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Author Topic: The Province Immortal Dynasty  (Read 875 times)
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« on: May 14, 2012, 07:37:06 AM »

The following is an extract of a Sims 3 Challenge I'm attempting this year ... the Immortal Dynasty Challenge. The aim of it is to have a household of 8 immortals running around, starting from your founder, and going through to the 8th Generation, who is your founder's Great Great Great Great Great Grandchild. I was looking through Caelereth to see what there was eight of in this world, and I saw that there were 8 provinces. So ... the province names became the names of my Dynasty members, and their surname became Province.

Anyway ... here is kind of the introduction to it ... from the POV of the 8th Generation sim ... his name is Nemeran Province. I hope you enjoy. :)


For as long as I can remember I have been surrounded by the elderly. Although the elderly may not be describing them too well Ö ancient is probably a better word for them. None of them have died, with the oldest of my ancestors having lived at least seven standard lifetimes. But thatís getting ahead of myself, allow me to backtrack and talk about my own family for a short space of time.

I have no brothers or sisters. I see dad only occasionally around town, Mum and Dad werenít married before they had me, and apart from the night in which they conceived me, the two of them had hardly ever been together. But mum says that I have a great future ahead of me.  I live with my mother, her father, his father, his mother, her mother her father and his father. Yes, we are a special case, I know my great great great great great Grandfather personally Ö none of the others at school can say that. My family tells me we are immortal Ö and that I too must be immortal. I donít understand it Ö I donít understand why, I just want to be normal. Why me? Why did I have to get involved in this?

My many times great grandfather never knew his parents, he tells me, He said he was found by sisters at the local church who took pity on him and took him in. Someone had left him there in a box, the box that at this moment in time is locked away in our house, ready for me to become immortal myself. At that point, itíll be my responsibility to look after until I have a son or daughter of my own Ö but none of my ancestors have died yet, and none look as though theyíll be dying anytime soon, and our house doesnít have a lot of space left.

We are rich Ö it seems that most of the properties in town, from the gym and book store to the hospital and science centre are owned by our family. I donít understand why we own all that property, I also donít understand why I need to buy some of my own, or why I canít move out of home. I donít like property! I donít want to own property! Iíd rather just play the drums! Come up with a new beat on them. All the others at school talk about moving away from home, but me, I canít do that Ö it seems that right has been taken away from me. It seems I am not allowed to move out from home, as much as Iíd like to. That, together with living with all these oldies sets me apart from the others, for while they will grow older and one day get married, have children and die, a different fate awaits me. The fate that has me scared is played out before me 6 times over already, and mum tells me sheíll be entering those ranks sooner rather than later. I just want to be normal! I donít understand why I canít be normal.

In a similar way, I donít understand why we have that room underneath our house. Iíve been told is the museum of our family, and that when the time is right, Iíll know what itís about. I had to be painted, firstly as a toddler, then as a child, and I understand that I must have one taken of me as a teenager, a young adult, an adult and finally as an elder. These paintings have been done by my Great Great Great Grandmother, and Iíve been told they needed to be done for the success of our family. I havenít seen them yet, my mother hasnít seen them yet either, however my grandfather and his elders have all been down there. I understand there is a ceremony that is undertaken down there once the family member becomes immortal. Something to do with the dark flowers they all have in their pockets Ö and that special food they eat, the stuff Iím not allowed to eat yet Ö ambrosia or something, like that, I think it is called.

Enough of my rant, I havenít introduced myself yet, so Iíll attend to that now. My name is Nemeran Province, an unusual name, I know, but as Iíve already said, Iíve got an unusual family. Since my toddler days, Iíve been encouraged to play, and study, music in all its forms.. As a toddler, I banged away at a xylophone. As soon as I became a child, I was enrolled in after school music classes in piano and bass. When I got older, I switched my attention to drums and guitar, and I developed an interest in hearing others perform and performing myself. I saw a performer, performing on all four instruments in the one show recently, and thatís what I want to become Ö a one man band. My family arenít overly musically focussed, at least not until my grandfather. He talks about the many friends he had around town, as well as the great performances he gave on the guitar. I hope I can emulate what he did on the guitar. But I adore the drums. I hear that there are some special tracks on the drums I can learn Ö and I REALLY want to learn those tracks Ö itíll make me Ö unique ... even among the uniqueness that is my family. Thereís the bus, it is time for school Ö I have music class after school today, hopefully Iíll be able to play the drums. Thankfully Iíve had breakfast and attended to my other needs, and I did my homework last night, Iím ready for school Ö or at least as ready as I can be Ö it is school, after all.

TBC (possibly with some screen shots, if I am clever enough to get them).

Seeking the truth, whatever the cost! - Deklitch Hardin, Elf Friend
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