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Author Topic: The Palace(Voldar)  (Read 71351 times)
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« Reply #165 on: March 01, 2007, 02:13:10 AM »

The Baron took a moment to collect his thoughts. "Your Majesty I had a son; my only son. He was the joy of his mother and a delight to myself.  He grew up strong and was bright and I taught him all of the things he needed to know to one day rule my lands."

Voltigar immediately caught the word was "Was, Baron?"

Baron Throigor sighed, "Yes my Liege, was. He was riding a very spirited horse during his lancing practice and unfortunately a rabbit jumped out of the field and spooked the horse. It reared up and my son unprepared fell off, hit a hidden rock under the ground and broke his neck.  A rabbit was all it took to take my sons life, my wife's joy and my delight and only heir."

Voltigar felt for the man. "I am truly sorry Baron, but what can I do to help ease your pain?"

"This unfortunate accident happenend last summer.  Then I was told by a healer this winter that I have the disease that "eats its way from the inside out"

Voltigar had heard of the disease it was called by his healers; Remora. It was not a contagious disease, but once discovered it was uncurable and it slowly and painfully ate the body away until it was mostly skin and bones; fortunately most died before the pain became unbearable.

"Here is another story, quite familiar I am sure even among the Nobility of Voldar. I had a dalliance with a young maiden in my employ many years ago and that dalliance produced two daughters; one is two years younger than the other." he paused, taking a drink of his wine. "You may think me monsterous for what happend next but at the time I could see no other choice.  My wife understood the dalliance's, as she herself has had a few in her time, but she would not, could not, allow offspring of either mine or hers to live.  She took herbs to make sure she would not bear any children from her dalliances and I promised that I would make sure none of mine would ever see the light of day; either by making sure the woman took herbs the day after, or if she did bear the child to have it taken care of when it was born."

Taken care of? Don't you mean murdered? What kind of man would murder his own children? Do my own Nobles do the same?  Talk about being a monster! Voltigar thought as he listened, trying to keep a straight face and keep his temper under control.

The Baron continued, "I did as requested until first Iris came along and then two years later Cadence.  The woman who bore those children I had thought I had safely hidden away along with them. However my wife found out and ordered that I take care of them as I promised I even had to take care of their mother as well."

Voltigar's anger clouded his mind and he did not catch the names of the two girls right away. He exploded."You are a Baron and a man. Just because you made this promise did not mean you had to keep it. By Ava man, you are calmly sitting here telling me that you commit murder so that your and your murderous wife can keep face and your station in life! Monsterous indeed! I should throw you both to the executioner and cut off your heads!"

"Your Majesty. Are you telling me that you or your own Nobles do not do the same?" Thorigor asked, a bit shocked by the outrage he felt from Voltigar.

"No! Not to my knowledge I or they do not."

"I will not tell the King he is a liar, but I think perhaps you need to get out more often.  That is how the Nobility have done things for hundreds of years.  I would even venture your father did the same."

Voltigar had to keep a tight rein upon his anger. "I would not know Baron. My father was murdered as well as the rest of my family when I was but a child. I do know however that my father loved my mother very much."

" We just have this agreement," Thorigor responded softly.

"An agreement made in Coor." Voltigar spat out.

"No, your Majesty, an agreement meant to keep two families to stop a century year old feud. My wife and I married out of convienience and politics.  It was in our marriage arrangement that this agreement was put in. I had to abide by it and I did until I truly fell in love and had Iris and Cadence."

Suddenly the two names of the girls rang a bell in Voltigar's head. Iris? Cadence? Surely he does not mean them? He kills his offspring, but, what is he saying?

"Are you telling me that you could not go through with this agreement when it came to your daughters and this woman you loved. What is her name anyway?" Voltigar asked.

"Her name was Lydia and no, I could not go through with the agreement." Thorigor answered sadly.

"What happened?"

"As I told you my wife found out and ordered me to honor our agreement.  When I told her I did. She did not believe me and discovered where I had hidden my other family.  She sent men to to what I could not.  I found out and tried to save my family.  When I arrived, I was too late.  I found my beloved Lydia dead and my children gone." Thorigor put his face in his hands and cried like a baby.

Rief heard his lord crying and quickly came over. He glared at Voltigar and then shook the old man. "M'lord, it is unseemly for thee to act this way."

Thorigor raised his head, dashed away the tears, put his hand upon Rief's. "I thank thee for reminded me my son."

Voltigar sat back stunned.  This was supposed to be a time of renassiance, a time of civility, and yet, there were those who still wanted, still did, live in the "dark ages"  He shook his head at the absurdity of it all. "There is more is there not, Baron?  What is it? Why have you come here?" Voltigar asked, wanting this man and his knights to leave as soon as possible.

"The men that my wife hired were unsavory men. Since I did not find the bodies of my daughters I assumed they had taken them.  I sent men to find them and when they did they were to kill them and bring my daughters back to me.  They eventually found the men, in a whorehouse and they had plenty of money. When the last one was questioned after his cohorts throats were cut in front of him because they would not tell my men where my daughters were he finally confessed."

"And?" Voltigar asked, caught up in the grizzly tale.

"They had sold my daughters to slave merchants. I searched for them for years but never found them." Thorigor answered sadly.

The silence between the two was thick as Voltigar thought and Thorigor was lost in his memories.

"What if the young lady in my employ is your daughter Cadence? How does that help your situation with your only heir dead?" Voltigar asked.

"She would be my deliverance!"


"She could marry a Noble of my lands and hopefully bear a son who then could carry on my birthline." Thorigor answered. "Could I see her?" He asked hopefully.

"I do not understand. How can she do this?  She only carries half your bloodline and if she marries another, the offspring, whether it be boy or girl would even have less of your bloodline. How could, if it is a boy, be able to carry on your birthright? It would be tainted in your people's eyes."

"In a way you speak the truth, however because she carries in her my bloodline and if I marry her to one of my bloodline, then the bloodline from the boy offspring will not be only slightly tainted and there are many who have that in their family history.  So, can I see if Cadence is my daughter?" Thorigor asked once again.

Voltigar sat back in his chair his face like a rock but his insides were churning like a boiling pot of water.  If Cadence was Thorigor's daughter then that means Iris is too. Would he want both of the girls? What recourse do I have if I refuse to allow either of the girls to go with him?  The only good thing is that Cadence would not have to marry Clayton, but she would have to marry someone she does not love and even Iris would have to do the same.  I do not know if my heart could take it.  I need council. I need Damien.

Finally Voltigar spoke. "Baron I have a young lady in my employ with her sister; they are named as your two daughters were; Iris and Cadence..."

Thorigor gasped, "You have Iris as well?"

"I have two young ladies in my employ with the same names. I did not say they were your two daughters.  I suggest we adjurn to a more private room and then I will send for the two girls and you can see and talk with them."  Voltigar rose, "I think we should probably ask the groom to join us as well. I am sure that he will have an opinon about this as he was about to be wedded to Cadence and if she turns out to be your daughter you will have to explain to him why he cannot marry her."  Voltigar said. That should be interesting.Voltigar thought.

Baron Thorigor also rose. "As it pleases thee your Majesty."

Voltigar motioned for a guard, who quickly walked over. He orderd the guard to fetch Iris, Cadence, Clayton and to find Commander Scar and bring them to the Parlor room.  The guard nodded and took off.  Voltigar motioned with his hand, "Please follow me Baron and gentle knights."

The knights put down their goblets and plates and followed their lord who followed Voltigar who led them out of the throne room, turned right walked down a hallway, turned left walked a few doors down and then opened a door on the far wall and motioned the men in. "The Parlor." Voltigar said.   

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« Reply #166 on: March 01, 2007, 06:25:54 AM »

When she got back to the palace, she almost got lost again in all the corridors and hallways. Luckily, she spotted the servant girl who had earlier led her to the Great Hall, so she asked her to guide her to her room again. "I'm afraid I'm not very used to these great houses." she explained with a rueful smile. "Nature is more my kind of thing..."

Soon enough, they were standing in front of her door again, and she thanked the girl as she walked into her room. Someone had taken care of her bath, with two buckets standing warming next to the fire, to be poured into the tub when she needed it. Good. She'd taken a bath yesterday as well, but then she hadn't been running for a few hours, as she had now. She took her time to wash the dust off her, even though there hadn't been that much dust to begin with. Most of it still clung to the ground after the recent rain. She liked the smell of freshly washed nature, she realised. Something that she took for granted when she'd been in the wild for a few days, but also something that she actually missed while being within the confines of a city - it never was the same with buildings all around.

She lay soaking in the water until it had grown rather cool, then got up and dried herself thoroughly. After that, she put on her other skirt and shirt, which had been washed and dried at some point during the previous evening or morning. She was not ashamed of her body, but she didn't realize that at the wedding she would probably be causing some havoc with her choice - even her knees could be seen, and her arms were practically completely bare, except for the straps which held up her shirt. Oblivious of this, she prepared for the ceremony which would be held shortly.

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« Reply #167 on: March 02, 2007, 02:02:18 AM »

Iris's and Cadence's bedroom

A small young servant girl hardly the age of twelve walked quickly down the hallway, he golden curls bounced with each step, her wide dark brown eyes taking in each new sight she saw.  This was the first time she was actually out of the kitchen and it felt good.

She found the door upon which she was told to go to and give the message that the King had ordered given.  She felt thrilled to be of service to the King.  Then she stopped short as she saw a large burly guard standing next to the door.

she hesitated, chewing on her lower lip, as she watched the guard with his dark eyes staring down at her.  She stepped forward, her head barely reaching over his huge belt buckle.  She looked up into his dark eyes. "Sir, I have a message for Miss Iris and Miss Cadence from the King" she said in a small squeaky voice.

The guard stared at her for what seemed liked an eternity and then he smiled at her. "What is your name?" He asked.

"Mylodie," she replied, with a small curtsy.

The guard smiled broadly. "Let me announce you."  He knocked on the door.  The door opened and he grandly announced. "Miss Mylodie has a message for Miss Iris and Miss Cadence from the King. May she come in?" He asked.

Parlor Room

The Parlor room was a large square room with the exception of two deep alcoves that contained brick fireplaces that were aflame giving off generous amounts of heat and warmth.  The floor was covered in a checkered pattern of greens and blues.  There were several padded chairs; mostly by the fireplaces and a long highly polished wooden table in the center with wooden chairs all around it.

The Baron and his knights walked in followed by Voltigar.  "Gentlemen please have a seat. I can order more wine or ale while we wait for all to be assembled."  He pulled on a white cord near his seat at the head of the table and in a few moments a servant appeared. "More wine and ale and food for my guests."

"Yes Sire," the servant bowed and then left.

Voltigar settled back in his chair and tried not to smile as the knights tried to sit comfortably in full armor, which he knew was very difficult, if not impossible to do.  "Sir knights, perhaps you should remove your armor.  I can have my servants supply you with cloaks.  I do not know how long we will all be here, but I know from experience that heat and armor do not go well and it is awfully warm in the Parlor."

The knights looked at the Baron who nodded.  Reif spoke for them all. "We would be honored your Majesty."

"Good," he pulled the cord again and within moments the same servant appeared, "Bring these gentle knights cloaks to wear."

"Yes Sire," he said as he counted the knights. "Twenty cloaks. It should take me just a few moments to gather them Sir knights."  He left the room just as several servant girls entered carrying platters of different kinds of food, breads, flagons of wine and ale along with all of the cups, plates and forks and spoons needed.  They quickly and silently prepared the table and then left.

Voltigar took a cup, filled it with wine and handed it to the Baron.  The Baron nodded his thanks, and then Voltigar poured himself one.  "Eat, drink gentlemen."

"How long before I get to see Cadence?" Thorigor asked after taking a large gulp of wine.

"I am not sure. Soon, I assume since all of the parties involved are here in the Palace. all except Damien, who I really need right now. Voltigar thought, while giving the Baron a smile.
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« Reply #168 on: March 02, 2007, 03:20:41 PM »

Cadence's mouth opened to answer Wilma but then there was a knock on door and the guard annouced someone.

A young girl entered the room, the shyness of a child filling her face.  "I have a message from the King, for Miss Iris and Miss Cadence.  The King wishes your presence in the Parlor at this time."  The young girl seemed to shrink now that she had delivered her message and Iris catching up her dress stepped from the pedastool and towards the table upon which a small box sat.  She pulled a coin from the box and asked the girl to step forward. 

"What is your name?"  Iris asked kneeling down to look up at the girl.

"Mylodie, M'am."  The servant girl said still worrying her bottom lip.

"Well met Mylodie.  You have delivered your message very well and should be very proud of doing such a fine job.  I bet you are still on kitchen duty aren't you and happy to be out of the kitchen."  Iris smiled at the child as she watched the big brown eyes widen in suprise that she should have such insight.

"Yes'um.  Nana can be so bossy at times!"  Mylodie realizing what she had said clamped her hands immediately over her mouth as Iris and Cadence let out a laugh. 

"Right you are on that!"  Iris said laughing as she held out her hand to the girl.  "Open your hand please.  I wish to reward you for such a fine job done."

Mylodie shook her head and took a step back, "No m'am.  I can't take it!  My momma..."

Iris grabbed her hand gently and placed the coin in it.  "Your momma won't have to know and if she finds it she can come and talk to me.  It will be fine.  Now you better get back to the kitchen before Nana has our hides for delaying you so."

Iris watched the girl give the guard a radiant smile and skip down the hall back towards the kitchen.

Iris turned to Cadence as she began to carefully remove her dress in the making.  "I wonder what he wishes to speak with us about.  It must be urgent, we better hurry Cadence."

Cadence nodded thinking the same thing.  Quickly the girls changed clothes, dressing in their nicest dresses, at looked themselves over in the mirror before leaving.  Cadence's hair was worn down as was customary and Iris's hair was caught at the nape of her neck in a fashion of twists.  Both had their tresses adorned with sweep sip vine blooms and the vine woven throughout their hair.  Running a hand over her dress to smooth out some invisible wrinkle Iris turned to her sister.

"Okay, lets get going."

Both sisters walked quickly down the halls and manuvering through the corridor came to the Parlor door.  The guard placed outside knock upon the door and announced the sisters.

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« Reply #169 on: March 03, 2007, 01:39:42 AM »

Voltigar rose at the announcement as did the Baron and his knights.  Iirs came in first and then Cadence.  Voltigar's heart suddenly went up into his throat and he had to conciously push it back down when he saw Iris.  She was beautiful with her hair up intertwined with flowers.  Cadence looked lovlier than ever with her hair hanging down over her shoulders.  They both wore simple, yet elegant dresses.  How could I let them go? At least Cadence will not have to marry Clayton if they are the Baron's daughters, but then she will be pressed to marry someone else, she may not love.

Finally Voltigar got his emotions under control. "Baron Thorigor may I present Miss Cadence and Miss Iris"

"Your Majesty, you did not need to introduce me to my own daughters. I would have known them immediately." He then turned and accused, pointing a finger. "You did not say you had both of my daughters."

Voltigar had to control his temper once again. "Baron, may I remind you that you asked only about a girl named Cadence. I am not in the habit of divulging information I am not specifically asked about.  However since you asked about a girl named Cadence, I thought it prudent to have her sister come as well.  How do you know that Miss Iris and Miss Cadence are your daughters, since they were very young when..."

"Iris was four and Cadence was two," your Majesty, " I know my two daughters. They have thier mother's eyes, besides that, I have papers as well.

Voltigar noticed that Iris and Cadence did not say a word but had both sidled closer to him and their eyes were wide open as they stared at the Baron and then back at him and then back at the Baron.  His heart went out to both of them.  He wished Damien was here. Perhaps he will be found before Master Clayton arrives.  The thought of having Master Clayton told he was not going to be wedded to Cadence did allow Voltigar a small smile.

Rief's heart was smitten as soon as he saw Iris.  Cadence was pretty, but she was still a girl in his sight, it was Iris that caught his eye.  He started to go forward to offer the ladies a seat but then they moved closer to the King.  He did not care for that, nor for the look that Iris cast toward the King. With all of the King's posturing and his accusations against his lord, the King was doing the same thing to Iris and who knew probably Cadence as well. Rief thought, his eyes hard as he turned away, and took a cup of wine and downed it in one gulp.

"Ladies why do you not sit here on both sides of me while we wait for the rest so that the Baron will not have to repeat himself."  He pulled out two chairs, and waitied for them to sit down.

"The rest?" Asked the Baron.

"Yes, Cadence's betrothed, Master Clayton and my advisor, Commander Scar." Voltigar answered.

Rief was on his other cup of wine and almost choked on the liquid when he heard "Commander Scar" He glanced at the King. "Commander Scar is your advisor?" He coughed out.

Voltigar tried to hide the smile escaping from his lips. "Yes, Sir Rief. Commander Scar has been my advisor for as long as I can remember."

"I would think that this Commander would be a good advisor for military affairs, but not civil ones, your Majesty." Thorigor looked puzzled.

"He is both, Baron.  His knowledge of military tactics is close to none and he has a very firm grasp of civil law as well." all except that law that threw Grunok into the dungeon and had his title stripped from him by Cedric. It did not matter, Voltigar just felt better when Damien was around.

"I see, then we shall wait," he replied still gazing at both of his daughters in awe. They had both grown up to be lovely ladies.  He was sure now that his bloodline will continue. If one could not produce an heir, then the other one surely could.  He wondered who Reif would choose?  Rief's brother, Nathan, did not come along with them.  He was just a year younger than Rief, but the Baron was sure that Nathan would have no trouble taking the one that Rief did not want.
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« Reply #170 on: March 03, 2007, 11:21:44 AM »

Iris was not expecting a room full of men, Knights at that, when herself and Cadence were shown in.  The King had a wariness about his features as he introduced herself and Cadence.  Iris caught the King's eyes, but for a blink and something was there trying to tell her something but she couldn't seize upon in it before the ornately man before them starting speaking.  Something about his features were familiar, but she could not place him.  And that troubled her.

Cadence moved closer to her and she moved closer to Voltigar.  Several questions began to crowd Iris's mind and then one would penetrated her mind, "daughters".  Iris looked sharply at the man and caught on that he was a Barron.  Iris's full attention was now on the man and he was making no sense.  Something about Iris and Cadence being his daughters!  Iris's mind began to race as she suddenly was thrust back into the past...memories that she had long ago buried and forgotten were suddenly given new life.  Iris looked at the surrounding men, through almost a haze, and saw one particular Knight eyeing her and saw his eyes turn hard as he almost glared at the King and then back to her and then to her sister before retrieving a cup of wine and finishing it off in one gulp.  A man did not drink like that unless he was angered by something.  Iris thought stupidly, we haven't been here more than a few moments and already we have displeased him. 

Cadence stood stunned as she went from being surprised to utterly confused.  This man before them was apparently a Barron who claimed that Iris and herself were his daughters.  The man was elderly, somewhat, and while his age would permit such a thing Cadence clearly thought him senile for such an idea, but then he mentioned their mother's eyes and papers.  Walking with Iris to where the King offered them chairs, Cadence gladly accepted quietly.  She needed to sit, no she needed to talk to Iris.  Iris was older.  Iris would remember this man if he spoke the truth.  Cadence turned uncertain eyes to Iris who seemed lost in thought.  She was tempted to kick her sister to get her attention, but instead she half stood to carefully smooth out her dress and stepped quite intentionally upon Iris's slippered foot.

That got her sister's attention, Cadence smiled inwardly.  She would not allow Iris to leave her alone while Iris went and shut out everything escaping to some memory or another.

Iris looked sharply at Cadence and bit her tongue as she felt the sharp pain Cadence cause in her foot.  Looking at Cadence's features her cloudy memories evaporated instantly.  Confusion, fear and small traces of hope were readable in her younger sister's eyes.  If they were indeed daughters of this Barron, then Cadence would not have to marry Clayton.  She could be protected, but why ad the Barron come in search of them after all this time.  Iris gave Cadence a reassuring nod to help put her sister at ease.

Iris turned her attention back the Barron before them and her eyes flashed with suspicion.  Why would he come looking for them after all this time unless he wanted something.  And wanted it badly.  Iris's experience with men had taught her a man usually did not seek out a woman unless he wanted something from her and it was usually pretty easy to guess what.  But surely if this man who claimed to be their father was truly who he claimed to be then he would not want them in that way.

Iris dared only a brief glance at Voltigar.  It had seemed forever since she had last seen him and yet it had only been a few hours past.  Taking in his features her eyes gently caressed his face as she had only dreamed her fingers could.  Not daring more than a few blinks of a glance, Iris tore her eyes back to the men before her.

Cadence felt the reassurance from Iris that she needed to brave the room full of men.  Her eyes roamed openly looking at each Knight squarely on as if asking, who are you and why have you come.  Her eyes fell upon a particular man's features as he gulped down a cup of wine.  She like somewhat his features, but thought him too old for herself.  He was more suited to Iris's age. 

Cadence continued to look around the room at the men feeling somewhat more at ease, until she heard a knock at the door.


A servant boy was announced and met with Clayton's vengeful gaze as he barked out, "WHAT is it that you want!  Can you not see that I am in the middle of preparing for a wedding!" 

The servant boy shrank back from Clayton and stayed close to the door.  In a stammering voice he managed to say, "The King wishes your presence in the Parlor at this time."  The boy quickly spun around almost falling over his own feet and practically ran from the room.  Clayton chuckled to himself at the boys reaction.  He liked it when people feared him.  It made him feel powerful.  He had been known to take even boys to his bed before and make them scream and he enjoyed it as much if not more than raping a woman.  Women could escape within themselves and all you took was their bodies.  They also had other women to run to to sooth them, but not men or boys.  to have such a thing done to them would make them less than a man.  It broke something inside them and Clayton enjoyed it.  The course of his thought brought a proud grin to features that some may have mistaken for the honor it was to have an audience with the King.

"Quickly now, get this thing off me!"  Clayton said as he began to push a the tailor's hands.  "But sir, we have not picked out the material yet!"  The tailor almost whined.  "Fine that one there.  Yes that will be fine enough!" 

Clayton pointed to a black cloth that was sturdy yet had a silky feel to the right side of it.  Quickly dressing himself, Clayton stormed from the room and was escorted to the Parlor where he was announced.


Iris turned glareful eyes towards the King.  How could he put Cadence through this.  Not only having them brought before this man with no warning as if they were being auctioned off like cattle, but to now bring Clayton into the mix!  Cadence was already fearful of him, now knowing what kind of man he truly was, and now to go through this something delicant with fear added to it was about enough.

Cadence's stomach tightened and she thought she was going to be sick right there.  All over them all.  Cadence turned a pale face to Iris and her sister came immediately to her aid, "M'Lord, I believe it is tradition that the Bride and Groom not see each other until the ceremony.  There is for the time being the possibility of a ceremony still to be performed if this gentleman's claims turn out to be unfounded.  Perhaps we could settle first matter, of his claims to being our father, before we jump to the next?"  Iris's eyes went from glareful to pleadful. 

"Iris..." Cadence said through a watery mouth.  "Iris...please..."

Iris went to the wine pitcher and poured a cup not even a 1/4 full for Cadence.  Quickly giving the cup to her sister who was now white as the flowers in her hair Iris spoke quietly only for her to hear, "Cadence, you must pull yourself together and quickly.  Keep swallowing back the bile.  I am so sorry about this, but get yourself together.  We have appearances to keep up."  Iris's eyes were steading and Cadence drew strength from her sister. 

Clayton entered the room just as he heard Iris say something about their father and his gut tightened.  What had the King cooked up now to save his servant now.  Walking further into the room Clayton froze with a half cocky grin on hisface.  His eyes went instantly to the Knights that bore another crest than that of Voldar.  Taking in the scene with Cadence and Iris, Clayton quickly fastened his eyes upon the King.  "I have come at your request, M'lord."  Clayton said bowing before the King, his eyes never leaving Voltigar's face.

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« Reply #171 on: March 06, 2007, 02:20:31 AM »

Clayton's Quarters

The tailor looked in shock as he watched the good looking man stomp out of the room, slamming the door behind him. Why would a groom want to wear black I would think he would want to wear something more gay and colorful, If he wanted a darker color to offset the more colorful colors he could have chosen this wonderful gray, but if black is what he wants then black it will be. He sighed, then a crinkle of a smile came upon his face and he picked out a white Ermine and gold thread and began working on Master Clayton's clothes.  He hoped the nice young man liked his ideas.

Parlor Room

Voltigar heard the request by Iris and could see that Cadence was becoming very ill, but as much as it cut his heart open he could not offer any help or consolence's.  In the eyes of the Baron and his knights he was King and therefore he must act like one, even to the deference of those he held dear to his heart.

Then Clayton was shown in.  Voltigar nodded at him, "I shall be with you shortly Master Clayton, please partake of some wine and food if you wish." Then completely dismissing Clayton as if he were not there he addressed Iris.

"Iris, if Cadence feels ill and needs to lie down I am sure the Baron would not object to have her lie down there on that couch.  I will have a servant send for a pail of water and cloth to be wet and put upon her head."

"I have no objections your Majesty," Throrigor said, looking genuinely concerned at Cadence, being ill myself at times I understand."

Voltigar pulled the cord once again and in moments a servant appeared. "Have two pails of cool fresh water brought in along with some cloth. Miss Cadence is not feeling well."

The servant saw how pale the young lady was and quickly rushed out of the room without saying the perfuntuary 'Yes Sire'  Voltigar did not even seem to notice as he turned his attention to Thorigor. "You say you have papers. May I see them?" Voltigar asked buisness like.

The Baron reached into his doublet, and fished out a small leather case and handed it to Voltigar.

Voltigar took the case, unwound the string that held the cover, opened it and pulled out two folded pieces of parchment.  He opened one of them and read:

I declare upon death if this document or my words are not true and prove to be false.  I, Baron Reginald Thorigor do hereby declare that on the 6th day of the month of Changing winds, in the year of 57BS (Before Santhros) that my concubine, Lydia, gave birth to a baby girl which we named Cadence.

The declaration was signed by the Baron, a healer, Lydia, and the Earl of Milkengrad, whose name Voltigar did not recognize but he did recognize the seal of Milkengrad which was upon the letter.  Voltigar glanced over at Cadence who was now lying upon the couch, Iris hovering over her like a mother hen.  He wondered if Cadence even knew when her birthday was? Probably not.  He looked at the date again, Cadence had just turned eighteen no more than ten days ago.

Two servants quickly came in, set the pails of water near the couch and gave the clean white cloth to Iris. One turned and asked, "Sire, we could send for a healer if you think it wise?"

"No, I do not think this room can handle more people. I am sure Iris can take care of her sister."

"As you wish Sire," The servant replied and left.

Voltigar put down the first piece of parchment and opened the other piece, he noticed his hands were visably shaking. He willed them to stop and began reading:

I declare upon death if this document or my words are not true and prove to be false. I, Baron Reginald Thorigor do hearby declare that on the 22nd day of the month of Singing Bird, in the year 59BS (Before Santhros) that my concubine, Lydia, gave birth to a baby girl which we named Iris.

The parchement was signed by the Baron, the same healer, and the Earl of Milkengrad along with both of their seals.  Voltigar again briefly glanced at Iris. He wondered if she knew when her birthday was, probably not; much like her sister she is probably as confused about this man and the events going on around her, but she is much stronger-willed and is not showing it.  Her main concern is for Cadence.

Voltigar read both parchments again slowly.  He noticed that Lydia's last name was given, but in those times it did not matter anyway.  What surprised Voltigar was that the Baron had enough courage to even put these two illegitimate births upon parchment and that the Earl of Milkengrad had even consented to sign and givel his seal.  The Baron and the Earl must be very close.  Which meant that these documents were the real thing and that Iris and Cadence were the daughters of Baron Thorigor!

He slowly looked up into the Baron's waiting face. "These documents seem to be in order," he said a bit sadly as he folded them and started to put them back into the leather pouch, "I ask Baron that you allow my advisor to read these and also why we are waiting if you would not mind letting Iris and Cadence to read them as well?"

Rief sputtered, "They can read?" he asked astonished.

Voltigar smiled, "Yes Sir knight, they can both read.  I know that many in your station believe that only the Nobility and shopkeepers have the brains to read, but I have found out in my years that not only do the farmers and others that you consider beneath you, not only have the brains to read, but given the chance some prove to have excellent minds.  Miss Iris, for one, I have discovered has a very quick mind and wit as well as a sharp tongue.  Miss Cadence, also has the same, but is a bit more shy and reserved until she is pushed.  I encourage my people, all of my people to learn how to read. Now, if you do not mind, Sir knight, I was speaking with your lord, or do you have other questions with which you deem important enough to interrupt us?" 

Voltigar's normal grey eyes looked liked a storm at sea as he stared at the knight.

"No Sire, again my apo..."

Voltigar ignored his apologies and again asked, "Baron, may Miss Iris and Miss Cadence read these papers?"

Thorigor bowed his head and then raised it, his face graven. " I fear that they may hate me. But I see thy wisdom my Liege. Give it to them if it pleases thee and them."

"Is thy health bothering thee?" Voltigar asked in the Baron's archiac tongue.

"Nay, Sire. Tis my heart and concience." Thorigor anwered.

Voltigar nodded, rose with the parchements and walked over to where Iris sat next to her sister who lay upon the couch. "Would you two like to read these papers or wait until my advisor reads them?"  His words conveyed nothing, but his eyes tried to bore into Iris's, whom he noticed, was glaring at him in distrust and he could do nothing to sway that feeling now, he hoped his eyes could talk for him and give her and Cadence some kind of hope. Hope that he felt was slipping away unless Damien could come up with something.
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Iris bathed Cadence's face with a wet cloth and watched Clayton from the corner of her eye.  The color was returning to her sister's face as she drew upon her inner strength to get her through this.  Quietly she spoke to Cadence, "We must deal with this."  Her answer was a firm squeeze of her sister's hand.  Taking the cloth from Iris' hand, Cadence thanked the servant that waited nearby and handed the cloth and motioned to the buckets of water.  "I believe the spell has passed." Cadence said locking eyes with Clayton before ignoring him as the King had done.  She would not let that man get the best of her yet, nor would she be overtaken by her own fears.  They were hers and she owned them.

Seeing the resilience in her sister allowed Iris' mind to focus upon the matters at hand.  The King was asking about papers which the Baron produced.  Iris studied the mens' faces each in turn.  Something flashed against Voltigar's, yet it was gone before any who did not know this man could have ever seen it.

Iris stood as the King approached holding the documents in his hand.  Her glare had faded as her King came to stand before her, his eyes beseeching her to understand.  Her mind worked quickly at the pieces before her as she took the leather that held the documents which could, would change hers and Cadence's life.

Looking over the documents, Iris breathed her mother's name softly to herself and looked to the Baron with new eyes.  Iris did not know her true birthday only the general time she was supposed to have been birthed.  She vaguely remembered when Cadence was born, but it was as if it were a dream there at the fringe of her memory.  According to the papers Cadence had recently turned eighteen years of age. 

Not even glancing at the Knight who could not believe that no one other than those of privilege could ever achieve such a thing as reading she spoke to her father, "Not only can we read, but do so with great understanding.  Some simply read and it means nothing to them, just a bunch of words that truly have no meaning.  We on the other hand read and write, tho our penmanship needs some practice, with understanding.  You have sought us out after all this time and I can not but wonder at your gain.  No man of pedigree would even acknowledge bastards, such as we are, unless he had no other choice.  Tell me, since we are of your loins, to what purpose do you wish to use us?"  Iris handed the leather bound documents to Cadence.  Iris had read over the words and as it disturbed her to have it formally documented that her mother was a concubine, it disturbed her worse was what motive this man must have to make such a declaration.  Surely he had other children to carry on his legacy.  Women could not own land and could not inherit directly.  They had to be married or produce male heirs who could inherit.

Realization dawned upon Iris and her eyes turned icy cold.  "Tell me, father since I am the eldest and it is custom for me to marry first in order to produce a legitimate heir, who is the man you have arranged for me to wed?  He must be here with you to see what his future wife, the woman who is to bear his legitimate heir."  Iris searched the faces of the Knights before her and only one stood out flush from the rest.  The other Knights were taken back by her boldness and quick grasp of the situation before them, but only one looked as if his eyes were ready to bulge from his their sockets from anger.  She should have know the same arrogant, egotistical, pompous ass who had decided that all commoners were stupid and had not a thought of their own of be the man of choice.

Cadence kept her seat upon the couch as she took the documents into her hand.  She could not read as well or as quickly as Iris but read enough to understand that this man, this Baron, who claimed to be their father truly was.  Cadence's mind quickly began to work, if he was a Baron and they his children that would make them...would make them...Cadence searched her mind for the heirachy of titles but then Iris was speaking and disturbing her concentration.  She knew, however, that they were no longer just commoners.  And then the question began to seep into her mind just as it had done to Iris, why would a man bother to track down his bastard children?  Then a more important question pushed itself to the forefront of her mind...would she still have to marry Clayton?!

Cadence listened intently as Iris spoke of what she herself only dared to think.  It was not common practice for a woman to question a man's motives.  Mostly men went about what they pleased while the women kept house, birthed heirs, took care of them and cooked.  Most men did not even care if a woman had a thought in her head at all.  If what Iris was saying was true, then she would too be expected to strengthen the blood lines by producing heirs herself in case Iris could not have children or hers were sickly and died.  The Barron would not be here if he had another heir at deep inside Cadence did not care.  She had prayed fervently to the Gods that she not have to marry Clayton tho she would if it was decided that she must, but just perhaps this was her way out.  Just perhaps this was Iris's answer as well, only her anger and hurt was blinding her to it. 

Cadence's attention was quickly drawn by the sound of breaking glass.

Clayton was only beginning to seethe in his hatred of the King after his majesty's cold dismissal.  If he did not wish his presence then why send for him, Clayton was musing as he caught the formally dressed man's title.  He was a Barron and apparently he was making some preposterous claim of Iris and Cadence being his children.  No man in his right mind whohad a title and lands would make such a claim openly.  Clayton scoffed to himself and helped himself to the decanther of wine pouring himself a hearty amount into the thin glassed vessel that was used to drink such.  Then the mention of documents caught his interest and his gut tightened in a sickening way as he felt his invisible grasp begin to slip.  He heard the King state that the documents appeared to be in order.  What documents?  What did they say?  Clayton screamed within himself.  He had wormed his way thus far, too far, to the thwarted by some Baron seeking out his bastard because of a guilty conscious.  There had to be some mistake, Clayton tried to confort himself but Iris' reaction was more than enough proof that what the Baron spoke was the truth.  It no longer mattered what the documents said.  A sudden rush of anger coursed through his veins and without realizing it Clayton began to squeeze the glass which held his wine tighter and tighter thinking all the while how he would like to kill the Voltigar and the sisters for their quick minds, until at last the fragile piece of glass could take no more and shattered in his hand.

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Thorigor sat in his chair his hands still in his graven face. He did not even look up when Iris began speaking her mind. "Not only can we read, but do so with great understanding.  Some simply read and it means nothing to them, just a bunch of words that truly have no meaning.  We on the other hand read and write, tho our penmanship needs some practice, with understanding.  You have sought us out after all this time and I can not but wonder at your gain.  No man of pedigree would even acknowledge bastards, such as we are, unless he had no other choice.  Tell me, since we are of your loins, to what purpose do you wish to use us?"

"Watch thy tongue!" Rief exploded. "Or by the gods I will cut it from thee.  It is thy father whom ye speak to so recklessly and your lord."

Voltigar was not amazed at how quickly Iris caught onto the situation, however he was a bit surprised at her tongue and how she used it.  It was as sharp as any sword and as he watched the Baron he could see each word slice into him.  Reif must have seen it to or else he truly was as ignorant as his mouth claimed him to be.  Voltigar realized that he would have to step in or else Iris may say something that would force the issue even more.

"If there will be any tongue cutting, it will be by my own decision, not yours Sir knight.  And since it seems to be no doubt that Miss Iris and Miss Cadence are the Baron's daughters, illegitamate though they may be, he is recognizing them as his own, therefore they outrank you Sir knight and can say whatever they please. However, Miss Iris, I do ask you to please restrain yourself?"

Rief's eyes widened in shock as the realization of the two girls station in life had now been drastically changed.  He bowed toward Iris and Cadence, "I apologize for my behavior, M'ladies. I was concerned for thy fathers health as he is not well."

Unfortunately as Cadence read the letter Iris's mind was working over time and she came to another sudden realization. The real reason behind the Baron's visit.  Voltigar had to hide a smile of pride in her.  She would make a great queen. he thought.  Then she spoke again with venom dripping from her lips. "Tell me, father since I am the eldest and it is custom for me to marry first in order to produce a legitimate heir, who is the man you have arranged for me to wed?  He must be here with you to see what his future wife, the woman who is to bear his legitimate heir."

Thorigor finally raised his head and stared at Iris. His eyes were hard. "Iris, I had no idea that I would find you here. I had only heard that Cadence was in the employ of his Majesty.  Thy mind is quick as his Majesty has so stated. And your tongue does bite as the adder, but as your cousin has stated, watch your tongue."

He leaned back in his chair all signs of ill health or ill concience gone. So you have figured out why I have come. Yes, I need an heir. My only son died tragically a year ago this summer.  I need to have an heir for my lands and property to remain in my bloodline."

He turned at the sound of breaking glass and saw the man who was supposed to be marrying Cadence with a broken glass in his hands, the glass had cut him, and wine had spilled upon his clothes as well as the carpet. He glanced back at Iris and Cadence and Voltigar. 

He may be old and dying but he knew that there was something between Iris and the King and even between Cadence and this young shopkeeper. What? He did not know, but he did not like this King. A sly grin crossed his face as he turned back to Clayton.  "Young man, I know this may come at a shock to thee. I heard that your were to be knighted by his Majesty himself. A great honor indeed. I would be pleased to have thee as my son-in-law.  Since I only need one daughter to continue my bloodline and as Iris has pointed out so eloquently that she is the eldest and would be the first to marry I do not need Cadence. So if there are no objections your Majesty, could the wedding still commence?"

Voltigar was not prepared for such a revelation.  He turned and stared at Iris.  His face flushed as he realized that all saw him do so.  He felt as if his heart had been ripped open and lay beating upon the ground; his emotions and feelings for Iris lay bare for all to see.  He stumbled, but quickly righted himslef and found his way back to his chair and fell heavily into it. 

He poured himself a drink and drank it down to calm his nerves and to allow himself to think. Where was Damien?  He desperately needed him now.

He looked around and saw that all eyes were upon him, especially the Baron's, who had a wicked grin upon his face. "Your Majesty, thou hast not caught the same sickness as my daughter Cadence, hast thou?" He asked with a straight face but knew that the Baron was laughing at him.

Rief, however gazed at Iris, and though he was smiling, his cold eyes said something else as he spoke. "M'lord if it would please thee I would marry Lady Iris and Lady Cadence can certainly marry this young man whom his Majesty has placed such an honor upon."

"I thank thee, Rief for thou kind words," the Baron responded.

Voltigar kept on sweeping his eyes around the room until they settled upon Iris's and Cadence's. His eyes told them the whole story; he did not know what to do? The Baron had trapped him and sentenced Iris to marry Rief and Cadence to marry Clayton and he had to knight him with the highest of orders; Knight of the Order of Voldar.

There were only three knights of that order. One was Captain Norman Graaves, another was a knight, now retired, and the last one was Commander Scar.  To add Clayton to that group of men along with the knowledge of what he was and what he would do to Cadence made Voltigar ill. Where was Damien? He almost cried out loud.

A knock came upon the Parlor's door and a guard opened the door and in strode Damien along with him came a woman.  Damien's face was stone cold as he quickly surveyed the situation. "I apologize your Majesty for being late.  This young lady was asking me to give an introduction to you, but I can see that this was not a social call so," he turned to Tanari,"if you do not mind Lady Tanari the guard will show you to another room and will provide drink and food for you if you wish until we can come for you."

Tanari quickly nodded her assent, left the room and Damien closed the door behind her.  He stared at the door for a moment, turned around and slowly looked at everyone in the room.  His dark eyes black and as cold as Coor's domain. Twenty odd knights, with the crest of Cemphiria upon them, one, close to an older man with cropped white hair who was sitting next to an ashen faced Voltigar was staring at him with open curiosity as were the rest of the knights and the older gentleman.  Clayton was there too, but he was smiling as if he was a cat and had just ate a canary.  Iris and Cadence were on the couch near the far wall and their eyes told him a myriad of things; anger but mostly confusion and...fear.

Voltigar found his voice. "Commander Scar this is Baron Thorigor of Cemphira," Voltigar nodded toward the older man seated, "and his knights. You already know Master Clayton and Ladies, Iris and Cadence."

"Thorigor," Damien acknowledged, "welcome to Voldar."

"Rief sputtered enraged and began to draw his sword, Damien quick and fluid as a cat, caught the young knights wrist, slammed his elbow into the knights ribs which made Rief bellow out and bend down in pain. The stitches in Damien's shoulder ripped causing him pain, enraging him further, he pushed the knight away from him, brought up his knee and felt satisfaction as bone met the knights nose cascading blood upon the carpet.  The knights head jerked up from the force of the blow; his eyes glazed over and he fell heavily, sprawled upon the floor.

It had happend so quickly that everyone stared in shock, then as if in slow motion contiinuing on to real life speed, Damien heard swords drawn. He turned to face them.  He heard an older voice shriek, "Rief!"

Thorigor stumbled from his chair and knelt down by Rief.  He saw the blood and quickly felt the young man's neck, he felt no pulse. He turned and glared at Damien. "You shall pay for this! Cut him down!" He ordered his knights.

There was not much room to manouver in the room and Damien had no weapon.

Suddenly the door burst open and armed pike men rushed into the room.  "Cease and desist. Put your arms down Sir knights. That is an order from your King!" Voltigar commanded.

The knights hesitated as they looked back and forth from thier lord to the King, and to the pikemen who had come in.  The Parlor was now a very very small room and one wrong move and there would be bloodshed, bloodshed that Voltigar clearly did not want to happen.

"You," he pointed to a servant who had shrunk into a corner, his eyes wild with fright," go fetch my healer immediately."

The servant nodded numbly.

"Now!" Voltigar commanded.

The servant scrambled out of the servants entrance in search of the healer.

"Baron Thorigor I do not wish to shed any more blood this day. Please tell your knights to put down their arms."

Thorigor was cradling Rief's head, almost unconsolable. He raised his head and slowly nodded, his knights sheathed their swords and the pike men left the room, all, except three who stood at ease, but were watching the knights warily.

Damien went to the fallen knight and the Baron. "Baron, he came at me with sword drawn, I had no choice. If I may, I know about wounds. Let me check this young knight to make sure."

"To make sure he is dead, or alive? And if alive will you make sure he is dead then?" Thorigor accused.

"No, Baron. To see if the wound he has is fatal or if he will recover."

Thorigor paused, and then moved and stood up.  Damien quickly knelt down, and opened the knights eyelids; his dark brown eyes were large and black and unmoving.  Damien frowned, he lifted the knights head and felt the head lop over.  The knights neck was broken.  Damien slowly shook his head and stood up. " I am sorry Baron, but..."

"He is dead," Thorigor finished Damien's statement. Thorigor glared at Voltigar. "I demand that he," Thorigor pointed a shaky finger at Damien, "be charged with murder and put to death."

"I cannot, nor will I not do that, Thorigor.  We all saw it, your knight attacked first, all the Commander did was protect himself. It was self-defense."

"It was murder. Rief was protecting my honor! You knew all along that this man would disrespect me by calling me by my last name and that Rief would react.  You had this planned all the time, did you not?" Thorigor accused, his eyes wild with grief.

"No, I did no such thing Thorigor. Damien did not disrespect you. He holds the same rank as you as well as Commander of the Armies of Voldar.  He just addressed you as a peer.  It is not his nor my fault that Rief was a hot head and could not control his emotions or actions. If you recall, he had pulled his sword before because of a slight misunderstanding.  I am truly sorry for your loss, but Commander Scar did nothing wrong."

Thorigor did not say a word he turned his head and just stared at Rief.

The door opened and a healer came in. He looked at the body lying on the floor and then looked at the King for instructions. "Take care of him Ylath."

Ylath knelt down beside the body and expertly checked the body.  He raised his head, "There is nothing I can do for him I am afraid, his neck is broken." He said to the King.

Voltigar nodded. "Thank you Ylath. We expected such a thing, please make the necessary preperations." Voltigar said.

"As you wish Sire." Ylath motioned for other healers who had stood just outside the room and they quickly came in, picked up the body and left the room.

Thorigor slowly sat down in his chair.  He turned his eyes upon Iris and Cadence and he spoke with a wooden voice, "Iris, though Rief was my first choice to produce my heir with Cadence until you were found as well, I do have other nephews that I am sure would be willing to marry you and claim my birthright and continue the Thorigor bloodline.  As soon as we see your sister wed, we will leave."

Damien's eyebrows rose in surprise as he heard what the Baron said.  He looked questionally at Voltigar.

Voltigar shrugged, "Commander, you do not know yet," he spoke to the Baron, "Shall you tell him or shall I?" Voltigar asked.

OOC I leave it there, Lady Cheri awaiting Iris's and Cadence's and Clayton's reactions to the revelations: I trust you will read the entire passage and your characters will react accordingly to each new revelation. I expect, as usual, a great post from you when I return from the hospital.

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(OOC: You didn't forget me, did you? I'm sorry, my other characters are taking up so much of my time that I forgot to post as Tulpje. Planning on changing that again as of now :D I hope you don't mind my puppeting Rembrandt, Capher.)

Earlier, much earlier, she had watched curiously as the man had gone around placing things in the cage. Her feelings towards that thing had changed drastically during the night, now that she knew she was no longer prisoner. She understood something about 'bath' and 'eat' from the man, and wondered if he could read her mind. Hardly likely, as she was thinking in Browniin. When he had gone, she had quickly and nimbly climbed up all the way to the cage, and taken that longed-for bath. It took her some time to get clean. After all, she hadn't seen any water since she'd arrived here.

After a while, she had been ready and feeling clean again. Then she attacked the food that the man had put in the cage. It was more than enough, and quickly stilled her hunger. When she had done, she went to sit in the door of the cage for a while, and looked around. She watched the other man, the old one (at least, she thought he looked old, she never could tell with these big people) come into the room and come over to her. Stopping in front of the cage, he asked if she was all right, she understood that much. She nodded and smiled at him.

Then she asked: "Hand?" He seemed not too sure what she meant, but lifted his right hand to the height of his shoulder, looking at it. She smiled encouragement and beckoned it to her. When he held it in front of her, palm up, she climbed onto it. Then, tightly gripping the cloth of his sleeve, she made her way, first down to the elbow and then back up to the shoulder. She heard (and felt) the man laugh at what she was doing, and smiled a little, although at this angle he could not possibly see that.

When she was standing on his right shoulder, she looked down and saw a little pocket right below her. She knelt down and, again tightly gripping the cloth so that she wouldn't fall, she climbed into it. She felt rather proud of having done this by herself, without help from the man, who apparently was too interested in what she was doing to interfere. Looking up and a little sideways she could see the twinkle in his eyes as he smiled down at her. He said something, but she didn't really understand him and just grinned back.

Looking around, she noticed a loose thread in the side of the pocket in which she was now standing. Interesting, she thought. Taking it, she turned her eyes back to her new friend and asked. "What this?" Of course she knew the material, and the Browniin word. It was the Tharian word that she was interested in. The answer came promptly. "That is thread." She repeated the word a few times for herself: "Thread... Thread... Thread." Then she looked up again. "Have thread? For I?" The man nodded, but said: "I'll go and get it if you hide, so that people don't see you."

She looked at him with a puzzled look on her small grey face. "H...hide?" Then she realised she had heard this word before, that she even knew the meaning of it. She remembered her master using that word a few times when she'd just been living with him. A radiant smile, like the sun bursting from behind clouds, lit up her face. "Yes! Hide!" She grinned, then more or less sat down inside the pocket. When she was done with her wriggling, one would have thought that the pocket had no more in it than a badly folded handkerchief.

It did not take her friend long to get some thread for her. He even took the smallest needle he could find for her from his stock. He always stitched his own clothes and socks, having not much faith in the seamstresses in the palace. Well, except old Wilma, but she was not employed in the palace, she had her own store in town.

Back in the King's bed room, Tulpje did require his help to get back to her plant. Once there, she diligently went to work with the needle and thread that he had given her. There were a few places where the leaves of the plant came together at the same level. She took the ends of these leaves and tied them together, boring holes in them with the needle (which she handled with two hands) and putting the thread through the holes. Her friend helped her by breaking off the thread at the appropriate length. Having done this a few times, she had created three little rooms, with leaves still inbetween on which she could sit. With gestures and words, she made it clear to Rembrandt that he was supposed to pick up the table that Voltigar had fabricated and put it in the middle room. She left the cup in the cage, it was as good a place as any for a bath, and it was too heavy to be held up by her new home anyway.

Her activities had taken up a few hours, and she felt the need to eat again. It was probably close to twelve bells, she thought. She looked at Rembrandt, who had seated himself close to her plant. "Food?"

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"Food?" Rembrandt heard Tulpje say.  He thought a moment and then brightly smiled, held up a finger, "I will go get some." He said.

He left and within a few moments came back with a platter of different kinds of meat ranging from beef to poultry to lamb.  He also had a variety of vegetables and wine and ale.

He cut up the variety of all of the foods as small as he could, placed them upon the tin plate that Voltigar had fashioned for her and then put it in her cage. "I do not know what you eat, so I give you everything. You can eat what you want and do not worry about the rest."

He picked up the flagons of wine and ale, and brought it to the cage and showed them Tulpje, allowing her to see inside and smell the liquids. "What would you like to drink?" He asked.

Rembrandt did not even think about water as water was usually not the choice to drink; wine or ale was served with food.
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Iris was immediately sorry for her out burst.  She had forgotten herself and her station as she was overwhelmed with all that was happening around her. 

She heard Cadence gasp and knew that she had gone too far and she was soon reminded of this fact by those in the room.  The frailness of her father faded in an instant as he reprimanded her and what he said next shattered her heart.  She would leave with him to marry the man who saw it fit to put in her in place with every breath and Cadence would still be subjected to the hell as she was to be before their father had made himself known.  Hadn't she just moments before prayed for a way to save her sister and then the opportunity presented itself and all she could think of was herself. 

When Iris heard her father's decision her eyes fastened immediately upon Voltigar.  He almost fell into his chair, eyes locked onto hers.  At that moment she did not care if all the world knew that she loved him more than just as her King.  Iris wished more than anything else that she could take back the words she spoke but knew that was like talking into the wind.

Iris felt behind her unsteadily and found Cadence's hands which helped guide her to the couch and off of her unsteady legs.

Then the Commander entered and all hell broke loose.  Iris and Cadence could barely make sense of what was happening and then it was over.  Reif lay dead and their father in tears as if he had lost his son all over again.

Iris knew that it would be of no use to plead with her father.  She had humiliated him in front of others and had spoken too sharply to be able to change his mind about taking her with him and yet the thought still crossed her mind...what if she refused.  If she refused to go with him, he would disown her and she would not be able to have anything of a substantial relationship with Voltigar, but she would be able to remain at the palace and with Voltigar.  But she would be dishonored herself.  She would bring shame to him and could be nothing more than a concubine and Iris knew Voltigar would not want that for her.

Cadence rose slowly from her sister's side and walked demurely to her father where she knelt at his side gently taking his cold hand into her warm one.  Speaking softly, Cadence kept her eyes on her father's hand willing some of her warmth into them.  "Father, you must have loved our mother very much to have made the sacrifices for her and for us that you have.  I know that we have not appeared very grateful for that which you have done for us, but please believe me when I say that both Iris and myself are.  I know that my sister has upset you greatly, but I know her better than sometimes I know myself and she is mostly scared and overwhelmed.  Please forgive her of her rash remarks.  She just needs some time to process the events that have unfolded, as I believe we all do."

Iris sighed and knew that her sister spoke the truth.  Uncertainly Iris rose and neared her father and knelt by his other side.  Not sure whether the man would jerk away from her touch, Iris dropped her hand to the arm of the chair.  "My sister speaks the truth and I beg your forgiveness for I am the one who has caused your ire.  You have gained two daughters where you sought only one and have lost a man who may have seemed like a son to you.  I could tell that the two of you were very close and he must have been a good man to have your respect and love as he did.  He deserves a proper burial at home and I believe that we should begin preparing his body for that trip.  I know that I am unworthy in your eyes father, an ungrateful bastard child, but I wish to oversee these preparations as he was to be my husband.  I will understand if you deny me this, but I wish to begin to make amends with you, if you would but allow me this."

Iris was sincere in her words all the while her heart was breaking.  She knew she would have to leave Voltigar and marry another who she did not love and bear their children.  But at least she had truly loved and had been truly loved in return even if that love was never spoken of aloud.  Seeing Voltigar's reaction, Iris had known that he loved her.

Cadence turned and addressed the King and Clayton.  "Your majesty, my father has suffered a terrible loss this day and I can not in good conscious marry this day.  This is supposed to be a happy day and nothing will outshadow my father's loss.  I wish to accompany himself and Iris back to Cemphira to help Iris in the preparations if it would please our father."
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Damien was waiting for an explanation when Cadence and then Iris went to the Baron and spoke and pieces fell into place.  Somehow Iris and Cadence were more than just servant girls; that Damien suspected all along, ever since he had met them over two years ago.  They had been in the employ of Cedric and where he got them who knows, but he recalled clearly the day he ran into Iris.

He had been trying to find the secret entrance to the Warden's torture chamber that he was sure Cedric had built in his room, when he was discovered by Iris who had come in to make the bed and clean the room.  At first she was going to call the guards but she did not for some reason, he thought it was his charm, but in time he realized it was because she was far more intelligent than what others thought of scullery maids.  It became apparent that she hated Cedric more than he did.  He always wondered what Cedric had done to acquire such hatred from her, but was too much of a gentleman to ask.

After mutual trust was cemented between the two and they conspired together to find that secret door that he introduced her to Voltigar.  As soon as those two met Damien knew that it was more than just conspiratorial nights that kept Voltigar and her meeting; though as far as he knew they never went anything beyond than talking. 

When Cedric was finally deposed of, by the most unusual and friendly Orc that Damien had ever met, Voltigar became King and Iris and Cadence stayed on as kitchen maids, but they both had special places in Voltigar's heart, especially Iris.  Damien knew that as much as they seemed to love one another, they could never be together as man and wife as the classes would not allow it.  It seemed ironic to Damien, that the classes, namely the Nobles, do not mind if you sleep with a scullery maid, just do not marry one, especially if you were the King.

There were many a night when Voltigar and he would drink together and Voltigar thought about abdicating the throne so he could marry Iris; Voltigar was usually well past drunk by that time, intoxicated would be a better word.  Then Damien who was well into the same state had to remind his friend that even if he abdicated the throne he still held a title and he still could not marry Iris; at least not in the Noble's eyes.  She would be laughed at and still looked down upon by the Nobles and especially their wives as just a scullery maid and Voltigar as a fool for giving away the Crown just to marry a scullery maid when if he wanted her that bad why did he not just take and bed her like any other respectable Noble would do.

But Damien knew his friend and knew that Voltigar would never subject Iris to that type of treatment and would never treat her like a bed wench. He hated that practice among the Nobility.  He could not fathom this disrespect of a woman, especially one that you loved, no matter what the common practices of the day were.  It was one of the many changes that Damien knew that Voltigar was trying to change and why he decided to remain King even though he knew by doing so that he could never marry Iris and would probably never marry; which posed another problem, an heir to the throne, but Voltigar was determined that he could think of something before that became necessary.

Damien gazed over at Voltigar when Cadence and then Iris went and spoke to Thorigor. Voltigar's face was a bit gray and his hands shook as he slowly sipped some wine.  Their eyes locked and Damien gave him an impercitable slow nod, no.

Voltigar responded by straighting up in his chair; the tremors gone from his hands and color came back into his face.  Cadence asked a question and Voltigar answered with calm resolve.

"M'lady Cadence you are the soul of compassion. I agree that the wedding should be postponed until Sir Rief is buried among his other departed loved ones. Baron, what say you?" He asked.

Thorigor was surprised when Cadence came over and spoke of love and her mother.  He felt her hand upon his and turned his face toward hers, before he could reply Iris also came over and placed her hand upon his other and apologized and they both acknowledged that they were his daughters.  Tears came unbidden once again and trickled down his cheeks.  He barely heard what Voltigar had said and asked him.  He gazed lovingly into both of his girls eyes and faces and could see Lydia in both of them. Finally he turned his face toward Voltigar. "I thank thee Sire," he then turned toward the girls, "I thank thee also, Iris and Cadence but the trip back to Cemphira will take at least two to three weeks and then another two to three weeks back again. Even if we left right after the burial I am surmising that it would be almost two months before you returned.  I have a suggestion if it pleases thy Majesty.  Why do you not knight Master Clayton and then he can come along with us and then the Earl of Milkengrad could marry him and my daughter Cadence and then they and Iris's new husband can be together as family; as it should be."

There was a long pause, "Your words are wise Baron.  At least M'ladies Iris and Cadence will be together and I know that they will be a comfort to you and I pray that you will live long enough to see your heir born.  I only see two problems: the first one would be Master Clayton. He is from Nyermersys Baron and a very prosperous and respectable shopkeeper. I think we should get his opinion about this momentous decision and two, what is your wife going to say and do, especially since she tried to kill them when they were children?"

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Clayton could not believe what was happening before him.  First he finds that he is to marry a daughter of a Baron, then the sudden death of a Knight and now there was talk of moving to only the Gods knew where.  That was not his part to play.  He was to remain in Voldar and gather information.  Simple as that.  Now suddenly all became so complicated.  Why did this confounded man have to appear now of all times.  Clayton thought of his options quickly and then cleared his throat.

"As the King has pointed out I have a flourishing business already established in Nyblemar with the port and all.  I have worked very hard on establishing myself to be able to support a wife comfortably.  I have left my business unattended for a time already.  The man I left in charge, while capable of handling the day to day things, is not ready to assume full responsibility for my business.  I still have a few of my customers to speak with, but I was toying with the idea of moving to Voldar so that Iris and Cadence could still be close seeing as they are the other has, err had.  But I can not move any further away than that."

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Standing behind his Lord, Lance took in all that was happening. How quickly things ran sometimes, and from one moment to the next he was no longer a sibling, but an only child. Tears were close to spilling, but he kept them back, to be strong for the Baron. As his brother was taken away, he helped him sit back into his chair, then stepped back again. There was no point in swearing to avenge his brother's death - it had been Rief's own fault, the commander had been in the right. This did not take away from the grief, but Lance was not as rash as his brother. He knew that, though being not bad at swordfighting, he could never win from a man like the commander. And Rief should have known that a man like Damien, who led an entire army, would also be endowed with a high title. Everyone could have figured it out, and Rief had been clever enough. If only he had used his brains...

As the Baron's daughters knelt down beside him, Lance could not keep his eye off Cadence. He was one of the nephews that the Baron spoke of, so he could be chosen to marry Iris. But it was the younger sister that fascinated him. The elder was too outspoken for him, too independent somehow. But to have a wife like the young one, soft and tender and so lovable. Even now, unreachable as she was, he felt a wave of protection flood over him. She looked so frail, and yet somehow, she was not. There was something in her... She could bend with the wind, but she would never break, and still he wanted to be the one to shield her from that wind that would bend her. Like that Clayton guy, for example. Now there was an unpleasant fellow if ever there was one. He smiled at entirely the inappropriate times. No, Lance did not like him one bit. If only it had been him that had met with the commander, and not Rief.

But it was useless thinking of Cadence. For one, if he was to marry one of the daughters, it would be Iris who would become his wife. And two, with his looks, he could never hope to win over a girl like her, even if she had not already been engaged to be married. Since his birth he'd had a hare-lip, which already disfigured his face a good deal, but during a fight protecting his Lord, when some bandits attacked, a sword had lashed across his face. It had cost him an eye, the reason that he always had an eye-patch in front of it, and a scar ran from his forehead to his cheek. He could sympathize with this commander Scarface, despite him killing his brother. They'd had the same experience, although maybe under different circumstances.

Apart from this, he was a big fellow, rather muscled as a result of hard training (mostly to keep up with his brother, who was two years older and excelled in everything). It helped to impress (male) friends and enemies, but women usually found him boorish. They never cared to discover that those big hands of his could be tender. He would never do anything to hurt a woman. And oh, how he wished now to put a hand to Cadence's face... Or on her shoulder. Anything to comfort her. But he did not move from his place, unless his lord needed him.
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