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Author Topic: The Fásamár Estate  (Read 443 times)
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Elf ~ Kaýrrhem

« on: August 20, 2009, 01:51:33 AM »

Near the Northern border of Strata, white, freshly sweeped stones lead away into the Desert. However, about a Stral down the road, one would come across a white-washed marble wall. They meet, building into a sweeping arch over the path, with black, laquered gates beneath. Just on the other side there is a dramatic change in landscape. An elven Mindsmoother had claimed a large patch of what he had thought to be desert land for a bargain price. When he began construction upon a pristine, marble manor, he had the good fortune of discovering that he was building upon an underground oasis, making a man almost instantly rich in the desert city of Strata. Welcome to the Fásamár Estate, alternatively self-titled "Eyasha's Holy Gift to Strata" by a rather vain Kaýr...

The borders of Eleyr's land begin a few Dashes north of Strata, placed directly on top of the road that leads north to the Thirsty Herald. As a result, the elven estate is open to the public, and the generous owner is happy to allow any travelers one last respite to stock up on extra provisions, before they continue their journey north. About ten minutes walk from the city's outskirts, and less by horse, Eleyr believes his miniature village to be far enough away from town to create the illusion of independence, while not making the journey back and forth unbearable for either him, or his clientele.

Although entrance to the estate is free, and one can usually garner a bit of water from the soft-hearted elf's assortment of wells for free, one should certainly come with coin in hand. "The finest elven honey on this side of the Crimson Isles, Mindsmoothing services, and powerful traveling herbs are not included with your stay! I do have a lifestyle to uphold, you know!"


What does the house look like? Is it a mansion, a small hut, a sprawling country estate, a room in a tower at Ximax, a run down cottage or perhaps a middle or upper class prosperous house in the middle of a town or city? Is it nestled between trees? Is there a brook or river nearby? Are there adjoining buildings to the main building such as a stable or a smithy, chicken run or shed? As with characters, description is good, help the moderators, administrators and potential guests know what your house look like.

How many storeys are there in your house? Is your house narrow or spacey? Does your house have verandahs? Is it a square or rectangular building, or are there wings? What about the roof? What type and shape of roof is it? What colours are the walls, roof, ceilings and doors of your house?

Measurements are good to help form an idea as to how big or small your house is. If you decide to use them, please remember to use Santharian measures. A picture of your house would be a useful addition to your house to help form a visual perspective on your house. You don‘t need to count all your windows, if you have many, but if you just have one, the exact location within the wall and distance from the door is needed.

Does your house have a garden? If so, describe it? What kind of garden is it; vegetable, flower or a combination? How big is it? Is there gravel in front of your house, or stamped mud? Will visitors and yourself need to go through gates to get from the street to your house? If so, is there a path from the street to your front door?


Describe the room/s in your house in enough detail so that visitors, moderators and administrators know enough about the layout of your house. Identify where the doors are that take people from one room to the next room and to the outside. Identify also the location of windows.

Describe the type, style, location, number and quality of the furniture in the house. Split it up by rooms and provide enough details so that visitors, moderators and administrators know what is available.

Special Items:
Making up items of furniture that are unique are fine provided you don't make magical mirrors, wardrobes that take you to a distant world, a time travel machine and other similar things. Any and all such items become part of the house and need to be described as being in a particular room. If you are unsure about whether something is suitable for inclusion, please ask a moderator or administrator first.

If there are NPCs at your house, please include a brief description of them as well. Their name, appearance, occupation and personality should be sufficient.

Eleyr's CD
Kaýrrhem Elves
City of Strata
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