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Author Topic: Goblin History (WIP)  (Read 1957 times)
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« on: 08 June 2011, 06:47:27 »

Since I have taken it upon myself to nurture and shape the Goblins into a new standalone race with enough detail, power and influence to stand on their own two feet, I thought brining together their major appearances would be a good place to start. In doing some research into timelines I have found that these things aren't very well designed. Please note that in redefining their history I am implying some changes to the content that is already on site (I do so with Koldar's blessing). Please have a look and let me know if you feel strongly against them. Grey are things I'm still debating with myself about

288 b.S.
The Great Sarvonian Victory against the Orcs

243 to 145 b.S.
The Three Hundred Year War of the North - The Goblins' involvement in this

ca 300 a.S. Emerging from the Dark
While still scarce and disorganised, various raids break out around the northern border by mixed green-skin skirmish parties. Identified among a multitude of warbands, are the Losh-Oc. Mixed among them though are smaller, less well known green-skins. While not very numerous, they fight ferociously along with their brethren. Mixed wiith other factors, it is the unaccountable appearance of these smaller built green-skins onto the battlefield that forces Southern Sarvonia to acknowledge that the Tandala Depths are being used once more by green-skins from the north. While at first thought to be the work of the Losh-Oc, the presence of these Goblins amongst raids becomes more and more dominant. While their origin is yet unknown and most people see in all orcs evil vermin this marks a startling shift in the balance in the north where the border was said to be pacified for centuries now.

488 a.S. The Troll Wars
Raids and pillaging parties into the northern regions of Southern Sarvonia increase in frequency. While these attacks appear without pattern or purpose, one thing remains constant: the attackers continuously disperse or disappear into the Tandala Highlands before any counter measures can be taken. That is until 488 a.S. when an army of approximately 6.000 green-skinned warriors attacks from within the Tandala Depths. At once it becomes apparent that there lay more below the Tandala Mountains that just groups of disorganised goblins. Using recovered tunnels and cavern systems the enemy marches right into Southern Sarvonia. The green-skins march in unmarked armour and under an unknown flag. Most worrying though is that the army is supported by several Troll Clans and small goblins skirmish parties. The latter of which don't stray too far out of the Tandala Highlands and seem to play more of a role in the logistics of the army rather than muscle. This army kills thousands and pillages countless homesteads, constantly retreating after successful attacks *. Finally, Lord Holm manages to gather up an army to push the green-skin threat back. Uncharacteristic of the greenskins thus far, the raiding army retreats into the countless Valleys of the Troll Mountains, east of the Tandala Depths. Lord Helm see victory in this though, following the retreating orcs into the Troll Mountains. There Lord Holm and his army fall prey to the green-skins though as the trap snaps shut: Reinforcements surge up around them, further strengthening the orcish army. Lord Holm and many of his men fall in that campaign.

* Alt, these raids would retreat northwards, into the Tandala Depths. What, if at all, should I make the role of Caeltakkar Keep in this?

If anything though, Lord Holm's chase of the orcs and trolls gave the South time to assemble. Before the orcs can plan a new campaign, reinforcements for the human armies arrive from Jernaís and Astran and in a crushing counter attack the orcs are defeated. Forced to retreat back into the tunnels that lead into the Tandala Depths, few orcs and trolls escape. Chasing these survivors into these tunnels and caverns the human men suffer great losses upon hitting severe goblin resistance. When following the surviving green-skin into the tunnels, the human soldiers expected little resistance, hoping to raid through the dark deserted caverns, clearing them of any future threat. Instead they find themselves stepping into a true hornet's nest: Goblin armies and fortifications thwart any who attempt to chase down the retreating orcs and trolls. It is clear now that the Tandala Depths truly belong to the Goblins now. Though the human generals find themselves powerless to strike into the mines, they are able to take pre-emptive measures: Ximaxian magi are called in and spend half a year destroying entrances into the Tandala Depths, and 80 strals of tunnel relatively close to the surface. While not defeated, the goblins would at least find themselves locked their southern doors into Southern Sarvonia locked.

523 a.S.
the 523 entry doesn't actually say anything... it just rambles on about how they are still there and dnagerous. Since it adds nothing to the history I'd say that bit can go

~720 a.S. Emergence of a New Empire
After almost 200 years of self-imposed isolation, the Goblin race once again break the surface. Contrary to their greenskin brethren all those years back, the goblins send emissaries out to both the Southern and Northern Sarvonian Empires. While crude by others’ standards, they successfully kindle diplomatic peace talks. By 723 a.s a general consent of regarding the gob-oc as a neutral state falls over the nations of both northern and southern Sarvonia. The Goblins manage to establish themselves as a new rising nation, devoid of judgment for previous transgressions.  

No longer fearing retaliation from the south, the gob-oc reopen the southern entrances to the Tandala Depths, previously sealed by Ximaxian mages. Regardless of having opened these gateways to their by now vast subterranean empire, the goblins do not break the surface, instead staying within the confines of their tunnels and halls.

Having retreated out of the political image of Northern Sarvonia, a cowardly action in the eyes of most of the other greenskin tribes, the goblins no longer play and important role there. While they aren't viewed with the highest appraisal, especially due to their lacking role during the Three hundred Year War, their craftsmanship and strategic hold of the Tandala Depths means they are none the less kept close amongst Orc Tribes. Trade though not flourishing is still maintained between the orcs and the goblins, the later providing them with both slavaged and high quality weaponry. Trade with the south does not take root until later on, and even then this national business never really takes off.
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