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Author Topic: Character Descriptions (old thread)  (Read 12974 times)
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Vince Dark
New Santharian

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« Reply #15 on: December 20, 2005, 07:13:22 AM »

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E-mail = cswatek@simla.colostate.edu

Vincent Dark
Race: Elf
Tribe: Mélad'rhím
Height: A little under 2 peds
Weight: 1 Pygge 7 Hebs and 1 Hafeb (or about 175 lbs)
Occupation: Guide through Northern/Upper Middle Sarvonia/Story Teller
Title: Traveling Storyteller

Name: His real name is Vashén Daér, deriving from the Styrásh words Graceful Fear. But he normally goes by Vincent Dark in Tharian, or shortly: Vince.

Appearance: Vince looks like most Grey elves, he is tall, very muscular, but fairly lean and very agile. Also, he is very handsome. His hair is blonde, usually unkempt, but straight for the most part, with some streaks of a more strawberry blonde in the front. He has eyes that are steely grey, which goes well with his pale skin. There is a tattoo of interlocking lines with no end (called “weaving work”) that goes up both his arms connected on his upper back (across his shoulders, shoulder blades, over the gap between then, and up the back of his neck a little). Many scars cover his body, from blades, horns, teeth, hooves, branches, and more.

Clothing: He wears mostly leather clothes, but he has boots and bracers made out of nul'tum fur (which he traded for). The rest of his clothes are tanned animal skin (elk from his old herd). He also carried with him several protectors for his major joints (Knees, elbows, wrist, ankle, ect), for when he goes scouting, hunting, gathering, and fighting. These he had made for him during his travels, and are made of metal, as well as his belt. He wears one bracelet, made of silver, which looks like vines woven together around his wrist, this and his tattoo provide his only jewelry. Among all of this he has a woolen cloak, that he wears to keep warm, but he never wears it when doing any sort of physical activity, for it is far too cumbersome.

Personality: Vince is a very warm, happy elf. He loves hearing other people’s stories, and storied of where they live, and of their people, lore, religion, ect. This is why he left his herd and his people, only he vowed to return when he had heard enough stories to satisfy him. Like most Grey elves, he is in essence, a philosopher, believing that death is necessary for new life, but this doesn’t make him a follower of Coór. He is always eager to share his stories, and tends to find ways to link them to something deep and meaningful, for instance, if he is leading a group of people through a blinding blizzard, he will tell a story of a time that he was lost in a storm like this, and wandered for hours, nearly dieing, only, when the storm let up, he found himself cowering under a giant tree, and on the other side of the tree, was a beautiful frozen flower that he would never had seen, if it weren’t for the storm. But just because he is a happy person, doesn’t mean he hasn’t seen pain and suffering, he loathes all orcs, and if he doesn’t kill them outright, he refuses to be in the same room as them, due to a horrible childhood experience. His love for animal’s means he will not kill, unless by necessity, and when he is forced to, he will only kill old or sick animals. He loves his two pets Vah and Shén, the only bit of his herd he took with him, Vah is a male Sawis sheep, and Shén is an elk, who allows Vince to ride him.

Strengths: -Vince is very strong, for an elf, this is due to living in very harsh climates for most of his life.
-Vince is very agile, and can move silently through the forest if he needs to.
-He is fairly independent, he can hunt, skin, tan, cook, and look after children/animals fairly well. (This is from living with his tribe for most of his life)
-He is adept in fighting with spears, which he learned from hunting, and he learned how to sword fight, he is good, but not remarkable.
-He is easy to get along with, and has a way of being the eternal optimist.
-He is a crack shot with a slingshot.

Weaknesses: -When Vince was a little kid, he watched his parents get slaughtered by orcs, ever since he is infuriated with them, so he will never deal with them, he refuses to work for anyone with an orc in their company, he wont be in the same room, he even goes out of his way to kill orcs.
-He has a love of stories, he tends to get sidetracked and has, on more than one occasion, left an employer to fend for him/herself in a brawl because he was hearing the most intriguing story.
-His optimism, where welcomed by most, had a tendency to rub some the wrong way.
-His left arm was slices open by an orc, and though it healed, he gets sudden bursts of pain from it, and when it’s cold out, or there’s a sudden change in temperature, his wrist becomes really sore and stiff. This is has terrifying results when he is shooting his slingshot, and a sudden stab of pain makes him shoot a friend in the back of the head.
-He will lay his life on the line for his two pets, and his bracelet, because they are the only connection he has to home.
-Since he has a love for animals, and never likes to kill, more often than not he will go hungry and try to forage for food rather than kill an animal.
-He also doesn’t get along with Injerín, due to them not liking his philosophy.
-Where as he will never get lost in the woods, he will become hopelessly lost in any city, normally he will stay outside and have someone else buy supplies he may need.

History: Vince was born in the middle of the worst snowstorm his tribe had ever seen. They named him “Graceful Fear” because of the storm. After the storm, all of his family’s livestock had died, except for a few sheep and an elk. His family still made due, and a few years later, they were fine, doing better than ever. As he grew up, he was obsessed by stories of the southern lands, and dreamt of the day he could leave to go explore and adventure, see things no one in his tribe have seen. Then, he went out with his mother to learn more about foraging, a group of Losh-Oc raided his home, and when they were returning, he watched as his father fought them. His mother told him to hide, and she ran down to help. He watched as both his mother and father died at the hands of the orc. He hid was still in shock when another elf picked him up and carried him off to safety, for it was already too late to save them. The next day, Vince went back, along with several others, and found his mother and father together butchered. The one thing the orcs hadn’t pillaged was a bracelet on his mother’s wrist. Vince took it and he and the other elves buried the dead before leaving that place. Vince would never return again. Vince was about 10 at that time. He wasn’t quite old enough to be on his own, and he had nothing, so he simply tagged along with the group of elves that saved his life, trading things for livestock, and livestock for things over the years. He made his own spear out of a spearhead he was traded, he was doing fine, but he was always a loner, always practicing with his spear and knives, hoping that one day he could exact revenge. He only stayed with the others when they were telling stories, because he loved hearing stories.

Then, when he was about 100 years old, he left the tribe, leaving most of his livestock with them, but taking a small flock of sheep, about 8 Sawis sheep, with him, just enough to survive. He promised that he would come back. He would never tell anyone why he left, except that he wanted to explore. In all reality, he wanted to leave to hear new stories, and he felt more and more alone the more he stayed with his tribe. He couldn’t take it any more and traveled south.

The journey was perilous. He spent a year dodging Losh-Oc orcs and the Diorye'oleal elves. He met a few elves that he traded with, and he met more than a few who he had to fight. One close encounter was with a small group young of Losh-Oc who had gotten lost. By this time, Vince had either lost or traded all of his sheep; he was walking around a fairly large party of Losh-Oc, when he almost walked into three orcs who had gotten lost. He had just enough time to thrust his spear into the first, before they knew what had happened. He reached into his belt and pulled out his knife. Ducking under one blow from the second orc, he stabbed his knife into its arm, severing tendon and muscle, before twisting around and slashing his throat. The last one landed a deep cut into his left arm, but only to get the knife to the face. He wrapped his arm, picked up anything of value from the three orcs, and hurried on. Or this is what the story has turned into. In all reality, he surprised the first, and got in a really lucky spear thrust. The second couldn’t swing his giant battle-axe because of the dense cluster of trees they were in. And the third would have severed Vince’s head from his shoulders if he hadn’t slipped in Vince’s and the other orcs blood. After this, it was about a month that that he found the city of Astran and started his career as a guide.

He knew no Tharian, and got completely lost inside the city. He finally found a tavern and started to ask around about work. Unfortunately when he would tell men his name, they never knew what he was talking about, unless they knew Styrásh. Finally, after days of looking, he found one man who knew enough Styrásh to hire him to guide and scout for a convoy. While in the company of him, he learned more and more Tharian to get by. He grew fond of the stories the convoy would tell around the fire, but he had to have them translated. This is the main way he learned Tharian fluently, by story. Eventually, Vince could tell storied of his own, in which he would enthrall everyone.

After he left the convoy, he named him self Vincent Dark, because he felt that he would be working more with humans than elves. It was around this time that he started to practice with swords, he had seen the humans with swords and heard amazing tales involving the sword, so he was intrigued. He started practicing with a stick he found on the ground, working on not hitting himself with the stick before he even bought a sword. He did this even while he was guiding several different employers. With his quickness and strength, he was a natural, but once he finally got a sword (he traded quite a lot for it) he found it rather awkward to fight with, and chose to stick to the spear and slingshot, but he kept the sword, just incase. He practiced with these two things every chance he got, becoming very good with the slingshot and spear.

Over the years, he traveled, both working and exploring. He started to buy a sheep or two, so he could remind himself of home. He would buy them when they were nothing but a new born, just old enough to go out on it’s own. Vince cared for the sheep he would come by about as carefully as mothers would care for children. Unfortunately, due to his varied income and his desire to travel and adventure, Vince could only take care of a few sheep at a time. The sheep would come and go, and he would replace them with goats and even an elk or two. People generally didn’t contest that he had these animals as pets. The only time it was ever bothersome was when he had to go scout ahead, then he had to either leave the animals with someone in the caravan, or, if it was just a few, he would tie them to a wagon.

Now, he still travels, telling tales and working, but he knows he will have to go home before he dies, he wants to share his tales with his people. But that day isn’t any time soon.

Weapons: He carries a spear with him always, along with a sword strapped to his back. Also has two knives, one in his boot, and a bigger one he uses for skinning on his belt. He carries a slingshot and two bags of ‘bullets’ for the slingshot.

Belongings: All his clothes, and weapons, and his protectors. He also has a few packs he carries around full of furs and blankets, tools for cutting the wool off Vah, and several empty ones just incase he finds something he likes along the road. Along with this, he has basic cooking supplies, some herbs for cooking, and reins for Shén.

Familiars: He has two, Vah and Shén.

Vah is a male Sawis sheep with a black head and white wool. Vince has had Vah for a little over three years now, and Vah, still reasonably young, seems to enjoy traveling with Vince. Vince sheers Vah every summer when it gets too hot, and sells the wool for a little bit of money. At 1 ped, Vah is almost at his full height, and he is 1 ped long, his horns are growing, but are still fairly small. Vah usually just walks along side Shén, since most caravans don’t move all that fast, but when Vah starts to struggle, Shén can carry him and Vince.

Shén is a male elk, which allows Vince to ride him. Vince has had Shén for about 6 years, and Shén is about 8 years old. His rack is very impressive, which makes it supprising that he allows Vince to ride him. Shén is 2 Peds tall, and about 1and a half peds from chest to tail. His fur is white on his chest, and a grayish white all over the rest of him.  

"How do you dream? I mean, what can you dream of; if from under your forest ceiling you have never seen the stars?"

Yarg Anklebiter
Happy Little Pyro
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Hobbit, Dogodan

« Reply #16 on: February 07, 2006, 09:08:23 AM »

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Yarg Anklebiter

Name - Yarg Anklebiter

Race - Hobbit

Gender - Male

Age - 47

Tribe - Dogodan Shire

Occupation - Healer and demolitionist.

Title - The Happy Little Pyro

Overview - Orphaned at a very young age, Yarg was taken in by the Ximaxian orcs, and trained in Fire magic. He uses this to feed his obsession with fire. He is a good person, if a bit....eccentric.

Hey, I think they're talking about me.

Physical Appearance - Yarg is about .87 Peds tall and weighs a mere 4.7 hebs. He is rather thin for a halfling, this being attributed to his constant amount of energy. He is always running around when he isn't studying, and since he has left Ximax, his studying is kept to a bare minimum. His hair is a slightly more Teki Red shade of Cinnabrown (strawberry blond) and his eyes are a light Viperine Sand (hazel). His hair is fairly long and unusally straight, given that he is a halfling. His skin, pale from his long hours studying, has now somewhat tanned due to his extensive traveling.

Yeah, I know. I am dead sexy.

Clothing - Yarg wears a form-fitting, long sleeved Nor'sidian (Black) shirt, covered by a relatively loose Karikrimson (Blood Red) vest, which contains hidden pockets. His loose charcoal (very dark grey) pants are held up by a Sor'inyt orange sash, the loose part of which is quite long, hanging to Yarg's knee. On top of all of this, Yarg wears a cape that is Nor'sidian (black) on top, but has shades of Sor'inyt orange, Karikrimson (Blood red) and Injohue (yellow) creeping from the bottom like flames. Yarg's Nor'sidian (Black) boots rise to about mid-calf.

I will repeat the sexiness comment.

Personality - Yarg is perpetually happy, sometimes frustratingly so. Very little dampens his spirit. Many is the time when he has seen nearly certain death, and never has he lost his smile or become resigned. Some people get angry when things seem dark, and Yarg is still smiling and being cheerful, but he heeds their dark looks not at all. One thing that makes Yarg unhappy is violence. Should Yarg witness violence, his happy demeanor immediately leaves, and he will do anything he can to stop the violence, including the use of his potent magic skills.

Yarg, true to his element of choice, is fairly...chaotic. He does things randomly, he will abitrarily change his mind. The only REAL constant is his happiness. Everything else changes seemingly randomly. This often puts those who know him off their guard whenever they deal with him, because they never know how he will react.

While he is chaotic, and represents the element of chaos and destruction, Yarg is quite friendly and even compassionate. He cares for others, heals wounds when he can. He is often seen in taverns, mingling with everyone, and having a grand time of it. One reason Yarg seems so happy probably has something to do with the fact that he is often completely irrational, doing things that make very little sense. This has caused more than it's share of problems, for irrationality leads to recklessness, and we all know where recklessness can lead us.

Spending a fast majority of his life (34 years) at the Academy in Ximax studying, Yarg is quite educated. He has studied books from the Ximaxian Library with a vast amount of the spare time he had during school. He thinks it amazingly funny that most people assume he IS NOT educated at all once they hear his name.

For no thoroughly explained reason, Yarg lies. About anything really. He can tell the most fantastic stories (he has this greaat one about a wooly mammoth), and none of them are true, yet he passes them off as truth. This is often the cause of many a a barroom laugh, but it is also insanely frustrating to try and get information out of the little guy, for he will sometimes just make up new information as he goes along.

Yarg is horrible with names. even if they were just introduced, he will mispronounce, or mess up the name of the person that just told him their name. While this is found as humorous by people who know him, strangers, and people he has just met, often find it annoying. It sometimes takes him days, or even weeks, of constant contact for yarg to finally remember the name correctly. Although if he never sees someone very often, then he may mispronounce and forget their name for years.

Yarg has no conception of the idea of 'Modesty'. He does not understand it himself, or understand that other people have it. He will oftentimes bathe naked in a river, regardless if there are females present. Sometimes he will even stumble upon a female (or male) bathing herself, and quickly join her in her bath, glad for the company, although completely uncognizant of the fact that they are both lacking in clothing, or that they are in a less than appropriate situation. Of course, Any females (or males), in the vicinity notice quite distinctly the innappriateness, and dislike it immensely.

Yarg enjoys his pranks. He pulls them often. Oftentimes, these pranks involve fire and spellcasting. For instance, while in a tavern, Yarg may cast Injèrán Touch on someone's mug, causing the ale inside to heat, and as we all know, hot ale is quite unenjoyable. However, sometimes these pranks that involve fire...how shall I put this....involve too much fire. This can obviously cause problems.

I remember this one time with a Baron....

Strengths -
Fire Magic - Due to years of study and a natural talent and love for fire, Yarg is quite skilled at fire magic. He spent 10 years after his graduation at Ximax studying further with The Ximaxian mages and Volkek-Oshra. He has reached level 6, and has even learned to cast a 7th level spell, albeit he had to study for ten years to do so.

Ingenuity - Yarg is creative, and thus, can find his way around most problems. Granted, most of his ideas revolve around fire, but that is only to be expected.

Intelligence - Spending many years at study in the library at Ximax, is quite educated. Proof of his intelligence lies in the fact that he got as far as he did in his studies. This education is useful if education or learning is needed.

Aaawww, your making me blush.

Weaknesses -
Pyromania - Yarg loves fire. He is fascinated with it and has been since before he can remember. This has often causes problems. Before he was a mage, he often caused fires accidently, and now, with fire magic at his finger tips, it happens frequently also. He will use Fire magic for any little reason, and often get sso caught up with the fire, that it gets to big, and it causes damage before he can get rid of it with Control Flame. Accidental fires are a serious hindrance to anyone, expecially fire mages who are supposed to be in control of fire.

Argumentative - Yarg is loud and vehement with his opinions. This often causes people to disagree with him, often loudly and vehemently. This often causes Yarg to protest the protester.....and so on and so on. He could spend hours arguing with someone merely for disagreeing with him on some arbitrary little matter.

Recklessness - Yarg often sees things a little differently than most people. He will often do things that may be extremely dangerous and incredibly risky. For example, to defeat an enemy, Yarg may cast a fire spell in the middle of a barn full of hay and HOPE it doesn't hit the hay. More than once that has caused serious problems.

Pranks - Yarg loves to pull pranks. This could be bad in to distinct ways. 1: He could pull a gag on the wrong person, thus causing all sorts of problems if said person is violent or powerful in some way. 2: Oftentimes, Yarg uses his magic for his pranks. Sometimes he OVERuses his magic for pranks. For Instance, someone might be smoking a pipe, and Yarg would find it very entertaining to make the pipe catch fire. This kind of behavior of course, is quite dangerous.

Compulsory Liar - Sometimes Yarg just finds the need for lies, even making up fantastic stories that nobody with any common sense believes, but he tells as truths. This makes people think he is untrustworthy, weird, or just plain crazy.

Names - Yarg is absolutely horrible with names. I mean, HORRENDOUS with names. He will mispronounce and mix around names he was told less than a minute ago. If he really gets to know someone, he remembers their name, but that often takes a few weeks at least.

Yeah, I have my faults. Who doesn't?

Belongings - Other than clothes, what money he has, and the sulphur he needs for a few spells, Yarg also has his staff. It is about a ped tall. It is made of red birch wood, and is adorned with intricate carvings up and down it's length.

Don't have much cuz I don't need much.

Weapons - Other than his potent magic and his not so potent staff, Yarg carries no weapons.

Why carry weapons when you can set things on fire?

Magic - Yarg has trained in Ximax for 34 years, and recieved special tutoring from the Volkek-Oshra, and has achieved the 6th level of power. After ten extra years of extra study, he can cast one 7th level spell. With the exception of Rays of Heat, he can cast all his spells at 6th power. Due to his study of the spells he knows and Rays of Heat, Yarg cannot cast any spells not on his list. His spell list goes as follows.

Flame Control - Level 1
Rise Flame - Level 1
Searing - Level 1
Injeran Touch - Level 2
Burning Regeneration - Level 4
Blazing Shield - Level 6
Rays of Heat - Level 7

I find it funny that I possess no means to get RID of the fire...

History - Yarg's parents were both mages living in the city of Ximax. His father was a fire mage and his mother, oddly enough, was a wind mage. His father was a very close friend of a Volkek-Oshra named Gromph. They both were going through the academy together and thus formed an unlikely, but nevertheless strong, friendship.

After Yarg's parents were married, they soon became pregnant (with Yarg). Both parents were ecstatic at this new development. Unfortunately, during the pregnancy, Yarg's father was trying to learn how to cast a spell of sphere 3. His father was at the 6th level of power and graduated from Ximax, and he attempted to cast "Rays of Heat", a 7th level spell. The spell fizzled, and caused the air around the mage to combust. The pain was too great for Yarg's father to concentrate on putting the fire out, and it consumed him.

This put Yarg's mother in a severe depression. She didn't eat, she couldn't sleep. Gromph, loyal to his deceased friend, feared she would lose the baby, so he took it upon himself to take care of her. he convinced her to eat again and would talk her into sleep. It worked to a certain extent. She was still unhealthy, but there was no longer a worry for the child. Gromph figured that the baby would help bring her out of her depression.

The time finally came, and Yarg was born. Unfortunately, the strain of childbirth was too strong for Yarg's mother, who was weak to begin with. She died in the delivery. Gromph, not wanting the son of hist best friend to end up in an orphanage or the streets, took the child and raised it himslef. He gave the child an orcish name, with a surname that befit someone of Yarg's "stature".

Yarg grew, nurtured by Gromph and various other members of the clan, for many people took a liking to the happy little hobbit. Yarg, at a very early age, showed signs of high intelligence, and of an affinity for fire. Soon after it was decided that he would study fire magic and the Academy, Yarg overheard Gromph telling someone about how Yarg's father perished. Since then. Yarg has shown a deep fascination with fire and fire magic, which later turned into a love (although the love has nothing to do with his father's death).

Yarg spent all the time he had, once enrolled in Ximax, studying, practicing his spells, and causing trouble with his reckless behavior. The only reason Yarg was able to advance in instruction at the rate he did with his reckless behavior was through the intervention of Gromph. Gromph loved his adopted son, and didn't want him to be limited in magic because of his derilect habits. Gromph would pull strings whenever Yarg was in trouble and Yarg was always forgiven.

One spell Yarg studied in particular, much to his instructors (who remember his father's fate) and Gromph's dismay, was "Rays of Heat". Yarg was determined to master the spell his father could not. Yarg graduated the Academy At the 6th power level at age 36, but stayed to study with the fire mages for an extra decade to learn the spell. After countless hours of study and practicing (with helpers, should the magic go to far), Yarg finally mastered the spell that killed his father.

Since then he has been wandering Southern Sarvonia, looking for anything of interest or exciting. He is an excitable and eccentric little hobbit, but fun to be with nevertheless.  

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Bahran the big
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« Reply #17 on: February 07, 2006, 01:45:23 PM »

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AIM: Bahranthebig

Bahran Bahran

Sex: Male
Occupation: Mercenary
Race: Human
Age: 44
Tribe: ½ Helvet’ine Kuglimz and ½ Sophronian

Bahran has a darker complexion then most of the Kuglimz, with dark green eyes and a large, flat nose. Standing at 2 ¼ peds tall, and well over 2 pygges, his body is big and he has a bit of an ale-gut. For his age, Bahran looks terribly old and weathered. He has a short beard that only goes about nailsbreadth under his chin. Bah’s face is covered with numerous scars from his days of battle.

Bah wears a large plate of leather armor on his upper half, which extends down his arms. He also wears a strong leather kilt, displaying his well-toned and rather large calves. On his feet, Bah wears large brown boots that match the rest of his clothes and almost reach his knees.

Bahran has a somewhat stern personality. He would almost never be caught doing something unchivalrous… when he’s not drinking. But he is far more uninhibited when he isn’t sober, which is pretty much all of the time. He’s outgoing and likes to urinate on street corners. He’s a bit of a free spirit when he’s drunk, doing whatever feels good at the time. He’ll kick over a chair and jump on a table and start singing if he feels like it. Bah likes to look out for number one, himself. He hates it when people he considers inferior to himself tell him what to do, but he’ll usually do it if in reason – and the pay is right. Bahran can control himself when he needs to, however.

Bahran’s mother was a Sophronian woman. She was outside of the town one day, when a Kuglimz man appeared out of nowhere and trapped her against a tree. Nine months later a little Bahran came into being. A few months after Bahran’s birth, his father was found by the some women in the Sophronian tribe. He was executed in a few hours. The child’s mother continued to raise him by herself, with only a little help from other women of the tribe. Bahty, for that was his mother’s name, was marked, and couldn’t find a man willing to marry her. Without a father figure Bahran became wild, often getting into violent altercations with other children. The young man was becoming a nuisance for his mother, and it was becoming harder and harder for her to keep up with him.

One of the elder women that lived near Bahran and his mother suggested to Bahty that she should put Bahran into the military service as support personnel to the dominant women soldiers. The young man, of about 15 at the time, had a perfect will to be a soldier, but in the society he grew up in, men were not allowed to join the army, except as “support personnel.” When he signed-up, if you could call it that when it was involuntary, he was tested to see what he could best be utilized as in the military. He excelled at both the sword fighting and horseback riding aspects of the various tests. Because of his areas of strength, the army decided to make him a messenger. The boy was rather large for his age, rather large for any age in fact, and therefore didn’t want to be a messenger. He wanted to be on the front lines fighting. Bahran thought of horseback riding as a woman’s job, which was not a good attitude for a member of the Sophronian tribe.

The young man proved quite adept at being a messenger. He rode messages back and forth from the main Sophronian towns to their military outposts for five years before he got tired of it. He was 20, and had begun to develop more of a mind of his own, he was growing out of the very feministic beliefs set upon him by his mother and the rest of the tribe. The moment he picked, however, to leave the service couldn’t have been worse.

Bahran was carrying a letter that was relatively light, so he thought that is must not be all that important, it was always the heavy ones that held the most importance. He had been provided with a few days clothes, a nice long sword, and a good sturdy horse by the military and he figured that was all he needed to escape the military undetected. He didn’t know why he didn’t just tell them he wanted out, but he just figured he shouldn’t do it. Once he got about halfway between his pick up point and his drop off point, he decided to just go a completely different way, and just ride for as long as Bahbiscuit, his horse, would take him. Once he got to that point, he stopped.

Bahran ended up in Marcogg after about five days of hard riding. He, of course, didn’t know where he was, so once he reached there, he just wandered about the town. Eventually, Bahran settled down in a nice little cottage in Marcogg. He stayed there, living a perfectly normal life. Bahran worked as a bartender while living in Marcogg, and developed a drinking problem in doing this. He wasn’t a constant drunk at this time, but he was on his way to it. The large man was still training in his weapons every chance he got, with people much more skilled then he.

After about 23 years of living there, Bah was now 43, he heard news that the Sophronian army was in Marcogg, and they were looking for him. He had no idea what this was about, but knew it wasn’t good. Over 20 years after he’d left and they were looking for him, he wondered. Bahran knew what they did to deserters, so he hopped on his horse and ran, carrying only what he had come to the city with some 20 years earlier. He knew where to head to, across the Mithral Mountains, into Nepris.

Once in Nepris, Bahran figured that he could no longer be a bartender. He still had to make living, however. Bahran had only devoted his life to two things: fighting and bartending. Since bartending was out, Bahran knew he had to make a living as a fighter, and that meant, as a mercenary.

Bahran has considerable physical power and is quite strong.
His swordsmanship is rather notable.
Bahran can hold his own in any drinking game.

Bahran is a bit slow in the head, which the booze hasn't helped.
He has a very bad short term memory, also made even worse by the drinking.
Bahran has a terribly short attention span, again, the alcohol.
What Bahran has in strength and experience, he lacks in agility.

Two-handed longsword
Recurve bow with considerable pull
The clothes on his back
A couple bottles at least of strong ale (at all times)

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"Man, being reasonable, must get drunk; The best of life is but intoxication."
- Lord Byron
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Elf, Arthyron

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Name: Kareesh Valendar

Age: 25

Race: Elf

Tribe: Quaelhoirhim

Title: Kareesh the Outcast

Eyes: Deep Green

Hair: Jet Black

Place of birth: Elvenground

Appearance: Karesh is around 2 peds tall and weighs 1 pygge and 2 hebs. Her dark black hair is, if not unusual for her tribe, pulled back out of her face by many braids in a beautiful way. Her green eyes usually show a glint of mischief and slyness. As an unwritten rule in her tribe, her cheek bones are very high and her ears extremely pointed. There was a fierce beauty in her features, as fierce as he anger if you happed to get on the wrong side of her.

She has four major scars on her body, three resulting from fights and tavern brawls she’s been in. The first two are on or near her face. The first one she received in one of her first fights, a little token to remember her opponent by. It runs from her left ear, down along her jawline, stopping about halfway to her chin. The second one she received because she didn’t hold her dagger in the correct defense position when her opponent struck at her. For this, she paid with much pain and blood. This one runs from the base of her neck on the right side down to her left arm. Her third scar resulted in a side attack she wasn’t expecting while she was drinking at a bar. It runs from her left elbow o her wrist on the same arm. The last scar is from her banishment from the City of Salóh. As you will read later in her history, her banishment comes from accounts of thievery (explain later in history), numerous fights, and just from the overwhealming shame that one of their won kindred could commit such crimes. The ‘banishment scar’ is located on her lower stomach area. Before they banished her, they tied her to a table and began to carve a’B’ into her skin. Then, she was banished.

Usually Kareesh wears dark colours (ex. Dark green, dark brown, and black). She owns two cloaks, a black one and a dark green one, both with hoods. She use to own a brown belt, but that was stolen from he a while ago. On her side she carries a small bag that carries her extra clothes and, when she has it, food. She keeps a lock-pick kit at her side as well and her dagger.

Strengths: Kareesh is extremely quick and agile. She uses both of these attributes when in fights. Exceptionally good in hand-to-hand combat, she is only partly good at the short bow for the reason of her keen Elf-sight. Her strongest strength is her wide knowledge of the small weapons. Another strength is the ability to pick-pocket and pick-locks quite easily.

Weaknesses: Kareesh is very weak against magic. She knows no spells or incantations thus leaving her wide open for magic attacks without any defense. Her strength is not one to be awed about so when fighting large, strong people, she must rely on other skills rather then strength to keep her alive. Also, Kareesh is not too good at large weapons such as the long bow and the long sword.

History: Kareesh’s parents, Árien and Kanaro, were both born and raised in the City of Elving. When they met, they fell immediately in love, mostly about the fact that they both were peace loving people. After a long courtship, they were married. After a few years, Árien became pregnant. Árien strongly thought that the city was no place to raise a child. Kanaro agreed with his wife and almost immediately they moved to the plains called Elven ground. After the time had come for Árien to give birth, she did to a girl. They named her Kareesh Valendar. When she was still a baby, Árien and Kanaro gave a vow of peace to each other that Kareesh would never be introduced to violence.

The years passed and Kareesh turned eight years old. On this birthday, her mother gave her a brooch. The brooch was made of a strange silver-white metal with strange symbols and writings. Placed in the middle was a small emerald coloured gem. When Árien gave it to Kareesh, she said that it had been in their family for many years. When questioned by Kareesh on how it came into the family, Árien refused to speak of it. Kareesh wore the brooch on her cloak and only took it off when she took her cloak off. About the only time that happened was at night when she went to bed.

Again years passed and Kareesh turned 13 years old. During this year of her life, she found something that would change the course of her future quite drastically. One day, Kareesh was out in some brush looking for some berries to eat for supper. Suddenly, something pricked her foot. Kareesh gave a short cry of pain but mostly if was of surprise. Being careful not to place her feet where she had hurt it, she bent down and started to maove weeds and blades of grass. She was careful for she thought that she had been bit by a snake or some other small animal. Quite suddenly, she saw something flash a yellow-white colour. When she had moved a large clump of weeds, she saw what had caused it. There, lying in the brush with the afternoon sun reflecting off its blade, was a dagger. Curious, Kareesh carefully lifted it up out of the grass. She looked up and around to see if there was anyone around who might have dropped the dagger. She saw no one. Looking back down she thought that not many people came through Elvenground and they certainly wouldn’t drop a dagger and leave it.

“It might have been here for a long time,” she thought. “But yet…the blade isn’t rusted.”

The only time she had ever seen a dagger was the one that her parents used to skin animals for food. Inspecting it closer, she noted that the hilt was made of a bronze-coloured metal. On the handle were two dragons fighting. For their eyes, one had rubies and the other had sapphires. Kareesh ran her fingers of the handle admiring it. Her ears pricked as she heard someone approaching. Quickly, she hid the dagger in her cloak and stood up.

“Kareesh!” she heard her mother calling to her.
“Yes, mother?” Kareesh called back.
“Have you gathered enough berries for supper?” her mother asked, standing some distance away.

Kareesh looked down at her basket at her feet. “I think so, mother.”

“Then come back home and we’ll have some lunch,” Árien called.

Kareesh bent over, grabbed her basket and headed towards the small hut that was her home.

From that day, Kareesh practiced using the dagger in secret, for she knew that her parents would disapprove of such things. Her skill at wielding the dagger was very good. So good, that she could hit almost anything if she put her mind to it. Until her family found out when she was 20 years old. She had been practicing throwing the dagger at trees on the outskirts of the Zeiphyrian Forest and had just thrown the dagger and stuck it into a tree when she heard a noise behind her. Turning around quickly, she saw her mother and father standing behind her.

“M…m…mother….f…f…father…” she stuttered as she realized that they had seen enough to know what she had been doing. “W…what are you two doing here?”

“We saw what you did,” her mother said accusingly.
“Eh…what did I do?” she asked wondering if they actually knew what she had been doing.
“You’ve been practicing with that dagger of yours,” her father said in a stern tone of voice.
“You know that we don’t approve of violence,” Árien added.
“I was only practicing it so I could use it to defend myself if ever the need calls for it,” Kareesh said trying to defend herself and her actions.
“Out here you won’t need. It. In all our years out here, we have never had the need to use self defense and I highly doubt that you’ll ever need to use,” Kanaro said.
“Why can’t I just train with this small dagger!?” Kareesh said in a sudden outburst.
“We told you that we don’t approve of any weapons except when in hunting,” Árien said with a disapproving face.
“I believe that you’re wrong!” Kareesh said a lot nastier then she meant to. Both of her parents gasped in surprise. “I think that every person should be able to know something about fighting!”
“We won’t allow you to train how to fight,” Kanaro said gently in a low voice.
“Then I guess I’ll just have to leave,” Kareesh said in a matter-of-fact way.
“We won’t stop you,” Árien said. “If you want to leave and fight, then you must leave us and never come back unless you learn that fighting is not the way.”

Kareesh walked towards the forest, pulled her dagger out of the tree, and walked off, not looking back.
She went to the City of Salóh and tried to find a place to stay. Unfortunately, she had no money for out in the Elvenground, money was not needed. For the first couple of weeks, she had to live in the alley ways. While there, she found humans who were willing to take her in but only if she would learn to steal things that could be sold for money or money itself. She quickly agreed. After a few hurried lessons, she was soon sent out on the streets and started to steal. When she had received enough money, she first repaid the money she owed to the people who took her in and taught her then rented a room in the local inn. Here is where she received her first scar. After that first fight she felt humiliated and angered. Everything that she had trained for had just gone down the drain. This made her angry and from that time on she spent most of her time training and stealing (so she could have money to stay at the inn). Soon she became one of the most feared fighter in the city.

After a while, she was found out by some city officials and they decided to do something about her. They held a meeting and took a vote on what to do. After a while, they decided that she should be banished from their city. Before sending her away, they gave her her last scar as described in her Appearance section. From then on, she’s been roaming, getting into fights, and stealing. Every Elf that she meets, once they find out that she’s a thief, then they turn their nose up and despise her. This makes her blood boil but she knows that she shouldn’t act upon it.

Possesions: Her special dagger, 3 set of clothes (brown, black and green), 2 cloaks (brown, green), a pouch for money, a pouch for her pick-locking kit, and a pouch for her extra clothes.

Shall I end this haunting nightmare for you?

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Elf, Meladrhim/ Injerin

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Name: Drasil Razorfang

Gender: Male

Age: 307

Race: Elf

Tribe: Meladrhim/ Injerin

Occupation: Former tribal warrior for the Meladrhim. After leaving he became wanderer. He acts as a mercenary. Drasil also makes jewelry out of stones, animal teeth, and other attractive objects to sell for money.

Title: Wanderer

Weight: 3 Pygges

Height:2 peds

Physical Appearance: Drasil is 2 peds tall with sharp angular features. He has pallid complexion that blends in with his long white unkempt hair that hangs loosely around his shoulders. His face is scarred with battle wounds; the most notable is the one that cuts across his eye. His eyes are oval shaped and a golden color that is commonly found among the Injerin tribe. Compared to other elves, Drasil is extremely broad, and weighs half a pygge more. By all standards, he is extremely muscular due to the effects of his malevolent lifestyle. His arms are tattooed with a grey ink, identifying his former tribe.

Clothes: Despite his time away from the Meladrhim, he still wears their traditional clothing. Usually he wears a hooded woolen cape, a leather vest, leather trousers, and protectors and bindings on his knees ankles and wrists. His vest, originally tan, is worn from travel and constant washing. His trousers and cape have an assortment of patches. The leather bindings though quite old, are kept in good condition. His ankle high boots are made of leather with wooden soles. Adorning his right arm is a bracelet made of animal teeth and attractive stones. Over his cloak are two short spears, strapped to form an X, its center meeting in the middle of his back. Across his chest and attached to his trousers are an assortment of leather straps holding his daggers. In his hand he carries a spear that is about his height, using it as a walking staff, but giving him a slightly intimidating appearance.

Personality: Drasil Razorfang has become an extremely reserved person since leaving the Meladrhim and the death of his family. He often sits in shadowed corners talking to no one. When Drasil does talk to someone, he is an extremely good listener. He can sit quietly listening to others problems. He also has an uncanny ability to say exactly what people want to hear. Since his adopted mother hated alchohol so much, he was never exposed to it in his childhood. His first time at a tavern, he tasted alcohol for the first time and instantly fell in love with it. Since then he has squandered all his money on it.


-He is extremely skilled with spears and daggers. During his time with the Meladrhim he practiced with each of these weapons daily. Now he has the ability to use them with such skill that he could easily be considered a blademaster(except he doesn't use swords)

-Agility- Utilized in his fighting technique of darting in and out of combat. Like most Elves, Drasil is considered extremely agile and he knows it. While with the Meladrhim, he discovered that he could use this to his advantage in battle. This lead to the creation of his own style of fighting which earned him his nickname.

-Loyal- is a good friend to the few he has. He is always looking out for his friends, protecting them and consoling them. He is often identified as the shadowy presence behind so-and-so's shoulder.

-Good listener- Because of his lack of ability to express himself, he has become an amazing listener. He sits quietly, offering condolences when a person needs it.

-Kari- Kari is Drasil's Ash falcon companion. Though she is independent, she is a good friend to Drasil, often helping him out of jams both in and out of combat.


-Poor- squandering all his money on alcohol and weapons even though he desperately needs new clothing.

-lack of ability to express himself- Since he spent most of his childhood in such an isolated environment, he was never around many people, providing him with no social skills. While with the Meladrhim, he managed to make a few friends because it was not a large tribe. Even though he is a good freind amoung small groups of people, large numbers of people overwhelm him, leaving him unsure of what to do and say. Because of his lack of contact with people, he can accidentally say things he does not mean. He will mean for something to be a joke, but instead the person will take it offensively, terminating one of the few friendships that he can't afford to lose.

-Low endurance- While, Drasil does have to walk long distances during his travels, he has relatively low endurance. This prevents him from running for long distances, and keeps him from exerting himself in long fights.

-Alcoholic- Drasil drowns himself in alcohol and often can be found sprawled on the floor passed out, or in a vicious bar fight. Many of the scars on his body have been received from picking fights when he was to drunk to defend himself. Drasil has lost many a dagger to a theif who has preyed on him while he was drunk.

-Wry Sense of Humor- Drasil humor is different that of many others. He often laughs at things others find morbid, making him seem like a madman. This makes even more people repulsed by him an he often has to watch his actions.

Weaknesses In Combat:

-fighting style- His fighting style also acts as a weakness because it drains his energy so quickly. While on the offensive, he appears unstoppable, moving in a flurry of blades or spears, but his battle tactics require huge amounts of energy and he can not sustain such rapid movement for extended periods of time. Though he has the ability to fight in long battles, he does not fight as effectively as in short ones because of the energy he expends on his attacks.

History: Drasil Razorfang was born with the name Drasil Paél-Weivóc, son of Móh Weivóc and his wife Silarná Paél of the Injerin tribe of Elves. His mother, born a Meladrhim, left the tribe to join the Injerin, like many of her kin, because of differences in be with the rest of her tribe. His parents left the Injerin tribe and sailed south together, eventually coming into the lands of the Erpherorian tribe of humans. It was during one of these wandering that Silarná became pregnant. One night, they stopped at a small run-down farm owned by a young couple. They bargained with the couple, exchanging a day's work for food and shelter. The Elven couple would not have done this, except Silarná was heavy with a child and Móh, wanting his wife to be comforable decided this would be the best way. The young couple agreed and the next day Móh went into the field with the young man, who he discovered was named Caen while Silarná preformed chores inside the house with Caen's wife Elaine. The Elves, preferring the quiet farming life to their constant traveling, asked to stay for another night, and then the next and the next continuing this pattern for another 5 months before Caen and Elaine asked the Elves to permanently stay with them. The Elves hastily agreed, and set about improving the beat up farm.

A month later Móh and Silarná had their first child, a boy whom they named Drasil, and soon after Caen and Elaine had a daughter, whom they named Moraine. It was soon after the birth of these two children that a terrible tragedy befell the people living on the small farm. A group of bandits, attracted to the now elegant looking farm, attacked the two families in the middle of the night. Móh and Silarná, in a desperate attempt to try to defend their homestead, fought the bandits, providing time for Caen and Elaine to flee with the children into the night.

Caen and Elaine did not return to the farm for a week, unsure of whether of not the bandits had left. They scavenged for roots and berries to feed to the two young children. A week later, they decided to return to the farm. Back at the farm, the bandits had torched their fields, destroying their harvest. Inside the house were the corpses of the two Elves, surrounded by four dead bandits. The bandits had looted the house, taking with them anything that was not too heavy to move. After burying their friends, Caen and Elaine tried to pick up the pieces of their shattered lives, replanting the fields and repairing the house. As soon as possible, Caen journeyed to a nearby village to buy a weapon to defend his farm in case of a future attack. The young couple also adopted Drasil, treating him as a son.

Drasil grew up ignorant of his Elven heritage, even though he noticed and questioned his parents about his different features because his parents always avoided his questions. Not knowing how to react to the difference in aging between their two children, Caen and Elaine raised Drasil by human standards, sending him out into the fields to work at the age of ten, the human equivalent to the age of six. Soon realizing their mistake, the couple decided to raise the Elf based on what age he appeared. It was not until he reached the age of 20, the human equivalent of being 12, Drasil realized the difference in aging between he and his sister. When questioned, his parents nervously pushed aside the question, not knowing how to explain his heritage.

By the time that Caen and Elaine brought up the subject of his parents, Drasil was 34, appearing 20 by human standards. He was extremely muscular from the years of working in his father's fields. He was much broader than an elf, but was still much slender than a human. His pointed ears were visible through his long blonde hair, a constant reminder that he was somehow different than the rest of his family. He also noticed that his eyes were a golden color not found among humans. Even though he had recognized the difference between the appearance of his family and his own appearance, he had not suscpected himself to be Elven, because not many Elves would have stayed among humans.

A few days later, Drasil announced that he was going to travel north to visit his people. His family, though sad to see him go, supported his resolution and made preparations for him to depart. His father presented him with the sword he had bought after the death of Móh and Silarná, passing on his self taught knowledge of its use to Drasil, giving him an extremely incomplete knowledge of its use in battle.

After leaving his family, he sailed north into the Elven lands. He then traveled on land looking for the Injerin or the Meladrhim. During his travels, he started collecting small objects he found attractive and strung them together to create jewelry. Upon entering the first Elven villiage he encountered, he was struck by the beauty of the elegantly shaped trees in which the Elves resided. He stumbled through the villiage, looking for a guide to bring him to the Meladrhim, his mother's tribe. While looking for a guide, Drasil entered the shop of an Elven weaponsmith. The shopkeeper was not in the front room, so Drasil decided to browse his inventory while he waited to ask about the guide. The shop had an extensive inventory that contained weapons from pikes to swords, but Drasil's eyes were drawn to one weapon. They were a pair of daggers, with clasps that could be fastened around the wielder's arms. Connecting the daggers and the clasps were what appeared to be a a loaded spring. Drasil was so absorbed in the daggers, that he did not hear the shopkeeper return and come up behind him.

"You like the daggers?" he asked. "They are well crafted. They fasten onto the wielders arm like this," he said, putting the daggers on Drasil. "Would you like them?'

"Yes, but I could never afford them," Drasil replied putting them back onto the shelf. He headed for the door when the shopkeeper shouted after him, "I noticed that you have an assortment of jewlery. How about I trade you the daggers for some of the jewlery you have made as well as a few years of doing small jobs for me. I am getting to old to be delivering my products to my customers. Drasil hastily agreed, handing over all of the jewlery he had made on his journey for the daggers. For the next 5 years he worked for the shopkeeper, before the shopkeeper finally decided that the expense of the daggers had been paid off. He walked out the store, fastening them on the way the shopkeeper had shown him, pulling he sleeves over the clasps to hide the daggers, and continued his search for a guide. Soon he found one, a young man with long blonde hair and emerald eyes who appeared to be about the age of Drasil's sister. The next day, he set out with his guide, finally reaching the Meladrhim camp on the third day. Bidding farewell to his guide, he strode into the camp.

A bold warrior, who he later found out was named Már Raín, stepped forward asking his reason for coming to the Meladrhim. Drasil hastily told the story of his parents to the elves and explained that he wanted to live with his mother's tribe. The tribe, except for Már agreed to let him join, seeing him as already a member of the tribe. He was forced to give up his sword, because such a large quantity of metal was extremely valuable. In an effort to preserve one of his favorite weapons, he never mentioned his two daggers that had bought from the shopkeeper for fear that they would be commandeer well. As a replacement to his sword, he was issued two short spears and one long spear.

For 271 years, he was trained in the use of these weapons, showing extreme skill, rivaling even the skills of Már, who was the tribe's most skilled warrior. It was here that Drasil received the name Razorfang. The nickname was given to him because of his fighting style in which he bound daggers to his wrists and held two in his hand, striking repeatedly and symmetrically, almost as if was biting his opponent, earning him the nickname Razorfang.

Towards the end of his stay with the Meladrhim, Drasil became accustomed to taking long walks alone. It was on one of these walks that he met a young falcon in the Stone Fields of Peat.

It was early in the morning and the sun was just begining to peak its head out over the horizon. Atop a small ridge, sat Drasil, gazing up at the tapestry of pinks, reds, and blues that made up the morning sky. Drasil sat, gazing at the heavens and soaking in the silence of the quiet fields. Suddenly, a high pitched screech shattered teh silence. Startled, Drasil spun, raising one of his spears to identify the origin of the noise. In the sky, a long falcon plummeted earthward, aiming at a small furred animal. In desperation, the little animal dashed into a nearby bush where it was met by the diving falcon. Approaching the bush catiously, Drasil arrived to se the small animal dead, its limp form hanging in teh falcon's beak. The falcon tossed back its head, swallowing the small animal whole. Upon seeing the approaching elf, the falcon attempted to fly, however despite its effort, it could not seem to move its right wing and was reduced to running akwardly across the ground at a very slow pace. Moved to pity by the injured falcon, Drasil cast aside his spear and easily caught up to the struggling bird. Grabbing her, he held an arms length away from his body to aviod her sharp beack and talons. The soft white feathers of her breast felt good upon his hand though her beady black eyes appeared to bore through him. Examining the wing more carefully, Drasil realized that the bone was broken and was beyond his skill to fix. Picking up his spear, he made his way back to the meladrhim with the young bird.

Upon arriving at the camp, Drasil brought the young bird to a healer who reset the bone of the struggling bird and put a splint on its wing. To prevent it from flying, the healer removed some of the bird's flight feathers. Handing teh bird back over to Drasil, he charged him with the responsibilty of providing for the bird while it healed. Through the many months they spent together, the falcon, who he named Karidon or "arrow" in Tharian, stopped strugling to resist him and soon they became close. When the young bird's wing was finally healed, the splint was removed and the taks of releasing the bird was left to Drasil. After a heartfelt goodbye, he set the bird on the bird on the ground before making for camp.

It took many hours for Drasil to make it home and when he did, he spent his whole day in combat training to try to remove the sorrow of loosing the bird. it was not until that nihg that he returned to his tent. Brushing back the tent flap, he entered to find most of his food scattered all over the ground half eaten. Sighing, he began to pick up all the food and return it to its place, but as he bent down, he noticed a small grey lump resting on his bed roll. Striding over he saw the Kari lying on his pillow fast asleep. Smiling to himself, he proceeded in cleaning up after his young friend.

It was in this year that Drasil decided to return home to his familty to tell them about his success. Drasil was still ignorant of the aging differences between humans and elves. When he returned to the house with Kari, he saw a large assorment of tombstones in the back yard of the house. he walked to the door and knocked. A tiny voice responded to the knock saying, "One second." Kari, pecking Drasil lightly upon the hand, winged off in the direction of the fields, dissapearing amoung the plants.

The door to the house was opened by a tiny girl holding a beaten up stuffed animal that Drasil did not recognize. Drasil looked over the head of the little girl into the house. Its layout was basically the same as the way he had left it. In the back corner of the house was a rocking chair, turned to face a window on the back wall. Rocking in the chair was an old woman, sunggled beneath a huge pile of blankets.

"I'm sorry," Drasil said "Do you know where Caen, Elaine and Moraine would be. They used to live here." The old woman sitting in the chair stood and turned to face him. Picking up a cane, she hobbled over to Drasil.

"Moraine was my grandmother," she responded, "She is dead now, but the bodies of our family are all in the graveyard behind the house." She turned to face the little girl. "Silla, will you take this man to the graveyard."

The little girl nodded, and took Drasil by the hand, pulling him along. She took Drasil behind the house and led him to the first row of tombstones. On the first two were the names of his parents, followed by caen, Elaine and Moraine. He knelt infront of them and started to cry.

Drasil stayed with Caen and Elaine's decendants for a few months before departing. Once more he found himself wandering, selling his jewlery and acting as a mercenary to make money. Thus brings us to present day, he continues his wanderings with Kari trying to piece together his past.


Daggers: Drasil keeps two spring loaded daggers up his sleeves, one for each arm, that are emitted when the spring is put under pressure, releasing the dagger at high speeds and then stopping it to form a claw-like weapon. Other daggers are strapped on each of his legs and across his chest. He usually is fighting with four daggers at once, holding two, and two on his hands, creating a unique fighting style. He developed this fighting style while with the Meladrhim. The daggers are 3 palm spans each and are kept extremely sharp and polished.

Short Spears: Drasil keeps two short spears, over his back forming an X. He wields each of these spears with one hand. He spears are made of an extremely hard wood, and are typically found amongst the Grey Elves. Each spear has a small sharp blade that is about a palmspan long. The whole weapon is about one ped. The spear tip is firmly fastened, allowing him to either stab with the tip, or hit with the wooden shaft if he does not wish to kill. These two spears can be fastened together by adding a smaller piece that he keeps in his pack, to the small fore long hollowed bottom of the spear. This makes an interesting double tipped long spear about two peds in length.

Long Spear: Drasil also has keeps one long spear that is two peds long making a total to two long spears, or three short spears and a small quarterstaff. The spear is made of the same wood as the short spears. This spear, unlike his other, he usually keeps assembled, but can be disassembled to form a small quarterstaff or a short spear. He uses this weapon to either stab or if he does not want to kill, hit with the other end. This spear is kept in his hand at all times. He has fashioned the handle to fit his grip, and has the same separation system as his short spears.

Belongings: Drasil has a medium sized backpack with rations and spear parts as well as a series of small pouches in which he keeps animal teeth, pretty stones, seashells, and any thing else he can fashion into jewelry. Drasil first started making jewlery while traveling from his childhood house to the Meladrhim. He sold the jewlery to buy food and other supplies he needed along his journey. Drasil still makes jewlery to sell during his travels.


Kardión(Female Ash Falcon):Named "arrow" in Tharian because of her hunting style, Kardión is a young female Ash Falcon. Relativly coarse, long, feathers flecked with multiple shades of grey cover the falcon's head back and wings, providing a startling contrast to the soft, tiny white feathers found on upon her breast. Her large beady eyes are as black as night, except for a rare twinkle, illuminating them like a star in the heavans. Her wickedly curved beak and razor sharp talons are evidence to her malevolent life style. A small scar, seated at the joint of her right wing, is all the evidence that remains of the accident that brought her to Drasil. Affectionatly called Kari, the small falcon's wings move it forward at amazing speeds, sending it streaking through the air.

The falcon's personality is even stranger than that of her master. Despite her cute appearance, Kari is vicious and refuses to let anyone close to her, other than her master. While she is a loving trustworthy friend, she often gets Drasil into trouble by attacking others or scaring off his friends. The falcon is also selfish and self absorbed. About 90% of her day is spent preening her feathers and the other 10% is spent obsessing over Drasil, as she considers him her property. Also, the falcon is very independent. She loves to make it know that she is a willing companion of Drasil, and not his slave. Often, to show off she will blantently disregard his requests, however when the matter is serious, he can always count on her. Because of her independence it is very rare for her to accept food from Drasil in public or to rest upon his shoulder.

Kari's fighting style is a manifestation of fighting tooth and claw, except in her case it is beak and talon. Though she is often told to stay out of combat with humanoids, her fighting spirit rarely allows her to do this. Using her small wings, which are about the size of the rest of her body, she streaks through the air and amazingly fast speeds. When fighting, she prefers open spaces as they allow her to circle above her target, waiting for an opportune moment, before plummeting earthward, before pulling up suddenly as she makes contact with her target. While, if executed correctly, this manuever causes her no damage, it has the ability to kill small animals, and stun larger ones. While in cramped areas, or in melee range, Kari rakes soft spots on her opponents body, while attacking thier head with her sharp beak, creating a distraction in order for Drasil to finish off the opponent with a spear or dagger.

One problem in thier relationship that Kari and Drasil have managed to overcome is communicating with each other. While Kari understands some Tharian and Styrash, Drasil does not understand the series of noises made by the bird. While some of the noises Kari makes are easy to decipher, others are not. After a few months together, the two companions developed a system of soft pecks that could be used by Kari to convey a message to Drasil, if he does not understand her "birdspeak."

While she is now able to fly as she was before her injury, the wound on her right wing has never fully healed. This is a huge hinderance to her while in combat as the skin is soft, allowing for it to ripped open easily, immoblizing her right wing, and prevents her from reaching her highest potential as it causes the wound to burst open. Seeing as she is bird, she does not walk quickly upon the ground. Without the ability to fly, Kari is an easy target, forcing for her to depend on Drasil more than she wishes to admit if she is injured.

Drasil Razorfang CD

Ta'lia of the Seven Jewels
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Human, Shendar, Shen-D'auras

« Reply #20 on: June 13, 2006, 08:22:23 PM »

Please post here your char-info again:

1. ONLY the link to your CD
2. A short overview
3. Your contact-info

Hopefully  this thread will be a bit more manageable now . Thank you :)  

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"For me there is only the traveling on paths that have heart, on any path   that may have heart. There I travel, and the only worthwhile challenge is to traverse its full length. And there I travel looking, looking, breathlessly. ~Don Juan"

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« Reply #21 on: June 13, 2006, 08:25:23 PM »

List of players - those of whom I have a yes as an answer  or who have posted their CD again as requested.

Party A

The Ghost

Party B

Tasul'i Rose
Elendilwyn Gwaihir
Luca the Thief
Yarg Anklebitter
(Val Incendarious )

Party C

Tythle Fi Thea
(Vince Dark)

Mimi Dorgren

***Astropic of the day***
"For me there is only the traveling on paths that have heart, on any path   that may have heart. There I travel, and the only worthwhile challenge is to traverse its full length. And there I travel looking, looking, breathlessly. ~Don Juan"

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Mimi Dorgren
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Human, Avennoria

« Reply #22 on: June 13, 2006, 08:28:23 PM »

Mimi Dorgren

Raised by her friendly grandmother, she has had quite a good life till today, though she might have enjoyed more freedom in roaming the surrounding than was good for her, at least many villager in Nepris think so. She has a friendly character, but loves to tease those she considers to be friends.
The death of her parents, especially that of her father have left some scars in the young soul, but Mimi tries to hide this and is even more frolicsome. Sometimes however, when she is very sad, she hides, preferable in high trees.


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Tasuli Rose
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Half-elf Ylfferhim / Erpheronian

« Reply #23 on: June 14, 2006, 01:34:23 AM »

Tasul'i Rose

Young and impetuous, Tasul’i often abuses his status as Duke of Chylikis and rarely feels any compassion for the common man. Since the tragic death of the man he believed to be his father, rapid mood swings have afflicted his mind, causing him to express any emotion at any given time without any apparent reason.

email: john.e.hooks@gmail.com


Luca the Thief
« Reply #24 on: June 14, 2006, 11:20:23 AM »

Luca the Thief

A young half-elf, Luca is an energetic sprite of a woman with a mild tendency towards deeds of a less righteous nature. While she's fun loving and generally laid back, Luca also manages to get herself, and those around her, into trouble with quick use of a sharp tongue. The thief is also accompanied on occasion by a crimson colored eagle whom she shares a strange and magical bond with.

e-mail: faye_004@yahoo.ca
MSN: misfit_fae@hotmail.com
AIM: faye4070
Often in the IRC as Luca_

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Drasil Razorfang
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Elf, Meladrhim/ Injerin

« Reply #25 on: June 15, 2006, 10:23:23 AM »

Drasil Razorfang

Overview:  A shy, repulsive elf, beneath his filthy appearance and personality he is a compassionate person and a good friend.  The elf is most commonly known for his silent attitude, etheral appearance and love for battle.

Contacts:  jlofredo@hotmail.com

AIM: liljames72191
I am also frequently in IRC and have trillian so can easily make a Yahoo, IQC, or MSN

Drasil Razorfang CD

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« Reply #26 on: June 15, 2006, 06:20:23 PM »

Elendilwyn Gwaihir

Elendilwyn is docile and can be considered to have an inconsequential pressence in the midst of a fiery and reactive group. However, beneath her stable exterior is a world of imagination and pride and should she be pushed beyond her tolerance, she could react in unpredictable ways. That though has yet to be experienced.

Email: felicia.smile@gmail.com
MSN: feliciachanz@hotmail.com (do not use this to email)
Skype: wildswans (I'm not always online so inform me before hand)

The artist usually sets out — or used to — to point a moral and adorn a tale. The tale, however, points the other way, as a rule. Two blankly opposing morals, the artist’s and the tale’s. Never trust the artist. Trust the tale.
- DH Lawrence

Tythle Fi thea
New Santharian

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« Reply #27 on: June 17, 2006, 04:36:23 AM »

Tythle Fi thea

Tythle is a seemingly quiet and calm elf, with a regular love for nature. Though when getting to know him many find a person who has come though great sorrows and yet still has retained his joy and reason for living. His is one who easily puts his trust in people and helps those that he can with his own honest concern for others. But as always there is a darker and unknown side to Tythle which speaks of the unhealed wounds of his past. A side of anger and revenge that is buried beneath a seemingly innocent personality.

Contact info: whisper_loud777@hotmail.com

Yarg Anklebiter
Happy Little Pyro
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Hobbit, Dogodan

« Reply #28 on: June 24, 2006, 01:13:23 AM »

Yarg Anklebiter

Orphaned at a very young age, Yarg was taken in by the Ximaxian orcs, and trained in Fire magic. He uses this to feed his obsession with fire. He is a good person, if a bit....eccentric. He enjoys his pranks, as well as occasionally helping people. One should watch out around this one, for life is always interesting.

Email: hendrix42013@msn.com

Whenever I see a Fire, I try to put it out. 'Cept unlike the usual methods, I use OIL!!

- Yarg

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The Ghost
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Elf, Ahrhim

« Reply #29 on: June 24, 2006, 02:18:23 AM »

The Ghost

Blinded by the hatred caused by the demon inside him, as well as the deaths of all those whom he has loved, The Ghost i unquestionably evil. He has claimed a vendetta against all sentience, deciding to cause as much pain as possible before his inevitable death.

Email: Hendrix42013@msn.com

I am the Darkness between the stars.
I am the Silence between whispers.
I am there in your darkest of dreams.
I am The Ghost, and you cannot escape.

- The Ghost


I am the Darkness between Stars
I am the Silence between Whispers
I am There, in Your Darkest of Dreams
I am
The Ghost, and you Can Not Escape.
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