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Author Topic: Complete Newbie to RP  (Read 2363 times)
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Amabella Catston
Tool and Trinket Trader
Approved Character
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Gender: Female
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Half-Elf, Aellenrhim / Erpheronian

« on: April 23, 2013, 05:46:59 PM »


I'm a computer programmer with a strong interest in economics. I like to research historical time periods, and I like to read about topics which preceded modern day economics, particularly social and political philosophy.

I like to play games involving managing resources and budgets. I like games which involve setting up production chains, building transportation systems, simulating cities and worlds, etc.

Yet I have no RP experience whatsoever.  However, when I saw the depth of detail on the trading and resources on this site, I couldn't resist  trying my hand at writing my very first CD. I chose a merchant, which seemed only natural given my interests.

I started out by reading what other CDs had in their belongings section, because that would give me a better clue of what hot items could be "in demand" in Caelereth. Hmm…Lots of warriors…better head over to the healing herbs and wound treatment sections…Hmm…Scholars and bards need bottled ink refills, don't they?

Yet as I researched further into the world of Caelereth, I became intrigued by the world of the Stormcloaks. I found the difficulty of writing a character that is (or is starting to become) entrenched in Stormcloak politics to be both daunting and fascinating, given the amount of secrecy and the complex trade network that they had, not to mention the vast political history that was written for Caelereth in general. It was (and still is) definitely a challenge to figure out where I can take poetic license with my story, and where I can not.

And so, my simple merchant evolved into an aspiring Stormcloak politician. I started researching possible production chains, gathering together related trade histories, reading up on inter-tribal and inter-province politics…and as I did my research, I came across some really amazing writing.  I want to improve my writing skills, so I also found the comments on prior CDs to be very helpful. I have definitely been a lurker for quite some time now.
So far, I have posted the first draft of my first CD. I definitely want to ask/post some questions first before I am ready change the status of my CD from WIP.

Irid alMenie
CD Mod
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Gender: Female
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Elf, Quaelhoirhim

« Reply #1 on: April 23, 2013, 07:56:55 PM »

hello Amabella! First of all I would like to wish you a wonderful stay in our lovely little world. Considering all the researching you appear to have done already, I think you're going to fit right in!

I just threw a very quick glance at your CD and it's already BIG :) (Good thing, but please be patient with us moddy types if it takes some time to get around to it!)

Any questions you have, please do not hesitate to ask, and we will see what we can do to help you!

Stat rosa pristina nomine, nomina nuda tenemus.
Irid al'Menie
Amabella Catston
Tool and Trinket Trader
Approved Character
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Gender: Female
Posts: 35

Half-Elf, Aellenrhim / Erpheronian

« Reply #2 on: April 25, 2013, 10:04:53 AM »

Thank you, Irid!  grin

I'm glad that you don't mind that my CD is very long. I would definitely understand if it took a while to go through! 

Right now, I am tweaking some of the text. In the meantime, I have posted my questions here.

New Santharian

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« Reply #3 on: September 07, 2015, 08:00:32 PM »

It's that good. If anyone reading it Were put into practice in daily life.

Approved Character
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Elf, Coór'hém

« Reply #4 on: September 09, 2015, 12:41:49 AM »

Very cool post! I to enjoy games like that which deal with production lines and workflow. My job involve providing a service, but there is a product at the end. You should look into the war economy and sell things based on conflict like weapons, arrows, Armour and food stuffs. War is a very profitable means to make a living.

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