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Author Topic: Human Migrations  (Read 1716 times)
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Deklitch Hardin
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« on: 26 June 2011, 12:07:51 »

I wasn't sure whether to put this in the history forum or the tribal forum ... sorry if I went the wrong way by putting it here.  sorry

Anyway ... I've been doing some reading and thinking regarding the tribal migrations and had some questions about it with regards to the humans in general, and the Dinali and Kyranians in particular.

Firstly ... is the Sundering entry located here still considered Canon for us, or does it need some kind of upgrading/changing?

From that entry, I can see the following regarding humans:

The Sundering of the Humans.

During the wars of dominance for F'v'cal'r, the human leader was slain. Being orderly, he had four sub commanders, each in charge of a seperate division. There was the infantry, calvary, navy, and ranged. These commanders did not vie for the newly open position, they just stayed in control of their assigned areas. This was partly due to the discipline of the army, and partly because the former leader had simply been a figure head and the sub commanders had all met in councils and made the decisions without him.

When it was time fore the human armies to leave the war, the seperate commanders simply took their men wherever they chose. True, some men deserted one army and joined another, but for the most they stayed loyal to their commanders. The seperation was not equal in the terms of men, as the army had always been mostly made up of infantry and calvary.

The Mynians
Minar, the commander of the calvary, led his men south and they settled along the coastal area below the Prominent Mountains. They would later found a great kingdom, named after this first leader, the Myninan Kingdom.

The Dinali
Dietych, the commander of the infantry, led his men West. They took the Dinali peninsula as their own, and their descendants would take the name of the land for their own.

The Glandorians
The navel commander, Glandor, led his men east. They sailed around the Great Horn Covert Major and landed on a peninsula christened the Glandor Peninsula. They then built the Port of Margith.

The Themedons
The ranged weapons commander, Jiarden, fled north with his archers. They actually ended up living in close commune with a group of elves in the Themed'lon Forest. The humans lived upon villages in the ground, while the elves lived in the trees above.

From the Kyranian Men entry (overview section)

Today's Kyranians represent the remnants of a once proud human tribe founded by Cyroan Thromgolin. Cyroan was an infantry lieutenant under the command of Dietych during the fall of the legendary elven kingdom F'v'cl'r, where all races were united at the beginning of time. Cyroan led his people to the Lower Fores in Southern Sarvonia, and settled near the Steppe of Kruswik, the Ilian Plateau and the Plains of Truoor, forming the Kyranian Kingdom.

Ok ... so at some point on the Trek west, Cyroan seperated from the main body of the Dinali, took his family, the men under his command and their families and left on a long trek south on foot presumably (they were infantry) ... through what is today the Kuglimz lands, the Ashmarian Lands, the Tandala Highlands, the lands of Northern Southern Sarvonia until they finally reached the lands where they decided to settle, and where the Kyrattin Cattle roamed and the Kruswick Hoppers hopped. Quite a long journey for the Cyroan and friends ... hope they had their weetbix! :D

Presumably those that became the other tribes of Southern Sarvonia migrated south as well at some point whether on land or sea (sea ones being Ciosa and friends --> Avennorians).

Now down around where those who would become Avennorians landed is where those who are called the Darians lived (Darians --> ancestors of the Shendars, is that right?)

Did the Darians also come from the elf metro at some point as well, or did they come from somewhere else? How far would they have spread?

With regards to the Kyranians ... I'm guessing that the 'original' Kyranians would have been pretty much the purest Kyranians ... with the characteristcs described in the Kyranian men entry ... would it therefore follow that the Dinali were like that as well?

For the Dinali to go from soldiers of the humans at the time of the Great Sundering --> willing servants of Ethra the Cruel and despised enemies of he humans/elves at the time of War of the Chosen, they must have gone into a massive downward spiral over the years ... Where is the Dinali Peninsula? Is it what is currenlty known as the Peninsula of Kr'uul or something else?

Anyway thank you ... sorry for the length of this post.

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"And pray that there's intelligent life somewhere out in space, because there's none at all down here on Earth." - Monty Python's The Meaning of Life
Deklitch Hardin
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Elf friend

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« Reply #1 on: 26 June 2011, 17:11:08 »

I have now found the migration maps that were done by Artimidor and Talia back in 2004. They answered some of my questions, and also raised some more ... however I can't get to that until after I get back from going out to dinner tonight.

I'll be going out shortly :D

"And pray that there's intelligent life somewhere out in space, because there's none at all down here on Earth." - Monty Python's The Meaning of Life
Azhira Styralias
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« Reply #2 on: 28 June 2011, 05:25:16 »

The Dinali peninsula is the Kru'ul peninsula, one and the same. The Themedons humans are no longer accurate, in fact the only truth is that they migrated to the Themed'lon and settled. But rather then humans, they are the Lost Ones. The Sundering entry could use quite a bit of updating.

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Deklitch Hardin
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Elf friend

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« Reply #3 on: 10 August 2011, 16:18:44 »

Ah, thanks for that Azhira.

I'd forgotten about this, and the follow up questions I had earlier. I'll re-review the maps and that Sundering entry and re-ask my questions.


"And pray that there's intelligent life somewhere out in space, because there's none at all down here on Earth." - Monty Python's The Meaning of Life
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