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Author Topic: Deklitch's Home Among the Arthyrón  (Read 1217 times)
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Deklitch Hardin
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« on: February 07, 2010, 02:37:39 AM »

Deklitch's Home Among the Arthyrón

Location of the building
Deklitch's home is on the Northern part of the continent of Sarvonia in the Arthyrónian port city of Silven on the eastern shore of the Peninsular of Kr'uul. This settlement is on the western shore of Eight Winds Bay. It is a small house, built in the style of the Arthyrón elves, out of mudbrick and stone and situated on the cliffs that overlook the city and the waters of Eight Winds Bay. South along the shore, is the smaller Arthyrón settlement of Adlin. It would take two - three days travel by foot to reach Deklitch's home from Adlin.

Unlike most other elven tribes, the Blessed Sea Elves don't live in tree houses, but rather in mudbrick and stone houses, due to the lack of wood in their part of Caelereth. It is in the style of the Arthyrón that the young man had his house built. The house is not difficult to get to, although Dek keeps his house's location as quiet as possible so that undesirables such as the 'poet' Sordoc can't find his house.


If one didn't realise that a human lived in Deklitch's cottage, people would be excused for thinking that it was owned and occupied by elves of the Arthyrón tribe. It is nestled on the rocky cliffs on the outskirts of Silven, giving Deklitch and his guests lovely paranomic views of the bay. Adjacent to, but detatched from, the house is a small stable with enough room for up to eight horses, or fewer horses if wains or carts are owned by visitors to Deklitch's abode. Due to the residence being nestled amongst the rocky cliffs common to the eastern shoreline of the Peninsula of Kru’ul, Dek does not have a place to store a boat, instead he needs to travel down to the settlement itself to get transported to either one of the islands of Eight Winds Bay or to the rest of Sarvonia.

Deklitch's home is single storey and for a house of its size, is incredibly spacey. Around the house proper, there is a veranda, with windows and doors opening up from each of the rooms of the house onto it. If multiple doors and windows are open, quite a glorious breeze can go through the house, a welcome respite during the summer months. Deklitch's house is square in shape, and the walls and ceilings are white in colour, As is the practice amongst the Arthyrón, The roof of Deklitch's house acts as a cistern, capturing rain water for use in drinking, cleaning, washing, watering and entertainment purposes around his house. As is the case with the walls and ceilings, the roof is white as well. The external and internal doors of Deklitch's residence are painted black.

Deklitch's elvish gardener tends a garden at the house which contains a variety of edible and non-edible plants that are common to his people and further afield. Herbs and spices, fruits and vegetables are common to the garden as are a variety of flowering plants, shrubs and trees that are native to the area and attract birds, malise and other animals native to the area.


Deklitch's Home Away From Home is built in the Arthyrón style, which means it is square in shape and is made of mud bricks and rocks. Once a visitor climbs a small flight of stairs to the veranda, they would come to the front door of the house. The veranda extends around the entire house. The front door of the house takes the visitor into a small entry foyer with doors to the left and right walls and straight ahead. There are windows to the left and the right of the front door. The left door takes the visitor to a study in which Dek completes his work for the compendium, while the right door lead into the quarters of the housekeeper and gardener who Dek has hired to look after his house for him.

The door straight ahead heads to the central kitchen, dining and living area of the house, and also features an ingenious series of faucets that allow water collected in the cistern on the house's roof to be distributed throughout the house. This central kitchen, dining and living area of the house has doors on all four sides. One set of the doors takes people back to the entry foyer of the house. The three doors on the left hand side of this central area head into Deklitch's private quarters, a bathroom, and the first of the four guest rooms. The three doors on the right hand side of the large central room leads to the other three guest rooms of Deklitch's home. Finally, there are three doors at the back of this area that can be opened to let a lovely breeze through the house on summer days. These doors have glass built into them, allowing for natural light to flood into the house. In the middle of this large room is a hearth that doubles as a fireplace on winter days and nights, allowing for the entire house to be warmed if necessary.

Each of the rooms have windows which open onto the veranda, allowing for natural light to enter the house while Injera is in the sky. In addition Deklitch's bedroom and study, have a door that connects them. These two rooms, as well as the quarters of the housekeeper and gardener have a door that provides quick access to the veranda if needed.

Deklitch has furniture in his house that was crafted out of the fine woods that his elven neighbours have traded from nearby tribes. His furniture is therefore of a high quality.

The veranda has a rocking chair on it that Dek had especially crafted by one of the builders in Silven. It reminds Dek of a similar one that his Rover Troupe's Rover Nancy had, which was why he had it commissioned. There are other chairs on the veranda, together with the occasional table and potted plant.

The entry foyer is relatively bare. Entering the entry foyer from the veranda, guests see a door straight ahead of them, as well as a door on the left hand side and the right hand side walls. In the corner between the left wall door into Dek’s study and the door straight ahead into the cooking and eating areas of his house, there is a hall stand where guests are able to hang their hats, coats and capes and leave their shoes for the duration of their stay with Dek. On the wall between the door heading into the combined lounge, dining and kitchen area and the right hand door leading into the bedroom shared by Dek’s gardener and housekeeper, there is a picture of the fire tower of the Academy of Ximax.

In his study, Deklitch has a wooden desk and chair, together with a pair of matching bookcases. As is the case with the rest of the house, Dek has candles to light up the room at night. Half finished pieces of research, travel plans, notes and other similar documents are piled on his desk.

The room that is used as the quarters for the female dwarven housekeeper and male elven gardener contains a large double bed, dressing table, nightstand and wardrobe. Candles are placed at strategic locations around this room which are the sleeping quarters of the mismatched lovebirds.

Adjacent to his study is Deklitch’s bedroom. The room is dominated by a bed made of euroak and with pillows, mattresses and sheets made of the feathers of the water birds that are native to the area. Also in the room is a dressing table, night stand and wardrobe.

Next to Dek’s bedroom is the washroom for the house. This room contains bathing and toileting facilities for the house.

There are four guest rooms, one is on the same side as Dek’s study, bedroom and the washroom, and the other three are on the same side as the bedroom of the gardener and housekeeper. Each of these rooms contain two single beds, as well as a dressing table, night stand and wardrobe. If more than eight visitors wish to spend the night, the additional gifts are able to sleep on the floor in the bedrooms or on the lounges in the central room.

The final room of the house is the combined dining, kitchen and living area of the house. In the middle of this large room is the hearth that cooks the meals prepared by the dwarven housekeeper and which also keeps the house warm on cold winter nights. This part of the room also contains benches used for preparing food and also a cold store, all at the correct height for a dwarf. Between this area and the door to the front foyer are lounge chairs and bookcases. The bookcases hold a variety of tomes and scrolls including poetry, stories and articles of interest to Dek. On the other side of the hearth are tables used for eating the foods prepared. These tables can comfortably seat 20 people. Also in this room is the water cistern used by Dek using the practices developed by the Arthyrón.

The mismatched lovebirds, Riodan and Khiera have been hired by Deklitch to maintain the house and gardens for the young researcher. An elf and a dwarf in love are an unusual sight, but Deklitch doesn't matter about that. They have impressed him with their ability to keep house and gardens for Dek, and that is all that matters to the compendiumist.

Deklitch Hardin’s CD
Mismatched Lovebirds CD * This CD is still in creation. They will count as NPCs until it is approved. *
Eight Winds Bay

* Deklitch home away from home.jpg (23.25 KB, 400x600 - viewed 206 times.)
* Deklitch's House Walkthrough.pdf (223.8 KB - downloaded 79 times.)
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Seeking the truth, whatever the cost! - Deklitch Hardin, Elf Friend
Deklitch Hardin
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Human, Erpheronian

« Reply #1 on: December 26, 2011, 06:09:19 PM »

Deklitch's current abode is finally finished and ready for review and (hopefully) approval by Azalahn. :)

Seeking the truth, whatever the cost! - Deklitch Hardin, Elf Friend
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Elf, Kaýrrhem

« Reply #2 on: December 27, 2011, 12:53:15 AM »

Looks good. 1st approval

You will have to give yourself the 2'nd or I could call sordoc  LOL

I was a bit sceptical about the faucets and thought about asking you to put them under special items, but since it is the norm for these particular elves that the roof functions as a cistern then I guess piping and faucets would also be a common everymans "item".

Deklitch Hardin
Truth Seeker
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Human, Erpheronian

« Reply #3 on: December 27, 2011, 08:01:02 AM »

Thanks for that Azalahn. Maybe given the fact that CD creation is being less stringent, we should consider doing the same for these houses? These have even less impact on things than the CDs :D

Seeking the truth, whatever the cost! - Deklitch Hardin, Elf Friend
Deklitch Hardin
Truth Seeker
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Human, Erpheronian

« Reply #4 on: December 30, 2011, 07:27:32 AM »

Altario, whenever you are ready to set up the child board under the home board for this one, please do so.

Seeking the truth, whatever the cost! - Deklitch Hardin, Elf Friend
Altario Shialt-eck-Gorrin
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Human, Remusian

« Reply #5 on: December 30, 2011, 07:46:13 AM »

Child Board created :D

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