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Author Topic: MASTER GOODS LIST - List and Format  (Read 8800 times)
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« Reply #15 on: 02 January 2007, 02:00:05 »

that's what i meant. sorry, it does seem that i misphrased that.

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« Reply #16 on: 06 January 2007, 05:06:45 »

Okay, sorry about the delay.  Stupid works sucks after a week of holidays.  It's more tiring then I remember.  But going to start work on the list right now.

Couple questions though.

  • Where it has prices that state 100 copper, I am assuming that these coppers are sans.  Will be going by that, though if I am wrong, please let me know and I will change that
  • And when it comes time to change this list, will you be wanting me to change the list in the post I make, or will you be changing the list yourself?
  • Should I also be doing this to lists from other forums?  Or seeing as this is the Master List, will you be editing the first post with all the info from the other lists?
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« Reply #17 on: 06 January 2007, 06:50:01 »

Also, this:

Kuatu: one weaned squirrel pup, 6 months, not hand-shy - 2 hebs

I am assuming that the 2 hebs is a weight.  Was wodnering if you have a price for it or if you say 2 hebs and thought that was the price, confusing it with the hak?


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« Reply #18 on: 06 January 2007, 10:05:41 »

*List best viewed with one of the sidebars closed. (may need both depending on screen resolution)*


   Kuatuone weaned squirrel pup, 6 months, not hand-shy, 2 hebs   N/A
   Firestarter KitOne pouch.  A waterproofed leather pouch holds a chunk of flint, a finger’s worth of steel, and some  ‘punk’ (powder-dry wood/fungus/birchbark scraps) for tinder   
   Lantern, tin, pierced tin panesA tall tin box, its sides pierced in decorative patterns to let candlelight through, with a metal loop atop, is the common lantern, often locally made   
   Lantern, tin, glass-panedThis tin frame holds four small glass panes around a tin base with candle and tin top with hanger; it casts more light than the common pierced lantern   
   Torch (cheap light source)1 prepared split of wood, bound with tarred straw   
   Candle, tallow4, each a handsbreadth in length   Cheap   These tallow candles burn quickly and smell faintly of pig meat – but they’re cheap and easy to find   
   Candle, candlebush wax1, a hand-n-half in length   Most expensive   This elegant herb candle has a natural pinkish colour and gentle fragrance   
   Candle, beeswaxSold in pairs, a hand-n-half in length   Medium   The honey-scent and long-burning qualities of beeswax make these candles popular   
   Cloth, cotton, undyed 1 ped   1 – 2 erg   Undyed and handspun cotton is woven into this simple cloth in natural shades   
   Cloth, Caltharian 1 ped    2 – 3 erg   Brightly dyed in gaudy patterns, this cloth is unique to the Caltharian tribe   
   Cloth, Shendarsilk 1 ped      An expensive artisan’s fabric from the nomadic Shendar of the Rahaz’Dath   
   Cloth, Yuatu’way fiber 1 ped  (One cart =  2 Azhorhrian horses…)   Very expensive!
   Made from the fiber of the totit by the desert Sory’int, this pricy fabric has a delicate strength and lovely sheen
   Cloth, wool 1 ped   4 – 6 erg   Sturdy woolen cloth will keep you warm in winter and comes in various weights for various purposes   
   Fleece, sheep Cuncu   Popular, higher quality   
   Fleece, sheep Sawis, black   Expensive!   
   Fleece,  sheep Sawis, regular   Commonly available      The wavy wool of this common Sawis fleece comes in various off-whites and brown shades; the back is soft-tanned   
   Fur, Tarep (domestic rabbit) Ten – twelve skins as a miniature bale   inexpensive   Quickly-tanned rabbit skins are not very supple, but the fur is soft and inexpensive, sold in bales of a dozen   
   Fur, Mimsy (small mammal) Ten – twelve skins as a miniature bale   medium   
   Fur, Leapor (wild hare) Ten – twelve skins as a miniature bale   Popular import   These wild hare skins are imported from the northern regions; the fur is warm and the leather below flexible   
   Fur, Wolverine (rare import) Single skin, stretched, suppled, tanned   pricy   Long, silver-tipped fur on this pelt has the quality of not freezing up when breathed on – popular for hood linings   
   Fur, Nul’tum (very rare, northern) Single skin, stretched, suppled, tanned   Insanely pricy...   The luxuriously soft fur of the Northern Nul’tum is without peer, making this pelt an expensive luxury   
   Fur, Argrothin Bear Single large hide, stretched, tanned   expensive   A stretched bearskin, over a pallet in area, with the head and paws carefully tanned out as well, for a floor covering   
   Fur, Capricus ( wild goat) Single medium hide, tanned   Med/high   This tanned hide has a rather goatish scent, but the hand-length, dark thick fur is appealing and warm.   
   Pearlone single medium unflawed white pearl, 3 grains circumference   1 Silverbard
   Rubiteone single medium rubite, good colouration   1 Copperbard, 10 San
   Knife, iron, eating One utensil      A common eating knife, with a wood or bone handle; the tip is pointed but the single edge relatively dull   
   Knife, steel,  multipurpose 2 spans to a half-fore steel blade      This steel work blade is a handy size for a belt knife, useful for whittling, cleaning hooves, cutting apples, or what-have-you around the farm   
   Saw, carpenter’s One small saw      A carpenter’s saw is about a fore’s length, with a forged and crimped toothed blade handled at one end   
   Saw,  forester’s One large saw      This large double-handled saw has a sharp-toothed blade about a ped’s length and is used for cutting trees   
   Shovel, wooden 1 implement      The wooden shovel is cheaper than its metal cousin, often hand-carved by the remote or poorer peasants and farmers   
   Shovel, metal blade 1 implement      This wooden-handled shovel has a squared steel blade set at its end and cuts through even packed dirt easily   
   Spoon, wood one eating utensil      A wooden spoon is usually handcarved by its owner, but particularly well-worked exemplars may be purchased as inexpensive gifts   
   Spoon, iron / tin one eating utensil      This metal spoon has a deep bowl and a hole punched through the top of the handle so that it may be hung   
   Spoon, silver one eating utensil      A silver spoon leaves no bitter taste in the mouth, so the nobles who use this elegant utensil say   
   Chisel, wood ½ fore in length       A smoothed wooden handle and sharp, angled steel blade make this chisel useful for woodcarvers   
   Chisel, stone ½ fore to 1 fore      This solid cylinder of steel, with a heavy head and sharp tip, must be a stone chisel   
   Cow, milch one 2 – 4 year-old animal      A widehipped dairy cow with gentle brown eyes and small, trimmed horns   
   Cow, meat one 2 – 4 year-old animal      This small but beefy bovine looks to have plenty of good eating on her   
   Tarep Two, 6 months – 1 year domestic rabbits (sold in male/female breeding pairs)   
   Sheep, Cuncu (wool breed) 1 healthy animal, 1 – 5 years      A fluffy, round animal with large dull eyes and a thick fleece in various natural off-white to tan shades   
   Sheep, Dor’iyn (milker) 1 healthy animal      This wooly beast is good mostly for converting grass into sheepmilk, which in turn becomes a rich cheese   
   Sheep, Sawis (wool breed) 1 healthy animal      The deep black fleece of the Sawis is coveted by weavers as it needs no dying and is naturally colour-fast   
   Taenish, (domestic fowl), hen, live One bird, 4 months – 2 years   
   Taenish, rooster, live One bird, 4 months – 2 years   
   Goat, milch one 1 – 5 year-old animal      A shaggy goat with slotted yellow eyes, stubby horns, and a full milk bag   
   Garthook, hen, live, (domestic fowl) One 3 month – 2 year old bird   
   Garthook, male, live One 3 month – 2 year old bird   
   Psittae (small cagebirds) Two birds (mated pair)      These bright, noisy little birds are always sold in bonded male/female pairs and thrive on attention and seed   
   Horse, common Price varies wildly depending upon age, gender, condition, and market   5 –  10 gold nune   This common equine has four legs, a head, and a tail, but its most significant feature is the broad back which will carry humans reliably – and this form of transport finds its own food along the way   
   Horse, Azhorhrian (imported) One gelded, healthy animal    600 nune / goldbards – 1 mithrene   The acme of horseflesh, these stunning beasts are rarely found outside ***, and then only as geldings   
   Horse, Kev’lor, mare /gelding 80 – 300 gold nune    This huge beast is a northern Kev’lor warhorse, out of most pocketbooks   
   Horse, Kev’lor, stallion 100 – 500 gold nune   This gigantic stallion is an intemperate Kev’lor warhorse from the north   
   Horse, Rusik,  gelding 40 – 70 gold nune   A leggy mustang from the plains of ***, the Rusik gelding has stamina and speed, if not elegance.   
   Swordtwo-handed, dwarven-forged steel laminate, Kurakim tribe   9 silverbards
   Swordbastard, Santhalan human-smithed iron   5 silverbards
   Sword custom-made steel    
   Knife, steel, defense single weapon, price varies by blade length, steel quality, and forgemark      A fighting knife, used primarily for cutting or slashing; double-edged steel often with a leather-wrapped handle   

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« Reply #19 on: 06 January 2007, 11:42:00 »

Whew!!!  Done!!!

*dips fingers in ice*


Anyways.  There it is.  I have it saved on my computer, so any edits that need to be made and if you find doing them a little tedious, I can easily insert them in and re-post the new code here.  Just let me know what you are going to do or if you wish me to change anything.

Bard Judith

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« Reply #20 on: 06 January 2007, 13:34:57 »

(smooooooches for Gar)   

Yay!  That is far more readable, despite the smaller font - at least for me.  The only thing I don't like about this version is that the titles aren't very legible, despite being in caps and yellow - did you change fonts as well?

(brings Gar a glass of chilled Bardwine to wrap his tired fingers around)

Now, how do I 'copy' it WITH the format? 

(checks to see if she can simply cut and paste or if all the coding will vanish...)


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« Reply #21 on: 06 January 2007, 14:05:00 »

Well, one way I can think of is to click the 'reply with quote' button and copy everything there. 


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« Reply #22 on: 06 January 2007, 15:01:39 »

okay, increased the size and changed the column titles color to green, that way they didn't look alike to the category titles.  Only reason why the font was so small was cause on my end, it looked visually appealing, at least in my opinion.  Though I can understand that it may be a little small to others.

As for coping the format and everything, all that is needed is you to edit my post and copy everything in that post.  If I make any changes, I will edit that same post, unless you wish me to repost it or something else.

You should be able to edit my post, seeing as you are a moderator of this particular forum.  Or, if you wish, I can create a new thread with this post being in the first post of the thread.  This would mean that you wouldn't be required to always copy and paste the code into the first post of the thread.  Also, seeing as your a moderator of the forum, it would still allow you to make changes to the list or the first post itself as you saw fit. 

Let me know how you wish to do this.  Also, how will I know what entries from the other threads will need to be added to this master list?  Will they be posted within this thread when complete or do we take them from the other threads as they are finished?
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« Reply #23 on: 31 August 2007, 11:47:27 »

Resource List - from the notebooks of Leonardo da Vinci

This will mostly be useful in making comparisons and ascertaining rarities and expenses - what would a shirt cost as compared to a tube of pigment? What were mushrooms going for against a loaf of bread?   I'll try to set up a simple conversion formula and then apply it in Santharian currencies.


On the 10th day of July 1492 in 135
Rhenish florins          1. 445
in dinari of 6 soldi     1. 112 S 16
in dinari of 5 1/2 soldi 1.  29 S 13
9 in gold and 3 scudi    1.  53
                         1. 811 in all

Salai, 6 lire ... 4 soldi ... 10 soldi for a chain;--

On the l4th of March I had 13 lire S. 4; 16 lire remain.

cloth for hose lire 4 S 3

lining S 16

making S 8

to Salai S 3

a jasper ring S 13

a sparkling stone S 11

to Caterina S 10

to Caterina S 10


The wheel lire 7

the tire lire 10

the shield lire 4

the cushion lire 8

the ends of the axle-tree lire 2

bed and frame lire 30

conduit lire 10

S.K.M.II.2 4a]


Parsley 10 parts

mint 1 part

thyme 1 part

Vinegar ... and a little salt two pieces of canvas for Salai.


On Tuesday I bought wine for morning [drinking]; on Friday the 4th
day of September the same.

[Footnote: This note enables us to fix the date of the Manuscript,
in which it is to be found. In 1495 the 4th of September fell on a
Friday; the contents of the Manuscript do not permit us to assign it
to a much earlier or later date (Compare No. 1522, and Note).]


The cistern ... at the Hospital, --2 ducats, --beans, --white maize,
--red maize, --millet, --buckwheat, --kidney beans, --beans, --peas.



For the 3 lbs of tapers 27 S
For the bier 8 S
A pall over the bier 12 S
For bearing and placing the cross 4 S
For bearing the body 8 S
For 4 priests and 4 clerks 20 S
Bell, book and sponge 2 S
For the gravediggers 16 S
To the senior 8 S
For a license from the authorities 1 S
106 S

The doctor 2 S
Sugar and candles 12 S
120 S

[Footnote:  See Nos. 1384 and 1517.]


Salai's cloak, the 4th of April 1497.
4 braccia of silver cloth l. 15 S 4
green velvet to trim it l. 9 S --
binding l.-- S 9
loops l.-- S 12
the making l. 1 S 5
binding for the front l.-- S 5
stitching _________
here are 13 grossoni of his l. 26 S 5
Salai stole the soldi.


On Monday I bought 4 braccia of cloth lire 13 S 14 1/2 on the 17th
of, October 1497.


Memorandum. That on the 8th day of April 1503, I, Leonardo da Vinci,
lent to Vante, miniature painter 4 gold ducats, in gold. Salai
carried them to him and gave them into his own hand, and he said he
would repay within the space of 40 days.

Memorandum. That on the same day I paid to Salai 3 gold ducats which
he said he wanted for a pair of rose-coloured hose with their
trimming; and there remain 9 ducats due to him--excepting that he
owes me 20 ducats, that is 17 I lent him at Milan, and 3 at Venice.
Memorandum. That I gave Salai 21 braccia of cloth to make a shirt,
at 10 soldi the braccio, which I gave him on the 20th day of April

To Salai S 42

2 dozen of laces S 8

for papers S 3 d 8

a pair of shoes S 14

for velvet S 14

a sword and knife S 21

to the barber S 11

to Paolo for a ... S 20

For having his fortune told S 6


On Friday morning,
one florin to Salai to
spend; 3 soldi received

bread S.. d

wine S.. d

grapes S.. d

mushrooms S.. d

fruit S.. d

[Footnote 6: Compare Nos. 1545, l. 4 and 5,
with similar entries for horse's fodder.]
bran S.. d

at the barber's S.. d

for shoes S.. d


On Thursday morning one florin.


On Saint Ambrose's day from the morning to Thursday 36 soldi.


The moneys I have had from Ser Matteo;
first 20 grassoni, then on 13 occasions 3 f.
and then 61 grassoni, then 3, and then 33;
46 soldi 12 grossoni.


For paper S 18

for canvas S 30

for paper S 10 d 19

Total S 73


20 pounds of German
blue, at one ducat the pound lire 80 S  d

60 pounds of white, S..
the pound lire 15 S  d

1 1/2 pound at 4 S the pound lire 6 S  d

2 pounds of cinnabar at
S 18 the pound lire 1 S 16 d

6 pounds of green at S 12
the pound lire 3 S 12 d

4 pounds of yellow at S 12
the pound lire 2 S 8 d

1 pound of minium at S 8
the pound lire 0 S 8 d

4 pounds of ... at S 2
the pound lire 0 S 8 d

6 pounds of ochre at S 1
the pound lire 0 S 6 d

black ... at S 2 the pound
for 20 lire 2 S 0 d

wax to make the stars
29 pounds at S--the pound lire 0 S 0 d

40 pounds of oil for painting
at 5 soldi the pound lire 10 S 0 d

Altogether lire 120 d 18
without the gold. 18

tin for putting on the gold 120 18



Two large hatchets and one very small one, 8 brass spoons, 4
tablecloths, 2 towels, 15 small napkins, 2 coarse napkins, 2 coarse
cloths, 2 wrappers, 3 pairs of sheets, 2 pairs new and 1 old.


Bed 7 0 S

ring 7 0

crockery 2 5

gardener 1 2

..... 2 8

porters 2 1

glasses 1

fuel 3 6

a lock 1

Section title: Miscellaneous Notes.


New tin-ware          3 pairs of sheets
6 small bowls,          each of 4 breadths,
6 bowls,              2 small sheets,
2 large dishes,       2 tablecloths and 1/2,
2 dishes medium size, 16 coarse cloths,
2 small ones          8 shirts,
  Old tin-ware        9 napkins,
3 small bowls,        2 hand-towels.
4 bowls,
3 square stones,
2 small bowls,
1 large bowl,
1 platter,
4 candlesticks,
1 small candlestick.


Hose        S 40
straw       S 60
wheat       S 42
wine        S 54
bread       S 18
meat        S 54
eggs        S  5
salad       S  3
the Barber  S 2 d 6
horses      S 1



meat        S 10 d
wine        S 12 d
bran        S  5 d 4
herbs       S 10 d
buttermilk  S  4 d 4
melon       S  3 d
bread       S  3 d 1
   Monday   S  9   8
.....       S  6 d
wine        S 12 d
bran        S  9 d 4
buttermilk  S  4 d 4
herbs       S  8 d
     Tuesday S    d
meat         S  0 d 8
wine         S 12 d
bread        S  3 d
meal         S  5 d 4
herbs        S  8 d
wine         S  5 d
melon        S  2 d
meal         S  5 d 4
vegetables   S  8
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« Reply #24 on: 05 May 2008, 01:46:22 »

A MASSIVE bump to

a) get this back at the top of my head again
b) possibly get other people re-interested again
c) provide some information for our newest apprentice and witty truphell-delver


"Give me a land of boughs in leaf /  a land of trees that stand; / where trees are fallen there is grief; /  I love no leafless land."   --A.E. Housman
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