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Santharian Awards

Ladies and Gentlemen, the voting phase of the Santharian Development Awards 2011 is complete! All votes have been counted and recounted to make sure, and it is now my duty but also my great pleasure to announce the winners. We had one draw this time, in the Bestiary category to be precise, so two awards are given out here. Additional to the Sage of the Year award we also have three commitment badges for those who got nominated for Sage of the Year due to their diligent work over the past twelve months for the Dream. Note: The Best Newcomer was not awarded this time around as there were no nominations in this category, and Best Masterwork and Best Music had only one contender, so these members win that prize by default.

So let's see what awards we have: The prestigious Sage of the Year this time goes to Rayne Avalotus who also won in two other categories - Best Commentor and together with Kalina that whirlwind of a developer also secured the Best Bestiary entry! Valan, Jonael and Shabakuk also managed to secure two awards this time, our clearest winner by the way was
Flash MovieSanthworld - Mysteries of Nepris, Part II in Best of the Rest, and as Innovation of 2011 the Santharian Facebook Presence was selected. Finally: There are some more special awards given out this year - for one Judy designed a new picture for the Commentor award, and then we also have a completely new award: The one which honours Lifetime Achievement, available in four different flavours!  Lifetime Achievement awards are handed to out two selected members this time, determined by the Council of Sages (winners of past years) and goes to Rayne (for Productivity and Heart) and also to Azhira (for Creativity and Inspiration). Rayne has been faithful and productive to the Dream for more than a decade now, and Azhira's consecutive nominations for the Commitment Badge in the past years were not overlooked by the Council! We hope the winners enjoy their awards and laudations, so congratulations once again to everyone who won or got nominated and/or helped behind the scenes to make all this happen!

-- Introduction written by Artimidor Federkiel

    And 2011's Development Award Winners Are...
 The Sage Award


The Commitment Award 2011 goes to... Rayne Avalotus!
A little elfling, also known as dreamress Rayne, has joined our ranks already back in the olden days of 2002. Well, that particular elfling might have had a bit of a break every now and then from development after busy, busy first years - but she made sure not to lose her browser's bookmark to the site, and boy did she return in 2011! Rayne got the team project on the Santharian City of Magic, Ximax, under way - and also to a satisfying end! -, then started already the next team effort, this time on the province of Vardýnn. More than 60 pages of fan fiction from her quill made it on site this year, along with such delightful entries as the Ferlawyng Creature, the Isle of Churican or the Paelrhím elves, which already gives a glimpse of that elfling's versatility. And on top of that Rayne is always around when magic is being discussed, or whenever a hand is needed to help with the RPG Board reorganisation. Need we say more? Just this: Rayne of course is our Sage of the Year 2011! A round of applause for outstanding commitment to the Dream!

Recipients of the
Badge of Commitment for 201

Commitment Badge: Grinch
Grinch is hereby charged, not with the crime of stealing Christmas, but rather with something far more serious... He is charged with being committed to the Santharian Dream.

Let us review the evidence... During 2011 Grinch engaged in the following acts:
- Coded Nepris Part II and updated Nepris Part I in conjunction with his co-conspirators Artimidor, Shabakuk, Seeker, Judith, Talia and others;
- Coded The Santhworld Hall of Fame with his co-conspirator Artimidor;
- Stood still long enough for a portrait to be painted of him;
- Worked with Seeker on the Coding of the upcoming 'Treasure Shoals' Game; and
- Answered questions posed by the players who were struggling with Nepris.

Prior to 2011, Grinch provided similar assistance to other parts of Santhworld, including the Trivia Quizes, The Enemy Stirrith and Uninvited.

For all of the above, and for many other things that he's sure to do behind the scenes of Santharia, I find Grinch guilty of all charges laid against him. The evidence on the table speaks for itself, Grinch has shown his commitment to the Santharian Dream and I am pleased that his commitment is being recognised through this laudation and his commitment badge. Congratulations Grinch!

Commitment Badge: Shabakuk Zeborius Anfang
Over his few short years as a dreamer in Santharia, Master Anfang has demonstrated his commitment to the Santharian Dream in his entries, in his comments, in his advice, in his moderatorship and in his friendship to all in the dream team. It doesn't matter whether the person is a newcomer taking his or her first faltering steps into writing entries for the compendium, or the most experienced and hard bitten of sages, bards, artists, poets or researchers, Shabby, as he is affectionately known, is ready with a dream louse, gigglepebble, story, poem or tasty food. His entries speak for themselves ... Fymbels, Witchcraft, the Gossiper Bird, the Never Sit Still Mushroom, Dula the Witch, the Evil Ear, Faithful Coat (a witch spell) among others... each one of which is a wonder and a delight to read. Additionally, Master Anfang is an active contributor to Santhworld and also a well appreciated member of the play by post board. All of this shows the commitment that Shabby has to the Santharian Dream, and he is most definitely deserving of this Commitment Badge. Congratulations Master Anfang!

Commitment Badge: Mina
Mina can be said to be a true Santharian veteran as he has been on the site for nearly a decade by now and apparently still isn't tired of it. With main interests in all things magic and language related, he tries to make sense of at times contradictory information, is a diligent gatherer of research material and organizer, supporting others with sensitivity, kindness and sagacity. This year Mina was mainly involved in the Ximax team project, but also already with the next major team effort, Vardýnn, and contributed a great deal to make elvish tongue, Styrásh, much more accessible. He encourage others, adds fuel to the fires of individual and group creativity, and is a Santharian constant we wouldn't want to miss.
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 Innovation Award

The Best Innovation Award 2011 goes to... "The Santharian Facebook Presence"!
In our attempts to find new ways and means to make Santharia known to the rest of the world and in order to keep up with internet developments getting a Santharian Facebook presence was only a matter of time. Finally we jumped on the bandwagon and put the Santharian flag over there as well and got our first fans on the leading social medium. Facebook especially offers nice galleries to marvel at Santharian art, and important announcements like new Santhworld previews or releases. Definitely an important step for Santharia, but there's still a lot more to be improved in the next years.

Other nominees for the Best Innovation Award were as follows:
- Spam Battle Victory
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 Best Commentor Award

The Mithril Quill
View picture in full size Click on award image to see detailed version.
The Best Commentor Award 2011 goes to... Rayne Avalotus!
To comment or not to comment, that is the question that Rayne has answered during the past year with a resounding 'COMMENT'! Whether beast, place, magic, plant, styrásh, literature, tribe or person, Rayne's suggestions and assistance has helped many a compendiumist, including myself, to improve their entries, correct their spelling and improve their grammar. Her efforts have resulted in terminology similar to Uri Checks and Judicizing... to have your entry Rayned upon. So make sure your apostrophes are in the proper places, your split infinitives are unsplit, your sentences don't run on, your spelling is correct and your cases and plurals match up before you put up that exclamation mark asking for comments. - Keep up the commentary Rayne, and may you continue to Rayne down upon the Santharian Dream for many years to come! Thus we have the honour to award you with this year's very special Commentor Award drawn by our dear Bard Judith, the Mithril Quill! May it inspire you on your dreamy ways and the entries you comment on!

Other nominees for the Best Commentor Award were as follows:
- Artimidor Federkiel
- Bard Judith
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 Masterwork Award

The Best Masterwork Award 2011 goes to... Deklitch Hardin!
Winning entry: "The Eight Winds Bay"

The Eight Winds Bay had been a tantalizing presence on the map of North Sarvonia for a long, long time, inviting our speculations concerning its appearance, its dangers, and its effect on the peoples and animals that live around it. Then Deklitch Hardin came along. A much-loved compendiumist and tireless creator of songs, games, and parodies, as well as describer of curious cattle, he made it his masterwork to undertake the long journey north and describe for us the awe-inspiring landscape and many wonders of the Eight Winds Bay. It is thanks to his courageous exploration and subtle powers of description that we know the fearsome nature of the whirlpool that governs all currents in the bay; that we appreciate the work of the reclusive Blue Druids and the gentle Blessed Sea Elves; that we marvel at the underground waterways and the mischievous rat brownies that dwell therein; that we chuckle at the miracle of the naked flying fisherman; that we shudder at the thought of the monstrous Terror of the Bay; and that, all in all, we wish to travel to the Eight Winds Bay ourselves to feast our eyes on its beauty and test our courage against its perils. Every writer of a masterwork wishes that his work may be useful to the compendium and serve as a reference for Santharian scholars for many years to come. Thanks to the excellence of his research and writing, this wish has become true for Master Hardin. Thus it is with the most distinct admiration that we congratulate Deklitch to his award for Best Masterwork of 2011!

There were no further nominees in this category.
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 Artwork Award

The Best Artwork Award 2011 goes to... Bard Judith!
Winning picture: "The Hut that Walks on Spider Legs"
Dula's hut is leaning back onto its hind legs to have a restful smoke under a blue cheese moon. Its spider legs arranged in playful disorder upon the muddy ground, its reet roof at a jaunty angle, the hut is at ease among the wild flowers and bushes, and not worried by the shadows and the fogs that haunt the land. “After all,” the hut seems to say, “it's us who make the splendidest shadows around here.” But would you dare to knock at the door? Would your heart find the courage to venture within, would your eyes be brave enough to look for the source of the light – too gaudy and colourful to come from an ordinary hearthfire – that seeps through cracks of the wood?

To have observed the witch hut in this pose is one more in Masterbard Judith of Bardavos' long list of marvellous achievements. To have convinced it to remain still long enough for a faithful portrait is a most singular feat indeed. But to have caught the spirit of the hut with the strokes of a painter's brush – well, that is nothing more than we have come to expect of Judith, who has delighted these boards with gems of the painter's art at a rate that has led some compendiumists to suspect that she is, in fact, five or six people. Let me assure you that she is nothing of the sort. How she keeps up her extraordinary consistency in excellence may be beyond our understanding, but we know that she is the one and only Judith of Bardavos, and we congratulate her to the thoroughly deserved award for Best Artwork of 2011!

Other nominees for the Best Artwork Award were as follows:
- "The Aerelian Lakes" by Seeker
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 Bestiary Award

The Best Bestiary Entry Award 2011 #1 goes to... Kalina Dalá'isyrás!
Winning entry: "The Butterfly Dragon"

Kalina has confirmed her mantle as Dragon Mistress of Santharia with her entry of The Butterfly Dragon. Believed to be the smallest dragon on the surface of Caelereth, this dragon is big on power, on whimsy, on wonder and on heart and proves beyond a doubt that it isn't the size of the dragon in the fight that matters, it is the size of the fight in the dragon. Kalina's beautifully crafted entry is filled with evocative descriptions, imaginative turns of phrase and a cool legend to boot. An excellent entry, worthy of the mantle of Best Bestiary Entry - 2011. Return to the top

 Bestiary Award

The Best Bestiary Entry Award 2011 #2 goes to... Rayne Avalotus!
Winning entry: "The Ferlawyng Creature"

It's not a dragon, nor a fish or a snake, neither is it a bat. Though it has been compared to all of those beasts, this strange creature is nothing less than a Rayne contribution for the Bestiary and as such something unique and entirely special. You better believe it. Handled with great care for details the magnificent Ferlawyng of the Drifting Woods is described as a cross between all the mentioned creatures and more - it is magical, but also might be cursed, but one better not attempt to tame one... Often its existence was doubted, though it now seems proven that this mystical beast actually does exist. At the latest once you've read Rayne's entry which makes you believe in it - even if it's only dreamed up...

Other nominees for the Best Bestiary Award were as follows:
- "The Singsoft Moth" by Val O'Neil
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 Herbarium Award

The Best Herbarium Entry Award 2011  goes to... Jonael Tomeskrift!
Winning entry: "The Bloodbloom Flower"

A great entry, be it about animals, famous men, objects or - as in this case - a flower always makes sure to embed the topic in question into the world it is put in. This idea indeed is the heart of the Bloodbloom Flower entry Jonael wrote where the existence of the plant is linked to a famous person from Caelerethian history and further interpretations follow from there. Myth and lore, superstition, even curses related to the Bloodbloom therefore are as important in this entry as the actual description of the flower itself, forming a whole unit of what constitutes a complete entry. Besides, this entry is also a great example of how effectively ideas pitched by other team members were integrated thus enhancing the final version, making a great initial idea even better. Great work all around!

Other nominees for the Best Herbarium Award were as follows:
- "The Salt Reed" by Eldor Delrossa

- "The Lovewort Flower" by Bard Judith Return to the top

 People Award

The Best People Entry Award 2011 goes to... Shabakuk Zeborius Anfang!
Winning entry: "The Mythical Witch Dula ('Hildula Hauntwell')"

The Best Person Award goes to Witch Dula, compendiumized by Shabakuk Zeborius Anfang - but wait! Is she truly the best, when we cannot even agree if she stands for the side of good, or of bad? Does she represent the power of pure knowledge and helpfulness, or a chaotic spirit of harm and destructiveness? The dichotomy of Dula's complex character has been well-biographied by Master Anfang, with his usual airy skill. Well-rounded phrases intrigue us to read on; detail and description flavoured with whimsy and wit draw us into the labyrinthine weavings that make up one of the most fascinating (in all senses of the word) individuals it has been our pleasure to host at the Compendium in months - in fact, as we have agreed, this year! We can only shake our heads in wonder - and with a little bit of caution - trepidation mixed with our interest - awe and delight mingled in that pit-of-the-stomach-taking-the-corners-too-fast tingle, and perhaps just a touch of envy. - Here's to Shaba and his polished prose; may he write many another entry to please us!

Other nominees for the Best People Award were as follows:
- "The Brownie Scholar Gratcha Swath" by Drasil Razorfang
- "The False Healer Maccân of Klinsor" by Valan Nonesuch
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Places Award

The Best Places Entry Award 2011 goes to... Jonael Tomeskrift!
Winning entry: "The Zohologica Gardens"
Started way back in 2010 Jonael took his time to tackle this entry. Then again, certain ideas just need the time to develop them properly, and that's what he did, even starting a Flash presentation with his partner in crime, the legendary Seeker! Brimming with ideas the Zohological Gardens are more than just a Santharian version of a zoo as we know it - it's the Caelerethian bestiary (or large parts of it) come to life within the confines of this New-Santhalan area, and it's not just a place to showcase the beautiful, the exotic and the ferocious but also has the academic side to it with an own library and archive. Be it patrons, historical developments, thorough descriptions of buildings and organization, even the Gnomish sources of the name - it's all there, written with the necessary love for detail, peppered with references throughout and thus a prime example on how Santharian Places entries should look. Bravo!

Other nominees for the Best Place Award were as follows:
- "The Magical City of Ximax" by various team members (Rayne, Valan, Deklitch, Bard Judith, Talia, Azhira, Eldor an Mina)
- "The Eight Winds Bay" by Deklitch Hardin
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 Races/Tribes Award

The Best Tribe/Race Entry Award 2011 goes to... Altario Shialt-eck-Gorrin!
Winning entry: "The Vertan Men"
Altario already won the Award for Best Race/Tribe entry with his Remusian Men masterwork in 2009, so with his Vertan Men he continues the tradition of high quality tribe entries for the Sarvonian North. And the result is pretty cool, pun intended! Alt's blue men and masters of the ice are full with fresh ideas resulting in a unique culture: Where else in the whole of Caelereth can you find people who carve everything out of ice, even hunt with icicle harpoons and where does a whole community revolves around ice miners creating a web of tunnels to live in stretching in all directions? If we're talking about Ice Tribes, Alt also makes sure that everyone knows what that means with this entry - a very distinct kind of folk with its very own idiosyncrasies. They might shun the rest of their world, yet are fascinating for what they are. By now we even have the entry illustrated thanks to Seeker, as inspiration travels fast in Caelereth!

Other nominees for the Best Race/Tribe Award were as follows:
- "The Paélrhem Elves" by Rayne Avalotus
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 Magic Award

The Best Magic Contribution Award 2011 goes to... Shabakuk Zeborius Anfang!
Winning entry: "The Magic Art of Witchcraft"

If there were a Santharian award for Entry That Made Me Want To Stop Writing Because I’ll Never Write Anything This Good, this would be it. This entry showcases all Shabakuk’s inventiveness, all his verve, all his fantastic mastery of language and all his mastery of fantastic language to the highest degree. There is very little to be said about it that is not unmitigated praise - it is delightful in its whimsy, enjoyable in its philosophy, and breathtakingly elegant in its prose. All in all, an absolutely wonderful entry, and a fitting testament to Shabakuk’s dedication to the site and commitment to making it both a richer and a more vibrant place to dream.
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Other nominees for the Best Magical Contribution Award were as follows:
- "The Krean Arcane Arts" by Coren FrozenZephyr

- "Ounía and Expression of Elemental Properties" by Coren FrozenZephyr Return to the top

 Music Award

The Best Musical Contribution Award 2011 goes to... Vladeptus!
Winning song: "The Journey"
Sometimes combined circumstances are necessary to make a good idea into something great. And so it was the combination of Vladeptus' originally titled "Fate Takes Your Hand" composition and a picture of Monsonius made by Judy which resulted in a tale that made it to the story of the year 2010. Indeed the music and its fascinating title was first in this case and it inspired the mind to get going and enter a magical world where mystery engulfs the protagonist while travelling in what might appear to be an enchanted forest, pulling him or her deeper into the unknown, and it just needed to be committed to paper. Vladeptus' piece is calm, but always progressing, always taking the next step, slowly evolving in a somewhat circular, almost hypnoticly entrancing structure. It's eerie and mysterious, with thoughts, ideas, be they foreboding or hopeful, trickling like raindrops on someone who got lost, tying to find a path and a goal. While the traveller continues, the music gains depth, even gains epic undertones, touches on long forgotten memories or even foresights one might say, invites at any rate to dance further with it and once it has ended, one wants to hear it all again. Vladeptus told the whole story of "The Journey" already with his music - masterfully!

There were no further nominees in this category.
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 Story Award

The Best Story Award 2011 goes to... Irid al'Menie!
Winning story: "Keldar and Bryella"
It is one of the oldest stories in the world: two children, betrayed by a wicked stepmother, victim of a witch's spell, get lost in a forest, without hope of ever finding their way out again. It is a story about one of the most terrible fears that a child can have: the fear to be abandoned, to be unloved by your parents, to be alone in the world. Every one of us has had this fear, whether we remember it or not. And this is why stories such as Kelder and Bryella are told by every generation of humans all over the world. The stories tell us how fear and solitude are overcome: by holding on to those you love; by keeping courage and an open heart; by trusting that somewhere, there is someone who is looking for you; and by learning that goodness may come from the most unlikely source. Irid al'Menie has told this story with a fresh voice, with deft narrative skill, and with all the heart and soul of someone who knows about fear, about trust, and about love. It is therefore with the warmest congratulations that we present to her the award for Best Story of 2011!

Other nominees for the Best Story Award were as follows:
- "Klas and the Bear" by Valan Nonesuch Return to the top

 Poetry Award

The Best Poetry Award 2011 goes to... Seth Ghibta!
Winning poem: "The Ballad of the Headless Hiveling"
Once again, the phenomenal mind of Seth Ghibta has worked its wonders. Not content with the spine-chilling masterwork she wrote on these unearthly beasts, she has led the creation of an entire book of Hiveling tales, and her own writings have formed the core of it, showing us yet again why we all adore her writing. "The Ballad of the Headless Hiveling" is an absolutely spine-chilling tale; its inexorable rhythm drives us on to the conclusion whether we will or not - that conclusion I’ll not spoil for those of you who have not read it! Suffice it to say that of all the poetic entries submitted to the Compendium this year, the "Ballad of the Headless Hiveling" was chosen by popular acclaim to be the very best.

Other nominees for the Best Poetry Award were as follows:
- "The Black Knight" by Artimidor Federkiel

- "Iron and Battle" by Valan Nonesuch Return to the top

 Miscellaneous Award

The Best Miscellaneous Entry Award 2011 goes to... Valan Nonesuch!
Winning entry: "The Longstriding Condition"

When a young or not so young hobbit is overcome by the not-so-hobbitlike desire to travel far from his or her shire and see what is out there around the Disc, they have one Master Valan Nonesuch to thank. Prior to travelling overseas to the islands of R'unor, this aged, bearded and (some say) cantankorous member of the Compendium spent time studying the hobbits and their way of life. In this entry, Valan, one half of the Miscellaneous Forum Moderators, brings to light his creativity for all things 'miscellaneous' and 'mundane', but yet necessary to add depth, colour and everydayness to the disc of Caelereth. Congratulations Master Nonesuch for an entry that is entertaining, and useful in rping on the RPG boards, as well as one which adds colour and depth to the hobbit race.

Other nominees for the Best Miscellaneous Award were as follows:
- "The Seven Bright Days Festival" by Seth Ghibta
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 Best of Religion Award

The Best of Religion & Mythology Award 2011 goes to... Valan Nonesuch!
Winning entry: "The Hobbit Folk Hero Gaffer Klas ('Klas Whitebear')"

It would appear that Valan Nonesuch has 'the wisdom of Whitebeard' for the gift he has given us this year in his entry on the halfling patron, Gaffer Klas. This entry, full of colour, wolves and parties, ties in nicely with what we have on site already about the halflings and he has also written two stories about this halfling patron. I hope that Valan has 'Hearthfire's heart' and gives us many more stories of Gaffer Klas, Mian Longfellow, Dalireen and others of the Blessedvales.

Other nominees for the Best Miscellaneous Award were as follows:
- "The Death Rites of the Troll Shamans" by Jonael Tomeskrift 
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 Best of the Rest Award

The Best of the Rest Award 2011 goes to... the Nepris development team !
Winning entry: "The Mysteries of Nepris, Part II" (Santhworld Module)
Main Developers:
Grinch, Artimidor, Shabakuk, Seeker and Bard Judith

The Best of the Rest in Two Thousand Eleven Has been voted by people's acclaim,
And declared to be Santhworld - mysterious heaven, That brings an entire group fame.
We must praise our dear sage first and foremost, of course, Who invented the conceptual game,
But also the artists who've worked like a horse, To visualize all of the same.
For Nepris the Second has outdone the First, Though the First surely could not be called 'lame',
Enthralling and frustrating, our heads fit to burst, Entrapping both master and dame.

The writers have laboured on twists and on turns, To make a mysterious plot,
And soundmen and actors and sketchers of ferns, We truly do owe you a lot,
Plus hugs to the Grinch, who's a techie at heart, And helps us all out of a spot!
So thanks to the many who've made this success, A bit of the whole in the pot,
Santharia distilled, like delectable stew, Good whether you finish - or not!

Other nominees for the Best of the Rest Award were as follows:
- "The Santhworld Hall of Fame" by Grinch and Artimidor Federkiel
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And finally we've go two special awards this year...

 Lifetime Achievement Award for Creativity and Inspiration

The Lifetime Achievement Award for Creativity and Inspiration... goes to Azhira Styralias!
Creeping through the northern mists one might expect to come across a wary netherbeast monster or a colony of ghostling brownies, but instead you may spot a young researcher collecting samples and taking notes. And you might expect this researcher to be receiving an award for bravery or daring or stout heartedness, however, the Council of Sages has met and has seen fit to grant a special award to this young researcher, bearing the name of Azhira Styralias for Creativity and Inspiration. An award deserved and long overdue!

Thanks to Azhira we now have the bane of the north documented, the Mists of Osthemangar with its Wyrmrot Spire. Along with other eerie entries such as the Shadespell Gorge, Fanghenge Ruins, mystran spirit, and the wisp, Azhira has established herself as the crafter of the creepy. But Azhira's creativity does not stop there. She has also brought us a whole orc race in the Kaaer'dar'shin Half Orcs, a beautifiul plant in the tear frost flower and wondrous magic in Anilya the Everbright. In practically every category Azhira delivered high quality entries over the past years!

We could keep going listing here all those breathtaking entries but let us say a word about her cooperative spirit: Azhira's involvement in the Ximax rewrite was indeed an excellent example of collaboration and inspiration. She's great to work with and a pleasure to have around the halls of the compendium headquarters.

Therefore we say: Thank you, Azhira, for all that you have brought us! We look forward to more creativity and inspiration from you in the next year and decade to come. Congratulations!  Return to the top


 Lifetime Achievement Award for Productivity and Heart

The Lifetime Achievement Award for Productivity and Heart... goes to Rayne Avalotus!
If there is a common thread that runs through the very center of Santharia, through the whole of it, it would be Productivity and Heart. This is what separates the Santharian Experience above and beyond other sites that fit into this genre. The people who gather here, who pour their creativity into this world, are a special breed. They are true Santharians at heart, not just writers of Fantasy. But, even among these special people, there are those who stand out; whose very being signifies what it really means to be a Santharian. Rayne Avalotus is one such person. She is not merely a writer of elves; she IS an elf. She IS a mage. There is so much of her soul that comes across in her creations, that one cannot help but be swept up in them. Not only in a Development role, but on the Role Playing side as well. No one has gone to the lengths she has gone to, or put as much of herself into the restructuring of it than she. And through it all, she handles herself with unflinching grace and dignity. Her contributions, of which there are many, are always done with an attention to detail and calibre of quality that few can match. Rayne Avalotus, in short, is the very epitome of Productivity and Heart.  Return to the top

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