Appearance. Incas are shapeshifters, who dont have any true form. When they do not choose their form, they are seen as blueish grey clouds. They do however change into other forms quite often, specifically the elemental forms that the creature lives in and a creature that is common to that area. For example, if the creature lives in the woods, then it will take the form of foliage of an elf or a wolf. Return to the top

Special Abilities. An Inca can take on the form of many creatures and different elements, all depending on its surrounding environment. They are also very strong, making them hard to kill for anyone. It will take a large part of its environment, and condense it within itself in the same form as the creature by squeezing the chunks of its environment within itself, and leaving enough space within the chunks to squeeze itself in the cracks and take control of the form as if it were stealing another creature's body (it cannot steal another creature's body though).

Although rarely seen, Inca Tatis are often used in individual magic and private battles. They are extremely helpful if tamed, for they will listen to commands and can change their shape to fit the command.
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Territory. Incas live almost everywhere. They cannot be killed when in their original form, and can adapt quite easily to their environment. But if they do not change back into their normal form and go someplace that the form cannot withstand, then neither will the Inca. Return to the top

Habitat/Behaviour. Inca Tatis are very rare and do not have any contact with each other, besides mating. They are very docile and are easily commanded. But when they are disturbed or feel that they are being threatened, they will take the strongest form and act extremely violent, often killing many people or living creatures at once. Inca Tatis are very shy, hiding or blending into the environment whenever many creatures are around. The only reason one would be seen is if it is caught off guard or if it has trust in that creature.
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Diet. When inside cloud form, Incas use different energies from the air (the same energies found in lightning clouds and humid days) to "energize" themselves. They also eat tiny bugs and creatures that fly around the air.They gain their energy from their environment, when they use its surroundings to change its form. They eat food and vegetation when they are inside a form, but this could lead to some color distortion in original form: If fed normal food while inside a form, the Inca Tati's original color of blueish grey can be altered depending on the food.
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Mating. Mating only happens once every 2000 years. Two Inca Tatis will form together, and transform into one cloud for a period of one year. Within that year they will change and morph into many different creatures at a constant rate. After the year has passed, the two Inca Tatis will literally explode, creating many offspring. Most offspring transform too soon, and cause themselves to dissapate. Only a few offspring survive the beginning phase of life. After they have grown without form for one month, they will be able to start to change into different forms. After a year they are fully grown and leave the original birthing area to find decent territories. The only way for the Inca Tatis to control their population from overgrowing is to change into just an element, and not a form of the creature. This will cause the creature to die. This only happens if it does not mate after the 2000 year period. The only reason for an unnsuccessful mating would have to be the color of the Inca Tati.
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Origin. The origin of this creature is unknown. It is often said it was created as a war creature, and commanded to kill as many opposing forces as possible. Others say that they were once living creatures that never ceased to live. This probably changed them into living ghosts, or the Inca Tatis. But the true origin and reason behind their shapeshifting abilities are probably that they were once a wizard's experiment. The famous story-teller and fairy-tales collector Master Tribell has his own version of the Inca Tati story:

"There once was a wizard who lived a very solitary and lonely life deep within the Auturian Woods. He was born and raised inside the forest, but did not like the urban life. He was small and knew his way around areas so he could mainly avoid the dangers of the woods. It was extremely rare that he went to visit the nearby village of Ria. He always wanted someone to take over after he decided to die. He was much too old to have a son or an apprentice, so he decided to get a pet. Most of the pets he had were very hard to handle for him, and he would always forget about them and they would eventually die (for you see, he was a very forgetful person and would forget many things very quickly). Pets also served no purpose except being a pet to him because they were not helpful in his works.

So one day the wizard decided to create a perfect pet that would be nearly hassle free, would not need any more food then bugs and could be helpful in growing or catching certain herbs, beasts or reagents for the wizards potions or spells. Unfortunately the wizard did not remember an ingredient in the spell (he was really very old and senil obviously), and the creature was created accidentally with the power to shapeshift into the objects that it was created to retrieve for the wizard. The wizard did not notice this until he had created about seven of these creatures. The creatures slowly took the trait in morphing into other objects after long exposure to different shapes and organisms. [...]

At first our wizard was disappointed because he didnt create the perfect assistant, but soon became fond of his pets in a way. He himself thought that his accident could lead to a new form of magic. He became obsessed with the Inca Tatis and the accident behind their shapeshifting abilities. Years later, the wizard passed away because of his obsession and he never quite finished his research and experiments. Since there was no purpose for the creatures to live there, the Inca Tatis just floated away to find new places to live and find a way to survive. The wizard lived such a solitary life deep within the Auturian Woods that nobody knew of them or of the wizard's death. [...] Eventually, the Inca Tatis spread out across the world and became the shapeshifters as which they are known today. [...]"

-- "Master Tribell's Miraculous Narrations": Of the Wizard and his pets, p. 72 f.

The Inca Tatis are called "Inca Tatis" because they were first seen by a group of travelers within a small forest filled valley and the group had thought that they were an "Incantation" of a ghost or spirit of a dead person. It was not until a group of elves decided to study the creatures. Over the years the name was shortened from "Incantations" to Inca Tati. Return to the top

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