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For the second time we're here to officially honour the hard work Santharian developers have delivered in the past year. And believe me, they have done great! A flood of entries, pictures and musical contributions have made it to the site in these twelve months, and many of them full with extraordinary details, references to other developed stuff, innovative ideas and what not. This made it difficult to nominate the best ones, and even more difficult to finally choose a work or a member that should actually receive an award. Various factors influence such decisions, and everybody might have his or her own preferences on this and that, but the plethora of subjective views on the matter all come down to a majority decision, which we are happy to proudly present here to you. Winners were sought in 17 categories, and we got even more winners this time, as there were draws as well at some... Well, what can I say - competition his great, obviously!

As always the top category of all awards represents the "Commitment Award", where the winner receives the title "Sage of the Year" as the most valuable member of that year. Please note that this title can only be earned once by a person in five years, so give your best to conquer this one next year yourself, now that another candidate is removed from the selection list next year. - But enough of the ramblings, let's get straight into business: Here are the results of the Development Awards 2008!

    And 2008's Development Award Winners Are...
 The Sage Award


The Commitment Award 2008 goes to... Bard Judith!
Masterbard Judith of Bardavos, ah, where to begin? Should we mention here your marvelous inspired concepts? Your lovable and generously handed out illustrations perhaps? Your artistic talents, be they in song, composition, or writing yet another enrapturing piece of poetry? But what about the enthusiasm and care towards and for your fellow compendiumists, Member, Apprentice and Newbie alike? There is only one way to express our gratitude and love for such a generally wonderful person. Bard Judith, you are the "Sage of the Year 1668", no doubt about that!

Recipients of the
Badge of Commitment for 2008

Commitment Badge #1: Rookie Brownbark
While Judy made it to "Sage of the Year" due to the fact that she's omnipresent in practically every category, music and artwork included, Rookie wasn't that far off. The main difference of her approach was that she focused her talents on entries mainly in the Brownie context, and in doing so she collected no less than four awards this year, and was nominated for several more. A truly breathtaking performance, making her the Santharian equivalent to Peter Jackson's oscar collecting spree at the final Lord of the Rings movie. Well deserved, Rookie!

Commitment Badge #2: Miraran Tehuriden
Miraran stayed perfectly consistent in his commitment to the Dream, as he also received the Commitment Badge last year already, so he decided to defend it in 2008 obviously... Still master of the botanical universe in Santharia he's overseeing and creating horrible green stuff, at least that's what he claims - as contrary to that many a researcher has made it out alive and well when returning from the greenhouse. Having tried his hands on all possible categories last year, Mira along with Deci also helped out with getting the Dev Awards 2008 into gear, a work that now pays off when you're reading this page. Let's hope Mira earns his third badge next year already!

Commitment Badge #3: Tharoc Wargrider
"Tha Orc" Tharoc isn't only a newcomer, he's also a very commited one as works his versatile self has contributed and inspired over the last months clearly show. Thus he made it not only to "Newcomer of the Year 2008", but also ended up as winner in the Bestiary and Herbarium category. He was also responsible for fresh ideas like Septimus' Bawdy verses, helped with Anniversary stuff, put together trivia questions, spread good humour on the Forum and has made the orcs of the North his primary focus which he constantly expands. We're hoping to accept him pretty soon in the membership ranks, as that's where he indeed belongs!

Commitment Badge #4: Azhira Styralias
While Azhira had to tune down her Santharian activities a bit lately due to real life stress, the magnificent work she has done in the last year easily propel her into the ranks of the most commited Santharians of 2008. Be it the Mystran, the Wisp, the Pendrowe or the Tsor-Shotak Lizard, the Battle of Alvang or the Beastlord's Rage story, Master Erron Ratdweller or the demonologist Waudrin Ghortz, all she did was quality work. Oh, and we haven't even mentioned her masterwork, the Kaaer'dár'shin Orcs, or the Themed'lon Forest, or the Isle of Kalta'Goor... Geez! Well, just look at this load of nominations Azhira received! Fantastic work, in the most literal sense of the work, Azhira!

Commitment Badge #5: Decipher Ziron
Always a reliable Bestiary Moderator, Decipher also got into majorly important works this year as far as Marmarra in Nybelmar was concerned. Several People and Places entries resulted from that, each one better than the last one. Add to that poetry, Herbarium stuff and the Arcane Art of Blood Magic, which brought him the Magic Award 2008, and you get a good idea how a creative and constructively working Santharian member should be.
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 Innovation Award

The Best Innovation Award 2008 goes to... The Santhworld Nepris Project!
The Nepris Project, as part of Santhworld, wins this award for the second year running for the ingenious new battle system developed in 2008. Players gasped in horror as translucent slime creatures attempted to engulf them, struggled to complete the challenging quests and waited in anticipation to discover if and when they would need that random lump of cheese. These spectacular new interactions realized mainly by Grinch, creatively integrated by Art, have proved such a big development that Santhworld, due to these extension, has earned the prize again this year. We look forward to whatever the multitude of developers have in store for us next!

Other nominees for the Best Innovation Award were as follows:
- List of eligible entries for the Dev Award 2008 by Mannix
- "Septimus Smallpiece's Book of Bawdy Verse" by Tharoc Wargrider & various team members
- "Compendium Clue" by Bard Judith
- "Z'rovkya H'rok, An Orcish Song" by Alysse the Likely
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 Newcomer Award

The Best Newcomer Award 2008 goes to... Tharoc Wargrider!
Our orcish friend Tharoc has come far in but a year. From utter obscurity, he has grown into one of our most promising Apprentices, an Orcish Expert, Generally Helpful Person, and Personal Nemesis in the case of Miraran. It cannot be much of a surprise then, that with an overwhelming number of votes the green-skinned savage we all have come to know and love has been declared "Best Newcomer Of 1668"! Good job Tharoc, and may we see yet more of you in the coming year! Like your masterwork for example...

Other nominees for the Best Newcomer Award were as follows:
- Val O'Neil
- Mannix
- Morden Peshirgolz
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 Commenting Award

The Best Commentor Award 2008 goes to... Alysse the Likely!
Alysse the Likely may have a busy life as a mother of four, wife of one, and Santharian Expert of the North, but she always finds time to help out other people with their entries, providing detailed, well thought-through commentaries, and a few words of encouragement. We daresay that without her nigh-overwhelming enthusiasm and diligent work, the Compendium would have been short quite a number of scrolls over the last year. Such dedication may not go unpunished unrewarded, therefore we proudly award our beloved Kuglimz the title of "Best Commentor Of 1668"!

Other nominees for the Best Commentor Award were as follows:
- Bard Judith
- Tharoc Wargrider
- Gean Firefeet
- Talia Sturmwind
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 Masterwork Award

The Best Masterwork Award 2008 goes to... Azhira Styralias!
Winning entry: "The Kaaer'dár'shín Half-Orcs"

Tribe entries are possibly the most complex and enervating entries to write, needing much more cross-referencing than many other types of entries. It is not without reason then, that these intricate writings are often used as a Masterwork, showcasing the abilities of the author to the Compendium. Azhira's Kaer'dár'shín half-orcs are one such entry, and can be regarded by all means as a perfectly executed concept, interweaving age-old lore from the Compendium with fresh ideas and numerous new entries. To many then, it is not much of a surprise that, with this marvelous work, she has earned the "Best Masterwork Of 1668 Award"! Congratulations!

Other nominees for the Best Masterwork Award were as follows:
"The Council Tree of the Llaoihrr Brownies" by Rookie Brownbark
"The Kyranian Men ('Simple-Folk')" by Garret Arroway
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 Artwork Award

The Best Artwork Award 2008 goes to... Bard Judith & Linda Tso!
Winning pictures: "The Brownie Council Tree" and "The Needle's Eye Reef"
Santharia is truly blessed with a wide variety of artistic talent, making a decision to select the best artwork a very hard choice. Still we couldn’t pick a favourite, instead choosing two, the “Brownie Council Tree” by Masterbard Judith and the “Needle's Eye Reef” by Linda Tso. Both display a huge talent in their different way. The first, from our beloved bard, is but one of many pictures she has delivered us this year, ranging from an elderly Eyelian, a Kaaer'dár'shín Shamut to a Fairy Mouse to name just a few that were nominated for this award as well - and thus making the decision only harder. Every single picture she creates is done beautifully with a style adored by us all. The second, from Linda Tso, is an evocative piece, full to the brim with emotion. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so a look at Linda’s tremendous work could say much more than we can put together in these lines.

Other nominees for the Best Artwork Award were as follows:
- "Fairy Mouse" by Bard Judith
- "Kaaer'dár'shín Shamut" by Bard Judith
- "Eyelian Elder" by Bard Judith
- "Starwell Phaert" by Sheil
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 Bestiary Award

The Best Bestiary Entry Award 2008 goes to... Miraran Tehuriden & Tharoc Wargrider!
Winning entries: "Balyei (Flying Sponge)" and "Eanian Warg (White Warg)"

Perhaps as a testament to the sheer quality of Bestiary entries in 2008, this category leaves us with a tie between Tharoc Wargrider and Miraran Tehuriden. It seems that the vast choice avaliable was wittled down to the characterful and very well written Eanian Warg of this year's Rising Star Tharoc and Mira's delightfully exotic Flying Sponge. Both of the dedicated developers are deserving of this bitterly contested award, being two high-quality contributors in a variety of the Dream's aspects. Congratulations Mira and Thar!

 Bestiary Award

Other nominees for the Best Bestiary Award were as follows:
- "Death Dance Butterfly" by Val O'Neil
- "Rast Warg" by Garret Arroway
- "Yepran Toad" by Decipher Ziron
- "Blue Myrmex" by Tharoc Wargrider
- "Copper Lopstere" by Bard Judith
- "Rimmerin Bear" by Nsikigan Yourth
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 Herbarium Award

The Best Herbarium Entry Award 2008 #1 goes to... Tharoc Wargrider!
Winning entry: "Neeps Vegetables (Furneeps, Sweetneeps, Pa's Neeps, Redneeps)"

Tharoc Wargrider has proved himself to be a very versatile and cunning fellow. One of his herbal additions this year concerned a remake of a real-world food, which is always a difficult task. However, Tharoc succeeded admirable (Had we expected anything less? I think not!) and produced this innovative and imaginative entry, so we proudly dub his Neeps Vegetables (also) the "Best Herbarium Entry Of 1668"! Congratulations!

 Herbarium Award

The Best Herbarium Entry Award 2008 #2 goes to... Rookie Brownbark!
Winning entry: "The Ahrhillicia Pine (Cilla Pine)"

Tiny Rookie may be diminutive and crunchable, but she tackles large trees like no other! The Ahrhillicia Pine Tree ("Cillia Pine") is a pristine example of how to write a simple yet seamlessly integrated entry, along with a fascinating myth. The tree's name is also utterly impossible to pronounce. Nonetheless, it is with great pleasure that we award this fine entry the title of "Best Herbarium Entry Of 1668"! Huzzah!

Other nominees for the Best Herbarium Award were as follows:
- "Ironweed Tree" by Tharoc Wargrider
- "Pendrowe Plant Being" by Azhira
- "Truphull Fungus (Trufel)" by Tharoc Wargrider and Bard Judith
- "Venlaken Tangleweed (Bindweed)" by Tharoc Wargrider
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 Miscellaneous Award

The Best Miscellaneous Entry Award 2008 goes to... Rookie Brownbark!
Winning entry: "The Llaoihirr Mounts and Riding Techniques"

One of the broadest and thus busiest categories of 2008, a whole number of wonderful entries came out of Santharia's Misc section in the past year. This years highlight (and another award under the belt of everyone's favourite Brownie) were the "Llaoihrr mounts and Riding Techniques" by Rookie Brownbark - a developer who attained her full membership in '08 and has shone consistently when it comes to producing top-notch Brownie entries. Proven to be a very versatile and very clever little lady, congratulations Rookie, an award well-earned!

Other nominees for the Best Miscellaneous Award were as follows:
- "101 Interesting Things to Do with Fungus" by Bard Judith
- "The Element of Wind" by Gwai'ayia Quillouf
- "Brownie Ethnic Groupings" by Rookie Brownbark
- "The Tabulata Peryodiq" by Bard Judith
- "The Morjualerons (Dwarven Singspeakers)" by Bard Judith
- "The Ghun'tlor Disease" by Azhira Styralias 
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 People Award

The Best People Entry Award 2008 goes to... Mannix!
Winning entry: "The Lorehold Cook Hubert Greengrove"

It is always a pleasure to see a rough concept being taken by someone and have it turned into a vivid, expansive entry, and this is exactly what our Gnomish friend Mannix did with the (not so) humble cook of the Lorehold, Hubert Greengrove. His humouristic depiction of one of our most lovable "famous persons" has for these and myriad other reasons more than earned the title of "Best Person Entry Of 1668"! Bon Appetit!

Other nominees for the Best People Award were as follows:
- "Dragonriders of Aohu'o" by Garret Arroway
- "The Brownie Gebl the Unsated" by Bard Judith
- "The Third Kogian and High Sorcerer Lyrias Meurtian" by Decipher Ziron
- "The Demonologist Waudrin Ghortz" by Azhira
- "The Fourth Kogian Yiran Tisare (The Witch's Songbird)" by Decipher Ziron
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 Places Award

The Best Places Entry Award 2008 goes to... Rookie Brownbark!
Winning entry: "The Council Tree of the Llaoihirr Brownies"
Writing Places entries is one of the most difficult things to contribute for the Compendium, as it ties tribal culture, beasts and plants, resources, mythology, history and what not together in one comprehensive entry. Rookie consequently expanded the work she had begun on the Vale Brownies and let it culminate in a lengthy, fabulously written, very detailed and at the same time entertaining entry on the legendary Brownie Council Tree. This great description should also inspire Bard Judith later in the year to contribute a picture to illustrate its splendor. So while there was great competition in the Places category, Rookie's tree still stands out, towering over the rest of 2008's picks! A wonderful example how focus on a certain aspect of the Dream, in this case the life of the Brownies, results in extraordinary entries!

Other nominees for the Best Place Award were as follows:
- "The Citystate of Marmarra" by Decipher Ziron
- "The Thaelon (Sanctuary Woods)" by Artimidor Federkiel & Mannix
- "The Isle of Kalta'Goor" by Azhira Styralias
- "The Prominent Mountain Range" by Alysse the Likely & Tharoc Wargrider
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 Races/Tribes Award

The Best Race/Tribe Entry Award 2008 goes to... Rookie Brownbark!
Winning entry: "The Rat Brownies"
While there was already an entry on Rat Brownies, a long overdue revision was needed to bring it up to date. And when a Brownie expert like Rookie gets geared up to do a revision, then rest assured it will be thorough. And thorough it turned out to be! Undoubtedly it was so great that it beat even brand new tribes when they made it on site this year, and this indeed is a remarkable feat in itself. All the different types, history, legend, research, it all came together into a marvelous entry that answers the last question on the phenomenon of Rat Brownies - an entry Rookie can be proud of and which is therefore awarded with "Best Race/Tribe Award 2008". Bravo!

Other nominees for the Best Race/Tribe Award were as follows:
- "Kaáer'dár'shín Half-Orcs" by Azhira Styralias
- "Zirghurim Dwarves" by Bard Judith
- "Serphelorian Humans" by Grunok
- "Ghereghut Cave Trolls" by Pikel Thunderstone
- "Kyranian Men (Simple-Folk)" by Garret Arroway
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 Magic Award

The Best Magic Contribution Award 2008 goes to... Decipher Ziron!
Winning entry: "The Arcane Art of Blood Magic"

Entries in the category of Magic are mostly Ximaxian spells, so it's always a pleasure to see well thought-through, yet not overly complex other systems that also represent a major factor in a developed Caelerethian culture. Last year Decipher already laid the groundworks with his Sanryu Concept, in 2008 he got to the Arcane Art of Blood Magic in order to introduce it properly into his Marmarran Citystate - which also made it to the site this year, rounding it all up. Thus, for an entry well written and also as a thanks to continuity, it's Decipher again who cashes in on the Best Magic Contribution Award 2008! - Congratulations, Deci!

Other nominees for the Best Magic Contribution Award were as follows:
- "Fire Spells - Level 5 - Fiery Feet" by Gean Firefeet
- "Wind Spells - Level 3: Amnesia" by Eleyr Fasamar
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 Music Award

The Best Musical Contribution Award 2008 goes to... Bard Judith!
Winning song: "Sailing to Zandiria"
Gentle, dreamy, and catchy to boot, "Sailing to Zandiria" - sung by our very own Bard Judith (who else?) - has it all. While there were many other worthy competitors, each with its own share of loyal fans, "Sailing to Zandiria" has stayed on the most listened list for nearly a year and now and thus also won our voting round in the end. And as such has earned the well deserved "Best Musical Piece Of 1668 Award"! Well done! Now if only I could stop humming the tune.

Other nominees for the Best Musical Contribution Award were as follows:
- "Kuglimz Love Song" by Bard Judith & Alysse the Likely
- "Beloved" by Alysse the Likely
- "Dusk is Here" by Gean Firefeet
- "The Lorehold Theme" by Macar Irandir
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 Story Award

The Best Story Award 2008 goes to... Artimidor Federkiel!
Winning story: "The Eye of Skanris Keep"
While rather busy with all his webmastery duties and obligations, not to mention keeping the more unruly Compendiumists in check, Artimidor occasionally finds the time to surprise us with a new piece by his own hand. "The Eye of Skanris Keep" was one of these surprising entries this year, a bone-chilling ghost story featuring... well, maybe you'd best read it yourself. The Compendium is not responsible for any nightmares though! It does, however, proudly present this thriller as the winner of the "Best Story of 1668 Award", so let's hear it for Artimidor and his frightful masterpiece!

Other nominees for the Best Story Award were as follows:
- "The Beastlord's Rage" by Azhira Styralias
- "The Midnight Morjual" by Bard Judith
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 Poem Award

The Best Poetry Award 2008 goes to... Gean Firefeet!
Winning poem: "Fair Lady in White"
Gean Firefeet is of course known for his skills in song and verse, and rarely passes up the opportunity to add to our collection of poetry and lyrics. His piece "Fair Lady In White", inspired by a description of the ghostly White Lady apparitions, is one of his many masterpieces that grip you with the emotions contained therein. This year, despite the talented competition, it has even been awarded the ephitet of "Best Poetic Piece Of 1668", so let's hear a warm applause for our fiery-footed bard! Congratulations Gean!

Other nominees for the Best Poetry Award were as follows:
- "Descending into Gold" by Decipher Ziron
- "Avennorian Skipping Rhyme" by Bard Judith & Alysse the Likely
- "Oh Ravenport, Thou Surely Art" by Gean Firefeet
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 Best of the Rest Award

The Best of the Rest Award 2008 goes to... Morden Peshirgolz!
Winning entry: "Susilgerim and Rogetyrim Histories"

The first ever winner of the newly introduced "Best of the Rest" Award is our talented newcomer Morden. An industrious young dwarf, Morden took to revamping some of the more neglected dwarven tribes in Sarvonia - a task greatly appreciated by Dwarven Mistress Judith especially. As part of his various meddlings in all things dwarf Morden worked on the Susilgerim and Rogetyrim Dwarves history tables and delivered with great love for detail. This, in conjunction with his other notable works, makes him greatly deserving of this here award! Well done Morden!

Other nominees for the Best of the Rest Award were as follows:
- "The Hunt of the Beastlord" by Azhira Styralias
- "The Mari Cult of Fire" by Eleyr Fasamar
- "The March of the Darkest Knight" by Garret Arroway
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