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Santharian Awards

The Voting Phase of the Santharian Development Awards 2010 is complete. All votes have been counted, and it is now my duty and great pleasure to announce the winners. We had eighteen award categories, but there are twenty-one winners – as the awards for Best Musical Contribution and Best Poem are shared this year, and the runner-up in the Sage of the Year vote will receive the “Commitment Badge”, which is traditionally awarded to everyone who receives a seconded nomination in this category.

My special congratulations go to Altario Shialt-eck-Gorrin, who is our Sage of the Year 2010, and to Azhira Styralias, who receives the Commitment Badge 2010. The vote in the Sage of the Year category was very close, and I think I speak for everyone when I say that both Altario and Azhira more than deserve their awards for their dedication and for the quality of their contributions to the Dream.

Newcomers to the Dream have made a strong impression in the awards this year. Athviaro Shyu-eck-Silfayr is our Newcomer of the Year 2010, Cruciform receives the award for Best Miscellaneous Entry for his very first contribution to the Compendium, and Tikanni Corazon was nominated for no fewer than three awards, and won the vote in Best Herbarium entry. Agran Velion, too, received a nomination for “Best Newcomer”, recognizing the original ideas he has brought to the Dream this year (his story “Bandits” inspiring Seeker to an illustration), and with Petros Greenvale another apprentice receives an award (Best Musical Contribution, shared with Gean Firefeet). Overall, I think the freshness, good humour and quality that the newcomers of 2010 have brought to Santharia proves that the dream is alive and well, and continues to unfold its beauty in many minds.

So, ladies and gentlemen, here are the winners of the Santharian Development Awards 2010 – applause, applause, applause!
-- Introduction written by Shabakuk Zeborius Anfang

    And 2010's Development Award Winners Are...
 The Sage Award


The Commitment Award 2010 goes to... Altario Shialt-eck-Gorrin!
Every community experiences from time to time tensions, quarrels come uninvited along the way. That may be the case even more so when artists meet - be they painters, writers or idea providers - for are they not said to be more sensitive than normal people, more easily offended, quicker to fume about something, well, a difficult breed in general?

In such a situation it is essential to have somebody to mediate, somebody to calm the storm and smooth the waves which threat to overturn the community. Altario Shialt-eck-Gorrin is such a person - besides being one of the master developers of the North, venturing in Religion and Cosmology (earning an award there this year also) and running a great story on the RPG-boards.

His famous soapbox speeches have helped a lot to talk sense back into the members, his words have cooled down angry hearts and the way he worded his appeals made it possible to accept what he said. He also put a lot of effort in writing emails and PMs to various members to mediate between them and though he was not always successful his friendly, cheerful and often humorous nature, his dedication and love for the dream, made him the right person to to master this difficult task. Thank you for being a true friend, Altario!

All other nominees in this category receive the Badge of Commitment, and they are as follows:

Recipients of the
Badge of Commitment for 2010

Commitment Badge: Azhira Styralias
Azhira has written six new entries this year, major contributions all, using her indefatigable imagination to describe such important and legendary places as the Caaehl Mountains, the Fanghenge Ruins and the Wyrmrot Spire, to introduce us to such fascinating personages as the Arcanist Onderfaust and the Empress Kásh'áv'taylá, and to chill our spines with her report on the savage Ghostling Brownies. Not content with writing her own entries, Azhira also updated or revised several entries originally written by others, and coordinated the reorganization of the Mythology Menu. In geographical terms, her work spans the whole Sarvonian Continent – but particularly if you want to venture North, you’d be a fool not to ask Azhira for advice first. She is widely recognized as one of but a handful of experts on Northern Sarvonia, and leads development of several regions within this area. Always encouraging to newcomers, her thoughtful commentary and splendid dark humour have helped immensely in keeping up the spirit of cooperation, friendliness and dedication that makes Santharia such a great place to be.

 Innovation Award

The Best Innovation Award 2010 goes to... "An Overview for Almost Everything"!
Work by Seeker

"An Overview for Almost Everything", as we must term Seeker's grand and sweeping series of reforms, perhaps does not deserve praise for innovativeness so much as it does for sheer vision and effort. From one end of the Compendium to the other, from library stacks to sculleries, from greenhouses (true bravery!) to the armouries, Seeker has been striding with mage-staff in one hand and a fresh broom in the other. Dusty old entries were routed out and brushed off, ancient piles of disorganized parchments were set to rights, weapons were counted, supplies taken inventory of, gaps duly noted and orders for purchase sent in... Such a reorganization, from the bottom up, was sorely needed and greatly appreciated. Seeker has worked with the extant and the existing and gotten it into a readable, usable format, without imposing his own dictats or attempting to change (literally hundreds of) other entries to suit some artificial concept. He has created boundaries and clear demarcations which show us far more effectively what we have - and where we have gaps - that do not set demands or restrictions on future developers; rather, they provide guidelines and suggestions for continuity and consistency.

In a project so vast and encompassing, the passion and control of a fire mage was needed, and Seeker rose to the requirements nobly... all this while indulging his brush with our requests for more of his art and illustrations! - Praise, kudos, laurels, appreciation and as much krakalimari as he can eat in one sitting, to our wonderful... Seeker!

Other nominees for the Best Innovation Award were as follows:
- "Cosmology & Mythology Menus Reorganization Project" by Azhira Styralias
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 Newcomer Award

The Best Newcomer Award 2010 goes to... Athviaro Shyu-eck-Silfayr!
Since joining the ranks of apprentices scant months ago, Athviaro has demonstrated what I can only call remarkable patience, and a dogged tendency to contradict anyone he can, if only for the sake of doing so. Admirable traits indeed. In spite of his name (oft-misspelled), grammar corrections (sometimes bemoaned) and overall demeanour (vaguely whimsical), Athviaro has managed to earn his award as Best Newcomer of 1670.

Other talented nominees for this award were:
- Tikanni Corazon
- Cruciform
- Agran Velion
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 Commenting Award

The Best Common Tater Award 2010 goes to... Shabakuk Zeborius Anfang!
This laudation is gratefully presented to the wise and noble Shabakuk for having been the most superlatively Ordinary Tuberroot in the past Santharian year. We praise his flaky brown skin with clearly demarcated dimples, applaud the pure deliciousness of his flesh (whether baked, boiled, fried, or mashed), and the solidity of his overall potatoness.

(Judith pauses in her oration as Seeker runs out from behind the curtains and tugs hastily at her arm. There is a brief but intense mutter of voices as the two exchange words. Seeker exits again, straight-faced, and Judith looks back out at her audience and clears her throat...)

Er. I do beg your pardon. Someone seems to have misinformed me as to the nature of the award I was supposed to have been presenting. Apparently Master Anfang is ACTUALLY receiving the award for 'Best Commentator' - as in, one who comments upon entries. Allow me to correct myself and provide the appropriate praise....

Faithful, witty, always erudite, and tactful withal, Shabakuk Anfang's a grace to these halls. So hail our dear Shaba, who's always so fair, He comments with wisdom, and edits with care!

Shabakuk might well have been nominated for Sage of the Year, and has certainly earned the praise and recognition of his peers this Santharian past year for his invariably good-natured and intelligent postings, his even-handed critiques, and his thoughtful suggestions. We are most grateful - so here's to our EXTRA-ordinary Tuber, Shabakuk the Scholar!

(cues the applause and steps gracefully down)

Other nominees for the Best Commentor Award were as follows:
- Bard Judith
- Azhira Styralias
- Altario Shialt-eck-Gorrin
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 Masterwork Award

The Best Masterwork Award 2010 goes to... Shabakuk Zeborius Anfang!
Winning entry: "The Fymbels Association"

Now where to begin when talking about an entry that has everything you could want to have in an entry and so much more? One could easily make a dozen sub-entries with the ideas buried in this one! Well, our dear Shabakuk was never short on ideas already in his first contributions on the site - his works on Evil Ear, Ugling, Gigglepebble, Never-Sit-Still or Gobbleswap (to name just a few!) were refreshing and entertaining to say the least, and his Santhworld quiz featuring the famous Hildula Hauntwell was an exceptional challenge that was put together perfectly. All these great works finally culminated in Shabakuk's masterwork, which would be the Fymbels. This magnificent entry is so full to the brim with ideas like the Shufflish language, funny names and a lovely designed and described organization starting with Tomgirls and Floozies leading right up to the notorious Riffbuggledaze. Small details like the fuzzle emblem guarantee that you chuckle throughout the entry, and the way the Fymbels see themselves and work in the United Kingdom is a unique concept that couldn't have been embedded any better in our world. Plus: The whole entry is even a Santharian contribution to emancipation written by a man! So if you're planning to write a masterwork yourself - read this entry and get inspired: It has all the ingredients for an "entry of the decade" contribution! Congratulations, Shabakuk!

Other nominees for the Best Masterwork Award were as follows:
- "The Ruins of Cort'Mangar" by Valan Nonesuch
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 Artwork Award

The Best Artwork Award 2010 goes to... Seeker!
Winning picture: "The Tethinrhim Ría"
No less than 46 (!) pictures were uploaded to the site in 2010 done by our artist wonder Seeker alone. Many of these pictures were done in top-notch quality as well which might take others years to accomplish! For that alone Seeker deserves a special award this year... er... sorry, wrong laudation... er... I promise to get back to that somewhere else. Forgive me, it's easy to be carried away when looking at such numbers. Anyway, one of these grand pictures by Seeker was actually a three-parter with top, center and bottom of a gigantic tree representing the Tethinrhim capitol, the Ría. And at whatever part you're looking, it's just full of atmosphere and fascinating details, a forest that is fully alive in that tree building, breathtakingly representing a part of Santharian elven culture to the T. Looking at the picture one gets easily immersed in its beauty and it's almost as if you suck in the tranquility and peacefulness of the place instantly. Just look around: Do you also smell the brush, the mosses, the dew on the leaves, can you hear the birds chirping? All that conveyed so convincingly in a single picture - outstanding work!

Other nominees for the Best Artwork Award were as follows:
- "Talia Sturmwind" by Faugar
- "The Temple of Grothar" by Seeker
- "Drafas Tristin" by Shayan Ashkani
- "Waudrin Ghortz" by Bard Judith
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 Bestiary Award

The Best Bestiary Entry Award 2010 goes to... Seth Ghibta!
Winning entry: "The Dreamlouse"

For the second year running, the winner of the Best Bestiary Entry Award is Seth Ghibta. You would think that her “Hiveling”, which won this category in 2009, would be a hard act to follow – but the “Dreamlouse”, written in flawlessly quirky style and furnished with deep mythological imagination, is a very worthy successor. The “Dreamlouse” has given Santharia a most wonderful mythology of bedbugs, which any culture, real or imagined, will surely struggle to equal. With the sly cleverness typical of her writing, Seth lures her readers into believing that the “Dreamlouse” is an entry about annoying but small and mundane invertebrates, who inhabit the nooks, crannies and mattrasses of Santharian bedrooms. Yet read on, and you learn that these little bugs are but the executive organs of something far more sinister – a being too old and dangerous and mysterious for humans to understand. As we devour Seth's fluent prose and shake our heads in amazement at the wonders she puts before us, we also notice that she has truly become a Santharian erudite, as the “Dreamlouse” contains a plethora of cross-references, all of them subtle and inobtrusive, woven into the text like ornaments, so that the text remains enjoyable and engrossing even to a Santharian novice. It’s a wonderful piece of writing and fantastical imagination, and a worthy winner of this year’s “Best Bestiary Entry” award.

Other nominees for the Best Bestiary Award were as follows:
- "The Night-stalker" by Tikanni Corazon
- "The Silkyback Newt" by Seth Ghibta
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 Herbarium Award

The Best Herbarium Entry Award 2010  goes to... Tikanni Corazon!
Winning entry: "The Harmony Tree ("Eyasha's Grace")"

Since she joined the Dream in April 2010, Tikanni Corazon has written and painted herself into compendiumists’ hearts with her wonderful self-illustrated bestiary and herbarium entries. The Harmony Tree, winner of this year’s “Best Herbarium Entry” Award, epitomizes Tikanni’s literary and artistic talents. The entry has a fairy tale-like quality, telling of a tree so beautiful that even wild predators forget to hunt in its presence. And yet the Harmony Tree is entirely believable as a jungle plant, and fits perfectly into the wild and little-explored Scattersand Shoals region. Written in elegant prose, interspersed with passages of nifty story-telling, and illustrated with two beautiful paintings by the author herself – what more could you want from a herbarium entry?

Other nominees for the Best Herbarium Award were as follows:
- "The Mithril Tomato" by Bard Judith
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 People Award

The Best People Entry Award 2010 goes to... Shabakuk Zeborius Anfang!
Winning entry: "The Fymbels Association"

Karl Barth’s Church Dogmatics is one of the longest theological works ever written. The work was published as thirteen massive tomes. It took Barth decades to write the Church Dogmatics; and it takes a couple of years to read the whole work through. I always wondered, how a single man could write so many books which are highly intellectual and demanding, but a joy to read at the same time.

With his Fymbels Shabakuk Zeborius Anfang is on the way to follow in Barth‘s steps. The entry about the Fymbels consists of 15.000 words, 75.000 characters, it is the detailed and skilled analysis of a Santharian group, beautifully written, enjoyable to read, though a bit easier to understand than Karl Barth‘s Dogmatic.

The Fymbels, I love them! They are no high ranked personalities, no nobility, great magicians, musicians or single outstanding characters you could look up to. No, they are normal people, like you and me, or at least they are like we might want to be: Brave, courageous, outgoing, adventurous, skilled, enduring, inventive, vulnerable, demanding, joyous, comradely. In fact, we could look up to them also, but here we have the chance to master what they have mastered before us. And that is what makes this entry so great in my eyes: It is not only an excellent entry about a group of determined women who set out to excel in the domains of men and make their way there, not only an informative description of many crafts we have in Santharia, an accumulation of nifty little ideas Artimidor has mentioned already in his laudatio of this entry as a masterwork. This work gives us the reassurance, that we, in our daily lives, can master the tasks and difficulties which are set before us as well, for we have a bright example shining before us. We might not be aware of this effect when reading the entry - this is only fiction after all. But nevertheless - I have looked in the future a bit more optimistic after I had finished reading the "Fymbels". Hey, it is possible to overcome obstacles, the Fymbels proved it!

Other nominees for the Best People Award were as follows:
- "The Milken Brownie Guilds" by Eldor Delrossa
- "The Kyrattin Trader Mittoris Tyrattis" by Deklitch Hardin
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Places Award

The Best Places Entry Award 2010 goes to... Azhira Styralias!
Winning entry: "The Wyrmrot Spire"
It's no surprise that it was Azhira herself who was the main opponent in the Best Places category, as she just got the knack for really cool stuff up North, so much is for sure! Thus the spooky Wyrmrot Spire just barely outdid no less fascinating Caaehl Mountains... Wyrmrot Spire: A place full of dark secrets that go way back to the Age of Sundering when Caaehl'heroth was the domain of the elven and orcen rebels from the sundered empire of Fá'áv'cál'âr. And all the wonderful lore Azhira has dreamed up she also managed to weave tightly into the captivating web that makes the hearts of adventurers all over Caelereth beat rapidly... Especially in conjunction with other extraordinarily detailed Places and Tribe entries for Northern Sarvonia like on the Kaaer'dár'shín people, the Mists of Osthemangar, the Ghostling Brownies, the Themed'lon Forest, Shadespell Gorge or the already mentioned contender for Places Entry 2010, the Caeehl Mountains, the area has become one of the world's best developed regions thanks to the dedicated work of Azhira. And whenever our Mistress of the Dark plans another entry, you can bet that you're in for a special treat. With other words: An award absolutely deserved!

Other nominees for the Best Place Award were as follows:
- "The Scepteres of Tarshiin" by Decipher Ziron
- "The Caaehl Mountains" by Azhira Styralias
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 Races/Tribes Award

The Best Tribe/Race Entry Award 2010 goes to... Azhira Styralias!
Winning entry: "The Ghostling Brownies"
With the "Ghostling Brownies" Azhira has described a tribe so different from the majority of tribes on the site as can be. Belonging to the Rat Brownies they are not a common breed already, but Ghostlings are much more alien than any of the others of that race. Well, nothing else could be expected from a tribe living in Mists of Osthemangar. Blind, but not hindered by that, without clothes, but not freezing, tiny, but attacking prey double their size, ferocious, wild, twisted by the mist, they are all that and more. Normally I‘m not fond of reading about cruel, ugly and inclement people. But Azhira has managed to grab my attention and I have read on, horripilation spreading over my body. But go and read yourself! I‘m waiting meanwhile for their researcher Gratcha Swath to recover from her madness, so that she can tell us, how she escaped!

Other nominees for the Best Race/Tribe Award were as follows:
- "Kyranian Housing" by Garret Arroway
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 Magic Award

The Best Magic Contribution Award 2010 goes to... Rayne Avalotus!
Winning entry: "The Magical Art of Enchantments"

There is a saying: It is quality, not quantity that counts. The Magical Art of Enchantments by Rayne Avalotus demonstrates this on two counts. First, the entry, though not overly long, gives a wonderful explanation on magical enchantments, so that even the non magical among us can understand the complex interactions of cár’áll and ounía. The second is Rayne herself. Often away dealing with her busy real life, when she comes back to us, she dusts up a flurry of excitement, working on several projects at once and helping many of us with our own entries. And in all of that, she achieves a level of quality most of us can only aspire to. Here is hoping that a little Rayne will fall on us again in the coming year.

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 Music Award

The Best Musical Contribution Award 2010 #1 goes to... Petros Greenvale!
Winning song: "Fanfare of the Horn of Heavens"
Not only did Petros write an entry about the fabled Horn of the Heavens this year, he also convinced Seeker that it would be great to have it illustrated - and to top it all he composed a musical piece to honour this unique artifact: The Fanfare of the Horn of Heavens for Horn and Resonance Organ. This musical contribution for an organ instrument is the first by Petros and the very first of this type of musical as well, and it rounds up the whole entry perfectly. What more can you wish for than to have text, graphic and fitting musical all in one contributions? - Next time we want to hear the horn itself, Petros!

 Music Award

The Best Musical Contribution Award 2010 #2 goes to... Gean Firefeet!
Winning song: "We Heard What She Said"
A regular candidate for the music category  is Gean Firefeet, who shares the award this time with the organ playing Petros. Inspired by the bawdy verses our special orcish contributer Tharoc Wargrider put together with the help of his no less bawdy friends, Gean set out on his mission to provide the musical accompaniment for whatever, well, "she has to say" (because that's what the drunkards heard). This jolly music is played up and down now in the New-Santhalan taverns as long as there are new ideas for bawdy verses - and it looks like there is no end to that. Thus, once again, we'd like to honour Gean's musical piece with an award. Well done, more please!

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 Story Award

The Best Story Award 2010 goes to... Artimidor Federkiel!
Winning story: "The Journey"
We are aware of the many outstanding qualities of our dear webmaster. We know that, without his sedulous work, no entry would go up on the site, his comments are sought after and we all cannot wait for the day when finally the new Nepris module will be released. However, I wish he would find more time for an area he excels in also - story writing. That he is exceptionally good in creating haunting stories we know already, he has won the awards in this category in the last two years after all. But this time, with the story "The Journey" he outdid himself. Oh no, it was not him, he only edited this story written by Monsonius...

Good stories tether you to your book or ipad, they are entertaining, amusing, thrilling. This story though is not only this, it is brain twisting, lets you, when finished, look over your own shoulder to seek out your future or past self. "If you read this message I'm glad, for I know you have received it." What a harmless sentence at the beginning of the story. It already tells you all but as you don't know what will come, you do not take notice. But let me tell you, what the story is about with its own words:

"See, it is a story about someone who supposedly gets lost in midst of a magical place like this, but how can one get lost if one always ends up somewhere, I have to ask... Who might say where one should end up if one doesn't know exactly where one's heading?" or "Strange things happen everywhere if strange things find the mind who want to see them. Sometimes you have to keep looking to see." - And now I‘m waiting for Chyrán of Caelum‘s "The Ring"!

Other nominees for the Best Story Award were as follows:
- "Sconder the Bean Thief" by Seth Ghibta
- "Nod and the Hydragon's Tooth" by Tharoc Wargrider Return to the top

 Poetry Award

The Best Poetry Award 2010 #1 goes to... Seth Ghibta!
Winning poem: "They'll Hear From You No More"
An inventive piece of lore as well as a deftly composed poem, “They’ll Hear From You No More” won the “Best Poem Award” of 2010 (shared with Tharoc Wargrider’s “We Heard What She Said”). As Bard Judith said, Seth’s poem is plaintive, lovely and sinister all at once. Like the “Evil Listeners” of superstitious legend, whom the poem refers to, the verses seem to take a piece of our dreaming soul, twist it into a contorted shape, and return it to us in the form of a nightmare. Every line sounds simple and clear, like in a straightforward lullaby – yet how deceptive this simplicity is. When we listen more deeply, we notice the many meanings that the repeated phrase "and they'll hear from you no more" assumes in the different verses. We wonder who 'they' are, and we shudder. The poem’s elegant flowing rhythm has evoked a melody in more than one compendiumist’s ears, and who knows if we might one day hear from this poem again, with its verses cast in song? For now, however, let us simply applaud the music of the words. Well done, Seth!

 Poetry Award

The Best Poetry Award 2010 #1 goes to... Tharoc Wargrider!
Winning poem: "We Heard What She Said"
(Bard Judith clears her throat and begins to read again from a scroll which she holds carefully by two fingers)

We heard what he said, oh, we heard what he said,
But somehow the words sounded odd in our head;
With meanings redoubled, connotations to utter,
Until all our minds ended up in the gutter.

We knew what he meant, or we thought that we had,
But strange implications to worse went from bad;
And sentences innocent or merely flirty,
In Tharocian dialect went very dirty.

We read what he wrote, and reread it again,
Till the lines started dancing to give us eye-strain;
Your grandma could read it with nary a vex,
But somehow our thoughts turn it all into....

(Valan manages to kick over the very large urn next to which he is standing, just at this point, and the last word of the Laudation is drowned out in the subsequent clatter and hasty applause.)

We hail our beloved, if frequently absent, orc friend, and his, er, poetic gifts! The Library is the richer for his contributions, and we are delighted to recognize that talent with this award this evening.

(Judith quickly rolls up the scroll and exits, stage left.)

Other nominees for the Best Poetry Award were as follows:
- "Etherus' Delight" by Shabakuk Zeborius Anfang
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 Miscellaneous Award

The Best Miscellaneous Entry Award 2010 goes to... Cruciform Kaleidoscope!
Winning entry: "The Brownie Owl-Ship"

Cruciform is a most gifted newcomer, both in terms of his scarily incisive and all-encompassing knowledge of grammar, and his unique imagination, the latter of which enabled him to come up with the brilliant concept of a Brownie ship carried by owls, and the former of which allows the resultant entry to be written in such wonderfully mellifluous prose. Although it is praise often given, in this entry we truly can see an owl rising majestically, a ship in its grasp. Despite having only registered in October, he has fast established himself in the Dream with wonderful entries and comments - and this one is among his best. A well-deserved award, Cruciform.
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Other nominees for the Best Miscellaneous Award were as follows:
- "The Horn of the Heavens" by Petros Greenvale 
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 Best of Religion Award

The Best of Religion & Mythology Award 2010 goes to... Altario Shialt-eck-Gorrin!
Winning entry: "The Remusian Patron of Warriors Kor'och"

It is not easy to please the moderators of the Cosmology and Religions forum, for entries in this area are often difficult to execute. With the Kor‘och, the Remusian Warrior Patron however, Altario has given us an excellent example of a patron. The entry is clear in its structure, the development from man to patron - or god in some cases - convincingly described. The examples of miracles which let to the belief that Kor‘och will help warriors in need are beautifully designed and written. The scholarly aspect of this entry does not take away the fascination such a special man exhibits, on the contrary, it makes it the more believable, that in fact, up there in the far North, a common man ascended to become a patron, if not a god. Now I‘m curious to read about Kor‘och, the man, and Kor‘och, the god - entries, which will hopefully follow soon!

Other nominees for the Best of the Rest Award were as follows:
- "The Dronomin and the Losthane" by Seth Ghibta
- "The Hobbit Folk Hero Mian Longfellow" by Valan Nonesuch
- "Kaaer'dár'shín Beliefs" (revision) by Azhira Styralias
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 Best of the Rest Award

The Best of the Rest Award 2010 goes to... Seeker!
Winning entry: "The Enemy Stirreth" (Santhworld Module)

Hark as I sing this saga, of harrowing and sinister adventure!

Frightening, full-flavoured, fear-inducing, and fully fascinating:
this is the sophisticated new module for Santhworld as seen by Seeker.
His tale-telling talent thoroughly terrifies and transfixes,
while worryingly wicked warrens wreak war and weakness
on poorly prepared players, who pout upon pursuant
death or dismemberment. Do not doubt, dither, or delay:
Play 'The Enemy Stirreth'!

Other nominees for the Best of the Rest Award were as follows:
- "Mysteries of Nepris Teaser Movie" by Artimidor
- "Digital Paintings: Seekerets" by Seeker
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 Medal of Meritorious Service

And finally there's the special award this year... (read offical annoucement by clicking here).

The Jeweled Palette of Artists and Artisans... goes to Seeker!

Just as Sages of the Santharian Kingdom can be awarded medals to commemorate their scholarship and academic ability, and bards gain rings as they acquire new skills, so too, can great artisans and artists be recognized by their peers. The Santharian Compendium has been foremost in championing the cause of both recognizing and designing tokens of recognition in these areas, and are now pleased to announce, that for the first time, in this year we are presenting the "Jeweled Palette" to honour our Santharian artists. The full palette of four hues is shown here, each stone and its characteristic colour representing a season and a different virtue or achievement in the field of art:

Spring - Emeraud - Creativity & Inspiration / Summer - Topaz - Craftsmanship & Skill
Fall - Ruby - Productivity & Heart / Winter - Saffire - Dedication & Perseverance

It is our sincere pleasure that the Compendium presents
Seeker, Fire Mage & Wanderer

with the full Jeweled Palette, in recognition of his competence, creativity, energy, and passion for the Dream!
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 Date of last edit 6th Molten Ice 1671 a.S.

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