The Forsaken Blade is an ancient artifact, currently in the possession of Lord Timeras of Remusiat, a human tribe in Northern Sarvonia. This black enchanted sword is said to once have been made by the Dark Chosen Alteth, whose tormented soul is now captured in it. True or not, the blade has been an heirloom to all the lords of Remusiat after the Battle of Wind and has become the Remusian tribe's symbol of power.

The Forsaken Blade

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Description. The whole sword is jet black with the exception of a small red rune on the pommel. On the crosspiece there is a picture of a large figure fighting several human warriors. This is most likely a representation of the Dark Chosen Alteth, who is said to once have forged this sword. If this part was added by Alteth himself or someone else is unknown. The blade is long, thin and back curving like a scimitar and it always seems to emit a faint black light around itself. Return to the top

Usage. The weapon is rumored to take the souls of those it kills, however seems only a legend. It is said that Mirhan the Just, a White Chosen of considerable power, had put such an enchantment on the sword before he battled Alteth, but, magic that powerful could only be temporary. It faded after the conflict. The sword's power is now supposed to come from the captured soul of Alteth. Lord Araman of Remusiat (the father of the current lord) has tried to play the importance of the sword down by commenting that "It is simply a sword, nothing more, which sure has lost all its former powers during the course of time". Although after reading of its use by his son Timeras at the Battle of the Lake, I would strongly disagree.
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Fighting Style. The Forsaken Blade is more of a fighting companion with a will of its own than a tool of a warrior. The fighter is mainly only a vehicle of the sword in order to exert its powers and therefore can be extremely dangerous should it get into the wrong hands. When sensing battle and the will of the wielder to join in, the sword comes alive and blood thirsty, actively seeking out enemies and cutting through leather armor or chain mail with seeminly no effort at all, although plate mail cannot be pierced easily with this weapon.
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Origin/History. Although the creation of the Forsaken Blade is still a mystery it was most likely forged by the Dark Chosen Alteth to assist him during the Battle of Winds. Lord Alteth was killed by a White Chosen named Mirhan the Just, and it is said that it was by his very sword. Mirhan cursed Alteth and trapped him within the blade forever, at least this is what the legend says.

Many servants of darkness search for the blade, for through this sword they hope that they may summon the enormous magical powers Alteth once possessed. After the Battle of Wind the sword fell to Lord Surod of Remusiat. Since then it has been an heirloom to all the lords of Remusiat and has become the Remusian tribe's symbol of power. Lord Timeras of Remusiat, 502nd in direct line from Surod, wields it today.
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