Description. Usually the Lesser Demons are simple in their intent and desires and thus mages have always tried to control them. But while they're far easier to deal with than the Higher Demons they're often still powerful enough and filled with destructive powers to endanger even powerful wizards and strong warriors. Most of these Demons however have very distinctive weaknesses, which someone having the knowledge about the different Demon species, can easily exploit and use to his/her advantage. So is the sephet demon a creature based on the desire for fresh meat while the chasm demons only intend to hunt and kill. Return to the top

Overview. The known Lesser Demons are as follows:

The Chasm Demon

Chasm Demons are rather tall, but usually hunched over. Their skin is a sickly grey with tinges of brown. They are well muscled, with hideously out of proportion bodies. Chasm Demon are one of the most common type of demons summoned by the black mages during the War of the Chosen.

The Gamosh-Ra ("Lightning Demon")

Gamosh-Ra ("Lightning Demons") are great, hulking mounds of muscle and flesh that are nearly three peds high. Their skin is charred completely black, scored with gashes which are always bleeding. The blood of the Gamosh-Ra is red, but thick, and has the touch of acid. Their mouths are full of yellow fangs, which they use to feed. Their fists are like great war hammers and their roar like thunder. With eyes a bright white/yellow light lightning they indeed are a very fearful sight.

The Jhulnyor, or Grasp Demon, is a sea demon with similarities to kraken, but much more dangerous. It is a very territotial beast which will kill instantly when the territory it occupies is invaded, however, this is also the weakness of this beast as it won't leave this location. The Jhulnyor can camouflage itself, fits through the smallest hole and regenerates hacked-off limbs. Definitely not a good idea to search for them...

The Mephguór

The Mephguóurs (Styrásh Mephguóur, lit. "devoured by hellfire") are lesser kinds of demons, also called man-demons. They are in fact living people, who were magically transformed. They appear in the typical form of men with reddish skin, which is either glowing or in some cases even burning unceasingly, depending on the general alignment of the person before the spell of transformation was cast upon it.

Such demons were mainly used in ancient times by dark sorcerers as guidance for more powerful creatures conjured directly from the depths of hell in order to fulfill the evil purposes assigned to them by the mages. Mephguóurs were a common sight during the War of the Chosen and because they seldom could be spotted alone in open field their appearance usually indicated that greater demons or even whole armies of undead warriors were following.


The Netherbeast is said to be one of the most horrifying and bloodthirsty fiends ever to walk the face of Caelereth. Demonologists say that these wretched creatures were summoned and brought to life through magical means thousands of years ago from the depths of the Netherworlds to wreak untold destruction. These beasts may vary completely in appearance, ranging from spider-like forms with human skulls to mighty horned skeletons or slimy, toxic creatures resembling crawling brains and rumored to possess magical abilities never dreamed of. Some demonologists say that the Netherbeast is a vile combination of corpses and bodily parts of other Netherworld creatures. There are some accounts that the bite or wound made by a Netherbeast can turn its victim into a Netherbeast themselves. This may explain how these creatures reproduce. Regardless, it is generally agreed by most scholars that the Mists of Osthemangar in Northern Sarvonia have a fairly high concentration of Netherbeasts stalking about within.

The Sephet

The Sephet is a demon kind that generally grows from 5 up to 12 peds in length. The body is described as that of a large snake with the upper body of what can be interpreted as a man-like creature. The strong muscled tail makes these creatures stand up to 3 peds in height. The skin are scales colored in a metallic mixture of greens and blues which makes the beasts extremely sturdy against all kinds of physical attacks. There exist three varieties of this kind of demon: the Sephet (mindcontrolled by its mother), the Le-Sephet (already grown up in mind and power) and finally the Matar-Sephet (fully grown, largest and oldest of its kind and the most dangerous, physical and in its magical powers).

The Tam-Rek

Tam-Reks are large, black-skinned brutes. They have elvishly pointed ears, but round human types bodies which, despite the diameter, are very muscular. Their feet are actually cloven hooves which are surrounded by thick off white hair that continues up to the knee. Tam-Reks also have thin hair on their head which appear close shaved, but never truly grow, much the same as their goatees.

The Téi-Hái

he Téi'Hái (also called "Magic Demon" or "Mage Bane") is a towering bulk of terror: 3.5 peds tall, 1 ped from shoulder to shoulder, sickly yellow skin, a mouth of dagger-like teeth, and able to crush the head of an orc by wrapping a hand around it and squeezing it. The only real special ability of the Magic Demon is its saliva. When it chooses to, it salivates a strong acid, which it can spit with deadly accuracy. It will melt the skin right off the bone, and then the bones will follow. It also has strength greatly above that of humans, though by the looks of it that doesn't seem very special, but rather something you'd expect...

Venazla (or Sand Demons) are small creatures who are just masses of muscle, fur, and teeth. They are balls which would probably fit in the cupped hands of a normal human man. Though under their thick layer of fur there are arms and legs somewhere. They are powerful too, because they can jump easily, thanks to their abundant muscles. There are also two eyes, which burn red with hatred and hunger for flesh. Venazla also have a very visible mouth, which is filled with razor sharp teeth. Truly demonic creatures, they also let out a screeching yell when they attack.

The Móh-Mélor (Styrásh
Móh-Mélor), literally meaning "dark shadow", though more commonly known as the Wraith, is an unseen demon that inhabits empty space, including even the smallest cracks in buildings and ground. These demons have the ability to pass right through any physical or mental substance, and are a parasitic beings. Though rare in any place other than the Netherworlds, when taking manifest upon the realm of mortals, the most common thing for the Wraith to do is seek out the nearest person and possess them. Return to the top

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