The Móh-Mélor (Styrásh Móh-Mélor), literally meaning "dark shadow", though more commonly known as the Wraith, is an unseen demon that inhabits empty space, including even the smallest cracks in buildings and ground. These demons have the ability to pass right through any physical or mental substance, and are a parasitic beings. Though rare in any place other than the Netherworlds, when taking manifest upon the realm of mortals, the most common thing for the Wraith to do is seek out the nearest person and possess them.

Wraith is thought to be a variety of the mystran shadow spirit. However, it is less influencal and less powerful than the mystran, but, unlike its elder "brother", it is silent and unseen, and no one knows when they have been possessed, while the mystran is often fought back against because its dominating presence is known to the victim. While the mystran also exerts complete control over the host, the Waith does not.

Appearance. Wraiths have no physical form to speak of. They are merely "there", an undefined presence. Like the air, they are made of no substance, and can travel through any material, solid or not. If one were to describe a Wraith, it would probably be somewhat of a skeletal bird, with the head of a horned skull, at least this kind of description is provided by magi who tried to uncover its true appearance (but of course this image could also be only a reflection of the pictures the magis had in mind). Many believe that the Wraith is the counterpart of the mythical  phoenix, though some argue that the true opposite of the phoenix is the kiivosh. However, as the phoenix bird symbolizes life, the wraith "bird" commonly symbolizes death, just like the kiivosh, only in a different way. Return to the top

Special Abilities. Wraiths have no real powers on their own. They float around with little control over their direction until they find a sentient mortal being. Upon finding this person, they magically meld with the person's mind and fuse into their cár'áll, which is usually called "possessing". With this act of bonding complete, the Wraith then begins to exert its control, very minutely, over the possessed. Most often, the possessed has no idea that he has been bonded to a Wraith, and most die before anything can come of it. However, a few have known to develop demonic powers due to the possession of the Wraith. The most common is a state of high emotion and hatred that causes the person to lose all base thought and emotion, leaving only one thing in their minds: to kill. Acquiring unearthly strength and resolve, ferocity in combat of the possessed increases tremendously, and almost none have ever come out alive after attacked by one of these possessed souls.

When the possessed attack, they use all of the basic primal instincts of an animal, including teeth and nails. Ripping and shredding their target with powers not born of the physical plane
: they do not stop until the target is a shredded heap of blood and tissue sprayed across the ground. Of course, even in this state of unrest the inner soul does have slight control over their actions. Those who are more calm and who keep their emotions buried in them often burst in an array of magical power. Those who have little control in displaying their chaotic emotions often act no different from a wild animal, and some even worse.

The only time that
the act of demonic power occurs is once the person's emotions begin to boil to increased levels. Extreme cases of hatred towards another is the most common cause of the blood-rage, but some have been known to acquire the power upon the sight of severe pain and injury to one whom they deeply care for, however, this is rare.

In any case, the
blood-rage usually leaves the possessed tired and confused, and most often traumatized by their recent actions.

This is the only real symptom caused by the possessing
Wraith, as the Wraith, unlike other demons, just prefers to live the life of a parasite, with no thought or feelings about anything, except the need to survive. The only instinctive thought that these beings have is to find a sentient person and bond with them. The demonic powers of the Wraith are only present in very few, and even then are rare in occurrence.
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Territory. Wraiths have no natural or assigned territory. They simply float about looking for a host. Whether this floating occurs in the Netherworlds or the physical plane matters not to them. However, from research, it has appeared that they tend to inhabit areas that are on the elemental extremes, such as frigid icelands and volcanic mountains. Also, the more populated cities often possess a larger number of these Wraiths, due to being over run with hosts or potential hosts.

Every so often they are pulled back into the Netherworlds
by a demonic force, and whether this be because their powers are not strong enough to keep them out or something is spiritually pulling them back is as of yet unknown.
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Habitat/Behaviour. Wraiths merely float around for all time, possessing people until that soul dies, and then moving on to a new person. Some Wraiths seem to have acquired some minor demonic abilities throughout their immortal lives, possibly through having been a parasite to a necromancer or demonologist, and these powers are greatly amplified by their host, but the Wraiths have no brain or known way of thinking, and thus only carry out their basic instinctive drive: to possess.

However, their possession of people seems to alter the mind patterns of that person, and the host seems to develop more irrational thinking, blood-thirst, and an ignorant behavior. Some can even be driven mad by this possession, mad to the point of going through a never-ending
blood-rage. However, the mental powers of the person do seem to affect how strong the effects of the Wraith are; the stronger the will, the less potent the effects of the Wraith.

When the host dies, the
Wraith simply exits the dead body, and searches for a new host.
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Diet. Whatever the host eats, the Wraiths eat. Though the Wraiths have no need for food or drink, they are driven by their parasitic urges to possess in order to acquire this kind of life-maintaining diet. But, as has been said, the Wraiths generally have no need for common diet in order to survive.
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Mating. Like the diet, whenever the host mates, they mate with it. However, unlike food having no direct effect on the Wraiths, mating does. When their host reproduces, part of the Wraith is transferred with the mating of two beings, and this soul portion of the Wraith is then acquired by the unborn child of the two parents. The child of the parents is born with a "baby" Wraith which possesses them from before their birth. However, since this child grows with the demon in it from the beginning of its existence, it somewhat "melds" with the demon, resulting in what is known commonly as a "Blood Child" (Styrásh
phár'már-ín'cáo-énh). These children are often at least slightly distant from others, and seem to speak in a strange way, their sentences often sounding rather odd. They also seem to usually have a paler skin tone than others, some even going as far as to be paler than a drow. And unlike normal people, their hair seems to, like their skin, have little to no color, ranging from pure white to platinum. The Blood Children are said to be blessed, or cursed, with the blood-rage more often than those who only have been possessed during their lifetime, and can exhibit this power under lower conditions than the infested parent. These Blood Children are more ferocious in battle than normal people, and possess more powerful emotions, and even the most trivial matters of love and hate seem to weigh upon them greatly. Understandably, the madness rate of these children is quite high. Though most of these children die without the knowledge that they were, in fact, part demon. Return to the top

Myth/Lore. Wraiths are often symbolized with dead spirits who come back to haunt people as ghosts. Like ghosts, they have no physical form and float around, but the resemblance stops there. Ghosts can be seen, though many doubt that they exist, while Wraiths cannot. Ghosts are said to have thoughts of their own, usually the same thoughts that their mortal self possessed, while Wraiths are floating entities without any sort of a thinking mind.

Wraiths are also sometimes thought of to be messengers of the dead, but, like the ghost theory, this
seems impossible. Non-thinking organisms cannot exhibit actions that thinking organisms can. Many seem to ignore this rule, however.
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Researchers. A high level human necromancer known as R'Aldin Tysaer offered extensive information on the Blood Children, as his studies in the Wraith came to prove that he was, himself, a Blood Child. Researching himself and how he was affected from the possession of the Wraith, he came to conclude the various details that have been mentioned in this entry.

Some say that he used his necromantic powers to research the invisible
Wraiths themselves, in their own environment of the Netherworlds, but he died before anyone could prove this fact. His cause of death was insanity from the possession. He hurled himself off a cliff because he couldn't take the madness anymore.
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