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Author Topic: Sordoc 'The Great' / Erpheronian / Poet  (Read 812 times)
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« on: September 30, 2009, 12:37:25 PM »

Name: Sordoc 'The Great'

Gender: Male

Age: 22

Race: Human

Tribe: Erpheronian

Occupation: Poet

Title: The Great

Overview: Sordoc the Great is a poet, musician, singer and author of unparallelled skill and talent. Sordoc the Great's propensity for artistic endeavours has not been appreciated by the talentless hacks of The New-Santhalan Association for the Literary Arts who have refused to publish Sordoc the Great's works or to allow them to enter the Compendium. Sordoc the Great has taken this in Sordoc the Great's stride as Sordoc the Great travels the lands of Caelereth looking for the multitude of wonders that will entertain Sordoc the Great's soul with their splendours and magnificance.

Height: 1 ped, 2 fores, 7 nailsbreadths

Weight: 1 pygge, 5 heb

Hair Colour: nor'sidian black

Eye Colour: uderza blue

Physical Appearance
Sordoc the Great's physical appearance is perfection itself. Sordoc the Great is almost godlike in the Great's stature and has nor'sidian black wavy hair that falls freely down to Sordoc the Great's shoulders, unfettered by ties or anything else. Sordoc the Great's skin, elken in colour, is without blemish or mark and the Great's expressive uderza blue eyes look out on the world around Sordoc the Great, as they search for the inner beauty of each and every subject upon the surface of Caelereth, no matter how mundane or boring others may find these subjects. Beneath Sordoc the Great's eyes and perfectly proportioned nose are Sordoc the Great's lips and mouth, their shape dainty and their colour a deep karikrimson.

Untouched by anything but quill, parchment, or lute, Sordoc the Great's hands are elken in colour and as with the rest of Sordoc the Great's body, are without blemish or mark. As Sordoc the Great does not lift heavy objects, Sordoc the Great is not toned at all, and this is perhaps the only thing that prevents Sordoc the Great being perfection itself. Sordoc the Great is not fat, however, as Sordoc the Great keeps in good physical shape by the long walks that Sordoc the Great takes in order to find the elusive magnificance in the world around Sordoc the Great.

Sordoc the Great loves to wear clothes that draw the eye of Sordoc the Great's adoring public and fans to him. Whether these fans are humans, elves, dwarves, orcs, hobbits, mullogs, gnomes, Brownies or the mighty paxen or one of the  multitude of other creatures that inhabit the Disk of Caelereth. As a result, Sordoc the Great wears frills and other clothes that people would expect a poet of Sordoc the Great's stature to wear. A long sleeved tunic of white silk is against his skin with frills of a multitude of colours ranging from

Sordoc the Great asked his dear friend, Deklitch Hardin, to write a piece on Sordoc the Great's personality. The following are Master Hardin's unedited words on the greatness that is Sordoc the Great.

The most noticable thing about the personality of Sordoc is that he is his own biggest fan. He is unable to accept the fact that no one else appreciates his work, and he is under the severe delusion that people want to have their ears

Strengths and Weaknesses
I'm Rich: Mumsy and Daddykins died when I was a relatively young man, leaving me a small fortune. As such, I am able to meet all of my needs from the legacy they left me, while I complete my important literary works. I complete these works during my travels across the lands of Sarvonia and Nybelmar looking for the great beasts that inspire my muse. My wealth enables me to stay in the finest of inns and secure passage on ships, caravans, wains and other similar conveyances of transportation.

I'm Literate: I am able to read, write and speak in a variety of tongues. This includes Tharian, Styrash, Thergerim, Gnomish and Kuglimz, and I am currently learning the languages of Nybelmar so that I can travel there to spread the love of prose and fine poetry to a new continent. This enables me to spread my wisdom and my poetry to a wider audience and learn what is going on in their lives. It also enables me to tell people what they should be thinking on any every topic.

I'm A Poet of Unparallelled Skill: I'm a poet of the highest calibre and skill. Totally self taught, I am able to express the beauty of any subject with talent, skill and expression that the 'old masters' would be jealous of. My works deal with real world concerns, and unfortunately have not been published in the compendium as yet. Still, people are moved whenever I recite my inspirational poems.

I play the Lute: Although not as glorious as my poems and singing, I play the lute as my instrument of choice to supplement my singing when entertaining the masses, to support my singing and poems and to keep me entertained between journeys.

Deklitch: Deklitch Hardin is a great supporter and friend of Sordoc the Great. Deklitch Hardin is a compendiumist who

Sordoc the Great's works are beyond the comprehension of common Santharians: The New-Santhalan Association for the Literary Arts, talentless hacks that they are, have refused to publish Sordoc the Great's works! Other uneducated hacks have the audacity to refer to Sordoc the Great's works as "an affront to common decency and good taste", or as "something that should be peddled as a soporific". They fail to see that Sordoc the Great's works capture the very essence of the subject to the very minute detail and that my works have a central radiance to them that enthusiastically and ceaselessly exhalt the inner beauty of the subject. Sordoc the Great often finds that members of the audience when Sordoc the Great recites some of Sordoc the Great's work either fall asleep or run screaming from the room. Sordoc the Great has even overheard some describe Sordoc the Great's work and Sordoc the Great as completely and utterly boring. How Rude!

Sordoc the Great is Opinionated: Sordoc the Great has an opinion on everthing and Sordoc the Great's opinion is always correct, on each and every subject. Sordoc the Great is not opposed to share Sordoc the Great's opinion with the unenlightened masses of the town, village or city in which Sordoc the Great is residing at any time. While Sordoc the Great's opinion has caused some people to become upset with Sordoc the Great, this is simply because they have yet to realise that Sordoc the Great's opinion is correct, but Sordoc the Great is cofnident that once they have allowed the gentle light of reason has entered their heads, they will come to appreciate the greatness that is Sordoc the Great and will apologise for any injury they have done to Sordoc the Great while they disagreed with Sordoc the Great. If they don't, Sordoc the Great has just got two words for them. How rude!

Sordoc the Great is Emotional: Sordoc the Great can't help it. Beauty in all of its forms moves Sordoc the Great. Sordoc the Great can gasp at the radiant beauty of Injera as it progresses in its stately procession across the sky. Sordoc the Great wept tears of joy the first time the ritualistic mating dance of the paxen was observed in northern Sarvonia. Sordoc the Great still weep those tears of joy whenever Sordoc the Great re-reads 'Ode to the Packox'. Sordoc the Great ismoved to tears when Sordoc the Great hears someone disagreeing with something Sordoc the Great has said, or when someone is so discourteous as to suggest that Sordoc the Great's poetry is boring. Sordoc the Great uses these emotions to express the beauty in Caelereth but it has also led some people to suggest that Sordoc the Great don't have a firm grasp on things. How rude!

Sordoc the Great Tell It Like It Is: If Sordoc the Great don't like your hair, or your face, or if your clothes are not up to the standards Sordoc the Great has set for others, Sordoc the Great will tell you, in great detail. This will be done in a loud voice that uses words that portray the full extent of Sordoc the Great's language. If I do like something, I will tell you about that as well. Some people don't like it when I tell them that I don't like an aspect of their face or something they are doing, and have threatened me with violence. How rude!

Sordoc the Great Dislikes Blood or Getting Sordoc the Great's Hands Dirty: Sordoc the Great doesn't like blood, pain or manual work and Sordoc the Great  definitely doesn't like conflict. Sordoc the Great is a poet! Sordoc the Great is  not a common worker, peasant or serf. Sordoc the Great continues to work on Sordoc the Great's works of great importance, and leaves those less skilled than myself to the less important work of cleaning, cooking and keeping Sordoc the Great safe. Some have suggested that Sordoc the Great is a waste of space due to Sordoc the Great's refusal to do any work at any time. How rude!

The Great 'Bore': Sordoc the Great once overheard a member of The New-Santhalan Association for the Literary Arts add the additional word 'Bore' to the end of Sordoc the Great's standard title of 'The Great'. As Sordoc the Great has stated previously, Sordoc the Great's works are beyond the comprehension of their limited ability, and they are simply jealous of Sordoc the Great's abilities and talents. How rude!

Sordoc the Great is concerned about Sordoc the Great: Sordoc the Great is deeply concerned about my personal safety at all times. Sordoc the Great is the center of Santharia and of the disk of Caelereth. As the ultimate say in all that is cultured on Caelereth, Sordoc the Great

Author's Note: The following is a brief extract from Sordoc the Great's biography found in the front cover of my book 'Romancing the Beasts'. You will need to contact Sordoc the Great if you want further details about Sordoc the Great's history. Romancing the Beasts is available at the very modest price of 2 silverbards.

Birth and Early Life
I was born to simple parents in the city of Vardynn in Santharia some thirty years ago. My father was a weapon smith, and my mother was a Researcher's Assistant. It was my mother who encouraged me to read and write. My father wanted me to follow in his footsteps, but I had no desire to get my hands dirty or myself injured. So, I learnt to read and write. From an early age my interest was taken by the paxen. This majestic of beasts roamed the lands of Northern Sarvonia and I desired to write of its glory through poetic forms. By the age of 8 I had written of my adoration of this animal in my short poem, 'The Paxen Have Big Horns':

The Paxen Have Big Horns
The Paxen Have Big Horns
They use their horns when they run and eat
They crash their horns when ever they meet!
The Paxen Have Big Horns
The Paxen Have Big Horns.

Not the greatest of my works, but even back then, my talent is quite obvious, in the way I was able to produce a simple but elegant measure and beat. I had written my first poem, and I shared it with people ... everyone I could. Unfortunately, no one else seemed to appreciate my undeniable and extraordinary talent. How did I get sidetracked? You've got to stop me doing that, or else, we won't have time for my poetry recital.

By the time I was twelve, I had mastered Tharian, Gnomish and Thergerim and was turning my attention now to Styrash. During this time, my poetic abilities increased substantally and I was beginning to form my own unique style of poetic expression. My father had no time for me. He was forever at his work during the day, and whenever I went to read a poem of my creation to him, he remembered he had a client to see, regardless of day or night. He was a hard working man who put everything he could into his work. Following is a poem I wrote about the Paxen at about this time:

Paxen have horns that are really sharp,
really sharp, really sharp,
Paxen have horns that are really sharp,
That they use against predators!

This shows a development of my ability as I had moved on from the need of having every line rhyme with the one before it. The first three lines of each stanza rhymed, but the fourth one didn't. Instead this one rhymed with the final line in other stanzas in the poem. Mother smiled with I read this poem, father wasn't around to hear it, however.

Family Disaster.
When I was seventeen, disaster struck my family. My father died at the forge. This was a further step in my process of realising that manual work was beneath me. I had to keep my mind pure for my pursuit of poetic immortality. If my father had followed the path of my mother and of myself, he would have lived a lot longer and have been able to enjoy the greatness that I was going to achieve later in life. Still, during the days following his death, I composed a special poem in his memory, a snippet of this poem follows:

Father at the forge,
Hammering away with all his might,
Making swords and axes with which to fight,
Father at the forge,
Doesn't come home one night,
He dies and he fades from sight.

It wasn't one of my best efforts, I was really emotional around that time. Even though he barely had time for me, I was happy bring him to mind in the aftermath of his death.

Mother became depressed after the death of father, and in time she refused to eat. In time she died. Sordoc the Great was so sad during this time as I was suddenly without a parent. Alone in the world, I became an orphan. I had but one solace. In the deaths of my parents I inherited their money. This would allow me to embark on my mission to spread the greatness of the

The New-Santhalon Association for the Literary Arts and Deklitch Hardin

Copies of his latest works
Quills and Paper for giving autographs
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The problem with poet is how do you know its deceased?
Try the priest!
New Santharian

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« Reply #1 on: May 08, 2010, 10:59:09 AM »

Sordoc the Great has heard the cries of Sordoc the Great's fans and adoring public from across Caelereth and has returned to work on Sordoc the Great's CD. Sordoc the Great would like to give you all an Interpretive Dance of the Thunderfoot when they stampede across the plains of northern Sarvonia. Sordoc the Great will sign autographs and perform any specific poems requested by Sordoc the Great's adoring fans.

The problem with poet is how do you know its deceased?
Try the priest!
Ta'lia of the Seven Jewels
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« Reply #2 on: May 08, 2010, 06:28:07 PM »

Oh dear Sordoc the Great, do you really expect, that anybody of us less talented and skilled dares to comment on your magnificent character description? We would only make it smaller! We would however love to see it completed!
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