The Nysl is one of the smallest dragons to live in Caelereth, second to the butterfly dragon. It stands at an average full height of twenty-seven nailsbreadths and seventeen nailsbreadths at the shoulder. Because of its size and supposed origins, the Nysl call themselves the "Dwarf Dragons". This small creature makes its home in the Vale with the Llaoihrr Brownies, being quite content with such small company. The oopper Nysl in the Vale have been integrated into the Brownie society for a variety of purposes, being companions and mounts for those who they have found favour with as well as providing armour. Some of the Nysl have found the knowledge the Llaoihrr possess to be intriguing, and find conversations with them to be fascinating as well as stimulating. They have also taken a liking to the Redbarks in particular, having a curiosity for the Life Magic these Brownies practice. Though they have magic of their own, they are eager to learn new things and have been attempting to grasp some basic concepts of what Life Magic contains, but find it to still be beyond what they understand. Like their cousins, the drakes, they are known for a prolonged lifespan of nearly 200 years.

Appearance. These dragons come in three colours: gold, silver, and copper, ranging in rarity depending on their colouration. The gold are the rarest amongst the Nysl while the copper are the most common. The silver, though very friendly, shares a similar rarity with the gold, but lacks the awe-inspiring reaction created when a gold Nysl is seen. The scales of the Nysl are like small fingernails in shape and design, but despite their brittle appearance, they are a strong defense against many larger predators. The scales of the gold and silver also have a metallic sheen to them, making them shimmer in the sun's light. Yet the copper Nysl's scales are flat, not containing the shimmer the others' possess. These hard scales cover most of their body except the wings and underbelly. Their underbelly scales are much softer and less durable than the ones which cover their backs, being much like that of a snake's skin.

The Nysl range in size but not greatly in shape, retaining a similar structure in both facial features and body build to each other as well as their larger kin. They are long and lean creatures with compact muscles and a swift agility, making them formidable predators in their own right. Their height expands from about twenty nailsbreadths to thirty-five nailsbreadths tall. They also reach a good length of 100-110 nailsbreadths, and a wingspan of anywhere from ninety nailsbreadths to 105 nailsbreadths. The copper Nysl, being the smallest of the three, has made a great mount for the Llaoihrr because of its comparative height of a horse to a human. Also, with their small size and aptitude for flight, they do not weigh much, being an average of about thirty ods. In these respects, they share an approximate size with the Aohu'o's skyters, though their differences are quite numerous.

For each, the facial features are fairly similar: a short yet pointed muzzle. The tip is quite sharp, as it is used for tearing and ripping meat. A curved shield-like bone structure decorates the back of their head. It is not large, nor does it stand upright. It mostly curves around the the head as a frontal protection for the neck. At the top of this plate are two mildly sharp horns which match the colour of their scales. They serve little purpose in life, but have found a use amongst the Brownies as weapons and various tools because of their strength and durability. Their talons are long, curved and black in colour. They are used for grabbing hold of branches and rock cliffs with ease, being very sharp and sturdy, as there is nothing known to be able to damage them.

Special Abilities. It is believed these creatures have the ability to speak to each other through mysterious means of the mind. From what has been observed, they would seem to be lost in thought or have a far away look in their eyes. Though, during conversations with these creatures, they often lay hints to such an ability, but they keep it under a thick web of secrecy. It is one of the few things they are not willing to explain further to those around them, even though they have the intense desire to both share and obtain knowledge.

Their magic is also something of interest that many have tried to study and comprehend, but it is a complex ability, an innate ability, something which is so a part of them it isn't something they even have to think about to accomplish. Though, they are eager to share the information and abilities they have learned over years of existence, it has been observed that their magic is much like what a wind mage may practice. Learning magic from the Nysl is much like the task of the Nysl trying to learn magic from the Redbarks; complicated and frustrating at times, but the Nysl are not ones to give up easily when it comes to understand something new.

Also, like their larger kin, they have the ability to breathe fire. This is known to be true for all three of the Nysl, and it is generally their first line of attack or defense. One must often be careful not to startle the Nysl, or they may quickly find themselves singed from the flames emitted from their small mouths. It is not understood how they are able to perform this ability, but there is some speculation that it is a form of magic they possess.

The ease of communication is something which has made the Nysl an invaluable addition to the Llaoihrr society. Not only can the Brownies learn new languages through the Nysl, but they can communicate on the same level with their own language, as the copper Nysl have learned to speak the native language of the Brownies. This has created a strong bond between the two groups, making them a force to be reckoned with on many levels.
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Territory. The Nysl consider the Vale, and the surrounding mountains, their home. Being found as far north as Kor Doníon and as far south as the northern edge of the Quallian Forest, they can be seen fully within the boundaries of the Vale. The copper Nysl never leave the Vale, even as it has been tried, they have been adamant about remaining where they were. The gold and silver Nysl will skim the edges of the Vale's boundaries when hunting, but they will be very careful to stay within the imaginary lines.
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Habitat/Behaviour. The Nysl that live amongst the Brownies live much like that of cats but are much more inquisitive and aware. They thrive on learning and stimulating conversations, though, compared to their larger kin, they are far from the most intelligent. Also possessing a mild temperament makes them quite enjoyable companions, and aggression is rightfully noted as rare with the exception of between other Nysl. The copper Nysl also have a closeness to each other and are usually found with at least one other as a companion, giving them another to rough-house with to keep their temperament even.

The copper Nysl prefer the closeness to the Brownies to the typical mountainous regions the other Nysl call home. Living primarily with the Llaoihrr at Sorceress' Peak, it seems they are drawn to this place, and why is quite a speculation. Many believe it is partly because of the mystical properties the Brownies who live there possess, but the copper Nysl are not just found with the Llaoihrr at Sorceress' Peak. They can be found all over the Vale.

The Oha-ooy is something the Nysl find curious, especially because it is used by the life mages, an aspect of Brownie life the Nysl find quite fascinating. Though the Nysl cannot use the Oha-ooy as a staff, they do try to mimic the way Brownies use it when storing 'magic' within them. The Nysl are also the primary method the Llaoihrr use to access the wild Oha-ooy, as they have a similar mindset when dealing with the tree.

The gold and silver Nysl, unlike the copper, prefer the loneliness of the mountains than the companionship with the Brownies. Yet, they find themselves drawn to Sorceress' Peak, much like that of the copper Nysl, and this is something still being studied. While it is generally unheard of, there have been a few cases of the silver Nysl finding companionship with a Brownie or even an Elf, but the Nysl seem to find no connection with any other races, which is still under observation by researchers. The golden Nysl is the most aggressive of the three, and the most protective. It will guard its territory and 'treasure' with a great ferocity. This is countered by the silver who is known to be more friendly and much more like the copper Nysl.

The Nysl like to talk, especially when it is on a topic they are quite passionate about, and they are more than eager to chatter anyone's ear off who is willing, or even not willing, to listen. They are also great listeners, asking questions and learning whatever they can get their ears on. Many of the Brownies find this trait quite intolerable some days, as they feel a day should be more productive on a more noticeable front than just discussing the philosophies of life.
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Diet. Coming from a long line of meat eating creatures, the Nysl are no exception of their kind, finding small game quite tasty. They will eat just about any small animal they can get their mouths on, but this varies greatly from creature to creature.

The copper Nysl, as much as they dislike to admit it, have been domesticated enough to know what they can and cannot eat in the Brownie villages. Their diet usually consists of whatever meat they are given by their companions, but they do not complain as long as they are fed. This has led to a great level of trust between the Brownies and the copper Nysl, and the Nysl will not be the ones to say they regret their 'domestication', even though they do not like being associated too closely with that term.

The silver and gold Nysl take joy in taking down wild game, be it from the sky or on the ground. They are sufficient hunters, having no difficulty in catching the prey they go after: rabbits, sheep, goats, and some fowl. Sometimes, they will band together to take down larger prey such as horses or deer. When a kill is made, the corpse is ravaged and nothing is left of the creature when the Nysl are done tearing it apart.
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Mating. The ritual performed by these creatures when they mate is nothing spectacular, but it can be beautiful to observe if one has the time. The Nysl are in no rush when they mate, taking their time to enjoy each other's company and pleasures. They are very affectionate creatures, and will display this with their mates with rubbing their bodies together and lick each other's faces much like that of a dog to its master. When the time comes for them to commence with intercourse, the female must give the male permission. She does this by becoming a bit more aggressive towards him, nipping, scratching and growling at him for attention. There have been times observed that she would become so determined, blood would be drawn in her attempts. When the male finally relents to her aggression, or has had enough of the torment, he will mount his mate and proceed with a persuaded momentum.

Not every encounter will be for impregnating the female. In fact, she is only fertile enough to conceive four times in her lifetime and most females will lay eggs twice in a lifetime. In a batch, there will usually be two to five eggs, and an average of three to four baby Nysl, often referred to as an Eiti, reaching adulthood. The Nysl find pleasure in each other, both through intercourse and through being in each others company. Being fiercely loyal creatures, the Nysl will defend their mate to the death, no matter who or what dares to stand between them. This has made the copper Nysl a troublesome creature to live with from time to time, especially if they are newly joined to a mate. Yet, many find this trait beautiful, understanding the love one has for the other and will not try to fight it.

When the female lays her eggs, she will guard them for about three months until they hatch, not leaving them alone for a second. The egg itself often reflects the colour of the Nysl, being either copper, silver, or gold, but it is just colour and it retains no actual metal within them of any value. They are also almost perfectly round, much like that of a fish egg, but with a much stronger shell. Though there is a huge trust between mates, the female will not leave the eggs alone with their mate. She relies on her mate to take care of her while she tends to the eggs, bring her food, water, and companionship.

Once the eggs hatch, the Eiti will emerge as a small and very round version of its parents, being a mere palmspan in length and eight nailsbreadths around at the belly. Most Eiti are born as a shade of purple. This hue ranges from almost white to a dark rich colouration depending on the colour of the parents. Gold Nysl will usually have a medium shade while the silver Nysl will be much closer to that of white. The copper Nysl usually have the darkest hue when they are born.

The Eiti don't grow at a very fast pace, relying on their parents greatly for the first fifteen years of their life. When they reach twenty-five, they are considered adults, and the females have reached their first fertile period. Most do not conceive during this period, but it has been known to happen from time to time. Once they have reached adulthood, their parents leave them to fend for themselves, as they will most likely have chosen a mate by their twenty-fifth year.
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Usages. The copper Nysl, having grown accustomed to the company of the Brownies, have allowed their little companions to take to their backs from time to time. This is a jovial experience for both parties, and no aggression is expressed in this manner of riding. The expression of freedom which the Nysl emits when flying, they are more than willing to share with the close companions. The Nysl also do not mind participating in various games in which they carry riders, but they will often become bored with the game unless it stimulates their mind, and there have been times they have taken out their boredom on the one thing the Brownies needed to continue their play.

The scales of the Nysl, after they have been shed, do not lose their strength properties and are used to make some of the best armour available to the Brownies of the area. The scales are not shed often, so it may take years to put together one piece of armour, depending on its size. This also makes the amour very expensive to have made.

The teeth of the Nysl never dull, remaining sickeningly sharp even after years of steady use. It is because of this the Llaoihrr have found them to be great for all sorts of tools and weaponry. The claws are also used for similar purposes because of their razor-sharp nature, and even more useful because they are stronger and last much longer than the teeth.
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Myth/Lore. Where these creatures originated from has been a great debate amongst researchers. Some manuscripts state the Void as a possible place of origin, while others explain why the Tanadala Highlands is a more appropriate place. Yet, if you ask the Nysl themselves, they will tell you a different story, as they firmly believe in their close kindred to their larger counterparts. They believe in this fact so distinctly, that they often refer to themselves as the "Dwarf Dragons". When the Nysl actually arrived at the Vale has been long lost and forgotten, but the Brownies will never forget their first encounter with these creatures.

The story is told about a time, many millennia ago during the War of the Chosen, when an insane elven Archmage by the name of Syrvor, was studying on his own to hopefully extend the life of his ultimate obsession, dragons. Despite their already natural long lifespan and magical nature, he felt the outcome would be lauded for its revolutionary achievement and something to be used by others for various purposes. Over the years leading up to these experiments, he had been able to coerce several young dragons into joining him with his little experiment, though they felt suspicious and cautious of his true intentions. Amongst those who 'volunteered' for the experiment were two young copper dragons, two young silver, and surprisingly, two young gold dragons. These small and impressionable creatures were unfortunately quite unaware of the probable outcomes this particular experiment could produce, but the Mage was quite sure he had everything figured out. Though he was confident in his ability and research, only time would be the determinant of the true outcome of the experiment.

"Aha! At last, the day I have been preparing for has finally arrived," Syrvor announced with a frightening level of glee. "Are you ready, my pets? To experience true history?"

The young dragons did not reply but merely stared at the insane mage with frightened eyes. They were regretting their decision to take part in this strange experiment, but there was no time to back out now. They could only hope the outcome would not be a drastic mistake.

"Fine, remain silent on the matter of your future, but I feel you will not be disappointed in the ultimate outcome," Syrvor said, expressing his overall confidence on the experiment.

Coaxing the dragons, two at a time, into the center of a circle which had been laid out to keep them together, they huddled together in fear of the upcoming actions of the strange mage. He then began the long process of casting, knowing each session would take hours to complete. Spacing out the experiments would give him time to observe any changes in the creatures, hoping to record any good results which would have come about.

After the completion of the first session, he slept for days, regaining his strength for the next period. It was a tedious process, but his excitement over his probable recognition kept his optimism up.

The young dragons felt strange when the session was brought to a close. Something in their make-up had been altered, but they could not pinpoint what it was. All they knew was something had been changed. After all the sessions had been completed, as the dragons did not wish to leave each other behind, fearing adverse affects of leaving the other, they waited until the mage had finished his experiment then fled while the mage rested.

When they returned to their homeland in the Highlands and the spent years waiting to see what would change about their progression, whether they would outlive their family and friends, or if something more tragic would be the result. As time passed, nothing really seemed to change, except they did not grow, at least at the normal pace others around them progressed. Everything seemed to be normal, with the exception of never growing larger. Yet, as more time passed and the little dragons also noticed their aging seemed to be altered, and not for the good. As they watched as they began to die off much earlier than the others around them, it was a reason to worry. They had been changed, and they no longer felt as if they belonged. Even though everything else about them seemed to remain the same, their size and aging process did not. With the stunted nature of their growth, their lifespan had also been cut to seemingly reflect their altered size. They also observed it affected their offspring as well. As they remained with their larger kin, they soon obtained the name of 'Dwarves', and at the time, it wasn't something they felt honoured to adorn. It was devastating to the living 'Dwarf Dragons', and they felt shunned and out of place.

After a millennium of watching those like them pass away and be persecuted for their size, they banded together and came to the conclusion they had to find a new home. A place where they could live as themselves, hidden from others of their kind. They wanted to feel as though they belonged, someplace they wouldn't be oppressed by those they considered friends.

They left the Tandalas, and spent the following centuries searching for a place to call home. It was a grueling task, and often times resulted in frustration. After another millennium had nearly come to a close, they came upon the Vale, a place which seemed to be a place of comfort and nothing to overwhelming in size it would engulf them. Happy with their discovery, they made their home in the mountains, becoming content to live there with only each other for company. Though, their newfound homeland wouldn't only their own forever. With their new homeland, they decided to give themselves a name to set themselves apart from the kin they had left behind. It was the the name Nysl came into being, and they have referred to themselves as the Nysl every since.

Several millennia later, they felt a small disturbance in the woodlands below, their hunting grounds. A couple of curious dragons felt the need and curiosity to investigate and what they found caught them off guard. A small group of little people were walking wearily through the trees, and the Nysl were quite unsure of how to respond to the new 'invaders'. Though they seemed harmless enough, as the Nysl felt no threat from these small creatures being small enough to be a decent meal, there was something about them which intrigued the little dragons beyond such a notion. Watching them from a distance over the years, they noticed a use of a strange magic, and the copper Nysl became quite fascinated with this particular practice by the little people. The magic was much different from their own and the magic they were told the Archmage had used on their ancestors.

Yet, amongst the Nysl was a dragon named Peerkal, and while he was hunting through the woods, he didn't realize how close to the little people he had gotten and ran into a small group of them which seemed to be on a hunting expedition of their own. Though fear was his first thoughts, he didn't flee, but decided this was his opportunity to make Nysl history and have the first real contact with the people who shared their home.

Quietly and carefully, he approached the little people before he was within several peds of them. Placing his haunches on the ground, he looked at them curiously before attempting to address them.

"Hello, little people," he began, his voice seeming to boom about the trees.

The little people stopped in their tracks and looked stunned about them. Something had spoken to them, and what it was perplexed them and caused them to shake in fear.

"I said, hello," Peerkal said again, this time making his way closer to the group.

As he became more visible, their weapons were suddenly pointed in his direction and he backed off a little bit.

"Stay away, creature," they demanded, obviously fearful of his presence, which was something Peerkal didn't understand.

As Peerkal looked at them, noticed they came in strange colours, and they were that colour from head to toe. His mind wandered as to what they would taste like, or if they were poisonous. If they were poisonous, he didn't want to die, and decided against having a small taste of these little people, and their weapons didn't look pleasant.

"My name is Peerkal, and I live in the mountains. What are you called, little ones?" He asked with true sincerity.

Gathering their strength, the small people raced at him. Peerkal's eyes widened and he quickly took off away from them, leaping into the air to escape the point things they were attacking him with. The young Nysl went home, and relayed his story to his friends and family, encouraging his kind to have nothing to do with the savages down below.

It is believed, in the year of 750 b.S., at least as recorded by the Llaoihrr Brownies, an interest in the Nysl began. This time, it would be the Brownies who reached out the Nysl, but there would be much resistance from both parties. Syalah, in around 200 b.S., would be the first to make any progress in obtaining any significant information about these creatures, and the first of the Llaoihrr to gain the trust of the copper Nysl. Slowly, as they began to learn more about each other, there was a understanding and curiosity about each that they couldn't contain. They started to mingle with each other, to learn from each other, and become a part of each other's society.

Kalína Dalá'isyrás heard of some fascinating creatures which lived in the Vale with the Brownies during her travels in about 175 a.S. She had spent some time with the Tenthrum Dwarves, finding Dwarves to always have a surprising knowledge of what went on in the mountains, even beyond their own, and she continually heard of these small dragons which had found companionship with the Brownies. Dragons which felt comfortable mingling with others not of their own kind was rare, and something she felt she needed to explore more in depth. The Dwarves also mentioned the name of a particular Brownie who was known to be studying them in depth, and this greatly peaked her interest. After some convincing, she managed to convince a small envoy to allow her to accompany them into the Vale. It was not an easy trek, but Kalína was determined.

The eventual meeting of the two researchers was one of great respect. Syalah knew little of the research done outside of the Vale, with the exception of the tales the Tenthrum would tell. Yet, the exchange of information between the two researchers was enjoyable for all parties, as one of Syalah's good friends, Tobily the Nysl, was more than happy to join into the conversations. Between the three of these eager mouths and ears, much was learned about outside the Vale and about the Nysl..

Kalína did in fact fall in love with these creatures, and the feeling became mutual with the handful she met. They found her enjoyable, especially because of her extensive knowledge of their larger kin, and they couldn't get enough of her stories and information. Before she left, she had found favour with one particular silver Nysl, and he wished to join her on her travels, but he was established where he was, and she didn't want to take him from his home. Yet, as she was leaving, the creature hide its child in her pack, knowing she would take care of it and it would have the chance to learn and grown into something he could not.

It wasn't until after she had left did she find the small critter in her pack. She contemplated taking it back to its family, but after looking into its large blue eyes, she didn't have the heart to let go what she assumed had been brought to her by forces from above. Naming the little Nysl Ashah, they became close friends as it grew older, learning much from each other as they journeyed together. A lot of information and stories was added about the Nysl as a result of this companionship, and the Nysl as a whole, felt pleased with this.

It was this unlikely pair which made Nysl history, as none had felt the courage to do such a thing on their own. To leave Brownies meant certain death, even with their adaptable nature. People would be fearful of them, even with their diminutive size, and would rally against them, slaughtering them on sight. Yet, they hoped over the years the opinion of them would be changed by Kalína Dalá'isyrás, and they would be able to make an appearance in their old homeland without the fear of persecution. Return to the top

Researchers. Syalah Redbark is well known amongst the Llaoihrr Brownies for her work and study of the Nysl. She has spent many years trying to understand the creatures and others have found it helpful in learning how to live with these fascinating creatures. Syalah spent many years studying the works of various researchers of drakes and dragons in the attempt to properly classify the Nysl, specifically Morcaanan and Kalína Dalá'isyrás. Only after extensive research on both the Nysl, and the other researchers' work did she come to classify the Nysl as a dragon. Return to the top

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