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Hello and welcome to another innovation on Santharia: The Development Awards! From now on Santharian developers  - that is members and apprentices to be precise - will now vote for the best entries that were put on the site in the past year or for the best members if specific team members are concerned. Nominations and polls take place in January of each new year. No less than 16 categories were set up, from Bestiary over Places to the best artwork, musical contribution, story or poem. Even the best newcomers, masterworks, commentors or innovations are honoured.

The top category of all awards represents the "Commitment Award", where the winner receives the title "Sage of the Year" as the most valuable member of that year. Please note that this title can only be earned once by a person in five years, so give your best to conquer this one next year yourself... - And now: Here are the results of the Development Awards 2007!

    And 2007s Development Award Winners Are...
 The Sage Award


The Commitment Award 2007 goes to... Artimidor Federkiel!
We are very pleased to announce that Artimidor Federkiel is Sage of the Year in this, the first year of the Santharian Development Awards. Before the rich, deeply integrated tales, people, places, maps and other innovations, it was Arti’s vision which began the Dream over nine years ago. More importantly than this, it is his current and continued willingness to allow others a voice in what was once his alone that has grown the Lands of Caelereth into the successful, bustling and creative community it is today. Congratulations to our noble leader. You have won a prize you utterly deserve.

Recipients of the
Badge of Commitment for 2007

Commitment Badge #1: Miraran Tehuriden
Mira has shown dedication to the Dream in 2007 not only as Herbarium Moderator, but also as a very focussed developer regarding the region of the Drifiting Woods. Here he developed entries on beasts, plants, the place itself of course and a thorough tribe entry. Furthermore he inspired others to help in the region and thus set an example how such local projects should work.

Commitment Badge #2: Bard Judith
Our Bard has been known for faithful contributions and thorough comments throughout the past years, and 2007 is no exception. Despite all kinds of turbulences on and off the boards, the managing of her family and the troubles with finding the correct job, there's always time for Santharia for Judy. Her creative entries and thoughtful suggestions make it an extraordinary pleasure to work with her on the Dream!

Commitment Badge #3: Trelstahl
Sometimes newcomers show the old verterans on how to do things properly, and Trel - along with other extraordinary "newbies" like Altario and Kelancey - definitely demonstrated extraordinary commitment to the field he has chosen to contribute in: the development of Erpheronian and Caltharian kings and royal timelines. A big applause for all the meticulous work that has gone into this project!

Commitment Badge #4: Altario Shialt-eck-Gorrin
Altario definitely has to be accounted to the highlights of development in 2007, even though he is also still quite new at the Santharian development board. Focussing on the Sarvonian North he has made a plethora of entries in this regard, ranging from the Iceland Wison over the magnificent Frozen Tombs of Gourdynn until the Amulet of Nechya's Rope and a Remusian Awl Game - just to name a few entries. Altario's work has great variety and this makes it exceptionally entertaining to read and comment on! More please!
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 Innovation Award

The Best Innovation Award 2007 goes to... The Lorehold Project!
The Lorehold - as the first module of the Santhworld project - is quite likely the most intruiging, diverse and addictive project since the beginning of the Santharian Dream. And of course it most certainly is the best innovation of 2007, as decided by the Santharian developers themselves. Combining puzzles and discoveries with bits of Santharian lore from every imaginable source, the ever expanding Lorehold grounds are truely a work in which Artimidor and the large amount of "guest contributors" involved can take great pride! So congratulations to the Lorehold Project, may your development never end!

Other nominees for the Best Innovation Award were as follows:
- "The Six Bodily Constituents" by Kelancey the Green
- "History Tables Revision" by Artimidor Federkiel
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 Newcomer Award

The Best Newcomer Award 2007 goes to... Trelstahl!
A newcomer is defined by the fact that he or she is not an official member yet and who therefore still lacks a good deal of experience. Yet our winner Trelstahl jumped right into the more complex stuff, namely pre-Santharian history, and got to the bottom of it. He did extraordinary work on several Erpheronian and Caltharian kings and elaborated further details for timetables that are related to his area of interest. As such he has been invaluable with all his contributions, and for sure will join the official Santharian member ranks pretty soon! Congrats on this prestigious award that you indeed deserved, Trel!

Other nominees for the Best Newcomer Award were as follows:
- Altario Shialt-eck-Gorrin
- Kelancey the Green
- Arceon Barrurbeleth
- Rookie Brownbark
- Hylphan
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 Commenting Award

The Best Commentor Award 2007 goes to... Bard Judith!
Artist, poet, Dwarvenmistress, scribe, and co-mistress of the Greenhouses (among other things), Bard Judith needs no introduction to any developer. Commenting usefully, intelligently and most of all graciously across a vast span of topics, the Bard diffuses difficult situations, redirects newbies and encourages old hands, all with the same effortless, graceful style. Congratulations Judy, and thank you, from all of us, for all you do for the Dream!

Other nominees for the Best Commentor Award were as follows:
- Artimidor Federkiel
- Grunok the Exile
- Miraran Tehuriden
- Talia Sturmwind
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 Masterwork Award

The Best Masterwork Award 2007 goes to... Miraran Tehuriden!
Miraran's masterwork in order to gain membership, the "Drifting Woods" on the northwestern shores of Nybelmar, was put up officially on New Year's Eve of 2006. Nevertheless it it's still counted as a 2007 masterwork. And a huge effect it had for 2007 indeed, as it was full with ideas for beasts and plants, history and myths that were realized later in 2007, either by Miraran himself or one of his Nybelmarian colleagues.While all nomnated masterworks are truly remarkable works, Mira's Drifiting Woods stand out, also in regard of the influence it had for further development. That's the way it should be-  well done!

Other nominees for the Best Race/Tribe Award were as follows:
- "The Town of Mylthis" by Decipher Ziron
- "The Tethinrhim Archery Academy near Sillena" by Drasil Razorfang
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 Artwork Award

The Best Artwork Award 2007 goes to... Eratin!
With the portrait of "Eckra the Cruel" our long-time member Eratin aka Eratinalinfalah decided this year's Artwork competition clearly in his favour! Eratin has been a contributor to the Dream for nearly five years now, creating beautifully detailed, exquisitely realised works. He draws both specifically for Santharia, creating works such as the evocative portrait of King Thar and the portrayal of the coldly beautiful Treanais for the Astyrhim entry; and also allows us to use many of the pictures which he creates for other reasons. Eckra the Cruel is another in a long line of truly professional works by Eratin; we are enormously grateful for his continued presence in the Dream.

Other nominees for the Best Artwork Award were as follows:
- "The Rainbow Serpent" by Drucilla Sablewolffe
- "The Iceland Wison" by Drucilla Sablewolffe
- "The Jegra Lizard" by Sheil
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 Bestiary Award

The Best Bestiary Entry Award 2007 goes to... Vesk Lyricahl!
Well, Vesk... It seems you have actually done it! Achieved perfection in the creation of an abomination... or just a butterfly perhaps? No, actually it's the "Iceland Shortsnout" entry about a majestic and fearsome beast up north that stood out in the past year. And the brilliant execution of that entry shows us that you have earned the right to bear the Bestiary award and as such can now enter the hallowed/littered halls of the beastmasters, Vesk! - Well done!

Other nominees for the Best Bestiary Award were as follows:
- "The Wison" by Altario Shialt-eck-Gorrin
- "The Riccio Rodent (Pricklypig)" by Alysse the Likely

- "The Mossmounds" by Miraran Tehuriden
- "The Le'tan Bird" by Decipher Ziron Return to the top

 Herbarium Award

The Best Herbarium Entry Award 2007 goes to... Hylphán!
Best of the Herbarium category was Hylphán, whose magnificent "Blanket of Shar" entry quickly grew and "climbed" over the other participants. Therefore: let's hear it for Hylphan, who has contributed many original and exiting Herbarium entries aside from this prize-winning submission, each outdoing the previous ones! Congratulations with a well-earned victory indeed!

Other nominees for the Best Herbarium Award were as follows:
- "The Nightshade Bush" by Kelancey
- "The Kail Vegetable" by Bard Judith

- "The Larkentir Tree" by Druádan and Bard Judith Return to the top

 Miscellaneous Award

The Best Miscellaneous Entry Award 2007 goes to... Bard Judith!
With a finger in every pie (and cheese), our beloved Bard makes an immeasurable contribution to the Santharian Dream, and has been doing so for eight years now. Her "Cheeses of Caelereth" entry typifies her easy, sassy, flawless style – particularly in evidence when turning the most humble of everyday ‘Earthen’ things into well-integrated ‘Santharianised’ entries. Bravo!

Other nominees for the Best Artwork Award were as follows:
- "The Artificial Brownie Wings" by Rookie Brownbark
- "The Salsair Horse Festival" by Altario Shialt-eck-Gorrin
- "The Six Bodily Constituents" by Kelancey the Green
- "The Elemene Tabulata" by Gaffin
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 People Award

The Best People Entry Award 2007 goes to... Talia Sturmwind!
Who other than Talia could have written such a brilliant entry on a contemporary Santharian princess? Well maybe her alter ego Arthéos Federkiel... The entry on the Santharian Princess Lady Shiana at any rate sets standards in regard of integration of references to other developed stuff, is brillantly written, perfectly illustrated and furthermore is a key entry of historical importance as it sheds light on how Santharia's royal family of today looks like. - Just great stuff!

Other nominees for the Best People Award were as follows:
- "King Artero the Weak" by Trelstahl
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 Places Award

The Best Places Entry Award 2007 goes to... Grunok!
The tight race for the Places Award goes by nailsbreath to our orcish colleague Grunok, whose entry of the "Manthrian Port City of Marduran" convinced Santharian developers that orcs can be pretty thorough when doing their researches! Be it the detailed town description itself, the careful observations of the People living in this port or the reconstruction of the historical timeline, our little friend got down to the bottom of it until all parchments's on Grun's desk were filled with precious information. - Splendid work!

Other nominees for the Best Place Award were as follows:
- "The Dragon's Back Region" by Coren
- "The Empire of Krath" by Coren

- "The Manthrian Keep Mistrash" by Grunok Return to the top

 Races/Tribes Award

The Best Race/Tribe Entry Award 2007 goes to... Miraran Tehuriden!
Races and tribes are complex and time consuming stuff to concept and get down on paper. Miraran didn't shun the effort that is involved with such an entry and followed his ideas of the Drifting Wood area through by adding the "Ter'ei'vikh Men", the "Bug-People" as their Morcini neighbours use to call them. With this entry in combination with the Drifiting Woods background the continent of Nybelmar gets another interesting species that differs considerably from already established tribes, and thus makes developing in Nybelmar fascinating for other developers as well. The Ter'ei'vikh - a tribe that makes a difference. Brillant work, Mira!

Other nominees for the Best Race/Tribe Award were as follows:
- "Avennorian Additions" by Artimidor and Talia
- "The Watersprogs" by Talia
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 Magic Award

The Best Magic Contribution Award 2007 goes to... Decipher Ziron!
With the "Sanryu Concept" Decipher didn't write a regular spell as is common in the Magic Forum, but constructed the framework for another entry that is still to come - Blood Magic, an arcane art of working magic used by the Marmarrans of Nybelmar. The Sanryu concept proved to be fresh, original and very versatile in its usage, and also was a concept that was thought through and thus believable. All in all: Good reasons to give the Best Magic Contribution Award of 2007 to Beastmaster Deci!

Other nominees for the Best Magic Contribution Award were as follows:
- "Level 2 Wind Spell - Shielding Winds" by Mina Aylwin
- "Level 6 Water Spell - Treacherous Embrace" by Fox
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 Music Award

The Best Musical Contribution Award 2007 goes to... Gean Firefeet!
Gean Firefeet wins the battle for Best Musical Contribution of 2007 with his piece "A Day at Keep Mistrash". It is truly an epic composition, as rich as a movie theme and marvelously involving from the first bowing and dipping horns, a delight that invites to delve into the world of Santharia. This masterpiece corresponds also perfectly with Grunok's entry and Quellion's illustration of it, adding a sense of medieval life and historical relevance to the Manthrian keep. An award that is well deserved!

Other nominees for the Best Musical Contribution Award were as follows:
- "Orcish Theme" by Macar
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 Story Award

The Best Story Award 2007 goes to... Irid al'Menie!
Irid did not only deliver her masterwork this year in order to become official member of the Dream, she also is responsible for an innovative idea she realized with it: the first Santharian detective story! The first two chapters that were published this year laid the groundwork for further suspenseful story-telling that is still to come to have the murderer revealed. We're hoping for another chapter soon and congratulate Irid for winning the Best Story Award 2007!

Other nominees for the Best Story Award were as follows:
- No further nominations.
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 Poem Award

The Best Poetry Award 2007 goes to... Letitia De Lockhart and Degas Zummatra!
The award for the best poem of 2007 has to be devided between two of our newcomers: the first one being Letitia De Lockhart who is awarded for her poem "Dragonstorm" and also Degas Zummatra who is honoured for writing a sailing song called "The Feeling a Man Cries For". Letitia's account of the Dragonstorm seen with the eyes of a poet is rich with images that evoke death and destruction in a hardly forgetable manner. Degas' song on the other hand is a splendidly rhythmical ryhming song that flows like ale down a thirsty sailor's throat... - Both poems show extraordinary talent, and therefore it is only fair to award both. Congratulations!

Other nominees for the Best Poetry Award were as follows:
- No further nominations.
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