Title of Book I of the trilogy of the Avaesthoría (also called the "Book of Paths") published in a new edition in the year of 1651 by Artimidor, the king's archivist at the New-Santhalian castle. The original authors of the trilogy are unknown. The myth of the "Book of Path" takes place at the time of approximately 200 a.S. and describes the adventures of Eyrin Fontramonn and Leander S'Ingvendar saving the world from the darkness of Coór spreading over Santharian lands.

Eyrin and his party

View picture in full size Picture description: The party following the Voldarian courier Eyrin into the depths of the dungeon of Hegedorn. Image drawn by Faugar.

Historical background. The main theme of "The Shadows of Móh'rónn" is devoted to the magical dispute between human magic (artificial) and elven magic (natural ability). The so-called "Móch'rónn" represents the dark elven lord who in reality was born as a bastard, a half-elf. His arrogance to gain immortality forces him to neglect human and elven magical principles as well. His striving leads towards a necromantic combination of the contradicting magical arts, which finally results in a promethic reach for godlike power: Centuries before the story begins the Móch'rónn started to descended into the depths of the Hèckranian volcano to topple the legendary Earthen Titan (one of the four elemental pillars supporting the material world of Aer'ai'chán). The objective of the Móch'rónn was to seize the titanic power and to gain his immortality, to unite himself with the universe and to be adored as a god himself.

The descent couldn't be prevented as the Santharian kingdom and a powerful regent were non-existent at this historical time. But on his mission to destroy his father's ambitions, the Acrón Serveran, heir to the elven throne, managed to unite the three races spread all over the continent (elves, dwarves and men) forming an alliance against the Móch'rónn. This finally resulted in the foundation of the United Kingdom of Santharia, named after the human regent, Santhros, the first Santharian king. Santhros established a central capital, Santhala, divided the realm into several provinces and was responsible for the kingdom's legacy (supported by elven and dwarven advisors). The crisis concerning the Móch'rónn was pressing, but it was held secret by the leaders of the realm to avoid new wars of the races against each other.

Fortunately it turned out that the descent of the Móch'rónn to the Titan would last centuries, but a victory against dark elven mages (summoning creatures of other worlds) and the Móch'rónn's slave army in the underground turned out to be an impossible feat. The entrance of the mine leading to the Hèckranian volcano was therefore guarded by the Santharian Alliance. Finally the so-called "King of Charity", Santhros, transformed the mines into a prison where the most dangerous criminals of the realms were kept and trained only to be unleashed versus the Móch'rónn's dark powers. The fight of the criminals combined with the Santharian elite guard against the elven mages became some sort of ritual in the Hegedorn dungeon (as the mine was renamed), took place in special arenas and lasted two centuries, but the efforts of the Santharian Alliance were to no avail.

All these incidents are described in flashbacks during the first part of volume I of the trilogy. The main story of the book is unfolded only bit by bit and with constantly changing scenaries.

Story. The main plot of "The Shadows of Móh'rónn" starts 200 years after the Móch'rónn's descent. The main character Eyrin Fontramonn, a Voldarian courier (a province in northern Santharia), is ordered to deliver a secret message to the king. Even as Eyrin receives the message he is already confronted with the shadows of the Móch'rónn and survives only by mere luck. On riding to Santhala Eyrin is accompanied by an old friend, the bard Leander S'Ingevendar, whom he meets by chance at an inn where he changes horses. The two young men are hunted by darkfriends and while an apocalyptic storm is roaming and heavy earthquakes take place they are forced to cross the Hèckranian pass. They know not that they move straight to the headquarters of the darkfriends, where their horses are shot. They drop into a gap, which opens under their feet and find themselves in an abandoned dwarven mine, which was sealed centuries ago.

Their struggle to survive leads Eyrin and Leander after numerous adventures to the underground city of Hegedorn, where they are welcomed as the Santharian saviors due to the prophetic words of the last dying captain in the arena ("the return of the sign"). Together with Serveran, a condemned halfling, a dwarf and a white mage they have no other choice as to face their fate and to begin the descent, following the Móch'rónn...

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