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Santharian Awards

It has become a tradition by now to honour the most remarkable members of the Dream with the beginning of each year - and each year the Santharian Awards remind us of the diversity and imagination of the works we've accomplished together. And looking back on all the achievements of the past year one can't help as to feel proud on what has been possible to bring to a satisfying end once again. In the top ranks fighting for the Commitment Award, also known as "Sage of the Year", we have rounded up the usual suspects, like Rookie and Azhira, who already claimed their badge in 2008 and simply couldn't get enough, which also shows in the fact that both claimed other awards as well. Also a newcomer made it straight into the Commitment Awards finale, Seth Ghibta, who seriously delighted us with molluscs (now who would have believed that?) and wonderfully inventive myths. - But finally the big winner of the Awards 2009 is also the winner in the Best Newcomer category, namely our fantabulastic Seeker! He unprecedentedly rocketed up just straight on top this year and helped illustrating North, South, East and West, made entries, stories and Santhworld come to life and has been indispensable part of our Dream ever since he joined our ranks. - Well, and there are of course a lot more awards to be revealed at this point, so just have a look at what's further down this page to see whose creativity delighted us most in the past year!

    And 2009's Development Award Winners Are...
 The Sage Award


The Commitment Award 2009 goes to... Seeker!
The clear winner in the most prestigious category of the Santharian Awards was no other than Seeker, our gifted artist contributor, and as of lately also Moderator of the Miscellaneous Forum. His fantastic illustrations range from eerie bone trees over large Places pictures like the Starcharts Astrendum in Ciosa or the City of Elving, to orc portraits, even to Goddesses, a buch of weapons and extraordinarily beautiful herbarium stuff - our 2009 hero's diligence and dedication are unending. Seeker's co-operative efforts and his enthusiastic encouragement to others have made him a truly valuable addition to our Dream, which we cannot afford to miss. Seeker, your talent for artwork is equalled only by your gift for friendship and you have thus won the admiration and respect of many of your fellow Dreamers, so we can only say: Congratulations on your brillantly done job in 2009!

All other nominees in this category receive the Badge of Commitment, and they are as follows:

Recipients of the
Badge of Commitment for 2009

Commitment Badge #1: Azhira Styralias
Everything that makes adventurers in fantasy worlds want to set out immediately and make big discoveries in long forgotten lands - you find it in Azhira's work! Everything that makes you tremble with fear and revise your opinion on seeking adventure - you find in her works too! Be it the Mists of Osthemangar, the Shadespell Gorge, the Netherbeasts or Mar'malog the Sea Dragon - Azhira is full with inspiration and provides helpful comments whenever she feels she can help someone out to get something closer to the finishing line. A bravo for the amount of work and the team spirit she showed in 2009!

Commitment Badge #2: Rookie Brownbark
With such splendid and diverse entries as the Llaoihrr Harvest Festival, the Darkling Brownies, the tale about 'How the Pfepper Plant got so Hot' or the Four Flowers Game - to name just a few - Rookie once again proved how to make the smallest Santharian race one of the most interesting. Always trying to add further details here and there to flesh out the Brownies and at the same time intent to organize things properly, Rookie even got her own Brownie Forum section now to cover all things small and moving that calls itself a race. Great writing, great organizational work, great comments, makes sure that Rookie gets another Commitment Badge this year!

Commitment Badge #3: Seth Ghibta
With  Seth another newcomer made it straight to the Commitment Badge of the past year, her specialty being the imaginative myth and lore writing and the dreaming up of a couple of beasts, among them really strange creatures like the memorable hiveling. But we should not forget such extraordinarily unique concepts like the 'Philosophie of the Molluske Race', which made many a reader smile. The nominations and wins in various other categories show how much her work was enjoyed but the other members of the Dream - so we hope for more of the same kind in 2010!

 Innovation Award

The Best Innovation Award 2009 goes to... The Uninvited Interactive Story!
Programming by Grinch, written by Artimidor

The dynamic duo of Artimidor and Grinch stepped away from the Nepris game development long enough to provide us a wonderful diversion... Uninvited. Entering the world of mystery and suspense, Uninvited took players on a journey of discovery. “What was that sound? Who’s up there?” and “What lies behind that locked door?” are just some of the questions players ask themselves while playing this rather spooky adventure. Using the features of Santhworld once again, Artimidor and Grinch have proven the popularity of the gaming engine in Santharia. Uninvited is certainly a worthy addition to the Santhworld family and well deserves the “Best Innovation Award 2009”. Way to go!

Other nominees for the Best Innovation Award were as follows:
- The character of "Sordoc the Great", created by Deklitch Hardin
- "The Member Pages Overhaul" as done by Artimidor and Fox
- "The Mists of Osthemangar" Places entry by Azhira Styralias
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 Newcomer Award

The Best Newcomer Award 2009 goes to... Seeker!
One of our brightest stars this year, the richly deserving Seeker was this year’s winner. Not only a brilliant artist but also willing to work with others and able to accept comments and critiques with appreciation and respect, Seeker soon surpassed many others by the sheer volume of work that he put into Santharia. His meticulous research and commitment have been clearly demonstrated in all of his illustrations. Well done, Seeker, it is an honour to have you working with us!

Other talented nominees for this award were:
- Seth Ghibta
- Shabakuk Zeborius Anfang
- Jenna Silverbirch
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 Commenting Award

The Best Commentor Award 2009 goes to... Artimidor Federkiel!
The winner of this award was no other than our wonderful webmaster and Sage, Artimidor Federkiel, who in spite of many demands on his time and energy, still makes the time to comment and contribute on the many, MANY, submissions posted by his dedicated developers. Very closely following him this year was Azhira, an enthusiastic and talented commenter as well. Our congratulations to you, Art!

Other nominees for the Best Commentor Award were as follows:
- Azhira Styralias
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 Masterwork Award

The Best Masterwork Award 2009 goes to... Altario Shialt-eck-Gorrin!
Winning entry: "The Remusian Men"

Unsurprisingly, the clear winner for this award was Altario, everyone’s favourite Remusian, for his epic-sized entry, "The Remusian Men". The amount of work, research and imagination that went into this prodigious entry was overwhelming and those of us who read and commented were extremely impressed. Congratulations to you, Altario, you are an inspiration to us!

The two other nominations in this category were:
- Seth’s bizarrely fascinating "Hiveling Creature" and
- Seeker’s breathtaking illustration “Elving City Hall”
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 Artwork Award

The Best Artwork Award 2009 goes to... Bard Judith!
Winning picture: "The Kotarinenga Marshes"
Two fantastic artists, who between them have produced most of the Santharian and Santhworld illustrations this year, were in competition for this award, with two entries each being nominated for best artwork of the year. Our much beloved Masterbard won with the entry “Kotairitenga Marshes”, one of her most evocative atmospheric pictures yet. The very talented artist Seeker won second place with his magnificent “Baych Trees” entry and his “Frozen Tombs” tied with another of the Bard’s, “Ice Trees” for third place.
Congratulations, Judith and well done, to both of you!

Other nominees for the Best Artwork Award were as follows:
- "The Baych Tree" by Seeker
- "The Ice Tree" by Bard Judith
- "The Frozen Tombs of Gourdynn" by Seeker
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 Bestiary Award

The Best Bestiary Entry Award 2009 goes to... Seth Ghibta!
Winning entry: "Hiveling Creature"

And this year’s Bestiary Award goes to our indefatigable Mollusc Lover, the creative and clever Seth Ghibta. The award honours the fascinating concept of the Hiveling, which spawned a good many hiveling myths among other developers already before it was completed. Well done, Seth!

Other nominees for the Best Bestiary Award were as follows:
- "The Ugling Water Creature" by Shabakuk Zeborius Anfang
- "The Gigglepebble" ("Chucklestone") by Shabakuk Zeborius Anfang
- "The Magical Imp Creature" by Azhira Styralias


 Herbarium Award

The Best Herbarium Entry Award 2009  goes to... Tharoc Wargrider!
Winning entry: "Forget-Me-Nut"

Tharoc's highly imaginative creation, the Forget-Me-Nut Bu.... where was I? Oh, yes: The Best Herbarium Entry '09 Award goes to; Tharoc Wargrider! Tharoc's highly imaginative creation, the Forget-Me-Nut Bu.... where was I? Oh, yes: The Best Herbarium Entry '09 Award goes to; Tharoc Wargrider! Tharoc's highly imaginative creation, the Forget-Me-Nut Bu.... Well, Someone won something, and that's what matters.. I think.

Other nominees for the Best Herbarium Award were as follows:
- "The Ice Tree" by Miés'Efér Lytherá
- "The Never-Sit-Still Mushroom" by Shabakuk Zeborius Anfang

- "The Savage Mushroom" by Rookie Brownbark

 People Award

The Best People Entry Award 2009 goes to... Decipher Ziron!
Winning entry: "The Sanrier Drakus the Longlived"

Decipher took this award with his monstrous “Sanrier Drakus” an entry that vividly and dramatically captured one of the Dream’s most infamous Blood Mages. Decipher has been nominated for this award in previous years, as he has an inspiring gift for effectively depicting unique individuals, and has succeeded most eloquently here. Congratulations, Deci!

Other nominees for the Best People Award were as follows:
- "The Nightshade Carnival" by Bard Judith
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- "Anilya the Everbright" by Azhira Styralias


 Places Award

The Best Places Entry Award 2009 #1 goes to... Fox!
Winning entry: "The Truban City of Thalambath"
A long time in the making, Fox's massive entry on the Santharian captial of Truban finally made it on the site, giving this part of the Sarvonian South a brand new face. The proud city of Thalambath is known for exotic art and impressive architecture and has its roots in ancient people of Kaizoumetrá, all traits that Fox painted with a lot of effort to get things right and unique. Great work!


Places Award

The Best Places Entry Award 2009 #2 goes to... Azhira Styralias!
Winning entry: "The Mists of Osthemangar"
Sharing the first place in this category with Fox's Thalambath, Azhira invites you to the vaporous Mists of Osthemangar, which lie thick and foreboding over dead trees and desolate land... Azhira's entry is truly a masterpiece, full with mysterious locations, deadly beasts, weird races and fascinating plants - not to forget the many, many tales about what transpires there in this region, which despite the fact that it is filled with dread, has to be seen as a jewel of the North, at least as far as imagination and writing is concerned. Magnificent job, Azhira!

Other nominees for the Best Place Award were as follows:
- "The Forest of Contamar" by Miés'Efér Lytherá
- "The Yanth River" ("Old Icewine") by Valan Nonesuch
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 Races/Tribes Award

The Best Race/Tribe Entry Award 2009 goes to... Altario Shialt-Eck-Gorrin!
Winning entry: "The Remusian Men"
For quite a long time the ice tribes have been a mystery for those who reside in the South. Well no longer! Altario not only provided the basic information of the Remusian Ice tribe, he went the extra mile, and provided rich information on subjects such as Remusian engineering, the Kor’och faith, and details on punishments for traitors and magic users. The entry had such a major impact that it also won the award for Best Masterwork as well. A magnificent accomplishment! Definitely a wonderful example of a thorough entry and one that Altario can be proud of. A well deserved entry for the "Best Race/Tribe Award 2009".

Other nominees for the Best Race/Tribe Award were as follows:
- "The Darkling Brownies" by Rookie Brownbark
- "The Gondolwenmith Men" by Coren FrozenZephyr
- "The Tiquaitan Men" by Decipher Ziron
- "The Sarvonian Aohu'o Brownies" by Garret Arroway
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 Magic Award

The Best Magic Contribution Award 2009 goes to... Coren FrozenZephyr!
Winning entry: "The Krean Arcane Arts"

The huge undertaking of getting Krean Magic finally on the site led to three essential entries this year - the Oleasian Obstruction, the Ardelor Hypothesis and of course the key entry covering the Overview of the Krean Arts, comprising it all. Undoubtedly the subject of laying out magical groundwork that has its entirely unique approach isn't an easy one to handle, but Coren managed to convince us all that it was well worth the effort! Congratulations on Best Magic Contribution 2009!

Other nominees for the Best Magic Contribution Award were as follows:
- "Earth Spells - Level 3: Delirium" by Valan Nonesuch
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 Music Award

Music Award

The Best Musical Contribution Award 2009 #1 goes to... Alysse the Likely!
Winning song: "North Sarvonia Girls"

As we could not decide on the best musical contribution of 2009, we celebrate the victory of "Nightshade Girls Of The North Sarvonian Carnival"! Or, well, something along those lines anyway. Geans masterful interpretation of the dark wonders found at the Nightshade Carnival tied this year with Alysses celebration of North Sarvonian Girls and their many good qualities. While we remain puzzled by Alysses strangely detailed knowledge of these qualities, it stands to reason that Gean's many visits to the Carnival were, indeed, "Business, not pleasure" as he asserted to us many, many times. Either way, we may be glad and proud to have two such talented musicians amongst our numbers, so let's hear it for Alysse the Likely and Gean Firefeet! Return to the top

The Best Musical Contribution Award 2009 #2 goes to... Gean Firefeet!
Winning song: "The Nightshade Carnival Theme"

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 Story Award

The Best Story Award 2009 goes to... Artimidor Federkiel!
Winning story: "The Gift"
Our Sage of Scariness, Artimidor, once again sends shivers down our spines with his award-winning tale, "The Gift". His talent for the strange and frightening is unmatched. (Rumours have it Art is in fact a disguised Daedhiran Lord from Nybelmar, and that he writes from his own experience...) So it is with great pleasure - and the occasional glance over our shoulder - that we present to him this year, yet again, the Best Prose Entry Award!

Other nominees for the Best Story Award were as follows:
- "Philosophie of the Molluske Race" by Seth Ghibta
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 Poem Award

The Best Poetry Award 2009 goes to... Gean Firefeet!
Winning poem: "Song to the Wind"
This category was won by one of our well-known and gifted bards, Gean Firefeet, for his lyrical entry “Song to the Wind”. Although he is very busy in real life, Gean still finds to time to drop gems such as this lovely piece into our Dream, and so we are delighted to present him with this award. Well done, Gean!

Other nominees for the Best Poetry Award were as follows:
- "The Aglan Slug" by Bard Judith
- "The Poetpriests are Coming" by Decipher Ziron
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 Miscellaneous Award

The Best Miscellaneous Entry Award 2009 goes to... Rookie Brownbark!
Winning entry: "The Llaoihirr Harvest Festival"

Whatever Rookie touches when writing about Brownies you can be sure that she'll add another layer to what has been already established, providing in-depth information coupled with atmospheric descriptions. So whether you want to know about the Harvest itself, the Festival Day and the Weighing of the Uruyant, it's all there and more complementing what you might already know on Brownie lifestyle, in a way that you could think that you grew up in the Vale itself. Great stuff, Rookie, a well deserved award!

There were no futher nominations in this category this year. 
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 Best of the Rest Award

The Best of the Rest Award 2009 #1 goes to... Shabakuk Zeborius Anfang!
Winning entry: "Evil Ear Superstition"

As Jenna put it: This is a delightful inversion of the evil eye tradition so common across terran lands, coupled with some rather brilliant observations of the stubbornness and illogicality of some folk's beliefs, that it's just an utter joy to read! And of course, it is flavoured with the trademark creative flair we know by now from that guy with the weird name, Shabakuk Zeborius Anfang. This one's a winner, and a huge one at that!

 Best of the Rest Award

The Best of the Rest Award 2009 #2 goes to... Seth Ghibta!
Winning entry: "Naule and the Ancestors' Song"

"Naule and the Acestors' Song" was not the only myth Seth delighted us with this year, but it stands out as the best, or as Masterbard Judith put it: Quite simply, masterful. The Tolkienesque diction, evocative descriptions, insightful characterizations, and excellent sense of pacing and rhythm makes for a gripping and richly-layered tale. If erring towards wordiness upon occasion, it is nonetheless woven with deftness and never loses its consistency. The Mullog culture has become suddenly deeper, shot with possibilities and suggestions that glimmer like moonbeams through the mist.

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 Medal of Meritorious Service

And finally there's a special award this year...

The Medal of Meritorious Service & Dedication... goes to Artimidor Federkiel!

In the words of Decipher on behalf of the team: "
Despite your exemption from the ‘Sage of the Year’ award (Sorry, but rules are rules!), we have felt that the labours you undertake for us all should be recognised. You have stood by this dream for longer than most of us can wholly comprehend, and it is through your hard work that we have been given the opportunity not only to dream along side you, but to meet other dreamers like ourselves.

Through your own self-determination you have brought people from all corners of the world to one artistic epicentre, into a family of creativity that grows and prospers with each passing year. In practicality, you are the cogs of the machine that has brought us so much pleasure. As such, in recognition of your wondrous service to Santharia and as vote of thanks, confidence and any other positive force you can think of, we, the progeny of your dream, would like to present you with the ‘Medal of Meritorious Service and Dedication’."
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