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Author Topic: The Roan Forest  (Read 2788 times)
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« on: 09 March 2009, 08:47:39 »

*Alright, figured I better get somethin' done with this and been workin' ideas for this for a while now. Anyways, I'll continue workin' on it, but I wanted to get it on-site so if there were any problems with any of my ideas, I could take care of that before it became a big part of the entry. The description section is up.*

The Roan Forest

Monstrous stories, strange occurrences, and feared beasts are all that have kept the Roan Forest alive. Without these things this forest would have been harvested for lumber and be nothing but a barren field of tree stumps, which already surrounds the woods. (More to Come ...)

Description: At one point the Roan forest stretched almost three dashes to the north, the west, and the area between those two points. However, even though past wars have pushed the forest back into a corner, it has not lost much of its former glory. Instead, the damage done has worked to preserve the forest, keeping a heavy cloud of suspicious around it, feed by stories of ghosts, pacts with the demonic wargs, and wolf-men. Due to these stories and the location of the only known human village, only the bold and/or incredibly stupid travelers will enter its depths.

The forest in itself is rather unique as the flora gives the appearance of being eternally trapped in fall even though the seasons turn as they would anywhere else, bringing heat, wind, snow, and rain as the actually seasons pass. The fading trees, as they are called by those that have seen them, have green leaves on their branches for only two weeks before they start changing to various shades of red, yellow, and brown with some green leaves remaining. These seem to live in a life cycle that is four times as fast as normal as the average life-span on these leaves is three months. After three months or so the old leaves will be pushed off the branch by the new one that is growing in. Animals, people, and nature cause the floor of this forest to be covered with a constant layer of multicolored leaves.

Boots that cover the wears entire calf is almost a necessity as most of the forest floor is covered with a wild plant, called kanroan, that is used to make a very popular thread or yarn for clothing in the region, though the casing holding the soft ball of fluff that grows often has sharp edges when it pulls back to reveal the source of the thread. Spring time finds the forest floor filled with stems a fore in height with multiple round casings up the side and as the seasons progress the white fluff that is harvested and spun into yarn or thread. The stems wilt throughout the fall and during the winter all signs of the plant have been covered, as if they never existed, though they only lay dormant beneath the ground until the spring.

In some areas the ground is actually clear of the kanroan plant, causing a strange maze of a short grass to wind throughout the forest, leading the person in circles and causing travelers to move from the correct path. These paths have a certain element in the soil that the kanroan doesn't like so it will not grow there. When the forest's occupants found this out they used the soil along those paths to create clear routes of their own through the forest. The routes work for them, though they only aid in providing further confusion to those that wander into Roan Forest.

Along these paths, a thick moss grows up against the roots and trunks of the trees. The original color of this moss is unknown. What is also unknown is whether or not the moss actually grows in a variety of shades or if the coloring is influenced by the fading tree that it is only known to grow on. However, this moss grows in a range of greens, yellows, reds, and browns, often causing it to blend in with the fallen leaves. While this grows close to the ground, the colors of both the moss and leaves throughout the forest is mimicked in the hives that small, similarly colored birds build.

These hives sit up in the trees, easily spotted if one is looking for the multiple layered structures of twigs, branches, vines, leaves and moss that huge the trunk of the tree. These are made with bigger layers on the bottom, leading up to a small hole at the top, barely big enough for two birds to emerge from at a time, however, anyone who spends time in this forest knows that there are many weak areas in the hive that the hivelings can break through when their home is being attacked. To the untrained eye however, these hives are often overlooked, either mistaken for a part of the tree or the hive of a dangerous insect.

While the forest as a whole is rather interesting and different, there are also certain parts that require special attention.

- The Graveyard
To those living within and around the forest three dashes of land surrounding the woods to the north, west, and the space between is known as the Graveyard. This land is named so as the stumps of the trees harvested during wars past have remained in the ground, forming not a human graveyard, but one of faded trees.

The stumps range from one fore in height to nearly a ped or more, depending on where the tree was cut, providing an uneven patch around the Roan Forest. Some say that the gods felt the need to punish the people because they ruined the beauty of the forest to make machines used to kill each other. So, as myth goes, they turned the tree trunks into stone with roots embedded into the ground as deep as the deepest mountains so that they could not be moved. Supposedly they also changed the color of the rings to match that of the leaves that once grew on the trees, encasing that wood in stone, making the 'faded tree gems', as they are called from time to time, unattainable.

So far the Graveyard has survived, the stone line remains of the trees giving root to more ghost stories and such. Around the trunks, the kanroan plant grows, standing at the same height as the shortest stump and providing a darker form of the plant, which some say to be cursed, though others merely see it as being a 'sunburned', or 'suntouched' variety of the plant.

Just like within the forest, the kanroan plant doesn't grow everywhere. Thought the Graveyard there are winding, most starting at paths on the forest's edge and continuing to wind through the field of tree trunks. Some actually create real paths that reach the edge of the Graveyard, while others just twist and turn, connecting and joining with other fake trails that abruptly dead end into a field of kanroan plants.

- The Rusthound Farm
While this farm is only half within the bounds of the old forest, resting up against the Ilian Plateau with a dash between the edge of the farm and the actual forest, the people claim it is still a part of the Roan Forest. Those living within the forest itself claim ties to the owners of the Rusthound Farm.

Mention of this farm can be found as far back as the Journal of Garawn Drett, named 'Tales of a Wargriding Exile' now. This journal mentioned the first farm were rast wargs were raised in bulk and claims that Drett and his unit spent a whole month at the farm. If this farm is the same one that Drett mentions in his journal is unknown, though the owners claim it has been in the family since then and the positioning is right according to the information.

The farm takes up a patch two dashes and half of one in width, fitting neatly into a long, winding patch up along the plateau where the faded trees didn't grow. While it is considered outside the bounds of the forest, the farm has been there for as long as the Kyranians that live within the forest as it was original built to collect and turn the fluff of the kanroan plant into a thread or yarn for fabric, though over the years its use had changed. It is now known for being the largest and most productive rusthound farm oddly enough as people would think that the suspicions would scare off any potential customers, but the quality of the hounds has kept up the business.

- The Lowerfall
At the very back of the forest, where the faded trees drop off as the land becomes hilly and mountainous, a medium sized waterfall, called the Lowerfall, can be found. Originally it was just a small trickle from a stream that branched off from the Dorashi River, but over the time the water formed a wider, deeper channel through the rock face, causing more water to fall away from the main river.

The water falls from a cliff a bit under fifty peds up, tumbling down through the air and well worn paths in the slightly sloping side to land in a pool at the bottom. The falling water has made a small cave in the back of the waterfall, which has been expanded by the children of the forest, though it has been mostly untouched since the rock fall that occurred at the beginning of the Age of Awakening. However, according to the Drett's Journal, the small cave and tunnel system formed by the children remained after the rock fall.

- The Cliffs
In the first few years of the Age of Awakening, a rock fall on the edge of the Lower Fores caused a good deal of damage in the Roan Forest, but it also gave something back. A small stream of water from the Lowerfall wound its way along a downward sloping ridge about a half a ped from the edge of the side of a rocky ridge that hung over a bit of the forest and the village of Kanrotth. This stream forced its way downward into the rocks rather than creating a wider path to flow along. Many believe it was work in the mines that finally caused the ridge of fall, creating a flat cliff.

The fall reached a far end of the ridge that ran along that side of the lower fores. Mounds of stone still remain in tack in places at least a stral from the Graveyard, and some suspect that any rock even further along was used as was the rock that fell in the forest. The villages cut the slabs and boulders down into rough stone rectangles with which they rebuilt their homes, right up against the cliff side.

The cliffs still remain a part of the land, climbing almost straight up with an almost smooth surface from the ground. The exposed stone worn down and smoothed a good deal by the stream that still flows along the ledge of the cliff after heavy winter snows in the fores, causing a strange play off the lights as it trickles down the side.

- Kanrotth
The small village near the back of the Roan Forest is also special in its own rights. Supposedly made of only the stone that fell during the rock fall and the wood of the trees broken during that time as well, the small grouping of houses can't even really be called a village. Rumors throughout the surrounding area, south throughout the Steppe of Kruswik, and even somewhat north, rumors of demonic deals with wargs and ghosts surround the fifty or so people that live in their own little corner of the world.

The most notable buildings are the town hall, that was built after the rock fall to accommodate travelers, merchants and such when they were common in the area. This building looked like a long, thin room up against the mountain, but a rather large hall presents itself once the doors are open. The other building is a medium sized inn, that supposedly housed a good deal of people for a time, but that has pretty much been turned into a two floor dinning hall for the people still living in Kanrotth.

Location: …
     - East of Lower Fores, North of Ilian Plateau

People: …
     - Kyranians
     - Aohu'o Brownies (Two Worlds Clan)

Climate: ...

Flora: …
     - Multi-colored moss
     - Threes with brown, red, gold, yellow leaves
     - Kanroth, Forest Cotton

Fauna: …
     - Wargs
     - Deer
     - Elk
     - Vulk
     - Hivelings
     - Malise
     - Large Rabbits

Resources: ...

Myth/Lore: ...

History: ...

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« Reply #1 on: 10 March 2009, 02:34:30 »

I can't wait to see where this one goes. Some of the grammar so far is a little rough, but that's to be expected in an unfinished and preliminary version of the entry. I really enjoy how the forest seems to come alive as both haunting and beautiful. This strange mixture makes for a great and original entry. I'll be sure to give it a Uri when you're all done.

Keep Dreaming,

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