For a small fee the Santharian Dream artists offer to draw role playing characters exactly according to your wishes. Color portraits of face closeups (see picture to the right) will be done by all available portrait artists for US $20 (approx. EUR 20 as well), black/white pieces will cost US $15 (ca. EUR 15). All pictures will be available in the format 450*600 pixels.

This special standard price is kept rather low so that you can also afford it and still receive top quality. Should you nevertheless desire a larger pic (full size) or additional details, you can also select these pictures now in the form below. These of course will be much more expensive, so just decide what is appropriate for your needs. A short summary on all prices can be found below. Click on the example links to view how such pictures look like (the format at fullsize pics of course varies, so you only see a smaller version at the example pics).

Portrait Price Example
Black/White Portrait Face Closeup US $15 n.a.
Color Portrait Face Closeup US $20 Faugar, Quellion
Black/White Full Size, Low Detail Background US $40 n.a.
Color Portrait Full Size, Low Detail Background US $50 Faugar
Black/White Full Size, High Detail Background US $80 n.a.
Color Portrait Full Size, High Detail Background US $100 Faugar, Quellion

Please note that the fee we charge for such characters will not only bring you a first class picture of your favourite character. By ordering a portrait you also support our Santharian artists and the Santharia Dream as a whole. Especially if you enjoy role playing in Santharia already for quite a while, you might take into consideration that there are many people working at this project, which make it possible for you to enjoy the Dream as it is now. With commissioning a portrait for your character you not only do yourself a favor, but show that you appreciate the work the Santharian Dream team has put into this project and will put in the future.

You can use character portraits for whatever you choose to, be it a character on the Santharian Role Playing Board, a Baldur's Gate or Neverwinter Nights character, or any other personal use - it's up to you. It is also possible that the portrait or character may find it's way into the site, if you want to, providing you can come up with a fitting background, which is well integrated in the Santharian context. Get it for yourself, or for someone else as a birthday present, for whatever purpose you want.

Please be as precise as possible when requesting character portraits and try to fill out the form below as good as you can, so that you get exactly the image you desire. You will get a confirmation mail concerning your request as soon as possible, payment instructions and a date when you'll possibly can expect the delivery of the image.

Should you decide to commission a picture, we thank you
in advance for your request. Our artists will do their best to fulfill your wishes as best as they can:)

Yours sincerely,



Please note that the contents of the form below are sent through regular mail once you press the submit button. Therefore you need to have e-mail configured on your computer, so please do not fill out the form on public computers as you won't be able to send it! - Thanx in advance!


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Tribe (Enter here the tribe your character belongs to in case you know more details in this respect.)
Profession, Class, Title (Enter here what title you have given your character, which class he belongs to, e.g. "Fire Mage", "Assassin", "Thief", "Paladin" etc.)
Skin (Enter here the skin color.)
Eyes (Enter here the eye color.)
Hair (Enter here things like hair color, if they are short or long, curled etc.)
Character Features (Put in here everything you can think of which makes the character special in character, e.g. is he/she grumpy, happy, big, seclusive, calm, skinny, muscular etc. You can also mention scars, tattoos etc. here.)
Clothing (Let us know what your character should wear on the pic.)
Additional Notes (Anything else you'd like to mention? If you want you can also put excerpts of your character's history in here, which may reflect in the image.)
Questions (If you have any special questions, ideas, wishes, proposals concerning the drawing, here's the place for that.)
Payment Once you post a commission (see button below), please wait for a reply of the artist in order to clarify last details, problems etc. In the return mail you will also get further payment instructions.

Paying with PayPal is recommended, other options depend from artist to artist.
In case you pay with PayPal the PayPal button on the page you're going to be pointed to takes you to a secure page handled by PayPal where you enter your details. When you are finished you'll receive an e-mail receipt of PayPal, and you'll get an e-mail notification of your payment and the artist will start to work. In the case of large digital color pics the artist may send a first preview so you can change your mind about some details. After that first preview, no further change is possible.
Copyrights The artist still retains full copyright over the image. You can do as many printed copies of the image as you like, for personal use only, but you can't use the image in any commercial way.
  I hereby commission a character portrait as specified above for the listed price.

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