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Author Topic: Pathfinders  (Read 2267 times)
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« on: 06 October 2008, 08:40:42 »


<Insert Overview Here>


Coat of Arms: While the Pathfinders broke away from the military when the Dereswungens took the throne and began their rule over the Kyranian Kingdom, they didn't breakaway from their people. The Pathfinders coat of arms is very similar to the original coat of arms of the Kyranians, though the star-shaped gem has been removed as, for the most part, their people no longer reside around the Ilian Plateau and the kingdom Cyroan Thromgolin created no longer exists. However, the black stag head on a dark green background remains and is present somewhere on the clothing and body of all Pathfinders.

Territory: Santharia is pretty much their territory. While they do not lay claims to the land or the people, they claim the responsibility of protection and aid over certain areas. Soldiers, guards, and the various Orders protect the lands, but the Pathfinders provide a second bumper, mostly against animals and a single person or small groups of people.

The only territory they can call their own is a patch of land on the northern end of the lower fores. The land had been gifted to the Commander of the Pathfinders by the Kyranian King when they were still a part of the kingdom. The land was just for show and there was never meant to be anything other than a small manor upon the cliff overlooking a small stretch of land. When the Pathfinders broke away from the kingdom, the Commander and his troops moved north and settled on that patch of land, building a spacious keep atop the cliff for the former military branch to live.

Now, long after the fall of the Kyranian Kingdom, the Pathfinders still hold Talaric Keep (named after the Commander of the Pathfinders, Chesden Talaric) atop the cliff and even a little more land before. The Santhrans throughout they years have allowed the land to remain with group and allow them to govern it as the Pathfinders, over the years have aided multiple areas throughout the United Kingdom of Santharia, and have extended what ever resources they have to the public.


Members: The Pathfinders have a variety of members, though for the most part they are human. Humans from pretty much every tribe in Southern Sarvonia are present within the Pathfinders. Some human tribes from the north can also be accounted for and from time to time throughout the years they get members from even further than that. Humans play the most prominent role because it is mostly human tribes that these people aid.

Other races have the chance to join, though not many have so far in the history of the Pathfinders. Aside from humans, elves are most prominent race within the organization though their numbers are fairly few and a good deal of the elven Pathfinders settle within the homes of their people aiding all of those that can reach. Better though, are those that travel as they experience places outside their homes, and those that remain at the keep or nearby so that they might grow closer to the humans that they work alongside to aid the land.

Of the smaller races, there have been a couple, though not many as they are usually restricted to their own lands as their size restricts them from doing many things among the larger races, such as raising human sized buildings, carrying human sized buckets to put out a flame, hunting down the large wolves, bears, or cats as well as people that cause trouble. Though there have been those that stay at the keep and aid in tasks there or apprentice to a Pathfinder and become a member themselves so that they might aid their people in any way they can.

Orcs on the other hand haven't played a large part in the development of the Pathfinders until present day because of the fact that many towns and villages would not appreciate the aid of a race that is feared, and for good reason in some places. They are often the people which stories to scare children are based on and stories of orcish raids and attacks do nothing to improve their image. While a majority of those that join the Pathfinder have learned to live with the various races and befriended some from their travels, there are those that will not give up their prejudice against orcs.

However, neither orcs nor any other races are not banned from joining the Pathfinders, though only one has attempted. Even with the Commanders orders that those that disrespected a member because of race or tribe would be suspended or removed from the ranks, the tension was plain, even from the orcs mentor and he resigned before finishing a year of his apprenticeship.



Housing: Housing varies depending on the 'type' of Pathfinder that one is talking about. Those that are always on the move and stop long enough in a place to aid them somehow or see if they need help in anyway possible within the next few days usually sleep on the ground, in tents, or at the local inn if they have the coin to pay for their stay or are offered a room in payment for their help. On the other hand, those that settle down in a certain town usually sleep in their bed in the house they live in. When on the road, helping a village two days ride away or so, they will sleep in the inn or on the ground where ever they are on the road.

Type three Pathfinders live either within Talaric Keep or, in the case of those working the land, their homes near their crops or livestock. Talaric Keep is large enough to house the entire organization when they return twice a year to catch up with friends and meet new apprentices. For the most part, they sleep in large bunkrooms, built like those under the castled for the Kyranian Army. While Talaric Keep is large, the compact and layered bunks allow a lot of people to be able to stay comfortably within the keep. This is especially good during the winter when the farmers will move into the castle for a few months to escape the most of the cold.




Occupations: Aside from the hunters, trackers, and scouts that originally made up the Pathfinders (along with the lesser mentioned spies that no longer are a part of the organization), many other groups of people have joined with them. Those that are not part of the original units usually stay on the land set aside for the Pathfinders, but on some occasions they will leave on errands like taking hides, crops, gems, metals to the city, going off to retrieve information on a certain subject or the health of a 'stationary member', and other such things. Pathfinders are classified as those that dedicate their lives to aiding the people of the continent fall under this category even if they are not hunters, trackers, or scouts, though most of them have those skills. For the most part, there are three kinds of Pathfinders.

The first kind are those that travel, taking their way across the continent, going where ever seems like the right place or wherever there are rumors of trouble and aiding the people, even if it is something as simple as helping put up a new barn after one was destroyed during a fire.

The second kind are those that stay in one part of the world, having found a place they'd like to settle after traveling for a time. They are usually referred to as 'stationary members' as they settle in a town or village within an area they requested as a stationary position and monitor the happenings within their area, which is about two days ride in any direction. These Pathfinders become part of the environment and help with problems like predators picking off livestock, cutting firewood for winter, fixing buildings, preparing for celebrations, and other little everyday things. They do that as well as helping in times of crises, being the voice of reason among chaos.

The third kind are those that stay in the land specifically set aside for the Pathfinders. They live out their lives in that area, either working on the land, the mines, or Talaric Keep, helping in what ever way they can. The various jobs listed below are just some of most common tasks preformed.

- Hunters / Trackers / Scouts
When people hear the term Pathfinder they often think of hunters, trackers, and scouts. While that is not all the pathfinders are, that is a huge part of the people. Those hunters that remain at the keep have gained permission from the king, local nobles, and villagers to that they can hunt in the forests scattered near their land. This is so they can have meat for the people that live on their land and in Talaric Keep. They hunt enough to keep meat available and sometimes they don't have to go any further than their own backdoor as there are goats aplenty in the mountains and during the fall, the meat on the bones of the Stone Bears is tender enough to eat.

It is also the job of these people to know the various plants and fruits in the area and gather the editable ones and those that are needed by the keep herbalists and healers. They must also know how to navigate the land throughout their territory as they often accompany those that wish the visit Talaric Keep or some landmark in the area. With that are skills that should be known by the hunters and trackers such as skinning and preparing animal hides, trapping animals, and wilderness survival.

- Farmers
In some parts the land is suitable for growing crops and in others it is perfect for raising livestock. Those that have come looking for a new start or failed their apprenticeship can start as a farmhand, helping with planting and gathering the crops at the end of the season, or herding, feeding and caring for the livestock. Some stick around long enough to realize they have a home that calls, while others stay long enough to earn small plots of land of their own with their own helpers. Farmers, whether cattle or crop help keep live within the keep going as they supply some of the meat, vegetables, and fruits that they people living on the land eat and some that provide income to buy things that they cannot grow or make themselves.

- Animal Handlers
Those that deal with the animals within the stables of Talaric Keep and with the livestock on the farms are prized within this little community. The stables, built into the side of the cliff house a variety of animals including the common horses and hounds as well as mews for various birds of prey and an area for injured animals, be them domestic or wild. The animal handlers have seen pretty much everything in the area from rodents to deer and cattle to wild cats, wolves and even a bear.

A multitude of jobs can be found within the stables. The stablemaster takes care of pretty much everything going on within the stables while stablehands work under the horsemaster. The kennelmaster watches over the hounds and dog-boys and the falconer takes care of the mews and the few falconries under his/her control. Outside of the basics there are those that aid with the wild animals as well as a healer for wounded animals. Each of the masters of their area are skilled in riding/flying/hunting their animals as well as training them, caring for them, recognizing quality and breed, and breeding them. Good quality animals fetch a fair price and most Pathfinders are required to take an apprentice and/or an animal since the rode is a lonely place for a single person.

- Stoneworkers
This category includes miners, masons, stone cutters, and workers. Talaric Keep is made up of many sections aside from the main keep and most of these are built from stone or into the stone. The stable for example was built into the side of the mountain and beneath the keep there are a couple levels with housing areas so that come winter those working the land can escape most of the winters furry. There are also some livestock holds, built from stone or into the stone at the base of the mountain.

Everything mentioned keeps the stoneworkers busy and more with keeping the stone steps up to the keep safe. The miners have their work cut out for them as well as, though throughout the year they help take a break from the mines and help the others. The stone, metals, and gems unearthed however enable the keep to remain as it is, a sanctuary for weary travelers and a small monument to knowledge. Over the years, some of the coin earned from the mines, crops and livestock, and kings funding has gone to creating a small library in this cliffside keep.

- Craftsmen
Within the keep there are various opportunities for craftsmen to find work. The number of cooks in the kitchen seems to be way too many for the occupants of the keep, but the Lord of Talaric Keep and Commander of the Pathfinders keeps the staff well stocks throughout the year, allowing giving those that need them jobs as it is hard to find someone to fill the position when the Pathfinders, both traveling and stationary return to the keep for a gathering that occurs twice a year. There are also a few more brewers than usual, but none mind as the cellar is always stocked.

Aside from the cooks there are blacksmiths, carpenters, seamstresses, cobblers, and other such craftsmen who live in the castle devoting most of their time to supplying the various Pathfinders, repairing old equipment, and dealing with the day to day life of a somewhat busy keep. Others are in charge of general repair and maintenance and dabble in quite a few areas of life within Talaric Keep so that they might fill a few different positions if need be with a little help from others set to that task. Aside from all that there are many other tasks within the keep that need to be done and positions that need be filling, but the list is too long to go through completely.

- Scholars
Various scholars are also a welcome addition to the Pathfinders. Many of those that speak or write in more than one language have been enlisted to help teach certain Pathfinders another language so that they might broaden the area they travel and be able to communicate with others in areas easier. They are also helpful as from time to time they have been asked to travel to one of the cities with scribes, who are also prized, to copy works in other languages with the noble of the city and librarians permission.

Scribes as mentioned above are also welcome as they can make copies of books from other areas and books and scrolls from the library at Talaric Keep for other areas. With the accumulation of written works also comes the need for a librarian and assistants. Along with that, they have also been able to persuade a few scholars in the areas of heraldry, history, lore, and even some who study gems to find a home within their land. The commanders of this organization have always seemed fond of history, though many believe that it isn't a fondness, but a wariness of repeating mistakes of the past.

Aside from 'book work' there is also a need for those with medical knowledge at the keep. Those with skills in healing are welcome, all from those who know first aid to herbalists and surgeons. This skill is need for both the people of the Pathfinders and the livestock and wild animals that are sometimes brought in.



Natural Resources:



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« Reply #1 on: 06 October 2008, 08:43:49 »

Just an idea I'd been toying with while working on the Kyranians. Putting this bit up so yall can see. The three sections I have up so far pretty much throws the basic concept out there. The format I got form a couple of the other Guilds & Groups in the people section. Anyways, thought I'd throw this out here so see if yall thought it would work and I can keep the idea as it. Could work but needs some revision. Or not gonna work. Opinions?

If this is good, I plan on doing a places entry for Talaric Keep with ref to surrounding farms and mines within the territory.
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« Reply #2 on: 15 October 2008, 03:40:17 »

Ah, I would basically have liked to read that Overview for now (before the complete entry is done), because the Overview is meant to summarize the most important things for a first orientation... So I dug that out from the Military entries, maybe also to help others out to get this rough idea:

This group was based out of the capital city of Ancient Kyrania, Caelum. While most the other branches of military worked together, this was the odd one out in many ways. Made up of mostly loners, they were possibly the hardest of the five branches as potential Pathfinders had to go through a four or six year apprenticeship and pass the test at the end of those years to gain approval. While they were the hardest 'fair' unit, the knights still beat them in the eyes the many with their 'selective membership'. Over the years, the various sects within the Pathfinders played important roles in the improvement of the kingdom, though some also place some blame them for the downfall as they abandoned the kingdom when the descendent of Aprag, Viginold Dereswungen, was crowned King of Kyrania.

So if I get that right they are not really mercenaries, but basically hunters, trackers, and scouts that you could hire back in the days of ancient Kyrania and also still today in Santharia. So they aren't really fighters of sorts, even though they were a branch of the military once, right? It's interesting that you have farmers, animal handlers, craftsman etc. in their ranks, maybe you could twist it a bit like that that they also preserve in their way the Kyranian culture a bit with their more simple approach to life. I haven't read what you have so far in detail yet, but maybe this would be a direction along which you can think and thus stress that Kyranian origin a bit further, Garret, because the influence of Kyranians is dwindling these days in Santharia.

Perhaps the term "Pathfinders" could then be used by many synonymously for the Kyranians today, because to the rest of Santharia this tribe would basically be present in this function. What do you say? That workable?

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« Reply #3 on: 15 October 2008, 07:55:28 »

I have a bit of trouble with overviews so I usually write those last incase of four things (possibly more, but these are the ones I can think of). 1) I come across somethin' that doesn't work well with the over all scheme of the entry. 2) Somethin' doesn't fit for me and needs to be changed. 3) I decide to go in a slightly different direction. 4) I have nothing to put there yet and hope I come up with somethin' when everythin' else is finished. Since I can't seem to form a decent overview for this entry yet I'll just lay out the basic ideas for it. Sorry for pickin' this up and gettin' some stuff done in advance, I tend to get a bit ahead of myself.

-- Within the Kyranian Military, the Pathfinders were a group of scouts, hunters, spies, and for a time wargriders that enlisted into that branch. They were one of the most popular and hardest too get into. Their training consisted of four to six year apprenticeship, which ended with a test. Those that didn't pass were released and allowed to join another branch, while those that passed became part of the Pathfinders.

-- When they broke off from the Kyranian Military, they moved out to the Commander's holdings which pretty much consisted of a patch of farm/livestock rearing land and a cliff-top manor at the northern end of the Lower Fores. There they established Talaric Keep and a couple pretty profitable mines as well as a few crop and livestock farms.

-- Once their hold on the land was established they began aiding those living on the lands around theirs, working at little tasks such as hunting for villages and helping with somewhat simple tasks such as raising a barn, repairing a building, brining in crops, cutting firewood, and other little things that needed an extra hand or two to get done in a sensible time frame.

-- As Pathfinders they had spent a good deal of their time outside the city when they had been part of the military and by that time a majority of those that had been young when they had broken off still longed for the freedom and traveled further than the nearest town or village outside of their territory, returning every two months or so. They followed paths that lead to rumors of trouble with rogue beasts or people that endangered the citizens, took to going after some men with bounties on their heads, using the coin collected to live until they returned to the keep and offering up a portion of the remaining wealth to their coffers for their entire group to have access to. While they traveled, taking up some more difficult tasks as well as aiding those within the area they were traveling, they still remained a strong knit group.

-- Now the Pathfinders have grown to take in those of other trades into their folds. There are those that still travel though their territory now stretches to any part of Santharia where they are welcome. Some choose to remain in a certain town or village and aid those in the surrounding area. Others remain at the keep and on the territory set out for them by the Kyranian kings of the past and expanded by the current king for their loyalty and aid.

-- The training pretty much remains the same and two years after an apprentice passes the test they can take on an apprentice of their own. After a four to eight year apprenticeship, they are taken to Talaric Keep and tested by the Commander of the organization and the council (or what ever imma call them, haven't decided yet) and are tested. If they pass they are considered part of the Pathfinders and may choose to travel or 'nest' somewhere (though the people of that chosen destination can deny him the ability). Those that do not pass sometimes find tasks among those living at and around Talaric Keep (staying as long as they want) or leave to find another way of life/occupation for themselves.

-- For the most part, the simple way of life that was represented by the Kyranians is a big factor within the Pathfinders and that is part of their training, leading to some failing because they cannot adapt to that lifestyle. While they are not called 'Kyranians' they are associated with the people through their lifestyle, former attachments, and continued use of the coat of arms. Some choose to name the Kyranians as their tribe, though my life choices instead of birth. All of those that pass the test (and some that don't) in a way renounce their tribes by birth, rather claiming themselves as part of the Pathfinders and keeping themselves above tribal rivalries and other issues among the people that might prevent them in aiding people due to their heritage.

-- The main part of this is the aid they offer. They do not ask for payment before or after they help people, but rather live off the land, the work provided by those back on their official territory, and what the people give in return for their help, which often includes shelter, food, trail rations, and sometimes clothes among other things as well as coins from time to time from those that can spare them. I originally intended for them to be scouts and hunters for hire, but after re-reading the LonTobyn Chronicle I thought this might be a more interesting way to go. Several elements have been worked into the idea, though having a specific group dedicated to aiding the people that lived in the land kinda inspired me.

Anyways, that’s a (would say basic, but that would be a lie) overview of what I wanted to do with this. Will it work out alright?

Before you kill him, think of what you take from him.
Remember what it is to be alive.

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