, 3 Grains. Its hilt is gold in color like the fiery sun and its blade is made of steel that shines like the silver moon. Each of the two emeralds that are crescent-shaped, are set on the center of both sides of its hilt. Its scabbard is made of strong leather. Leaf-shaped steel covers both of the scabbard's ends for added strength.

     He owned a staff too. It has no powerful abilities except that it is sturdy and strong. It has been made from an oak tree and it stands about 2 and a half peds long.
Belongings: In his brown bag that is on his left side he keep these things:
- A flute
- A steel sword named Silarná
- A staff named Adlaw
- 2 more clothes that is same as his brown robe, pants, tunic only in dark blue and in dark green
- A journal
- A quartz crystal
- 3 wizardleaf
- A small pouch of silver dust
- 2 Eagle feathers
- A medium sized water bottle
- A feather pen
- A small bottle of ink
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