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Author Topic: Sample House: Urimpaar, Family Estate of the Shialt-eck-Gorrins  (Read 640 times)
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« on: July 14, 2009, 12:49:45 AM »

Urimpaar is the large family estate of the Shialt-eck-Gorrin family, most notably, the brothers, Altario and Denrykmar, and their families.  As of now, Altario is the only one of the two to have a wife and daughter, while Denrykmar is currently single.  Urimpaar has a large fortified manor house, an outbuilding for workers, a stable and several working corrals and rings.

Urimpaar can be found in northern Sarvonia, near the Iceland Coast, south of the Remusian Capital of Remusiat.  It is a speck of humanity in an endless wasteland of snow and Ice.

Location of the Building
Urimpaar is found about 50 Strals south of the city of Remusiat, near the foothills of the Galthorn Mountains.  It sits on the Frozen Wastes of Remusia.  There are no roads linking this estate with any village or towns, as there are none close to there, other than the occasional nomadic camp, but they are rare.  To reach Urimpaar, it is a long and treacherous overland journey, which will take no less than three days by horse back, or up to a week, if on foot.  Very little can be found in way of shelter or supplies along the way.

The approach to the great manor house is beset by a herrison, made of wison horns; sharpened and placed in the ground at random intervals.  This is an attempt to halt the progress of a direct assault on the house.  There is a path one can follow through the herrison that leads from the north face, around the west side, around the bastion tower and to the bartizan tower in front.  It is wide enough for a horse and cart.

From any direction other than from the south, all travellers will be met by an ashlar faced stone wall, the colour of yealm beige.  This wall is close to 30 fores in height, and 5 fores thick, and not battered at the bottom, though they are buttressed at intervals of approximately 50 fores.  On the top of the wall are battlements, supported by corbels that protrude slightly from the wall.  The battlements are in the form of an embrasure, with its cornels and merlons, providing cover for defenders to fire from.

On the south side, there is a tower on the west side, and a barbican on the east side.  The barbican is entered through an iron portcullis.  There are a few lancet windows in the Bastion Tower, as well as a few arrow loops, but no other windows can be seen from the outside.  The cusp of each is carved into the coat of arms of the Remusiat people; the skyline of the capitol of Remusiat, with Forsaken Blade above it.

Entering the Barbican, you see that it is a hollow building, with a roof over it that has several large holes in it.  These holes are meurtriere, used to fire down into the barbican from safety above.  When the portcullises on both ends of the barbican are lowered into place, it provides for a deadly killing zone.  You are stopped then at another portcullis that leads into the gatehouse proper.
The accommodations here in the gatehouse are spartan to say the least.  A carteloreen framed desk and chair, stretched over with rawhide, sits alone in this room.  At the rear of the gatehouse is an iron yett blocking the entrance to the bailey.  On the wall is hung an iron gauntlet that is said to have belonged to Teletar Shialt-eck-Gorrin, the founder of the family line.  It is said that he rode with Kor’och when the god was still a man.  Spiral stairs lead up stairs, where there is private accommodations for Breverem Colxiss and his wife.  It goes with the title of Bailiff of Urimpaar.  Breverem and his wife are simple people, with simple tastes, and the room is not much more furnished than with a table and chairs and a bed, covered in wison hide blankets.  Wison hide also covers the walls, to add an insulting factor to the room.

The Bailey is covered in hrugchuk grass, kept shorn in summer and allowed to grow longer during the winter months, with the snow and ice cleared daily. As well, Riztalyanna has had imported some hardier flowers to beautify the grounds, much to Altario's chagrin.  Until Riztalyanna became Mistress of Urimpaar, the women of the Shialt-eck-Gorrins were not much more than tenants here, including Altario's own mother.  Riz, however, knows exactly how to twist her Remusian husband around her little finger.  He has no will power when it comes to her.

Against the north wall, a blind arcade is built.  Its stones are against the wall, creating a lovely effect of arches supported on columns.  As with all the stone walls here, they are ashlar cut.  It is here that most of Riztalyanna's flowers are grown, as this is where they can catch most of the sun's rays.

Each doorway has an intricately carved architrave.  The doors themselves are carved with a chevron pattern, into a White Oak that was brought up from more southernly locales.  The white oak was used for both its strength and durability, and its beautiful wood grain finish.  Each of the doors here is over one hundred years old, but one could not tell from looking, as they are regularly kept well cared for.

The great hall has a large barrel vault ceiling.  The joining of the ribs of the vault are covered by a large ornate boss, in the image Kor’och looking down on the room.  In the center of the room is a very large stone topped table, with carteloreen bone and wison horn framed chairs, stretched over with rawhide.  The table can comfortably seat 20 people for a meal.  The table top has been polished to a glassy finish.  In the center of it, during the right seasons, there are pruned flowers here from Riz's collection, kept in a Mithram designed crystal bowl as a centerpiece.  On the wall, above the head of table, where Lord Altario sits, is hung a great kite shield, painted with the family coat of arms, a silver lightning strike across a black background.  It was his father’s shield, Johkbar Shialt-eck-Gorrin.  Beneath this, Altario’s father’s impressive longbow hangs.

The chapel shares the same barrel vault ceiling as does the great hall, including the Kor’och faced boss.  The interior of the chapel has several aumbry, which hold small icons to the god Kor’och; several small statuettes and a golden box, within is rumoured to contain a lock of Kor’och’s hair.  Though, if one were to question Altario on it, he would smile and change the subject politely.  As well, the chapel’s interior wall has a large fresco painted on it, depicting Kor’och defeating his enemies; a mixture of orcs and foreign humans.  Muted colours add an awe-inspiring sense to it.  At the head of the room, there is a large altar, covered in white lace, that Riz uses to pray at.  She is a very religious person, and had spent many years in devotion to Kor'och, before marrying Altario.

The Bastian Tower is in the southwest corner of the manor house, and provides a place defensive flanking fire for the south and west walls.  The tower has several arrow–loops that provide a space for defenders to fire from.  The arrow loops and the windows in the tower are decorated with cable moulding, which is in the shape of rope.  Along the spiral staircase, between floors, are several lancet windows, each one splayed toward the interior.  The newel in the spiral staircase is foliated in its design.  At the top, a cap house leads to the wall walk.  In the cap house, along the walls hanging from pegs, are a series of crossbows.   Quivers hang next to them, filled with quarrels.  Each floor of the bastion tower holds bunks that the guards here call home.

In the upper part of the main building, in the garret, a dormer window faces into the bailey.  This is the great chamber where Altario and his wife have their bedchambers.  Decorative friezes add to the beauty of the room.  In one corner, on a pole set up, is a shirt of mail, which belongs to Altario.  A plate armour cuirass can be found on a shelf nearby.  A postern at the rear of the room provides an escape route for the family, and leads to a narrow staircase along the outer wall.  An iron yett, as well as a thick wooden door keep this area safe from intruders, as well as the narrow stairs, which would be hard to negotiate in full armour.  The crib that used to hold Nayriss sits in one corner, where Riz hopes to one day have another babe to fill it.  It is her dream to give Altario a son to take over Urimpaar one day.

The large bed that the two share is made from Red Oak, again shipped from the south, Voldar this time.  It was Altario's wedding present to Riz.  It is a large four poster bed, replete with fine silk made from the Maeverhim elves, and dyed by Caltharian merchants into a fine soft hued Fyrite Pink.  The posts are carved by the finest Quaelhoirhim woodworkers, depicting vines running up and down, crossing the frame, so that at first glance, the bed appears to have been constructed from one living plant.  The cost of this one bed alone would equal the pay of most Remusian soldiers for a 5 year period!  Still, Altario wants Riztalyanna to have only the best.  Fabric cover the bed, as opposed to wison hides, and they too are mostly from the south, where they had been dyed by the Clatharians.  Dhura colored cloth hangs in front of the dormer window.

A large jewelry box, also crafted from the Quaelhoirhim, sits atop a large chest of drawers, and holds her large assortment of baubles.  The box was crafted so that it is a puzzle box, and only someone with the secret way into it can open it.  In the years that Altario has been married to her, he has not been able to crack the mystery.  Riz has on numerous occasions happily offered to show him, but Altario stubbornly refuses, insisting that he can outsmart "any damn elf".  Riz doubts that he shall ever get it open.

The daughters room is next door; a simple room, filled with many stuffed toys for her to play with.  The walls are painted in garish hues, that Riztalyanna insisted a girl Nayriss' age would enjoy.  To Altario, it just hurts his eyes.

Next to the privy bedchamber is the garderobe, which empties outside the walls, staining the stones there a gruesome green ichor colour.  As a luxury item, a piscine is also found here, which also drains outside.  This, Altario had instilled for his wife, Riztalyanna.

Denrykmar has his room above the servants quarters, near the stables.  This is where he prefers to be.  His room is spartan, with only a few wison hides on the floor that form his bed.

The stables, a fairly recent addition, only 100 years old, are built of baked bricks, arranged in a herringbone design.  It stands apart from the feel of the rest of the manor house, due to the way the teki red coloured bricks clash with the more sublime yealm beige stone walls.  A large stone lintel spans the double doors that lead into the stables.  The lintel is carved with the words "Agisth mon resyllun Kor’och fey Mologh, resyllun eff Kor’och agisthmov!"  Its meaning is something close to He who rides the Mount of Kor’och, rides with god himself!  Its ceiling is a hammerbeam roof, supporting the barracks above.  Between the hammerbeams are joists that support the floor above.

In the barracks, which is a large common room, there is a louvred area in the ceiling above the hearth built against the east wall.  Several bunks can be found here, as well as desks and an eating table.

People of Urimpaar

Altario Shialt-eck-Gorrin, Lord of Urimpaar.  He is a Captain in the Remusian Army, an aide-de-camp to General Graviaro Gryffin-fey-Grau.  He is a man brought up to be noble, and he carries it with a certain arrogance.

Riztalyanna Shialt-eck-Gorrin, Mistress of Urimpaar.  Beautiful, friendly, compassionate.  She would take hundreds of years of Urimpaar traditions and change them to her whim.  A bit spoilt, she never the less has the complete devotion of her husband, and the love of the servants.  She is the backbone Urimpaar, that keeps it strong when her husband and brother in law are away.

Denrykmar Shialt-eck-Gorrin, runs the horse breeding part of the farm.  His love and knowledge of the horses has produced many exceptional animals, most noticeably, his own stallion, Zekar.

The Bailiff at Urimpaar is Breverem Colxiss.  It is he who assigns the duties to the servants, and to the hands who take care of the livestock.  An older man, with a dark unkempt beard, he has been on Urimpaar literally all his life, as his father was Bailiff before him.

There are up to fifty soldiers that live here at all times, though this number can easily double when Altario returns home with his retinue of personal guards.  They live in both the bastion tower and above the loft in the barracks.

The servants here, twelve in number, can be found all over the grounds of Urimpaar, and fall under the authority of Breverem.  They do the coking and cleaning and repair duties to the estate.

There a few bond tenants that live here as well, though they have small traditional houses outside of the manors walls.  Most of these people either worked the fields, keeping the hrugchuk grass in plentiful supply, or work with the horses.

Altario's CD
Remusian Men
to the location of the building (if possible)

Blueprints of the Buildings:
Ground Floor of Urimpaar (Not to scale)
Urimpaar Second Floor (Coming Soon)
Urimpaar Roof level (Coming soon)

If you won't take my money, how about a write up?

Foraste Lydan
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